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Dems* want gun bans for 'suspected terrorists,' no standard of evidence for list [Gun News]

The Intercept , an online publication started early this year, inspired by the Edward Snowden leaks, dedicates itself to the purpose of acting as the "media watchdog" keeping an eye on the government--a function the mass media clearly abandoned long ago.


Prof. Brian Anse Patrick releases "Zombology" [Of Arms and the Law]

A bit of background: the good professor is a CCW instructor and author of "The Ten Commandments of Propaganda," "The National Rifle Association and the Media: The Motivating Force of Negative Coverage," and "Rise of the Anti-Media: In-Forming America's Concealed Weapon Carry Movement." His speciality is speech communication.

"Zombology: Zombies and the Decline of the West (and Guns)" argues that the recent zombie craze, while meant in fun, has roots in the unconscious -- roots which are favorable to our cause. Zombies represent fear of the way things are tending: they are brainless, dehumanized, collectivized creatures driven only to satisfy their own needs. (I won't be so crass as to carry the political comparison further). In the typical movie, the zombies are in fact created by government mistake, or spread by its incompetent response. Salvation comes from small units of individuals organizing on their own, and usually turning to firearms as their tool.

Here's a Youtube interview of the author (he gets down to firearms at about the eight minute mark, and later shows his collection), and here's the book's Amazon order page.


Leta s treat gun safety as a public health issue [Gun News]

Common sense would seem to suggest the latter. Cars are everywhere. We are an auto-obsessed nation.


Canada's proposed new gun law aims to cut red tape [Gun News]

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, right, is working on new legislation that would in many cases make life easier for gun owners.


More from the perfumed princes of the Mandarin class. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Some senators, including Harry Reid, rarely go home; other senators do it constantly.
Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., maintains an impressive travel schedule, though one made possible in part by throwing money at the problem: He spent nearly a million tax dollars to have a private plane available in order to make 119 trips in three years. That put Schumer in third place in the Senate travel rankings.


Obama’s empty tough-talk: Gun prosecutions plummet on his watch [NRA-ILA News]

While President Obama presses for more gun control laws, his Justice Department has prosecuted 25 percent fewer cases referred by the main law enforcement agency charged with reducing firearms violence across the country.


Ortt signs SAFE Act repeal pledge [Gun News]

North Tonawanda Mayor Rob Ortt signs the Shooters Committee on Political Education pledge to back repeal of the New York SAFE Act gun control law as Orleans County SCOPE Chairman Tinker Young looks on.

Wednesday, 23 July


Gun Sales [Gun News]



Everyone gets a gun: NRA commentator talks 'gun required' zones, shooting tests [Gun News]

In a new video entitled "Everyone Gets a Gun," NRA commentator Billy Johnson this week dishes on his view of guns and education in America, comparing the two and drawing on some startling comparisons and thought-provoking contrasts in our nation's schools as balanced against gun laws .


Jody Hice and Gun Owners Win Big In Georgia [Gun News]

Jody is a great friend of the Second Amendment, and thanks to the support of people like you, GOA was able to flood the airwaves and mailboxes with his pro-gun message.


NRA kicks off voter registration drive with provocative ad [NRA-ILA News]

A suggestive ad by the NRA for its voter registration campaign will likely get tongues wagging.The spot features a father talking to his son in a somber tone about something that’s not a toy, but is important to protect their family. He unlocks a case to reveal … a voter registration card.

Illinois: Concealed carry rules tough on out-of-state residents [NRA-ILA News]

More than a year after Illinois passed a law allowing citizens to carry concealed firearms, the argument over a part of the Firearm Concealed Carry Act that makes it difficult for out-of-state residents to carry here is still smoldering.

Massachusetts: Patrick signals support for gun measure backed by police chiefs [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Deval Patrick Wednesday said he sides with top police officials who want discretionary powers in issuing licenses for shotguns and rifles included in pending gun legislation.

Shaneen Allen, race and gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Last October, Shaneen Allen, 27, was pulled over in Atlantic County, N.J. The officer who pulled her over says she made an unsafe lane change. During the stop, Allen informed the officer that she was a resident of Pennsylvania and had a conceal carry permit in her home state. She also had a handgun in her car. Had she been in Pennsylvania, having the gun in the car would have been perfectly legal. But Allen was pulled over in New Jersey, home to some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States.

Mayor Sly James pushes for an open carry ban in Kansas City [NRA-ILA News]

At Mayor Sly James’ urging, the Kansas City Council’s public safety committee on Wednesday endorsed a measure that would ban people from openly carrying firearms in the city limits.

Tennessee restaurant owner welcomes gun owners [NRA-ILA News]

A Maryville, Tennessee, restaurant owner has placed a sign in the window of her business welcoming gun owners — a move she says has brought in more customers and saved her business from closing.

Canada: Conservatives’ gun law changes would ease transportion restrictions, require mandatory safety courses [NRA-ILA News]

The Conservative government is proposing new legislation that would ease restrictions on transporting firearms, make firearms-safety courses mandatory for first-time gun owners and prevent people convicted of spousal assault from legally owning guns.Under the government’s proposed Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act, gun owners who allow their weapon permits to lapse will be given a grace period to renew them.

Canada: Applications to carry handguns skyrocket in B.C., Alberta [NRA-ILA News]

Applications to carry handguns have skyrocketed in B.C. and Alberta in the past three years – likely driven by demand among people who work in the bush and want portable protection against wildlife.

Israel: Knesset tightens gun control with no opposition [NRA-ILA News]

Stricter gun control, requiring regular psychological tests for gun owners, was voted into law with no opposition on Tuesday night.


Phelps: Illinois Concealed Carry Rules a oeToo Complicateda [Gun News]

A lawmaker who helped push through a bill that allows Illinois residents to carry concealed weapons is suggesting the law is too hard on gun owners from other states.


If You're Thinking About Bringing Your Guns Into DC, DON'T [Gun News]

There are places where you just don't go with your firearms. Any gun owner knows them; any person who staunchly supports Second Amendment rights knows them; any person who knows gun laws knows them.


Boulder County neighbors fired up over Gilpin recreational shooting proposal [Gun News]

As the temperatures soar and summer sizzles on, so does the controversy over where to locate recreational target ranges that will afford the best opportunities for shooters at minimal risk or annoyance to others.


Radley Balko on race and gun laws [Of Arms and the Law]

A most interesting article.

Among other things, he discusses a form of "sting" which has become very popular, and given rise to the concept of "sentencing entrapment." It goes like this: Federal agents recruit an informant and send him out. He tells others that he knows where there is a drug stash house, and he wants to form a gang to rip it off. The house and drugs actually exist only in his imagination. Others agree to join him. He specifies that one or more of them must bring a gun.

Then they charge everyone except the informant with conspiracy -- not to rob, but to possess the drugs for sale (since in any noteworthy quantity, possession for sale carries higher penalties than armed robbery). Since a gun was involved, the charges tack on penalties for that -- 5-10 years consecutive, without probation. The Federal Sentencing Guidelines for drug offenses go up steeply with the quantities involved, and since the drug stash house exists only in the informant's imagination, he is free to invent any amount supposedly to be found that, and thus increase the sentences as far as he desires.

One judge (I think it was Posner) has pointed out that the effect of these stings is to protect drug stash houses, which seems a bit paradoxical.


Rule changes announced for 2014-2015 deer season [Gun News]

A number of changes for the upcoming deer hunting season has been announced by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.


Happy birthday to me. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I'm 62 today, but just right now I feel like 102. Will try to have some original material later.


Sheriffs camp wraps up10:41 am | 0 [Gun News]

Last week, the sheriffs office wrapped up it's second annual Sheriff's Academy for Youth Camp.


Growing evidence: Public backs gun rights, more armed citizens [Gun News]

There is growing anecdotal evidence that the public is not as fearful of firearms as gun prohibitionists contend, as underscored by the national popularity of a "guns welcome" restaurant in Tennessee, an open carry eatery in Colorado , and yesterday's reports of spiking concealed carry licensing in South Carolina and Kansas .


Thousands Of Gun Owners Stand Against Rep. Maloney's Attacks On Gun Owners of America [Gun News]

In doing so, Maloney called for Capitol Hill law enforcement to investigate GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt for saying that the Second Amendment is "for restraining tyrannical tendencies in government a especially those in the liberal, tyrannical end of the spectrum."


Massachusetts: Conference Committee Appointed to Iron out Differences in Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

Conferees have now been appointed by the state Senate and House of Representatives to work out the differences between Senate Bill 2265 and House Bill 4285 in a conference committee.  The following state legislators will serve on this conference committee and will be the policy makers who decide whether anti-gun provisions are added back into S.2265:


"A great lesson in civics"?!? Camera-shy border thugs point guns at Boy Scouts. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Nice. Worse is what this boot-licking BSA official said later:
Charles Vonderheid with the Mid-Iowa Council Boy Scouts of America said Troop 11 learned a valuable lesson. “We want to make sure they follow the rules. A Scout is a good citizen. It would be a great lesson in civics for that young man and that troop,” he said.


Hitting 'enter' to pull the triggerJuly 22nd | 0 [Gun News]

The Surry County Board of Commissioners gave a nod Monday night to a proposal proffered by Sheriff Graham Atkinson that will allow county residents to apply for gun permits online.


Fortune Magazine completely mangles story on gun sales "declining" [John Lott's Website]

Fortune magazine's Laura Lorenzetti makes a lot of logical mistakes in her "news" article here.
It looks like Americans may be buying fewer guns this year. 
Smith & Wesson  SWHC , the 162-year-old gunmaker, lowered its guidance for the quarter and rest of the year, even as it reported better than expected sales in its fiscal fourth quarter that ended Apr. 30. Shares of Smith & Wesson’s stock had dropped nearly 9% by the close of trading Friday following the announcement
The company reported sales of $170 million in its fourth quarter, higher than the average analyst estimate of about $164 million, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Revenue was almost 5% less than the year-earlier quarter. . . . 
The once high-selling gun industry may be facing a comedown as incidents of gun violence have soared this year. There has been an average of almost one school shooting every week for the past year and a half, the Washington Post reported earlier this month. . . .
Does reporter Laura Lorenzetti have any idea how inaccurate the Bloomberg claim that there was one school shooting every week for the last year and a half?  The claim that increased gun violence is responsible for a drop in sales makes many errors.  Does a sales drop for Smith & Wesson imply an overall drop in gun sales?  No.

So what do the NICS checks numbers show on gun sales (click on screenshot to enlarge it)?  NICS checks are not a perfect measure of gun sales, but it is hard to see how its biases have changed in a systematic way this past year.

With the exception of background checks in January and February, 2014's background checks exceed those in 2013 and they are well ahead of those in 2012 for all months.  Fortune incredibly fails to even mention the explosion of gun sales right after Newtown and President Obama's re-election.  Does anyone believe that January and February sales in 2013 were normal sales to make comparisons with?  Even if Smith & Wesson's sales might be down for the last quarter, sales for the entire industry during the April through June quarter look like they are still higher than 2013.  How the Fortune reporter can spin a discussion from one gun maker into a general commentary on the entire gun industry is pretty disappointing.

Tuesday, 22 July


Panel clears indoor shooting ranges [Gun News]

The Rules & Ordinances Committee Tuesday night approved a conditional use clause to ordinances permitting indoor shooting ranges in residential zones.


Beretta to move gun production from Maryland [Gun News]

Beretta U.S.A., the American arm of the iconic Italian firearm maker, said Tuesday that it would move all of its U.S. manufacturing activities from Prince George's County to Tennessee in response to the gun control law the Maryland General Assembly passed last year.


Beretta pulls out of Maryland [Of Arms and the Law]

over its gun restrictions.

"While we had originally planned to use the Tennessee facility for new equipment and for production of new product lines only, we have decided that it is more prudent from the point of view of our future welfare to move the Maryland production lines in their entirety to the new Tennessee facility."

I hope there will be a lot more such relocations, considering that the center of American gun manufacturing was historically Connecticut and Massachusetts.


Gun Control Propganda Stunt Misses Target [Gun News]

A suspicious incident that occurred recently at the Seattle offices of the League of Women Voters is now being exploited by the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility , the group behind Initiative 594 to gain support and raise funds for its gun control campaign, and the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is challenging the ... (more)


Beretta: Gun law forcing move out of Maryland [NRA-ILA News]

Beretta U.S.A. announced Tuesday that company concerns over a strict gun-control law enacted in Maryland last year have made it necessary to move its weapons-making out of the state to Tennessee.

Lawyers spar over Maryland semi-auto ban in federal court [NRA-ILA News]

Lawyers for the state and gun rights advocates debated in federal court Tuesday about the government's power to hem in the Second Amendment to ward off mass shootings.

Philadelphia: City settles gun permit posting suit [NRA-ILA News]

When city officials pulled the trigger in 2012 by posting details on gun-permit appeals online, they considered it a public service. Now the data have become a $1.4 million public expense.

Mississippi: Lafayette County repeals gun ordinance [NRA-ILA News]

Lafayette County supervisors on Monday repealed the county ban on armed civilians in courthouses – an ordinance that arguably conflicted with two state laws and could have left supervisors individually liable for $1,000 in damages. In doing so, however, they hinted they will welcome judicial action on


Massachusetts: House Votes to Non-Concur on Senate Gun Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Massachusetts House of Representatives voted to non-concur on Senate Bill 2265, the Senate’s version of House Bill 4285.  Conferees will now be appointed from both the state Senate and House of Representatives to work out the differences between both bills in a conference committee.


A dire warning for those who are awake to the demise of America [The Liberty Sphere]


...all of the rest were made to look like buffoons when they tried to explain how something so destructive could not be foreseen. Spokesmen for the Bush administration and then the Obama administration all seized on the mantra that it is impossible to predict this type of economic catastrophe. "Nobody saw it coming," they said.

But this is not true. A few did, indeed, see it coming...

Click here to read the whole thing.


Very amusing piece by Chris Friend on "Seeing red over Indian nickname debate" [John Lott's Website]

The piece starts this way, but I strongly recommend that you follow the link and read the entire article:
Life is good. 
Summer is in full swing, the Trayvon/Zimmerman soap opera is finally fading away, government is probably reading only half our emails now, and the excitement of football is in the air. 
Most important, though, is that America apparently has solved all of its problems. Otherwise, how could you possibly explain the fact that a cadre of congressman — both Republican and Democrat — recently sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, every league team, and Redskins sponsor FedEx urging them — demanding, actually — that the Redskins name be changed because it was so racially demeaning to Indians. Oops. Native Americans. 
Really? That’s the most dominant issue consuming our elected officials? Granted, if we had an Indian nickel for every boneheaded thing Congress does, we’d all be millionaires. But those congressmen need to be scalped for this one, and publicly admonished until they turn red-faced with embarrassment. 
This is no time for peace pipes. We must, without reservation, not just hold down the fort but go to war with those riding roughshod over hallowed American traditions — fighting the people who love nothing more than to chop away at things no one actually finds offensive. As with most issues though, we lack a political chief brave enough to tackle this type of political correctness. The biggest irony? If a leader painted this picture as the insanity that it is, it wouldn’t be his last stand, but a feather in his cap, because the vast majority of Americans recognize that using Indian names isn’t offensive, but complimentary. . . . 
 The rest of the piece is available here.


Gun Safety Activists Rally At Statehouse [Gun News]

Police chiefs and gun safety activists are pressing state lawmakers to give the chiefs discretion over issuing firearms identification cards needed to buy rifles or shotguns.


Town Council candidate profile: Jason Cvancara [Gun News]

Candidate Cvancara relishes role as protector Jason Cvancara, candidate for Gilbert Town Council, touts military and police experience.


Well, call me crazy then. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Armed Mommy writing at Mad World News writes of the Left’s Latest Lunacy: “You Want More Than 10 Rounds to Kill US Soldiers.”
Here is the YouTube link. And here is the Stockholm syndrome poster boy Joe Scarborough's rant in print:
“I’m sorry, what deer hunter needs more than ten bullets in a clip? If you need more than ten in a clip, you need more than ten in a clip for one reason: you think the federal government’s coming to take your crops, y’know, to take your cows, or whatever and you want more than ten because you want to kill U.S. soldiers who come to your door. Why don’t we just say you’re a survivalist and that’s just stupid BS?”
As Armed Mommy points out:
So, if US Soldiers should receive an order to come onto my land and seize my private property, they would be violating that oath as well as my rights that are protected in the Constitution. In the event that the military is no longer working to defend our rights, but is violating them on behalf of a corrupt tyrannical administration, wouldn’t that be one definitive instance in which you would need your 2nd Amendment rights intact? Oh, but according to the logic of people like Mr. Scarborough using the 2nd Amendment to prevent tyranny is crazy talk though, right?
Well, call me crazy then, Joe.


Philadelphia settles class action suit [Of Arms and the Law]

Joshua Prince announces that a class action brought by himself and two other attorneys has settled. It challenged Philadelphia's disclosure of private carry permit information. Philadelphia disclosed information regarding appeals from initial denials or revocations online, despite a State law provision making it confidential.

The settlement terms include the city paying $1.45 million, agreeing never to disclose again, scrapping information requirements that exceed those embodied in statute, and instituting a lot of other reforms.

Monday, 21 July


iphone ballistic app [Of Arms and the Law]

Right here. Not that I know much about apps -- I'm happy with a smartphone that will take calls, check email, and once in a great while call up a browser. I'd settle for the first two.


Heads you lose, tails you lose, no matter what you lose [The Liberty Sphere]


In the current state of American politics, Barack Obama and his supporters, particularly the masterminds of his political philosophy, exhibit all of the marks of a pathological need to play the game called "now I've got you, you son of a b*tch." No matter what the opposition does or says, it is going to be wrong. They will be made to look like fools. 
Click here to read the whole thing.


Good evening [The Liberty Sphere]

Good evening, my friends.

Just a brief word to say hello and to give you an update. The surgery I will have on my eye has been put off until at least October, maybe later. They want to treat it with meds first so that there is no chance of there being some inflammation lurking in there when the surgery is done.

So, there will be days when I won't post but I will try my best. I will have an article later this evening, or even in the wee hours of the morning. Right now we are facing an unraveling of sorts that is taking place world wide. We need to watch this carefully, and I will do my part whether I am impaired or not.

Thanks, as always, for reading.


Can't infringe the Second Amendment, try the First instead [Of Arms and the Law]

Rep. Robin Kelly (bought, or at least leased, by Mayor Bloomberg) proposes a ban on firearm advertising directly at children or their parents, such as prohibitions on brand name t-shirts and caps "marketed for children," and a ban on firearms in colors appealing to young shooters.

Rep. Carolyn Maloney calls for Capitol Hill Police to investigate Larry Pratt of GOA, since he dared to say that the Second Amendment is aimed at preventing tyrannical government. ( here's Larry's reply).

I guess if they can't get at the Second Amendment, they have to try to strike at the First.


Beretta to move all U.S. manufacturing to Gallatin, Tenn. [NRA-ILA News]

Beretta U.S.A. Corp. announced today that it has decided to move its entire manufacturing capabilities from its existing location in Accokeek, Md., to a new production facility that it is building in Gallatin.


Store employee uses shotgun to frighten off attacker,, Michigan, 07/18/14 [NRA-ILA News]

An employee of Brother’s Market in Flint, Mich. ordered a man to leave the store after he spotted the man attempting to shoplift. Before the alleged shoplifter left, he threatened to come back to the store and shoot the employee. Roughly two hours later, the man returned to the store and pointed a gun at employees. However, one of the employees responded by retrieving a shotgun, which prompted the criminal to flee. Police caught up with the criminal a short time later. Having been previously convicted of a felony, the man faces federal gun charges.

Armed citizen saves man from attacking pit bulls, TMJ4, Milwaukee, Wisc. 07/21/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man was walking his dog in Washington County, Wisc. when a group of three pit bulls got out of their yard and began attacking him. Neighbor Dennis Williams noticed the altercation, retrieved two baseball bats and went to the man’s defense. When the bats weren’t enough to deter the dogs, Williams retrieved a revolver and shot and killed one of the dogs, prompting the others to cease their attack.

Massachusetts: Senate nixes 'discretion' for FID issue [NRA-ILA News]

We don't often praise the Legislature on firearms legislation, but the Senate's action Thursday merits it. On a 28-11 vote, senators removed a provision that would have given police chiefs additional discretion over whether to issue firearms identification licenses for rifles and shotguns.

Kansas gets 14,205 concealed carry applications [NRA-ILA News]

The Kansas Attorney General’s Office says the state received the second highest number of concealed carry applications in the last fiscal year.

Kansas attorney general plans September hearing on regulations for no-gun signs for buildings [NRA-ILA News]

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt plans to have a public hearing in September on new regulations for signs that businesses and groups must post if they want to ban guns from their premises.

Gun buyers scoop up AK-47 rifles after new sanctions [NRA-ILA News]

Following another round of sanctions, demand for Russian-made firearms like the AK-47 rifle has picked up in recent days.


Michigan: Update on Pro-Gun Reforms in Lansing [NRA-ILA News]

Over the next couple of months, the Michigan Legislature will be taking an extended recess to allow state legislators to return to their respective districts and focus on constituent issues.  As a result, during the limited legislative session days left before the lame-duck session begins in November, it is important that the state legislature focus on priority legislation.  The NRA views the legislation below as top priorities for 2014 and encourages our members to contact their state legislators to express their support.


Media fad issue: Florida no-retreat and felons [Of Arms and the Law]

Background: of course felons are generally forbidden to possess firearms. But if put in reasonable fear of death or great bodily injury, they have the same right to self defense as has anyone else.

Then there comes the rare case where a convicted felon is not in possession of a firearm at the outset, someone puts (or allegedly puts) him in reasonable fear of death, the felon manages to obtain a firearm that he did not previously possess, and defends himself. Did he become a "felon in possession" in that instant? The cases of this are rare, I can recall 2-3 at the Federal level, with splits resulting.

In looking at this issue we must also bear in mind that (1) defendants may argue it when it is bunkum and (2) prosecutors anxious to win may respond in kind and push the envelope of reason.

Florida has a "no retreat" law, which provides that a person put in reasonable fear of death need not retreat before responding with deadly force. There are exceptions, one of which is that the defender was "engaged in unlawful activity" at the time. Some imaginative Florida prosecutors have taken to arguing that, in the case of a felon who argues self-defense, this does not apply, since by taking possession of a firearm he "engaged in unlawful activity" and is outside the statute. (I believe Florida was "no retreat" even before the statute, so I'm not sure this makes a lot of difference anyway). The lower Florida courts have split on whether this argument flies, and its Supreme Court has accepted the question in order to resolve this split.

The resulting media coverage: "Stand Your Ground may be defense for felon." "Tortured gun law now protects armed felons." "Stand your ground continues to rear its ugly head".


Enforcement is the solution to "gun violence" [NRA-ILA News]

According to Syracuse University’s TRAC analysis, Chicago ranks as one of the lowest cities for the number of federal prosecutions of firearm abusers. Criminals are well aware that current laws are not being enforced, and they can thus operate with impunity.

Sunday, 20 July


California: Governor Brown Signs First Anti-Gun Bill into Law for 2014 [NRA-ILA News]

Last Friday, July 18, Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed into law anti-gun Assembly Bill 1964.  AB 1964 unnecessarily removes existing exemptions for all single-shot pistols, other than those with a break top or bolt-action, from California’s roster of “not unsafe” handguns.  It is unfortunate that this legislation was passed and Governor Brown signed such a law that does not address any legitimate public safety problems and conflicts with well-established constitutional principles.

California tightens handgun restrictions [NRA-ILA News]

California already has some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. But proponents fought to amend the state's so-called safe handgun requirements, arguing that it exempted for single-shot pistols which meant dealers were selling thousands of modified weapons per year without a required safety feature that indicates when a bullet is chambered.

Hearing set on move to block Nevada gun initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Carson District Judge James Wilson has set an Aug. 1 hearing on a move to block an initiative petition to expand background checks to nearly all gun sales in Nevada.

Ohio: County sees surge in concealed carry licenses and women holding them [NRA-ILA News]

The number of concealed carry licenses issued in Muskingum County has quadrupled since 2011.

Saturday, 19 July


Lord Byron comes to mind... [Of Arms and the Law]

Jersey City, NJ. Man wanted for murder ambushes and murders officer. His wife responds with ""He should've taken more [officers] with him," and ""Sorry for the officer's family. That's, you know, whatever."

They even built a memorial for the killer, complete with empty liquor bottles and a "thugs in peace" message. They should add an epitaph, with the words of Lord Byron

"In all of antiquity you'll ne'er survey
A site more dignified than this
Here lie the bones of Castlereigh;
Stop, traveller, and p__s."


Impeachment talk grows [The Liberty Sphere]


So egregious has been Obama's lawlessness that Palin and others maintain that there is no adequate remedy to stop it other than impeachment and removal from office. But what, precisely, has Obama done that rises to the level of "high crimes and misdemeanors" -- the term used by the Constitution to denote the rationale for impeachment?
Click here to read the entire article.


Friday night document dump is a bomshell, but few noticed [The Liberty Sphere]

One of the most common ploys of this administration is to release bad news at the very time the fewest number of people are paying attention to news -- Friday night or late afternoon. We had yet another document dump last night. Did you catch it? It's no big deal if you did not. Unless you are one of us news junkies/reporters, you cannot be expected to monitor the news 24/7.

Barack Obama and his Obamanoids know this, which is why they like Friday nights. They can minimize the fallout by quietly rolling out controversial information that makes them look bad.

So, once again, last night was a night of the infamous Obama tomfoolery. The administration released a statement indicating that the infamous hard drive from Lois Lerner's computer was completely destroyed three years ago. The computer, the hard drive, all of it was completely destroyed along with vital data that is central to the investigation into the IRS scandal.

If this is truly the case, then why did the IRS fail to inform Congress during the dozens of hearings it has held concerning IRS shenanigans? Nobody bothered to inform the Congressional oversight committee about the destruction of official government records, which is a crime. And since this criminal act occurred three years ago, then IRS officials could have easily informed Congress during the very first hearing. But if the latest revelation is not true, it is no wonder the IRS dragged its feet in complying with Congressional directives to turn over all pertinent documents related to the scandal. The foot-dragging provided ample time for the agency to destroy the hard drive, and then claim that it happened three years ago.

This has all the markings of further coverup activity. But if the IRS thought that destroying the hard drive would make it impossible for Congress to continue its investigation, the agency had best rethink that assumption. We already know by emails, documents, and sworn testimony already given that the IRS broke the law. And somebody, or I should say, several somebodies need to pay.


California's latest [Of Arms and the Law]

Video here. California already had, if I recall correctly, handgun registration (in effect), State as well as Federal background checks, a 15-day waiting period, one gun a month rationing, no carry (open or concealed) without a "may issue" permit, and an "assault weapon ban." Not to mention expensive "safety tests" that have nothing to do with safety (witness the fact that police and prosecutors' guns are exempt from them).

But the low-info people interviewed want "stricter" controls without apparently having any idea what those might be. Presumably, the fact that crime continues proves that the gun laws aren't strict enough.

The legislature responds by making the "safety" requirements applicable to single-shot handguns, claiming that people are buying single shots and making them into repeaters.


East Tennessee family restaurant posts "Guns are Welcome" [John Lott's Website]

From WBIR in eastern Tennessee:

"As the owner, I wanted to stand my ground. I have that constitutional right. If you like it, that's great, if you don't, I'm sorry for you. I can't change who I am," said Sharma Floyd, with Shiloh Brew and Chew.
Floyd said she posted the signs about a month ago after reading a story out of North Carolina.
"They had put up a sign that said 'No Weapons Allowed' and they were robbed at gunpoint two days later. The convenience store manager was shot," said Floyd. "And that got me thinking. I lost a whole group of motorcyclists because they thought I didn't allow weapons. But I believe it's ok to carry as long as you have a permit."
The restaurant does not sell liquor, and Floyd said she asks anyone who orders a beer if they are carrying. . . .


Missouri: Gun Owners Prevail in Missouri Supreme Court – Amendment Stays on Primary Election Ballot on August 5 [NRA-ILA News]

As previously reported last month, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his anti-gun followers made another attempt at hindering your right to keep and bear arms in Missouri.  In mid-June, a lawsuit was filed against Senate Joint Resolution 36 (Constitutional Amendment 5 on the August 5 primary election ballot) – with the plaintiff being St. Louis Police Chief Samuel Dotson III and Rebecca Morgan, a member of the Missouri chapter of a Bloomberg-funded anti-gun group.  This lawsuit sought to challenge the ballot language and had the express intention of outright killing this ballot measure.


Massachusetts: Senate Strips Gun Control Language From Gun Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Thanks to your calls, e-mails and active involvement, Thursday the Massachusetts Senate stripped some of the most egregious anti-gun provisions from Senate Bill 2265, including the elimination of the discretionary component which would have created new “may issue” FID issuance standards by providing issuing authorities with unlimited discretion to deny firearms identification cards.  The Senate adopted Amendment 63.1 by a 28 to 10 vote.

Friday, 18 July


Massachusetts' latest [Of Arms and the Law]

I don't know what to file this under -- an example of where the other side wants to go, or an example of how newspaper stories are written by cut and paste of slogans that have been used and re-used for decades.

Massachusetts of course is about as restrictive as can be, but the legislature felt the need to "respond" to something by enacting something more. So it passed a bill with sundry additional restrictions, but declined one: rifle and shotgun possession requires a permit, but it's a "shall issue" one, and the legislature declined to make that "may issue."

So the cut and paste story is headlined "Massachusetts Senate approves sweeping gun bill, but strips key measure."

Here's a quote, emphasis added:

""Gun safety advocates said the change guts the bill.

John Rosenthal of the group Stop Handgun Violence, said giving police chiefs added discretion over the issuing of FID cards was the single most important aspect of the bill.

"Without it, it's not worth the paper it's written on," Rosenthal said. "Shame on the Massachusetts Senate. Sadly they voted against police chiefs and against public safety and for the special interest gun lobby and people will die as a result.""


Florida Concealed Carry Permit Holder Intervenes, Stops Knife-Wielding Attacker [NRA-ILA News]

On July 16 a "good Samaritan" with a concealed carry permit intervened to stop a knife-wielding thief at an Orlando bus stop.

Chicago violence: The buck stops with you, Rahm Emanuel [NRA-ILA News]

Over the July 4 weekend, in Chicago alone, 16 people were shot to death and another 66 were wounded. At a press briefing on July 11, the White House weighed in, stating that Obama would "continue to make the case" that lawmakers should adopt new gun control laws.

Thursday, 17 July


Obama uses Russia's actions in the Ukraine to ban importation of AK-47s [John Lott's Website]

The day before the tragic shooting down of a passenger airline the Obama administration banned the importation of AK-47s from Kalashnikov company.  Here is the Treasury order:
374. If I own a Kalashnikov product, is that product blocked by sanctions?  Am I able to resell a Kalashnikov product at a gun show or other secondary market?  
If a U.S. person is in possession of a Kalashnikov Concern product that was bought and fully paid for prior to the date of designation (i.e., no payment remains due to Kalashnikov Concern), then that product is not blocked and OFAC sanctions would not prohibit the U.S. person from keeping or selling the product in the secondary market, so long as Kalashnikov Concern has no interest in the transaction.  New transactions by U.S. persons with Kalashnikov Concern are prohibited, however, and any property in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest is blocked pursuant to OFAC’s designation of Kalashnikov Concern on July 16, 2014.  If a U.S. person has an inventory of Kalashnikov Concern products in which Kalashnikov Concern has an interest (for example, the products are not fully paid for or are being sold on consignment), we advise that U.S. person to contact OFAC for further guidance on handling of the inventory. [7-16-2014]
Of course, these aren't the military versions of the AK-47 that are used in wars around the world, but civilian semi-automatic versions of the guns. 


Young woman's life likely destroyed because of NJ's bizarre gun laws [John Lott's Website]

Fox News in Dallas-Fort Worth has this story from New Jersey:
27 year-old Shaneen Allen wanted to protect her family. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit and she purchased a gun. 
“One of my family members, he thought it was appropriate for me to get one because I’m a single mother and I have two children and I work two jobs and I work late and getting up at that time of night I got robbed twice last year and he felt the need for me to get my license to protect me and my kids,” Allen explained. 
However, while Allen, from Philadelphia, was covered to carry a gun in Pennsylvania, she made the mistake of crossing into New Jersey with the weapon and now she's facing a mandatory minimum of three-years in jail. 
Allen said that she didn't know her permit didn't apply to New Jersey so when she was stopped for a minor traffic offense she told the police about her gun and her permit to carry. In this case, being honest may have cost her. 
“The judge tried to tell me that telling the truth messed me up, my life up and the cop said the same thing. Me opening my mouth and speaking out he said I’m one out of ten people that spoke up and was honest and that got me in trouble,” she said. 
Allen was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of hallow-point bullets which were in the gun. Under New Jersey gun laws, the illegal possession of a gun is a second-degree felony which holds a minimum sentence of three-years in prison. . . .
Note that when there was a related travesty with Brian Aitken in 2009 and 2010, Governor Christie commuted his sentence.  From the Star-Ledger:
Brian Aitken, who was convicted of illegally possessing three handguns he had legally purchased in Colorado, will be out of prison in time for Christmas.
Gov. Chris Christie commuted Aitken's sentence Monday, from seven years to time served, according to an order signed by the governor. It was Christie's first commutation since taking office almost a year ago. . . .
In 2009, Aitken was arrested for possessing three handguns and ammunition — the guns were unloaded — after state police found them in the trunk of his car. Aitken was visiting his mother in Burlington County when she became concerned about his well-being and called the police.
Aitken, who had recently moved from Colorado where he bought the guns, faced felony charges the same as if he had used the guns to commit a crime. Supporters of Aitken began a Facebook campaign to get his sentence commuted. . . . .


Follow up on Philadelphia mother who unintentionally violated New Jersey's gun laws [John Lott's Website]

The penalty for this mother of two children is out of all proportion to any possible harm that she did.  The point of these laws in New Jersey is to make people so afraid of violating the laws that they are worried about owning guns.  More background on the case is available here.  The new article from Fox News:
Allen, who has no prior criminal record, said she acquired the gun legally just a week prior to her arrest. She was headed to Atlantic City, N.J., in the early-morning hours to prepare for her son’s birthday party, which was being held three days later
“I was bringing a cake and the dog to the hotel room to surprise him,” she said. “That’s what I was doing out there and I got pulled over at 1 in the morning because I was sleepy and I swerved.” 
Allen purchased the gun for protection after being robbed twice in the past year, she said, adding that she never even fired it and feels somewhat snake-bitten by the entire ordeal.
“It’s definitely a freak thing,” she said. “I was trying to do a good thing and it turned out so bad — and just like that. I don’t know how to explain it, I really don’t.” 
Allen reiterated that she immediately told the officer she had a gun in her 2007 Chevrolet sedan, as well as a concealed carry permit for neighboring Pennsylvania. 
“The officer knew there was a gun there, she was completely honest and open,” her attorney, Evan Nappen, said. “There are no aggravating factors in this case; she’s a single mom of two, working in the medical field who was robbed twice and that’s what inspired her to get a gun license in the first place.” . . .


Gun madness at the state line [NRA-ILA News]

Earlier this year, a 27-year-old medical professional named Shaneen Allen drove peacefully out of her home state of Pennsylvania and into neighboring New Jersey. Today, she faces the prospect of three years in prison.


Woman halts carjacking, The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc. 07/12/14 [NRA-ILA News]

Victoria Davison had just parked her vehicle in Milwaukee, Wisc. when a pair of criminals approached and ordered her to hand over her car keys. Then one of the men said, “Go get the cannon,” which prompted Davison to act. Fearing for her life, Davison, a Right-to-Carry permit holder, retrieved a gun and fired at the criminals, striking one of the robbers. Police eventually captured both of the criminals, whom they believe are linked to other crimes in the area.

U.S. House Votes to Protect D.C. Residents’ Right to Keep and Bear Arms [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) attached an amendment to a bill providing funding to the District of Columbia that would prohibit the District from expending any funds to enforce certain gun control laws.  The amendment passed 241-181.  The amendment blocks enforcement of the Firearms Registration Amendment Act of 2008, the Inoperable Pistol Amendment Act of 2008, the Firearms Amendment Act of 2012, and the Administrative Disposition of Weapons Act of 2012.

Appropriations Bill Passes with Pro-Gun Amendments [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee approved the FY15 Interior Appropriations bill.  This bill contains a number of pro-gun general provisions and will now head to the U.S. House floor for consideration.

Latest Update on Proposed Ban on the Domestic Sale of Ivory and Importation of Elephant Trophies [NRA-ILA News]

In past Grassroots Alerts, we addressed the Obama Administration's proposal to ban the trade and sale of legally owned ivory within the United States (click here to see the initial alert).  The NRA supports efforts to stop poaching and the illegal trade of ivory.  However, banning lawfully-owned domestic ivory will have no impact on elephant poaching in Africa.

Chicago violence: The buck stops with you, Rahm Emanuel [NRA-ILA News]

Over the July 4 weekend, in Chicago alone, 16 people were shot to death and another 66 were wounded. At a press briefing on July 11, the White House weighed in, stating that Obama would "continue to make the case" that lawmakers should adopt new gun control laws. Two days later, on Sunday, Gov. Pat Quinn also called for more gun control, in particular a state ban on assault weapons, as the solution.But Chicago's problems lie with the city’s politicians. Nationally, police solve almost two out of every three murders – 63 percent of them. That figure is much lower in Chicago. In 2010, right before Rahm Emanuel became mayor, the rate for Chicago was 39 percent. But by Emanuel’s second year in office, it had plunged to an official rate of 26 percent. (In reality it is even lower, because Chicago has tried to hide how bad things are by increasingly misclassifying murders as non-murders.)

House amendment blocking enforcement of D.C. gun laws comes under fire [NRA-ILA News]

The amendment would prevent the use of city funds to enforce virtually all local gun laws, meaning police and city officials could enforce only federal firearms laws. The city’s gun-control laws are among the tightest in the nation, restricting the open or concealed carrying of guns outside the home, banning assault-type rifles and high-capacity magazines, and requiring gun owners to register their weapons with D.C. police.

Halbrook: Lessons from Nazi gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Attorney General Eric Holder told Congress in April about an idea he had directed the Department of Justice to investigate: a requirement that gun owners wear electronic bracelets that would enable only registered owners to activate their firearms. Some critics, focusing on abusive surveillance powers, have called it Orwellian.

Lawmaker introduces bill banning firearm-branded shirts, hats for children under 18 [NRA-ILA News]

On July 14, Representative Robin Kelly (D-IL-2nd) put forth H.R. 5093--the Children's Firearm Marketing Safety Act--to keep firearm-branded shirts, hats, and "stuffed animals" from being marketed to children.

Philadelphia mother whose legal gun got her arrested in NJ hopes for leniency [NRA-ILA News]

A young Philadelphia mother, hit with gun charges in New Jersey after being caught during a traffic stop with the firearm she carries legally in her home state, is hoping for leniency from the judge in the case, she tells

Support the Lawful Ivory Protection Act [NRA-ILA News]

In a supposed attempt to preserve African elephants, the Obama administration has begun a series of arbitrary decrees that will destroy the value of property held by countless gun owners, art collectors, musicians and others.  The Lawful Ivory Protection Act of 2014 (S. 2587 by Sen. Alexander and H.R. 5052 by Reps. Daines and Miller) will call a halt to this process and allow the United States to consider more reasonable and effective approaches.

Bloomberg Proxy Releases Anti-Gun Manifesto; Proposes to Ban Cartoon Characters and Colors! [NRA-ILA News]

The name of U.S. Rep. Robin Kelly (D-Ill.) headlines the Kelly Report, a new manifesto identifying a long list of gun control initiatives that anti-gun activists intend to pursue in the near future. However, the document appears to be the handiwork of Michael Bloomberg, whose misleadingly-named Independence USA political action committee contributed $2.1 million to Kelly’s congressional campaign last year. With Bloomberg’s help, Kelly was elected to fill the Chicago-area seat previously held by fellow gun control supporter Jesse Jackson, Jr., who is currently doing time in federal prison.

Rolling Stone’s Seven Steps to Winning the War Against Five Guns [NRA-ILA News]

Jazz trumpeter Miles Davis had it right in 1963 – coincidentally, the year that Colt introduced the AR-15 to the civilian market – when he named one of his band’s classic albums “Seven Steps To Heaven.” The release features exceptionally creative improvisations by Davis, tenor saxophonist George Coleman, pianists Victor Feldman and Herbie Hancock, bassist Ron Carter, and drummers Frank Butler and Tony Williams.

Firearms a Complete Unknown to Scribe at Rolling Stone [NRA-ILA News]

We don’t expect reporters – even those who write for national, well-established magazines like Rolling Stone – to be experts on firearms. We would at least hope, however, that they would be experts on reporting. In the case of Kristen Gwynne and her editors, however, we can only scratch our heads and wonder if they are as new to journalism as they are to the firearm issue.

Students for Concealed Carry to Hold National Conference [NRA-ILA News]

Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising over 43,000 college students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that they enjoy virtually everywhere else.


False front used to get money for Obama's illegal aliens [The Liberty Sphere]

During the decades that crime gangs and syndicates ran roughshod over the rule of law across the country, it was common for these criminal organizations and crime families operated respectable businesses as a front to cover for their crimes. Many of these operations had ties to the Mafia, but their "respectable businesses" made it much more difficult for law enforcement to expose Mafia activity, until the FBI came along and used professionally trained investigators to uncover the illegal activity that was going on behind the scenes.

With the Obama administration, however, this sordid tactic has raised its ugly head with a vengeance. 
Click here to read it all.


South Carolina: City of Tega Cay Amending Discharge Ordinance [NRA-ILA News]

Tega Cay is in the process of amending its current ordinance that imposes unnecessary restrictions on the discharge of firearms within the city limits.  While this proposed amendment makes a slight improvement to what is currently on the books, it does not go far enough.


Obama Administration Bans Import of Popular Russian Firearms [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the Treasury Department used authority delegated to it by the president, under Executive Order 13661, to sanction Russian gun maker Kalashnikov Concern (formerly Izhmash). In the United States, the manufacturer is best known for its popular Saiga rifles and shotguns. While ostensibly a measure to curb aggression by some in the Russian Federation, the move does bar from importation firearms that gun control supporters have long sought to ban. We of course recognize the important role that enacting sanctions can have in furthering legitimate U.S. foreign policy interests. However, in this instance the extent to which these actions coincide with the stated domestic policy goals of gun control supporters is more than a little unsettling. As such, NRA-ILA is monitoring this situation closely.


Newest piece at Fox News: "Chicago violence: The buck stops with you, Rahm Emanuel" [John Lott's Website]

The newest CPRC op-ed at Fox News starts this way:
Over the July 4 weekend, in Chicago alone, 16 people were shot to death and another 66 were wounded.  At a press briefing on July 11, the White House weighed in, stating that Obama would "continue to make the case" that lawmakers should adopt new gun control laws. Two days later, on Sunday, Gov. Pat Quinn also called for more gun control, in particular a state ban on assault weapons, as the solution. 
But Chicago's problems lie with the city’s politicians. Nationally, police solve almost two out of every three murders – 63 percent of them. That figure is much lower in Chicago. In 2010, right before Rahm Emanuel became mayor, the rate for Chicago was 39 percent. But by Emanuel’s second year in office, it had plunged to an official rate of 26 percent. (In reality it is even lower, because Chicago has tried to hide how bad things are by increasingly misclassifying murders as non-murders.) 
After becoming mayor, Emanuel did three unfortunate things to the Chicago police force: 
1) He closed down detective bureaus in Chicago's highest crime districts and moved them elsewhere, sometimes quite far away. 
2) Instead of increasing the number of police officers by 1,000, as he had promised during his campaign, he actually cut the number of police
The rest of the piece is available here.

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Amicus brief in ACLU challenge to gov't data harvesting [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's an interesting article on its brief, filed by John Frazer of Virginia.

"Our brief in the ACLU matter argued that the government's broad interpretation of its authority to collect information from private entities could effectively override legislative protections for privacy, such as provisions intended to block gun registration. Our lawyer, John Frazer of Virginia, also referred to potential abuse of data mining. Aggregating forms of data to perform inference analysis about individuals and portray their connections and networks could allow the easy identification of our members and other gun owners for unlawful purposes."


House of Representatives passed a budget amendment that would have only federal gun control regulations in DC [John Lott's Website]

By a 241 to 181 vote, the House passed a budget amendment by Rep. Thomas Massie limiting DC gun control laws to those passed by the federal government.  From The Hill Newspaper:
. . . Rep. Thomas Massie's (R-Ky.) amendment to the fiscal 2015 Financial Services and General Government appropriations bill, which includes a $637 million federal payment for the District of Columbia, would prohibit funding to enforce its handgun ban and other gun laws. The amendment passed 241-181. 
Massie said the District's gun laws ran counter to the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue. 
"Despite the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in District of Columbia v. Heller that struck down the D.C. handgun ban, as well as the unconstitutional gun lock provision, it's still difficult for D.C. residents to exercise their God-given rights to bear arms," Massie said.Massie said the District's gun laws ran counter to the Supreme Court's ruling on the issue. . . . .


Detroit Police Chief credits city's huge drop in violent crime as due to surge in citizens carry guns [John Lott's Website]

From the Washington Times:
Detroit has experienced 37 percent fewer robberies than it did last year, and Police Chief James Craig is crediting armed citizens for the drop. 
“Criminals are getting the message that good Detroiters are armed and will use that weapon,” said Chief Craig, who has been an open advocate for private gun ownership, the Detroit News reported. “I don’t want to take away from the good work our investigators are doing, but I think part of the drop in crime, and robberies in particular, is because criminals are thinking twice that citizens could be armed. 
“I can’t say what specific percentage is caused by this, but there’s no question in my mind it has had an effect,” he added. 
In addition to the drop in robberies, Detroit has seen 22 percent fewer break-ins of businesses and homes and 30 percent fewer carjackings in 2014 than during the same period last year, the Detroit News reported. . . .


Armed good Samaritan comes to the aid of stabbing victim, MyFOXOrlando, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14, The Orlando Sentinel, Orlando, Fla. 07/16/14 [NRA-ILA News]

64-year-old Donald Sacco was waiting at a bus stop in Orlando, Fla. when a man armed with a knife approached, attempted to steal Sacco’s property, and began stabbing him. A passerby in a vehicle spotted the attack, retrieved a gun, and rushed to Sacco’s aid. The armed citizen ordered the criminal to halt his attack and held him at gunpoint until police could arrive. A former paramedic was also on the scene and rushed to help Sacco, who is reportedly in stable condition. Local media are referring to the passersby as “good Samaritans.”

Reminder: California Department of Fish and Wildlife to Hold Saturday, July 19, Public Workshop on Implementation of Lead Ammunition Ban [NRA-ILA News]

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will hold a public workshop Saturday, July 19 to discuss the implementation of the newly expanded ban on the use of lead bullets for hunting throughout California.  The CDFW workshop will be held at the Community Room at City Hall, 777 Cypress Ave. in Redding from 7-8:30 p.m.  Following the presentation, hunters and other interested parties will be able to comment and provide input.

Detroit police chief gives credit to armed citizens for drop in crime [NRA-ILA News]

Fed up with crime, some armed Detroiters have developed itchy trigger-fingers — and Police Chief James Craig said lawbreakers are getting the message.

Small-arms treaty, big Second Amendment threat [NRA-ILA News]

In a little-noticed action, the U.N. General Assembly on April 2, 2013, adopted by “majority vote” an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) with the objective of regulating the international trade in conventional arms from small arms to major military equipment. The treaty’s lofty objectives were to foster peace and security by limiting uncontrolled destabilizing arms transfer to areas of conflict. In particular, it was also meant to prevent countries that abuse human rights from acquiring arms.

House votes to block D.C. gun regulations in latest challenge to city laws [NRA-ILA News]

The House of Representatives moved Wednesday to block virtually all of the District’s gun restrictions, approving a budget amendment that would leave only federal law to regulate firearms in the nation’s capital.

Import of Kalashnikov Concern/Saiga AKs banned by executive order [NRA-ILA News]

According to a Presidential Executive Order issued Wednesday, the importation of AKs manufactured by the Kalashnikov Concern in Izhmash, Russia has been banned.This includes the popular "Saiga" line of rifles and shotguns.


Massachusetts: URGENT Gun Ban Amendment Scheduled for Possible Vote Tomorrow on Beacon Hill [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, 63 amendments were filed to Senate Bill 2265 that would affect your rights as a gun owner and sportsman in the Commonwealth.  It is critical that you contact your state Senator early tomorrow morning and ask him or her to oppose amendments which attack your rights, and support those that make pro-gun improvements to S.2265.


NJ law: young mother facing 3 years' hard time [Of Arms and the Law]

Shaneen Allen, a 27 year old mother of two, carried a pistol and a PA permit in her car -- but she wound up being stopped in NJ. Now she's looking at three years mandatory, no probation or parole.


Nevada: Lawsuit Filed Against Anti-Gun Ballot Initiative [NRA-ILA News]

On Monday, a lawsuit was filed challenging the anti-gun ballot initiative filed with the Secretary of State.  Your NRA-ILA previously reported on the filing of this ballot initiative here.


Bloomberg’s Bumble [NRA-ILA News]

Thank Goodness ex-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg spent so much time in Southern Colorado!  If he hadn’t, how ever would we who live and work here have known that the four-lane, high-speed, paved path connecting Pueblo, Huerfano, Las Animas and other “as rural as you can get” counties with the rest of the country wasn’t — in fact — an interstate?

Tuesday, 15 July


Case on restoration of rights [Of Arms and the Law]

US v. Indelicato, 97 F.3d 627 (1st Cr. 1996). The Gun Control Act technically doesn't forbid felons to possess guns; it forbids those convicted of a crime punishable by more than a year's imprisonment, or of one expressly denominated a misdemeanor, and not punishable by more than two years' imprisonment, to do so. It also provides that a conviction does not count if the person has received a restoration of civil rights. In most States, a crime punishable by more than a year's imprisonment is a felony, so the difference is zero.

At issue in Indelicato was defendant's status when he had been convicted of a Massachusetts misdemeanor that was punishable by up to 2.5 years' imprisonment. Since that's more than two years, it brought him with the Federal ban. But since it was a misdemeanor, which loses no civil rights, there was no way for him to have obtained a restoration of civil rights.

The court decided to treat the matter as if Indelicato had had his rights restored, in the sense that he never lost them in the first place. It acknowledges that several other rulings have gone the other way: since the defendant never lost his rights, he cannot get them "restored" and is forever barred. I think it's a good approach (why would Congress have meant a misdemeanant to have a lifetime bar, when a felon would not), although it's not in accord with the language of the statute. This is one of the cases where statutory "interpretation" actually involves, not figuring out the legislative intent, but figuring out what would have been the legislative intent if the legislature had foreseen an obscure situation, which it didn't know existed.


Will you be able to afford to live? [The Liberty Sphere]


The question, however, is, will you, the average American, be able to afford to live once the increases cross the threshold into unaffordability. Wages have been stagnant in this, the weakest so-called recovery in U.S. history. But prices are skyrocketing for those items that are needed to sustain life. What happens, then, when you can no longer afford them? When you can't afford to live, what will you do?
Click here to read the whole thing.


Honest gun-owning mom busted in N.J. could face 3 years in prison [NRA-ILA News]

27 year-old Shaneen Allen wanted to protect her family. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit and she purchased a gun.

Gun owners group seeks changes as Massachusetts Senate plans debate on gun bill [NRA-ILA News]

The Senate on Thursday will take up its version of legislation aimed at reducing gun violence as the local chapter of the National Rifle Association hardened its position on the bill just days after calling the House version a “victory” for the second amendment.The House passed its version in a 112-38 vote last week, after picking up support from anti-gun violence activists and a gun owners’ group.

Cleveland: Mayor Jackson proposes new gun control legislation [NRA-ILA News]

The mayor submitted new legislation to City Council, which would completely rewrite the city's gun laws.This includes limiting purchases of a firearm to one person every 90 days.Mayor Jackson also proposes a new gun offender registry. Offenders would have to register annually over a four year period.


Is Apple where really controversial old Obama administration employees go after they leave government? [John Lott's Website]

Among the major Obama administration employees Apple hired were former EPA administrator Lisa Jackson in 2013.  Jackson, who tried to hide government communication by using an EPA pseudonym "Richard Windsor," had a very controversial record.  "Windsor" was granted at least six ethics and cyber-security certifications.  From the Washington Examiner:
Among the certificates awarded to "Richard Windsor" was a Nov. 2, 2009 "Certificate of Completion" for "E-mail Records Management." Jackson had only been appointed by President Obama as EPA's top executive a few months prior to the certification. . . . 
During the ensuing years, however, EPA IT department officials awarded additional certificates to "Richard Windsor," including three for completion of the agency's "Scholastica Decentia," the Certificate for Ethical Behavior, in 2010, 2011 and 2012. 
"Richard Windsor" was a top student of ethical behavior in 2010, compiling 100 percent scores for the "Risk" and "Cyber Threats" portions of the course, but a 50 percent score on the "EPA Information" portion dropped Windsor's total score to 83 percent. 
Jackson's use of the fake name became known in 2012 with Horner's book, The Liberal War Against Transparency, in which he made public a memo from EPA to the National Records Archives Administration describing the agency's creation of the "Richard Windsor" moniker. . . .  
Jackson resigned as EPA administrator in December 2012 shortly after her agency's inspector-general announced an investigation of the "Richard Windsor" scandal.
Now it looks like they are about to hire Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney:
Carney would replace Katie Cotton, who stepped down from the position earlier this year. It has previously been reported that Apple is looking for an external candidate to lead its communications team in the hopes of finding someone “friendlier,” although several internal candidates were also being considered. . . . 
Carney is reportedly being considered for such roles at several companies, including Uber.
How Carney gets identified as a 'Friendlier" candidate isn't exactly obvious to me.  The other question is why anyone would trust what Carney had to say.

Apple fans are not happy about the possibility of a Carney appointment.


Missouri: Governor Vetoes NRA-Backed Pro-Gun Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, Governor Jay Nixon (D) vetoed a NRA supported pro-gun measure, Senate Bill 656.  Sponsored by state Senator Will Kraus (R-8) and handled in the House by state Representative Kevin Elmer (R-139), SB 656 passed overwhelmingly in both legislative chambers.  Unfortunately, Governor Jay Nixon felt the pro-gun provisions were not important or necessary and chose to veto this legislation rather than allow it to become law and increase school and public safety for law-abiding Missouri citizens.


Massachusetts: Senate Introduces its Own Version of Gun Control Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Late yesterday, the Massachusetts Senate Ways and Means Committee introduced its own version of gun control legislation, Senate Bill 2265.  This language is the replacement language for House Bill 4285, and will be considered on the Senate floor this Thursday, July 17.


Nurse Shoots Carjacker, Breaks Up Criminal Ring [NRA-ILA News]

A Milwaukee nurse who shot an attempted carjacker likely helped break up a criminal ring that police believe has been involved in a string of robberies and carjackings as well as a recent shooting.


The Rolling Stone Interview: Michael Bloomberg says he isn't afraid of the NRA, but should we be afraid of him? [John Lott's Website]

Michael Bloomberg's interview with Rolling Stone magazine has already created its share of controversy but really just for his comments about Colorado recalling several Democrat state Senators for voting for gun control.
In Colorado, we got a law passed. The NRA went after two or three state Senators in a part of Colorado where I don't think there's roads. It's as far rural as you can get. And, yes, they lost recall elections. I'm sorry for that. We tried to help 'em. But the bottom line is, the law is on the books, and being enforced. You can get depressed about the progress, but on the other hand, you're saving a lot of lives.
But there are other bizarre claims that should be at least as controversial.  Bloomberg isn't asking people just to lock up their guns, he clearly doesn't want people to own guns.
And if you want to have a gun in your house, I think you're pretty stupid – particularly if you have kids – but I guess you have a right to do that. Someday, there is going to be a suit against parents who smoke in their houses or have guns in their houses by a kid. It's not that far-fetched. . . . 
guns are dangerous. The statistics are overwhelming. You're something like 22 times more likely to get killed in your home if you have a gun than if you don't. [Gestures at a staffer.] Let's say Amanda's trying to break in. "Excuse me, Amanda, I've gotta go get my gun to shoot you. Now, where did I put that combination to that lock? And the bullets were where? I don't know what the fuck…how do you turn the safety off?" Are you kidding me? The last thing you want to do when somebody breaks in and puts a gun toward you is try to go for a gun. That's really stupid. I don't know if you're going to get shot one way, but I guarantee you're going to get killed the other way.
About the one thing that is right here is that locking up guns, especially the way that Bloomberg wants them locked up, makes it very difficult to use defensively.  The claim about risks of guns in the home is based on completely bogus public health studies.  A brief discussion on the problems with this claim is provided in my book "More Guns, Less Crime" (University of Chicago Press, 2010, 3rd edition).

In addition, requiring that people lock up guns or reduce gun ownership does two things: 1) more criminals are emboldened to break into people homes while the residents are in the dwelling and 2) they are more likely to be successful in committing a violent crime.

Whatever one thinks of the NRA, it is clear that Bloomberg's attack on them isn't very honest.
But the NRA takes no prisoners. Put yourself in the following scenario. You're a Senator or Congressman, a Democrat. I ask you to have background checks. You say, "Mike, I can't be with you on background checks, but my opponent, the Republican, is worse." What the NRA says is, "Babes, we don't care. We're going after you. We're going after your spouse and your children and your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. Long after you're dead, we'll still be going after you." It's hard to think these guys aren't cuckoo and wouldn't probably do it, when they say that. A rational person would consider all of my views before they make a vote – maybe he won't be happy with my gun position, but I'm so good on the others I'll probably still get his vote. But for the NRA that's not an option.
First, we already have background checks and as far as I can tell the NRA isn't trying to get rid of them.  The issue is a bill last year that Bloomberg supported and that bill included what many believed involved registration and would have affected the private transfer of guns.

Worse, this notion that the NRA appears to be just a smear.  A tougher, objective questioner would have asked for a specific example to illustrate his claim, but Simon Vozick-Levinson wasn't interested in actually questioning him.

Monday, 14 July


Rolling Stone on how to defeat the NRA [Of Arms and the Law]

It's good for some amusement. The only good points are ones that have been used for decades... never let a good crisis, or victim, go to waste, and exploit them quickly. The rest shows a profound misunderstanding of the gun rights movement. NRA (by which they mean the gun rights movement) is only big "inside the beltway," so organize local groups. The gun rights movement went there years ago: CalGuns, United Sportsmen of Florida, etc., etc.. The gun rights movement has money, now Bloomberg will match it. Buying TV ads -- that is SO twentieth century! It isn't millions of dollars, but millions of committed supporters that make the difference, especially today, when thanks to the internet the mass media no longer have a choke hold on communicating with supporters.

Check out the 700+ comments: looks like Rolling Stone can't even convince its own audience. "I hope you got paid quite a bit for selling out, because this is disgusting." "stick with your laughable "100 Greatest Guitarists" lists. You don't even know music." Dude....seriously, voting will do. Signed, A Liberal Democrat that supports all rights, including gun rights" "Hunter S. Thompson would be SO ashamed of what has become of the Rolling Stone."


Jewelry store owner defends store and employee, KPIX, San Francisco, Calif. 07/11/14, KTVU, Oakland, Calif. 07/10/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A pair of masked and armed robbers entered Bennett Valley Jewelry in Santa Rosa, Calif. Once inside, one of them then went behind the counter, assaulted the store’s manager and held her hostage. After becoming aware of the situation, store owner Ty Visscher retrieved a gun and fired at the criminals, striking both and causing one to flee. Police captured remaining robber shortly after the shooting. An investigation revealed the criminal to be a gang member who was paroled less than two weeks before the robbery. Following the incident, local business owner Molly Bray shared her support for Visscher, telling reporters of the jewelry store owner, “He’s such a big, macho, great guy. Very protective and loving to everybody… So I’m sure he wanted to protect his people.”

Rejected gun applicants deserve answers from Illinois State Police [NRA-ILA News]

Perhaps Illinois’ latest sunshine flap, in which citizens are being denied concealed carry permits and FOID cards without explanation, will enlighten more people about the far-reaching perils of government secrecy.

Mass. Senate to debate sweeping gun bill [NRA-ILA News]

The Massachusetts Senate released its own version of a sweeping overhaul of the state’s gun laws on Monday, including many elements of a bill approved by the House last week.


Criticize Obama, go to jail? [The Liberty Sphere]


Is it not allowed in the United States for citizens to openly criticize a president? Is it a crime to use the most captivating means possible to express disgust toward that president, or anyone else in government for that matter?

Traditionally America has cherished and protected free speech and expression, even that which most may consider to be inappropriate and even if those in government  are offended. The only exceptions to this long history took place in 1798 and again in 1917. 
Click here to read it all.


Kentucky: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Takes Effect Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

House Bill 128, this legislative session’s comprehensive pro-gun reform package, goes into effect tomorrow, July 15.


Colorado: Hickenlooper Keeps Close Ties with National Figures Driving an Extreme Anti-Gun, Anti-Sportsmen Agenda [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, Governor Hickenlooper (D) was spotted having beers and playing pool with President Obama during his visit to Colorado.  The two anti-gun chief executives enjoyed a night out on the town, despite the desperate need for leadership in both Colorado and our country.


Massachusetts: Senate Could Consider Gun Control Bill as Early as Thursday [NRA-ILA News]

As previously reported, the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed House Bill 4278 last week.  This misguided gun control bill would create new "may issue" FID issuance standards by giving issuing authorities unfettered discretion to deny firearm identification cards and would require Massachusetts to submit unnecessary records to NICS, including records of individuals who are NOT prohibited from possessing a firearm under state or federal law.

Sunday, 13 July


Could the writers of The Bill of Rights have anticipated modern guns? Meet the auto cannon, the Puckle gun, from 1718 [John Lott's Website]

Click on pictures to enlarge them.

Here is a gun from 1718 that can fire 9 or so cannon shells very rapidly.  Once the principle was developed the number of shells that could be quickly fired could be increased even more.  The Puckle gun was developed long before the Gatling gun in 1862.  If a auto cannon was developed well before The Bill of Rights, how could it be claimed that they couldn't foresee machine guns and other modern weapons?

It is pretty clear that the Royce Wilson article has a typo/error when it says that metallic cartridges weren't developed until the 1950s.


Former N.Y. mayor riles Colorado pols with 'rural' gun remarks [NRA-ILA News]

Republican politicians in Colorado have slammed former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg for saying parts of the Western state that recalled two lawmakers last year over new gun laws were so rural they didn't even have roads.

America's largest shotgun maker shifts more jobs to Texas [NRA-ILA News]

America’s largest shotgun manufacturer, O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc., decided not to expand in Connecticut. Sure it was founded there 1919 and still has its corporate headquarters in North Haven. But in 2013 Connecticut rushed through legislation to ban some of Mossberg’s popular products. As a result, Mossberg CEO, Iver Mossberg, says, “Investing in Texas was an easy decision. It’s a state that is not only committed to economic growth but also honors and respects the Second Amendment and the firearm freedoms it guarantees for our customers.”

Illinois: Quinn, Kelly seek tighter gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

Quinn and Kelly urged the passage of a bill in the Illinois General Assembly — the Illinois Public Safety Act — that would ban assault weapons; put a limit on high-capacity ammunition; and expand background checks for prospective gun buyers.

N.J. Supreme Court won't hear landmark gun case after all [NRA-ILA News]

The New Jersey Supreme Court, in an unusual move, has scrapped its plans to hear a challenge to one of New Jersey’s gun-control laws.By sidestepping the heated debate, the court left in place one of the nation’s toughest measures, which dates to 1924 and bars most people from carrying firearms outside their homes.

Saturday, 12 July


New Tennessee law allows loaded guns in vehicles without requiring concealed handgun permits [John Lott's Website]

From WJHL TV in Johnson City, Tennessee:
No permit necessary that's the new law for people in Tennessee who want to carry a loaded gun in their car.
The law took effect July 1st and is an extension of the castle doctrine, that's the law that allows home owners to have guns on their own property.
Proponents of the legislation area saying a person’s car is an extension of their home.
"I have no problem with the law I voted for it and I think if you're a law abiding citizen as with many other issues in our country the government needs to stay out of your business and let you carry that constitutionally guaranteed weapon," said State Representative Tony Shipley.
Law enforcement opinions vary across the state.
But the Washington County Tennessee Sheriff's Office agrees with the legislation.
"We will do whatever state legislator and what the law states and says for us to do. And as of right now it's a new law there are some people from the other end of the state that do not agree with the law but we're comfortable with it," said Washington County Captain Bryan Horton.
As for traffic stops while some have safety concern, Horton said for their department, nothing will change. . . .


Estimated Second Quarter GDP growth implies that Weather wasn't the reason for the drop in 1st quarter GDP [John Lott's Website]

GDP fell at an annual rate of 2.96 percent in the 1st quarter.  To make that up, just to get back to where we were at during the end of December, would require a 3.1 percent increase in the 2nd quarter.  But that would leave us with zero growth over the first half year.  But if the shrinking GDP in the first quarter was just a temporary aberration from weather, we should easily make that up and be back up to at least the meager annual growth rate of 1.8 percent we have experienced during the Obama "recovery."  From The Hill:
Business economists have lowered their estimates for economic growth in the second quarter following news of a significant contraction during the first three months of the year. 
The April to June forecast fell to 3 percent from a 3.5 annual rate in June, according to a special survey released Friday by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE). 
The forecast change is due mostly to a late June report showing that the economy shrank at a 2.9 percent pace in the first quarter. . . .

Friday, 11 July


Link problems [The Liberty Sphere]

Apparently the link I supplied earlier for today's Examiner article does not, or did not work. It has now been corrected. And here it is: Levin says Obama voters damn fools."


Levin says Obama voters 'damn fools' [The Liberty Sphere]

...and he has very good reason to refer to them this way.

Read the entire thing in my latest Examiner article published today.


Bloomberg: Pro-Gun Towns Must Lack Roads [NRA-ILA News]

Colorado Springs and Pueblo may not be Paris or London, but they are not quite the rural backwaters that anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg apparently thinks they are. The former New York City mayor said he was “sorry” about the recalls of two Democratic state senators last year over the state legislature’s passage of gun control laws, but said the districts in the recall races were so “rural” that “I don’t think there’s roads."


Two Robberies at Target Since Chain Asked Law-Abiding Citizens to Shop Unarmed [NRA-ILA News]

On July 2 Breitbart News reported that interim Target CEO John Mulligan "respectfully" asked law-abiding citizens not to bring their guns in Target stores. Since then, Gainesville, Georgia, police have arrested three over a Target parking lot robbery and are looking for another man who punched a woman and stole her Mercedes at a Decatur, Georgia, Target as well.

Thursday, 10 July


U.S. House Passes Appropriations Bill Containing a Pro-Gun General Provision [NRA-ILA News]

We reported last month on the U.S. House Appropriations Committee approving the FY15 Energy and Water Appropriations bill.  The bill then moved on to the floor of the U.S. House where, on Thursday, July 10, it was passed by a vote of 253-170.  The bill contains a pro-gun general provision offered by Representative Tom Graves (R-Ga.) in committee.  Rep. Graves’ amendment would prohibit the use of funds to implement or enforce regulations that prevent law-abiding Americans from carrying firearms on property managed by the Army Corps of Engineers.

Update on Proposed Ban on the Domestic Sale of Ivory and Importation of Elephant Trophies [NRA-ILA News]

In recent Grassroots Alerts, we addressed the Obama Administration's proposal to ban the trade and sale of legally owned ivory within the United States (click here to see the initial alert).  The NRA supports efforts to stop poaching and the illegal trade of ivory.  However, banning lawfully-owned domestic ivory will have no impact on elephant poaching in Africa.  On the contrary, such a ban would affect only honest, law-abiding Americans by making their possessions valueless.  Please see this New York Times article highlighting the broad spectrum of people who will be harmed by the ban.

Florida Alert: Governor Scott's Record on Second Amendment Issues [NRA-ILA News]

The below news article reports Governor Rick Scott's strong record on firearms rights and Second Amendment issues.   He is as strong on Second Amendment issues as any Governor in Florida's history.   The article also reveals that former Gov. Charlie Crist, since leaving office, has now embraced the Obama-Bloomberg gun control agenda.

“Why Not One? Why Not Zero?” Gov. Christie Vetoes N.J. Magazine Ban [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday last week, New Jersey’s Gov. Chris Christie (R) vetoed legislation that would have banned the possession of ammunition magazines holding more than 10 rounds. Such magazines are most commonly used in handguns and general-purpose semi-automatic rifles kept for defensive purposes.

CNN doubles down on disaster [NRA-ILA News]

Piers Morgan is the clueless Englishman who was bounced from CNN earlier this year because nobody listened to him rail against legal guns on his “Piers Morgan Live.” CNN is about to double down on a programming disaster.

Senators block election-year bill aiding hunters [NRA-ILA News]

Republicans and liberal Democrats on Thursday derailed a Senate bill to help hunters and potentially aid Democratic senators seeking re-election in GOP-leaning states. It's the latest bipartisan measure to fall victim to election-year maneuvering.

Biden, Bloomberg Describe Second Amendment Supporters with Vulgarities and Slurs [NRA-ILA News]

What is it with the elitist political class and their insulting, arrogant, even vulgar comments about gun owners and others who live in Heartland America? It’s been going on a long time and continues to this day, even though it gets gun control supporters nowhere.

Gun-Confiscating Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Sentenced to 10 Years in Federal Prison [NRA-ILA News]

As we reported in October 2008, after a lengthy legal battle over the unconstitutional confiscation of lawfully owned firearms during Hurricane Katrina, the City of New Orleans agreed to settle a lawsuit initiated by NRA.   A permanent injunction was issued against the city, and then-Mayor Ray Nagin.  The Second Amendment Foundation assisted NRA in the legal battle against Mayor Nagin and the City of New Orleans.

Check, Please! Chicago Once Again Learns an Expensive Lesson About the Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

While litigants generally bear their own costs in the American legal system, certain provisions of federal law allow parties who prevail in “proceedings in vindication of civil rights” to be awarded reasonable attorney’s fees.  NRA has once again used these provisions to recoup attorney’s fees from the City of Chicago.

Participation Needed in Extended Comment Period for Multiple Sales Reporting Requirement [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) recently published a noticein the Federal Register that the comment period for the “Report of Multiple Sale or Other Disposition of Certain Rifles” has been extended for 30 days.  As we initially stated when the comment period was opened, we urge everyone affected by this ill-conceived reporting requirement to provide comments.

NRA Statement on Sportsmen's Bill [NRA-ILA News]

"The National Rifle Association is disappointed that the bipartisan Sportsmen’s bill has fallen victim to Sen. Harry Reid's political agenda.  By refusing to allow a reasonable amendment process, Sen. Reid effectively killed this legislation – a bill with substantive measures that would have enriched America’s hunting and sporting heritage.

Anti-Gun Group Disagrees with Calif. DOJ About Crime Trend; Group's Gun Control Scorecard Deserves Failing Grade [NRA-ILA News]

Firearm-related deaths have decreased in California since the early 1990s, but the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV) and the state’s Department of Justice don’t agree about the reasons why.


Rolling Stone Pulls Controversial Michael Bloomberg Article [NRA-ILA News]

Rolling Stone has removed an article about former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that has drawn criticism from Colorado Republicans. In the article, titled "Michael Bloomberg Isn't Afraid of the NRA," the former mayor says some of the state's districts are so "rural" that they may not have roads.


Good Samaritan Utilizes New Gun Law [NRA-ILA News]

One of the five new gun bills that Gov. Rick Scott signed into law last month already has been used by an armed citizen who is being hailed as a hero for stopping a violent stabbing.


Colorado Gun Recall Towns So Rural, They Don’t Have Roads [NRA-ILA News]

In what may come as a surprise to residents of Colorado Springs and Pueblo, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think those cities have roads. Bloomberg told Rolling Stone that he was “sorry” about the recalls of two state senators last year over the Democratic state legislature’s gun-control laws, but added that their districts were so “rural” that, “I don’t think there’s roads.”


Bloomberg Dismisses Colorado Springs, Pueblo as Road-less, Rural Backwaters [NRA-ILA News]

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is popping off about Colorado in a new Rolling Stone interview and Republicans here, who have been blasting Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper for taking cues from Bloomberg on the state’s new gun laws, couldn’t be happier about it.

Wednesday, 09 July


Low [The Liberty Sphere]

I was back in the doctor's office today, and now they are saying they will need at least 3 months of no inflammation in the eye before surgery can be done. Although I am improved, says the doctor, I can't tell it yet with my sight out of the bad eye, and the thing still hurts when I look at a computer screen.

I will post when I can. So much news, so much to say, so unable to do one thing about it. So, just consider me "low."


Murder rate drops as concealed carry permits rise, study claims [NRA-ILA News]

A dramatic spike in the number of Americans with permits to carry concealed weapons coincides with an equally stark drop in violent crime, according to a new study, which Second Amendment advocates say makes the case that more guns can mean safer streets

Gun control battle may kill sportsmen’s bill [NRA-ILA News]

Staring at the possibility of a battle over gun control and other thorny issues he didn’t want to deal with, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used parliamentary tactics to block out all amendments on a bill to expand hunting and fishing access on federal land, putting the brakes on the largely noncontroversial legislation.

No free pass on gun rights for red-state Democrats [NRA-ILA News]

If Democrats regain a majority in the House and retain the Senate, the first order of business after a tragic shooting — any shooting will do — would be to enact strict gun control. Everyone knows it, and that’s a problem for Democratic senators trying to keep their seats in states where people aren’t afraid of guns.


Massachusetts: “Gun Control” Bill Passed State House, Sent to Senate [NRA-ILA News]

Unfortunately, the Massachusetts House of Representatives today passed House Bill 4278, a watered-down version of House Bill 4121, by a 112 to 38 vote.  While concessions were made and the NRA was able to scale back some of the anti-gun aspects, H.4278 still contains provisions which will directly and adversely affect your constitutional right to keep and bear arms.


Ann Coulter and Ted Nugent's reading level of their tweets higher than WaPo's Greg Sargent or NYT's David Leonhardt [John Lott's Website]

A measure of reading level of tweets is available here.  Some amusing comparisons are here.  Possibly the level that people write at might be one very rough measure of intelligence.  With actor Jim Carrey juvenile humor, it probably isn't too surprising that his tweets are at a 3rd grade level.  Or that Kanye West tweets at the 4th grade level.  But it is more interesting to compare some political commentators.  Ann Coulter is at the 8th grade level of reading, but the Washington Post's Greg Sargent is at 3rd grade.  Fox News has a higher level of posts than CNN, CBS, and NBC, but the same as MSNBC.  I have looked at a number of columnists at the Washington Post and they are usually at the 7th grade level of reading, again a little below Coulter and the same as Ted Nugent's.  Both also score higher than the WaPo's Greg Sargent, NYT's David Leonhardt, or Justin Wolfers.

Of course, at least over some range, some could argue that being able to make more complicated ideas simpler is actually more difficult.  I am not sure if this could explain a 3rd grade level of reading, but I am open to a discussion.


Last year Government gave $100B to people likely not entitled to receive them, congress thinks that the waste is greater [John Lott's Website]

So much for Obama controlling waste and fraud.  From Politico:
By its own estimate, the government made about $100 billion in payments last year to people who may not have been entitled to receive them — tax credits to families that didn’t qualify, unemployment benefits to people who had jobs and medical payments for treatments that might not have been necessary. 
Congressional investigators say the figure could be even higher. 
The Obama administration has reduced the amount of improper payments since they peaked in 2010. Still, estimates from federal agencies show that some are wasting big money at a time when Congress is squeezing agency budgets and looking to save more. 
“Nobody knows exactly how much taxpayer money is wasted through improper payments, but the federal government’s own astounding estimate is more than half a trillion dollars over the past five years,” said Rep. John Mica, R-Fla. “The fact is, improper payments are staggeringly high in programs designed to help those most in need — children, seniors and low-income families.” . . .


New CNN host, John Walsh, wants GPS chips in every gun, says it's not Big Brother [NRA-ILA News]

"Besides hosting “America's Most Wanted” and advocating for victims’ rights, Walsh has been a longtime advocate of background checks and other safety measures. He said he would continue that fight now that he is joining CNN as the host of “The Hunt,” a new show about catching fugitives." "Walsh said he has suggested that gun manufacturers put GPS tracking devices in every gun so stolen weapons could be easily recovered. 'Every one of us have a GPS chip in our cell phones. It's not Big Brother,' he said."


Newest Fox News piece: "Mr. Obama, you can’t blame our economic troubles on weather" [John Lott's Website]

With the Obama administration continuing to blame the poor economic growth in the first quarter on the weather, it seemed useful to include a few facts.  Sure, it is certainly plausible that bad weather can impact GDP, but neither cold weather or bad snow storms seem to have a really noticeable impact.  More importantly at the end of the piece I offer a way to test if Obama is right about the claim.  My newest piece at Fox News start this way:
The economy took a bad hit during the first quarter this year.  It shrunk at an annual rate of 2.96 percent.  Since the beginning of 1947, there are only 16 of the 268 quarters experienced worse growth. 
The Obama administration blames the slow growth on the “historically severe winter weather, which temporarily lowered growth.” Jason Furman, the chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, made this assertion again on July 3 and President Obama has made this claim several times.  
But that doesn’t square with the historic data. The five worst winter storms or winters with the coldest temperatures do not match economic downturns. 
In a list of the worst United States winter storms since 1888, Epic Disasters, using National Weather Service data, lists five of the ten worst occurring since 1947.  Four of the five saw economic growth.  Only during the fifth worst stormdid the economy shrink.  The average annualized GDP growth during the quarters when those storms struck was 1.8 percent. . . . .

Monday, 07 July


John Walsh vows to continue Piers Morgan's Gun-Control campaign on CNN [John Lott's Website]

Walsh will be much more effective at making this argument than Piers for the simple reason that he is much more likable.   From The Wrap:
Besides hosting “America's Most Wanted” and advocating for victims’ rights, Walsh has been a longtime advocate of background checks and other safety measures. He said he would continue that fight now that he is joining CNN as the host of “The Hunt,” a new show about catching fugitives. . . .
“I am the guy that has seen both sides of the issue,” Walsh told reporters Monday. “I own guns. I'm the father of a murdered child. I've done nothing but track violence in America since my son was murdered. We have a serious problem with guns in this country. And we refuse to address it. And the NRA solution to arm every grammar-school 80-year-old teacher with a gun is absolutely ludicrous,” he said.
Walsh said the NRA is so deeply in the pocket of the gun industry that “they're not a lobbyist on Capitol Hill, they're a gun manufacturer rep.” He also said Vice President Joe Biden recently agreed with him that politicians are “scared s—less” of the NRA. . . .
Just because background checks work well in theory doesn't mean that the current system actually works that way.  You can find out some of the problems with the background check system here and here.

Obviously the claim that the NRA wants to arm everyone in schools is a gross exaggeration.  The NRA proposal was to arm uniformed guards, something that Bill Clinton had supported when he was president, and something that I thought was a mistake because armed guards are likely to be the first target.

On polls Walsh says:
“I said to Joe Biden, '90 percent of Americans are for a responsible background check for a gun, and you know what this Congress has done? Not voted on it, not brought it to the floor, not introduced a bill,'” Walsh said. “I said, ‘They're all scared shitless of the NRA, aren't they?'” . . . 
You can find out why his claim is incorrect here


Secure the border, implement moratorium on immigration [The Liberty Sphere]


...As it stands now immigration policy is a hodgepodge of disarray in which some laws are enforced and others are ignored, mainly to suit the political objectives of the White House and the Party that placed him there. The chaos took a dramatic turn when all at once, out of the blue, busloads of illegal aliens began showing up just over the southern border, inundating small towns and Border Patrol agents with a pitiful yet dangerous mass of humanity that has placed all Americans at risk.

These persons are being shipped out all over America. The diseases they brought with them are being spread throughout America. And the children that are being used as human shields are a cover for human slave traffickers that have also crossed into the country at the southern border, along with members of dangerous and deadly drug cartels.

And what is being done by the Obama Administration and the Democrats who control the Senate? Not much. These immigrants represent thousands of new voters for the Democratic Party...
Click here to read the entire article.


So can the bad winter storms during the first quarter of 2014 explain the shrinking economy? [John Lott's Website]

The Obama administration has blamed the slow growth on the “historically severe winter weather, which temporarily lowered growth.”  Jason Furman, the chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, made this assertion again on July 3rd

0 0 1 54 309 AEI 2 1 362 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE In a list of the worst United States winter storms since 1888, Epic Disasters, using National Weather Service data, lists five of the ten worst occurring since 1947.  Four of the five saw economic growth.  Only during the fifth worst storm did the economy shrink.  
0 0 1 34 196 AEI 1 1 229 14.0 Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE


Newest piece at the Philadelphia Inquirer: "Soccer may be 'in,' but it's not an injury-free sport" [John Lott's Website]

My newest piece at the Philadelphia Inquirer starts this way:
With all the recent coverage given to the World Cup, interest in soccer is frequently described as reaching a "tipping point." Even President Obama has done his part to popularize the sport: taking time out from his busy schedule to watch the U.S.-Germany match, playing soccer against a robot on his recent trip to Japan, and chatting with foreign leaders about the game's finer points.  
But the president appears unaware of the health risks. He has strongly warned Americans about the risks of playing football, going so far this year as saying, "I would not let my son play pro football." He hasn't offered such similar warnings about soccer.  
Obama is not alone in apparently believing that soccer is less dangerous than American football. Surely the media have been all over how dangerous football is for concussions. And the lawsuits filed by NFL players have received much attention.  
Unfortunately, soccer is not the benign alternative it is often portrayed as being. 
Take concussions.  
In college, women's soccer has a higher rate of concussions than men's football or soccer: 6.3 per 10,000 times women participate in soccer practice or a game versus 4.9 for men's soccer and 6.1 for men's football. Indeed, among college sports, women's soccer has the highest rate of concussions.  
But concussions aren't the only problem. In total injuries, both men's and women's soccer exceed those of men's football. Total injuries for men's soccer are 11.14 per 10,000 practices or games and 9.7 for women's soccer. For football, the number is 9.5. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here

Sunday, 06 July


It ain't gonna happen [The Liberty Sphere]

Well, I had the best of intentions to post my new Examiner article tonight. But it ain't gonna happen. I still have to put finishing touches on it. So, it will be tomorrow instead.

But I felt compelled to write a short piece about the border situation. The Feds are sending in riot gear and specialists to crush the protesters against illegal immigration. I also learned today that Charlotte, N.C., which is not that far from where I live, is one of the main depositories of illegal aliens that our lawless government is allowing in the country with little or no restrictions. The word is that many if not most of Charlotte's public schools are now dominated by immigrants, and most of those are illegal immigrants.

The Obama administration's claim that none of this is any threat to the health and well being of American citizens is merely one more of Obama's lies. News also comes that a U.S. Border Patrol agent contracted scabies after having contact with the sick children the drug cartels and human slave traffickers are using as human shields.

Several militia groups are headed for the border to fight to secure it. Thus, a scenario is developing in which armed Federal agents will be pitted against armed citizens. Somehow this time I don't think the Feds will back down as they did at the Bundy ranch. They have to save face, and they have to "prove" to decent citizens who adhere to the Constitution that they don't have to abide by the law, that the law is whatever they say it is at the time, and that citizens must obey if they value their lives.

But let me say this loud and clear to every armed government agent: it ain't gonna happen. We are not going to back down in our efforts to secure that border. You should have been doing this all along, but you decided not to enforce immigration laws. If you don't have to abide by the law, then neither do we. And you must realize that if you fire a single shot at a citizen near the border because that citizen is trying to restore the rule of law, then you will have started a civil war. You had best rethink your tactics here, or face dire consequences.

I am not threatening anyone. Not at all. I issue these warnings as factual information so as to avoid civil war. Government agents need to know that they are about to engage in something deadly if they follow through with this tyranny.

It's time to close the borders in order to clean up the mess, and it is time to refuse to accept any form of lawlessness on the part of the administration. How can illegal aliens become "good citizens" when their very first act in entering the country illegally is a crime? If they don't obey our immigration laws, why should we believe that they will follow the law on anything else?


Still here [The Liberty Sphere]

I'm still here, working to get to the point to where I can write on a computer screen without it hurting my eyes. I keep up with your blog posts as best as I can, but on the condition that I will take regular breaks from the glare of the screen. I have had to cut out visits to social networking sites altogether.

Still, I have managed to put together a new article at Examiner. It should be available either tonight or tomorrow.

Progress from the treatment I am getting for eye inflammation is slow. But I expect good results after a few weeks of treatment. Then as soon as the inflammation is gone, we do the surgery. I will keep you posted.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 05 July


The "do nothing" US Senate, Harry Reid keeps protecting Democrats from hard votes [John Lott's Website]

Senate Democrats essentially shutdown voting in Senate to protect their members from any hard votes before the November election.  From ABC News:
. . . With control of the Senate at risk in November, leaders are going to remarkable lengths to protect endangered Democrats from casting tough votes and to deny Republicans legislative victories in the midst of the campaign. The phobia means even bipartisan legislation to boost energy efficiency, manufacturing, sportsmen's rights and more could be scuttled.
The Senate's masters of process are finding a variety of ways to shut down debate.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., now is requiring an elusive 60-vote supermajority to deal with amendments to spending bills, instead of the usual simple majority, a step that makes it much more difficult to put politically sensitive matters into contention. This was a flip from his approach to Obama administration nominees, when he decided most could be moved ahead with a straight majority instead of the 60 votes needed before.
Reid's principal aim in setting the supermajority rule for spending amendments was to deny archrival Sen. Mitch McConnell a win on protecting his home state coal industry from new regulations limiting carbon emissions from existing power plants. McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, faces a tough re-election in Kentucky. . . .
"I just don't think they want their members to have to take any hard votes between now and November," said Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb. And there's "just no question that they're worried we're going to win some votes so they just shut us down."
Vote-a-phobia worsens in election years, especially when the majority party is in jeopardy. Republicans need to gain six seats to win control and Democrats must defend 21 seats to the Republicans' 15. . . .
Of course, for some Democrats this prevents them from developing any type of record to run on.  From the WSJ:
No one has done more to protect Senate Democrats from difficult votes than Majority Leader Harry Reid, but a funny thing is happening as another election nears. His own vulnerable Members are griping about the lack of votes.
Alaska Sen. Mark Begich was elected in 2008 and hasn't been able to get a Senate vote on any of his proposed legislative amendments. For years he was silent but suddenly he's upset, telling Politico: "Does it mean increased risks? Sure. That's what voting is about." West Virginia's Joe Manchin complained to the Hill newspaper: "I've never been in a less productive time in my life than I am right now, in the United States Senate."
They're right about the numbers. Wyoming Republican John Barrasso recently noted on the floor that Senate Democrats proposed 676 amendments in the last year but were allowed votes on all of seven. Republicans proposed 812 and got votes on 11. Texas Democrat Sheila Jackson Lee has been allowed twice as many amendment votes (15) in the Republican House in the last year than Mr. Reid has allowed his entire Senate caucus. Not one of the nine Senate Democrats elected in 2012 has been granted a floor vote on any of their amendments. . . . 
With this voting record, it is pretty hard for Begich to argue that his being in office is of much value. 


Technological advances undermining another government created monopoly: Taxi cabs versus Uber [John Lott's Website]

The 13,605 taxi medallions in NYC are valued at about $13.5 billion. The 6,904 medallions in Chicago are worth $2.4 billion.  To put it mildly, government regulation has created a lot of rents for those who own these medallions.  From the Washington Post:
. . . Now, however, a market built on restricted supply is showing cracks with the arrival of start-ups that turn anyone with a car into a driver for hire. In Chicago, those cracks have triggered fears that medallion values are tottering. They have given rise to a high-stakes lawsuit, tentative new regulation and a glimpse of how this same clash between old power and new technology could play out in other cities.
Throw open the market — to amateurs, part-timers and the underemployed (and whatever they drive) — and medallions lose their exclusivity. Without which, they lose their value, too.
“As soon as you do away with limited access, over a period of years, the taxi industry will wither away and die,” says Michael Shakman, a Chicago attorney who is suing the city on behalf of investors and companies whose business would not exist without medallions. “You will be left with whatever the free market generates by way of transportation.”
That, Uber says, is precisely the point. The five-year-old San Francisco tech company — and the envy of Silicon Valley — has rapidly and strategically infiltrated taxi strongholds by enabling consumers to hail rides electronically from their smartphones.
Uber and companies like it argue that regulations intended for taxis don’t apply to a service no one could have envisioned when the laws were written. And consumers don’t seem to care what those laws say. They are piling in and leaving cities to chase after a fast-expanding business. . . . 

Wednesday, 02 July


No "Constitutional crisis!" [The Liberty Sphere]

The talking heads of the mainstream media are harping on the issue of a supposed "Constitutional crisis" regarding Barack Obama's executive orders and his defiance of Congress and the Supreme Court. One even said, "We are nearing a dangerous Constitutional crisis in this nation."

What a boneheaded numbskull!

We are not "nearing" a Constitutional crisis." We are already in the midst of one and have been for some time now.

In some ways, though, there is no Constitutional crisis at all. The problem is not the Constitution but the failure of elected officials, the president, and even some on the Supreme Court to obey it and make sure it's provisions are carried out. What we have is a crisis of tyranny. Tyrants defy the law in collectivist societies. They make up law as they go along. This is what Obama has done. The Supreme Court did it with Obamacare. And some Senators and Congressmen do it on a daily basis.

It is getting to the point to where there is no way out of this short of a major civil war between citizens on our own soil. When elected officials refuse to carry out the provisions of the Constitution, the basis of all of our laws, then it is necessary for citizens to forcibly remove them from office. This is pure Jeffersonian philosophy.

This president and his henchmen find new ways to defy the law each day. They refuse to obey court orders. They refuse to cooperate with Congress in its oversight responsibilities.

But the answer right now is not to engage in any violence whatsoever. No matter how angry we get over the outrageous acts of a rogue government, we must keep our cool. Why? Insiders say Obama wants us to lose our cool and do something stupid that he can use as an excuse. So, we must lay low, maintain our wits, and implement the Stealth War -- Defy, Resist, Evade, Smuggle, and nonviolent Sabotage. This must be done secretly and prudently as we outsmart the tyrants.

Tuesday, 01 July


Where I've been and what I've been up to [The Liberty Sphere]

The Liberty Sphere has always had faithful readers, many of whom have become cherished friends. So, I thought it was only fair that I tell you where I've been and what I've been up to of late.

Surgery is in my short term future, but after seeing the specialist today we had to put that off for a bit due to inflammation. Most of you are aware of my chronic eye inflammation. It has reached the point that surgery will be necessary, but my eye doctor wants the inflammation to settle down before surgery. This means a combination of eye drops and oral medications that attack the inflammation. If this is not done, having surgery will cause the inflammation to go rampant, with disastrous results.

Needless to say I have had trouble seeing with the inflamed eye. Plus normal glare is painful. I have to sit in the house with sunglasses on to make it as dark as I can. And writing has been painful as well. The computer screen seems to make the pain worse.

I could use your prayers. And I could use your continued faithfulness in reading an article of mine at Examiner once per day. Any one of them will do, and I have written a ton of them since 2009. That way my pay doesn't go into the hole at a time I am going to need a truckload of money for these upcoming procedures.

Thanks for your continued friendship and for being faithful readers of The Liberty Sphere. I hope and pray that the Lord will see fit to allow me to continue to write for many years to come. I can tell you this, you never know just how precious the gift of sight really is until you realize you are in danger of losing it.

I will try to write a short piece or two here each day in the meantime. And as soon as I can stand the glare of the screen, I will get the Examiner articles back up and running. Forgive my typos both there and here. It cannot be helped at the moment.

Saturday, 28 June


The stealth war and the illegal alien invasion [The Liberty Sphere]


Thus, here is where we stand so far. Illegal aliens gain entrance into the United States by using thousands of children as human shields. Many of these children have already brought deadly diseases into the country, such as drug-resistant TB, measles, dangerous parasitic disorders, scabies, chicken pox, staph infections, and deadly viruses that originate in the tropics. Obama is shipping these persons all over the country, and along with them comes the diseases, many of which are contagious and deadly for adults.

For sure, the children are not to blame for this. But many of their parents, the drug cartels, and human traffickers, all of whom are coming across the border with the children, are squarely to blame. Yet nothing is being done about it by the government. It is as if the Democrats in particular are observing this despicable state of affairs with glee. They see voters, thousands of them, and in a few short years, hundreds of thousands of them.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Thursday, 26 June


The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/26/2014 [The Liberty Sphere]

The Lonely Libertarian gave me a chuckle with this entry today concerning Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the lost IRS emails.

Irons in the Fire informs us that doctors are already asking patients whether or not they "have guns in the house." This is getting out of hand, folks, as if it hasn't already. Answer no questions about guns, period. And if they insist, find a new doctor who respects the Constitution. We are going to have to start punishing doctors that push Obama's political agenda!

Speaking of doctors, Kurt Hofmann says that one rabid anti-gun nutcase wants to give doctors the power to disarm patients. 

In the Middle of the Right has a story about a local park board that was placed under arrest (yes, that's right, the entire board was arrested) for thinking they were above the law. The county sheriff upheld the arrests too!

Bergheim Follies provides the latest news from the southern border.

Armory Blog posts a review of the KynSHOT Hydraulic Recoil Buffer.

Knuckledragging My Life Away has commentary on the Supreme Court ruling that a warrant is needed before police can go rummaging through your cell phone records.

The Last Refuge of a Scoundrel notes that the EPA, like the IRS, has been getting rid of official documents like crazy. This is felony activity, folks, punishable by imprisonment. So when are we going to see these government scumbags thrown into the slammer!!??

90 Miles from Tyranny declares that leftists, statists, and establishment Republicans need to be careful of the seeds they sow.

Rob in his Bunker says, "Thank-you, Mr. President." Take a look!

NW Guns and Gear links to a review of a Wartac .223. It's cheap and supposedly a quality gun. But is it? Look at the review.

Gun Free Zone cites a newspaper editorial that will either get people thrown into jail or killed.

Stately McDaniel Manor says there is more than one reason for schools to allow armed teachers.

David Codrea notes that a feminist writer reserves her harshest hatred for armed men.

Mike Vanderboegh reports that rabid anti-gunner, Gov. Hickenlooper of Colorado, is desperately trying to distance himself and his Party from their extremist anti-gun laws they passed over the objections of the citizens. He is also desperately trying to keep the subject of guns off the ballot in November. Question: are Coloradans stupid enough to forget this soon how the Colorado Democratic Party tried to disarm them? The citizens even got two of the legislators who voted for this monstrosity thrown out of the legislature in recall elections.

WRSA reports the latest news from Ukraine, along with a timely reminder that this mindset is spreading and could very well come to the United States in a big way.

Traction Control posts all of his newest additions to his gun store inventory.

The Smallest Minority has a video explaining that America has ceased to exist. A must-see.

Way Up North provides a must-read titled, "The Gloves are Off."

Oleg Volk shares his latest masterpieces on the AR-15.

Wednesday, 25 June


Blood feud: the American republic vs. dynasties [The Liberty Sphere]

If there is any truth at all in Ed Klein's new book on the Obamas and the Clintons, it is contained in one simple construct -- both families want to become dynasties in America. Add to that the Bush family as they make noises about Jeb Bush running for president in 2016, and what you have are three very powerful and rich families competing to advance their prospects to create American royalty. The glaring problem is that we don't have dynasties in America, period. We do not look kindly upon royalty and our founding documents are designed in part to prevent such vestiges of a privileged class, complete with a monarchy.
Click here to continue reading.


Never fear, I'm here, but running late... [The Liberty Sphere]


I am running way behind today, so bear with me.

A new Examiner article will be posted this evening for your reading pleasure. And tomorrow I will have another Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup, the second for the week.

You no doubt that noticed I don't do the roundup as often as I used to. Twice a week is my goal, but those two posts per week are vastly expanded from what I used to present. The Roundup these days contain upwards of 20 links to gun and liberty oriented bloggers. That means about 40 links are provided per week.

I hope the roundup is helpful to you, especially those of you who are trying to get your blog off the ground. If I can help you expand your audience, then my goal is met, not to mention that we in the gun rights and liberty movement need to stay informed on what's going on with our colleagues.

Tuesday, 24 June


IRS scandal deepens [The Liberty Sphere]

As new disclosures were revealed today by top level managers in at least two federal agencies, one fact has become all too clear. The IRS scandal has vastly deepened, and more people were involved than Americans were previously led to believe. The scandal is so broad, in fact, that government employees who are not part of the scandal knew about it and are now apparently willing to come forward as whistleblowers.
Click here to read the entire article.

Monday, 23 June


The Gun Rights and Liberty News Roundup for 6/23/2014 [The Liberty Sphere]

David Codrea reports news on the freedom-oriented comic strip called "Day by Day." Take a look.

Kurt Hofmann says that a major push is under way in Missouri to make gun rights  "alienable," opposite of what the Constitution specifies.

Mike Vanderboegh announces that he has been invited to speak in Colorado for an Independence Day celebration. He is looking for other opportunities on the way there, and on the way back.

WRSA points to a piece that explains how a country dies. You had best read it all. Why? We are just about dead as a free nation.

Karl Denninger notes the latest sheer idiocy of the "global warming" nutcases. When are they going to start putting these people in straightjackets?

Way Up North says that Wild Bill has hit one out of the ballpark. He also has the video that shows what he is talking about.  

Tam shares an amazing scientific fact that really gets down to the heart of the matter concerning algore's Internets.

Nicki reminds us of a sad and unconscionable chapter in the life of one of the recent military fatalities in Afghanistan.

John Jacob H has the exclusive scoop on a N.C. "journalist", an anti-gun nutcase, who not only owns a gun but may have committed a crime with it!

Brigid writes on the importance of having books. I agree. For decades I had one of the most comprehensive personal libraries you could find anywhere. Most of it was due to the fact that my years in higher education required it, but another top reason was that the work I did required quite a bit of scholarly research. My ministry was not done haphazardly, I always believed that my pulpit work was worthy of nothing but the absolute best I could do, and that involved hour after hour of grueling study, for years and years, or at least until I went into chaplaincy, which required much less study on the job. Eventually my downsizing required that I relinquish most of that library, but I find myself on a regular basis missing it. I almost feel lost. It is like a big part of me is gone. I always loved having books around me, not just in theology and Bible commentary, but books of all kinds, particularly great literature such as that of the Founding Fathers. I made some amazing discoveries reading primary sources, discoveries that showed much if not most of what children and college students are being taught today is pure, unadulterated B.S.

Golden Geese News has a pretty funny announcement to make about Hillary Clinton. I think it is an excellent idea. Take a look.

Gateway Pundit is reporting breaking news that Darrell Issa has discovered that Lois Lerner was acting directly on behalf of Obama when she targeted conservative groups at the IRS. This is a high crime, high misdemeanor. Impeachment is the only remedy. 

Every Blade of Grass has a video explaining how we got in the current economic mess, going back 140 years.

Days of our Trailers updates us on the latest from "Chicago burning."

CLO posts a collection of rather "interesting" (ahem) Hillary Clinton quotes. Not exactly a gal you would want to take home to mom.

Pamela Geller blasts the Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. for its latest utterly stupid move against Israel. I specified the denomination above due to the fact that there are several good, conservative Presbyterian groups that are not anti-Israel. So, we can't lump them all together. Two of the admirable Presbyterian groups are the PCA (Presbyterian Church in America), which split from the group mentioned above over abject liberalism and sheer heresy, as well as the ARP (Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church). The latter two groups have nothing to do with the actions of the Presbyterian Church in the USA.

Alphecca explains a bill introduced in the House that addresses the lame excuse offered by the IRS over missing emails. But, as he mentions, the collectivists oppose the measure. Not surprising at all.


Tyranny expands as consumer agency gives itself power to shut down businesses [The Liberty Sphere]


The group went further to say that this is a direct multiple-agency attack on every free market business in America and thus, every business in America, large and small, should be highly alarmed at what is occurring in Washington with regard to private enterprise. The consequences of such an attack would not only remove the right of individual citizens to operate their own businesses apart of government intimidation but would severely impact the national economy by putting dozens, if not hundreds of enterprises out of business. Most of the jobs on which America is fueled come from small business. If they are hamstrung in this manner, the result could be a bone-chilling effect on unemployment, consumer prices, and the overall health of the economy...

...One can easily have a hunch that the seething rage depicted in the sentiments expressed above is but the tip of the iceberg. Thousands of small business owners have already expressed before now their deeply held view that "we have had enough of overbearing federal regulation and intrusion." And beyond that, they are stating privately that they are not going to take it anymore, even if it means greeting the Feds with shotguns and other weapons that are designed to defend themselves and their possessions from the dirty grubbing hands of federal agencies.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Saturday, 21 June


Are you capable of handling the truth? [The Liberty Sphere]


But the cold, hard fact is that we have changed all the minds we are going to change. This is it. Your family member, your neighbor, your pastor, priest, or rabbi, your doctor, your business acquaintances who accept the current philosophy embodied by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Bernie Sanders, and dozens of others are determined to force you to comply to any government edict no matter what, whether it is legal or Constitutional or not. They are therefore lawless tyrants. They are your enemy.

Can you hear that? Can you understand that? Are you capable of grasping this truth? To acknowledge this truth is not to seek to harm anyone or to treat them as barbarians or to deliberately bait them into arguments. You have to be much smarter than that. But the only way you are going to get anywhere in effectively helping the cause to restore the Constitution is to accept the hard truth that when the stuff hits the fan, these persons who are for the current tyranny are not going to be your friends. They are not on your side. They may act friendly toward you. They may try to assure you that they are not against you, even that they are not out to hurt you or to "take your rights away." Yet they still try to take away your guns and limit your ammunition purchases. They still think you should keep your mouth shut about politics, and they often rant about "taking Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin off the air" and that others like them should not be allowed to be on the air at all.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Friday, 20 June


So much chaos, where does one start? [The Liberty Sphere]

So much chaos has ensued upon the United States of America that one begins to get the nagging, nauseating impression that all of it is deliberate. The timing alone, with all of it coming together in one mammoth perfect storm, is proof enough that the various scandals in the Obama administration had at least some coordination. The one thing they did not calculate was the fallout and the depth of the controversy. In spite of the refusal of the mainstream media to report any of it, Americans are livid, enraged, and ready to do some housecleaning.

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen told a House panel today that he would not apologize for losing emails associated with the Congressional investigation into corruption regarding the targeting of conservative, Tea Party, and religious groups...
Click here to continue reading.

Thursday, 29 May


How to Load a Cap & Ball Black Powder Revolver [About Hunting / Shooting]

These popular and readily-available guns are loved by many because they're old-fashioned... but loading them doesn't come naturally for most. These new/old wheel-guns can be fun to use for target shooting - and very useful for follow-up shots during muzzleloader hunts. Here's how to properly and safely load and fire them.

Learn how to load a black powder cap & ball revolver

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How to Load a Cap & Ball Black Powder Revolver originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 12:46:48.

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Squat Strap Review - Strap for Relieving Yourself Outdoors Safely and Easily [About Hunting / Shooting]

Umm.... yeah. We all do it - and sometimes, it happens in the woods. Answering nature's sometimes-insistent call, that is. This simple product is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible - and well above the ground - during the process. Check it out - it's well worth considering.

Read the Review of Squat Strap for Answering Nature's Call

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Squat Strap Review - Strap for Relieving Yourself Outdoors Safely and Easily originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 11:18:21.

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Wednesday, 28 May


What Kind of Ammunition to Use in Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle [About Hunting / Shooting]

The good old 44 carbine, which was Ruger's first production rifle, has now been out of production for almost three decades - in other words, it's been discontinued for more years than it was built. It's a better-designed rifle than the lame Model 99 Deerfield 44 carbine which Ruger brought out to replace it many years later - and quietly retired a few years later.

Anyhow, there are many original carbines still out there, and they're fine rifles. With each passing year, knowledge of them is lost to many, so here's a short-but-sweet article on what kind of ammo to use in this nice old shootin' iron.

Learn what ammo to use in a Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle

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What Kind of Ammunition to Use in Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 07:21:30.

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Tuesday, 27 May


Hunting for Beginners [About Hunting / Shooting]

It's been a lot of years since I was a newbie hunter, and I've learned a bunch over the years. I've put together this handy reference for beginners, which I hope is helpful. Be sure to let me know if you think I've left out anything important... otherwise, enjoy and pass it along to others who may enjoy it.

Learn about Hunting for Beginners

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Hunting for Beginners originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 11:49:58.

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Thursday, 22 May


Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

The Midland HH54 is a portable weather radio, which can be used to get weather forecasts and alerts, and can even act as an alarm clock. Weather is important to hunters, and this has never failed to get a signal so I could hear the forecast for my area - but it does have some shortcomings. Read the review to learn more about this interesting gadget.

Read the Review of Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio

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Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 10:01:56.

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Wednesday, 21 May


JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

This nice-looking little pistol incorporated numerous innovations and new features - many of which live on in today's popular handguns - and although it followed the European tradition of tiny, under-powered cartridges was worthy of commercial success. Unfortunately, almost every one of these pistols was claimed by the Nazis during the second world war and when Germany fell, the factory was on the wrong side of the iron curtain.

Read the Review of JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol

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JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 07:20:29.

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Tuesday, 20 May


God and Guns [About Hunting / Shooting]

What does the Bible say about the right to bear arms? Should a Christian practice self-defense? This article explores those questions and more as it examines the Biblical aspects of gun rights. I personally believe that every person has the right and responsibility to defend him- or herself, regardless of race or religion.

Find out what the Bible says about the right to bear arms

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God and Guns originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 11:50:18.

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How to Use a Rifle Sling [About Hunting / Shooting]

I love rifle slings - although I usually take the sling off of my rifle when I'm in a stand or blind, because I don't want it hanging up on anything or swinging around to give away my position. Much of the time, though, slings are wonderful, useful tools and should be used as such. Most hunters don't use slings to their full potential, but they should - and here's how you can use a sling to gain almost-instant access to your rifle, make more accurate shots without a rest, and more.

Find out How to Use a Rifle Sling

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How to Use a Rifle Sling originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 11:45:33.

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Thursday, 15 May


Firearms Guide DVD Review - 4th Edition [About Hunting / Shooting]

This collection of information contains a bunch of good stuff, and much of it is good and useful. Guns, ammo, ballistics, hundreds of printable targets, and thousands of gun schematics, among other things... sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Errors and omissions might make it less of a bargain, though. Read the review for much more on this creative reference product.

Read the Review of Firearms Guide 4th Edition DVD

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Firearms Guide DVD Review - 4th Edition originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 07:37:26.

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Tuesday, 13 May


Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

This is the most complete bore guide kit I've used - but it's not "all that." In fact, it's not expensively-made, and should be priced accordingly. I like using a bore guide, and this one has some good points - but the RAPID patch system ain't much and if you want to use it on a rimfire rifle, think again...

Check out the Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review

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Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 07:52:39.

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Monday, 05 May


Younger Women Older Men Dating Site [ NorCal Gun Club]

You want to find Younger Women for Older Men online? This is easy. Just place a FREE profile on --- the most effective age gap dating site for Older Men and Younger Women. It will connect you with hundreds of single people who are looking for such relationships. What are you waiting for?


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