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The Democrats Will Never Confiscate Your Guns. Instead, You’ll Hand them Over. []

I see and hear a lot of talk about how a national gun registration and/or confiscation would be the trigger that would spark a second American Revolution, as patriots rise up to resist the jackbooted thugs who are going door-to-door taking away people’s arms.

I have bad news for everyone who’s waiting for national registration or a mass confiscation so they can get their armed rebellion on: a national database of gun owners already exists, and a national confiscation effort will never happen. Ever. Instead, you’ll hand over your firearms peacefully. All of them, even the ones you paid cash for to some random guy on Armslist in the dead of night.

Here’s a look at how it will play out in our not-too-distant future.

The NSA Knows Who You Are & What You Have

Second Amendment supporters have been so focused on this one little corner of the Bill of Rights that they’ve let the Fourth Amendment, which is supposed to protect citizens against unreasonable search and seizure, turn into dead letter.

The surveillance state that got started under Clinton picked up steam under Bush II, and Obama has expanded it even further. The NSA is tracking everyone, all the time, and they’re hooked into Facebook, Google, Amazon, and every other piece of web-based software that you’ve been using to shop for accessories for that AR you paid cash for (which your wife doesn’t even know you have).

If you don’t believe me, go read this article about just how much detailed info one private company, Facebook, has on you, including your web surfing and shopping — and even your driving and walking habits. Now think about the fact that the NSA is even less constrained by the law (and has way more resources) than Facebook, and has access not only to Facebook’s detailed profile of you but to profiles created by many other sources, from your credit card company to your health insurance provider.

Oh sure, you may have gotten your hands on a few guns that would be impossible to trace, even by the NSA. Maybe you inherited a long gun from your grandpa, or maybe you met a guy in a gun show parking lot and paid cash and then never Googled anything related to that gun. So here’s a question for you: how many people like you exist, and how many of those type guns are suitable for urban combat against AR-15s with state-of-the-art optics? I know which of my guns are probably totally “in the black,” and I can’t imagine trying to mount an insurgency with any or all of them.

The fact is, most guys who have the kind of hardware suitable for a Civil War 2.0 have been shopping on Gunbroker or Armslist, and/or have filled out FFL paperwork like law-abiding citizens. I seriously doubt there’s enough firepower totally hidden from the NSA to sustain any kind of real rebellion.

So the registration ship has sailed. They know what you have and where to find you. Now, here’s how they’re going to get you to turn it over without a fight.

Hitting You Where It Hurts

When the government outlaws semi-automatic firearms, they won’t send cops or troops door-to-door to take them. No, first they’ll send out letters saying they know what you have, and that you have to turn it over by a given deadline or face a penalty.

It’ll be up to you to prove that you’re clean, and that you’ve handed over everything. They’ll have a list, and if they think you’re still holding, they’ll hit you with asset freezes.

Imagine not being able to get any money out of your bank account or from your credit cards, because your assets are frozen. The federal and state governments already do this if you owe back taxes — a simple letter to your bank, and all of your cards stop working. The bank doesn’t care about you, and they don’t have the interest or resources to find out if the government’s claim against you is bogus. No, they’ll just freeze your assets until you get things sorted with the government and the government tells them to unfreeze it all.

The other thing they’ll do is take your children.

Do you think Child Protective Services is going to let your children live in a house with potentially dangerous firearms? No way. Your kids will get picked up at school and taken into custody, and a social worker will show up at your door with the cops. Only when a thorough search has been conducted and the authorities are completely satisfied that your property is 100% gun-free will they let you see your little ones again. After all, we have to protect the children.

You’re not going to shoot at those cops, either, because then your kids will just end up in the foster system as wards of the state.

Not Nearly Enough For a Revolution

Oh, I’m sure there are folks reading this who are so off-grid that none of the above can touch them — their guns are totally invisible to the NSA, their assets are all in the form of cash and physically held precious metals, and their kids are home-schooled on a well-guarded ranch.

But is that blessed group big enough to overthrow a determined US government? No, it ain’t.

The measures outlined above — a de facto gun registration database courtesy of the NSA and its private-sector allies, asset freezes for non-compliance, and the threat of CPS visits that hold your children hostage — will be sufficient to take well over 90% of the lawfully held guns out of civilian hands, all without firing a single shot.

The bitter truth is this: there will be no confiscation shock troops for you and your buddies to shoot back at, and we will discover too late that the rights-defenders’ fantasy — of one, crystal-clear moment when it’s time for everyone to rise up as one and take it all back — has been the establishment’s biggest ally and freedom’s deadliest enemy.

Why do you think they’ve let you have guns for this long? Because those guns have given you a false sense of security and kept you from doing something truly dangerous, like mass-organizing to pull all your money out of the big banks and to vote out the incumbents.

So if you’ve sat idly by, fondling your firearms and watching the surveillance state expand while your paycheck shrinks, relying on your gun stash to bail you out when things hit bottom, then the joke’s on you. You’ve already lost the war, and when you hand over your weapons it’ll be the last (and mostly symbolic) step in a process of total subjugation that slipped up and swallowed you while you were distracted with building your gun collection.

You may hate me and everything I’ve said here, but deep down, you know I’m right.

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CZ 805 Bren SBR (11″ Barrel) [The Firearm Blog]

The CZ 805 Bren rifle has officially replace the VZ58 in Czech military service, and this handy 5.56 rifle is certainly turning heads elsewhere as well. Using a short stroke piston and an AR15 style rotating bolt, the 805 is an accurate and reliable rifle suitable for the 21st century.

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Winners and losers in the Culture War [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I apologize but I have been away from the desk for a few days.  Work and school have been crazy with new schedules and frankly I needed a little mental health break.  Back to the trenches.

Tom Lombardi: Thank you, Sir, for the assist on this one.

As I am sure many of you have heard, the University of Texas hosted an event by the group. "Cocks not Glocks".  Yes, you read that correctly.  The group held a rally, championed as the biggest anti-gun protest of its kind in Texas, to pass out 4,500 dildos.  Why would anyone want to do this?  The concern was that incredulously, a discussion was being held to decriminalize student possession of weapons on the campus. The horror of it was that UT student will still have to leave their plastic male members outside of school zones.  The fact that they brought the phallus's on campus without the permission of the faculty was an irony completely lost on them.  One of the many.

Normally, this is where the pro-liberty groups screw up.  They lay out a passionate defense, filled with facts and vigor and it ends up drowned out in the din of the media.

The Students for Campus Carry turned the whole argument on its ear, joined the protest, and gave this release in response:

Students for Concealed Carry Embraces UT Dildos

AUSTIN, TX - In keeping with the organization's long-held position that individuals should enjoy the same rights on college campuses as virtually everywhere else, Students for Concealed Carry fully endorses the burgeoning movement of Texas college students who wish to openly carry oversized dildos on campus. Brian Bensimon, SCC director for the state of Texas, commented, "If carrying a phallus to class helps you express yourself, go for it. We welcome this demonstration that freedom of speech and concealed carry of handguns can coexist on the same campus." 
SCC does recommend, however, that students use their dildos for political or recreational purposes only. Using a dildo as a defensive weapon could classify it as a "club," which, under Texas law, is illegal to carry in public and constitutes a felony if carried into a building on campus. Bensimon added, "Although SCC's opinion shouldn't be taken as legal advice, we feel that Texas students are on pretty solid legal ground as long as they use their dildos only as expressions of free speech or for the manufacturers' intended purpose."
They even gave it a cute little meme:

On a side note, I'm left wondering what happened to the the 4000+ dildos that were not distributed. Some Texas grievance studies major is undoubtedly sitting on a literal mountain of penises.

Some of you may be asking how is this germane to anything related to normal Sipsey Street material or the III% movement?  This is the culture war.  It is the biggest thing that we can be fighting until this whole thing goes hot.  Just like any other war there are winners and losers.  We have been losing this particular war for three generations by letting our enemies do our talking for us.  It has brought us to have whole states and regions surrendered to idiots just like this.  We are have been too polite and too busy with out daily lives to pay much attention.  We need to do better, or we stand to lose the next generation and then all proceeding ones to this madness.  The SCC took advantage of guerrilla politics and ripped a victory out of the jaws of defeat.  I salute you.


CLASSY: Molot VEPR Pioneer Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

imageIn the category of “if it’s new to me, it must be new to somebody else”, I stumbled across the Pioneer line of “sporterized” VEPR rifles from Molot. I have to be honest, I’ve always liked the look of the VEPR rifles, and even more so now that I have seen the Pioneer models. They […]

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Air Rifle. 100 Yards. Sub MOA. [The Firearm Blog]

imageIt has been awhile since we have had an airgun post, so let’s fix that with something truly worthwhile. Professional air gunner and social media personality, “Ted” from Ted’s Holdover has a relaxed style that can get almost anyone interested in to the world of air gunning. He is an ethical hunter and a true […]

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Lawmakers Want to Track Every Bullet Sold in Illinois []

In the annals of really dumb gun control ideas, bullet tracking is way up there on the scale of stupid. But that doesn’t stop know-nothing legislators from periodically championing it, especially when a private company, which happens to make bullet-tracking technology, has promised to move its HQ to your town.

The latest resurrection of this zombie idea comes courtesy of State Rep. Sonya Harper (D-Chicago), who thinks that bullet serial number technology is the answer to Chicago’s notorious violence problems.

‘Since we are having such a hard time tracking the flow of illegal guns into our communities, let’s start tracking the bullets,’ Harper said at a media conference at U.S. Bank, 815 W. 63rd St., in Englewood. ‘More than 2,600 people have been shot in the city of Chicago so far this year, many of them children in my own community. Being able to track fired bullets directly back to the seller will help law enforcement agencies target those who are distributing ammunition illegally.’

Appearing on the dais with Harper to promote this scheme was the CEO of Ammo Coding Systems, a company that — you guessed it — makes and promotes bullet tracking technology.

The company, which has an office in Washington DC, is up-front on its website about the fact that the only way ammo makers will ever adopt its technology is if they’re forced to by the government:

There are several well known manufacturers currently producing a significant portion of the current commercially available ammunition in the United States. Each ammunition producer would be required to purchase at least one, if not more, laser engraving machines and ammunition material handlers to produce ACS coded ammunition. There are several manufacturers who can design and build this equipment. Reliable estimates for a complete set of engraving/material handling equipment range from $300,000 to $500,000 each. A licensing fee for each bullet sold would also be required. However, since approximately 10 billion bullets are sold in the United States alone each year, equipment costs, once amortized over the number of bullets produced and sold are not significant.

So, first you get the Feds to require your technology for all ammo made in the USA, and then you charge a license fee for each bullet sold. Profit! What could be simpler?

What about reloaders? One imagines that reloading would basically be illegal under such a scheme, which is probably how the government wants it, anyway.

Of course, the only thing this would accomplish apart from spurring lawsuits while making Illinois gun owners miserable would be to create a thriving black market for out-of-state ammo. This scheme just can’t work in a country where you can drive across state lines and buy up as much unmarked ammo as you want.

And let’s not forget that laser engraved on a bullet jacket can be removed with a bit of sandpaper.

I could go on debunking this, but there’s so much stupid here it would take all day.

These ACS goons have been around since 2008, writing and pushing their suggested legislation on various state and local governments.

At one point they had a nonprofit website set up called, but it’s down now.

This Chicago push is probably their last attempt to get paid before slipping away into well-deserved oblivion.

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The Brady Campaign Wants You To Support A Sit-In [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I received a text message a few minutes ago from the Brady Campaign. It asked me to call the Manchester, NH office of Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH). Gun prohibitionists (or anti-gun exhibitionists) have taken it upon themselves to hold a sit-in at Ayotte's office "to demand action".

Ayotte is far from perfect when it comes to gun rights. While she did vote against universal background checks (Manchin-Toomey I and II), she is part of a bi-partisan group pushing a bill before the Senate that would add those in the Terrorist Screening Data to the NICS denied list "with due process".

This said, Ayotte is certainly better for gun rights than her opponent Gov. Maggie Hassan (D-NH). Hassan vetoed constitutional carry, voted against the Castle Doctrine as a state senator, has dodged questions on whether she supports a new AWB, and is being supported by anti-gun demagogue Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) and his PAC.

I might suggest people do call Ayotte's Manchester office and say you don't support the Brady Campaign or any gun control measures. Her Manchester office number is 603-622-7979.

By the way, the number I texted back to the Brady Campaign earlier this month is not a real phone number and actually conveys a vulgar message. I'll let you figure it out.


Nevadans for Freedom asks Nye resident for support defeating gun initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Members of the grassroots movement Nevadans for Freedom that aims to defeat Question 1 on the November ballot have asked Nye County voters for support. The members of the National Rifle Association-sponsored group hope to drum up enough support ahead of Nov. 8 to fight off the proposal that would require a background check for private gun sales in Nevada. Kevin Kam, Las Vegas campaign field representative for Nevadans for Freedom, said the organization wants to reach out to all registered voters and not just NRA members and gun owners. “In order for us to win, we need more than just gun owners and NRA members to vote no on this,” Kam told the group that gathered at the Pahrump Nugget on Thursday night.


Creedmoor’s New .38 [The Firearm Blog]

Creedmoor .38 AmmoCreedmoor Ammunition announced a new handgun load for the .38 Special. The new +P load uses Hornady’s existing 125 grain XTP bullet driven to 1,050 fps at the muzzle. That works out to be 306 ft-lbs of energy for those interested. Don’t expect that velocity out of your handgun, though. The numbers are generated when […]

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Ruger’s CEO Fifer Announces Retirement [The Firearm Blog]

Ruger logoRevenue up 4x. Market cap more than 6x. Shareholder returns? Eight times that of the S&P 500. Those are just a few of the things that Michael Fifer accomplished in the past 10 years as the CEO of Sturm, Ruger & Co. And while the company’s growth is not likely to end anytime soon, Fifer’s […]

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Obama commutes sentences for 111 more convicts [NRA-ILA News]

President Obama commuted the prison sentences Tuesday for another 111 federal convicts, including some convicted of firearms violations.


California: Three county sheriffs 'strongly oppose' Prop 63's potential gun controls [NRA-ILA News]

Sheriff’s from Butte, Shasta and Modoc counties spoke out against proposition 63 today, saying it won't achieve its goal of reducing gun violence and save lives.


Texas sues to enforce Right-to-Carry in county courthouse [NRA-ILA News]

Responding to complaints from gun-rights advocates pushing for greater access to public buildings, the Texas attorney general has sued a southeast Texas county that tried to ban guns from its courthouse.


UC Davis Medical Center to house first-ever state anti-gun research center [NRA-ILA News]

The UC Davis Medical Center will house the nation’s first state-funded firearm violence research center, an effort backed by health organizations and opposed by gun rights advocates.


California: Concealed-gun fees could increase under bill headed to Brown [NRA-ILA News]

Concealed carry permits could get more expensive under a bill the California Assembly sent to Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday.


Gun bill gives Missourians more options to defend themselves [NRA-ILA News]

Missourians have a fundamental right to defend themselves, their loved ones and their private property from threats of violence — a belief held by many that has been supported by Missourians time and again. SB 656 is built upon the belief that law-abiding citizens hold that right regardless of their location.


Kansas campus carry opponents plan fresh fight against law [NRA-ILA News]

Opponents of concealed weapons on college campuses anticipate a new battle next year to stop Kansas’ prohibition from going away, encouraged by gains made by moderate Republicans and an expected increase in Democratic lawmakers.


Should N.J. gun permits include photo of owner? [NRA-ILA News]

A state senator wants New Jersey's gun owners to have their photos printed on their firearm permits, according to a report by Politico New Jersey.State Sen. Teresa Ruiz (D-Essex) has introduced a bill that would require all firearms purchaser identification cards, handgun purchase permits, and gun carry permits include a color photograph of the owner.


Senior Americans helping to fuel firearms industry growth [NRA-ILA News]

People 65 and older make up one of the most solidly growing demographics for the firearms industry. They’re acquiring guns and getting training — for recreational target practice and a perceived need for self-protection.


RIA: Müller 1895 Curved Recoil Pistol (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The model 1895 Müller automatic pistol is an interesting and unusual design, despite being a simple blowback action. Where most pistols have a bolt or slide that moved directly rearward, the Müller pushes the bolt in a semicircular arc into its grip. This is similar to the Swedish Hamilton trials pistol that would come a few years later, and somewhat akin to the much more recent Kriss Vector design.

I was unable to find any reference to the Müller in any trials documents, so I don’t know if it was a competitor in any of the European military handgun competitions. For that matter, I’m not sure exactly what cartridge it used, beyond the 7.5mm bore diameter.


BREAKING: Inspector General Report DAMNS XM25 “Punisher” CDTE Program – Is the Army’s New Airburst Weapon on the Chopping Block? [The Firearm Blog]

xm25The US Army’s “Punisher” XM25 Counter-Defilade Target Engagement (CTDE) weapon program is in danger, says a report released earlier this week by the Department of Defense Inspector General’s office. The program has been riddled with delays and cost spirals, as well as three accidents in 2013, but beyond that the Army has failed to outline […]

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The New DeSantis Outback Holster [The Firearm Blog]

DeSantisLooking for a single holster to do all things? DeSantis thinks they have designed the carry rig for you. The new Outback rig can be used as an inside the waistband or outside the waistband holster. DeSantis uses a removeable polymer clip to hold the leather holster when used as an IWB rig. The clip allows […]

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Buying a Silencer? Clarity on What your CLEO Can & CANNOT DO [The Firearm Blog]

CLEORecently, my Silencerco rep stopped by and we discussed the most troubling issues for consumers when buying a silencer. Some people do not like getting fingerprinted. Others fear the wait time or the tremendous paperwork. The most bothersome issue we see is the lack of clarity in regards to the CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer). Since […]

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Modern Intermediate Calibers 021: The US Army Marksmanship Unit’s .264 USA [The Firearm Blog]

.264 USAWe’ve discussed a lot of different rounds in this series so far, but today we’re going to discuss a round that actually has a shot of being adopted (at least in some form) by the United States military as a next-generation small arms ammunition configuration. That round is the .264 USA, developed over the past […]

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A Shark Skin Tejas El Original Belt From Magpul? Sold! [The Firearm Blog]

GetImageEarlier this month we posted my review of the Magpul El Original belt that I purchased to replace an old worn out gunbelt. You can check out my review for the full scoop on the belt; the condensed version is that the belt is pretty damned outstanding. My only gripe is that Magpul released a limited edition […]

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Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 007: Squeezebore Ammunition – Celeritas Et Accuratio [The Firearm Blog]

The long-necked Colt 7.62mm round on the left combines the principles of triplex and squeezebore rounds (together called "salvo-squeezebore"). When fired from a modified M60 with a tapered muzzle, it would spit out three 55gr .224" caliber projectiles per shot. In the center is the duplex (not squeezebore) M198 7.62mm round, and on the right is the M80A1 EPR round, for comparison.Previously, we discussed the benefits of and challenges facing saboted projectile ammunition, including the advantages of decoupling the diameters of the bore and the projectile, and the problems of accuracy during sabot discarding. One concept that could possibly provide many of the benefits of saboted projectile ammunition without the drawbacks is the idea of having […]

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BREAKING: The Next French Infantry Rifle Is German – Heckler & Koch Reportedly WINS French AIF Rifle Competition [The Firearm Blog]

HK416FranceAccording to an as of yet uncorroborated report from the French publication RETEX MAG, the next French rifle will be a variant of the German-made Heckler & Koch HK416. The report cites notices sent out to the five participants in the French Army’s AIF (Arme Individuelle du Futur – Future Individual Weapon) program, which allegedly called the contest a […]

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Women Commanding Gun Sales []

When the new shooting range and training center Boondocks opened last year in this local area, I helped assist with the opening of their new gun shop. What I was immediately amazed by was the number of women that visited the shop that day. These ladies were primarily interested in learned to shoot a handgun for self-defense and wanted to be fitted and sold an appropriate gun for this purpose.

The second thing that amazed me was the age profile of the women coming through the training center and gun shop that day. At least half or more of the ladies coming through to investigate the center were over the age of 50 and quite a few were much older than that. Many were retired ladies, living home alone either in town or out in the rural areas, and they were concerned for their safety. A good number of these senior ladies signed up for a personal protection training courses.

This trend has been noticed as well at the regional gun shows over the past few years. Women want to be empowered to be able to defend themselves and quite frankly they are not interested in judo. What they want and buy are small, handy, lightweight handguns, both revolvers and pistols. The most popular calibers are .38 Special, .380 ACP, and the 9mm.

Even the NSSF, the National Shooting Sports Foundation research on this issue has recognized the growth in retail gun sales to women since 2001. NSSF has found that between 2001-2013 that the number of women taking up target shooting has jumped 85 percent. This translates into gun sales, ammunition, targets, shooting glasses, earmuffs, and other gear.

One store owner in Iowa was quoted as reporting that since opening their gun store in January of 2015 that 30 percent of their sales are to women. We all know about the huge surge in gun sales in the last 3-4 years in particular and now we discover a big part of those sales are to women.

When I talk to the women at our gun show tables, it is obvious they are scared as personal crime assaults, carjacking, and home invasions continue to rise. I think if they had a choice they would rather not own a gun, but given the situation today, they are taking the steps necessary to protect themselves. I really encourage that they take a training course, too.

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New “Scrambler” Device for Removing Deer Brains (Video) []

This video recently wandered across my facebook feed, so I checked it out. And it’s sorta creative…

The premise is this: You have an animal skull, which you’d like to save as a bare-skull “European mount.” But all those pesky brains are inside ye olde cranium. What to do?

According to these folks, you take one of their “scramblers” (which appear to be nothing more than a steel shaft with weed whacker string woven into grooves or holes), put it into a drill, cram the scrambler into yon skull, and puree the brains.

Spoiler alert: They say it mixes paint well, too.

In my experience, getting the brains out of a skull is not that hard; the sinuses are much more difficult. But I have developed a sure-fire and easy way to get an excellent European mount for my whitetail deer: I cape out the buck and take the head & hide to my taxidermist. He skins the head and keeps the cape, and in return I get a perfectly clean buck skull.

I’m told this is common practice among taxidermists, but you might want to ask yours first.

Other folks say, “Set it on an ant bed and it will be clean the next day.” To that I say, “My ants must be lazy; they took weeks to fine-pick a gator skull that was already mostly clean.”

Regardless, this is an interesting concept and some of you might find it useful. And since brains are commonly used to tan leather, pureeing them might help out with that.

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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Virginia Woman Uses Shotgun to Down a Drone []

Dear paparazzi and other celebrity-hunters: Keep yer drones away from Robert Duvall… and his neighbors! One neighbor in particular…

It seems that a pair of swaggering guys driving a big, expensive SUV learned that lesson the hard way when they set up in front of Duvall’s property in northern Virginia and began flying a drone there, and then over above his neighbor’s place. 65-year-old Jennifer Youngman had been cleaning a pair of shotguns on her porch when the duo drove up and began their play time, and when the drone came towards her home over her property, she stoked up her double-barrel 20-gauge shotgun and let ‘er rip.

The drone-runners set up a card table at the turnaround at the end of a public road and began flying the drone. The first sign that they were up to no good was when the drone started buzzing cattle in an apparent attempt to harass them. Then the drone went somewhere it shouldn’t have:

She said the pair appeared to lose control of the drone as the wind picked up, pushing the drone over her pasture.

‘They were going a little too fast and they went over my airspace. I had my 20-gauge there, so I put two 7-1/2 birdshot shells in it, and there you are.’

Translation: she downed the drone with a single shot.

Needless to say, the SUV duo were less than happy. They even yelled at the nice lady… but they packed up and skedaddled after she mentioned the police.

They were kinda mad, but they knew to not come on my property.

She does have some regret about her actions, saying, “I had small pieces of drone all over my pasture. It’s already given me two flat tires on my tractor.”

Dang drones.

The local sheriff’s office reported that it didn’t receive any complaints from any drone operators around the time of the incident. Chances are good that the two were trying to photograph Mr. Duvall for a tabloid; apparently such things are not uncommon around there.

What do you think? Was she right or wrong? I happen to think she did the right thing… but “right” and “legal” are not always the same.

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Watch: Forgotten Weapons’ Simple Key Pistol []

This is one old gun for which Ian has very little information, but it’s interesting nonetheless. It’s an old-fashioned key with about the simplest possible type of gun built into it.

It’s basically a pair of holes drilled into the key; the stem is hollowed to form a chamber and barrel, and a touch hole is drilled into the top (indicated by the arrow in the photo above), above the chamber area where the powder would lie when it’s loaded.

The notion would be that as long as the guard had a flaming brand of some sort — such as a lit cigar — he could use the ember on its end to ignite the powder and fire the gun.

I suppose it worked some of the time… but for my part, I’m pretty glad that guns have gotten a whole lot better over the years.

Check it out in the video below.

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Watch: How to Lock a Door With a Fork []

This is pretty cool… with a couple of small modifications, you can use a simple dining fork to create a gadget that will “lock” a door that swings into your room.

It won’t do much to keep out bad guys; the Youtuber who posted this readily admits that it “is made to be a privacy lock.” And for that, it should work pretty well… especially since you can get a fork pretty cheaply (he bought his at a flea market for 25 cents).

I’m not gonna steal his thunder by explaining it all here; that’s why he made the video! Enjoy.

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BREAKING: Latest ATF Move Could Cause Ammunition Price Spike Due To Component Reclassification [The Firearm Blog]

ATFJust recently the ATF sent out their monthly explosives industry newsletter detailing a new take on the legalities regarding transporting “wetted” nitrocellulose, a compound used in the production of smokeless powder, stating that wetting the nitrocellulose no longer made it a non-explosive and it would be subject to increased regulation. What this means for the […]

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California: 2016 Legislative Session Scheduled to Adjourn Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

The 2016 Legislative session will adjourn tomorrow, August 31.  Today, the Assembly concurred with the Senate amendments to anti-gun bill AB 450, clearing the last legislative hurdle.  AB 450 will now join anti-gun bill, SB 1332, and pro-gun, AB 2510, for consideration by Governor Brown.


Why I Don’t Like Lever Actions [The Firearm Blog]

Lever actions have become a symbol of the American West, and as Texan I am supposed to have a soft spot for them. However that is one stereotype to which I do not conform. In this episode of TFBTV, I list a few reasons why I have never held lever guns in high regard as well […]

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NEW: Witt Machine 2-Piece Low Profile, Adjustable Gas Block [The Firearm Blog]

Witt Machine Gas BlockWitt Machine has carved out a name for themselves in the gun industry with their muzzle brakes. Now they are trying to tailor a gas block that is better suited for integrally suppressed uppers or pinned muzzle devices. Their newest product does not have a hip buzz-word name behind it. It is simply a 2-Piece […]

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Another Take on Dual Optics Mounts – The Offset Juggermount [The Firearm Blog]

538e3d88e33aaEnamored with the previously covered “Ultimate Jig”, I was browsing through Juggernaut Tactical’s website and came across a mount that seems to not get much attention from the company despite an innovative take on the concept, the Offset Juggermount. Almost all dual-optics solutions typically have the optics mounted to the main receiver, which is solid […]

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Fact Check: NRA Nevadans for Freedom Fact Checks Gun Control TV Ad [NRA-ILA News]

NRA Nevadans for Freedom fact checked the newly-released television ad paid for by the gun control group Nevadans for Background Checks, a group largely bankrolled by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg.


Battle of the Giants – Browning Sues Smith & Wesson Over Rotary Magazine [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureTypically, the larger companies do not file intellectual lawsuits with one another for a myriad of reasons.  Both, typically with competent and expensive attorneys, find it prohibitively expensive to defend intellectual property against a similarly sized opponent. This, of course ignores the marketing side of it which is typically never positive. As such, lawsuits are typically […]

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Breaking: Latest ATF Surprise Could Drive Ammo Prices Through the Roof []

(Note: We don’t normally jump on the latest gun-panic bandwagon around here, but this rule change is the Real Deal. If it stands, it will be devastating for hunting and the shooting sports.)

As reported on Ammoland, a sudden ATF rule change promulgated entirely without warning in a newsletter has reclassified a critical component of smokeless powder as a “high explosive”.

The problem is that there are very strict rules governing the storage and transport of high explosives, and the ammunition supply chain is totally unprepared to suddenly comply with those rules.

Overhauling the ammunition supply chain to accommodate those rules will be a long and expensive process, which would be bad enough news for ammo prices. But the knockout blow is the fact that the industry was given no warning and zero grace period, so they’re just screwed, because as of yesterday they’re now in sudden violation of federal law.

Manufacturers and importers of smokeless propellant have relied on ATF private letter rulings issued prior to 2016 stating that nitrocellulose wetted with water not less than 25 percent by mass is not subject to regulation under the federal explosives laws. Accordingly, the manufacturers have set up their logistics, storage and operations consistent with nitrocellulose not being regulated as an explosive. Manufacturers and importers may not have adequate storage facilities or record keeping systems to comply with the law. Licensed manufacturers also rely on private, unlicensed vendors to store wetted nitrocellulose in facilities that do not comply with storage requirements. A number of manufacturers also report an adverse impact on their contracts to supply smokeless propellant and finished rounds of ammunition to the Department of Defense.

Publication of the change in classification in an industry newsletter without advance notice has left manufacturers scrambling to determine what standards ATF will allow for alternate storage and record keeping and to obtain permits for unlicensed storage vendors. In the meantime, manufacturers and importers are violating federal law, as ATF allowed no grace period for coming into compliance. We note that ATF has authorized such periods in the past when changing agency positions. For example, see ATF’s November 12, 2010 Open Letter regarding explosive pest control devices.

ATF’s sudden and unexpected change in policy on wetted nitrocellulose will likely have a significant impact on industry’s ability to deliver products to the military and commercial markets. Industry members have relied on the exemption for wetted nitrocellulose for many years and are aware of no accidental detonations or diversion of this product into illicit channels. Consequently, it is unclear why ATF believed it necessary to change its policy and, more importantly, why ATF announced the change in a newsletter article with no advance notice to industry.

Given that this ruling will result in a drastic shortage of smokeless powder, it’s going to bite reloaders just as hard as everyone else.

This stunt is also going to hurt the DoD as well as civilians. Given the collateral damage to military ammo supplies, I don’t expect this ruling to stand. Something will have to be done, or else the troops will run out of ammo.

Whether it actually stands or not, the new ATF ruling does provide a nasty preview of what’s to come in a future Democratic administration… so prepare yourselves accordingly. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ATF rule change that basically kills the reloading scene by reclassifying smokeless powder and “ammo manufacturing” in a way that makes reloading either very expensive — as with gunsmithing and the recent ITAR ruling — or outright illegal.

As with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s recent “clarification” (i.e. massive, unlegislated expansion) of that state’s assault weapons ban, what we’re seeing here is a wholesale trend at the local and state levels towards using executive fiat to restrict gun rights by reinterpreting existing laws.

Given the deadlock in congress — a deadlock that, if it does end on this election cycle, will probably end with the Democrats taking control of both houses as the Trumptanic sinks and takes the down-ballot races with it — do not expect any legislative relief. The only way to fight these kinds of executive overreaches will be through the courts.

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Massachusetts: Rolling rally protests AG Maura Healey’s ‘abuse of authority’ on 2nd Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Dozens of gun owners drove a 55-mile rolling rally yesterday to oppose Attorney General Maura Healey’s ban on 
so-called “copycat” assault weapons — and to put the public on notice that if the government can come after them by executive order, other causes are not immune.


Armed Clerk Saves Woman Held at Knife Point, Thwarts Robbery [NRA-ILA News]

An armed robber entered a store, and when he held a woman at knife point and demanded money the armed clerk reacted by drawing his firearm and chasing the man from the store.


Australian AR-15 Rifles by Wedgetail Industries [The Firearm Blog]

1389657_1681954365408055_1945982398_nNot deterred by now highly restrictive ownership rules in Australia, a new company called Wedgetail Industries has started manufacturing semi-automatic AR-15s for domestic sale. Named after a large Australian bird of prey, the wedgetailed eagle, the company is manufacturing many of the critical components for the AR-15 including, but not limited to: Barrel Bolt Bolt […]

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Louisiana: Sales tax holiday for guns, hunting supplies [NRA-ILA News]

Hunters get a discount on the state sales tax when they shop for firearms and other hunting supplies this weekend.The Louisiana Department of Revenue said in a news release Monday the 2016 Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday runs from Friday through Sunday.


RIA: Mauser 1913 Selbstladegewehr Sporter (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Paul Mauser spent nearly 20 years attempting to perfect a self-loading rifle for military service. He came closest with this, his 1913 patent model, which was used by German balloon and aircraft fliers as the Model 1915 and Model 1916 respectively (and also in an unsuccessful infantry version) – but these rifles were also sold on the commercial market to affluent sportsmen and gun enthusiasts. This is an example of a sporting pattern 1913 rifle, with a sporting stock and full-length handguards, and a mounting rail on the receiver for a Zeiss prismatic optic. It has a 9mm bore, probably (but don’t quote me) in 9x57mm. The mechanism, however, is identical to the military rifles.


WDITOT: Ammo Can Magnets [The Firearm Blog]

imageIn this week’s addition of ‘Why Didn’t I Think Of That’ (or #WDITOT – come on Twitter trending!) are Ammo Can Magnets. Last week I stopped by MAC Tactical, my FFL/SOT, to pickup a new review gun (one that rhymes with Kimber) and on the way out the owner showed me a set of simple-but-elegant magnet […]

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ATF Arrests Man For eBay Silencer Sales [The Firearm Blog]

imagePart 1 of our ‘Build Your Own Silencer’ series is my most-read article that I’ve had the pleasure of posting here at TFB. And I think that’s great – the more people we have interested in purchasing, owning, transferring and making suppressors legally the better. So as I work on Part 2 of the BIY series, be prepared […]

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Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 006: Multiplex Projectile Ammunition – Two, Three, Four for the Price of One? [The Firearm Blog]

Multiplex rounds, left to right: .30-06 long neck duplex, .22-06 long neck duplex, .25 Winchester FA T115 short neck duplex, .25 Winchester FA T127 long neck duplex, Colt 7.62 salvo squeezebore triplex, 7.62mm M198 duplex ball, 9.53x76mm Winchester quadruple flechette, .330 Amron Aerojet triple flechette.After World War II, US Army analysts determined that the effectiveness of the infantryman was not as closely related to their marksmanship discipline as had been previously thought. It seemed that instead, the random environmental circumstances and effects, plus the concealment and movement of the target, had much more of an influence on the probability […]

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Raven Concealment Steps Into Optics Game With The New Balor Mount [The Firearm Blog]

14040147_1055369914578551_7187133482502811006_nWith red dot sights becoming more and more common on handguns quite a few companies have come up with solutions to add a red dot like the Trijicon RMR to a pistol without spending money sending your slide to a gunsmith to have it milled. The latest one to come to market is the Raven […]

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XTECH Makes the VP9 3-Gun Ready with +5 Magazine Extender [The Firearm Blog]

xtech5XTECH, known for ATG “Adjustable Tactical Grip” has announced the availability of their VP9 / P30 magazine extension. The new extension, dubbed the “MTX” adds 5 rounds to the total base capacity of 15 for a total of 20 rounds of sweet extended magazine goodness. While this is still less than the common 22 round capacity […]

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Monday, 29 August


So much for the claim that guns have changed so much in modern times -- first machine gun in 1718, eight shot revolver in 1597 [John Lott's Website]

This revolver is from 1597.

The Puckle gun was the first machine gun, patented in 1718.  one of the earliest weapons to be referred to as a "machine gun."  The gun could hold 11 shots in its cylinder.  It was able to fire 63 shots in 7 minutes, a rate of 9 per minute.  That compared favorably to the normal rate for muskets of 2 to 3 per minute.


Boston Herald: Maura Healey shoots Dems in foot with gun grab [NRA-ILA News]

Attorney General Maura Healey’s controversial "assault weapons" crackdown has become yet another political land mine threatening the Bay State’s already shaken Democratic Party as it seeks to mount a serious 2018 challenger against Republican Gov. Charlie Baker. In deeply blue Massachusetts, the Democratic Party is turning into its own worst enemy.


Louisiana: Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday This Weekend [NRA-ILA News]

In 2009, Governor Bobby Jindal signed the NRA-endorsed, "Annual Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Holiday Act," which provides an exemption from state and local sales and use taxes on purchases of firearms, ammunition and hunting supplies on the first Friday through Sunday each September.  Since then, the sales tax holiday has proven its merit by boosting local businesses and saving law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen tens-of-thousands of hard-earned dollars.  As the holiday weekend approaches and the official start to Louisiana’s fall hunting season (Sept. 5th – mourning doves) draws near, it is time to take advantage of the Pelican State’s official endorsement of your hunting heritage and shooting traditions.


Missouri: Urge your Legislators to Reject Misleading Anti-Gun Poll and Override Nixon Veto [NRA-ILA News]

The Missouri General Assembly is scheduled to reconvene for a veto session in September where the House of Representatives and the Senate will vote to override Governor Jay Nixon’s veto of important pro-gun self-defense legislation, Senate Bill 656.


Virginia: Governor McAuliffe Gun Ban Proposal to be Considered on Wednesday [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, August 31, the Department of General Services is scheduled to hold a public hearing on Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order to permanently ban the concealed carry of firearms in executive branch offices.


TFBTV: Wilson Combat AR9G Glock-mag 9mm AR15 Review [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews Wilson Combat’s brand new AR9G, a 9mm AR15 that accepts 9mm Glock magazines.  Wilson designed this gun from the ground up – it is no mere converted AR15, but a completely new gun. Wilson plans to introduce the AR9 in several other varieties accepting several different manufacturers’ 9mm […]

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TFB Lightning Review: Strike Industries BMC Grips [The Firearm Blog]

P8172624Interchangeable grips and grip scales are a lot like holsters in that it can take a few tries to find the ones that fit and feel “just right”.  One platform that this author has tried quite a few different grips out on is the 1911.  Recently, Strike Industries was kind enough to send me out […]

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Check For Baffle Strikes with SureFire Bore Rods from Geissele [The Firearm Blog]

group-bore-rods_1Those who have never experienced a baffle strike typically never think about a baffle strike. Its a remote possibility that only happens on the internet. However, those who have experienced a baffle strike tend to take precautions to avoid them. Seeing an opportunity for a fantastic niche product, SureFire (a manufacturer of suppressors) and Geissele […]

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Ballot Initiatives Part III: How Can We Beat Them This Fall? [NRA-ILA News]

Gun-control groups have to sell a lie. They need to convince a majority of voters that their gun-control package is a solution to gun violence.


Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 005: Caseless Ammunition – Lightening the Load, Pt. 3 [The Firearm Blog]

Caseless rounds, left to right: 7.62x34mm Frankford Arsenal caseless, 5.56x24mm FA caseless, 5.56x25mm Hercules caseless, 4.7x21mm H&K/DAG early caseless, 4.7x33mm HK/DAG G11 caseless.Previously, we discussed trying to lighten the soldier’s load by making the cartridge case out of different materials, including aluminum and compositing the case out of polymer and metal. Yet, wouldn’t the lightest possible case configuration be… Having no case at all? That’s the thinking behind one of the most ambitious ammunition configurations there is, […]

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California: Your involvement is critical. We can’t do it without your help. [NRA-ILA News]

In November, Californians will vote on Gavin Newsom's Prop 63 — a draconian initiative that will cause ammo prices to skyrocket, turn law-abiding gun-owning citizens into criminals, and prevent Californians from having the tools they need to protect their families. Learn more at


Gun Show Weekend [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I went to the semiannual Greensboro Gun Show this weekend with my friend Jeff (Olivia Grace's paternal grandfather).

Before the gun show itself, we met for breakfast with Doc Wesson at a local pancake house. Doc aka The Podfather has been podcasting at The Gun Nation since 2007.  We had a great time talking about guns, podcasting, blogging, industry, flying, etc. I think we all had a great time and it was a great way to start a trip to the gun show.

Doc, for business reasons, guards his identity. Given that pictures of Doc don't exist some people might assume he is a phantom. I can assure you that is not the case. I snapped this quick picture of Doc while he wasn't looking. It didn't come out quite how I expected!

As for the gun show itself, it had a moderate crowd. There were a goodly number of people but the aisles weren't so crowded that you couldn't walk down them. In general, there weren't as many surplus dealers as I expected, there were a number of private sellers with tables selling their hunting rifles and shotguns, and more knife dealers than I expected.

Nate and Nate from N82 Tactical were there. I ended up with one of their IWB holsters for my Ruger LC9s Pro. Time will tell but it looks like a very comfortable holster.

I also came home with a 1200 ft. roll of 550 O.D. green paracord and a box of  cast lead 105 grain .38 caliber bullets. I hope to get those loaded up to use for plinking. I did look at an Ithaca 51 with 2 extra barrels but passed on that.

The other thing on my want list was an Anderson Manufacturing AR15 upper. I found a few but prices ranged from $80 to $120. Given they are selling in the $50 range on the Internet I passed on this.

We finished the day by having a family dinner at Clark's BBQ in Kernersville. As their T-shirts say, they are centrally located between Dollywood and Myrtle Beach.



Glow-On Super Phosphorescent Paint Helps Brighten Gun Sights, Fishing Lures []

With archery and general hunting seasons fast approaching some sportsmen may be looking for something to brighten up their hunting sights — particularly iron sights on shotguns.

Last spring I tried a not-so-new product called “Glow-On Super Phosphorescent” paint to brighten my turkey shotgun sights. I’d been having trouble picking up the front and rear sights in low light, and that led to some exciting and close encounters with gobblers.
A little searching on the internet, and talking with friends, led to the made-in-America “Glow-On Super Phosphorescent” paint solution, and it is truly awesome. It’s available in several colors, and just a dab or two on a sight makes it glow so even old eyes have no trouble seeing sights in diminishing daylight.
The Phosphorescent paint needs a charge from a light source prior to it glowing. But a minute or so in a flashlight beam prior to dawn hunting has proved all that’s needed.
P1010039 (1)

The phosphorescent paint also makes lures glow, which is a turn on for many predator gamefish, especially at night. A bit of flashlight beam on a jig head or plug that’s painted, and the lure shines bright. Anglers should note that even during daylight hours sunlight penetration into deep, dark water is minimal, so Phosphorescent paint may be a trigger that takes fish when nothing else will.

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Time To Get Gun Dogs In Shape For Hunting []

It was a big dove shoot, maybe 100 gunners, a typical Middle Georgia affair with a mid-day barbecue, then shooters heading afield in early afternoon. There was an early flurry of opening-day birds, and though the temperature was well in the 90s, a huge black Labrador retriever trotted around in the field confusion, fetching birds, hunting lost doves and doing, basically, what gun dogs are suppose to do on the first hunt of the year.


The Lab was unruly, but only acting, well, like a hunting Lab. The dog’s problem rested more with its owner, than the canine, because the pooch wasn’t restrained. Any shot that was fired the dog ran over to investigate, frequently finding and retrieving the bird for the shooter.

No one minded the dog’s efforts, but after an hour or so it was clear the animal was completely exhausted. He was big and overweight, and the owner was no where near to provide the dog shade, water and required rest.

images (2)

Hunters in the field helped by giving the dog water and trying to restrain it in the shadow of trees. But every time there was a shot, the dog leaped to its feet and raced far off toward the action.

Late that afternoon the owner finally went looking for his dog, which he found laying under a field-side hedgerow. The dog was panting badly and couldn’t walk, worn out completely from exhaustion and dehydration.


After several hunters suggested he take the dog to a veterinarian, the owner did. The lab was kept overnight by a vet, but never recovered. It died the next morning.

Thoughtless care by its owner felled a good, though out-of-shape Labrador because the dog tried to do what it was bred to do – hunt and retrieve game birds.

With bird hunting seasons already underway, and more to open soon (ducks, quail, etc.), gun dog owners should take extra special care of their four-leg hunting pals – with proper food, water and shelter obvious elements to a canine covenant.


But an often overlooked part of the deal for owners of gun dogs is to get the pooch in proper hunting shape well before season. This is only reasonable, since no long-distance runner would consider entering a marathon without jogging regularly and staying in shape. A human swimming champion wouldn’t think of racing in competition without long months of practice and preparation.

Why, then, should a quail hunter expect peak performance from his pointers if he hasn’t worked his dogs many weeks prior to hunting season? And no matter how big and strong a Chesapeake or golden retriever, such dogs can’t perform to their capabilities unless owners have had long practice sessions with them well before opening day on a duck marsh, pond, lake or field.


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KastKing Introduces New Dynamic Fortis Braided Fishing Line []

KastKing introduced their new “Fortis Braided Fishing Line” at the iCAST show about a month ago. But it’s taken me this long to spool some of it on some favorite reels and use it.

In a word, fantastic. The new line packs tight on reel spools, casts like a freshly-greased fly line on the forward power stroke, and it’s at least as strong as any braided line I’ve used.

For many years I’ve been a dedicated braided line advocate, and “Fortis” is one of the best I’ve used in recent years. It shines in the three areas I believe are most important: 1) It’s super sensitive when “feeling” lures and fish that take because of no or low stretch. 2) Castability is flawless, with tangle free use and long distance. 3) Line colors are bright and vivid, and the yellow hue is easy to spot when fishing in even low light.

KastKing-Fortis-150m-Braided-Fishing-Line-PE-Strong-Multifilament-Fishing-Line-for-Saltwater-Fishing-Drop-ShippingKastKing developed Fortis with an improved formula that is stronger, smoother, and made with a special process that greatly reduces or eliminates color fade

Fortis is a four-strand line, and comes in tensile strengths from 10- to 80-pounds and three spool sizes: 165 ($11), 350 ($20), 600 yards ($30) in four colors — brown, blue, yellow, and green.

Fortis (derived from the Latin word for strong) is made with MultiTuf, a proprietary blend of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, which is used in manufacturing bullet-proof vests and protective safety equipment. So it’s highly abrasion resistant.


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Video: How Not to Load/Unload Your ATV []

Most of us with off-road vehicles know how to load and unload them safely… but it’s safe to say that many of us have learned some of those lessons the hard way.

The video below contains a sampling of, um, erroneous manners of loading and unloading ATVs… just to brighten your day a little.

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Deer Hunting, Wisconsin Style: School Bus Deer Stand []

Now THIS is a deer stand!

You’ve heard the phrase, “Go big or go home.” Well, it looks like this guy did both, when he used a dirt ramp to place a 66-passenger school bus on top of a huge steel cylinder (an old underground fuel tank from a gas station), to use as a deer stand.

In the photo above, you can see the loooong staircase (complete with hand rails), and a variety of cables to steady the bus and keep it in place. This next pic was apparently taken soon after it was placed; no rails on the stairs and I don’t see the cables.


A neighbor of Jesse’s spotted a photo of the huge stand when it was shared on the Chasing Trophy Whitetails Facebook page. She then posted a photo of the stand from her yard, and tagged the stand’s owner.


The stand was created by Jesse Kauffman of Springbrook, Wisconsin, and he says it’s 28 feet above the original ground level. I say “original” because he is an earth mover who used dirt to his advantage and then removed the excess, making it appear as if the bus had been stranded up there by some epic flood.

Jesse clearly believes in being comfortable while hunting:

I have a fold-out couch, two recliners, a TV, a poker table, and deer seasons are cold enough I don’t need a fridge… but we got heat; I seriously ran power from my dad’s house.

Whatever works!

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Watch: Cutting New Tread Grooves in a Tire []

A while back, we showed you a video in which a guy freshened up the treads on his off-road truck by cutting them deeper — freehand — with a chainsaw!

Some readers freaked out a bit, expecting the tires to explode or shake his brains(?) out due to a lack of balance. Others took a more reasoned approach.

Well, here’s someone using a sure-nuff regrooving tool to cut new tread grooves into tires. Looks like it works pretty well, although it also looks to be a good bit of work.

You select the size (width) of blade and set the depth, and then go to work. The blade gets hot so it cuts the rubber as you push it forward.

I have some tires on a woods Jeep that could use this treatment, but I don’t want to plop down the money for a special tool just to fix one set of tires. And I need to check to see if there’s enough rubber left on them…

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Video: Bottle + Coat Hanger = Humane Mouse Trap []

This is a pretty neat little homemade trap, in case you don’t have the heart to kill a mouse.

Personally, I don’t have any use for “humane” mouse traps, because when you turn them loose they’ll still be pests. But some folks think differently…

And in a survival situation, you might need to keep mice alive as a source of fresh protein… but let’s REALLY hope it doesn’t come to that!

Anyhow, it’s an interesting, simple idea that seems to work.

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Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 004: Flechettes – Why Fire Bullets, When You Can Fire Darts? [The Firearm Blog]

Flechette rounds, left to right: XM645 with glass polyester sabot, XM645 with compressed sabot, XM110 with GP sabot, 10gr SPIW flechette and sabot above, XM144 with GP sabot, 10gr SPIW flechette above, .330 Amron Aerojet triple flechette, 9.53x76mmR Winchester quadruple flechette, AAI 5.56x45mm ACR flechette, Steyr 5.56x45mm ACR plastic cased telescoped flechette.In the last episode, we discussed how the most ballistically efficient projectiles are the longest, most slender ones, with the highest sectional density. This naturally leads to the idea of using a super long, rod-like projectile which would in theory have excellent ballistic characteristics… But there’s a problem with that: Unfortunately, modern rifle projectiles are spin-stabilized, […]

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Majority of Americans say gun rights are more important than gun control [NRA-ILA News]

A majority of Americans think it is more important to protect the right to keep and bear arms than it is to control gun ownership, according to Pew Research Center polling, which showed voters’ general views on guns vary widely based on whether they support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton for president.


Opponents keeping faith that ‘independent’ Mainers will reject Bloomberg gun control push [NRA-ILA News]

Opponents of a Maine ballot initiative that would require background checks for all firearms sales and transfers have raised less than 2 percent of the money that supporters of the Michael R. Bloomberg-backed gun safety measure have collected.


Liberty University posts details of new gun policy [NRA-ILA News]

Ahead of the start of classes Monday, Liberty University has posted online the details of its new policy allowing students who are concealed-carry permit holders with permission to carry on campus to have guns in dormitories.


UT tweaks campus carry rules to ban guns at some Erwin Center events [NRA-ILA News]

The University of Texas at Austin and four other UT System campuses have tweaked their rules on the carrying of concealed handguns, with UT-Austin adding certain ticketed events at the Erwin Center to its gun-exclusion list.


California: Almost 200 proposed laws await governor’s OK — or not [NRA-ILA News]

The fate of hundreds of bills will be decided by Wednesday, when state lawmakers wrap up their two-year session.


RIA: Prototype CZ-38 Trials Rifle (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Like most other nations with modern military forces. Czechoslovakia was interested in developing a semiautomatic infantry rifle in the 1920s and 1930s. The most successful such rifle to come out of Czech factory during this time was The ZH-29, but it did have competition. A major series of trials was held in 1937 and 1938, and the CZ entrant was this Model 38 rifle.

It uses a tilting bolt with many similarities to the ZB-26 light machine gun and ZH-29 rifle, along with a short stroke gas piston. Interestingly, its charging handle is designed to mimic the manual of arms of the then-standard Mauser bolt action rifles – the handle must be rotated 90 degrees up before pulling the bolt back, and then rotated back down before firing. The CZ model 38 also used a fixed 10-round magazine fed by stripper clips instead of a detachable box magazine.

The model 38 apparently did not do well in the adverse conditions testing. None of the other rifles in the trial were good enough to be judged adequate, though, and more development and trial continued afterwards. The rifle ultimately chosen used an annular gas piston, but was never put into production because of World War II. That design would reappear after the war and lead to the vz.52 rifle.


Canadian Cops getting the AR Bug! [The Firearm Blog]

regina-sask-august-2-2016-regina-police-service-rCome on guys! What is this? The Catch Up game? A growing number of Canadian police departments are acquiring AR15s in some form or fashion as a patrol rifle for their officers. Many Canadian special response teams already use AR15s for ERT (Emergency Response Team, SWAT equivalent) applications, but three recent news articles specifically cite the […]

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Bleg - .257 B.B. Magnum? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I came across an interesting rifle on an auction site. It was a custom Mauser in a most interesting caliber:  .257 B.B. Magnum. I had been looking for a .257 Roberts which this obviously is not. That said, it has aroused my curiosity as I love oddball, wildcat calibers.

Here is the description from the auction site:

Custom Inter Arms Action 257 BB Magnum; custom stainless barrel with muzzle break; this custom cartridge is a 300 Win mag necked down to a 257 caliber; comes with reloading dies; has a custom stock; excellent overall condition;
As to what the B.B. stands for I've been given several suggestions. "Barrel Burner", " Big Bore", and what is probably the correct answer, "Belted Bottleneck".

You can see a picture of the rifle below. It has some rather nice wood plus some interesting inlays in the stock.

Click to enlarge

Has anyone ever heard of this caliber?

Would I be stupid to even bid on a rifle where I can't even find published load data?

Do you think this would be a screamer?

OK, I think I know the answer to that last question. I really am interested in what readers have to say about this.

UPDATE: The rifle sold onsite to someone for $250 plus the auction house premium of 18%. In the same auction, another custom Mauser in .338-06 sold for $200. Interestingly, that caliber is much more mainstream yet the rifle sold for less.


Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 003: Sabots – Performance-Enhancing Shoes for Your Bullets [The Firearm Blog]

Sabot rounds, left to right: XM645 SPIW flechette with compressed disintegrating puller sabot, XM645 SPIW flechette with glass polyester disintegrating puller sabot, 5.77/4.32 Frankford with polymer cup pusher sabot, 5.56x45mm AAI ACR flechette with petal-type puller sabot. Far right is a pulled SPIW sabot and flechette.One of the problems of small arms ammunition is that of swept volume. That is, the most ballistically efficient projectiles are the longest and thinnest ones, which cut through the air more easily than squatter, fatter projectiles. Yet, the best projectiles from a propulsion perspective are the widest ones, as they have the most area at […]

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D.S. Arms Gets Booted From Comic-Con Over Missunderstanding [The Firearm Blog]

Courtesy of Cheryl V. Jackson / Chicago TribuneD.S. Arms, the well-known manufacturer of FAL and AR-15 rifles, was booted from Wizard World Comic-Con as a result of a misunderstanding and public pressure earlier this month. The gun manufacturer had already purchased the booth space and was all set up to display their line of replica weapons to sell to cosplayers as props when […]

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Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 002: Polymer-Cased Composite Ammunition – Lightening the Load, Pt. 2 [The Firearm Blog]

So far, the polymer composite case has only found purchase with low-power specialty ammunition, such as the plastic blank and fired 7.62mm UTM marking round, both on the left. Several commercial composite cased rounds have been tried, including the grey .223 Remington PCA ammunition. In the 1970s, Frankford Arsenal and AAI experimented with composite cased ammunition, represented by the white cased round in the middle. On the left is a standard Korean-made M855 round.In the last installment, we talked about the growing need throughout the 20th Century to reduce the weight of the cartridge case, to lighten the burden of the soldier. Experiments in aluminum have thus far proven unsuccessful, but another material is even more promising: Polymer. Plastics and polymers burst onto the scene in the post-war […]

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Review: Comp-Tac International Holster [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_3777When I was searching for a holster to fit my Arsenal Firearms Strike One in I was left with one option, the Texas-based holster company Comp-Tac. Since the holster was going to be used to shoot in competitions, I decided that the Comp-Tac International was probably the right holster for my needs. After placing the order, […]

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OPINION: Are Bright Colored Gun Parts A Problem? [The Firearm Blog]

YellowARLast month I wrote a quick article about dyeing PMAGs with fabric dye and some of our readers went a bit nuts. A couple of the comments were downright crotchety claiming that a brightly colored magazine could get me killed but also make kittens go blind. I can’t say that I agree with them, I […]

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Sunday, 28 August


P&S & Radical Bury The Hatchet [The Firearm Blog]

ps  Since our previous story, both P&S and Radical firearms have come to a mutually agreed truce, where both will remove the accusations about each other and a Radical Firearms employee has “been removed from accessing Radical Firearms social media platforms”. The full post from P&S: After hearing from our reviewer Shockey that Radical Firearms had […]

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RIA: Beretta Model 1923 [Forgotten Weapons]

Beretta offered its first semiautomatic pistols during World War One, with the Model 1915 chambered in 9mm Glisenti. This was quickly supplemented by the 1915/17 scaled down to the .32ACP cartridge, which was both handier to carry and less expensive to make. After the end of the war, Beretta looked to deign a more modern replacement pistol for military and security service use.

This would take the form of the Model 1923, which was based on the same patent and the same basic design. It was again chambered for the 9mm Glisenti cartridge – identical dimensionally to the 9x19mm Parabellum, but loaded substantially lighter so as to be more suited to a simple blowback action. The 1923 was the first Beretta design to use an exposed hammer, a feature which would follow into all later Beretta service pistols through the Model 92/96.

The 1923 did not sell well, and only 10,400 were made by 1926, when production ended. These pistols would remain in Beretta’s inventory into the mid 1930s, and the last 3,000 were finally sold to the Italian military just following a contract signed for purchase of 150,000 of the Model 1934 pistols – a deal which has the hallmarks of a cooperative agreement of the government to take these reliable but generally undesirable guns out of Beretta’s hands to help clean up their books.

A small number of 1923 model pistols (actually designated model 1924 by Beretta) were made with locking lugs at the bottom of the grip to fit a detachable combination shoulder stock and holster. This stock was essentially a standard Model 1923 leather holster with a mate lug and folding retractable strut added to connect to the pistol. While all holster/stock combinations were compromises between the need to carry the gun and the need to make it a more stable shooting platform the 1923 type was not a great design, of limited shooting utility (hence its very limited production and sale).


Sunday Jams - The Band [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

One of the Old Mans favorites.  They just do not make them like this anymore.

Saturday, 27 August


Sparks 31 makes some points regarding the usefulness of protests [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I post, you decide.

I will applaud anyone that makes a break from the herd to give us their truth, if we want to hear it or not.  As you know, Mike was a firm supporter in the rally, so long as it was making a point to bring the fight to their doorsteps, and quite literally, "shake their guns in the tyrants face".  The gatherings did not come without careful planning and cool heads.  It also had to make a point, usually regarding nullification of unlawful dictates.  While I abhor everything about Islam, I will completely agree that there are better ways to spend ones time than to peacock for the local media about a book that is not in anyway a danger to Gillette, Wyoming.

Don't attend the Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend. Do something productive instead.

Some group has planned an anti-Koran protest in Gillette, Wyoming this weekend. Don't waste your time. In fact, don't waste your time with any type of protest. You can be doing far more productive things with your time. Like training, or improving your kit, or buying ammo or other fiddly bits you're going to need when the time comes. 
For starters, the protest will accomplish nothing productive. Most protester-types on our side of the fence totally lack the necessary training in psychological operations, propaganda, and what the military calls "civil affairs" to do it right. With that said, if any of you protest organizers went through AIT for MOS 37F, 38B, or something similar send me a copy of your DD214 and I will publicly apologize for calling you a fucking idiot. And don't tell me you were an 88M attached to SOCOM under the XVIII Corps., or some nonsense like that. 
Second, protests telegraph intent and out you to the OPFOR at the same time. These are things that no professional or competent individual does. Both are a bad thing, and should be avoided.


RIA: M1944E1/M1945 Johnson Light Machine Gun [Forgotten Weapons]

After getting his Model 1941 machine gun purchased in small numbers by the US military, Melvin Johnson continued to press for more sales and a general adoption. Following testing results and recommendations from soldiers in the field, he made a number of modifications to the gun and developed the M1944, which was quickly tweaked to become the M1944E1, also called the M1945. This new version included several improvements including:

  • Replacing the bipod with a monopod less prone to interfering with barrel removal
  • Improved stronger bolt anti-bounce latch
  • Metal dual-tube buttstock in place of wood
  • …and most significantly, a gas-boosted hybrid recoil operating system

This new model of the Johnson was in testing at the end of WWII, and weapons development budget cuts at the conclusion of the war prevented it from replacing the BAR as Johnson and many in the Marine Corps had hoped.

This particular M1945 Johnson is fully transferrable, as came out of the Winchester Collection (now the Cody Firearms Museum) back many years ago when curators would occasionally sell items from the collection to raise money.


Lightning Review: Sticky Holster LG-2 for Glock 19 (and Other Pistols) – The Best “Universal” Holster There Is? [The Firearm Blog]

0824160122c2The Glock 19, along with its close clones and equivalents, is in my opinion the ideal “universal” civilian pistol. Small enough to carry concealed, but large enough to shoot well, the Glock can serve equally well as an every day carry gun or as a home protection tool. These features, plus Glock’s reputation for reliability and durability, […]

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Herschel Sends: Another Oathbreaking POS GWOT General comes out against peasants being armed [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I am so tired of hearing about these sniveling, groveling, boot-licking, overpaid, Praetorian class politicians telling the great unwashed how to live their life "sensibly".  These people have hopped from one ivory tower gated community to another apart from their Soldiers and citizens for almost all of their lives.

Forgive me, Sir, if we collectively tell you to go pound sand.  Or not forgive.  Eat excrement and expire, anyway.

General Peter Chiarelli Invites Veterans To Violate Their Oath

Chiarelli is now part of the cool kids gang along with all of the other statists.  I’m glad to have him as an enemy.  But if he rationalizes his own adultery towards his oath to the constitution right after reminding us that he did in fact take such an oath, he makes matters worse by telling us that he has no respect whatsoever for those who served and suffered.  He invites veterans to break their oath as well. 
My suspicion is that the ranks of veterans isn’t fertile ground for Chiarelli and his gang of cool kids.  But it should be enough that he thinks no more of you [veterans] than to surmise that you might be an oath-breaker just like him, and he would sooner see you sent to hell than lose his political fight to control other people and take their liberties. 
What contemptible trash.  How sad that men such as him were in charge of any campaign at all.  They are all as bad as the corrupt politicians they serve, and dear veteran, if you side with them, you’re no better than they are.

Friday, 26 August


Ballot Question 3 Is About Control [NRA-ILA News]

Question 3 on the 2016 ballot asks, “Do you want to require background checks prior to the sale or transfer of firearms between individuals not licensed as firearms dealers, with failure to do so punishable by law, and with some exceptions for family members, hunting, self-defense, lawful competitions and shooting range activity?” The phrasing of this question sounds about as innocuous as white on rice, until you read the legislation. What Question 3 would do is make criminals out of law-abiding citizens and strip you of your inalienable rights.


BREAKING NEWS: Liberty Ammunition LOSES M855A1 EPR Appeals Lawsuit in Federal Claims Court, US Army CLEARED [The Firearm Blog]

The lead-free M855A1 5.56mm cartridge.  The United States government has won a major firearms-related victory in Federal appeals court today, regarding claims of patent infringement by Liberty Ammunition, LLC. Liberty had claimed that the US Army’s M855A1 EPR and M80A1 EPR projectiles infringed on its patent, US 7,748,325 for a multi-piece construction projectile. The claims court this case was submitted […]

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NRA ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox Delivers Remarks before the Maine Heritage Policy Center [NRA-ILA News]

This week, NRA ILA Executive Director Chris W. Cox was in Portland, Maine to address the Maine Heritage Policy Center on the importance of the upcoming elections, and of particular concern to Maine residents, Ballot Question 3. Read his speech here, and learn more about Question 3 here.


Libertarian VP Candidate William F. Weld Continues to be Anti-Gun [NRA-ILA News]

As governor of Massachusetts, William Weld supported various gun control schemes, including a ban on semi-automatic firearms.  Unfortunately, and despite being the Libertarian candidate for vice president, Weld continues his anti-gun ways.


What Makes A Bolt Action Rifle Great? [The Firearm Blog]

There are many factors to consider before shelling out your hard earned cash on a bolt action rifle, and in this video we go through a few characteristics that we feel are desirable. As some of the least restricted firearms in the world, people in almost any country can obtain a bolt gun and while […]

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LaserMax Brings A New Offering Out For The .45 ACP Shield [The Firearm Blog]

CF-SHIELD-45-LaserMaxIf you are one of the buyers that bought or plans on buying the new Smith & Wesson M&P 45 Shield that was announced during NRA Show a few months ago so far you have been out of luck when it comes to the plethora of accessories that Shield owners have become accustomed to. But […]

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Resident holds home invader at gunpoint, WATE, Knoxville, Tenn. 08/23/16) [NRA-ILA News]

A man and woman were asleep at home in Sevier County, Tenn. when they were awakened by the sound of someone kicking in their door. The male resident retrieved a gun, confronted the home invader, and was able to hold the intruder at gunpoint until police could arrive. The home invader faces a litany of charges, including drug possession and gun possession during a violent felony.

California: Counting Down to the end of the 2016 Legislative Session [NRA-ILA News]

As the California legislature enters the final days of the 2016 legislative session your action is needed on several bills. This week both a pro-gun bill, AB 2510, and an anti-gun bill, SB 1332, were passed and enrolled to the Governor.  In addition, the Assembly Public Safety Committee passed anti-gun AB 450 making it eligible for a concurrence vote by the Assembly and one step closer to the Governor.


Daniel Defense Braces For “Unprecedented” Demand [The Firearm Blog]

MartyThanks to a more polarized Presidential election than normal it is no secret that gun sales are anticipated to go through the roof. While some people are genuinely fearful that a type of firearm is going to be banned, there are others that use the panic for other reasons ranging anywhere from an excuse to get the […]

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Injunction Sought Against Texas Campus Carry Denied by Judge [NRA-ILA News]

In July, University of Texas at Austin professors Jennifer Lynn Glass, Lisa Moore, and Mia Carter filed suit in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and UT officials to block the implementation of a recent change in Texas law that permits campus carry for those with a license in most portions of public university campuses.


Massachusetts AG Renews Attack on Gun Owners [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey added to the confusion caused by her decision to unilaterally ban common semi-automatic firearms by releasing a list of “Guns That Are Not Assault Weapons.” In other words, she decided to independently, once again, confuse law-abiding citizens about a law that has existed for nearly two decades with another “opinion” that has little to do with the law itself.


Couric’s Under the Gun, Under Fire Again [NRA-ILA News]

The film Under the Gun, produced and narrated by news anchor Katie Couric and directed by Stephanie Soechtig, took a major credibility hit soon after its May release, when it was revealed that the film incorporates footage intentionally manipulated and edited to show, incorrectly, that members of a Virginia-based gun rights group were dumbstruck upon being asked about background checks for gun purchases.


As Venezuelan Regime Loses Grip, Maduro Targets Guns [NRA-ILA News]

Amid social and economic strife that threatens to topple the regime of Nicolas Maduro, the Venezuelan government is employing a favorite tactic of tyrants the world over, further gun control. Last week, Reuters reported that Venezuela Interior Minister Nestor Reverol is ramping up efforts to disarm the populace through a program of confiscation and gun turn-ins.


New Ruger LCP with Viridian Laser [The Firearm Blog]

Ruger LCP ViridianSturm, Ruger & Co announced a new LCP variant that uses a Viridian red laser supplemental aiming device. The announcement comes on the heels of an announcement by Viridian that the company introduced a new series of laser products for OEM partnerships. The new Ruger appears to be the first firearm manufacturer to take advantage […]

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Celebrate Mississippi’s Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday a Week Earlier This Year! [NRA-ILA News]

In 2014, the Mississippi Legislature created an annual tax break on firearms, ammunition, archery equipment and certain hunting supplies during the first full weekend of September.


STEVENS Wraps the Model 320 in MOSSY OAK Shadow Grass Camo [The Firearm Blog]

Mossy Oak Shadow GrassNo line of pump-action shotguns would be complete if it did not have models in camouflage. If that happens to be the metaphorical measuring stick, consider the Stevens Model 320 line complete! They now have three different camo patterns to choose from: two patterns from Mossy Oak and another in pink. You can now purchase […]

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Judge upholds Cleveland law requiring gun offender registry [NRA-ILA News]

A judge has upheld a law that requires Cleveland residents newly convicted of gun offenses to register with the police department, though a few provisions were knocked down in the ruling issued this week.


Kansas State policy would respect Right-to-Carry in all buildings [NRA-ILA News]

Kansas State University would allow concealed firearms in all campus buildings and require them to be kept in a holster under guidelines it's developing in order to comply with a state law.


Voting Libertarian is protest without a point [NRA-ILA News]

Mr. Weld, for his part, seems confused about guns, which many conservatives appear to hold as important above all else. He compared the AR-15, the nation’s most popular long gun, as a “weapon of mass destruction.” Mr. Johnson, wrestling with a coherent opinion on the Second Amendment, says he favors banning “assault weapons,” but not semiautomatic rifles, reflecting a lack of understanding that it is precisely the semiautomatic rifle that Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Weld would ban as an “assault weapon.”


Massachusetts: Amherst Select Board considers gun-control effort [NRA-ILA News]

The Select Board on Monday again will consider formally joining and endorsing principles outlined by a national gun-control organization.After the board held off on a vote in June to sign onto the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a program of Everytown for Gun Safety, the topic is back on the agenda.


Australia: Canberra shooters call for review of gun laws after rifle permit refused over 'military-like' appearance [NRA-ILA News]

Canberra shooting groups are calling for a change to ACT laws that allow firearm permits to be refused based on the appearance of a gun, rather than its function.


RIA: London-Made Lorenzonis Repeating Flintlocks [Forgotten Weapons]

A 7-shot repeating handgun before cartridges had been invented? Yep, long before. These two pistols are London-made examples of the Lorenzoni system, in which a gun was made with internal magazines of powder and projectiles and a rotating central loading spindle like a modern reloading powder throw. By rotating a lever on the left side of pistol 180 degrees and back, a shooter could load a ball into the chamber, load powder behind it, recock the action, prime the pan, and close the frizzen all in one automated sequence.

This system originated with a German gunsmith named Kalthoff in the mid 1600s, but it was an Italian by the name of Lorenzoni who made it more practical and began building pistols of the type. Lorenzoni is the name that has been generally applied to the system as a result. These two were made by a gunsmith named Glass in London in the mid 1700s – in these days of hand-made firearms ideas and systems like this would slowly spread and be adopted by craftsmen who were capable of producing them and thought they could find an interested market for them.

The Lorenzoni system offered unmatched repeating firepower for its time, but was hampered by its complexity. Only a very skilled gunsmith could build a reliable and safe pistol of the type, and this made them very expensive.


Magpul Integrates Deeper Into The Rear-End of Modern Sporting Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureNot content to dominate the exterior of Stoner-based modern sporting rifles, MagPul has decided to hop into them as well. Where previous accessories were limited to handguards, magazines, grips, etc. Magpul has gone full-tilt integrating itself with the rear-end of the rifle. On top of their recent announcement of magazine extension tubes, Magpul has released […]

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Making the Beretta 92 Trigger Better – Simple Upgrades [The Firearm Blog]

748-001Those who have served and carried an M9 often pick up the weapon outside of the service. Like many of my brethren, I am one of those who did perhaps for the nostalgia or familiarity with the weapon. Frankly, I like the M9, slide mounted safety be danged. But, one is not limited to keeping […]

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Exclusive: World Record 4380 yard shot [The Firearm Blog]

9Beware, this is not your average TFB article. This post is over 3,000 words long, but it is well worth the read if you care the slightest about long range shooting and the gear being used. Please take your time. I’m not a long range shooter (yet), but I got very involved by this story […]

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Lightning Review: 1983 Smith & Wesson 686 “No Dash” – A Classic Range Partner [The Firearm Blog]

ITgJcDoMany pistol shooters of my generation grew up in a world with a wide variety of fantastic black plastic handguns that are as durable as a tank, have triggers ranging from “decent” to “awful”, run below six notes in price, and are uniformly ugly as sin. These are very practical weapons for self-defense, but for a lot of […]

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Uzkon Announces UNG-12 Semi-Auto Shotgun Bullpup [The Firearm Blog]

Uzkon UNG-12While the Uzkon UNG-12 product image on Uzkon’s site is currently only a 3D render, they seem to have at least a few of these new shotguns out in the wild and appearing in promotional videos. This new foray for the Turkish manufacturer runs off the same pattern magazines as other popular Turkish semi-autos. You’ll […]

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Thursday, 25 August


Mauser K98k Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The Mauser 98 stands in history as Paul Mauser’s masterpiece; Every little thing, every improvement that he could think of came together in the Model 1898, and the K98k is a carbine version of his famous rifle. The K98k rifle is notorious for being used and implemented by Nazi Germany, but countless other nations have […]

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Hunting Gear: ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag [The Firearm Blog]

scentpurgeTo some hunting season is right around the corner and for others it’s year-round; whenever and wherever you hunt, this new bag might interest you. This is more than just a bag for toting stuff around, though. It’s the ScentPURGE BigMOUTH Bag, and if it delivers as promised it would be a welcome addition to my […]

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Hornady Introduces Patented “4DOF” Ballistic Calculator [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureWhile ballistic calculators have largely removed much of the math skills that were required to shoot long range, they have become quite the handy tool making long-range shooting accessible (and enjoyable) for those not steeped in ballistic mysticisms. Stepping up to take more mystery out of long-range shooting is Hornady, with the latest update to […]

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Video With Hank Strange Firing A 50 BMG Pistol!!! [The Firearm Blog]

50 BMG Pistol   Ridiculous Guns   YouTubeOur friend Hank Strange runs a successful Youtube channel and from time to time he sends a video or two my way. I was really glad he sent this one it’s just crazy! Safety Harbor firearms created this monster bolt action 50 cal on a modified AR of all things. Enjoy the video of these […]

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Harvard, Bloomberg Launch $32M Project to Train US Mayors [NRA-ILA News]

Harvard University says it's partnering with business titan Michael Bloomberg to provide leadership training to mayors across the U.S. The former New York City mayor is donating $32 million to start the Bloomberg Harvard City Leadership Initiative, which aims to train up to 300 mayors over the next four years.


Breaking: Radical Firearms Steps Over A Line And Makes Things Personal [The Firearm Blog]

bad formNote:  I want to take a moment to point out that most bloggers, reviewers and even magazine writers don’t do this as their primary job. Visiting a blogger’s home or, as in this case, going to visit the boss of a blogger’s primary occupation because you were unhappy with a product review, is completely unacceptable. […]

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Watch your step! - IED's found in Harlan County, Kentucky [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Much appreciated to Michael Tarvin for putting this one in my lap.

The ATF has issued this warning in response to several IED's that were placed in in trail camera's.

Are you loving that sexy new logo as much as I am?

At first I thought it was a Justified referenced hoax.  For the uninitiated, Justified was a long running TV series that is based primarily in Harlan County, and features a neo-Nazi bomb maker turned preacher turned drug kingpin as a recurring bad guy.  Pretty good show.

Local news had issued this story in response:

ATF warns of improvised explosive devices inside trail cameras in Harlan County

Three trail cameras have exploded and injured people. Agents found an additional nine IEDs and dismantled them. They warn more devices may still exist. 
Some of the trail cameras were found abandoned on paths in rural areas accessed via the Dave Smith Drainage Area, near the Woodland Hills subdivision, on the Little Black Mountain Spur.
The IEDs were designed to explode when a person inserted batteries into the camera. Other IEDs were designed to detonate by a trip wire. In some cases, containers like milk jugs or paint cans were placed near the IED.

The IED's were originally placed by Mark Sawaf.  Mark, tragically, was shot by police before he could identify the locations of the other IED's.  Police have had to comb through the brush of Harlan County looking for more of these devices.

The article of Mark's arrest adds this information as to what it was and how he set them
The device was made using a Winchester 9mm shell casing, an unknown explosive material and a detonator, according to court documents. The device was designed to explode when batteries were inserted into the camera. 
The ATF had previously been told that Sawaf was involved in the use of “exploding targets,” or targets that blow up when shot with a firearm, according to court records. An investigator previously determined that since Sawaf was not prohibited from using firearms, there was no criminal violation if he was shooting exploding targets.
As a veteran of OIF and OEF, the legal definition of IED would seem to fit but my definition of the real McCoy, so to speak, is much different.  What is curious about the traps that he set, they were not on his property and the cameras were inoperable.  There is certainly a lot of meth and marijuana manufactured in those hills, so it stand as conjecture that Mr. Sawaf could have been involved or it could have been he was just a "hobbyist" as the article infers.   Some of the local commenters seem to think it was a guy that was just tired of thieves, a stance which is more consistent from the evidence.  If that is the case, I can certainly condemn his actions as a III percenter, but I only wish that he could have turned his rage into something more constructive then evoking the Code of Hammurabi in the most passive aggressive way possible.

Read more here:


News of the T Shirt Front [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I am super excited to announce I had a long talk with a great patriot over at Grunt Style, and soon we will have a custom Sipsey Street/III% design that you can purchase through their website.  We will hash out the details for the design, and I will let you know what comes of it.

A little about Grunt Style; it is a Veteran owned and operated small business that designs and manufactures exclusively in the USA.  I can personally attest to the quality of their products, (they  back up their work with an unlimited lifetime guarantee), and fully endorse this company as they have endorsed many Patriot causes and groups in the past.  Quite simply, it would be impossible to find a better outfit to make this happen.

In the future, we will still re-produce the original batch of the 100 Heads shirts as well as incorporate some of the incredible ideas that have been submitted.  I am still working out the bugs on finding a good source for that.

Click here for the link to Grunt Style.


LAV Blasts Away with Dutch AR-10 (With Gratuitous Slow-Mo) [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureOften overlooked due to its smaller-caliber sibling, the original AR-10 was a fantastic weapon systems. In fact, if not for the thin barrel (later fixed), it may have likely supplanted the M14 within the US arsenal. For better or worse, it did not come to pass. What is often and truly forgotten is how the AR-10 […]

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NRA to Spend $3 Million in Pro-Trump Television Ads [NRA-ILA News]

The country’s largest pro-gun rights group is lending a helping hand to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his quest for the Oval Office, spending millions of dollars in over a month worth of commercials.


NRA, LePage come out against Maine background check proposal [NRA-ILA News]

A referendum designed to strengthen background checks is an affront to gun rights and individual liberties, Gov. Paul LePage said on Wednesday. Echoing the Republican’s statements was Chris Cox, of the National Rifle Association of America who is also the executive director of the political and lobbying wing of the NRA.


Mexico arrangement highlights folly of gun control measures [NRA-ILA News]

Hillary Clinton supports stringent new gun-control laws, but denies she wants to gut Second Amendment rights. To see what it looks like when you implement two such seemingly contradictory goals, look no further than Mexico. The results don't bolster Clinton's case.


California: Gavin Newsom touts legal marijuana, more gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s track record of getting out in front on issues has helped him emerge as a leading proponent of two of November’s hot-button ballot measures, propositions to legalize recreational marijuana and add new gun controls.


California cops would need to lock up guns in cars under this measure [NRA-ILA News]

Specifically, anyone who leaves a firearm in a car would need to put it in the trunk or in a locked container out of plain view. Violations would be an infraction subject to a fine of up to $1,000.


Clinton faces big challenges in state Obama won twice [NRA-ILA News]

The country’s largest pro-gun rights group is lending a helping hand to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in his quest for the Oval Office, spending millions of dollars in over a month worth of commercials.


Christie vetoes 'unreasonable requirements' for gun ownership [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Christie on Wednesday proposed loosening New Jersey's "overly burdensome" gun laws, saying the state should make it easier for residents who are eligible to buy handguns to obtain a permit to carry them in public.


Here's who — and what — the Ballmers are backing in this year's election [NRA-ILA News]

The Ballmers' largest contribution in this election cycle went to Americans for Responsible Solutions, a gun safety campaign led by former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband, astronaut Mark Kelly. Giffords was shot in 2011 during an assassination attempt and, after her recovery, became an advocate for changes to the nation's gun laws.


Primos New TAKE OUT Deer Attractants Will Make Deer STAY IN!… Your Area this Fall [The Firearm Blog]

Take OutPrimos Hunting has many hunting calls and accessories that define them, but they also have diverse offerings in deer attractants. Just in time for fall, they are adding two different blends of a new deer attractant dubbed Take Out. The flavors developed have a specific palate, or region of the country in mind. Take Out Row Crop The “Row […]

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RIA: Mauser Model 1878 “Zig-Zag” Revolvers (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

After making their big break with the adoption of the Model 1871 Mauser rifle by the newly unified German government, the Mauser brothers, took a shot at getting the handgun contract for the military as well, with this revolver, the Model 1878. It is often colloquially called the Mauser Zig-Zag because of its conspicuously grooved cylinder, although of course that was never an official designation.

The guns were made in the official 10.6mm German Ordnance cartridge, as well as 9mm and 7.6mm cartridges for the civilian commercial market, with a couple different frame sizes. Unfortunately for Mauser, the guns proved too complicated for military acceptance, and they did not sell very well on the commercial market either. The external cylinder rotating tracks required special accommodation, as the cylinder had to have a chamber precisely in line with the barrel to latch closed after reloading. This was done by adding a manual locking lever at the front of the cylinder, which doubled as a safety catch.

Of course, what made the guns unsuitable for the military does make them pretty unusual and interesting for collectors today…


NRA's Top Lobbyist Visits Maine To Campaign Against Maine Ballot Measure [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association’s top lobbyist was in Portland to talk up the gun rights agenda — and talk down an initiative on the November ballot that would stiffen background checks for gun purchases in Maine. The NRA’s Chris Cox condemned backers of the ballot measure as elitists who want to do away with the Second Amendment and other rights too.


NRA official urges Mainers to reject background checks on gun sales [NRA-ILA News]

The director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action on Wednesday urged Mainers to protect their personal freedom from the influence of out-of-state elitists by rejecting a referendum question on background checks for gun sales in November. Chris Cox, the executive director of the political and lobbying arm of the NRA, spoke at the Maine Heritage Policy Center’s 2016 Freedom and Opportunity Luncheon in Portland. Much of his speech focused on Question 3 on the November ballot, the referendum question that would require background checks on gun sales and transfers, but Cox also urged Mainers to continue to fight for liberty on all fronts.


Business Insider’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad List of Weapons the Military “Should” Bring Back [The Firearm Blog]

P1030479Earlier this week, Business Insider released an article written by Christian Lowe entitled “6 weapons the US military should bring back from the dead“ with a very self-evident, but interesting premise. However, the weapons (all firearms, oddly) that the article outlines are very poor choices, so today I want to talk about why these choices […]

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FN America Recalls Recent SCAR17S [The Firearm Blog]

FN-SCAR-17S-1024x296According to a Recall Notice issued August 10th, FN America is recalling 471 SCAR17s. The recall notice can be seen here. According to the notice, some of the rifles may have bolts that do not meet their hardness specifications. FN America, LLC P.O. Box 9424 McLean, VA 22102 USA Tel(703) 288 – 3500 Fax (703) […]

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The Auto Mag is (Really!) Back [The Firearm Blog]

automag1If you’re even passingly familiar with Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of Dirty Harry then you’re also familiar with his trademark .44 Magnum (the – at the time – so-called most powerful handgun in the world). And if you’re familiar with “Sudden Impact”, the fourth movie in the Dirty Harry series, maybe you also know about the […]

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Future Firearms Ammunition Technology 001: Aluminum Cased Ammunition – Lightening the Load, Pt. 1 [The Firearm Blog]

Aluminum cased rounds, left to right: .30 T65 Light Rifle aluminum experimental, .280/30 British aluminum experimental, 6x50mm SAW aluminum experimental, 9.53x76mm Winchester quadruple flechette, .330 Amron Aerojet triple flechette. Today, aluminum cases are only used in low pressure applications, like the Omark Industries short range training round on the far right.The metallic cartridge case was invented in the 1840s, and – starting in the 1860s – its military application brought with it a host of of advantages for the soldier: Now, ammunition was self-contained, weatherproof, and durable. Yet, despite it being a massive advance, the metallic cartridge wasn’t an across the board triumph. With the addition of […]

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Reising: the wannabe Thompson [The Firearm Blog]

DSCF0615This post is part of two others, about a recent range outing with some very historically interesting small arms, the DeLisle commando carbine, the M50 Reising submachine gun, and the Russian PM1910 Maxim heavy machine gun. All of these are NFA items (either Class III or suppressed) and the owner was extremely kind enough to […]

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Everyone needs to shoot a WW1 Water Cooled Belt Fed [The Firearm Blog]

DSCF0629This post is part of two others, about a recent range outing with some very historically interesting small arms, the DeLisle commando carbine, the M50 Reising submachine gun, and the Russian PM1910 Maxim heavy machine gun. All of these are NFA items (either Class III or suppressed) and the owner was extremely kind enough to […]

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Wednesday, 24 August


Hunting Vehicles Targeted by Thieves []

Well, I just did not believe the story until I witnessed it in action. Now it seems to be a prevalent trend that hunters’ vehicles are being targeted by carjackers and thieves. The idea being that if a truck is covered in hunting or shooting related stickers, then there is an assumed high probability the vehicle may contain a gun or valued hunting equipment.

I first heard of this a few weeks ago when a contact fresh back from a huge national hunting show in Dallas, Texas was told by the convention people not to park a truck there if it was covered in hunting stickers on the windows. Apparently thieves have been homing in on such shows in D-Town for crash, and steal the stash.

At that show alone my friend told me numerous vendor and show goers had their vehicle windows busted out and the vehicles throttled for any hunting equipment or related items of value. They took guns, hunting gear, optics, GPSs, rangefinders, backpacks, and anything else of value.

Then last December, this happened to vehicles at a gun show in Jackson, Mississippi. Police told witnesses that every vehicle hit had hunting or shooting stickers in the windows or related business signs. Thieves think such vehicles automatically mean they may have a gun inside or other expensive hunting gear.

Which vehicles hit were the favorite? At that gun show, twelve trucks were broken into and every one of them were Ford F-150s or 250s with pushbutton entry keypads on the doors. The thieves had knowledge of how to pop those keypads out of the door and disable them to unlock the trucks. Do I suspect auto repair or auto body repair people here? Just speculation on my part.

Then for several weeks following the gun show incident, the same “M.O.” turned up again with numerous vehicles all across the city. Vehicles bearing outdoors type stickers were hit in parking lots all over town during the broad daylight. They were hit in shopping areas and work site parking lots. The break ins where not “random” as they targeted trucks with hunting, pro-gun, or related stickers.

Again, vehicles with keypads were sought, but it was not limited to those. Thieves were caught on camera smashing and dashing all types of trucks, all with some kind of a sticker. So, outdoors folks, be forewarned if your vehicle displays pro-outdoors stickers. Keep your valuable gear locked up at home.

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Hostile Attribution Bias []

Do you know people who just seem to be naturally agitated by virtually everything? Look around you and start to take note of these types. In doing so, you could very well avoid issues down the road. While I am not overtly suggesting the wholesale labeling of people’s actions or behaviors, I just think it is prudent to keep a keen eye open for aberrant types.

Those people exhibiting hostile attribution bias are basically predisposed to judging every minor incident as a personal threat. Just a basic everyday disagreement over a parking space, a line jumper at the store, or other assorted minimal life infractions may be enough to touch them off. These are the kinds of people we should steer clear of at all costs.

In this world of texting communications, digital discussions, chat rooms, and all manner of nondescript anti-personal face-to-face talk, we are losing our observational skills at noticing the very things going on right under our noses. Little wonder terrorists, thugs, thieves, and malcontent disconnects perpetrate violations with barely a notice by anyone. Even when observed, most of the time heads turn elsewhere so as not to get involved.

Preppers and survivalists should remain in a constant state of awareness. It could very well be that we are the next line of defense to sanity in this country behind a truly dedicated law enforcement, homeland security, or other authorities charged with public protection. If not us, then who?

Many would say, “But why should we get involved?” Besides just the principle of doing the right thing, maintaining some level of security around ourselves at work, home, in the neighborhood, or society in general has to contribute to a more balanced and secure mankind.

As preppers and survivalists, we generally accept this idea should a full-fledged SHTF scenario unfold as a special condition of the event. Whether we choose to bug out or stay home, we initiate our plan to secure the perimeter around us, be it our front yard or a zone around our bug out site or while in route.

Well then, why not maintain that vigilance all the time? As far as we know, we are only minutes or seconds away from a security breech occurring at any time. Does your prep plan allow for such an instantaneous turn of events? Look around and pay attention.

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Bug-O-Flage Debuts []

So fresh on the market it is only available just now on the company’s web site and email plus a few select test markets in the retail sector. Expectations are high that Bugoflage will be everywhere soon enough.

So, what is Bugoflage? I was first introduced to the new product via the Small Business Development Office in the division I direct at the college where I work full time. Created and developed by avid Delta duck hunter Jack Lyon, who wanted a product to keep the “skeeters” away at the same time as providing a camouflage cover up in the duck blind. At least that is how it all got started.

Several recipes later, as well as some practical field testing, Jack was ready to launch Bugoflage as a natural, ready-to-use insect repellant that also provided a camouflage face paint for hunters. The product is currently delivered via a tube container similar to a lip balm.

Bugoflage initially came out in black, dark green, and dark brown for duck and deer hunting applications, but the concept has already been expanded. Now there is a sort of spring green color for turkey hunters, and soon to be produced will be a clear formula for endless outdoor applications from construction workers to landscaping, gardeners, and anybody working or playing outdoors, including fishing.

Bugoflage is a clinically proven, Deet-free insect repellent that lasts up to 12 hours of protection from mosquitoes, ticks, flies, gnats, and no-see-ums. The product has a nice, fresh smelling citrus scent that incidentally does not spook deer as I have proven myself in the woods this past hunting season.

This stuff is easy to apply. Just remove the cap, screw it up, and apply to the face across the forehead, or cheeks like hunters normally would do to apply any kind of a camouflage face covering. It resists water, sweat, and smudging. Bugoflage is easy to remove in the field with a paper towel, dry cloth, or wet wipe. Complete removal is recommended with common soap and water with a wash cloth.

Order inquiries or for other product information check them out on Facebook or email them at A comprehensive web site is under construction now.

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“Feathering” Staging Areas for Game Near Food Plots []

Staging areas designed and maintained around wildlife food plots are important for landowners and hunters to improve success of supplemental food sources for game. Brandon Bobo, a senior wildlife biologist with the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) explains how, where, and when to do this.

This type of food plot management is important in making sites attractive to all game, especially whitetail deer. But “feathering” areas around plots also makes them more suitable for a host of game, including bobwhite quail, doves, pheasants, even grouse.

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NRA Attacks Question 3 Ballot Initiative in Maine [NRA-ILA News]

During remarks at the Maine Policy Center’s Freedom & Opportunity Luncheon, Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA), warned voters that Question 3 would not prevent criminals from obtaining firearms but would criminalize common practices of law-abiding gun owners.


NRA Statement on Governor Christie's Conditional Vetoes of Anti-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox explains how New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's conditional vetoes would remove a subjective impediment to firearm permit issuance.


I couldn't resist [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Don't worry, it took me a minute too.


The Terror Watch List And Due Process Of Law [NRA-ILA News]

The core mission of the NRA is, of course, to protect our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. In doing so, we also fight to ensure that our firearm freedom is not restricted without due process of law. Our opponents, however, never miss a chance to try to eliminate our Second Amendment-protected rights and would freely discard the rest of the Bill of Rights to do so.


The “Everything New Is Bad” Mindset [The Firearm Blog]

New product releases most often seem to be met with grumbling these days as opposed to optimism or applause. Not that this is unique to the gun community in the slightest, but it is certainly noticeable to us certified internet gun experts. So why do why do this, and should we? Transcript … – [Voiceover] […]

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NRA-ILA Executive Director, Chris W. Cox, addresses the The Heritage Policy Center in Portland, Maine. [NRA-ILA News]

NRA-ILA Executive Director, Chris W. Cox, addresses the The Heritage Policy Center in Portland, Maine.


Reasonable Discussions: Why Can’t They All Be Like This? [The Firearm Blog]

Rob PincusFirearms trainer Rob Pincus took heat earlier this year when he discussed the staging of firearms in the home. Taken out of context, some of those who oppose the individual right to keep and bear arms claimed that Pincus’ statements were foolish at best and dangerous at worst. One of those outlets that appeared to […]

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Chiappa Rhino Kaboom [The Firearm Blog]

rhino-kaboomThe Chiappa Rhino may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure is unique. It’s odd look comes from the fact that it fires from the bottom chamber to help reduce felt recoil. Earlier this year fellow TFB writer James Reeves reviewed the Chiappa Rhino 200D chambered in .357 magnum and .38 special with […]

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New Jersey: Gov. Christie Conditionally Vetoes “Justifiable Need” and “Smart Guns” [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Governor Chris Christie took a historic step on behalf of the state’s beleaguered gun owners by vetoing A.3689 and S.816.


Blast from the Past: DeLisle Commando Carbine [The Firearm Blog]

DSCF0600This post is part of two others, about a recent range outing with some very historically interesting small arms, the DeLisle commando carbine, the M50 Reising submachine gun, and the Russian PM1910 Maxim heavy machine gun. All of these are NFA items (either Class III or suppressed) and the owner was extremely kind enough to […]

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What a Clinton Supreme Court Would Mean for America [NRA-ILA News]

Without a doubt, the Second Amendment would become a primary target of a liberal Supreme Court. In recent years, two landmark decisions protecting an individual's right to own and bear arms - Heller v. District of Columbia and McDonald v. City of Chicago – were each decided by just one vote. (Are you noticing the 5-4 trend yet?) Given the opportunity, a liberal Court wouldn't hesitate to overturn those decisions.


Mexico asks U.S. Congress to renew ban on assault weapons [NRA-ILA News]

Mexico's Foreign Minister Claudia Ruiz Massieu on Monday asked the U.S. Congress to restrict the sale of assault weapons as "they cause harm on both sides of the border."Ruiz Massieu made this call at the Second Conference of States Parties to the Arms Trade Treaty of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.


Europeans turn to weapons in growing numbers after attacks [NRA-ILA News]

Europeans in a number of countries are seeking to arm themselves with guns and self-defense devices in growing numbers following a series of attacks by militants and the mentally ill.Some weapons sellers also link their increased business to the arrival of huge numbers of migrants in Europe, although a German police report stated that the vast majority do not commit crimes of any kind in the country.


Claim: Michael Bloomberg Demanded John Lott Interview Cut from Couric Gun Control Film [NRA-ILA News]

Radio host John Cardillo claims that interview segments with noted gun scholar John Lott were included in the earliest version of Katie Couric’s gun control movie Under the Gun, but were taken out at Michael Bloomberg’s request following a private screening.


Texas school district sign: Armed faculty 'may use whatever force necessary' to protect students [NRA-ILA News]

A new sign at the two campuses in Claude, a rural town with a population 1,200, call attention to the fact that some of the school district's staff is “armed and may use whatever force necessary” to protect its students, according to media reports.


The Third Rail Option [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Not Gary Johnson

Is it me or is this guy the worst Libertarian ever? Because nothing says statist like forcing someone else to pay for weather.

Gary Johnson Backs CO2 ‘Fee’ To Fight Global Warming

The Daily Caller reports:

Libertarian Party presidential nominee and former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said he’s no skeptic of man-made global warming and endorsed a “fee” on carbon dioxide emissions.
“I do believe that climate change is occurring,” Johnson said. “I do believe that it is man-caused” and “that there can be and is a free-market approach to climate change.”
Johnson’s “free market” approach to global warming includes “a fee — not a tax, he said — placed on carbon” to make those who emit the greenhouse gas pay the supposed cost of their actions, according to the Juneau Empire.


Homeowner Holds Armed, Convicted Felon Robber at Gunpoint [NRA-ILA News]

After being woken up by the sounds of a would-be robber, a Tennessee homeowner held the armed man at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene.


Dirty Harry Would Approve [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Inspector Harry Callahan would approve. It seems that the Auto Mag Pistol in .44 AMP, the pistol used by Clint Eastwood as Dirty Harry in 1983's Sudden Impact, is set to make a comeback. According to a press release that came out yesterday, an investor has purchased the rights, plans, and spare parts for the Auto Mag Pistol from the original developer's family.

In 2015, after 40 some odd years of cult status, a private investor purchased the rights, plans and spare parts from the Sanford family. The new company, Auto Mag LTD, Corp., based out of South Carolina, has spent the past year reengineering the iconic pistol using advanced materials in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Auto Mag is also now an officially registered trademark as of this month. As the prototype process continues to progress, Auto Mag engineers are working to bring back the Auto Mag, better than ever, while taking advantages of the improvements in materials and manufacturing technology advances available today.
The Auto Mag was last made in 1982. The new Auto Mag is still in the prototype stage with no set release date of which I'm aware. According to their website, they have produced about a dozen prototype guns for testing. Below is a computer rendering of their prototypes.

Computer rendering from Auto Mag LTD Corp.
You can keep up with their progress here. If you are one of those folks who actually has an Auto Mag Pistol Model 180, they also are selling spare parts and you can find those here.

In an era where most new handguns are polymer based, it is nice to see someone coming out with something made of steel and wood.


Tracking Point Featuring Crux Suppressors [The Firearm Blog]

imageIf you remember from a few months back, TFB helped to clarify a business relationship between Tracking Point and Dead Air Armament – apparently someone jumped the gun on advertising the Dead Air silencers before a deal between the two companies could be finalized. Luckily, they both parted ways on seemingly good terms. Moving ahead a few months, it seems […]

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RIA: Prototype Mauser HSv Pistols (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

When the German military finally could no longer tolerate the expense of the P.08 Luger in the late 1930s, they held a trial of possible replacements. The three main entrants were BSW with a gas-operated pistol, Walther with what would ultimately be accepted as the P.38, and Mauser with it’s experimental HSv locked-breech design. Mauser had begun development of the pistol as a replacement for the models 1910/14/34, with two stylistically matching designs – once blowback in small calibers and one locked for 9×19 Parabellum. The initial commercial design had a full-length slide, covering a recoil spring located around the barrel.

However, the German military requirements specifically called for an exposed barrel. This forced Mauser to redesign its recoil spring system, and they opted to use a lever system like in Webley automatic pistols. With that change, and having moved the magazine release to the pistol’s heel, they had an entrant for military testing.

It appears that the Mauser HSv in 9×19 was every bit as good of a pistol as the P.38 – and it actually feels better in the hand than the P.38 to me. However, the Mauser was significantly more expensive, which led to the Walther design winning. The Mauser design would follow a pattern much like the 1910 Mauser had – the small scale blowback design would prove very popular (as the HSc, adopted by the Kriegsmarine among others and selling very well commercially), but the locked breech larger design would fail to make any inroads and never enter production.


FANG picatinny mounted stabilizer [The Firearm Blog]

13680672_1027775860652743_5855498722080025702_nA start up company by the name of H.S.S.S (High Speed Shooting Stabilizer, and their Facebook group Mobile Marksman LLC.) is coming out with their flagship product, the FANG. Essentially it is a polymer picatinny mounted device that allows a shooter to stabilize their rifle against a surface while in a crouching or standing position. It […]

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NEW: PolyCase Target Rounds [The Firearm Blog]

polycasetrainingPolyCase caught the attention of more than a few gun owners when they first began manufacturing their copper-polymer blend bullets, and now they’re expanding their line. While their ARX bullets – which have become increasing popular as other manufacturers such as Ruger use the bullets in their own rounds – are marketed for self-defense, the new […]

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Came for the firearms, stayed for the people [The Firearm Blog]

Myself with Kyaw Aye at the Burmese Olympic Shooting Range in Dagon Township, just north of the capitol of Yangon.Outside of TFB, I’m a part of a firearms advocacy group at my university. Because of that connection, I was invited to participate in an event was sharing stories about the connection with firearms that people have in the United States. The event itself was very political, however my story was anything but political. If […]

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Lightning Review: Midwest Industries Gen2 AK Handguard [The Firearm Blog]

13879413_10154478233710337_4870712930311969654_nAbout a month ago Midwest Industries leaked out this photo of their new Gen2 AK Handguard. I had to get one. The ability to mount a Trijicon MRO and co-witness irons is what sold me.   I got the long and short version to try out. Here is the short handguard with MRO top cover […]

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Review: ReCover Tactical 1911 Grips [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_3664ReCover has given those with a non-railed 1911 an opportunity to run a standard light or laser with their CC3P grips that feature an integrated rail. When I heard that I was getting the ReCover Tactical grips in for review, I sighed and reluctantly accepted the assignment. Little did I know I was in for a […]

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Tuesday, 23 August


Zeiss Brings More Great Binos To Market With The Victory SF Binoculars [The Firearm Blog]

unnamed (1)The optics giant Carl Zeiss Sports Optics is introducing yet another pair of undoubtedly bad-ass high-end binoculars to the market with the introduction of the new Victory SF model. The new binos will be available in both 8×42 and 10×42 depending on what you might need them to do. Bird watchers everywhere will rejoice, I’m lookin’ at […]

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Detroit, MI [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

A 91-year-old concealed pistol license holder shot a man who was attempting to rob him Monday in Eastpointe, according to police.
The victim was exiting his car around 10:15 a.m. and heading into the Rite Aid on Gratiot near Nine Mile when an unknown suspect in his late 20s approached, Sgt. Martin Campbell said.
“He attempted to rob (the victim) and (the victim) had a CPL and ended up shooting the suspect,” Campbell said. “It’s as simple as that.”
The would-be robber was struck in the neck and fled across Gratiot, where he was arrested by responding officers.
“Two detectives found him walking over there,” Campbell said. “He had a gunshot wound to the neck but he was talking and acting erratic.”
The erratic behavior initially prompted alarm bells for his intended target, Campbell said.
“The suspect approached and began to act erratic. (The victim) told him he had a gun, he warned him three or four times and even had the gun pointed at him,” Campbell said. “But the suspect kept coming and pointed an unknown object at the victim.”


Watch: Outdoorsman Meets a Skunk Squad on the Road []

I’ve had only one close encounter with a skunk in the great outdoors… I was bow hunting in the early 1990s, easing down a trail in the Ocala National Forest in Florida, when I spotted a movement ahead. I soon saw that it was a skunk.

I drew my bow and said, “Okay, skunk; if you don’t shoot me, I won’t shoot you.”

Happily, it was a peaceful skunk which soon went on its way. And it was nowhere near as adorable as the skunk family in the video below, which travel as a single unit although it is composed of mama and four young ‘uns.

The approach a bicyclist, check out his foot and bicycle for a bit, and then move on down the road. The way they move is seriously delightful — Mama skunk is the nucleus as the family makes up a cute, furry, smelly atom of skunkness.

If you can watch this video without cracking a grin, I feel sorry for you.

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Protect hearing without overheating your head. []


Electronic ear plugs bridge the gap between the regular disposable foamies and the high-tech amplified muffs. Two variations exist, the more expensive custom molded and the cheaper version with interchangeable foam and rubber ear plugs. GSP15 I tried is the less expensive variety that can be upgraded to custom shape if desired. Less expensive is still about $300 retail, similar to high quality muffs. A 10% discount is offered to AllOUtdoor readers at using code EHP10TP. Why go with the plugs over muffs? Less weight and more ventilation.


Left plug shows the open swing-out battery compartment and red audio filter, the right plug shows medium foam tip installed. A variety of foam and silicone plugs is included, and custom molded plugs are an optional upgrade.

GSP15 weighs 1.8oz for the pair, compared to 1.2 to 1.8lb for most amplified muffs. Unlike muffs, ear plugs do not press on the ear pieces of safety glasses. Plugs also allow better cheek weld with rifle stocks than most muffs. In hot weather, enclosing muffs prevent proper cooling of the head, drastically reducing the endurance of the shooter. Compared to the passive foam ear plugs, they allow the retention of situational awareness and normal tone conversation with others at the range.


The box contains a clamshell carry case, lanyard, a wide selection of silicone and foam tips, a dozen #10 hearing aid batteries, spare internal filters and a cleaning brush. The device is intended to last indefinitely, with proper maintenance. Battery installation is simple and doesn’t require delicate handling. Each battery activates when installed and lasts about a day and a half of continuous use, or about a week idle (with the battery drawer pulled out). At about 60 cents per pair, that’s an surmountable expense.


The plugs aren’t flush with the ear when in use, but I haven’t had them snag on anything. The weight is minimal and it’s easy to forget that they are inserted. Noise reduction is rated at 25db, that seems accurate. Outdoors, the amplified noise of bullet impact at 50 yards was louder than the report of .22 rifle or .357 carbine. With 17WSM rifle equipped with a muzzle brake, the reflected report echoing off trees about 25 yards distant was also louder than the muzzle blast. With the amplification, normal conversation can be carried out to about 15 yards. The plugs also did a good job of muffling continuous noise, like lawnmower engines.

Volume is set automatically, and the regulator does an excellent job. For use indoors or with louder firearms (such as high power rifles with aggressive muzzle brakes), I would recommend pairing these up with a set of amplified muffs to get additional protection. Whenever doubling up is not needed, GSP15 provides sufficient protection, clear amplification and comfortable wear — especially in the summer heat!



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Tactical Training for a Gun Newbie []

I did not grow up in around firearms. Though my family fished, camped and generally enjoyed the great outdoors that was so abundant near our home in Ontario, Canada, guns just weren’t part of the picture.

After high school I moved to the big city, away from the wide open spaces of my youth and even further from anything to do with firearms.

Things began to change a few years ago. A couple of work trips brought me to Texas and as soon as the locals learned that I’d never really shot a gun, people started handing them to me and inviting me to start. It started out with rifles and shotguns and just a few months ago I held a pistol for the first time in my 41 years.

All of this was fun, but my gun experience got kicked into a much higher gear when Yamaha invited me out to Prescott, Arizona to spend three days at Gunsite Academy in the first week of August. It was an experience I couldn’t pass up.

Yamaha Gunsite Academy

You can’t help but have a good time when ATVs and firearms are involved. (Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

As excited as I was for the opportunity, I was worried I’d be out of place. A quick look at the Gunsite Academy website didn’t ease my mind when I read “Gunsite Academy offers firearms training to elite military personnel, law enforcement officers and free citizens of the US.” I am exactly none of those things.

Fortunately, nobody seemed to mind (or even notice) that a foreigner with almost zero firearm experience was taking part.

Upon arriving at Gunsite Academy for the first time, we all gathered in a classroom and met up with some partners for the event, including representatives from Ruger Firearms, Galco Gunleather and Garmin.

Magazine Loading Instruction

How green is the author when it comes to firearms? He loaded his magazine backwards. (Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

A booming voice from one of the Gunsite instructors grabbed everybody’s attention and we received the first of many talks about firearm safety, as well as a bit of background on Gunsite’s impressive 40-year history. Fortunately, we didn’t have to spend too much time in the classroom before it was time to go to the range.

While Gunsite Academy offers more than 30 different multi-day courses, I was part of group of media people invited by Yamaha and we received a unique experience. Rather than an intensely focussed lesson plan, we received a taste test that covered bits and pieces from several courses.

Yamaha also brought along a fleet of Grizzly ATVs and Wolverine UTVs for the media folks to ride. With the right accessories, these machines make great hunting companions and useful tools for working around your property. Beyond their utility, each is also just plain fun to ride. And (please pardon the pun), they feature virtually bulletproof transmissions.

Yamaha Grizzly and Wolverine

(Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

Pistol Training

After the classroom session, our first stop was a pistol range, where we would get familiar with the Ruger American Piston (9mm Luger). Before heading out, I put on a 1 ½-inch Instructors Belt from Galco, which I loaded up with a Galco holster, double magazine case and rifle cartridge wallet.

At the pistol range we were taken three at a time to a table to open our pistol cases and take the Ruger American pistols out of the plastic for their first breath of dusty air. Every move we made was monitored by the instructors, who then led us to an area where we could load up our three magazines with Prime Ammunition 9mm Luger rounds. This was the first time I’d ever loaded a magazine (I swear I only called it a “clip” once), and I fumbled around clumsily before more experienced shooters were kind enough to show me how to do it properly.

Pistol Instruction

Chris Weare from Gunsite Academy offers up some words of wisdom on the pistol range. (Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

Dave Starin and Chris Weare were our pistol instructors and both offered very clear instructions and guidance. In short order I was taught how to properly remove the pistol from its holster (one hand on the pistol, one hand on my mid-section), how to hold it and how to aim. We shot at three, five, seven and 10 yards throughout the morning. My groups were certainly not as tight as some others, but it didn’t take too long before I started to feel less awkward.

Our second pistol experience took us from paper to steel. Gunsite instructors set up a series of blue and red silhouettes. Our job was to shoot all the blue ones (the bad guys) and leave the red ones (good guys) standing. I was able to knock down all the bad guys, but one of the good guys definitely required medical attention.

Pistol Course

(Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

We followed up that with a head-to-head competition. This required us shoot at smaller targets, but this time against one of the other media members. I unwisely called out a friend who happens to be a very good shot. I shot well beyond my skill level, but his final target fell down less than a second before mine. Despite the loss, I loved this format and would have liked to have shot it again and again. I also take some pride in the fact that he went on to win the whole thing.

Our final pistol challenge was easily the coolest and most intimidating – the Funhouse. The Funhouse represents a situation where we come home to discover that somebody has broken into our house and a loved one is still inside. Our job is to get them out. Instructor Weare followed me through the Funhouse, explaining the best way to go around corners and open various doors. I managed to take out all the bad guys before Weare explained that I’d only get one shot in the final room. This bad guy was holding an innocent victim. My one shot took out the top of his cap. He lived, but he will need to visit a tailor to get that hat repaired. Thank goodness for small victories.

Pistol Training

(Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

After working my way through the Funhouse, I was able to see how my much heart rate spiked on the fēnix 3 HR watch Garmin loaned me for a few days. This spike came despite Weare’s amazingly calm manner. In talking to Weare, I discovered that the Vietnam veteran spent some of his formative years in Canada, before moving south, joining the Marines and later the Orange County California Sheriff’s Department. I certainly didn’t think I’d find a Canadian connection at Gunsite.

Rifle Training

When I wasn’t learning about pistols with Weare and Starin, I was at the rifle range under the tutelage of Walt Wilkinson. Wilkinson served 30 years in the US Army, 26 of those with Special Operations Forces. When he talks, you can’t help but listen…even when he tells to you lie down prone in the mud. In two sessions, Wilkinson somehow was able to get me nearly competent with a Ruger American Predator rifle. We started off getting sighted in at 100 yards, before going to the long distance range.

Sighting In Rifle

Mud or no mud, when Walt Wilkinson tells you to lie down, you do it. (Photo by Adam Campbell / ACP)

Long distance shooting is Wilkinson’s bread and butter. He’s a world champion at 1000 yards with a .50 caliber rifle. Once we arrived at the long distance range, we started to take aim at targets progressively farther away. It all culminated at 1000 yards. It’s tough to describe how I felt when I heard the Prime 6.5 Creedmoor round ping against the steel at 1000 yards for the first time, but I can tell you I wasn’t any less excited about it the second time.

Long Range Rifle

With expert instruction, even a new shooter with a low budget rifle can hit steel at 1000 yards. (Photo by Rick Sosebee)

I went into my Gunsite experience feeling excited but unsure. I certainly didn’t leave a great shooter, but I ended up a lot better than I expected. It’s a remarkably safe environment with incredibly skilled and talented instructors who want you to get better. One of the first things we were told at Gunsite was that this wouldn’t be our last visit. I’m hoping that proves true.

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You Need A Modern Bow []

Refinements and innovations in archery have been remarkable over the last decade or so. New types of sights, bows and limbs, arrow rests, broadheads, release aids, stabilizers and a host of other things have made bowhunters better at hitting game and quickly recovering it.


But nothing in the archery world has been more revolutionary than the seemingly never-ending bow designs that companies continue to develop.

Here’s what expert bowman Bob Robb has to add on the subject.


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Like Your Guns and Magazines? Don’t Take Them to Canada. []

According to a recent news release, Canada has become avid about harassing Americans who travel into Canada with their firearms.

You see, they wish you wouldn’t do it… I guess there’s something about people being able to protect themselves that Canada’s government doesn’t like. But if you do want to have a gun… you know, to keep yourself alive or to use for hunting… then you need to “declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry.” Oh, and make very sure that they fit the legal parameters for possession by non-government entities (i.e. citizens).

Canadian laws are different than US ones – as such the CBSA suggests you check before arriving at a Canadian port of entry. It is strongly recommended that you not carry your firearm when travelling to Canada and/or transiting through Canada to reach another US destination. However, should you choose to travel with your firearms, you must declare all firearms in your possession at the first Canadian designated port of entry. You must also have all the necessary permits and have your firearm appropriately stored.

If the Canadians don’t like your guns — or even your magazines, if they hold “too much” ammo — they will steal some money from you, steal your guns and destroy them, and kick you the heck out of their country. I’m not exaggerating; that’s what they recently did to two Americans who failed to declare firearms but were discovered to actually have some.

Egads! Folks who can protect themselves from wildlife and criminals! Better abuse and steal from them, then boot them out.

They’re good at it, too. According to a recent article:

The CBSA seized 413 guns at the border in the first six months of 2016 alone. There were 163 seizures in 115 incidents in southern Ontario in the second half of last year.

And just in case you might want to drive home afterward, our friendly neighbors threaten that “Your vehicle may also be seized and you will have to pay a penalty to get it back.”


There is some good news though; check out this handy-dandy how-to on taking hunting guns to Canada. Sure, they’re overbearing and draconian… but they still want hunters’ money.

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Maine: Settlement Reached in the Harvey Lembo Case [NRA-ILA News]

Today, August 23, 2016, a settlement by the parties involved in Harvey Lembo v. Park Place Associates, et. al, was filed with the court dismissing the case.  The settlement recognizes the validity of Legislative Document 1572 and Mr. Lembo’s rights under it.


Clawmounts Manufacturing Scope Mount—- The Absolute Zero System [The Firearm Blog]

P8210057Recently I was asked to test a new scope mount from a young company. After speaking to a former military sniper about this mount I knew this was one I wanted to share with our TFB readers. This scope mount system is called the absolute zero system and I can say without reservation it certainly […]

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Changing Your Carry Gun [The Firearm Blog]

When choosing a carry gun, most people have a number of factors they consider before taking the plunge. However something I feel needs to be addressed is what to do when you change your carry piece. In this video I run down a few ideas and considerations that seems pretty logical. Transcript … – [Voiceover] […]

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FOR SALE: D-Day Tanks And Equipment [The Firearm Blog]

imageThe Houston Chronicle recently ran a story about the Normandy Tank Museum shuttering its doors and selling off all their assets. As listed on the auction site Artcurial, thousands of military items, including tanks, vehicles, equipment and accessories will be liquidated as the museum closes due to lack of attendance. For a lucky group of investors, […]

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AGAIN: 300BLK In 5.56 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

imageI have successfully avoided the 300BLK evolution that has occurred over the last few years. Mind you, not for any particular reason (other than the cost of stock piling yet another round). For me, suppressing a .38/.357 bolt action Ruger scratches the grin-inducing itch that comes with lobbing lead quietly. But while the popularity of […]

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The Most Wonderful News [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I got the most wonderful news yesterday. Paul Lathrop, host and producer of The Polite Society Podcast, called to tell me that the Sarpy County (Nebraska) prosecutors were dropping all charges against him.

Paul and his wife Susan have their lives back again!

Paul had been charged with making "terroristic threats" and with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. These charges stemmed from an accusation by another driver at a truck stop in Sarpy County. That truck driver took exception to how close Paul's student came to his truck at the diesel pumps. He then tried to enter the cab to assault Paul and the student and was told to back off by both the student and Paul. Later, this hothead called the sheriff's department and accused Paul of threatening to shoot him which led to Paul being stopped on the highway and arrested.

You can read more about the incident here.

Paul will now be free to tell about his whole ordeal. The next episode of the Polite Society Podcast will feature it.

I'm just glad to get my friend back from under that dark cloud that had been hanging over him.


California: Register for the Second FREE Webinar on Recently Signed Gun Control Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, August 24, 2016, at 12:00 pm, is the second of three FREE webinars hosted by NRA & CRPA’s legal team on California’s recently signed anti-firearm legislation.  Learn about how the recently signed gun laws will impact you, when they will go into effect, and what you need to do to comply with these laws.


Montana: Target Shooting Prohibition on Forest Lands South of Bozeman [NRA-ILA News]

Earlier this year the US Forest Service (USFS) instituted a temporary ban on target shooting in the Hyalite drainage of the Custer Gallatin National Forest.  The USFS is now proposing to make that prohibition permanent.  The action will cover 34,000 acres of Federal public land.  Hunting is not affected.


91-year-old Right-to-Carry permit holder defends himself against robber, WXYZ, Detroit, Mich. 08/22/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A 91-year-old man was in the parking lot of a Rite Aid pharmacy in Eastpointe, Mich. when he was approached by a man acting erratically. The stranger followed the elderly man and pointed an object at him. The 91-year-old, who is also a Right-to-Carry permit holder, responded to the threat by drawing a gun and shoot the assailant in the neck, prompting the man to flee. Police eventually caught up with the wounded man who was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Following the incident, Eastpointe Deputy Police Chief Eric Keiser told a local media outlet, “This was an attempted robbery of the shooter… The person who fired the shots had a CPL and was lawfully carrying a handgun and said that he defended himself when he was attacked.”


Kalashnikov opens store at Moscow Airport. Can you just imagine the Outrage if they opened at a western Airport? [The Firearm Blog]

ak5The Sheremetyevo International Airport is Moscow’s and Russia’s largest airport, with about 31 million passengers yearly.Here the famous Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov just opened a brand and accessories shop. The Kalashnikov Concern shop will sells non-military souvenirs like clothing as T-shirts with “I love AK”, flash cards, pens and bags. For sale are also non-lethal […]

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Can You Still See the Stars? []

One of my fondest childhood memories is laying in the middle of a big cow pasture at night, on our family’s acreage out in central Louisiana, and looking up at the Milky Way. I did it enough times to remember it well, and two years ago I brought my own children to that same field to look up at those same stars. Except 30 years later, the stars weren’t there anymore.

All the wooded land we once hunted is now clear-cut, and a property that was once totally isolated now has neighbors on each side. Neighbors. Truly, you can’t go home again.

This article in The Guardian brought all that back to me this morning:

For anyone living near a major metropolis, a satellite image of the Milky Way seems abstract: we understand it to be a document of something true, but our understanding is purely theoretical. In 1994, after a predawn earthquake cut power to most of Los Angeles, the Griffith Observatory received phone calls from spooked residents asking about “the strange sky”. What those callers were seeing were stars.

I was born in 1975, and since then the world population has doubled. The US population is up by a third, and it will double in the next decade. Think about what that means for sprawl and the spread of light pollution. The stars have been our guides and companions since we had eyes to see them with, but right now they’re vanishing from view.

On the one hand, it’s tragic to think that my grandchildren may grow up without the stars overhead. On the other, God help us all if those stars ever come back.

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Federal Judge Rejects UT-Austin Professors’ Request to Block Campus Carry Law [NRA-ILA News]

Late Monday in Austin, Judge Lee Yeakel of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas denied three University of Texas-Austin professors' request to block enforcement of the state's campus carry law, which would have allowed them to prohibit concealed handguns in their classrooms when fall semester courses begin on Wednesday.  Senate Bill 11, sponsored by Senator Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury) and Representative Allen Fletcher (R-Tomball), supported by your NRA-ILA, passed during the 2015 session of the Texas Legislature and officially took effect on August 1, 2016.


Pennsylvania: Right-to-Carry permits could jump 40 percent this year in Allegheny County [NRA-ILA News]

Allegheny County could see a 40 percent increase in the number of licenses to carry a concealed weapon this year over last year, according to the deputy sheriff who oversees the office that issues them.


Texas: Judge denies UT-Austin professors' attempt to block campus carry [NRA-ILA News]

A federal judge has denied three University of Texas at Austin professors’ initial attempt to keep guns out of their classrooms under the state’s campus carry law.


Vermont Dems to Push Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

Democratic leaders have promised a renewed fight in the next legislative session for a key gun-control measure — background checks on all gun purchases.


Nighthawk Custom 1911s, Revolvers and Shotguns, Oh My! [The Firearm Blog]

imageNighthawk Custom makes top-tier functional artwork that just so happens to also launch copper and lead at ~1000fps. And while I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will probably never be able to afford one of their guns, (come on Pulitzer Prize!) I still like to stop by now and then to window […]

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RIA: Ethiopian ZH29 and Czech Experimental Z37 [Forgotten Weapons]

The ZH-29 was an influential early semiautomatic military rifle, although not one that saw any significant adoption. As best I can tell, only two countries purchased them in any quantity: China and Ethiopia. This ZH-29 is an Ethiopian contract example, with an Ethiopian Lion of Judah on the receiver and stock. The other rifle we are looking at today is a further iteration of the ZH-29 that was tested by the Czech military – the Z-37. This rifle shows a few relatively minor alterations from the standard pattern:

  • Rear sight attached at back rather than front
  • Bolt handle changed from round knob to hook
  • Safety moved from trigger guard to rear of receiver
  • Front sight and bayonet lug pinned to barrel and made separate from the gas block
  • Barrel weight increased

In interesting glimpse into the changes requested by the Czech trials board before finally rejecting the design.


S&W 41 Threaded ‘Bully Barrel’ [The Firearm Blog]

imageFans of the Smith & Wesson Model 41 rimfire pistol who also happen to be suppressor owners, now have the option to join the two worlds. Ray-Vin Enterprises has once again made their “Bully Barrel” available with 1/2″ x 28 threads. The barrels come in two lengths: 5.5″ and 6″ and both include integrated rails for […]

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New Ammo for British Troops: UK Develops More Effective 5.56mm and 7.62mm Ammunition [The Firearm Blog]

bae_systems_l59a1_762mm_diagramIt’s not just the Yanks that are getting improved ammunition: Our friends across the pond have developed their own firepower upgrade for 5.56mm and 7.62mm weapons alike. Jane’s has a modest article on the subject, while The Register provides a quite good overview of exactly what the new rounds are and what they mean for […]

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Caracal Introduces New CMP9 Submachine Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Caracal-CMP-9Gone is the Caracal CC10 pistol caliber carbine from the UAE-owned company’s website, but in its place is a new, modern-looking submachine gun called the CMP9. This new weapon features integral 1913 rail mounting points on its aircraft-grade aluminum receiver, and a wraparound telescoping bolt system using the blowback principle. From Aftermath Gun Club: Caracal’s […]

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Fun Gear Find – GOPANEL from SpecOpsShop LLC [The Firearm Blog]

bannerMainPPWhile its arguable that the latest in tactical gear is largely the same as the older tactical gear, now just adding in elastic, velcro, lightweight, Multicam, or some other small feature. However, with the saturation of the major components, the niche market has been expanding at a large clip (pardon the pun). The GOPANEL is […]

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Tacticool Tuesday - Lights prevent angels [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Many of you train on your shooting skills, by shooting hundreds of stationary paper targets in lighted area with your bullets neatly stacked before you.  For anyone that owns a firearm, (or other defensive tool for that matter), how many of you have actually trained to clear a room in the event of a home invasion?  It seems pretty intuitive; you have a gun so you can defend your family and your property.  But how many have actually trained to protect them?  How many have trained at night?  How many know how many steps it takes from one obstacle to the next and where they are located? How high up are the light switches located?  Where are the mirrors?  Just like all things in training, when you train as you will fight, certain things become apparent.  One of these is the use of a light.

Before we go any further, please let me dispel one myth.  Unless your only defense is to sneak up on the bugler and attempt to give them a heart attack, use every opportunity to have to illuminate the area.  This means turning on lights, positioning lamps to your advantage or even having your spouse hold another light.  Despite your Youtube Academy credentials, you are not a Ninja, and when you are in your home, darkness is not your friend.  Yes, you can certainly barricade yourself in your room and call the police.  If you have little ones or if the good guys are too far or too busy to help you, this may not be an option.  To paraphrase an adage, failing to train, is training to fail.

Lights prevent angels

Lights and proper training could have prevented these types of senseless shootings:

Father Shoots Teen Daughter Mistaken for Intruder
Father 'shot dead teenage daughter he thought was a burglar'
Father mistakes son for burglar and accidentally shoots him during early-morning break-in

Clearing a house at night can be a tricky thing.  Is the noise you heard your teenage daughter sneaking back in?  Was it a raccoon that came in through a doggy door?  Or is it a Meth head looking to grab something quick to pawn?  Just like Coopers second and fourth rules, you must first identify your target before you pull the trigger.

The Two Schools

There are two schools of thought when it comes to lights and firearms: mounted on the gun or in your non-dominant hand.  I will list the advantages and disadvantages.

Weapon mounted
  •  When you reach for the weapon, everything is "in hand".  No fumbling around to get both your weapon and the light is needed. 
  •  Your free hand is needed to manipulate doors and move obstacles.  This is a huge advantage.
  •  You will have to train to prevent a "negligent discharge" of the light.  Some models are obviously better than others in this regard.
  •  Having a weapon mounted light is not binary; it is not one or the other.  You can still have a back up light.  
Flashlight in your non-dominant hand
  • There is less of a learning curve to prevent a "negligent discharge" of the light if you are sneaking around your apartment.
  • You can use the light as a striking weapon.
  • You can ditch the light if need be and still have the weapon in hand. This is important in a dark room as the assailant will more likely grab for the light if he is blinded, (it is the only thing they can see), then they will for the gun.
  • Due to its awkwardness, you will still need to train with the flashlight and weapon combo.  It is not intuitive.
I personally am a flashlight mounted kind of guy.  First off, my four year old loves to steal my flashlights for her own nefarious purposes.  For me, the deal breaker is the free hand to manipulate objects and turn on lights.  I had heard a rumor that when Larry Vickers remodeled his home, he had the light switches placed a couple of feet from the ground so he could turn them on with his knee when he cleared the room.  Use what you have available.

If you choose to have the light in your hand, either by design of your firearm or personal preference, this article gives you some alternate positions to use your light.  As with anything else, be wary of anyone that offers the "only solution".  Experts, if they call themselves that, come from thier own point of view that was developed over their experiences of what works and what does not.  Certain universal truths remain, (you have to be physically able to carry the fight to the enemy), but no doctrine is so flexible as to apply to every situation.  The first step is to get trained by a professional, and the next step is to train to your own situation, strengths, weaknesses, etc.


When it comes to your flashlights, certain things you will want to consider.  Availability and commonality of batteries, sound construction, positive or alternating types of on switches are all important.  Buy just like what type of caliber and ammunition you use, what comes out of the light is perhaps the greatest deal breaker when considering one model over the other.  Steamlight, Surefire, Pelican, Ezetta, Inova, etc. all make very fine lights.  What differentiates one over the other is the lumens or the brightness.  Bigger is better in this case.

The best defensive shooting is the one you do not have to make.  If the target is blinded, they cannot effectively fight back.  This may be enough to take the piss out of the perpetrator, or at least give him pause while you get yourself into a better position or buy needed moments until the Cavalry arrives.  As many police can attest to, more lumens means more effectiveness.  You do have the possibility of blinding yourself on reflective surfaces, but knowing where these potential hazards are will become evident in training.

If given the choice between the cute "compact ninja" model of 200 lumens and the slightly bulkier 600 to 2000 lumen lights, go with the bigger one.  You cant go wrong and you can always dress down with filters if need be.

Of course, you can own night vision and make this all largely a moot point.  You will, however, still need to train as if you do not have it.  Batteries die and equipment degrades.  Lights are pretty simple tools so the possibility of them going dead on you are significantly less.  Like it was observed in Fight Club, the survival rate of everything goes to zero on a long enough timeline.   So do you, if you are not careful.

Do you see the light?


Inside Proof Research [The Firearm Blog]

Proof 3Proof Research makes some amazing composite barrels. They are known for their carbon fiber wrapped barrels. Here is a well done video showing off who they are a some sneak peaks into their facility. They even show us a glimpse of the carbon fiber wrapping process.

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Monday, 22 August


Massachusetts Attorney General Accidentally Un-bans the AR-15 []

The sad clown show that’s playing out where the “cradle of liberty” once rocked continues, with the Massachusetts Attorney General’s latest attempt to clarify her previous “clarification” of the state’s “assault weapon ban” — you know, the clarification that appears to have banned every semi-automatic weapon in the state.

AG Maura Healey’s latest notice attempts to outline “Guns That Are Not Assault Weapons”, and the list looks like this:

  • Any handgun on the current version of the state’s Approved Firearms Roster
  • Any .22 caliber rifle
  • Any “Ruger Mini 14 or substantially-similar model weapon”
  • Any of the rifles or shotguns mentioned under the original 1994 list as exempt
  • Weapons operated by manual bolt, pump, lever, or slide action
  • Antiques, relics, or theatrical props
  • Semiautomatic rifles that cannot accept a detachable magazine that holds more than five rounds of ammunition
  • Semiautomatic shotguns that cannot hold more than five rounds of ammunition in a fixed or detachable magazine

So much fail in the above. For instance, at some point someone will clue Ms. Healey in to the fact that the Ruger Mini 14 is basically an AR alternative, and she’ll be forced to issue yet another clarification.

But the big one is the second bullet point: “Any .22 caliber rifle”. Oops.

For the non-AR folks reading, the AR-15 in its most common chambering is a .22 caliber rifle. So “any .22 caliber rifle” includes any AR-15 chambered in .223 (or 5.56 NATO), which is over 90% of the ARs in existence.

This isn’t some frivolous nitpick, either. That second bullet point literally undoes everything the first clarification attempted to do. There is no other way around it: the AR in .223 is absolutely, positively a .22 caliber rifle because it fires a .22 caliber bullet. Indeed, in states where hunting deer with a “.22 caliber rifle” is illegal, it’s illegal to hunt deer with the AR-15. The whole knock against the AR when it was launched was that it was a .22-caliber “poodle gun”, and was considered a weakling compared to the .30-caliber firearms that preceded it.

This is what happens when people who can’t even be bothered to learn basic facts about firearms are allowed to dictate what types of firearms everyone else can and can’t use. It’s disgraceful.

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Hunter Finds a Collection of Skulls in the Boonies []

If you spend enough time in the woods, especially if you are alone, there will be times when you become freaked out. I’m talking about those moments when all your hairs stand on end, your adrenaline levels suddenly go so high that it starts to ooze out your ears, and you NEED TO HAVE eyes in the back of your head.

That’s how it was for the Australian hunter who came across this collection of skulls out in the middle of nowhere, which he recently posted on Facebook.

Freaky? Well, yeah. But at least it wasn’t accompanied by a bone-chilling screech just as night was coming on, like the one that almost ruined me years ago. That experience gave me the heebiest of jeebies!

What kinds of eerie situations have you survived in the great outdoors?

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Chiappa X-Caliber Combination Gun: Shoot a Dozen Different Calibers/Gauges []

Talk about versatile… this popper is something else. I grew up seeing (and sorta-kinda wanting) one of those old Savage “combination guns.” You know, those break-open two-barreled guns that usually had one shotgun barrel and one rifle barrel, one above the other.

It seems like someone has been making a gun like that for ages, and production sort of bounces around from one manufacturer to the next. Well, now it’s Chiappa’s turn to make a splash — and they’re doing their best, by offering an over/under combo gun that can safely fire 12 different types of ammo.

The gun itself is an all-steel break-open number, hinged to allow the barrel to swing way down under the rest of the gun. This reduces the overall length of the gun to that of the 18.5″ barrels, allowng the gun to be easily packed along on hiking trips or in a survival kit.

The X-Caliber comes with a smoothbore 12-gauge shotgun barrel (3″ chamber) above a 22 LR rimfire barrel, and it includes 8 adapters that can be inserted into the 12-gauge barrel to enable you to also shoot the following types of ammo:

  • 380 ACP
  • 9mm Luger (9mm Parabellum, 9×19)
  • 38 Special
  • 357 Magnum
  • 40 S&W
  • 44 Magnum
  • 45 ACP
  • 410 shotgun
  • 45 Colt
  • 20 gauge shotgun
(Photo: Chiappa Firearms)

(Photo: Chiappa Firearms)

The 8″ long rifled handgun adapters fit into the 12 gauge barrel — and you can buy a set of adapters separately and use them in any break-action 12-gauge shotgun, if you want.

(Photo: Chiappa Firearms)

(Photo: Chiappa Firearms)

Pretty nifty. I think I might need me some of these… the only thing scaring me off is the price. A set of the adapters runs $450, while the X-Caliber gun which comes with a set of adapters is north of $600.

But still… I want. It would be pretty sweet to have one barrel of 44 mag or 45 Colt when I’m out hunting with my over/under shotgun… you know, for when the coyote shows up too far out for my turkey load to do him in.

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Watch: Porter Turret Rifle; Which Way Will it Fire? []

We all love revolving rifles. Well, I do anyhow… and I love seeing the things that inventors came up with to increase firepower. This is a fairly dramatic example of an attempt to make a repeating rifle in the days before metallic cartridges became practical and widely available.

The one which Ian of Forgotten Weapons is showing us here is one of the first versions of this gun, and man does it look good, especially considering that it was built in the 1850s. I have no doubt that this one has been refinished, but it appears to have been done well.

Multiple cap & ball loads are loaded in chambers within a turret, which rotates vertically; then (in theory) each chamber will be fired when it aligns with the barrel. There are nine chambers on this one.

This first model was pretty complex. A side-mounted hammer operating above a “magazine of caps” would strike one of the caps, the flame would travel through a hole in the receiver, through a hole in the turret, and into the chamber where it would ignite the powder charge.

I can see this system getting those flash holes gunked up pretty quickly — and any inclement weather would be likely to foul the powder.

The right side of the action opens waaaay up, to allow access to the turret, or cylinder.


Chambers galore… and some of them are facing the shooter! They’re also blocking the traditional line of sight down the center of the rifle…


…so the sights are set off to one side. Southpaws beware!

This is one of Ian’s best videos, in that he is able to clearly demonstrate how the action operates — mostly. It is pretty complicated, and seems to be missing part of the mechanism for the cap magazine.

This rifle sold for a hammer price of $4,313.

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Watch: Humongous Slingshot Cannon Shooting at a Car []

I don’t know about you, but I like to see stuff fly through the air. Projectiles are cool! And what better way to fling something than with a gigantic slingshot on wheels like an old-time cannon, complete with windlass for cocking?

Well, that’s exactly what this German slingshot meister cooked up five years ago… and by golly, it’s still quite impressive. His first shot clobbered a power line tower with a resounding clang — and it only gets better from there.


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Watch: How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck []

So, you have a nice off-road vehicle but you can’t go anywhere. Things are just too slick! What do you do?

You improvise.

This is one way to do so. It’s an old trick, but one that works. In this example, a hunk of lumber has been attached to a drive wheel using a ratchet strap. The driver is able to slowly back up, using the board as a sort of crutch to limp along.

The thing to remember is to take it slowly… spinning your wheels too fast might cause the board to fly free, tearing up your truck or a bystander.

Sorry for the crummy camera work here… but it’s the method that matters.

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Handgun Grip Materials []

Handgun grips are for, well, gripping. Some are better than others at accomplishing this task, so gun buyers should be aware of how a handgun fits your shooting hand, but also take note of the type of material they are made of for a number of reasons.

Over history since handheld weapons have really come into vogue the gripping designs have changed radically. Early black powder handguns basically had stocks that included short forearms to support the barrel, but the hand grip and stock was all one piece of wood back in those days.

Over time as handgun designs evolved into metal gun frames, the manufacturers began putting on externally attached grips or panels. These were made from a wide variety of materials though mostly they were made of wood or a plastic-synthetic material of many different types of compositions. Aftermarket handgun grips are also available in soft rubberized materials for recoil absorption such as those made by Pachmayr.

Handgun grips can have many different kinds of textures, too. Some of these such as smooth wood permit the handgun to recoil in the hand without any particular abrasion impact. Sharply checkered grips allow for a firm grip, but can be rough on the palm of the hands especially in heavy recoiling handguns in .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, or some of the pistol calibers such as .40 S&W. When you buy a handgun be sure you can tolerate the type of grip texture on the gun.

Modern synthetic materials for handgun grips are very popular now. Top on the list are grips molded from various kinds of Acrylics. These can come in an endless array of colors or molded in designs, logos, tradenames or other features.

Also highly popular today are grips made of the super tough G-10 epoxy fiberglass. These grips can be milled down to an exact shape to fit practically any handgun model. G-10 grip panels are often found on upscale models of 1911 pistols and come in smooth or checkered versions in a wide variety of colors and combinations. G-10 grips are extremely durable.

Wood grips are still very useful and practical. The aftermarket is flooded with brands and varieties. Some are laminated types bringing a mix of colors in stripes or other configurations. Popular now are grips that combine wood or laminated wood with soft rubber inserts to absorb recoil. So, when you buy a handgun, also know the type of grips you are buying.

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“Flat Shooting” Defined []

A so-called flat shooting cartridge might well just be in the eyes of the beholder. Still it is a concept often mentioned in discussions at firing ranges about a particular caliber or cartridge to demonstrate its ballistics, downrange flight pattern and terminal effectiveness. Besides being hot around the campfires, this topic can really heat up some debates as well.

Conceptually “flat shooting” implies that the bullet from any particular round follows its flight path in as flat as a trajectory as possible. This also implies that the bullet should fly further because the bullet is not wasting flying time going through an arch path on the way to the target.

Flat shooing bullets are also presumed to fly flatter as the velocity increases. Thus, the invent and excited adaptation of the magnum cartridges such as the ever popular .300 Winchester Magnum. A bigger cartridge case holding more powder produces a greater span of velocities and in turn the bullet flies flatter delivering better downrange efficiencies. But, how much better?

Let’s take a look at four popular and well researched big game cartridges. The .270 Winchester, the venerable time honored 30-06, the .300 Winchester Magnum, and the newer .300 Winchester Short Magnum, my own personal favorite. Do the magnums really deliver that much of a flatter shooting edge over these two popular non-magnums?

Comparing these four cartridges using basic standard bullet types and weights, the comparison here is for the .270 with a 130 grain bullet, the 30-06 using a 150 grain bullet, the .300 WM with a similar 150 grain bullet and the .300 WSM also using a 150 grain bullet. Let’s inspect the downrange trajectories in inches at 100, 200, 300 and then 500 yards.

100 200 300 500
.270 1.2 -0- -5.7 -33.7
.30-06 1.4 -0- -6.4 -38.3
.300 WM 1.1 -0- -5.6 -33.4
.300 WSM 1.1 -0- -5.4 -32

From these factory catalog ballistics you can evaluate for yourself if the magnums do in fact yield that big of an advantage over the non-magnums. As you can see in reality there is very little difference even out to 300 yards.

The real practical difference would be of course in the terminal energy of each of these. At 300 yards these in order produce 1482, 1782, 2256, and 2316 foot pounds. In this regard the magnums excel, which is why they are magnums, as flat shooting or not.

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Preparing to Neutralize Threats []

There was a debate recently in the Mississippi Legislature over the right to carry a weapon in church without having to have a concealed weapons permit. This is to allow church members to protect the congregation in the event of an attack in the sanctuary or elsewhere in church such as what happened some months ago in a South Carolina church.

In most municipalities in America we can already carry or have a gun in our homes, or other properties, such as a bug out camp, and in some cases the right transfers also to our personal vehicles. Castle Doctrine laws permit homeowners to protect themselves on their property without backlash of arrest or civil suits, given an actual threat of live or limb to person or family.

The bigger question is, are we prepared to neutralize any such threat to our person? By this I mean, are we not only physically equipped to do so by having available a suitable selection of self-defense arms and ample ammunition, but are we prepared mentally to assert ourselves in the face of a direct confrontation that has elevated to a life or death situation?

I am also not implying the exercise of our armed rights to shoot somebody that is stealing a bicycle out of the front yard or garage, but rather a circumstance more serious such as a home invasion or personal assault at the gas station or grocery store. I am talking about imminent bodily harm. How prepared are we to save ourselves?

Such preparation comes from training both in terms of physical ability, but also becoming mentally prepared for self-defense. Remember the scene from the movie Sniper where Billy Zane froze in the helicopter as the enemy shooter fired upon them. He was not mentally prepared to take the shot. We have to fairly recognize that it much easier to talk about than perform.

A self-defense shooting course is the first step in preparing yourself to guard against an active shooter confrontation whether at the mall or at your front door. Qualified instructors use proven curriculums and shooting skills practice to fine tune your response and abilities to react to a wide variety of threat situations. Consider taking such a shooting course at a range near you.

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Review: L.A.G. Tactical “The Defender” VP90 Holster []

Back when my H&K VP90 arrived, I realized that this great gun needed a great holster. The problem was that no one had a holster available for it. Then a friend mentioned L.A.G. Tactical, and I was excited to learn that L.A.G. could take my VP90 and create a wonderful holster in their Defender IWB/OWB design. I jumped at the chance (especially considering the $70 price), because how are you going to train with a pistol unless you have a holster?

L.A.G. Tactical products are priced competitively, but what makes them stand out from other Kydex sheaths is their quality and customization options.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

I have owned, used, and handled many Kydex sheaths over the last decade. Kydex is Kydex, so it really comes down to the quality of the forming, the finish, and the hardware. I’ve tried some Kydex holsters that were rough and almost amateurish in quality. Some were downright horrible. L.A.G. Tactical is on the other end of the spectrum, offering quality manufacturing as well as a level of customization I haven’t seen from any other Kydex holster manufacturer.


I chose L.A.G.’s Defender model for my H&K VP90. The innovative Defender is L.A.G. Tactical’s most popular design due to its flexibility; you can swap between IWB or OWB (inside or outside of waistband) configurations.

Beyond heavy coat weather, I rarely carry an OWB holster, but OWBs are often used during training and competition. From a simple economy perspective, it makes a heck of a lot of sense to have one good convertible holster, instead of wasting money on another $70 holster.

L.A.G. Tactical includes both types of belt loops for IWB and OWB, so you just need to unscrew one set of belt loops and install the other set on the other side of the holster.


Beyond the options of gun model, holster position (left or right hip position), front Kydex color, and back Kydex color, L.A.G. also asks other questions to further customize the setup to suit you… such as magazine release position, firearm carry angle, belt size, primary use, waist size, and whether the shooter is male or female.


All this data results in a really well-fitting holster. In fact, my L.A.G. Defender is the single most comfortable Kydex holster I have owned, and it even edges out many of my leather holsters. (My ugly CrossBreed holster still holds the top spot for comfort, but the CrossBreed does not offer the flexibility of the L.A.G. Defender design.)


I am very happy with the overall comfort of the Defender and the quality is top notch. Edges are wonderfully buffed so they don’t catch on anything or dig into my flesh like so many other Kydex designs. These folks have clearly put a lot of attention into the comfort of the holster.

Even after all the customization options during the ordering process, the shooter can still move the belt positioning up or down. Grip force can also be adjusted by the user — with a screw instead of a heat gun.


Equal in quality is the Double Mag carrier. I doubt many people are regularly carrying two extra magazines for their CC firearms, but I know for me there are times when it seems prudent. With the body-hugging design of the L.A.G. Carrier, an untucked t-shirt is all that is required to provide coverage.


When it comes to training, range time, and competitions, a double mag carrier is often convenient if not required. There are cheapo carriers out there, but I decided it would be nice to have a complete setup for my VP90 which covered all the bases, so I opted for L.A.G.’s version. Like the holster, the mag carrier also asks for customization options including which way you want the magazines to face, grip force, hip side, waist size, belt width, carry position, and individual color choices for the back and front materials. The result is the single most comfortable magazine carrier I have ever owned.


Now to looks. Honestly. I am at the point in life where I have seen enough enough black holsters and believe the world needs another color option. So I chose grey for the outside color on the Defender and Double Magazine carrier, and black for the inside color. The result was a nice contrast of color, which doesn’t necessarily scream, “Hey I have a holster here!” if my shirt slides up a bit while carrying.

Final Thoughts

Both the L.A.G. Tactical Defender holster and Double Magazine Carrier are amazingly comfortable. The major reason for this comfort is that each carrier and holster is contoured to your body shape versus assuming everyone is the same size.

Prices are competitive at $70 for the convertible IWB/OWB Defender holster and $45 for a Double Mag Carrier. Add in the premium quality of these holsters and it’s my opinion that L.A.G. Tactical is one of the best values in top-end Kydex holsters. I can’t recommend these holsters enough.

Manufacturer Specs

The Defender — IWB/OWB — My Selections

  • Gun Model:H&K VP9
  • Holster Position: Right Hip (3:30 — 5 o’clock)
  • Righty or Lefty: Righty
  • Mag Release: Standard (left side of gun)
  • Angle of firearm: Slight Angle 10°
  • Belt Size: 1.5″
  • Primary Use: Inside the waistband
  • Waist Size: Used to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
  • Male, Female: Male
  • How did you hear about us? Other
  • Front Color: Dark Grey
  • Back Color: Black
  • Price: $70.00
  • -Lightweight, durable kydex
  • -Includes a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops
  • -Adjustable retention
  • -Compatible with our M.O.L.L.E. backplate for a wide variety of carry options

Double Pistol Mag Carrier – My Selections

  • Mag type: H&K P30
  • Carrier Position: Left Hip (7 – 10 o’clock)
  • Round orientation: Choose Rounds facing forwards or backwards
  • Your waist size: Used to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
  • Belt width: 1.5″
  • How tightly should the carrier grip the magazine? Standard (secure – easy draw)
  • Front Color: Dark Grey
  • Back Color: Black
  • Price: $45.00


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What It Could Come To [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

We know our opponents hate us and our culture. Some of them go so far as to want us dead. We also know what happened to a disarmed people when those in power want them gone. Just ask the Jews and the Armenians.

I came across this patch on Instagram this morning and thought it was extremely powerful in its message. It comes from patch maker Violent Little Machine Shop. If you want one, you can find it here.

A photo posted by Violent Little Machine Shop (@violentlittle) on 

Updated: The Instagram embed was giving some people problems so I changed it. The text that accompanied the original Instagram picture said:

violentlittleGo to your local office and "register" yourself and your family for your beliefs... No big deal they said... "Turn over your arms, the government will take care of you" they said... Get your flair at Thanks for the photo @never_out_tactical.


Stop the madness [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Tin foil hat alert

A very poorly made Memorandum for Record has been making its way around the patriot social media knitting circles. Some are even buying into its validity.  If I may, I would like to lay those fears to rest.

Let's start with what is wrong with this:
  1.  You do not send a division to train with a Memorandum for Record.  For the sake of argument, assuming 4th ID did it this way, the memorandum itself is so wrong it defies reason.  It is as if someone cracked upon Army Regulation 25-50 but did not know what to do from there.  
  2. No such animal as a 423rd Transportation Company.  Apparently, it does exist.  However, unless they are on some sort of standing Active Duty orders, I do not see how Division could directly task out the Reserve unit.  Different food chains.
  3. Again, assuming that this is a legit document, what the hell will the 2,255 personnel going to be doing?  A vague two line summary is not how the Army does business.  On anything. Ever.
  4. Who starts training on a Thursday?
  5. What the funk is training on a Forward Operating Base consist of?  Wearing PT belts to go eat and watching movies in the air conditioned MWR tent? A FOB is a place, not part of the Soldier Common Tasks.
  6. Why would you intentionally cut off the signature block in the picture?  That is like sending in the Declaration of Independence and cutting off who authorized it before they sent it to King George.
I have never been to Fort Carson, so I cannot speak to where it conducts its training.  This seems to be a moot point, however, because of the obvious garbage that the document is.

Seriously, I could go on, but what would be the point?  This is simply the latest in the long ling of dis-informative garbage that some people take as gospel to simply have something to talk about.  

Oh, yeah, what is the referenced bill?  Mr. Woody W. Woodward (W3) was so kind as to provide the leg work on digging it up.

H.R.2322 — 114TH CONGRESS REPT. 114–589

Authorizes: (1) the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to authorize contract security personnel to carry firearms, and (2) such personnel to detain individuals without a warrant. Directs DHS to establish minimum and uniform training standards for security personnel.
Directs DHS to report on: (1) the personnel needs of the Federal Protective Service (FPS), including recommendations on the numbers of FPS law enforcement officers needed to carry out the mission of FPS during the 10-year period after the enactment of this Act, and (2) the best method of funding for the FPS.
This is the cite for the report on 2016’s HR4487 which is the replacement bill for HR2322 of 2015. The best I can tell it’s been passed in the House and forwarded to the Senate. I’ve, so far, been unable to determine if it has passed the Senate. I am acquainted with an employee of DHS who has told me that the DHS has changed FPS contracted security guards’ badges to read something like “federal police officer” and that for all practical purposes the FPS guards stationed at social security offices and other federal offices are now police officers.
‘‘(A) CARRYING OF FIREARMS.—The Secretary may authorize contract security personnel engaged in the protection of buildings and grounds that are owned, occupied, or secured by the General Services Administration Public Buildings Service to carry firearms to carry out their official duties.
‘‘(B) DETENTION WITHOUT A WARRANT.—A person authorized to carry a firearm under this subsection may, while in the performance of, and in connection with, official duties, detain an individual without a warrant for any offense against the United States committed in that person’s presence or for any felony cognizable under the laws of the United States if that person has reasonable grounds to believe that the individual to be detained has committed or is committing such felony. The detention authority conferred by this paragraph is in addition to any detention authority provided under other laws.
Did you see anything in there about Martial Law?  Me neither,

Thus endeth the lesson.


Did you notice the latest on Hillary? [The Liberty Sphere]

Amid much speculation today concerning the health of Hillary Clinton, there is still that nagging corruption issue that could blow up in her face. any time. The Washington Post is reporting that the FBI has uncovered 14, 900 more documents and emails that her attorneys refused to release.

This is a major bombshell for those who are concerned about the rule of law. In free societies it is assumed that government officials at the very top are just as accountable as average citizens. The problem is that among those at the top there is a growing tendency to place themselves above the law


Purple Passion AR15 Build for my Wife []


After being married for decades, guys learn how to “translate” casual comments from our girls into rationale for more equipment or tools — or in this case a new AR15. While utilizing Mrs. Pandemic as my style consult for custom and charity AR15 builds, she made the comment that a purple AR15 build “…would be cool, but ya know, you never have any extra time for things for me.” Knowing that purple was her favorite color and her birthday was coming up, I took this offhand comment and translated it as “I need a brand-new custom purple AR15.”


For the record, that’s not at all what she meant. By the time I die, I might finally understand that what a wife says is not what she actually means. But, like the iPad she never wanted for her birthday and his-and-hers Glock 19s for our 19th wedding anniversary, this too somehow worked out and became a thoughtful gift.

NY-Compliant to NY Non-Compliant

The project started with Black Rain Ordnance NY Compliant AR15, which I reviewed knowing that it would eventually be used for other projects. Mrs Pandemic had loved other Black Rain Ordnance AR15s, so I thought this was a great base for her custom build. The Black Rain Fallout 15 is loaded with all the custom features you could ever want… or in this case “she” could ever want.


Removing the NY-compliant components was not simple, because they are purposely made to be difficult to convert by adding such evil things as grips and adjustable buttstocks. But there is hope for NY-compliant AR15 owners once they move to a “free” state.

I had to grind off and destroy the buttstock grip nut so I could remove the special NY-compliant stock and install a grip and buttstock. I also destroyed the muzzle thread protector in order to install a muzzle brake.


Once freed of those restrictive parts, I installed a PWS FSC brake, Magpul grip, and Ace Doublestar Ultralight stock. The base features of Black Rain Ordnance Fallout 15 AR15s are impressive with billet upper and lower receiver sets, NiBo BCGs, extended billet charging handle, match BRO trigger, billet extended charging handle, anti-rotate pins, match grade .223 Wylde stainless melonited black barrel, and adjustable gas block. Black Rain Ordnance rifles are loaded with all the components you would expect on a top shelf custom AR15.

Putting the Purple in the Passion

I was a little unsure about coatings and how to get to the purple theme going. The answer came to me while cruising the ALG Defense site, where I saw their gorgeous ergonomic rails in bright purple… perfect. These are excellent rails for the money, and one of my favorite lightweight rails. Order placed, and I had my first purple component. Now I was really on my way.


After a bit of pondering, I decided that custom-lacing the Doublestar UL stock with some purple paracord would deliver the Purple Passion AR15 look I was going for… err, I mean that she wanted.


Less Recoil…

Mrs. Pandemic already owned an AR15, but I wanted to make this a fun gun which delivered near-recoiless shooting. A huge piece of this equation was tuning the Black Rain adjustable gas block. Another part of recoil reduction was going to the ACE UL stock’s rifle length buffer, spring, and tube.

A rifle-length buffer assembly will also drastically cut and soften felt recoil, as will an aggressive (therefore loud) muzzle brake. I have been extremely impressed with the braking effects of the PWS FSC brake for AR15s. Between these three components, the final recoil felt about like shooting a 22 LR. This rifle is one of the softest-shooting AR15s in my — I mean “our” — collection.


I could have gone all high-rent with a top shelf red dot, but the $80 Bushnell TRS-32 has become a favorite of mine. It’s durable, clear, fast, reliable, and easy to use.

…More Bling


I did want to add a bit more bling to the gun and really struggled with what emblem I could add to the

side of the receiver. In many charity builds, I have used challenge coins on the sides of the receivers and the look has been amazing. My wonderful wife would have loved a pewter or sterling silver skull on the side of the gun — really, she would have. But a month of searching turned up nothing that would fit or look good.


Then brilliance struck me as I was picking up a few 1oz silver coins which were just gorgeous. Why not just use a 1oz silver coin on the side of the receiver with Ms. Liberty? You would think that a coin of this stature and quality would be expensive, but it was just $3 more than the $22 per-ounce price. $25 and I had my unique little add-on bling for my wife’s Purple Passion rifle, which was easily affixed with a dab of Devcon 2-ton 2-part epoxy.


Another little custom tweak was using her favorite purple sparkly nail polish for color fill on the logo. If you search Youtube for color filling, you’ll find many how-tos on using nail polish for color fill. Basically, you clean the area well with nail polish remover on a Q-tip, let that dry, brush a couple coats of polish on the area, let that dry “a little,” and then wipe off the extra with a Q-tip soaked in polish remover. A little patience delivered a custom touch which looks far better in life than in the pictures.

But Did She Like it?

Well… like almost everything I seem to buy or make her as a gift, it took some time for her to warm up to it. Of course walking into the jewelry store can light up her eyes, but other things do not elicit the same excitement. The Purple Passion AR15 was presented to her on her birthday, along with a custom-set black diamond. She was excited over the diamond, but a bit less excited over the AR15.

“Appreciation” was about as strong as her reaction got — that is, until I got her out on the range. It is true that the way to a girl’s heart is diamonds, but you can at least put a big smile on her face by handing her five magazines full of 5.56 NATO and a soft-shooting custom AR15.

After burning through three magazines with the barrel smoking a bit, she had that sparkle in her eye which told me she loved it. That’s when she really began noting all the little touches I had added such as the paracord stock, silver coin, and purple handguard. What she loved best was that it had virtually no recoil. When she was still smiling about it an hour later, I knew that that my unique creation had become another awesome gift that grew on her.


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Multi-Gun Ready: The New Daniel Defense DDM4V7 Pro [The Firearm Blog]

Daniel DefenseDaniel Defense announced a new rifle aimed at the multi gun competitive shooter. It is called the DDM4V7 Pro. The rifle uses a cold hammer forged, chrome lined 18″ barrel and is fitted with the company’s Muzzle Climb Mitigator, Gen II muzzle device. Daniel Defense uses its 15″ MFR XS M-LOK rail that is made […]

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Museum Of The West – Historical Firearms [The Firearm Blog]

imageRomanticized in countless movies, the Old West was the epitome of white hat law dogs versus black hat scoundrels. In reality, however, it was an unforgiving life on the high plains with days of never ending, back breaking labor by families just trying to make a life for themselves. Of course, gunfighters both good and […]

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No Guts No Glory “Rat Rod” AR15 Pistol Build []

Folks who have built a few AR15s are bound to have extra parts lying around. All it takes is a tipping point of that one extra part to start off a new AR15 build, because after all you already have most of the parts — right? In this case, I had just received a 7.5″ AR15 pistol barrel from MicroMOA to try, and needed a build to start testing.

You can generally find forged AR uppers and lowers selling for well under $100 and blemished units for around half that. I reached into my pile of blemished Anderson Rifles $40 uppers and selected one, grabbed a new complete Sharps Reliabolt Bolt Carrier group they had provided for review, a random charging handle, a used set of YHM fold-up sights I’d picked up at a gun show, and a Bushnell TRS-32 (I had scored six of these for $69 each). I also had a Mission First Tactical Tac Light which is perfect for this type of pistol CQB build.


I was short a few components to complete the upper, including a muzzle device and handguard. PWS was nice enough to provide one of their PWS CQB compensators (which after testing became the one and only brake/compensator I recommend for an indoor-fired CQB or home defense rifle/pistol).

All I had lying around for handguards were a couple of longer ones (more than 12″ long), so I was faced with a decision to impatiently wait a couple weeks for a handguard, or create a unique “rat rod” handguard using my Little Machine Shop Mill. I elected for the latter, grabbed a beat-up and well-used Black Rain Ordnance quad rail, and began transforming it into an extended pistol-length 9″ handguard.

It was a big task to cut and mill down the rails off the hand guard, but it was fitting that it happened on this build since I’d previously used the same mill to complete the 80% Matthews Carbine Company lower receiver. The MCC lower build was completed with a PWS billet buffer tube and ALG trigger group.

Custom Milled Black Rain Ordnance Hand Guard

The first step was removing as much of the anodizing as possible. This was certainly not required, but would generate the look I desired, to match the naked Matthews Carbine lower. Four or five coats of Heavy Duty Easy-Off oven cleaner removed the anodizing, with a rinse and some scrubbing between coats. Any little problem spots were hit with a stainless brush in my Dremel tool.

I used a hacksaw to cut the handguard roughly to length, then milled unwanted picatinny rails off of each side, and also squared up my hacksaw cut at the front end.


To get that “been there and done that” look, I took a file to all corners to radiused them, polished the entire handguard with a Scotch-Brite pad, applied a final coat of oven cleaner, rinsed that off, and then polished the entire handguard with Flitz by hand and with a Dremel.

I think it turned out pretty cool and it is really comfortable to hold after all that polishing.

MicroMOA Artisan Arms Barrel

MicroMoa exclusively uses Fedderson barrels profiled and chambered by Artisan Arms. The big deal about Feddersen blanks is that they feature the hair-splitting SPR (Single-edged Polygonal Rifling) and a special lapping process. I have seen how good their 10/22 barrels are, so you know I was excited to test a 5.56 NATO AR15 pistol barrel featuring the same rifling.

According to Artisan Arms and Feddersen, you need to break in the barrel with around 300 rounds. After that, the accuracy starts to drastically increase. With this build, those first 300 rounds seemed to fly by quickly.

Initial accuracy was tested with my 8x-32x Nikon Monarch at 100 yards, with groups of around 2″ with Hornady Match 72-grain Custom rounds. PMC bronze ammo produced 3″ 100-yard groups.

After a couple hundred rounds had been fired, accuracy began to get substantially better. With the same scope, I fired 1.13″ and 1.25″ groups with the same box of Hornady Match Custom 72-grain ammo — and almost all of my PMC Bronze 223 ammo was giving me sub-2″ groups.

Before you yawn at this accuracy, remember that this is a pistol with only 7.5 inches of barrel.

I was more impressed when I started banging away on the 12″ steel at 300 yards with a non-magnified Bushnell TRS-32 red dot.


Sharps Balanced Carrier and Reliabolt

A while back, I reviewed the Sharps Reliabolt and was impressed with its thoughtful design. Beyond Chrome and NiBo coatings, the AR15/M4 bolt has not really changed since it was initially designed — until the Sharps Reliabolt. Sharps engineers looked at all the potential bolt and carrier failure points and redesigned their Reliabolt to improve reliability in extreme wear, impacted weapon, and alignment situations.

I personally have never had any issues with even standard phosphate-finished bolts with proper lube, but I can understand how the Sharps design would greatly enhance reliability and continue operation in near-catastrophic weapon conditions.


Sharps later released their Balanced Carrier, which was created to prevent carrier tip, assure proper cycling alignment, reduce receiver and carrier wear, and provide smooth operation even in harsh conditions without the need for lubrication. Sharps is using the same NP3 Nickel Teflon coating for its lubricity and easy cleaning properties. The carrier and bolt can literally be cleaned with soap and water. Coat the carrier with any of the newer lubes such as Frog Lube and a soft cloth, and you’re done cleaning it.

Sights & Optics

The YHM flip-up sight set and Bushnell TRS-32 performed perfectly and reliably. I do not anticipate a need to use the YHM pop-up billet sights as I have never had an issue with any of my four TRS-32 red dot sights, but they are battery-operated and I am fairly absent-minded, so one of these days I just might need those iron sights.


The Bushnell TRS-32 has 11 brightness settings. Setting 11 is bright enough for sunny days outside, but I would like to see this sight offer illumination settings even dimmer than their current lowest setting, for night work — maybe a night vision setting. For the price, quality, and included lower 1,3 co-witness ring, the Bushnell TRS-32 is one of the best red dot buys on the market, along with its smaller sibling, the TRS-25.

Other Tidbits

Instead of having a single point sling setup to continually whack me in the balls, I elected for a two-point sling mount, on the PWS Billet Buffer Tube and a Fortis single point picatinny mount on the handguard just forward of the upper receiver. This setup makes for a controllable and easily-carried pistol package which does not abuse my cojones every time I drop it from my shoulder or run from point A to point B.

Final Thoughts

This was a really fun build, composed of spare parts and some great top-end parts. I will likely move the great guts of this gun over to a more refined build sometime, instead of this random rat-rod build.

The parts worked beautifully together. I am sold on the performance of MicroMOA barrels, and I really like the PWS CQB brake, which has a crazy cool look. The Sharps Reliabolt and balanced carrier worked great — though I have certainly not challenged it with anything that would test the super-tough design features in the first 600 rounds. I also like the YHM sights and TRS-32 red dot.

This build was more or less a quick prototype to see if the whole AR15 pistol concept was worth my time — and I can say it absolutely is. I really like the forend I created, so I will need to work up another build to use this handguard. Look for more AR15 pistol builds and reviews coming. Most will probably feature Fedderson profiled barrels from Artisan Arms and MicroMOA.

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Teen clerk fights off armed robber, PennLive, Harrisburg, Pa. 08/19/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A masked man armed with a gun entered Madera Bros. Mini Market in Harrisburg, Pa. and attempted to rob the store. The clerk on duty, 19-year-old Daneurys Santo, responded to the threat by retrieving a shotgun and firing at the criminal. The armed robber was struck by Santo’s gunfire and immediately fled the store. The scene was captured by the store’s surveillance system. Less than a year ago, the store was the target of another robbery, during which Santo’s mother was working at the market. Following the incident Santo had a warning for the robber, stating, “He come again, I do the same.”


POTD: Jim Fuller’s EDC [The Firearm Blog]

13912492_10208311645803151_8826596277927163935_nJim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics posted this up on a facebook group called EDC – Every Day Carbine. Not an M-4 but still my EDC carbine. If you notice he has twin Emerson knives and two glocks. One is a gen 2 Glock. You can tell due to the lack of an accessory rail on […]

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Zeitgeist: Germans are being told to hoard for...reasons [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

In Germany, both the social and main stream medias have been alive with talk of recommending that citizens begin to gather in earnest the Government recommended two weeks worth of supplies for a potential bad day in the future.  News sources switch between outright saying it is for potential war, (though with whom is even more fuzzy). and being more pragmatic say it is simply for a natural disaster.  It should be noted that Germany is not exactly known for its catastrophic tornadoes or earthquakes, but it it certainly prudent advice none-the-less.

I could not find an official release from the German government which would have promoted this recent bout of panic buying.  From what I have been told, the last time that this was an issue was in 2005 during a mass power outage in certain areas of the country.

This summer has not been nearly as festive as it has been in the States in relation to its feral population, but it just may be that they are slow starters.  The Russians are still eyeballing Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, so there is that too.  Time, as they say, will tell.

Finally, I have found an English version of the story.  This one comes from Deutche Welle.  

"A civil defense plan to be debated by the cabinet would require citizens to stockpile supplies in case of a catastrophe. The plan says people should prepare for an unlikely event that "could threaten our existence."

For the first time since the end of the Cold War, the German government plans to encourage its citizens to prepare for a catastrophe or armed attack by stockpiling food, water and other supplies, the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" reported on Sunday.
Citing the government's "Concept for Civil Defense" paper to be discussed by the cabinet on Wednesday, the government will require people to stock 10 days worth of food and five days of worth of drinking water.
The civil defense strategy would require citizens to have a sufficient supply of food, water, energy, money and medicine to wait out a period until the state would be able to initiate a response to a catastrophe or attack.
A spokesperson from the interior ministry declined to comment on the contents of the paper until a Wednesday press conference.
The 69-page report said an armed attack on Germany was unlikely. However, as a precaution people should "prepare appropriately for a development that could threaten our existence and cannot be categorically ruled out in the future," FAS quoted the report as saying.
The civil defense strategy was originally commission by a parliamentary committee in 2012, but its release comes amid a raft of new security measures in the country.


Review: Ruger AR 556 DIG AR-Style Carbine []

When Ruger firearms jumped into AR-15 game, they used pistons instead of the original direct impingement gas (DIG) system. Whether you ike them or not, we can agree that piston-driven ARs run much cooler and cleaner than DIG ARs. That said, many AR fans still wanted a DIG AR, and Ruger listened. Enter the Ruger AR 556 DIG AR carbine.
At first glance, the AR 556 appears to be just like any other DIG AR, but there are quite a few differences between the AR 556 and other ARs. Starting at the end of the barrel, you’ll notice the famous Ruger flash suppressor. Not only does it look different than standard AR flash suppressors, I believe it works better. The barrel is 16.10 inches long and has a 1:8 barrel twist (to handle bullets from 33 to 77 grains). Plus, this is not a “stepped” M-4 barrel — so if you want to mount your grenade launcher on the AR 556, you are out of luck.

Features, Fit, and Finish

This rifle comes with smaller carbine hand guards instead of the large oval M4 hand guards. The front sight block has a bayonet attachment — but it is quite a bit different than those found on standard ARs. The angled portion of the front sight also has serrations to cut down on glare, and is adjustable for elevation only.
The flat-top upper receiver has a Ruger Rapid Deployment rear sight. I like this sight; it’s fast, it gives a great sight picture, and windage adjustments are quick and easy. You can also mount optics or other types of sights on the flat top upper.
The barrel has the M4 feed ramp for more reliable feeding, which is a nice touch. The inside of the bolt carrier is chrome-plated for smoother operation and keeping things a bit cleaner.
The pistol grip is different… it’s a bit larger than those found on standard ARs, as is the oval trigger guard, which gives a little extra room in case you need to wear gloves while shooting.
The entire gun is finished is a nice subdued black finish. The steel barrel and the anodized aluminum upper and lower receivers all matched nicely in color. What amazed me is that the AR 556 only weighs in a 6.50 pounds with the MagPul 30-round magazine.
For sling attachment, there’s a Quick Detach hole on the underside of the front sight and a rear sling attachment point on the 6-position telescoping rear stock
As you can see, the Ruger DIG AR 556 has a number of innovative changes versus a “standard” AR-15/M4 carbine. One has to take a close look to see many of the changes to really appreciate them.
The Ruger AR 556 is no entry level AR in my opinion. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t; it’s ready for “combat” right out of the box. My AR 556 arrived just as deer season was opening, and I wasn’t able to get out to my usual shooting spot so my accuracy testing was limited to 50 yards.


The first thing I did was clean the new AR 556, then I headed to the range with a mix of AR 30-round magazines (all of which worked fine in this rifle).

I burned through 3 mags in short order with no problems, just to function-test the AR 556. I settled in for the accuracy portion of testing, and I had a selection of 223 Rem and 5.56 ammo on hand:

  • Black Hills 55-grain FMJ
  • Black Hills 55-grain FMJ reloads
  • Black Hills 55-grain soft point
  • Black Hills 60-grain soft point
  • Black Hills 5.56 77-grain OTM
  • Buffalo Bore 69-grain JHP “sniper load”

Using the hood of my SUV with a rolled-up sleeping bag as a rest, I settled in for my accuracy testing. The weather was just about perfect. At 50 yards, I was able to keep most of the above loads inside an inch and a half if I did my part. The one standout was the Black Hills 60-grain soft point round. It was consistently shooting one-inch groups at 50 yards.

The Buffalo Bore 69-grainload was hot on the tail of that load and on another day, it might have been the champ in the accuracy department.

In all, I put slightly more than 500 rounds through the Ruger DIG AR 556 in the course of my shooting, and no problems were encountered.

Final Thoughts

What we have with the DIG Ruger AR 556 carbine is an above-average M4 type carbine with quite a few subtle differences from other M4 carbines.

I’ve saved the best for last, and that is the MSRP: $799.00. Many entry-level ARs come in at this price point or even higher. Which would you rather have at this price — a no-name AR, or a Ruger? That’s what I thought…
100_5463 100_5464 100_5465 100_5466 100_5467 100_5468 100_5469

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Russian Diplomat Kills His Mugger In Rio [The Firearm Blog]

article-motorcycle4-1014The news are talking about Ryan Lochte and the claims he made about being robbed at gunpoint along with some other US Olympian Swimmers. However there is a story about a real mugging at gunpoint that was thwarted and resulted in the death of the mugger. According to Yahoo 7 News, the Vice Consul of […]

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New Computers [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Finally deciding to upgrade your computer to a new one is a leap of faith. You are hoping that the new computer with its shiny new processor and extra-humongous hard drive will bring a quantum leap in computing ability. The new computer will allow you to be faster, stronger, and jump higher or so you hope.

What you forget is all the tedium involved in actually making that switch. Going through your old computer, finding what you absolutely must save, what you think you might need in the future, and the files that you decide to save just because takes time. Then you have to burn these files to CDs or DVDs or copy them to your spare hard drive which you plan to move to the new computer. All of this takes time which you could have used for important stuff like blogging or posting the latest political meme on Facebook. I know there are programs that are supposed to make the switch easier but I didn't have them and wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money to get them.

Then there is making sure that you have a way to save all the old emails, bookmarks on your browser, etc. I was fortunate to find some utility apps that let me do this fairly easily. I wasn't so much concerned about bookmarks as I was about capturing my old emails and address book. I'm guessing it would have been easier if I had been using Outlook instead of Mozilla's Thunderbird. That said, I started many years ago with Eudora and Thunderbird was as close to that as I could come to it.

The new computer is an Acer Aspire with lots of RAM, a huge hard drive, a smaller solid state drive to handle the start-up, and a fancy graphics card running Windows 10 Home. When I compare that to my early PCs, I'm blown away. My first computer was a Kaypro 4+88 which ran CP/M 80 and had a co-processor to run MS-DOS v.1.25. It was followed up by an AT&T PC-6300 which actually ran DOS v2.10 using two floppy drives. I upgraded that PC later with a Quantum Hardcard 20 MB hard drive which cost as much as my entire new computer. Many other computers followed it over the years as new software demanded more and more power.

I'm still in the process of making the conversion. Yesterday I went to install my 1 TB secondary drive which had tons of files from the earlier computer. Of course, I ran into problems. The new computer only had two SATA connections on the motherboard and they were already taken. Not being a techie it took some research to find that SATA data cables are dedicated and that you can't use a splitter like you can with power cables or like you could do with the older IDE drives. I was going back and forth between the new computer and Google images to figure out if I even had an open slot. In geek-speak, it was a PCI Express +1 slot. Thanks to Amazon Prime, my new card that will allow me to add the extra drive will arrive tomorrow.

I don't know how much the new computer will impact my blogging but I hope it will allow me to post better photographs. I have a new copy of Photoshop Elements which I couldn't use on my existing computer because it needed Windows 7 or better. The old computer was from the Windows Vista era if that gives you some idea on its age.

I think back to the computing power that it took to put a man on the moon or for Lockheed's Skunk Works to design the SR-71 and this new computer puts it to shame. That said, those were tremendous accomplishments and no amount of computing power can take the place of the innovative mindset that those engineers and project managers possessed.


Russian Special Forces Practical Shooting From A Moving Vehicle [The Firearm Blog]

vehicle trainingHere is a cool video of some Russian Special Forces practicing shooting from a seated position in an unstable platform. This simulator gives the shooters a similar sensation to riding in a moving vehicle where they will have to shoot out of. Once they get the basics of firearm manipulation they move onto actually shooting […]

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Mega-donors plow money into Senate, Clinton bids [NRA-ILA News]

Another billionaire with his own super PAC, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, gave $5 million in July. The group, called Independence USA, backs candidates who want stricter gun control measures.


Massachusetts law at center of assault weapons clash [NRA-ILA News]

Eighteen years later, the law is at the center of a fierce public debate sparked by Attorney General Maura Healey’s decision to clamp down on the sale of what she calls copycat assault weapons.


California: Gun laws only burden those who obey laws [NRA-ILA News]

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom's perversely named "Safety for All" initiative will appear on November's ballot as Proposition 63, and while he's working feverishly to exploit tragedy to sway voters to support restrictions on ammunition and gun ownership, we don't believe for a nanosecond that his rhetoric will sway one evil doer from committing some atrocity. Rather, Proposition 63 will simply further disadvantage those who want to protect themselves, their homes and their loved ones.


Politicians protect rights of accused, not law-abiding gun owners [NRA-ILA News]

It was dismaying to see congressional Democrats, led by California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, demanding that anyone on the federal government’s “no-fly list” be denied the right to buy firearms.It was a double violation of Americans’ civil rights.


Demand high in Pa. to exercise Right-to-Carry [NRA-ILA News]

Dee Thielman knew exactly what to tell her husband to get her for Christmas last year.“I want a gun,” the calm-mannered retiree from Moon recalled saying confidently to the military veteran who had been collecting firearms for years and had a concealed carry permit.


Utah Right-to-Carry permits, now numbering 663K, see surge in popularity [NRA-ILA News]

The state counted 662,720 valid concealed-carry permits as of June 30, the end of the most recent fiscal year, data from the Bureau of Criminal Identification shows. That’s an increase of 8.3 percent over the previous year, and 74.3 percent over five years ago.


More gun laws won’t cut violence [NRA-ILA News]

If people and the media are truly committed in decreasing gun deaths, they should be intellectually honest enough to push for gun safety classes in our schools and to help educate people about the safe handling of a firearm. We also must recognize where the majority of these gun crimes are occurring and who is committing them. Innocent, rational people are tired of being misled and vilified for exercising their constitutionally protected gun rights, and the continued crusade against our gun rights is based on fear mongering and deception, and definitely not the actual facts.


RIA: Prototype W+F Bern AK44 Copy of the SVT [Forgotten Weapons]

The Swiss factories of SIG and W+F Bern both produced a remarkable number and variety of experimental self-loading rifles in the 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Nothing would be adopted by the Swiss military until the StG-57, but these two firms were continuously working to develop a military self-loader for either Swiss or foreign purchase almost form the end of the First World War.

This example from W+F Bern, designated the AK-44 (for its design date, 1944) is not so much a new experimental design but rather a very faithful copy of the Soviet SVT-40 rifle. It uses a mechanically identical tilting bolt and short stroke gas piston, and even shares the metal front handguard, muzzle brake design, and simple manual safety of the Tokarev – although chambered for the Swiss 7.5x55mm cartridge and using a 6-round magazine instead of the Soviet 10-round type (almost certainly because of the Swiss use of 6-round charger clips).

Multiple different variations on the AK-44 were made, with variations in the muzzle configuration (SVT-40 type in this case; others had K31 configurations, FG-42 configurations, and more). Several different types of optical sight were also experimented with on the AK-44, including a German style mount for a ZF-4 type scope on a side rail, and a Swiss periscopic optic in this case – the same pattern as the Swiss K31/42 and K31/43 snipers’ rifles.


Container Full Of Assault Rifles And Grenade Launchers Headed To USA, Seized In Spain [The Firearm Blog]

UAROn August 4, the Risk Analysis Unit (UAR) Custom Algeciras noticed a suspicious container headed out to the US by ocean freight. The Bill Of Lading indicated dismantled weapons. However the UAR decided to seize the container for a full inspection. This is common for ocean freight and customs. I used to work for a […]

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What Does A Gunsmith Do To Pin And Weld? [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_3772If you live in the US and are a shooter, chances are you are fully aware of the 16″ barrel length requirement by the ATF. The regulation presents a bit of a problem for some shooters thanks to the cheap and available 14.5″ barrels coupled with the knowledge that our general military service rifle features the same […]

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TrustBag Is Slash Proof And Bullet Proof? [The Firearm Blog]

head_img_homeI saw this video on Facebook. TrustBag is made of a slash proof material. But the intro to the video is what caught my attention. They shoot at the bag with a handgun. However the lack of recoil and then the overly exaggerated recoil caused me to laugh then question the validity of this video. […]

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Venezuela Crushes 2,000 Firearms [The Firearm Blog]

A police officer hammers a pistol during an exercise to destroy seized weapons in Caracas, Venezuela August 17, 2016. REUTERS/Marco BelloIn a futile attempt to curb the rampant violence in Venezuela, the National Guard and local police destroy 2,000 firearms that were seized or traded in for electronic goods. Reuters’ Article mentions that most firearms that criminals get are acquired from corrupt law enforcement. The new Interior Minister Nestor Reverol has publicly stated that they […]

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Modern Historical Intermediate Calibers 020: The 7.62x45mm Czech [The Firearm Blog]

0810162234anAfter World War II, the nations of the world retired to lick their wounds and rebuild, but their arms engineers also began thinking about the next war. The war have brought forth a storm of new technologies and inventions, and one of the most significant in the field of small arms was the finally mature […]

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Sunday, 21 August


Is Pres. Obama changing his view of gun laws? [Of Arms and the Law]

President commutes sentences of fifty persons convicted of Federal gun law violations. Oh, possession of stolen firearms, carrying a firearm during a drug offense, things like that.


Typo on menu [Of Arms and the Law]

I had lunch at a new Chinese restaurant here. The menu had a typo. At least, I HOPE it's a typo for "crab puff."


RIA: Strange Unique European Revolver [Forgotten Weapons]

With no markings or provenance at all, the origins of this revolver are a mystery. Its features all point to the 1880s or 1890s, and someone clearly spent a lot of time working on it – but we don’t know who. What makes it interesting is the very unusual operating mechanism. It is similar to a “zig-zag” system like the 1878 Mauser or Webley-Fosbery, but with angled splines on the cylinder instead of grooves.


Modern Intermediate Full Power Calibers 019: The Russian 6x49mm Unified [The Firearm Blog]

14087541_932081226937098_1498438877_oWhat happens when you take the two concepts of a traditional, full-power rifle and machine gun round, and a small-caliber, high-velocity round, and smash them together? You get one of the most extreme military small arms calibers ever developed, and one of the last small arms projects from the twilight of the Soviet Union.   […]

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Sunday Jams - Sister Rosetta Tharpe [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Now this is going to knock your socks off.

Saturday, 20 August


Interesting... [The Liberty Sphere]

The scuttlebutt is that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are now running neck and neck in a dead heat in their quest to get elected to the White House. In some key states Trump is in the lead.

Hillary is beginning to falter for various reasons, not the least of which is her integrity problem. The trust factor is key. Americans seem to be tired of the corruption.



Glock Recall Update: Indy Metro PD Releases A Statement [The Firearm Blog]

unnamed (5)Yesterday we posted about the Glock 17M being recalled by Indianapolis Police Department due to the slides falling off the front of the gun during dry fire training. Since then The Firearm Blog has received more information about how many were recalled as well as an official statement from IMPD with some preliminary information. Glock Talk […]

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Casting Call for New Sipsey and III% T-Shirts [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

After a ton of interest to resume the 100 Heads Insurance Co. T-Shirt sales and after the past couple of days worth of hobnobbing with my fellow conspirators, we have decided to kick this thing off again.  But instead of my untalented butt making the designs up, we decided it would be better to pool from among the community and see what we can come up with.  From what I have seen, the amount of talent in this commu ity is staggering and I know we have a ton of folks just sitting on designs.

Rules for submission:

The designs can be a simple text or graphics.  No real rules as to the content, other then that they have to be either original work or open source materiel.  Also, please keep it relatively PG13 clean.  Submit your design in a pdf or ppt format to by September 2nd, 2016.

Gifts and Prizes

So what is in it for you other than the prestige and a lifetime's worth of III% street cred?  Well, I have had a couple of training vouchers and some loot to give out to the winners.  More will information will follow as to whom and how much.

Just a note though on what happens to the money:

I have not, nor will I ever, personally see a dime for anything generated from Sipsey Street Irregulars.  I don't do ad space and I like it that way.  I think you do too.  The link to Mike's paypal account will remain up in perpetuity, and all donations go directly to his widow.   The proceeds of the shirts will go to fund Patriot causes like smuggling magazines, funding Patriot events, etc.

Please keep in mind that submitting the designs or text, just like any other design contest, you will forfeit all claims of intellectual property.  The only people who will benefit from this will be other patriots.

Also, if you know of any small patriot run business that wouod do these shirts in batches, please let us know.  I would so much rather support the little guy than a Cafe Press.


New Glock 17Ms Recalled Because the Slides Fell Off []

Oh lawdy… bad news for Glock fans. Turns out, the brand-new Glock 17M “duty pistol” that was recently rolled out to one law enforcement agency (Indianapolis Metro Police Department) so recently, has already been reportedly recalled by the Department… because the slides fell off!

Yeah, it seems that dry-firing them actually caused the slides to come loose and fall off, “due to a potential issue with the recoil spring assembly and/or the slide stop.”

Once all the recalled pistols are back in IMPD’s hands, they will be sent back to Glock so that they may find a solution to the problems the new Glock variant is experiencing. At this time there is no indication as to how long the new duty weapons will be out of service for repairs.


Seems like something this blatant should have been caught by Glock in the design phase… but that’s how it goes sometimes.


Personally, I never could like a Glock. Aside from silly things like this, the grip angle is all wrong for me, and when I point a Glock in a way that feels natural, the muzzle is always too high.That doesn’t happen with most other pistols.

Are you a Glock fan? How do you feel about this low-key rollout and almost-instant recall?

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GX vs GY: What Are the Differences in Pedersen’s Garands? [Forgotten Weapons]

In a last hopeful attempt to get a rifle adopted and produced for the US military, John Pedersen designed his own copy of the M1 Garand rifle in the late 1930s (approximately 1939). His toggle-locked rifles had been irreversibly rejected, and the Garand rifle fully adopted by 1936. Pedersen’s exact reasons for making a copy of it are not recorded anywhere I can find, but he did make a number of small changes to the design.

Two series of Pedersen Garand rifles were made, first the GX and second the GY. Only 10-12 of each were ever made, so they are extraordinarily rare today. They all show some detail differences form the M1 in stock design, sight design, etc. However, a persistent question had long been, what differentiated the GX from the GY? When I had the opportunity to examine one of each type side by side, I knew I would have a chance to determine that answer.

The meaningful differences are twofold: clips and gas system. The later GY rifle uses a standard M1 Garand clip, while the earlier GX rifle uses a distinct Pedersen-designed clip. Whether Pedersen was unable to obtain Garand clips to design around or if he thought he could make a better clip is unknown, but by the time the rifles were actually tested in 1943 it must have been clear that if they did not use a standard clip, logistics would immediately rule out their potential adoption.

The gas system difference mirrors a change that the Garand underwent as well. The early GX rifle was originally made as a gas trap style of action, in which the rifled barrel ends just shy of the muzzle, leaving an unrifled and minutely larger bore with a large hole to capture gas pressure just before the bullet exits. This was believed to prevent problems with wear and accuracy caused by drilling a gas port in the barrel itself (the German military also believed this to be a problem, as one can see from their Gewehr 41 development requirements). However, this system instead led to reliability problems, and by 1940 the M1 Garand had been converted to use a normal gas port. The later GY Pedersen had the same change to its manufacture, and the early gas trap GX in this video was retrofitted to that system.


Modern Intermediate Full Power Calibers 018: The 7.62x54mmR Russian [The Firearm Blog]

.30 caliber rounds: .30-06 M2 AP, .303 Mk. VII, 7.5x54 Balle C, 7.9x57 sS Patrone, 7.62x54R LPS Ball, 7.62x51 NATO S Patrone (Austria).Modern? Sure, but let’s take a step back… Way back. It’s 1890 and smokeless powder has just been invented. There’s this guy named Rubin going around and spreading the gospel of the small caliber, high velocity .30″ bore round. You’re in Imperial Russia; what’s your country to do to keep up with this new tide […]

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Friday, 19 August


The Best AK Ever? Galil ACE 800+ Round Rifle Review [The Firearm Blog]

The Galil ACE by IWI is the successor to the classic Israeli Galil that was itself an upgraded Kalashnikov. But is this new design worthy of the name Galil, a rifle that we here at TFB love? Can it redeem the good name of IWI after the Tavor, Uzi Pro, and X95? Well these questions […]

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Walker Razor X Ear Buds Protects Your Hearing And Allows You To Hear Range Commands [The Firearm Blog]

GWP-NHEWalker recently released a new product for hearing protection with the ability to adjust volume to block the sound of gunfire and amplify normal conversations and other sounds. This new set of earbuds is called the Razor X. The Razor X earbuds are contained within a pliable plastic housing that fits comfortably around the user’s […]

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Bloomberg-Backed Pennsylvania Attorney General Convicted of Perjury, Criminal Conspiracy [NRA-ILA News]

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane resigned this week after a jury found her guilty of perjury, criminal conspiracy, and several other criminal charges relating to the abuse of her position. Gun owners will take particular interest in this conviction, as during her tenure as AG Kane repeatedly demonstrated a marked hostility to the rights of Pennsylvanians, evidently while displaying a personal disregard for the laws she was tasked to uphold.


Video: A Squirrel’s Trip Through the Trees []

Ever wanted to see a squirrel’s-eye-view of a trip through the trees? Well, now’s your chance!

This squirrel gloms onto a GoPro camera and totes it through the trees, while the camera’s owner keeps track of it and follows it on the ground. When the rodent finally stops to nibble at the camera, the owner apparently hollers to startle it, causing it to drop the camera to the ground.

Pretty cool!

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Michigan 2016 SMG Action Match [The Firearm Blog]

SMGThis looks like a lot of fun. I have seen videos of matches at Knob Creek and it seemed like a waste to use a machine gun. Shooting a semi auto would actually be more accurate and faster than using a machine gun. However some of the stage design in this video lend themselves to […]

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Clearer Heads Prevail in New Mexico Firearm Raffle [NRA-ILA News]

As we previously reported, a charity firearm raffle by a United Way chapter in New Mexico was put in jeopardy when an anti-gun activist interfered by convincing  United Way Worldwide to block the raffle.  The chapter holding the raffle, United Way of Otero County, announced on Wednesday that it is resuming the raffle.


California: Less Than Two Weeks Left in the 2016 Legislative Session [NRA-ILA News]

As the California Legislature enters the last two weeks of the 2016 legislative session, several bills remain in process that need the attention of gun owners and Second Amendment supporters.   Contact your state Assembly Member and urge him or her to SUPPORT Assembly Bill 2510 and OPPOSE SB 1332.  Contact the members of the Assembly Public Safety Committee and urge them to OPPOSE AB 450.


Fight for Recognition of Second Amendment in California Continues With New Federal Lawsuit [NRA-ILA News]

On August 10th, the California Rifle & Pistol Association and several individuals, with the support of the National Rifle Association, filed a lawsuit in federal court to vindicate the Second Amendment right of Californians to carry a firearm in public for self-defense.


New York Times Issues Ridiculous Anti-NRA Screed [NRA-ILA News]

At the same time establishment newspapers are openly abandoning their usual façade of impartiality in their news coverage, their editorial boards have been working overtime to elect Hillary Clinton. However, few have been doing Robby Mook and David Brock’s work for them quite like the New York Times, as evidenced by a ridiculous pro-Clinton/anti-NRA screed that appeared in the August 14 edition of the paper.


Doctor Prescribes Requiring a “Medical License” for Gun Ownership [NRA-ILA News]

In a recent Medical Economics blog, Dr. Monya De wrote a piece titled, “Obtaining an assault rifle should be as difficult as becoming a doctor.”  In this outlandish article, De illustrates the difficulties medical students must go through in order to practice medicine. She calls them “model citizens, because model citizens should be the ones holding lives in their hands.”


Soldier Systems Gets First Look at US Army’s New Enhanced Performance Magazine [The Firearm Blog]

img_5706While soldiers are typically lauding the M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round, it has come at a cost of long-term durability and reliability of the M4A1. The M855A1 exposed steep tip loading is substantially different from its predecessor, the venerable M855 steel-core, which had been in-service for decades prior to the change-over. The high-pressure load to eek […]

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Professor: Take Granny’s Gun [NRA-ILA News]

Gun ban advocates, knowing their goals aren’t especially popular with the American people, have in recent years tried to couch their agenda in more innocuous-sounding terms. They don’t want to ban all guns, they’ll say, they just want to keep them out of the wrong hands. But once you start paying close attention to their claims, you realize that the “wrong hands” might be closer and more numerous than you think … and might even include the more senior members of your family.


BREAKING: Glock 17M Recalled By Police Department [The Firearm Blog]

CoverIt looks like the new Glock 17M pistols are already experiencing some teething problems with the design changes. There are reports that Indianapolis Metro Police Department has halted issuing the new duty pistol due to problems during dry fire training. The recall comes after the pistols were supposed to be issued on July 31st, but delayed […]

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The Washington Post Fails Again [NRA-ILA News]

On Monday, the Post’s “fact-checker,” Glenn Kessler, said that the NRA's new TV ad is wrong, in claiming that Clinton “doesn’t believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense.”


Work Locally with Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative [NRA-ILA News]

Your NRA-ILA Campaign Field Representative (CFR) is an NRA-ILA staff person who is living in your area, coordinating our volunteer activities with one goal in mind--ensuring pro-Second Amendment voters turn out to "Vote Freedom First!" on Election Day.


GUNSTRUCTION Launches Build It, Win It Contest for Remington 700 [The Firearm Blog]

thumb.large810.5797b1f6451eb-575x277Gunstruction, originally known for their AR-15 builder, has been on a tear of rapid expansion into various other calibers and platforms. Their most recent introduction has been the addition of the Remington 700 bolt-action rifle platform, which has included many notable manufacturers within the platform’s vast direct and aftermarket. Of that, McMillan has partnered with […]

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Armed Homeowner Stops Assault on Two Women [NRA-ILA News]

A man recently released from jail for violating a protective order broke into a home and assaulted two female victims before the armed homeowner stepped in and stopped the attack.


RIA: Colt 1907 Trials Pistol [Forgotten Weapons]

The Colt 1907 was one of the significant developmental iterations of the design that would eventually be adopted as the Model 1911 by the US military. This pistol began as John Browning’s Model 1900 in .38 caliber, with the .45ACP cartridge being first created for the Model 1905 iteration. That 1907 was the model actually purchased for field trials in the wake of its top placement in the 1907 US pistol trials.

The 1907 differs from the Colt 1905 primarily by its inclusion of a grip safety, added at military request. The trials pistols were evaluated for several years by several Cavalry units as well as institutions like the Army School of Musketry. This period of evaluation would lead to a series of small revision to refine its performance (such as improvements to the sear durability and widening of the ejection port) but there would be one last major design change before the pistol was in its final form. Even while the 1907 was being tested, Browning was working on replacing the twin-pivot locking system with a single-pivot one which would be presented to the Army as the Model 1909.


Trump gets some target practice during Iredell County stop [NRA-ILA News]

Donald Trump is getting in some target practice on the campaign trail in North Carolina.The Republican presidential hopeful stopped by the gun range of the local Fraternal Order of Police lodge in Iredell County before a scheduled meeting at the lodge with law enforcement officers.


Gun advocates sue California over carry restrictions [NRA-ILA News]

In response to a federal appeals court’s decision to uphold California’s restrictions on carrying concealed handguns, firearms advocates are suing the state for the right to carry their weapons openly in public.In California, law-abiding adults “are completely barred from exercising their right to bear arms — in any manner,” the California Rifle & Pistol Association, joined by four individual gun owners, said in a suit filed Wednesday in federal court in Los Angeles.


California: School places barriers to exercising Right-to-Carry [NRA-ILA News]

Kern High School District officials began allowing non-employee concealed carry weapon permit holders to bring firearms on campus Wednesday, but with a cost that at least one trustee said presents “obstacles” to armed citizens.Applicants must carry at least $1 million in liability insurance coverage, agree to have their names and applications disclosed if somebody files a California Public Records Act request for the information, and undergo an interview with the Kern High School District Police Department chief prior to approval.


Governor Mead to Announce Plans for Advancing Shooting Sports in Wyoming [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Matt Mead will announce details about initiatives to further the shooting sports in Wyoming on Monday, August 22. These include support from Wyoming’s firearms industry, ideas for public access to safe shooting ranges and encouraging participation in shooting sports.


Howa Announces New HCR Chassis Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

HOWA HCR MULITCAM SCOPED (2)Legacy Sports International, recently announced the new Howa HCR, or Howa Chassis Rifle. The Howa HCR sits in an aluminum chassis, and features and Ar-15 style grip and a fully adjustable LUTH-AR MBA-3 stock. The Howa Chassis Rifle will be available in .223/5.56, .243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and 7.62/.308 Winchester. Key Features of the Howa […]

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Capitol Armory Meters The JJFU Aero Sonic Silencer [The Firearm Blog]

imageBefore we get into Capitol Armory’s impromptu testing of the Aero Sonic 5.56 rifle suppressor, let’s take a quick look at the above new Jesse James Firearms Unlimited (JJFU) take-down model. Named the ‘La Bomba’, JJFU quietly (see what I did there) debuted the new silencer a few days ago on their Facebook page. The JJFU product […]

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Alliant Powder Now Shipping Reloader 16 Rifle Powder [The Firearm Blog]

Alliant PowderAlliant Powder announced the company is now shipping its newest rifle powder: Reloader 16. According to the company, one of the chief characteristics of interest about this powder is its ability to deliver consistent accuracy on long range targets across a wide range of temperatures. In this way, the powder is said to be like […]

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Hillary Clinton's plan for free public universities an attempt to bankrupt private colleges [John Lott's Website]

From the Sun-Sentinel newspaper in Florida.
Hillary Clinton has her heart set on fundamentally transforming higher education in the United States. Just three weeks ago, in her Democratic National Convention speech, Clinton pledged to work with former rival Bernie Sanders “to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt-free for all,” and in her speech August 11 in suburban Detroit, in which she laid out her vision for improving the nation’s economy, Clinton reiterated the importance of providing low-income and middle-income Americans with the opportunity to attain a college education without debt. . . . 
The chief component to Clinton’s plan to resolve the growing student debt crisis is to make public colleges tuition-free for most students and to eliminate tuition at all community colleges. According to Clinton’s campaign website, under her plan, “By 2021, families with income up to $125,000 will pay no tuition at in-state four-year public colleges and universities. And from the beginning, every student from a family making $85,000 a year or less will be able to go to an in-state four-year public college or university without paying tuition.” . . . 
Many private college leaders are wondering just that. In an August 2 report by Politico, Patricia McGuire, the president of Trinity Washington University and a self-described supporter of Clinton, says the free-tuition proposal would put schools like hers “gravely at risk” and warns the policy could “ruin some of the places where low-income students get the best education and are most likely to be successful.” 
Some might say these fears are unwarranted; after all, private colleges already charge significantly more than public colleges, and demand at many private schools is as high as ever. . . .


Summertime Fun: Slingshots [The Firearm Blog]

imageSlingshots aren’t exactly firearms. However, I consider them as being a “back-to-basics” when it comes to launching small projectiles at targets down range: a reminder of why some of us like to shoot. Being back home for part of the summer, my dad was nice enough to refurbish some 30+ year old slingshots that I […]

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The SilencerCo Maxim 9 Edges Closer To Consumers [The Firearm Blog]

imageAs a shooter/collector/appreciator of unique National Firearms Act (NFA) items, I have been anxiously awaiting any additional details on the SilencerCo Maxim 9 integrally suppressed semiautomatic pistol. When the Maxim was first announced last year, it was using Smith and Wesson M&P magazines and featured a 3D printed grip. Nearly 12 months later, the pre-production […]

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HUSH! Volquartsen Firefly 10/22 Bolt [The Firearm Blog]

imageHey! Yes, you. How’s it going? Did you wait until the final days of the ’41F silencer rush of 2016′ to order your first rimfire silencer? It’s ok, I’m not here to scold you. But, you may be wondering how you are going to endure the dreaded NFA-wait, which at this point could take up to […]

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Thursday, 18 August


Ah, a bit of history [Of Arms and the Law]

Bob Dowlut, NRA General Counsel and acting GC since ... way back in the last century, and Alice Beard, both of them published Second Amendment authors ... here's Alice's Facebook note about their 42nd anniversary. Dig that crazy tux! It's cool, or maybe the cat's pajamas! : )


LEAKED: What Is the Smith & Wesson “M2.0”? Possible NEW Rifle or Handgun! [The Firearm Blog]

webcontent-440x164On the heels of the new FBI-inspired Glock 17M, and the possibility of the fifth Glock generation being right around the corner, it has been revealed that Smith & Wesson may also be about to introduce an update to its very successful Glock-derived Military & Police line of handguns. The company has recently trademarked the term “M2.0” […]

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Indiana: Support the Right to Hunt and Fish Amendment on the November Ballot! [NRA-ILA News]

On the November 2016 ballot, Indiana voters will be asked to approve NRA-supported Question 1, which is an amendment to the Indiana Constitution guaranteeing the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife as an individual right.  As previously reported, ballot language for Question 1 was created by Senate Bill 57, which passed the House of Representatives with a 47 to 7 vote and the Senate with a 95 to 1 vote.  SB 57 was signed by Governor Mike Pence (R) on March 21, 2016.


The Effort To Stop California’s “Gunmageddon” [NRA-ILA News]

A concerted effort is underway to overturn several restrictive anti-gun measures signed into law in California this summer, and all Golden State gun owners need to do their part to help ensure these unjust laws don’t stand.


How Anti-Gunners Abuse Voter Initiatives [NRA-ILA News]

If you’re in the half of the country that allows voter initiatives (26 states allow proposed legislation to be added to a ballot if a minimum number of registered voters sign a petition,according to Ballotpedia), please read the fine print before you check a box on your ballot in this fall’s election. A voter initiative, like legislation passed by elected representatives, can enhance your rights or take them away.Someone who hasn’t looked into what so-called “universal” background check laws really do (as always, “universal” is in quotes because criminals by definition won’t submit themselves to this law, so it isn’t really universal) might think this is commonsensical, even innocuous, legislation. They might not know that such laws criminalize the normal and otherwise law-abiding behavior of average Americans or that research shows such laws won’t stop criminals from getting guns.


Type 94 Nambu Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The Japanese Type 94 is a pistol that we have talked a lot about over the course of TFBTV, mainly because of how dangerous they are. The guns served Imperial Japan and were never imported into the US in large numbers, but many were brought back by returning GIs. In this episode of TFBTV, we […]

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Subsonic .375 Socom [The Firearm Blog]

Tromix round 2Jeff over at BigShooterist built a suppressed SBR and chambered it in .375 Socom. .375 Socom is the brainchild of Tony at Tromix. You may know Tony’s work on the Siamese AR-15. Well the .375 Socom is a large caliber akin to the .450 and .50 caliber big bores where the casing is so large […]

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Glendale, AZ [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

GLENDALE, AZ. - Carolann Miracle is 4 feet, 11 inches tall and weighs 85 pounds. She’s a petite woman who seems like an easy target, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. 
“I was scared, at first. I thought, ‘Am I really getting robbed?’” Miracle told ABC15.
Miracle said she was leaving the Circle K near 59th Avenue and Camelback Road with her family early Monday morning when the suspect, Frank Taylor , tried to bum a cigarette. She told him that she didn’t have one, and then seconds later, Miracle said, she could feel the barrel of the gun against her skin.
“He put the gun up to my neck and said, ‘It’s loaded, don’t move,’” Miracle said. ”I think he thought, ‘She’s a little girl. Maybe she doesn’t know how to use her weapon.’”
Miracle said, “I dropped my soda, released my gun from my holster and cocked it. I shot him and ran in the opposite direction."


Modern Historical Intermediate Calibers 017: The 7.92x33mm Kurz [The Firearm Blog]

The 7.92mm Kurzpatrone 43 (middle right) was developed from the larger 7.92mm German infantry cartridge, represented by the 154gr S Patrone (left) and 198gr sS Patrone (middle left). The 7.92x33 Kurz, as it's more commonly called today, is still used by some forces that retain the WWII-era Sturmgewehrs that fire it. The primary producer of ammunition for these weapons today is Prvi Partizan, which made the cartridge on the far right.Many would consider this next round to be the first intermediate cartridge ever, and while that isn’t really true, it is one of the most influential rounds of all time, and perhaps the most influential intermediate round ever developed. I am talking of course about the Nazi-era Kurzpatrone 43 Spitzgeschoß mit Eisenkern, or as it […]

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POTD: SureFire X300 In Rogue One [The Firearm Blog]

13925164_10154409260628288_2800643779060769458_nJiang Wen portrays Baze Malbus in the new Star Wars movie: Rogue One. A SureFire X300 was spotted on his prop weapon. It is just as bad as the ATI stock that was on Captain Phasma’s gun in Force Awakens. At least the SureFire X300 is small and you probably won’t notice it as much […]

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Don't believe everything you hear [The Liberty Sphere]

The adage, "You can't believe everything you hear," is true across many spectres. But no greater example exits than what is going on in the current race for president. The race is much closer than what we have been led to believe by an agenda driven media.

Supposedly, Trump has wounded himself so badly that he will never dig out of the debris. And supposedly Hillary has opened a double digit lead which will insure her election to the presidency. Various and sundry polls have been rolled out to prove the point -- NBC, ABC, CBS, MSNBCand FOX.  But the polls that have proved to be most reliable in the past paint a very different scenario.

These polls show a very tight race with Clinton and Trump running neck and neck, even in areas that have not been friendly to Republicans.

Hillary's troubles seem to revolve around the trust factor. Most Americans believe she is untrustworthy and they have had decades to prove their nagging doutbs as to her integiity or lack therof..

So, look with a wary eye to those whose sole purpose in poling is to advance an agenda.


Gun Rights Fight Heats Up in Massachusetts [NRA-ILA News]

Gun rights advocates in Massachusetts are turning up the heat against the state’s attorney general, who they say potentially made thousands of citizens “felons in waiting” with her recent enforcement notice that changed the legal definition of assault weapons. The latest rally by gun rights advocates against state Attorney General Maura Healey’s change attracted hundreds of people on Monday.


COMMENTARY Lighten Up, Bloomberg [NRA-ILA News]

Maine referendum Question 3 proposes a new gun control law. According to Subsection 554-A: “‘Transfer’ means to sell, furnish, give, lend, deliver or otherwise provide, with or without consideration” a firearm. So this referendum applies to the simple lending or furnishing of a firearm. It basically means one cannot borrow a gun.


Review: Kimber Pro CDP II Custom Shop 191145 ACP Pistol []

The Kimber Pro CDP II under review today is one the finest fighting 1911s you’ll ever run across. The CDP II comes from the Kimber Custom Shop, and attention to detail is evident in its fit and finish. I’ve always preferred the Commander-sized 1911 over the full-sized 1911; the smaller pistols just seem to balance better in my hand, and I think I can shoot them faster.

The Pro CDP II is everything I could ask for in a 1911. The slide is stainless steel with a nice brushed finish, and the frame is aluminum — and both the frame and slide have been de-horned (sharp corners removed). This pistol has night sights and an enlarged and lowered ejection port.

The “II” in the name of the gun means it has a safety — but unlike many 1911s, this firing pin safety operates off the beaver tail grip safety rather than the trigger pull. The magazine well is nicely opened up just enough, to help with fast reloads.

There is a 4-inch bull barrel that is fitted perfectly to the slide with no barrel bushing. The full-length guide rod handles a 22-pound recoil spring so you can shoot plenty of +P 45 ACP ammo through this baby. The Aluminum frame is finished in matte black, which contrasts nicely with the stainless steel slide. It has the tough KimPro II finish on the frame.
Weight of the Pro CDP II is 28 ounces. An ambidextrous thumb safety is there if if you need it — I can take or leave ’em. The front strap of the frame is checkered at 25 lines per inch – nice! The aluminum trigger is match grade, and that contributes to the superb accuracy of this gun — more on this later.
Beautiful Rosewood grips adorn the Pro CDP II (but I used other grips for these photos).
The trigger pull on my Pro CDP II sample came in at a crisp and clean 4.25 pounds. Kimber provides just one magazine with their guns (shame on them). Mine came with a 7-round mag that functioned perfectly.


I had a great assortment of 45 ACP ammo for testing in this cool 1911:

  • Black Hills 185-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain FMJ
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain standard pressure low recoil TAC-XP
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain TAC-XP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 200-grain JHP
  • Buffalo Bore 255-grain cast bullet +P

The little Kimber Pro CDP II perked along through 500 rounds of shooting with zero problems. I used a variety of magazines and the Kimber seemed to prefer Wilson Combat 47D mags; it just seemed like rounds fed smoother through the gun with those magazines.

My accuracy testing was at 20 yards over the hood of my SUV, resting the gun on a rolled-up sleeping bag. The Kimber preferred the Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P… I could get 2-1/2-inch groups all day long if I did my part. The Black Hills 230-grain JHP was fast on its heels, providing 2-3/4-inch groups. All other loads tested gave me groups no larger than 3-1/2 inches.

Final Thoughts

The little Kimber was a joy to pack all day long, and nothing pleases me more than a 1911 that is accurate and 100% reliable. But this sort of combination doesn’t come cheap — full retail on the Kimber Pro CDP II is $1,331. Considering that most out of the box 1911s will usually need some kind of work to make them really reliable, I’m willing to pay this kind of money.
100_5484 100_5485 100_5486 100_5488 100_5489 100_5490 100_5491

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Six Popular Rounds Cut in Half [The Firearm Blog]

2BQxBAyI love these cutaway pictures, one of my favorites is that picture we posted back in 2014 from the UK of that Webley Mark IV .38/200 revolver with the barrel obstruction that was cut in half. Well when I stumbled upon this awesome new post from Fog Ammunition with high quality pictures of ammo cut […]

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Nevada AG Laxalt opposing background check measure [NRA-ILA News]

Nevada state Attorney General Adam Laxalt says he's opposing a background check initiative supported by gun control advocates on the November ballot.Laxalt came out Wednesday against Question 1, with a statement saying it would cost Nevada residents "time, money and freedom," but wouldn't keep guns out of the hands of criminals.


Pennsylvania: Proposed lost/stolen gun law tabled indefinitely by Allentown Council [NRA-ILA News]

After only 15 minutes of discussion, a proposed law that would require gun owners to report lost and stolen firearms was tabled indefinitely by Allentown Council's Public Safety Committee on Wednesday, leaving the future of the bill uncertain.


Virginia: County debates reducing Right-to-Carry permit fee [NRA-ILA News]

Stafford County has become the second Fredericksburg-area locality this year to publicly consider reducing the fee for concealed handgun permits.


Autonomous Alloys Smart Target System Pre-Order [The Firearm Blog]

auto-targetRemember that awesome target system from Autonomous Alloys that we posted about last month? Well they’re finally available for pre-order. They’ve actually hit over $145,000 as of today on their Indiegogo pre-sale, their goal was to get at least $100,000 to help get their project off the ground. If you didn’t know about Autonomous Alloy’s […]

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RIA: CheyTec M200 Intervention [Forgotten Weapons]

The CheyTac M200 Intervention is a massive precision rifle chambered for the .408 CheyTac cartridge (although it can also be had in .375 CheyTac). It uses an action made by EDM Arms, and is capable of sub-MOA accuracy out to 2200-2500 yards (2000-2300 meters). There are other rifles that fulfill those specs as well, but the M200 Intervention gets an exaggerated amount of attention because it has a pretty distinctive look, with its large under-barrel carry handle and collapsing stock (you may recognize it from the 2007 movie “Shooter”, based on a Stephen Hunter novel). Today I will take a look at some of the details of this rifle and its ammunition, and address the more common misunderstandings about it and long range shooting in general.


Mec-Gar Taurus TCP Magazines Now Available [The Firearm Blog]

unnamedAre you a Taurus TCP 738 owner without a magazine? It was near impossible to find one until now thanks to slow imports from the Taurus factory. Mec-Gar stepped up to the plate with the addition of TCP 738 mags to their ever expanding lineup of stellar magazines priced at an affordable $19.95. Previously we […]

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My review of Pamela Haag's book on American Gun Culture [John Lott's Website]

For those interested in my very critical review of Pamela Haag's book, I have posted it at here.


Ruger Introduces New Distributor Exclusives [The Firearm Blog]

6804Ruger has introduced four new distributor exclusives available from AccuSport, Lipsey’s, and Gallery of Guns. The two new LCP finishes will come from Gallery of Guns featuring your choice of Kryptek Neptune camo on the frame or the eye-popping Kryptek Pontus camo. Moth pistols will feature a blued slide, black controls, and what appears to be color […]

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CruxOrd Brings Out A New Muzzle Break [The Firearm Blog]

unspecified_1024x1024CruxOrd is introducing a new .22 lr to .223/5.56 muzzle break that looks like it is going to do a wonderful job of not only reducing felt recoil, but also destroying the hearing of anyone you shoot with. I kid well… sort of. The new muzzle device features some features with fancy names like double helix […]

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Surefire Adds Intellibeam Technology To The M600IB Scout Light [The Firearm Blog]

2The Surefire Scout light has become a favorite of law enforcement, military shooters, as well as gun owners looking for a good quality rail mounted light with minimal bulk. Now there may be a new kid on the block, the M600IB Scout Light. The Scout series can trace its lineage back to when special forces had […]

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Archangel 35 Round SKS Magazines [The Firearm Blog]

Archangel MagazineWhen the SKS began appearing in large quantities, many US buyers snapped them up. The SKS is a solid rifle chambered for the same intermediate power cartridge as the AK-47 rifle: the 7.62×39. Unlike the AK, the SKS used a more traditionally shaped stock and lacked a detachable magazine. Companies like Tapco introduced a variety […]

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Wednesday, 17 August


Review: Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact Model 1 []

The Springfield Armory Range Officer (RO) Compact 1911 followed their full-sized Range Officer model, to answer the demand for a more compact version, Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Barrel: 4″ stainless steel match grade, fully supported ramp, Bull
  • Caliber: 9mm or 45 ACP (I tested the 45)
  • Recoil System: Dual Spring with Full Length Guide Rod
  • Frame: Forged Aluminum Alloy, Black Hardcoat Anodized
  • Magazines: Accepts short 6-round “officer’s model” magazines rather than full-sized 1911 mags (Two included)
  • Grips: Compact RO Double Diamond Thin Line Rosewood
  • Sights: Red fiber optic front, Low-profile combat two-dot rear
  • Slide: Forged carbon steel, Parkerized
  • Safety: Extended, only on left side
  • Beavertail extended grip safety
  • Hammer: Delta style “speed hammer”
  • Trigger: Aluminum match grade, 5-pound pull
  • Lowered & flared ejection port
  • Weight (with empty magazine): 28.5 ounces
  • Height: 5″
  • Length: 7.6″
  • Paddle holster included

I was pleased to learn that Springfield Armory now puts ramped barrels on all their 1911s with a barrel length of less than 5 inches. This may appear to be a needless upgrade, but it isn’t. When dealing with aluminum frames on 1911s, many times the frame’s feed ramp will get buggered-up — point being that the ramped barrels on SA 1911s contribute to more reliable feeding — my RO Compact sample had zero malfunctions during my testing.

The RO Compact also comes with a double magazine pouch, which makes me wish Springfield had included three mags (one for the gun and two for the mag pouch). You also get some spare fiber optic rod material, should you break the one in the front sigh or wish to change it to a different color.

My sample was very tightly put together, which was nice. It was also soaked in oil, so a good cleaning was required before use.

From my ammo locker, I pulled a good assortment of 45 ACP ammo for testing:

  • Black Hills 185-grain JHP
  • Black Hills steel case 185-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain JHP
  • Black Hills steel case 230-grain JHP
  • Black Hills 230-grain FMJ
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain TAC-XP HP
  • Buffalo Bore 160-grain TAC-XP HP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 200-grain JHP +P
  • Buffalo Bore 230-grain FMJ +P

I ran half a dozen mags through the RO Compact, mixing the above ammo. This is always a great test of reliability… mixing different bullet weights, FMJ, JHP, etc… and it never once hinted of a malfunction, even though I fired the pistol as fast as I could pull the trigger.

I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve mixed different types of bullet shapes and makes of ammo in the same magazine, only to have it stutter or jam the gun. Not so with the RO Compact. I fired close to 400 rounds through the RO Compact and the gun wasn’t cleaned over the course of several shooting sessions, with no problems at all.

I fired the gun at 25 yards, resting it on a sleeping bag, over the hood of my SUV. No groups were larger than 4 inches, and this little pistol had a couple of really great groups. With the Black Hills 230-graiain JHP load I had a couple groups slightly under 3 inches. With the Buffalo Bore 185-grain TAC-XP +P consistently gave me groups smaller than 3 inches.

The recoil spring setup on the RO Compact is stout, and I was sure I was going to have to failures with the Buffalo Bore 160-grain low recoil loads, but I was wrong — and this load is a pussycat to shoot in the RO Compact.

Full retail on the RO Compact is $989, and Gallery of Guns has iit for $899. Is this little gun worth that money? You’d better believe it is! I’ve owned many other 1911s that cost a lot more, and they didn’t shoot nearly as good as the RO Compact did, nor were they as well put-together.

About the only “change” I would make would be to feed the little gun with 7-round mags instead of the 6-rounders that come with the gun. And let’s not forget about Springfield’s limited lifetime warranty, which is one of the best in the business. If something goes wrong or breaks on one of their guns, they fix it — simple as that.

It’s hard for me to find a 1911 that I’m not willing to customize to my own liking, but the RO Compact is good to go right out of the box, if you ask me. So if you’re in the market for a new compact 1911 pistol, take a close look at the Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact.

100_5453 100_5455 100_5456 100_5457 100_5458 100_5460 100_5462

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German Shepherds for Personal Protection []

Many people believe that a firearm is your best protection against threats — and in some situations, a firearm is your best option. However, not every threat calls for the use of deadly force — and if you use deadly force when non-lethal force could have been used, you may be leaving yourself open for criminal or civil liability lawsuits.

I’ve been around German Shepherds since I was 18 years old, and I’m now old enough to collect social security. I also raise and train German Shepherds on a part-time basis. German Shepherds can be trained for all manner of use, including personal protection, hunting, tracking, service dogs, and more. While I’ll admit that I don’t believe German Shepherds are the smartest dog breed around, I believe they are near the top… assuming you get one from a reputable breeder, with a good background and heritage.


I’ve worked with other breeds of dogs in personal protection, but have found that German Shepherds are the best all around breed. When I owned a K9 security patrol service company, I only used German Shepherds.


Many police departments prefer German Shepherds, too. They are a hardly breed, and with proper training can make an outstanding police partner. I’ve found that it’s important to first give a dog obedience training, and then work on personal protection training.

We have socialized all of our pups, which means handling them every single day from the day they are born. I believe it’s important to fully socialize a dog so it isn’t afraid to be around strangers and all sorts of noises, too. The more they are socialized, the more confidence they gain — and if your dog isn’t confident, it won’t serve you well for personal protection.


I live out in the boonies, and whenever one of my family goes out for a walk, we take one of our German Shepherds. All of our German Shepherds are born protectors; they love their home and would give their lives to protect us. We’ve learned over the years that females are more prone to protecting family and males are more prone to protect the property — but males also protect their owners when threatened.

One day, a roofing “salesman” came to our rural home, and while he was still in the driveway, I came outside and my dog ran for him. It was the first time he’d ever done that. Had I not called him back, he would have attacked the man. My dog knew right off the bat that this “salesman” wasn’t what he made himself out to be. Needless to say, that “salesman” decided he needed to to be someplace else.

Dogs have an uncanny sense and can see a threat long before we human can. Never scold your dog when they are alerting you to potential trouble. They are doing what comes naturally.


I also train my German Shepherds to take their commands in a language other than English. Some have been trained to take their commands in German, others in Slovak. This is important, because you don’t want someone else to be able to command your dogs during a vital moment.

While I carry a firearm with me everywhere I go, nothing is more reassuring than having one of my dogs on a leash beside me. Dogs can smell or sense a threat long before we can, and having a big dog beside you tells any bad guys that they really ought not to try to mess with you.And when I drive somewhere, I usually have two or more German Shepherds in my SUV with me.

So if you’re in the market for a constant and loyal companion for personal protection, take a close look at the German Shepherd breed. Steer clear of puppy mills and pet shops, and remember that being AKC (American Kennel Club) registered doesn’t mean a thing. Check out the bloodline going back several generations before you lay down your hard-earned money.

You should expect to pay between $1,500 and $4,000 for a German Shepherd of high quality and good breeding. Yes, it’s a lot of money to invest — but what is your life worth, or the lives of your family?

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Review: Magnum Research 22LR MLR-22ATU Rimfire Rifle []

The graphite-barreled MLR22AT rifle I tested about a year before I wrote this review was about half the price of the rifles I tested in my Ultimate 10/22 shootout. It was not only nipping at the heels of high-dollar competition 10/22s, but full on leg-biting competition brands like Kidd and Volquartsen from a performance perspective.

The Magnum Research 10/22 clone rifles are kinda like the guy in the tweaked Nissan 300Z who can keep up and occasionally beat the guys in million-dollar sports cars. These guns offer a lot at a $599+optic MSRP instead of $1000+optic MSRP.

Magnum Research now also offers the MLR22ATU, which has the same specs as the original model but with a lightweight, tensioned 18” aluminum-sleeved barrel instead of the graphite barrel.


For the price, the Magnum Research MLR-22 line is one hell of a head-turner on the bench and downrange when inspecting the tiny groups. The same buddy who had previously shared a similar comment on the graphite model again asked “why would I buy anything else when this is under $600?” The Magnum Research line is a phenomenal deal when it comes to performance and all the extras included.


My rifle included a stock Magnum Research MLR22ATU rifle which comes with CNC billet upper receiver, billet machined match bolt, custom charging handle, lightweight stock, proprietary aluminum-sleeved tensioned barrel with Benz target chamber, and the remainder of the parts are mostly stock Ruger spec.


For testing, I added a $420 Lucid 4x-16xx44mm Crossover scope, which allowed me to make accurate shots out to 200 yards, making it well worth the price to me.

Fit, Finish, Feel, and Features

The MLR22AT with 16” graphite barrel and this MLR22ATU with 18″ aluminum sleeve barrel feature roughly the same components with the exception of the barrels. I was impressed with the capabilities of this rifle considering its price and weight, even with the stock Ruger trigger assembly. The rifle is amazingly lightweight, and the 18″ barrel is only about a quarter-pound heavier than the graphite model.


The MLR22ATU is by far one of the lightest production 10/22 rifles made, at an insanely light 4.5 pounds. It’s also a bit showier than the graphite model due to the beautiful aluminum-sleeved barrel. The billet machined receiver is every bit as nice as the custom receivers I have tested.

The trigger is a stock Ruger 10/22 unit, which means it is far from a premium match trigger, but the “new version” Ruger 10/22 stock trigger is “not bad.” Even in stock form, this rig can get shooters consistently into the high .1xx” and low .2xx” sized groups out to 50 yards with a clear optic.

Magnum Research upgraded to a stock Ruger extended magazine release from the earlier model I tested and also added a pair of sling studs. I also noticed that they now include turned and hardened receiver pins instead of stock Ruger pins. A threaded barrel option is available for a $40 upcharge.

The bolt is not showy, but is an in-house machined part with extra tuning features such as pinned firing pin and correctly-dimensioned face. It is a well-finished part, but it does not include the extra little decorative cuts like you see on some other custom 10/22 bolts.

The charging handle is big, but perfect for a working man’s rifle; I love it. You can even work the bolt with big heavy mittens in the bitter cold — or in my case while wearing welding gloves in the garage.

The stock is light and sturdy and an excellent interpretation of a Boyd’s Evolution stock, but far lighter. Because of that light weight, I like it better on this rifle although it is designed around a shorter length of pull.

The Magnum Research MLR22AT packs a lot of great components an affordable, ready-to-go rifle. This is an efficient build that puts the upgrades where they matter.


I am fortunate that I can test both the graphite and tensioned barreled models side by side. The graphite model has the edge on accuracy, but not by much. It may be that my older MLR22AT just has a more worn-in trigger, but I consistently see groups several hundredths of an inch smaller with the older graphite barrel. Of course, when you are talking hundredths of an inch it could just be an difference in ammo preference or optic clarity.

Like the older model, this one prefers CCI Standard Velocity, but I also found that the aluminum sleeved version seemed to be more consistent with a variety of ammo than the older graphite barrel.


The barrel is not just an aluminum sleeve over a stainless steel barrel; it is a tensioned stainless barrel. Tensioned barrels basically apply tension at each end of the barrel “stretch it,” to increase barrel strength, reduce harmonics, and increase accuracy. In theory, the tensioned barrel will deliver better accuracy while the aluminum sleeve helps dissipate heat.

This barrel is pre-tensioned and non-adjustable, so you cannot “tune” the barrel yourself.


Magnum Research again used a 22LR Benz match chamber for this model. The Benz match chamber is known to allow exceptional accuracy without having the finicky nature usually associated with tight match chambers.

The widely-available CCI Standard Velocity rounds have become my favorite everyday round, as they consistently give me 10-20 shot groups of only .5” at 50 yards, but Lapua Center X, Xact, and SK Standard also delivered exceptional results with some impressive .124” 5-shot 50-yard groups.

I find Magnum Research 10/22 rifles to be extremely reliable, and I had no ammo-related malfunctions with this rifle.

The question you have to ask yourself is whether you want a custom $1200 showy match rifle that shoots match ammo really well, or for half the price a Magnum Research rifle that’s light, includes the most popular features, shoots Mini-Mags and CCI Standard Velocity ammo well, and is ready for the next-level trigger upgrade whenever you are.

Even when adding a top end optic such as this LUCID and a Timney trigger, you’ll still drop less than $1000 for a 10/22 rig which almost matches up to rigs that cost $500 more.


Final Thoughts

This is an accurate and reliable setup, but it does not have the finish quality and refinement of a Force or Kidd custom 10/22. It is clear to me that Magnum Research wanted to produce a good rifle at a competitive price, and they did. It makes you wonder why anyone would buy a heavy, cumbersome, more-expensive rifle.

The MLR22ATU is far from a beginners gun and will hang with top-end rigs almost shot-for-shot — even with less-expensive ammo. It packs in everything on an ultimate 10/22 wishlist (with the exception of a match trigger) into a $599 rifle (street price hovers around $500).

I believe Magnum Research has chosen a sweet spot in creating a rifle to be used, scratched, scraped, bumped, and flogged in the field and on the range, and even serve as a light training rifle for youngsters.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Model: MLR22ATU
  • Caliber: 22LR
  • Barrel: 18″ stainless steel, tensioned, aluminum sleeve, with 1:16 twist
  • Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz
  • Length: 36 1/8” overall
  • Length of Pull: 13-⅝”
  • Sights: None (Integral Scope Base)
  • Stock: Ambidextrous Thumbhole Stock
  • Magazine: One 10-Round Ruger Rotary 10/22 Magazine

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Review: CRKT Amicus Folding Knife []

I will start off by saying that I believe the CRKT Amicus is the best deal in the CRKT lineup and probably one of the best heavy duty folding knives I’ve seen for less than $60. This is a brute of a knife, yet still comfortable, and the blade is well-designed.

When CRKT shipped me an Amicus just before the public release, I was stunned to learn that the MSRP was lower than I had imagined. With an MSRP of $59.99, the Amicus is retailing for around $40 on the street. There are plenty of more-expensive knives out there which aren’t made as well as the CRKT Amicus. This is a great knife for the price.  

About CRKT

CRKT (Columbia River Knife and Tool) was founded in 1994 by Rod Bremer in Oregon. By working in unison with the top knife designers around the world, CRKT offers a broad line of innovative custom knife designs in affordable production knives and tools.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

Jesper Voxnaes from Loegstrup, Denmark designed the Amicus to excel in the outdoors and then abused it in the toughest conditions he could find. The Amicus is not light, in fact it’s pretty darn heavy at 6.7 ounces, but that substantial heft is backed up with a lot of stainless steel that makes the knife strong.


The heft is appreciated when you are using the integrated pommel to hammer the battery clamp back onto your truck, crush a few walnuts you found walking in the park, or to tap out a pin on your AR15. From my perspective, the Amicus is a work knife — so who cares if it is twice as heavy as your other knives?


The thumb hole for one-handed opening is large enough to use with gloves and is of course ambidextrous. The clip can be positioned for tip-up or tip-down carry, but can only be installed on one side of the knife.

The CRKT Amicus is available with a plain edge or one that’s partially serrated, but I do not see a need for serrations, considering how well this blade holds an edge.


The big flat-ground blade has enough size to allow you to spread your peanut butter for lunch easily while offering a crazy sharp edge. I really like this steel and edge geometry. Maybe CRKT should use this steel on a lot more knives.

Defensively, I really like that this is a 3.4-inch blade — which is just under the legal length for concealed knife carry in many of the places which have such limits. No sense carrying a 2-inch blade when you can carry 3.4 inches.


The handle is super-sized and easily accommodates use with thinner work gloves.

A few little complaints are that the knife is really handle-heavy which is not my preference, although it still works and makes for a rugged knife. The other nit-pick is that the edge grind was well done but wasn’t quite up to the symmetry I usually see on CRKT knives — but for the price i still think the CRKT Amicus is an awesome knife that can handle most chores on the job site, around the house, or in the field (survival etc).

Manufacturer Specs

The CRKT Amicus is available in plain edge version (5445) and the combination edge version with Triple Point™ Serrations (5446).

  • Open overall length: 8.125 inches
  • Closed length: 4.718 inches
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Blade length: 3.407 inches
  • Blade thickness: 0.154 inches
  • Blade material: 8Cr13Mov
  • Blade hardness: HRC 58-60
  • Blade Finish: Stainless Steel Stonewash
  • Blade Grind: Flat Grind
  • Blade Style: Drop Point
  • Frame Lock
  • Carry system: 2 Position Pocket Clip, tip up/down
  • MSRP: $59.99



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TFB Visits Drive Tanks.Com A Genuine Once In A Lifetime Experience (Part 1) [The Firearm Blog]

P7220119   YouTubeBeing of the boomer generation I’ve had a keen interest in tanks, artillery and infantry weapons of WWII for many a year. Several weeks ago I received an invitation from Drive Tanks.Com to come down and visit and get a real immersive experience in all of those WWII vehicles, guns and artillery I’ve always been […]

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Remington R51 Gen 2 500+ Round Review (2016) [The Firearm Blog]

Remington R51 (Gen 2) was famously recalled in 2014 and redesigned. This redesigned version finally went on sale on August 12th. I immediately purchased this brand new Remington R51 Generation 2 (2016 version) new in box from my local gun store. I took it home, cleaned it up, and got it ready for a 600 […]

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HK VP Tactical [The Firearm Blog]

HK VP9 TacticalHeckler & Koch continues to expand the VP line of pistols. After the initial introduction of the VP9 in 9mm, the company has added the VP40 in .40 S&W and introduced FDE colored frames to the mix. The most recent addition to the VP line are the VP9 and VP40 Tactical models. A quick glance […]

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Federal Gets the Lead Out with Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper [The Firearm Blog]

Lead-Free Power-Shok CopperWith restrictions in specific states or hunting areas, more hunters are in pursuit of ammunition that is lead-free. Federal is looking to dive into that market with their brand new offering of Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper ammunition. The initial caliber offerings are as follows: .243 Winchester 85 Grain Copper HP .270 Winchester 130 Grain Copper HP .308 […]

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Olympic Champion Kim Rhode Warns About The Suffocation of Shooting Sports Through Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

Olympic double trap and skeet shooter Kim Rhode, who became the first woman to medal in six different Olympic games when she took home a bronze medal in Rio last week, is warning about the devastating effects new gun control measures in her home state of California could have on the shooting sports.


Another Awesome IIIper Piece [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Many thanks to Eddy Belew for putting this together.

The way these are floating around EVERYWHERE, I am starting to see showcasing III% fan art as a regular thing on SSI.  This is just goes to show you the power of the message.


TOWR sends: Leaderless Resistance [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Revisiting a Co-Opted Concept

In 1992, white supremacist and former KKK leader Louis Beam wrote an article for his fringe publication The Seditionist titled “Leaderless Resistance.” (We will not link to Beam’s work or to any of the sites that feature it.) Though the concept was not originally his, he popularized the idea and in doing so, he became inexorably linked with the phrase. A simple web search shows that Beam’s name is as synonymous with that concept as the brand Kleenex is to facial tissue. Interestingly enough, leaderless resistance was initially designed by an intelligence officer to fight Communism. Beam simply co-opted and adapted the idea.

Beam’s politics and belief system, however, are the antithesis of liberty and what we as three-percenters believe; no patriot who identifies with the III% or with the concept of liberty could ever view white supremacy doctrine as anything less than horrifying. In addition, Beam’s quest for government overthrow goes against the III% Creed.

In short, there is nothing about Louis Beam’s white supremacist, anti-government philosophy, doctrine, or belief system that we identify with in any form or fashion.

To make it even more clear:
  • TOWR does not advocate or agree with the armed “preemptive” overthrow of government.
  • TOWR does not advocate or agree with the “first strike” concept of offensive violence toward government officials or law enforcement. In fact, TOWR will stand to defend any law enforcement officers who suffer reprisals for honoring the rights of the citizens.
  • TOWR does not advocate or agree with the targeting of innocents at any time or for any reason.
  • TOWR does not advocate or agree with the use of violence except in a defensive capacity to prevent imminent physical harm to one’s person, family or property, or the defense of innocents.
You’ve seen us use the term “leaderless resistance.” We accept that there are connotations within that many find unpalatable. In fact, leaderless resistance is seen as a concept “which encourages small, independent cells to commit violent acts.” That was not, is not, and will never be our intent.

In fact, let us repeat that. That was not, is not, and will never be our intent. In hindsight, the phrase itself does not even accurately explain what we are about; since we are just beginning, what better time than now to explain and clarify before pushing forward?

A better way of describing what we are preparing for, training for, studying for would be “open source insurgency,” along the lines of what Mike Vanderboegh wrote about in 2012.

The reason I’m so particular about allies and principles is that what we must attempt, should we ever face more tyranny from the Feds, is an open source insurgency, which is to say, many small-scale, local fights with national, even international, principles. Some call it “leaderless resistance” but that is not true. We must be led, but by principle. And only 4th Generation Warfare which targets policymakers — and policymakers only, not their families or other innocents — will win.
Leaderless resistance as explained by Beam focuses on the problems with a traditional “pyramid” leadership model. Military units (and by extension, nearly every militia unit and patriot group currently out there in the open) operate with it. The inherent problems with this model should be evident. They are susceptible to infiltration, ego, power grabs, and internal conflicts that tear them into pieces…which is exactly what the Feds want. The bigger and more public the group, the easier it is to tear apart or infiltrate and destroy. By nature, however, many patriots want to make big groups, multi-state groups, groups with hierarchies and impressive member lists and roll calls and public deployments and loud, outspoken leaders that get a lot of media attention—and want more. In fact, we were ourselves members of one of those groups…and we watched it fail for all the reasons mentioned above.

O’Ryan, writing in a comment on an SSI article in 2010, pinpointed another reason why the organized militia units are by nature ineffective:
Militia culture focuses on the kinetic activities, not the quieter domains of intelligence, perception management and clandestine operations. Most militia (and I use the term broadly) think in terms of fighting a II or III GEN war, not in terms of modern insurgency. Militias have no real influence operations or the intelligence apparatus to drive them…[…] The militias need more intelligence training and application. Low-level HUMINT, analysis, Close Target Reconnaissance and HUMINT enabled SIGINT and less talk radio. Mark Koernke is not an intelligence source and military publications are written for an audience with a large supporting infrastructure. There is plenty of information available for militias to develop really a spectacular intelligence capability, but the militias, for a variety of reasons, have not matured to this.
Because militias lack basic HUMINT capability, they lack basic HUMINT knowledge and are unable to perform counter-intelligence. There are no fine grained background checks to vet prospective applicants—ensuring that the Opposition can always stay inside their OODA loop. There is no Intelligence Preparation of the Environment to develop the intelligence fabric for operations. Because of this, the militias are always several moves behind while the Opposition is always several moves ahead. The militias cannot “detect” the Opposition let alone “finish” them.
His next words are what drive the point home.
I’ve met a few individual actors that understand this. Some have interesting military backgrounds, others are entirely self-taught and to good effect. They don’t get involved in militias because militias are a giant boy’s club with OPSEC problems. Further, militias just don’t want to learn anything that would upset their self image of modern Minutemen fighting with honor on some contemporary Breed’s Hill.
The Opposition is allot more cutthroat. Plus they do intelligence very well—as we have seen with the Oppositions use of informants (or ‘sources’ in the HUMINT lexicon).
Until the militias develop a functional intelligence capability, they will never be a fighting force.
Enter the leaderless resistance redux, or the preparation for open source insurgency—and, by the way, the purpose of the Order of the White Rose.

We are not wholly leaderless, for we are led by principles. We are not violent; we seek peace and liberty. We are not offensive, but defensive. However, we are also not a II or III Generation militia unit. We are not a Constitutional task force. We are training for whatwill be, not what was and has been before.

And we are determined to win.

Long live Freedom!


NRA launches $3 million anti-Clinton ad buy [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association’s Political Victory Fund released a new ad against Hillary Clinton Tuesday aimed at energizing voters concerned about gun rights following the Democratic nominee’s bump in polls in recent days.


Nevada Chief Law Enforcement Officer Opposes Question 1 Gun Control Ballot Initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Reno, NV - Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt today announced his opposition to Question 1, the gun-control ballot initiative financed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and out-of-state anti-gun activists.  Attorney General Laxalt, Nevada's chief law enforcement officer, joins the majority of Nevada sheriffs in opposition to the gun control measure that would prohibit virtually all private transfers and make it more difficult for law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights by imposing unlimited fees and increased bureaucratic paperwork. Nevada law enforcement officials agree that the gun control initiative would cost law-abiding Nevadans time and money but would not  prevent criminals from obtaining firearms.


Creedmoor Ammunition Sponsoring “Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey” [The Firearm Blog]

Creedmoor Ammunition is has really been doing a ton of visibility marketing lately (as evidenced by some of our coverage) and their latest bit is to become a sponsor of “Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey”. “We’re very excited to be a sponsor of Gunny and his fascinating show,” said Greg Kantorovich, president of Creedmoor […]

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Breaking: Leaked Photos of Brand-New Glock 17M Duty Pistol []

Our friends over at TFB have posted a photo, believed to be the real deal, of the brand-new Glock 17M duty pistol.

It appears that someone finally got their new Glock 17M duty gun in from Glock! I am inclined to believe that it is a genuine photo because our source is an officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, one of the first agencies to receive the new guns. The officer that this 17M belongs to is one of the first to get the new Glock, there is no new information at this time and it appears that many of the rumors have been confirmed. Glock has not released any information as of yet…

This looks to be a Gen 4 pistol, so Glock theorists who expect to see Gen 5 Glocks at the SHOT Show in early 2017 might be right. And it looks as if the mag well is flared for fast reloads; this is a useful feature in a gunfight but the grapevine apparently claimed that Glock HQ wasn’t fond of adding it…


Some more info from the TFB post:

“The list below was leaked by an officer attending Glock 17M/19M training, it appears that he hit the nail on the head.”

  • A new tougher finish
  • Changes in the rifling
  • Longer recoil spring assembly
  • Reinforced forward notch for the recoil spring assembly
  • A smoother trigger similar to the G42/43
  • Flared magwell
  • No finger grooves
  • Changes in the safety plunger
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Magazines have an extended front lip
  • Magazine well cutout

Here are some more photos. Enjoy, Glock lovers!

glock-17m-03 glock-17m-04 glock-17m-05 glock-17m-06 glock-17m-01 glock-17m-02

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Review: Hi-Lux Leatherwood Micro-Max B-Dot Red Dot Sight []

It used to be that you had to spend the price of your gun just to get a quality red dot that would endure the abuse dished out in the field, but those days are over.

Just after I got it, my then-new Hi-Lux Micro-Max B-Dot red dot sight was mounted on a basic AR15 pistol, and I later moved it to a Sig MPX 9mm pistol. After more than a year and approximately 8000 rounds later of 223 and 9mm, the Micro-Max B-Dot has performed amazingly well, still holds zero, and I am still using the original factory-included battery.

From my perspective it is one of the top values for a high-quality red dot sight, so much so that I ordered another one from Optics Planet.

To be up front, I am a Brand Ambassador for Optics Planet, but I could have ordered anything from them and I chose to buy the same optic again. This should speak volumes about my opinion of this sight. Because you are reading this, feel free to use code “MAJOR5” for 5% off your entire order of anything you might want to purchase.


I mounted the new Hi-Lux sight on a special Aero Precision M4E1 custom AR15 pistol. It is a really tricked-out build that needed a great red dot and the Micro-Max B-Dot was the perfect choice.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

The Hi-Lux Micro-Max B-Dot shows the typical high quality of all Leatherwood Hi-Lux optics. The design is robust and it’s built to take a lot of abuse. Once upon a time, only Aimpoint could boast a 50K+ hour run time, but here’s a $220 red dot that can do the same.


This sight is not tinted, so it can provide good clarity and enhanced low light vision. It is one of the few red dot sights which gives the shooter clear glass.

Concerning form factor, this sight is completely cross-compatible with all Aimpoint T-1 mounts, which are widely available — so if you have a favorite Aimpoint T1 mount, it will work with the Micro-Max B-Dot. Hi-Lux offers its own $35 co-witness riser which is hard to pass up for the price and is the mount I ordered for this build.


The Hi-Lux Micro-Max B-Dot is a mere 2.5 inches long, 1.4 inches tall, and 1.4 inches wide. It comes with flip-up lens covers, screw on/off kill flash filter, and spare CR2032 battery compartment in the battery cover. I should note that, with the added kill flash filter and lens covers installed, you do have a bit more bulk than an Aimpoint T1 or similar Primary Arms Micro Dot (but not any significant weight).

I think most people will appreciate and use these features, unless they really need to strip all the extras off for some reason.

My original Hi-Lux Micro-Max B-Dot sight held zero perfectly through more than a few bumps, bangs, and scrapes and thousands of rounds of 9mm and 5.56 NATO, and the second one has done just as well. I did have some initial concern that the lightweight Hi-Lux riser might not hold up well to side hits, but I have never had an issue and it is far stronger than it looks.

Instead of the typical rotary switch, Hi-Lux has push-button operation which provides click on, hold for off, and click up/down to cycle through the twelve power settings.

Final Thoughts

The Hi-Lux Micro-Max B-Dot red dot is one of my favorite red dot sights. It functions perfectly, delivers excellent clarity, and offers plenty of daylight to low-light dot brightness settings. I will not likely be in a situation where I need a kill flash attachment, but the lens covers work well. I’ve got a safe full of red dot sights, and they get dirty quickly; flip-up covers help keep the glass clean and bright.

Manufacturer Specs

The Micro-Max B-Dot collimator reflex red dot sight provides quick target acquisition, unlimited versatility, and an outstanding six year battery life in a compact package. Successfully thermal cycled from -85° F to +185° F without failure on an Alexander Arms 338 Lapua Magnum Ulfberht.

  • Power 1X
  • Object lens 20
  • Exit Pupil Range N/A
  • EYE Relief Unlimited
  • Length 2.5”
  • Short Reticle Dot
  • Elevation Adjustment 1/2 (MOA)
  • 2 MOA Dot Size, With Mount, Flip-Up Lens Covers, Anti-Reflection Device
  • FOV 42′
  • Coating Fully Multi-Coated
  • Multi-Coated Lenses
  • All exterior air-glass lenses are treated with DiamondTuff14™ to ensure optimal light transmission for more visibility in low light situations.
  • Nitrogen Gas Purged
  • All scopes are purged with nitrogen gas to ensure they remain fogproof for wide range of temperatures.
  • Waterproof – The Tac Dot sight is waterproof for use in any weather conditions.
  • LED Bright Dot Technology
  • Red dot is clearly visible even in daytime light conditions.
  • Outstanding Battery Life
  • Expected battery life of 55,000 hours at medium brightness settings.
  • Digital Brightness Adjustment – 12 adjustable +/- brightness settings
  • Automatic Shutoff Timer
  • Scope turns off after one hour of inactivity. This timer is programmable and can be reset to the shooter’s liking.
  • MSRP $249





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Police officer's cousin uses officer's gun to fight off armed robbers in NYC, New York Post, New York, N.Y. 08/16/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A pair of thieves, at least one of whom was armed with a gun, approached an off-duty police officer who was with his girlfriend and cousin outside a bar in New York City. An altercation ensued, during which the officer’s cousin was able to retrieve the officer’s gun from his vehicle. Once armed, the cousin shot one of the robbers. The wounded thief fled the scene, but was found at a local hospital a short time later. With the incident having occurred in one of the most anti-gun jurisdictions in the country, the New York Post noted that the officer “could face disciplinary charges for not securing his gun and allowing the weapon to fall into the hands of a civilian.” The wounded robber was determined to be a parolee.


80-Year Old Armed Store Owner Scares Robber Away [NRA-ILA News]

An 80 year-old laundromat owner was faced with an attempted burglary, and managed to scare off the robber by firing his firearm.


Firearms Regulations in National Parks [NRA-ILA News]

Links to web pages describing firearms regulations in National Parks.


In Case You Missed It: Majority of Voters Hold Favorable Opinion of NRA and Unfavorable Opinion of Hillary Clinton [NRA-ILA News]

Despite a concerted effort by Hillary Clinton, gun control advocates and the liberal media to demonize the NRA and restrict law-abiding citizens Second Amendment rights, a new Rasmussen Reports survey finds that 54% of likely voters view the National Rifle Association favorably, including 32% of voters who share a “very favorable” opinion of the NRA. The same voters also confirmed that their Second Amendment right to own a firearm is important to their vote in the upcoming elections.


Mexicans have the right to own guns, but few do [NRA-ILA News]

There’s just one place in all of Mexico where you can legally buy a gun. It’s tucked away in an anonymous building on an army base in the capital, staffed by soldiers.Those who enter must surrender any cell phones, tablets or cameras, remove caps and pass through a metal detector. Weapons are kept in locked glass cases, unlike many of the 50,000-plus U.S. gun shops where used-gun racks on showroom floors allow easy access and clerks are happy to let you heft an unloaded firearm.


A New Concealed Shelf Storage Solution For Long Guns [The Firearm Blog]

A couple of months back I did an install of a Tactical Walls RFID shelf (along with a write up). I have been pretty pleased with it and have not had any problems with it–I operate it at least twice a day (staging in the morning, and withdrawing at night). Well, Tactical Walls has now […]

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RIA: Prototype Gustloff 206 Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

German arms development during World War II was quite the chaotic mess, in many ways. While it is not uncommon for different service branches to have independent procurement systems, in fascist-era Germany this was coupled with the close collaboration between industry and the Party structure. This led to competing and conflicting policies between military and political offices. Semiautomatic rifle development was no exception. While the Walther and Mauser companies won the competitions to develop the Gewehr 41, the Gustloff concern had also produced a number of designs and these were continued after the trials by political decree. The best of these designs (apparently, from the sparse information available) was the model 206.

The Gustloff 206 is a largely sheet metal rifle with a gas piston operating system and an unusual vertically traveling locking block, akin to the Type 94 Nambu and Bergmann 1910 (as well as the much more recent Arsenal Strike One). The rifle is semiautomatic only (although it sounds like some select-fire models were also made) and feeds from MG-13 box magazines – cut down from 25 rounds to 10 rounds capacity on this example. The rifle may be related to the Gustloff submission for the Luftwaffe’s FG-42 project, but may not be. All I have been able to find on that rifle is that Gustloff did submit one and it did not progress into any trials, most likely because it failed to meet the design criteria set out by the Luftwaffe. The model 206 would fit that description.


Lasers, Minigun, & A Huey = Awesomeness [The Firearm Blog]

Laser MinigunB.E. Meyers posted this video up on their Facebook Page. The Predator intro sums up one’s feelings of this video. Copious amounts of machismo and testosterone. Also a whole lot of awesomeness. B.E. Meyers makes the infrared laser that is used to help aim the mini gun. The IZLID Ultra is mounted to a M134 […]

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TFB Review: FirstSpear’s Line One Belt with BioThane [The Firearm Blog]

P8142528For years, I’ve been EDC’ing with Spec-Ops Brand’s Better BDU Belt (which I originally got because I hated issue BDU belts).  While they’re great belts, easy to adjust to any length, last forever, and have no metal in the buckle, I found myself needing to readjust the belt every so often during the day.  They […]

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NEW: SIG Sauer Romeo Sights [The Firearm Blog]

romeo4SIG Sauer continues their strong move into the optics market with their new Romeo red-dot lineup. The Romeo optics include the Romeo4, Romeo5, and Romeo7. SIG promises exceptional clarity and improved target acquisition with these optics, among other things. It seems clear the company’s plans to expand beyond firearms and into other gear such as […]

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NEW: Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK Hand Guards [The Firearm Blog]

imageIn what may seem like a sin in the eyes of true firearm aficionados, I don’t currently own an AK-patterned rifle. But I am on the lookout for something short and 5.45-based (thanks a lot, Nathaniel F.). The one thing I struggle with when it comes to classic-but-useful guns is how to mount needed accessories […]

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Kim Rhode Has Won A Medal For Six Consecutive Olympics [The Firearm Blog]

KimRhode3Everyone is amazed at Michael Phelps’ staggering medal count in just 4 consecutive Olympics. From 2004 to 2016. However there is another US Olympian who has gone to 6 straight Olympics and has won a medal every time. Since 1996 and on to the current 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Kim Rhode has won […]

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Tuesday, 16 August


Outdoor Vacation Hot Spot: Keys Deer National Wildlife Refuge []

The Key deer is the smallest of about 50 subspecies of white-tailed deer, with an adult buck weighing only 55 to 75 pounds, and standing about 2 feet at the shoulder.

They’re about the size of a German shorthaired pointer, and only inhabit the lower Florida Keys. The refuge is on Big Pine Key south of Marathon, where Key deer are extremely abundant and roam in and out of the refuge into residential areas without fear of man because they’re protected by law.

In 1951 there were only 25 Key deer. Today about 1,000 live in the wild, and they are fun to observe. They feed in tiny yards and flower gardens, beside private homes and graze on weeds and browse along roadsides just off Florida A1A.

We easily found lots of good bucks simply strolling along residential lanes in late afternoon within a stone’s throw of boat ramps and margarita joints. They all were in velvet as their 8- and 10-point racks are still growing to diminutive perfection.


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Outfitting a Field Ready ATV []

Is your trusty All-Terrain Vehicle ready for field service? It matters not if you are riding a standard 4-wheeler type machine or one of the larger UTV type utility vehicles. Is it rigged out with the necessary gear and supplies to get you safely back to camp? Maybe it is time to consider how really run ready your ATV is.

First, taking care of basic and necessary machine maintenance is prudent. On a regular basis or at least annually have the oil changed, add a new oil filter, cleaned air filter, and change the spark plug. Check the wear on the tires and inflate them to the proper suggested pressure. Have the throttle and choke adjusted. Inspect the brakes. Charge the battery or replace it. Do the lights work? Gas it up with non-Ethanol fuel and add some fuel additive to keep moisture at bay.

Many ATV riders will add a gear box or basket to the front and or rear racks for carrying extra items in the field. You can stock this box up according to the likely demands of use you might encounter in the field. Here are a few useful suggestions based on practical experience.

Have a can of “tire fix” on board. If you run over a stick, stab, or glass or something to cause a flat, you’ll want a quick fix to get you home. Put a long tow strap in the box just in case. A cable “come-along” ratchet can work wonders to get you unstuck in the field.

Include a limb saw, and brush hand cutters. Put in a pair of heavy duty work gloves. A roll of duct tape is not a bad idea. Some basic repair tools is not a bad idea like a hammer, pliers and a couple screwdrivers. Have a knife or cutting blade on board. Add a roll of orange trail marking or forestry tape in case you venture into new unknown areas on the machine or off on foot.

Get a good quality flashlight or two and make sure they have fresh batteries. Some rope is a good idea. Fire starting kits can save the day. To that include some water and nabs. And include a small first aid kit, too. Maybe have a handgun on board and extra ammo.

Everybody that leaves camp on an ATV expects to come back. Just make sure you do.

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Gar Are Sportfish? Who Knew? []

American has a wide variety of gar, especially in the warmer parts of the nation. Most are considered a nuisance by sport anglers targeting other species such as bass and walleyes, stripers and trout.

Gar are so disliked by so many fishermen, that in most states they’re considered “rough fish” and can legally be shot by archery tackle, with little regard to size and limits.

Occasionally gar are caught by anglers as they cast for sportfish, and this long nose gar did just that. It hit a leadhead jig with a grub tail, and the ensuing fight was worthy of many more touted fish species.

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Weatherby’s “New” 6.5×300 Rifle []

Ok, you hunter guys and dolls, you make the final call on this one. Late last year the rifle-making firm started by Roy Weatherby brought out a factory combo version of the 6.5/300 including three different proprietary rifle models and three factory loadings of ammunition. So, ask yourself the question, what is this hummer for anyway?

The 6.5 bullet size has garnered some popularity as of late with the 6.5 Creedmoor, but this bore size has been around quite a while. There are several other 6.5s rather hidden in obscurity with at least some shooting or hunting value. Honestly though the 6.5 had not been as popular in America as it has been in Europe, Africa and elsewhere. The 6.5×55 Swedish is still a good round but hardly seen here.

Anyway, as history of the company tells it, Roy Weatherby actually made up a 6.5/300 back in 1950, but never brought it out into commercial production perhaps fearing it would not sell. I wonder if it will now.

Weatherby ammunition will come with three bullet weights of 127, 130, and 140. The 130 and 140 versions will be with Swift bullets, the Scirocco and the A-Frame. These are excellent hunting bullets for such, but with these low end weights, one wonders what game the 6.5/300 is meant to be useful for. Oh, by the way, the ammo will sell for $95 a box of 20. With sales tax, that will be around a Lincoln a pop.

The velocities of these rounds go from 3395-3531 feet per second. Yep, pretty darn speedy bullets to say the least. Kind of reminds me of the old .220 Swift which now has just about disappeared.

Other hunting writers have suggested this 6.5/300 round ought to be a real dandy for long range shots a medium game. One even rather implied it would be good for elk, moose, and larger game. Hate to bust that bubble, but with those excellent Swift bullets, I could not recommend them for medium big game. It is likely such bullets would fly through any thin-skinned animal like a deer, antelope or such. All that is yet to be tested, so time will tell.

I am the first to support any new rifle or ammunition development, but sometimes the exercise exceeds the utility. For ammo at $5 a shot through $2000 plus costing rifles, many will search out other options.

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Bootlaces []

Ok, what? Our editor told me once to pick really narrow topics, well focused issues. To be honest, as a writer now for nearly 40 years, that is something I have never really been very good at. Most of the time while writing my mind works way ahead of my typing and I end up with incomplete thoughts that I have to edit to fill in. Here is a topic that can really tie you up.

One of the main reasons I love slip on Muck boots is simply because there are no shoelaces to tie. More importantly there are no shoelaces to come untied. Still I have several pairs of favorite heavily insulated leather outdoor boots mainly for hunting that have conventional shoelaces to pull tight in their boot eyelets and apply a knot to in hopes they will stay bound for the hike to the hunting stand. Alas, they often do not. Then they get wet and muddy. Yuck.

I am pretty sure that hunters, hikers, preppers and all outdoors people do not choose their footwear by the type of shoestrings that come with them. I am just as sure that many times you buy shoes or boots that you are quickly unhappy with and one reason is the lousy shoelaces. Am I right?

There is one particular type of shoelace that I distain, and will often quickly replace. These are the pure flat edge leather laces. I suppose if you wore them for a couple years they might finally break in to where they would stay tied. I can’t wait.

You can speed up the break in period on leather laces. I do this by one of two methods that involve coating the laces with gun oil, or a waterproofing paste like Snow-Seal, Filson waterproofing wax or a similar product. This seems to soften the material just enough to let it stretch into tying a good knot that stays in place. Don’t overdo it though.

One boot lace I have had better luck with is the braided type. When new, these can still come untied after a long hike, but in time they do wear in and stay firmly tied. Other lace types to avoid would be made of cotton or flimsy synthetic materials. After walking in water or mud, these gets super dirty, saturated, and basically rot in due time. So, the next time you buy outdoor boots, be sure you can live with the shoelaces.

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Savage 220 Youth 20 Gauge Bolt Action Rifled Shotgun []

Born of regulatory restrictions on rifles in certain states, 12ga rifled shotguns firing sabot and full-caliber slugs offer respectable performance out to about 200 yards. Even more specialized, 20ga rifled shotguns fill the same niche for smaller shooters. Youth variants serve even more defined market segment, mainly women and teens of both sexes.

A free-floated rifled barrel with a 1:24-inch rate of twist and AccuTrigger show intent to provide accuracy, as is the default optical sighting arrangement: the receiver comes drilled and tapped for scope bases. The 220 has a matte black steel barrel and receiver mounted in a light but rugged synthetic stock. Sling swivel studs and a thick rubber recoil pad are standard.


Port loading is faster than removing and filling up a box magazine.

The detachable plastic magazine holds two shells. Clicking it in requires pressing the box against the back of the magazine well, a somewhat slow process, so I found myself using ejection port loading for expediency during test firing. 3-position ambidextrous tang safety is easily reached from either side, it also locks the bolt in position.

So-called rifled slugs cannot be used in rifled shotguns with any degree of accuracy, as they do not engrave on rifling properly. Two types of munitions are available. The first is sabot loads, usually .50 caliber expanding copper or lead projectiles of 250-275 grains. They leave the muzzle at 1800-1900fps. Using Federal P209TC load (275gr, 1900fps), we get residual velocity over 1200fps at 200 yards, along with only 4″ drop or rise around 150 yard zero. The advantage of such slugs is the generally impressive accuracy and energy retention.

The second type is Brenneke, both the brand and the generic type, loaded also by Rio. Full caliber and generally designed to penetrate deeply with minimal expansion, these are preferred for areas with more brush as they deflect less on foliage. Weighing between 3/4 and a full ounce, unusually heavy for 20ga, they are start out in the 1500-1600fps range but slow down quicker, limiting their use on deer to about 100 yards. Both types of ammunition can group as well as 2MOA from rifled barrels, but sabots require cold bore for consistency.

In my testing, Winchester and Hornady grouped closer to 4MOA, while the inexpensive Brenneke K.O. shot 2MOA. Given its insensitivity to barrel heat — and it only takes about three shots to raise the temperature enough to make a difference with the thin tube — I would prefer the heavier K.O. slugs for ranges up to 100 yards. Sabots, while producing inferior groups, produced equally good first shot hits on point of aim. For most hunting, it’s the first shot that counts, and the much flatter trajectory would make them superior at longer ranges.

3-shot 0.5-inch group fired from 25 yards with Brenneke K.O.

3-shot 0.5-inch group fired from 25 yards with Brenneke K.O.

Although firing loads that are brisk for 20ga, 220Y shotgun has only a moderate recoil. It wouldn’t preclude sufficient practice for accurate shooting in the field. The scope, a 1-4x Vortex, was picked for adequate detail at full zoom or rapid, both eyes open, tracking at 1x up close. For hunting dense brush at closer ranges, a low mount red dot might be preferable. I’ve had good results with Aimpoint H1/T1 and Holosun red dots on shotguns up and including to 12ga. While the shotgun isn’t light overall, it’s short, handy and balanced very well for the junior shooter. The short stock works well for most the rest of the population, once enough winter clothing has been added.

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Mayor Bloomberg's Illegal Attorney General (Updated) [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

First there were the many mayors who were members of Bloomberg's Mayors Against Illegal Guns who ended up convicted of criminal activity. Now, in a step up, we have a state attorney general who owed her election, in good part, to ads on her behalf by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg being convicted of perjury, obstruction of justice, and other crimes.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Michelle Henry, who joined (Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R.) Steele in presenting the prosecution case, painted Kane as heedless of the law as she carried out her crimes.

"She knew it was wrong, she knew it was against the law, and she didn't care," Henry told the jury. "She did it for revenge. And after that happened, she covered it up with lies."

In its verdict, the jury found Kane guilty of perjury in two instances: That she lied about her involvement in the leak and cover-up, and that she lied again in telling a grand jury she had not signed a secrecy oath pledging not to reveal confidential grand jury information. Prosecutors later found such an oath signed by Kane.
Kane sought revenge against former state prosecutor Frank Fina who she thought he was the source of a news story that was highly critical of how she shut down the prosecution of corrupt Democrats in Philadelphia.

In addition to the two felony counts of perjury, Kane was found guilty of the misdemeanor crimes of conspiracy, official oppression, and false swearing. Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy ordered Kane to surrender her passport and warned that she would be jailed immediately if there was any retaliation against witnesses. Kane could receive up to 28 years in prison but is expected to receive much less since she had no prior criminal record.

Prior to being elected Pennsylvania Attorney General, Kane was an assistant district attorney in the Scranton area who gained attention for criticizing how the investigation of former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky had been conducted.

Kane, who has already lost her law license, has until the day of her sentencing to resign. She so far has resisted calls by Gov. Tom Kane and other leading Democrats to step down.

With Kane's conviction, I guess a renaming is in order. Henceforth, the organization formally known as Everytown for Gun Safety will be known as Everytown Moms Demanding Illegal Mayors and Attorneys General.

UPDATE: Kane has announced her resignation effective at the end of the day on Wednesday, August 17th. She says she has "been honored to serve the people of Pennsylvania, and I wish them health and safety in all their days."

Kane's mugshot when arraigned

She faces sentencing in 90 days. While she has promised to appeal, it will be very interesting to see what sentence she gets.

The cartoonist for the Philadelphia Daily News and Philadelphia nails it in the tweet below. Kane, the first female AG in Pennsylvania history, broke the glass ceiling...and floor.

H/T Bitter and Rob Morse


The centrality of the Bible in the Christian walk [The Liberty Sphere]

I have been a student of the Bible for over fifty yeas, going back to my mother's knee. Formal training was next as I embarked on a path that required significant knowledge. But even then a greet deal was leaned through personal study.I always believed that all Christiams need to read and study the Bible as part of our growth and development.

Why is the Bible so important? It is the Word of God that tells us all we need to know in terms of salvation and, the Christian s growth and development.It is the ultimate authority on an equal par with God himself.


Missouri: Gun Control Lobby Working Overtime to Prevent the Strengthening of Your Second Amendment Rights [NRA-ILA News]

In September, the Missouri General Assembly will reconvene for a veto session.


Diminishing Returns and Firearm Performance [The Firearm Blog]

It seems like with anything else, there is a easily obtainable goal or threshold one can reach with a reasonable level of expenditure, but going beyond that takes exponentially more time, money, and effort. Firearms are no different, as an entry level stock gun can do much more than many people realize, but as you […]

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Join Us for NRA-ILA’s Wisconsin Day of Action on August 27th! [NRA-ILA News]

Now is the time to join the fight for the Second Amendment here in Wisconsin!


Bushnell Introduces New AK Scopes And Red Dots [The Firearm Blog]

91agofICvjL._SL1500_If you have been paying attention to the optics market over the last several years, it isn’t going to be a surprise when I say that variable one power optics are becoming the go-to optic for many competitors as well as military and law enforcement types. Bushnell has been paying attention to that growing trend as well […]

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New FBI Glock Rumors Surface [The Firearm Blog]

z5psBtThe new FBI Glock has been something of a mystery since the Austrian pistol was selected as the FBI’s next sidearm. Some photoshop generated renderings have been put together using the solicitation as a guide, while other Glock enthusiasts have carefully been combing through the requirements to determine what features may be included. The 4th gen […]

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Resident stops home invader who was on parole, WNEM, Saginaw, Mich. 08/04/16 [NRA-ILA News]

Three people were inside a home in Clare County, Mich. when an intruder broke into the house and refused to leave. Eventually, fearing for the safety of those inside the home, one of the residents retrieved a 9mm firearm and shot the home invader. Speaking of the incident with a local media outlet, Michigan State Police Lt. Gary Green said, “The shot went out when police arrived and the intruder made advancement at the homeowners that were holding him at bay.” An investigation revealed that the intruder was on parole. A local media outlet also interviewed a neighbor that had some advice for any would-be home invaders, telling a reporter, “You're in the countryside, you're going to have weapons. So yeah, people should think about that when they break into people's houses.”


Modern Intermediate Calibers 016: The 5.8x42mm Chinese [The Firearm Blog]

5.8x42DBP-10In the mid-1950s, the People’s Republic of China followed the Soviet Union’s example and adopted the intermediate 7.62x39mm round. This decision substantially helped to promote that cartridge’s ubiquity throughout the world, as millions of cheap Chinese-made SKS and AK rifles were exported to every corner of the globe. However, at the very end of Chairman […]

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The River Meet (Norway) – Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships 2016 [The Firearm Blog]

F01A2484The River Meeting 2016 took place in Trondheim, Norway, last weekend. Of course there were participants from TFB there to document the event. Over 300 competitors traveled far for this competition, which constituted as the Nordic IPSC Rifle Championships for this year. Competitors came from all over the world, for instance Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Poland, […]

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The Myth of the Big Bad Gun Lobby [NRA-ILA News]

As far as Hillary Clinton is concerned, the NRA gets its way only by intimidating elected officials. In an interview with Newsweek last week, Clinton claimed that the NRA uses campaign donations and advertising dollars to keep politicians from doing what they know saves lives. In the same interview, her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine, blamed the NRA for “using money and influence to cause gridlock in Washington,” lamenting that “too many elected officials are scared to prioritize the safety of our communities over the profits of the gun lobby for fear they’ll lose their jobs.”But gun-control groups spend much more money than the NRA does. Why aren’t they more successful in buying votes?


Gun Control Researcher: You Can’t See My Data [NRA-ILA News]

Last month I advised supporters of federal gun research to give the public concrete reasons to believe the work would be unaffected by politics. Here’s an example of how not to do that. Fox News reported a few weeks ago that University of Alabama researcher Adam Lankford, author of a media-sensation study on the connection between mass shootings and gun ownership across countries, refuses to share his data and the details of his methodology with skeptics.


Pennsylvania’s Attorney General Is Convicted on All Counts [NRA-ILA News]

She was a rising Democratic star. She was the first in her party to be elected state attorney general. She was one of the most powerful women in Pennsylvania.But on Monday night, Kathleen G. Kane, the state’s top prosecutor, became a convicted criminal.


Breaking: Photo Of The New FBI Glock 17M Leaked [The Firearm Blog]

sadASDIt appears that someone finally got their new Glock 17M duty gun in from Glock! I am inclined to believe that it is a genuine photo because our source is an officer with the Indianapolis Metro Police Department, one of the first agencies to receive the new guns. The officer that this 17M belongs to […]

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Court sets California gun-carry case on path to Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

A federal appeals court rejected a challenge by gun groups Monday to California’s requirement of a license to carry a concealed handgun outside the home, clearing the way for a final test in the U.S. Supreme Court.


Californians on Pace to Buy 1 Million Guns in 2016 [NRA-ILA News]

Californians are on track to buy nearly a million guns in 2016, a huge jump from previous years.The soaring gun sale totals—which show 554,203 firearms sales through late July—come in the wake of mass shootings in Orlando and Dallas, followed by calls for gun control legislation. KPCC obtained the new data from the California Department of Justice’s gun tracking system, the Dealer Record of Sales (DROS). The system shows gun sales on track to surpass 2015 nearly everywhere in the state.


RIA: Real vs “Fake” Wheellocks – What is “Fake”, Anyway? [Forgotten Weapons]

When someone makes a “fake” historical gun, they can do so with the intent to deceive or be up-front with the gun’s new manufacture. Those acknowledged reproductions are a great option to have – guns like Uberti reproduction revolvers give us an excellent opportunity to shoot antique designs without the cost of true originals and without the risk of damaging them. On the other hand, creating “antiques” fraudulently to deceive someone into believing they are actually originals is a reprehensible practice.

What about when you don’t know, though? In the Victorian era, it was popular to have fancy antique guns – like these wheellock pistols. Just like today, not everyone could afford to actually go buy a 300-year-old ornate gun, though. So, many people would commission new replicas made (and I’m sure plenty of fraudulent copies were created as well). Fast forward a hundred years or more to the present day, and we have a bit of a conundrum for the potential buyer. It a gun 100 years old or 400? It takes some substantial experience and knowledge to be able to tell the difference – and yet an acknowledged Victorian copy is still a potentially fantastic piece of workmanship and collectible in its own right.


Shooting during the HOTTEST day on Earth ever recorded: Worst Shooting Experience EVER [The Firearm Blog]

Shooting in KuwaitIn the Middle East it is typical to reach around 120°F during the summer time. Regardless of the frequency, it's nothing you're able to adjust to, and is always going to be bitched about. However on July 22, In Kuwait, the temperature had rose to a record 129.2°F (54°C), the hottest recorded temperature outside of the Death Valley*. Unfortunately, for my platoon and me, we had to go to the range that day. The range was essentially just a berm with sandbags placed 25 meters away. The only escape from the heat was getting back on the bus from where we came. We were in full kit (IOTV, ACH, Gloves, Ear/Eyepro) and we hated every minute out there. The only thing stopping us from becoming heat casualties was plenty of cold water in a cooler.

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Modern Intermediate Full Power Calibers 015: The 7.62x51mm NATO [The Firearm Blog]

On the right are two types of 7.62 NATO round, the M80 and M80A1, alongside two of its predecessors. Center left is the .30 T104 ball cartridge using the 1948 T1E1 case. Left is the .300 Savage, which was the starting point for what became the 7.62 NATO.Shouldn’t “Modern Full Power Calibers” be its own series? No, because then there would only be two episodes! So instead, we’re rolling today’s two most popular full power .30 cal rounds into the series on intermediates, primarily as comparison pieces. There are really two pieces of information I want to disseminate with this, which are the answers […]

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Tacticool Tuesday - Everything you would ever want to know, ever, about Night Vision Devices [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I know this is going to seem lame by comparison to some other better researched posts, but rest assured that these guy can speak volumes better than I ever could about the subject.

The only thing that I can add to it is that 1. Never pay full price for anything. and 2. NVGs are the single biggest individual force multiplier you can have but it should never come at the expense of your bullets, beans, and band aid stash.

1.  Read this primer by ITS Tactical

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark: A Comprehensive Intro to Night Vision Devices

2.  Watch this podcast as it goes into the minutia of night vision devices and accessories, and answers some frequently answered questions. 


Never Mind the Olympics, Welcome Black Powder Championships! [The Firearm Blog]

barcelos2015day3005While the Olympics are going on right now, and are certainly a world class avenue of firearms competition, another firearms competition is happening right now, in Sarlóspuszta, Hungary. For the next several days the Muzzle Loaders International Committee will be holding their 27th match. There are twenty six countries represented by over 300 shooters shooting […]

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Full Auto from the wrist! Working Suicide Prop [The Firearm Blog]

SuicideSquad-Deadshot-wrist-propA video has been released wherein the wrist mounted Glock 19s used by Will Smiths character Deadshot, are being tested in a movie prop facility, most likely the Movie Armaments Group based out of Toronto. In collaboration with Walter Klassen FX, the groups worked together to create a sort of gripless frame, that used a system […]

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TFB Review: LabRadar Doppler RADAR Chronograph [The Firearm Blog]

P7152437Though I’ve been involved with shooting sports for a long time, Chronographs never really interested me before.  When people were setting them up on crowded range days, it could be a big time-killer for everybody else while the user tried to get the shades right, get their equipment in line, and check and recheck the […]

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Monday, 15 August


Keys To Catching Fish: Using Earthworms []

The lowly earthworm likely has caught more pounds of fish for more anglers than all other baits and lures combined.

While in its base use, the earthworm is a simple and effective bait, it can be rigged and used countless ways to catch more and bigger fish than most anglers can imagine.

This video shows some of the best ways a “garden hackle” can be used.

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EDC Recommendations 2016: Accessories []

The idea for this installment of the Recommendation series is to go through stuff that is related to knives and flashlights, but not tied in directly. There is a lot of detritus you can accumulate over the years of collecting, buying, and using gear. In the end, most of it is junk. However a few items, like those listed below, rise above the tide.

Best EDC Pen: MaxMadCo Bolt Action Pen


I know this will generate a lot of flak, but after years of studying pen design and using dozens of different models, I think the answer here is clear–the MaxMadCo Bolt Action Pen is the best pen for pure EDC use.

I like fountain pens much better as everyday writers, but they can be a bit finicky for on the road, on the go writing. Sometimes it is just about being able to jot down a note, even on your hand (I do this all of the time). In those situations or in situations where I don’t want to worry about the knocks and dings that inevitably happen, the MaxMadCo Bolt Action Pen is my go to writer. It can take Parker style refills, giving you a wide range of options, and it’s bolt action is the best on any similar kind of pen. It is also plenty rugged without being built like a tank. In the three years I have owned mine it looks brand new, functions impeccably, and writes well.

Best EDC Backpack: Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II


Dudes should not make fun of their wife’s obsession with a quilted leather bag from Chanel when they readily spend $300-$500 on a bag made of nylon. Packs have gotten a bit crazy–either silly and twee at one end of the spectrum (see: Topo Designs Daypack) or overwrought complexities at the other end (see: TAD Fastpack).

If you want a well-design, well-made pack that has just the right number of pockets and isn’t so big you look like a homeless man going for a hike, try the Pygmy Falcon II. It’s size is just right for a man of average height and it is built like a bombshelter. It also has enough pockets to be useful, but not so many that you tuck something away and never see it again. It also happens to retail for under $100. It is a bit overly tacticool looking, but if you can get beyond that it is a great pack for everyday use.

Best Battery Charger: Sysmax Intellicharger 2

There are bigger and more sophisticated chargers out there for sure, but if you need a quick hit for a few cells, this is the charger to buy. It’s simple, charges almost every cell chemistry, and charges all but the tiniest of batteries. It is very, very good. Make sure you get the version 2 chargers as they can charge the increasingly more common IMR cells. I have the dual well charger, but the number cells that can be charged at once almost doesn’t matter.

Best Wallet: Bellroy Card Sleeve


As a tinkerer and a gear reviewer, lots of stuff passes through my hands. I try to give most of it away as part of one of my two annual charity giveaways. Over the years lots of stuff has come and gone and the thing I miss the most is this brilliant, simple, well-made wallet. I love the Card Sleeve. It gives you easy access to stuff, has great visibility for your ID (allowing you to show it without removing it) and it is thin. If you don’t want to fuss over a wallet, just buy this thing.   If you store a ton of stuff in your wallet, this isn’t for you. For that, I’d recommend one of the bigger Big Skinny or Allett wallets. Their sail material designs can hold a lot of stuff and add almost ZERO bulk.

Best Water Bottle: Hydroflask


It’s not perfect, but it is quite good. I have tried tons of water bottles and since I have given up juice and soda, they have become a lynchpin of my EDC. I don’t go anywhere without a bottle full of ice water. But all of the Nalgene/Kleen Kanteen/Camel Backs have let me down. Most are too thin to take a fall and some impart flavors. I’d love a glass lined, rubberized stainless steel bottle so that it would really take a hit and never impart flavor, but until that happens, this is as good as it gets.

Best Pocket…err…Knife…err…Thingy: Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector

This is not strictly necessary in any way, but boy is it nice. The thick pliable leather smells wonderful and works perfectly with a traditional knife, both in terms of looks and size. The fact that it pairs the knife with a small light is just too awesome. It’s as if this product was made for me. It can make your pockets bulky (this, plus a wallet, plus a phone can depants you), but if that is not a concern, this is one sweet product that has no real competition and does what it is designed to do very, very well.

Best One Piece Multitool: Gerber Shard


There are few parts of the gear world that are more ridiculous than One Piece Multitools. It used to be Peter Atwood’s great designs were being flipped for high three figures. Now, those tools look positively worth it compared to the moku-it tripe that is being offered now as custom knife makers realize that people will pay just as much for a boot that opens beer as they will for a knife that takes hours of labor to make. But if you ignore this insanity and look just at function, the uber cheap Shard is the way to go. It does real utility work, remember that?, and it does it well, all for less than $10. The 3D Phillips driver is still state of the art, all of these years later.

Best Key Organizer: BladeKey

This is definitely not the most famous of the key organizers, but it is certainly the best. I have no issues with the KeyBar per se, but it is bigger than it needs to be. That not only makes it hard to carry, it also makes it hard to pair with key fobs, which are increasingly common these days. The BladeKey, on the other hand, is dainty in size (though not strength) and it pairs well with fobs thanks to an open hole at one end. I have used one for three years now and once I switched over all of my tinkering on my keychain stopped

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Midway’s Tactical Pistol Case []

The guy next to me at the pistol range chunked his handgun up on the table like a bag of rocks. It might just as well have been a bag of rocks. His “pistol case” was an old cotton bank cash bag with a drawstring top. Now, what kind of decent protection would a bag like that provide for a pistol? Can you spell, n-o-n-e?

I cringe when I see people treat their firearms that way. Guns are expensive and ever-increasingly more difficult to obtain between supply issues, permits in some states, and escalating prices. Why someone would not invest in a good gun case regardless of the type of firearm is beyond me. Even a cheap, rag gun deserves some protection from the elements if it is ultimately intended to protect and serve.

Luckily there are many high quality pistol cases on the market and MidwayUSA has a new one. This case is their Tactical Pistol Case. Forget the “tactical” part as that is just some marketing hype. This gun case can stand completely on its own in terms of providing a safe and sound home for a handgun, either pistol or revolver type.

The Tactical Pistol Case has a PVC coated outer shell and measures 15-inches long, and 8.5 inches high. The bag itself empty only weighs 13 ounces. It carries by two wrapped handles that are easy grab if in a rush. The bag closes via heavy duty zippers with finger loop grab pulls.

The front of the bag has seven pistol magazine pouches sewn on with a fold over security flap that seals down with hook and loop material. This keeps out dirt, dust, debris, and junk that can foul loaded magazines. These magazine pouches are large and deep enough to handle single or double stack mags.

Two exterior pockets on the back of the case can hold a cleaning kit, shooting glasses, and ear plugs as well as extra ammo. The inside of the case can handle pistols or revolvers with barrels up to 7-inches in length. The case is foam padded to protect the gun from rough handling.

This Tactical Pistol Case is intended for transporting in a vehicle, or field carry such as to the shooting range, but not for long term storage use. The case comes in eight different colors and retails for $19.99, but is often on sale at Midway.

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When In Doubt, Run for Cover []

The whole deal behind personal defense is not to stand out in the open in the middle of the street. Of course, that illustration is way too simplistic for the array of situations that somebody could get into trying to defend themselves. Usually confrontations with an attacker are most likely at arm’s length, but not always.

Personal defense coaches almost always advise to run from any conflict if the opportunity presents itself. Just run. I generally agree with that position. I can’t imagine anybody wanting to have a shootout or be faced with a knife wielding crazy on meth. If you see something unfolding, get out of there.

If you can’t, then regardless of whether you happen to be carrying concealed or not, seek cover. The concept here is to minimize your exposure to flying lead from the assailant and or just to remain hidden from sight hoping the threat will pass without you being noticed. That does happen.

But, if an exchange of fire is inevitable, you are in a much better position to return fire if you are behind a suitable barrier to provide an element of protection. In most circumstances out in public or at home there are many options for places to seek cover. Just be mindful of picking a spot that the physical structure can deflect bullets and reduce sight vision of your position.

Top on this list would be a nearby vehicle. Crouching behind the engine side of the fender or opposite door should give you ample cover to prevent bullet penetration. Getting behind a wheel well with a tire and steel rim can provide good cover. Just don’t expose your feet or legs under the vehicle.

Concrete walls, parking barriers, building corners and such also make good areas for cover. Though you may have to rise to shoot over a low barrier, or shoot around a wall, minimal exposure can be practiced in advance. This is how many personal defense shooting schools train. Keeping low and out of sight is paramount as is picking judicious times to return fire such as during an assailant reload or movement in the open.

In the same light try to be mindful of the cover you pick. Most bullets sail right through sheetrock or thin wall paneling. Window glass provides no useful cover. Likewise thin outer doors or paper thin interior doors give little cover. So, pick your cover, but wisely.

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Knifemaker Profile: Brian Efros Knives []

Every now and then you come across a new knifemaker whose work just jumps out at you, not because it’s so far out of the ordinary (like, say, Jason Brous’s work) but because it’s a perfectly executed twist on a tried and true design.

This is how I felt about Brian Efros’s Scout knife in CPM-3V. This is a classic, do-it-all with a 4.25-inch saber-ground blade. The Scout pictured above is the tanto* version, but I’m much more partial to the regular version show below. It’s similar to a Bark River Bravo 1, but with a much smaller ramp.


Everything about this blade screams “quality”, from the grinds to the fit and finish on the handle — check out those hollow handle pins.

Efros’s Birch Creek is also a great looking little hunting blade, in the more traditional bushcraft vein. Again, the fit and finish on these blades are top-notch.


Efros now has knives listed on DLT, so you can check back there to see what’s in stock. I’m seeing the Scout in stock in a few places, and at $100 less than the Koster MUCK that disappointed me, I’m wishing I’d have shelled out for this, instead. Maybe I’ll try to post a trade in an FB group.

At any rate, Brian Efros is definitely a knifemaker to look out for. He’s clearly got a great eye and some serious skills. I’m excited to see what he’ll come up with, next.

*Note: I have to confess, I seriously do not understand the fascination with the “modern tanto” point. The traditional tanto point is great, but the modern tanto just looks gaudy to me. I’ll be glad when that trend is over.

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TFBTV Shooting: The SIG MPX, Suppressed and Unsuppressed [The Firearm Blog]

In this video, James shoots the SIG MPX in 9mm with and without an AAC Evolution 9 Silencer.  The full review of the MPX is here:

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Wilson Combat X-Tac Elite Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Wilson CombatThe 1911 wizards at Wilson Combat have come up with another handgun for your consideration. Called the X-Tac Elite, the new pistols are available in full and compact sizes and any of three different calibers: .45 ACP, 9mm and .38 Super. The most obvious thing about this gun is the use of the company’s X-Tac […]

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How did this guy wind up on the Libertarian ticket? [Of Arms and the Law]

Bill Weld, Libertarian VP candidate, interviewed on gun laws:

"The five shot rifle, that's a standard military rifle; the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon, and those are independent criminal offenses. That is when they become, essentially a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns probably is even worse than the problem of the AR15."

With an incoherence like that, how did he wind up on any ticket?


Gun Review: Howa MiniAction Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

1st shotDuring the SHOT 2016 Range day I had the pleasure of firing Howa’s new MiniAction series of rifles. Howa rifles, which are imported by Legacy Sports and made in Japan, come in a plethora of calibers and configurations. The MiniAction series is available in .204 Ruger, .222 Remington, .223 Remington/5.56 NATO, 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39! […]

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A Homework Assignment [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

As I am sure many of you know, the email and home addresses of many Democratic party staffers have been leaked.  This presents us with a wonderful opportunity to speak directly with men and women behind the men and women that represent you on Capitol Hill.  These are the gatekeepers of the Representatives and the same people that write the legislation to cut away at the very rights that were passed down through centuries,  They pick the winners or losers of a debate.  These are the deaf ears that your cries for "not one more inch" have fallen.  What will you tell them now?

What will you tell them?

I suggest educating them on the errors of legislatively backing a people up to a wall.  You can tell them that you will not be disenfranchised anymore.  Let them know of the ruinous foreign and domestic policies have only created unending poverty and conflict.  Let them know what their illegal immigration policies have cost you or about the elections they have stolen.  You can send them a copy of the III% Catechism and Valediction to let them know who you are.  There will be no Fort Sumter's on our part but there will be a genuine refusal to obey unjust laws.  You can send them your latest range card or target score cards.  You can let them know that their small tyrannies will be answered.

If nothing else.. let them know that the 100 Heads Life Insurance Company sends its regards.

Click on this link to see who you can tell.


POTD: Those Are Some Huge Rounds [The Firearm Blog]

13906968_10210241695142670_4730639813674791978_nAt first glance I was a bit confused by this photo. The Lancer mags show us the rounds and they are huge. Since it appears to be single stack with ballistic tips I thought this was some bizzare pistol caliber round. Nope it is .458 SOCOM. Below is a photo comaring 5.56 to .458 Socom.

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For the benefit of our new Three Percenters - Welcome [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I am seeing a trend of people that are familiar with the III% and even this blog, but that are not familiar with the concepts of the movement or why it was started.  

Don't mistake me, I think this is absolutely wonderful.  It means that more people are coming here for the first time and that means that new eyes are being opened.  This is my one goal: seeing the movement grow to dizzying heights and still remain true to the founding principles.

To that end, I am reposting "A Brief Three Percent Catechism -- A discipline not for the faint-hearted."

Catechesis is an education in the faith of children, young people and adults which includes especially the teaching of Christian doctrine imparted, generally speaking, in an organic and systematic way, with a view to initiating the hearers into the fullness of Christian life. -- Catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 5 (quoting John Paul II).
Wikipedia tells us that "in the early church, new converts . . . were instructed (catechized) in the basic elements of the faith such as the Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, and sacraments in preparation for baptism." Although I'm a Baptist, this always struck me as a useful tool to make sure that all of the folks who professed a creed actually understood the faith. Catechism hardly contains all the elements of a particular belief system, but it puts the newbie on the right path of study. I have been convinced for some time that the Three Percent needed a catechism of our own, since there are a number of folks who seem to want to reinterpret (if not hijack) the original concept for their own purposes. To quote Obi Wan Kenobi, "It takes strength to resist the dark side. Only the weak embrace it!"
The Three Percent idea, the movement, the ideal, was designed to be a simple, powerful concept that could not be infiltrated or subjected to agents provocateurs like many organizations that I observed in the constitutional militia movement of the 90s. In this I was both correct and dead wrong, as I have been battling folks almost since the beginning who have misunderstood, deliberately or not, what the Three Percent was in history, what it is today and what its aims are for the future.
What is a "Three Percenter"?
During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. They were in turn actively supported by perhaps 10% of the population. In addition to these revolutionaries were perhaps another 20% who favored their cause but did little or nothing to support it. Another one-third of the population sided with the King (by the end of the war there were actually more Americans fighting FOR the King than there were in the field against him) and the final third took no side, blew with the wind and took what came.
Three Percenters today do not claim that we represent 3% of the American people, although we might. That theory has not yet been tested. We DO claim that we represent at least 3% of American gun owners, which is still a healthy number somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 million people. History, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority. So too are the current enemies of the Founders' Republic. What remains, then, is the test of will and skill to determine who shall shape the future of our nation.
The Three Percent today are gun owners who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act. Three Percenters say quite explicitly that we will not obey any further circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked. We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, we are committed to the restoration of the Founders' Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic.
The Doctrine of the Three Percent in a few sentences.
The Three Percent are the citizens the Founders counted on to save the Republic when everyone else abandoned it. And we will. There will be no more free Wacos and no more free Katrinas. For we are the Three Percent. We will not disarm. You cannot convince us. You cannot intimidate us. You can kill us, if you think you can. But remember, we’ll shoot back. We are not going away. We are not backing up another inch. And there are THREE MILLION OF US. The next move, if any, is up to the aspiring tyrants among the domestic enemies of the Constitution.
This is not to say that all politics, even in the rigged, corrupt game played by both political parties today, is futile. It isn't. The Founders did not cede that ground to the forces of the King until forced to do so and we must not. Indeed, this is one way that we make the local contacts and build the local networks so key to the Founders' concepts of the militia as the guardian of, and the true expression of the will of, the people. There is a place then, for all who adopt the Three Percent ideal, regardless of age, sex, fitness, infirmity. Resistance is an expression of a determined minority, but that minority comes from everywhere and contributes what it can, where it can.
One other point. The Three Percent idea, being an idea, is internalized and finds expression in action when required without any top-down organization issuing orders. This was on perfect display at the Bundy Ranch stand-off when Three Percenters from everywhere flocked on their own to the Bundy's defense, interposing themselves between the Bundys and the Feds. No call was issued, they just came because they understood the concept of "No More Free Wacos." The Feds were shocked -- first into inaction and then into retreat. Indeed, the Bundy confrontation may be seen as the proof of the successful weaponizing of the idea of the Three Percent.
The Three Percent as a modern expression of the Founder's model.
The reason why men enter into society, is the preservation of their property; and the end why they chuse and authorize a legislative, is, that there may be laws made, and rules set, as guards and fences to the properties of all the members of the society, to limit the power, and moderate the dominion, of every part and member of the society: for since it can never be supposed to be the will of the society, that the legislative should have a power to destroy that which every one designs to secure, by entering into society, and for which the people submitted themselves to legislators of their own making; whenever the legislators endeavour to take away, and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence. -- John Locke, Second Treatise on Government, Chapter XIX, Of the Dissolution of Government, Sec. 222, 1690.
The Founders, it must be remembered, thought of themselves as Englishmen who were merely seeking their rights under the English Constitution from the depredations of a corrupt monarchy and its ministers. In this they were guided by the philosophy of John Locke's social contract theory. Locke declared that under natural law, all people have the right to life, liberty, and estate, further, under the social contract, the people could resist the government by force of arms when it acted against the interests of citizens and could replace it with one that served the interests of citizens. Such armed resistance, in Locke's mind, was an obligation which acted as a safeguard against tyranny. The language and reasoning of the Declaration of independence come straight from Locke.
Not only is the moral basis of the modern-day Three Percent movement the same as that of the Founders, but the tactics and strategy of resistance that was used by them, including the Sons of Liberty, the Committees of Correspondence and Safety and the Minutemen, are fully applicable to today's struggle. First, as I wrote over six years ago, Three Percenters recognize that with such a declaration of resistance comes responsibility:
"Take not counsel of your fears." In the coming period many rumors will sweep the blogosphere. Imminent danger will perceived from a million different directions. But here is how we should conduct ourselves.
"Wilson, I'm a damned sight smarter man than Grant; I know more about organization, supply and administration and about everything else than he does, but I'll tell you where he beats me and where he beats the world. He don't care a damn for what the enemy does out of his sight but it scares me like hell." -- William Tecumseh Sherman as recalled by James Harrison Wilson, in Under the Old Flag.
Now Sherman wasn't saying that Grant should fail to seek through intelligence-gathering or scouting what the dispositions and the intentions of the enemy were. He was saying that you don't let your fears affect how you fight the enemy in front of you. Sherman also recalled that Grant worried less about what the enemy was going to do him and more about what HE was going to do the the enemy. As Three Percenters, we must only react to what we see and know and not some rumored threat. Above all, we must not lose our cool. We must always remain under control, and ready.
We must not react to, or repeat, disinformation, for this is the principal way the domestic enemies of the Constitution have used to discredit us over the years. As Three Percenters we must always be the adults in the room. We do not have the luxury of reacting out of emotion, fear or hatred. This is made easier by the discipline of building deterrence.
Again, from six years ago:
Work on the credibility of your deterrence. Deterrence only works if it's credible. We must ready ourselves for whatever comes. That means training, physical fitness, building up logistical bases, more training, marksmanship competence, organization, more logistics, more training.
We have our enemy's promises that they will negate any possibility of our using the standard methods of politics against them. They have won the "majority vote" decision. Fine. But if we are to avoid conflict, we must convince them of how little this actually buys them in the way of power. We do that by building up the armed citizenry, one three-man buddy team, one six-man fire team and one squad at a time. Don't advertise. Friends and neighbors will do nicely. And remember, you're doing this in case the deterrence doesn't work. This is as real as it gets, folks. Act like it.
This is a major component of the discipline of the Three Percent. If you are focused on readiness you will be less likely to jump at shadows, less likely to take counsel of your fears. When in doubt about what is going on around you, train, organize, forge yourself and your teams into the sort of "well regulated militia" the Founders first created in the period leading up to 19 April 1775 and then later codified in the Second Amendment.
"Don't fire unless fired upon." -- Captain John Parker, Lexington Minutemen, 19 April 1775.
As Three Percenters we are bound by an ironclad commitment to no first use of force. We call this, "No Fort Sumters." From six years ago:
No "Fort Sumters." This means exactly and precisely what it says. We must not fire first.
Neither were the leaders of the Confederacy eager to start a war. Jefferson Davis and his cabinet, sitting in their offices in Montgomery (Alabama), much preferred to negotiate until they got their way. They always had, after all. In fact, Southerners in general considered Northerners to be incapable of standing up to them. They had seceded thinking the North would "just let them go." Should it come to civil war they were confident that the great European powers, desperately needing cotton for their mills, would intervene on the side of the Confederacy. The one possibility the South never considered was the one that actually happened: that the North would actually fight an all out civil war rather than let the Union be shattered and that England and France would not come to the aid of the South. Lincoln's adroit handling of the matter left Montgomery with few choices. If they attacked Fort Sumter, they'd lose both their moral high ground and their Northern allies. -- Joe Wheeler, Abraham Lincoln, Howard Books, 2008
We don't fire first, nor second, nor perhaps even third. This does not mean we can't defend ourselves. We must.
What it does mean is that the rest of don't react until everyone understands that it is collective self-defense. We must not cede the moral high ground.
If the Confederacy had not fired on Sumter, what would Lincoln have done? Whatever it was would have cost him the moral high ground and political legitimacy. And for the brave new world of imperial presidency that he was embarked upon, that might have led to an entirely different result. Division in the North, perhaps even impeachment. It is our enemies who are the revolutionists and the aggressors.
Take a stand on familiar ground and their appetites will do the rest. They will come to us. Just be ready. Then when it is apparent, ACT, at once and collectively, on familiar ground of our own choosing and in enlightened self-defense on a large scale seeking only the criminally culpable.
This absolute tenet of the Three Percent concept comes in for the most criticism from those who would have someone (someone, significantly, NOT themselves) take the first shot out of fear or other motives which may or may not be their own. It is in the interest of the domestic enemies of the Constitution to get us to go to proactive violence. The solution then is to refuse to do so. Their own tyrannical hungers combined with impatience at our defiance, like that of the Founders', will in time force them to cede this vital point or, far less likely, to give up the game. But it must be their choice and their action. Again, here it is vital not to take counsel of your fears and to assign some supernatural powers to the enemies of liberty. They cannot sweep down and bag the lot of us, as some Chicken Littles fear. We have them out-numbered by a long shot. If some of us are killed to make the point that THEY are the aggressors in Locke's "war against against the people," then we must recognize that this is what we signed up for when we took our oaths.
The other moral absolute that you sign on to when you become a Three Percenter is no targeting of innocents. We call this "No Oklahoma City bombings." And this includes the innocents who make up the non-combatants on the enemy's side. If you claim to fight monsters, it is important not to become one yourself. They target innocents in retributive terror operations like Waco, we do not. We are also criticized by some for this "weakness." It is, rather, not only a strength but our greatest strength. It is what defines us as defenders of liberty and the people. It is also what the tyrants most fear -- if innocents are taken off the target list, only the guilty remain. And the one thing the war-makers and decision-takers of tyranny fear is a Fourth Generation civil war targeted solely and precisely at THEIR miserable existence. It is the only thing they cherish, the only real thing they believe in -- their own existence and the power that existence gives them to feed their hunger off other people's liberty, property and lives. If the order-givers start to disappear, through death or desertion, the orders do NOT get given. With no Eichmanns to make up the schedules, no cattle cars depart to the East for "Arbeit Macht Frei." This strategy also takes advantage of our greatest strength -- our rifle marksmanship. The accurate rifle in the handle of a trained marksman is our "precision guided munition." Millions of such rifles, properly targeted, by people with the will to use them, amounts to utter defeat for any would-be tyranny, and death for any would-be tyrant.
These four principles -- moral strength, physical readiness, no first use of force and no targeting of innocents -- are the hallmarks of the Three Percent ideal. Anyone who cannot accept them as a self-imposed discipline in the fight to restore the Founders' Republic should find something else to do and cease calling themselves a "Three Percenter."
This is by no means a complete exploration of the subject and I will have more as time progresses. I invite comment and criticism.
Mike Vanderboegh, 29 June 2014.


I’ll Be Back: the New Terminator from H&N Sport [The Firearm Blog]

HN Sport Terminator PelletsH&N Sport announced a new pellet design that promises unmatched expansion for increased lethality on small game. Called the Terminator, these expanding lead pellets combine a tapered tip with a partitioned hollow tip to provide significant expansion and penetration through thick hides and fur. These new pellets are available in both .177 and .22 calibers. […]

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Gun control goes on the ballot [NRA-ILA News]

Stymied on Capitol Hill and in state legislatures, supporters of stricter gun control measures are taking their cause to the ballot box.Voters in four states will decide ballot measures relating to gun control this November. In Maine and Nevada, voters will decide whether to expand background check requirements to include private gun sales.


Once Skeptical of Executive Power, Obama Has Come to Embrace It [NRA-ILA News]

In nearly eight years in office, President Obama has sought to reshape the nation with a sweeping assertion of executive authority and a canon of regulations that have inserted the United States government more deeply into American life.


3-D Printed Guns Could Outsmart Gun-Control Efforts [NRA-ILA News]

Legislators can pass bills for things like universal background checks and the “no fly, no buy” rule, but those policies target if someone can purchase a gun. Things become a lot more complicated when citizens can make their own guns at home—and that’s becoming a significant issue as technology advances.


Behold a Gun Show [NRA-ILA News]

In the progressive imagination, American gun shows are uniquely perfidious affairs — nothing more or less than illicit, loophole-ridden rendezvous points at which men with undesirable political opinions enable terrorists and criminals to do damage to the virtuous. In the press and beyond, it is hard to miss the lip-curling sneer that typically accompanies their contemplation. If there is one tradition in the United States that sums up the country’s unique gun culture it is these shows; necessarily, those who dislike that culture will abhor its pageantry.


Study: the Vast Majority of Gun Crime Isn’t Committed by Lawful Gun Owners [NRA-ILA News]

Here’s news that should shock exactly no one – the vast majority of gun crimes are committed by people who did not lawfully purchase their firearms. That’s the finding of a study of gun crimes in Pittsburgh in 2008:


American Rhode wins record sixth medal in six Games [NRA-ILA News]

American shooter Kim Rhode won the bronze medal in women's skeet shooting on Friday, an honor that put her in an elite record-holding group of just five other athletes who have won a medal in six different Olympic Games.


U.S. gun owners defying stereotype [NRA-ILA News]

Due in part to recent mass shootings, Democrats have begun to embrace gun control again. The Hill, a newspaper covering Congress, noted that this amounts to Democrats “betting that a shift in voter sentiment has turned a once-toxic issue into a political winner.”There's good reason to think Democrats are wrong, particularly if their calculations are driven by the stereotype that guns-rights supporters are mostly rural, working-class whites who seldom vote Democrat anyway.


Armed Ladies are prepared, and there are more of them [NRA-ILA News]

Tammi Erdman was raised believing no one should go into the southwest Florida Everglades without a firearm.At her father’s house where she grew up, the nearest neighbor, who was once robbed and shot in his home, lived 15 miles away. Her mother cautioned her with stories of corpses being used to smuggle cocaine. As Ms. Erdman tells it, there’s nowhere to go in a bad situation, and, if you do get somewhere, nobody to help. She said the area is “the perfect place to get robbed.”


Trending in East Texas: Women buying guns [NRA-ILA News]

Northeast Texans appear to be arming themselves at a healthy clip.Their reasons, local gun dealers said last week, run the gamut — personal protection, family tradition, to hunt and to compete on the range."It's across the board," David Kidder, manager of Top Shot Indoor Range and Guns, said about people who are buying firearms: "The demographics would include just about everyone."


Missouri: NRA leaders stump for Roy Blunt during stop at Bass Pro Shops' Springfield gun museum [NRA-ILA News]

U.S. Senator Roy Blunt kicked off a day-long tour of Missouri alongside top National Rifle Association officials with a campaign stop in Springfield early Thursday.


Second Amendment rights at stake amid recent gun control efforts [NRA-ILA News]

There is one issue in politics that we can count on year after year. No matter the circumstance, this subject matter is always a point of contention in General Assemblies across America and on the federal level in Washington. So what is the issue that just won’t go away? Ironically, it’s an issue, that I feel, shouldn’t be up for discussion or an issue at all — our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Partnership Between KE Arms, Brethren Armament, and Rim County Manufacturing (RCM) [The Firearm Blog]

Following on our earlier post of Who Bought Who, it is also interesting to note companies that are working together to bring new builds and components to market, and to make items more accessible to consumers. KE arms is now the retail distributor for all roller lock components engineered by Brethren Arms, as well as […]

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RIA: Japanese ZH-29 Copy by Tokyo Gas & Electric [Forgotten Weapons]

The Japanese military experimented with self-loading rifle designs through the 1930s, and had 4 major rifles in testing during that period. One was a new design by Kijiro Nambu, one was a Pedersen copy made by the Tokyo Army Arsenal, one was a gas operated toggle locking rifle by the Nippon Special Steel company, and the fourth was this, a ZH-29 copy made by Tokyo Gas & Electric. TG&E was a major industrial concern that made all manner of products, and they chose to copy the ZH-29 for Army rifle trials. However, it appears that while their manufacturing quality was quite good, they lacked the firearms design expertise on staff to fix the problems the rifle was found to have.

Specifically, their ZH-29 suffered from substantially inferior accuracy. It seems that no significant changes were made between the first and second major trials (1932 and 1935), and when the accuracy problems appeared unchanged in 1935, they were dropped from competition. Only a handful of these rifles were ever made, between 10 and 25.

There are a number of differences between the TG&E rifle and the original Czech ZH-29. The most significant of these is a separate non-reciprocating bolt handle on the TG&E rifle, where the Czechs fixed the handle directly to the bolt carrier body. The Japanese rifle was chambered in 6.5x50SR, of course, and used a new magazine not compatible with the Czech type. The trigger group was also redesigned somewhat, although not in a fundamental way.


The Deadpool Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

13924839_500157546852928_1089410007486991873_nDeadpool could easily be referred to as the antithesis of all things superhero, and yet the movie’s namesake did have a bit of hero in him (sort of). The movie was released immediately prior to Valentine’s Day 2016 and grossed $363.1 million here in the United States, pulling in another $419.3 million in foreign countries. […]

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ATN Releases X-Sight II Update with New Features [The Firearm Blog]

X-Sight II UpdateATN announced a firmware update for its X-Sight II line of thermal rifle scopes. The update improves some existing features, squashes a few bugs and introduces a number of new features including a new reticle and ballistic calculator. New or Improved Features Smart Shooting Solution – This is a ballistics calculator that adjusts the scope […]

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Starting your week off right [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Badass of the Week


"Funk, of course, wasn't going to quit just because he'd single-handedly captured an entire town and its garrison with just thirty non-combatants, and he immediately left the eighty POWs under guard of four armed Americans and pressed on with his attack.  While he was out beating people to death with anything larger than a two-by-four, however, a group of Germans in arctic camouflage snuck back into the town Funk had just captured, overwhelmed the American guards, and freed the recently-captured POWs. Funk and one of his men returned to their camp to find a hundred cranky Germans waving guns in his face, and a Nazi officer pointing at Luger in his face from point-blank range."


Modern Historical Intermediate Calibers 014: The 4.85x49mm British [The Firearm Blog]

The 4.85 British (center) was developed in the UK and competed in the NATO trials that eventually standardized on the Belgian 5.56mm SS109 load (left). Like the similar German 4.9x45mm DAG (right), it is based on the 5.56mm case.On Saturday we looked at one British “contender” which could have in some alternate reality become the NATO standard round, and today we’re going to look at another: The 4.85x49mm. After the United States adopted the .223 Remington round as the 5.56x45mm in the mid-1960s, a race began among NATO member nations to create and adopt […]

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Modern Intermediate Calibers 013: The .17 Caliber Remington Family [The Firearm Blog]

The 5.56mm alongside two of its .17 caliber variants. Center, the 4.32x45mm Frankford Arsenal, Right, the German 4.3x45mm DAG.Up to this point we’ve looked at calibers ranging from 5.56mm to 7.62mm, but today we’re going to look at something smaller… A lot smaller. The smallest caliber size that is feasible for a given current barrelmaking and projectile manufacture technology is .173″/4.32mm, and a natural centerfire platform for that caliber is the common 5.56mm case. […]

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Special Interest Arms 9mm Bolt Action Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

imageSpecial Interest Arms (SIA) in Gardnerville, Nevada, specializes in bolt action rifle to pistol caliber conversions. With an emphasis on quiet, SIA is using the Armscor .22 TCM bolt action as a platform for a 9mm rifle/suppressor host. The Novem is available as either a 16″ carbine, a 12″ barrel with a permanently attached cage to […]

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Anyone grab this before it was pulled? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

You know, for educational purposes and such.

Hacker Publishes List Of Cell Phone Numbers, Private E-Mails For Most House Democrats

"After disappearing for a couple of weeks, the hacker “Guccifer 2.0” returned late this afternoon to provide a new headache for Democrats"
"In a post to his WordPress blog, the vandal--who previously provided nearly 20,000 Democratic National Committee e-mails to Wikileaks--uploaded an Excel file that includes the cell phone numbers and private e-mail addresses of nearly every Democratic member of the House of Representatives."
"The Excel file also includes similar contact information for hundreds of congressional staff members (chiefs of staff, press secretaries, legislative directors, schedulers) and campaign personnel."
"In announcing the leak of the document, “Guccifer 2.0” reported that the spreadsheet was stolen during a hack of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “As you see I wasn’t wasting my time! It was even easier than in the case of the DNC breach,” the hacker wrote."
"Along with the Excel file, “Guccifer 2.0” also uploaded documents that included the account names and passwords for an assortment of subscription services used by the DCCC, from Lexis-Nexis to Glenn Beck’s web site (password: nutbag)."


RIA: Little All Right [Forgotten Weapons]

Aren’t these 19th century little pocket pistols cute? This is another palm-type hideout gun, named the “Little All Right” and patented in 1876. It’s actually a pretty basic revolver mechanism, just put into an unusual style of body with a strange trigger. It holds 5 rounds of .22 Short, and fires double action. Only a few hundred (perhaps a thousand) were made, which is understandable once you handle one. While the gun is small, the reach to the trigger is actually quite long, and the trigger itself is rather heavy. That combination would actually make it a bit difficult to shoot. It also forces you to wrap your hand around the cylinder gap, which couldn’t be too pleasant when shooting.


Tributes [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

If this past week has shown me anything, it is the dictum of it being better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable actually may be false.  Well, perhaps at least it should come with a caveat that being admired by the admirable is an awesome thing to behold.  The outpouring of support from those that knew Mike and those that he affected has been overwhelming to say the very least.  I was unable to fly in for the funeral but I understand that there was a good many III% folks that showed up.  This is quite astonishing given the very short notice of the event.  Ken Lane over at Knuckledraggin gives us a short synopsis of the event.

Online and around the blogopheres support has continued to pour in.  Some from unlikely sources.

The Kansas City Star reporter, Judy Thomas, had contacted Mike months ago, (if memory serves it was around April), to produce a news story of his life and publish it upon his death.  This article was vetted and sanctioned by Mike, warts and all.  I was initially incredulous to the adding of SPLC semi-pro B.S. artist Mark Pitcavage as a source, but in a certain point of view it was appropriate if you want to look at Mike's life in the full spectrum.  The Old Man was good with it, so I am good with it.

David Codrea was, quite appropriately, the first blog to publish the notification of Mike's death: Freedom Movement Loses Important Voice with Passing of Mike Vanderboegh

In the article, David outlines some of Mikes accomplishments and his career in the Patriot Movement.  As a very close friend and associate, he was able to interact with Mike in a way that I could not.

Mr. Codrea observed:
"It’s also true he could at times be impulsive in his response to perceived injustices. There are more affronts to liberty and wrongs to right than any of us could hope to even hear about, let alone do anything about. When one came across Mike’s transom, he was on it like a pit bull, even if already overburdened – and that tendency was something he would not ease up on until the weakness of the flesh stripped him of any choice – and even then he would do what he could to defy."
Another longtime friend, Herschel Smith from the Captains Blog had a very poignant and touching viewpoint in "Remembering Mike Vanderboegh"
"I’ve heard it said that such-and-such a man had “redeeming qualities.” Hogwash. Men don’t have redeeming qualities. Men are themselves redeemed, or they are lost. The God-man Christ Jesus saves men or they perish without Christ but with all of the punishments due to them, and all men are under judgment."
"That’s the sweet thing about Mike. He knew this, and he believed it. Mike didn’t do a single thing to redeem himself, but he trusted Christ and the vicarious atonement for his very life. That means that it was a life well-lived. Everything else is wasted."
"But if man cannot redeem himself, that doesn’t mean he cannot redeem what’s around him by taking dominion of the world for God’s glory. Mike did exactly that, and today he is in heaven with his Lord. I don’t believe in the phrase “rest in peace” (and Isaiah 57:2 isn’t discussing ethereal floating of one’s spirit for eternity). I also don’t believe that man’s body cools to ambient temperature and that’s the end. Mike didn’t believe that either." 
III% news aggregation point, and another longtime friend, WRSA, had some excellent comments.  Thank you all for that incredible grassroots tribute.

On Facebook, I could not appropriately begin to describe the level of support the family has received from that community.  I am humbled that Mike's message of the III percent and teachings had been so pervasive.  What an honor it is to continue to push the reach of the message further than it ever has been before.  I am very proud that the social media referrals have effectively eclipsed and even doubled my Google site referrals.  It is only through the high engagement of the supporters there that this has been possible.

Sharyl Attkisson, fellow conspirator of the Fast and Furious scandal, had this to say in her post "Fast and Furious blogger Vanderboegh passes away"
"In my early interactions with Vanderboegh, he was patient and rightly skeptical. To him, I was the liberal, know-nothing press. He had terse dealings with other reporters. (He told one national reporter to f-off when the reporter “asked for the names and phone numbers of all my sources so he could contact them”). I knew little of guns and gun laws, and was not working from a pro-gun rights position, as he was. I saw it as a story of government misdeeds and corruption. He came to see my point of view and thought there was value in helping out. He encouraged ATF agents to speak to me and provide information. Some of those relationships continue today."
"So today, a nod to Vanderboegh and a moment to recognize his role in stopping a deadly practice that the government first denied, then later acknowledged. The gunwalking is responsible for many deaths, the government still won’t disclose how many, but surely many other deaths were prevented by the story being exposed and the practice being stopped."
Another tribute that came quite unexpectedly was that of Sebastian, NRA apologist, at the Pagunblog (formerly of "Snowflakes in Hell").  From a cursory internet search, the last public discussion was in 2015 in a Sipsey post defending Texas Open Carry

His article, simply titled "Mike Vanderboegh Dies" was as magnanimous as it was simple.  
"I had come to appreciate that regardless of whatever disagreements I may have had with Mike Vanderboegh strategically, he was quite a powerful public speaker and organizer (organizing gun owners is herding cats on a good day), in the way I could never hope to match. His work with David Codrea to break open Fast and Furious turned out to be top notch citizen journalism, despite a lot of initial skepticism. It was fine enough work that others in the media lined up to take credit and cash in."
"I will always think of him any time I put on my big Russian hat to go shovel the driveway."
Much to my surprise and delight, the best and most well known of the Mike Vanderboegh tribute articles came from his long time sparring partners, the Southern Poverty Law Center.  There is something to be said for having your enemies write your eulogy.

It starts out with a dramatic, salacious, bold sub-headline:
"Michael Brian Vanderboegh, who rose from the 1990s militia ranks to become the angry, vocal co-founder of the extremist, pro-gun III Percent movement, using an Internet blog to promote his antigovernment views, has died." 
I am positively bumfuzzled as to whom this other co-founder person or persons could be.  I am also left wondering after their candidate loses the election, how quickly they will go from "you must support your president and government" back to demanding that "dissent is patriotic".  They are nothing if not dependable in their hypocrisy.

On a whole, the article is filled with a laundry list of striking back at the empire.  One of which is an amusing anecdote of when he sent a plastic skull to self-proclaimed "militia expert" Mark Potok.  If I was told about this, perhaps I had forgotten it, but it did illustrate the creative lengths that the Old Man went to consistently jab at his enemies.  He was a master at riding straight up to the line and going an inch over to see what they would do.  Every time he did, they did nothing but howl loudly from their keyboards. A lesson could be learned here.

I found it curious that Kerodin did get an honorable mention of a couple of lines.  For all of the chest pounding and the division that was made between those two, if Kerodin is ever mentioned at all in future, it will always be as a minor footnote to the much better man.  

Several other "left" leaning articles seemed to parrot the SPLC language at least in part.

ABC, Yahoo, and, quite the lazy journalists, simply played the good parrot and re-posted the SPLC article.  Boring, but the comments are pretty good.  ABC got his age wrong but gets points for at least spelling the name right.  You have to just see the silver lining with some people.

Idavox (whatever that is) said quite simply Mike Vanderboegh, Rot in Hell!.  Oh my.  Dread indeed.  Mike would be proud for that indictment.  Despised by the despicable and such.

As for me?  I find that where I thought I had reached acceptance, I am struggling a bit now that the man is gone and his funeral complete.  After such a long illness that took him down below 75 pounds and robbed him of even the ability to speak, I can see that it was a mercy.  He needed to transition and the family needed to move on.  I still find it difficult that I cannot pick up the phone, as I did so infrequently, and talk for a bit.

While I cannot lift up the phone, my father left me with an incredible network of experts and allies that, combined, has been everything and more that I could need.  Other than this blog, that has been the best thing that I could have been heir to.  I am incredibly grateful that he thought that I was capable to take the mantle of this blog on and help grow the movement that he fought so hard to create.  I will continue to endeavor to let neither you nor he down.

The life of the dead is placed in the memories of the living. - Cicero

Edit:  I was not familiar with the piece that was run in the American Thinker until I started looking at the blog stats.  For some reason that was not coming up the Google queries.  The tribute is a very honest look at the man and well worth the look.

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RIA: 2nd Model Smith-Jennings Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

The Smith-Jennings rifles are one of the evolutionary steps towards the revolutionary Henry and Winchester lever-action rifles. Here is the rifle that brought together the ideas of Hunt (who invented the rocket ball cartridge) and Jennings with the men who would go on to develop the gun into its final form – Henry, Smith, and Wesson.


Modern Historical Intermediate Calibers 012: The .280 British – SPECIAL EXTENDED EDITION [The Firearm Blog]

Two .280/30 cartridges, and their immediate ancestors. The .280 concept was inspired by the German 7.92x33 Kurz caliber on the far left, but demands for standardization in testing with the US-developed .30 T65 cartridge (center left) resulted in rounds after 1949 using the same case head as that round.Today on an extra special episode of Historical Intermediate Calibers, we’ll be taking a look at one of the most controversial experimental military rounds, one that many believe should have become the standard for the Western World at the beginning of the Cold War. That round is the .280 British, also known as the 7x43mm, and beginning in […]

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Friday, 12 August


What if Hillary Won’t Actually Be A Disaster For Gun Rights? []

I know you’re going to think this is crazy, and maybe it is, but hear me out. I’m trying to talk myself back from the “go on gunbroker and buy whatever’s left” ledge, and this is me thinking out loud. So here goes. 

Hillary has campaigned on “war with the NRA”, but I take it as a given that she’ll jettison any part of what she has campaigned on for political advantage once elected. Obama did the same with his campaign promises in 2008, and he’s on track to be canonized as the Democratic Reagan.

Also, before I proceed, I should also call out the following very curious phenomenon that I’ve noticed: the same conservatives who believe Hillary would sell her own daughter into slavery for a smidgen of political advantage are simultaneously convinced that on this one issue of guns she’s going to stand on principle and fight the gun lobby to the death in a cage match. I don’t get it. She’s either a craven, calculating liar who says one thing and does another, or she isn’t. I happen to think she’s the former, which is why I don’t believe her when she says she’s going after guns.

To put it another way, for a Democrat to come out in favor of a new AWB and to claim that Heller was wrongly decided is like a Republican claiming to be pro-life and anti-deficit — it’s just part of the party catechism that you’re obliged to recite on the campaign trail, but you don’t actually have to do anything about it when in office.

So with this in mind, how big of a threat is HRC to gun rights, really?

The only gun control position that actually polls well is “universal background checks”, and I think mag capacity limits do ok, too. Both are impossible to enforce as a practical matter, and the latter wouldn’t make a lick of different in mass shooting fatalities if it could be enforced (the answer to why this is the case is long-winded and involves actual data, which we have, on mag change times, practical rates of fire, average length of mass shootings and shots fired, etc. I’ll write about it one day.)

My point is, is Hillary actually going to spend real political capital on an Assault Weapons Ban 2.0, given that most major gun control groups have actually abandoned the idea in a rare concession to reality and statistics? Even the Sandy Hook Promise group, made of the parents of murdered Sandy Hook children, aren’t pushing an AWB, because it’s bad policy and even worse politics.

I’m coming around to the idea that the answer is “no”, she won’t do much about guns. She’ll make a real effort at passing universal background checks, and a token effort a mag limits, and maybe talk up the new AWB that’s circulating but not actually invest in it.

The other thing she’ll no doubt do is continue the Obama admin’s serial attempts to torment lawful gun owners via capricious and non-sensical ATF rule changes about “armor piercing ammo”, ITAR, and so on. In this vein, there also might be an import ban on foreign-made “assault weapons”, so if you want a Galil or a SCAR or whatever you should’ve bought one last month before they all disappeared from the shelves.

But as for legislation, I just don’t see her doing much.

But, the Supreme Court!

I also don’t see her going to the mat for a SCOTUS judge that will overturn Heller. I think she has priorities other than Heller, and she’ll be willing to tolerate someone who’s soft on guns just to get them through confirmation. (Of course, if she gets a Democratic Senate who’ll confirm whatever she sends their way, then all bets are off.)

Again, the GOP analogy is instructive, here. For most of my life, Republicans have been donating and voting and working the phones and going to the polls for Republican presidential candidates on promise that someday, somebody will overturn Roe v. Wade. Not only has it never happened, but it doesn’t look like it ever will. And why would the GOP actually want to overturn Roe v. Wade? It’s their best fundraising tool!

I think Heller (along with maybe Citizen’s United) is the Roe v. Wade of the Democratic party — they’re gonna rail against it, and raise a ton of money on it, and never overturn it.

Maybe all of this is just wishful thinking on my part, given that Hillary is the most likely person to occupy the Oval Office a scant few months from now. But then again, maybe I’m the one being realistic, and all the folks who think Hillary will be the end of gun rights are the fantasists.

Of course, as I said above, if the Dems take both houses of congress, or even just the Senate, then all bets are off. And a Democratic trifecta — POTUS, SCOTUS, and congress — would no doubt reverse many of the gun rights gains of the past two decades. So it’s not like this election is low-stakes, but rather maybe the real stakes for gun rights are in the down-ballot races, and not so much in the headline contest.

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Crazy Talk from Anti-Gun Libertarian VP Candidate []

Today’s dose of gun stupid comes from Bill Weld, VP candidate on the Libertarian party ticket:

The five-shot rifle, that’s a standard military rifle; the problem is if you attach a clip to it so it can fire more shells and if you remove the pin so that it becomes an automatic weapon, and those are independent criminal offenses,” Weld said. “That is when they become, essentially, a weapon of mass destruction. The problem with handguns probably is even worse than the problem of the AR15.

It’s hard to even know where to start. Every factual statement above that’s actually parseable as English is completely wrong. Not neckbeard nitpicking wrong, but “the sun goes around the earth” wrong.

Here’s how this reads to me:

“The unicorn is the standard cavalry horse; the problem is if you take its horn off and feed it acorns, so that it becomes, essentially, an octopus. The problem with party hats is even worse than the problem of baseball hats.”

That cracking sound you hear is me banging my head on my desk.

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Watch: Convert an Angle Grinder Into a Chainsaw []

Tired of stubborn gasoline chainsaws? Have a lot of time on your hands, plus access to a nice machine shop? Well then you, too, can turn an angle grinder into a safe and functional electric chainsaw.

What’s that you ask? Why not just get an electric chainsaw, which actually oils the chain automagically and is already built? Pshaw! Have you no imagination or sense of adventure?

But seriously, this is a fairly simple build and the result is a pretty cool attachment that does the job.

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Survival Trapping: Primitive Paiute Deadfall Trap []

The video below shows us how to make a primitive trap to kill mice and rats. Heck, the guy didn’t even use a knife — he just flaked off a sharp hunk of flint and went to work.

The idea is simple: Prop up a flat rock of appropriate size for your quarry. In this case, he was after mice and rats. I’m sure this same method would work for larger critters too.


With a simple system of four sticks and some cordage to hold up the rock and trigger it to fall, you too can create mouse pancakes!

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Watch: Wesson & Leavitt Revolving Rifle []

The Wesson in this equation is Edwin Wesson, brother of “the” Daniel Wesson who went on to Smith & Wesson fame.

In the words of Ian from Forgotten Weapons:

The Wesson & Leavitt is one of the scarcest revolving rifles made in the US, with no more than 50 made (some sources say only 16). The reason for this is that the Dragoon revolver which Wesson & Leavitt based the rifle on was found to be in violation of several Colt patents. Most importantly, when the Wesson & Leavitt Dragoon was introduced in 1850, Colt had a patent on the feature of having the cylinder index automatically when the hammer is cocked. They filed suit against Wesson & Leavitt, and won the case in 1851, before very many of the revolvers had been made.

I really love the way this gun works, with the barrel hinging upward to allow removal of the cylinder. Pretty sweet!

What I don’t love is that there’s no ramrod or other loading mechanism built into the gun, so you have to remove the cylinder to load it.

Other than that, it’s pretty dang sweet!

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Video: Bowfishing With Bad Ass Slingshots Slingbow []

Er… a slingbow? Hey, why not? But it seems like they changed their name somewhere along the way… they used to call the company Bad Ass Slingshots.

It’s pretty much a slingshot with a whisker buscuit arrow rest, adjustable for ambidextrous use, with a drilled & tapped hole in front for stabilizer, fishing reel, etc.

It looks pretty slick for bow fishing… and is certainly much more compact than a bow.

Check it out:

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Watch: DIY Live Squirrel Trap []

This guy shows how to build a homemade live trap for catching squirrels, and then demonstrates it by catching a squirrel.

That blur in the photo is the squirrel that was just released. 🙂


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Shotgun Pro Marty Fischer Offers Tips to Gorgeous Girl Gunners []

Shotgun guru Marty Fischer is arguably one of the best and most recognized figures in the shotgun sports arena, especially among the sporting clays crowd.

As a television show host for three decades, and one of the most heralded designers of sporting clays ranges, Fischer has built a solid reputation among as an elite instructor and gunner with experience spanning the globe.

Here he’s shown showing a couple lovely ladies how to better bust clay birds during a morning practice session before a dove hunt.


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Henry Gun Giveaway! Enter To Win An All-Weather Lever Action Rifle! There Will Be Two Winners! [The Firearm Blog]

giveaway imageHenry Repeating Arms has partnered with to give you the opportunity to win an All-Weather Lever Action Rifle! One secondary prize (same rifle) will be given away to the entrant with the most referrals from social media, so make sure to share this giveaway with your friends! Prizes: We will be giving away two All-Weather […]

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Remington R51… Did I Screw Up? [The Firearm Blog]

When this little guy was released to the public the first time, it didn’t go so well. All were recalled and customers were given the opportunity to get either a refund or wait over a year for a new pistol. Well, today I found a new one sitting in a gun show and I was […]

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Proof That Hillary Does Want To Make The Second Amendment Meaningless [NRA-ILA News]

According to The Washington Post, we are supposed to forget that in the early autumn of 2015 Hillary Clinton said the Supreme Court got it “wrong on the Second Amendment.” In point of fact, we weren’t even supposed to hear her say this. Someone leaked an audio recording from a private fundraiser hosted in Greenwich Village. Better known as “the Village” in New York City, this is an upscale neighborhood on the west side of Lower Manhattan known for being stuffed with wealthy, liberal-progressives. It is a place where President Barack Obama and Hillary have gone, again and again, to raise money for their campaigns.


Governor Sandoval Opposes Question 1! [NRA-ILA News]

Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval (R), reaffirmed his support of individual rights and the Second Amendment with his recent statement against Bloomberg’s gun control initiative, Question 1. “The governor does not support Question 1.  He has concerns that this measure would dilute the legitimate rights of law-abiding Nevadans and that it does not actually address the complex issue of keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals,” said Mari St. Martin, spokesperson for Governor Sandoval.


Symbolic Gesture Illustrates Idiocy of Background Check Law [NRA-ILA News]

Initiatives to impose so-called “universal background check” laws are pending in Maine and Nevada, and a similar initiative was passed in Washington State in 2014. In addition to claiming that these laws don’t outlaw private transfers of guns or “criminalize traditional behavior,” proponents also allege the background check laws have “commonsense” and “reasonable exceptions.”  The NRA opposes these measures for many good reasons – that they are misleadingly portrayed as applying to only “sales,” that they accomplish little besides burdening honest gun owners with new fees and paperwork, and because these laws regulate temporary loans, gifts and similar innocuous “transfers” of guns, with few and inadequate exemptions.


Armed clerk stops convenience store robbery, KTRK, Houston, Texas, 08/08/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A pair of armed men entered a convenience store in Houston, Texas and ordered the clerk on duty to hand over the cash. The clerk responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and firing at the thieves, prompting them to flee. The incident was caught on tape by the store’s surveillance cameras. Following the incident, another store employee told a local media outlet, “I don't think they were expecting she was going to straight shoot them.”


Top 5 Bayonets [The Firearm Blog]

Bayonets. You know, those pointy things that people hang off the end of rifles that you use to poke things with. While not the most romantic piece of military hardware (or the most relevant these days) the bayonet was once incredibly important to a soldier. In this video, we quickly run through 5 of the […]

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Brit Gun Amnesty Gone Wrong [NRA-ILA News]

Who Dares Wins. So says the motto of Britain’s most elite special operations unit, the Special Air Service (SAS).  For the SAS, these words are more than just a motto.  Those who serve in the unit are expected to deploy behind enemy lines or infiltrate hostile nations, many times relying only on their individual abilities and cunning to survive.


Scorpion Evo3 +10 Rd Mag Extension [The Firearm Blog]

10rd ext scorpionI have been working with Eric of Yeti Wurks. More like hounding him with requests to make me one more than anything else. Eric has made a name for himself making 3D printed upgrades for the CZ-USA Scorpion Evo 3. His grips are amazing. He has dabbled in making US made base pads and even […]

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NEW: Omega MP5SD Barreled Uppers At Atlantic Firearms [The Firearm Blog]

imageAtlantic Firearms has just announced the release of their Omega SD Barreled Receiver – basically the ‘heart and soul’ of an MP5SD patterned pistol. The receiver includes everything you need to own an SD roller-lock gun, minus the trigger group and an appropriate SD suppressor. Offering a barreled upper for sale to consumers makes a […]

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The Media Are Lying to Hide Clinton’s Animosity to the Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

This is the state of “journalism” today. Members of the media who desperately want Hillary Clinton to be elected president are stooping to unprecedented lows, abandoning all pretenses of impartiality, forfeiting whatever remnant of credibility they might otherwise have, trying to prevent voters from realizing that Hillary Clinton fundamentally opposes the individual right to keep and bear arms.


Delaware: Sunday Hunting Dates Listed by DNREC, Public Comment Requested [NRA-ILA News]

On Thursday, August 11, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) posted the Sunday hunting dates for the upcoming deer seasons in Delaware.


Gun Controllers Peddle Declining Ownership Myth Amid Massive Growth in Firearms Manufacturers [NRA-ILA News]

While wishful gun control supporters keep peddling the fiction that gun ownership is declining, the firearms industry is growing at an explosive pace in order to meet a growing demand. Earlier this week, Arek Sarkissian of the Naples Daily News wrote a piece highlighting the aggressive growth in licensed gun manufacturers. As the content of the article made clear, interest in firearms is booming and the firearms industry is a vibrant sector of the U.S. economy.


John Lott, BJS Surveys and ATF Data Undercut Everytown’s Claims about Expanded Background Checks [NRA-ILA News]

It’s a good thing for Hillary Clinton that Michael Bloomberg decided against running for president this year. If America’s self-appointed uber-Nanny had thrown his hat in the ring, he would have made Clinton work overtime to retain her title as the least trusted presidential candidate in American history. As the Washington Post reported on July 25, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump “now has a large lead on Clinton when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness.”


First Gold of Summer Olympics Goes to America, Inspires Derision from Miserable Gun-Hating Jerks [NRA-ILA News]

Signs of the cultural schisms and declining love of country that are the chief legacy of the Obama presidency are all around us. And while not the most serious, one of the most unfortunate and pathetic is that Americans can no longer agree that a fellow patriot’s gold medal at the Olympics is something to be celebrated. At least not when the gold involves pulling a trigger.


POTD: +8rd COLT/UZI Mag Extension [The Firearm Blog]

Colt 40My friend Brian M. sent this picture to me. He and I always like higher capacity especially for USPSA and 3Gun. Around the same time as my Scorpion Evo3 +10 extension, Brian had the idea to make an extension for Colt/UZI SMG magazines. It is a +8rd extension making the Colt/UZI mag hold 40rds of […]

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Modern Historical Intermediate Calibers 011: The 5.56×38 FABRL [The Firearm Blog]

0810162235bnAn interesting concepts that was tested in the mid-late 20th Century is that of an extremely light for caliber, very long bullet made of lightweight materials like aluminum and plastic. The 7.92×40 CETME, which if I can find a specimen I will cover later on, is one example, but starting in 1972 the now-closed Frankford Arsenal began […]

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Nevada governor opposing gun buyer background check measure [NRA-ILA News]

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval came out against a background check initiative supported by gun control advocates on the November ballot, saying Thursday it would "unnecessarily restrict rights of law-abiding Nevadans."


NRA launches new anti-Hillary Clinton ad in Ohio [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association on Wednesday said it has placed a $3 million TV ad buy in Ohio criticizing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the Second Amendment.


Lawsuit calls New Jersey stun gun ban unconstitutional [NRA-ILA News]

A gun rights group filed a federal lawsuit on Thursday challenging a New Jersey law that bans private individuals from owning stun guns, Tasers and other electronic weapons as unconstitutional.


Texas: Battle lines drawn in professors’ suit over Right-to-Carry in UT classrooms [NRA-ILA News]

The defendants in the case — state Attorney General Ken Paxton, Fenves and the members of the UT System Board of Regents — contend that the professors’ arguments are so weak that the case should be dismissed. State law and UT’s policies allow concealed handguns to be carried on campus grounds and in campus buildings except in locations and at activities where doing so is prohibited, they argue, and classrooms aren’t among those locations.


Remote Control A-10 With A Nerf GAU-8? [The Firearm Blog]

chh1enxgrdrrzykpsr1hA mad scientist has put together a remote control A-10 Warthog that features a Nerf GAU-8 cannon tucked into its fuselage. You might be saying “but Patrick, this isn’t the Nerf blog.” Sure, it isn’t a firearm but sure is cool as hell. YouTube user ajw61185 a Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into an old A-10 plane […]

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RIA: Himmler Presentation Sauer 38H for Snipers [Forgotten Weapons]

Note: I debated whether or not to use the Nazi flag in the thumbnail image, and opted to put it in there because it was in fact the German flag when this pistol was made. It is a powerful symbol, but hiding the symbol does not do anything to change the history that has occurred, and I decided it was better to acknowledge it than to hide it.

Anyway, this pistol on display here is a Sauer model 38H (a much more common pistol in German WWII service than many people realize) that was made specially as a presentation piece. Heinrich Himmler presented these pistols to snipers who had killed 100 enemy soldiers – other prizes were offered for 50 (a leave from the front and a nice watch) and 150 (a hunting trip with Himmler himself). For 100, it appears that a sniper was given a choice of binoculars, hunting rifle, or these pistols.

How many were actually made and how many were actually awarded is not clear. The serial number of known examples are in a range from 475396 (which is this one) to 475409. Clearly, they were all made in once batch and then awarded as Himmler saw fit. An interesting artifact of the Nazi Party’s interaction with the German military!


Armed Homeowner Holds Burglar until Police Arrive [NRA-ILA News]

A homeowner heard a disturbance in the middle of the night, and acted quickly by retrieving his firearm and holding a man burglarizing his vehicles at gunpoint until police arrived.


Review: Innovative Arms Integrally Suppressed M&P15-22 [The Firearm Blog]

6This is probably the most fun suppressed gun I have had the pleasure to shoot. While integrally suppressed semiautomatic rifles in.22LR is nothing new, Innovative Arms’ take on it is different. Just like the Spike’s Tactical Brown Recluse and the H&K MP5SD, the Innovative Arms M&P15-22 barrel is vented to bleed off gas and drop […]

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Getting Your Stevens 320 Scattergun Muddy [The Firearm Blog]

Stevens Model 320 Muddy GirlStevens announced a pair of new model 320 Field Grade shotguns last week. The guns are “designed specifically with women and youth in mind.” These pump action scatterguns can be had in a compact size and a youth size and both come in the Muddy Girl finish, one of several non-traditional patterns from Moon Shine Camo. Other […]

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The Eagle Automatic from Wilson Combat [The Firearm Blog]

Wilson CombatWilson Combat has grown over the years and offers a wide range of products – from top tier 1911 pistols and AR-style rifles to ammunition and accessories. One of the company’s expanding lines is blades. Recently, Wilson Combat added a new automatic folder to its catalog, and it is called the Eagle Automatic. The new […]

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ARES Defense Changes Name To FightLite Industries [The Firearm Blog]

Wordpress-5The manufacturer of the SCR rifle and MCR belt feed system for M4 style rifles, ARES Defense Systems, is changing its name to FightLite Industries to more accurately reflect their current product line-up as well as upcoming additions to the line. Geoffery Herring, the President and CEO of the company, said: ” Since launching our […]

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SPOT Saves A Wyoming Man’s Life [The Firearm Blog]

39572885SPOT, a satellite messaging device for those in remote areas to get their location to help when times get tough, saved a Wyoming man after he was shot in the leg by accident. Phillip Herweyer was riding a horse in a remote area of the South Fork of the Shoshone River scouting for elk in […]

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Thursday, 11 August


USA's first gold medalist came from NRA Foundation aided programs [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. She's Ginny Thrasher, and a graduate of the West Springfield High rifle team and West Virginia U's shooting team. Both of those were helped by NRA Foundation grants.


NRA Foundation grants help school shooting teams mine ‘golden’ opportunities [NRA-ILA News]

As the world turned their eyes to Brazil, 19-year-old shooter Ginny Thrasher roared from the middle of the pack to defeat China’s gold-medal marksman Du Li in the women’s 10-meter air rifle competition Aug. 6 at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, earning the first gold medal of the entire games and catapulting herself into the national spotlight.


FN SCAR 16s Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The FN SCAR 16 is the 5.56×45 version of the SCAR platform, and it certainly has been catching the eyes of militaries around the world. While no major military has committed to adopting it yet, it is in limited use by many different armed forces. So what’s under all the aluminum? Transcript … – [Voiceover] Hey […]

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ATF FOIA Response: 7N6 5.45×39 Classification [The Firearm Blog]

imageClose your eyes and allow me to take you back to a time when ammunition was cheap and plentiful. Crates of Comm Bloc surplus ammo could be had for the price of a night at the movies. Where ammo shelves were stocked to the brim, and retailers were handing out ‘buy one, get one’ coupons. […]

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Brazilian Frankenstein Rifle Seized In Rio [The Firearm Blog]

FRANKENSTEINOur Brazilian friend Ronaldo sent us a photo of a strange rifle that was seized by police in Rio. He tells us that some of the rifles picked up by Brazilian police forces turn out to be some pretty unusual specimens. So far this year the PMERJ – Polícia Militar do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, […]

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POTD: Tavor X95 SBR [The Firearm Blog]

13939413_847307128735582_9076148997974614277_nGear Head Works posted this on Facebook. How about a SBR X95? Is this short enough? It will be 17.75″ when it gets the original slim butt from IWI. About a 9″ barrel. Custom machined forearm, trigger gaurd and IDF Tavor gas tube with an IDF Meprolight. Of course the Meprolight USA wears a Homeland […]

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Governor Sandoval Joins Mounting Opposition to Question One [NRA-ILA News]

Las Vegas, NV -  Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval this week joined the majority of Nevada sherriff’s in opposition to Question 1, a gun control ballot initiative that does not prevent criminals from obtaining guns but instead criminalizes nearly all private firearms transfers and imposes more government restrictions, mandates, and fees on law-abiding citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights.


NEW: Remington R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide [The Firearm Blog]

remington10mmRemington is expanding their reach in handguns by adding a 10mm to their lineup. Their new R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is an understandable choice given the rise in pistol hunters, many of whom prefer their hunting handguns be chambered in 10mm. The announcement of the new pistol follows quick on the heels of the […]

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Gov. Sandoval issues statement against background checks initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Brian Sandoval has issued an official statement opposing the background checks initiative — short and not sweet (for backers) and dismissive.


Commentary: Question 1 would not make Nevada any safer [NRA-ILA News]

Supporters of the measure, which is largely bankrolled by former New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, claim it is a reasonable, commonsense law that would keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Those claims are false.


NRA hits ‘hypocrite’ Hillary Clinton in new TV ad [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association’s political arm debuted a new TV ad Wednesday that depicts Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as a wealthy and powerful elite who is protected by armed guards while opposing gun rights for average Americans.


USA Shooting Just Shut Down Piers Morgan [NRA-ILA News]

On Saturday, American Ginny Thrasher won the first gold medal awarded in the 2016 Rio Olympics, in the 10m air rifle competition. Thrasher, a 19-year-old college student, won a huge upset victory over the heavily-favored (and defending Olympic champion) Chinese shooters. Nobody predicted that she'd medal in Rio, and her win was the first victory in air rifle for the U.S. since 2000.Naturally, Piers Morgan had to try to take away from her incredible victory by making fun of the sport she played, tweeting that it was the "least surprising breaking news ever" that an American athlete had been victorious in a shooting sport.


Gold Medal Shooter Takes Aim at Gun Control Supporters [NRA-ILA News]

Kim Rhode shoots guns for a living, but she has long seen them as the tools of her trade, no different than a golfer’s clubs. She was surprised, then, when she was asked about gun control at the London Olympics, shortly after winning gold in skeet shooting and becoming the first American to medal in five straight Games. Four years later, America’s most-decorated Olympic shooter is more willing to wade into questions about guns and their role in American society.


Right-to-Carry permits soar 215%, record 14.5 million, 'explode under Obama' [NRA-ILA News]

Americans now holding permits to pack a concealed weapon in public has soared 215 percent since 2007 to over 14.5 million, a record, according to a new report.


Texas: Some staffers at Brook Hill School will exercise Right-to-Carry [NRA-ILA News]

When students return to The Brook Hill School next week they’ll do so alongside some faculty and staff who are armed.The private Christian school in Bullard notified parents via email Wednesday that some personnel - the school did not specify how many or whom - will be carrying concealed weapons as part of a new safety program.


World’s First Impant-Activated Smart Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Smart PS90Amal Graafstra has been biohacking since 2000. For those not familiar with biohacking, it is the implantation of a device to interact with technology. The basic ones I have heard of are magnets embedded in finger tips. Other examples involved injecting a small RFID into your skin. That is what Amal has done here. His […]

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RIA: Beretta 1918/30 Semiauto Carbine [Forgotten Weapons]

The Model 1918/30 is a semiauto-only carbine made by Beretta in between the early Model 1918 submachine guns and the excellent Model 38 family. It was marketed (well, sold) primarily to security and police forces, for whom the semiautomatic limitation was not a particular hindrance. It is chambered for the 9mm Glisenti cartridge, which is dimensionally identical to 9×19 Parabellum but more lightly loaded.

Mechanically the carbine is a simple blowback design, and very light and handy. It has a rather short barrel (12.5 inches), but has been exempted from the NFA regulations on short-barreled rifles. Magazines were made in 12- and 25-round capacities (the one seen here is a 25-rounder).


NRA Urges Missourians to Vote Roy Blunt for U.S. Senate [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va.—National Rifle Association Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre and NRA Institute for Legislative Action Executive Director Chris Cox today traveled across Missouri making the case for the re-election of U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt. They warned Missourians that the Second Amendment is on the ballot this November and that a vote for Jason Kander is a vote to confirm a Supreme Court nominee who would overturn the decision guaranteeing law-abiding Americans the right to have a firearm in their home for self-defense.


Trump: The Second Amendment candidate we need [NRA-ILA News]

Today, somewhere in America, Hillary Clinton will likely fly on a private jet under the watchful eye of armed security. For the last 30 years, Clinton has enjoyed the safety that comes with her armed security detail. She has never had to worry about being alone in her home in an emergency situation. Unlike most Americans, she does not have to think about dialing 911 if she hears the glass break downstairs at 2 o'clock in the morning. And she never has to wait the national average of 11 minutes from the time she calls for help to the time the police arrive.


Resting Your Barrel On Your Shoe? We Have An Accessory For That [The Firearm Blog]

13906705_1365611900121793_2737616705488640583_nThere are plenty of accessories that make us scratch our head. Rail mounted tactical testicles comes to mind. But then there are some accessories that are just plain dangerous. This would be one of them. The premise behind this accessory is for the gentleperson shooter using a single shot break action or double barreled shotgun […]

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Olympic Pistol Dueling? [The Firearm Blog]

tumblr_obkco6cOyy1rwjpnyo4_540Apparently, before any of us were born, the 1906 Olympics had dueling pistols as an Olympic event. The shooters used wax bullets but no gun powder. Instead the primer was all they needed to propel the wax bullet. Like fencing, the athletes wore a mask and a handguard was fitted to the gun in order […]

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Plate Design ACEM Magazine Loaders [The Firearm Blog]

imageI really don’t mind loading mags – that is when I’m blessed with plenty of advance warning to do so at my leisure. For those more ‘immediate’ needs, I currently prefer to use a Mag-LULA that travels in my ammo bag. However, after stumbling upon the speed loader products from Plate Design, l may have a […]

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CCI Expands Handgun Shotshell Offerings – Now Serving No. 4 [The Firearm Blog]

CCICCI, popular manufacturer of high performance rimfire rounds, announced a new product line of centerfire handgun shotshells called the Big Four. As the name Big Four suggests, these are loaded with #4 shot. Until now, CCI made similar shotshells, but these were loaded with either #9 or #12 shot depending on the caliber. While effective […]

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SIG SAUER’s New Bravo4 MegaView BattleSight [The Firearm Blog]

Bravo4SIG SAUER continues to expand its business to include much more than making firearms. In the recent past, the company introduced or expanded its manufacturing in lights, optics, ammunition, suppressors and more. This is a company that clearly believes in growing the bottom line through being a single source provider of all of a shooter’s […]

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Wednesday, 10 August


Love one another [The Liberty Sphere]

Jesus said, "Love one another even as I first loved you." (John 15:12).

This is a key tenet of the Christian faith. Jesus first loved us even when we were entirely unlovable, even repulsive. Yet He loved us and died for us that we may live eternally. In like manner we are to love one another.

This is not easy to do..But it is a basic Christian standard for which we are to strive.

Speaking the hard truth is not tantamount to hate. Jesus taught us to "speak the truth in love." The truth can be harsh but must be said. This does not mean we are to betray confidences or unleash factual statements willy nillly when it is more appropriate to remain silent.Wisdom comes into play here.

Regarding my statements concerning certain politicians, I may be quite harsh in telling the truth. This does not mean I don;t love them personally and stand ready to help them if they want my help. If I were given the opportunity to meet privately with Hillary and Bill and even the Obamas, I would show hospitality and the willingness to help.This does not mean that I refuse to speak hard truths in love.

We can love the ones we have deep differences with while speaking the hard truth.


Rest in peace, Mike Vanderboegh [Of Arms and the Law]

Cancer got him early this morning. David Codrea has a number of posts on Mike. He notes that services will be Saturday, 2 PM, in Leeds, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham.


Obituary And Remembrances [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Mike Vanderboegh passed away earlier today after a long battle against cancer. His good friend David Codrea published these two remembrances of Mike in AmmoLand and OathKeepers.

You can find the AmmoLand one here and the OathKeepers one here.

David is correct:  the freedom movement did lose an important voice.

The "official" obituary was published in the Birmingham News today. I have reprinted it in its entirety below:

Michael Brian Vanderboegh

July 23, 1952 - Aug. 10, 2016 born July 23, 1952 in St. Joseph, Michigan, resident of Pinson, Alabama, survived by wife, Rosey, son, Matthew Bradley (Nicole) of Wiesbaden, Germany; daughters Hannah Rose (Brandon Vanslambrouck) and Zoe Kate Vanderboegh all of Pinson, Alabama; and grandsons, Mason Brennan of Youngstown, Ohio and Gabriel Michael, and granddaughter Olivia Laura, both of Weisbaden, Germany; mother, Norma Vanderboegh; brother, Dwight Vanderboegh (Cheryl); sister, Teresa Lehman (Jim). He was preceded in death by his father, Donald Vanderboegh and sister, Meri Kay Vanderboegh. Longtime 2nd Amendment activist, author, citizen journalist, and blogger who, with David Codrea, first broke the story of the Fast and Furious scandal in December 2010. Resident of Alabama since 1985, Mike was also an historian, amateur archaeologist, and researcher of Alabama's civil war history, especially the unionists of Winston County. He was the founding historian of La Grange Living History Association, a founding member of the 1st Alabama Union Calvary Company C reenactment unit and active in local historical preservation issues. More recently, Mike was the founder of the National Three Percent Movement and led armed civil disobedience actions from Connecticut to Oregon, smuggling forbidden firearms magazines to states that banned them. Controversial throughout his life, he was constantly devoted to the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. An adamant enemy of collectivism of all kinds, he was denounced by Bill Clinton on CNN, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League of Bnai Brith, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, as well as the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations and various racists and anti-Semitic groups. He was also very unpopular with the ATF and the FBI. In 2005, he served with the Minutemen on the New Mexico border and was always proud to say that he had been on the enemy's list of the past three White Houses regardless of party. As his friend Kurt Hoffmann said, "it is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable." He described himself as a citizen first, Christian Libertarian who believed in God, free men, free markets, the rule of law under the founder's republic and that the Constitution extended to everyone regardless of race, creed, color, or religion. He lived by the motto that "all evil prospers with the silent consent of the good, therefore I will not be silent". Services to be held at Kilgroe Memorial in Leeds on Saturday, August 13, 2016 at 2PM. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the American Cancer Society . Visit online at Kilgroe Funeral Home, Leeds directing.

Published in The Birmingham News on Aug. 12, 2016

Michael Brian Vanderboegh

Click name above for additional details at:
Arrangements under the direction of:
Kilgroe Funeral Home
1750 Ashville Rd | Leeds, AL 35094 | (205) 699-3181


New audio: Ted Strickland jokes that Scalia's death came 'at a good time' [NRA-ILA News]

Ohio Senate candidate Ted Strickland joked about the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on Monday, saying it came "at a good time" for union workers since he was unable to cast the deciding vote in a March case that ended up in a 4-4 deadlock. "In about three and a half months, we'll make a decision about who occupies the executive branch, what party controls the Senate, and growing out of those two decisions will be the future of the United States Supreme Court," the former governor told attendees. "And my friends, a lot of average citizens out there don't understand the importance of that court.


RIP Mike Vanderboegh [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Mike Vanderboegh passed away in the wee hours of the morning today. Cancer finally did to him what the government, the gun prohibitionists, and the Southern Poverty Law Center could not do. It stopped him. Mike was 64.

I had occasion to meet Mike at a number of Gun Rights Policy Conferences and NRA Annual Meetings. Despite the impression he might have given by his angry prose, in our first meeting at the 2011 NRA Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh I found him to be a loving father who was more interested in talking about the soccer prowess of his two daughters than he was about gun related stuff.

Mike should always be remembered for the role he (and David Codrea) played in exposing Operation Fast and Furious. It would have remained a virtually secret government operation aimed at increasing support for gun control without his efforts to get congressional investigators interested. He is owed an eternal debt of gratitude by the gun culture for this.

There is a long obituary and account of his life at the Kansas City Star. It called him a militia and "Patriot" leader in the headline. Even the despicable SPLC had a long account his life and death. The comments on the announcement there are as one might expect from those of their ilk. Nonetheless, it looks like Mike had the last word even there.

Yet the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights can never die “as long as there remain free men and women who believe in the Founders' vision,” Vanderboegh wrote.

“This is the essence of the Three Percent,” he said, “that no matter how small our numbers are –– if we remain armed and determined –– we may yet preserve the flickering flame of liberty.”
Sipsey Street Irregulars will not be going away. Mike's son Matthew has taken over running the website and has continued postings there. I do hope he will finish his father's manuscript of Absolved as it was a great story in the John Ross/Matt Bracken mold of anti-gun control fiction.

The announcement of Mike's passing on Sipsey Street can be found here.


Review: Lucid L7 1x-6x 24mm Rifle Scope []

Lucid is a newer brand which grew almost overnight with its immensely popular and affordable HD7 red dot sights. Lucid also began offering a broad line of magnified optics, and without question, the hottest optic segment is the 1x-4x and 1x-6x magnification range. In some circles, the L7 1x-6x has become “the” preferred optic for three-gunners and is also seeing use by hunters, the military, and law enforcement.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

Like Lucid optics I have previously reviewed, the L7 1-6×24 is well made with quality on par with top end Nikon, Burris, and Bushnell optics, but at a price that makes it more attractive. The 30mm tube adds durability and improves light transmission. The L7 delivers a 92% light transmission rate, which is extremely impressive considering its price. The scope is nitrogen purged, waterproof, has multicoated optics, and is shockproof rated to 458 Socom.

Another feature that sets the Lucid P7 apart from other optics is that the reticle is etched on the glass, which makes it less failure-prone than a wire reticle and adds a huge amount of shock resistance to the optic.


According to Lucid, they had the manufacturing capabilities and technology to build a 1x-4x or 1x-6x optic a lot sooner than 2016, but they wanted to take their time to get the design right. It is important to note that Lucid is not a “me too” manufacturer. 


The extra time Lucid used for development is apparent in many features. The eye relief is pretty generous which allows one to shoulder and fire a gun quickly without having the perfect cheek weld. The 1x magnification is truly magnification-free, which means that it is not a 1.1 or 1.2 or 1.3 magnification that kinda works as a fast-shooting red dot. According to Lucid the L7 is actually has a 1.0x clear and unmagnified setting. This is a pretty significant feat considering the L7 is priced well below $1000.


The Lucid L7 1x-6x 24mm features an included quick throw lever for the folks that want to rip from 1x-6x “right now.” Other manufacturers are charging extra for this type of lever.

I will admit that BDC reticles are getting ridiculously cluttered in an effort to please CQB, tactical, 3Gun, hunting, and precision shooters. Lucid has done an outstanding job making their reticle clean with simple integrated wind hold overs, small 8 MOA spaced BDC hash marks, and an open circle dot design which is visible enough for fast shots, but fine enough for precision shots. On 6x magnification, the MOA-based reticle can be read just like a measuring tape with 1 MOA representing one inch. For those that want to use a ballistics app on their phone, the L7 Lucid reticle is already on the wildly popular and affordable ballistic STRELOK app.


The illumination is well thought out as well. People often think they need the entirety of the reticle illuminated, but the reality is that turns into a crazy distracting Christmas tree as ambient light reduces at nightfall. Lucid illuminates the circle dot, left, right, and top hashes in their “cool Lucid blue.” This provides extremely usable illumination without distracting the shooter.

The L7 turrets offer 60 MOA of adjustment on all sides of optical center. Lucid obviously did their homework to understand and resolve the common gripes with turrets on low power scopes, which inherently take a lot of knocks and bangs when mounted to AR15s. These turrets are easily re-zeroed and features a “lift, adjust, and press down to lock in position” design, which work beautifully.

I personally love first focal plane reticles, but a noticeable shortcoming is when you need fast BDC shots at longer distances and the reticle BDC is already maxed out. Second focal plane optics have the option to zoom out to accommodate a longer shot without adjusting the turrets. Lucid used the latter second focal plane design to provide this flexibility that many target and long range shooters utilize.

Featured Build

In order to really get a good comparison of the L7 to a similar and more-expensive optic, my San Tan Tactical Ultimate AR15 build was used. This build features the best of the best including a San Tan Tactical billet receiver set, lots of cool upgrades from Battle Arms Development, Geissele, XLR, a Hart precision match barrel, and a top and Burris XTR-II FFP optic.


The Lucid L7 1x-6x 24mm was mounted in a quick disconnect ADM (Advanced Design Machine) QD Recon mount which I consider the best QD optics mount available anywhere — really, it is awesome and returns to zero every time. The L7 was also mounted to my well-worn Barnes Precision Machine BPM-15, which is a tack-driver in its own right. I enjoyed the L7 so much that it may remain as a QD option with my Eotech on this heavily-used rifle.

Final Thoughts

The Lucid L7 is a hell of an optic. It is crisp and clear, has an amazing light transmission which is really noticeable as dusk hits and the the reticle is still clean, fast, and usable. The price is above the fray at a MSRP of $449, and it offers a combination of value and features that is hard to find in optics over $1000.

I have been training myself on Mil-Dot reticles for the last couple of years and there is a learning curve. It was refreshing to just pick up a rifle and be able to shoot the damn thing with no more thought that how many inches I need to hold over. I found the L7’s reticle easy to use on shots from one yard all the way out to 600 yards. At night, the illumination was usable and had plenty of settings for even blackout lighting situations. Again, I find myself very impressed with what Lucid is delivering, and the L7 1x-6x 24mm scope is another of their well-thought-out and affordable optics.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Magnification: 1x-6x
  • Objective Lens:  24mm
  • Ocular Lens Diameter:  34mm
  • Length: 10.75″
  • Mounting Length:  6 “
  • Weight:  20.4oz
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Material: One Piece Aluminum (6063)
  • Color & Finish: Matte Black
  • Waterproof YES (Nitrogen Purged)
  • Fogproof  YES (submersible)
  • Shockproof  YES (.458 SOCOM)
  • Lens Coating  FBMC Multi Coated
  • Light Transmission  92%
  • Ocular Focus  YES
  • Parallax Adjustment  YES (side)
  • Parallax  100yd fixed
  • Eye Relief  4″ to 3.75″
  • Exit Pupil   15mm to 4mm
  • Field of View  1x 56ft -6x, 20ft @ 100yds
  • Diopter Compensation  (-2.5 to +3)
  • Reticle Type  P7 Etched Glass
  • Turret Click Value  1/2MOA
  • Windage Adj, Range 60MOA (Either side of center)
  • Elevation Adj. Range  60MOA (Either side of center)
  • Lockable Turrets  YES
  • Re-Zeroable Turrets  YES
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • MSRP $449



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Review: Ruger SR1911 Lightweight Commander []

I believe that Ruger hit the nail on the head for 45 ACP 1911 owners, and this lightweight alloy-framed version of its Commander version (alloy frame, with slightly shorter slide and barrel) follows that trend. At nearly 10 ounces lighter than the all-stainless version, the reduced weight is a welcome option.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, Functions, and Accuracy

Overall the Ruger SR1911 offers a good slide-to-frame fit for a production 1911. Perfect buttery custom gun feel? No, but tighter and smoother than many other production guns I have shot. Many will say that milled lowers are better, but keep in mind that Ruger’s high precision foundry has been delivering some of the most precise castings to manufacturers across the industry for decades. I would challenge you to notice from a fit perspective that it is a cast lower versus milled.

All the parts are tight and have that solid Ruger feel about them. Most people will find the fit and finish as good or better than most other production 1911s — note I said production, not custom.

The SR1911 Model 6711 feels solid and is comfortable in the hand. This lightweight version is a pleasure to carry at only 28 ounces. The shorter barreled SR1911 Commander moves the pivot point of the balance back for a less-muzzle-heavy feel.  The gun is very comfortable and the grooved rosewood grips and rear checkering provide a perfect grip without being too aggressive on the hands. Ruger did groove the front strap on the alloy Commander.


Ruger skipped the problematic newer generation firing pin safeties which leave many 1911 owners swearing about higher manufacturing costs, failures to fire, and harsher trigger pulls; instead, Ruger altered the older, simpler series 70 design and made it just as safe by using a stronger firing pin spring and lightweight titanium firing pin. This allows the gun to survive drop tests without accidental discharge when the gun hits the concrete, provides a nice upgrade, and is a less complex and less expensive design, all while maximizing a great trigger feel.

The trigger is skeletonized aluminum with overtravel adjustment, and is probably one of the better triggers I have tried on a production 1911. This particular Lightweight Ruger Commander has just a little bit of a snag in the trigger which pushed the feel out of match quality range, but for its intended purpose it is a good trigger.


The stainless barrel and bushings are made from the same piece of bar stock. Why? Because every piece of bar stock is just unique enough that one piece will be marginally harder or softer than another. By using the same barstock for both barrel and bushings, the chance for wear over the long term is greatly minimized and a better fit equals tighter groups now and into the future. Nice detail.

Features – Standard Upgrades

The Ruger SR1911 includes a oversized mag release, thumb safety, beavertail safety with a nice palm swell for positive safety disengagement, and a skeletonized and bobbed hammer. The beavertail safety and thumb safety are not hugely oversized, so the Ruger should be a comfortable carry option.  The hammer is nicely stylized and deeply serrated and can be cocked single-handed with the grip hand. The mag well is more of a standard type with a decent magazine flaring; good enough for a carry gun.

The Ruger SR1911 magazines are some of the most gorgeous magazines I have ever seen on any production gun. The Commander included just one seven-shot magazine instead of a seven- and eight-rounder like the full sized SR1911. The magazines are mirror-polished stainless steel with anti-tilt followers.  The 7-shot provides a flush fit with the lightly beveled mag well, while the optional extended 8-shot includes a hard plastic bumper.

These magazines are a work of art unto themselves. Just a note on compatibility: my Kimber 45 magazines functioned perfectly in this pistol.

The sights are Novak three-dot dovetail sights and provide plenty of function, with the rear being drift-adjustable for windage via a set screw. Unless you are a target shooter, these are all you will ever need.

It should be noted that the top rear of the slide is milled to accept other Novak equivalent extended combat and adjustable sights, but should you want other non-Novak compatible target sights, you may need to have the top of the slide milled to provide clearance.  Grips are beautiful cocobolo with deep aggressive checkering for plenty of grip.


Included in the now-standard cardboard box was a lock, the gun, one magazine, the plastic take-down wrench, and a zippered pistol pouch.

Testing included three hundred rounds of five types of ammo including inexpensive steel case Herters & Wolf and various standard and premium Winchester rounds in hollowpoint and FMJ. Everything fed, fired, and ejected without a single issue. Based on that fact, I would not hesitate to recommend this 1911 as a reliable defense gun.

Accuracy Testing

For me, the lightweight version of this Commander was actually a bit more accurate than the all-stainless model. I wanted to replicate my testing of the full sized SR1911 and dug through the ammo box to find the same boxes and brands of ammo. The shorter sight radius marginally decreased accuracy, but if placed in a Ransom rest, I am sure the groups would be nearly identical.  Almost all of my groups were solidly just over 2.5” for 5-shot groups; and about the same size as my full sized Ruger 1911. Again, the Federal HST and Winchester 230-grain FMJ rounds delivered my best groups. All around, a very accurate 1911 pistol for the price.

Final Thoughts

The Ruger SR1911 is an outstanding value for a feature-loaded production 1911 that you can just buy and have the confidence in to go out and shoot. The Commander version offers a carriable option which is 3/4″ shorter and a few ounces lighter to increase all day carry comfort.

Like the full sized version, the grips are a bit big for my hands and would swap them for a set of VZ slim custom grips.

Manufacturer Specs

  • Caliber: 45 Auto
  • Slide Material: Stainless Steel
  • Sights: Fixed Novak® 3-Dot
  • Length: 7.75″
  • Height: 5.45″
  • Width: 1.34″
  • Weight 28oz
  • Grooves: 6
  • Barrel Length: 4.25″
  • Twist: 1:16″ RH



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Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord Eyewear Review []

About Oakley Standard Issue

When we think of the name Oakley, most of us think of hard-bodied Olympic snowboarders or volleyball gals with the latest style of snow goggles or sunglasses… but most of use do not think “military eyewear.” Fact is, they have actually been selling Oakley to the military for over 20 years. At first, they were selling pretty much the same models as the consumer market, but over time they became more specialized to optimize ballistic protection, comfort, and fit the special requirements of the military. The Oakley SI Line (Standard Issue), is designed exclusively for government customers.

Fit, Finish, Feel, Features, & Functions

Many will take one look at the Oakley SI Det Cords and say they are just another nice set of Oakleys, but there is a bit more added into this all-American-made line of eyewear.


If you have not purchased a top end set of sunglasses in a while and have been living life behind cheap sunglasses, you are missing a lot… like you literally are not seeing as much. Slip on a set of Det Cords and it’s like you have HD vision. I own a number of top-tier ballistic glasses, but I have to say that Oakley really does have some superbly clear lenses. The lenses are anti-fog coated to retain visibility even when you start to steam. Thee large lenses also offer a much wider unrestricted viewing window.

Oakley has also made the SI Ballistic Det Cords very comfortable with a rubberized “unobtainium” nose piece. The thoughtful ergonomic design is also noticed once you start sticking comms in your ear. Most sunglasses fight in-ear comms, but Oakley designed the Det Cords to be comms compatible and also comfortable with a helmet.

The Oakley SI Ballistic Det Cord has all these features while meeting ballistic standards in a design which are highly fashionable. The nice thing is, they have a substantial amount of style that does not scream “hey look at me, I am tactical.” If you are one of those covert types, you may want to consider the SI line as an option.


Oakley offers the SI Det Cords in both a polarized semi-reflective lenses and these grey lenses. Generally I love polarized sunglasses because they really cut down on glare, but with so many smart phone and other screens now polarized to deliver that same non-glare performance, you can get that polarized blackout effect in some situations where you don’t want it.


Final Thoughts

The SI Ballistic Det Cords are packaged with a soft microfiber storage sleeve which offers some degree of protection, but will not add bulk to your pocket or pack. With most eyewear made overseas it is refreshing to see Made in USA on the inside of the stems. If you are looking for a great set of ballistic eyewear that can provide protection on and off the range or at all times during deployment, the SI Ballistic Det Cords are a really cool option.



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Handguns Suck [The Firearm Blog]

It’s no secret, handguns are pretty terrible relative to their larger counterparts at pretty much everything. Gun guys know this, but Hollywood and clueless politicians are responsible or perpetuating the myth that they are much more capable than they really are. In this video we explore that topic a bit and try to explain to our […]

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Modern Intermediate Calibers 010: The 6mm SAW [The Firearm Blog]

On the right are the two major iterations of the 6mm SAW, the 45mm steel cased version, and the 50mm aluminum cased version. In the middle is a modified .25 Winchester experimental round used for ballistic testing in the early part of the SAW program. On the far left is 5.56mm M855, which became the eventual chambering for the resulting M249 SAW.In this installment, we’ll be looking at a very unique round. The 6mm SAW was probably the first small arms round ever designed using computer-calculated parametric analysis, and it was also probably the first American rifle round designed from the outset for steel cartridge cases. The initial design parameters were for a round effective to 1,000 […]

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Review: Auto Ordnance 1911 BKO Semi-Auto Pistol []

When I received a press release on the Auto Ordnance 1911 BKO model (advertised as a “mil-spec” 1911), I placed an order. Two weeks later, I had a sample in hand. But much to my surprise, it wasn’t really a 100% mil-spec gun. I was both saddened and happy at the same time, if that makes sense.

Fit and Finish

At first glance, the Auto Ordnance 1911 BKO appears to be a mil-spec 1911A1 pistol. The gun is completely parkerized in a grayish color just like those I used to own and shoot in the military. The itty-bitty sights where there as well. There is the smallish thumb safety and the grip safety, both mil-spec. Brown plastic grips adorn the gun just like the original 1911A1, and the arched mainspring housing has a lanyard on the bottom of it — once again, just like the originals did. And it had a medium length trigger that was heavy and gritty — once more, like the original.
Speaking of old original military guns, I had to completely field strip this handgun to degrease it — it was dripping with preservative oil — and I used up half a can of brake cleaner to remove all this oil.
It was when I field stripped it that I noticed the barrel had been throated and polished. and the feed ramp was also polished. There was the annoying firing pin block, too, which the original 1911s didn’t have.
After the gun was degreased and lubed, I took some pictures for this article and then set out to see
what my sample could do. The frame-to-slide fit was surprisingly , as was the barrel-to-slide fit. Nicely done.
As mentioned, the trigger pull was heavy — about 6 pounds and gritty — and I wasn’t expecting much in the accuracy department, especially with those little sights that my eyes had a hard time focusing on.


From Black Hills Ammunition I had 185-grain and 230-grain JHP ammo and 230-grain FMJ fodder. From Buffalo Bore Ammunition I had their 160-grain TAC-XP HP low recoil, 160-grain TAC-XP HP +P, 200-grain JHP +P, and 230-grain FN FMJ +P.

Spoiler Alert! This 1911 BKO handled everything I fed it, without anything resembling a malfunction or hesitation. Everything I fed through it worked perfectly. I will say though, that I was handicapped by the small mil-spec sights and the terrible trigger.
When I did my part, resting the gun over the hood of my SUV, I could put 5 shots of Black Hills 230-grain FMJ inside of 4 inches at 25 yards all day long… but it was no easy task to be sure.
If the lighting conditions weren’t just right, or I didn’t concentrate as hard as I should have, the groups opened up to 6+ inches and sometimes even bigger. But the gun was capable of those smaller groups, when I was on my game.

Features and Function

I knew before the gun arrived that it would have those tiny sights that I despised even as a young man, and the trigger pull was no better nor worse than I had expected.
The grip safety operated smoothly, and about halfway through the proper grip on it was where it released from being safe to ready to fire. The lone 7-round magazine that came with the gun was made by Checkmate, and they are one of the best kept secrets in the 1911 magazine field. They produce some outstanding magazines. I also used a variety of other 7- and 8-round mags, and they all worked just fine in this mil-spec 1911A1. I did notice that the magazine well had been slightly beveled for faster reloads; something not seen on genuine mil-spec 1911s.
The heavy and gritty trigger pull is easy enough to fix, and I may do it one of these days. It doesn’t take a whole lot to improve on a trigger like that. Just tweaking the trigger spring a bit might improve it.
These days, it’s getting harder and harder to find true mil-spec 1911s in just about any condition. So many have been customized that a real genuine mil-spec 1911 is just hard to come by — and when you do find one, you’ll pay handsomely for it. The folks at Auto Ordnance have given us something close to the original 1911A1 mil-spec gun, with some improvements as already noted. However, just looking at the gun without a close examination, you’d think you were looking at a pristine mil-spec 1911. And for the retail price of $588.00 and completely American-made, this is one heck of a buy in my book.

Final Thoughts

If you just want a good truck gun that you can toss in your rig and not worry about scratching or you want a plain ol’ “shooter,” then this gun might be just what you are looking for in a new 1911A1 that looks like an “old” 1911A1.
The gun rides nicely in a very modern, Blackhawk Products tactical thigh holster, too. A bit of the past combined with the present — I like it!


  • Model: 1911BKO
  • Caliber: 45 ACP
  • Barrel: 5″
  • Weight: 39 oz.
  • Length: 8.5″ overall
  • Safeties: Thumb safety, grip safety, firing pin block
  • Sight: Blade front, rear drift adjustable for windage
  • Grips: Brown checkered Plastic
  • Magazine: One 7-round
  • Warranty: 1 year
100_5627 100_5624 100_5622 100_5620 100_5619 100_5618

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Modern Intermediate Calibers 009: The 6x35mm KAC/TSWG [The Firearm Blog]

The 6x35mm KAC/TSWG flanked by its parent, the .221 Remington Fireball on the left, and the 5.56x45mm on the right, which it is designed to duplicate from shorter barrel lengths.The 6x35mm TSWG, also commonly called the 6x35mm KAC, is a round shrouded in mystery. Apparently designed by Knight’s Armament Company for the interagency counterterrorist program cryptically named the “Technical Support Working Group” alongside the PDW with which it is popularly associated, the round was apparently never adopted. However, it is interesting primarily as an example […]

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Review: Ruger American Rifle Predator Model in 308 Win []

There’s not much that’s really exciting about bolt-action centerfire rifles. I mean, they all pretty much look and operate the same. But there was just “something” about the Predator model of the Ruger American rifle, so I requested a sample in 308 Winchester.

A quick rundown on the Predator is in order. First off, you’ll notice the short 18″ barrel — and I’ll admit that you will lose some velocity because of the short barrel, but not enough to worry about. I don’t recall taking any deer beyond 150 yards, and most are taken within 100 yards. I just don’t see the need to shoot out to 800 yards in order to hunt deer or most other big game.

The Predator is a lightweight at just 6.2 pounds, and with an overall length of just 38 inches, it’s fast-handling. The rifling twist of 1:10 should handle just about any bullet from a 308 Win. The length of pull, which is perfect for me, is 13.75 inches and the synthetic stock is moss green with a black recoil pad.

This rifle wears no sights, and rather than the special Ruger scope rings, it comes with an aluminum picatinny Weaver-style rail on top of the receiver for scope mounting with rings of your choice. The detachable rotary magazine holds 4 rounds. Steel finish is matte black.

The Predator comes with the Ruger “Marksman” trigger, which is their user-adjustable trigger with a pull weight range of three to five pounds. It is easy to adjust pull weight; after removing the action from the stock adjust the little screw with an allen wrench. My sample was a bit heavy for my taste, so I adjusted it to my liking.

A sliding tang-mounted safety is also there — quick and easy to operate with your thumb.

The bolt is massive — and that’s not a bad thing. Ruger has always impressed me by over-building most of their guns so they can take a beating. The bolt has three lugs, a short 70-degree throw, and it operates smoothly.

The stock has “Power Bedding” in the stock… this consists of aluminum bedding blocks in just the right places to anchor the receiver and allow the barrel to free-float. Speaking of the barrel, it is a heavy tapered barrel — a bit heavier than those on the standard Ruger American rifles. The barrel is cold hammer forged and is threaded on the end (thread protector cap included), so you can install a sound suppressor, flash hider, or muzzle brake. It is threaded 5/8″-24, so it will take all AR muzzle devices. Nice touch, Ruger!

I mounted a Nikon 3-x9x 40mm ProStaff scope to my Predator sample, and it is a match made in Heaven. I was ready to take the gun afield to see what it could do.

I tested with the following ammo:

Once I had the scope zeroed at 100 yards, I set about to really see what the Predator was capable of. Trigger pull was outstanding. First up was the Winchester FMJ, which gave me consistent 2″ groups. Both of the Black Hills loads would give me 1-1/2″ groups if I did my part. The Buffalo Bore ammo went a tad larger, with groups just a bit over an inch and a half.

Last up was the Prvi Partizan ammo. This was the first time I’d used this ammo in a bolt-action rifle, and I found that the bolt was tight with this ammo — both closing it after chambering a round, then opening it after firing. After a few rounds, I stopped using this ammo. Group size was around 2 inches.

I later tried this ammo in another bolt-action rifle, with the same results (tight bolt, no sign of overpressure on the brass).

The rubber recoil pad that came with the Predator did an outstanding job of absorbing recoil — not that I find the 308 Win to be punishing, but I was a bit concerned with felt recoil because of the light weight of the rifle. My fears were unfounded.

I was hooked on the Ruger Predator, so I took it out on several more shooting sessions. The tightest group I ever managed to shoot with it was 1.25″ with the Black Hills 175-grain match HP. I believe the Predator is capable of 1″ groups if you find the right ammo.

I’m not complaining — remember, the barrel on the Predator is only 18″ long. And after firing more than 300 rounds through my sample gun, I am going to have to mail a check to Ruger, because this sample is staying put!

You can get the Predator in 223 Remington, 204 Ruger, 22-250, 243 Winchester, and 6.5 Creedmoor – as well as in 308 Win.

Anything I didn’t like about the Predator? Well, to be honest, I did have some concerns about the polymer 4-round magazine that comes with the gun… it just seemed a bit fragile. However, I loaded the magazine and repeatedly dropped it onto some rocks, and none of the rounds popped out and the magazine didn’t get damaged, other than some scrapes and scratches. So, my concerns were unfounded.

Full retail on this Ruger Predator is $529.00, and I believe it is a well-built and accurate rifle. If the Predator model isn’t for you, look around; they have a full line of Ruger American Rifles.

100_5339 100_5340 100_5344 100_5347 100_5349 100_5352 100_5355 100_5359

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A Patriot has passed on today. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Mike Vanderboegh, husband, father of three, and founder of the III% movement passed peacefully in his beloved Alabama home today.

In life, he fought tirelessly to restore the liberties that we had taken for granted. Because of his leadership and the movement that he created, we take them for granted no more. He was able to awaken minds to the possibility that a determined minority of free people could accomplish anything; so long as they did it together. They did not need a leader. They needed a cause and a banner from which to advance the cause of freedom. The III percent is that cause.

Mike continued to give everything after so much had been taken away by the illness. Through his struggle he became a symbol of what can be accomplished if we only have the indomitable will to make it happen. Through his words he was able to breathe life into the sails of a resurging Patriot movement. His work may be done, but for those that remain, it is just beginning,

A Patriot died today. But his work will live on in the everyday push for freedom. His was a voice that was made silent, but his work will continue to echo so long as free men and women have the means to resist The future doesn’t belong to the craven; it belongs to the brave.


Don't be fooled by Hillary Clinton [The Liberty Sphere]

Some people have told me they think Hillary is an acceptable alternative to Trump. Really? If so,you are being duped just as the country was duped twice by Obama. Hillary is dangerous, a charlatan, an incompetent given the mess she created and left in the middle east.

Now she claims Trump is "inciting violence" toward her by merely stating a fact, that ant attempt to negate the constitutional right of THE PEOPLE to keep and bear arms will be perceived by multi millions of gun owners as a declaration of war declared against the public by a hostile government that is determined to disarm law abiding citizens just as Hitler did in Germany prior to   declaring himself as supreme dictator.

This is a fact. The people will not allow such a thing here without a fight. But those of Hillary's ilk are determined to negate the Second Amendment and parts of the First Amendment. Her supporters on the Supreme Court such as Kagan have said it is necessary to curtail the right of free speech on certain occasions. These people are highly dangerous and stand poised to take over the government if they get a chance.

Hillary even went as far as to claim churches may need to curtail free speech and freedom of religion. They need to change their beliefs when it comes to abortion in particular. So what got her so riled that she found it necessary to attack basic human freedoms? She was mad that some within Christianity used harsh language toward Islam, even those who are known terrorists.  She was also in a twit over the fact that many Christians oppose what the government is doing regarding "gay marriage."

Excuse me, Hillary, but you don't get to decide what I believe nor do you have the power to dictate to my church what it believes, that is, back before America began to head down a very dangerous path in the hands of so-called "progressives" who do not share our love for American values of liberty. All of what we thought was true about America will be out the window if these people gain more of a foothold.

That is a fair warning, especially for the Christian who values the truth. It is my solemn duty as an ordained minister for nearly 40 years to warn you that you are being duped by lies if you believe what these people like Hillary, Kagan, and others of their ilk tell you. You need to wake up to the truth, and you need to repent of your failure to recognize the lies that originate in the depths of hell itself.


Homeowner Fights Off Intruder & Saves Life - With the Perp's Gun [NRA-ILA News]

When a Kansas City homeowner heard an intruder breaking into his home, he fought back and saved his life using the perp's own gun.


NRA Launches New Television Ad in Support of Donald Trump [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) today launched a new $3 million TV ad buy making the case that Hillary Clinton is an out of touch, hypocritical politician who would leave the American people defenseless.  This ad helps highlight the fact that the right of law-abiding Americans to keep a firearm in their homes for self-protection is on the ballot in this presidential election.


Review: Spike’s Tactical Integrally Suppressed Brown Recluse 9mm AR [The Firearm Blog]

brown recluse shoulderSpike’s Brown Recluse is an impressive 9mm pistol caliber carbine. While the majority of the gun is similar to many other 9mm ARs, the integrally suppressed barrel is where it truly shines. Sure companies can chop a barrel and add long barrel extension to make it a rifle length barrel. Then add their baffle stack […]

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Right-to-Carry permit holder stops armed robber in Cleveland, WJW, Cleveland, Ohio, 08/07/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A man armed with a gun entered a Family Dollar in Cleveland, Ohio and attempted to rob the store. Upon seeing the robbery, a bystander, and Right-to-Carry permit holder, drew a gun and ordered the robber to drop his gun. The robber did not comply, leading to an exchange of gunfire, during which the thief was shot in the head.


Playing Taps for the Bugle: Forgotten Weapons Sends Off the Famous FAMAS [The Firearm Blog]

SmUqdwTThe French next generation rifle competition is coming to an end, the two finalists, one from Belgium and the other from Germany, and the incumbent is set for replacement over the next few years. Before either the SCAR or the HK416 are inducted as the new arm of France, let’s take a look at the […]

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NRA Releases New Ad Calling Hillary Clinton a ‘Hypocrite’ [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association on Tuesday began running a new advertisement against Hillary Clinton in battleground states, targeting the Democratic nominee’s trustworthiness and her views on the Second Amendment and gun control.


NRA gears for ballot issue fight with opening of Las Vegas campaign office [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association opened its Nevadans for Freedom campaign office in Las Vegas on Tuesday night, a sure sign the gun rights advocates’ fight against Question 1 is heating up.


Sen. Manchin (D-W.Va.) touts private transfer restrictions, bashes West Virginia Right-to-Carry law [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control laws, drugs and job creation were some of the issues discussed during a town hall meeting with Sens. Shelly Moore Capito (R-W.Va.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) held Monday with employees of Orbital ATK.


Obama’s forgiveness of gun crimes amid push for controls ‘incredible hypocrisy’ [NRA-ILA News]

But at the same time, Mr. Obama forgave scores of gun crimes convictions for the offenders, raising thorny questions about whether the White House is serious about keeping guns out of “the wrong hands” — a refrain of the Obama administration in the wake of mass shootings.


N.J. lawmakers move toward invalidating Christie plan for right to carry handguns [NRA-ILA News]

Lawmakers moved closer Monday toward invalidating regulations proposed by Governor Christie's administration that would allow more people to legally carry a handgun in New Jersey.The proposed regulation would allow gun permits to be granted to people who can demonstrate a "serious threat" and need to carry a firearm. The state’s current standard only allows permits to be issued if a person can cite a specific threat or earlier attack.


Professors Could Be Sanctioned if They Ban Guns in Class, Texas AG Warns [NRA-ILA News]

Public university professors in Texas could be disciplined for not allowing their students to bring guns into class, Texas’ attorney general said in court papers.


End of an era for gun shop in Minneapolis [NRA-ILA News]

After surviving 20 years despite hostility from city leaders, the last gun shop in Minneapolis has faded away.Koscielski’s Guns and Ammo, which dueled with City Hall since its opening in 1995, turned out the lights in recent weeks. It was the last full-service gun shop in Minneapolis or St. Paul — where zoning has made such shops nearly impossible to operate.


Custom Chamber Flags for firearms safety [The Firearm Blog]

2016-07-05 23.19.15A Chamber Flag is normally a bright yellow piece of plastic that, when inserted into a firearm, indicates a safe weapon to range safety officers and other people around. They are constructed to withstand accidental bolt slamming and most are designed to to stay in the chamber when the bolt is open. The chamber flag […]

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RIA: Barrett M82A1 [Forgotten Weapons]

The story of the development of the Barrett M82 .50 BMG semiauto rifle is really a neat story – much more interesting than most people probably expect, and reminiscent of many firearms development stories of the 1800s. Ronnie Barrett was working as a photographer in the late 70s, and became interested (perhaps obsessed?) with the idea of a semiauto .50 caliber rifle after a photo session with a Vietnam War jungle patrol boat (which was armed with a pair of M2 .50 caliber machine guns). At the time, the only civilian options for the .50 BMG cartridge were conversions of WWII antitank rifles like the Boys and PTRD.

Barrett, with basically no formal engineering background, sketched up a design and approached some machine shops for advice and assistance. He started working in his garage, and after a couple years had a function prototype completed. He sold the rifles commercially at gun shows and through publications like Shotgun News until making his first military sale in 1989, to the Swedish government. The following year he received an order from the US military, and sales took off from there.

Contrary to common expectation, the Barrett M82A1 is not really a “sniper” rifle – as a semiautomatic design with a recoil-operated action it’s potential accuracy is much less than that of a bolt action precision rifle – and this is amplified by the lack of a precision .50 BMG cartridge in US military service. In practice, the M82A1 will shoot about 3 MOA with normal ball ammunition, and about 1.5-2 MOA with good handloads. It is used primarily as an EOD rifle to detonate heavy-walled unexploded shells at a safe distance, and as an anti-material rifle to attack light vehicles and infrastructure at a long distance. These are relatively large targets, which require the large payload of a .50 BMG projectile but not the extreme accuracy of a true “sniper’s” rifle.


Maxim Defense CQB AR Stocks And Buffer Systems [The Firearm Blog]

imageThere is nothing sexier in the firearm world than a short barreled rifle (SBR) with a sleek collapsible or folding stock. And the newest trend of integrating the MP5-A3 “two post” style of telescoping stock into the AR platform has brought a new level of both compactness and style to the market. Maxim Defense’s CQB Stock […]

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Modern Intermediate Calibers 008: The Soviet 5.45x39mm [The Firearm Blog]

A 5.45x39mm 7N6 cartridge, flanked by two of its predecessors. The 5.6x39mm (left) was developed from an early Soviet ballistic test round using the 7.62x39mm case head, which was designed to duplicate the performance of the early .222 Remington Special (right), later renamed the .223 Remington.In the late 1950s, after the first public demonstrations of the AR-15 and its new small caliber, high velocity cartridge, the Soviet Union took notice of the radical developments in military .22 caliber rounds in the United States. By 1959, four years before the adoption of the AR-15 as the M16 by the US Army, […]

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Who Bought Who? Trijicon, 5.11, S&W and More [The Firearm Blog]

trijicon-rm01-rmr-led-sight-40moa-red-dotIn the business world, company acquisitions happen frequently. The purchase of a company can happen for various reasons, but it is all done to help the bottom line. It can be easy to forget that companies in the shooting industry are just businesses like any other. They develop and sell products we love (or hate,) and because […]

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A Review of The Amazing Precision Hunter Course with Caylen Wojcik [The Firearm Blog]

Precicion Hunter Course 008This past January an opportunity fell in my lap to attend the first Precision Hunter Course held in Texas by Magpul. The Precision Hunter course is unique because it is geared toward the average hunter. In the words of the instructor, Caylen Wojcik, “The aim of the Precision Hunter course is to show hunters the […]

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Luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing. England wins! [The Firearm Blog]

1768390136578d079ee4d60For the ultimate in luxury lifestyle, let’s have a closer look at the latest “outdoor” editions from Range Rover and Bentley. This Holland & Holland Range Rover comes “fully loaded”. The new model has been designed by Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO), which will build 40 units per year over a three-year period. Below: […]

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Tuesday, 09 August


Coast to Coast AM listeners, please go to the website [John Lott's Website]

If you want to learn about the research on guns and crime, please go to


Trump scores points on the 2A [Of Arms and the Law]

At a rally in North Carolina, Donald Trump remarks, of Hillary Clinton, "By the way if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks." Then he adds "Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don't know."

Hillary's campaign responds "This is simple -- what Trump is saying is dangerous. A person seeking to be the President of the United States should not suggest violence in any way."

And Trump's campaign replies that his reference was to political power: "2nd Amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified, which gives them great political power. And this year, they will be voting in record numbers, and it won't be for Hillary Clinton, it will be for Donald Trump."

Very, very clever. The first statement was merely setting the ambush.


Fury Carry Solutions []

Plenty of companies do Kydex. Nick Allen does Kydex well. And he’s willing to make variations to fit non-mainstream guns and magazines. For example, I needed Sig MPX and CZ Scorpion EVO3 mag pouches — but only soft nylon is available from the makers. Nick got samples of magazines and turned around quickly with excellent hard mag holders.

Two 20-rounders for CZ Scorpion EVO3

Two 20-rounders for CZ Scorpion EVO3

Sig MPX mag pouches, the back side showing mounting options.

Sig MPX mag pouches, the back side showing mounting options.

While I was familiar with Fury drop-leg holster for Glock 41, But I was surprised by one of my models who came in with two Fury holsters with her, both for Glock 43.

From the side, you can see just how well the holster blends with the body for support and concealment.


For deeper concealment, IWB option can be had in various colors, including red. An accidental glimpse of it is far less likely to scream “gun” than black or OD Green kydex.


So far, I’ve encountered five examples of Fury Carry Solutions handiwork and every one has been top-notch in design and craftsmanship. Next time I come to Knoxville, I intend to bring in some of my less common carry pistols (HK P7PSP, Grand Power XCalibur, longslide 1911) for fitting.


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Vacation Hot Spot: Florida Keys Turtle Hospital []

In recent years sea turtles have gained water-bound rock star status on a par with manatees and dolphins. They’re protected, but similar to manatees, many turtles are injured by power boats zipping along, which wallop turtles when they surface for air or food.

The Turtle Hospital on Marathon is a non-profit outfit that does remarkable work in saving injured sea turtles from boat injuries, plus other ailments like cancerous sores, which are surgically removed.

Turtles of all sizes and shapes are kept in large tanks while in various stages of recovery, and the entire operation is open to visitors during guided tours ideal for families.

Some turtles have just arrived, and have obvious problems, such as cracked shells, deep lesions from boat motors, missing limbs, etc. Some are so badly injured that release back into the wild is impossible, so they’re permanent residents. But most recover, and eventually are nurtured back to health and released to the open sea in about a year.

Most turtles in the hospital are the common green sea turtle. But the hospital also has loggerhead, leatherback, and even the rare hawksbill sea turtle.

During our visit a clutch of dozens of golf-ball size loggerhead turtles had hatched and were being raised for release. Once large enough they’d be transported well offshore and released away from many predator dangers near land, thus insuring an increase survival rate for the hatchlings.

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Family Vacation Hotspot: Middle Florida Keys []

The Middle Keys abounds with all types of additional family-outdoor fun. Here are a few fun spots.

Sombrero Reef on the ocean side of Marathon is an easy-to-get-to boat run and it’s a snorkeler’s heaven with countless fish of rainbow hues in species too numerous to count.

Sombrero Lighthouse

The Keys is jammed with great restaurants, some fancy, most not, as they embrace the Florida “conch” lifestyle. Once such place on Marathon is the Keys Fisheries Restaurant, which is so laid back you order and pick up food at a kitchen window. They have no wait staff. But the food is awesome, with the lobster Ruben sandwich famous. But don’t overlook their hogfish entree.

images (1)

A quick stop at the  World Wide Sportsman store on Islamorada is a mandate. It’s huge now, having been bought out by Bass Pro Shops, which inside even has a reconstructed wooden sportfishing boat dubbed the “Pilar”, owned by Papa Ernest Hemingway when he lived in Cuba.

I made the stop because our old family friend the late George Hommell was the man behind the original small Keys store, a fraction the size of the current one.

Hommell was a superior angler, guide, tackle and fishing innovator and family friend. He was George H. Bush’s flats guide, and none were better in finding and catching tarpon, bonefish and others.

I fished the Keys with Hommell and my late father many years ago for tarpon, and those memories are still vivid, especially when walking into World Wide Sportsman.

Those were the best of times.

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Watch: The Deadliest Steampunk Pistol Ever? []

This is pretty cool. I’ve watched this German fellow demonstrate some cool homemade slingshots and whatnot before, but this creation is among his best, I think.

Steampunk? Well… maybe if you have a generous translation of that term. But it is definitely cool — and you can’t deny its power, using a small blast of CO2 gas to drive a nail deep into wood siding from 50 meters.


He’s in Germany, and since German law makes it okay to fire a projectile that slides over a barrel instead of through it, he can create sweet stuff like this. He makes arrows which fit snugly over the “barrel,” and uses duct tape for fletching. And they fly surprisingly well.

The photo above shows the remains of one arrow — which from 30 meters away hit hard enough to bury the nail tip and shatter the arrow shaft — and another arrow, which penetrated deeply into this wood barn siding from a distance of 50 meters.

The pistol is pressurized by applying a bicycle tire inflator; he says he gets about 3 shots per CO2 cartridge.

I like how he says, “Now, the in-ev-it-a-bul coconut test.”


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Expect Ammunition Prices to Rise []

My dad used to say growing up in Missouri that every time somebody strikes a match, the electricity goes out and the prices go up. Then it seemed like every turmoil in the world resulted in rising fuel prices at the pump. Ironically, the well pumps in the Middle East never ceased pumping except when Saddam torched his own oil fields during the Gulf War.

Then trends began. This incident or that caused gasoline to fluctuate wildly, almost always going up in price. What was one dollar a gallon went to over four in some locations. Summer blends cause price increases, demand for winter heating oil caused prices to go up, no Keystone pipeline, so prices go up. Seemingly any manufactured crisis causes gas prices to rise.

The same principle exists for rapidly changing ammunition prices, though the manufacturers claim their production facilities are running at full capacity. So, what really happens? A crisis happens. It could be blamed on wars using huge quantities of ammo thus creating brass and powder shortages. Terrorist attacks are on the increase, etc., etc. All of these “excuses” cause ammo price increases.

I scanned a number of on line ammunition sources over the past week and found ammo prices up from 10-20 percent across the board. Naturally, the most popular rounds are the ones going up like .223/5.56, .308, 9mm, and .45 ACP. Rimfire ammo is up again. There are no dealer quotas yet, but this is coming again through this election cycle. Just the threat of new gun laws, ammo tracking, and such causes so-called shortages, thus producing ammo price increases.

Generally though ammo prices have been going up for years. One used to be able to buy a basic 20-round box of 30-30 hunting ammunition for under $10. Today it is approaching $30. High quality hunting ammunition especially in magnum calibers is approaching $50 a box and more. Bought any Weatherby ammo lately?

Dealers tell me that much of the ammo price choking and gouging lies with the big supply wholesalers. When the water hose is running full blast, prices and supplies are good. Then the distributors start choking off deliveries. They put buying quotas on their dealers. Supply and demand they say.

Three months ago a 1000 round case of 5.56 was $325. This week it is generally $375. A friend bought some last week for $400 and thought it was a good deal. Pricing us out of the market is one sure way to keep us from shooting.

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When Prepping, Keep it Simple []

Sometimes preppers don’t even follow their own advice. Guilty as charged. Try as we might, most preppers and survivalists tend to be acquirers of the first order. We want the best of everything, every gadget, every tool, and everything else to ease the burden that might be thrust upon us during the next SHTF.

They don’t call me the Gadget Man at bug out camp for nothing. You may remember episodes on the old western series Gunsmoke when the old man pulled his supply wagon into town. You could hear it coming for miles. Pots, pans, tools, and everything else were hanging by hooks and banging around wildly announcing his arrival. It was like a rolling department store back in those days. Well, that is me, when I arrive in camp.

Because a big part of my writing job is reviewing a wide variety of outdoor products in the field, I always have some new stuff for the gang to check out. Their use and feedback is important in the process of product evaluations, too. Much of that I pass on to All Outdoor readers trying to offer realistic tests of products any prepper, hunter or outdoors person might be interested in.

Admittedly, in the process, I end up packing a lot of extra stuff in the truck even on short weekend hunting trips. Sometimes the hunting gets in the way of the product evaluations and vice versa. The lesson to be learned is to ferret through all the gear to find out what works and is of value to keep and use. There is some really fine stuff out there for preppers as well as a lot of junk.

Being raised as a kid in Missouri by an Air Force military man, one of the first principles I was taught was the rule of redundancy. If a tool or supply item is highly critical, then have a backup or several of them. But, in that process narrow the choices to just an item that really works well and gets the job done. There is no reason to have five pairs of cowboy boots if you get the point. But one or two pairs may be worth their weight in gold.

Transfer this line of thinking to your prepper supplies, gear, and equipment. Keep it simple, less is more.

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Umarex Luger P08 Blowback Air Gun []


The Luger P08 has long been the symbol of WW2 German officers. It went into service before WW1 and around 2.5 million were produced overall. Due to wartime attrition as well as destruction by anti-gun governments, not nearly as many remain, while the demand from them remains high.

In addition to being visually distinctive, Lugers were well made and are usually good shooters. So real Lugers are expensive and, in some jurisdictions, legally restricted. With that in view, production of a faithful CO2 air pistol by Umarex seems like an obvious move.

From the outside, the similarity is nearly 100%. The weight and the balance also match. Even such details as two-digit part numbers typical of the real pistols have been copied. This air gun can pass for the real Luger until closely examined. Umarex makes two versions, the basic shooter and the more authentic blow-back “P08 Luger simulator” that retails for about twice as much. Both use the same magazine that holds 21 BBs and a CO2 powerlet.


The hex wrench is included and required for activating the powerlet. That’s how the P08 gets around the usual fold-out key that’s a tell-tale of most other air guns. The less fancy pistol shoots at around 400fps and gets around 70 shots per powerlet, while the realistic blowback variant shoots closer to 300fps and gets only around 40 shots before velocity drops off.


That’s because some of the CO2 is used for moving the toggle lock. Accuracy is similar, generally just enough to hit pop cans out to 25 feet. Why spring for the more complicated blowback variant besides the more authentic experience?


For people living in certain European countries, this kind of air gun is the only practical way to experience the Luger mystique. For Americans the Europeans from less restrictive countries, the Umarex air gun makes a fun backyard plinker and an excellent prop for photography or video. Muzzle flash and ejecting empties can be added in post-production, but the mechanism articulation pretty much has to happen during the filming. This prop works very well for the purpose. Obviously, the same safety rules must be observed as with firearms, but the report is negligible and the backstop requirements are greatly reduced as well.


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The Carcano M41 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

The Italian Carcano family of rifles are generally regarded as poorly made, crude guns with few merits and poor accuracy. While they certainly aren’t as bad as is commonly believed, they are one of my least favorite bolt guns. The action is rough, the length of pull is awful, and they cannot fed spitzer bullets, […]

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RELEASED: ATF Firearms Commerce In The United States – 2016 [The Firearm Blog]

imageSince I am getting “mixed” reviews on my cheesy Buddy Cop graphic comedy series, how about a mid-week’s look at some dry accounting numbers? Ok, maybe they aren’t so dry since all of the stats involve guns. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) has released the latest annual report on Firearms Commerce in […]

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NEW Haley Strategic D3CRX Chest Rigs [The Firearm Blog]

imageIf you are anything like the majority of active tactical/defensive shooters around the world, you have lusted after, used and retired a plethora of ballistic nylon products over the years. Most of which now probably reside in a box or case in the back of the gear closet. Don’t be ashamed – I’m right there […]

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EoTech Fails Epiclly and The Best Thing For Owners [The Firearm Blog]

dsfsdfsdFor those of you keeping up with such things, last December EoTech started offering refunds for the full purchase price for holo sight owners that experienced POI shift. Shortly after that Nathaniel F. blogged about EoTech requiring all LE customers to acknowledge the POI shift problem before shipping sights out. After learning of the refund program, I […]

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POTD: Back Up Iron Sights For Handguns [The Firearm Blog]

Offset hipoint ironsHere is an interesting customization. Offset iron sights for when shooting your handgun sideways. The gun appears to be a Hi-Point hydrodipped in hundred dollar bills. Now while many of us may jump to the conclusion that this is for the gangster to more accurately shoot their gun sideways, I think it could be actually […]

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A brief statement of faith [The Liberty Sphere]

Honorable people who have values will not be able to vote for Hillary Clinton. She and her husband wrote the book on corruption long before the advent of people like Barack Obama. She may well destroy the country with her disdain for the Constitution and her inherent corruption. .

This brings me to an overview of basic values. I say these things from a Christian perspective that I will title "A Brief Statement of Faith."

First, the absolute essential here is that Christ is the son of the living God who died for sins, shedding his blood and dying on a wooden cross to obliterate our sins and purchase our pardon and secure a place in heaven where we will live eternally.

As Christ's disciples who have accepted Him as Savior and Lord, our values are going to reflect the fact that we are His servants.This includes our political views and who we vote for.

These values include honesty, honor, trustworthiness, love for all people, compassion , treating others the way we want to be treated, to name a few.

We will delve further into these matters and others next time we meet,


First Olympic Gold Goes to Team USA Shooter [The Firearm Blog]

thrasher2The Olympics are in full swing in Rio, and Team USA brought home their first gold early on. The first medal of the 2016 Olympics was also the USA’s first gold and went to 19-year-old Virginia Thrasher in the women’s 10-meter air rifle event. Not only did Thrasher get the gold she made a new record, […]

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Armed resident protects family from knife-wielding intruder, Whittier Daily News, Los Angeles County, Calif. 08/07/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A family was at home in Norwalk, Calif. when at around 2:30 a.m. one of the family members was alerted to a suspicious noise near the home. A male family member retrieved a gun and discovered a knife-wielding intruder had broken through some doors at the rear of the home. The armed family member responded to the threat by shooting the home invader, which prompted the intruder to flee. Police caught up with the home invader a short distance from the residence.


2016 Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium [NRA-ILA News]

The 2016 NRA-ILA “Firearms Law & The Second Amendment Symposium” will be held on Saturday, October 1st at Red Rock Resort Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Be Ready for the Western Front Offensive of 1919 with the WWI Pedersen Device [The Firearm Blog]

l5vjyzzIn the early winter of 1918, it seemed as though the Boche wouldn’t stop, and the war was sure to continue on into 1919. New, secret weapons were needed to complete the victory over Germany, and one of these was John Pedersen’s “device”, officially called “Cal. 30 Automatic Pistol Model of 1918”, a drop-in replacement […]

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Murphy says guns should be litmus test for Dems [NRA-ILA News]

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) says in a new interview that it's important for top Democrats to have the right opinions on gun control."This has become a litmus test issue for leadership in the Democratic Party," he told Politico's Glenn Thrush.


Sen. Elizabeth Warren backs Attorney General Maura Healey in 'copycat' weapons crackdown [NRA-ILA News]

US Sen. Elizabeth Warren is coming to Maura Healey's aid, saying gun activists "picked a fight with the wrong state and the wrong Attorney General."Healey has been facing criticism since her office said the Massachusetts assault weapons ban includes "copycat" weapons.


Texas, UT-Austin ask judge to throw out lawsuit challenging campus carry [NRA-ILA News]

In two separate court filings, lawyers for the university and the state argue that the professors' claims that the law violates their First Amendment rights are unfounded. They also argue that the federal court doesn't have jurisdiction to rule on the state law.


'Don't Tread on Me' flag being investigated by the EEOC as possibly racist [NRA-ILA News]

Designed by Christopher Gadsden during the Revolutionary War, the Gadsden flag has been used of late by pro-gun and pro-military types, and in the early days of the Tea Party it was standard at that movement’s meetings around the country.


RIA: Semiauto FAMAS [Forgotten Weapons]

The French FAMAS was one of the first bullpup rifles to be adopted and built in large numbers by a military power. It was adopted by France in 1978 at right about the same time as the Steyr AUG was being adopted by the Austrian military. Bullpup rifles offered a short overall length without sacrificing barrel length, an advantage that seemed quite valuable for troops who were to spend significant amounts of time in vehicles, where space is at a premium. In French service, the FAMAS was also made the formal replacement for both the MAS-49/56 rifle and the MAT-49 submachine gun, thanks to its compact nature.

The FAMAS is interesting mechanically, as it is one of very few production delayed-blowback rifle designs (the other common one being the CETME/HK series). The FAMAS uses a lever-delaying system, which allows a very simple bolt and action mechanism. The F1 model (adopted by the French Army and still in use today, making up the bulk of FAMAS production) has a 1:12″ twist to its rifling, effectively limiting it to 55 grain projectiles – and it also requires steel-cased ammunition to run reliably. The G2 variant (adopted in 1995 by the French Navy) changed to a 1:9″ twist, introduced a full-hand trigger guard, and also uses NATO standard AR15 magazines instead of the proprietary 25-round magazine of the F1.

In the late 1980s a small number of semiauto FAMAS rifles were made by St Etienne and imported into the US by Century. Most people say 100-125 rifles, although serial number suggest this may have actually been 225-250 rifles. Regardless, they are quite scarce and expensive today.


Monthly Gun Contests [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The monthly contests from Aaron at Weapon-Blog have been posted. You can see all the firearms below. He has some interesting guns in this month's list such as the Lionheart LH9. This is an updated version of the Daewoo DH51 which has the Safety Fast Shooting System.


  • Lionheart Industries LH9
    Deadline: August 15, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Sig Sauer 1911 Extreme
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016 Glo Glock 17
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: July 19, 2016
  • Del-Ton Echo 316 M-LOK
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Sig Sauer P320
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Women's Concealed Carry Package
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Sig Sauer P320
    Deadline: September 1, 2016
    Added to list: July 7, 2016
  • Wilson Combat Vickers’ Elite 1911
    Deadline: September 5, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Heritage Rough Rider
    Deadline: September 13, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Heckler & Koch VP40
    Deadline: September 13, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Glock 17
    Deadline: September 30, 2016
    Added to list: July 7, 2016
  • EAA Corp 1911 Polymer
    Deadline: October 1, 2016
    Added to list: July 12, 2016
  • Dream Gun Giveaway
    Deadline: October 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • RIA TCM Rock Target FS HC
    Deadline: November 1, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Shooters Arms 1911
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: April 5, 2016
  • NRA 24-Gun Collection
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: September 4, 2015
  • NRA Crack The Vault
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: June 13, 2016
  • DPMS GII Recon Rifle
    Deadline: August 9, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Spike’s Tactical Crusader AR-15
    Deadline: September 16, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 7, 2015
  • Thompson/Contender Compass
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: July 19, 2016
  • Mauser Karabiner 98 Kurz
    Deadline: 300 Contest Entries
    Added to list: July 7, 2016
  • Savage MK II BTV
    Deadline: 5,000 Group Members
    Added to list: January 7, 2015
  • Xena-15 GEN4
    Deadline: 100,000 Subscribers
    Added to list: February 18, 2016
  • CVA Muzzleloader
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: January 1, 2015
  • Finnish M39 Tikka
    Deadline: August 16, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • None this month
Air Rifles
  • None this month
  • None this month
  • None this month
  • None this month
Gun Rights Organizations
  • None this month
  • POF USA Drop-In Trigger
    Deadline: August 12, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Rothco Specialist Range & Go Bag
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • $1,000 Condor Gift Card
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Press, Bullets, and Brass
    Deadline: August 15, 2016
    Added to list: July 13, 2016
  • CrossBreed Gear Up Giveaway
    Deadline: August 31, 2016
    Added to list: July 19, 2016
  • Stealth Cam Ultimate Archery Giveaway
    Deadline: September 1, 2016
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • NRA Truck Raffle
    Deadline: September 15, 2016
    Added to list: May 13, 2016
  • Rusty's Rags Cleaning Cloths
    Deadline: Recurring Weekly
    Added to list: February 11, 2015
  • Dead Air Armament #MuzzleBrakeMonday
    Deadline: Recurring Weekly
    Added to list: June 9, 2015
  • ATN SHot Trax-HD
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: April 4, 2016
  • Parker Compound Bow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 11, 2015
  • Parker Crossbow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 17, 2016
  • Trailboss
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: July 13, 2016
  • $100 60X Gift Card
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Black Rain Ordinance Recon
    Deadline: August 11, 2016
    Added to list: June 1, 2016
  • NRA Truck Raffle
    Deadline: September 15, 2016
    Added to list: March 7, 2019
  • Outdoor Mentors Gun A Week
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: January 6, 2016
  • Hart's Fort Rifle
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: February 8, 2016
  • 2016 50 Gun Fundraiser
    Deadline: Only 500 tickets sold
    Added to list: January 28, 2016