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Urban Carry Holster IWB Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

Urban posted a video demonstrating the versatility of their holster. The Urban Carry Holster, is a leather style holster that looks more like a small satchel. It hangs onto your belt and is slipped inside the pants and stored down one’s pant leg. To help illustrate this, the first weapon drawn is a pistol grip […]

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Ohio: NRA-Backed Bills Scheduled for Committee Votes This Week! [NRA-ILA News]

With only a few days left in the 2015-2016 legislative session, tw​o pro-gun bills are scheduled to be voted out of their respective committees on Tuesday, December 6.  Please urge members of the House State Government Committee to vote in favor of Senate Bill 199 and urge members of the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee to vote in favor of Sub. House Bill 48!


What Was the First Automatic Pistol? (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

What was the first true semiautomatic pistol? Let’s take a look…

Before there were self-loading pistols, there were manually operated repeating pistols with magazines – like the 1850s Volcanics. A surprising number of this type of pistol were developed in Austria in the 1880s, and they led directly to some of the first blowback automatic pistols, like the Laumann and Schonberger-Laumann. However, there was also some early guns designed from the ground up as semiautos, like the Dormus. The C93 Borchardt is agreed to be the first commercially successful pistol, but what other designs came first that were functional but not successful?


Action Alert From NSSF [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The National Shooting Sports Foundation released an action alert at the end of last week. The Bipartisan Sportsman's Act which is part of an energy bill that needs to be passed will come up for discussion this week. Even if you don't hunt or fish the bill includes an item that should appeal to all shooters:  a provision for shooting range development.

From NSSF:

Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act
Your Immediate Action is Needed

The most important legislation in a generation for America’s hunters and target shooters is at a crucial stage. Senators and members of the US House of Representatives have just days to complete negotiations on the Energy Policy Modernization Act conference report that includes the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act.

Call Your U.S. Representative and both US Senators and politely insist that Congress act on the Energy Conference report that contains the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act. Please CALL TODAY before Congress takes up the Continuing Resolution next week to fund the federal government past Dec. 9.

We do NOT want Congress to punt the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act into the next congress that begins in January. We have come too far to go back to “square one” and begin again.

Please call today to help protect and preserve our cherished outdoor traditions.

House Switchboard: 202-224-3121

Look up your U.S. Representative:


Monthly Contests [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Aaron at the Weapon Blog has released his monthly list of contests where you can win firearms or assorted related items. The rifle that caught my eye in the list was the Ruger Precision Rifle while the pistol that caught my eye was the Coonan 1911 in your choice of .357 Magnum or .45 ACP. There are also a number of other prizes as you can see below.


  • Glock 22
    Deadline: December 8, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Ruger Armerican Pistol
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Coonan .357 or .45ACP
    Deadline: December 16, 2016
    Added to list: October 31, 2016
  • 25 Guns of Christmas
    Deadline: December 25, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Ruger LC9S
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Ruger LCP
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 5 Elite Guns
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Shooters Arms 1911
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: April 5, 2016
  • NRA 24-Gun Collection
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: September 4, 2015
  • Rock Target FS HC
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Voodoo Tactical Deluxe Terminator Padded MOLLE Range Bag
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P15T
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Leaspeed6 AR-15
    Deadline: December 14, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Ruger Precision Rifle
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • S.W.A.T Firearms AR-15
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • 22plinkster's Card Splitting Challenge IV
    Deadline: December 25, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Bug Out Bag
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • Moriarti Arms AR-9
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 30, 2016
  • Springfield Armory SAINT
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • Springfield Armory SAINT
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 1, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson SD9VE
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 3, 2016
  • AX 300 Win Mag
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Patriot Ordinance Factory Renegade
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Colt AR-15
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 5, 2016
  • Remington 200
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Thompson/Contender Compass
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: July 19, 2016
  • Smith & Wesson M&P AR-15
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 7, 2015
  • Rock Target FS HC
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Savage MK II BTV
    Deadline: 5,000 Group Members
    Added to list: January 7, 2015
  • Xena-15 GEN4
    Deadline: 100,000 Subscribers
    Added to list: February 18, 2016
  • Cerakote
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: October 17, 2016
  • CVA Muzzleloader
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: January 1, 2015
  • None this month
Air Rifles
  • Nickel & Gold Colt Peacemaker
    Deadline: December 8, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • 1,250 Rounds of 12ga Rio BlueSteel
    Deadline: January 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 3, 2016
  • Grayman SATU folder
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: December 1, 2016
  • None this month
Gun Rights Organizations
  • None this month
  • Tannerite Pro Pack
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Aimpoint 3X-C Magnifier and FlipMount
    Deadline: December 2, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Rugged Suppressors Surge 762
    Deadline: December 4, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Nine Line Tactical Bundle
    Deadline: December 4, 2016
    Added to list: November 29, 2016
  • Ultimate Outdoor Giveaway
    Deadline: December 14, 2016
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • 85qt Gator Box Cooler Package
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • APOC Armory Complete AR-15 Upper
    Deadline: December 17, 2016
    Added to list: November 23, 2016
  • Rifle Body Armor Kit
    Deadline: December 18, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 5.11 Tactical Christmas Bundle Giveaway
    Deadline: December 23, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • Polaris RGR 570 XP
    Deadline: December 28, 2016
    Added to list: October 25, 2016
  • Nickel Boron BCG
    Deadline: December 30, 2016
    Added to list: November 8, 2016
  • $500 Gift Card
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: December 2, 2016
  • SureFire EB1
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • $3,000 King's Camo Package
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • $5,000 Kahr Arms Gift Certificate
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 17, 2016
  • Rocky Boots For Life
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 12, 2016
  • Taurus Judge 10 Year Anniversary
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: October 12, 2016
  • Blastout 51T
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: September 16, 2016
  • $250 2A Shooting Supply Gift Certificate
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 25, 2016
  • Trip To Taurus Headquarters
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Mossy Oak Rock Starz
    Deadline: January 4, 2017
    Added to list: August 30, 2016
  • NRA Ultimate Shooting Experience
    Deadline: February 28, 2017
    Added to list: September 16, 2016
  • Yamaha Side-By-Side
    Deadline: May 31, 2017
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Patriot Ordinance Factory Drop-In Trigger
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 23, 2016
  • Relentless Tactical Gun Belt
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 16, 2016
  • $100 60X Gift Card
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: August 8, 2016
  • Trailboss
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: July 13, 2016
  • ATN SHot Trax-HD
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: April 4, 2016
  • Parker Crossbow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 17, 2016
  • Parker Compound Bow
    Deadline: Recurring Monthly
    Added to list: February 11, 2015
  • Dead Air Armament #MuzzleBrakeMonday
    Deadline: Recurring Weekly
    Added to list: June 9, 2015
  • Franklin Armory 9" FST Keymod Rail
    Deadline: 10,000 Facebook Fans
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • Agency Arms / Mission Volant Shot Show Raffle
    Deadline: December 15, 2016
    Added to list: September 28, 2016
  • Hart's Fort Rifle
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: February 8, 2016
  • Outdoor Mentors Gun A Week
    Deadline: December 31, 2016
    Added to list: January 6, 2016
  • Sandcrabs Baseball Support
    Deadline: January 14, 2017
    Added to list: October 6, 2016
  • Badger Ordnance USMC M40A5 Rifle
    Deadline: January 18, 2017
    Added to list: November 18, 2016
  • 2016 50 Gun Fundraiser
    Deadline: Only 500 tickets sold
    Added to list: January 28, 2016!2016-50-Gun-Fundraiser/cp5g/i2l12v0s1
  • Ultimate Shooting Experience
    Deadline: February 28, 2017
    Added to list: November 14, 2016
  • Tactical Training Adventure
    Deadline: 60,000 Contest entries
    Added to list: August 17, 2015
  • Ohio Big Buck Hunt
    Deadline: December 19, 2016
    Added to list: November 3, 2016


An Interesting Latin American Mauser [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

From the late 1800s until well into the 20th century, the bolt action Mauser was the rifle of choice of many of Latin America's armies. Countries like Columbia, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico among others went with the 7x57 Mauser while the Argentines adopted the Mauser in their own distinctive 7.65x53 caliber. Indeed, my own collection includes a Columbian Mauser made by Steyr and a Brazilian Mauser made by DWM Berlin. Both of these are in 7x57. I just need to add an 1891 Argentine Engineer Mauser and I'll have covered the Southern Cone.

In the video below Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons talks about a single shot Mauser that was adopted by Uruguay. It is referred to as the Doviitis and is a conversion of the blackpower 1871 Mauser to a smokeless 6.5 caliber.


[Nightforce 2016] Carbon Fiber Tripod [The Firearm Blog]

DSC07684Nightforce Optics is brining a tripod to market, one that is very versatile and innovative compared to current tripods for sale. It has removable 4 section legs, that can then be used as walking poles while hiking or trekking. In addition, these legs can also be used for an improvised shooting position as shooting sticks. […]

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[NightForce 2016] ATACR 7-35×56 F1 Coming to Market [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 12.12.24 PMNightforce has been extremely successful with their ATACR line of rugged, long range rifle scopes, among numerous groups of shooters in the PRS sport community and just the precision rifle community in general. However, with their new 7-35 power magnification in the First Focal Plane with ED glass, the company is looking to expand the […]

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[Nightforce 2016] Mil-C Reticle [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-11-23 at 10.17.47 AMThe Mil-R reticle is one of Nightforce’s most popular offering in the companies ATACR scope line. However, due to requests from the Precision Rifle Series competitions, the company is going to be releasing the “Mil-C” Reticle. Initially the reticle will be released with the ATACR 5×25 F1 (First Focal Plane) scope at SHOT 2017, for […]

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[Nightforce 2016] NF Scope Wraps [The Firearm Blog]

DSC07857Nightforce Optics has introduced a universal Scope Wrap for 2017. It is 19″ long, 4.5″ tall, and is adjustable up to 22″ around. The wrap is quite simple when it comes to other competitive wraps in that it can be either used with a velcro attachment system, or a plastic buckle in the same location. It […]

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CCW For Women [The Firearm Blog]

Natural-7Anna Taylor of Dene Adams posted this video of their concealed carry corset holster. She is able to conceal an assortment of firearms and a knife. The corset holster retails for $109.99. They also have thigh holsters. Go to to check them out.

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Sunrise, FL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

A man fatally shot one of three intruders who allegedly broke into his Sunrise, Florida, home in a dramatic moment all caught on the homeowner's call to 911.
Sunrise police received the 911 call Monday from the homeowner, Warren Darlow, who told the police he saw a car pull into his driveway. According to arrest affidavits obtained by ABC News, Darlow then told police he saw men he didn't know get out of the car and walk toward his home.
"Fearing the suspects were going to break into his house, Darlow armed himself with a shotgun," the affidavits say. Darlow told police he loaded the gun and called 911, according to the affidavits. As he was on the phone with 911, the suspects shattered a glass door and broke in, he told police, the affidavits say.
"They're in my house right now," the victim whispers to the 911 dispatcher in the call, which was obtained by ABC News.
Darlow later told police he was worried that if the suspects weren't already armed, they would arm themselves with one of Darlow's guns that he keeps in plain view on nightstands, according to the affidavits.
Darlow told police "several times that he feared for his life," according to the affidavits.
Darlow then fired his gun three times, according to the affidavits. Though the first shot did not hit anyone, the second shot did, the affidavits say. Darlow told police that after that second shot, he saw the injured individual appear to "reach toward something," so Darlow fired again, the affidavits say.
Wow!  Maybe the Lamestream media are waking up.

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Winchester’s Liberator Shotguns (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

In the early 1960s, an influential but little-known (today) firearms designer by the name of Robert Hillberg came up with an idea for a cheap-but-effective armament for the masses. With encouragement from DARPA, the Winchester company took up manufacture and development of the design, under the name “Liberator”.

The guns were initially planned to be made almost entirely as magnesium castings, with steel liners in the barrels, with a total cost of about $20 per gun. They would use prepackaged 4-round ammunition packets as well, rather than standard individual shotgun shells. By the time production was actually begun, however, the design had been altered to a break-action system using regular shells – the prepackaged quad-cartridges proved too difficult to perfect. So the production Mark II guns used conventional shells with a break-open action.

As it turned out, casting the frames over the steel barrel inserts was a quite difficult process, and Winchester soon moved to a MkIII design which replace the barrel casting with 4 independent all-steel barrels fixed at the muzzles by a stamped plate. By this time, however, military interest in the guns had fallen away and Winchester was left to try to market them commercially. They attempted to interest both police and civilian markets (although with 13 inch barrels, the guns were regulated by the NFA). None of these marketing attempts succeeded, and major production never began. The design was too impractical and guerrilla-oriented to really appeal to anyone with a more ordinary use (like recreational shooting, sport shooting, or security/law enforcement) in mind.

Thanks to the Cody Firearms Museum for allowing me access to film these!


What Would a Long Range Sharpshooter Infantry Paradigm Look Like? Part 3: Organization and Tactics [The Firearm Blog]

70d90466066020a2541789cd6c524bc8In the first two parts of this article on a new long range infantry rifle paradigm, we painted a picture of what sort of weapons would be needed to maximize the infantry’s long-range capability, in theory allowing them to achieve “overmatch” versus enemy infantry armed with existing .22 and .30 caliber weapons. We created estimates […]

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Keeping Your Bug Out Ride in Tune []

Don’t you hate it when a vehicle breaks down? Just imagine the frustration when a pending SHTF event is about to hit, storm, or accident evacuation and the SUV won’t start or something else breaks down. Many such vehicles failures could be avoided with regular maintenance.

My dad used to preach and preach to my brother and me about never letting the gas tank in any vehicle get under half a tank. He used to say what if you had to get up in the middle of the night to leave or something in an emergency situation. Good advice. This goes further to keeping everything about a vehicle ready to go at the turn of a key.

Regular maintenance of any primary vehicle is critical. This means keeping up with all the typical issues such as a regular oil and filter change, tire pressure, engine stuff like air and fuel filters, and all fluid levels. At any sign of a weak battery, a sluggish start or hesitation, get a new one installed.

When tires start to wear beyond useful tread, then get a new set. Have the alignment done and each tire balanced properly. Have the mechanic check the brakes while the wheels are off. Tires should be rotated, too every 15,000 miles or so depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Many new tire stores are now selling nitrogen gas instead of just air, but this may be impossible to get later during an extended SHTF or Bug Out.

Open the hood once a month just to inspect everything. Check the fan belts, radiator hoses, heater hoses, brake fluid and radiator antifreeze. Anything that appears frayed, worn, or leaking, get it checked out by a competent mechanic or learn to do these things yourself. Take a general car maintenance course at the local vo-tec school and buy a good complete tool set.

As you drive, be sure to just listen for things about the vehicle. Sometimes that whining sound could be a wheel bearing going out or a drive shaft bearing. If the brakes are overly squeaking then get them inspected. If the power steering got hard to turn, then check the fluid reservoir under the hood. Replace the windshield wipers once a year. Check all the head and tail lights, turn signals, and back up light. Keep all the glass as clean as possible for good visibility.

Keep your bug out vehicle in shape and maybe it won’t let you down when you need it most.

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AR Handguard Choices []

One of the neatest things about the AR rifle platform is all of the customizations the gun owner can do to the rifle themselves. Now, granted the majority of factory ARs come with a perfectly suitable handguard so it is not usually necessary to switch it out, but you can.

Different missions call for different set ups, so while the average AR shooter will be completely satisfied with a factory rifle, somebody in law enforcement, security or other special services might want something different. There is a tremendous variety in aftermarket handguards available to AR users.

First know that most AR handguards are of two types. One attaches front and rear with the regular handguard holding mechanism on the factory rifle. These handguards can simply be switched out by releasing the holding clamp ring at the front of the rifle receiver. There is a special tool for this, but sometimes you can pry it open to release by hand.

The second type attaches to the receiver in different manners, but the front end is not attached. This allows the AR barrel to “free float” which in theory permits greater accuracy. Do not fret about how the various handguards attach to the rifle. The high quality ones come with complete instructions that anybody can do with basic tools.

The majority of AR custom handguards are manufactured from aluminum or other alloys that offer extreme strength yet supreme light weight. The major differences between the many various aftermarket handguards are the mode of accessory attachment. This has undergone vast design and engineering enhancements the past few years.

Typically an accessory attachment handguard uses the historic Picatinny rail system. This is a series of slots mill cut into the top and/or sides and bottom of the rail. These rails are three sided or four sided. Other ARs may only have a Picatinny rail on the top for mounting various types of optics or BUIS open sights. Accessories mount in these slots with clamp type attachments using bolts or flip over friction latches.

More recently rails offer other mounting options including the KeyMod or M-Lok systems. The KeyMod type has holes and slots where attachment studs slip into the holes and slide into the slots to lock down. The M-Lok system uses a different rail lock mechanism. Know which type you are getting so your accessory attachments match. The deal is an AR rifle can be customized in so many ways.

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The Quinessential Deer Hunting Plan []

How do you hunt deer? Do have a plan laid out thoughtfully over time well in advance of hunting season? Or, rather, do you just charge out of the house one day with a handful of gear and a gun, jump into the truck and blast off to your old stomping grounds?

There are a lot of strategies for deer hunting whether you are an archery hunter, crossbow user, or hunt deer with a high powered rifle, and fancy optics. You likely have all the prime accoutrements expected of a deer hunter these days including trail cameras, deer feeders, an electric UTV, GPS, rangefinder, all weather super camo clothes and boots and all the rest.

Or like many hunters I know, you arrive in camp and half the stuff you needed you left at home because you forget the gear box or bag in the garage. A friend of mine even allowed his wife to pack his hunting clothes, and because of a disagreement over something, payback was hell. He arrived in camp without any hunting pants having been packed for him. Never allow anyone else to pack your gear. That’s your job.

Alas, let me suggest that the first ingredient of any successful deer hunt (or any outdoors adventure) is the master plan. This is a guide sheet to everything needed and it is written out on paper, not stored in the brain or on an iPhone. Furthermore, this listing of all gear, supplies, food, and everything else needs to be crafted a couple of months before the hunt date departure and refined on a regular basis. I have a file with ten years of deer hunting master plans, but sometimes I still forget something like a food item or a redundant clothing item.

And before you arrive in deer camp, think ahead about how and where you plan to hunt. Check the weather and wind direction. These things you can do in camp on your cell phone now. Consider your hunting stand options well in advance. Then, if some other hunter in camp has already pinned your first choice, you have other stands already planned out.

Know what you will wear and what gear you will take to the stand. Double check the list and the actual gear. More than once I have driven out of camp without binoculars or a pair of gloves. Don’t let the sheer excitement of the hunt deter you from proper planning and execution.

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Levi Strauss: Another Company With Its Head In The Sand []

you shouldn’t have to be concerned about your safety while shopping for clothes or trying on a pair of jeans

Chip Bergh, President and Chief Executive Officer, Levi Strauss & Co., is one-hundred percent correct about this. Ideally you “shouldn’t” have to be concerned. Reality dictates otherwise.

We don’t live in magical, rainbow-land with cupcakes and flowers for everyone. We live in a place where some individuals want to take what others have by force. We live in a place where having ideas contrary to others is a death sentence. We live in a place where groups you choose to support put a target on you. We live in a place where the only person responsible for your safety and security is, well, you.

When a business comes out and says that they don’t care about your safety (using language that says they want to “ensure a safe environment”) and security, by not only verbally limiting your ability to manage your responsibility, but to not provide appropriate mitigation (by providing security for your safety), they are asking you to choose. Do you shirk your responsibility to comply, because their goods or services are worthy of that risk? Do you protest the request (and potentially break local laws and ordinances)? Do you boycott the business (which is meaningless if you don’t inform the business of the reason)? Ultimately it is your choice to decide how you will mitigate risk in your life.

Personally I believe that it is foolish, as a business, to alienate your customer base, for whatever the reason. Maybe you don’t like their sexual orientation. Maybe you don’t like their politics. If you are in a “for profit” business your purpose is to make money. Period. You can delude yourself about your purpose, but the point of a business is to profit from the sale of goods and/or services. Businesses coming out and publicly expressing support for (or against) the current hot topics pushed by the media are just doing themselves a disservice.

Feel free to google and see what happens to businesses that say “nope” to a large and vocal group of potential customers/supporters. Ask the NFL. Ask Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood. Ask 1st In SEO in Albuquerque. There are ways to opt out of working with customers that won’t damage your business.

No, Levi Strauss, you are wrong about how to provide a safe environment for your workers and customers, and have, in fact just done the opposite. However, I do respect your position, and will not support your business.

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12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 4–Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector []

Don’t lie–you are a bit of a hipster.  We all are.  There is nothing we can do about it–what with all of the craft beer and painted-handled axes on the internet.  Its impossible to resist the allure of the hipster.  Because, weird enough, they actually have good taste, some of the time.

They can keep their pubic-hair beards and skinny jeans, but I have no problem with their fondness for traditional knives.  And there is no better traditional knife accessory (or one more ripe with hipster stink) than the Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector

Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector

This is a perfect gift for that friend of yours that tells you about new bands that you “just have to hear” (bands that inevitably have way too much banjo).  He is just the coolest dude and while you are tired of his taste in music you are a bit envious of his Red Wing Iron Rangers.  They are really goddam cool.

Oh, the Scout Leatherworks Pocket Protector has got all of the hipster bona fide’s you need. Its made in small batches by a craftsman. It is sold at pop-up flea markets.  It is made of uber premium leather.  It has contrast stitching.  It is sold on a minimalist twee website.  Only a throw in can of mustache wax would make this more hipstery.

But don’t be repelled by association alone.  This is an awesome piece of kit.  In fact, when paired with the right stuff, this gives you a very nice EDC package.  My favorite carry, a 3 inch traditional and a 1xAAA light (like the Surefire Titan Plus above) rides perfectly.  And since your friend is a dilletante this probably all he will ever bother buying when completing his EDC kit, though he will likely track down some super hard to find awesome traditional, like a GEC Tom’s Choice or that last run of Boy’s Knives from Canal Street Cutlery (mine is in Gold G10 and looks like it has an LED in the hand, the G10 is so gleaming and bright).

I have found that the Pocket Protector not only protects those rare gem pieces of gear, it also keeps them put.  Instead of sloshing around in your pocket, giving you that clock pendulum feel or banging up your smartphone, the knife and light play nice and don’t move around.  You can even drop the Pocket Protector into your back pocket and carry it light a wallet.

Finally, for all of this hipster beauty, the Pocket Protector isn’t all that expensive, not like that obnoxious hand-hammered copper cup your friend’s wife got him last year for Christmas, the one that costs $300 and now looks like it was dredging silt from the bottom of the Hudson River.  The Pocket Protector comes in at a sane-for-hipster-gear price of $50.  If you are feeling really generous you can even fill it for your friend.  The Prometheus Beta QR is one option, if the Titan Plus is too tacticool for your hipster friend.  I’d strongly recommend the aforementioned Boy’s Knife.  That set up–the Beta QR and the Boy’s Knife in the Pocket Protector is like the Triple Word Score of Hipster Scrabble.

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New Jersey: Anti-Shooting Range Legislation Pulled from Committee Agenda [NRA-ILA News]

Thanks to your calls and emails, A.4179 and A.4180, sponsored by Assemblyman Ralph Caputo (D-28), were removed from the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee’s agenda.


Caldwell Lead Sled and Lead Sled DFT Review [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James tries out the Caldwell Lead Sled Plus and Lead Sled DFT, which were sent to him for evaluation from Caldwell. James shoots on both frames with the M4, M16, and the AK47. Check this episode of TFBTV to get his thoughts on Caldwell’s sleds. Thanks to our sponsors: Proxibid […]

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Review: The .25-45 Sharps: Cui Bono? [The Firearm Blog]

P9232653    Variety is the spice of life.  In the firearm industry, there is a hell of a lot of variety when it comes to cartridge selection, particularly out of the nowadays ubiquitous AR15 platform.  One of the newer cartridge choices for medium game hunting out of the AR15 is the .25-45 Sharps. For in-depth […]

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Classic Firearms Ads Lost to Political Correctness [The Firearm Blog]

11212016-b14-795x1024While for many readers, giving the gift of a firearm is a welcome item, for many in our society, it is a verboten topic. Yes, the firearms community is working to become more “mainstream”, but it’s always interesting to look back and see where we have come from. The Tribunist worked to collect and collate […]

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POTD: Little Package, Lots Of Fun [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_8123the Arc’teryx Khard backpack fits the H&K MP7 perfectly. Pack organization is by Velocity Systems. They make insets for the Khard backpacks. Check them out here

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Griffin Armament Introduces Modular Lightweight “M2” BUIS [The Firearm Blog]

Griffin SightsGriffin Armament has been making quite a splash moving through the market outside their well-regarded suppressors. Previously, they released AR furniture and in October, released their HEDP (High Endurance, Dual Purpose) series of barrels. Now, they’ve set their sights on… sights! Griffin Armament has announced their latest offering, the Micro Modular Sights(TM), referred to as the […]

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SMLE Semi Auto? Why Not? Turner’s Canadian Army Submission with Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureWith millions of weapons available post World War I, there was a significant push from various militaries to convert their bolt-action weapon systems to semi automatic. Few of these attempted upgrades were ultimately successful, but with the significant reduction in cash outlay to retrofit weapons from stockpiles, there was nonetheless significant momentum to explore it […]

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Winning The Ground Game [NRA-ILA News]

Every year tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen work with NRA to advance pro-gun reforms and defeat attacks on our fundamental right to keep and bear arms. This past year, the challenges and opportunities were significant at the state level, including a continuing threat from Michael Bloomberg and his affiliated gun control groups in state capitals. We faced Bloomberg’s falsehoods and a biased news media that was all too willing to perpetuate his agenda. Bloomberg’s contempt for gun owners has only grown stronger, but examples of our success at the state level confirm that despite his relentless propaganda, the majority of Americans continue to support the Second Amendment and our God-given right to self-defense. The NRA saw significant victories throughout the country on numerous issues of importance to gun owners. What follows are highlights of some of our state-level activities in 2016.


3D Printed SKS Chassis from Pearce Armoury [The Firearm Blog]

15039627_1250090448346851_4383906154169432021_oThe SKS is seeing a lot of love in Canada lately, as another chassis system rears its head. The Pearce Armoury ILS chassis is 3D printed, and creates a pseudo-AR lower for the SKS. The means AR-15 stocks, pistol grips, magazines, trigger assembly, and bolt release. The concept looks interesting for sure. Essentially create a […]

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Commentary: Bloomberg has little to show for millions spent on gun control [NRA-ILA News]

If it wasn't for Michael Bloomberg's billions, there wouldn't be much of a gun-control movement. This year, Bloomberg got a background check initiative onto the ballots of Maine and Nevada. He lost in Maine by 4 percent, and won in Nevada by just 0.8 percent. Now, Nevadans won't be able to privately transfer their firearms without going through a background check. Bloomberg's initiative only eked out the win in Nevada because of the $20 million spent to support it, amounting to an incredible $35.30 per vote. He outspent his opponents by a factor of three - in Maine, by a factor of six. Bloomberg was responsible for more than 90 percent of the money going to support these ballot measures.


California: Appeals Court Says Lawsuit Challenging California’s Microstamping Law Can Proceed [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, Thursday, December 1, California’s Fifth Appellate District Court of Appeal ruled that a case challenging the state’s 2007 microstamping law could return to the trial court for further action.


The Fox TAC-1. The Carbine with a three-wheel combination lock [The Firearm Blog]

fox_carbine_showing_combo_lockI stumbled upon this “combination lock rifle” as I was reading some reports on how to prevent people from getting accidentally shot, and in all its simplicity it perplexed me. The Fox TAC-1 carbine was sold in the 1970s, and had a three-wheel combination lock design to prevent unauthorized use. The sales brochure marketed the […]

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The Chichizola MPA: Argentina’s full-auto pistols, Part 2 [The Firearm Blog]

In 1977, the urge of “firepower, compact style” showed up again at Fábrica Militar de Armas Portátiles “Domingo Matheu”, one more time as an in-house private venture. Designer Enrique Chichizola started studying technical approaches to an automatic-fire gun of small dimensions capable of achieving such stability and controllability characteristics so as to allow effective target […]

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Prices for Breda AR15 B4 line in Russia [The Firearm Blog]

B4-CIn 2014 I saw the first Breda AR-15s at the IWA exhibition. Probably most famous for their semi-automatic hunting shotguns, it was a bit of a surprise to find AR-15s in Breda’s stand. Named the “B4 line” they are considered as as relatively competitively-priced, high-quality AR-15 variants for sport shooters. I wouldn’t say that the […]

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Neat Idea for M-LOK & KeyMod Rails – Slim Picatinny Adapters by Arisaka Defense [The Firearm Blog]

Arisaka_Pic-LP0_largeI have rather enjoyed watching M-LOK & KeyMod proliferate throughout the market with the various accessory manufacturers embracing the specification. The specs, while fantastic, do have potential issues with purely round or octagonal handguard systems. Simply put, those types of handguards often have to have an OD of a certain size to clear barrel nuts […]

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Dronegun, the Tactical Drone Jammer [The Firearm Blog]

111By the year 2020 there are 12 million UAVs and drones expected to be around. Most will be used for fun, but needless to say, some of these will be used for potentially illegal activities and surveillance and possibly terrorism. As a reply, Droneshield from Australia have developed the Dronegun as a safe countermeasure against […]

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Crux Ordnance Muzzle Brake Review [The Firearm Blog]

crx ord 042Crux Ordnance has recently released their first and only muzzle brake. Referred to as the CruxOrd Muzzle Brake, it is advertised as being the “most advanced muzzle brake on the market”. Patrick R. recently published an article introducing the CruxOrd Muzzle Brake to the TFB community. This article will follow up with a more in […]

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New .223 Rem Match Ammo from SIG SAUER [The Firearm Blog]

SIG SAUER 223 Rem Match Grade AmmunitionSIG SAUER continues to expand its line of rifle and handgun ammunition products. The latest offering is a .223 Rem match load. According to the information released by SIG SAUER, the new load will feature a 77 grain Sierra MatchKing bullet. The Sierra MatchKing is an OTM, or open tip match, bullet that is highly […]

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Thursday, 01 December


Deer Hunting With A Feeder []

In the deer hunting community there is a love-hate relationship with deer feeders.  Some people love them, some people hate them.

In a previous article we talked about the justification of deer hunting over bait. Which means having a barrel of corn with a timer and motor that throws corn out on the ground.  Sounds simple right? Set your feeder up, fill it with corn and wait for the herds of deer to come running in.

That is not how it works.

Waiting Game

Deer hunting with a feeder is a waiting game.  Sometimes you see a deer, sometimes you don’t.  All this talk about herds of deer running out of the woods to gorge on corn is a myth.  There are some places, such as west Texas where herds of deer collect around feeders.  However, those are the exceptions rather than the rule.

A hunter can sit in their stand for hours upon hours and never see a single deer.  Hours turn into days, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months.

There have been times when I sat in a stand every weekend from sunrise to almost 10am, and again from 4:00 pm until sundown, which is usually around 5:30. I did this for 6 weeks and only saw a couple of deer.

When I arrived at the hunting camp and talked to others, they had the same story that I had, they have not seen a single thing.  If they did see something, the deer were too young to harvest.

Nature Watching

While sitting in the stand waiting for those mythical herds of deer to come running out of the woods, this is a good time to take in some nature.  Enjoy the peace and quiet,  Listen to the wind blowing through the trees.  To get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is relaxing and therapeutic.

Deer are not the only ones who are attracted to wildlife feeders.  Crows, rabbits, squirrels and wild hogs all enjoy the buffet bar of corn.

Maybe the squirrels and rabbits are scaring the deer herds away?  Somehow I doubt it.

While sitting in a stand I take time to do some nature photography.  I take pictures of the sunrise, trees, and even sometimes, believe it or not, deer.

When a deer comes out to eat on the corn they are usually relaxed.  Or as relaxed as a whitetail deer can get.   Some hunters have their feeders going all year.  To a deer who has a feeder going for months, this is like us going to get a cheeseburger.

When Deer Show Up

The deer finally decide to show up.  Maybe their alarm clock did not go off because they were late.  The feeder went off at 6:45 am and they did not show up until almost 9:30 am.  Whats up with that?  Do they honestly think I enjoy watching squirrels and rabbits for two hours?

Instead of a herd, I get a mama doe and her fawn.  Great, just great, where are the mythical herds with record setting bucks I keep hearing about?  Mama and fawn graze through the corn for a little while, then head off into the woods.

A set of antlers finally pokes his head out of the tree line.  My heart is beating so hard it feels like my head is going to explode, or have a stroke, is that blood dripping from my ears?

My rifle is slowly raised and the crosshairs put on the buck.  I try to stabilize the rifle, but it is difficult from the shaking.

Guess what, the buck is too young to harvest.  States have enacted a minimum age and antler width for bucks.  This buck is only about 2 1/2 years old so he gets a pass until next year.

Never Mind On The Deer Hunting

Three deer have come out, none were old enough to be harvested and I have been sitting in this stand for close to 3 hours.

Just never mind on the deer hunting.  I am going to get my Bible out and read for a little while and enjoy nature.

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Gerber Big Rock Knife Review []

The Gerber Big Rock is an example of a well rounded camping, hiking, backpacking and skinning knife.

This is the knife that would be a wonderful gift to a young adult. A knife that can be cherished and memories made with.

Gerber Big Rock Overview

  • Weight: just 7.75 ounces and with an overall length of 9 1/2 inches it is lightweight and compact.
  • Blade length:  4 3/8
  • Handle length:  5 1/8
  • Lanyard hole:  Yes, but no lanyard included.
  • Handle:  SoftGrip overmold
  • With a price less than $30, you get a lot of knife for your money.

The Blade

The Gerber Big Rock has a fixed blade made out of 440A stainless.  While 440A is not the most desirable material for a knife blade, it is stain and rust resistant.

My first survival knife had a blade made from 440 stainless.  It was a pain to sharpen and did not hold an edge.  I do not know what has changed from the 1980s till now, but the Gerber Big Rock holds an edge well and is easy to sharpen.

Couple of years ago, I skinned a whitetail deer with my Gerber Big Rock and it did an excellent job.  When I finished skinning the deer the knife was still sharp.  I have seen knives in the same price range go dull before the skinning and quartering was complete.

Blade is available in partially serrated or smooth, and is full tang, meaning the blade material extends the full length of the handle.

The Sheath

The Gerber Big Rock sheath is as simple as it gets. There are no MOLLE attachments and is not made of Kydex. This is just your classic belt knife.

With so much merchandise on the market that looks military, it is nice to see a company making a classic belt sheath. No bells and whistles, just something that looks like Grandpa would carry.

The sheath has an insert that helps hold the knife in place.

If Kydex is your thing, there are some aftermarket sheaths.  So if you want the “tacticool” look, shop around and you should be able to find something that fits your taste.

The Handle

Is made from a material called SoftGrip overmold.  I have no idea what “SoftGrip overmold” is, I just know the knife is easy to grip and does not slip.

While skinning a deer, I was able to keep a firm grip on the handle.  The raised textures of the grip help when your hands are covered in deer blood and you need to make those precise cuts.

When you are finished skinning your deer, the handle washes clean.  One of the things I like about the handle, there are not any places for blood and pieces of meat to get into.


Ever since the movie Rambo came out, there has been a gravitation towards large “survival knives”.  Large is not always good.

The Gerber Big Rock is a throwback to when knives were used around the hunting camp or for everyday use.  This is an excellent example of what an everyday use fixed blade knife should be.

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Gear Sling Pack For Get Home Bag []

How well is a gear sling pack suited for a get home bag?.

In July of 2016 I went on of my hot weather hiking trips.  These are usually around 10 miles or so.  Due to the summer heat this one it was cut short to around 7 or 8 miles.

The pack I took on the trip was a Red Rock Outdoor Gear Rambler Gear Sling Pack. Around the 5 -6 mile or so mark, it felt like the pack was grinding into my shoulder. Combined with sweat the shoulder strap rubbed my shoulder raw.

To add some padding, I took a bandanna, washed the sweat out of it, folded it up and placed it between the strap and my shoulder. The bandanna helped a great deal for a couple of miles.  Then came the aching.  There came a point where I had to take the pack off and carry it with my right hand.

After around eight hours on the trail I made it home.  This experience forced me to rethink using a gear sling pack as a get home bag.

Get Home Bag

What is a “Get Home Bag”?  The pack contains enough gear for someone to walk home in a grid down situation.  This is usually a water bottle and/or canteen, wafter filter, snacks, rain poncho, maps, compass, battery pack to recharge a cell phone, hat, paper and pen, names, addresses and phone numbers of friends and family members… etc.

If the grid is down, how would cell towers work?  Most cell phone towers have a propane powered backup generator.  When the power grid goes down, the generator turns on.  So there is a chance that cell phone service would work for a short period of time.

Since the get home bag is usually left in the trunk of a car, using Meals Ready to Eat is not a wise choice.  Extreme heat greatly affects MRE lifespan.

Instead of MREs, freeze dried foods and lifeboat rations are sometimes used.  Lifeboat rations are designed to be stored and used on lifeboats and are U.S. Coast Guard approved.  They are made from flour, corn, and corn starch, and I do not know of any that have animal products in them.

Gear Sling Pack Design

Side Slinger packs have a single shoulder strap.  Some are designed to be slung over the left shoulder, some over the right shoulder and some can be switched between shoulders.

The vast majority of gear sling packs do not have a waist belt, which means all of the pack weight is on the shoulder.  After several miles the weight, numbness and rubbing raw becomes unbearable.

Get a gear sling pack that can switched from right to left.  Looking to carry larger loads, get one with a waist belt.  Having a waist belt transfers the gear sling pack weight to the hips rather than being on the shoulders and spine.

Gear Sling For Getting Home

When putting together a get home pack, consider how far is it from your place of employment to your home.  How far do you drive to do your shopping?

If the vast majority of your travels are within 20 miles of home, then have enough gear to walk 20 miles.  This would be probably a two days trip.  Have the gear to build an overnight shelter, make a fire, and filter water.

If you have freeze freeze dried food in the gear sling get home bag, then include a pot to boil water.  To make freeze dried food edible, you have to add boiling water to the pouch.

Let’s use an example of 1,200 cubic inches.  This should provide enough room for a lightweight overnight pack, as long as the temperature is not too cold.  I used to camp with a 1.200 cubic inch Jansport backpack.  Instead of a tent, I would carry a hammock and rain poncho.  Instead of a water filter, I would carry purification tablets and canteen.

Gear sling packs can make a good get home bag, but choose your pack and gear wisely.  Once you have your pack put together, test it out.  Take it on a 5, 8 or 10 mile hike and see how it does.

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Handgun Front Sight Acquisition []

In the olden days, a black powder revolver front sight could have been a short black post, or a tiny brass ball atop the barrel muzzle. When the Colt SAA came along, the front sight was a rather large flat-sided slab blade. Later came ramp sights on double action guns, then came all sorts of varieties from black square posts, red inserts, black ribbed ramps, and now dayglow inserts bearing green or red front sight insert tubes.

All of these front sight variations work with different degrees of sight acquisition success depending mostly on the ambient daylight available, the quality of the shooter’s eyes, and shooting conditions such as dim light, artificial light, or total black out situations.

Many revolvers and pistols came and still do have simple black front sights to be viewed set into a black rear sight, either fixed or adjustable. In some cases a smaller black front square shape was “set” into the square notch of the rear sight. With some light around the sides of this sight holding pattern the gun would generally shoot to that point of aim. Practice confirmed this.

Likewise then came for example the red/orange insert embedded into the front ramp of an N-Frame Smith and Wesson, say a Model 29. That red portion was lined up inside the rear sight. The Ruger Redhawk and Super Redhawk improved this somewhat by making the front sight changeable to different colors, red, orange, yellow, or total black. Shooting experimentation often proved the only way to find out which best served the shooter’s eyesight.

Pistols like the original 1911s had a very small half-moon front sight and a low rear sight with just a small notch cut in the center. Pitiful for sure. Today’s modern guns like a Glock have non-metallic sights, all black. State-of-the- art 1911 pistols and others have very precise adjustable rear sights and a host of different front sights, some with fluorescent inserts or matte black. These generally work very well.

With shooting any kind, type, brand or pistol sight configuration, training and sustained regular practice leads to embedding the best handling and shooting accuracy. Even “dry firing” without pulling the trigger is helpful. This means to simply throw up the handgun, and align the sights. Do this often in a variety of lighting situations.

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TFB Leaks New Timney AR Competition Trigger []

For you AR-15 lovers — especially those who enjoy competitive shooting — TFB reports that Timney is developing a drop-in competition trigger that just might become the best thing out there.

The trigger was sighted on a factory tour, where TFB’s Patrick R met with Timney’s Calvin (think Timney’s “Calvin Elite” trigger line) and got the lowdown on the new unit, which is being aimed at 3-gun shooters.

Triggers are about leverage, and to that end, it can be useful to place a moveable trigger shoe on a length of round stock. Raising or lowering the shoe will change the fit, feel, and pull weight of the trigger.

For finger-to-trigger engagement, you will have four options: a traditional curved shoe, a flat shoe, an L-shaped shoe, or a round knurled rod.


As one commenter over at TFB noted, “I’ve never looked at the knurling on a hand tool and thought to myself, ‘Gee this would make an awesome trigger!'”

Well, that’s my first impression too… but I’d say it’s worth a try anyhow. If it doesn’t work, you have all those other options.

Also, bear in mind that this is only a prototype, and the knurled rod may simply be an experiment that won’t make it to the production line.


Regardless, this particular single-stage trigger weighs in at about 1.5 pounds(!) and hasn’t even begun beta testing yet, so it probably won’t be available for a little while.


I’ve always had good experiences with Timney products, as did my father who used one for decades on a hybrid custom rifle which he dubbed the Spring-Maus. Chances are good that this trigger will be well worth owning if you’re into competitive speed shooting with an AR.

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Watch: Making a Survival Bow With Only a Knife []

In this video, we see Survival Lilly making a bow with a knife as her only real tool. Oh sure, she uses a hunk of wood as a mallet, but the knife is what does the work.

Here’s what she has to say about it:

In this episode I am building a survival bow with a knife. The stave is harvested from fresh green hazelnut wood. It is quite soft and bends well. I cut away too much wood of one of the limbs at the very beginning so I had to cut off the limb, turn it around and glue the bow together. The bow had around 30 pounds draw weight at first but it gradually lost strength with every shot and at the end of the video it maybe only had 15 pounds. But that doesn’t matter because if you unstring the bow and shoot it the next day, it gets stronger again. I am very proud of this bow. It is a quick solution for hunting in a survival situation and can definitely take down small game like squirrels or hare.

She does the gluing with pine pitch, which she had previously prepared. Some heating, smearing, and mashing-together gets that done. Reinforce the ends with some spruce-root cordage, and it certainly turned out stronger than I expected.

She can shoot it pretty well, too. Nice job, Lilly!

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Watch: Hunter’s Deer Takes the Driver’s Seat []

Well, this is different.

When a Michigan hunter ran short on space while packing up to go home from a hunt, he decided to put the deer in his UTV instead of his truck. Tied down in the bed? Nah. He and his pals lashed the carcass in such a way that the deer appears to be driving the side-by-side utility vehicle while enjoying a frosty adult beverage.

Gives an entirely new meaning to the term “deer drive.”

The video below is from a news station, and it shows the original video — taken by fellow drivers who actually had to slow down to go by the trailer again so they could record the clip — as well as some commentary and explanation.

Said the guy who conceived the prank, which took about an hour to set up since they obviously didn’t want the deer to fall out: “[At one toll booth] they were cracking up so much that… I dunno if she even knew how much money she was supposed to charge me.”

The reporter is obviously not a hunter, as he stated that this was “one of five deer they caught that weekend.” (Emphasis added.)

It was definitely a funny way to transport a critter, but I also feel like it’s disrespectful to the animal. Am I too touchy about that? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

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Watch: Making an Electric Hydraulic Bottle Jack []

This is one video that didn’t force me to turn off the sound due to horrible music — and once we get to the end, where the electric motor starts jacking up the car, it almost seems to be pumping to the beat.

This guy starts with a standard hydraulic jack and uses it and some other stuff he had lying around, including a 12 volt windshield wiper motor, to conjure up an interesting creation.

Imagine a bottle jack that pumps itself! Well, here you have it. Not that it’s particularly practical — especially in light of all the weight it adds to the jack — but it definitely does the job.

If nothing else, it might provide some inspiration for what you can build for yourself around the home or homestead.

In the end, it’s pretty cool.

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Watch: 1908 Italian Bolt-to-Semi-Auto Conversion on M91 Carcano []

This is an interesting beast. Ian of Forgotten Weapons gives us a tour of this unusual rifle, which apparently began life as regular old M91 Carcano manually-operated turnbolt rifle — the same model allegedly used to slay John F. Kennedy in 1963.

The rifle in the video was originally dated 1908, and at some time afterward it was cleverly converted into a semi-automatic. Here is what Ian says about it in the video description:

Rather than adding a gas piston to the barrel, Terni engineered a short recoil system. The barrel and bolt travel rearward as a unit about a centimeter (3/8 inch) upon firing. Instead of the original bolt with two lugs and a 90-degree throw, a new 8-lug bolt was used, which only requires a slight amount of rotation to lock or unlock. Unlocking is done by an angled wedge that the bolt travels up as it recoils rearward.

The rifle is still chambered in the original 6.5x52mm caliber, using standard 6-round Mannlicher style clips.

Details and explanations can be found in the video below, which shows the action in some detail.


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Forgotten Weapons Finds A Rifle Few Even Knew About – Chinese Liu WWII-Era Semi-Auto [The Firearm Blog]

1442I like to think of myself as one learned in many things guns. In my “day job” role I get to interact with many designs, both new and old. Occasionally, one drops a knowledge bomb on a platform I know little about, but rarely does one drop the equivalent of a nuclear one on something […]

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Kahr Releases 7 New Models for 2017 Including NY SAFE Compliant .44 Magnum [The Firearm Blog]

GetDynamicImage (1)Kahr, along with sister company Magnum Research, has announced no less than seven new handgun models for 2017. The new models include lightweight Desert Eagles, integration of integrated muzzle brakes, and various nice additions to Khar offerings. Fans will appreciate a broadening of offers and those in New York State may jump for big-bore joy […]

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Norinco Type 97 Gen 2 Coming to Market [The Firearm Blog]

Norinco T97 FamilyYou might remember I spent some time with the Type 97 a few years ago. China’s number one bullpup has had a mixed history up here, but we’re about to get a crack at a newer, shinier version of the PLA rifle. The Gen 2 demonstrated at the North Sylva dealer show features a flattop […]

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Gun Sales Deny Critics, Set Record on Black Friday [NRA-ILA News]

With the election of Donald Trump in early November, many mainstream news sources predicted a substantial downturn in gun sales. Some even claimed that Trump’s victory would cause slower sales on Black Friday, which is often one of the strongest days for firearm sales.  As has become the norm for mainstream media predictions, this forecast of Black Friday gun sales turned out to be completely incorrect.


CQB Europe Training Video [The Firearm Blog]

policeThis is not as bad as some of the IDF videos we have seen. There are moments that cause one to question the validity of the training regimen. Such as twirling the pistol and then twisting it to present it to another officer. The video looks old and possibly shot on VHS. There is an […]

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Swedish Arctic Rangers fighting from snowmobiles [The Firearm Blog]

5Winter is coming! The Mountain Platoon from the Swedish Arctic Rangers shows off by fighting from snowmobiles. This is a live fire exercise from a moving platform and looks like a lot of fun. The snowmobiles seem to be BRP Lynx. I think the version is called Lynx 800 Yeti, with some special options like […]

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Gun Control Supporters Race to Embarrass Themselves Following OSU Stabbing Attack [NRA-ILA News]

Guinness World Records may refuse to acknowledge feats pertaining to the lawful exercise of right to keep and bear arms, but how about a world record for most shameless attempt to politicize tragedy? The competition would be stiff, as evidenced by the plethora of ignorant tweets issued in the wake of Monday’s motor vehicle and stabbing attack on the campus of Ohio State University.


DNC Chair Frontrunner Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) is an Anti-Second Amendment Radical [NRA-ILA News]

It appears that those gun rights supporters hoping that the leaders of the Democratic Party would engage in a moment of self-reflection following their historic defeat in the 2016 election may be left wanting. Despite having been routed in contests throughout the middle of the country, Democrats are on the verge of electing Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), an avowed opponent of gun rights, to Chair the Democratic National Committee. Ellison has made clear that he believes the Democratic Party should not only pursue a litany of severe gun control measures, but that the party should also directly attack the Second Amendment.


Home Defense - Mastering Bushes vs. Bushmasters [NRA-ILA News]

A while back, we wrote about an inane NBC Today Show segment that recommended homeowners rely on car keys and wasp spray to defend themselves against burglars and other home invaders. A former New York City detective counseled viewers to “buy a can of wasp hornet spray in the hardware store or the supermarket [and] keep it by your bedside or the floor… An intruder hit with the spray will be temporarily blinded.” If the spray didn’t do the trick, he advised homeowners to treat the criminal “like royalty” and cooperate fully. Apart from the likelihood that using any registered pesticide in a manner inconsistent with its labeling would violate federal law, these products are not formulated for use as a human repellant and won’t work like mace or pepper spray.


Elites Reserve the Right to Decree What is "Fake" and What is "News" [NRA-ILA News]

Legacy media corporations like the New York Times and Washington Post have big problems right now. Consumption of their product is dropping. Public confidence in them has tanked. And in front of the nation and the world, they blew the biggest political story in decades by continually pushing the falsehood that Donald Trump had no chance to win the presidential election. Any rational thinker might...


Katie Couric seeks dismissal of defamation lawsuit filed by Virginia gun-rights group [NRA-ILA News]

Lawyers for journalist Katie Couric have asked a federal judge to throw out a defamation suit filed by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, arguing that a brief span of misleading footage in a gun-control documentary didn’t damage the gun-rights group’s reputation.


Levi's CEO asks shoppers to leave their guns at home [NRA-ILA News]

The chief executive of the Levi Strauss & Co jeans company waded into the U.S. gun control debate on Wednesday, with an open letter asking customers not to bring their firearms into its stores because doing so could make employees and other shoppers uncomfortable.


Debate revived on state bill to lift campus gun ban [NRA-ILA News]

The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee put off a potential vote on House Bill 48, but the bill is still expected to reach Gov. John Kasich’s desk before lawmakers call the two-year session to an end as soon as next week.


After OSU attack, should Ohio allow concealed carry on campus? [NRA-ILA News]

As Ohio State University students grapple with the attack on campus, lawmakers are considering arming more of them in the future.


Ohio State Attacker May Have Been ‘Inspired’ by Al Qaeda, F.B.I. Says [NRA-ILA News]

The student who wounded 11 people this week at Ohio State University, plowing his car into a cluster of pedestrians and then slashing some of them with a butcher knife, may have been inspired by Anwar al-Awlaki, a Qaeda recruiter and propagandist, or by the Islamic State terrorist group, investigators said on Wednesday.


Colorado sets gun shopping record on Black Friday [NRA-ILA News]

Black Friday gun shoppers set a record in Colorado this year, the Colorado Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday.


Holidays bring surge in pistol purchase permits [NRA-ILA News]

With the holidays comes a surge in retail buying, including the purchase of firearms.December is one of the biggest months local sheriff’s offices see applications for pistol purchase and concealed-carry permits. Nearly 20 percent of Brunswick County’s 2,364 pistol permit applications during 2015 were submitted in December alone, according to statistics from the county's sheriff's office.


Black Friday’s biggest seller? Hint — it uses bullets [NRA-ILA News]

For the second year in a row, guns were at the top of many Black Friday shopping lists.


Texas: AG Paxton calarifies Campus Carry rules [NRA-ILA News]

In an opinion issued Wednesday morning, Paxton said these colleges cannot issue "blanket" gun bans where and when they think children may be in attendance. But school leaders can prohibit guns "in specific classrooms and campus areas at times where there may be a congregation of minors, as well as specific rooms where child-care services are provided" if the bans are limited.


Fort Worth Zoo can remain gun-free, Texas officials rule [NRA-ILA News]

A recent Texas attorney general’s office ruling prompted by a resident’s complaint states that the privately run facility has the right to keep banning guns from being carried openly or concealed at the 64-acre site.“The OAG is closing these complaints,” said the office of the attorney general’s ruling on the issue, declaring “no violation.”


International Army Games – ComBloc Sniper Frontier [The Firearm Blog]

5We recently had a look at what modern sniper teams from the Western countries use. This time, let’s have a quick look to the East. During the summer of 2016, the International Army Games was held at the Gvardeisky training area in Otar, Republic of Kazakhstan. In the pictures below you can see 7.62×54mmR SVD […]

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Homeowner stops home burglary suspect with gun [NRA-ILA News]

A burglary suspect was arrested after a Brenham resident managed to hold her at gunpoint until law enforcement arrived. According to Sheriff Otto Hanak, Washington County Deputies responded to a home located on Tommelson Creek Road on Monday around noon after someone reported a burglary in progress.


Roth-Theodorovic Pistol w/ Tambour Safety (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Georg Roth’s company in Austria presided over a wonderful variety of interesting handgun development, and this is one example of that lineage. Roth’s licensed or purchased the patent for this pistol from its inventor, Wasa Theodorovic, and turned it over to his engineer Karel Krnka to develop (I’m simplifying this). The design used a long recoil action and a rotating bolt, elements which would later find their way into the designs of Rudolf Frommer, who worked at FEG where the Roth pistols were manufactured.

About 80 of these Roth-Theodorovic-Krnka pistols were made, with no two quite the same. They were in a constant process of development and improvement, and this (serial number 77) is one of the very last ones. It exhibits a quite refined fire control system with single and double action modes as well as a decocker. It is made yet more interesting by the addition of a grip safety, which does not appear to be a factory element. Instead, it appears to be a design patented by Tambour and installed by a contemporary gunsmith. Tambour safeties were put in a number of other types of guns at the time, including Mannlicher 1901/1905 pistols.


I Think Tom Might Be Correct - We Need An Asst AG For The Second Amendment [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Tom Gresham made the suggestion on his show Sunday that the Trump Department of Justice should have a special Assistant Attorney General for the protection of the Second Amendment. He referenced how DOJ sent armies of lawyers to the South after the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Heller and McDonald decisions confirmed that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms and that right applies in the states. However, the current DOJ is doing nothing to protect that individual civil right.

I think Tom is on to something.

Having just read of the latest attack on the Second Amendment and the gun culture coming out of New Jersey, I think this is doubly true. An ostensibly anti-suicide bill would create onerous requirements on gun ranges that would force them to close. As the 7th Circuit decided in the Ezell v. Chicago, gun ranges are an essential part of the Second Amendment.

From the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs:

The bills as presently written would require the owner or operator of every range and gun club to verify that every range user has an FID card, NJ carry permit, or pistol purchase permit, along with government-issued photo ID, every time that person uses the range. That is an impossible burden for most ranges to meet - most ranges are unstaffed or staffed sporadically by volunteers. Few ranges have staff during all operating hours. NO SHOOTING ACTIVITY COULD OCCUR ON ANY RANGE THAT IS NOT STAFFED TO VERIFY CREDENTIALS.

The bills as presently written would also prevent you from using your own firearms on a range unless the range first verifies your credentials, every time you use the range, and bans all temporary transfer on a range unless the range verifies the credentials of both the transferor and transferee. THIS IMPACTS A HUGE SWATH OF SECOND AMENDMENT ACTIVITY, INCLUDING TRAINING, COMPETITION, TARGET PRACTICE, OPEN HOUSES, RANGE GUESTS, HUNTER EDUCATION, WOMEN'S EVENTS, ETC. (see below for detailed examples).
I think of the ranges that I have open to me in western North Carolina. The indoor ranges are staffed and could meet the requirements of such a bill. However, the NC Wildlife Resources Range at Cold Mountain (yes, that Cold Mountain) and the ranges in the Pisgah and Nantahala National Forests are neither staffed nor have Range Safety Officers. These free and/or inexpensive places to shoot would have to be shut down.

Sebastian is correct when he concluded:
This would essentially close every club in New Jersey. It would make it impossible to bring new shooters into the sports, since they would essentially need to apply for and receive an FID card before they could even try it out. This would destroy the shooting culture in New Jersey, and that’s exactly what it’s intended to do. Suicide prevention is a ruse. Christie has shown a willingness to veto legislation like this, and will probably continue to do so as long as he’s in office, but it’s going to be hell to pay if Christie is replaced with an anti-gun Democrat.
 If you live in New Jersey, I suggest that you do as the ANJRPC says and contact your legislators. As to the idea of a special Assistant Attorney General for the Second Amendment, I'm not sure how to contact the incoming Trump Administration directly. However, you could send the suggestion to Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) at his Senate offices.


McMillan Stocks Factory Tour [The Firearm Blog]

P1090405Who doesn’t know who McMillan is? After close to 5 decades of producing some of the best rifle stocks on the planet, it is kinda hard not to. We got the chance to take a tour of their manufacturing facility in Phonix recently to see exactly how they build stocks that are engineered to help competitors […]

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Ascend Armory Matched Receiver Set [The Firearm Blog]

Ascend Armory setIn a current atmosphere of declining prices on AR products, it is interesting when companies go the other way and introduce highly stylized products that command a higher price tag. One of those companies is Ascend Armory and one of those products is the company’s matched billet receiver set. Ascend Armory offers a matched upper […]

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First Edge Tactical Skinner Knife [The Firearm Blog]

First Edge Tactical SkinnerFirst Edge Knives & Tools announced a new fixed blade knife called the Outdoorsman’s Tactical Skinner. The new knife has a 4.3″ long blade with a full tang for an overall length of 9.4″ The blade thickness is 0.21″ and it is made of ELMAX steel. The blade has a drop point design with a black […]

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New Scorpio SKS-15 Arrives in Canada [The Firearm Blog]

15129441_1892125977673443_1928564308637445497_oCheap SKS rifles have always been a thing in Canada. Black Friday saw Cabela’s Canada selling them for $140 USD. With that so far endless seeming supply of rifles, we see more and more people putting time and money into making sharper, better, enhanced versions. New this year will be the SKS-15, a standalone rifle […]

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NEW: Ruger AR-Lower Receiver – Another Option for your AR Build [The Firearm Blog]

Ruger AR-Lower ReceiverIt was only a matter of time. Ruger catalogs ammunition, knives, modern sporting rifles, revolvers, handguns, and even silencers. Now they can add stripped lower receivers to their burgeoning resume. The Ruger AR-Lower Receiver was quietly announced November 22nd, and will soon hit store shelves. If you own a Ruger AR-556 rifle or have at least […]

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Wednesday, 30 November


Illinois: Update on Suppressor Legalization Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Senate Bill 206, legislation which would legalize the possession and use of suppressors in Illinois was not brought up for consideration today.  However, this important pro-gun bill could be brought up for consideration at any time and your state Senator needs to continue hearing from you.


12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 3–Leatherman Leap []

Kids aren’t hard to buy for if don’t mind heaps of plastic.  10,000 years after humanity has been wiped out and bugs are all that remain living on Earth there will be, somewhere in the rubble, a completely intact and functional Cozy Coup.  Other than picking up odors, that plastic is immutable.

But if you don’t want to add to the tidal wave of polymers already in your house if you share it with little ones, think about getting a kid a tool.  Yes, I know all of the helicopter parents in the neighborhood will think you are crazy and that it was you that lit off fireworks at 3 AM on the 4th of July.  But hey, your kid won’t grow up being afraid of escalators, revolving doors, drill presses, and other inanimate objects.

Leatherman Leap

As you can imagine, this is a great gift for your little buddy, the person that things you are amazing at everything and follows you around asking three questions per breath.

The Leap is a Leatherman multitool designed specifically for kids.  The knife blade is user-installed, so that out of the box they have only a saw and scissors to reek havoc (which is plenty, trust me).  My son has had one since he was four, though, to be fair, he was one of the product testers, as Leatherman sent me an early production model for review.  With a bit of careful oversight and some teaching, young kids can use the Leap, even if it is recommended for 9 and up.

One particularly nice feature for kids (and adults) is the locking mechanisms.  All of them are triggered without having to put fingers in the blade path.  The tool’s shape is also pleasing, regardless of age.  With a tapered handle it is inviting to tiny hands, and with a chunky feel at the top, it still works with full-sized mitts.

In particular the pliers struck me as very good, better by…leaps…than those found on the Leatherman Skeletool for example.  The screw driver is also pretty hard to beat, even compared to the bit holder versions found on stuff like the Wave and the Charge.

I would be wary of the saw, it is really sharp and cuts aggressively.  One particular testing sessions resulted in my son cutting down a substantial part of a rhododendron in our backyard in a matter of seconds, so don’t think this is like a Nerf knife–they can get hurt and they can do damage.

The knife blade installs easily and still locks in tight.  I didn’t like the opening hole all that much, but it is clearly designed for two-handed opening by folks with less dexterity, like, you know, kids.  The 420HC steel is actually an ideal choice.  My son left this in the backyard for a day or two before I found it and it was still 100% rust free.

The most awesome part of the Leap though is this–even after they have grown up, this is still a 100% legit mutlitool.  Its quite compact and light, compared to say, the Rebar or the Charge.  And your little buddy will definitely know that they got a “real tool” one that is “just like Daddy’s.”

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Give The Outdoor Christmas Gift Trip of a Lifetime []

Every angler has his bucket list of fishing spots he’d love to visit. For freshwater guys it may be that storied place seen on TV for payara (vampire fish) or peacock bass in a jungle setting in another land; or off to Alaska for salmon and trout.1-alaska-salmon-trout

For saltwater anglers, sailfish or marlin in another country, or roosterfish in Central America could make their motors churn hot.


Whatever the fishing desired, “FishQuest” ( likely
has the location the angler on your Christmas list covets. “FishQuest” has dozens of packaged-angling-trip locations for about every species imaginable. And it’s a one-stop shop — find the trip, set it up, deal done.


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Here’s A Sharp Idea For a Christmas Gift []

Rare is the angler who can’t use another good fillet knife, and ( is a good choice for any fisherman.

Rapala has made quality fillet knives for decades, and this new one is well-designed specifically for successful anglers. It has a slim, medium-flex blade good for working in tight areas, making precision cuts and carving fine detail.

It also works well in boning big game meat, such as deer, wild hogs, elk, etc.


A progressively tapered blade with polished finish, and a ergonomically designed molded handle makes this Rapala knife a keeper. Made with corrosion-resistant European stainless steel, it also has a vented sheath for quick drying.

In comes in a curved up or straight blade design, in 6.5 or 8 inches, and retails for just over $30.

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Don’t Forget Your Gun Dog This Christmas Giving Season []

Delta Waterfowl Gear ( has perfected an idea imagined by duck hunters for decades.


They’ve developed a stand for gun dogs that keeps a canine out of the water when hunting a marsh or flooded timber. It’s made of aluminum (weighs under 10 pounds) and a mesh platform allows water to run through and prevents puddling. It height adjusts from 22 to 36 inches, with easy folding legs for transport and storage.

The stand has angled feet for pressing down into marsh muck — so it can be set firmly before putting a dog on it. It sells for under $100.

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Luring Santa Clause With Fishing Lures []

Every fishermen needs new and more lures, even those anglers with more tackle boxes than they can count.

Some excellent new lures are on the market, including the remarkable line of near bullet-proof Rapala “Saltwater X-Raps.” These are super deep-diving plugs, made for heavyweight marine fish like grouper and wahoo, so they’re made extra tough with rugged lips, bodies and hooks. While they can be cast, trolling is their forte’, and they dig from 8 to over 30 feet — places where the big boys live.


Another not new plug is the MirrOlure L30, which has been slamming sea trout, redfish, bass and stripers.


Freshwater and saltwater anglers know well the value of live shrimp baits. But natural baits aren’t always available, so shrimp-imitating artificial lures rule. None are better than the time-honored DOA “Shrimp”, and the Florida company ( is offering a special 18-piece Christmas tackle box assortment of 3-inch “Shrimp” for under $20, for about a 30 percent savings.


The swimbait lure craze is alive and well. These are ridiculously-realistic swimmers and are certified fish slayers. And no company is better qualified than LIVETARGET to sculpt clone-quality swimbaits.


Beyond their realistic profiles and patterns, each member of LIVETARGET’s Swimbait Series is loaded with highly-engineered features, including internal weighting for true-running, integrated low-profile, extra wide-gap hook, dorsal fin shield to thwart snags, accessory pin to add hooks or blades and customized oscillating tail that generates species-specific swimming actions.


Freshwater LIVETARGET swimbaits are available in a wealth of colors; saltwater models include MulletPinfish and Sardine. Price ranges from $10 to $18 per lure.

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NRA Applauds the Pre-Filing of Texas Senate Bill 16 [NRA-ILA News]

Your NRA-ILA applauds Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and state Senator Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) for prioritizing and pre-filing legislation for the 85th regular session to address License To Carry (LTC) fees in Texas.


Anime Meets Life: The Guns Of Ghost In The Shell [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4866Anime fans have been nervously awaiting the March 2017 release of the live-action remake of the anime cult classic Ghost In The Shell from DreamWorks SKG. For those that take anime very seriously, the adaptation walks along a knife’s edge of a tribute to the original or a potential devastating insult. Criticisms of Scarlet Johansson […]

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California: Bullet Button Guns Must be Purchased and Received by Dec 31st [NRA-ILA News]

Recently the California Department of Justice Bureau of Firearms sent out a notice to California firearms dealers with information regarding the recently passed “assault weapon” legislation, SB880 and AB 1135.


Christmas Wishes With The MarColMar UKM Vz. 59 [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4876There will be those that will scoff at a semiautomatic beltfed machine gun. But hear me out. Aside from suppressive fire in combat and the pure joy of squeezing off burst in civilian life, I’m going to have to agree with my fellow writer Patrick R. – machine guns are overrated. Don’t get me wrong, […]

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Intruder shot, wounded by Miami homeowner [NRA-ILA News]

Authorities say a man who was forcing his way into a South Florida home is in critical condition after the homeowner shot him.


NRA Applauds the Pre-Filing of Senate Bill 16 [NRA-ILA News]

Legislation As Introduced Would Eliminate License to Carry Fees. The National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) applauds Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Sen. Robert Nichols (R-Jacksonville) for prioritizing and pre-filing legislation for the 85th regular session to address License To Carry (LTC) fees in Texas. ​Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), chair of the Senate State Affairs Committee, will co-author the bill with Sen. Nichols.


POTD: Informative .300 BLK Cutaway [The Firearm Blog]

15219478_1549529805060767_4456787948816751397_nHere is a photo showing how .300blk can be chambered in a .223 chamber. We have seen many examples of the aftermath of this scenario once the shooter pulls the trigger. This cut away shows how there is enough room for the cartridge to be chambered. Just like safe firearms discipline one should pay attention […]

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Armaspec Stealth Recoil Spring [The Firearm Blog]

Armaspec SRS-1There are a variety of alternatives for the standard AR-15 buffer spring. Some of the alternatives include braided springs and non-metal springs. Armaspec offers a product called the Stealth Recoil Spring that replaces both the buffer and spring. The Stealth Recoil Spring, or SRS-1, is a self-contained unit that is designed to be a simple drop […]

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New Jersey: Urgent! Legislation Puts Shooting Ranges in Crosshairs [NRA-ILA News]

Shooting ranges as we know them may be a thing of the past if anti-gun politicians have their way in the Garden State.  A pair of dangerous bills are scheduled in the Assembly Law & Public Safety Committee as early as Monday, December 5.


AAC SquareDrop Freefloat Handguard [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4970“Needs” and “wants” are frequently interchanged by consumers in the firearms industry. As in “do I really need another pistol?” For the majority of us, I am going to postulate that the ‘wants’ outweigh the ‘needs’ nine times out of ten. In similar fashion, I could pose the same question to manufacturers. Such as, “do […]

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Stechkin Machine Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Stechkin_APSThe Stechkin automatic pistol or APS (Avtomaticheskiy Pistolet Stechkina, Russian: Автоматический Пистолет Стечкина) is a Soviet selective fire machine pistol. It bears the name of its developer, Igor Stechkin. This video is in Japanese. The Stechkin shoots 9mm ammo and according to Wikipedia the rate of fire is 750rds/min. It sounds faster than that to […]

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Gun background checks hit record high on Black Friday [NRA-ILA News]

It wasn’t just electronics and toys that bargain hunters sought on Black Friday — guns also appear to have been on many shoppers’ wish lists.This year’s Black Friday set a single-day record for the number of FBI firearms background checks.


Indiana: 'Planets are aligned' for Constitutional Carry [NRA-ILA News]

Gun rights advocates see the upcoming legislative session as their best shot yet to get rid of an Indiana law that requires a license to carry handguns.


Bevin: More laws not the answer to violence in Louisville and Lexington [NRA-ILA News]

But Bevin, who opposes restrictions to the 2nd Amendment that provides gun rights, said “the answer is not necessarily a legislative one.”“You have a cultural problem, you have a spiritual problem, you have an economic problem. That’s what you have, period,” he said. “People who want to pretend it’s something that can be legislated, some more government rules are going to fix this, are delusional. We don’t need more government rules to fix this. We need to address the root causes of this.”


After Ohio State attack, lawmakers continue to look to loosen campus gun rules [NRA-ILA News]

In the wake of Monday's attack at Ohio State University, state lawmakers plan to continue to move ahead with legislation to loosen rules for carrying concealed handguns on campus.


Calls renewed for concealed carry on Ohio campuses [NRA-ILA News]

Monday’s attack at Ohio State University has renewed calls to allow students to carry concealed handguns on public college campuses.Current law prohibits such weapons on campuses, but the state Senate is expected this week to consider a bill in lame-duck session to allow schools to decide for themselves whether to allow those with concealed-carry permits to carry on campus.


Guns on college campuses: OSU terror attack puts issue in spotlight [NRA-ILA News]

A violent terror attack Monday on the campus of Ohio State University could lead to renewed calls for guns on the campuses of colleges and universities in Alabama.


ISIS Calls Ohio State University Attacker a ‘Soldier’ [NRA-ILA News]

The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for the attack at Ohio State University, calling the student who drove his car into pedestrians and then slashed people with a butcher knife a “soldier” of the terrorist group.


Glock Testing Robot [The Firearm Blog]

Glock robotAmerican Weapons posted a video of a Glock employee loading Glocks into a testing robot machine. The robot rapidly unloads the Glock by firing all the rounds until the magazine is empty. I am very curious what groups this robotic like ransom rest is getting with these Glocks.

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Colt Paterson No.1 Carbine (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Sam Colt’s very first work was done in Baltimore, but this ended fairly quickly, and it was with his subsequent move to Paterson New Jersey that the first true production Colt firearms were made. Colt set up a small shop there and introduced both handguns and rifles using his patented system in which cocking the hammer of a revolver would rotate and index the cylinder. Initially the rifles and carbines were substantially more popular than the handguns, mainly because of caliber. The pistols were tiny .28 caliber pocket models, and remarkably underpowered, while the rifles were .40 caliber and more practical. Both were very expensive, though. Only 200 of these first model rifles/carbines were made, with 50 of them going to the Army for the Seminole Campaign in Florida.


The SPAs: Argentina’s full-auto pistols, Part 1 [The Firearm Blog]

ARG SPA 3Like most countries that manufacture guns, Argentina has also done its share of research trying to come out with a decent (light, compact, accurate, controllable) full-auto pistol. The whole thing started at the Government-owned Fábrica Militar de Armas Portátiles “Domingo Matheu”, in Rosario, Santa Fe Province, in 1974 as an in-house effort. Being an established […]

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Warner Tool Company “Flat Line” Projectiles [The Firearm Blog]

Werner Tool Company - 660x300Warner Tool Company (WTC) is specialized in manufacturing of precision long range shooting products. They produce precision rifle sights, complete rifles, reloading dies, shooting accessories and a line of bullets called Flat Line Projectiles. Warner bullets are designed for needs of military special operation units and extreme long range shooters. They offer 7mm, .308, .338 […]

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[Nightforce 2016] Target Defilade Shooting and Harry Pope’s Legacy [The Firearm Blog]

DSC06431While at the Nightforce 2016 Industry Shoot, there were two incredibly interesting topics that piqued my curiosity. The first one was a drill that involved shooting at a target in defilade from your position. And the second was about am innovator in firearms development who has been all but forgotten about since his departure from […]

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PRS Introduces 2017 Gas Gun Series! [The Firearm Blog]

12186732_10205818804770853_6309941692139922556_oPrecision Rifle Series has recently announced the 2017 Gas Gun Series. In the world of precision shooting, “gas gun” is used to differentiate from “bolt gun”. But to the rest of us, this simply means any semiautomatic rifle with a high power scope mounted. The Series will have 3 Divisions that shooters can compete under, […]

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NEW: Crimson Trace Linq Wireless Light/Laser [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4983Like most modern shooters, my tech side is in an eternal battle with the analog part of my life. On the one hand, third generation night vision is something I can see researching to death. On the other hand, a simple lever action rifle with well-finished wood is pure heaven.  Anyway, the Crimson Trace Linq wireless light/laser […]

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Swift, Short, Violent. Realities of CCW [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 6.31.46 PM 2Something that I think many who carry for self-defense have in mind, is that there is a perceived lack of reality when it comes down to what actually happens in violent encounters. Myself included, I think alot of us sometimes have the idea that any violent self-defense encounter that we could be involved in, will […]

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Tuesday, 29 November


BREAKING: Adjust your Sights for the NEW Ruger SR1911 Target [The Firearm Blog]

SR1911 TargetRuger announced an SR1911 Target today to round out their offerings of the popular 1911. It is not vastly different than other target 1911 models you may have seen before, but it does exude Ruger’s traditional curb appeal. The slide and frame are CNC machined for tighter tolerances. The barrel and bushing are also fabricated […]

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Illinois: Suppressor Legalization Legislation Passes out of Senate Committee - But your Senator Still Needs to Hear from You! [NRA-ILA News]

Thanks to your emails and calls, Senate Bill 206, legislation which would legalize the possession and use of suppressors in Illinois, was passed out of committee and has been sent to the Senate floor for consideration.


12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 2–Schrade SCH36 []

Well, it is full-on gift buying season.  Your mailbox is crammed to the gills with catalogs of happy, good looking people full of yule time cheer, and your email inbox is assaulted on a half hour basis by blasts from retailers (and for some reason that unsubscribe link gives you an error message).  Christmas shopping on like Donkey Kong.

Schrade SCH36

This is a perfect gift for that super dependable friend–the person that picks you up at the mechanic’s when your car is being fixed or the chap that loans you their Super MAX diesel truck when your vehicle won’t cut it.  Tough, ready, and always there–this person deserves a similar gift.

The perfect gear gift for this person is the Shrade SCH36.  This is an overseas made 1095 steel fixed blade.  It is “camp knife” or “jack of all trades” sized with a 4 inch-ish blade and a 5 inch-ish handle.  The knife it self is a surprisingly solid design from a company that until about two years ago was the burning-oil-platform symbol for great American brand bought out and shipped overseas.  Now, thanks to some progress attitudes towards product designs, Schrade has been killing it, especially with their fixed blades.

The SCH36 is the result of careful scrutiny of the market AND listening to folks online that know what they are talking about when it comes to knives (folks other than me, really).  There is some serious gill-packing going on here.  As you can see from above, this is a full kit of stuff–a sharpening stone, a ferro rod, a striker, the knife, and a surprisingly unterrible sheath.

The SCH36 is clearly a shot across KaBar’s bow, as this knife is a direct competitor in almost every way to the KaBar Becker BK2.  Same steel–1095, same role–general use, same coating–cake frosting thick powder coat, same sheath–nylon with insert.

The two big differences here the handle and the price.

The Becker handle is the best handle design for a fixed blade anywhere.  I have tried a lot–Fiddleback Forge, Bark River, Spyderco–and none have made me happier than the Becker handle.  Including the SCH36.  This handle is just too busy.  Its not bad, its just compared the greatest, it falls short.

But that less polished pedigree comes with a savings of about $50.  I picked up my SCH36 locally for around $30.  The BK2 clocks in at about $80.  And in all honesty, your friend, the rough and ready type that he or she is, probably won’t notice $50 difference.  Hell, us gear geeks might have a hard time doing that.

And if you think they want a bigger blade or a nicer one, Schrade has you covered with a bunch of other blades in this line.  In use the SCH36 has proven, beyond any doubt, that there is still life in that old brand, that Schrade is not hopelessly moving towards the world of M-Tech bullshit (though it clearly has a few knives that belong in gas stations in its line up).  The SCH36 also proves to me that paying attention to the market and to the enthusiasts can result in better products.

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Amsoil… Firearm Lubricants? []

Well, whattaya know? Turns out, Amsoil makes products for guns as well as other machinery.

The Amsoil name is well-known for specialized synthetic lubricants, but I’ve always associated them with vehicles and other engine-driven equipment. These days, they are making a couple new products that gun owners can appreciate.

Amsoil Firearm Cleaner and Protectant comes in a 5-ounce spray can.


Manufacturer Specs

  • Safe to use on all metals, woods, composites and rubbers found in firearms.
  • Penetrates deep into hard-to-reach components
  • Effectively cleans fouling and powder residue from all firearm surfaces, reducing misfires and increasing reliability
  • Protects guns against corrosion, allowing for safe storage and preserving performance, reliability and value


  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Spray AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner on area to be cleaned.
  • Wipe with clean, lint-free cloth.
  • Reapply and clean with brush as necessary.
  • If storing firearm, wipe with clean, lint-free cloth dampened with AMSOIL Firearm Cleaner.

Amsoil 100% Synthetic Firearm Lubricant and Protectant comes in a 4-ounce plastic bottle with a flip-up spout.


Manufacturer Specs

  • Effectively lubricates and protects firearms, helping extend life and prevent blockage, jams and wear
  • Outstanding protection and performance in both hot and cold climates
  • Specifically formulated for firearms, offering superior performance


  • Shake well prior to use.
  • Clean firearm prior to lubricant application per manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Apply evenly to all metal parts such as barrels, bolts, firing pins, springs and trigger mechanisms.
  • Apply a thin layer to exterior surfaces of firearm.

As near as I can tell, these products haven’t been around very long… maybe since about September, 2016. Established Amsoil fans will probably be users, but at $9.80 per 4-ounce bottle, the oil is far from cheap and the aerosol cleaner/protectant runs $6.95 per 5-ounce can.

Have you tried it? Please let us know what you think in the comments below. I might need to get my hands on some to give it a try.

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Check Out This Incredible Homemade Scope Mount []

Sometimes, words simply fail to fully describe something… which is why they say a picture can be worth a thousand words.

I’ve been writing and editing for a long time, but I’m not sure I could fully describe this astounding homemade scope mount in TEN thousand words.

I mean, look at it. It’s clearly been conjured up using some odd bits of scrap steel. A couple hunks of angle iron welded to the side of the receiver, onto which a dovetailed piece of flat stock is similarly fused… and onto that, a scope mounted in extra-high scope rings… using everyday hardware, of course.

Good luck maintaining a good cheek weld while peeping through that scope! And shame on ya if you bump it… I don’t think it would take much to bend or otherwise shift that setup.

I have no idea where this photo originated. It was posted to a hunting group with this caption:

Saw this somewhere, thought it was funny. The only way to treat a Ruger.

Make of that what you will.

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740-Pound Archery Bear Could Set a New State Record []

I first saw this tremendous bear when a friend in Pennsylvania posted this photo to my Facebook timeline, with only this caption: “740 pound Bear taken in Pennsylvania on the last day of Bear Archery.”

Later, he posted a link to an article containing more info about the bear, which was taken on November 18, 2016, and the following photo.

Jason Burns poses with Dustin Learn's huge Pennsylvania black bear.

Jason Burns poses with Dustin Learn’s huge Pennsylvania black bear.

Dustin Learn… was hunting with five companions at about 10 a.m. on the final day of the state’s archery bear season when he spotted the bruin napping in a thicket. Thinking he was approaching what might be a 250-pound bear, Learn crept closer through the thick cover — to only 7 yards — before he launched an arrow from his 60-pound compound bow.

Another hunter also shot the bear, but Learn’s arrow caused the fatal wound, he said.

That’s a new one on me. Archery hunting with a crowd… while walking? Hmmm. But whatever — looks like it worked!

A tape measure placed around the dead bear’s chest read 68 inches.

Learn used his small tractor with a front-end loader to move the carcass out of the woods, and at a scale the bear — before it was field dressed — weighed 740 pounds.

Wow! What a beast.

Learn said his trophy bear skin is now at a taxidermist’s shop, but he’s not sure if he’ll have it mounted or made into a rug.

The article says this behemoth was listed as the heaviest one taken in the state this fall. It’s still unknown whether the bear will set a new state record, because those records are based on skull size rather than the size or weight of the body… and the skull has to be dry before it’s officially measured.

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DoD Directive Lays Groundwork for Ending Gun-Free Zones on Base for Military Personnel []

Finally, it appears that some changes in the works to allow U.S.A. military personnel to carry personal firearms on base for their own personal protection. reports that this is “a move that the Army’s service chief argued against publicly.”

A Department of Defense (DoD) directive, effective November 18, 2016, contains policy and standards for “arming and the use of force” and “provides guidance for permitting the carrying of privately owned firearms on DoD property by DoD personnel for personal protection purposes that are not associated with the performance of official duties.”

As a combat veteran friend of mine said: “About freaking time.”

Per the article:

[T]he lengthy document also provides detailed guidance to the services for permitting soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Coast Guard personnel to carry privately owned firearms on DoD property, according to the document.

Commanders, O-5 and above, “may grant permission to DoD personnel requesting to carry a privately owned firearm (concealed or open carry) on DoD property for a personal protection purpose not related to performance of an official duty or status,” the document states.


The directive states that personnel authorized to carry privately owned firearms must “acknowledge they may be personally liable for the injuries, death, and property damage proximately caused by negligence in connection with the possession or use of privately owned firearms that are not within the scope of their federal employment.”

The eligibility requirements also state that applicants should not be subject to past or pending disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice or in any civilian criminal cases.

The hope is that this will allow servicemen and -women to defend themselves in the event of an armed attack, such as those committed at Fort Hood, Texas in 2009 and in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2015.

I pray that this policy is never put to that test, but I’m glad to know that our military veterans will have the option to arm themselves. It’s always better to have a gun and not need it, than to need a gun and not have it.

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PA Hunters Might Get to Use Semi-Autos for Deer []

Despite a misleading headline at another website, a new Pennsylvania state law does NOT allow hunters to use semi-automatic rifles and handguns for hunting deer; instead, it simply gives the game commission the authority to allow it… and the commission is not likely to act anytime soon

Although PA’s governor Tom Wolf reportedly signed the bill a few days before PA’s 2016 firearms deer season, it will have no effect on regulations for that season, which begins on Monday, November 28.

As most readers know, a semi-automatic rifle is not a machine gun; it simply fires one round per pull of the trigger, without requiring any other manipulation on the part of the shooter. This makes it easier to get back on target to finish off an animal which may not have been cleanly killed.

Any ban on the use of semi-automatics for hunting is archaic at best, and at worst is very bad for the game that’s being hunted. There are times when a rapid follow-up shot can make the difference between quickly ending an animal’s suffering or having it get away and go to waste. At times like that, you simply cannot beat the ease of use which a semi-auto provides.

That said, it has been a good while since I’ve relied on a semi-auto rifle for deer hunting; I have learned to love the reliability, light weight, and accuracy of bolt-action rifles. But it’s an option which any big game hunter should have.

And for those self-righteous chest-thumpers who claim that only crappy hunters use semi-autos, I offer you a full-blown raspberry. The fact is: Everyone makes mistakes, and it is every hunter’s responsibility to do his or her best to allow for those mistakes, and be prepared to make up for them when they occur.

And at least PA is finally making some moves towards allowing that.

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Tis the Season for Prepper Presents []

Got a prepper, survivalist, hunter, fisherman, or camper on your Christmas present list? If so, you’re in luck, because these folks are so easy to buy for and so easy to please. Not sure what to get for those with these interests? Read on.

If you really want to find out what is on the “I want” list for Santa, then do a little snooping. Check out the magazines and books your outdoors person is reading or thumbing through. You might even find a dog-eared page or two. Look around for gear catalogs scattered on the floor, too. This will be a good start to knowing where to look. And for sure, you probably know the person’s favorite outdoor store just by listening or prying around in closets or the garage.

Where to start? Clothing first, because nearly every day starts out by dressing. Nothing beats a high quality flannel shirt from Duluth Traders or L.L. Bean. Shop when they do the free shipping. A new product identity cap or hat is usually a solid choice as well. There is also the ubiquitous socks, but please forget the cotton athletic variety. Go for wool in a light hiking style or, if it is really cold where you live, get the full bore knee high boot socks.

For sure your prepper is a shooter, and this opens the door to endless choices for Christmas presents. Find out what guns he shoots. Then first buy ammo. Maybe a new tactical gun case for that favorite AR and or a range bag for toting everything. Other options for stocking stuffers include slings, gun cleaning supplies, scope covers, optical cleaning kits, life like targets, pistol rug cases, gun locks, and such. Just walk the aisles of a good gun shop and it will be easy to find stuff.

For the prepper-survivalist with a bug out plan, think additional supplies and gear items. Flashlights, fire starting kits, knife/ax sharpening tools, tote boxes, camping gear like lanterns, stoves, or heater units. Look for small gadgets they might not normally have and make up your own survival gear bag. A good first aid kit is always needed.

There are just so many avenues to approach with a prepper type person that gifting should be easy. If at a loss, then shop the shelves at a good book store and get a how-to book of which there is no shortage of options. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from All Outdoors.

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Justification Of Deer Hunting Over Bait []

Is it ethical to use bait while deer hunting?  The answer is not as simple as it seems.

Wildlife feeders that throw corn out to attract wildlife have done a lot to promote hunting.  This has made hunting easier, safer, and more humane.

Hunting Made Easy

Let’s just go ahead and say baiting is the lazy way to hunt.  There is very little tracking involved, deer stands can be semi-permanent, hunters can establish trails going to the stands, it is hunting made easy.

Just go setup a feeder and stand, climb in the stand on opening weekend, and bag a deer.  Some hunters say that is about as lazy as it gets.

However, in todays busy world of balancing work and family, there is not a lot of free time to track deer and scout land.  As urban areas expand, places that used to be wilderness have been developed for neighborhoods.

A half century ago, hunting land was just an hour’s drive from a lot of urban areas.  Now, hunters are having to drive several hours to find land to hunt on.


Wildlife feeders have made hunting safer for everyone, including the deer.  Every year dozens of people are accidentally killed by overzealous hunters not being sure of their target.

Rather than wandering around the woods, hunters are in a stand overlooking a feeder.  Hunters are less likely to see “something” moving through the bushes.  Everyone on the hunting lease has a designated area where they hunt.

Since the hunter knows the general direction of the shot, he (or she) can scout past the feeder and know what lies beyond it.


If there is one thing wildlife feeders have done, it has made hunting more  humane.  Rather than shooting at a deer that is walking through the woods, and having tree limbs in the way, deer are standing under a deer feeder.

While the deer is at the feeder, the hunter has time to consider the age and health.

A  lot of states have enacted minimum antler size and age for harvested bucks.  Having a clear view and a few seconds allows a hunter to estimate the antler size and age of the deer.


Feeders that throw corn out to attract wildlife have gotten a bad rap from the hunting community.  I see youtube comments all the time that say something along the lines, “You are using a feeder, lol that is not hunting”.

Whether someone likes the idea of baiting deer with a wildlife feeder, the practice is here to stay.

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BREAKING: Swedish SOG and Special Police units to get LWRC Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

LWRC M6 RifleThere are several independent rumors that LWRC International LLC (USA) has a contract with some of the Swedish Police Units called Reinforced Regional Task Force (Piketen), and most likely other military (SOG) and police units, to replace their aging and somewhat problematic HK 53. We flagged about this rumor in a recent article, where the Hamburg […]

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18th Century Cannon technology being used in Syria [The Firearm Blog]

15178052_341116162916845_2063307688731977743_nThe Rahman Corps is a Syrian Rebel group operating in the Damascus region. It is independent of the Free Syrian Army, but is on friendly terms with the opposition group. Via the group’s Youtube channel, some videos have been released showing what appears to either a century old cannon or an improvised construction of one, fired […]

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Practical remote PKM mount in Iraq [The Firearm Blog]

149852_797Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi translates to “Popular Mobilization Forces” and is an Iraqi Government sponsored umbrella group composed of people’s militia, to augment Iraqi Military forces in the fight against the so called Islamic State. Photographs of the remote firing device first came out in September of this year, and were spread on a number of Iranian and […]

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POTD: Malaysian STAR Team [The Firearm Blog]

15181369_10154648286398758_1882160243366790953_nThanks to Irfan for sharing these. APMM (Agensi penguatkuasaan maritim Malaysia)  aka Malaysian maritime enforcement agency Special Task and Rescue posted up these pics. They seem to be using Sig 553s. They’re equipped with the Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic helmet and the Smith Elite OTW goggles which were provided by Cresdo, the company Irfan works […]

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Converting 9mm P.A.K to fire .380, resulting failures [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-11-24 at 8.29.42 PM9mm P.A.K stands for “Pistole Automatik Knall”, or Pistol Automatic Blank, in German. The round is a popular proprietary blank firing cartridge made for a number of blank firing handguns. In Russia, a rubber bullet variant, the 9mm P.A is legal for civilian usage. The cartridge is very popular in Turkey, where the company Atak […]

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Illinois: Suppressor Legalization Legislation on the Move in the Senate – Contact Your Senator in Support Immediately! [NRA-ILA News]

At 4:00pm today, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Senate Bill 206, legislation which would legalize the possession and use of suppressors in Illinois.


Building Our Very Own Honor Guard In The Factory [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4832While we were at Honor Defense taking a tour of their facility, we were offered the chance to not only see how they built the single stack Honor Guard but also have a chance to build our very own! I would be foolish to turn down the chance to build my very own gun in […]

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New .458 SOCOM Suppressor [The Firearm Blog]

goliath-front-768x614Liberty Suppressors announced a new sound suppressor called the Goliath. The Goliath is a .45 caliber suppressor designed for use with the .458 SOCOM round. According to the company, this is the largest .45 caliber suppressor the company makes. The Goliath is 10″ long and has a 2″ diameter. The end cap, core and tube […]

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Peruta Case is Supreme Court Bound -- Help Bring Shall Issue to California [NRA-ILA News]

Now that we have secured a big win in the presidential election, NRA is working with the California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) to take the Peruta case to the U.S. Supreme Court and bring “shall-issue” to California! We are also launching multiple lawsuits against Proposition 63, and against the seven new “Gunmageddon” anti-gun-owner bills that passed this year.


Supreme Court Agenda in the Trump Era? A Justice Seems to Supply One [NRA-ILA News]

Justice Alito said that even conservative victories remained in peril. He paid tribute to what he called “perhaps Justice Scalia’s most important majority opinion,” District of Columbia v. Heller, which in 2008 interpreted the Second Amendment to guarantee an individual right to own guns. The vote was 5 to 4.“Heller, as I am sure you know, holds that the Second Amendment actually means what it says,” Justice Alito said. But he suggested that the right could easily be undermined.


Trump team struggles with secretary of state selection [NRA-ILA News]

Most amazing is that the transition team apparently overlooked the joint announcement by Gen. Petraeus and former astronaut Mark Kelly that they were forming a Veterans Coalition for Common Sense to urge elected leaders to “do more to prevent gun tragedies.”Mr. Kelly is the husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona, who was injured by a crazed gunman and also co-founded Americans for Responsible Solutions, which seeks more restrictions on guns.


Policy on arming soldiers will save lives [NRA-ILA News]

Is there a place in the world where we could find more people qualified to carry and use firearms than Fort Bragg?The home of the airborne and special operations is filled with soldiers who have extensive training and real-world experience in using rifles and handguns in combat situations. And yet, as they go about their daily activities, they aren't allowed to be armed in situations that aren't related to their official duties.


Despite the warnings, Illinois' gun law is working well [NRA-ILA News]

If facts matter, the debate over the pros and cons of concealed carry in Illinois should be over.The News-Gazette recently published a remarkable collection of statistics related to the state's 3-year-old concealed-carry law.Many people, of course, just don't like the idea of the concealed carry, no matter what the legal requirements or its effects. But for those who have an open mind on the issue, it's hard to argue with facts showing that, for the most part, implementation has been a non-event.


Major pro-gun legislation likely next year in Florida [NRA-ILA News]

After two years of their proposals stalling in the Florida Senate, gun-rights advocates are in a prime position for big wins next year.


Anti-gun Advocates Instantly Turned The OSU Knife Attack Into A Gun Control Debate [NRA-ILA News]

It didn’t take long for the Monday knife attack at Ohio State University to turn into a gun control rallying cry.


Fast-acting Ohio State officer praised for killing attacker [NRA-ILA News]

Officials on Monday praised an Ohio State University police officer who shot and killed a man a minute after he drove his car into a crowd and then stabbed multiple people.


German Justice Minister Maas pushes gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Speaking on ARD's Sunday night broadcast "Bericht aus Berlin," German Justice Minister Heiko Maas called for tighter weapons laws to prevent guns from falling in to the wrong hands.


Ruger 10/22 Custom Parts by KIDD Innovative Design [The Firearm Blog]

KIDD - 660x400KIDD Innovative Design manufactures aftermarket Ruger 10/22 upgrade parts and complete custom rifles. It is a privately owned company located in McQueeney, TX. Let’s take a look at some of their products: Triggers KIDD makes both single stage and two stage drop-in trigger units for Ruger 10/22 rifles. Trigger guards are made of 6061 T6 […]

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Employee shoots two robbers at West Rogers Park store [NRA-ILA News]

Two men were shot by the employee of a store they were trying to rob Sunday night in the West Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side. About 9:45 p.m., the men, ages 18 and 20, entered the store in the 7400 block of North Western and announced a robbery, according to Chicago Police. A male working at the store at the time then discharged his weapon, striking both men before they left the scene. The men were taken into custody a short time later, along with a third male suspect, police said. The 18-year-old was shot in the right forearm and was taken to Swedish Covenant Hospital, where his condition was stabilized. The older man suffered a gunshot wound to the right shoulder and had his condition stabilized at Illinois Masonic Medical Center. The store employee, who has a valid concealed carry license, suffered minor injuries in the incident, but refused medical attention, police said.


Homeowner shoots Johnston County home invasion suspect [NRA-ILA News]

Deputies in Johnston County said a breaking and entering put one man in the hospital early Sunday. Officials were called to a home in the 1200 block of Adams Road in Benson around 4:20 a.m. in response to a man “beating on doors in the area.” While crews were on their way, the suspect broke into the home and was entering the residence when the homeowner fired at him.


Type 99 Arisaka Sniper Rifles (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

4x Nagoya:
2.5x Kokura:

The Japanese Army made significant use of snipers (or in today’s terminology, designated marksmen) as part of its infantry combined arms doctrine, and produced about 22,000 Type 97 sniper rifles for use in WWII and the Sino-Japanese War. In 1941, shortly after the adoption of the new 7.7mm rifle cartridge, it was decided that a sniper rifle variant of the Type 99 should be made in addition to the Type 97 (which was basically a scoped Type 38).

Testing through 1941 determined that there was almost no practical difference in accuracy between scoped examples of the Type 99 long and short rifles, and so the short rifle was chosen to be the basis for the Type 99 sniper (the Type 99 long rifles would drop from production altogether pretty quickly anyway). About 1,000 of the scoped 99s were manufactured by the Kokura Arsenal using the same 2.5x scope as on the Type 97 sniper, while the Nagoya Arsenal instead used a 4x scope, offering more magnification at the expense of a narrower field of view. Nagoya would produce approximately 10,000 of these rifles, with 4x scopes except for a period between serial numbers 5,000 and 7,000 with 2.5x scopes (most likely the remainder stored at Kokura when that plant ceased production). The rifles made into snipers were given no special selection criteria; simply taken at random from normal production. The utility of the weapon in Japanese practice came not from it being mechanically more accurate than any other issue rifle, but rather from the optical sight allowing better exploitation of that standard rifle’s inherent accuracy.


UAE’s Caracal wants to make guns in Brazil [The Firearm Blog]

CARACAL 6Caracal International LLC, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, is planning to establish a production facility in Anápolis, Goiás State, Brazil. An MO (Memorandum of Understanding) was signed last October between that company and Delfire Indústria e Comércio de Extintores Ltda, a local manufacturer of fire extinguishers, to take the first official steps […]

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Cleveland man shoots home invasion suspect [NRA-ILA News]

A 68-year-old man shot one of two home invasion suspects who broke into his home late Sunday.


Burglar shot by homeowner in Sunrise [NRA-ILA News]

A burglar was fatally shot Monday after breaking into someone's home in Sunrise, authorities said. The burglary was reported at a home in the 4300 block of Northwest 103rd Terrace. More Crime Headlines Intruders search for drugs, money in mistaken home invasion


Henry’s New Magnum Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

327 Magnum carbineWhen the .327 Federal Magnum was introduced, it looked like it could be a great alternative to the .38 Special. It offered performance close to the .357 Magnum with recoil more akin to a heavy .38 +P load. The big benefit was its smaller diameter allowed for six shots instead of five in J-frame sized […]

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IC13 Releases Pistol Brace Protector, NFA compliant? [The Firearm Blog]

SBPA small company by the name of IC13 has released a “Pistol Brace Protector” for the Shockwave Blade series of pistol brace stabilizers. Essentially it has a circular like interface that “plugs” into the circular rear space of the Shockwave Blade, while two slots “guide” it into place against the bottom portion, and then a […]

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Hogue’s New HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeves [The Firearm Blog]

HogueHogue is well known for making grips for handguns and other firearms accessories. Recently, the company announced a new product it calls the HandALL Beavertail Grip Sleeve (HABGS). The HABGS (my abbreviation, not theirs) is a textured rubber sleeve that slides over the grip portion of a semi-automatic pistol. Adding a HABGS alters the size of the […]

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[Nightforce 2016] New Daniel Defense Rifles, DD Magazine [The Firearm Blog]

DSC07061Along with the Nightforce products, Daniel Defense was present at Nightforce 2016 with a number of rifle developments and news. Due to unprecedented demand and growth, Daniel Defense will be expanding their current production building in Savanah, Georgia from 130,000 sq ft, to a 250,000 sq ft building next June. The most recent item on the companies […]

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BREAKING: Heckler & Koch Gives Up Selling Firearms to non-NATO Members/Partners [The Firearm Blog]

The HK416F variant adopted by the French Army. Note the specialized bayonet lug apparently designed for launching rifle grenades. Image source: sofrep.comGerman firearm giant Heckler & Koch has finally given up selling firearms to countries that are not NATO Members or NATO Partners following years of concerted effort by the German government to hamstring the company’s export sales. Reuters reports … German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch will no longer sign contracts to supply countries outside of NATO’s […]

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Navy Seal Turned Missouri Governor Elect [The Firearm Blog]

Greitens 2Yes, TFB is firearms and not politics. But how awesome is this commercial for Eric Greitens, Governor Elect of Missouri? Greitens is a former Navy Seal. In the commercial he looks to be using an SBR with quad rail, Eotech, DBAL, and Surefire X300. He “takes aim” and shoots at something explosive. possibly tannerite and […]

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Monday, 28 November


Reminds Me Of Plinking In My Youth [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I saw this YouTube video by Ron Spomer that he released just yesterday. He compares shooting water filled milk jugs with a .375 H&H and a .22-250 Ackley Improved. You have to watch the video to see which cartridge wins.

Shooting water filled milk jugs reminds me of my late teens when my friend Robert and I would go to the range and shoot them with everything from a .22 to a .30-06. The overfilled ones were the best as they reacted more violently when hit by the .30-06 bullet. Call it plinking or call it a penetration test, it just fun.


Watch: Highly Unusual European “Zig-Zag” Revolver []

This unmarked 11mm (roughly 44 caliber) revolver, with an extraordinarily funky grip shape and angle, is both mysterious and interesting. How and why was it made? Who made it? Why isn’t it marked? But above all else, why does it have such an awkward, unnatural grip?

Ian’s summation of the grip: “It’s weird, it’s not great, but it’s not totally horrible.”

To me, it resembles the weird gun in the Forgotten Weapons logo (see the preview still shot for the video embedded below).

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

When held, the action and barrel sit considerably above the shooter’s hand, and the tall sights stick up even higher.

It uses a variation of a zig-zag system to turn the cylinder, and it’s rather ingenious. A trigger-like stud is pulled rearward to rotate the cylinder, lock it in place, and cock the hammer.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

To load it, you have to cock and manually uncock the hammer each time you load a chamber, which Ian doesn’t like, but he previously demonstrated that the firing pin can be threaded in or out. So you should be able to run the firing pin back until it can’t reach a primer, and then even if you slip while cocking or uncocking, the gun won’t fire. Awkward, but do-able.

Ah, there, Ian noted the same a little later.

All in all, it’s pretty neat (although largely impractical).

On the auction page, they note that this unique popper sold for $5462.50.

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Watch: Emergency Sand Anchor for Getting Unstuck []

Stuck in the sand with no trees in sight? What can you attach your winch cable to, to pull yourself out? Well, this guy says you should use your spare tire.

And I found it interesting that he’s driving a Volkswagen… pickup truck! Hmmm.

This trick might be a pain for folks like me, whose spare tires are underneath the truck bed and therefore difficult to access… but in a bad situation, it would be worth the work to dig it out.

It’s easy to see that our host isn’t in a hurry, as there is zero urgency in his digging… but he ends up digging a hole 1.5 times the tire’s diameter, in which is can stand upright, parallel with the front bumper of the vehicle.

Aside: I really like his hat. I need me some shade, and that hat provides it.

In the end, though, you have to dig up the tire that you used as an anchor point though, right? Well, maybe not… he suggests driving up close to the spot and trying to winch it up out of the sand.

Check it out.

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Watch: Using a Land Anchor to Get a Vehicle Unstuck []

So, let’s say you’re stuck and you don’t have any trees or boulders nearby to connect your winch to pull you out… and you’re not in the mood to bury your spare tire. What then? Well, you might want to try a land anchor.

If you’re like me, you’d rather build one than buy one — especially considering my general lack of spare cash and the amazingly high prices they charge — but either way, the Pull Pal land anchor shown in these videos looks like a good one, and might be a good place to start if you’d like to make one yourself.

I call this video “breathless.” It won’t take much listening to the huffing and puffing to figure out why.

Driving skills(?) aside, this anchor held pretty dang well, and was a lot easier to deploy and retrieve than burying a large object.

Next is a how-to video from the makers of Pull Pal. Video quality sucks (as does acting quality), but it contains a lot less hoopla than the previous video. And it shows the use of the land anchor to secure a second vehicle so it can pull out a stuck vehicle. I could have used something like this more than once in my outdoor driving life!

Oh, and it also shows an easier way to remove the Pull Pal when you’re done with it.

Finally, here’s a video (turn down the sound) of a homemade land anchor build… maybe not the best one ever, but it should be good for ideas anyhow.

Because, well… the cheapest Pull Pall goes for $378, and the largest model is a whopping $740!

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Watch: Making a Steel Hatchet Handle []

This video is worth a watch just for the rapid “buzzzz” that is the sound of Jimmy DiResta peening rivets at high speed (4:00). But it has a lot more to offer as well.

The craftsmanship of dreaming up, and then building, this handle is impressive. The steel wasn’t thick enough, so he laminated some pieces onto it. Lots of sawing, grinding, milling, and more grinding later, it was ready for some wood.

I like his method of mixing epoxy… simply coat a portion of the work bench with masking tape and mix the stuff on that. Afterward, just peel it off and toss it. Nice.

Superb touch: You know how a wooden tool handle is split on the end that goes through the tool, and you use one or more steel wedges to spread it? Well, DiResta splits the steel and then drives in a wooden wedge. It’s practical and gives the top end of the axe handle a two-tone look that ties in with the rest of it.

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Christmas Gear Guide: The Expensive Stuff []

So, you blacked this past Friday, and you’re in the process of cybering this Monday, but you’re smart enough to keep some powder dry because you know that the discounts are going to continue well into Christmas week. Well, we’ve got you covered, as we’ll be putting out some guides for gift ideas that feature some of the best products we’ve reviewed here on

Without further delay, let’s look start with the super pricey stuff. Click through to the reviews for prices and other details.

Dawson Scout Knife


The Dawson Scout is a great, custom, do-it-all field/survival knife. Buy one from Barry and beat on it with confidence, knowing that it can take whatever you throw at it. And if you’re not digging the Cerakote pattern options, there is a clear Cerakote option for those who just want to see metal.

Saddleback Leather Gun Sleeve


Saddleback Leather products are expensive, but you get what you pay for. Yeah, this gun sleeve is definitely a piece that they’ll fight over when you’re dead. And then at some point, when your cryogenically frozen corpse gets reanimated by science and enters fray, they’re freaking out because you came back from the dead but your main concern is getting all your gear back. But that’s just how it is when you’re a gear nut.

Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine in .357


The Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine is an alternative to the traditional brass framed lever action. We were sent the Carbine model in .357 Magnum, and boy is it handy. With a 16.5″ barrel and a nice weight of 6.59 pounds, it’s comfortable and the price isn’t bad, either, at a nice $850 MSRP compared to the normal $899 MSRP of the brass frame Big Boy.

Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 Insingo Folding Knife


When we start talking about the best pocket knives on earth we have to talk about the Chris Reeve Sebenza 21. From our perspective the Reeve Sebenza is the finest hard-use folding knife on earth. Sure there are more expensive folders out there, but if you want an honest to goodness cutting tool, we have yet to find another production folding knife that’s its equal.

Cold Steel’s Aluminum Head Sword Cane


For the codger who wants to have a little bit of surprise on his side, Cold Steel has their own version of the venerable sword cane. It’s an odd mix of stealth and bling, but we love it.

NIVISYS MUM-14 Night Vision Monocular


We had to work something into this guide that’s almost $2,000. Plus, night vision is awesome. If you need to see in the dark but you want the most bang for your buck, give this a look.

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12 Days of EDC Christmas, Day 1–Victorinox Midnite Manager []

First, let me start out by complaining about two things: 1) the humbugs that moan when Christmas decorations come out in October; and 2) the PC crowd that tries to outdo each other by issuing ever more generic Christmas greetings.

To the humbugs–what are you complaining about?  Christmas is amazing, especially if you have kids, so tacking on a couple of extra weeks of savoring and anticipating is really a good thing.  Mind you, I was the kid that Halloween candy until Easter and Easter candy until Halloween, so dragging things out as been something I am good at doing.

To the PC folks–cut it out.  I had someone wish me a “Happy Winter Season” two years ago.  Really, “Happy Winter Season?”  I understand the urge to be inclusive and I have no problem with people celebrating whatever they want, but if you can’t bother to remember if one friend is Jewish and the other celebrates Christmas, then your PC baloney is merely covering over the fact that you have superficial relationships.  Wish people Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and whatever else.  And you’ll be surprised how well people respond to you when you remember their names, their kids names, and their favorite sports teams.  Or just keep on being a self-centered putz…your call.

Sorry, a little soapboxing.  The idea here is I will run down awesome gift ideas, one per day for 12 days, leading up to Christmas.  Hopefully this will come out well before Christmas (ahem…editor…) so you can actually use this information.  I am going to focus on new or a bit less heralded stuff.  If you want a rec for a Delica, this isn’t your list.

Victorinox Midnite Manager


So this is not a gift you should give a hardcore gear geek.  This is a gift you can give to your significant other that is not a gear geek.  You can also give this to a person that you suspect may harbor gear geek tendencies but never got sent down the path.

Think of this little gem as a nudge, pushing them in the right direction.  This is one of the smallest and more expensive Victorinox knives out there, usually running around $40-$50 (compared to a $25 Cadet).  It has a very nice complement of tools–the awesome cap lifter/Phillips Driver/wire stripper tool (my favorite caf-a-gym-atorium tool made by Victorinox), a pen blade, a flat head/file, and the always great Victorinox scissors.  Good stuff for sure.  But this gem is set apart by having some other tools–a clever but low utility pen and the hidden flashlight.

Make no mistake the entire tool is compromise–the pen knife is very thin and small, the pen itself is basically only good enough to sign signatures, and the light is a LRI Photon clone.  But in a package the size of your thumb, this much utility, even if it is Smurf-sized, is still good.

Plus there is something unmistakeably gadgetitis about this sweet red tool.  It will infect the person you give it to.  They will think “hum…not bad.”  Then two weeks later when they are at a restaurant, ready to go and there no pen in the credit card tray, they will remember this gift, pull it out and sign the slip.  A few weeks or months later, when it is raining and they drop their keys under their car, they will again remember and use the light to snag the dropped item.

There is no better way to preach the gospel of personal preparedness better than the Midnite Manager.  Any friend would be happy to get this guy and come next year, they will thank you for it.


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Review: Saddleback Leather Rifle Case []

Dave Munson’s Saddleback Leather needs no introduction — if you don’t already know Saddleback, then you probably haven’t been in an airport or at a conference in the past five years. Everywhere I go I see Dave’s leather, and that’s saying something because none of his stuff is cheap. I own a few pieces myself, and I’ve reviewed them over the years, from the very first version of the Saddleback briefcase that was sent to my by Dave himself up through the more recent water bag.

So I was delighted recently to find out that Saddleback is branching out into gun cases, a fact that I learned when editing our very own review of the Saddleback pistol case. I’ll admit that the pistol case isn’t really my thing, probably because all of my pistols are polymer-framed “appliance guns” — if I had a high-end 1911 or a Major Pandemic-styled gold-plated Desert Eagle to tote to the range, maybe I’d be feeling the Saddleback pistol case; but I’m strictly function over form when it comes to handguns. Not so with long guns, however.


In addition to my ARs, I have two more traditional, cherished long guns that are a great fit for Saddleback’s rifle case: my recently departed grandpa’s Winchester Centennial ’66 Model 94 lever gun, and my own 12 gauge Pioneer Arms coach gun. So when Saddleback offered to send over a review sample, I couldn’t say no.

Note: The images in this review are from Saddleback. I tried photographing this thing and couldn’t do it justice, so I’m just using their photos.

Features & Functions

The sleeve weighs in at a hefty 5.2 lbs, but it doesn’t actually feel as heavy at it is. The weight is due to the fact that, like all of Dave’s gear, the gun sleeve is massively overbuilt, with double-stitched seams and reinforcements in any place that might tear or stretch.

The leather itself is actually two layers — an outer later of full-grain leather, and an inner layer of pigskin. (Again, this is standard on many of Dave’s items now.) There’s a third, removable inner layer of shearling that is super nice. This furry sheepskin inner liner gently cradles the firearm, providing extra protection from bumps, drops, and scrapes.


Because of the extra loop on the top, I was able to reconfigure the gun as a scabbard. I love this, because I’ve always wanted a leather shotgun scabbard (for no other reason than that they’re cool) but couldn’t justify the expense. Because the gun sleeve actually works as a full-blown case, it’s basically like buying a case and getting a scabbard for free.

The sleeve was probably designed with a rifle or over-under shotgun in mind, but it fits a side-by-side shotgun quite easily. My Pioneer Arms Coach Gun is a wide beast of a firearm, and it stuffs into the scabbard without any problems.

The gun also fits the Winchester rifle perfectly, but despite the fact that it looks tailor made to tote a classic rifle, I suspect that most of these sleeves are going to end up holding shotguns. Why? Because of the sleeve’s one major downside: it’s iron-sights-only.

If you’ve got an optic on your long gun, you’d have to take the optic off and carry it separately if you want to use the sleeve. This is a pretty major drawback, and in my mind it basically restricts this sleeve to shotguns, because most rifles these days have an optic of some sort on them.

I actually think it’s probably a better fit for the shotgun crowd, anyway. Between the sleeve’s $450 price and its swanky looks, its primary appeal is going to be for the well-heeled professional set, the kind of person who belongs to the Roughed Grouse Society, shoots traps instead of playing golf, and spends north of five or six grand a year on upland bird hunting. In short, this is a product aimed squarely at the Filson set, which is by and large a shotgunning crowd.


I love the Saddleback gun sleeve’s light weight and pared-down, old-school styling. It feels every bit as indestructible as the rest of Dave’s overbuilt line, and the quality is just outstanding. It gets you into custom gun leather territory, but without the custom prices.

But as great as this sleeve is, it has a fairly narrow set of use cases. It’s not really luggage — if you’re going to check your long gun, it’s better to do it in a hard case. So it’s basically a range sleeve or a car trip sleeve, and then only for a long gun with no optics.

Given the sleeve’s limited spectrum of uses, $450 is a lot to pay; it’s the price of a good optic. But, again, it’s cheaper than a custom gun sleeve, and the quality is so high that the only way I can imagine a custom piece’s quality being any better is if it has some sort of fancy tooling on it.

So if you’re a shotgunning Saddleback lover, then you basically have to buy this. It’s in your future and you know it. But if all of your rifles have optics mounted on them, then you’re going to have to look elsewhere to scratch the high-end gun sleeve itch.

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Just Like Clockwork [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The saying that the only two sure things in this world are death and taxes needs a revision. The revision would be to add that in a (purported) campus active shooter situation where little or nothing is known, Shannon Watts of Mommies Demanding Illegal Mayors will be tweeting about it and asking for more gun control.

The first report of an active shooter at Ohio State came in just before 10am EST. The above tweet was made at just a bit after 11am EST. I'd like to be able to say it was her first tweet but it wasn't. Shannon was tweeting within minutes of the first report.

Reports in the Columbus Dispatch about the incident are relatively sketchy. Some people are in the hospital reportedly with non-life threatening injuries. One of the attackers is reported dead. There is not identification of the attacker. There is no word on whether police killed the attacker or whether it was self-inflicted. There is no word on motive. There is no word on what type of weapon. The list goes on.

The bottom line is that Shannon Watts will use any attack or incident as a reason to push gun control regardless of the circumstances. Her blood dancing is really getting rather old.

UPDATE: More details of this "mass shooting" are coming out. The "shooter" actually hit a number of pedestrians with his car and then started stabbing them with a butcher knife. There were no firearms involved other than that of the OSU police officer who shot and killed the attacker approximately a minute after the attack began. The unnamed attacker is reported in another story to be a Somali refugee with permanent legal residence who was a student. Unlike earlier reports, there appears to have only been this one attacker. The motive for the attack is unknown at this time.


Home Made M2 Nerf Machine Gun [The Firearm Blog]

nerf m2This Korean guy built his own M2 styled machine gun that shoots Nerf Darts. He was very meticulous in replicating the action of the M2. Of course there is no gun powder to make the action cycle so it is an electric system with fly wheels to propel the darts and manipulate the action. It […]

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Lapua releases 6,5 Creedmoor [The Firearm Blog]

Lapua-CreedmoorIn the Nordic, the 6.5×55mm (also called 6.5×55 Swedish (Mauser) and 6,5 × 55 SE) is widely know and used – and will continue to be. However, not long ago a lot of shooters started talking and (a few) also bought rifles in 6,5 Creedmoor. My own experience with the 6,5 Creedmoor is nothing but […]

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POTD: Remington XP 100 Bolt Action Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

15219521_10209884088211832_7287965754215363905_nThanks to Brett F. for sharing this. After 25 years I finally found my unicorn and had the funds to pull the trigger. 1977 Remington XP 100 .221 Fireball with original case! Super excited! He paid $800. Not bad really when you consider it was his unicorn. Can you put a price on happiness? I […]

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David Blaine Shoots Himself [The Firearm Blog]

Blaine 3Two weeks ago I posted about David Blaine getting shot in the mouth with a .22. Click here to read that article. Well just last week Tuesday on ABC, David Blaine had a new TV special called Beyond Magic. It was similar to the one I saw on Netflix. He shocks celebrities with card manipulation […]

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New Cartridge: .33 Nosler [The Firearm Blog]

33 Nosler - 660x340Nosler has introduced a new rifle cartridge – the .33 Nosler. This is another cartridge of their .404 Jeffery based cartridge line. Earlier Nosler released .26 Nosler, .28 Nosler and .30 Nosler cartridges in 2013, 2015 and 2016 respectively. Nosler calls this new cartridge “the patriarch of the family”. The new cartridge shoots .338 caliber […]

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7.62×25 Tokarev M1 Carbine: Another Frankensteinian Creation From Herbert “The Mad Gunsmith” Werle [The Firearm Blog]

0XKdKxdGerman gunsmith Herbert Werle – creator of the famous “AK-47” Luger and the .45 ACP Luger Carbine – has created another strange hybrid firearm: A 7.62x25mm Tokarev M1 Carbine. Two videos of Werle testing the rifle are embedded below: In the description of his first video, Werle explains that because the 7.62x25mm round is so much […]

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Illinois: Gun Store Licensing Bill Receives Another Anti-Gun Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, state Representative Kathleen Willis filed House Amendment 8 to House Bill 1016, another anti-gun amendment that seeks to over-regulate gun dealers and impose restrictions that could potentially force gun stores to close.


Has “The Silencing” Begun? The Marine Corps Experimenting by Suppressing an Entire Battalion [The Firearm Blog]

Defense.gov_News_Photo_101101-M-6340O-058_-_U.S._Marine_Corps_Lance_Cpl._Steven_J._Zandstra_provides_security_at_a_checkpoint_in_Sangin_Helmand_province_Afghanistan_on_Nov._1_2010On the defense side, sound suppressors have been relegated to special roles ever since their invention. Used to give stealth to special operatives, assassins, and direct action teams, silencers have been valuable tools, but not central fixtures in normal military operations. However, that may be about to change. The United States Marines 2nd Division will […]

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ATF doubles down on marijuana gun ban, adds more explicit warning to firearm purchase form [NRA-ILA News]

Now the ATF is releasing a revised version of Form 4473 — the federal Firearms Transaction Record and considered “ATF’s most important form,” according to an ATF representative — that adds a new warning statement reminding applicants that marijuana is still considered federally illegal despite state laws allowing medical marijuana or recreational use. In other words: The ATF doesn’t want gun sellers or buyers to mistake the increasingly common state-legal cannabis for the nonexistent federally legal marijuana.


Gun sales boom on Black Friday [NRA-ILA News]

Shoppers flocked to gun stores on Black Friday, the biggest day of the year for gun sales.


Ohio: Gun bills before lame-duck Legislature [NRA-ILA News]

Abortion, guns and other hot-button topics are expected to dominate Statehouse debate during the final weeks of the two-year legislative session.


Texas: Campus carry outrage is ebbing, and schools want to leave it be [NRA-ILA News]

So far, fears of violence or accidental shootings haven't been realized. One gun was accidentally shot off in a Tarleton State University dormitory, but no one was injured. With campus life not changing much, many school officials have backed off their opposition. At the UT System, Chancellor Bill McRaven, a retired Navy admiral, opposed campus carry in 2015. Now, the system's priority is hanging onto the limited authority to bar guns in some settings.


Arkansas: Approval said likely for campus-gun bill [NRA-ILA News]

A bill allowing some concealed-carry gun permit holders to remain armed on state college campuses will almost certainly pass in the coming legislative session, both its longtime sponsor and a major opponent in the House said Tuesday.


New Jersey seeks settlement, looks to legalize stun guns [NRA-ILA News]

New Jersey's attorney general wants to settle a lawsuit that would end the state's ban on civilians buying stun guns.The settlement talks involve a federal lawsuit filed in August by Mark Cheeseman and the New Jersey Second Amendment Society and stem from a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that suggests stun guns are protected under the Second Amendment.


Massachusetts: Attorney General Maura Healey seeks dismissal of federal lawsuit over 'copycat' ban [NRA-ILA News]

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey on Tuesday asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by four Massachusetts gun shops over her crackdown on "copycat" assault weapons.


Vilsack’s tough message for fellow Democrats: Stop writing off rural America [NRA-ILA News]

Vilsack’s warning, based on his experience in Iowa and his eight years traveling rural America as agriculture secretary, is that Democrats will have to do more than simply show up. He said that Democrats must build organizations with loyal memberships and the ability to deliver in Washington. “Who would you rather have on your side [in Washington], the Sierra Club or the National Rifle Association?” Vilsack asked.


NRA’s Women On Target program helps introduce local women to recreational shooting [NRA-ILA News]

Lagorio was one of about 40 women who spent a day at the at the Baltimore County Game & Fish Protective Association center in Carney on Oct. 30, for the National Rifle Association's Women On Target program. Started in 1999, the course is designed to encourage and educate women new to recreational shooting and hunting, while addressing safe firearm handling, storage and basic marksmanship.


Australia: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers declare 'win for deplorables' in Orange byelection [NRA-ILA News]

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers party declared "a win for the deplorables" in the Orange by election as the swing against the Nationals threatened leader Troy Grant.


Man shoots 2 armed men who tried to rob him at ATM [NRA-ILA News]

A man shot two would-be robbers early Thursday an ATM in Homewood. The 42-year-old man told police he was using an ATM on North Homewood Avenue shortly after 1 a.m., when two masked 16-year-olds with guns approached him and tried to rob him. Police said he pulled out his own gun and shot one of the would-be robbers in the leg and the other in the stomach.


Man shot during foiled robbery of Orange Park store [NRA-ILA News]

A man was shot by a store clerk during a foiled armed robbery of an Orange Park convenience store early Saturday, according to the Clay County Sheriff’s Office.


75-year-old man shoots home invasion suspect in Detroit [NRA-ILA News]

According to police, the homeowner heard a noise at his back door and saw two teenagers break into his home near the kitchen. The homeowner then fired a few shots, and one of the suspects was hit


General Liu’s Prototype Rifle (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The General Liu rifle (named for its designer – it never received an official designation that we know of) was China’s closest approach to an indigenous self-loading infantry rifle before World War II. Mechanically it used the same principles as the Danish Bang rifle – a muzzle cup captured some of the gases from firing and was pulled forward, moving a cam and lever that cycled the bolt. Liu was appointed head of the Hanyang Arsenal, and used the opportunity to put a new semiautomatic rifle into production.

The Pratt & Whitney company of Hartford was contracted to supply the machinery to mass-produce the rifle, and about a dozen sample rifles were built by P&W. They were tested in China and met with general approval, and the machinery was loaded up and shipped to Shanghai. Unfortunately, General Liu suffered a stroke and either died or was incapacitated (sources differ on this) before the tooling arrived, and it ended up sitting on the docks for years, as the rifle project foundered and never cam to fruition without Liu’s supervision. The tools were eventually sent to an arsenal and repurposed for producing other guns.


Bloke on the Range Tests the DEADLY M1 Garand Flaw that got GIs KILLED in WWII… (Actually No, Probably Not) [The Firearm Blog]

15225242_10157847271335319_1382041283_oWe’ve all heard it at gun shows or with friends: The M1 Garand was the first rifle that brought true semiautomatic firepower to the battlefield, but it came with a fatal flaw – the ping, which would alert German soldiers that the hapless GI was out of ammo, allowing them to pop up and strike! […]

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Cyber Monday Triggering Events [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Triggering events are all the rage among the special snowflakes on college campuses. However, I don't think they mean these kind of triggers.

ALG Defense is selling their Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) for 35% off. Normally these triggers sell for $69 but they are $44.85 today with free shipping. This sale is for today only and lasts until midnight or until they are sold out whichever comes first.

The other "triggering event" for Cyber Monday is from Geissele which is selling their G2S two-stage trigger for $115. This OEM trigger normally sells for $165. It also comes with free shipping.

I can highly recommend either of these triggers. I have the ACT trigger in at least one or two of my AR15s, and I have the G2S in what I call my Charlie Foxtrot Memorial DMR Special. If I hadn't inventoried and consolidated all my boxes of AR parts this weekend, I'd otherwise be participating in this sale.

To be clear, I'm just a very satisfied customer of ALG and Geissele. I have no vested or monetary interest in this sale other than wanting my readers to be able to get good triggers at good prices. A trigger upgrade is, in my opinion, one of the best upgrades you can make to a stock AR.

For something I do have a vested interest in, Amazon is having their Cyber Monday sale. The 8 GB Kindle Fire remains on sale for $33.33 until the end of the day. I use mine all the time as the Complementary Spouse has all but taken over use of my iPad. As a reminder, I donate 100% of all commissions earned to gun rights organizations.


DIY Gunbuilder Royal Nonesuch Says Youtube Hates Him [The Firearm Blog]

Royal-Nonesuch-357You either love him or hate him, no matter how you lean; the fact remains. Royal Nonesuch is as much a part of the online shooting community as our own James, Miles, Edward O., myself, and even Youtube giants like IV8888 and Hickok45. What affects our goofy friend that has a penchant for building guns out […]

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OPINION: Why I feel Machine Guns Are Overrated [The Firearm Blog]

Tommygun-picardHeresy. BURN HIM! I can feel the hate coming from each one of you right now, but hear me out. I think I have a pretty good reason for making the statement that machine guns are highly overrated for recreational shooting. In a military, police, or even self-defense situation; there is still a very real […]

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NEW OPTIC: Vortex Razor AMG UH-1 “Huey” [The Firearm Blog]

Credit: Nicole Hoffman PhotographyI’m a big fan of Vortex Optics – they manufacture several levels of high quality glass and provide awesome customer service (not that I’ve ever needed it). At the top is their Razor line that gives users HD glass inside an nearly indestructible package. So seeing a holographic sight from Vortex immediately grabbed my attention. The […]

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New LS22 Rimfire Chassis from MDT [The Firearm Blog]

lss-22_thumbCanadian manufacturer Modular Driven Technologies has announced their new LS22 chassis for rimfire rifles. The most obvious feature for a chassis like this is compatibility with AR-15 furniture, but MDT says the V-shaped bedding of their system can increase accuracy of your factory rifle by up to 21%. That’s a pretty specific number, so I’d […]

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Two New Henry Shotguns And A Single Shot Rifle For 2017 [The Firearm Blog]

shotgunFollowing Henry’s successful attempt at a world record 1,000 man shoot they have announced the introduction of a slew of firearms that should excite many shooters. After all, lever action shotguns are commonplace in some parts of the world; they are considered fascinating in the United States. The most exciting introduction is the lever action .410 shotgun. […]

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Sunday, 27 November


Colt “Brevete” Copy Overview: Legal, Illegal, and Post-Legal (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

When you think about early revolver patent infringement, the name that probably comes to mind is Rollin White. But Sam Colt had more than his share of infringement to deal with as well! Colt’s most important patent was on the linking of the hammer and cylinder, so that cocking the hammer would automatically rotate and index the cylinder (basically, the single action concept). He patented this in the US and throughout Europe around 1836, but his initial business efforts in Paterson, New Jersey were a failure. It wasn’t until the late 1840s that he created a really successful revolver design. By this time, more than half of his patent period had passed, leaving him only until the early 1850s to exploit his legal monopoly on his ideas.

European and American gunmakers were making unlicensed (illegal) copies of his guns from the first Paterson days, although they really took off in popularity with copies of the 1851 Navy model. Colt reacted to this by setting up a licensing fee system and hiring an agent to represent the company at the Liege proofhouse in Belgium, where it was possible to intercept most of the illegitimate guns. Those deemed of sufficient quality could pay 10 Francs and be stamped “Colt Brevete”, rendering them licensed and the manufacturer safe from legal action by Colt.

These Brevete Colt copies are a whole world of interesting collecting by themselves, and one that is ignored by most Colt devotees. In this video, I take a look at 9 different examples to give you an idea of the wide variety of guns that were made both as licensed copies, illicit unlicensed copies, and legal unlicensed copies made after Colt’s patents expired.

If you are interested in learning more about these guns, I strongly recommend the book “Colt Brevete Revolvers” by Roy Marcot and Ron Paxton.

The guns in this video are:

Belgian Post-1854:
Nice Belgian Licensed:
Another Nice Licensed Belgian:
Engraved Belgian by T. Auguste:
Weird Grip Belgian:
Belgian w/ Fake Address:
Another Belgian, Moderate Quality:


What Would a Long Range Sharpshooter Infantry Paradigm Look Like? Part 2: Accounting and Training [The Firearm Blog]

A British Army soldier provides overwatch with his L129A1 rifle in Afghanistan. Image source: redditRecent experience in Afghanistan, coupled with concerns about the effectiveness of the M4 Carbine – and perhaps also just a general long-term swing of the pendulum – has spurred many to advocate for a new configuration of infantry weapon centered around long range fire enabled by compact, efficient ammunition firing low-drag projectiles. I am not one of […]

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Saturday, 26 November


Hollywood begins massive assault on gun ownership [John Lott's Website]

These movies and television shows that are pushing gun control make no attempt to treat the arguments on the other side seriously.

"Miss Sloane" -- focuses on a battle-hardened female lobbyist who gives herself the Herculean challenge of taking on the gun lobby

The movie opens on December 9th.  Is already getting a huge amount of publicity simply because it has a political message that the liberal media likes.  Just from the trailer it appears as if they make the NRA look like a bunch of evil guys, not people who really care about letting the most vulnerable people in society have a chance to defend themselves and their family.

"The Senator's Wife" -- it is still listed as "in-development" -- "Harvey Weinstein promised that an upcoming film he’s making, starring Meryl Streep, will make the National Rifle Association “wish they weren’t alive” during an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, and now it has a title."  
"Weinstein described the film as a 'big movie like a ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,' which he hopes will make audiences think: 'Gun stocks — I don’t want to be involved in that stuff. It’s going to be like crash and burn.'”
This movie's fate may depend on what happens with "Miss Sloane."

Unfortunately, these pushes aren't alone.
gun control groups point to NetFlix’s House of Cards and CBS’ The Good Wife. Everytown worked with House of Cards to push gun control during season four of the series, and “the Brady Campaign consulted on an episode of The Good Wife for a gun control campaign, as well.


Hollywood begins massive assault on gun ownership [John Lott's Website]

These movies and television shows that are pushing gun control make no attempt to treat the arguments on the other side seriously.

"Miss Sloane" -- focuses on a battle-hardened female lobbyist who gives herself the Herculean challenge of taking on the gun lobby

The movie opens on December 9th.  Is already getting a huge amount of publicity simply because it has a political message that the liberal media likes.  Just from the trailer it appears as if they make the NRA look like a bunch of evil guys, not people who really care about letting the most vulnerable people in society have a chance to defend themselves and their family.

"The Senator's Wife" -- it is still listed as "in-development" -- "Harvey Weinstein promised that an upcoming film he’s making, starring Meryl Streep, will make the National Rifle Association “wish they weren’t alive” during an interview with Howard Stern earlier this week, and now it has a title."  
"Weinstein described the film as a 'big movie like a ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,' which he hopes will make audiences think: 'Gun stocks — I don’t want to be involved in that stuff. It’s going to be like crash and burn.'”
This movie's fate may depend on what happens with "Miss Sloane."

Unfortunately, these pushes aren't alone.
gun control groups point to NetFlix’s House of Cards and CBS’ The Good Wife. Everytown worked with House of Cards to push gun control during season four of the series, and “the Brady Campaign consulted on an episode of The Good Wife for a gun control campaign, as well.


Board range of company stocks soar after Trump election win [John Lott's Website]

Remember the claims by Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz that a Trump win would crash the stock markets? Well, the opposite has occurred.

You get an idea of the types of industries that have been most harmed by President Obama and which ones will be helped the most by Trump see the stocks that have gone up the most.

From USA Today:

Trump’s call for lower taxes, fewer regulations on businesses and government-financed infrastructure projects are viewed as a boon for smaller companies. . . .
From the Wall Street Journal:
Shares of banks, industrials and health-care companies propelled the Dow Jones Industrial Average to 19000 on Tuesday. The bets on those sectors largely reflect investors’ expectations of looser regulation, and higher growth and interest rates under a Trump administration. . . . 
Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (contributed 240.99 points to the Dow industrials since Nov. 4) and J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. (73.76 points) 
The two banks have been big factors in the blue-chip index’s rally this month, largely because of the improved outlook for bank earnings and the rebound in long-term bond yields, which can make lending activity more profitable.That has particularly helped J.P. Morgan, the largest bank in the nation by both assets and market value. Since the presidential election, bond yields have risen and the gap between long- and short-dated debt has widened. That should help banks’ income because it increases the difference between what lenders charge on loans and pay out on deposits. . . . 
UnitedHealth Group Inc. (99.64 points) 
The largest U.S. health insurer has struggled to eke out profitability from its Affordable Care Act plans. UnitedHealth Group has said it intends to withdraw from nearly all of the health-law marketplaces next year amid anticipated annual losses of about $850 million on ACA plans. Other insurers have also pulled back from their coverage areas under the law, leaving many counties with only one participating insurer and increased premiums. President-elect Donald Trump has pledged to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act. Still, the law has also resulted in a Medicaid expansion, bringing new customers to the insurer. In its latest quarter, the company added 9% more Medicaid members.  . . . 
Caterpillar Inc. (77.45 points) . . .


Frommer 1901 Pistol (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Rudolf Frommer was a self-taught engineer and firearms designer who worked his way up through the FEG concern in Budapest to eventually hold the position of CEO. During this time he developed a series of long-recoil, rotating-bolt pistols culminating in the Frommer Stop, which was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian military. These pistols began with the 1901 model (actually patented in 1903), which was a quite large handgun chambered for an early version of the 8mm Steyr cartridge.

The 1901 model Frommer pistol used a 10-round internal magazine fed by stripper clips, and those clips would be a primary reason the pistol was rejected when tested by the US military in 1904. American testing officers complained that the clips were finicky to use, and could easily cause jams if not handled just right (for example, yanked briskly out of the action after charging). The American testing board also criticized the gun for its 8mm cartridge (the Americans wanted nothing less than 11.25mm), and for the weapon not obscuring its sight picture when locking open on the last round.

Only about 200 Frommer 1901 pistols were made before the design was revised in the 1906 model, which was substantially smaller and chambered for a 7.65mm cartridge slightly shorter than the .32ACP. The 1910 model finally achieved a reasonable (if small) serial production of a few thousand guns, The 1912 “Stop” model introduced a much more conventional frame and grip design, and was the breakout success of the series, with several hundred thousand made.


What Would a Long Range Sharpshooter Infantry Paradigm Look Like? Part 1: The Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

A_coalition_Special_Operations_Forces_member_fires_his_sniper_rifle_from_a_hilltop_during_a_firefight_near_Nawa_Garay_village_(120403-N-MY805-202)More and more, it seems like we are on the cusp of a break in the small arms “plateau”, and that major changes may be coming both in the technology and use of infantry small arms and ammunition. The biggest harbinger of this coming paradigm shift has been Picatinny’s Lightweight Small Arms Technologies (LSAT) program, […]

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The Best Hunting Accessory Black Friday Deals on Amazon: Save Up to 60% []

Whether you’re looking for a great deal on a gift for a hunter in your life, or the hunter that deserves a gift is you, there are lots of sales happening all over the internet this week. To make your life easier, we scoured Amazon to find the best Black Friday deals on hunting accessories, so you don’t have to.



Wild Game Innovations 360 Trail Camera – Save 60% 

Reg. $299.99 / Sale $119.99


Kershaw Knives – Save Up to 50%


Men’s, Women’s and Youth Under Armour Camo Clothing – Save 25% or more


Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism Binocular – Save 45%

Reg. $414.95 / Sale $227.99


Ergodyne Wind-Resistant Camo Balaclava – Save 33%

Reg. $25.95 / Sale $17.33


FoodSaver Vaccum Sealing System – Save 38%

Reg. $99.99 / Sale $62.30


Arctic Shield Men’s Waterproof Rubber/Neoprene Outdoor Boots – Save 50%

Reg. $119.99 / $59.99


Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Earmuff – Save 52%

Reg. $79.99 / Sale $38.72

For More Amazon Black Friday Deals on Hunting Gear, Click Here


On occasion we write about things we think you’ll like, introducing you to great products, services and special deals. We do have affiliate partnerships, so we may earn revenue from the products and services you buy.

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 8: Weird & Wonderful [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1130The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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Bullets Versus Propellers, or Why Synchronizer Gears Were So Important in World War I – The SlowMo Guys [The Firearm Blog]

ENfRtjoIn World War I, the Germans developed a secret technology that helped them dominate the skies during 1915 and early 1916. The tech? A device that synchronized the firing of a machine gun with the rotation of an aircraft’s propeller, allowing accurate low-mounted forward-firing weapons on warplanes for the first time. Synchronization gears, also called “synchronizers” or […]

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Amend2 AR-15 Magazines [The Firearm Blog]

Amend2 Mags - 660x380Amend2 is an AR-15 magazine manufacturing company located in Idaho Falls, ID. They produce 20 and 30 round polymer magazines. The magazines are made of impact resistance advanced polymer material (not specified) and it is possible to apply Cerakote on them. They are available in three color options: black, flat dark earth and OD green. […]

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Early Selfloader Mania: Italy’s First Semiauto Battle Rifle, the Armaguerra Model 1939, with Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

vAcoiajBy this point, it’s impossible to hide my affinity for early selfloading rifles, and today we have another great video from Forgotten Weapons on an early Italian model that made it all the way to adoption. Though the program was cancelled before it could be produced, the Armaguerra Model 1939 rifle is still an important piece […]

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A BMG For The Masses: The Serbu RN-50 [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4940We are continuing our “catching up with Serbu” coverage this week with a quick look at the RN-50: an affordable .50 BMG rifle. It was released about six months ago and somehow never hit the TFB radar, so I am making up for lost time by taking a quick look at its unique attributes. For […]

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ETS Releases 170mm Unlimited Class Compliant Glock Magazine [The Firearm Blog]

GLK-9-170-2TI dub thee “Happy Stick – Lite” All joking aside, Glock shooters now have a significantly less expensive option for unlimited class shooting. ETS (Elite Tactical Systems), known for their clear polymer magazines, has released their latest Glock ware, the 27 round Competition Legal (170mm) magazine. Like all other ETS Glock Magazines, the new 27 […]

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Belgian 1862 Wall Gun (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Wall guns are the philosophical predecessor to today’s anti-material rifles – large-caliber, high power rifles heavy enough that they cannot be fired from the shoulder realistically. Traditionally, they were used for defending walls or ramparts, as the name implies. They would allow defenders to perforate armor that would be proof against normal shoulder rifles, and also have a more substantial ballistic impact at long ranges than a normal rifle.

This particular one was made in Belgium in 1862, and is a .75 caliber breechloading design with a percussion ignition and hexagonal Whitworth-type rifling.


LAV Ups the Slow-Mo Ante Again with Tula AK-74 [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureFresh off of the editing and framing masterpiece that is the “Inside the M4 Carbine” video, Larry Vickers does not seem to be resting on the upload button. His latest video features a unicorn AK-74 at least here in the United States. Most US shooters are familiar with Izhmash, one of a few Russian government backed […]

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20 Knives of Russian Military and Law Enforcement [The Firearm Blog]

Russian Knives - 660x460In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the relatively rare or new knives, bayonets and multi-tools of Russian armed forces and special police units. Some of these edged weapons are adopted in small quantities by special forces, others are newly adopted and are being widely supplied to Russian armed forces. I’ll skip the well […]

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A Gun That Shoots Tears [The Firearm Blog]

tear gun 2“I lube my gun with liberal tears” is a common phrase seen on tasteless decals and shirts. There is actually a brand called Liberal Tears Gun Oil. Well Yi-Fei Chen made a gun that collects one’s tears, freezes them and shoots the frozen projectile. I question the purpose of this since Mythbusters debunked the whole […]

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New Rifle: The Christensen Arms Mesa [The Firearm Blog]

Mesa rifleChristensen Arms announced a new rifle platform for 2017. The new rifle, called the Mesa, is a bolt action gun that combines excellent accuracy with a lightweight design. The company offers a sub-MOA guarantee on this rifle meaning that it should make for nice groups with premium factory ammunition. A skilled handloader can probably get […]

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CAA Micro RONI Now Shipping [The Firearm Blog]

Roni-2-660x403Not too long ago we reviewed the non-NFA RONI for the Glock 17 and found it to be a pretty good option if you are looking for such a thing. Shortly after that review was finished up, CAA announced the Micro RONI that appeared to be geared more towards LEO and MIL use. The new […]

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Black Friday 2016 Gun Deal Roundup (+ Poll) [The Firearm Blog]

Bass ProBlack Friday is just days and it would not be Black Friday for us without SlickGuns cataloging all the firearm, ammunition and accessory deals. This Black Friday is of special importance, being the first Black Friday after the 2016 Elections. The result of the election has put a damper on consumer demand, and in my opinion because of that […]

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Thursday, 24 November


BREAKING: CZ Introduces New P10 Striker Fired Duty Handgun [The Firearm Blog]

yg7addFThe Aglockalypse rolls on, unstoppable: CZ has become the latest company to learn stop worrying and love the striker-fired handgun, as just today Tim Harmsen from the Military Arms Channel announced the new CZ P10, the latest duty handgun from the venerable Czech gunmaker. The Military Arms Channel produced a video on the new handgun, […]

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Happy Thanksgiving! []

From all of us at, to all of you. May you have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving Day, filled with food, family, and friends.

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Essay: Confessions of a Progressive Gun Nut []

I wrote this essay after Orlando, but didn’t publish it until this past weekend. The essay features the kind of talk of tyranny and dystopia that was incredibly uncool on the Left up until, oh, about November 9th.

And now, having watched something that was supposed to be totally impossible actually happen, many of my lefty friends have secretly (and a few openly) taken a second look at the Second Amendment as a form of insurance against the rise of tyranny.

Any given gun control discussion may work its way through topics like hunting and other hobbies, or delve into theoretical questions of individual liberty and its limits, or cover the practical nuts-and-bolts of who really needs what type of firearm for which hypothetical use-of-force scenario, but all arguments over Americans and their firearms ultimately end up in one place: a dispute about the usefulness and legitimacy of the constitutional right of private citizens to keep in their homes the tools of violence as a last bulwark against tyranny.

How you view the Second Amendment — as an embarrassing relic of a barbarous past, or as a last-ditch deterrent against the rise of domestic tyranny — depends on the shape you see when you look at history: an arc or a circle.

No matter where you come out on the recent election, I consider it a positive development that a whole new category of people has woken up to the possibility that things can suddenly go pear shaped in a big way, and then you’re on your own. Anyway, read the rest here.

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Bush Pilot Survival Kit []

You don’t have to be a bush pilot or even a pilot to own and use this unique survival oriented kit. In fact, preppers and survivalists might just find this special kit containing a proprietary take down rifle, and other vital survival gear just the ticket for multiple applications.

Skinner Sights of Saint Ignatius, Montana is the manufacturer of custom firearm sights and the HTF Firearms Covert gun hiding garment bag, which has been reviewed previously at All Outdoor. Now Skinner Sights has assembled a specialized survival kit aimed for use by bush pilots, back country enthusiasts, as well as anybody looking for a compact, survival kit with critical pieces of gear put together in one simple carry case.

Central to the Bush Pilot Kit is a customized Chiappa .44 Magnum, take down, lever action rifle. With a 6+1 ammo capacity, this 5.5 pound rifle sports a 16-inch barrel along with a Skinner precision rear sight and their own fiber optic front sight. The rifle is finished in a hard chrome stainless steel with a walnut stock. This rifle is not only highly functional, but is one beautiful piece of firearm hardware as well.

Other items included in the Bush Pilot Survival Kit is a RAT-7 OKC survival knife with a 7.2 inch carbon steel blade that is finished in a black powder coating plus a Micarta handle. Unique to this kit is the fact that the Bush Pilot logo and serial number applied on the knife’s blade matches the serial number of the carbine rifle. Now, is that cool or what?

Also in the survival kit are Titan storm and water proof matches stored in a sturdy capsule container, an official U.S. Government issue Doan magnesium fire starter, a Ration brand heat and cooking stove with Hexamine fire fuel tablets, and a tough polyester film space blanket tube tent with enough space for two adults.

The kit also includes a fine Brunton TruArc 3 flat base scouting compass. In the kit is also a wrap of 50 feet of Mil. Spec. 750 parachute cord for various survival application uses.

The entire kit and all its contents come in a Skinner’s Montana made custom padded carry bag made of 1000 denier Cordura fabric for extra strength and durability. Inside the bag are Molle attachment points. The case closes with a full width buckle down closure flap with no zippers to fumble with. The bag has ample space for other small items as well.

The Skinner Sights Bush Pilot Survival Kit retails for $1799. For additional information and specifications, check out the kit at

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One to Watch: Swiza D04 []

It’s hard to reinvent a classic. The Swiss Army Knife is one of the very best pocket knives ever made. And unlike a lot of other classic knives (Buck 110 I am looking at you), it is still relevant in its original form.

There is just a lot to love about a Tinker or an Alox Cadet. For many years you could pick from two Swiss brands–Wenger and Victorinox–if you wanted a real, Swiss-made knife-based multi tool. But Victorinox bought Wenger a few years ago and many of the distinctive features of the Wenger designs disappeared. Boker’s recently released tech tools look like they should be decent competition, but their design is basically a by the numbers copy of the Victorinox blueprint.

But recently a watch company, Swiza, has decided to get into the Swiss Army Knife market, and though their knives aren’t supplied to the military, they have many of the features of a Victorinox coupled with a very fresh take on the old format. Unlike the Boker “homages” (to borrow a watch term) the Swizas have a very different design. In particular I think the Swiza D04 has a lot of promise.

Swiza made a lot of good decisions when making their first set of knives. They included a blade, a pair of tweezers, a screwdriver, a punch, a flathead driver/can opener, a Phillips driver, and a large flathead driver/caplifter.  For me, only a pair of scissors are missing the tool complement.  The handle is a what Swiza calls “soft touch” which I imagine is something like the rubberized coating found on a range of different pieces of gear like the original 47s Preons.

The steel is listed as 440, but it doesn’t say which variant of 440 it its.  The consumer rule–assuming the cheapest–tells me that it is probably 440A.  This is not my favorite steel, but it is highly corrosion resistant.  How corrosion resistant you ask?  Enough that IN THE SPECS the D04 is listed as “dishwasher safe”.  When was the list time you saw a knife listed as “dishwasher safe?”

There are a host of features that distinguish it from competitors.  First, instead of a nail nick D04 runs a “nail hole” for lack of a better term.  Its basically a very narrow oval that actually goes through the blade.  Second, the knife’s main blade is actually a locking blade with a very interesting exterior closing liner lock.  If you push on the Swiss cross icon, it actually disengages the liner lock and allows the blade to close.  Third, and most striking, the knife is definitely has a design first look with clean lines and a gentle curve to the main shape of the knife.

In all the D04 looks good and has an interesting feature set. It is also quite cheap, available for around $35 on Amazon.  I am not so sure about the long-term durability of the soft touch coating and I’d really like a pair of scissors, but if you want to carry something small and which SAKs had locking blades, the D04 looks like a good buy.

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Of Hunting Ethics and Tablefare []

Many hunters hunt for the prized game meat, but they certainly don’t have to. I mean, the majority of us all live close to fully stocked grocery stores with all the meat choices one could imagine. Venison is good food, but it isn’t required.

Then, there is the matter of big game heads bearing huge antler racks. Some of the “horn” hunters could care less about the meat. They just want more bragging rights to hang on the wall. In your estimation, how much or how many trophy heads is enough?

There is certainly nothing wrong with trophy hunting for a huge rack of antlers. That is, depending on how it is done. Some hunters push the envelope on what is legal, while others fudge the ethics of the hunting sports. For example, do you think it is fair game to fly a drone over hunting areas to search out trophy animals, while the hunter sits in camp or nearby in a truck waiting on the call?

A friend of mine in Nevada just returned from a bow hunt for elk in Wyoming. He was using a legal crossbow and took a very nice 5×5 bull. In advance, he towed a trailer with coolers behind his jeep so he could bring all the meat home. He is proud of the elk rack, but just as proud of the meat he brought home to eat and share with others. He spent thousands of dollars on this trip. He hunted hard on a totally fair chase hunt.

Contrast that with two other hunts I know about. One was in a Midwestern state, inside a fenced preserve. Elk are not native to Missouri, and there are no 8-10,000 foot mountains in the Show-Me State. The hunter rode around “scouting” for his kill with a guide. He finally shot a dandy 6×6 bull, and now brags about his “elk hunt.” To me, this was not a hunt at all compared to the elk hunts I have been on out west.

The other “hunt” was on a high dollar Indian reservation, where the hunter was carried around by a native guide in a pickup truck. Various bulls were pointed out, one of which he killed. It scored around 350 and adorns his home’s living room. A real hunt? You be the judge. He “donated” the meat to the tribe.

Real hunts are done by real hunters expending the effort to climb, walk, stalk, and pursue an animal with a fair chance to escape. Then they bring home the meat to enjoy. That is ethical table fare. What do you think?

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Stockpiling freeze dried food []

Unlike over the counter canned foods, freeze dried foods, when stored properly, can have a shelf life of  25+ years.  You read that right! When stored below 75 degrees but above freezing, freeze dried food can have a shelf live of at least a quarter of a century.

#10 cans have a shelf life of at least 25 years, when stored properly.

Pouches of freeze dried food have a shelf life of around 7 years, when stored properly.

Related article – What is the best value freeze dried food.

What is freeze dried food?

The process of freeze drying has been around for a long time. It was developed in 1906 by Arsène d’Arsonval in Paris, France.

Rather than going into all the details of freeze drying food, here are the basics:

The food is prepared. Meaning, the meals are cooked, add seasoning, etc. The food is then put in a special chamber where the food is flash frozen and then exposed to a vacuum. Exposure to a vacuum causes any moisture in the food to turn into vapor, and then the food is sealed so it can not absorb moisture.

Think of freeze drying as industrial grade dehydration.  Instead of using low humidity and heat to dehydrate, a special chamber and freezing temperatures are used.

The end result is a product that can be stored in cans for at least 25 years, and pouches for 7 years.

#10 cans

Let’s use one of my personal cans of beef stew as an example. It measures 6 1/4 inches wide and 7 inches tall.  Weighs 1 pound 11.3 ounces, that is what my scales say anyway, while the label says net weight 17.2 oz.  The can has an estimated ten servings, with each serving measuring 1 cup.

Mountain House #10 cans

If you want variety, that is no problem because there are a great number of choices.


  • Cauliflower
  • Chicken a la king and noodles
  • Chicken teriyaki with rice
  • Chili Mac with beef
  • Beef stew
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Rice and chicken
  • Scrambled Eggs with Ham
  • Strawberry slices,

My personal stockpile includes a variety of meats, fruits and vegetables. If I have to go into my stockpile of #10 cans, the plan is to have a protein and a side dish of a fruit or vegetable with every meal.

7 year pouches

Looking for a freeze dried solution that is more portable than a #10 can?  Something that you can take hiking, camping or keep in a bug out bag?  No problem. That solution is the 7 year pouch.

Mountain House 7 year pouch

There are two choices:

Pro-pak, which is freeze dried and then vacuum sealed.  The pro-pak comes in one and two servings. Each serving is about 1 cup.

Standard pouch, which is not vacuum sealed.  The standard pouch has air inside of it which makes it larger than the pro-pak.

7 year pouches are available in a wide variety of options.


  • Chicken stew
  • Corn
  • Garden green peas
  • Granola with milk and blueberries
  • Lasagna with meat sauce
  • Macaroni & cheese
  • Noodles & chicken
  • Pasta Primavera
  • Scrambled eggs with bacon

Rather than buying individual pouches, there are a number of pre-packaged kits available.


  • 7 day box – has enough pouches to feed a single person for 7 days.
  • 29 serving bucket.
  • 32 serving bucket.
  • 64 serving bucket.
  • Breakfast bucket – 29 servings of just breakfast meals.

The list goes on, and on, and on.  Pouches can be found in any number of combinations, price points, vegetarian, meat lovers, boxes, buckets, just about anything you can think of.


#10 cans have an estimated life span of at least 25 years, when stored properly.

7 year pouches have an estimated life span of at least 7 years, when stored properly.

So, what exactly is stored properly? It means keeping the cans and pouches in climate controlled conditions. Do not keep them in a shed where it gets 110 degrees in the summer and 20 degrees in the winter.

Extreme heat and temperature fluctuations can greatly reduce life expectancy of any stored food.

Health concerns

Traditionally, freeze dried meats have high sodium content. I suspect the sodium content is to help preserve animal products. Anything that contains fats or meat will break down faster than, say, beans and rice.

The following examples of sodium content are taken directly from my personal stockpile of freeze dried food and are listed as per serving.

  • Chicken stew – 940 mg.
  • Chicken teriyaki with rice – 690 mg.
  • Beef stew – 850 mg.
  • Lasagna with meat sauce – 630 mg.
  • Scrambled eggs with bacon – 710 mg.
  • Spaghetti with meat sauce – 760 mg.

Breakfast of scrambled eggs with bacon, lunch of chicken stew, and dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce, you have consumed 2,410 mg of sodium in a single day.

For a young healthy adult 2,410 mg may not be an issue.  If someone has high blood pressure, heart disease, or over 51 years old, the recommended daily intake drops to 1,500 mg.

For individuals on a reduced sodium diet, I suggest reducing freeze dried meat intake and increase fruit and vegetable portion size.  Freeze dried fruits and vegetables have little to no sodium in them.

From some of my personal Provident Pantry #10 cans: freeze dried broccoli, 20 mg sodium per serving, freeze dried strawberries, 0 mg of sodium per serving.

Preparing freeze dried food

To prepare freeze dried food simply add warm, hot or boiling water.  No special pots, no special devices,,,, all you need is something to heat water in.

Preparing freeze dried foods

Instructions are listed on the back of number #10 cans and 7 year pouches detailing how much water to add, portion size, and whether the water should be warm, hot or boiling.  Here are some examples from my personal stockpile.

Strawberries #10 can – Mix 2/3 cup strawberry slices with 1 1/3 cups warm water.  Let sit for 5 minutes then drain excess water.

Broccoli #10 can – Mix 1/2 cup broccoli to 1 cup warm/hot water.  Let sit for 5 minutes or until tinder.  Drain excess water.

Chili mac with beef #10 can – Bring 3/4 cup water to boil, remove from eat, add one cup dry mix, stir throughly, cover, let sit for 5 – 10 minutes.  I usually let it sit for around 15 minutes before eating.

Chicken stew 7 year pouch – Open pouch, remove oxygen absorber, add 16 ounces boiling water, stir throughly, close zipper, let sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

Lasagna with meat sauce 7 year pouch – Open pouch, remove oxygen absorber, add 16 ounces boiling water, stir throughly, close zipper, let sit for 10 – 15 minutes.

Just read the directions on the back, easier than pie.


Freeze dried foods are a perfect solution for long term food storage and a lightweight option for hiking or camping.

25+ years for cans and 7 years for a pouch, that is hard to beat.  Then all you have to do is add warm, hot or boiling water?  It does not get much better than that.

Before stockpiling #10 cans, pick up a couple of pouches and try out various flavors.

My personal favorites are chili mac and scrambled eggs with bacon.  Try them out, then come back and post in the comments section what you thought about them.


Mountain house has updated the life span of the 7 year pouches to 30 years.  Since there are a lot of pouches on the market are labeled as 7 years, I am keeping the wording of the article as 7 year pouches.

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Firearm Blog! [The Firearm Blog]

The best Thanksgiving ever? A US soldier and sailor both enjoy some turkey 17 days after the Armistice that ended the War to End All Wars.The holiday season is upon us! Today, the last Thursday in November, is Thanksgiving, a holiday to give thanks for all the blessings in our lives. Therefore, we here at The Firearm Blog give thanks for our readers all over the world, and wish all of them a very happy Thanksgiving! We at TFB will be taking […]

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POTD: Turkey Gun [The Firearm Blog]

11272336_1442819226021945_904704392_nHappy Thanksgiving! Since turkey is a staple for the holiday what is your go to Turkey Gun?

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A very fun set of books [Of Arms and the Law]

I just finished "Ready the Cannons," by William Gurstelle, who also has released "Backyard Ballistics" and "Defending Your Castle." "Ready the Cannons" lists a great number of projects, mostly using PVC piping and BBQ igniters. The beverage bottle bazooka (small soda bottle, vapor from rubbing alcohol, and launch tube), a hydro swivel water gun, a carbide cannon (I remember when those were sold in kid's comic books, they made a heck of a blast while not being fixable with a projectile, and so were not legally guns). A potato gun with a 10 foot barrel, to see how high you can fire its load. A device that accelerates ping-pong balls to 300 mph.

Seems like a nice Christmas book (or perhaps one to get early so as to build a few for presents). It and the two other books are available on Amazon.


Trump election drives up gun sales to minorities [Of Arms and the Law]

As Imstapundit asks, is there anything that Trump cannot do?

There has been some thought that gun sales might slump off, but I am skeptical there. I saw an industry study years ago that tried to determine whether the rapidly rising sales were due to fear of then-new president Obama. The study singled out guns that people would think were more vulnerable to restriction -- handguns and "assault rifles" -- and compared their sales trends to general firearm sales trends.

The finding was that after his first election and for, if I remember correctly, three months after, the more vulnerable firearms had a sale surge disproportionate to other firearms, but after that, all firearms began surging. The conclusion was that were seeing some general trend to want more firearms that was not being driven by political fears.


Doing My Part To Stimulate The (Gun) Economy - 2016 Edition [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

This is my annual listing of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals in guns, ammo, parts, knives, and other outdoor or 2A related items. Looking at the recent stock prices of Ruger and Smith & Wesson, it looks like the stock market is assuming the win by Donald Trump is negative for gun sales. That said, the stocks prices of Vista Outdoors and Olin have soared. We shall see.

Unlike in past years where I had tons and tons of links, this year I am sending readers to some excellent compilations. I really see no need to reinvent the wheel especially when they are doing such a fine job of it.

The first place I'd suggest going is to the Black Friday page of They have links to all the major outdoor and firearm retailers along with other gun deals. If you don't have an AR-15, this is the year to buy one. I saw a number of them in the $500 range. Brownells has the Aero Precision (not a low end brand!) OEM model for $524.99. All you need to is add a stock, handguards, and whatever kind of optics or iron sights that you want.

The second place I'd suggest going to Reddit for their /gundeal subreddit page. I was turned on to this (fortunately or unfortunately) by PDB. They do have a Black Friday thread. One deal I found that I couldn't pass up was for a CZ P-09 for under $400. The CZ P-07 was the same price.

Arfcom has multiple threads going on Black Friday deals. The official one is here. A secondary one dealing with reloading tools and components can be found here. If you are a member of Arfcom, then here is the official thread dedicated to team members.

If you are just looking for regular Black Friday circulars of all the major retailers, then I'd suggest this website. has a Black Friday page of more tactical items. The page was down right now but I'll post a link as soon as they are back up.   Here is the link to their Black Friday page.

Finally, I'd like to remind everyone that No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money is an Amazon affiliate. All commissions that I earn from your purchases go to non-profit gun rights organizations like the Second Amendment Foundation and the NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund.

One think you might want to look at is the Fire Tablet. I bought one last year and it functions as my alternative iPad. While it isn't as powerful as an iPad, it works for email, web browsing, Facebook, Reddit, and Kindle reading. For $33.33, you can't beat it. See the link below.

Shop Amazon Devices - Fire tablet only $33.33


Colt Prototype “Zig-Zag” Root Revolvers (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

In the White:

The 1855 “Root” pocket revolver was a reasonably successful design for the Colt company, although it was not the best mechanical design. The side hammer design used the cylinder axis to rotate and lock in place instead of using the rear face of the cylinder, which resulted in several small and delicate parts. In an effort to correct these deficiencies, Colt and his factory superintendent Elisha Root experimented with a “zig-zag” design as well, which would use and external cam running in grooves on the cylinder wall to rotate and lock it. Root received a patent (#13,999) for a system using a ring trigger and lug on the bottom of the frame, and these two prototype revolvers demonstrate a similar system with the lug on the top of the frame. This system was not ultimately adopted, and these remain just an interesting look into the experimental workings of the Colt company.

Wednesday, 23 November


Watch: Easy Way to Remove Fence Posts []

Have you ever removed fence posts that had been in the ground for a while? Me too… and they can be amazingly stubborn.

This video shows how this guy uses his truck’s spare tire to help him pull up some fence posts, with a lot less work than digging them out or using a jack.

Before you watch, here’s a safety remark from the guy in the video:

Probably would be a good idea to lay a piece of carpet or tarp over the chain. However, there was rarely much force that needed to be applied. Any time there was, I backed away from the post. I did not install these posts. I just needed to remove them.


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Watch: Dude Perfect and Gould Brothers Trick Shotgun Shooting []

The Gould Brothers are highly skilled shotgun shooters who make a living blasting moving targets with shotguns.

Let that sink in for a second.

And of course, Dude Perfect is a group of guys who have managed to make a living by trying seemingly impossible things over and over until they become possible — and then publishing well-edited videos of those things.

Jealous yet? Me, too.

This video features both teams and a stunning array of trick shots, punctuated by a little experimental shooting (with a shout out to Demolition Ranch).

Are you difficult to impress? Well, try watching a guy toss a clay target into the air, followed by another guy tossing (yes, tossing) a shotgun shell right into the first guy’s shotgun receiver — and then the first guy chambers the shell and breaks the clay before it hits the ground.

Or shooting a shotgun upside-down and backwards, with the help of a mirror… or one-handed pushups with one-handed clay-busting in between… and a whole lot more.

Yeah… it’s good stuff.

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Watch: Homemade Trigger-Fired Slingshot Made of Scrap Steel and Wrenches []

Ever wanted to watch a skilled craftsman build a trigger activated slingshot with metal scraps and old wrenches? Of course you have – and here’s your chance!

In another interesting video from Jimmy DiResta, we see the mad genius hard at work conjuring up another interesting mechanical creation using stuff that was lying around his shop… and in the end we have a sculpture that can also sling a shot pretty dang well.


Something tells me he doesn’t have too many rats running around in his shop… and if he did, this would be a pretty good way to wipe them out.

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Hey, Duck Hunters: Check Out the ALPS OutdoorZ Wetland Seat []

I see a lot of new product announcements and press releases, and most of them fail really to catch my eye. So much of it is empty fluff, or simply doesn’t interest me. But this looks useful.

It’s a one-legged stool from ALPS, which they call The Wetland Seat. The bottom end of the single seat post is tapered to a wedge, so it sticks into marshy ground — the type of ground you do NOT want to sit on.

To prevent it from sinking in too deep, a pair of metal parts (they call them “feet”) fold outward to create a tee.

Height is adjustable via a pin. They say it adjusts from 24 to 34 inches, but it’s not clear whether that is measured from the tee or from the bottom of the sharp wedge.

The lightly padded seat is oval, 8 by 12 inches, and has a “non-slip logo,” whatever that means. Cool thing: the seat folds 90 degrees to lay against the post, which should make it easier to pack via the included adjustable shoulder strap.

You can attach your game hanger to a D-ring to suspend your ducks above the water, if you’d like.

It’s not just for duck hunting; I have hunted deer, hogs, and other game in wet areas of soft ground, and could have used a handy seat like this on many occasions. I’d definitely want to pack it up against a tree or something of that sort, though — otherwise it seems like your legs would get mighty tired of trying to keep it from falling over in really soft ground.

  • Aluminum leg with wedge end to help secure seat
  • Two side feet to prevent sinking
  • Shoulder carry strap
  • 12″ x 8″ Padded seat with non-slip logo
  • Seat folds flat with frame for ease storage
  • D-ring for attaching game strap
  • Height adjust from 24″- 34″
  • Weight: 4 pounds, 2 ounces
  • Product Number 9200230
  • MSRP $49.99

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Automatic vs. Semi-Auto: How Government Regulations Hold Back Progress []

Automatic transmission was introduced commercially in 1940. Imagine how inadequate the design would have remained had it been immediately restricted to government use. Instead, auto transmissions have 95% market share with pretty good durability and performance.

Now, we already have government regulators and their apologist who wish continue the restrictions on automatic weapons because of their supposed super-effectiveness. Like automatic transmissions, automatic arms have their uses and their disadvantages. Fortunately, almost all “automatic” weapons are actually select fire, meaning they can be run in semi auto and full auto modes. The car equivalent would be auto transmission with manual override. The reason for the videos above is the “sour grapes” segment of the pro-gun community that dismisses the usefulness of automatic fire entirely. They aren’t even trying to regain the rights lost to 1934, 1968, 1986 and 1989 restrictions…it’s to them that I would like to speak.

Automatic fire allows spreading of recoil over time. Instead of a dozen pellets of 00 buckshot exiting at once and bruising the shooter’s shoulder, a dozen .32 bullets exit over a second with no ill effect on the defender. With properly designed launch platform, they have no more spread than buckshot. Automatic weapons aren’t the solution to all tasks, but they have a definite place in the tool kit of the lawful people. The law should recognize that, and we should strive to roll back restrictions instead of meekly playing along. The government self-interest would be in the improvement in national defense from the rapid development of technology with suddenly expanded marketability.

As this photo with four casings in the air at once demonstrates, semi-auto fire can be quite rapid with a bit of practice. But it’s a skill that requires time to master and concentration to employ. That concentration is often better applied to other aspects of the situation, such as watching for foes, communicating with team mates or moving.

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Hunter Dan and More: Action Figures and Toys For Little Hunters []

This is cool stuff: hunter action figures and other hunting toys for kids, from Hunter Dan.

I remember seeing Hunter Dan some years back, but since then the line has been expanded to include Rifle Hunter Dan, Bow Hunter Ann, and some other neat toys as well. Here’s a quick look at some of these unique toys for young hunters.

Rifle Hunter Dan

Rifle Hunter Dan comes with a rifle (although some photos show a bow), a nifty little tree stand that he can pack on his back or set up on a tree to hunt, and a number of other accessories.



  • 8″ Fully Posable Action Figure
  • Deer-Hide® Camouflage Shirt & Pants
  • Rocky® Rubber Hunting Boots
  • Rattling Antlers
  • Nikon® Binoculars and Rangefinder
  • Ameristep® Treestand
  • Ameristep® “Rapid Rail” Ladder Sections
  • Hunter Safety System® Treestand Safety Vest
  • Quaker Boy® “Shooter” Deer Call
  • Renzo’s® Buck and Doe Silhouette Decoys
  • 18 Hunter Dan® Stickers
  • Hunter Orange Stocking cap

Bow Hunter Ann

Bow Hunter Ann is, of course, a female hunter, and she’s got enough gear for some serious hunting.

She’s paving the way for future lady hunters and she’s geared up and ready to go! Join Hunter Ann®, like thousands of other women from all across America, as she heads outdoors for the hunt of a lifetime.

Whether Hunter Ann® is chasing rut crazed bucks in Illinois, bugling elk in Montana or tracking the elusive black bear in Pennsylvania, you’ll have fun hunting wherever your imagination takes you.



  • 8″ Fully Posable Action Figure
  • Mathews® Bow and Arrows
  • Ameristep® Treestand
  • Ameristep® “Rapid Rail” Ladder Sections
  • Hunter Safety System® Treestand Safety Vest
  • Nikon® Binoculars and Rangefinder
  • Quaker Boy® “Shooter” Deer Call
  • Rocky® Hunting Boots
  • Scent-Lok® Style Storage Bag
  • Rattling Antlers
  • Renzo’s® Buck and Doe Silhouette Decoys
  • Brown Stocking cap
  • Deer-Hide® Camo Shirt & Pants
  • 18 Hunter Dan® Stickers

Big Game Figures


Also available are big game figures, including whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, elk, black bear, and wild turkey. (What, no mule deer??)

All are 1:9 scale hand-painted plastic figures, and prices range from $7.99 to $24.99.

There’s really too much to list here, but they also accessories like a popup blind, camping tent, ATV — plus youth archery, toy guns, and more. So if you have little prospective hunters on your shopping list, you will definitely want to check out the Hunter Dan website.

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Digital Trigger for AR-15 Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

DigiTrigger - 660x425DigiTrigger is a drop-in AR-15 trigger, which adds a digitally controlled 1 lb trigger mode to your rifle. It is made by a company called Digital Trigger Systems. It is a hybrid system meaning that although it has a digital mode, it still retains the conventional mechanical trigger. So on traditional “safe” and “fire” positions of […]

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Brand New Lee Enfield No4 Mk2 Rifles For Sale On Armslist [The Firearm Blog]

6126437_02_new_enfield_rifles_no_4_mk_2_640I think that each and every one of us longs for the days of $20 Enfields in a barrel at the hardware store, but sadly the golden age of milsurp rifles has come and gone. With the exception of the odd lot of Mosins or Mausers being offered for sale at a reasonably good price I […]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 7: Pistols [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1017The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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POTD: RPD Belty Goodness [The Firearm Blog]

14701144_1787103478221677_8364787888038084608_n@illmanneredgunrunner707 runs a gun store in Petaluma California. He posted this photo of an RPD with a belt of 7.62x39mm fun. I find it odd how the grip has a kydex thumb blocker. Why? Because California. Actually this might just be a DSARMS Semi auto RPD. Not sure why the ammo is loaded on the […]

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Long Barrel, or Short? The Effectiveness Trade-Off Between 14.5″ and 20″ Barrels [The Firearm Blog]

PEO_M4_Carbine_RAS_M68_CCOIn my comments section recently, I was asked to shed some light on the velocity penalty created by moving from 20″ long rifle barrels as in the M16 to 14.5″ long carbine barrels as in the M4 Carbine. Our readers’ wish is my command, and so here we are. In the very first edition of […]

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CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: GO-Magnet Gun Magnets [The Firearm Blog]

GO-Magnet Gun MagnetsAll of us probably have a desk drawer or safe full of holsters. It is like women and shoes (no insult intended ladies), or men and… guns! We just tend to have a lot of them. One item I think we could all appreciate is a holster for our vehicle or bedroom or work desk. […]

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BLACK FRIDAY 2016: Make Suppressor Deals Great Again! [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4949To be honest, I can’t stand traditional Black Friday sales tactics. A mad rush of people fighting over stuff they probably don’t need or want is the last place I want to be a day after Thanksgiving. In fact If I never set foot in a mall again, I’ll be a happy man. However, there […]

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Slickguns Black Friday Deals []

Black Friday is just days away and it would not be Black Friday for us without SlickGuns cataloging all the firearm, ammunition and accessory deals. This Black Friday is of special importance, being the first Black Friday after the 2016 Elections. The result of the election has put a damper on consumer demand, and in my opinion because of that the deals look better than they did last year. Our Black Friday 2016 Poll is at the bottom of this post.

Note: some deals require coupon codes, make sure you click the link to Slickguns to lookup the code. 

Firearm Deals


Palmetto State Armory is selling the H&K VP9 for $449.


Gander Mountain Deals in-store (Full Catalog Here)

0fc5018ece21c7a9641f02b3f9cfcd52 is selling the S&W M&P Shield .40 for $299



Dicks Savage Axis XP in store (full catalog here)


PSA has the S&W  Shield 9mm for $299.


sportsman warehouse

DPMS Ar-15 .223 Remington at Sportsman Warehouse (Full Catalog here)





Cabelas has the Ruger LCP .380 for $199.99

2cfdkkesdee438effBrownells (their first Black Friday Gun Sale) has the DPMS Oracle .308 Win. for $750


Cabelas has the Remington 700 ADL Varmint for $400. This is the perfect platform to turn into a long range tack driver with the extensive range of aftermarket Remington 700 parts.




PSA has the Glock 23 Gen 3 .40 S&W for $399.


PSA also has the Glock 22 Gen 3 .40 S&W  for $399.

AR-15 Upper Receivers / Parts



Brownells complete A3 upper receiver with keymod rail and 16″ barrel. 5.56mm $229 (free S/H)

Brownells complete A3 upper receiver with keymod rail and 16″ barrel. .300 BLK $319 (free S/H)



Palmetto State Armory 5.56mm Premium Full Auto Bolt Carrier for $70. 



Magpul 10 pack PMAGs. $94.44 from Brownells.


SMAG-SIN-00BT-00-2 (1)


Troy Battlemag $6.99 from Primary Arms.10287892sdffffffdde

Academy steel ammo can $9.99.



Tactical Christmas Stocking from Blade HQ for $9.99.


Bass Pro

 Remington 9mm UMC $5 (Bass Pro, In Store, Full Catalog Here)


Fiocchi 9mm 115 Grain 50 round $9.99 at Cabela’s.  


PMC Bronze 5.56mm 1000 Rounds for $30.74 (Free S/H) @ Sportsman Guide.


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After attempted robbery over the weekend, police stress self-defense [NRA-ILA News]

Officer John Kerrigan teaches self-defense classes for the Midland Police Department and said there are three things he tells his students whenever a situation arises because the main point is staying alive. “There’s so many people playing video games and you kill somebody and it’s no big deal, you just reset. Well in real life you don’t get the reset button,” said Kerrigan.


Black Friday: F-1 Firearms safety selector [The Firearm Blog]

F1F-1 Firearms is a Texas-based manufacturer with a lot of CNC machines. If you’ve seen some of their products before, you know they like to use and run their CNC cutters as well. To me, they’re most known for their uppers (and some other parts) where they have all the unnecessary surfaces and volumes milled […]

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Four predictions about President Trump’s Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

The court may also expand the rights of gun owners beyond its rulings in 2008 and 2010. One judge that Trump has put forward, Diane Sykes, has already issued a decision in favor of gun owners.


Pennsylvania hunters will be allowed to use semi-automatic firearms [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Tom Wolf has signed a bill into law that expands the list of firearms permitted for hunting in Pennsylvania to include semi-automatic rifles and handguns.


GOP's new muscle may remake Minnesota Capitol agenda [NRA-ILA News]

Groups that wanted expanded gun background checks in Minnesota thought they were on the verge of making it happen. They spent loads of money and time in select House races in search of a Democratic majority to get them over the top. But in the election, they fell considerably short there and went backwards in the Senate.


TSA, JIA urge people to ensure they’re packing permissible items for holiday travel [NRA-ILA News]

People traveling through the Jacksonville International Airport and other airports this holiday season can bring their pies in carry-on bags, but need to leave their firearms, knives, brass knuckles and grenades behind.The Transportation Security Administration and airport officials unveiled an upgraded system to scan checked baggage on Tuesday. They also reminded people to leave their weapons behind.


New Orleans' ban on stun guns under fire, suit claims law is unconstitutional [NRA-ILA News]

A New Orleans man has taken aim at a city ordinance that forbids the possession and sale of stun guns, claiming the little-known ban violates his Second Amendment right to self-defense.


Australia: Nationals stage a late-night revolt in the Senate over the Adler shotgun ban [NRA-ILA News]

A number of senior Nationals MPs have staged a revolt in the Parliament over the importation of the Adler shotgun, with two backbench senators crossing the floor and four others, including three cabinet ministers, abstaining from a vote to lift the ban on the firearm.


U.K.: North Devon fish farmer avoids jail for handgun charge [NRA-ILA News]

Nigel Early was in danger of going to prison because Britain's strict gun laws mean that anyone found with a banned weapon is liable to an automatic jail term unless there are exceptional circumstances.The 58-year-old businessman, who runs the Bulldog Fish Farm near Barnstaple, was found with a Colt .25 pistol which fell foul of the law because it had a barrel of less than 60 millimetres.


Pritchard Bayonet for the Webley Revolver (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The Pritchard bayonet for the Webley revolver is one of the more photogenic and less truly practical weapons to come out of the Great War. Designed by one Captain Pritchard after he spent a year in France in 1915-1916 with the Royal Berkshire Regiment, the idea was to use the front 8 inches or so of a sword on a cast gunmetal hilt to create a bayonet mounted on a British service revolver. He first presented the idea to the Wilkinson Sword Company, but they were too busy making sabers and rifle bayonets, and suggested that having to sacrifice usable sword blades for production would make it quite the expensive endeavor.

Pritchard next took his idea to W.W. Greener, where he found a more receptive audience. Greener had a large supply of surplus French Gras bayonets, which were cheap and served as excellent donors for the Pritchard bayonets. Something like 200 were made in total – not formally adopted by the British but available for commercial sale to officers who might want them. While some may have seen service, no hard evidence has been found to prove any combat action with them.

Over the decades, a great many fake and reproduction Pritchard bayonets have been made – many times more than there are originals. As far as I can determine, this one is a legitimate original (although it may have a replacement locking lever). A few things to look for in authenticating a Pritchard are engraved patent and manufacturer marks (most reproductions have no manufacturer logo and a stamped patent number) and a quality casting. When you hold the blade and tap the handle with a hard object, it should ring bright and bell-like (which this one does).


Glock Magazine Floorplate / Glass Breaker [The Firearm Blog]

DPM Floorplate - 660x430DPM Systems Technologies Ltd. is a firearm accessories manufacturer from Athens, Greece. They are mainly specialized in making recoil reduction systems for rifles and pistols. They also manufacture Glock replacement magazine floorplate, which has an integral carbide tip working as a glass breaker. It is a drop-in accessory and simply replaces the factory floorplate. DPM Systems floorplates […]

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LEAKED: New Timney AR-15 Competition Trigger [The Firearm Blog]

P1090451Not long ago TFB was offered the chance to go on a media tour of several manufacturing facilities in the Phoenix area over a three day period. When Phil called me about it I quickly jumped at the chance, after all, who doesn’t love learning how much love goes into a product. We will have […]

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OPINION: Have Shotguns Jumped The Shark? I Think So [The Firearm Blog]

JumpTheSharkIn recent years, many of the experts in home defense have strayed away from the typical “just get a 12 gauge pump” line of thought. It seems that a good AR-15 or similar rifle is more often recommended to those seeking a means of defending their home. It appears that as a result of the […]

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MasterPiece Arms Rolls Out The New BA Compact Suppressor Ready (CSR) Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

Call me a bit jaded, but after spending the last several years making a living both writing about firearms and working in the industry, sometimes it can be hard to get excited about something. That is not the case at all with the new MasterPiece Arms BA Compact Suppressor Ready Rifle. Naming the rifle BA […]

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Charge AR Flashlight [The Firearm Blog]

Firefield Operator Operates in Operational EnvironmentFirefield announced a new flashlight that is specifically designed to be attached to a modern sporting rifle. The new light is called the Charge AR. The Charge AR is a 180 lumen white light that affixes to your gun’s Picatinny rail system. It operates on a single CR23 battery and is said to provide up […]

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Tuesday, 22 November


One to Watch–BO Gear Subbie []

For me, packs are the most difficult piece of gear to get right, and the most difficult piece of gear to buy and review. There are so many features and so many things that could go wrong that finding one that is just perfect is very hard to do. It also happens that we live in a world where companies usually think that more features is better. The end result is we get to a point where bags are just overloaded with stuff. Stuffed with stuff, if you will.

My go-to day pack is the Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II. I love this pack, but even it is not perfect. I have tried many, many others–the Tom Bihn Synpase (superb), the SOG Toc (decent), the Cotopaxi Kilaminjaro (simple, but excellent), the Topo Designs Daypack (bag of flaming….). I am still looking for that PERFECT pack though, and like all quests for gear perfection, I am fairly certain this is one without an end point. That said, some of my favorite designs have been BO Gear bags.

Brisbane Outdoor Gear offers a wide range of simple, yet effective packs with lots and lots of well-though out accessories. The real lure is their “custom bag” designs. I have lost many an hour configuring and reconfiguring my custom Bull Pup.

But BO Gear has two drawbacks for me–one none of their standard backpacks offer bottle holders. I hike with no fewer than three other people, two of whom are kids, and so I need the extra space. I also detest water bladders as they are hard to clean and usually smell terrible.

The other issue I have had is cost. BO Gear is all nice, but man are they pricey, even when you factor in the AUS dollar to US dollar conversion (right now .76 to a dollar). The product prices, while high, are okay, especially compared to stuff like Go Ruck and Triple Aught Design. The real price kicker comes in when you see the shipping–$41.95! Granted it is coming from Australia, but holy smokes is that a lot of money. It’s basically impossible to get a BO backpack for under $200, and the custom numbers tip the scales at close to $400 when equipped with a sternum and waist strap and including shipping.

But BO Gear saw a space in the market for something cheaper. They outsourced their product construction to Vietnam and kept design in-house. The end result is their Subbie backpack, that is “sub-$100” pack.

In many ways, the Subbie is the pack I have wanted for a long time. It is lightweight, opting for something less heavy than the standard 1000 denier Cordura, and it is only 20L (right around perfect for me for a day pack). It has MOLLE, like all BO Gear, but it also has two bottle holders. The Subbie is also compatible with all of the BO Gear accessories and straps, making it an ideal and cheap way to get into the BO Gear product line (letting you transition to a custom BO Gear bag later without having to repurchase a bunch of accessories).

The Subbie’s other features are nice–the BO Gear shoulder strap set up, an air mesh back panel with closed cells to prevent pick up of dirt and debris, the interior pocket for a laptop, tablet, or a hydration bladder. This is a real BO Gear bag at around 2/3rds the price. Unfortunately the sky-high shipping is still an issue, but the overall expense is lower.

If you are in the market for a new daypack and you’d like to try something different from the Triple Aught Designs and Go Rucks of the world, BO Gear offers a very nice bag at a very good price and the Subbie drops that price even lower.

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American Giant Hoodie Review []

Whenever people tell me I need to like something, it has the opposite effect. After the wall to wall advertising and breathless hype that surrounded American Giant’s Classic Zip Hoodie (when was the last time you saw a hoodie review in the Wall Street Journal?) I was ready to never order one, despite my love for a good hoodie. And so I avoided the jacket like the plague, not wanting to give in to the marketing machine that American Giant so effectively deployed when they launched their company a few years ago.

Three years passed and I was happily hoodie-less and glad I didn’t give in to the excessive marketing hype. Screw you Mr. or Mrs. Marketer.

But then, for my 38th birthday, my wife got me the AG Classic Zip Hoodie and I have worn it pretty much every chance I could get since. It is, without question, the jacket I wear the majority of the time, which says a lot because I generally can’t wear it during the week.  Its a shame that American Giant spent so much pushing their brand as the ad campaign was withering and the image–grumpy people casually walking down New York streets seems odd.  But if you set the marketing BS aside, your left with one spectacularly well made item, perfect for the fall, the winter, the spring and even chilly summer nights.


The American Giant Hoodie is…well…a really expensive hoodie.  You can swing by a Wal-Mart or an Old Navy and get a Hoodie for 1/5 the price.  This hoodie is distinguished from the competition by a very heavy cotton fabric, beefy seams, and double lined hood.  The drawstring, zipper, and chord tips are all custom made for American Giant, which, frankly seems like a waste of money.  There a dozen or so colors, many I would never buy or even take if someone gave them to me for free, but mine is a dark gray (other acceptable hoodie colors: navy, black, light gray…white or light colored hoodies are for people that use them solely to get from their fancy gym to their fancy car…not folks that really go outside or get dirty).


I wore the AG Hoodie for a year now and it has stood up to all sorts of things–carrying an infant with accompanying spit up, the pine sap from being out in the woods, getting soaked by salt water while sitting on a rock near the ocean in Acadia (see: carrying infant for reason why), and all of the dirt and soil you’d expect from chasing and carrying two boys outside.  The Hoodie got washed probably once every other month or when it started to smell like camp fires.  The fact that it is pre-shrunk makes a difference.  Also note that it is a slim fit for its size.  It didn’t bother me, but it is not a billowy hoodie like some are.


Having both a Champion and a Dickies hoodie in the past fifteen years, as well as countless numbers of LL Bean fleeces, I can assure you this is a horse of a different color.  Just picking up the American Giant Hoodie tells you it is designed to last a long time.  There is a heft to it that is missing with most other Hoodies.  I have paired the AG Hoodie with a softshell to make one hell of a layered coat, good enough for all but the worst winter storms.

I have been on quite a few hikes with the Hoodie over the past year and it does not breath like a technical jacket would, but it does cut the wind and keep out the cold.  I have found that it is also very abrasion resistant, again, not like a technical jacket would be, but more than your normal hoodie is. It has zero water resistance, so don’t think it will work in the rain, but then again this is a hoodie so what do you expect?

After a year, the jacket is indistinguishable from when I first got it.  Like a good pack, it shows very little wear and tear, something a cheap hoodies does quite poorly.  I literally wore my last hoodie to death–it frayed and fell apart until it was not really a jacket anymore, but I wasn’t about to get rid of it.  It had sentimental value (it was the jacket I wore when I took the bar) but when the sleeve disintegrated, I knew it was time to go.  Fortunately, I don’t see anything like that happening with the AG Hoodie.  Both the waist band and the cuffs are thick and durable material.  They will hold their elasticity forever.


There is no avoiding it–the price is crazy.  If you are comparison shopping hoodies, then this will always be last.  There are other premium hoodies out there, and some are as expensive, but you could buy five Old Navy hoodies for the price of one AG Hoodie.  Then again, five Old Navy hoodies will probably last as long as one AG Hoodie and unlike with the Old Navy numbers, you don’t have to worry about wearing some gauche or outdated graphics five years from now.  I wouldn’t mind a few pennies being pinched on the custom hardware–a $70 version with commercial off the shelf parts but the same thick durable fabric would be awesome.

In the end, I am too cheap to buy a $100 hoodie.  I’d rather spend my money on a new knife or another piece of kit.  I also am a huge proponent of technical jackets like the Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie.  As a jacket of all trades, the Stealth crushes the AG Hoodie in terms of performance and versatility.  But, the Stealth is three times as much and its not that comfortable to wear around the house (if I am cheap, my wife, and her thermostat regime are positively miserly). If you need to run to the store or go for a walk and don’t want to suit up in a technical jacket, the AG Hoodie is awesome.  And even though I would never spend the money on something like this myself, it is, without question of my most favorite gifts I have ever received.

It also happens to be a marker in my life–when my wife bought the Champion hoodie I wore for the bar, it was all we could afford.  So when she bought me the AG Hoodie, it was a nice reminder of how far we have come.


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Taking Down Old Livestock Fence []

After saving money for years the family has enough to buy a small rural farm. You walk the property and put out markers where the new livestock fence is supposed to go. The problem, you notice an old fence line that has fallen down. To make sure the farm animals are safe, you decide to remove the old fence.

First of all, is the livestock fence on a property line?  If so, talk to the adjoining property owner before doing anything.  Are there any right-of-ways on the property line?  Do you have the legal right to take the fence down?  There are numerous legal questions that have to be answered before taking the first step.

Equipment Needed

Safety gear:

  • Boots: Full leather work boots with leather upper.
  • Work jeans: Levis, Wrangler,,, etc.
  • Work shirt: Long sleeve recommended, Carhart, Wrangler,,, etc.
  • Safety glasses, if you are not wearing prescription glasses.
  • Leather work gloves.
  • Sidearm, small caliber rifle or shotgun for snakes.


  • Machete.
  • Bolt cutters.
  • Truck or trailer.
  • Chainsaw, maybe.
  • T-post puller, maybe.

Survey the situation

Is this field fence, electric fence, barbed wire, barbless wire,,, or something else?

It is common for a combination of field fence and barbed wire to be used.  The barbed wire can be one or two strands at the top, and maybe a strand at the bottom.

If there are trees near the old fence line, the wire might be covered in leaves or pine straw.  If the fence bottom is buried in grass, leaves or pine straw, the bottom run of the fence may have to be left.

Types of livestock fence post

Are the post wood or metal t-post?  Are the wooden post rotten, or can they be reused?  If metal t-post, are they rusted out or can they be reused?

Wooden fence post that can not be reused, either cut the post off at the base with a chainsaw, or cut the fence free from the pole. Usually, fence is attached to a wooden post with metal staples or nails.  Using the bolt cutters cut the nail or staple and pull the fence free from the post.

Metal t-post require a puller to get the t-post post out of the ground.  A t-post puller uses a pry bar and leverage to pull the metal bar straight up and out of the ground.

Using a truck or tractor

While using power equipment such as a truck or tractor, the fence post pose a problem.

Depending on how old the livestock fence is, it may be rusted to the point where it can be pulled up with a truck or tractor. Chances are the previous land owners used galvanized fence, which makes it rust resistant.

If the fence is old, the chain may tear through the fence rather than pulling it free.  Trees and vines may have grown around the fence, which will prevent it from being pulled free.  Anything holding the fence in place has to be cut loose.

Bolt cutters

If power equipment can not pull the fence free, you have to take matters into your own hands.  This means using a pair of good bolt cutters.  Forget wire cutters, they are a waste of time on fence.  The bolt cutters I use are 18 inches long and cut through barbed wire like it was butter.

Bolt cutters get you up close and personal to the fence.  If a piece of barbed wire has tension on it and you cut the wire, it can snap back.

While taking down some old barbed wire I had a piece fly back and hit me in the arm.  It was just a love tap that bled nicely.  My last tetanus shot was three years ago, so I was good to go.


If leaves or pine straw have built up on the bottom strands, this is a good place for copperhead snakes.

Think of it this way:  Copperheads eat large insects and mice.  Wherever large insects and mice are, so will copperheads be.  Pulling back layers of pine straw, leaves and grass may expose various insects.  Always be in the lookout for snakes that feed on those insects.  Wherever the prey is at, so will be the predator.

I keep a Ruger 10/22, handgun or shotgun close at hand when dealing with an old fence row.

Transporting the fence

Believe it or not, taking the livestock fence down is probably the safest part.  Once all the fence has been removed it needs to be folded and loaded in a truck or trailer so it can be taken to a recycler.

Field fence:

  • Lay field fence on the ground.
  • Fold it over by hand.
  • Step on the bend with your leather work boots.
  • Repeat until the fence is in a nice flat bundle.
  • Toss bundle into truck bed or on trailer.

Barbed wire:

  • Cut wire into manageable lengths.
  • Fold wire at around 12 – 18 inches long.
  • Roll last section of wire around bundle.
  • Toss bundle into truck bed or on trailer

Do not hold field fence at chest or stomach height and try to fold it. Field fence will have sharp points which can easily stab someone in their belly, neck, eyes or face.  A stab in the belly with rusted field fence can result in a trip to the emergency room.

Safety first

Work safe.

Pay attention to what is going on around you.

Pay attention if the fence has stress on it.

Watch out for snakes.

Wear your personal safety gear.

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Bad Training Worse Than No Training []

What with the heightened interest in concealed carry in this country, the permit requirements for self-defense training has generated the creation of a plethora of shooting schools and training courses. Many of these schools are owned, operated, and taught by highly qualified instructors with proven curriculums. However, some could only be classified as “fly by night” with instructors having little more credentials than big egos.

Before you sign up for any self-defense course, or qualification class to secure a concealed weapons permit, check your state’s laws, rules, and procedures for obtaining the permit. Some states may certify and recommend specific training schools or programs to meet their criterion for acceptable training. If not, ask around at the permit agency, law enforcement officials, at local gun shops and even the old yellow pages. Do your due diligence to find a qualified school.

What credentials or qualifications should you look for? First ask or check to determine if the course instructors are officially certified NRA instructors. Ask to see the certificates. This means those trainers have attended and passed these rigorous courses to know what needs to be taught and how to teach it.

Certainly quiz any instructor or school official about their training resume and reference list. If they don’t have either, then pass it up. How long have they been in the firearms training business? How many classes or participants have they trained? What are their course offerings? Do they work in an established location and facility or are they working out of a backpack in a field somewhere?

When I took my course, I knew the instructor personally. He used a training room at the local Bass Pro Shops store. The firearm’s range and course of fire was conducted at his deer hunting club some 20 miles away. It was not the best situation and to the unknowing, it might have appeared a rather sketchy set up. Check these things out in advance so you are comfortable with the whole situation. Again, if in doubt call the permit agency to ask if this instructor or course has qualified other permit seekers.

Ask the course instructor about the classroom course. Is it an approved NRA course with a provided course book or just a bunch of handouts? Again, make sure your comfort level is high on this. Be sure you know the difference between a standard course and an enhanced course and what the shooting requirement are. Bad training is a bad deal.

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The Henry 1000 Man Shoot []

I don’t want to completely rehash the ridiculousness of the Guinness folks not recognizing the fantastic achievement of the 1000 Man Shoot, but I will say the NRA keeps its own records so it doesn’t really matter. However, I would like to put up a short list the NRA had in their criticism of Guinness.

Biggest barf bag collection; largest dog wedding ceremony; most nationalities in a sauna; fastest toilet.

SAMSUNGYeah, anyway the sunny Monday morning of November the 14th I brilliantly forgot to charge my phone. So, I have no event pictures sadly. I did get a few things out of it; commemorative attire, a tag telling everyone I was at the end of the line and a lanyard recognizing me as a guy that pontificates online.

I’m poking fun here because events like this are not about the items you come home with. It’s the experience that truly matters. And boy what an experience! I got to fanboy over YouTubers, shake Anthony Imperato’s hand and meet the guys that operate the NRA Museum the Gun Gurus. It was awesome!

Sadly, I was in the blue section and most of the other media guys were in the white section. So I’m not in the footage but the thing I want to highlight in this video is a little sound between time stamp 4:37 – 4:43. The sound here made me wish I had a microphone set up behind the berm. I’m not talking about the shot, no. That sounded kind of like wringing a roll of bubble wrap. The sound was that rolling thunder echoing off of the small mountain behind the berm. It doesn’t sound like much on the video and I hope someone comes out with a better recording from a distance, perhaps from the drones hovering around.

But let me put this into perspective as to why this sound effected me so much. Put yourself in my place. You drove over an hour, early in the morning. You’re tired, hungry, you walked a lot and you’ve spent hours waiting for a really big moment in your life. To take part in history. You step up to the line, pick up the rifle and level it. You’re exhausted, the front sight is wobbling around and this thought is running through your head. “What if I mess up?” Then the call comes out.


You pull the trigger the moment you hear Fi— and the whole range erupts in crackling and 1000 microscopic puffs of smoke. Then in the relief of the moment, your ears half deafened by big read earmuffs, you hear something powerful. It’s a sound akin to the culmination of distant thunder and the predatory growl of a low stalking lion rolling off the face of a desert mountainside. That awe inspiring moment will stay with me for the rest of my days.

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AWD Pro from Action Target [The Firearm Blog]

AWD Control ScreenAction Target released several new products in recent months that can enhance the shooting and training experience. One is called the AWD Pro. The AWD, or All Wheel Drive, Pro is a target retriever designed for use on an indoor range. Instead of being a basic forward and backward toggle switch, this system wirelessly controls the target […]

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KE Arms Charlie Slide (and other Glock Upgrades) [The Firearm Blog]

I love my original Glock 17. I really do. I’ve never hated the platform, not since I first fired it. Sure, there were some slight bothers (like the gritty trigger) but nothing that was insurmountable. After countless thousands of rounds through it over the past 18 years I decided to start upgrading and modifying it. […]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 6: Assault Rifles [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_0904The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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NRA Statement on Nomination of Jeff Sessions to U.S. Attorney General [NRA-ILA News]

Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action, issued the following statement on the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions to be the United States Attorney General:


Strike Industries Enhanced End Plate And Castle Nut [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4911Strike Industries, known for their lightweight and creatively-styled parts and accessories, just announced the release of their Enhanced End Plate and Castle Nut combination for the AR platform. Notched and “ported” to reduce weight, the castle nut is also elongated to better protect the threads on the buffer tube. The end plate includes a QD […]

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Minutes of Angle, a non-technical discussion [Of Arms and the Law]

Right here. I find it interesting that someone one has created a computer program to calculate a group's size from a scanned-in target.


A Smart Marine with a Good Idea? Quick-Clotting Body Armor [The Firearm Blog]

body_armorThe running joke in the Marine Corps is that one tends to get their common sense and intelligence back with their DD-214. Having been in and living it for years, there is certainly some credence to the joke which often gets nods of understanding when told. However, its possible for Marines to break the cycle and […]

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A Rifle Range Over a Highway? Only in Switzerland [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureRanges in the United States tend to be as far away from a highway as practical, but for those in Switzerland, its perfectly acceptable to build a range that fires over a highway. The Brunnlisau range in Switzerland is a 300 meter rifle range built over a main road leading up  the Simmental. Why? Because […]

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Man shoots knife-wielding robbery suspect in self-defense in Lewiston [NRA-ILA News]

Police say two men with a knife tried to rob a 27-year-old man, but the victim defended himself with a .22 caliber handgun. The man thought he did not hit anyone, but an hour after the incident, police say a man who ran from the scene went to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder.


Tulsa Woman Shoots Man After He Breaks Into Her Apartment [NRA-ILA News]

Tulsa Police said a woman shot a man when he went inside her apartment Saturday night. Detectives said the woman was on the phone with 911 when she shot the man after he broke into her apartment at the Comanche Park Apartments near 36th Street North and Peoria.


Guinness World Records statement on NRA 1,000 Man Shoot [NRA-ILA News]

Guinness World Records does not monitor mass participation records that, each time the record is broken, increase the danger posed to the general public or environment. As the activity proposed by the NRA is not one we feel can be safely monitored on a global basis, we unfortunately are unable to recognize it as a record.


Missouri: Campus carry issue will be back for 2017 [NRA-ILA News]

Missouri is one of more than a dozen states that considered campus carry in 2016. Ten others have adopted similar laws.


Acknowledging domestic terror threat, Pentagon says troops, recruiters can carry concealed guns [NRA-ILA News]

U.S. military personnel can now request to carry concealed handguns for protection at government facilities, according to new Defense Department directive issued last week in response to a series of deadly shootings over the last seven years.


South Dakota: Bill would allow carrying concealed pistol without permit [NRA-ILA News]

A Republican state lawmaker plans to sponsor a bill in the upcoming legislative session that would allow people who can legally carry a concealed handgun in South Dakota to do so without a permit.


Kansas man's homemade gun silencers clash with federal law [NRA-ILA News]

The case could reverberate across the country because it cites the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, pitting the federal government's right to regulate firearms against the rights of states. The judge overseeing the case expects it ultimately to end up before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Australia: Nationals senators break with Liberals and vote to end Adler shotgun ban [NRA-ILA News]

Nationals have broken ranks and voted in defiance of government policy – supporting a motion by the Liberal Democratic party Senator David Leyonhjelm that would have ended the current import ban on the controversial lever action Adler shotgun.


Australia: Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party win Orange by-election by 50 votes [NRA-ILA News]

The Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party’s first ever lower house MP Philip Donato says he wants to see cooling off periods for firearms purchases removed when people buy their second, third and fourth gun.


JoLoAr .45 ACP One-Hand-Cocking Pistol (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The JoLoAr pistol was a combination of a poor-selling and unremarkable Spanish blowback semiauto pistol called the Sharpshooter and an idea by a man named Jose Lopez Arnaiz (whose name is the source of the pistol’s name). Arnaiz conceived the idea of mounting a lever (palanca in Spanish) onto a pistol slide, to allow the pistol to be charged one-handed. There is a rumor (unsubstantiated) that he was inspired by the one-armed commander of the Spanish Foreign Legion, Colonel José Millán-Astray. But whatever the inspiration, Arnaiz patented his idea, and went looking for a manufacturer.

The company he found was Hijos de Calixto Arrizabalaga, who were making the rather mundane Sharpshooter. This was a blowback pistol, which was designed without an extractor. Instead, it was equipped with a tip-up barrel for clearing malfunctions and unloading the chamber. This feature carried over to the JoLoAr, although an extractor had also been added to the design by that time. Wanting to maintain control over his idea, Arnaiz opened his own small shop where his employees would add his patented palanca to otherwise-complete JoLoAr pistols made by Arrizabalaga.

Arrizabalaga’s experiment with the Arnaiz idea worked out fairly well, really. About 30,000 JoLoAr pistols were made between the mid 1920s and early 1930s, which is probably a lot more than would have been sold as plain Sharpshooters. This example is in .45ACP; quite scarce in the United States today.


CCW and Flared Magwell? Suarez International Says Their Compatible – The One Piece CCW Magazine Guide [The Firearm Blog]

SuarezMagwell_3Coming from the competition world, the concept of flared magazine wells and concealed carry has generally been viewed as incompatible ideas. What is good for every day carry and a street fight tends to be a bit slow for go-fast guns. And likewise, what makes magazine changes lightning-quick would typically not be concealable. Suarez International thinks […]

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Suarez Expands Glock Line-Up with “Match” Glock Barrels [The Firearm Blog]

barrelcloseup.3Suarez International, known for training, avocation of red-dots on pistols, and quite a few Glock components, has announced their latest release, Glock “Match” grade barrels. The new barrels are 1/10″ twist to stabalize most common 9mm bullet weights, from 95 to 147 grains. The barrel blank is manufactured by Lothar Walther with all follow-on machining completed […]

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NEW: B&T 4-Position MP5 And APC Folding Stocks [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4881As I (im)patiently wait for ATF approval of my TPM Outfitters MP5-SD, I am already on the hunt for accessories and upgrades. I’m pretty familiar with the standard H&K collapsible stock, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best option out there. B&T has introduced a folding stock that is adjustable to four different lengths. The […]

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Improvised 12 Gauge Sledgehammer [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4883A few months ago, the Military and Police Forces of Santa Catarina, Brazil, posted a Facebook video of an officer describing how an improvised 12 gauge sledgehammer would be fired. Like many home built weapons, the action is a simple spring loaded design that uses the handle as a barrel. The user unscrews the tube handle, […]

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CHRISTMAS WISH LIST: Bullet Bouquets [The Firearm Blog]

Bullet BouquetsNothing says “I Love You” over the holidays to your significant other like a vase of flowers… Made from Federal HST bullets! Bullet Bouquets is a crafty idea spawned from of all places, Reddit. An individual from Colorado saw someone else create a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift for his significant other. The gift was […]

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Monday, 21 November


A Huge Victory in the Keystone State; Governor Signs Critical Semi-Automatic Rifle Hunting Legislation! [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Governor Tom Wolf signed House Bill 263 into law, making Pennsylvania the 49th state to allow semi-automatic rifle hunting.


Henry Makes History By Pulling Off 1,000 Rifle Shoot [The Firearm Blog]

1000 Man Shooters (web)Back in September Phil blogged that Henry Rifles would be attempting a record breaking 1000 man shoot, a daunting task for sure! On November 14th history was made and 1000 shooters pulled the trigger on their commemorative .22 Henry Rifles at the same time, twice. The line of shooters stretched over a mile and a […]

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NEW: The Modular SKELI X11 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4890Well, what do we have here? Details are slim at this point, but SKELI, a U.S. based company, recently announced their X11 Modular Rifle. Piston driven, and missing the buffer/buffer spring combination, SKELI promises the X11 will be a compact, clean running gun with interchangeable standard AR fire control parts. In addition, the barrel is […]

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Florida Republican who killed pro-gun bills loses seat, gives hope to Second Amendment advocates [NRA-ILA News]

A powerful south Florida state senator who repeatedly sidelined popular gun rights legislation lost his seat Tuesday, opening the door for campus carry and open carry in the Sunshine State.


FULL CONCEAL FC-G17 80% Glock Receiver [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4874Okay, this one is going to take some convincing. Full Conceal, Inc., is offering an 80% Glock receiver that has been designed around deep concealment. Sporting a virtually non-existent grip, the design includes a magazine pouch affixed to the light rail. When drawn, the pistol is deployed by inserting the magazine into the magazine well, […]

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POTD: What Is This? Bullets For Ants? [The Firearm Blog]

14963171_10154147899019352_7734643871506991912_nDickson L. shared this photo of some MP7 rounds he got from his friend Joe. They are miniscule compared to the .50bmg rounds in the photo. They are 4.6x30mm.  

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 5: Submachine Guns, Cont’d 2 [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1111The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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Do Guns Work in Space? Scott Manley Covers Small Arms Use in Null G and Hard Vacuum [The Firearm Blog]

[It's a real shame this game is dead. Just saying.]Due to both tradition and treaty, space today is a realm of peace between nations (although firearms have been taken up). However, it wasn’t always clear that it would be. At the dawn of the Space Race, both the Americans and Russians sought to weaponize space before the other, and plans were drawn up for […]

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Homeowners shoot intruder [NRA-ILA News]

A man was shot in the torso after a home invasion early Saturday morning, Corpus Christi Police Senior Officer Travis Pace said.


Armed robber shot by guard during betting parlor holdup [NRA-ILA News]

A security guard shot and wounded an armed robber during a holdup Friday night at an off-track betting parlor in northeast Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs police said.


1 shot during home invasion near Comanche Park [NRA-ILA News]

A man was shot during a home invasion near Comanche Park Saturday night. According to police, a woman return to her apartment near North Peoria and East 36th Street North around 9:30 p.m. to find a man inside of her home. The woman told police that soon after she shot the man.


Nine People + Two Firearms = 111 Weapons Charges In Toronto [The Firearm Blog]

guns-guns-guns.jpg.size.custom.crop.838x650That math does not seem to add up to me. But what do I know? Im not from Toronto nor work in Law Enforcement. According to, Toronto Police Services raided a home as part of an investigation into an armed robbery. Nine people were arrested, among them a 12 year old girl. Those arrested, […]

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Hunt Hillside Hot Spots []

Open hard-wood ridges are choice places for stands during the rut. Bucks and does love to travel hillsides, and if you place a stand where they’re most visible during their movements you’re on the road to rut hunting success.

Often ridge sides are full of scrapes and rubs, with trail crossings leading to and from feeding and bedding areas. Take a stand where you can watch several such trail crossings on hardwood ridges with minimal brush.


Watch the ridges from long range, preferably from another ridge top, or in a valley between two ridges that you can monitor carefully. Rely on good binoculars to keep close tabs on ridge timber.

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The Wood Duck’s Return, Part 3 []

Despite their stealth and speed, wood ducks are very vocal, especially while sitting on the water. Their trademark squeal is easy to reproduce and often the first call young duck hunters can master. The calling serves to create a sense of confidence, rather than attract woodies from a great distance. You’re calling to let wood ducks know that they’ll be safe if they give your decoy spread a second look.


The “confidence” wood duck call is about as easy as they get. Squeal in sets of two, making a sound like, ooeeeeek, ooeeeek. Some hunters claim that this simple call will even entice ducks already on the water, bringing them within gun range.


Pass-shooting wood ducks leaving or going to a roosting site can be spectacular and a testament to a shotgunner’s skill. The birds will rip through the sky early and late, creating challenging shooting scenarios. However, care must be taken to hunt only during legal hours. Unfortunately for waterfowlers, the greatest numbers of wood ducks often are in the air when it’s illegal to shoot, especially in the evenings following sunset.


One good tactic for staying legal was taught to me by a Florida game warden many years ago. When he located a productive wood duck roost, he would only shoot it on a drab, overcast day.

Cloudy conditions keep the sky darker during the early hours of the day. This causes woodies to fly later in the morning, during legal shooting time. The same strategy works in the evening, except the birds fly back to roost earlier.


A bit of scouting to determine favorite haunts, followed by careful decoy placement and clever calling, will likely result in a good wood duck hunt. Beyond that, it will still take some nifty shotgunning to end up with a brace of birds. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that wood ducks happen to be among the best eating of all wild fowl.

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The chicken House and Lessons Learned []

In the summer of 2014 my ever expanding flock got a new chicken house.  We went from a 4 foot by 6 foot raised chicken house, to a 16 feet by 16 feet house that is on the ground.  The new house presented all kinds of problems.

When roosting chickens try to reach the highest point in the chicken house.  Roosting is when chickens settle down for the night.  Some like to be alone away from the rest of the flock.  While others like to be in a group.

If there is anything to get on at night, they will try to rooster there.  Chickens will sleep in the laying boxes, they will sleep on a feed barrel, on a water drum.  If there is “anything” a chicken can get on, they will attempt to roost on it.

Chicken house design

Roost are usually tree branches, maybe a 2×4, 2×2,,, whatever is at hand when the chicken house is built. The chickens will get on the boards or tree branches before nightfall and will spend the night there.

The problem is, while the chickens are sitting on the rooster all night, sometimes they have to poop.  They stand up a little bit, then drop a pile of poop on whatever is under the roost.

It is important not to have anything under the roost.

Sometimes though, chickens get on things like a water barrel, or barrel where feed is stored.  Then the poop builds up on the top of those items.

Water Barrel

My chicken house has a 35 gallon water barrel that goes into a pan.  Water level in the pan is controlled by a float.

Some of the chickens would roost on top of the water barrel.  During the night they would poop allover the top of the barrel.  This created problems when it was filled up.

The chicken poop had to be scraped off  the top of the water drum.  To fill the drum there was a 3 inch hole with a threaded plug.  There would be poop all over the plug.  When removing the plug sometimes small pieces of poop would fall inside.  This created a very unhygienic situation.

The water barrel had to be moved outside to prevent the chickens from roosting on it.

Feed barrel

The chicken feed is kept in a metal trash can.  If the can were made of plastic, rodents would be able to chew through it and get to the feed.

Several of the chickens roost on the feed barrel.  Which means the lid is covered in chicken poo. Removing the lid is nasty.  The feed barrel can not go outside, so I am building a sloped hinged top above the barrel.

While roosting, chickens like something level and stable to grab onto.  Using a piece of plywood for the sloping top means chickens have nothing to grab.  If they can not get a steady foothold, they will look for another place to roost.

Sleeping in laying boxes

That is another issue I am having to deal with.  When it gets resolved I will post something about it.

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New Preppers: Pick .22 Long Rifle or Shotgun []

If there are two firearms that have survived the test of time, they have to be the .22 rifle and the shotgun.  Whether it was settlers exploring the frontier, or small game hunting during the Great Depression, the shotgun and the 22 rifle are as popular today as they were three generations ago.

When settlers were heading west, the family would usually have a trusty double barrel or single shot shotgun.  There is hardly any better firearm for putting food on the table or protecting the family.

During the Great Depression, the affordability of .22 ammunition made it one of the more popular calibers of the time.  When rural families need a rabbit or squirrel for a meal, the .22 rifle proved more than adequate.  After the Great Depression ended, the .22 remained popular.

The Shotgun

The shotgun has been used by military and civilian shooters for centuries.  Over the past few decades, a great number of aftermarket products have been released to the civilian market to the point where the line is blurred.

What used to be military style features, such as a barrel heat shield and extended magazines, are now found on several civilian models.

Modern day shotguns serve in everything from home defense, to hunting, to military applications, just as their forefathers did a century ago.  Sporting events include three gun, clays, small game hunting, medium sized game hunting, pheasant, duck hunting, and goose hunting,,,, only to name a few.

My great grandfather used to keep a double barrel 12 gauge over the front door of the house.  This was back when people living in rural areas had to take care of themselves.  They did not get a phone until they were in their 50s or 60s.  That double barrel made sure there was never any trouble on the farm.

.22 Long Rifle

There is probably no better round for teaching someone the basics of shooting.  On top of that, the .22lr is excellent for small game hunting and dealing with a pest.

A few months ago, I had an opossum that killed some of my chickens.  One night I eased out to the chicken coop with my trusty Ruger 10/22, caught the opossum in the act, and that was the end of that.

If you want options, there are more 22 rifles and handguns on the market than you can shake a stick at.  Semi-auto, bolt action, single shot rifles, revolvers, semi-automatic handguns… the choices are almost staggering.

Ammunition used to be cheap, but over the past few years, ammunition cost has slowly inched upwards.  I miss the days when a 550 round brick of Remington Golden Bullets cost $10.  We will probably never see .22 ammunition that cheap again.

If I Had to Pick Just One

It would be a tough, but in the end, I would have to choose the shotgun.

The 22 long rifle is a wonderful and well rounded caliber for small game.  The “small game” part is also a drawback.  The cartridge has limitations.

The shotgun is better rounded than the .22 long rifle.  My great grandfather did not keep a .22 rifle over the front door, he kept a double barrel 12 gauge there.

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Review: Riton 2-7x Scope []

In working with indoor ranges, I run into a frustrating aspect of most mid-power scopes: they don’t focus close enough. A centerfire scope with 100 yard focus gets hopelessly fuzzy at 6 power and 25 yard distance. A rimfire scope with 50 yard focus is passable, but gets useless outdoors at 150 yards. I had to go to 4-16 or 2.5-12 scopes, bulky and/or expensive, to get parallax adjustment and focusing ability.


By sheer chance, I found an previously unknown brand 2-7x scope which appeared to have a good size exit pupil and parallax adjustment. Intended for 22LR, it featured a BDC reticle up to 125 yards. The drop indicators assume 40gr round nose bullet at 1255fps at the muzzle. 1.1MOA dots are quite reasonable for typical rimfire targets up to the limit of the round’s effective range.


I mounted it onto an Armscor 22TCM bolt action. For 22TCM (40gr RN, 2800fps) , the subtensions are, with 100 yard zero, approximately 175, 230 and 280 yards. most importantly, this scope focused down to 10 yards, so zeroing at the indoor range was easy.


As hoped, the eyebox of this scope proved ample. It’s frustrating to work with glass in which the optical compromises are made without that consideration. The glass was impressively clear and, to my surprise, the scope resisted flare very well. It’s possible to see the internal construction of the tube, so I expected poor results — but the results in both indoor and outdoor use were excellent. All adjustments appear proportional and repeatable. Riton also imports scope rings, simple looking but entirely functional.

For rimfire rifles and centerfire carbines, Riton 2-7x s is a very good option, provided you do not need reticle illumination. At $199 retail, it’s a pretty good buy. Due to the large rear objective bell, it has only minimal clearance with bolt handles on some rifles, but fits all semiauto, lever and pump guns.

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Pros and Cons of Striker vs. External Hammer []

Each to his own as they say, but working gun shows I still get a lot of inquiries for advice on whether to buy a striker fired pistol or one with an external hammer. For me this is akin to whether you like a stick shift or an automatic transmission. One being more or less manual and the other just moves in the appropriate gear.

If you choose the external hammer pistol, then you have to learn some specifics on how to properly and safety operate this cocking-shooting mechanism. The striker fired mode is just take off the safety (assuming it has a safety), point, squeeze the trigger and shoot. Of course, all this is somewhat over simplified.

I like shooting guns, and handguns are a favorite, so either striker fired or thumbing back the hammer is fine with me. You have to learn and adapt to either for proper grip, handling, safety and accurate shooting.

Striker fired guns are “cocked” upon loading the magazine and charging the slide to chamber a round. You have to learn the safety mechanisms or know that when loaded, it is ready to be fired with just a pull of the trigger. Striker fired pistols are all double action, meaning only trigger movement alone will discharge the weapon when the safety is off.

A pistol with an external hammer can be fired single action by pulling back the hammer into its full rearward locked position, assuming a round is chambered. Take the safety off, and squeeze the trigger. The pistol will fire, the slide will cycle, the empty case is extracted and ejected and the hammer is recocked. The slide moves forward unless that was the last round in the magazine, strips a fresh cartridge from the magazine and the pistol is ready to be fired again with the pull of the trigger.

Or when the slide is cycled to chamber a round and the hammer lowered, the pistol can be fired by simply pulling the trigger with the safety in the fire position. Again, the gun functions, cycles, and goes through the process again. If you decide not to shoot again, the hammer should be lowered by a decock lever or by manually lowering the hammer which can be tricky.

So, these are the essential basics of each. Range practice is essential to become completely familiar with each mode. Only then can you decide mode is best for you.

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New to Prepping? The .22 Rimfire is a Prepper Must []

If you’re new to the prepping scene then you may not be aware of the prime utility of a good .22 rimfire rifle or an added rimfire handgun. We love to argue the pros and cons of this gun or that gun or one cartridge over another for one shooting task or mission, but very few deny the generally accepted practice of owning a good rimfire gun.

Why is this? All the reasons are too many to list, but foremost, the average .22 rimfire rifle, revolver, or pistol is easy to shoot, fun to shoot, and cheap(er) to shoot. You can take a very basic rimfire rifle like a popular Ruger 10-22, a Marlin 39A, Savage, Remington or other model and accomplish lots of shooting missions.

So, what exactly can you do with a .22 rimfire rifle or handgun? First, I think of having one around a bug out camp or isolated location for pest control. Between snakes, rabid rats, general small four-footed vermin, a .22 is a close quarter’s taskmaster for these jobs. The .22 rifle is very accurate for chose shots, and it is quiet to shoot as well. No need to draw attention to your hideout until you need to.

The rimfire is perfect for a wide variety of small game hunting tasks to add some meat to the prepper pot. The .22 is ideal for squirrel hunting, popping rabbits, sneaking close on a sitting grouse or even a wild turkey if you are stealth enough of a hunter. There are many other options too for hunting with a .22 firearm.

Though plenty of folks will argue against this, the .22 can be used as a self-defense and security deterrent weapon. Ideal? No. But what I am suggesting is that having a good .22 rifle to fend off a prowling trespasser or other threat is way better than throwing a rock or using a 2×4 piece of wood.

Having a good Ruger 10-22 with a 20-30 round magazine is certainly one way to change the mind of somebody creeping too close to home or family. Sailing a few bullets of any kind over the heads of an unwelcomed threat offers some measure of protection over other avenues.

Rimfire ammo is available once again at reasonable prices. I highly suggest prepping up with a good rimfire and stocking up on ammo.

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Congress should quickly pass the Hearing Protection Act of 2015 [NRA-ILA News]

Like many persons of the Baby Boom generation, I have hearing loss. This is most annoying when I can hear but not locate subtle squirrel barks in the woods and when I must turn up the TV volume very high in order to follow the dialogue. This handicap knows no gender bias. The girls mostly attribute it to listening to loud rock music while wearing earphones. For us guys, in particular country boys who grew up handling firearms, it was triggering thousands of rounds at tin cans and critters while not wearing hearing protection. While this was happening to most of us, we did not realize it.


Katie Couric honored by Brady Campaign for dishonest anti-gun documentary [NRA-ILA News]

The award ceremony, held in New York City on Tuesday, featured celebrity appearances by Katie Couric (pictured above), Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra (pictured below) and many more. Couric was also honored for her gun violence prevention film, Under the Gun.


Florida: Election fires up campus carry forces [NRA-ILA News]

This week, lawmakers begin preparing for the 2017 session but campus carry advocates and their opponents are already locked and loaded for another battle over guns in the classroom.


In Maine elections, big spenders weren’t always big winners [NRA-ILA News]

Funded heavily by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s gun control organization, Mainers for Responsible Gun Ownership and its allies spent more than $5.1 million through Election Day, according to an analysis of campaign finance reports filed with the state. That figure does not include the hefty sums spent last year to gather signatures to qualify for the ballot. The opposition, by contrast, spent nearly $1.3 million, more than $1.1 million of which came from the National Rifle Association.


California: Gun store owners uncertain after passage of ammunition proposition [NRA-ILA News]

Gun store owners and hunters are bracing for the uncertainty of how Proposition 63 will be implemented and the impact it will have.


Connecticut Episcopalian convention to weigh gun-free zones [NRA-ILA News]

Connecticut Episcopalians gathering for a convention this weekend are considering a resolution that would ask all parishes in the state to declare themselves as gun-free zones.


Pennsylvania: Somerset man files NRA-backed suit against the commonwealth [NRA-ILA News]

A Somerset man is suing the commonwealth on grounds that Pennsylvania's Firearms Disqualification Statute is unconstitutional.


Folding Switchview Levers [The Firearm Blog]

SVFDCO.1cropMGM is the maker of the Switchview lever. It is a metal ring with a lobe that you bolt onto your scope magnification ring. It allows the shooter to apply leverage and quickly rotate the magnification ring. It really helps when you need to change magnification quickly or if you shoot with gloves. One aspect […]

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John Lott: Why an armed citizenry is crucial [NRA-ILA News]

People who have been mistakenly stopped from buying guns are forced into a costly appeals process that frequently requires them to hire lawyers. These “initial denials” affect certain racial groups more than others. Hispanics are more likely to share names with other Hispanics, and the same is true of blacks. Because 30 percent of black males are forbidden to buy guns because of their criminal records, law-abiding black males are especially likely to have their names confused with those of prohibited people. Other gun laws, like gun-free zones, can create targets for mass shooters. One need only listen to the wiretapped recording of an Islamic State supporter who was planning an attack this spring. His target was one of the biggest churches in Detroit. In the recording, Khalil Abu-Rayyan explains: “A lot of people go there. Plus people are not allowed to carry guns in church. Plus it would make the news.” Fortunately, the man’s father alerted the FBI. Mass public shooters often perpetrate violence in public places where permitted concealed handguns are banned. Since at least 1950, all of Europe’s public mass shootings occurred in a place where general citizens are banned from carrying guns. In America, there have been only four exceptions to that rule.


Selling my Vickers HMG [Forgotten Weapons]

Yes, it is a sad thing to do, but it must be done. I am selling my Vickers heavy machine gun. A few details…

The gun is an Australian WWII piece factory refurbished in 1952 and built on a Colt 1918 sideplate, registered and fully transferrable. It is currently set up to run 7.62x54R using steel Russian Maxim belts, and runs like a champ. Before I owned it, it belonged to a local dealer who kept it as a safe queen. It is in mechanically excellent consition, and aesthetically very good condition (the paint isn’t quite perfect anymore).

It includes:

  • Caliber conversion for 7.62x54R (chamber reamed 303 barrel, CNC-cut extractor, my own handiwork opening up the feedblock)
  • Caliber conversion for .303 British, plus a second .303 barrel (unmodified brass feedblock)
  • Caliber conversion for 8mm Mauser (Turkish feedblock and extractor, B.Blindee barrel)
  • Original tripod and pintle, both in excellent working order
  • Original Lithgow transit case (dual purpose, for Vickers and Lewis guns)
  • Spare parts chest with an assortment of spares (see photos below)
  • Original hose and condenser can
  • Flash hider
  • Steel optics mounting bracket (for an indirect fire sight, or mounting anything you can rig up into a dovetail)

I am asking $22,000, due on sales agreement (you pay the tax stamp). I would prefer Arizona pickup or delivery to avoid shipping all this iron, but the buyer and I can work that out.  Gun can be inspected at SAR West, if you would like me to bring it there in a couple weeks.

This is an excellent original gun, and will make an ideal investment as well as a wonderful shooter. Parts are easy to come by since the Vickers was in service essentially unchanged for 55+ years (leaving aside the parts you will already have and the fact that Vickers guns don’t break parts). I will happily defend the position that it is the best heavy MG ever built. If you want even more caliber options, South African kits in 7.62 NATO are out there, as well as Colt kits in .30-06. If you want the queen of machine guns, this is it.

I will consider serious offers, and would also consider partial trades for a good running Chauchat or a Type 99 Nambu (dewat would be fine). Email me at and let’s find this warhorse a new home! All NFA rules apply, of course. No sales outside the US.

Now, a gazillion photos:

Complete setup:

img_8533 img_8534 img_8535 img_8537 img_8538 img_8539 img_8543 img_8544 img_8545 img_8546 img_8550 img_8551 img_8552 img_8553 img_8554 img_8555 img_8556 img_8542


img_8530 img_8488 img_8489 img_8490 img_8491 img_8492 img_8493 img_8494 img_8495 img_8496 img_8497 img_8498 img_8499 img_8500 img_8501 img_8502 img_8503 img_8504 img_8505 img_8506 img_8507 img_8508 img_8509 img_8510 img_8511 img_8512 img_8513 img_8514 img_8515 img_8516 img_8518 img_8519 img_8520 img_8521 img_8523 img_8524 img_8525 img_8526 img_8527

Tripod & Pintle:

img_8591 img_8590 img_8589 img_8588 img_8587 img_8585 img_8584 img_8522 img_8579 img_8580 img_8582 img_8583 img_8581


img_8484 img_8485 img_8486 img_8487 img_8528 img_8529 img_8592 img_8593 img_8594 img_8595 img_8597 img_8598 img_8599

Transit case:

img_8559 img_8560 img_8561 img_8562 img_8563 img_8564 img_8565 img_8566 img_8567 img_8568 img_8569 img_8570 img_8571 img_8572 img_8574 img_8575 img_8576 img_8577 img_8578


Armaguerra Model 1939 Semiauto Rifle (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The Italian army actually adopted a semiautomatic rifle in 1939: this Armaguerra Model 1939. It was intended to supplant the M38 Carcano bolt actions, but ultimately never managed to get into mass production.

The rifle was adopted initially in the new 7.35mm cartridge, and then quickly cancelled, as the new cartridge was dropped for logistical and financial reasons. This was not an immediate problem for the company, as they did not have a rifle factory in operation anyway – they began building one in Cremona only after receiving an initial order for 10,000 of the rifles. In the wake of the caliber change, the Armaguerra rifle was quickly redesigned for the 6.5x52mm cartridge. Ultimately only about 100 were made, and the factory was retooled to produce Carcano bolt action rifles instead.

Mechanically, the Armaguerra 1939 is a short recoil action with a pivoting locking block similar in principle to the Walther P38 pistol. It is a sleek weapon, using the front sling swivel as charging handle and thus avoiding any protrusions out from the sides of the action. It feeds from standard Carcano 6-round en bloc clips.


I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Competitive Enterprise Institute produced a wonderful short film called I, Whiskey: The Human Spirit. The film shows how the commerce of whiskey creates human connection.

“I, Whiskey is about freedom, the freedom to connect and create,” said I, Whiskey Executive Producer Richard Morrison. “It tells the story of entrepreneurs, scientists, and bootleggers and celebrates their rebel spirit and colorful history. The Competitive Enterprise Institute loves to show how commerce helps build a flourishing civil society, and telling the story of whiskey is a fun, approachable way to do that.”

“Whiskey is science, chance, time, risk, ingenuity, love, intensity—it’s all in a glass when it’s done right,” said Rick Wasmund, owner of Copper Fox Distillery, the featured interviewee in the movie. “My name’s on the bottle, but I’m not the inventor of whiskey. I’m just a little guy trying to bring something new to the world that people will enjoy. It takes a lot of people and systems to make this work– bottle makers, the label people, the whole sales process, the retail operators - I love the connections that I have all over the country and the world.”
They have now released the film on YouTube and I have embedded it here. It is worth eight minutes of your time to watch.

To find out more about the film and those who brought it together, follow this link.

I enjoyed whiskey tonight in a very Carolina meets Kentucky way - I mixed bourbon (Very Old Barton) with Cheerwine. To me, it is much better than bourbon and Coke.


California: Gun Shows to Continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, November 15, the Board of Directors for the 22nd District Agricultural Association held an informational discussion on the use of the fairgrounds for gun shows.  No action was taken by the Board, nor was a motion made to place this on future agendas, which will allow gun shows to continue at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.


Makarov Pistol New Grip by Russian Company “Dozor” [The Firearm Blog]

Dozor - 660x439Newly founded Russian company Dozor produces a drop-in Makarov pistol grip called “PM Grip Kit”. The new grip is more ergonomic and adds a thumb actuated magazine release lever. Although Dozor grip adds a thumb mag release, it still retains the original heel release. So you can use both ways should you need to. It […]

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Midwest Industries New MLOK Rail For Kriss Vector [The Firearm Blog]

15056414_1110106739057810_1385014404447670624_nMidwest Industries recently posted up their MLOK side rail for the KRISS Vector. No mention on cost or when they will be available.   I like them for how smooth they are. My only issue is that it is a single MLOK slot. This limits your options of what you can put on it. It […]

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The Max Michel BB Pistol from SIG SAUER [The Firearm Blog]

SIG 1911 Max MichelSIG SAUER announced a 1911 style BB pistol that is modeled after the 1911 Max handgun used by Max Michel Jr. Michel is the captain of the company’s competition team: Team SIG. Michel is also a World Speed Shooting Champion and served in the US Army as part of the Army Marksmanship Unit. The 1911 […]

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Hamburg Police (Germany) issuing HK MP5 and Haenel CR223 (AR15) [The Firearm Blog]

cr22223According to several sources, the Police in Hamburg (Germany), are getting new body armor, helmets, armored cars and HK MP5s and Haenel CR223s. The real news here is the issuing of the Haenel CR223, which is a piston driven AR15 style rifle. Hamburger Mobile Einsatzkommando (MEK) is the main unit that will receive this equipment. […]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 4: Submachine Guns, Cont’d [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1077The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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Sunday, 20 November


Rod Bayonet M1903 Springfield (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The US military adopted the Model 1903 Springfield rifle in 1903, replacing the short-lived Krag-Jorgenson rifle. However, the 1903 would undergo some pretty substantial changes in 1905 and 1906 before becoming the rifle we recognize today. The piece in todays video is an original Springfield produced in 1904, before any of these changes took place.

The most notable difference is the use of the rod bayonet. When the 1903 was in development, the Ordnance Department opined that the bayonet was largely obsolete, and that it was unnecessary to encumber soldiers with a long blade hanging from the belt. Instead, the new rifle would have a retractable spike bayonet that could double as cleaning rod and would be stored in the rifle stock, unobtrusive to the soldier. This ended in 1905 with a critical letter from Theodore Roosevelt (who was Secretary of War at the time). As the rod bayonet was replaced with a traditional blade bayonet, the cartridge would also be improved to a new style spitzer projectile at higher velocity, and the rifles’ stocks, hand guards, and sights redesigned.

In this video I also discuss two often misunderstood elements of the Springfield’s history: heat treating and patent royalties. Are low serial number 1903 Springfields safe to shoot, and why or why not? And did the US government actually pay royalties to Germany for copying Mauser elements in the 1903?


Will the Marine Corps Replace the M4 with the HK416? USMC Evaluates M27 IAR as Standard Issue Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

IAR2Will Heckler & Koch’s HK416 rifle become the most successful assault rifle model of the early 21st Century? It’s starting to look that way. After the French adoption of the HK416F as their standard issue weapon to replace the FAMAS, and a likely Bundeswehr contract for the rifle on the horizon, now the United States […]

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Saturday, 19 November


Mauser C77 Single-Shot Pistol (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The Mauser brothers’ first attempt at a commercial or military handgun was this, the C77 (Construktion 1877) model of single shot pistol. Why a single-shot sidearm in 1877, well into the age of centerfire military revolvers? That is a good question. By the time the design was complete, the Mausers opted (prudently) to not bother submitting it to military trials, as it was clearly already obsolete. However, despite this fact, and a total production of barely a hundred guns, it did apparently develop a small niche reputation as a quite good target pistol.

The C77 is much more complex than a single shot handgun need be, but this complexity did bring some benefits. It was a falling block type of action. With the easy movement of the thumb from a firing grip, the breech could be dropped and an empty case ejected. When a new cartridge was inserted with the other hand, its rim would trip the ejector and automatically close the breech. A manual safety was located conveniently under the firing thumb as well, for those who wanted it. Chambered for the standard Imperial German 10.6mm revolver cartridge, the C77 also had pretty good sights. It’s one flaw as a target gun was a remarkably heavy DAO trigger, akin to the 1879 Reichsrevolver that would be adopted just a few years later.

Despite its less than elegant appearance, the C77 handles quite well, and I can understand it’s appear to a specific group of buyers.


Early Selfloading Rifle Mania Continues: The Chauchat C6 Semiautomatic, with Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

1WGIQ8jThe first nation to begin serious work on the problem of an infantry rifle that could load itself between shots was none other than the then-military superpower of France. In 1886, the French revolutionized the infantry weapon by introducing the smokeless-power, repeating Lebel rifle, and no sooner was the rifle in the hands of the […]

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Friday, 18 November


Eleventh Hour Changes to Federal Firearm Form [NRA-ILA News]

In what will hopefully be one of the final acts of the Obama Administration on firearms, the ATF on Monday announced that its proposed changes to the Form 4473 would go into effect on January 16, 2017, just four days before the inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump.  Form 4473 is the federally mandated form that must be filled out by any person who acquires a firearm from a licensed dealer.


TFBTV: Why We 3 Gun: An Expert and Newbie Discuss The Sport [The Firearm Blog]

3 Gun is a practical shooting event where competitors use a combination of rifles, pistols and shotguns. Miles, a 3-Gun newbie, and Nathan, an expert, discuss various aspects of the growing sport of 3-Gun. Thanks to our sponsors: Ventura Munitions – Retailer of quality ammunition. Proxibid – Track Down Your Perfect Rifle On

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Review: Henry Frontier Lever Action Octagon Barrel .22 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

PB100095I’ve always enjoyed lever action rifles and most of you readers know that. From my childhood to the present they have been a favorite companion in the woods and on the range. In short, they are just fun and surprisingly accurate. This Henry is the Frontier model. With it’s 20 inch octagon barrel it’s a […]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 3: Submachine Guns [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1062The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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New grips from Henning Custom (Tanfoglio / EAA Witness) [The Firearm Blog]

TanfoJoakim at the shooting team JM Works Sweden posted this experience and he let us share it: “Just got new grips from Henning Custom for my Tanfoglio Limited Custom. A really nice upgrade from his previous grips.” “The old style Henning grips have a good grip, but they are quite wide beneath the beaver tail.” […]

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Guinness Refuses to Validate NRA World Record [NRA-ILA News]

Biggest barf bag collection; largest dog wedding ceremony; most nationalities in a sauna; fastest toilet. When it comes to the Guinness Book of World Records it seems no feat is too frivolous, or downright silly for their record books. However, it appears there’s simply no room in Guinness’ annals if the achievement is a responsible celebration of the right to keep and bear arms.


Right-to-Carry Permit Holder Saves Officer from Violent Attack; Continues Tradition of Armed Citizens Assisting Law Enforcement [NRA-ILA News]

Law enforcement is at its best when police can rely on the support of the communities they serve to assist in their fight against crime. This cooperation between citizens and police can come in many forms, however, this week witnessed a profound instance of citizen support for law enforcement when a Right-to-Carry permit holder came to the defense a law enforcement officer in Lee County, Fla.


Recent Study of Physician Political Bias Shows Importance of Florida Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act [NRA-ILA News]

In June, the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of appeals heard oral arguments in Wollschlaeger v. Florida, a case challenging the NRA-supported Florida Firearm Owners’ Privacy Act, which the Florida Legislature enacted in 2011 to ensure the privacy of gun owners during interactions with health care professionals. The 11th Circuit has yet to issue their opinion in the case, however, a recent study by researchers from Yale University lends credence to the concerns that led to this important privacy legislation.


Howard Stern Backs Trump’s Plan for Interstate Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Law [NRA-ILA News]

Radio talk show host and entertainment icon Howard Stern used the considerable reach of his SiriusXM platform on Tuesday to voice his support for a national interstate concealed carry reciprocity law.  This law has been NRA’s number one legislative agenda item for several years. And with the election of Donald Trump as president, as well as pro-gun majorities in both houses of the U.S. Congress, the prospects for such a law have never looked better.


POTD: Lionheart LH9N [The Firearm Blog]

lio-lh9-beauty-webLionheart Industries imports K5 pistols from S&T Daewoo, The LH9 is the American version of the k5. It has similar styling to a Sig pistol but it has a Double Action + system. You rack the slide and flip the safety on. Then manually push the hammer forward. Then when you want to fire the […]

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DuraDize – New DuraCoat Spray On Finishing Product [The Firearm Blog]

DuraDizeGun finishes have gone through a bit of a renaissance in recent years as companies like DuraCoat and Cerakote have opened up the color palette and allow companies and hobbyists to be very creative with their firearms. Traditional bluing, Parkerizing and other finishes are still very popular. But for many people, applying a custom camo […]

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Tumultuous Week Reinforces Importance of Trump’s Election Victory [NRA-ILA News]

To say supporters of Hillary Clinton are not taking her stunning loss in last Tuesday’s election well would be an understatement. Their reaction has been more akin to mass hysteria.  Although no legitimate group is contesting the validity of the election results, protests – some violent – have caused property damage, snarled traffic, and involved at least one shooting (by reputed “gang associates” armed with a Tec-9). Agitators have stoked rage and panic with fake “hate” incidents. Democrats are lashing out at senior party leaders. Pro-Clinton college students have collapsed into anguish, unable to handle their academic responsibilities. High school students have walked out of school en masse. People have taken to social media to openly call for Trump’s assassination and the assault of his wife, and a college lecturer talked about shooting white people.   And in one particularly disturbing incident, a mother brutally shamed her 7-year-old son in an online video for voting for Trump in a mock election at his elementary school, insisting he was no longer welcome at home.


Kenya Burns 5,000+ Guns [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4845Before you shed any tears, I want you to review the attached pictures and see if there are any rifles you would have saved from destruction in Kenya. A cursory search shows at least a few Yugoslavian AKs, HK-91s and maybe even a single shot break-action H&R rifle or shotgun. Emotions aside, low temperature burning is […]

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Federal “Smart Gun” Standards Set a High Bar [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the National Institute of Justice, a component of the U.S. Department of Justice, released a document entitled, “Baseline Specifications for Law Enforcement Service Pistols with Security Technology.”


More JAMA Flim-Flam: Flawed Study Takes Aim at “Stand Your Ground” [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the Journal of the American Medical Association’s (JAMA) online Internal Medicine Network published a “study” by a team of academics in England that purports to analyze “the Impact of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Self-defense Law on Homicide and Suicide by Firearm,” with the authors concluding, “implementation of Florida’s stand your ground self-defense law was associated with a significant increase in homicides and homicides by firearm but no change in rates of suicide or suicide by firearm.”


Gift Idea: AR-15 “Build Box” [The Firearm Blog]

ar155_build_box_completeI am sure I mirror many Modern Sporting Rifle enthusiasts in my zeal to maintain organization. After years of builds parts can scatter to the organizational wind. Putting together new builds was becoming frustrating, especially with the variety of MSR parts to review. Handguards, pistol grips, and other items were donned and doffed with regularity. […]

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Alito’s guideline on issues of Americans’ liberties: ‘What would Scalia do?’ [NRA-ILA News]

In a speech before the conservative Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention, Alito did not mention the election or the vacancy on the court. But he listed the issues that concern him, including gun rights and alleged overreach by government agencies, and said they should be answered with this thought in mind: “What would Scalia do?”


Justice Thomas Calls Conservatives to Continue Scalia's Work [NRA-ILA News]

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas says conservatives should make the work of the late Justice Antonin Scalia a "prologue" in the effort to limit the power of the courts and other branches of government.


Gun Rights Activists See Bright Future for Federal Courts [NRA-ILA News]

Gun rights activists are excited about the future of the nation’s federal courts.Gun advocates are focusing on who President-elect Donald Trump will appoint to the Supreme Court’s current vacancy.


Reconsider stun gun bans [NRA-ILA News]

Jaime Caetano started carrying a stun gun after multiple restraining orders against her violent ex-boyfriend failed to keep him away. One night outside her Massachusetts workplace, Caetano was confronted by the man, who towered over her by about a foot, outweighed her by nearly 100 pounds and began screaming that she should be home with their kids.She displayed the stun gun, told him she didn’t want to use it but warned, “If you don’t leave me alone, I’m gonna have to.” The threat worked. The man left her alone.


Without gun rights, Texans would be serfs, not citizens [NRA-ILA News]

Firearms and Texans. Texans and firearms. There are few words in the popular lexicon that go together with greater ease than these. Our history tells us why, and our treasured historical documents remove any doubt. These same documents also rebut the claim by the anti-gun left that the NRA and evil gun manufacturers are to blame for Texans' belief that the right to arms is God-given, and that without that right we would be serfs, not citizens.


If it's more gun regulation you want, how about some evidence that it might help? [NRA-ILA News]

By all means, let's discuss this. And when we do, I'd ask respectfully of those who would argue for more regulation: Please offer more than great passion and it-stands-to-reason logic. Offer something approaching evidence that this new stricture or that one will yield the desired result of stopping guns from reaching the wrong hands -- and without infringing on the aforementioned constitutional right to own weapons.


California: Kern County high school district votes to let teachers bring guns to campus [NRA-ILA News]

Kern High School District trustees voted 3-2 Thursday to allow teachers and certificated staffers with Concealed Carry Weapon permits to bring guns to campuses.


N.J. should require photo I.D., electronic tracking for ammo sales, commission says [NRA-ILA News]

The commission acknowledged that tightening New Jersey's laws "will not unilaterally solve what is a complex interstate problem," noting that the Garden State is one of just four states that require a firearms ID to buy ammo, and those looking to circumvent New Jersey law can head to Pennsylvania or Delaware, where there are no such restrictions.


TFB EXCLUSIVE: FBI Says SIG Romeo4M Red Dot Is Good As An Aimpoint | Approved For Duty! [The Firearm Blog]

maxresdefaultIt is no secret that SIG Sauer suffered a pretty large blow to the P320 series of pistols when the FBI selected a modified version of the Austrian Glock. I thought that just about everything was lost for SIG and their ambitions of landing Gov approval of their use by federal law enforcement officers. Since the move […]

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Would-be-thief is held at gunpoint by homeowners in Grayson County [NRA-ILA News]

The homeowners turn the tables on a would-be-thief in Grayson County. Police say they received a call on Wednesday about two men holding another man at gunpoint near the 2400 block of Pleasant Hill Road in Falls of Rough. The homeowners were told from a neighbor their home had been burglarized. When they came home to check the would-be thief was in their front yard. The homeowners confronted the suspect,19 year old Dakota Daley. Daley started to run but was stopped when the men drew their weapons. Authorities say Daley had the items that were stolen from the home. He was taken to the Grayson County Detention Center and charged with second-degree burglary.


Homeowner fires shot in attempted burglary [NRA-ILA News]

Birmingham police are investigating an attempted burglary where the homeowner fired a shot at the suspect.


Garfield Heights store employee thwarts robbery by shooting at armed man [NRA-ILA News]

A Garfield Heights convenience store employee thwarted a robbery by shooting at an armed man, police said. No one was hurt during the Wednesday incident at Dairy Mart on Turney Road, according to a police report.


One Arrested After Stabbing During Home Invasion [NRA-ILA News]

Lexington Police are continuing their investigation this morning into a stabbing in Lexington. The assault happened about 8:30 p.m. Tuesday on Henton Road near West Main Street. A woman told police a known man tried to break into her home. The woman said the man, identified by police as 27-year-old Aylette J. Gibbins, stabbed her boyfriend.


Victim And Suspect Shot In Overnight Home Invasion [NRA-ILA News]

Memphis police say a man and a suspected robber are both in the hospital after a home invasion overnight. It happened about 12:15 a.m. in the 6100 block of Knight Arnold in Hickory Hill.


Abbeville store owner shoots back at armed assailant [NRA-ILA News]

An altercation in front of a convenience store in Abbeville lead to a shooting Tuesday night and friends and family of the owner say he hates what happened, but he had to protect his family.


Clerk at Sherman grocery shoots machete-wielding man [NRA-ILA News]

According to a statement from the SPD, the store clerk told dispatchers that he had just been attacked in the parking lot by a person known to him. The suspect had chased the victim with a machete. The clerk said he shot at the suspect. The suspect was last seen running on foot in the alley behind the store.


What Makes the SMLE Conducive to the “Mad Minute?” [The Firearm Blog]

CapturePrior to the advent of service semi-automatic weapons, the SMLE or “Lee-Enfield” rifle was the king of rapid fire. In fact, soldiers of the Crown practiced the “Mad Minute” which involved firing well-aimed shots as fast as possible. Results were remarkable, almost up to semi-automatic performance. Per Wikipedia: The first Mad Minute record was set by […]

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Homeowner shoots would-be burglar [NRA-ILA News]

Authorities say an 18-year-old man has been shot after allegedly trying to break into a residence in Buckeye, west of Phoenix.


French C6 Long-Recoil Prototype Semiauto Rifle (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

France began working on developing military self-loading rifles virtually as soon as the 1886 Lebel was adopted, and they would pursue a pretty elaborate series of trials right up to World War I. One series was developed by Etienne Meunier at the Artillery Technical Section using gas operated mechanisms, and designated the A series. The B series was the work of M. Rossignol at the Musketry School, using mostly direct gas impingement systems. The C series was designed by Louis Chauchat and M. Sutter at the Puteaux Arsenal, and these were long-recoil actions. Trials commenced in 1911 and 1912 on the latest rifles from each series, and ultimately none was judged really ready for military service – although the A6 Meunier would be produced in small numbers (about a thousand) and issued in 1916.

This particular rifle is a C6, from Chauchat and Sutter. The C7 was in the formal testing, and this C6 is a very similar rifle. It uses a long recoil action, a unique locking system with two pivoting locking lugs somewhat similar to the Kjellman system, and a remarkably powerful 7mm rimless cartridge fed from 6-round Mannlicher type clips. It was deemed too complicated at trial, not surprisingly.


12 Hidden Features of the AK-47 Cleaning Kit [The Firearm Blog]

K-47 Cleaning Kit - 660x420Well, a cleaning kit is for cleaning the gun, right? Of course! However, AK cleaning kit has several built-in “hidden” features. Some of them are intentionally put into the original design, others are invented by the users of AK rifles. You can watch all these alternative uses of the cleaning kit, as well as a […]

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IMR Announces New Powders [The Firearm Blog]

2017 IMR Family 1LB LRIMR Legendary Powders announced a group of new propellants for the coming year. With simple names like Red and Target, the new powders will cover the needs of a range of handgun cartridge and shotshell reloaders. The five new powders are: IMR Target – fast burning pistol powder with fine grain, small flakes IMR Red […]

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The Honey Badger Is BACK? Meet the New Honey Badger 2.0, from Q [The Firearm Blog]

img_6587Honey badger doesn’t give a crap, it gets right back up like nothing happened. Dormant for two years after Remington’s announcement that it would come to market, the Honey Badger has appeared again, but not with Remington. Pictures “Honey Badger 2.0” from Kevin Brittingham’s new company Q have been posted to, with the cryptic caption […]

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9mm Kalashnikov – The Chiappa AK-9 Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4811The Chiappa AK-9 (or PAK-9) 9mm AK-based pistol is not a new announcement, but at an approximate $425 MSRP, it certainly deserves a strong look. In fact, TFB’s own Miles V. will soon be receiving a test and evaluation unit for an in depth review. One of the AK-9’s biggest selling points, besides the price, […]

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PDQ Ambi Bolt Release Review [The Firearm Blog]

DSC03187I’ve always been an extremely big fan of any AR15 extended right side bolt release, whether it was Magpuls BAD lever, or Knight’s Armament’s integrated design. The sheer simplicity and difference in operation these devices make can cut down reloading time by seconds when used correctly. But not only reloading, but also general weapons manipulation […]

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Thursday, 17 November


Looks like massive vote fraud with absentee ballots in North Carolina [John Lott's Website]

The very close North Carolina gubernatorial election may very well have been decided by vote fraud with absentee ballots.  This might explain why Democrats say that vote fraud doesn't occur:
The North Carolina gubernatorial election between incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Attorney General Roy Cooper has triggered a recount, with Cooper ahead by 5,000 votes. Many more ballots are to be counted, but the whole process is fraught with controversy. Cortney wrote earlier today that there could be some funny business with the vote counts in Durham and Bladen counties. Now, McCrory’s campaign site said they’ve filed election protests in 11 more counties:
Formal protests are being filed to challenge potentially fraudulent absentee ballots cast for Roy Cooper and other Democrats in 11 additional counties. These protests follow the discovery of a North Carolina Democrat Party-funded political action committee which appears to have paid individuals to fill out and witness hundreds of fraudulent absentee ballots for Democrats including Roy Cooper in Bladen County.
This has happened lots of times before.  Here are a couple of past examples, though the Pennsylvania one is most interesting.


Levitttown, PA [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A pizza shop customer armed with a gun shot and killed one robber and injured another as they tried to hold up the Pennsylvania restaurant, according to police.
The shooting happened late Tuesday night at Porfirio's Pizza and Pasta, located in a shopping plaza in Levittown, about 25 miles northeast of Philadelphia.

The customer took out a gun and shot both men after they allegedly pistol-whipped him, Middletown Police Chief Joe Bartorilla told reporters.
One suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The second suspect was taken to a hospital. His condition was not immediately available.
Remember this wisdom from the gun controllers: you will never draw a gun fast enough on someone whose gun is already out.


Coweta County, GA [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

Just as Elaine Stiehl, 78, was about to take her nap, she heard a noise coming from the front of her home, Coweta County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Lt. Col. James Yarbrough told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
Stiehl grabbed her pistol, loaded it and stepped into the hallway to find two men, who allegedly broke into her home, police said.
Yarbrough said the men, Thomas Allen Linder and John Michael O’Neal, saw the gun, ran out of the home and got into an SUV driven by Anne Renee Dearman. The trio sped off, but police later found them heading north on I-85, Yarbrough said. Two guns, one stolen from out of state, power tools and fur coats were found in the car.


Bevo, MO: Someone Didn't See Gran Torino [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

ST. LOUIS - Two men were killed in a double shooting in the Bevo neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, and police said the shooter was the homeowner.
St. Louis Metropolitan Police said the shooting happened on the 4100 block of Taft Avenue at around 4 p.m.
Police said the 73-year-old homeowner was in his garage when he was approached by two armed men. One of the men put his gun to the head of the homeowner and told the homeowner to back up. The homeowner then pulled out his gun taht he had in his pocket and shot the men. 
Police said the men wanted the homeowner's car, and one of the men had a stolen gun.
Both men were pronounced dead at the scene of the shooting. On Wednesday they were identified as 18-year-old Jonathan Warren of Florissant and 20-year-old Lonnie Middlebrook of Ferguson. 
Of Ferguson?


Take A Long-Range Stand []

During the height of the rut, there often is no rhyme or reason as to where and how bucks are traveling during their “chase” mode for does. For this reason a rifleman’s best bet to whack a whopper whitetail is to choose a spot where he has a long field of view.


Remember you’re using a scope-sighted, center-fire rifle fully capable of putting a 165-grain bullet through the boiler room of a buck at 300 yards. Set up to take advantage of that.

During the rut, the more quality deer country you can “cover” with your rifle, the more likely your success.


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Find Does, Yearlings For Buck Rut Hunting []

Anywhere there are family groups of does and yearlings is a good place to take a stand during the rut. Locate a thicket where a dozen or more does are habitually bedding, and you can’t find a better spot to watch for a good buck when the rut kicks in.


Make your hunting stand in a place well away from the doe haven, in a spot where you can watch deer moving into and out of the site.

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Stalk The Rut []

You don’t have to be Daniel Boone to slip through the woods and get close enough to a buster buck to shoot him — at least during the rut when even monster whitetails are vulnerable. You can combine stand hunting with stalking, by being on stand at dawn and dusk, stalking during mid-day hours.


It’s usually best to stillhunt “edges” like ridge sides, a grass or dirt logging road that travels a ridge top just above a tangled creek draw or bottom, or slipping along fields just inside the timberline. A creek draw also can be a great place to stillhunt, stopping periodically to peer over the top and watch for whitetails. Stop often to use binoculars and listen for deer moving through the woods. Sit on a log or stump from time to time to watch and wait, then stay on the move.

Stalking is especially fruitful when weather conditions help conceal your movements. A slightly drizzly day that blankets the leaves with foot-silencing moisture is great for stalking. Same with snow or sleet. A day when the wind is howling is prime for stalking, too. Just keep the wind in your favor, and move carefully, quietly and frequently use your optics.

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Watch: New Airless/Flat Proof Bicycle Tires []

Ever had a flat tire on your bike? I have, and it’s no fun at all… especially when you’ve hit a patch of prickly pear cactus and you end up with too many holes in the tube to patch. Well, someone has come up with a couple new models of bike tires that provide flexibility and shock absorption without the need for inflation.

For reasons I cannot explain, two separate companies have been created for these two types of tires. Why not one company with two models? I have no idea… but word has it, these folks were running a bike shop and decided that there had to be a better way than repairing/replacing/throwing away so many tires and tubes, so they conjured up these two types of tires.

Ever Tires have holes in the sides and a network of interior structure that allows for good flexibility without the need for inflation. This should translate to fewer jolts while riding, unlike those solid tires we all had on our tricycles back in the day. They say it’s made of “a patented polymer blend that is durable and pliable without being subject to the weaknesses of rubber tubes or tires.”


They’re guaranteed to last at least 5,000 miles — which is a looong ways to ride a bike, if you’re me. They say, “That’s like riding from San Francisco to Washington DC and back again.” They also say “you can be puncture proof in less than 5 minutes.” Gotta love that.


The catch is that you’ll need to replace your wheel as well as the tire, so it’s likely to be a pretty good investment to swap over from old-school pneumatic tires.

Nexo Tires are “for those who put on a few more miles and have a few more gears.” The solid-looking tires lack the holes of the Ever design, and they say Nexo tires “handle, perform, and brake nearly as well as a standard road bike tire.” I call them “solid-looking” because they actually have itty-bitty cells inside, which allow them to be flexible but tough.


Nexo tires are sold individually, so you can install them on your wheels. They use a system of plastic T-bolts that engage with the portion of the wheel rim that “grabs” the bead of a standard tire.


Pretty cool. Both tires are currently listed under one Kickstarter campaign, so maybe they’re part of one company after all. Either way, this could be a great stride towards making bike tires more durable and thus better-suited for off-road use — and after all, isn’t the great outdoors better when you can get away from roads?

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Review: Browning Billy 1500 Lumbar Hunting Pack []

After using a basic Duluth Pack All Day Lumbar Pack for the past few deer seasons, I learned to love lumbar packs. Easier access while on the stand or in the blind, much easier to take on/off than a backpack, and the fact that you can strap excess clothing on top without turning yourself into the jolly green giant all conspired to make me a believer.

When I saw the new hunting packs from Browning at the last SHOT Show, I promptly ordered a Browning Billy 1500 Lumbar Pack, and have been using it this deer season.

There are ups and downs with any product; here are my pros and cons:


  • Convenient grab handle on top of pack.
  • Shoulder straps carry the weight.
  • Comfortable.
  • Hip strap keeps the pack from bouncing or swinging around.
  • Interior pockets are thoughtfully designed.
  • Nice zipper pulls, and one zipper is silent.
  • Side pocket on hip strap rides on right hip and can be accessed while wearing the pack (this pocket has the silent Hypo-Sonic zipper).
  • Water repellent.
  • Well-made and durable.


  • Strap from shoulder harness down to the main pack gets in the way of the main pack opening.
  • Most of the zippers are noisy.
  • Imported (made in Vietnam).
  • Hip strap buckle can be noisy and clank on a climbing stand.

The Real Story

This pack is well-made and thoughtfully designed. So much so that I may end up using it more often than the more costly Duluth pack. While I appreciate the simplicity of the Duluth pack, there’s something to be said for internal compartments inside, to keep often-accessed items from becoming buried. I know just where to reach when I need hand warmers, batteries, pruners, folding hand saw, etc.

I use the dual beverage holders, one of which has a zipper closure, for a water bottle and a pee bottle when I’m hunting deer. The hip strap compartment has that sweet Hypo-Sonic silent zipper, which I love.

But Alas! All of the other zippers are traditional zippers, and therefore are noisy. For that reason, I do my best to unzip all of those zippers when I get to where I’m hunting, to avoid making excess noise after the woods calm down.

The fabric zipper pulls are well-made and won’t rattle, and that’s always appreciated.

Once the day warms up, I can shed a layer or two and easily slip that clothing between the strap that descends from the shoulder harness to support the rest of the pack. Once I have the pack on my back, gravity causes that strap to hold my jacket securely. I’m talking about the center strap, which came from the factory routed through the top grab handle as in the photo below (unlike the images above).

(Photo: Browning)

(Photo: Browning)

I just wish that strap had a quick-release buckle, because it is right in the way when I open the main compartment. Being able to pop that strap loose when I’m on stand would be a huge improvement.

A large carabiner clip that I added to the top grab handle means that I can usually hang this pack from just about any deer stand with no problem, without putting stress on the “lid” of the main compartment. Some packs dangle by other means, which can be pretty inconvenient.

If you like hydration packs, such as Camelbak et al, this pack has got you covered.

All in all, I can’t find too much to dislike about this pack, and if you know me you know that’s notable.

Street prices vary widely; I’ve seen it for anywhere from $80 to $180 — so shop around before you buy.

Manufacturer Specs

  • BaumShell fabric reduces noise for stealthy stalking
  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) coating for performance in wet conditions
  • Asymmetrical waist belt design increases the size of the storage pocket
  • Tri-vent padding makes for a breathable, comfortable back panel
  • Hunter-specific organization system
  • Center of gravity carry allows you to log more miles
  • Infinite loop suspension
  • HyposonicTM closure
  • Cam buckle
  • Low-profile lash points
  • Rain flap
  • Pass-through side and front pockets
  • 1,500 cu.-in. (24.5-liter) capacity
  • Measures 15″ x 12″ x 16″
  • Weighs 2.5 lbs

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SilencerCo, USMC M27 Product Placement [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 3.40.50 PMFirearms product placement within Hollywood movies always provides a fascinating look into how firearms are portrayed on the big screen. In this case, we have two firsts when it comes to product placement, that of the H&K M27 IAR, and the Radius from SilencerCo. Man Down is a recent movie coming out portraying the struggle […]

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Iraqi Firearms Engraver Noori Sabeh [The Firearm Blog]

13434856_105339319892155_3999148569337702489_nNoori Sabeh (نوري النقاش) is a professional engraver in Iraq who has made his presence on social media with some excellent engraving work considering the lack of access to materials and tools otherwise very prevalent in Europe and North America. The majority of his work is focused on traditional wood and metal engraving of various bolt […]

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POTD: P40 Warhawk Style Firearms [The Firearm Blog]

15056451_729238320574761_5681517635674784686_nThe P40 Warhawk was the first aircraft to don the infamous sharkmouth. It has been seen on other aircraft like the P51 and A10 Warthog. Some creative minds have taken this theme and applied it to firearms. The photo above was done by KM3 Solutions on a customer’s Sig P226 Legion. Below is a painted […]

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Makeshift .50 BMG ISIS Sniper Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

15123388_1065093796937019_8154495987018746871_oEast Asia and the Middle East are full of garage gunsmiths and homemade firearms. With the current conflict in Syria and Iraq it seems like lots of homemade guns are being found on the battlefield. Some of them seem decently well made, and some just seem odd. The one below seems outright dangerous, to the […]

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Firefield Impact Mini Reflex Sight [The Firearm Blog]

FirefieldFirefield is selling a new miniature reflex sight that is weather resistant and affordably priced. Called the Impact Mini Reflext Sight, this unit is a 1x optic with a 5 MOA reticle. According to the company, the reticle can be adjusted to one of five different brightness settings. Firefield constructed the body of 6061-T6 aluminum and […]

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Teen wrestles gun from accused sex offender found hiding under stairs [NRA-ILA News]

A strange noise reportedly led a local family to find an accused sex offender hiding under their stairs. According to an arrest warrant, Leonard Trevino was under a flight of stairs at a home in the 700 block of Virgin Oak when the family heard their dog barking. Trevino emerged with a gun and demanded to be let into the house on Nov. 10, according to the warrant. The mother and son living at that address reportedly fought with the armed suspect.


Homeowner wrestles burglary suspect for gun [NRA-ILA News]

Wichita Police said a burglary suspect is in surgical intensive care Tuesday after forcing his way into a home and getting shot by the homeowner. Police said a 39-year-old man and his girlfriend were sitting at their 1400 E. Morris home when someone knocked on the front door just before 11 p.m. Monday. A 30-year-old man with a gun then forced his way into the home. The homeowner managed to wrestle with the suspect, take the gun and shoot the suspect. A second individual who showed up with the suspect ran away and has not been found.


Burglar caught by homeowner at gunpoint after failed jewelry heist [NRA-ILA News]

A man was escorted out of a home at gunpoint to the waiting arms of the law early Tuesday morning. According to a North Charleston Police report, officers responded to a home on Easy Street for reports of a burglary in progress. They were met by the homeowner who walked out with the suspect at gunpoint. The suspect was ordered to the ground and was arrested.


Inside the M4 – 4K Ultra HD – With Vickers Tactical [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureEven since the resounding success of the “Inside the AK” videos (Part 1 and Part 2), Larry Vickers has been at it hard with additional cut-away firing models of popular weapon systems. The previous release of the 1911, sponsored by Wilson Combat, was and is an utterly georgous example of shooting, machining, and video editing. […]

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Customer Shoots Two Robbers In Pizza Shop [NRA-ILA News]

A customer inside Porfirio’s II Pizza in the Skyline Shopping Center in Levittown shot two alleged robbers Tuesday night. Joseph Bartorilla, chief of police for Middletown, said that one of the robbery suspects was dead and laying on the floor of the pizza shop at the corner of Veterans Highway (Route 413) and Trenton Road while another was in serious condition and being transferred from St. Mary Medical Center to a Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia.


Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act [Of Arms and the Law]

Received an email from NSSF:

"Call Your U.S. Representative's Chief of Staff and politely insist that Congress act on the Energy Conference report that contains the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act. Please CALL TODAY before Congress takes up the Continuing Resolution to fund the federal government past Dec. 9."

Here's a summary of the bill:

The Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act is reauthorized through FY2025. The North American Wetlands Conservation Act and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Establishment Act are reauthorized through FY2020.

Components of firearms and ammunition and sport fishing equipment and its components (such as lead sinkers) are exempted from regulations of chemical substances under the Toxic Substances Control Act.

The proportion of funding from the Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Act that states may use for public target ranges is increased.

Interior must issue permits for the importation of polar bear parts taken in sports hunts in Canada before May 15, 2008, which is the date the species was listed as threatened.

The bill revises standards for determining what a baited area is for purposes of the prohibition on taking migratory game birds.

Federal public land management officials must facilitate hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting on certain federal public land. Land under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management or the Forest Service must be open for hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting unless the managing agency acts to close the land.

This bill provides special rules to expand access to federal land and waterways for film crews of five people or fewer.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers may not prohibit individuals from possessing a firearm in public areas of a water resources development project. The National Park Service may not prohibit individuals from transporting bows and crossbows if certain requirements are met.

Funds from the Land and Water Conservation Fund are allocated for priority projects that secure public access to federal public lands for hunting, fishing, and other recreational purposes.


Splitting (Wax) Slugs with a (Cheap) Samurai Sword [The Firearm Blog]

Just when you think that Taofeldermaus is going to run out of things to shoot with things, he manages to find yet another absurd (yet utterly entertaining) thing to shoot with another thing. This time up, its a Katana or what looks to be a reasonably cheap knock-off sword taking on a 12 gauge. If […]

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Obama administration gives specifications for smart gun tech [NRA-ILA News]

The Obama administration is announcing baseline specifications for smart-gun technology.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein will lead Democrats as they take on Trump’s Supreme Court nominees [NRA-ILA News]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein — who has taken on the gun industry, the CIA and civil-liberties advocates in her own party during her long tenure in the Senate — will lead Democrats’ scrutiny of President-elect Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominees for at least the next two years.


What to Make of the New Study of Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law [NRA-ILA News]

On Monday, the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a paper on American self-defense law so fundamentally flawed that it is hard to view its publication as anything other than an act of propaganda.


California: KHSD to force CCW gun vote in unusual special session [NRA-ILA News]

In an unusual move, Kern High School District officials are preparing to force a vote over whether to allow teachers to arm themselves, calling a special session Thursday, prior to the departure of trustee Chad Vegas, a strong proponent of the policy, who leaves office next month.


Massachusetts: Council backs court nominee criticized by gun rights group [NRA-ILA News]

The judicial nomination of a top deputy to Attorney General Maura Healey was narrowly approved Wednesday by the Governor's Council, over the objections of gun rights advocates opposed to Healey's crackdown on so-called copycat assault weapons.


Colt Sidehammer “Root” Dragoon Prototype (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

During the development of the 1860 Army revolver, Colt did consider mechanical options other than simply scaling up the 1851 Navy pattern. One of these, as evidenced by this Colt prototype, was an enlarged version of the 1855 Pocket, aka Root, revolver. That 1855 design used a solid frame and had been the basis for Colt’s revolving rifles and shotguns, and so it would be natural to consider it for use in a .44-caliber Army revolver. How extensive the experimentation was is not known, and I believe this is the only known surviving prototype of a Dragoon-size 1855 pistol. It survives in excellent shape, and is a really neat glimpse at what might have been…


Gun Control Never Sleeps [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

While President Obama is taking a valedictory tour of Europe, his minions in the Justice Department are still hard at work trying to establish his gun control legacy. The National Institute of Justice released their final baseline specifications that outline the minimums required for a "smart gun" (sic) if it is to be used by law enforcement. Their efforts on this were in response to a Presidential Memorandum that President Obama issued to the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, and Justice in January 2016 ordering them to promote "smart gun" technology.

The new release from DOJ is below:

November 16, 2016
For more than two decades, the federal government and the private sector have grappled with a basic question of firearm engineering:  Can modern technology make guns safer—or “smarter”—without sacrificing the reliability, durability and accuracy that owners expect from their firearms?
In January 2016, as part of the administration’s ongoing efforts to combat gun violence, President Obama directed the Departments of Justice (DOJ), Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DOD) to answer that question.  Three months later, in April 2016, the three agencies submitted a report to the president outlining a multi-pronged strategy to expand and encourage the development of advanced gun safety technology.  Today, the Administration is taking a significant step forward to implement that strategy: by releasing a final version of “baseline specifications” that outlines, for the first time, a detailed description of the minimum technical requirements that law enforcement agencies expect from smart gun technology.  
The baseline specifications were drafted by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) – DOJ’s research, development and evaluation agency – in partnership with a team of firearms experts at DOJ and DHS.  Throughout the development process, NIJ sought input from a wide range of stakeholders, including federal, state and local law enforcement, firearms manufacturers and technology experts.  Among other steps, in July 2016, NIJ published a draft version of the specifications in the Federal Register and invited feedback during a 60-day public comment period.  In addition, in August 2016, NIJ hosted a two-day conference in Washington, D.C., with representatives from law enforcement agencies to discuss smart gun technology and review the draft document.
As the April 2016 report to the president made clear, this project was designed to spur the growth of enhanced gun safety technology—and not to mandate that any particular individual or law enforcement agency adopt the technology once developed.  These voluntary specifications serve several purposes:  they provide clear guidance to potential manufacturers about what government purchasers require in their firearms; they serve as a standard against which existing technology can be measured, making it possible to identify what research and development gaps remains; and they allow federal, state and local governments to demonstrate that demand for smart guns may exist—if certain operational requirements are met.  By engaging law enforcement experts in this process, NIJ has produced a final document that both reflects the exacting demands of law enforcement officers and advances the goal of expediting the real-world deployment of smart gun technology.
The final 25 page report can be found here.

Take this as a reminder that we need to remain hypervigilant in the waning days of the Obama Administration. The only reason that this popped up on my radar is that I got an email from the Brady Campaign applauding this move (and asking for money).

Come the afternoon of January 20, 2017, this is one of the many Executive Orders and Memorandum that needs to be discarded. Let the market forces decide whether or not to proceed with so-called smart gun technology and get government out of it. Moreover, we need to work in the states to repeal those laws that mandate the sale of such firearms.


Metal Storm – What May Have Been And May Be [The Firearm Blog]

vle045Metal Storm was a brand name for a an emerging electronic ignition concept pioneered just before and actively marketed after the turn of the century. Known for its ability for near insane rates of fire, the technology peaked around 2003 and fizzled commercially with bankruptcy in 2012. Funny name aside, Metal Storm was and still […]

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CHAMPION Debuts Their Workhorse Electronic Trap [The Firearm Blog]

Workhorse Electronic TrapChampion Traps & Targets likely asked themselves some hard questions when developing the Workhorse Electronic Trap. What is the biggest hindrance to shooters using an automated thrower?… The sheer size. What else deters shooters from buying automated throwers?… The big price tag. Champion hopes to have solved both of these issues in their newest trap […]

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Ukraine adopts “Malyuk” bullpup rifle ? [The Firearm Blog]

Malyuk - 660x370Ukroboronprom (Ukrainian defense industry organization) made an announcement about Malyuk bullpup rifle successfully passing government tests. They’ve already started manufacturing it. It is a bit confusing because they don’t literally state that the gun is adopted. However, passing all government tests and trials and being put into large-scale production usually means that. Malyuk is a heavily modified […]

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An Affordable Suppressor from Radical Firearms [The Firearm Blog]

20161106_105740-768x439Jeremy S. at The Truth About Guns reviews an affordable AR-15 suppressor from Radical Firearms that retails for around $350 and comes with a generous lifetime warranty. Jeremy writes … First, some stats. The RF 5.56 is made entirely from 316L stainless steel. It’s 7 inches long, 1.5 inches in diameter, and it weighs 20.7 ounces on […]

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Taurus CT40 Goes Full Auto Without Trigger Pull [The Firearm Blog]

CT9Brazil is having another issue with a Taurus firearm. This time it is a Taurus CT40. The CT40 is a pistol caliber carbine. This video was posted by Forças Policiais do Brasil. The shooter demonstrates this malfunction by loading a magazine. While keeping his right hand away from the trigger, he pulls the charging handle […]

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The New TBRCi Glock Micro Comp [The Firearm Blog]

Micro-Comp-04Whenever someone asks what budget priced sports car they should buy car guys usually say, “buy a Miata.” In the gun world whenever someone ask a similar question but about what handgun to buy it’s, “buy a Glock.” Both a Miata and Glock have been around for almost the same time, both are cheap and […]

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Wednesday, 16 November


BREAKING: NRA moves High Power Matches to Camp Atterbury [The Firearm Blog]

m1a2010dIn a move that will most likely resonate deeply around the entire NRA precision and rifle competition folks if fully approved in January of 2017, the NRA sponsored Civilian Marksmanship Program High Power matches will be moved from their traditional location in Camp Perry, Ohio where they have been held since 1907, to Camp Atterbury […]

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The Fine Print: A History of Camouflage, Episode 1 [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I have been a fan of Professor Roy Behrens and his blog Camoupedia since I first stumbled across it. He has been researching the links between camouflage and art for the last 45 years. Some of that work is highlighted in this recently released video which features interviews with him and with LTC Tim O'Neill who is considered the father of digital camo.

His studies on the dazzle camo first found on ships during World War One can be found in his book Ship Shape, a Dazzle Camouflage Sourcebook: An Anthology of Writings About Ship Camouflage During World War I.


Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The quote of the day is actually a Letter to the Editor that appeared in today's Wall Street Journal. I agree with the writer of the letter. I think Mr. Hull captured what many of us feel and think about the violence going on since Mr. Trump was elected.

As I watch the riots around the nation, I wonder who is “deplorable” now?
Don Hull
Cannon Beach, Ore.


One to Watch: AG Russell Light’n Bug []

You never get something for nothing, but in this case, you’ll be delighted because your getting nothing for something.  That is, you get no unnecessary baloney, and some very good basics, all for a reasonable price.

Over the years I have been repeatedly delighted by AG Russell designs.  The Medium Barlow is a wickedly clever blade.  The Skorpion was very competitive in the mid-tier market.  And the Acies, despite a few design snags, was quite competent.  The Light’n Bug looks to continue that trend.  The knife has all of the classic Russell design hallmarks–simple, familiar blade shape; great blade to handle ratio; and surprisingly low weight.  I am not thrilled with the steel choice–8Cr13MoV is a bit below par for a $75.  On the other hand, the knife looks like it would cost three times as much.

AG Russell has been designing and producing EDC knives for more than thirty years before that term came into existence.  He is primarily known for traditional folders, but he has done quite a few modern blades and every one that I have reviewed has been at the very least good.  Some were noteworthy because of beguiling mechanisms, like the One-Handed Knife.  Others, like 3 Inch Titanium Lockback, blew me away in terms of materials (mother of pearl and black lip pearl, seamlessly integrated into a handle for $80 is pretty crazy).  There is always something special with an AG Russell design–a clever feature, fit and finish worth two or three times the price, or incredibly solid specs.


For me, the Light’n Bug looks like something close to an ideal EDC knife, especially for those of us that can’t wear jeans to work.  Thanks to very clean lines and a striking combination of black, blue and gold (in the classic 70%, 20%, 10% ratios), this is a knife that isn’t out of place in a suit pocket.  Its also unlikely to frighten fellow cubicle dwellers thanks to its petite but not uselessly small 2.5 inch blade.  The fact that its handle is less than an inch bigger than the blade, well, that’s how you know AG designed it.  That and the fact that it weighs 1 ounce.

The Light’n Bug is a liner lock and, like another favorite of mine, the Kershaw Skyline, it too has only a single liner.  A knife this size sometimes lacks a clip, but AG, even at more than 90 years old, is tracking the market closely and so, this tiny cutter, comes with a blue anodized pocket clip (which matches the blue liners).

My only reservation about the knife is the steel.  8Cr13MoV is a Chinese steel (this is a Chinese made knife BTW) and it is traditionally found on lower to mid-tier knives–a slightly worse version of AUS8.  Like AUS8 it takes a keen edge and gets it back quickly, but it lacks any sort of retention capacity.  Unlike AUS8 it is not that stain resistant.  But of the knives I have had with 8Cr, the Russell blades have been the best performers.  A good blade is not just a matter of chemistry.  If the heat treat, grind, blade shape, and blade geometry are all done well you can get surprisingly good performance out of mediocre steels.  I’d take my AUS8 Al Mar Falcon over quite a few powder steel blades in various knives.  So while 8Cr isn’t ideal, I trust AG to get the most out of it.

The only truly bad thing about the Light’n Bug is that right now, its out of stock.

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REVIEW: Zero Tolerance ZT0450CFZDP []

It’s a classic ploy used by car makers to get folks back to the table to buy something they already own–the special edition. Corvettes sell like hot cakes, but just about the time that the current model’s sales start to lag, out comes the Z06 edition, complete with fancy brakes and a brand new engine.

Zero Tolerance ain’t no group of dummies. They, too, use the special edition to really hook their customers. They go so far as to have both limited edition ZTs, like the uber ZTs–the ZT0454, the ZT0777, the ZT0888, etc–and special editions, which are upgrades to already great knives.

In the case of the subject of this review, the ZT0450, there are actually two special editions: a carbon fiber version with a black S35VN blade and this model the ZT0450CFZDP. That name is a mouthful, but it’s actually pretty telling. This is a ZT0450 with a carbon fiber show side (hence the CF) and a ZDP-189 blade (hence the ZDP). It is the Z06 version of the ZT0450.

I reviewed the ZT0450 when it came out and it was a good knife–slim (tiny compared to some of the brutish ZTs), with good steel. But it was a bit cookie cutter. ZT has released a slew of titanium framelock flippers in the past two years, all with S35VN steel.

But more than the lack of interest, the thing that got me was the weird hitch in the flipping action. It was the same hitch that I found on the ZT0456. The Modern Neanderthal podcast shed some light on this issue–it has to do with the way ZT cuts their detents and lock bars. If you put pressure on the lockbar the knife just doesn’t flip open. Alas, for me a flipper that didn’t flip was an issue. The ZT0450 was very good, but not great.

The ZT0450CFZDP is great.


The ZT0450CFZDP limited edition is a collaboration between highly regarded custom maker Dmitri Sinkevich and Zero Tolerance.  It is a scaled down version of the ZT452, which is, itself a tamed down version of the uber ZT, the ZT454.  Its probably worth it to note the amount of iteration done here.

ZT releases the ZT454, then the ZT452 and ZT450.  Then they release a CF version of the ZT452 and ZT450.  Then they release this version.  That’s one basic design and six different SKUs.  Yep, its a ZT alright.

One major benefit of all this iteration is with each new model, they get to tweak the fundamentals.  This is a TFF, a titanium framelock flipper, and the show side (non-locking side) is a basket weave carbon fiber.  The original ZT450 was light but had some issues, as you can see in the review.  This is even lighter tipping the scales at a meager 2.7 ounces.  The .2 ounce weight savings over the original is probably not worth the upgrade.  But this knife runs ZDP-189 and while it is not a straight upgrade to the very competent S35VN, for reasons I will detail below, I believe it is a better steel.

Finally, this knife runs Kershaw’s KVT caged bearing system around the pivot.


I carried the ZT450CFZDP for a month, swapping it in with another knife I like, the Chris Reeve Mnandi.  I also just finished a testing period for the Benchmade 555-1.

Like with most knives, I didn’t set out to abuse it, I just used it during my daily life.  This included a lot of box deconstruction, package opening, and food prep.  In particular, I like to have a simple lunch on Saturdays, usually outside and almost always with my boys.  A cutting board, an apple or two and some cheese is our usual fare and this knife was my tool of choice.  I also had the need to cut a few different kinds of rope.  First, our old tree trimmer broke and I was salvaging parts, including the rope draw on the spring-loaded cutter.  Second, I was making some lanyards for new fixed blades.  The ZT450 did all of these tasks well.  It is important to note that the apple and cheese are a good challenge for ZDP-189.


While it is more than technically a stainless steel (the chromium content is 20% and the threshold is usually around 12-14%), it can stain easily given the 3% carbon content.  Here, with a stack of apple slices, it was fine and didn’t tarnish.  In rope cutting, the ZDP-189 was insane.  The combination of an exceptionally thin edge and ultra high hardness meant that I could crunch through cord for days without the need to resharpen or even strop the knife.


Overall, I think the knife’s size is close to ideal for EDC purposes–with the 3.25 inch blade and the under three ounce weight it can handle most tasks and yet it is still virtually invisible in the pocket.

I appreciate the bit of thumb ramp that Sinkevich’s design called for, but I wish there was no gap between the handle and the tang of the knife in the closed position.  This invites lint.

One other point in terms of design–I dislike the parrot beak on the rear of the blade.  Its not the best thing in the world to begin with (for a parrot’s beak done right, see: Ethan Becker knives), but as positioned I found it hit my hand in the wrong place often.  I do like the bold contrast of the high polish pivot and the textured carbon fiber.



There are very few things on this knife that bother me, other than the parrot’s beak.  The clunky detent from the titanium original is gone.  This knife fires quickly and consistently.  Even if I try to pressure the lockbar it still works most of the time.  A vise grip on the end of the lock bar closest to the pivot can lock up the blade, but you have to be trying to do this.  Lock-up is great, rock solid in every direction and the lock is easy to engage and disengage.


The grind here is really good.  The edge geometry is good, and though I can’t say for certain, this knife did better cutting and slicing apples instead of popping them compared to the original ZT450.

Finally, I really like the very mild but effective texturing on the carbon fiber handle scale.  It is subtle, adds some visual interest, and it is still grippy.  Overall, this knife is a small but consistently noticeable upgrade over the original ZT450 in terms how the design was put into place.


Don’t sell your ZT450 for this knife unless you really like carbon fiber or ZDP-189.  But if you don’t have a ZT450 and are thinking about getting one, this is the one to buy, if you can find it.  Many if not most online retailers are sold out.

It is a very good all-around EDC blade with a good price for the materials.  You’d be hard pressed to find a smoother flipper for the money.  Only the nicest Kizers rival this knife.  Now if someone could just explain to me how KAI got ZDP-189, an embargoed steel from what I understand, out of the US to make this knife here, I’d love to know.

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Coleman’s National Park Service Centennial Gear []

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the USA’s National Park Service (NPS), longtime manufacturer of outdoor gear Coleman has issued a special line of products. Adorned in the NPS colors of tan and green, these products will let folks enjoy the great outdoors while celebrating a heritage of public lands being actually open to the public.


(Photo: Coleman)

Although purportedly containing five pieces (a grill, a stove, a cooler, and two lanterns) — and with only three pieces shown here — only one product can currently be found on the Coleman site: the National Parks Edition Northstar Propane Lantern.

(Photo: Coleman)

(Photo: Coleman)

Perhaps some of these limited editions have already been discontinued, but can hopefully still be found at retailers.

This is good-looking gear, and if you want it I hope you can find some. At least the lantern can currently be purchased at Coleman’s website. It features a nicely-etched globe as well as the NPS color scheme.

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Building a well-rounded long term food stockpile []

Questions about a food stockpiling are what people new to prepping usually ask about first.  They want to know what kind of foods to stockpile.  What about MRES?  They may have questions about long term storage, such as #10 cans, pouches and storing dried foods in mylar bags.

As complicated as it seems, having a well rounded food stockpile is easier than it sounds.

Food preps can be broken down into three categories: short term, long term and forever.  Each category is based on how long the food preps are good can be stored before they need to be replaced.

Short term food stockpile

Short term foods have to be discussed because just about everyone has canned and dried foods in their pantry. This is what you and your family eat on a weekly basis.  Short term preps compliment long term preps and vice versa.

In a SHTF event – civil unrest, natural disaster, earthquake, hurricane, losing a job – short term food stockpile is what the family will turn to first.  Everyone should have enough canned foods, pasta, noodles,,, to last the family 3 – 5 days.


  • Frozen foods
  • Canned meats
  • Pasta
  • Noodles
  • Canned fruits
  • Canned vegetables
  • Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) – around 5 – 7 years, depending on storage temperature.

MREs are listed under short term food preps because they are VERY temperature sensitive.  I have heard stories of decade and two decade old MREs being fine.  Depending on storage temperature, MRE lifespan can be from a few months to several years.  They are also expensive and bulky.

Stockpile what the family eats.  The worst thing to do is buy canned foods for storage that nobody wants to eat.  This makes rotation difficult.

Keep a list of what the family likes, what they do not like, what items are consumed first and what items are consumed last.  Maybe go as far as keeping a list of expiration dates.  Develop a rotation system to ensure everything stays up-to-date.

Long term food stockpile

This is food that can be stored for several decades.


All dates are relative to storage conditions.  Improper storage can greatly reduce life expectancy.

  • #10 cans – 30 years.
  • Mountain house pouches – 30 years.
  • Dried foods stored in mylar bags – 25 to 30 years.

If you do not know what #10 cans and Mountain House pouches are, then watch this video.

#10 cans and pouches contain food that has been freeze dried. This means the food was put in a special chamber, frozen and then submitted to a vacuum. The vacuum draws moisture out of the food. Think of it as industrial dehydration. Rather than using heat and humidity to dehydrate food, a vacuum is used.

Forever food preps

These are self-sustaining food preps that when managed properly should be able to last decades if not forever.


  • Heirloom seeds
  • Chicken flock with roosters and broody hens
  • Goats
  • Pigs
  • Rabbits
  • Cattle
  • Guineas
  • Ducks
  • Fig trees
  • Pear trees
  • Pecan trees

These are the items that have been with humanity for thousands of years.  Various items on that list have sustained every culture from ancient Rome to modern day homesteaders.

Urban homesteading

Gardening and chickens are not limited to people who live in rural areas.  Urban areas are allowing people to keep hens.  There will probably be various restrictions, such as no roosters and limited to only a 3, 4 or 5 hens.

Is there room in the backyard to plant fruit trees?  Fig trees and pear trees can be pruned so they do not grow too large.

I am amazed at how much food people can grow with square foot gardening.

Composting for organic fertilizer.

Does your local school offer any Future Farmers of America programs for children?


Developing a well rounded food stockpile is easier than it sounds.  It does, however, take time and dedication.  Unless someone is storing “just” long term food preps this is not a set and forget type of thing.

Canned foods need to be rotated.  A garden has to be taken care of.  Animals have to be fed and watered.

As time passes, prepping is no longer a hobby, it becomes a lifestyle.

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Photo: Hauling Elk Home in a Car Trunk []

Well, that’s one way to do it.

I have an uncle who has never owned a pickup truck, although he was an avid hunter of deer and other big game for decades.

He has hauled big game on and in station wagons, a Suburban (rarely), a Chevy Citation, a small Saturn sedan, and various other cars… and in every case, he managed to do it an, um, cleaner manner than this.

But hey — whatever does the job, right? The worst I can say about this photo is that it makes me a tad jealous, since my only elk hunt didn’t work out well for me.

What do you think? Sound off with a comment below.

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Watch: Glock Fishing for Lionfish []

This is cool. But turn off the sound before you play the video.

Using a pistol to slay fish is pretty awesome. And slaying lionfish — an edible invasive species that multiplies quickly, devours native fish, and has few if any natural predators — is always a great idea.

This video demonstrates the effectiveness of using a handgun with an adapter to kill these fish, which are then gathered up, taken home, and eaten.

Lead-free ammo is used, and the hunters/fishermen lure the fish away from reefs so their bullets don’t damage the coral.

Very nice.

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Hammer: Lobbyists should be paid with private – not public – dollars [NRA-ILA News]

I have been a registered lobbyist in Florida for over 40 years and I represent the views and interests of people who respect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. More specifically, I represent people who want their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms protected.


Senate Democrats elect anti-gun Chuck Schumer as their new leader [NRA-ILA News]

Senate Democrats are turning to Sen. Chuck Schumer, a Brooklyn-bred partisan infighter with a pragmatic streak, to steer them into the Donald Trump era.


.357 Coonan Ring Of Fire [The Firearm Blog]

Ring 1I recently got a chance to shoot my friend Joel’s .357 Coonan while we were staffing a local night match. I saw him test fire it last year and actually forgot about it. So this year I asked him to bring it back out so I could try it and film the RING OF FIRE!! […]

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IPSC Practical Shooting World Records [The Firearm Blog]

IPSC-recordsIPSC – International Practical Shooting Confederation – have a list of World Record holders in shooting. The World records are based on the number of points actually achieved by a competitor at an IPSC Handgun World Shoot, then multiplied by 100 and divided by the total points available. Eric Grauffel from France is quite remarkable. […]

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POTD: 7″ HERA Arms CQR with Magpul D60 [The Firearm Blog]

HERAM-Arms-CQRWe’ve written a few posts about the HERA Arms CQR stock and grip. Here’s a brand new picture that we can’t resist sharing. A HERA Arms with a 7″ rail and a Magpul D60 attached. It looks like all this metal and polymer was made for each other – I want to own this configuration! […]

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Handl Defense – FN SCAR 17 Lower for quicker reloads prone [The Firearm Blog]

2016-11-10 23.50.37This is most likely not a product for everyone, but if you own an FN SCAR 17 and do a lot of prone shooting this is definitely for you. The Mk17-M110 SSR trigger module is a lower designed to aid in quicker reloads in the prone position. Handl Defense describes the new lower as follows: Handl […]

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NEW BULLETS: Berger Launches More Elite Hunter Tips [The Firearm Blog]

Elite HunterBerger continues to pump out more and more offerings after recently being acquired by Nammo Group. A few weeks ago they announced more Classic Hunter bullets to the public. Now they have 3 new offerings available out of their Elite Hunter line. What makes this bullet tip desirable is their unique bullet profile. It is very […]

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SKS rifles and parts for sale! [Forgotten Weapons]

Got an SKS dressed out in Tapco that you need to restore? Or an original one you would like to dress out? Well, I wound up with a big bunch of SKS stuff that I don’t need.

All shipping is free, but there is a minimum order of $75. Payment in the form of discreet PayPal or USPS money order. Email me at if you need any of this… (click to continue – it’s a long post)

Default Tons of SKS parts, original and aftermarket. Also SKS rifles and a VZ52/57!
All shipping is free, but I have a minimum $75 order. All prices are for a single part, the following number in parentheses is how many of them I have available.

Original parts:
1954 dated arrow-in-star top cover (1): $30
Gas piston (1): $5
Bolt carrier, normal (3): $20
Bolt carrier, some rust (2): $10
Albanian (?) bolt carrier (1): $50
Stripped bolt (1): $25
Rubber buttplate (Yugo?) (2): $5
Firing pin (4): $5
Spring-loaded firing pin kit (1): $20
Sling swivel w/ screws, side mount (1): $5
Sling swivel w/ screws, long bar (1): $5
Sling swivel w/ screws, short bar (2): $5
Yugo grenade sight ladder (1): $5
Cleaning kit, complete and greasy (3): $5
Rear sight w/ leaf spring (1): $10
Extractor w/ spring (1): $20
Short spike bayonet, stripped (1): $10
Short spike bayonet w/ catch, spring, screw (1): $25
Long spike bayonet w/ catch, spring, screw (1): $25
Virgin barrel (1): $100
Front sight & bayonet lug assembly barrel stub, stripped (1): $5


Handguard, raw (5): $5
Handguard, orange plastic (1): $10
Handguard, original (14): $5


Aftermarket parts:

Top cover with rail (6): $5
Top cover with rings (1): $5
Top cover over-cover with scope rail (3): $5
Ribbed gas tube (1): $5
Ribbed gas tube w/ rail: $10
Unknown type gas tube (1): $5
Bipod w/ extending legs & thumbscrews (1): $15
Bipod w/ spring catch extending legs and slick Q/D barrel clamp (1): $25
Tapco (?) pistol grip (1): $5
Synthetic top handguard (5): $5
Plastic windage-adjustable rear sight (1): $5
Flash hider (3): $5


SKS stocks! Price is $45 for the first one, and $30 for each additional. Minimum order of $75, combined with the post above. All shipping is included.

These include stocks cut for blade and spike bayonets, no bayonet, filled-in bayonet cuts, and filled in for detachable mags. Also side-mounted and bottom mounted rear sling swivels.


stocks-1 stocks-2 stocks-3


stocks-4 stocks-5 stocks-6

Norinco SKS in a Choate folding stock. Has a 16″ barrel with pinned-on muzzle brake. Has a receiver cover with scope rail – will swap this for a stock top cover if you prefer, as long as I have any (see first post; original parts). Includes 3 Tapco 20-round mags and a 30-round ProMag. Also has an extended mag release. Actually a pretty hand little carbine! $450 shipped to your FFL (not C&R eligible)

img_8355 img_8356 img_8357 img_8358 img_8359 img_8360 img_8361 img_8362 img_8363 img_8364


Norinco SKS in a synthetic fixed stock. Gives a nice American-style length of pull. No bayonet lug. Has a 16″ barrel and a 30-round mag. $375 shipped to your FFL (not C&R eligible).

img_8337 img_8338 img_8339 img_8340 img_8341 img_8342 img_8343


Norinco SKS in a Tapco folding stock. Includes 3 magazines, I believe they are 20, 30, and 40 rounds. Also includes an M4-style collapsing stock that swaps out with the sidefolder, should you prefer. Railed top cover for a scope. Bayonet lug and cleaning rod holder have been removed. Full length 20″ barrel. $425 to your FFL (not C&R eligible).

img_8345 img_8346 img_8347 img_8348 img_8349 img_8351 img_8352 img_8353 img_8354


BREAKING: ATF Updates Form 4473 ‘NICS Check’ [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4851The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE or ATF) has released a new version of Form 4473. As reported by and Orchid Advisors, the change comes about four years after the last revision to the form and includes clarifications for medical or state-legalized marijuana use, NICS checks for some NFA items, as well […]

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Iowa man’s stabbing rampage stopped by a man with a gun [NRA-ILA News]

Police say an Iowa man had stabbed two people repeatedly last month before a man pulled a gun and ordered the attacker to get on the ground. Adam Scott Jacobsen, 28, stabbed Jeffrey Miller 24 times and Denice Bennett eight times at an apartment complex before Daniel Williams drew his firearm, according to police. “He pulled the gun and ordered him to lie on the ground,” said Cedar Falls Police Chief Jeff Olson. He said Jacobsen stayed on the ground until police got there, and that Williams holstered his gun before police arrived.


Three arrested after grandmother foils home invasion [NRA-ILA News]

Two men and a woman have been arrested after grandmother with a gun thwarted an attempted burglary at her home in Coweta County, according to deputies. “I don’t know why they selected that house, but they picked the wrong one,” Colonel James Yarbrough from the Coweta County Sheriff's Office said.


Deputies: Armed robber shot during Rosharon home invasion [NRA-ILA News]

A home invasion robbery in a quiet Rosharon neighborhood turned deadly Tuesday, Nov. 15, after a family member who came to protect the homeowner fatally shot one of the suspects, sheriff's deputies said.


Subsonic Controlled Fracturing Bullet from Lehigh Defense [The Firearm Blog]

Lehigh Defense bulletLehigh Defense announced a new 176 grain bullet in its Controlled Fracturing line of projectiles. The new bullet is designed for subsonic use in 300 BLK, 300 Whisper and .308 Winchester cartridges. These all copper bullets have pre-stressed fracture points with a brass center post sort of like a floating, over sized HydraShok post. When […]

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3 wounded in home invasion near Missouri City [NRA-ILA News]

Two residents and a suspect were wounded in a home invasion that led to a shootout late Monday. It happened at a home in far southwest Houston, near Missouri City, on Rowell Court at Briargate. Police reported that several men kicked in the door to a converted garage, and an exchange of gunfire took place.


Sheriff's Office confirms a Good Samaritan aided deputy in deadly confrontation [NRA-ILA News]

The Lee County Sheriff's Office has released information about the deadly shooting that took place on the off ramp of I-75 Monday at Corkscrew Road. On November 14, 2016 at approximately 9:30 am Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy Dean Bardes was assisting the Florida Highway Patrol with an unrelated traffic crash on I-75. During this time Edward Strother entered into the crash scene with his vehicle and narrowly missed striking Deputy Bardes. Deputy Bardes believed this act was intentional and gave pursuit southbound on I-75.


Newtown families seek to reinstate lawsuit against gun maker [NRA-ILA News]

The families of some of the victims killed in the 2012 Newtown school shooting have asked a court to reinstate their wrongful-death lawsuit against the maker of the rifle used in the massacre.


NRA chief celebrates Clinton's 'permanent political vacation' [NRA-ILA News]

The head of the National Rifle Association (NRA) proclaimed victory on Tuesday with Donald Trump’s presidential win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Texas: Bills flood in for session [NRA-ILA News]

Lawmakers filed about a dozen bills with the term "firearm," and many of those would expand and ensure Texans' rights to possess and carry guns.


St. Louis alderman wants to ban commonly-owned semi-autos, require guns left in vehicles be locked up [NRA-ILA News]

Calling gun violence a major health crisis in the city, 28th Ward Alderwoman Lyda Krewson announced on Tuesday that she has filed a bill that would ban so-called assault weapons inside the city limits.


Arizona Attorney General: Tucson may break law when destroying guns [NRA-ILA News]

The Arizona Attorney General says the city of Tucson may be violating state law by destroying guns that have been turned over to police.


Kentucky: Confiscated weapons sold to fund police equipment [NRA-ILA News]

The Kentucky Office of Homeland Security says the latest sale of confiscated weapons has generated $104,392 in grants for law enforcement supplies.


Queens man charged in Valley Stream home invasion, cops say [NRA-ILA News]

An armed home invader in Valley Stream fought with his victim Tuesday but was overpowered, even though a round was discharged from his gun during the struggle, Nassau police said. The victim held down Majestic S. Glover, 36, of Jamaica, Queens, who had broken into the Catherine Street home about 2 a.m., and waited for officers to arrive, authorities said. While the gun went off, the bullet did not strike anyone, police said.


Officials say Pennsylvania pizza shop customer shoots 2 robbers [NRA-ILA News]

“The two male robbers apparently told the employees and the customer to get on the ground. They began pistol-whipping the customer. At that point, the customer produced a handgun and shot both of the robbers,” Middletown police Chief Joseph Bartorilla said.


Match Grade Brass by Peterson Cartridge [The Firearm Blog]

Peterson Cartridge - 660x355Peterson Cartridge is a rifle cartridge case manufacturer located in Warrendale, PA. Their products are precision made for long range shooting needs. They have a full production line of a pretty large scale: about 100,000 cases per week. Their production starts from raw materials and passes all the steps in-house to become a final product. […]

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Nock 6-Barrel Flintlock (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Henry Nock was a highly respected and very talented British gunsmith, who manufactured a wide variety of arms including military muskets for the British Army. He is probably best known on the internet for his 7-barreled volley gun (which fires all seven charges simultaneously), intended for naval ship boarding operations. This particular gun resembled that volley gun design, but is actually a self-priming flintlock pepperbox. Its cluster of 6 barrels is manually rotated, allowing the used to fire six separate shots before needing to reload. The priming mechanism and lock bear a remarkable similarity to the Collier repeating flintlocks, and it is suspected that this system was developed by Artemis Wheeler of the United States.


OPINION: How Is The Outcome Of The Presidential Election Going To Affect Gun Owners? [The Firearm Blog]

Houston_Gun_Show_at_the_George_R._Brown_Convention_CenterI won’t say who I voted for, nor are we going to talk politics. What will the outcome of the last presidential election going to change for gun owners? Had the election gone a different path we all know that retailers wouldn’t have a thing in stock just like 2008, but what does the gun market look […]

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Relief, for your eye-relief [The Firearm Blog]

21EYE-reliefIf found this little help in one of the Accuracy International‘s manuals – (4.9) Scope Mount Adjustment. I see some rifles, especially AR15s for some reason, with the scope mounted less than ideal. When using a scope, we all hope we have the most forgiving eye box on our scope and that our eye’s position […]

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Long range tests with the ATN ThOR Smart HD 5-50x thermal riflescope [The Firearm Blog]

Therm2al2The ATN ThOR-HD 640 5-50x makes me wanna sell my car. I don’t really have a need for it, but we live in a Golden Age of new technology and I wanted a thermal rifle scope ever since I watched The Predator. I figured it’s very soon 30 years ago The Predator was released, so […]

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OPINION: I Joined The American Suppressor Association (And You Should Too) [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4835I just righted a wrong that should have been fixed long ago. I joined the American Suppressor Association, an organization sponsored by industry, dealers and individual membership, dedicated to promoting the benefits of firearm silencers/suppressor ownership nationwide. So why is ASA membership so important now, even when it appears that we are entering a more […]

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Bufferless: The Serbu SU-15 Upper Receiver Group [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4829Serbu Firearms based in Tampa, Florida, known in part for their Super Shorty 12GA Any Other Weapon (AOW), is set to release an upper receiver group for the AR-15. But it’s not your typical AR upper – the SU-15 uses an operating rod and main spring, eliminating the need for a buffer and buffer tube. […]

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Tuesday, 15 November


Appropriating Supplies – Part II []

In Part I we did a run through of the various kinds of consumable supplies that could easily be accumulated in the course of going about everyday tasks like shopping or eating out. You may have even more creative ideas for such than we have had. If so, please share with us your own findings or discoveries in the comment section.

In this Part II I am just further exploring other opportunities for securing additional supplies and goodies very often offered for free to the taking or asking. Tune in to your local area schedule of happenings to see the dates of various kinds of events in your area. These may be home improvement shows, gardening shows, guns shows, business conventions of sorts open to the public, chamber of commerce events, boat shows or other outdoor related happenings. These are all ripe for picking up useful supplies that would come in handy during a SHTF.

What kinds of things could you expect to pick up? Here is just a short list of items in my appropriation supply crate from previous events. First, all manner of note pads, writing tablets, list sheets, sticky pads, pencils, pens, highlighters, permanent markers, and all sorts of office type supplies. This has included small staplers, paper clips, clip binders, zip bags, chip clips, and like stuff. Over time I have probably collected 50 tote bags of all kinds, folders, zip up carry pads, soft cases, brief cases, and carry bags.

Other items include useful tubes of hand lotions, all types and sizes of hand sanitizers, stain removers, lens cleaning supplies, computer screen wipes, and soft cloths, and mouse pads (useful for a million other things).

Medical type or personal hygiene items have included pain relief lotions, small first aid kits, aspirins, band aides, elastic wraps, lip balm by the tons, fresh breath sprays, mints of every flavor and description, chewing gum, candy, bug sprays and creams, facial tissue packs, wet wipes, soaps, and ointments of all kinds. All of this stuff can come in handy during an extended bug in or bug out or in escape route travel.

I have collected dozens of hats, caps, and assorted other head gear, gloves, socks, camo handkerchiefs, sunglasses, drink cups, coffee cups, coasters of assorted materials, thermos jugs, blankets, wraps, light jackets, rain gear, small tool sets, screwdrivers, box cutters, pocket knives, and such. The list goes on.

My inclination is to tell you to collect whatever you can get free, then sort it out later, or give excesses to others on your prep team. Make a hobby out of appropriating and it turns into fun.

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The Wood Duck’s Return, Part 2 []

“Most puddle ducks decoy great to a mallard spread, but woodies seem very species-specific and prefer dropping into a set of wood-duck dekes,” says Bill Cooksey, a lifelong duck hunter from Memphis and director of media relations for Avery Outdoors. “My best results are when I utilize about a dozen wood-duck decoys. Usually I’ll toss them around the edge of a pond in loose groups of two to four. It’s important to make sure there are plenty of landing places for the birds to drop in.
“Sometimes wood ducks work dekes well, making several passes before setting up into the wind and trying to land. This is especially true when they’re flying with other puddle ducks, like mallards. But if wood ducks are flying alone, they’ll usually make just a single pass over a spread and keep going. They’re attracted to decoys, however, and fly over them within shotgun range, so having woody dekes is worthwhile. The challenge is that they’ll be flying very swiftly.”
Motion decoys dupe wood ducks very well, and some hunters, like Tennessee’s Tommy Akin, consistently have success using motorized decoys with spinning wings to attract the birds within range. “Motorized teal decoys are about the same size as wood ducks, and when set in a wood-duck decoy spread they’re great,” he explains. “I do most of my woody hunting on the bottoms of Reelfoot Lake and the Obion River, and we have great results getting birds into our decoy spreads. My best hunting areas are around tall, oversized lily pads, which birds use for shade and cover. Also, they eat moss and insects around those same pads.”

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Is Omni-Channel Personalization Headed Your Way? []

Ever hear of that terminology before? Me either. But if you want to explore some cutting edge consumer based technologies, then check out the company Rich Relevance. This company is a leading proponent of a new form of e-commerce recommendations they coined as “omnichannel personalization.”

So, in the foreseeable future, especially in big box sporting stores that can afford to take on such technologies, consumers will be able to virtual shop any product in the store using their own device to tap into the store’s Omni-Channel technology app. This means a potential buyer can either key in “knives” to find what the store offers and where they are located on the sales floor or they can presumably scan the item on the shelf and obtain other pertinent information, specifications and details on the item without the help of any sales person working in the store.

As a prepper, survivalist, shooter, or hunter, image being able to focus on exactly the types of products you are searching for, or being advised by this O-C app some recommendations for items to consider. Then the app will direct you to them in the store. And nobody has to be there to say the ubiquitous “May I help you?”

The technology can go much further too in providing product reviews, perhaps practical application YouTube type videos showing the product being used or demonstrated out in the field. There may be quality ratings offered, and real time consumer comments on the exact product, its value and utility.

Just go figure the time this app could save you once you enter a retail store or shop looking for camping stoves, a hatchet, freeze-dried foods, boots, or even a gun or ammunition or whatever. This closes the gap considerably from the at home research and product searching you might normally conduct on line, to be able to narrow the information down right in the store.

If you are looking for something specific by brand name, then connecting to the Omni-Channel Personalization app when inside the establishment will tell you immediately if that store offers the item. If not, it might offer other recommendations for other “like” products and you might actually end up finding something more suitable, and maybe at a better price.

Omni-Channel Personalization is coming, but no exact dates for a launch have been projected. If this interests you, then monitor the Rich Relevance web site and look for future developments.

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Shelter in Place []

For some the idea of a “bug in” is virtually the same as the concept of “shelter in place”, but they are not intended to mean the same thing. The “bug in” contingency is a more or less longer term involvement during an extended or indefinitely prolonged SHTF scenario.

In contrast a “shelter in place” is a relatively short term event prompted by events such as an active shooter, gang riots, civil disobediences, accidents causing road closures, power disruptions, utilities down, or other situations where it is simply prudent to lock down in the house, office, or wherever you find yourself stuck at the time.

Hopefully an event requiring people to shelter in place will turn out to be a short term occurrence where law enforcement authorities “quickly” step in to regain control of the situation. Police today are somewhat hamstrung and a bit gun shy to respond with strong force with having to deal with political correctness and the fact that the iPhone cameras are always turned on trying to catch any infraction or mistake. This is a tough situation for them.

If you happen to get caught in the midst of a situation that demands a shelter in place action, then you need to act quickly and judiciously. If at home, lock every door and window. Close the garage door. If you have self-defense weapons, ready them. Call 911 immediately if there is a visible or known threat “at your doorstep.” Keep family, kids, and visitors in a closed room without windows if possible and keep the lights off in the evening. Have a low light or candle option available if it is dark outside. Remain calm and avoid panic by anybody.

If you are at work, ideally go to a room that can locked from the inside. Black out any door window and turn out the room lights. Keep away from the door and any windows especially on the ground level. If you cannot lock the door, then barricade it with desks, chairs, anything that can be quickly moved in place to block entry. Remain in the locked down room until authorities come to rescue you.

If the room happens to be breeched, then prepare for an immediate defense. Take a team approach. Find anything of use for defense. A chair, coat rack, tools, anything substantial to defer the threat. Having a concealed weapon would be great, but not always available. Think positive and be pro-active.

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Schrade SCHF9 vs SCHF36 survival knife []

At one time Schrade was known as an excellent knife company as they were right there with Buck and Uncle Henry.  However, for whatever reason, things started to slip and quality took a downturn.  Eventually Schrade became a company who produced less than quality knives.

All that changed when Schrade released their SCHF line of ultimate survival knives, which has turned their quality and reputation around. The new line of knives feature full tang, 1095 carbon steel blade or 8Cr13MoV high carbon stainless steel blade (depending on model), clip point, drop point, rubberized grip, nylon sheath, Kydex sheath — just a wide range of options.

With a price range from $25 – $50 the Schrade SCHF line of survival knives has been a hit. Rightfully so, as they come across as being well built and quality made.

Let’s take a look at two knives from the Schrade SCHF product line.  These are the SCHF9 and the SCHF36.

Schrade SCHF9

My personal Schrade SCHF9 was received as a Christmas gift several years ago. First impressions were very good. The knife and the sheath feels very solid. After taking the SCHF9 on a couple of three day camping trips, I was very happy with its performance.

Schrade SCHF9 survival knife

  • The blade is made out of 1095 carbon steel, which holds a good edge and is easy to sharpen.
  • Blade length: 6 1/2 inches
  • Handle length: 5 1/2 inches
  • Overall length:  12 1/4 inches
  • Blade thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Weight, with sheath: 1 pound 5 ounces
  • Weight without sheath:  15.7 ounces
  • Blade type:  Drop point
  • Price point (November 2016):  $37.85 from

The sheath has a detachable carry pouch that came with a sharpening stone.  I found the stone rather cheaply made and replaced it with a Smith’s Pocket Pal.  I like the pouch being detachable, as I can take it off and mount it on a backpack.  It adds another layer of functionality to the knife and sheath.

Let’s round the price up to $40.  For a $40 dollar knife, I feel this is a good deal. 1095 carbon steel, sheath, extra pouch on sheath, lanyard attachment, 1/4 inch thick blade, this is a workhorse of a survival knife.  If the SCHF9 breaks, there is nothing to really complain about.  Sometimes you get what you pay for, and this is a $40 knife.

Weighing 1 pound 5 ounces, this is a heavy knife.  For a day hike, bug out bag, get home bag,,, it is difficult to justify dedicating 1 pound just to a knife.

The sheath does not fit MOLLE webbing.  The belt loop is just that, a belt loop.

Schrade SCHF36

My Schrade SCHF36 was received as a Christmas gift from a family member.  I had it on my wish list and a family member bought it for me.

Schrade SCHF36 survival knife

Just as with the  SCHF9, first impressions of the SCHF36 were very good.  I liked that the SCHF36 has a shorter blade than the 36.  Long heavy blades are over rated and over hyped.

When skinning a wild game animal, long blades make it difficult to make fine cuts.  The heavier the knife, the faster fatigue sets in.  A thin short blade trumps a thick long blade for skinning every day of the week.

The blade is made out of 1095 carbon steel, which holds a good edge and is easy to sharpen.

  • Blade length: 5 1/4 inches
  • Handle length: 4 7/8 inches
  • Overall length: 10 1/16 inches
  • Blade thickness: 1/4 inch
  • Weight, with sheath: 1 pound 0.15 ounces
  • Weight without sheath: 13.25 ounces
  • Blade type: Drop point
  • Price point (November 2016): $25.86 from

My schrade SCHF36 came with a fire starter flint and steel.  To aid in starting fires, I bought some small baggies from a local big box market.  The baggies were found in the arts and crafts department and are for keeping small items such as beads in.  I put dryer lint in 2 baggies and stuffed them into the extra pouch on the sheath.

Unlike with the SCHF9, the pouch on the sheath is not detachable, which is not a big deal.


Sometimes you get what you pay for.  With a price range of $25 – $60, the Schrade SCHF line of knives comes across as a quality product for the price range.

I like that the SCHF36 is shorter and weighs less than the SCHF9, but just slightly.  The 36 still weighs in at 1 pound 0.15 ounces.  That is a lot of weight just for a knife.  In comparison, the Gerber Big Rock weighs just 7.85 ounces.  If want a lightweight knife to take backpacking, there are better options on the market.

In July 2016 I went on a day hike and took the SCHF36.  After about 8 miles or so I started asking myself, why did I take along a knife that weighs so much?

Overall, if you are thinking about buying one of the SCHRADE SCHF line of knives, go ahead and pick one up.  They are reasonably inexpensive and the return on your invest seems to be good.   With Christmas just a month away, they would make a nice Christmas present for a young adult.

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Estero, FL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

ESTERO, Fla. — A passerby shot and killed a person who was fighting with a Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputy on Interstate 75 Monday morning.
Deputy First Class Dean Bardes, a 12-year-veteran, was working a crash at mile marker 126 when the suspect came upon him, causing Bardes to pursue him at high speeds, according to multiple sources.
Bardes and the suspect exited their vehicles at the Corkscrew Road exit and a fight started, sources said. The suspect was armed, Bardes told his supervisors, according to sources.
The passerby, who had a Concealed Weapons License, exited his vehicle and told the suspect he’d shoot him if he didn’t stop beating the deputy, sources said.
After noncompliance from the suspect, the passerby shot the suspect three times, sources said. The suspect later died.


MEC Goes Metal [The Firearm Blog]

MEC MarksmanWell known for its shotshell reloading equipment, MEC Shooting Sports announced it was branching out into metallic reloading. Leading off its new line of reloading gear is the Marksman press. The MEC Marksman is a single stage press made of cast iron. According to the company, the press is good to load cartridges up to […]

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Good Samaritan shoots, kills suspect attacking deputy [NRA-ILA News]

A suspect is dead and a deputy is in the hospital after a shooting took place on I-75 near the Corkscrew Road exit, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Witnesses who say they saw the whole thing happen told us a deputy tried to pull over a man near the exit. The suspect took off in his vehicle, reaching speeds up to 100 miles per hour. Eventually, the driver got out of his car on an off-ramp and attacked the deputy. That's when witnesses say a third person came over and shot the suspect, who later died.


A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 2: Selfloading Rifles, Cont’d [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1037The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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POTD: One Of A Kind Custom Hornady 12ga Reloading Die [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_20161109_134606690Thanks to Adam Scepaniak for sharing this. One of my employee’s (the same one with the Tacti-COOL belt-fed 9mm AR) solicited the Hornady Reloading Custom Shop to make him a 12 Gauge Brass Shotshell Die and just received it. Hornady had never made one of these ever before and had to prototype it; request a […]

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A Trip to the Bundeswehr’s Fantastic Defense Technology Museum in Koblenz, Part 1: Selfloading Rifles [GUEST POST] [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_1008The history of modern small arms is in part so fascinating because of how many firearms have been developed even in obscure circumstances, and how many of those obscure small arms still exist in museums and private collections around the world. Even though I make learning about obscure modern small arms my hobby, I am […]

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Armed person shoots, kills suspect attacking deputy, witnesses say [NRA-ILA News]

A suspect is dead and a deputy is in the hospital after a shooting took place on I-75 near the Corkscrew Road exit, according to the Lee County Sheriff's Office. Witnesses who say they saw the whole thing happen told us a deputy tried to pull over a man near the exit.


New Color: HK VP9 in Grey [The Firearm Blog]

VP9 greyGrey is the new FDE. At least that’s they way it seems to me. More and more, I am seeing grey or “urban grey” guns coming onto the market. Not too long ago, FDE was the new hotness. Now that FDE is relatively common, it appears that gun manufacturers are looking for the next exciting […]

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TroubleshooterBerlin’s “Why Didn’t I Think of That?” Fix for the 92FS’s Safety Problem [The Firearm Blog]

M92 right sideTFB’s favorite German garage gun inventor is back with another devilishly clever device. It’s well known that the Beretta 92FS’s slide-mounted safety lever has a serious drawback: When the slide is racked vigorously, it is very easy for the safety to engage into the “ON” position, preventing the gun from firing and decocking the hammer. For […]

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Review: ThermaCELL Heat Packs Electric Hand & Body Warmers []

I’ve always had trouble keeping my hands and feet warm, and especially my hands. I have learned that using glomitts, a.k.a. pop-top gloves, works better for me than typical gloves… and I often need to use some sort of external heat source when the temperature drops into the 30s or below.

I’ve used plenty of those air-activated warmers, and they are great — when they work. But they can stop warming unless they get enough air, and that’s a bummer.

I’ve also used a small warmer that requires lighter fluid and a flame, but they too can stop warming due to lack of air… and the lighter fluid has a strong odor, which isn’t great for a hunter.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve seen more and more battery-operated electric warmers, and I was glad to try these Heat Packs from ThermaCELL. They are small rectangular units made mostly of hard black plastic, with a soft orange silicone insert on one side, and that’s the part that gets hot.

They heat up well, and last for a good long time. Sometimes when I’m sitting on a deer stand, I’ll fire them up and place one under a thigh and put another in an inside shirt pocket.

It’s nice that only one side of each unit gets warm, because that means there’s no wasted energy. Place the silicone side towards the part of your body that you wish to warm up, and all the heat goes in that direction.

A small wall charger with folding plug tines is included, which has two USB outlets… oddly, they have different outputs. But that makes it a suitable charger for a smart phone or tablet — or both at the same time. Two charging cords are included, so both heat packs can be charged simultaneously.

Any micro USB cord can be used to charge a warmer; the light illuminates red while charging, and changes to green when it’s charged.


You get three power settings, and cycle through them via a single pushbutton. This can be a problem at times, because the slightly-protruding button can be accidentally pushed in pack or pocket. That said, I have yet to find one dead as a result of accidentally being turned on.

All in all, I like them a lot. If they last, I will come to love them. The price isn’t cheap, but you can spend a lot on other warmers that don’t work nearly as well.

From the manufacturer:

ThermaCELL Hand Warmers are small, battery-operated warmers that aren’t just for your hands. These durable packs can fit easily in pockets, jackets, pants and gloves for up to 6 hours of constant heat per charge.

Charge your Hand Warmers between uses to keep it ready for the next time you need to control the cold.

Package contains:

2 Hand Warmers equipped with integrated rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries, 1 USB wall charger, 2 USB cords and an instruction booklet.


  • Charges in 4 hours or less
  • Thin and lightweight
  • Easily turn off at the touch of a button
  • Three temperature settings reaching up to 116°F
  • Recharges over 500 times
  • Shock-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Also available in a larger Pocket Warmer size
  • MSRP: $84.99

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NRA's LaPierre: First Clinton, now time to take out Soros, Bloomberg [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association is taking credit for electing President-elect Trump and said that victory must be followed with stopping anti-gunners like billionaires George Soros and Michael Bloomberg who are expected to take their campaigns to state governments


New Jersey concedes that state stun gun ban violates the Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, the New Jersey attorney general conceded that the New Jersey stun gun ban violates the Second Amendment (see the filing in State v. Lambert, N.J. Super. Ct. App. Div. no. A-1996-15T5). This comes in the wake of D.C.’s apparently likely plans to repeal the D.C. stun gun ban, and the other recent repeals (or conclusions of unconstitutionality) in Wisconsin, Michigan, the Virgin Islands, Overland Park (Kansas), and Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County and Harford County (all in Maryland).


Kansas gun law snares 2 in federal prosecution [NRA-ILA News]

A jury convicted two men Monday of federal firearms violations in a case that repudiates a Kansas law that purports to prevent federal prosecution of anyone owning firearms made, sold and kept in the state.


Baltimore OKs ban of replica guns [NRA-ILA News]

The Baltimore City Council gave preliminary approval Monday to a citywide ban on toy guns that look like working handguns and rifles.


Baton Rouge police: Burglar flees after victim fires pistol during struggle [NRA-ILA News]

A Baton Rouge man who forced his way into a Mallard Street home and fled after one of the people inside shot a pistol was arrested Saturday, police said. Joseph Deroger, 27, is accused of forcing his way past a woman and kicking in the door of her residence around 2:38 a.m. Saturday, according to a police report. Once inside, Deroger punched a man in the face, and the two of them fell to the floor fighting, the report says. The man who had been punched then pulled a .38 caliber pistol from his waistband and fired one shot. He briefly fought with Deroger over the gun before firing a second shot, prompting Deroger to run away, the report says. Deroger, 6125 Beechwood Drive, was booked into Parish Prison on a count of aggravated burglary.


Ok, Who Shot My Silencer? No, Seriously. [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4807Ever have one of those kind of days? You know, when everything starts out great and then somehow ends up in a pile of garbage? Well, a frequent poster in the silencer section of can relate. He recently had two serious suppressor malfunctions on a single range trip. Seriously. This particular shooter started off […]

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Japanese Grandpa Nambu with Stock (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The 1902 “Grandpa” Nambu is one of the first wave of successful military automatic pistols, developed by Kijiro Nambu and his team over the course of 5 years, from 1897 to 1902. It was the first automatic pistol to be used by the Japanese military, although it was a private-purchase sidearm for officers and not formally purchased or issued by the military. It took several design cues from the C96 Mauser, in the form of a pivoting locking block and a bottlenecked cartridge.

The Grandpa was only made from 1902 until 1906, with less than 2400 examples produced in total – many of which were sold to Thailand. In 1906 a series of improvements were made to the gun, including increasing the size of the trigger and trigger guard, a swiveling lanyard ring, a slightly larger grip, new magazine, and deletion of the shoulder stock slot that had been standard on all previous Nambu pistols. The formal Japanese designation (Type A) did not change as a result, but in American collector parlance the new model became the “Papa” Nambu.


BREAKING: Hexmag CAUGHT Erasing Magazine’s Designer from Official Company History – A TFB EXCLUSIVE [The Firearm Blog]

A render of the REV A03 magazine prototype, which became the Hexmag HX30-AR. In 2014, the company fell out with the magazine's designer, Adam Schefter, and now has attempted to erase him from the company's official history. Image credit: Adam SchefterIn a story that could be ripped right from the annals of Stalin-era Soviet history, polymer AR-15 magazine manufacturer Hexmag has been caught whitewashing its official corporate history to eliminate any mention of the original designer of the magazine, replacing him with the company’s founder. The kicker? The Hexmag’s designer is the founder’s own brother. This […]

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Wayne LaPierre On Trump's Win [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The NRA released this video yesterday. Wayne LaPierre congratulates the 5 million men and women members of the NRA and outlines some of the things they intend to push President-elect Trump to sign once he is in office.

Here is the transcript of the video:


On November 8, you—the 5 million men and women of the National Rifle Association of America, along with the tens of millions of gun owners all over this country who followed your lead—achieved a truly extraordinary, historic, even heroic, accomplishment. In northern Florida and Pennsylvania, throughout Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan, in small towns and communities all across America, you were the special forces that swung this election and sent Donald Trump and Mike Pence to the White House.

You did this. Don't let anybody else tell you otherwise.

In the wake of this historic event, the same disgraced group of so-called experts, talking heads, pundits and pollsters that got everything wrong before the election are trying to deceive you once again. So let me remove all doubt: gun owners made this election happen. Hillary Clinton made her hatred for the Second Amendment a central issue of this campaign and as a result of that fatal mistake, she's on permanent political vacation.

Your determination to defend individual freedom, joined with the other issues at the very heart of this race, ensured that only one candidate could receive the approval of the American people: Donald Trump.

The disgraceful media attempted to manipulate your emotions. They tried to suppress your enthusiasm, your speech, your vote. But you would not be distracted from the core freedom that was truly at stake—and for that, you deserve the gratitude of the entire nation. You proved the founders right: that the ultimate check and balance in this country is the American people.

I joined this quest to restore Second Amendment freedom almost 40 years ago. Many of you were there with me. Together, we have restored, expanded and protected the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution—and are prepared to pass it forward to the generations of Americans who will take up this cause.

Our victory in this election is a monumental step toward securing the future of this freedom. Soon, President Trump will nominate a constitutionally sound justice to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. Make no mistake: that will be a generational victory for Second Amendment freedom—and you made it happen.

But we must also face the reality that still confronts us. For eight straight years, Barack Obama flooded the appellate courts and the federal judiciary with judges who truly despise Second Amendment freedom. More than 300 Obama-appointed anti-gun judges represent an infection for which there is no cure, other than time and vigilance. They will pose a threat to our gun rights for decades to come.

We also face a growing group of anti-Second Amendment elitist billionaires, led by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. By pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into state and local elections, they have succeeded in confusing many voters into believing clever labeling like "universal background checks" and so-called "common sense" schemes will make a difference in the safety and security of our communities.

The truth is, the anti-gun billionaires have only one goal: the absolute eradication of the Second Amendment freedom for the average American citizen. Not for their security forces, their families and themselves. But for you: the everyday American who stormed the polls in an act of ultimate defiance of the elites. They will continue to enjoy the support of an openly dishonest media that truly hates your right to speak, your right to worship and your right to vote. And most of all, your right to keep and bear arms.

In the face of the bitter hatred and elitist condemnation, this is our historic moment to go on offense and defeat the forces that have aligned against our freedom once and for all. The individual right to carry a firearm in defense of our lives and our families does not, and should not, end at any state line. I call on Congress and the president-elect to pass National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity as quickly as it can be written and signed.

And it is time, once and for all, to end the absolute fallacy of gun-free zones. Not one more American serviceman or woman should be murdered on a military base because the government denied their right to defend themselves with a firearm. We revere the men and women in uniform who defend our freedom, and their rights must be restored immediately.

I also call for protections that stop the tyrannical erosion of gun rights in states and cities where corrupt leaders use their political power to abuse the rights of American citizens. I'm talking about a deceitful web of gun bans, ammo bans, magazine bans, exorbitant fees and taxes, and registration schemes—all designed to undermine the meaning of the Second Amendment and the Supreme Court decisions that uphold it.

The Court's Heller decision recognized the right of Washington, D.C. citizens to own a firearm in their home for personal protection. But eight years later, it is still almost impossible to legally buy a firearm in that city. If the anti-gun forces can get away with sanctuary city-type exclusions where they unilaterally defy the rights of American citizens, then your Second Amendment protections only exists if your local government recognizes them. It must be illegal for corrupt, bureaucratic elites to deny law-abiding Americans their full measure of Second Amendment freedom.

These goals and more are now possible because of the historic work that you have done. It is only because of your sacrifices that we have this unique opportunity to defend the one freedom that protects all the others: our Second Amendment. But before we can say that it has been secured and is intact for us to pass on to the next generation, we must face these very real challenges with the strength, courage and purpose you have proven to possess.

Our time is now. We must approach the coming fights with the same urgency and determined action that ended the political future of Hillary Rodham Clinton. That's why I need you to renew your membership, upgrade your membership, join this organization and be part of the hard work and the victories that are yet to come. You have proven to be ready for the challenge.


Surefire Brings to Light their NEW 2211 Wristlight [The Firearm Blog]

2211 WristlightThe newest Surefire 2211 Wristlight was announced at SHOW Show this past January, but like a lot of things, it was slow to hit the market. Well, it is finally on Surefire’s website and hopefully at your nearest dealer. Nicholas C 1st reported on this from SHOT Show, and now we have a little more […]

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Guncrafter Adds 9mm to American Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

AmericanMany people know Guncrafter Industries for the .50 GI round and the pistols that chamber it. However, the company manufactures guns in other calibers as well. In fact, it just added the 9mm to its line of American pistols. Prior to the American, the company offered 9mm in just the No Name and Frag lines. The […]

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World’s Oldest Known Revolver [The Firearm Blog]

Hans Stopler Revolver - 660x300Stopler revolver is arguably the world’s oldest revolver known and existing today. It was made in 1597 by a German gunsmith named Hans Stopler. He made the gun in his shop in Nuremberg. Although the first owner of the gun is unknown, it is clear that the gun at some point was acquired by a Norwegian general […]

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SIG Sauer LIMA5 Laser Grip Module [The Firearm Blog]

LIMA5 - 660x410SIG Sauer Electro-Optics launched their new LIMA5 Laser Grip Module. It is basically a frame for SIG P320 and P250 pistols incorporating an integral laser sight. As you know both SIG P320 and P250 have their serial numbers on the fire control assembly. The latter is considered the firearm and the actual polymer frame is […]

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New 1x Red Dot from Truglo [The Firearm Blog]

Truglo-OpticTruglo announced a new 1x red dot that is priced less than $300. The new Tru-Tec Xtreme is a member of the company’s Tru-Tec red dot line and offers additional features that the existing optics don’t have. The new sight is water-, fog- and shock-resistant and comes with a cantilever Picatinny rail mount. The mount […]

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Monday, 14 November


Precise Handgun Trigger Control []

Handgun trigger control subtleties were noted recently during an observational opportunity at a handgun training course using a virtual reality training system.

The instructor continued to press the trainees on proper handgun hold and more specifically on trigger control including the proper placement of the trigger finger. I learned to shoot handguns in the backyard of my rural Missouri home at the age of 10. I just simply pulled the trigger until the gun went off.

Handgun triggers have as much variability as girl or guy friends. Essentially no two handguns, either revolvers, or pistols have triggers that react to engagement exactly the same, even the same models off the assembly line the same day.

Handguns can be single action or double action. This is true for revolvers or pistols. Handguns functioning single action means the hammer has to be cocked back manually, then the trigger released with finger pressure. Double action guns require more pressure that in effect uses the trigger to “cock” the hammer or striker mechanisms. It is the amount of pressure on the trigger to release it that demands the practice to attain the precision.

Precision trigger control adds immensely to the accurate shooting of a handheld gun. It is difficult enough to hold a handgun on target given the short line of sight. Add to that a temperamental mechanical trigger that can either release with little pressure or one that requires considerable pressing to release. It takes practice and lots of it with each individual gun you own and use.

For the truly self-conscious shooter there are also finger positions to consider. Most competitive pistol shooters learn which finger pad to use for the most precise control of trigger pressure to apply for the best release. I generally use the tip of the trigger finger, but others use the second pad back, which I personally find more difficult to control the trigger pressure.

The key factor here again is real practice. Some guns you can practice trigger pull with but I recommend using the practice rounds with the spring in the primer pocket to soften the punch of the firing pin to avoid damage. Otherwise copious live round practice is the best teacher of trigger control.

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The Wood Duck’s Return, Part 1 []

Yesterday’s nearly extinct wood duck is among today’s most abundant, best-managed waterfowl species. The small, colorful woody is found in places now where just 50 years ago it was nonexistent. Thanks to years of closed-harvest seasons, wood duck nest-box building projects and better preservation of bottomland hardwoods, wood ducks are thriving from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico and along both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Conservation groups like Ducks Unlimited and Delta Wildlife also have made great strives in preserving waterfowl habitat that has significantly improved wood duck numbers.

The birds successfully nest almost everywhere there are wooded wetlands. In parts of the South they’re one of only a few native nesting waterfowl species. Many states have large resident populations of wood ducks and receive healthy numbers of migrant birds during hunting seasons. In Minnesota, for example, woodies are the third most common duck harvested, behind mallards and teal. And like teal, wood ducks migrate early in the season, regardless of the weather.


While wood ducks have webbed feet and bills, they’re very different from mallards, pintails and gadwalls. Woodies don’t quack, they whistle. They nest in trees, not marsh grass, and favor acorns over sedge and grass. They don’t fly, flock, decoy or migrate like other waterfowl, either. For these reasons, sportsmen trying to bag wood ducks are wise to follow specific tactics in locating and hunting these swift-flying “squealers.”

“Pre-hunt scouting is important for consistently getting wood ducks, especially early-migrating birds,” explains Eddie Stevenson, former press relations manager for Remington and a North Carolina native.   “A float trip on a wooded river is a good way to scout because you can cover so much water.

“It’s easy to combine a float-fishing trip with wood duck scouting. The same rivers that provide quality waterfowl habitat usually hold their fair share of fish. Bass and panfish are abundant on most rivers in the late summer, and wood ducks are commonly seen. I take careful note of where I flush woodies during a float. Sometimes there will be a feeder creek or slough off a main river, and that’s a good place to check for ducks.”

Stevenson will occasionally locate remote beaver ponds during river floats, and these are among his favorite wood-duck hunting locations. A beaver pond on a feeder creek off a river can be a choice wood duck haven. Ducks roost and feed in the pond and fly along a river edge as they trade at dawn and dusk.


“Building a blind in a beaver slough and tossing out a dozen decoys is a good way to get wood ducks in a place you’ve scouted,” he adds. “Sometimes, though, pass-shooting birds as they fly over a pond is the best chance you’ll get. Wood ducks will be very cautious when they have to fly over open water. It doesn’t help that they are one of the fastest-flying duck species. But if you can stand within shotgun range of a riverbank, you could be in a great spot.

“Woodies love to fly along a river timberline, and if you also hunt near a beaver pond tributary, you can get shots at birds using both waterways,” says Stevenson.

Wood ducks are often found in pairs and in small, tight flocks. They fly low and fast, buzzing decoy spreads. Frequently they rocket into range and are gone before the average hunter can react. For this reason, light, fast-handling shotguns with improved-cylinder chokes work best. Stevenson favors 2 3/4-inch loads of No. 6 shot. Others prefer No. 4 shot. While wood ducks have a reputation for not decoying particularly well, veteran waterfowlers say it’s still worthwhile to use life-size wood-duck dekes when targeting the species, but they caution against using more than a dozen.

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The Rut Is Rocking — Buck Making Scrape []

Cool autumn weather is turning on whitetail deer throughout much of the country, as bucks are making scrapes, seeking does, and about to square off to other bucks crowding in on their territory.


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Kansas: Voters Overwhelmingly Approve Right to Hunt, Fish and Trap Constitutional Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

During the 2016 General Election, voters came out across the country in large support of their Second Amendment rights and hunting heritage.


Indiana: Right to Hunt and Fish Constitutional Amendment Passes with Overwhelming Support! [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, Hoosiers across the state voted to preserve Indiana’s rich outdoor heritage by enacting the Right to Hunt and Fish constitutional amendment!  Public Question 1 passed with 79% of voters in support!


Uronen Precision Throw Lever for Zeiss V8 rifle scopes [The Firearm Blog]

Uronen-Precision-Zeiss-cat-tailUronen Precision from Finland is not unknown to regulars of TFB. Earlier this year we wrote about their new calibre .300 UP. It’s a small family company, but they do a lot of clever R&D and when they’re not busy developing new calibers they from time to time release some interesting hardware. With the arrival […]

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Accuracy International AXMC sniper rifles chosen by Lithuania [The Firearm Blog]

AI-AXMC-Lithuania2As we learned in a recent TFB article, Accuarcy International (AI) is one of the leading suppliers of sniper rifles to various armed forces. We have no statistics, perhaps no one has, but the brand seems to be the preferred or at least a very popular choice. In the user manual, AI describes their model […]

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Illinois: House Committee to Hear Ammunition Serialization Legislation Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 6615, legislation that seeks to create a serialization system of “handgun ammunition” in Illinois.


POTD: Running And Gunning For 50 Years [The Firearm Blog]

JGxb2kVAlbrecht Moser is a former Swiss Soldier. He is a long distance runner and has competed in the Waffenlauf. The Waffenlauf is a 43K long race. So about the same as a marathon. Competitors are current or former military. The race must be ran wearing full uniform, marching boots, ruck that weighs no less than […]

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New Gun: Inland Liberator [The Firearm Blog]

liberatorInland Manufacturing announced that it will offer derringer-style handguns in 2017. The new gun, called the Liberator, will be chambered in .45 ACP. Even though Inland Manufacturing is known for making reproduction M1 Carbines (and a Vietnam era one), the Liberator has nothing to do with the .45 caliber handgun of the same name from World War […]

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Review: McFadden Lightnin’ Grip Loader for 22LR firearms [The Firearm Blog]

McFaddenloaderI just finished a competition in .22LR IPSC Rifle, or so called “Mini Rifle”, so much fun! My rifle is a JP Enterprises 22 (Nordic Components) which is very similar to my JP .223 Rem. It’s great for training, and cutting the ammunition cost while still getting very close to “the real thing.” I bought […]

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The “Mjolnir” AR-15 grip from Venom Defense [The Firearm Blog]

colorsAccording to Norse mythology, Mjolnir is the hammer of Thor, the God of Thunder. Mjolnir is one of the most fearsome weapons, capable of leveling mountains to dust. The market is full of pistol grips for AR-15 pistols and rifles, and here’s Venom Defense’s take on the subject. This is Venom Defense’s description of the […]

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Wanted: Your Spooky/Scary Outdoor Stories for New TV Show []

Being scared in the wild is nothing unusual, and it often starts when we’re kids camping in the back yard. But even as adults, we can sometimes get freaked out by weird things that happen in the woods and on the water.

I was recently contacted by a TV producer/director who’s looking for people for a new TV show about scary and/or spooky experiences that have occurred in the great outdoors, whether hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, canoeing, or whatever.

Might be worthwhile to contact him. For the record, I have no interest in this except to maybe tell him a creepy tale of my own and to help connect him with folks like you,

Anyhow, he has this to say:

I am really interested in hearing from you if you want to share your frightening encounters with the unknown. We are planning to come to the US or Canada in the coming weeks to interview people that have had such an experience. We are not in any way wishing embellish or exaggerate or poke fun at the stories whatever their nature; we want to reflect true life experiences that will chill the audience into sitting up and watching some incredibly terrifying accounts.

They can be personal experiences or local legends that you or your friends/family maybe able to recall, something truly scary, completely unexplainable, and/or way out of the ordinary?

We are looking to tell the stories in a multi-layer style, so having more than one person willing to take part in recalling the event works perfectly. The purpose of the show is to reconstruct and reflect a true representation of the stories and not to challenge them in any way, so nothing is too far-out or too crazy.

If this applies to you, or if you know of anyone that fits this bill, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I want to gather as many great stories as possible so I can move forward and take it to the next level?

My contact details are below; please contact me or share my contact info with others if you know of anyone who applies.

Time is critical as we are planning on recording the interviews in a matter of weeks so if you do have a story/encounter you want to share please do not hesitate to get in touch!!

Best wishes,

Bo Channon
Producer Director
+44 (0) 7920 226 121

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Guns Win Big on Election Day Most anti-gun candidate in modern history loses, NRA spending pays off [NRA-ILA News]

The 2016 election delivered a number of wins for gun rights activists across the country. Though Donald Trump’s presidential victory represents the greatest opportunity for policy changes that have widespread impact, there were many unexpected wins at the state and local levels. The National Rifle Association won in nearly every race where it invested money. The NRA spent more than $30.3 million in the presidential race, up from just over $12 million in 2012. $19.7 million of that went to opposing Hillary Clinton and $10.6 million went to supporting Donald Trump, according to an analysis of Federal Election Commission documents by the Center for Responsive Politics. The group invested another $20 million in six Senate races and won five of them.


Review: San Tan Tactical STT-15 AR15 PILLAR Upper and Lower Receiver Set []

If you appreciate a well-made AR15 loaded with well-executed details and don’t mind paying for quality, read on. This San Tan Tactical receiver set is the Bugatti Veyron of the AR15 world.


The SST-15 Ultimate AR15 Build

Before I jump into what makes San Tan’s billet receiver set special, let’s talk about the Ultimate AR15 build I created with it:

  • Hart Custom Hex Fluted 223 Wylde sub-MOA 17” Barrel – $650
  • AXTS Ambi Raptor Charging Handle – $90
  • Sharps Rifle Company Relia-Bolt -$99
  • Battle Arms Development BAD Ambi Selector $79 and EPS Enhanced Pin Set $40
  • Timney Triggers AR15 Skeletonized Match 3lb Trigger – $280
  • Burris XTRII 1.5x-8x-34mm Fast Fire III Combo 34mm Tube – $1577
  • Geissele 13” Super Modular Rail – $300
  • Syrac Ordnance Retrofit Low Profile Gas Piston Conversion Kit – $299
  • ALG Defense Single Chamber Brake – $35
  • Mission First Tactical Engage Grip $34.99XLR Industries Tactical AR15 Stock $225


Mil-Spec will do on the battlefield, but not for the custom AR15 builder… and one of the world’s most finely crafted barrels deserves the world’s best receiver set. I have handled and tested just about every receiver set on the market and no one packs all the quality, fit, finish and features into billet 7075 aluminum like SanTan Tactical.

Like the Hart barrel, this receiver combo is a masterpiece of AR15 design. I consider it to be the most badass upper receiver I have ever seen, but looks are only a small part of the story.



Why billet? Billet offers the firearm manufacturer the ability to think and create outside of the box, and usually results in a beefier and heavier design, more-flared magazine well, and cool looks with the same functionality as a regular forged receiver. Most billet receivers just deliver cool looks with the same old functionality and features, but a some manufacturers go above and beyond. San Tan has exceeded even that.


Each SST-15 is milled from a solid chunk of 7075-T651 aluminum on CNC machinery which assures consistency and precision tolerances. Once milled, the finished receiver is MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodized for corrosion resistance. Unlike most billet recievers, the STT-15 is not fat and bulky.


The overall fit and finish is impeccable. Stylistically, San Tan wanted to avoid the typical bulky billet look. Instead of a heavy extended magwell lip, they have created a huge funnel without adding much extra bulk. The extended trigger guard is thin and contoured, and actually flows into the grip. The SST-15 has been lightened and strengthened in key strategic areas to retain strength but minimize weight. Ergonomics were enhanced with a lot of extra contouring, rounding/radiusing, and otherwise softening the corners and edges to provide a more comfortable fit.


Features include a huge magazine well, integrated QD sling mounts on each side of the receiver with 45-degree anti-rotate stops, integrated ambidextrous bolt and magazine releases, ambi selector switch with bullet pictograms, shooter ready trigger finger rest just under the magazine release, oversized winter trigger guard, dowel/grub screw (no pins) assembly and extra grip on all the ambi releases, but the features do not stop there.


If you are into higher-end AR15s you are probably familiar with receiver tension screws and their ability to tighten up a worn or loose upper. San Tan has gone about it a little differently, with a small nylon-tipped screw. Tension can be adjusted via hex wrench after removing the grip.

While the grip is off, you can also adjust the unique trigger overtravel adjustment which can make an stock trigger feel pretty good or remove minute slack from a match trigger. It’s a cool feature that most will not utilize. If you are dropping $330 on a billet receiver, you are probably springing for a high end trigger, which generally negates the need for overtravel adjustment.

SanTan is not just about offering an ambi-everything billet lower receiver with great looks. SanTan put a ton of research into developing a design with all the features and coolness while being significantly stronger than mil-spec forged receivers.


Included in the price of the $290 lower receiver are are all the control buttons and levers, so you don’t need to go out and buy $100 worth of ambi control parts. The only parts you need are the selector switch and pivot/takedown pins. 

Their 8.2-ounce upper receiver follows the same strategy with a design which is significantly lighter than even flat-sided (non-forward assist) receivers but significantly stronger. In fact, San Tan notes their upper as being the lightest on the market.

SanTan Tactical does all this in a design which is still elegantly simple without all the blockiness of a typical “fat billet” look. My only regret was not opting for a two-tone bronze and black finish, but there is always a next time.


Final Thoughts

San Tan Tactical designed the SST-15 with every feature the shooter could possibly want in a design and finish quality that is executed with Swiss watch precision. It is by far the most detailed and intricate AR15 receiver I have tested or seen, but the features, strength and weight make this $469 receiver set worth the extra money.


Manufacturer Specs

  • STT-15: 8.2 OZ
  • Trussed High Strength Lower Weight design
  • Model:STT-15 L
  • Caliber: 5.56 NATO \ 223 REM, 300 BLACKOUT, 22 LR, Multi-Cal, Custom Caliber Markings Upon Request
  • Huge 1.38” Integrally Machined Magazine Well Flare
  • Ambidextrous Quick Attach \Detach Sling Swivel Points With Anti-Rotation Stops Every 45 Degrees.
  • Ambidextrous Bolt Release.
  • Ambidextrous Magazine Release.
  • Bullet Pictogram Safety Selector Markings.
  • Set Screw Trigger Creep Adjustment.
  • Set Screw Upper Takedown Tension Adjustment.
  • Shooter Ready Finger Rest.
  • Oversized Winter Trigger Guard.
  • Dowel Screw Assembly.
  • Ultra Grip Texture On All Controls.
  • Action:Semi-Auto
  • Weight: 9.4 Ounces /268 Grams With Ambidextrous Controls 8.4 Ounces / 238 Grams Without Ambidextrous Controls.
  • Dimensions:Length: 7.69” Width: 1.490” Height: 4.015”
  • Material:Billet 7075-T651 Aerospace Grade Aluminum, Cast A-2 Tool Steel
  • Finish:Aluminum – Matte Black MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard Anodize, Steel – Black Oxide
  • Butt-Stock:Works With Any Mil-Spec or Commercial Buffer Tube and Stock.
  • Magazine Compatibility:(Lock In, Drop Free Additional Magazines Will Be Added As Tested)
  • Factory tested magazine function – 100 Round Beta Mag, 100 Round Surefire,60 Round Surefire, 30 Round Magpul P-MAG Any – Generation, 20 Round Magpul P-MAG Any Generation, 10 Round Magpul P-MAG Any Generation, 30 Round Mil- Spec Mag, 20 Round Mil-Spec Mag
  • Component Compatibility:Works Will All Mil-Spec AR-15\M16 Components*.
  • MSRP $329.99




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Aridus Industries’ 1301 T1 Co-Witness Mount [The Firearm Blog]

1301 T1 1Adam Roth of Aridus Industries has been updating Beretta 1301s. Nathan S. recently posted about the YT-1301 latch and shroud. Well Adam has been working on a prototype optic mount for the 1301. It is partially inspired by the Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK handguard he has on his Saiga AK.   The mount replaces […]

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Soros bands with donors to resist Trump, 'take back power' [NRA-ILA News]

George Soros and other rich liberals who spent tens of millions of dollars trying to elect Hillary Clinton are gathering in Washington for a three-day, closed door meeting to retool the big-money left to fight back against Donald Trump.


Trump promises pro-gun judges [NRA-ILA News]

But Mr. Trump, in an interview with CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” stood his ground on Supreme Court picks, saying the justices he nominates will be pro-life and will back Second Amendment rights, though he added that same-sex marriage is “settled” and he doesn’t expect it to be reversed.


Now It's Trump Who Can Recast the Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

Trump said repeatedly in stump speeches that preventing liberal justices from being appointed to the court was a reason conservatives should vote for him, particularly on gun rights."They'll respect the Second Amendment and what it stands for, what it represents," Trump said during a debate.


Opponents fight California gun measure, count on Trump [NRA-ILA News]

California voters' approval of even tougher gun restrictions leaves opponents trying to contain the damage within the most populous state and across the country, an effort buoyed by Donald Trump's election.


Celebrating Trump: Gun show attendees say they're surprised, relieved, jubilant [NRA-ILA News]

For the first time in its 62-year history, the world’s largest gun show slowed to a halt in the middle of sales Saturday morning — to recognize President-elect Donald J. Trump with the singing of “God Bless America.”


California: Stalled Sonoma County Sheriff’s proposal would make concealed weapon permits costlier, harder to get [NRA-ILA News]

A plan by Sonoma County Sheriff Steve Freitas to require a psychological evaluation for all those seeking permission to carry a concealed firearm has stalled amid opposition from gun rights groups over the cost to applicants.


New York City: Man Pleads Guilty to Using Bribes to Obtain Handgun Licenses [NRA-ILA News]

A member of a volunteer security force in Brooklyn pleaded guilty on Thursday to charges that he paid Police Department officials thousands of dollars in bribes to obtain expedited handgun licenses for clients.


Wisconsin: Bill would allow licensed guns at private schools [NRA-ILA News]

A state lawmaker said Saturday he would introduce a bill to allow licensed gun owners to carry weapons on the grounds of private schools, and he expects to advance similar bills aimed at public K-12 schools and college campuses.


Ohio: Board OKs guns in Coshocton schools [NRA-ILA News]

Coshocton City Schools will become the second school district in Coshocton County to allow select employees to carry concealed guns on school property and at school events to protect against armed attack.


Michigan: Outgoing Plainfield board's last vote is to allow employees to bring their guns to work [NRA-ILA News]

Township employees who have a concealed carry weapons permit can now legally bring their guns to work as a result of action by the township board on Nov. 9.


Frommer Prototype Semiauto Rifle (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Rudolf Frommer was a self-taught engineer and firearms designer who worked his way up through the FEG concern in Budapest to eventually hold the position of CEO. During this time he developed a series of long-recoil, rotating-bolt pistols culminating in the Frommer Stop, which was adopted by the Austro-Hungarian military. At some point during this time he also produced this prototype rifle, which is similarly a long-recoil rotating bolt design. I have no information on its production or performance, but I will give you as much of a look into its operation as I can.


Apex Releases New Action Enhancement Kit For Glocks [The Firearm Blog]

TriggerApex has become reasonably well known for providing quality triggers for the Smith & Wesson M&P series of pistols. In an effort to serve as many customers as they can at a reasonable price, Apex has introduced the new Action Enhancement kit for Glock pistols. The price point is rather attractive at an MSRP of […]

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We Tour Honor Defense’s Assembly Facility and Headquarters [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_4744It just so happened that I found myself in Atlanta, Georgia for a wedding and had a bit of time to kill. Instead of spending some time getting to know the city or eating at the original Chic-Fil-A, The Dwarf House (cue the jokes about how appropriate that is for me), I decided to give […]

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Germany: Hunting with semi-autos with interchangeable magazine allowed again [The Firearm Blog]

whitejpIt seems that for the first time ever, Germany is going to get a more permissive gun law. As an Amendment of the Federal Hunting Act comes into force, it is now legal to hunt even with 20 round (perhaps even more?) magazine if you put only 3 rounds in. This is even better than […]

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New Russian pistol aimed at Practical Shooting – The “Soratnik” [The Firearm Blog]

99999IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) in Russia is a huge success, and is showing tremendous growth with some 30 000 members. I can’t think of any region which could be larger, and there are now regular sponsored events. The Russian World and European Champion Maria Gushchina uses a CZ Shadow 2, and CZ is a […]

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Art & Culture: Natalie Baxter’s “Warm Guns” [The Firearm Blog]

1233This is just too funny not too share. I’m leaving all politics and opinions behind to see the humor, and so should you. The artist Natalie Baxter has been busy growing her collection of firearms. It’s just that they are all quilted. She’s got a BA in Fine Art from the University of the South […]

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Sunday, 13 November


Saturday, Saturday, Saturday Night's Alright, Ooh [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Complementary Spouse and I went out to dinner on Saturday night. This is one of our dinner guests. Olivia Grace enjoys ranch dressing just as much as her mommy. She just eats it a different way.


The End of Gun Control: We’re In Spitting Distance of a Constitutional Amendment []

Article V of the Constitution describes two ways that the nation’s founding document can be amended. One one of these methods has ever been successfully used: a vote of two thirds of the House and Senate ratify the amendment, and then send it to the states for a vote, where three fourths of state legislatures must vote for it.

The big barrier to getting an amendment passed has always been the state vote — at least, it has until now. Right now, if the Democrats lose just one more state legislature, an opposing coalition of Republicans and independents will have the 3/4 majority needed to pass a constitutional amendment over Democratic opposition.

The problem now, though, is that the GOP doesn’t quite have a 2/3 majority in either the House or Senate, but with enough defectors, we could get an amendment passed.

So what about a constitutional amendment declaring that the right to keep and bear arms shall be not be infringed, period — no militia language, just the right of every US citizen to own whatever guns they want for any lawful purpose, including defense of self, family, and state.

Given that we need to flip just one state legislature, and convince a handful of Democrats in the House and Senate to come over, we’re closer than we’ve ever been to driving a constitutional stake directly through the heart of gun control, and killing it forever.

NRA and SAF, are you listening? Let’s do this.

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Bergmann Simplex Pocket Pistols (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

The Bergmann 1896 Number 2 pistol was a relatively successful compact pocket gun for its day, but quickly became obsolete as semiautomatic handguns developed and improved. Bergman and his chief engineer Schmeisser spent the late 1890s developing and improved version of the Bergmann automatics, pitting into two distinct lines of development. One was the Number 5 (1897) locked breech pistol for military service, which would evolve into the reasonable successful Model 1910. The other was the Number 6 (circa 1899) which would become the Simplex.

The Simplex was a compact simple blowback pistol firing a proprietary 8x18mm cartridge slightly less powerful than the .32 ACP. It used a detachable magazine of 5, 8, or 10 rounds and shared the basic aesthetic lines of the 1897 and 1903 Bergmann pistols, albeit smaller and cheaper. However, the Simplex was in direct competition with the FN/Browning 1900, which was a spectacularly successful and popular design. The Bergmann Simplex was unable to effectively, and only about 4000 were made in total before it was dropped form production.

There are two basic variations of the Simplex, and we have one of each in this video. The early guns have the magazine release located on the front of the magazine well, and the late pattern guns have a more modern style of magazine release button on the side of the frame above the trigger.


Modern Intermediate Calibers: Trade-Offs – Bullet Mass [The Firearm Blog]

Even within the same ammunition system, different projectile weights have a massive effect on external and terminal ballistics. Here we see some of the different weight bullets available in the 5.56x45mm caliber.In the last installment, we talked about the trade-offs involved in increasing or decreasing the projectile’s diameter (and, thereby in convention systems, the bore’s diameter as well). One of the major pieces of the equation that we left out was how changing the projectile’s mass affects the round’s performance, and it’s this that will be […]

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Saturday, 12 November


Turner Semiauto SMLE Conversion (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Russell Turner was a Pennsylvania gunsmith and inventor who developed this semiautomatic conversion of an SMLE bolt action rifle circa 1940. It was intended for trial and potential sale to the Canadian military, as it would allow them to retrofit existing rifles into semiautomatic configuration and still use existing supplies of .303 British ammunition. Rather than try to devise a reliable system to rotate the original Enfield bolt, Turner replaced the bolt entirely, using instead a side-tilting design much like what he used in his M1 Carbine trials rifle for the US military. This was coupled with a long stroke gas piston and a hammer firing trigger mechanism.

Reportedly the rifle was tested by Canadian authorities, and performed quite well, with the adjustable gas system allowing it to function reliably even in temperatures of 25 below zero (where the Garand, tested alongside, experienced problems). However, Turner’s rifle was deemed to complex for military adoption.

That decision against the rifle was probably the right one for Canada, although Turner’s conversion is one of the better semi auto bolt acton conversions I have handled. It was remarkably non-awkward – that may not sound like much to crow about, but it sets a pretty high standard for this type of rifle.


Modern Intermediate Calibers: Trade-Offs – Bullet & Bore Diameter [The Firearm Blog]

Different bore diameters give rounds different properties. Despite the fact that all three rounds shown here - 7.62x39, 5.6x39 Russian, and 6.5x38 Grendel (two on the right) - all use the same case base and have virtually the same case capacity, they have very different ballistic properties due to their different bore and bullet diameter.Probably the most obvious element of ammunition design is the choice of caliber, or more specifically the choice of bore and bullet diameter. These two dimensions are of course closely linked in conventional ammunition systems (they can be decoupled with sabots, but those are outside the scope of this series), and together they relate to […]

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Friday, 11 November


He Beat Us To It [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Many in the gun rights community have been coming up with our wish lists now that Donald Trump has been elected President. Given the support from the NRA, other gun rights organizations, and the gun culture was critical in his win, it's payback time.

Among the things I've been hoping for is national concealed carry reciprocity, removal of suppressors from the NFA through passage of the Hearing Protection Act, overturning previous executive orders by Presidents George H. W. Bush and Barack Obama, and the elimination of the sporting use test from the Gun Control Act of 1968. This is in addition to appointing judges and justices that will will uphold and expand Heller and McDonald. Of course that is just a start.

Well it looks like President-elect Trump (has a nice ring to it!) has beat us to the punch on national reciprocity and the elimination of gun free zones on military bases.

From a position paper released today:

GUN AND MAGAZINE BANS. Gun and magazine bans are a total failure. That’s been proven every time it’s been tried. Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like “assault weapons”, “military-style weapons” and “high capacity magazines” to confuse people. What they’re really talking about are popular semiautomatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans. Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own.

BACKGROUND CHECKS. There has been a national background check system in place since 1998. Every time a person buys a gun from a federally licensed gun dealer – which is the overwhelming majority of all gun purchases – they go through a federal background check. Study after study has shown that very few criminals are stupid enough to try and pass a background check – they get their guns from friends/family members or by stealing them. So the overwhelming majority of people who go through background checks are law-abiding gun owners. When the system was created, gun owners were promised that it would be instant, accurate and fair. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case today. Too many states are failing to put criminal and mental health records into the system – and it should go without saying that a system’s only going to be as effective as the records that are put into it. What we need to do is fix the system we have and make it work as intended. What we don’t need to do is expand a broken system.

NATIONAL RIGHT TO CARRY. The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that a concealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving – which is a privilege, not a right – then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

MILITARY BASES AND RECRUITING CENTERS. Banning our military from carrying firearms on bases and at recruiting centers is ridiculous. We train our military how to safely and responsibly use firearms, but our current policies leave them defenseless. To make America great again, we need a strong military. To have a strong military, we need to allow them to defend themselves.
The position paper also notes that Trump himself has a concealed carry permit.

This is a great way to end the week!


Photo: 17-Year-Old Hunter Bags Big Drop-Tine Georgia Buck []

Now this is impressive. I’ve been hunting Georgia whitetails for years and have never seen a buck like this one. It’s good to know that they exist!

This photo was posted October 31 on the Georgia Outdoor News Facebook feed, along with the following caption:

Check out the drop tine on this Henry County buck. Jackson Greer, 17, got this awesome 14-pointer in Henry County last week.

This buck is obviously mature, and has 14 points — including a very impressive drop tine. (As the name suggests, a drop tine is an antler tine that points downward rather than upward.) Not only that, but the drop tine is branching from an unusual tine that apparently forks out of the side of the main beam — and that tine is pretty impressive even without the drop tine.

The main beam is kinda scrunched towards the end… in fact, the list of unusual features just goes on. An absolutely massive trophy buck, especially for a 17-year-old hunter.

As one of the commenters said on Facebook, “17 years old! I know hunters that have tried for 50 years to get a chance to take a buck like yours!”

I’ve been chasing whitetails twice as long as he’s been alive, and haven’t gotten one that big yet. But that may change the next time I go to the woods!

Here’s to that next hunt.

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Find Food For Best Duck Hunting []

Among the ingredients for a successful waterfowl hunt, the most important is food. If you locate the ducks’ food sources, chances are you’ll locate the birds. The problem is, many hunters can name only two basic foods: corn and rice. And if you find corn in public waters, it has probably been placed there illegally. This guide will help you identify the wild vegetation ducks eat while migrating. Scout out these natural food plots, and you’ll soon be looking at your next brace of birds.


First and foremost, ducks are remarkably adaptable in what they eat as they travel the flyways. One stop along their migratory route might have river bulrush and another smartweed. According to researcher Victor Ramey at the University of Florida’s Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants, seasonal food preference is common among ducks. Teal, for instance, eat primarily gnats and snails during nesting season but prefer plant seeds when migrating. A study of Wisconsin redhead ducks found that they eat 34 crustacean and insect species and 30 plant species. Louisiana canvasbacks were found to eat primarily grasses, sedges and rushes. Yet another canvasback study, in Maryland, showed they eat mostly widgeon grass.

Consider the nutrition pyramid that we humans try to eat by. There are several types of food on it, but the bulk of our intake comes from the bottom category. For us it’s breads, cereals and rice; for ducks it’s aquatic grasses or insects.


Food Groups

Fortunately for hunters, there’s plenty of overlap among the food preferences of different ducks. For instance, a choice wild rice patch that draws mallards is also likely to attract other birds, such as pintails, teal, canvasbacks and ringnecks. Wild rice is an important waterfowl food; biologists report that ducks eat it at every stage of their growth, with almost all of them feeding on its ripe grain. Sago pond weed, another important waterfowl plant, is widely believed to produce more food for ducks than any other species of aquatic plant. Geese, ducks and swans feed on sago seeds, tubers and roots. Another universal grass is smartweed. It produces abundant small, black seeds that mallards, black ducks, pintails and teal love to eat. Because the seeds are so small, smartweed can attract ducks for long periods before all the seeds are consumed.

In some areas, non-native aquatic plants have displaced much native vegetation important to waterfowl. In the South, for example, hydrilla has choked many lakes and rivers, covering traditional waterfowl foods. But ducks have adapted and they now relish hydrilla-not because they prefer it to native plants, but because it’s readily available.

Choosing Cuisine

Hunters should know that puddle ducks and diving ducks often eat different foods due to their biological differences. A puddle duck feeds on the surface or close to it by tipping over with its tail in the air. It dines chiefly in shallow water, on the fringes of marshes and on dry land. Its diet is mostly vegetable matter, consisting of seeds, grass, aquatic plant leaves and stems, agricultural crops, acorns and other nuts, and some shellfish, insects and small fish.

Diving ducks, on the other hand, dive completely underwater and eat a wide variety of plants and animals found near the bottoms of large rivers, lakes and sounds. A large percentage of the diet of many divers consists of mollusks, crustaceans and fish. But divers, like canvasbacks, can be vegetarians, relishing wild celery. It would be logical to think that most of the vegetation divers eat is submerged, but it’s not always true. Thirty percent of the redhead duck’s diet is vegetation, and most of it is emergent plants, according to a North Dakota study.
Learning to identify choice duck foods is important for successful waterfowling. A stand of wild celery and bulrush, or an area of a pond covered in duckweed and coontail, will point you toward a new honey hole.

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Instacloth the go anywhere towelette []

Have you heard of instacloth?  It is a compact towelette that is individually packaged and sealed.  Never heard of it? Neither had I until a chance encounter.

Several years ago I was attending a community outreach training program where several wonderful speakers were discussing issues faced by the homeless.  The speakers also discussed services their organizations offered

One speaker talked about his organization, which handed out personal hygiene kits to the homeless.  The kits included items such as a tooth brush, small tube of tooth paste,  hand sanitizer, individual sized bottle of shampoo, just various items for personal hygiene.

An item in the bag caught my eye, and that was instacloth.  The guest speaker gave a demonstration of how instacloth worked and let’s say I was impressed. The church handed out instacloth so homeless people could go into a bathroom, use water from the sink to activate it and wipe themselves down. Why couldn’t it be used for camping, backpacking, hiking, bug out bag, get home bag,,, etc?

What is Instacloth

It is a cloth that has been compressed into a tablet and then sealed in a blister pack. The tablet measures around 13/16 inch in diameter and around 7/16 of an inch thick. It is no larger in diameter than say a nickle.

When exposed to water the tablet expands, unrolls and turns into a towelette that measures around 8 inches by 10 inches. The water can be from any source – creek, stream, river, bottled water, faucet, sink,,, whatever you may have at hand.

Only about an ounce of water is needed to activate the cloth.

As far as I know, the cloth is not treated with any type of antimicrobial chemical. Any germs that are in the water will remain on the cloth. That is why I use bottled water to activate the cloth.

A box of instacloth which contains 8 tablets, weighs in at exactly 1 ounce.  That is what my scale says anyway.

Ready whenever you are

Several years ago some buddies of mine and I went on a three day camping trip on the Angelina River near Jasper, Texas.  It was winter time and there was no way I was going to take a bath in the cold river water.  To clean up I brought a package of baby wipes, which worked very well.

A year or so after that trip I went to my backpack to get the baby wipes, and they were dried out.  Good thing I did not need the wipes.  I was just taking inventory for another camping trip.

Instacloth are individually packaged and sealed until needed.  Which makes them perfect for long term storage.  Whether they are stored in a get home bag, bug out bag, purse or daypack, there is nothing to dry out.

I keep a blister pack of instacloth in my backpack cooking kit.  While on the hiking trip I can stop for lunch, use water from my canteen to activate the tablet, and I have a cloth to wipe my hands and face off with.  It sure beats carrying a box of baby wipes.

Why not just use a bandanna?  I use a bandanna to keep sweat out of my eyes.  Halfway through a good summer hike it is drenched with sweat.  Even if I carried a spare bandanna it would have dirt and crude on it.

Instacloth are individually packaged and sealed until needed.  What more could you want?  Just add clean water and it is good to go.

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TFB Remembers Mike Dillon [The Firearm Blog]

NikeDillonDillon Precision Products Inc. announced these sad news. For me Dillon is mostly associated with the loading and reloading of ammunition, and that special blue color, but Mike was a man with many talents. “It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Mike Dillon. Mike left us on the morning of November […]

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Pedersoli Howdah 45/410 Double Barrel Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Pedersoli Howdah 45410 - 660x437Italian firearms manufacturer Davide Pedersoli has launched their new version of Howdah pistol chambered in .45 LC / .410 bore. The gun was initially introduced in SHOT Show 2016. Howdah 45/410 is a reproduction of Ithaca Auto & Burglar, which was manufactured in the 1920s. The difference from Ithaca is that instead of being chambered in 20 […]

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POTD: So Much Fun In A Small Package [The Firearm Blog]

14717627_238633093221954_6677933551184248832_nWho doesn’t love pistol caliber carbines? They are a lot of fun and @Steve_mp5 looks like he has a wonderful case full of fun. He has a KRISS Vector 9mm. You can tell based on the magazines and drum mag. Then he has an MP5K with folding B&T stock. There is a Trijicon MRO and […]

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An AK Overload Of Lumens [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_8872Legion USA imports and sells various accessories for AKs, Veprs, Saigas, etc. I was perusing what they have and found this ridiculous weapon light that looks more at home on an off road vehicle. The Kaspiy has four LEDs and a built in laser. The top corners have 45 degree offset rails to add more […]

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U.S made Soviet VSS Vintorez suppressed rifle [The Firearm Blog]

unnamed-2The Vintorez is a suppressed rifle currently in use by a number of Russian Special Operations units. It was used extensively in the Chechen conflict, in addition to popping up in Syria as well. It fires a special 9x39mm SP5 cartridge in addition to an armored piercing round. The rifle has eluded importation in the […]

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Recognizing Those Who Recognize Those Who Don't Come Home [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The 3rd Infantry Regiment, the Old Guard, provides the funeral details for Arlington Nation Cemetery among other things. They recognize those who didn't come home. On this Veteran's Day, I want to recognize them.


Cloud Defensive Tape Switch Rail Mount [The Firearm Blog]

WML switch holder  For those who dabble with weapon mounted lights, specifically Surefire Scoutlights and their Millennium Series weapon lights, knows the problems with the tape switches. The ubiquitous ST07 tape switch comes with an alcohol wipe and adhesive velcro. Those don’t last long after a while. Other issues arise with the squishiness of the velcro. It […]

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Kudos To Brownells [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Many companies are offering discounts on this Veterans Day. However, in my opinion, Brownells and these companies are doing something even better. They are donating a portion of their sales from today to an organization that helps those from the Special Operations community that have been wounded. While all of our military veterans deserve help, few have been called upon as much over the last two decades as those in special operations.

Brownells & 11 Industry Partners Join Forces to Support Veterans

GRINNELL, Iowa (November 10, 2016) – Brownells is proud to announce it has formed a coalition of industry partners to donate sales dollars on Veterans Day – Friday, November 11, 2016 – to Special Operations Wounded Warriors(SOWW).

On Veteran’s Day 2016, Brownells will donate five percent of its total sales to SOWW. In addition, the following companies have agreed to donate five percent of their Veterans Day sales at Brownells to SOWW:
  • Magpul
  • DoubleStar
  • Faxon Firearms
  • JP Enterprises
  • Midwest Industries
  • Wilson Combat®
  • Leupold
  • Trijicon®
  • Otis Technology
  • LifeStraw®
  • XS Sight Systems®
Earlier this year, Brownells partnered with Magpul to donate a percentage of sales on Memorial Day to SOWW. The Veterans Day donation event, with 11 industry partners participating, represents a significant increase in support for SOWW.

“We could not be more appreciative and grateful for the outstanding and continued support of Brownells, its Senior Management, its employees, and its customers,” said SOWW Vice President Joel Pellicci. “As a Tier One level sponsor, our highest level of support, Brownells is a major contributor and supporter of our mission to provide thanks, fellowship, and therapeutic retreats to wounded members of the U.S. Special Operations Communities. Brownells' aggressive support of SOWW has positively affected the lives of many people in need over the last five years.”

Customers can learn more about the Veteran’s Day promotion by visiting the Brownells/SOWW Veterans Day page.

About SOWW
Special Operations Wounded Warriors (SOWW) is a not-for-profit group that provides outdoor experiences and therapeutic retreats, as well as assistance with medical, physical and mental therapies for both veterans and active-duty members of the Unites States Special Operations Forces who have been wounded in action.  For more information, visit


Curious case of Mad Bull Airsoft in Iraq [The Firearm Blog]

12064462_552941461526169_1024885050_nIf you looked at this photograph and thought to yourself, “This looks like a 40x46mm Low Velocity grenade launcher, but it is unlike any launcher currently used by any Military/LE force”, then you’d be halfway to a solid conclusion. However if you are really into Airsoft, you’d probably instantly recognize it for what it is, a […]

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Beautiful Breechloading Wheellock (Video) [Forgotten Weapons]

Most people think that breechloading arms began with the development of paper or brass cartridges, but this is not strictly true. While not common before that period, there were gunsmiths here and there experimenting with breechloading systems hundreds of years before they became commonplace. The British Ferguson rifle is an example of one that did see some limited production, but even earlier we see examples like this gorgeously embellished 1625 wheel lock. It uses a simple steel cartridge case that would be pre-loaded with powder and ball, and then dropped in through the Snider-style trap door at the breech of the rifle. It is also equipped with relatively nice sights for the time and double set triggers – whoever commissioned this weapon was clearly a serious firearms enthusiast!

You can see another very similar example here – note that it was missing the cartridge which I did not recognize at the time, but you can see the notch where the cartridge’s indexing pin would fit.

Note: The gun in this video was pulled from the RIA auction after I did my video – not sure why, but probably a conflict with the consignor over value estimate.


Get your 3D printers started with Taccom’s free downloads [The Firearm Blog]

3ddd3D printing and firearms – a very sensitive subject! One of the main reasons why people are afraid or against it, is because it’s a new technology and new inventions tend to drive the uneducated into forbidding it (much easier than trying to understand what’s going on). It’s new, so it must be dangerous – […]

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Smith & Wesson Holdings May Change Names in 2017 [The Firearm Blog]

Smith & Wesson logoThe Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation may change names next year. The company announced an unscheduled stockholder meeting for December to seek approval to change the company’s name to American Outdoor Brands Corporation. This seems to reflect what I’ve said previously about the company diversifying its holdings. Before anyone panics, the Smith & Wesson Holding […]

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International Army Games 2016 [The Firearm Blog]

TanksSo you like to compete with guns? USPSA, IPSC, IDPA? Perhaps a little 3gun or Cowboy Action? Well these guys compete with tanks lol. There is a Tank Biatholon among other competitions. From this video it looks like helicopter manipulation. Not sure who came up with this course for the trucks but I imagine this […]

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Wilson Combat New “Combat-Tuff” Finishes [The Firearm Blog]

WC Combat-Tuff - 660x400Wilson Combat has introduced a new finish for their firearms called Combat-Tuff. It is essentially a two stage Armor-Tuff finish, which allows reaching that distressed, well-used look. The application process involves multiple coats of their Armor-Tuff spray-on coating followed by a special hand finishing process. The finishes are available for their custom rifles, shotguns and 1911 pistols. […]

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Indo Defense 2016 Trade Show [The Firearm Blog]

14937009_10153840378230826_11245984_nThanks to my friend Irfan for taking and sending these pics to me. In the main photo above, that is a boat with a turret on it. It is dubbed “Tank Boat”.   Komodo Armament, now that is a cool name. Komodo’s 3D printed pistol frame. Tanfoglio TCMP       This is the Savox […]

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Thursday, 10 November


Newsweek's version of Dewey Defeats Truman [Of Arms and the Law]

I've been too blasted busy to blog much, but this is wonderful. As is this.


To America’s Veterans: Thank You for Your Service [NRA-ILA News]

As we celebrate the historic victory of Donald J. Trump to the White House, it is fitting that we remember America’s veterans. Their sacrifices, after all, contributed to the blessings of liberty that allow even highly contested elections like the one America just experienced to resolve in a peaceful and orderly fashion.


A Historic Election Night for the Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, we observed how the mainstream media – which had become little more than a super PAC for Hillary Clinton – had already tried to write-off Donald Trump and his supporters. “But the media and Clinton campaign … don’t get to write the final chapter to this story,” we noted. “You do.”


Thank You [NRA-ILA News]

November 8 was a historic night for gun rights supporters. When faced with the prospect of a Hillary Clinton presidency, a U.S. Senate led by Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.), and a U.S. Supreme Court that would threaten the recognition of the individual right to keep and bear arms, NRA members delivered a resounding rejection of the anti-gun agenda.


Modern Intermediate Calibers: Trade-Offs – Introduction [The Firearm Blog]

Left to right: .280/30 British, 7.62x39mm M67, 5.56x45m M855, 6.8x43mm SPC XM68GD, 6.5x38mm Grendel 123gr Lapua Scenar, 7.92x33mm Kz.Ptr.43 sME. All of these rounds have different characteristics that affect their ballistic performance and their reliability in automatic firearms. We'll be taking a closer look at these characteristics to better understand the trade-offs in small arms ammunition design.Looking at the 24 different calibers we’ve covered as part of the Modern Intermediate Calibers series, some patterns begin to emerge. We see that larger rounds with heavier bullets weigh more, and have more recoil, that more slender bullets shoot further for their weight than other comparable projectiles, and that higher velocity rounds shoot flatter. […]

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My Ultimate AR15 Build with a 3-Gun Slant []

The other day at the range, it seemed that everyone was showing off their custom AR15s. If I was going to play that game, I thought building an Ultimate AR15 was a valid endeavor… or at least yet another excuse to build a custom billet AR15.


The next build always starts somewhere, and in this case it began with a stunning Hart custom fluted 17” AR15 223 Wylde barrel, which I had ordered and then pretty much forgot about for eight months.


Hart Custom Hex Fluted 17” Barrel – $650

If we are going to play the “mine is better than yours” game, then starting with a barrel 1” longer than everyone else’s standard sixteen-incher is the way to go. Actually the 17” barrel was a compromise between the popular 18” 3-Gun length and the compact 16” barrels on 90%+ of the AR15s on the market.


The profile of this match-chambered 223 Wylde barrel (its chamber was designed to optimally shoot both 5.56 Nato and 223 Remington) is basically a modified M4 profile with a full bull barrel behind the gas block and a mid-weight profile in front of the gas block. According to Hart, their profile should shoot just as well as a bull profile. His comment was that it should easily be a sub-MOA barrel for any decent shooter with match ammo… and he was right.


Hart’s standard barrels are stunning enough, and adding optional fluting and custom finishes can really make them shine.  Looking down the polished and lapped bore, you see the craft behind the production. Add in the absolutely perfect satin finish and I have a barrel which is second to none in looks and arguably one of the finest-shooting match barrels available. If your soul burns for a sultry and deadly performing barrel, Hart is the answer.

SanTan Tactical STT-15 PILLAR Billet Receiver Combo – $469

Mil-Spec will do on the battlefield, but not for this build.  One of the world’s most finely crafted barrels deserves to be mounted to the the world’s best receiver set. I have handled and tested just about every receiver set on the market and no one packs all the quality, fit, finish and features into jaw dropping billet 7075 aluminum like SanTan Tactical.

Like the Hart barrel, this receiver combo is a masterpiece of AR15 design. It is the most badass upper receiver I have ever seen, and I have seen more than a few.

SanTan is not just about an ambi-everything billet receiver with great looks . SanTan put a ton of research into developing a design with all the features and cool factor AND significantly greater strength than mil-Spec forged receivers. They have videos of abuse testing which exceeds normal mil-spec standard.

My only regret was not opting for a two-tone bronze and black finish like the Mercury One builds, but there is always next time.

AXTS Raptor Charging Handle – $90

There are many charging handles on the market, but none have the simple elegance of the ambidextrous AXTS Raptor. The design has been licensed to companies such as Rainier Arms and has been noted by more than one writer as the ultimate Ambi-Charging handle. I think it’s one of the best and smoothest-cycling handles around. What better fit for an Ultimate AR15 than the this gorgeous symmetrical charging handles from AXTS?


Sharps Rifle Company Relia-Bolt -$99

Early this year, I reviewed the Sharps Reliabolt and was impressed with the science, design and engineering behind it. Sharps engineers looked at all the potential bolt and carrier failure points and designed their Reliabolt to improve reliability in extreme wear, impacted weapon, and alignment situations.

I personally have never had any issues with even standard phosphated bolts with proper lube, but I can understand how the Sharps design would greatly enhance reliability and continue operation in near-catastrophic conditions. In the case of this build, the Sharps Relia-Bolt wears a “wow even the bolt is custom” look with arguably one of the most reliable bolts on the market.

Battle Arms Development BAD ASS Ambi Selector $ 79 and EPS Enhanced Pin Set $40

There are run-of-the-mill pins and selector switches, and then there are the groundbreaking designs that Battle Arms Development created. B.A.D. delivered the first ambi selector switch with style never seen before and features never thought of. Battle Arms absolutely delivers on the cool factor, but they also offer unique features such as short throw switch design on the ambi selector.

Their Enhanced Pin Set offers a super easy install and and simple removal features which prevent your punch from scuffing your high-dollar receiver. Battle Arms adds that custom touch to any build, especially this one.

Timney Triggers AR15 Skeletonized Match 3lb Trigger – $280

I am a huge fan of Timney and I have used their triggers in many builds. This skeletonized AR15 trigger adds a little more “cool” to one of the best match triggers on the market.


The Timney Match AR15 trigger is a drop-in cartridge with all precision EDM internal parts. I chose the 3lb version to get the most out of the Hart Barrel.


Burris XTRII 1.5x-8x-34mm Fast Fire III Combo 34mm Tube – $1577

The Burris combo optic combines both a 1.5x-8x scope with a Fast Fire III sight, piggybacked on the optic. This style of combo allows very fast transition shots between close and longer-range targets. Burris’ version features a giant 34mm tube for maximum light transmission, stunning clarity, a Dual Focal Plane ranging/BDC reticle, calibrated CQB trajectory illuminated reticle, 5x zoom magnification, 25% thicker tube construction, and Zero Click Stop technology.


If you want to impress others with the quality of your optic, it had better be clear and that is what has impressed me with this setup. It features Hi-Lume multi-coated lenses, optimizing target resolution, contrast, and low-light performance which gives a super clear image which surprises everyone looking through it. The internals are all hand-fitted and are triple-spring tensioned for absolute shock-proofing.

When I first saw this optic at the SHOT Show, I fell in love. Burris is one of the few sub-$1000 optics with true dual focal plane capability which zooms the reticle with the magnification. This feature retains accuracy ranging of the reticle graduations throughout the entire zoom range and makes shot quicker regardless of what power your scope setting is on. Love this optic!

Geissele 13” Super Modular Rail – $300


For this build, I chose the Geissele Super Modular Rail. It is the only rail I know of which has been 3D machined with beveled and rounded edges. The resulting look is that the rail has been custom-cast from solid billet to an artful level equal to SanTan Tactical receivers.


I consider the Geissele Super Modular to be top end of quality in handguard rails, with comfort and profile second to none.  This rail offers all the creature comforts of other top-end rails, plus the stability of a long non-indexing barrel nut which allows the installer to achieve perfect barrel nut torque and a stronger handguard-to-receiver union. The Geissele is the top end of rail and it deserved and earned its spot on this build.


Syrac Ordnance Retrofit Low Profile Gas Piston Conversion Kit – $299

If you are a gun person you may know the name Jason Adams. He is the guy who invented the gas piston system for AR15s and founded Adams Arms. Later, he left his own company and started Syrac Ordnance where he created one of the finest adjustable gas blocks in the industry.

Now they have expanded into Low Profile Retrofit Gas Piston Conversion kits, which fit under nearly every low profile handguard in the industry. The retrofit system slipped easily under the Geissele handguard.


Traditional piston systems are bulky and heavy, but Syrac’s system is about the same size as a direct impingement system and very light as well. The system allows any standard AR15 direct impingement owner to swap their carrier and gas block with the Syrac kit to convert their rifles to a more reliable gas piston system.

It’s a beautifully engineered system, and the kit includes a premium carrier, pushrod, and adjustable gas block. Installation was as simple as slipping the Sharps Relia-Bolt into the included Syrac carrier and mounting the Syrac gas block piston and I was up and running after following Syrac’s install and tuning instructions. They claim the Syrac gas system will outperform direct impingement system and prevent that hot gas blown back into the action.

ALG Defense Single Chamber Brake – $35

You may find it odd that I have chosen a simple $35 brake for a premium build. The reality is this build is so over the top it actually needs a little elegant simplicity to balance out all wow. ALG Defense sells amazing products at low, prices and their Single Chamber Brake does an awesome job in a tiny package.


Due to the length, the installed ALG Brake delivers an overall barrel length which is 1/2″ to 1″ shorter than most standard aftermarket brakes. An excellent all-around brake.


Mission First Tactical Engage Grip $34.99

I often flip flip back and forth between Magpul and Mission First Tactical, but my preference is the ergonomics of the Mission First design. MFT was also the first company to offer gray. Usually I hate finger grooves on grips but MFT’s grip works for me and looks great.

XLR Industries Tactical AR15 Stock $225

I was going to go with my typical choice and reach for an Ace Skeleton Stock, but I found a cooler option. After working with XLR Industries on some Remington 700 chassis, I decided their Tactical AR15 stock would be perfect for this build.


On top of the stunning machining and finish, it offers full adjustability including length of pull, cheek rest height and fore-aft position, recoil pad height, and recoil pad cant. Because this stock utilizes a carbine length gas system, it is fully compatible with any AR15.


What I liked most about this stock for this Ultimate AR15 build was that it provided ultimate adjustability and comfort for the shooter.

Final Thoughts

So the big question is, does it perform as well as you would expect? This build shoots like a dream after I worked through tuning and fitting it to my preferences. As with any adjustable gas system you will likely work through a magazine of rounds to assure the adjustable Syrac Piston system is tuned properly.

My best 100-yard group was right at .26″ off the bench, which is one of my best-ever 100-yard groups. Not that I am capable of doing that over and over, but .5″-.6″ 100-yard groups were pretty normal with the setup with high quality match ammo. It is a high precision build far more capable of fine accuracy than I am.

The build contains everything I could ever want in a high end 3-Gun/DMR style AR15 and it does with a level of style that simply blows people away.


If you start to add up all the components you get to a stunningly expensive $4,278… yeah damn! Generally it is tough to push past the $3000 mark with a AR15 build unless one of the insanely expensive German optics are added.

This is definitely one of the bets custom AR15 firearms I have ever seen or handled, but I could have even gone further. Believe it or not, I looked at having a custom made Hydro Dip pattern made just for my builds, but at this time the cost was too high.

Meanwhile, back at the range this build just produces blank looks and awed stares. Mission accomplished.


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David Blaine Shot In The Mouth [The Firearm Blog]

hk 1I was mildy curious what David Blaine: What is Magic?, a video on Netflix, would have in terms of magic tricks. If you recall, David Blaine has made himself popular performing magic on the street as well as performing endurance challenges such as being encased in ice for 63 hours, buried alive, standing on 100 […]

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POTD: Wheel Of Destruction [The Firearm Blog]

15043456_1819114278368579_8722186053907120128_nLast month I posted the Wheelgun Wednesday photo. Here is a wheel of guns but of a slightly different variety. These are shotguns by Blackaces Tactical. As you can see in the photo, they are magazine fed pump action shotguns. Blackaces Tactical offers a unique firearm that is cleverly classified as only FIREARM. Normally Shotguns […]

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Winston Churchill’s Role in The Standard NATO Ammo [The Firearm Blog]

Churchill-FiringWorld War II, as the name implies, was a tremendous conflict with gigantic leaps forward in both technologies and the tactics that went along with them. As a result of the conflict, infantry-troops carried, shoulder-fired semi-automatic firearms became the norm, first inspired by the fielding of the Garand and later perfected by the Nazis and […]

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BAMF or Crazy? Officer Stops Chase with M4 Through Windshield… While Driving! [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureIn what is liable to be debated in tactical and police circles for years to come, an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper engaged with and stopped a fleeing murderer with his duty carbine, while driving at the same time. Typically, it is not recommended to try two potentially deadly activities at once, but the officer was able to […]

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Handcrafted Rifle Cartridges – RWS Special Edition [The Firearm Blog]

callThe perfect gift for the person who has everything? The RWS Special Edition is most likely one of the world’s most exclusive (and expensive) choices in terms of ammunition. This exclusive series is available in eight classic hunting calibers. All components, from primer through the case and powder to the bullet, has been carefully selected, […]

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The post Handcrafted Rifle Cartridges – RWS Special Edition appeared first on The Firearm Blog.


What the Trump Presidency Means for the Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

The election of Donald J. Trump means that Justice Antonin Scalia’s seat, vacant since he died in February, will almost certainly be filled by a conservative nominee. Back to full strength, the court will again tilt right, as it has for decades.