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Another planet heard from. . . [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

A comment to the blog post below this one. It is, of course, anonymous.
You won't let anyone comment on anything you don't agree with. You never have. You are a coward and a self promoting phony , who's only interest is your own overinflated ego. You long ago lost credibility with most of us because your sense of liberty is no better than the NSA's, so why worry about the comments of trolls? Because you are so drug addled and self deluded as to think your blog is somehow influencing the conversation? Nobody cares how many "rally's" you crash in your lust for self promotion. Your refusal to allow any voice but yours, Brands you as the same brand of statist you so loudly decry. No matter how many papers brand you a "leader". Only the left still cares.
Well, I guess he told me. Of course I might be more impressed if he had the guts to use his own name. But then, the real rabid ones never do.


Antigun PSA encourages gun theft, other offenses [Of Arms and the Law]

Pretty appalling. The PSA has a kid stealing his mother's handgun, hiding it in his backpack, taking it to school, and handing it to a teacher, asking that she take it away since he doesn't feel safe with a gun in the house. Presumably, conduct the creator feels worthy of emulation.

As the web page points out, the student in the video commits five felonies -- theft, carrying a concealed weapon, carrying at a bus stop, on a school bus, and in a school. I'd add that if the teacher takes it, the teacher commits receiving stolen property and possession of a firearm in a school zone. And of course if either of them is untrained (and the kid being so scared of a gun is evidence that he is that), neither should be packing a gun in a school or anywhere else.


New Mexico: Lawmaker Pre-Files HB 44, Restricting Private Firearm Transfers [NRA-ILA News]

Although the New Mexico Legislature will not convene its 2015 Regular Session until January 20, one lawmaker has already pre-filed a familiar, ill-conceived gun control measure. On Friday, anti-gun state Representative Miguel Garcia (D-Albuquerque) re-introduced House Bill 44, legislation criminalizing non-dealer firearm transfers at gun shows and taking the first step toward a universal ban on private gun sales.


Attn: Rabid cop haters whose blood dancing celebratory comments on the NYPD killings are being routinely deleted by me. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Here is the face of your "instrument of justice": The Many Atlanta Mugshots of NYPD Cop Killer Ismaaiyl Brinsley.
Brinsley bought the gun he used to shoot his ex-girlfriend in Baltimore and the two officers here in Atlanta. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) is currently questioning the pawn shop in the Atlanta metro region that sold Brinsley the gun. . . Brinsley had active warrants out of Cobb County . . . for probation violation related to theft, firearm possession and criminal property damage charges. Brinsley was thrown into the Fulton County Jail nine times between 2004 and 2010. The offenses include simple battery, disorderly conduct, theft by shoplifting, criminal trespass, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a knife during the commission of a felony, possession of marijuana, simple battery, and terroristic threats.
NOTE: All of the "kill all the pigs" comments are being deleted by me before they can be associated with this blog. I assure you that if that is what you truly believe and advocate you have not internalized the principles of the Three Percent and you should go find another hobby. Those of you who are merely federal trolls seeking to discredit the Three Percent via such messages ought to hang it up too. I instituted moderated comments early on because I was tired of neo-Nazis trying to hijack the blog. When I compare their collectivist hatred to those of a few recent commenters, there is little functional difference.


Gun Control Cultist Calls For Children To Steal Parents’ Firearms, Bring Them To Schools [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Bob Owens asks: What is wrong with these people?
C'mon, Bob. You've never heard of the Young Communists? The Hitler Youth? Collectivists ALWAYS try to achieve their aims through the weak minds of children. ALWAYS.


Have bow tie, will travel. Alan Gottlieb, man about the world. Magic fairy dust as a strategy. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Now we know why he was smiling. He just spent three days partying in Hong Kong. Well, that's harsh. Maybe he was consulting with the ChiComs about the efficacy of background checks.
Fresh from world traveling to Hong Kong for "three days of fun" as he described it, Gottlieb appeared on the Mark Walters show as the quintessential Neville Chamberlain that we've come to expect.
Walters asked Gottlieb about I-594, inquiring whether we have another CT non-compliance campaign on our hands. Gottlieb answered, "I'm not expecting it in Washington state."
NOT EXPECTING IT?!? NOT EXPECTING IT?!? It's already a frigging fact! How Walters didn't choke in laughter is beyond me.
When Walters asked him about the fact of the armed civil disobedience of the "I Will Not Comply" rally, Gottlieb lied and said that it wasn't armed civil disobedience because "most people there weren't armed."
He added, "I don't think it helped us with the general public. It doesn't help us with the public or the legislators." He added, "I'm not a fan of armed civil disobedience."
Like we couldn't figure THAT out. The only thing he IS a fan of is other folks sending him money.
In the second segment, Walters asked how Gottlieb was going to try to change I-594 in the legislature. Without touching the subject of what compromises he was willing to make, he answered, "All the gun groups in Washington state have banded together and hired another lobbyist."
WOW! That's showing them, Alan. I'm sure Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Michael Bloomberg are quaking in their designer shoes.
LATER: It is evident that Gottlieb doesn't believe that the state usurping the long-standing right of individuals to exchange property freely is that big of a deal. Considering that he has indicated his willingness to concede that right in the past -- and not even King George the Third was that grasping -- this is perhaps not surprising. If you are expecting Gottlieb to fight that fight is to believe in the triumph of hope over experience. With fairy dust thrown in for good measure.
Alan Gottlieb's secret weapon for defeating I-594 -- Magic Fairy Dust.


A paradigm gone with the wind. (Harry Truman, like Francisco Franco, is still dead.) [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

A centrist Democrat bemoans the collectivist wreckage of his party: "Time to Bring Back the Truman Democrats." The one thing he doesn't mention is firearms. If there is one issue that has consistently damaged his party over the years with the poor and middle class white voters that he seeks to reclaim it is firearm confiscation. It is also impossible to finesse that issue with the collectivists who control his party and their carefully constructed base that controls the primaries. How he hopes to do so is beyond me. It is the one thing the leadership and the base all agree on. The party he pines for is gone with the wind, and Harry Truman, like Generalissimo Francisco Franco, is still dead.

Sunday, 21 December


Clerk thwarts robbery and carjacking, The Daytona Beach News-Journal, Daytona Beach, Fla. 12/20/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A criminal, armed with what looked like a real gun, entered the Neighborhood Meat Market in Daytona Beach, Fla. and tried to rob the store. The clerk on duty responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, prompting the robber to flee. However, while fleeing, the robber encountered the wife of the store’s owner. The thief attempted a carjacking, but was forced to flee again when the vigilant clerk fired at him a second time.

Nevada: BLM Releases Plan for Managing 4.8 Million Acres of Public Land [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a Resource Management Plan that will chart the future management of 4.8 million acres of public land outside of Carson City.  The deadline for the public to submit comments is March 27, 2015.   Although the deadline is several months away, the BLM is hosting a series of public meetings in January as listed below.

Arizona: Volunteers Needed for Clean Up of Popular Shooting Area on the Tonto National Forest [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Forest Service, Arizona Game and Fish and Tread Lightly! is hosting a cleanup event Saturday, January 17, 2015 along the Hewitt Station Road, east of the City of Apache Junction.  The cleanup area is popular for target shooting and other recreation.  Excessive trash and illegal dumping have prompted the need for the cleanup.

Virginia: McAuliffe's misinformed trigger warning [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Terry McAuliffe calls the gun-control proposals he unveiled Monday “common-sense” measures. Brian Moran, his secretary of public safety, also calls them that. You can bet that supporters of the measures — a one-gun-a-month limit, background checks at gun shows, a prohibition on gun ownership by persons subject to protective orders, revocation of concealed-carry permits for parents who fall behind on child support — will call them common-sense, too.

Retired officers forced to sue D.C. for right to carry guns after receiving threats [NRA-ILA News]

It’s been six years since Robert L. Smith retired from his job as a corrections officer at the D.C. Jail, but he says he still receives threats from former inmates he supervised.He keeps a legally registered handgun inside his Southwest D.C. home, but he would like to be able to carry it to protect himself. As a former jail employee, he said, he should qualify for a permit under federal statutes that allow retired law enforcement officers to carry guns without obtaining state licenses.

Pennsylvania: Local governments rethinking their gun-control ordinances [NRA-ILA News]

Even as a courtroom battle brews over whether local governments can pass their own gun-control ordinances, Western Pennsylvania officials are striking the measures from their books.

Connecticut: Knife-Carrying Vet Protected by Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

In a victory for Second Amendment advocates, the Connecticut Supreme Court has overturned the conviction of a former Army medic who served 15 months in prison for transporting a dagger-style knife and police baton in his vehicle during a move to another state.


The Unintended Ironical Hypocrisy of the Collectivists on Full Display in NYPD Killings. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Turn on the television and you will see the clips of marchers in NYC chanting "What do we want?" Answered by "DEAD COPS!" Followed by "When do we want it?" "NOW!" These clips are followed by much hand-wringing by the collectivist talking heads that people are making a connection between the anti-police rhetoric and actions of Eric Holder and the mayor of NYC (dubbed "Big Bird" by his critics) and the assassination of the two policemen.
"Wait," they demand, "you can't blame our First Amendment expressions for cold-blooded murder. The one has nothing to do with the other." Of course these are the same people who blamed Rush Limbaugh and the militia movement for Timothy McVeigh and the OKC bombing. They are the same people who blamed me for the Georgia Waffle House geezers whose "deadly plot" was conveniently uncovered by an FBI snitch.
So which is it? If they are not guilty, then I am not guilty. If Eric Holder is innocent in the present circumstance then so was Rush Limbaugh and the militia movement at the time of Oklahoma City. It is one or the other. If I am guilty then they are guilty. Or not. Pick one, you lying collectivist bastards, and own it.
Of course the larger question is not either/or nor is it a zero sum game. As I have written before, it is possible to criticize the militarization of police without embracing race rioting as a proper response. But the deliciousness of the collectivists' current discomfiture is marvelous for those of us who have been the victim of their lying propaganda for years.


Alan Gottlieb to surface on Armed American Radio. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Why is this man smiling? Alan Gottlieb, Washington state's own Neville Chamberlain in a bow tie.
David Codrea reports that Alan Gottlieb will be on Mark Walters' Armed American Radio tonight at 8:00 PM Eastern. From Walters' blurb:
"Alan Gottlieb updates on his travels and latest news of defiance out of Washington State against the new law."
"Latest news of defiance. . ." Hmm. The only "defiance" I saw while in Washington state was from Gavin Seim's band of brothers and sisters at the "I Will Not Comply" rally, which Gottlieb and his friends and associates (as well as the NRA) either denounced in advance or ignored.
Now I have no conduit into the mind of Mark Walters, but were I in his position here are some questions I would have for the man:
1. The I Will Not Comply rally of armed civil disobedience at the state capitol in Olympia last weekend was an apparent success -- the state police said there were at least 1,800 people in attendance and Mike Vanderboegh, one of the speakers, estimated it at 2,000. What did you think of the rally, its purpose of armed civil disobedience to I-594, and why did you not attend or endorse it?
2. Mike Vanderboegh as I noted in the first question was one of the speakers. He said the loss of I-594 happened, because of failures on the gun rights side. (And here I would play the snippet from my speech that goes as follows. The text is here.) --
"Petty jealousies, touchy egos and cynical jockeying for position lost the political fight against I-594. The NRA did the minimum required to convince their members that they were doing something without really doing something because they did not want to ally themselves with Alan Gottlieb. For his part, Alan Gottlieb seemed happy to have NRA cede the battlefield to him for he would claim the credit for the history. ONLY ONE THING HAPPENED, THEY DIDN’T WIN. They lost. WE lost. And now we are here because grown men and women acted like jealous children. But it is time to cease acting like children. Because of our own failures it is time to stand up and act like adults. This is not a game with no consequences, and merely played for points. This is deadly serious. this is as serious as it gets. And as my friend David Codrea says, it is time for any chair in a bar fight – regardless of who gets the credit afterwards."
Were I Walters I would then ask: "How do you respond to Vanderboegh's charge? Do you concede that mistakes of judgment were made by you and the NRA in the campaign against 594? Wasn't your own backing of a competitive measure a dilution of energy, money and resources that actually helped the success of I-594?
3. In the past, after Sandy Hook, you were willing to make compromises on background checks "in order to prevent something worse." You have announced that you will be lobbying the WA legislature to achieve changes in I-594. What are those, exactly?
4. Finally, the "I Will Not Comply" folks have announced that they will be having a background-check-free gun show in June on private property to deliberately violate I-594 once again. How do you fell about another huge act of armed civil disobedience in your state? Will you participate? Or will you denounce it here tonight?
Whether Walters asks those questions or similar ones, be sure and tune in to find out what Chamberlain-in-a-bow-tie has to say for himself. The links are at David's site linked above.

Saturday, 20 December


Is McAuliffe aiming for N.Y. with his gun control salvo? [Gun News]

Looks like it's time for someone to gently remind Terry McAuliffe that he's the governor of Virginia. Not the mayor of New York City.


Gun nuts' vile Muslim test: Why open carry activists... [Gun News]

Just how far does the principle of a right to bear arms go these days? Here's where gun extremists draw the line So what do you think the gun proliferation activists would say to a bunch of American Muslims exercising their constitutional right to bear arms on Main Street, USA? That's the question writer and gun owner Jon Stokes asked in this piece at . He wrote: I've been thinking recently about the way that the Satanists are having a field day with so many laws that Christians are passing under the "freedom of religion" banner: stunts like putting a statue of Satan next to the Ten Commandments, or Satanist plans to hand out literature to school kids in Orange County.


Utah Gun Laws Provide Interesting Case Nationally [Gun News]

Utah gun laws have been getting national attention for rules that made it impossible for a publicly-funded state university to take steps to protect a guest speaker in October. In Utah, a concealed carry permit holder can bring a gun into a public school.


My newest piece at Fox News: "Media Matters, the facts and me" [John Lott's Website]

My newest Fox News piece starts this way:
With just one telephone call this year, Erik Wemple of the Washington Post was able to convince Media Matters to let me respond to their attacks on me in the comments section of their website — after they ignored my emails, telephone calls, numerous tweets and posts for seven years. 
Media Matters purports to correct misinformation that the “conservative” media puts out, but, ironically, they have systematically hidden comments critical of their work from their readers. They have a blog where it appears that conservatives and others can respond, but they don’t tell their readers that they have regularly removed responses that they couldn’t answer. 
I have been attacked in over 80 posts on Media Matters over the years. They have even criticized reporters from such places as the Washington Post and the New York Times just for interviewing me. They have described me as a “discredited gun researcher.” They have claimed “Gun Advocate John Lott Lashes out at Trayvon Martin’s Mother.” They say I’ve misrepresented Obama’s record on guns, what “assault weapons” are and the views of police on gun control. They have used doctored pictures of me and screen shots of posts. 
Media Matters uses a hit-and-run strategy: Attack, and move on to the next attack. They never acknowledge responses, even those published in major media like the ones I’ve written for Fox News.  
If Media Matters started engaging in debates, their readers would quickly learn that their criticisms of others involve mischaracterizations, carefully edited quotes and outright lies. Their unwillingness to post contrary comments says a lot about their inability to defend themselves. 
A typical example was their March 20 post covering a piece I wrote for on Vivek Murthy, President Obama's nominee for surgeon general. Media Matters’ headline read: "On Obama's Surgeon General Nominee, It's Medical Experts Vs. Discredited Gun Zealots." With 288 mainly positive comments on their post, Media Matters apparently worried that people might find the ones I posted with a link to the discussion on my website. So Media Matters simply removed my comments. . . . .
The piece continues here.


The BBC on the Taylor Woolrich story [John Lott's Website]

This past August the CPRC co-sponsored and organized a conference for Students for Concealed Carry.  The first speaker was Taylor Woolrich.  Her story is continuing to make a difference in explaining to people why it is important that stalking victims have the right to be able to defend themselves.  From the BBC:
A former beauty pageant contestant from California, 20-year-old Taylor Woolrich is the first to admit she's not your usual guns rights campaigner. 
She's fighting for the right to carry a weapon on campus, for a very personal reason.
For years she's been stalked by a man she first came into contact with while waitressing at a cafe.
He would turn up to see her every day and began to track her down outside work. An emergency restraining order failed to deter him.
Things became even more terrifying when she moved across the country to study at Dartmouth college in New Hampshire.
"It wasn't even on my mind, and then he contacted me via LinkedIn and used social media to continue to contact me - sent me various very frightening messages, making it very specific he knew where I was," she says.
One summer, when she went home to California, he turned up at her parents' doorstep. She says police found what they call a "rape kit" - rope tied as a slip-noose, gloves, duct-tape, flash light, and a sweatshirt - inside his car.
Taylor's stalker is currently in jail. His sentence will soon be up. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.


My newest piece in the Daily Caller: “When Security Fails, Gun Rights Are The Last Line Of Defense” [John Lott's Website]

My newest piece at the Daily Caller starts this way:
These days, it isn’t even safe to get a cup of coffee. Australians just learned this the hard way. In the U.S., watching a movie can apparently be too dangerous. At least, terrorist threats by North Korea canceled the showing of “The Interview” in movie theaters. 
With very little money, ISIS has managed to instill fear in countries around the world. Simply by using Internet posts, ISIS has encouraged “lone wolf” terrorists. 
In May, four people were shot dead in an attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. In September, there were beheadings in Oklahoma and London. October proved even worse: a car attack in Quebec, a shooting in Ottawa, a hatchet assault in New York City, and a knife attack that left five dead at an Israeli synagogue. This is but a sample. 
The Canadian government rushed to revamp its security agencies in the wake of the recent attack on Parliament. But lone attackers are unlikely to send incriminating emails that alert law enforcement. What do you do if security fails? How do we protect what seems like an infinite number of possible targets?. 
The attacks in Brussels, Ottawa, and Sydney illustrate the limitations of preventive measures. In each case, the perpetrators had criminal histories that prevented them from legally buying a gun. 
Still, they all managed to obtain firearms. The Brussels killer, Mehdi Nemmouche, even obtained an illegal machine gun. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.


The biggest corporate social media fails of 2014 [Gun News]

Bill Cosby asked people to 'meme him' on Twitter - but the request backfired and users brought up a 2004 sexual assault. This isn't a forgivable typo or broken link - here are the ugliest, stupidest and most offensive flubs that lived on in digital infamy.


U.S. Appeals Court Expands Gun Rights [Gun News]

Gerald Crawford prepared for target practice at Action Impact gun range in Southfield, Mich., in 2011. A U.S. appeals court ruled Thursday that Charles Tyler, a Michigan man committed to a mental institution decades ago, could buy guns.


My newest piece at Fox News: "Expert: Blacks trust police more than whites do" [John Lott's Website]

My newest piece at Fox News starts this way:
Do blacks trust police more than whites do? Given the anger over events in Ferguson and New York City, the very question seems absurd. But it is not. Behind the polls and demonstrations, there is evidence that blacks trust police at least as much as whites do. 
The poll results are hardly surprising. A new Gallup poll confirms blacks place less confidence in police and the criminal justice system. Using survey data from 2006 through 2014, Gallup found: 
-- 31 percentage points more blacks than whites believe black males are more likely to go to prison than white males primarily because of discrimination (50 percent versus 19 percent). 
-- 7 percentage points more blacks believe the honesty and ethics of police are low/very low (17 percent versus 10 percent). 
Similarly, a 2013 Pew Research Centersurvey reveals that 70 percent of blacks believed police treated whites better than blacks. By contrast, only 37 percent of whites agreed. 
But what people say and what they do are often different. And there are both victims and criminals in black communities. 
Victims may trust the police for the same reasons that criminals dislike them. Blacks are not a monolithic group: blacks who who have been through the criminal justice system as criminals could answer these questions quite differently than those who have relied on police as victims. 
The polls don’t distinguish between these two groups. As Charles Barkley recently said: “[Police] are the only thing in the ghetto between this place being the wild, wild west. 
Most violent crime victims don’t report crimes to police. For example, only about half of rapes are reported to police. That has a lot to do with how victims believe they will be treated by the police. In the case of rape, victims who think that the police are unsympathetic to rape victims or are unlikely to solve the cases are even less likely to report rapes. 
If black victims really believe police are racist, why would they report the crime to the police? Blacks victims don’t want other blacks locked up simply due to their race; they want the criminals who actually committed the crime punished. . . .
The article continues here.


Successful adaptation to Zombieland Rule Number One (at least until he runs out of gas). [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Remember Rule #1 from Zombieland?
This fellow seems to have made a successful adaptation to that rule, at least until he runs out of gas.
Of course since he's an "Only One," presumably the government will have fuel long after it has disappeared from civilian stocks.


New effort for guns on college campuses [Gun News]

Rep. Heath VanNatter, R-Kokomo, said he plans to co-author a bill that would allow students to carry firearms. Sen. Jim Banks, R-Columbia City, has sponsored the legislation in previous sessions, but he is on military deployment in Afghanistan.


Koch money and GOP access may discourage pairing amnesty with gun rights [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

“Within the beltway, the Kochs are not shy about using their money to support mass amnesty and open borders, not only by subsidizing CATO but also the open borders, pro-amnesty, libertarian magazine Reason,” that analysis explains. “So why do they refuse to be consistent with AFP or at least make their real opinion clear to the hundreds of thousands of Tea Party activists who have volunteered with or donated money to AFP?”
NRA has avoided the issue. There have been excuses from apologists, arguing unconvincingly that allowing millions of new anti-gun voters into the mix is not part of the “single issue” mission of the association, or that somehow, the newly naturalized will discover “pro-gun” principles. The problem with that is the first premise is demonstrably wrong, and the second is based on wholly on wishful thinking, never fleshed out with more than unsubstantiated opinion.

Friday, 19 December


PBS Uses Deception to Defend Gun Control Movement [Gun News]

On December 19, PBS used deception to defend the gun control movement by claiming that although "the gun-rights lobby holds an edge" two years after Sandy Hook, the gun control lobby is gaining ground because of Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety, and financial supporters like Bloomberg. PBS did not mention that Moms Demand Action's last gun ban campaigns-conducted against Kroger, Fred Meyer, and Harris Teeter-failed.


The Coming Obama End Run for Gun Control [Gun News]

With just over two years left in the administration of President Barack Obama, and with his promise, some might view it as a threat, to use the powers of his office to make changes he believes are best to move the country towards the vision he and his supporters have for the future of America , protecting Americans' right to bear arms will be even more important as the Obama Presidency winds down. The president has made no secret of his interest in enacting more stringent gun control across the board in America.


Digging up bones [The Liberty Sphere]

Hi, my friends. I am okay and hanging in. I still need your prayers.

I have to work, sick or not. We presented a program of Christmas music Sunday, under my direction. I was very pleased with it, but I admit that under present physical circumstances it took a great deal out of me. In fact, I was exhausted, more so than normal. But I enjoy doing these things, and I don't really care about the price I have to pay physically. The singers, the soloists, and the musicians were all wonderful. Simply hearing the fruit of our labors as it is presented live is a blessing that is worth much more than its weight in gold.

Now, even while I have been away struggling with sickness, I have still been working. This is done under the radar screen. It's always interesting to see what you discover when you get out there and "dig up bones." The things I have discovered will be disclosed in time, when the time is right. I suspect my first installment will be tomorrow or Sunday. Stay tuned, and thanks, my friends, for hanging in there with me. Your support is a source of great joy, making it worth my time to come here and do this year after year.


Sandy Hook principal's daughter emerges as vocal gun-control advocate [Gun News]

Comedian Jay Leno agreed to emcee a dinner next month in Las Vegas for the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation . He changed plans after Erica Lafferty Smegielski called him out.


Sixth Circuit: Mental Health Gun Ban Is Unconstitutional [Gun News]

On December 18 2014, a three-judge panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that a ban on gun purchases for anyone who has been "adjudicated as a mental defective or has been committed to a mental institution" violated the Second Amendment rights of a Michigan man who was denied a gun purchase because of a mental institution commitment in 1986. According to The Wall Street Journal , 73-year-old Clifford Charles Taylor "recently attempted to buy a gun but was denied on the grounds that he had been committed by a court to a mental institution in 1986 after emotional problems associated with a divorce."


Exclusive: Favorite Holsters, Part 1 [Gun News]

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that question, I'd be a we'll, I'd be almost to eight bucks. Nonetheless, I like to answer it, because it's a legit question.


Michigan: Update 2013-2014 Legislative Session Adjourns [NRA-ILA News]

Early this morning, Senate Bills 789 and 790 passed in the Michigan House of Representatives and received a prompt concurrence vote in the state Senate. In the state House, SB 789 passed by an 84 to 26 vote and SB 790 passed by an 85 to 25 vote


Alan, ist dat du? Apparently I pissed off somebody in Washington state. Notice to readers. My email is under attack and at the same time someone is spamming with my name in the header. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Heads up. Today I have been under what amounts to a DOS attack with hundreds of emails (perhaps thousands by now) jamming my inbox from someone claiming to be Kevin Thomason with the header "re: U OK?" The text is beyond obscene. At the same time, apparently, someone is claiming to be me in emails. Received this from a reader:
Hi Mike,
My wife received this email today, and I just wanted to give you a heads up that someone is spamming, or sending malicious emails under your name. I noticed right away that this email was not sent from your email address. The only thing I can think of is that my wife donated to your paypal account a couple of times. I am not sure if someone got a list of the people that have donated to Sipsey. I just wanted to bring this to your attention so you can warn others not to be duped by this email.
Thank you, (NAME REDACTED)
From: Mike Vanderboegh []
Sent: Friday, December 19, 2014 1:29 AM
To: (LONG list redacted)
Subject: from Mike Vanderboegh
How are you?
It works!
Mike Vanderboegh
Given the list of recipients (which included Oathkeepers), I do not think it has anything to do with PayPal. I have no experience with this and have no way to deal with it myself. Any suggestions?
LATER: Apparently someone is also using the email address to do the same thing. Lord alone knows how big this is.


Assault Rifle Amusement Park For Children Set To Open In Florida [Gun News]

A while back some idiots in Texas thought it would be a great idea to have a meet and greet with gun bearing kids sitting on Santa's lap. A new attraction where children as young as 13 fire military-grade weapons in zombie, gangster and cowboy-themed simulators has been slammed by gun control campaigners.


Ohio: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Signed into Law Today [NRA-ILA News]

Today at a public signing ceremony, Governor John Kasich (R) signed into law House Bill 234, comprehensive pro-gun reform legislation.  HB 234 will take effect in ninety days.


Is Protecting Gun Rights Really a Growing Priority for Americans? [Gun News]

The PEW Research Center released a survey this month suggesting that for the first time in two decades more Americans support "gun rights" than "gun control." But the poll's question on that point, asking respondents whether it's more important to "control gun ownership" or to "protect the right of Americans to own guns," drew sharp criticism from some experts, who say it offered a false choice.


Glad to see that Kurt Hofmann is back in the fight. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Newtown victims' families choose poorly with regard to 'entrusting' guns
In the end, it is difficult to escape the conclusion that Bushmaster's "entrustment" of AR-15s to private citizens enables vastly less carnage than turning them over to governments and their proxies.
It is good to see that Kurt Hofmann is back in the fight. I know he's been struggling with some health issues, so y'all keep him in your prayers. On my trip to Washington state, I was talking to another activist and we agreed that Kurt's comments on this ideological struggle are among the most insightful.


Why isn't Obama imposing sanctions on North Korea for its act of war? Isn't attacking Sony an attack on US territory? [John Lott's Website]

While many in the media is attacking Sony for its "cowardice," can one really expect Sony to stand up to such pressure by itself.  After all, the media with its constant reporting based on this stole information has done huge damage to Sony.  Representative Ed Royce discusses one thing that the Obama administration could do here

Possibly if the Obama administration had come forward sooner, the results from this past week could have been avoided.

But NBC's Pete Williams says: "“I would say the best I can tell from that is that [the Obama administration] haven’t a clue [what to do about North Korea]."


Rough yesterday and rougher night. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Still trying to recover from the WA trip. I'll have more later.


US Appeals Court deems gun law unconstitutional [Gun News]

Jan. 4, 2013: Handguns are displayed in the sales area of Sandy Springs Gun Club and Range, in Sandy Springs, Ga. A federal appeals court in Cincinnati deemed a law unconstitutional that kept a Michigan man who was committed to a mental institution from owning a gun.


U.S. Appeals Court says that just because you once had a mental illness problem doesn't allow government to ban you for life from owning guns [John Lott's Website]

The risk of violence from people with mental illness is extremely low to begin with, but if the risk is low even when people are suffering a mental illness, why ban them for ever from owning a gun, even after they are cured?  From the Wall Street Journal:
In the first legal ruling of its type, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati on Thursday deemed unconstitutional a federal law that kept a Michigan man who was briefly committed to a mental institution decades ago from owning a gun. 
A three-judge panel of the Sixth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously ruled that the federal ban on gun ownership for anyone who has been “adjudicated as a mental defective or who has been committed to a mental institution” violated the Second Amendment rights of Clifford Charles Tyler, a 73-year-old Hillsdale County man. 
“The government’s interest in keeping firearms out of the hands of the mentally ill is not sufficiently related to depriving the mentally healthy, who had a distant episode of commitment, of their constitutional rights,” wrote Judge Danny Boggs, an appointee of President Ronald Reagan, for the panel. 
Lucas McCarthy, Mr. Tyler’s lawyer, called the ruling “a forceful decision to protect Second Amendment rights,” and said he hoped it that it would have “a significant impact on the jurisprudence in the area of gun rights.” . . .


14-year-old shoots at two intruders who broke into home, protects ill grandmother [John Lott's Website]

From in Charlotte, North Carolina:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the second man involved in a home break-in that turned deadly near the Charlotte/Mint Hill border has been arrested. Another suspected intruder was killed when a 14-year-old inside the house shot and killed him Tuesday night. 
Two intruders, who police identified as 18-year-old Isai Delcid and 22-year-old Carlos Delcid, attempted to break into the home on Rolling Fields Lane just after 5 p.m., according to investigators. Isai was shot and died at the scene while police said Carlos fled. 
Officers arrested Carlos late Tuesday night and charged him with first-degree burglary.
Police said a grandmother was at the home with her grandson at the time. According to officers, the grandson shot and killed Isai. 
The grandfather, George Wyant, told Channel 9 his 14-year-old grandson shot the intruder. 
"It’s not something you can be proud of. But, I’m happy the way it turned out. Because my wife is getting over an illness," Wyant said. "What would have happened if he wasn’t there? That’s all I can tell you. What would have happened?" . . .


Dramatic story where burglary victims catch criminals two days after crime, concealed carry [John Lott's Website]

Two days after their home was robbed, victims of a home break-in catch the alleged burglars and held them at gunpoint until authorities could arrive.  Both the wife and husband of the family that caught the criminals appear to be concealed carry permit holders.  From WBRC Channel 6 TV in Warrior, Alabama:
. . . A home surveillance system captured video of the suspects breaking into the Wyatt family home on Gobbler Knob Road on Friday afternoon. 
The surveillance video shows a woman knocking on the family's home. 
When no one answered, a male accomplice kicked the door open. The woman and two men helped themselves to two TVs and several of the family's Christmas presents, including gifts for their 1-year old-son. 
The three suspects then drove away in a black Ford Ranger pickup truck.Jefferson County Sheriff's deputies responded to the Wyatts' home around 9:30 p.m. Friday to investigate the burglary. 
Two days later, around 4 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 14, deputies investigated a second burglary, this one in the 1600 block of New Bethel School Road. 
The victim said someone forced open the door to his home and stole a computer monitor, trumpet, knife collection and jewelry, according to Chief Deputy Randy Christian. 
While deputies were still on the scene investigating the second burglary, the Wyatts called the sheriff's office to say they had found the suspects who broke into their home and were holding them at gunpoint. . . . 
Fox News has a discussion here.

Thursday, 18 December


Concealed guns allowed in NH House chamber once more after Thursday vote [Gun News]

Gun owners will be allowed to carry concealed firearms into the New Hampshire House of Representatives chamber for the upcoming legislative session after the Rules Committee voted Thursday to alter a 2-year-old measure implemented under the former Democratic majority. Despite pushback from left-leaning members of the committee, House Speaker Shawn Jasper, R-Hudson, advocated for the rule change to permit lawmakers and visitors the right to possess a concealed firearm on their person while they are in the House chamber.


Gun Collection Tips: 7 Places to Seek Out the Most Unique Firearms [Gun News]

Finding unique firearms is a usually a major focus for gun owners looking to expand their gun collection. Between ancient M1 Garand rifles and 1908 Luger handguns, adding another great piece of firearm history to an existing gun collection is an opportunity few gun owners can turn down.


Gun Control Arguments: 5 Classic Debate Points From Those Who Oppose Gun Ownership [Gun News]

The gun control debate is one of the most hotly contested arguments in America today, and it seems that the talking heads on news channels always find some way to link the newest comeuppance in the country to a lack of gun control. Only 47 percent of the country supports stricter gun control laws, according to a Gallup poll in October 2014 .


Pro-Gun Protections Enacted Into Law [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, Congress approved the Fiscal Year 2015 Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act.  Included in the Act were a number of pro-gun provisions that prevent the Obama administration from implementing its anti-gun agenda.

U.S. Appeals Court rules on firearms prohibitions [NRA-ILA News]

In the first legal ruling of its type, a federal appeals court in Cincinnati on Thursday deemed unconstitutional a federal law that kept a Michigan man who was briefly committed to a mental institution decades ago from owning a gun.

Second Amendment and people who had been committed to a mental institution 28 years ago [NRA-ILA News]

Under federal law, people who have been involuntarily “committed to a mental institution” — however long ago — are barred from possessing guns. Congress agreed that people with long-past mental problems might now be sane, and thus not especially dangerous, and provided for a means to apply for restoration of gun rights. But then in 1992 Congress ordered ATF not to spend any money applying the restoration program. And while it provided, in 2007, that people could get their rights restored by applying to a state that has a qualifying program for evaluating applicants’ mental fitness, many states have no such program.

Gun advocates again lobby so students can carry firearms on Indiana college campuses [NRA-ILA News]

Another gun battle may be looming at the Capitol, this time involving firearms on campus.Gun advocates again hope to prevent state colleges and universities from restricting students who want to bring licensed handguns on campus.

A deeper look at claim Georgia leads the nation in school shootings since Sandy Hook [NRA-ILA News]

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported the Everytown for Gun Safety findings when they were first released last week.But a follow-up story noted concerns that PolitiFact found in previous Everytown school shooting report, centered on the group’s overly broad definition of a school shooting.

Australia: Lindt cafe hostages, like the rest of us, denied the practical right to self-defence [NRA-ILA News]

Legally, Australians have a right to self-defence.What we don't have is the practical ability to exercise that right. Owning any object for the purpose of self-defence, lethal or non-lethal, is a criminal offence. Those trapped within the Lindt cafe were left helpless, as carrying items for self-defence is not allowed under State law. What's worse, the offender possibly knew it.

The Doctor is In: Lame Duck Senators Confirm Obama's Anti-gun Surgeon General [NRA-ILA News]

Since February, the NRA has been cautioning gun owners of the threats to their rights posed by Dr. Vivek Murthy, Barack Obama’s anti-gun nominee for U.S. Surgeon General.  As news spread last week that a vote on Dr. Murthy’s nomination was imminent, NRA renewed its opposition in a letter to Congress detailing the young physician’s record of gun control activism and his insistence on the “public health” dimensions of the issue.

NRA Endorsed Martha McSally Wins Last U.S. House Race of 2014 [NRA-ILA News]

The last race for a congressional seat was finally determined, and NRA endorsed former Air Force Col. Martha McSally (R) has defeated Rep. Ron Barber (D) in the 2nd district of Arizona.

Empty Cartridge Casing Lands Grade-Schooler Five-Day Suspension [NRA-ILA News]

For many youngsters, an empty cartridge casing can serve as a souvenir from an exciting day spent at the range or hunting with their elders. For one student at Chanute Elementary Schoolin Chanute, Kans., however, an empty cartridge case will likely be a reminder of the day overwrought school administrators threatened to turn his academic career upside down.

Bloomberg Operatives (Again) Mislead Public on "School Shootings" [NRA-ILA News]

It tells you a lot about gun control that those who promote it think that they can’t do so honestly and forthrightly.

2014 Year in Review [NRA-ILA News]

2014 was a highly successful year for NRA in our fight to protect our Second Amendment rights. Although we didn’t win every battle, our opponents were unable to hold back a wave of pro-gun victories.  Our members and supporters heeded the call to “Stand and Fight” with NRA, helping to elect pro-gun majorities at both the state and federal levels.

Federal Appellate Court Finds Application of Gun Control Act Violates Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

In a groundbreaking opinion examining the Gun Control Act’s categorical prohibition on firearm possession for persons who have been “committed to a mental institution,” the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit determined the Second Amendment prohibited application of the ban to an individual who had been committed 28 years earlier and had no viable option for seeking restoration of his rights.

Safari Club International’s 2015 Annual Wildlife Law Course for Lawyers is Now Open for Registration [NRA-ILA News]

Calling All Lawyers!  Registration for Safari Club International’s 2015 Wildlife Law Continuing Legal Education Course is open.  The course will be held at the SCI Annual Hunters’ Convention at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday, February 6, 2015, from 1:00 to 5:15 p.m.  As in past years, the Nevada State Bar is co-sponsoring the CLE course and has approved it for 4.0 hours of Continuing Legal Education credit, including 3.0 hours of general credit and 1.0 hour of ethics credit.  SCI staff will assist you in obtaining MCLE credit from all other state bars.


Major 6th Circuit case today! [Of Arms and the Law]

Tyler v. Hillsdale County -- as-applied challenge to prohibition against those who have a mental commitment.

Majority goes with strict scrutiny. Lengthy discussions of various prohibited person categories. Scalia's "presumptively lawful" treated as ambitious, with note that under any heightened scrutiny the law cannot be presumed valid.

Court concludes that statute is not "narrowly tailored" since those with mental commitments can apply for restoration of rights in States that have adopted a regime matching federal requirements (thereby getting grant money), the simple fact that Tyler's State hasn't should not leave him with a lifetime bar. Remanded for trial.

Wednesday, 17 December


Shaking my head... [Of Arms and the Law]

How many mistakes can the AP make in one short story? "Stand your ground" was not an issue in the Montana shooting. Nor in the George Zimmerman case. I'm sure Montana law, prior to the amendment, allowed self-defense in cases there was no tumultuous entry into a house (as in, if outside the house, or in the house if there is a reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury). "Stand your ground" laws do not give "a person the right to use force or threaten to use force to protect his or her own home from unlawful entry or attack."

That's a pretty good list of errors for a twelve-sentence story.


Autistic Child Can Now Hunt Because of Suppressor [NRA-ILA News]

My name is xxxxxx, I am a Florida licence holder xxxxxx, a full time Florida resident, and an avid hunter and fisherman. Other then that I'm just a regular guy no one has heard of, but most importantly I am a father.

Targeting 'assault weapons' again [NRA-ILA News]

The 1994 federal law banning "assault weapons" was a high point of the gun control movement and Bill Clinton's presidency. Signing the bill, he said it was the beginning of "our effort to restore safety and security to the people of this country." But something happened that he and his allies had not predicted: nothing.

Australia a 'nation of victims', deadly Sydney siege unlikely in Texas, says pro-gun senator Leyonhjelm [NRA-ILA News]

Australia is a "nation of victims" with citizens unable to properly protect themselves with weapons, pro-gun crossbench senator David Leyonhjelm has said.

Australia: Gunman illegally possessed firearm [NRA-ILA News]

The man who took 17 people hostage in a cafe in Sydney on Monday was carrying an illegally owned firearm, Australian police have said.


NRA-Endorsed Martha McSally Scores a Major Victory Over National Gun Control Groups [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association would like to congratulate Martha McSally on her victory in the race for Arizona’s Second Congressional District. Americans For Responsible Solutions (ARS) spent over $2 million in AZ-2, their top priority race – four times as much as they spent in any other race this cycle. This result caps off a long list of stunning defeats in the 2014 midterm elections for anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg and other gun control groups.


Virginia: Governor McAuliffe Announces Next Grab for Your Gun Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Under the guise of “public safety,” Governor Terry McAuliffe (D) announced Monday his push for a package of gun control measures during the 2015 session of the Virginia General Assembly in his latest misguided attempt to erode the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Tuesday, 16 December


Attack on freedoms demands civil disobedience [The Liberty Sphere]

A central truth that has come to the fore and reemphasized in the current attack on citizen freedoms is that there are times when civil disobedience is not only appropriate but necessary. The current ongoing attempt by certain states to directly challenge the gun rights of the citizens is a case in point. So critical is the need for resistance to the heavy jackboot the state has placed on the throats of citizens in Washington State that those who cherish their liberties took to a public demonstration of their resistance in the "We Will Not Comply" rally that took place Saturday.
Click here to continue...


Florida Alert: Time Running Out to Get Lifetime Sportsman's License at 1/2 Price [NRA-ILA News]

Time is running out to get in on the super special 1/2 price deal on the Lifetime Sportsman's License.  There are only 14 more days left and the deal ends.  In November, Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order authorizing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to lower the price for a Lifetime Sportsman's License for a 5 to 21 year old to $500 rather than the normal price of $1,000 for limited time during the Holidays. This special price is for a limited time only (Nov. 24th - December 31, 2014.)

Florida Alert: Time Running Out to Get Lifetime Sportsman's License at 1/2 Price [NRA-ILA News]

Time is running out to get in on the super special 1/2 price deal on the Lifetime Sportsman's License.  There are only 14 more days left and the deal ends.  In November, Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order authorizing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to lower the price for a Lifetime Sportsman's License for a 5 to 21 year old to $500 rather than the normal price of $1,000 for limited time during the Holidays. This special price is for a limited time only (Nov. 24th - December 31, 2014.)

Florida Alert: Time Running Out to Get Lifetime Sportsman's License at 1/2 Price [NRA-ILA News]

Time is running out to get in on the super special 1/2 price deal on the Lifetime Sportsman's License.  There are only 14 more days left and the deal ends.  In November, Governor Rick Scott issued an Executive Order authorizing the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to lower the price for a Lifetime Sportsman's License for a 5 to 21 year old to $500 rather than the normal price of $1,000 for limited time during the Holidays. This special price is for a limited time only (Nov. 24th - December 31, 2014.)

Virginia: Republicans dismiss McAuliffe gun-control proposals as political posturing [NRA-ILA News]

Republican reaction to Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s plan to limit who can own a gun in Virginia ranged from icy to dismissive, while gun-control activists applauded his outspokenness on the polarizing issue.

Pennsylvania: New law triggers war of words over firearms [NRA-ILA News]

The battle concerns state Act 192, which became law last month. Under the act, any Pennsylvanian legally permitted to own a gun can sue a Pennsylvania municipality over a gun ordinance — even if the plaintiff doesn’t live there.

Wisconsin: Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Metro Transit gun ban [NRA-ILA News]

A Dane County judge dismissed a gun rights group’s lawsuit against the city of Madison on Monday, saying a Metro Transit policy barring guns on buses does not violate Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.

Sandy Hook families' suit against gun maker will test federal law [NRA-ILA News]

The lawsuit filed Monday by victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting, seeking to hold liable the manufacturer of the Bushmaster AR-15 used in the massacre, will test the 2005 federal law designed to protect gun companies by using an exemption normally applied to car accident cases.

Second Amendment protects dirk knives and police batons [NRA-ILA News]

So holds the Connecticut Supreme Court, in the just-released State v. DeCiccio. Here’s an excerpt of the reasoning as to police batons, which also applies in large measure to dirks, and which, I would argue, should apply to stun guns and Tasers (paragraph break added).

Michigan lawmakers OK looser air gun rules [NRA-ILA News]

Michigan would loosen licensing restrictions on air guns and limit local governments' ability to set their own regulations, except when BB, pellet and paintball guns are being used by those less than 16 years old, under legislation lawmakers approved Tuesday.


Newest piece at Fox News: "Ferguson: Obama contines to undermine police departments around the country" [John Lott's Website]

My newest piece at Fox News starts this way:
As a response to the police shooting of Michael Brown, President Obama proposes $263 million for police training and body cameras.  But more police training wouldn’t have prevented the Brown shooting and the president’s proposal plays into the hands of those who blame the police. 
President Obama has continually undermined police departments around the country, and his demand for more training fits that pattern. In 2009, he jumped to the conclusion that Cambridge, Massachusetts police “acted stupidly” when they arrested Henry Gates.  He personalized the Trayvon Martin investigation in a way that to many implied the murder was radically motivated.  And yet again last week, he emphasized that the anger to the verdict was “an understandable reaction” and blacks’ distrust of police is “rooted in realities.” 
Nevertheless, whatever Obama implies, there was absolutely no evidence Officer Darren Wilson was motivated by race and he did exactly what he should have done.  Brown’s robbery of the convenience store, his decision to reach into the police car and punch Wilson while trying to take his gun, and finally Brown’s decision to charge Wilson was what caused the teen’s death. 
Under Missouri law, people can defend themselves with deadly force if they have a “reasonable belief” they need to use it to protect themselves against serious injury or death. Wilson claimed: “I felt that another of those punches in my face could knock me out or worse … I’ve already taken two to the face and I didn’t think I would, the third one could be fatal if he hit me right.”  When Brown later charged Wilson, despite repeated warnings to stop, Wilson worried that he no choice but to shoot Brown. 
But we don’t have to take Wilson’s word for what happened. The forensic evidence is overwhelmingly consistent with his story.  There is no doubt that Brown reached in Wilson’s car and hit him.  Brown’s DNA was found on Wilson’s gun.  Despite strong social pressure, three black witnesses confirmed Wilson’s testimony. 
Police officers in America have a more dangerous job than many people realize and they behave remarkably well under these circumstances. 
In 2013, the assault rate for the general public in the United States was 229 per 100,000 people.  But the rate police were assaulted that year was 9,300 per 100,000 officers – a rate 41 times higher.  The only reason that police don’t die at as high of a rate as people in other professions is because of their training and the fact that they are armed. . . .
Aggravated assaults don’t necessarily involve injuries, just the attempt to cause serious bodily injury, but police are injured at a very high rate – 2,700 per 100,000 police officer.  That is still much higher than the total assault data for civilians. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.

Monday, 15 December


Why are gun control advocates so excited about Vivek Murthy's confirmation when he promised that he wouldn't push gun control? [John Lott's Website]

Gun control groups are excited about Vivek Murthy's confirmation's, but before his confirmation his supporters were pointing to his promise not "use the Surgeon General's office as a bully pulpit for gun control," and instead would make his top priority "obesity prevention."  So why should the gun control groups be so excited? Was it because he didn't mean his promise to the Senate?


Powerful interview of CIA interrogation "architect" where he reacts to Senate interrogation report [John Lott's Website]

The interview with Psychologist James Mitchell is very powerful (it is available here).  Really brings into question the Senate Democrats' report.  Senate Democrats have publicly outed this man and have put his life in danger.  They also refused to talk to Dr. Mitchell or anyone else who was actually involved in these interrogations.  This is only two-thirds of his Mitchell's interview tonight, but it is still very worthwhile.


Australia awakens [Of Arms and the Law]

Hmmm... the hostage taker had 40+ arrests for sexual assault (released on bond on all), for being an accessory to the murder of his wife (released on bond), and seven for harassing families who had lost a serviceman in Afghanistan (for which he got probation).

A member of Parliament from Victoria says ""No more useless gun laws. Because most of our gun laws now seem to be aimed at the law-abiding, not at the criminals," Mr Bourman told reporters on Tuesday."Exhibit A: Sydney. None of our gun laws stopped that.""


Proposed Closures to Recreational Shooting in Las Vegas-Pahrump Area of Nevada [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) to guide future management of 3.1 million acres of public land by the Las Vegas and Pahrump Field Offices in southern Nevada.  The RMP will affect where recreational shooting will be allowed in the planning area.

Proposed Closures to Recreational Shooting in Las Vegas-Pahrump Area of Nevada [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) to guide future management of 3.1 million acres of public land by the Las Vegas and Pahrump Field Offices in southern Nevada.  The RMP will affect where recreational shooting will be allowed in the planning area.

Proposed Closures to Recreational Shooting in Las Vegas-Pahrump Area of Nevada [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) released a draft Resource Management Plan (RMP) to guide future management of 3.1 million acres of public land by the Las Vegas and Pahrump Field Offices in southern Nevada.  The RMP will affect where recreational shooting will be allowed in the planning area.

Senate confirms gun-control advocate as Surgeon General [NRA-ILA News]

The Senate's 51-43 vote confirming Massachusetts physician Vivek Murthy as the next surgeon general marks the end of a protracted fight over gun control and Murthy's views on it. Murthy, who will be the first Indian-American surgeon general to serve in the U.S., waited more than a year for Senate confirmation after the National Rifle Association and other pro-gun groups threatened to throw their resources against members supporting his nomination. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid determined earlier this year that he couldn't put his red-state members in that position before the 2014 midterm elections and shuffled Murthy to the back of the nominations pile.

Why gun-control advocates lie about guns [NRA-ILA News]

Angered by the news that American voters are now more supportive of the Second Amendment than they have been in two decades, the New York Daily News’s Mike Lupica used his weekend column to vent. Over the course of 900 words, Lupica lambasted the public for continuing “to protect gun nuts,” chided the “mouth-breathing” NRA for its murderous myopia, and contended emotively that “there are no words” available to describe the horror of “a recent poll that says a majority of Americans believe it is more important to protect the right to own guns than it is for the government to limit access to guns.”

Families of Newtown shooting victims sue gunmaker, seller [NRA-ILA News]

The families of nine of the 26 people killed and a teacher wounded two years ago at the Sandy Hook Elementary School filed a lawsuit Monday against the manufacturer, distributor and seller of the rifle used in the shooting.

Virginia: McAuliffe announces package of gun proposals [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Terry McAuliffe on Monday announced a series of election-year gun proposals, including initiatives to reinstate the one-gun-a-month limit on handgun purchases and to close the so-called “gun show loophole.”

Australian anti-gun group urges review of 'watered down' laws [NRA-ILA News]

A black market in illegal weapons in Australia and a strong right-to-arms lobby are undermining some of the toughest gun laws in the world, an anti-gun group said on Tuesday, after a deadly siege at a Sydney cafe by a man with a shotgun.


Longterm effects of gun rally in Washington coming into focus [The Liberty Sphere]

Defenders of individual liberty and unabashed gun rights gathered in Washington State Saturday to protest new gun control laws that went into effect in the state on Dec. 4, 2014. The rally was held on the grounds of the state capitol building in Olympia and drew an estimated 2,000 people. But the longterm effects of this event are now coming into sharp focus.
Click here to continue...


An interesting Fourth Amendment case [Of Arms and the Law]

The Supreme Court today handed down Heien v. North Carolina. An officer stopped a car that had a brake light burned out, and in the course of the stop discovered cocaine. It turns out that the North Carolina traffic statutes say that a vehicle must have a working stop "lamp," singular. The State court of appeals ruled that this meant the stop was not supported by probable cause: no reason to believe a law was being violated. The State supreme court ruled that the stop was valid, because the officer's misunderstanding of the law was reasonable. A reasonable mistake of fact does not eliminate probable cause; does a reasonable mistake of law do so?

The Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that the stop was valid. Justice Kagan and Ginsburg concurred, writing to stress that (1) the question of reasonableness is an objective one, not one linked to the officer's personal thoughts or training, and (2) the test is stricter than the one used for qualified immunity (which is loose indeed). Justice Sotomayor dissented, arguing that a mistake of law, reasonable or not, means there is no probable cause.

UPDATE: I quite agree that it is incongruous to have government actors protected by a "reasonable mistake" defense, and have citizens often covered by "ignorance of the law is no excuse." It's particularly so in the area of qualified immunity where, as Sotomayor's dissent points out, civil suit is not allowed unless "anyone but a complete incompetent would have known this was illegal and unconstitutional." And that's when a government actor's pocketbook, not his liberty, is at stake.

With a private citizen, ignorance of the law is no excuse, and even when intent is required the prosecution can ask for a "willful ignorance" instruction, that essentially even if defendant didn't know, if you think he sorta shut his eyes to it, you can find him guilty.

I haven't researched it, but I wonder how this plays out in the setting of a criminal prosecution of a government actor for deprivation of civil rights. Is ignorance of the Constitution no defense, because it's a criminal case, or is reasonable failure to appreciate there was a constitutional right being violated a defense because of qualified immunity? Bear in mind that all of this is judicially created. The statutes say nothing about qualified immunity, or about willful ignorance.


Lawsuit filed over Newtown murders [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. I really can't see it as filed in good faith. Apart from the Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act problem (a massive one), where is the negligence (selling a lawful rifle?), how do they solve proximate causation (intentional criminal misuse of a tool usually breaks the chain of cause), and after that they have to prove facts that aren't true -- that the AR-15 platform is unsuited for sporting use or self-defense. The lawsuit may be good for PR but this is the type of thing that risks a court awarding sanctions to the defendants.


Florida Petition Challenges Vote Allowing Noise-Supressors [NRA-ILA News]

Hunters had reason to celebrate last month when Florida lifted its ban on silencers, but Chuck O’Neal saw cause for alarm.  O’Neal, Seminole County hiking enthusiast Peri Sedigh and Central Florida paddleboarder Timothy Orrange Jr. attached their names this week to a petition challenging the unanimous vote by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission to lift a longtime ban on noise-suppressing devices for firearms.

Sunday, 14 December


Homeowner shoots man who broke into home around 8:30 AM [John Lott's Website]

From Jefferson County, Colorado:

. . . . Investigators told 7NEWS the intruder broke into a home on Clear View Drive, near Interstate 70 and Lookout Mountain, around 8:30 a.m. 
There was a confrontation between the man and the homeowner and the homeowner shot and killed the man. 
The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office said they don't know yet how the intruder got into the home. 
Investigators told 7NEWS they believe this shooting will fall under Colorado's Make My Day law, but they are investigating. Under the statute, any occupant of a dwelling is justified in using any degree of physical force, including deadly force, against another person when that other person had made unlawful entry into the dwelling and occupant feels threatened. Homeowners are immune from criminal prosecution and civil liability for the use of force. . . .


Will Florida pass a law that would allow people with permits to carry a concealed handgun on college campuses? [John Lott's Website]

After a mass public shooting at Florida State University left students defenseless last month, one area state legislator is trying to fix the problem.
. . . The proposal (SB 176), filed Thursday Sen. Greg Evers, R-Baker,  is identical to a bill (HB 4005) filed earlier this week by Rep. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota. The bill would allow people with concealed-weapons licenses to carry guns on campus. It comes after an incident last month at Florida State University in which a gunman shot three people at the campus library before he was killed by police. 
The bills will be considered during the 2015 legislative session. 
Steube said he already planned to sponsor the measure before a shooting incident last month at Florida State University —- but that the attack, which left three people injured and the gunman dead, helps to make his point. The bill would apply to people who are licensed to carry concealed weapons. 
“I think it (the attack) brings it closer to home for people who think these events don’t occur in Florida, or that law enforcement can prevent them from happening,” Steube told The News Service of Florida. . . . 

Saturday, 13 December


A bill in Texas to prevent students being expelled fro using a Pop Tart as a gun [John Lott's Website]

From the Houston Chronicle:
. . . Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, has filed a bill that would prohibit schools from punishing students who use their hands, playthings and, yes, even pastry items to mimic firearms. The proposed legislation also would protect students through the fifth grade who play with toy guns or draw or possess pictures of guns. 
Guillen said he filed the bill after a second- grader in suburban Maryland was suspended for two days in March 2013 for chewing his Pop- Tart into the shape of a gun. A similar situation has not arisen in Texas. 
"Texas students shouldn't lose instruction time for holding gun-shaped Pop-Tart snacks at school," said Guillen. "This bill will fix this." 
The story of Josh Welch, who finished out the year in his Anne Arundel County school, grabbed national headlines and even netted the now 9-year-old a lifetime membership to the National Rifle Association. His teacher said the suspension followed a history of problematic behavior, but Welch's case became a rallying point for gun rights advocates after his parents said the punishment represented a gross overreaction. . . .


Pro gun rally in Washington State draws large crowd [The Liberty Sphere]

At least 1,000 citizens in Washington State gathered at the state capitol grounds in Olympia today in order to express support for gun rights. The rally also protested new gun control laws that went into effect in the state on Dec. 4, 2014...
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Friday, 12 December


Vanderboegh to headline gun rally in Washington State [The Liberty Sphere]


"Gun rights and liberty activist Mike Vanderboegh will headline a gun rights rally in Washington State Saturday...
"...The rally, which will be held on the grounds of the state capitol building in Olympia, will feature some of the top names in the gun rights and liberty movement...
"...The Constitution states clearly that "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." Yet dozens of laws have been added to the books that do exactly that, especially beginning in the first half of the 20th century... 
"...Tomorrow's rally in Washington State will drive home that point and much more. No longer will ordinary citizens be the whipping boy for gun control or gun ban propaganda..."
Click here to read the whole thing.


More political correctness at universities: "UCLA law professor learns Ferguson-related exam question taboo" [John Lott's Website]

My son Maxim has a new piece up at Fox News:
Professor Robert Goldstein said the exam question was designed to test students’ ability to analyze the line between free speech and inciting violence. It cited a report about how Michael Brown’s stepfather, Louis Head, shouted, “Burn this bitch down!” after a grand jury decided not to indict Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.
The question then asked students to imagine that they are lawyers in the St. Louis County Attorney’s office and had been asked to advise the prosecutor “whether to seek an indictment against Head” for inciting violence. The exam reads:
“[As] a recent hire in the office, you are asked to write a memo discussing the relevant First Amendment issues in such a prosecution. Write the memo.”
But students complained, and writer Elie Mystal at the popular legal blog “Above the Law” opined that the test question was “racially insensitive and divisive.” Mystal also incorrectly alleged that the question asked students to “advocate in favor of extremist racists in Ferguson.” . . .
Other law professors say there should be no need to apologize for such a straightforward exam question.
“If there are some law students who are such delicate flowers that merely being asked to assess whether certain controversial speech that's been in the news is constitutionally protected, in a class covering the First Amendment of all things, then maybe they should find another profession,” David Bernstein, a law professor at George Mason University School of Law, told . . . .
The rest of the article is available here.  There are other good quotes in the piece.

So what would have been wrong if the test had in fact asked students to make a case in favor of bringing legal action against Louis Head?  Wouldn't students know how best to argue against that position if they first had to figure out what the strongest arguments in favor of it are?


Iowa: Voice Your Support for Second Amendment Legislation in the 2015 Session [NRA-ILA News]

The NRA has been working with state legislators to file pro-gun legislation for the upcoming session, ensuring your Second Amendment rights are protected and even restored.  In the past, pro-gun bills have failed to advance in the Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee, however, its new chairman, Senator Steve Sodders, has stated that he is open to hearing your opinion on legislative priorities for 2015.


Michigan: With Only Three Days Left in the Legislative Session, Pro-Gun Bills Need Your Help in Lansing! [NRA-ILA News]

We are now down to the final days of the 2013-2014 legislative session and multiple pro-gun bills still require action and need passage.  Senate Bills 789 and 790 are still awaiting a vote on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives.  Even though nearly all stakeholders have agreed that SB 789 represents good public policy and raises no public safety concerns, some state government bureaucrats are opposing these bills for one reason—money.


Federal budget contains provision preventing attempts to ban lead ammunition [John Lott's Website]

The claims about the risks from lead ammunition are very misleading (a discussion of that scientific evidence is available here).  Fortunately, the new federal budget will prevent new Obama administration rules from banning lead ammunition.  From The Hill newspaper:
"For years, radical animal rights and environmental advocates have used all the tools at their disposal, including litigation, to attempt to ban lead ammunition," the NRA writes. "A ban on traditional ammunition would affect hunters, sportsmen, law enforcement, military and target shooters — whether or not they hunt. There are currently no comparable alternatives to lead ammunition in terms of cost, ballistics and availability. This bill would prevent a traditional ammunition ban and protect not just hunters, but millions of American gun owners." . . .

Thursday, 11 December


Poll finds that more Americans back gun rights than stronger controls [NRA-ILA News]

Two years after the mass school shooting in Newtown, Conn., a majority of Americans say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns than for the government to limit access to firearms, a Pew Research Center survey conducted this month found.

Wisconsin: Beloit gun search offer withdrawn [NRA-ILA News]

Amidst backlash from the public, the Beloit Police Department withdrew its offer to inspect homes for illegal firearms about a week after it announced the program.

U.S. senator wants toy guns to be painted bright colors [NRA-ILA News]

A U.S. senator from California suggests that Cleveland police might have known then that the airsoft pellet gun was not a deadly weapon – and would not have fired on the 12-year-old Tamir, killing him. Sen. Barbara Boxer on Wednesday asked the Consumer Product Safety Commission to consider requiring all toy guns, including B.B. and rubber pellet guns, be painted brightly or carry noticeable fluorescent strips.

Bad Medicine for Gun Owners: Confirmation Vote Looms for Obama’s Anti-gun Surgeon General Nominee [NRA-ILA News]

As we began reporting earlier this year, President Obama has nominated anti-gun activist Vivek Murthy for the post of U.S. Surgeon General.  Particularly given the president’s determination to reinvigorate taxpayer-funded gun control propaganda under the guise of public health research, confirmation of Dr. Murthy would pose a serious threat to the rights of gun owners.  Dr. Murthy’s résumé of partisan activism on behalf of gun control, in which he specifically leveraged his status as a doctor, is detailed at length in a letter NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox sent on Tuesday to Senators Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Harry Reid (D-Nev.), reasserting NRA’s opposition to his nomination.

House Committee Faults FDIC for Participation in Operation Choke Point [NRA-ILA News]

In May, we reported on a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee exposé that substantiated improper activities by the Department of Justice (DOJ) under the guise of Operation Choke Point.  While DOJ insisted that the operation was meant to protect the soundness of America’s financial system by targeting fraudulent businesses, the committee report concluded that the true goal of the operation was to “choke out” legitimate industries that regulators considered objectionable.  Among others, these included firearm and ammunition sales.

Polls Find Broad Increase in Support for the RKBA [NRA-ILA News]

Support for the right to keep and bear arms has sharply increased, and support for restricting gun ownership has sharply decreased, over the last two years, according to the results of a new poll by the Pew Research Center for the People and the Press.

Wisconsin Police Chief Badgers Residents to Forego Second and Fourth Amendment Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Perhaps inspired by the recent introduction of surprise home inspections of gun licensees in the UK, Beloit, Wisc., Police Chief Norm Jacobs issued a press release on December 1, urging city residents to volunteer for warrantless police searches of their homes for firearms.

Washington State Gun Control Activists Vow More Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

In Washington State, gun control activists are already vowing that the recently-passed anti-gun Initiative 594 is just their first step toward dismantling gun rights.  In fact, they are promising to dump more anti-gun bills at the legislative session next month.


NBC News and David Gregory's non-prosecution [Of Arms and the Law]

A ways back, NBC's David Gregory appeared on Meet the Press, filmed in DC, flashing around a 30-round AR-15 magazine, in public violation of DC's ban on such. DC was pressed to prosecute and, of course, declined. Legal Insurrection blog sought to obtain, via the Freedom of Information Act, data relating to the non-prosecution, and won another motion, to obtain a police affidavit that called for his prosecution.

Also at the link are emails between NBC News and the DC Police Department, before the event. NBC asks, can we bring in and show the magazine? DC PD responds no, it is completely illegal, just use a photo of it.

The only thing more ridiculous than criminalizing possession of a box and spring is refusing to enforce the ban based upon the possessor's clout and friends.


Ohio: Major Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Passes and Sent to Governor [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to concur on House Bill 234 by a 72 to 21 vote after it passed in the state Senate by a 24 to 6 vote on Tuesday.  HB 234 has been sent to Governor John Kasich (R) for his consideration.

Wednesday, 10 December


Poll: more support for gun rights than for gun control [Of Arms and the Law]

It's the latest Pew survey. They started asking the question in 1993, when "gun control is more important" led by 57-34%. Its lead peaked in 1999, at 66-34%. Today "protecting gun rights is more important" leads, 52-46%. The big change started in 2007, and from 2010 onward the two were in a dead heat.

"Compared with last January, support for gun rights increased by 6 points among Republicans and Democrats, 7 points among independents, 8 points among whites and 10 points among African Americans."


Veteran's .45 frightens off thieves, The Gaston Gazette, Gaston County, N.C. 12/05/14 [NRA-ILA News]

Sixty-eight-year-old disabled veteran Joseph Sapienza was at home in Gastonia, N.C. when he heard a suspicious noise at his front door. Sapienza retrieved a .45-caliber pistol, placed it in a holster attached to a walker he uses to get around, and opened the door. There were two masked men on his porch attempting to get inside. Recalling what happened next, Sapienza told a reporter, “When they saw the .45, one ran one way up the street, and the other went the other way.” Sapienza believes he may have been targeted by the criminals because of his disability.

Growing public support for gun rights [NRA-ILA News]

For the first time in more than two decades of Pew Research Center surveys, there is more support for gun rights than gun control. Currently, 52% say it is more important to protect the right of Americans to own guns, while 46% say it is more important to control gun ownership.

Gun-control advocates are seriously losing public opinion [NRA-ILA News]

For the first time since Pew began asking the question two decades ago, a majority of Americans now say that gun rights are more important than gun control — a striking shift in public opinion over both the last generation and just the last few years. As recently as December 2012, in the immediate aftermath of the Newtown, Conn., shooting, 51 percent of people surveyed by Pew said it was more important to control gun ownership than protect the rights of gun owners.

Ohio Senate approves new rules for Right-to-Carry permits, hunting with suppressors [NRA-ILA News]

The Ohio Senate passed legislation Tuesday that would make major changes to the state's rules for issuing concealed-weapons permits, including reducing training requirements and expanding recognition of out-of-state licenses.

Should all convicted felons be banned from having guns? Missouri Supreme Court hears case [NRA-ILA News]

A convicted drug felon believes a constitutional amendment approved by voters in August means he can have a gun — but it will be up to the Missouri Supreme Court to decide if he’s right.

Piers: I was 'too aggressive' on gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Former CNN host Piers Morgan admitted he was "too aggressive" on gun control and "didn't listen to the other side as much as I should have done" during an interview with the Fox News Channel's "Kelly File."

Lawmakers push to revive failed gun control legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control advocates in Congress are looking to revive failed legislation strengthening background check regulations.A handful of Democratic lawmakers said Tuesday they plan to push once again for universal background checks on all gun sales in the new Congress, even though they recognize it will be an uphill battle with Republicans taking majority control.

How to prove a 'special' danger to get a gun carry permit in D.C. [NRA-ILA News]

When I was last at the D.C. police headquarters, they explained to me that I can't apply for a gun carry permit just because I need to defend myself in a city with high crime. I had to prove a “special” danger, according to the new law. So that's what I set out to do.


Delaware: DNREC Advisory Council Defeats Hunting License Fee Increase [NRA-ILA News]

Last night, the Wildlife and Freshwater Fish Advisory Council for the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) voted 5-4 against increasing hunting license fees in The First State.


John Lott: Media Matters, the facts and me [NRA-ILA News]

With just one telephone call this year, Erik Wemple of the Washington Post was able to convince Media Matters to let me respond to their attacks on me in the comments section of their website — after they ignored my emails, telephone calls, numerous tweets and posts for seven years.


Pew Poll: Support for Gun Rights Exceeds Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

In a Pew Research poll released Wednesday, 52 percent are in support of the protection of gun rights and 46 percent support gun control. This is the first time in two decades that Pew has found more support for gun rights than gun control.


It probably isn't very smart to rob a gun store, woman employee with a gun stops two armed robbers [John Lott's Website]

From Channel 5 TV News in Springdale, Arkansas:
Marcus Gould, 25, and Leon Roberson, 20, face charges of Attempted Capital Murder and Aggravated Robbery, according to police. Roberson was booked into the Washington County Detention Center at 1:55 a.m. and is set to appear in court for an 8.1 Hearing on Monday (Dec. 7th), according to the detention center’s website. 
Police said the incident happened around 9 a.m. Saturday at the C & S Gun and Pawn Shop at 1208 South Thompson in Springdale. 
Employees reported two men walked into the store, one wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and the other wearing an orange hooded sweatshirt, police said. 
“They split up, they both pulled out hand guns that looked like black semi-automatic pistols and began to rob the store,” according to Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department. “One of the employees also pulled out a weapon and there were shots exchanged.” . . . 
Sergeant Daniel Grubbs with the Fort Smith Police Department, said Gould arrived at Sparks Hospital with a gun shot wound to the forearm. . . .
A video is also available at the link


My son's news article at Fox News: "College president sorry for saying 'All lives matter'" [John Lott's Website]

From Fox News:
The president of prestigious Smith College is red-faced and apologetic Tuesday for telling students on the Northampton, Mass., campus that "all lives matter." 
Kathleen McCartney wrote the phrase in the subject line of an e-mail to students at the school, whose alumni include feminists Gloria Steinem and Betty Friedan, former First Lady Nancy Reagan and celebrity chef Julia Childs. McCartney was attempting to show support for students protesting racially charged grand jury decisions in which police in Missouri and New York were not charged in the deaths of unarmed black men. 
Protesters have adopted several slogans in connection with the cases of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, including "Black Lives Matter." McCartney's more inclusive version of the refrain was seen as an affront that diminished the focus on black lives and racism, according to emails obtained by 
“We are united in our insistence that all lives matter,” read the e-mail,in which she made clear she was strongly behind the protests, writing that the grand jury decisions had “led to a shared fury… We gather in vigil, we raise our voices in protest.” 
But she soon received backlash from students for her phrasing. They were offended that she did not stick with the slogan “black lives matter.” 
The Daily Hampshire Gazette, which first covered the story, quoted one Smith sophomore, Cecelia Lim, as saying, “it felt like she was invalidating the experience of black lives.” . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.

Tuesday, 09 December


Florida lawmaker files bill to allow firearms on university campuses [NRA-ILA News]

A Florida lawmaker has filed a bill that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on the campuses of state colleges and universities.

Connecticut: Second Circuit to hear oral arguments on gun lawsuit [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Second Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday will hear oral arguments in the case of Shew vs. Malloy, a legal challenge to the key provisions of Connecticut's post-Newtown gun control legislation.

Man told to remove NRA hat at polling place sues [NRA-ILA News]

A Douglas County man is suing the county and election officials, saying his civil rights were violated when a poll worker asked him to remove his National Rifle Association hat when he went to vote.


Gun control in Belize [Of Arms and the Law]

An editorial from a Belize newspaper.

"The gun and ammunition laws were passed, our legislators said, to make it difficult for our gangs to obtain the guns and bullets they need to rob law-abiding citizens and to murder each other. These laws were first introduced about twenty years ago, and I think they have been amended once or twice. Today, all of us Belizeans know that these are laws which are abysmal failures, if we are to judge failure or success on the basis of the original intent of the laws.

What the guns laws have succeeded in doing is to intimidate and victimize innocent citizens who live in certain targeted neighborhoods. The laws are draconian, and they have contributed to the ever-growing sense in the Belizean people that we are not in control of our own destiny."
"The evidence is the weed law and the evidence is the gun law. These are not Belizean laws. These are oppressive laws. The PUDP are in bed with white supremacy. Power to the people."


Nevada: Secretary of State Certifies Petitions for Anti-Gun Initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the Secretary of State certified that the petitions submitted for an anti-gun initiative for the 2016 general election ballot are sufficient.


Delaware: DNREC Advisory Council on Wildlife Considers Hiking Hunting Fees TONIGHT [NRA-ILA News]

Tonight at 6:30 p.m., the Delaware Department of National Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) is scheduled to hold a meeting and potentially a vote on increasing the fees for hunting licenses.


Michigan: Pro-Gun Bills Awaiting Votes [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, pro-gun bills received favorable action in the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives.   The Senate Judiciary Committee passed House Bills 5450, 5749 and 5750, part of the Air Gun Reclassification Package.  These bills have been sent to the Senate floor for consideration and a vote.  Senate Bills 964, 965, 966 and 979, the Senate components to the Air Gun Reclassification Package, passed in the House Judiciary Committee. These four bills have been sent to the House floor for consideration and a vote. Senate Bills 789 and 790, comprehensive concealed carry reform, also passed in the House Judiciary Committee.

Monday, 08 December


Very strong correlation between Right-to-work states and Republican controlled ones [John Lott's Website]

Click on figures to enlarge them.

Note that there are only four states that don't fit the pattern. 

Virginia is a right-to-work state but it has a Democratic governor and a Republican legislature.
Iowa is a right-to-work state but Democrats only control one house of the state legislature.
Wisconsin isn't a right-to-work state but it has clear Republican control of the state.
Ohio isn't a right-to-work state but it has clear Republican control of the state.

Besides those four anomalies, all the other red states are right-to-work states and all the right-to-work states are red states.  Still even these anomalies aren't that far off, Ohio almost became a right-to-work state and Wisconsin has changed the rules for public employee unions so that people can't be forced to join a union.  And Virginia was close to having Republicans in control of the state.  Iowa was also more red than blue.

Thus the two right-to-work states can hardly be classified as blue states and the two red states are hardly solid anti-right-to-work states.

The question is one of causation.  Do already trending red states support workers making the their own decisions on whether they should join a union?  Or do right-to-work laws make it so that unions can't raise a lot of money from people who don't want to be union members so that the unions can support Democrats?  I don't know of anyone who has studied that question carefully.

Here is a list of states ranking them by the percent of workers in the state who are union members (Republican controlled and right-to-work states are in bold).


Technology helping you recover stolen items [John Lott's Website]

While this product can be used for finding many items, in watching this video I was particularly struck by how it is can enlist all sorts of other people in helping you to find a stolen item.


Pharmacist halts robbery, The Wyoming Tribune Eagle, Cheyenne, Wyo. 12/09/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man with what looked like a real gun entered Medicap Pharmacy in Cheyenne, Wyo., pointed it at an employee, handed them a bag, and ordered them to fill it with Oxycodone and Percocet. Pharmacist Jackson Quick became aware of the robbery, and retrieved a gun. As Quick was making his way to another part of the store, ducked behind a counter, the criminal spotted him. Quick responded by standing up and firing at the criminal, striking him, and ending the robbery. The robber is expected to survive. Police have no plans to charge Quick.

State lawmakers launch gun control coalition [NRA-ILA News]

State lawmakers have launched a nationwide non-partisan coalition to combat gun violence, in part because the Congress has failed to reform gun laws, members of the group said on Monday.

Nevada: Gun control initiative headed to Legislature [NRA-ILA News]

Petitions seeking to expand background check requirements for gun purchases and to allow the recreational use of marijuana are sufficient and will be submitted to the 2015 Legislature, Secretary of State Ross Miller said Monday.

Wisconsin: Beloit Police ask residents to volunteer to have their homes searched for guns [NRA-ILA News]

Police in Beloit are launching a new effort to reduce gun violence in which they're asking city residents to volunteer to have police search their homes for guns.Police Chief Norm Jacobs said he doesn't expect the phone to be ringing off the hook with requests for police to search their homes. He nevertheless hopes the program will encourage people to think about gun violence as an infectious disease like Ebola, and a home inspection like a vaccine to help build up the city's immune system.

Toy gun ban proponent planning boycott of companies that make replicas of the real thing [NRA-ILA News]

Frank Matthews says there's a big-picture goal tied to his call this week for a nationwide ban on sales of toy guns."My long-range goal for America is that she become a gunless society," said Matthews, president of the Outcast Voters League in Birmingham.

Canada: NDP caucus delivers needed reality check to pro-gun registry Mulcair [NRA-ILA News]

Ahead of last Saturday’s observance of the 25th anniversary of the Montreal massacre, federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said that his party, if elected to government, would bring back the gun registry. Or at least that’s sort of what he said. He seemed a bit confused.

Sunday, 07 December


Media Matters' systematic removal of my responses from their website, also most of my responses to their attacks in one place [John Lott's Website]

I was going to post this in June this year when I thought that the Washington Post's Eric Wemple was going to run a story on what Media Matters' behavior, but I put it off as I waited for him to run something.  In any case, here is the information that I was going to post:


Media Matters' practices what I call hit-and-run journalism, where they make an attack and ignore any response that is provided.  I have tried over about seven years to put up comments on their website responding to these claims (often quotes out of context or deliberately misread data).  It appears to me that Media Matters wants to leave their readers with the impression that the other side never provides a response to their claims.  

Media Matters has removed all sorts of comments that I have placed on their website (indeed, I never kept count, but it is a lot), even ones that involve me explaining to people why my eyebrows are deformed because of surgery that I had as a kid.  Here is one case recently where they made the mistake of removing my comments, but not the comments that responded to my original post.

After Erik Wemple from the Washington Post contacted them about their removal of my comments, some recent ones reappeared.  In this screen shot you can see Media Matters putting back the links to my response to one of their attacks (in this case see the second comment from the bottom).

Media Matters apparently told Wemple that my comments were removed because their readers had tagged them as offensive.  But Media Matters only very recently changed their system for putting up comments.  Prior to that they would have to approve someone twelve times before their comments would automatically be posted on their website.  The problem is that their screeners would virtually never let any of my comments through (surely not enough that I ever got close to the magic number of twelve).  This problem over many years had absolutely nothing to do with their readers supposed complaints.  In addition, Media Matters confirmed to Wemple that I had previously complained to them multiple times over the last seven years about them refusing to publish my comments.

More information will be provided soon.  But you can see that I have long complained about Media Matters sanitizing its comment section.  Indeed, I have complained in person several times to people from David Brock on down from at least 2008.  I have also made notes about this attempt to shield their readers from my responses on my website (see links below) as well as on Twitter.  A couple of my many responses to Media Matters posts on Twitter can be seen here.  One from May 2012 (note that I only joined Twitter in March 2012):

Here is one from mid-2013.

Here are numerous other Tweets from 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

I also have copies of emails that I sent them.  Other exchanges about there unwillingness to post my comments were made in person and on the telephone.

When Media Matters has attacked me, I would write up a response and post a link to the comment on their website.  Here are 23 times that I wrote up and posted, though I haven't gone through everything that I have written and I am sure that there were more responses.  Below I first show Media Matters' title and then a link to their claims and then my response.

-- The NRA Encourages Its Members To Lie To Their Families At Thanksgiving

My response and a Washington Post Fact Checker article available here.

-- "Mother Jones and Media Matters bungle study on Mass Public Shootings" 

Other responses to Media Matters by me:
Media Matters, 'Stand Your Ground' and me 
David Brock, Media Matters and gun control hypocrisy

"Media Matter's dishonest attacks on Fox News" -- discussion here.

Media Matters has also done everything from doctoring pictures of me (see here) to .

Here is a response that I didn't post on Media Matters website.

-- Fox's Bolling Inadvertently Advocates For Gun-Free Zones

Here is a response that I tried posting about seven weeks after I sent Erik Wemple the original story.

Finally, let me point to a column that Ann Coulter has on this general topic, where she takes on the claims that keep on calling me "Discredited." See Ann's column available here.


Washington: I-594 backers plan to ask Legislature for new gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

In what they vowed will be a long-term campaign, activists at a Thursday news conference at Plymouth Church in Seattle said they’ll push “evidence-based” policies to reduce gun violence — and hold legislators politically accountable if they don’t take action.But their agenda was questioned by a prominent gun-rights advocate, who accused gun-control opponents of overreach.

Pennsylvania: Kane refuses defense of bill threatening local gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has signaled she won't stand for the state in defense of a bill adopted this fall that expands the rights of groups like the National Rifle Association to challenge local gun ordinances in cities and towns across the state.

Saturday, 06 December


Ushering it in [The Liberty Sphere]

Well, not exactly. The Christmas season is already in full swing, so I am not really "ushering it in." But for me this sacred season starts when I get my mind focused on the quiet holiness of the day we are commemorating.

And that means that for me the Christmas season started when I played the following video (audio actually). The title is "O Sanctissima." It is an instrumental upon which the late, great Bing Crosby used as the title theme in his big holiday movie, "The Bells of St. Mary's." At that point words were added to allow the crooner to show off his golden voice. But every time I hear this melody it reminds of Crosby singing it in that movie.

The piece I have provided below is the original "O Sanctissima" -- the instrumental version, as conducted and played by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra. Here you will hear one of the reasons why I am such a big fan. The piece begins slowly, with each section taking its turn to take the lead. One can hear in an instant that each section of the great orchestra was fine tuned to perfection -- the woodwinds, the flutes, and so forth, each building to a new level of volume. Then the brass section takes its turn. Ormandy was not known for brass, but he should have been. He had the absolute best trumpeters, French horns, baritones, tubas, and so forth, on the planet. In this piece you will see one of the reasons why I make such a claim. The ONLY reason Ormandy was not known for his brass section was that he emphasized strings, but that did not mean that he allowed the other sections to go lacking. You will search the world far and wide to find an orchestra that can equal that brass section of the Philadelphia Orchestra during the Ormandy era (1936 to 1981).

And then we come to the climax. The volume has been slowly building, leading up to something magnificent, and in this case, it would be the strings. Ormandy insisted on having and maintaining the absolute best strings on the planet. He had been a violin soloist in Europe as a very young man. And here, in this great climax to a highly inspiring piece of music, Ormandy pulls out all the stops and places on full display the sound, "the Philadelphia Sound," for which he and the orchestra were known. The strings -- violins, violas, cellos, bass violins, double bass violins, etc. -- step up to the plate and play this section full volume, and to complete perfection. I can just see Maestro Ormandy on the podium at the old Academy of Music concert hall turning slightly to his left to face the violins, and then with gritted teeth and his left hand signaling a vigorous, full volume display, bringing forth the most overwhelming sound a human being will ever hear.

Sometimes the Maestro himself appeared to be taken aback by the sounds his own musicians produced on stage, live. At that point you would often see him lift his face upward while maintaining eye contact with the musicians as if he were simply letting his musicians shine. He would just step back and allow himself to thoroughly enjoy it. Often you would see him smile, other times you would see a slight tear roll down a cheek. But this is part of Ormandy's greatness. He never allowed the technical considerations of a piece of music stand in the way of pure human emotion. The music is meant to elicit forth such emotion.

Each time I hear the climax of this piece, I, too, am overwhelmed. How could one man, and one orchestra, produce such a heavenly sound? And why is it that I have never heard that sound since that time except for what has been preserved on vinyl, CDs, or videos? Maybe part of the answer is these experiences come along only once in a lifetime, and for many, never. There will never be another Ormandy. There will never be another group of musicians who could play not only to perfection but to the level of pure, unadulterated emotion.

Here, in this piece, I experience God. I experience the reality of Jesus Christ, God's only Son, our Lord. And this, for me, launched the 2014 Christmas season.

Enjoy....(Click here to view on YouTube).


Potential mass murder stopped by incredible shot [Of Arms and the Law]

In Austin, a gunman begins firing into buildings. An policeman going off-duty stops him with a 110 yard one-handed pistol shot. The officer was with the mounted unit, and holding two horses' reins in his other hand; he scored a solid chest hit.

Friday, 05 December


Two cases within a couple days where concealed handgun permit holders stopped robberies [John Lott's Website]

One customer was killed here, but without the permit holder in this case, multiple customers might have been killed.  St. Louis (occurred on Tuesday night, December 2, 2014):
The ex-officer, who worked for the department for several years in the 1970s and has a concealed-carry permit, fired back, shooting Wade in the eye and Davis in the shoulder, police said. 
Another male customer, 73, was shot in the ankle and was in critical condition; a fourth male victim, 66, was released from the hospital after receiving treatment for two shots to his buttocks. 
Davis and a third gunman, whose identity was unknown, fled in a stolen Mazda, investigators said. Police found the wounded Davis at a hospital; he claimed he had been shot at a different place. A manhunt continued for the third man. . . . .
Las Vegas (occurred on Thursday, December 4, 2014):
Las Vegas police arrested a man after he allegedly tried to a rob a Red Lobster restaurant on Thursday night. 
A call was made to police around 9:45 p.m., reporting a man had entered the Red Lobster . . . near U.S. 95, with a handgun. 
The man, who has now been identified as 28-year-old Dillon Webb, allegedly threatened customers and employees and took the drawer from a cash register. 
Witnesses said the man ran out the back. A customer from the restaurant, attempting to flee the area, was confronted by the suspect in the parking lot. The customer, who was armed with a handgun fired one round. Webb reportedly dropped the drawer and ran. . . .
Thanks for Tony Troglio for the first link. 


Clueless at CNN [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's their story on the military seeking a new handgun to replace the Beretta. A few problems:

The Beretta in the pic is appears to be a .32 pocket pistol.

It's illustrated with hollow point projectiles.

The story says the 1911 was first issued during the "war in the Philippines." I assume this refers to the Moro Rebellion: the main fighting there came in 1900-1902, and by 1911 things were pretty much still. .45s were issued during the Moro Rebellion, but they were revolvers.

It says that "guns chosen by the military achieve cult status, used as iconic weapons in James Bond and other action movies..." I can't recall that James Bond ever used a military weapon.

Thursday, 04 December


AP Reporter Grasps for Negative Spin on Gun Sales Surge [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, Associated Press reporter Matt Stroud incorrectly implied that the recent increase in firearm-related background checks run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) frequently results in violent criminals beating the system and acquiring guns.


Well, that's encouraging [Of Arms and the Law]

Cleveland PD officer fatally shoots a 12 year old who is holding an airsoft gun. Now it appears that Cleveland hired him after another PD asked for his resignation, based on his emotional instability on the firing range.

"During a training episode at a firing range, Loehmann was reported to be "distracted and weepy" and incommunicative. "His handgun performance was dismal," deputy chief Jim Polak of the Independence, Ohio, police department wrote in an internal memo."


Still swimming upstream [The Liberty Sphere]

Hello. Hope you are well. I'm still trying to swim upstream, or at least that's what it feels like. But I am able to do some things I enjoy, so that's some good news.

I'm conducting some Christmas music again this year, so the rehearsals have been rather taxing. I can still do them, however, although I am completely exhausted when I get through.

But enough of that. I just wanted to say hi and let you know I'm still here.


Michigan: Update on Pro-Gun Bills this Week [NRA-ILA News]

This week, pro-gun bills received favorable action in the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives. On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed House Bills 5450, 5749 and 5750, part of the Air Gun Reclassification Package.  These bills have been sent to the Senate floor for consideration and a vote.


Peruta v. San Diego gets lively [Of Arms and the Law]

The Ninth Circuit just ordered both sides to brief the petition for rehearing en banc, noting that "A judge of this Court having made a sua sponte call for a vote on whether this case should be reheard en banc..." (in legalese, "sua sponte" usually means for a court to do something without being asked to do so -- in this case, after the motion was denied. At issue are the motions by California and Brady Center to intervene and take over the case, seeking the rehearing en banc that the Sheriff did not seek.

In a separate ruling, the Court allowed Plaintiffs to file quite long (35 pages) briefs on the question.

Eugene Volokh has on the event. I think I can guess why the Court would want to consider Peruta, and not its companion cases. Peruta is cleaner case, and the other two decisions are decided essentially by referencing it. If the issue is going to be reconsidered, why not take Peruta rather than its progeny?

UPDATE: a description of what's going on. Basically,

The 9th Cir. has something like 28 active judges. The custom is that they divide into three judge panels to decide cases.

Peruta won before the panel. California cannot both (1) may "may issue" permitting and (2) ban all carrying, open or concealed, without a permit in incorporated cities and counties. The question was whether San Diego wanted to ask for en banc review (theoretically, before the entire 20+ judge court, but the Ninth Circuit is so big that en banc goes to 10 randomly selected judges and the chief judge). That's hard to get, really ties up the court, and usually it takes a conflict between two panel decisions to do it. Then en banc comes in to settle which panel decision should be the law of the circuit).

San Diego didn't want to try that, so it just let the time for requesting en banc pass.

California (and some antigun groups), which had never been involved in the case, filed motions to intervene and take over the case, so that THEY could ask for en banc. The argument was essentially, "we didn't join in this case earlier because we thought San Diego would protect our interests, and now it's not going to.

The panel denied the motion. California had simply waited too long. It could have gotten involved at any earlier stage, but passed it up.

California moved to take that decision, the denial of permission to intervene, and moved to have that decision taken en banc.

Apparently, at least one judge thought it was a good motion, so the court ordered both parties to brief it. Then they'll see if there are enough votes to grant it. It takes a majority of judges.

If denied, Peruta stands (altho two cases heard at the same time raising much the same issues might be taken en banc). If granted, California becomes the new defendant, and files its motion for rehearing en banc, and the court decides that. And of course after that, there's potential Supreme Court involvement.

Wednesday, 03 December


Owner defends shop from pair of intruders,, Alabama, 12/02/14 [NRA-ILA News]

The owner of a mechanic shop in Birmingham, Ala. was sleeping at his business after repeated burglary attempts, when a pair of criminals jumped a fence and came onto the property. The owner retrieved a gun, shot one intruder then slapped the other, causing both to flee. The wounded burglar was captured while seeking medical treatment at a local hospital.

Wayne LaPierre: When prosecution is persecution [NRA-ILA News]

Good and evil. Right and wrong.Those are two fundamental opposing concepts that define the nature of humankind.But for the gun-ban crowd, each and every one of them—when it comes to private ownership of firearms and armed self-defense, the very heart of the Second Amendment—there is no such conflict. In their lexicon, firearms in the hands of private citizens are inherently evil.

Ohio: Senate ready to push changes to gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

An Ohio Senate committee is scheduled to consider changes to gun bills relaxing some requirements for a concealed carry permit and letting hunters use silencers on their guns under certain conditions.

Texas lawmaker files 'Pop Tart gun' bill [NRA-ILA News]

If you think it's a half-baked idea to legally protect kids' rights to play with their food, think again, says one Texas lawmaker.Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, has filed a bill that would prohibit schools from punishing students who use their hands, playthings and, yes, even pastry items to mimic firearms. The proposed legislation also would protect students through the fifth grade who play with toy guns or draw or possess pictures of guns.

How skyrocketing gun sales are helping to conserve butterflies [NRA-ILA News]

The Karner blue butterfly is a tiny thing, with colorful wings that extend just an inch across and a life that rarely wanders more than 600 feet from where it began. Its caterpillars can only eat wild lupines — a flower that’s become less abundant in the wild because of development and habitat fragmentation. As a result, the Karner was named an endangered species in 1992. But Karner blues are getting help from an unlikely source: gun sales.

N.J. Attorney General Rejects Brady Campaign Bid to Trigger Handgun Ban [NRA-ILA News]

The Brady Campaign’s attempt to require “smart guns” in New Jersey recently hit a significant hurdle.  In November, Acting Attorney General John Jay Hoffman issued a report that concluded the allegedly available “smart gun,” the Armatix iP1, did not meet New Jersey’s legal definition of a “personalized handgun.”   A lawsuit filed in May by the Brady Campaign sought to force the attorney general to issue a report finding that the iP1 is a “personalized handgun” and would therefore trigger a more than decade old New Jersey law.

Wishing You Safe and Smooth Holiday Travel [NRA-ILA News]

With the holidays upon us, NRA encourages travelers to be mindful of the gun laws of the jurisdictions they are traveling in, as well as those pertaining to the mode of travel.  To help ensure that gun owners are informed, we would like to remind travelers of some of the basic guidelines for traveling with firearms and of resources where they can obtain further information on this topic.


Obamacare co-author says: "we muddled through and we got a system that is complex, convoluted, needs probably some corrections" [John Lott's Website]

Apparently Democrats are reading the polls about Obamacare.  Even after the election are there many Democrats who say that Obamacare is working the way that they claimed it would work? From The Hill Newspaper:
Sen. Tom Harkin, one of the co-authors of the Affordable Care Act, now thinks Democrats may have been better off not passing it at all and holding out for a better bill. 
The Iowa Democrat who chairs the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, laments the complexity of legislation the Senate passed five years ago. 
He wonders in hindsight whether the law was made overly complicated to satisfy the political concerns of a few Democratic centrists who have since left Congress.  
“We had the power to do it in a way that would have simplified healthcare, made it more efficient and made it less costly and we didn’t do it,” Harkin told The Hill. “So I look back and say we should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all. 
What we did is we muddled through and we got a system that is complex, convoluted, needs probably some corrections and still rewards the insurance companies extensively,” he added. . . .


New Jersey: Attorney General Issues Report that Smart Gun Law is Not Triggered [NRA-ILA News]

New Jersey’s “Smart Gun” law, enacted in 2002, seeks to mandate the sale and manufacture of only “smart gun” technology in the Garden State.  When such technology, as defined by the law, is made commercially available in any state, this law is triggered and “smart guns” will be the only handguns allowed for retail sale in New Jersey.


Michigan: House Judiciary Committee to Vote on Pro-Gun Bills Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, the Michigan House Judiciary Committee is expected to consider and vote on Senate Bills 964, 965, 966 and 979, part of the Air Gun Reclassification Package.


Obama's Freudian Slip that he is breaking law on immigration?: "I took action to change the law" [John Lott's Website]

President Obama might be able to issue executive orders on a number of issues, but he doesn't have the power to unilaterally change laws.
"Now, you’re absolutely right that there have been significant numbers of deportations.  That’s true.  But what you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took action to change the law.  [Applause.]  So that’s point number one."

Tuesday, 02 December


Bloomberg gun-control group targets more than 12 states [NRA-ILA News]

First up: Nevada, where election officials could certify this week that the group and its allies have collected enough signatures for a 2016 ballot initiative that would impose stricter background checks on people buying firearms from private sellers and at gun shows. Bloomberg's Everytown for Gun Safety also is weighing similar background-check initiatives in Arizona and Maine.

D.C. concealed carry fight could provoke Congress, contempt of court [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, the D.C. Council will consider a more permanent version of the emergency measure that revived the city’s long-standing concealed carry law. That bill turned D.C. into a “may-issue jurisdiction,” where authorities have discretion over who may carry and where they are allowed.

Unusual New Jersey firearm law doesn’t apply to ‘smart gun,’ AG finds [NRA-ILA News]

A handgun designed to work only when paired with an accompanying wristwatch is not a “personalized gun,” according to a recent report by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office.The determination on the Armatix iP1 pistol is bad news for gun-control groups hoping that the acting attorney general, John Jay Hoffman, would find the firearm fits the definition of a “personalized gun” under New Jersey law. Such a determination would put the state on the path to selling only guns with personalized technology within three years.

Monday, 01 December


Here I am [The Liberty Sphere]

Had to take some time off from writing over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, except for one Examiner article. Sometimes the energy is just not there to do much more.

I need your prayers. Being unwell for an extended period of time is no picnic, and it has given me a new appreciation for those who are chronically seriously ill to the point of having to be home bound over a period of years. I don't see how they do it.

I am ready to get out there and stir up some stuff, mix it up, and see if there is some hidden news that needs fleshing out. But that could take a few days. On the other hand, I may be writing again tonight or tomorrow. There is no rhyme or reason to this.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Saturday, 29 November


Digging around the dictatorship: suspicion skyrockets [The Liberty Sphere]

A grave danger lurks in the dominant news stories concerning racial tensions in Ferguson and Obama's seizing of executive power with regard to immigration and blanket amnesty. Actions taken by Obama on these issues are illegal. The two issues so dominated the news that everything else was put on the back burner. It has been noted that this administration is known to hide a significant amount of important information while the public's attention is distracted. Thus, digging further into what is going on behind the scenes is not only essential but urgent. The real news lies in what is not being reported. Thus, many have begun to dig. And digging around the dictatorship has led to information that has caused suspicions to skyrocket.
Click here to continue...

Friday, 28 November


So what do you do when one thing dominates the news cycle for weeks on end? Why, start digging, of course! [The Liberty Sphere]

It's interesting what has not been at the forefront of the news in the weeks since the Ferguson incident in August and Obama's Executive Order that seizes for himself power the Executive Branch doesn't have -- all in order to provide what is tantamount to blanket amnesty to multimillions of illegal aliens.

Benghazi dropped out of sight. Or at least it is no longer front page news. I assume you heard that the House Intelligence Committee publicized its findings that nobody anywhere did anything wrong whatsoever in the debacle that took the lives of a U.S. Ambassador and his security detail. The committee wrote that it has found no intelligence failure prior to the attack and that no stand down order was issued. The report further found conflicting intelligence concerning the attack, which explains why there were contradictory statements issued by the Administration early on.

The mainstream media, however, failed to mention that the investigation conducted by the House Intelligence Committee is not one and the same with the the House Select Committee that was chosen for one task alone -- dig more deeply into Benghazi than any committee or task force has thus far. This special committee is chaired by U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, S.C., and is far from completing its task.

Meanwhile, over in the Senate, immediately after the House Intel Committee announced its rather strange findings, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., went on the air on several networks stating that the committee's finding of "no wrongdoing" is nothing but "bull." Graham vowed that now that the Senate is slated to take over the chamber in January, he would work closely with Gowdy in conducting a real investigation, allowing the chips to fall where they may. Graham blasted the House Intel Committee, implying that it was nothing but a whitewash deal designed to continue the cover up. It is to be remembered that this committee is headed by Republicans who have had a majority in the House since 2010. It is also to be remembered that all along the way, I and many others have warned that there are some Republicans who walk in tandem with Obama and the Dems.

Another issue that got relegated to the back burner in the aftermath of Ferguson and the executive order on illegal immigrants is the tax burden that is getting ready to hit Americans as mandated by the new Obamacare law. Americans won't know what hit them. But they will be hit hard. And now to add insult to injury, citizens will not only be taxed for Obamacare but they will be required to foot the bill for illegal aliens who partake in Obamacare.

And this is not to mention the multithousands of new rules and regulations that will be unleashed upon the public in 2015, courtesy of the Obama Administration. The EPA alone will wreak havoc on the economy by continuing its frontal attack on the coal industry and other businesses and enterprises that are vulnerable to the targeting of extremists who wish to rob citizens of private property and property rights, all in the name of "addressing global warming."

These are just a few of the issues that have been jettisoned from public consumption as our attention has been directed elsewhere in the last two months.

Wednesday, 26 November


Thanksgiving, 2014 [The Liberty Sphere]

I hope all of you have a blessed and meaningful Thanksgiving. We take so much for granted, in our personal lives, our families, our professional lives, and even in this country with all of its flaws and challenges.

So, spend some time with those you love, your friends, your families, and others who mean something to you. Bow your head and thank God you have them, that you have a roof over your head and food on your table. We don't know how long we will be blessed with these things. So make sure you embrace them and enjoy them while you can.

I will be working this weekend. If there is breaking news or an emergency, I will report it here and at the Examiner. But at the same time I take Thanksgiving seriously. I will spend time with family and share with them a meal. And I will be glad that I can spend at least one more Thanksgiving as a living Patriot who has figured out that unless a man has a few things he is willing to die for, he has nothing to live for.

Tuesday, 25 November


Source: 'It may not be over for Officer Wilson in Ferguson' [The Liberty Sphere]

As far as the state of Missouri is concerned, the books can be closed on the Darren Wilson case, the Ferguson police officer who shot and killed 18 year old Michael Brown in August of this year. The Grand Jury thoroughly examined the evidence and the witnesses and concluded that there is no evidence that justifies charges of murder or manslaughter in this case.
But one source, several in fact, have stated that Officer Wilson's woes may be far from over...
Click here to continue... 


The hunter and the hunted... [The Liberty Sphere]

Hiya. More than likely I will have an Examiner story ready this afternoon. If not this afternoon, then tonight.

Hope you all are well, and if you travel, use utmost caution, especially if you are going to the northeast. A major snow storm is forecast for that area at the very time most would be driving to various destinations for Thanksgiving. My advice is don't go. Do not drive in that. And if you fly, look for irritating, long-lasting delays.

As for me, well....on second thought I'm not gonna tell you. Some things need to be kept incognito. Digging, writing, reporting, that's my bag. I'm always working even when I have some down time. I've always been like that, and I don't foresee any changes. My work is my life, and my life is my work. The worst part of it is that many times you put in a ton of time and energy only to come up empty handed. You spend a lot of time and effort running down leads any way you can, only to discover that there was nothing there, or those involved so carefully covered their tracks that there is nothing to report.

But in today's case, there is plenty to report because a LOT is there. And it is all legitimate. It's just a matter of deciding which one to focus on, given that a one-man operation can't do it all. So, I will be back later on. And  I will be around during the holidays too. A new beast is afoot who's tentative name is ZERO, and this beast is so dangerous that he bears watching very closely. Beware of anyone who takes upon himself dictatorial powers, even if it involves a relatively minor issue.

Sunday, 23 November


Getting into "Zero's" head [The Liberty Sphere]

When "Zero" decided that he would do something that directly contradicted everything he had said on the subject for several years, it never occurred to him that dozens of videos were extant that showed him in a passionate display, claiming he "had no authority" by executive order to write, change, or delete laws Congress had passed. The thing is, what he said was 100 percent correct. The Constitution specifically forbids a president from engaging in legislation making, or changing, or repealing. That job falls to Congress alone. Even the Supreme Court lacks the authority to do these things (but don't tell John Roberts, or he'll have another blackout fit or something).

The reaction to Zero's dictatorial orders on immigration have run the gamut as expected. Some applaud him for ripping the Constitution to shreds. Others are attempting to find a way to nullify the act. And still others are calling for his head on the chopping block of the legal system as a consequence for engaging in unlawful actions.

But there won't be any impeachment or removal from office. Republicans are deathly afraid that such a thing would doom their chances of reclaiming the White House in 2016. And they are probably right. In today's political climate, the nation's first black president cannot be impeached under any circumstance whatsoever. To do so would be to commit political suicide. Thus, it ain't happening, so we had might as well not even talk about it. The nation's first black president has the country by the balls. Everyone knows it whether they admit it or not, and there is not one friggin' thing we can do to change it. He could hang a thousand patriots by executive order, and nothing would be done in the legal system or in Congress.

You think he doesn't know this? Of course he knows, and he is using it to his advantage. That is why I keep saying Zero is the most dangerous man in America. When you know you will not suffer any consequences of your actions, the temptation is simply too great to use that infinite power in a deadly fashion.

I expect the very worst....

Thursday, 20 November


Remedy [The Liberty Sphere]

In case there was ever any doubt whatsoever, "Zero" is the most dangerous man in America today.
Zero has taken unto himself dictatorial powers.
He is forbidden from making laws in any fashion whatsoever but is COMMANDED to enforce the laws Congress has passed.

Zero is therefore a lawless criminal, a thug, a travesty of justice. He said so himself. At least 27 times he stated publicly he did not have the authority to change the law as written by Congress. Tonight he did the very thing he said he had no authority to do. His own words condemn him.

The remedy lies in the "Stealth War" or what others call "Fourth Generation Warfare." But beware. We do not advocate harming civilians or perpetrating violence.

At the least, he should be ignored completely. We do the opposite of what he wants. We defy him at every turn. From now on, he is a non-entity.

Tuesday, 18 November


Republicans can use Congressional rules to thwart Obama [The Liberty Sphere]

With Republicans firmly in control of both houses of Congress beginning in January, speculation has grown as to which direction the new leaders will take the country, particularly in the Senate. But apart from two or three issues, the Republicans have kept their cards close to the vest.

In many if not most instances being careful not to tip one's hand to the opposition is good strategy. But in this case conservatives in particular have become so suspicious of the Republican elitist leadership that Speaker Boehner and the newly minted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may need to do some things early on that will reassure libertarian leaning conservatives that real change will be enacted by the House and Senate.

Click here to continue...

Monday, 17 November


The latest string of Obama lies depicts desperation [The Liberty Sphere]

With Obama and his supporters still firmly in control of the Executive Branch, the lies just keep coming. Despite being caught red handed perpetrating a fraud on the American people, the powers that be only double down with more lies, without blinking. Such a course of action only proves the accuracy of observers who say that the progressive/neo-Marxists are showing signs of desperation. Their grand scheme is slipping away from them, and they are at a loss as to what to do about it.
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Friday, 14 November


Vanderboegh behind enemy lines to promote gun rights [The Liberty Sphere]

Vanderboegh had called national attention to the Connecticut attack on the Second Amendment by sending inoperable gun magazines to key political leaders in the state. This was done not only to place political leaders on notice that pushback was on the way but to call attention to the 300,000 citizens in Connecticut who own guns, 85 percent of whom have stated they have no intention of complying with the new state laws.
Click here to read the entire article.

Thursday, 13 November


The hits keep coming from Obamacare architect [The Liberty Sphere]

In the aftermath of the disclosure that one of Obamacare's primary architects, Jonathan Gruber, admitted to false premise and fraudulent statements in an effort to sell the new healthcare law, it seems that the hits just keep on coming. The initial video showing Gruber admitting to fraud has now been corroborated by other videos in which he made similar false statements that not only misrepresent the healthcare law but disparage the intelligence of the American people.
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Wednesday, 12 November


As if we never saw this coming... [The Liberty Sphere]

Well, the announcement came down today that Obama has drafted an executive order that will allow nearly five million illegal aliens to stay in the country, immune from any threat of deportation. Thus, he has declared war on the Constitution and on the Republicans who will control both houses of Congress in January.

So much for the pledge to "work together."

This showdown is a test of the new Republican majority. True, they will not take office until January, but everyone knows Obama's opponents are waiting in the wings to take control. Democrat Harry Reid, the warlock Senate Majority Leader, is still firmly in control. And he and Obama have a message to the American people and their jobs: "F*** YOU!!!"

Republicans should mount a roadblock to anything Obama and Reid do during the lame duck session of Congress. Obama does not have the Constitutional authority to decide which laws are enforced and which are ignored. Nor does he have the power to create legislation. That is the role of Congress alone. If he takes it upon himself to create law regarding immigration reform, he will break the law in doing so. The penalty is impeachment, which the Republicans have no stomach for. Why? Well, would you want to be on record voting to impeach the nation's first black president? The Obama Chicago thug machine will go on a rampage. This is not to mention what Reid and the Democrat machine will do.

In short, the thugs in the White House and in the Senate have the country by the testicles and will show no hesitation to implement a Ferguson on a nationwide scale.

Tuesday, 11 November


Lies, deception, fraud: Obamacare architect drops bombshell [The Liberty Sphere]

With the bombshell admission of the main architect of Obamacare that a series of lies were told to the American public to get the new healthcare law passed, conservatives have been vindicated. Everything we said about the law from the very beginning has now been confirmed as the truth by the very ones who put the law together.
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Veterans Day [The Liberty Sphere]

On this special day we thank all of those who served their country by fighting in its wars while members of the military. The sacrifices made to fulfill the mission of protecting we the citizens are too numerous to mention. But those who served should be assured that your putting service before self has never been forgotten.

We also wish to make it clear that those who died in protecting the citizens of this nation have never been forgotten. We will not forget, ever.

Saturday, 08 November


Attkisson's fairness, tenacity lead to big trouble [The Liberty Sphere]

Former CBS News investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has proven consistently that she is ultimately fair yet tenacious in following the facts wherever they lead. This has garnered the adoration and accolades of her colleagues in the press. But it has also resulted in her ostracism and outright disdain when her fellow reporters bemoaned the fact that she refused to sweep under the rug damaging information that portrayed Obama and others in his machine in a negative light.
 Click here to continue...

Friday, 07 November


Happy Birthday, Mr. Graham [The Liberty Sphere]

Today is the 96th birthday of world renowned evangelist Billy Graham. I would like to wish him a wonderful 96th and thank him for being a stalwart beacon of truth for over 70 years.

Graham has preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more people than any other person in history. Yet he never strayed from his roots in the mountains and foothills of North Carolina. His log home near Montreat and Black Mountain, NC, still serves as "home" for Mr. Graham. It is the same mountain log home that was built shortly after he and his wife Ruth were married. The home was to be a haven of rest for the evangelist in those brief periods when he was not traveling and preaching.

Today, Graham is a member of the First Baptist Church of Spartanburg, SC, which is located not far from the mountains of North Carolina. Two years ago, Graham's "Living Room Crusade" was billed as his last. The Graham organization blitzed the airwaves on radio, TV, and the Internet with the Gospel message as only Graham can deliver it.

Although his physical maladies have intensified due to his age, his mind is still sharp as can be. Who knows. Graham may well do another Living Room Crusade before he is forced to quit.

A very happy birthday and a hearty "thank you" to Billy Graham on this special day!

(Cross-posted at Martin Christian Ministries).


This is not good, no matter which way you spin it [The Liberty Sphere]

In the midst of the celebratory mass hysteria on display by Republicans this week is some ominous news. As most of us have told you, the victories won by anti-Obama forces this week are no reason to let our guard down. The same old enemies are still there, and they aren't going anywhere.

Both Hickenlooper in Colorado and Malloy in Connecticut won their reelection bids to remain governors in their respective states. Both are also rabid anti-gun nutcases. Personally I am much more troubled by Hickenlooper's victory than Malloy's. One can expect the northeast to do such stupid things. But Colorado? This is the state that recalled and then ousted two state legislators for their role in the restrictive anti-gun and anti-ammunition law passed by the legislature. Hickenlooper was right in the middle of it, but voters in Colorado did not oust him as they did the others. Why?

That is the question of the hour. I would like to know why. What happened? Was there fraud? Did conservatives stay home for some reason? I doubt it on both counts. They ousted Sen. Udall, which suggests there was neither any fraud nor any apathy on the part of conservatives.

So what happened that this sorry anti-gun tyrant was allowed to stay in the governor's mansion for another four years? Does anyone have the answer?


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