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"Government must act by law or terror or some combination of them." Clarence B. Carson on the inextricable links between property, liberty and the law. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Clarence B. Carson, historian. 1925 - 2003.
In my stroll through the thrift store last week, I encountered a remarkable book by Clarence B. Carson, entitled Basic Communism: Its Rise, Spread and Debacle in the 20th Century.
Carson is writing here about the Soviet system (the book was self-published in 1990) but his observations are universal to all systems, especially our own these days.
One of the major conclusions to be drawn from the Soviet experience in this regard is that law is not essential to the exercise of the power of the state. Since governments have commonly used law in the exercise of their power, it might be supposed that law is necessary to that end. On the contrary, law is frequently and in certain ways essentially an impediment to the exercise of governmental power. Government operates essentially by the use of force, and by its nature tends to monopolize the use of force in its jurisdiction. Law regularizes and LIMITS the use of force by government. It limits it by prescribing how force shall be used, to what extent, and under what conditions. In this sense, law is no more necessary to governments than handcuffs to a boxer.
There is an intricate connection between law and property. Probably, private property is essential to the existence of law. In the light of what has happened it does appear that when private property is largely abolished that law does indeed wither away. Certainly, much of it withers away, for law no longer has its main object to deal with. Most important, all rights and liberties wither away in the absence of private property. All rights tend to be more or less extensions of property rights, though they are often not thought of in that light. Freedom of speech, of press, and of religion, for example, are much more dependent upon property than we might casually conclude. Freedom of the press is most meaningful only when one has access to a press, by way either of ownership or consent to its use by some owner. If government owns all the presses, there might conceivably be a government privilege to use the press under certain conditions, but freedom of the press would have no content. Freedom of speech depends upon a place (property) from which to speak, and, for its defense, the means (property) by which to enter into an adversary relationship with those (including government) who might deny it. By extension, freedom of speech is a property right to one's utterances. As for religion, its public practice depends upon the ownership or control over houses of worship and all the physical paraphernalia (musical instruments, song books, prayer nooks, surplices, and so on). The Soviet Union has amply demonstrated the dependence of freedom of religion upon private property. Abolish private property and you undermine law as well. Law can no more survive without private rights in property than can a building be suspended from sky hooks. Neither has any foundation.
Government requires neither private property nor law in order to function. They are both inhibitors of its use of force. There is an alternative to law for government; it is terror. Government must act by law or terror or some combination of them. In the absence of private property and its corollary, law, government must act by terror, when the chips are down. The exercise of force without the restraint of law is terror. No better definition can be given, and none is needed. It does not become terror because of the especially horrible character of the acts. Rather it is terroristic because it is arbitrary, unpredictable, and has no certain cause or explanation. None may know when force will be applied or when it will be halted, for there are no enforceable restraints.
"Government must act by law or terror or some combination of them."


Stupid is as stupid does. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Stupid, an adjective meaning: 1. not intelligent; 2. having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things; 3. not sensible or logical.
I have been taken to task somewhat severely by folks over my comment at this post indicating that I thought the public banning of all Muslims from a gun range was "monumentally stupid."
It was a quick reaction, but I stand by it. This has nothing to do with property rights, potential lawsuits, or the First Amendment. It is stupid because the problem, if it exists, can be handled by a simple "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" sign. Making this about perceived Jihadi menaces and extending it to a religious ban is just that -- stupid. A suspicious observer might conclude that it was done for the publicity to boost business among local clientele who are overwhelmingly, I am sure, non-Muslim.


Disarming law: Californians gain right to have relatives' guns confiscated [Gun News]

Under a new California law, families can ask police to confiscate lawfully-owned weapons from close relatives. The law was introduced after an unstable gunman's shooting rampage left seven people dead and 13 injured.


Say what?!? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

FBI Claims Stopping Power A “Myth”
Using the utter lack of training and failure rate of LEO’s is not the most reassuring basis for choosing a pistol caliber. In fact, .22′s hardly have ANY recoil and it is used in the OLYMPICS where shot placement is vital. In a world where stopping power is a myth and shot placement is paramount, the .22 would seem ideal for the FBI’s conclusions.


Time to dismantle US academia [The Liberty Sphere]

In light of the fact that academia in the United States has become a hotbed of extremist indoctrination, it is time to dismantle the power, reach, and influence of major universities in America. They are no longer needed and society would be better off without them.
Modern America is replete with opportunities to obtain higher education apart from costly traditional universities. 
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Tuesday, 30 September


Gun shop owner: "People who own guns tend to buy more guns" [Gun News]

More Americans say they own a gun than ever before, but the overall number of new gun owners is staying constant. That's according to a Gallup poll, which shows 1 in 3 Americans claim they own a gun.



Police officers charged in alleged straw man sales [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. The trial starts Monday, and the defendants are two Sacramento County deputies, an FFL, and a private purchaser.

As I read the story, it arises out of California's discriminatory gun laws. To be sold new in CA, a handgun must pass "safety tests," which are expensive (they must be done by State-licensed labs, and involve a lot more than safety). Lots of ordinary handguns -- such as the Ruger .380 said to be at issue) don't have the certification.

BUT (despite this being a supposed safety standard) police officers (and as I recall the law, employees of a prosecutor's office) can buy unlisted guns from a dealer. I'd guess that the charges involve officers buying unlisted guns and reselling them to private persons who wanted an unlisted firearm. Since California requires all sales to go through an FFL, and also as I recall requires handgun sales to be reported to the State, there can't be an argument that these were true "straw sales," intended to hide the identity of the ultimate owner.


Prosecutors fight Reese motion to vacate felony convictions on gun sales [Gun News]

United States attorney Damon P. Martinez, prosecuting the case against the Reese family , filed a response last Tuesday against the defendants' motion to vacate felony convictions , along with an omnibus response to defendants' sentencing motions and objections. Arrested in 2011 for allegedly knowingly selling guns to cartel members while operating a New Mexico gun store, all Reese family members were found not guilty on the most serious charges of conspiracy.


Ron Paul says secession in US inevitable [The Liberty Sphere]

In an interview with the National Journal today, former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, stated that he supported the attempt by citizens in Scotland to secede from the U.K. He further believes that secession is inevitable in the United States due to the continuing failure of the federal government to stay within the boundaries the Framers delineated in the U.S. Constitution.
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California Will Allow Family Members to Seek Seizure of Guns [NRA-ILA News]

California will be the first state in the country to allow private citizens to ask a court to seize guns from family members who they believe pose a threat to themselves or the public, under a measure signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania could give the NRA the right to sue cities [NRA-ILA News]

Cities in Pennsylvania may have to think carefully before passing ordinances relating to guns and gun control in future years: Doing so could land them in legal trouble with the National Rifle Association.

Gun rights a flashpoint in Louisiana Senate race [NRA-ILA News]

Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu is defending her record on gun rights, seeking to rebut sharp criticism from the National Rifle Association in a state where the right to bear arms is given special constitutional protection.

Bloomberg gun control group enters Oregon governor and state Senate races [NRA-ILA News]

Everytown for Gun Safety -- the gun control group funded by billionaire Michael Bloomberg -- is running ads in favor of Democratic Gov. John Kitzhaber and attempting to unseat state Sen. Bruce Starr, R-Hillsboro.

Second Amendment Vs. Islamic State In Oklahoma [NRA-ILA News]

The Islamic State's call for "lone wolf" attacks on Western infidels might have met its match in the Second Amendment, as an armed man saves lives by shooting a jihadist wannabe bent on heeding that call.

Pennsylvania could give the NRA the right to sue cities [NRA-ILA News]

Cities in Pennsylvania may have to think carefully before passing ordinances relating to guns and gun control in future years: Doing so could land them in legal trouble with the National Rifle Association.


Newspaper endorsements reveal anti-rights bias against gun owners [Gun News]

Two endorsements this morning, in two Puget Sound-area newspapers - the Seattle Times and Everett Herald - reveal in their closing paragraphs an anti-rights bias that helps tip the scales for their respective editorial boards toward two Democrats, whose elections would help that party retain control in Olympia come January, and thus determine the fate of any gun control legislation for the next two years. Anti-rights? You bet, according to Arizona author and gun rights advocate Alan Korwin, who appeared over the weekend at the 29th annual Gun Rights Policy Conference in Chicago.


BATF loses suit to undercover agent [Of Arms and the Law]

A judge of the Federal Court of Claims has awarded former agent Jay Doybyns over half a million in damages for agency misconduct. "Misconduct" that amounted to betraying and backstabbing an agent who had spent years infiltrating the hell's angels.

His book outlines his work. It's likely the most dangerous undercover work of which I've ever heard: he was infiltrating a large gang to whom murder was a casual matter, and he got full membership by faking the murder of a rival gang member. Then his agency abandoned him, let his new false ID become known, and when his house was destroyed (and wife and kids nearly killed) in an arson fire, backstabbed him with suggestions that he might have done it himself.


Guns and the governor's race [Editorial] [Gun News]

Our view: Brown and Hogan need to get beyond airing and responding to attack ads to provide specifics for how they would make Md.' s new gun safety law work to reduce death and injury Wednesday marks the anniversary of Maryland's tough new gun control law going into effect, and advocates are marking the occasion with a rally in Columbia.


Fox News: Obama's gun control push could lead to more beheadings [Gun News]

A Tuesday morning Fox & Friends segment suggested that more Americans could be beheaded if President Barack Obama was successful in his effort to make guns safer. Conservative websites have hailed off-duty officer Mark Vaughn as a Second Amendment hero after he shot Alton Nolen, who had beheaded one employee at an Oklahoma food processing plant and was allegedly going to murder another earlier this month.


Louisiana restaurant becomes a hit after offering gun owners a discount [Gun News]

The restaurateur responsible for a Cajun eatery in Louisiana hoped law enforcement would take advantage of an unusual discount offered during lunchtime, but says his eatery has since become a hot destination for gun enthusiasts. Bergeron's Restaurant owner Kevin Cox says the plan was meant as a way of giving thanks to the local police.


Virginia: Virginia Beach City Council Draft 2015 Legislative Agenda to Include Anti-Gun Legislation Recommendation [NRA-ILA News]

At their October 21 meeting, the Virginia Beach City Council is expected to consider and may vote to include recommendations to the Virginia General Assembly that they pass legislation in 2015 requiring victims of crime to report lost or stolen firearms within 48 hours of discovery of the loss or crime.


Fed. Court Ruling Opens Door To Gun Rights Restoration For Certain Misdemeanors [Gun News]

The Second Amendment Foundation has quietly won a significant federal court victory in a Pennsylvania case in which the judge has ruled that a man convicted of a serious misdemeanor crime several years ago, but who has demonstrated that he " would present no more threat to the community" than an average law-abiding citizen, may not lose his Second Amendment rights under a federal gun control statute known as 922 . The ruling, by Judge James Knoll Gardner for the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, says that application of that statute to the plaintiff, Daniel Binderup, " violates the Second Amendment.


Priceless. And speaking of communists. . . [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

So, I'm walking down the aisle at the thrift store yesterday and what do I see but a double-extra-large example of this tee shirt, brand new:
Looking at the price tag and roughly calculating the tag-color discount-of-the-day plus my old fart's percentage, I saw that it was less than a buck, I had to have it, so I carried it up to the register, pleased as punch. The line was long and I was short on time to go pick up Rosey, but no matter. While I waited, I held it out in front of me, fully displaying the iconic image, looking at it and smiling. Some clueless young bearded slacker was behind me in the line and commented, "Wow. I like the tee shirt." "Yeah," I enthusiastically replied, "it'll make a GREAT target the next time I go to the gun range. Images of commie murderers always make the best aiming points." You should have seen his face. Priceless.


Man Who Defends His Life In No-Knock Raid Now Faces Death Penalty [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"I’ve said it before and I’ll keep pressing on the issue. My home is my castle, and I don’t care what judge has signed what piece of paper. If you come at my home, especially in the middle of the night, you’re going to get shot, cop or not. I won’t differentiate because I cannot trust uniforms and announcements. Criminal gangs have now taken to wearing uniforms and making announcements."
"My home is my castle. It doesn’t belong to you, and it doesn’t belong to the state. If you are law enforcement and want to come in my home, call and make an appointment. Got it? If that isn’t good enough for you, if you think there is evidence of something or other you want to see, then put good detectives on the job (like you did at one time in history), watch for me to leave, detain me, and then take me back to the home and let me use my key to the front door. Or get a locksmith. In other words, use your brains to gather evidence. Otherwise, I don’t care if you lose that evidence. I only care about my safety, and the safety of victims like Mr. Guy."


Higher gun ownership rates linked to increase in non-stranger homicide, study finds [Gun News]

A new study led by a Boston University School of Public Health researcher has found that states with higher estimated rates of gun ownership experience a higher incidence of non-stranger firearms homicides - disputing the claim that gun ownership deters violent crime, its authors say. The study, published in the American Journal of Public Health , found no significant relationship between levels of gun ownership and rates of stranger-on-stranger homicide.

Monday, 29 September


Coloradoa s Second Amendment wildfire [Gun News]

Last year, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut, the Obama administration and then-New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg worked to put together a "coalition of the willing" to join them in a war on the Second Amendment and hit upon Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper as a likely recruit. Mr. Hickenlooper , a low-key liberal who went from successful saloon developer to the Denver mayor's office, was elected governor as part of a concerted effort by liberal billionaires to take over a Western state.


Conservative writer, gun shop owner bans Muslims from business, cites safety [Gun News]

Jan Morgan, a popular conservative writer who owns the Gun Cave Indoor Shooting Range in Hot Springs, Arkansas, has declared her business a " Muslim -Free Zone," Truth Revolt reported Monday. Citing concerns over the safety of her customers who buy, rent and shoot firearms at her business, Morgan said she has banned Muslims from her business.


Obama White House again promises Telemundo that there will be amnesty for illegal aliens after the election [John Lott's Website]

Possibly this would have gotten more attention if this promise had been made on the English networks and not on a channel for Spanish speakers.  From The Hill newspaper:
President Obama will “make good” on his promise to implement eexecutive actions on immigration by the end of the year, press secretary Josh Earnest said Sunday. . . . 
“This is a promise the president will keep,” Earnest said during an appearance on Telemundo’s “Enfoque con Jose Diaz-Balart.” “The president has tasked his team with looking at the law and determining what kind of executive authority he can use to try to address the problems of our broken immigration system. They've come up with some good solutions. They will be finalized before the end of the year and the president will announce them before the end of the year.” . . . 
The White House has seen a sharp drop in Latino support following his decision to punt on immigration reform. An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll earlier this month showed just 47 percent of Hispanic voters approve of the president's performance, down 15 percentage points from April, 2013. Fewer than 3 in 10 Latino voters described themselves as "very positive" about Obama. . . .


Music for the ages [The Liberty Sphere]

Perhaps the best known and most beloved of Russian composer Tchaikovsky's works is his moving 1812 Overture. The work is based on the war between France and Russia in 1812 and is an appeal to God to save Tchaikovsky's people in Russia and their Czar from being conquered by the French. That war predated the Bolshevik (Communist) revolution in Russia by nearly a century.

Within the work Tchaikovsky draws from both the Russian national anthem and the French national anthem. The piece begins with a brief choral introduction that is quite moving, the prayer on behalf of the Russian people. You will hear mega-deep notes on the part of the bass vocalists.

This rendition of the work is presented by Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, and it is perhaps the greatest recording of all among the various renditions of the 1812 Overture. Ormandy pulls out all of the stops, utilizing the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the pipe organ, and the cannons firing and bells ringing at the end, which was recorded by Ormandy and the orchestra at Valley Forge, using the Valley Forge Military Academy Band.

You must hear this. You will not be sorry. And if you can listen without being deeply moved, there's something wrong with you. Click on the photo below to listen.


Our View: A no-brainer on gun control [Gun News]

Come Election Day, voters across Washington state will approve Initiative 594, a grassroots-led effort to require background checks on the sale of guns. The measure will close the "gun show loophole," as well as require those who want to buy or acquire guns over the Internet to obtain a background check, as well.


Chicago concealed carry gun permit law 'disarms' poor, blacks [Gun News]

In Chicago's South Side earlier this month, a 16-year-old boy was shot dead, the seventh person killed this year in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. The boy was able to give his name and reportedly pleaded with the responding police officers, "Please don't let me die."


Shaneen Allen soon to see light of day after Second Amendment tussle [Gun News]

You may remember the story of Shaneen Allen -- a mother of two who is a concealed carry permit holder in Pennsylvania, but who was arrested for having her gun in New Jersey. Allen broke New Jersey law but the law she broke, is clearly in violation of the Second Amendment, which guarantees citizens the right to keep and bear arms.


Gas station employee successfully uses gun to defend himself against three armed robbers [John Lott's Website]

When the station's owner was asked about his employee carrying a gun, the owner said what do you expect since Canton is a dangerous place.  The article at Action News 19 in Canton is available here.
The Canton Police Department has released surveillance video and 911 calls connected to Monday night's deadly robbery attempt at a Marathon gas station. Two of the suspects were killed, but one is still on the run. . . .
Police say two of the suspects, identified as Antonio Garcia, 23, and Ronnie Lawson, 21, were shot and killed by a clerk at the location.
The shooting followed an attempted robbery and a scuffle with the clerk.
The clerk was shot in the hip and leg during the melee. His injuries are non-life-threatening. The gas station manager says the clerk is recovering well in the hospital.
Police are still searching for a third suspect. He is described as being either black or Hispanic with a thin to medium build. He is the one wearing the white mask in the surveillance picture. Police do not know if he was injured in the shooting. . . .
The clerk has not been charged. . . .


Armed mother defends home from intruder, WKMG, Orlando, Fla. 09/26/14 [NRA-ILA News]

Lizette Rosario was inside her home in Orange County, Fla. when her son alerted her to an attempted break-in. Rosario retrieved a 9mm pistol and went to confront the intruder, who fled behind a shed in the yard. With the help of her son, Rosario was able to hold the man until police could arrive.

California: Three More Anti-Gun Bills Signed into Law Today and One Anti-Gun Bill Vetoed [NRA-ILA News]

On the final day of Governor Jerry Brown’s deadline to act on pending legislation, he signed into law three more anti-gun bills and vetoed one anti-gun bill.

NRA launches new round of anti-Bloomberg ads [NRA-ILA News]

The advertising war over gun control is about to escalate.On Tuesday, the National Rifle Association will begin airing an emotional, 30-second commercial featuring a Colorado crime victim who had been assaulted in her apartment by a stranger. In the ad, Kimberly Weeks said she once had been afraid of owning a gun. That changed, she said, after enduring two hours of "evil" at the hands of her assailant.

Colorado's Second Amendment wildfire [NRA-ILA News]

Last year, in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings in Connecticut, the Obama administration and then-New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg worked to put together a "coalition of the willing" to join them in a war on the Second Amendment and hit upon Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper as a likely recruit.

Data divulges racial disparity in Chicago’s issuance of gun permits [NRA-ILA News]

In Chicago's South Side earlier this month, a 16-year-old boy was shot dead, the seventh person killed this year in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.The boy was able to give his name and reportedly pleaded with the responding police officers, "Please don't let me die."If you live in 60624, the ZIP code where the shooting took place, you don't expect your streets to be safe. In the last 30 days, that neighborhood has recorded more homicides, robberies, assaults, thefts and narcotics charges combined than any other ZIP code in Cook County when measured on a per capita basis. Its population is 98 percent black and averages a median income just above the poverty line.It also is one of the ZIP codes that registers the fewest active concealed carry firearms permits per capita in the county, according to concealed carry numbers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act by The Washington Times.

New Jersey: Jersey City to only buy guns from 'socially responsible' manufacturer, officials say [NRA-ILA News]

A Pennsauken-based weapons and ammunition supply company is set to win a $500,000 contract to provide firearms and ammo to Jersey City police under new rules that Mayor Steve Fulop has said will help "shape the dialogue" on gun control nationwide.

Changes to New Hampshire’s concealed carry license application trigger concern from gun rights activists [NRA-ILA News]

The Department of Safety is reissuing the state’s concealed carry gun license application for the second time in two months after complaints from gun rights activists prompted the department to withdraw some of the changes it made to the form this summer.


Update on Oklahoma beheading & defense [Of Arms and the Law]

An article in the Christian Science Monitor asks "Oklahoma City beheading: Will jihad-style attack boost 'bring gun to work' laws?"

I can remember when CSM made the Washington Post look like Guns and Ammo; if the other side is losing CSM (phrased otherwise, if it's become open to arguments on the issue) they are indeed in deep trouble. The article says that the defender used a handgun (earlier reports stated it was some manner of rifle). It says the sheriff's department confirms he was not acting in any capacity as their deputy at the time. The only even vaguely antigun point is the very last sentence (which I suspect was stuck in by an editor who was gritting his teeth) to the effect that since the defender had special training (which may or may not be true, depending on the office) maybe this doesn't prove that allowing guns at work is always good.


Dems start the blame game again [The Liberty Sphere]

Most Americans are well beyond the stage where blaming George W. Bush for the nation's woes seems to have a least some validity. Eventually the citizens caught on to the fact that to persist in blaming a former president for current problems is not only totally unreasonable but points to a major ulterior motive on the part of those who insist on continuing such a blame game.
Take the recent announcement that Attorney General Eric Holder will be resigning as soon as a new attorney general is chosen and confirmed by the Senate.
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George Zimmerman Speaks Exclusively on Armed American Radio with Mark Walters [Gun News]

The right to self-defense was thrust into the spotlight with the arrest of George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin. Although exonerated in court, Zimmerman's life was turned upside down through constant attacks by the media on his privacy and character which continue to this day.


Why Smith & Wesson Stock Has Shot Downward 30% in 2014 [Gun News]

The gun industry has always been controversial, standing at the center of a fundamental debate on a right that millions of Americans hold dear. As a result, it's not surprising to see shares of Smith & Wesson Holding and other gun manufacturers go through intense periods of volatility.


Bridenstine: OK Beheading Proves Obama Wrong on Gun Control [Gun News]

Rep. Jim Bridenstine argued that gun control laws pushed by the Obama administration would have prevented Vaughan Foods C.O.O Mark Vaughan from stopping the beheading attack at the business on Monday's broadcast of "The Laura Ingraham Show."


Obama continues the blame game [The Liberty Sphere]

The petulant child that occupies the Oval Office continues his blame game as he
"explains" to 60 Minutes' Steve Croft how the administration missed something as powerful and dangerous as ISIS. This time, however, he had sense enough not to blame Bush. Rather, he blamed his own intelligence-gathering apparatus.

Obama said that the intelligence community, headed by James Clapper, missed all the signals of a new type of terrorist as depicted in ISIS. He further claimed that they grossly overestimated the ability of the Iraqi army to defend itself once Obama pulled out all U.S. troops.

First, Obama flat-out lied. His commanders on the ground all told him that the United States needed to keep a residual force of troops in the region even after we withdrew. This was due to one reason alone -- they all knew that without that support we would lose back to extremists all of the ground we had gained in the Iraqi War. Obama ignored them.

Second, Obama flat-out lied again when he stated that the intelligence community "missed" all the signals that a new and much stronger terrorist organization was rising in the region by the name of ISIS. False again. Earlier last week the administration, including the White House press secretary, stated that the military, the CIA, the State Department, and others had been monitoring ISIS for TWO YEARS! So not only did they know but they tracked them.

But this brings us to an even more important question -- if all of these agencies in the administration knew all about ISIS, why did they fail to stop them? One would think that something as barbaric and dangerous as this group would necessitate a quick, decisive military response that would decapitate the serpent before they started on a head-chopping spree against Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslims in the region.


Did you see the latest shenanigans in Texas? [The Liberty Sphere]

The last time I wrote about the concerted effort on the part of progressives and Democrats to turn Texas from red to blue elicited some strong reaction from residents in the state. "Over my dead body," one declared. "Don't mess with Texas," said another.

While I am glad that many Texas citizens see the threat and are taking steps to counteract it, I am also aware that the progressive underground is hard at work ignoring them and pushing forward to take the state, even if they must break the law to do so.

Remember, this is how progressives make inroads into conservative territory. Voter fraud and election tampering is in their DNA. And this is why honest citizens cannot afford to hope for the best by assuming all people are as trustworthy as we are. A word to the wise.

And as this news article shows, the dirty rotten electioneers of the progressive cabal are working overtime in Texas. Beware, patriots!


Praxis: 25mm boxes -- what experiences have you had with long term storage using them? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I've never used these Bushmaster 25mm ammo boxes for long-term storage and I'm wondering how many uses folks have found for these air-tight, water-tight containers?
Here, a fellow using them for panniers on his bike.
Here, a post discusses the use of 25mm M791 Ammo Boxes as Flashlight Storage.
They are, it seems to me, heavier than metal ammo cans of similar volume. Still, does anyone have experience using them tactically, or for long-term storage?


Mind your head. Practitioners of the religion of peace help make the case for open carry. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Breitbart reports "Oklahoma Beheader Linked to Al Qaeda Leader Awlaki, Boston Bomber's Mosque."
You know, if many more of these beheadings take place, open carry advocates are going to be welcomed with open arms.


Sensible Swiss: 62 percent of voters reject replacing private health insurance with public system [John Lott's Website]

From Agence France-Presse:
Swiss voters on Sunday rejected a plan for a seismic shift from the country's all-private health insurance system to a state-run scheme. 
Referendum results showed that almost 62 percent of voters had shot down a reform pushed by left-leaning parties which say the current private system is busting the budgets of ordinary residents. 
The results also underlined the national divisions over the hotly-contested issue as the country's German-speaking regions voted against the plan, while their French-speaking counterparts were in favor. . . . 
"Our health system is among the top performers in the world. Competition between health insurers and freedom of choice for clients play a major role in this," it added. . . .

Sunday, 28 September


California: One More Day to Urge Governor Brown to Veto Anti-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Brown has until tomorrow, Tuesday, September 30 to sign or VETO four anti-gun bills.  Please call, e-mail and fax the Governor today and tomorrow respectfully urging him to VETO the four pending anti-gun bills below.  He can be reached at (916) 445-2841, by e-mail here (

Will jihad-style attack boost 'bring gun to work' laws? [NRA-ILA News]

Vaughan Foods Chief Operating Officer Mark Vaughan, a reserve sheriff's deputy, used his personal handgun that he brings to work to stop a beheading attack by recently converted Muslim Alton Nolen on Friday in Oklahoma.

A prosecutor’s war on a mom [NRA-ILA News]

Apparently NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t the only official involved in the Ray Rice saga who’s reversed course.Jim McClain, chief prosecutor for New Jersey’s Atlantic County, has now done a full 180 in a case in which he tried to throw the book at a young, single working mother.

New Jersey prosecutor fumbles justice [NRA-ILA News]

Justice isn’t always blind, and prosecutors are sometimes so dazzled by a high-profile defendant they lose sight of their responsibility to lock up a menace to society and cut a break to someone who makes an honest mistake.

Obama's UN speech reveals why Arms Trade Treaty is so dangerous [NRA-ILA News]

Addressing the U.N. General Assembly on Wednesday, President Obama said that all nations “must meet our responsibility to observe and enforce international norms.” What he meant by that wasn’t exactly clear, starting with what those norms are, and who gets to define them. But that kind of thinking on the president’s part is precisely why the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is so bad for the United States.


Good thing that there is no such thing as vote fraud: CT State Rep. Christina Ayala arrested on 19 voting fraud charges [John Lott's Website]

It is pretty amazing how many different places within the state that this state representative votes.  But this isn't unusual.  for other examples of vote fraud see here or here.  From the New Haven Register:
State Rep. Christina “Tita” Ayala, D-Bridgeport, was arrested Friday on 19 voting fraud charges. 
Ayala, 31, is accused of voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live, the Chief State’s Attorney’s Office said in a press release. 
The arrest warrant affidavit also alleges Ayala provided fabricated evidence to state Election Enforcement Commission investigators that showed she lived at an address in a district where she voted while actually living outside the district, according to the release. 
Ayala, who represents the 128th District, was elected in 2012, replacing her cousin, Andres Ayala, who was elected to the state Senate. She chose to run for reelection earlier this year, despite the voting fraud investigation, but lost a four-way primary in August.
The Elections Enforcement Commission referred the case to the Office of the Chief State’s Attorney in October 2013, recommending criminal charges. 
Ayala allegedly voted in various Bridgeport Democratic Town Committee elections, a municipal primary election and a state primary election between 2009 and 2012 in districts inconsistent with the location of her residence, according to the release. She is also accused of voting in the Bridgeport state general election in 2012 in a district where she didn’t live. . . .


Some people are going to be very disappointed by the cost of Obamacare, but they won't find out about it until April 2015 [John Lott's Website]

Those tax refunds that people thought that they were getting apparently aren't going to come through.   Nice that this timing will be after the election.  From USA Today:

Those affected took advance payments of the premium tax credit for health insurance. Some married couples could owe $600 or $1,500 or $2,500 or even more. It might feel like a raw deal for some who are already suffocating under the escalating costs of health insurance.
"Health insurance is confusing enough, and now they're adding the complexities of the Tax Code," said Lorena Bencsik, a member of the Michigan Association of CPAs and owner of Prime Numbers in Ferndale.
When you file that 2014 tax return next year, the Internal Revenue Service will compare your actual income for the year with the amount you estimated when applying for exchange-based health insurance under the health insurance law. . . .

Friday, 26 September


Disillusioned liberals: Only 39 percent of New York voters think Obama is doing an "excellent" or "good" job, nationally Obama's approval among Ds down 8 points since June [John Lott's Website]

This disillusionment of liberal Democrats may represent the biggest risk to Democrats this November.  From The Hill newspaper:
The growing dissatisfaction on the left could limit Obama's ability to help Democrats in the midterm elections and could threaten his political legacy if — as happened with George W. Bush — his party begins to abandon him. 
The slipping support for Obama is most evident in a pair of recent surveys of Democratic strongholds. Just 39 percent of registered New York voters surveyed in a Marist College poll said Obama is doing an "excellent" or "good" job, down six points from June and the lowest level in the state since the beginning of his presidency.  
Earlier this month, only 45 percent of California voters said they approved of how Obama was handling his job — a 5 percent decrease from June. 
National polls also suggest a growing discontent. 
A YouGov survey released last week showed the president’s approval rating at 40 percent, and that among Democrats, Obama had slipped eight points since June. . . .


Have Democrats gone to the "war on women" well a few too many times?: push may not be working in Colorado [John Lott's Website]

From The Hill newspaper:
Colorado Democrats are fretting that Sen. Mark Udall’s (D-Colo.) “war on women” battle cry against Rep. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) is starting to sound like a broken record. 
After a series of polls this past month have shown the race statistically tied or even with Gardner up, some Democrats are urging Udall to find a new refrain against his opponent, lest Republicans claim the seat in November. 
“Gardner gave him a lot to work with on that subject, but a lot people think he may have overdone it,” said one well-connected Democratic operative in the state. 
Starting essentially from Gardner’s entry into the race, Udall’s main line of attack on the GOP congressman has been his support for a federal “personhood” measure, which would effectively ban abortion and restrict many forms of birth control. “Gardner gave him a lot to work with on that subject, but a lot people think he may have overdone it,” said one well-connected Democratic operative in the state. 
Gardner, however, has said he regretted his past support for the statewide initiative and has also helped mitigate hits against him by coming out for over-the-counter birth control — the first in a string of GOP Senate candidates to do so. . . .


Gun in the workplace saves woman's life, after attacker beheaded a woman, he was shot while he was stabbing another woman [John Lott's Website]

In this case, the shooter was a reserve deputy, but it is still a case where they were very happy that there was a gun in the workplace.  From about the attack in Moore, Oklahoma:
Officials with the Moore Police Department say the FBI is now involved in the investigation related to a brutal attack of workers at a food distribution plant.
Sgt. Jeremy Lewis says the alleged suspect, 30-year-old Alton Nolen had just been fired when he drove to the front of the business, hit a vehicle and walked inside.
He walked into the front office area where he met 54-year-old Colleen Hufford and began attacking her with a knife.
Sgt. Lewis confirms the type of knife used in the attack is the same kind used at the plant.
Lewis confirms that Hufford was stabbed several times and that Nolen “severed her head.”
At that point, Lewis claims Nolen met 43-year-old Traci Johnson and began attacking her with the same knife.
Officials say at that point, Mark Vaughan, an Oklahoma County reserve deputy and a former CEO of the business, shot him as he was actively stabbing Johnson.
“He’s, obviously, a hero in this situation,” Sgt. Lewis said, referring to Vaughan. “It could have gotten a lot worse.” . . .


Young girl shoots man who was stabbing her mother, probably saved her life [John Lott's Website]

An 11-year-old girl was called a hero by neighbors Wednesday after she used a handgun to shoot a man who was attacking her mother. 
About 4 a.m. Tuesday, Oklahoma City police were called to a home at 3308 SE 89 and found Brandy Moreno, who said she was stabbed by her ex-boyfriend, Leo Henry. 
Police said Henry broke into the house and began to attack Moreno until her daughter, Jayda Milsap, 11, shot Henry twice with a handgun. Henry tried to flee from the home after being shot and was found down the street, police said. . . .
Moreno’s neighbor, Carolyn Marsee, said she heard the shots fired by the girl early Wednesday. 
“I think she’s a hero,” Marsee said. . . . 


Friday nights at the White House [The Liberty Sphere]

Well, my friends, it's Friday night and it is time once again to closely monitor the White House, and the rest of the government, to see if there is some bombshell lurking around that is ready for release. During the last six years the Administration waits to report controversial news items until Friday night when most are not paying attention.

This is not the only way the Administration attempts to blunt the impact of news that places it in a bad light. They are known to wait until Congress is out of town so that no oversight is provided over their actions.

By the way, Obama is going to need the approval of Congress eventually for its actions in Syria and Iraq. Only Congress can declare war, but even if military action is not connected with a specific war, the War Powers Act mandates that when a president sends in the military in an emergency situation, he must eventually come to Congress for ultimate approval, or else he has acted illegally.

But of course right now none of that matters. Congress is out of town for the November midterm elections. And even if they were in town, would it really matter? This president has never worried about staying within the boundaries of the law on anything.


Making a self-defense story fit the desired narrative [Of Arms and the Law]

Moore, Oklahoma. Business fires violent nut case, he rams vehicle into headquarters, charges inside with knife, decapitates one woman, begins stabbing another...

An employee ends the assault (and almost certainly intended mass killing) with three fast shots from a rifle... given the setting, certainly a semi auto, and likely a dreaded "assault rifle." Employee is a reserve deputy (depending upon the jurisdiction, anything from a friend of the sheriff to a member of the "unorganized militia," an armed civilian who is available for public service if called upon).

So intended mass murderer uses a knife, defender stops it with gun and likely a terrible "assault weapon." How to make this fit the desired narrative?

CNN refers to the defender as a "coworker" who is "also an Oklahoma County reserve deputy." No mention of the firearm used.

A television station that runs the CNN story says "a sheriff's deputy shot Nolen."

Even Fox refers to the defender as an "off duty officer," while noting that he used a rifle.

I have yet to find a media account that describes the rifle (to be fair, that info may not yet be available, but I rather doubt we'll hear it later, either).


Mississippi: Governor Phil Bryant Urges Mississippians to Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing Day. Sportsmen are Encouraged to Support Amendment 1 on November 4 [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Phil Bryant (R) issued a press release today encouraging Mississippians to celebrate “National Hunting and Fishing Day” this Saturday, September 27.


Colorado: Bloomberg Already Sets His Sights on Next Year’s Legislative Session [NRA-ILA News]

Those who support the Second Amendment and the individual liberties protected by our Bill of Rights won’t soon forget the all-out assault waged against their freedoms during the 2013 legislative session.


Presence of Armed Citizen Prevented More Death Says Oklahoma County Sheriff [NRA-ILA News]

Earlier today, police reported that two women were brutally attacked in Oklahoma City on Thursday at their workplace. One of those women died, her head severed from her body in the gruesome assault. The other woman survived, her attacker having been stopped by a citizen carrying a concealed handgun. Without the weapon, Traci Johnson might be laying in the morgue instead of recovering at the same hospital where her attacker is being treated today.


CPRC discussed in new Forbes article: “How Bloomberg’s Million-Dollar Desire For Gun Control Is Backfiring” [John Lott's Website]

The article yesterday in Forbes starts this way and is highly recommended:
With the midterms just over a month away New York City’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending at least $50 million to make his gun-control agenda part of this election. His gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety has endorsed more than 100 federal and state candidates. They are also running television commercials, holding events and pushing their studies into the newsrooms of a mostly favorable press.
John Feinblatt, Everytown’s president, told USA Today, “We want gun safety to be an issue that people vote on.” 
John R. Lott, Jr. says he’s fine with that statement. He just wants people to know the truth about what really reduces violence before they vote. He says, “I can’t find a single study from Bloomberg’s groups that aren’t loaded with errors. They have an anti-gun agenda and will lie to achieve it.” 
Before getting to the inside story behind the politics, the piles of money being used to shape public opinion and to how the truth is stubbornly winning the debate despite—or because of—Bloomberg’s spin, I’d like to tell you how I first met John R. Lott, Jr. He is an important voice in this debate and this anecdote shows what kind of researcher he is. . . .
The rest of the article is available here.


Pennsylvania: Final Vote in State House on Firearms Preemption Enforcement Bill Postponed [NRA-ILA News]

Because of a religious holiday, Rosh Hashanah, on Wednesday, the state House of Representatives adjourned before business was concluded for the day and before a final vote was taken on House Bill 1243.  The House will reconvene on Monday, October 6, when they are expected to vote on final passage of HB 1243.  Once passed, it will be sent to the state Senate for its consideration.


Hawaii: Federal Court Ruling Overturns Certain Firearm Permit Laws [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, a federal judge overturned Hawaii’s current law which bars legal immigrants from applying for a firearm permit.  This ruling came after an Australian citizen, who is a permanent resident living in Honolulu, filed for relief from state laws restricting him from obtaining a firearm permit.

Thursday, 25 September



Only government actors are safe with arms [Of Arms and the Law]

'Nuff said. At least they did bring criminal charges against the shooter; only his poor marksmanship kept this from becoming a homicide charge.


Networks fail to report reason for Holder resignation [The Liberty Sphere]

In the late breaking development concerning the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, the mainstream media news outlets failed to report the reason for Holder's departure. For example, although CBS News mentioned that Holder had been the only attorney general in U.S. history to be held in contempt of Congress, the network failed to cite this as a key reason Holder decided to bail. The omission speaks volumes.
Click here to continue reading...


Feinstein: Everybody's Wrong About My Gun Ban [NRA-ILA News]

Here’s a lesson for California voters:  When electing a person to represent you in Congress, remember that blind zealotry and self-righteousness are a poor substitute for level-headedness and humility.

The NRA Petitions for Much-Needed Structure on Important Fish and Game Committee [NRA-ILA News]

To prevent continued procedural abuses by a government body involved in crafting hunting policy, the NRA has petitioned the California Fish and Game Commission (CFGC) to establish and publish rules for the way its Wildlife Resources Committee (WRC) conducts business.  The Safari Club International and the National Shooting Sports Foundation also have submitted letters expressing concern about the issues raised in the NRA’s Petition.

California: Fate of Four Anti-Gun Bills Still Pending with Governor Brown [NRA-ILA News]

There are still several days for law-abiding gun owners and sportsmen to call, fax and e-mail Governor Brown respectfully urging him to VETO the four pending anti-gun bills below.  Please contact Governor Brown immediately on this critical issue.  He has until Tuesday, September 30, to make his decision to sign or veto these bills.  He can be reached at (916) 445-2841, by e-mail here (

D.C. Council Passes Concealed Carry Bill that Nobody Wants [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, the D.C. City Council unanimously passed an emergency bill that created a highly-restrictive “may-issue” concealed carry licensing system in the District.  The law will be in effect for only 90 days, presumably to give the council more time to develop a permanent law and to wait for further developments in the case that overruled the District’s total ban on carrying a firearm in public for self-defense.

Heckuva Job, Hick [NRA-ILA News]

D.C. journalists called the latest Quinnipiac University poll results in Colorado’s tight gubernatorial race a “shocker.” But it’s a surprise only if you’ve been hopelessly trapped in a Beltway echo chamber.

New Jersey: How Philadelphia woman's N.J. gun case could affect up to 100 similar cases [NRA-ILA News]

In response to the much-scrutinized case of a Philadelphia mother facing criminal weapons charges for unwittingly violating New Jersey laws, the state Attorney General stepped in today and clarified the law, potentially changing the outcome of similar cases statewide.

Bill Clinton: America has 'bought the NRA's theory' [NRA-ILA News]

Bill Clinton addressed a number of crime and justice issues during a sweeping talk with CNN on Wednesday, including taking on the National Rifle Association and its pro-gun policy.

Bloomberg can’t find enough anti-gun candidates to support [NRA-ILA News]

Former New York Mayor MichaelR. Bloomberg’s gun control group announced a round of candidate endorsements this week, but his plan to pour $50 million into gun control efforts appears to be struggling to find campaigns to back in nationally watched races.

U.N. says Arms Trade Treaty to enter into force on Dec. 24 [NRA-ILA News]

A global Arms Trade Treaty to regulate the $85 billion industry and keep weapons out of the hands of human rights abusers and criminals will come into force on Dec. 24 after the 50th country ratified the agreement on Thursday, the United Nations said.

Good Guy with a Gun Prevents Second Beheading in Oklahoma Business [NRA-ILA News]

On September 26, an armed company owner intervened in an attack by shooting a former employee who had already beheaded one worker and was stabbing another.

Shaneen Allen to Avoid Prison as New Jersey AG Revises Sentencing Guidance for Gun Law Violations [NRA-ILA News]

In a stunning outbreak of sanity in the Garden State, Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain has reversed his earlier decision to seek prison time for Shaneen Allen, a single mother from Philadelphia who was facing felony prosecution for misunderstanding concealed carry reciprocity rules.

Venezuelan President Announces $47 Million for Civilian Disarmament Centers [NRA-ILA News]

It’s what happens to gun owners and freedom when a lawless, leftwing, socialist president who doesn’t like America, who uses the power of his office to intimidate his political opponents, and who will do nearly anything to preserve his power gets elected.  On Sunday, Nicholas Maduro, the president of Venezuela, announced that he will spend $47 million for 60 civilian disarmament centers, where people can turn in their privately owned guns.  Venezuela banned the commercial sale of guns in 2012, and Maduro--continuing the fundamental transformation of the country begun by his predecessor, Hugo Chavez--now says “We are building peace from within, and for that, you need disarmament.”

The N.J. Star-Ledger Advocates Mandatory Gun Turn-Ins [NRA-ILA News]

Echoing a desire repeatedly mentioned by President Obama, last week the New Jersey Star-Ledger’s editorial board declared its support for Australian-style gun controls, most notably mandatory gun turn-ins.  The comments come following the passage of A2895 in the New Jersey State Assembly, which would require the state to have a minimum number of voluntary gun turn-ins each year, using forfeiture funds and private donations.  While conceding that their wish is unlikely to come true, the board insists that unless the voluntary turn-ins are made mandatory, “don’t expect it to make much of a difference.”

New York Times Mischaracterizes New FBI Report [NRA-ILA News]

Things have sure changed at the New York Times.  In 1863, the newspaper used a Gatling gun to scare off a mob of draft protestors.  Today, it can’t resist the temptation to put an anti-gun spin on things any chance it gets.


2A "as applied" challenge victory [Of Arms and the Law]

Binderup v. Holder, Eastern Dist. of PA, No. 13-cv-06750. (I won't attach it because it's an 86 page pdf).

By way of background: a constitutional challenge can be a facial one, aimed at the face of the statute (any and all applications of the statute are unconstitutional) or "as applied" (regardless of whether the statute itself is unconstitutional, its application to this person in this context would violate a constitutional command). This was an as applied challenge, brought by Alan Gura.

Plaintiff was convicted, long ago, under a State law punishing corruption of a minor (in this case, a 17 year old girl with whom he had an affair). The statute expressly terms this a misdemeanor, but allows a punishment of up to five years' imprisonment, making it a bar under Federal law (which bars firearms possession by anyone convicted of an offense punishable by more than one year, except for offenses expressly termed misdemeanors and punishable by no more than two years).

The court decides that, in light of the nonviolent nature of the offense, its antiquity, and the fact that plaintiff has kept a clean record before and since, using it to bar him from possession would violate the 2A.

Nice reasoning, and as we see more of these (and more payments of legal fees by the government) Congress might have an incentive to limit the disqualification to offenses that actually suggest a person is too risky to be allowed a firearm. That was raised back in 1968, and again when the GCA was rewritten in the 1980s, but encountered opposition that essentially went searching for statutes that would no longer be disqualifies but would suggest a person was a risk. (The final fall back was always "but they only got Al Capone for a tax violation.").

Wednesday, 24 September


Will a new look help? [The Liberty Sphere]

Gee, I hope so, but I have reason to doubt.

I know that in this day and age, looks, fluff, and superficiality are all-important. Substance is secondary. I don't see it that way, but most Americans do and thus, most of the public relations professionals see it that way too. They're only objective is to "reach the masses" by descending as far down into the garbage bin as they have to go.

But at least with the Examiner the substance is there if one looks for it. Even in politics, the progressive extremist point of view is presented along with the conservative, liberty-oriented viewpoint, in spite of the fact that the outfit is owned by a conservative who is an evangelical Christian. The reader is the one who has to do the digging to find this content on the site.

All of this is to say that the Examiner is getting a new look. Kick the tires and drive it around the block a time or two. At least give it a try. All of us are interested in seeing how the changes will help or hurt. The definition of "help" in this case is to make enough money to make it worth my while to write.

This link should reflect all the changes as of tonight. I am told the roll out should be complete by 11 p.m., or midnight, MT.


Did you see this? What a trainwreck! Don't be fooled by TV moguls with connections with Hollywood! They're all in the sewer together... [The Liberty Sphere]

Hollywood is now laying down plans to gear up the fight to put Hillary in the White House, mainly by raising megabucks for her campaign.

But lo and behold, look who's on board with the Hillary campaign -- none other than Fox TV head Dana Walden. Birds of a feather flock together, even Fox.

Walden and Gary Newman took over the various divisions of Fox broadcasting in July following the departure of Kevin Reilly.

It really is a comfort to know that the network of Roger Ailes, Sean Hannity, and Ollie North is working for the election of Hillary at the very highest levels of the organization. Sewer grunts stick together. (And I know that conservatives have a voice in Fox that cannot be found on other networks, but still, it's the principle of the thing).


Clerk fends off trio of armed robbers, WKYC, Cleveland, Ohio 09/23/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A trio of masked and armed robbers entered a Marathon gas station in Canton, Ohio and fired at the clerk on duty. The clerk was struck in the legs, but managed to retrieve a gun and return fire, striking two of the criminals and prompting them all to flee. Police later found the two wounded thieves, who died a short time later.

New Jersey: A.C. to allow Phila. woman carrying gun to avoid jail [NRA-ILA News]

After a review by the state attorney general, the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office announced Wednesday that it would allow a Philadelphia woman charged last year with illegally bringing into New Jersey a gun that was legally registered in Pennsylvania to enter a pretrial-intervention program and avoid jail time.

Ohio: Opponents of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's gun laws say ordinances would not survive court challenge [NRA-ILA News]

Opponents of sweeping Cleveland gun laws proposed by Mayor Frank Jackson told members of City Council's Safety Committee Wednesday that many of the ordinances do not adequately target the criminal contingent, unnecessarily duplicate state law and almost certainly would not survive a court challenge.

How Bloomberg's million-dollar desire for gun control is backfiring [NRA-ILA News]

With the midterms just over a month away New York City’s former mayor Michael Bloomberg is spending at least $50 million to make his gun-control agenda part of this election. His gun-control group Everytown for Gun Safety has endorsed more than 100 federal and state candidates. They are also running television commercials, holding events and pushing their studies into the newsrooms of a mostly favorable press.


Shaneen Allen: good news [Of Arms and the Law]

She's going to be admitted to pretrial diversion, which in practice means going to a bit of effort in exchange for having charges dismissed. Kudos to attorney Ev Nappen!

Here's the Attorney General's memo, dated today, finding that (absent aggravating factors) a prosecutor can offer diversion to avoid imprisonment under the NJ statute imposing a 3.5 year mandatory minimum sentence.


Michigan: Senate Passes Air Gun Reclassification Package [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Michigan Senate passed five bills that together have been referred to as the Air Gun Reclassification Package.  Senate Bills 963, 964, 965 & 966 all passed by a unanimous 38 – 0 vote.  Senate Bill 979, which protects air gun possession and use from overzealous local regulation, passed by a 28-10 vote.  This important legislative package seeks to achieve pragmatic and much-needed reform by redefining the term “firearm” in the Michigan Code to exclude devices that propel a projectile by gas, spring or air.

Tuesday, 23 September


Latest fudge of climate numbers shows continued scam [The Liberty Sphere]

If "the science is settled" concerning climate change, as we are constantly told by global warming crusaders, then why do many of the key scientists in the field continue to fudge the numbers? The latest fudge of the official numbers took place in Australia, as reported on Sept. 19 by Sterling Burnett of the Dallas Woods and Water Conservation Club and former senior fellow at the National Center of Policy Analysis.
Click here to continue reading...


California: Governor Brown has Six More Days to Decide Fate of Anti-Gun Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Jerry Brown has until Tuesday, September 30 to sign or veto the four pending anti-gun bills below.  It is CRITICAL that you call, e-mail AND fax Governor Brown TODAY respectfully urging him to VETO these anti-gun bills.  He can be reached at (916) 445-2841, by e-mail here (

D.C. Council votes, reluctantly, to allow public to carry concealed weapons [NRA-ILA News]

The D.C. Council voted Tuesday to grant residents and visitors the ability to carry concealed firearms in public, but the bill would establish a regulatory structure that could make it difficult for gun owners to secure a permit.

Sheriff's comments criticizing Md. gun laws go viral [NRA-ILA News]

Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis makes no bones about his views on the stringent gun laws Maryland passed last year and thanks to his recent comments that got wide attention, he's gained some supporters.

Hawaii latest state to have gun restrictions on legal immigrants overturned [NRA-ILA News]

A federal judge has overturned a Hawaii law barring legal immigrants from applying for a firearm permit, the latest in a wave of rulings against similar laws across the country.

Venezuela’s Maduro launches $47M plan to disarm civilians [NRA-ILA News]

The Venezuelan government is investing $47 million to build dozens of new disarmament centers for civilians to surrender their weapons, President Nicolas Maduro announced Sunday.


Pennsylvania: Gun Control Amendment Fails in Pennsylvania House Vote [NRA-ILA News]

Today, state Representative Mark Keller’s amendment to House Bill 1243, strengthening firearm preemption to provide consistency for Pennsylvania’s firearm and ammunition laws throughout the state, passed in the state House of Representatives by a 143 to 54 vote.   In addition, state Representative Steven Santarsiero’s anti-gun amendment mandating the expansion of so-called “universal” background checks to ALL firearms purchases -- including rifles and shotguns -- was defeated by a 132 to 64 vote.   HB 1243, as amended, will be now be voted on the House floor tomorrow for its third consideration and final passage.


Pennsylvania: Firearms Preemption Offered as an Amendment to HB 1243 [NRA-ILA News]

Today, attempts will be made to amend critical firearms preemption language into House Bill 1243 on the Pennsylvania House floor.  The amendment, filed by state Representative Mark Keller (R-86), would strengthen and provide consistency in Pennsylvania’s firearm and ammunition laws throughout the state.  To date, nearly fifty municipalities have enacted illegal local gun control ordinances including Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Reading and the state capital of Harrisburg.  Enough is enough.

Monday, 22 September


Should climate change propagandists be jailed? [The Liberty Sphere]

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. went there. He actually went there, opening a can of poisonous worms by claiming Sunday that politicians who are climate change skeptics should be in jail. His actual words were, "Climate skeptics should be at the Hague with all the other war criminals."
Click here to continue reading...


Store manager uses gun to defend employees, KPRC, Houston, Texas, 09/20/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man armed with a gun entered Burt’s Meat Market in Houston, Texas and demanded money from the teenage clerk on duty. When the clerk didn’t produce the money fast enough, the criminal fired a shot. Store manager J.L. Nickel, who was in a nearby office, became aware of the robbery, retrieved a gun and fired at the robber. One of Nickel’s shots struck the thief, prompting him to flee.

Bloomberg group launches midterm campaign for gun control [NRA-ILA News]

The gun-control group started this year by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is making its first significant political investments of the midterms — announcing endorsements in more than 100 federal and state contests and launching television commercials in two states.

Representative pushes to regulate homemade guns [NRA-ILA News]

A House Democrat is pushing legislation to regulate homemade guns.Rep. Mike Honda (D-Calif.) says his bill is necessary in large part because of the proliferation of 3-D printer technology, which allows virtually anyone to build a firearm in their own home.

How common are school shootings? [NRA-ILA News]

Groups like Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety argue that our nation’s schools are dangerous, claiming that there have been 74 school shootings since the Sandy Hook massacre in December 2012 in an infographic that went viral earlier this summer. But a closer look at their numbers revealed that they artificially inflated the statistic by including suicides, accidents, incidents related to criminal activity (e.g. - drug dealing or robbery), and incidences that took place outside of school hours or were unconnected to members of any school community. Moreover, half of those incidences took place on college campuses. Since Sandy Hook, actual number of K-12 school shootings in which the shooter intended to commit mass murder has been ten—a far cry from the “one school shooting per week” that President Obama claimed back in June.

D.C. Council to vote on gun law nobody seems to like [NRA-ILA News]

The D.C. Council is poised to pass legislation Tuesday allowing the carrying of concealed firearms in public, but virtually no one involved is happy about it — not the lawmakers voting for it, not the attorney who brought the lawsuit forcing them to do it, and not the federal agency charged with protecting the president and foreign dignitaries.

South Carolina: Increased gun sales create good problem for wildlife agency [NRA-ILA News]

A bump in gun sales partly based on the fear that restrictions could be placed on firearm ownership translated into a $3.4 million jump in federal excise taxes flowing into the S.C. Department of Natural Resources’ coffers in 2014.

Maryland: Public comment sought on expanded Sunday hunting [NRA-ILA News]

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources says it's accepting public comment through Nov. 3 on a proposal to expand Sunday hunting opportunities in western Maryland.

Australia: An assault on our right to self-protection [NRA-ILA News]

In legal terms, Australians have a right of self-defence. While some states rely on the common law and others have it enshrined in statute, the right itself is never questioned. Moreover, juries consistently refuse to convict those charged with serious offences whenever self-defence is made out.What we don’t have is the practical ability to exercise that right.


Court refuses DC request for a stay [Of Arms and the Law]

After striking Washington DC's complete ban on firearms carrying, district judge Frederick Scullin granted the city a stay until Oct. 22 to give it time to pass new regulations. DC then requested an indefinite stay until it had appealed the ruling, and the judge has denied the request. This keeps the pressure on for DC to actually do something, rather than figuring that it might have to do something a year or two down the road. DC has filed a motion to reconsider, which will be argued October 17 (and is rarely granted) and the time to file a notice of appeal won't start until after that ruling.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post is editorializing that the City should appeal even if it passes new regulations.


Brady Campaign stretches things in fundraiser [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. Brady tries to claim credit for Cabela's involvement in anti-straw man training, when in fact the program was created long ago by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and Cabela's enrolled in it before Brady opened their latest anti-FFL campaign.

Of course, it will only be a fundraising "scandal" if the media cares about it, so this will never achieve scandal status...


New Jersey: Senate to Vote on Flawed Bill that Could Imprison Gun Owners TODAY [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the New Jersey Senate is scheduled to vote on Senate Bill 516.  This legislation seeks to increase the penalties applied when a minor gains access to a firearm.  So-called “safe storage laws” are inherently misguided as they render firearms useless for self-defense by making them inaccessible when seconds matter.


Mississippi: Join House Speaker Philip Gunn at an Event Near You [NRA-ILA News]

This week, Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn will conduct a listening tour across the state, seeking input on a wide range of issues from concerned citizens, including Mississippi gun owners and sportsmen.  Speaker Gunn is a staunch and outspoken supporter of our Second Amendment rights and the state's rich hunting heritage.


NRA Tries to Sink Michelle Nunn With Bloomberg Tie [NRA-ILA News]

The NRA on Monday will begin airing advertisements in Georgia trying to tether the former New York City mayor with Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn, to whom Mr. Bloomberg has donated $5,200, the maximum amount allowed by an individual.


NJ Editorial Advocating Mandatory Gun "Buybacks" [NRA-ILA News]

In case you had any doubts about the steps gun control proponents would take given the opportunity, this editorial from the Star Ledger advocating MANDATORY gun "buybacks" (confiscation) should put them to rest.


Even liberal media outlets are calling Gabby Giffords' gun control attack ads completely over the top [John Lott's Website]

From Politico:
Gabby Giffords, irreproachable figure of sympathy, has fashioned an improbable new role for herself this election year: ruthless attack dog. 
The former Democratic congresswoman, whose recovery from a gunshot wound to the head captivated the country, has unleashed some of the nastiest ads of the campaign season, going after GOP candidates in Arizona and New Hampshire with attacks even some left-leaning commentators say go too far. And Republicans on the receiving end are largely helpless to hit back, knowing a fight with the much-admired survivor is not one they’re likely to win. 
Some of the toughest spots from Giffords’ newly formed pro-gun-control super PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, hammer Republican Martha McSally, a retired Air Force pilot who is running for the Arizona seat Giffords once held. One features a wrenching testimonial from a woman named Vicki who weeps and stumbles over her words as she recounts how her 19-year-old daughter was hunted down and murdered by an enraged ex-boyfriend. . . .
Giffords’ bare-knuckled approach isn’t entirely out of character. . . .
As Politico notes, even the liberal Arizona Republic’s had strong words condemning the ads in Arizona.
the Arizona Republic’s editorial page, which is typically liberal leaning, called the “Vicki” ad “base and vile.” The commercial, the newspaper said, put the murder “at McSally’s feet, as if she were responsible. A murder indictment implied. But, of course, McSally had nothing to do with” the death. . . .

Sunday, 21 September


Both sides in gun control issue prepare for legislative battles [NRA-ILA News]

Twenty months after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., some would say little has changed when it comes to guns in America.Others would say everything has.

Arizona: Court balks at representation in gun-rights cases [NRA-ILA News]

A state appeals court has ruled that judges cannot appoint lawyers at taxpayer expense to represent people applying to restore their right to possess firearms after they’ve undergone court-ordered psychiatric treatment.

N.J. police officers, residents weigh in on toy gun ban [NRA-ILA News]

The ban, introduced by Police Lt. James Sarkos to Atlantic City Council, prohibits the sale, possession or use of any imitation firearms, except for non-firing antiques and film prop guns.


Median family income has fallen during the Obama "Recovery" by about as much as it did during recession, for poorer families the "Recovery" has been worse [John Lott's Website]

Family income for the poorest families has fallen continually during the Obama "recovery."  Indeed, the drop in family income for those in the 10th and 20th percentiles is larger during the recovery than during the recession.  The drop in family income for the 40th percentile and the median is about as large for the recovery as it was during the recession.  Only the wealthiest families those in the top 10 percent have seen their incomes go up, but even then their incomes are lower than before the recession started.  The Current Population Survey data is available here.

Take the same time period after the Reagan Recovery started

Saturday, 20 September


"Controversial"?: University of Rhode Island finally becomes the last public university in the country to allow campus police to carry guns [John Lott's Website]

This past April when the University of Rhode Island System trustees voted 8-to-1 to let campus police carry guns, you would see stories such as this:
University of Rhode Island campus police will soon carry guns under a policy announced Monday, ending the school’s status as the only public university in the country where campus police do not carry firearms. . . .
This is where we stand now:
The University of Rhode Island has begun training campus police officers to carry guns after a controversial decision in April to arm the campus police force. 
Public Safety Stephen Baker says the goal is to have all 27 campus officers carrying guns by the start of the Spring semester.  
"State police have completed 17 of the background checks and they’ve been delivered to us. The next step in that process is to have those officers go through psychological examinations," Baker said. "Then we’ll begin the actual firearms training, and that’s planned for the month of October." 
The officers participated in preliminary firearms training in August. URI has ordered and started receiving the semi-automatic handguns they will carry, which are similar to those carried by State Police. 
In addition to the gun training, URI police and some other staff have received special training to recognize and handle mental health issues. The university is also finalizing plans for an addition to its public safety facility, which will house the firearms. . . .
 If this is so controversial, why is it that every other public university system in the country has armed campus police and that none of them are reconsidering that decision?  The police here are very important, but they still have limitations.  Since the police are in uniform, they will actually be the first ones to be attacked if terrorists were ever to strike.  That is one of the benefits of permitted concealed handguns.

Friday, 19 September


Kroger's stands up to Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, Kroger's Michigan representatives say Bloomberg's group won't get them to change policy [John Lott's Website]

In Lansing, Michigan, Kroger's stood up to Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action and asked them to leave the store.  From the Lansing State Journal:
A group protesting Michigan's open-carry gun rules hope a Lansing Kroger store's grand re-opening today will spur a new policy barring guns in the Holmes Street store. 
Michigan Kroger representatives said that's not likely. The Cincinnati-based grocery chain is sticking by Michigan law, which doesn't prohibit openly carrying guns in public. Michigan gun owners have to have a concealed-pistol license, however, to carry guns concealed in public. 
Kroger's stance won't stop Moms Demand Action's ongoing protests at Kroger stores, however, said Linda Brundage, who heads the group's mid-Michigan chapter. Brundage led a group of about 12 women at this morning's protest. 
The group was initially asked to leave the parking lot . . ., but was then invited inside to speak with store management. 
"You don't need a gun to buy a box of cereal," Brundage said outside the store. "Kroger would not be breaking any laws by saying to their customers, 'Leave your guns locked in the car.'" 
Chris Albi, Kroger's vice president of merchandising for Michigan, said the company's Cincinnati headquarters was aware of today's protest, but isn't expected to change its policy. . . .
For more on Bloomberg's push to ban guns in stores and the inaccurate way that the discussions are portrayed in the media follow this link available here.

Thanks to Tony for the link.


On the march: Russian nuclear bombers intercepted near Alaska [The Liberty Sphere]

In a continued display of intimidation reminiscent of the Cold War, Russia continues on the march as reported by U.S. Northern Command, which identified six Russian planes flying near Alaskan air space Wednesday. The Command reported that among the Russian planes were two nuclear aircraft -- two Bear H nuclear bombers along with two Mig-31 fighter jets. American F-22 fighter jets were deployed to intercept the Russian aircraft.
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Hello, my friends. I am here. [The Liberty Sphere]

Good evening.

I decided it was time to write today, so I will have a new Examiner article up and posted pronto.

The news I report today is by no means the most important, but when viewed within the context of everything else is indicative of a highly troublesome scenario.

Glad you all are here.


Oregon: UPDATE on Lead Ammo Survey Hearings [NRA-ILA News]

As anticipated earlier this spring, the lead ammunition issue has arrived in Oregon.  This week, the Oregon House Interim Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources met to discuss the ongoing Lead Ammunition Survey.


Since Apple's "Activation Lock" debuted, thefts of iPhones has gone done even while thefts of Android phones has increased [John Lott's Website]

More evidence that deterrence works.
Click on figures to make them larger.

It is possible that some of the thieves have switched from iPhones to Samsung devices.  Of course, it is possible that cell phone thefts were increasing generally and that the ability to lock the iPhones caused their thefts to decline.  From a report by the San Francisco District Attorney:
. . . In New York City, thefts of iPhones fell significantly after release of Apple’s Activation Lock.  In the first five months of 2014, just after Apple introduced Activation Lock, robberies and grandlarcenies from a person involving Apple products dropped, respectively, by 19 percent and 29 percent, compared to the same time period in the previous year. This is shown in the chart below. The decrease in Apple thefts far surpassed the overall decrease in robberies (-10%) and grand larcenies from a person (-18%). Perhaps most tellingly, both robberies and grand larcenies from a person involving a Samsung smartphone, another popular device, increased by over 40 percent compared to the first five months of 2013. 
Crime data from San Francisco and London show that the introduction of Activation Lock likewise corresponded with a decline in iPhone thefts and an increase in thefts of other devices in those cities as well. As reflected in the Chart below, iPhone robberies in San Francisco declined 38 percent, while robberies of Samsung devices increased 12 percent in the six months after Activation Lock compared to the six months prior to Activation Lock. In London, Apple thefts declined by 24 percent, while Samsung thefts increased by three percent in the same time period. . . . 


Colorado: Recount Finalized on Castle Rock Open Carry Vote [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the official results were released following a recount of the Castle Rock special election.  Last month, your NRA reported on the unofficial results here.  Both Referendum A, which prohibits the town manager from banning the open carrying of firearms in public parks, and Referendum B, which requires a town vote before local officials are allowed to alter gun laws in Castle Rock, were confirmed as passed.

Thursday, 18 September


Intruder on federal probation stopped by resident, KTLA, Los Angeles, Calif. 09/16/14, Post-Periodical, San Fernando, Calif. 09/16/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man on federal probation entered a home in Van Nuys, Calif. and attacked the homeowner. The homeowner retrieved a handgun and shot the criminal, halting the altercation. Following a hospitalization to treat the gunshot wound, the intruder was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

Colorado: Expanded Hunting Opportunities Offered in Plan for San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a plan that would guide management of the San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex for the next 15 years.  The refuge complex is located in the San Luis Valley, a high mountain basin located in Alamosa, Rio Grande and Saguache Counties, Colorado.  Totaling about 106,000 acres, the complex is an important stopover for numerous migratory birds.

USA FREEDOM Act Would Curtail Government Surveillance Programs [NRA-ILA News]

Americans are justifiably proud of our military, intelligence, and law enforcement forces.  Their bravery, dedication, and sacrifice help keep this nation safe and free.  They have the gratitude of the NRA, its members, and the American people.

D.C. Council Thumbs Nose at Federal Court and Gun Owners, Proposes Restrictive “May-Issue” Concealed Carry Licensing Regime [NRA-ILA News]

In response to the District’s ban on carrying handguns being declared unconstitutional in July, this week the D.C. Council released a bill to create a licensing system to carry a concealed pistol.  While the Council claims that the bill is intended to comply with Judge Frederick J. Scullin’s opinion holding D.C.’s ban to be unconstitutional, a closer inspection of the bill reveals that the practical effect of the bill may be very similar to the District’s current outright ban on carrying firearms.

Colorado: Expanded Hunting Opportunities Offered in Plan for San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service released a plan that would guide management of the San Luis Valley National Wildlife Refuge Complex for the next 15 years.  The refuge complex is located in the San Luis Valley, a high mountain basin located in Alamosa, Rio Grande and Saguache Counties, Colorado.  Totaling about 106,000 acres, the complex is an important stopover for numerous migratory birds.

‘Compelling need’ for a gun in D.C. [NRA-ILA News]

The terrorists of the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, prey on weakness, like Islamic terrorists everywhere. They abuse women, behead children and play the coward’s game, killing behind a mask. Australian police have broken up a scheme in Australia to embroider barbarism with savagery.

Onerous BATFE rules threaten to put gun dealers out of business [NRA-ILA News]

Doug Stockman always has had a passion for firearms, so 20 years ago he made a business out of it.Today, his shop, SSG Tactical, is one of the largest gun dealers in Virginia, with 10 employees, training classes and concealed-carry fashion bags.

Guns are 2014′s hottest campaign accessory [NRA-ILA News]

So far this election, we've seen candidates shoot drones, televisions, elephant pinatas, Obamacare and targets that were metaphors for Obamacare in campaign ads. One candidate threatened to shoot those who tried to come into his home. Other candidates have brought guns to rallies, raffled them off to supporters or challenged their opponents to debates of accuracy at the shooting range.

Canada: Stephen Harper reassures gun owners in pep talk to Conservatives [NRA-ILA News]

Harper also reached out to gun owners, apparently alluding to a recent decision by the RCMP to ban a previously legal rifle, the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine.Harper said it’s completely unacceptable that owners of the weapons should be subject to an “arbitrary stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen.”

Why public health needs a new gun doctrine [NRA-ILA News]

I am a public health professional, educated at the vaunted Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Hygiene and Public Health. I like guns, and I believe the Second Amendment clearly secures the rights of individuals to own firearms.You read that correctly. I am a public health professional.And I like guns.This make me a heretic in American public health, where embracing firearms and the rights of gun owners is a gross violation of orthodoxy.

NBC Offers Repellent Advice on Appeasing Home Invaders [NRA-ILA News]

Americans have a constitutional right to armed self-defense, but they have other choices as well.  The University of Colorado, for example, last year offered the students it sought to disarm with statewide legislation other “crime prevention tactics.”  Options for female students facing rapists included passive resistance,” biting, and self-degradation.  According to one proponent of the bill to ban the lawful carrying of firearms on campuses, such threats are “why we have the whistles.”

Saving the Champagne: Anti-Gunners Not Celebrating AWB Anniversary [NRA-ILA News]

Last weekend marked the 10-year anniversary of the federal “assault weapon” and “large” magazine bans’ expiration. True to form, gun control supporters reacted by mischaracterizing what the bans did and by attempting to conceal their plans for future restrictions. For those keeping track, the bans were imposed on September 13, 1994, and expired 10 years later.

Time Comes Out for Banning Private Sales…Again [NRA-ILA News]

With apologies to popular songwriter Paul Simon, Time magazine is apparently “still crazy after all these years.”  Crazy about gun control, that is.


Rest in peace, Gordon Russell [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. He was a heck of a nice guy, and died in harness, as Shakespeare said. I am told he was doing his job at the September NRA Board meeting when he suddenly collapsed, I assume a massive coronary or stroke. They gave him CPR but he didn't make it. Gad, he was only 55, and slender. My brother in law nearly died of a massive coronary at age 52, coming off a tennis court, but fast CPR (and a cardiologist and a defib unit nearby) pulled him through.


11th Circuit slaps down SWAT-type regulatory raid [Of Arms and the Law]

A good summary at I've heard of similar things happening in California. Regulatory "inspections" are traditionally given only loose Fourth Amendment protections by the courts, because they usually are no big deal. But some locals send the "inspectors" in with real law enforcement, supposedly to protect them. The team with them then uses the opportunity as a chance for a warrantless search (at least as to anything in "plain view.")

Here, a barbershop inspector, entitled to make sure the barbers were licensed and presumably to see that they were following regulations (combs dipped in disinfectant, etc.) made a completely unnecessary inspection, accompanied by a SWAT-style team, for purposes of looking for drugs and recruiting informants (i.e., catching someone with them). The Eleventh Circuit upholds the resulting lawsuit and denies the officials "qualified immunity" (a court-created defense for actions that a reasonable actor would not have known were unconstitutional).

It's strange to reflect that the Supreme Court only got around to putting the teeth in "unreasonable search" five or ten years ago. Until then, all the case law was over whether they had probable cause, whether they had a warrant or fell within an exception for a warrant, etc.. Whether the search was, overall, an unreasonable one was largely ignored. Perhaps that was before SWAT tactics became almost the default, searches tended to be reasonable in their approach. When serving a search warrant meant sending out a few squad cars to knock, show the warrant, and search the place, "unreasonable search" was rarely a major issue.


"Gunmen kill 15 at college in north Nigeria's Kano" [John Lott's Website]

This attack is deadlier than the Columbine school shooting.  It is deadlier than the Washington Navy Yard or Aurora Movie Theater shootings.  In each of those three attacks, 12 people were killed.  From Reuters:
Gunmen stormed a higher education college in northern Nigeria on Wednesday, firing on fleeing students and setting off an explosion in an attack that killed at least 15 people and wounded 35, police said. . . . "The attackers were wearing suits and were running and shooting everywhere." . . .  At least 82 people were killed in July in a double suicide bombing in the north Nigerian city of Kaduna in July. . . .


"Candidates from both parties packing heat in campaign ads" [John Lott's Website]

From the Washington Times:
Republicans, and even some Democrats, in a dozen states are showing off their shooting skills in videos and television ads or posing with firearms in mailers, underscoring the backlash against federal and state proposals to restrict access to guns and ammunition. 
This year’s tone was set by Republican Joni Ernst, who won the Iowa Senate primary in June after running a television ad that shows her firing at a bull’s-eye at a shooting range while promising to “unload” on Obamacare. She now faces Democratic Rep. Bruce Braley. 
“Give me a shot,” quips Ms. Ernst in the ad. 
The Iowan is by no mean the only one locked, loaded and ready for her close-up. . . .

Wednesday, 17 September


No, I am not dead [The Liberty Sphere]

I am still here. Stuff is going on behind the scenes that has engulfed all my time. But I am still here. Not writing much this week for various reasons. I suppose I am reassessing some things, attempting to decide where to focus my energies.

So much to do, as I said before, and so little time to do it. We are being bombarded with Marxist programs, or at least the foundation is being laid for it, and I am having a hard time deciding where to focus. Focusing on all of it may be impossible for me right now, at least until my eyes are fixed.

But be assured I am fully aware of all that's going on. I keep up with it, I monitor the movements of government, particular those who lurk in the shadows behind the scenes, and I can't wait to get back to shining the spotlight on all of the vermin.


Is there anything that the government won't regulate?: Senate unanimously passed bill to improve sunscreen protection [John Lott's Website]

From The Hill newspaper:
Sen. Jack Reed (D-R.I.) introduced S. 2141, the Sunscreen Innovation Act, which would require the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a process for the review and approve over-the-counter (OTC) sunscreens. 
The Senate passed the measure through a unanimous consent agreement and it now heads to the House for further action. 
The Senate passed H.R. 4751, which renames the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Memorial as the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial. The House passed the bill earlier this month, meaning it now heads to President Obama’s desk for his signature before becoming law. . . .


Candidates from both parties packing heat in campaign ads [NRA-ILA News]

Guns are becoming the prop of choice in campaign ads around the country this midterm year.Take it as another sign that the Obama administration’s gun control push is running aground: Firearms have become this year’s go-to accessory for candidates of both parties seeking to advertise their toughness and willingness to fight.

D.C. leaders will propose ‘concealed carry’ law to address federal judge’s gun ruling [NRA-ILA News]

D.C. gun owners could begin applying to carry concealed weapons within weeks under emergency legislation announced Wednesday in response to a federal judge’s ruling in July that the city’s firearms law was unconstitutional.

Kopel: New anti-gun strategies [NRA-ILA News]

To mark the tenth anniversary of the expiration of the federal ban on so-called assault weapons, the anti-gun lobbies made a surprising announcement: They are not attempting to push for a new ban. This is a smart decision, because there is more than one way to shrink the American gun culture. The “assault weapon” prohibition campaign of the last quarter-century was the most successful effort in American history to ban large numbers of guns. But, ultimately, it proved more harmful than helpful to the politicians who supported it and the groups that promoted it.


Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner’s (R-Wis.) ATF Elimination Act [John Lott's Website]

From The Hill newspaper:
. . . “The ATF is a largely duplicative, scandal-ridden agency that lacks a clear mission,” he said. “It is plagued by backlogs, funding gaps, hiring challenges and a lack of leadership. For decades it has been branded by high profile failures.”  
The ATF has become a GOP punching bag in recent years after it was revealed the agency lost track of hundreds of guns, some of which ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, part of the infamously botched Operation Fast and Furious.  
The Sensenbrenner bill would transfer the agency’s enforcement of firearms, explosives and arson laws to the FBI. ATF would cede jurisdiction over cases involving the illegal diversion of alcohol and tobacco products to the Drug Enforcement Administration. . . .


New York Times/CBS Poll Shows Republicans doing extremely well this election [John Lott's Website]

Click on figure to enlarge.  The NY Times article on their September 12-15 survey is available here.

-- Right before the 2010 midterm elections Obama's approval rate was at 45 percent.  Before the 2012 election it was at 50 percent.  Today it is at 40 percent.

-- Right before the 2010 midterm elections 34 percent thought that the country was heading in the wrong direction.  Before the 2012 election it was at 39 percent.  Today it is at 27 percent.

-- At the 2010 midterm elections 46 percent approved of Obama's foreign policy.  Before the 2012 election it was at 47 percent.  Today it is at 34 percent.

-- Right before the 2010 midterm elections 42 percent approved of Obama's economic policy.  Before the 2012 election it was at 46 percent.  Today it is at 40 percent.

-- Before the 2010 midterm elections 51 percent approved of Obama's terrorism policy.  Today it is at 41 percent.

-- Today 30 percent approve of how Obama is handling immigration.

If this election is viewed as a referendum on Obama's policies, Democrats have reasons to be concerned.


NRA Goes Big In Key Senate, Governor's Races [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association has reserved $11.4 million for its initial fall advertising campaign and will begin airing its first TV commercials Wednesday in three Senate races crucial to determining which party controls the chamber next year.

Tuesday, 16 September


California: Governor Brown Needs to Hear Your Opposition to Four Pending Anti-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Jerry Brown has until the end of this month to sign or veto the anti-gun bills below.  It is vital that you call, fax AND e-mail Governor Brown DAILY respectfully urging him to VETO these anti-gun bills.  Governor Brown can be reached at (916) 445-2841, by fax at (916) 558-3160 or by e-mail here (

Obama administration forcing new gun buyers to declare race, ethnicity [NRA-ILA News]

The Obama administration quietly has been forcing new gun buyers to declare their race and ethnicity, a policy change that critics say provides little law enforcement value while creating the risk of privacy intrusions and racial profiling.

D.C. Council, mayor crafting bill governing gun carry outside the home [NRA-ILA News]

The D.C. Council and mayor are collaborating on an emergency bill that would regulate residents’ ability to carry legally registered guns outside their homes.

N.J. GOP Assembly leader Bramnick calls for lesser punishments for some gun crimes [NRA-ILA News]

The Republican Assembly leader wants to give prosecutors more discretion in cases where someone is charged with transporting a handgun into New Jersey that is legally owned in another state.

Prosecutor seeks time to rethink position on Shaneen Allen gun case [NRA-ILA News]

Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain told a judge his office is reviewing its position in the case of a Philadelphia mother facing prison time for bringing her legally owned gun into New Jersey.

Fact Checker: Are gun-background-check claims true? [NRA-ILA News]

Last month, a group launched a signature drive for the "Background Check Initiative." It would allow Nevada voters on the 2016 ballot to decide whether all gun sales should require background checks.


Actor Liam Neeson lashes out against gun ownership [John Lott's Website]

From the Independent (UK) newspaper:
. . . “I am totally for gun control in the US,” he says. “The population of America is roughly 300 million and there are 300 million guns in this country, which is terrifying. Every day we’re seeing some kid running rampant in a school. And do you know what the gun lobby’s response to Newtown was?” he asks, referring to the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, which left 20 children dead in December 2012. 
“The National Rifle Association’s official response was ‘If that teacher had been armed…’ It’s crazy. I’ll give Britain its dues, when they had the Dunblane massacre in Scotland, within 24 hours the gun laws were changed so you could not have a handgun.”  
Born in Ballymena, County Antrim, but a resident of New York, Neeson became a US citizen five years ago in the wake of the death of his wife, Natasha Richardson, in a freak skiing accident in 2009.  The actor cites the outpouring of goodwill from Americans as one of the main reasons for his decision. Part of the naturalisation process involves a test on US civics; Neeson, therefore, understands the Constitution as well as anyone. “It is the right to bear arms which is the problem. I think if the Founding Fathers knew what was happening they would be turning in their graves with embarrassment at how that law has been interpreted,” he says, in reference to the Second Amendment to the Constitution. . . .
Mr. Neeson is of course wrong about what the NRA proposed.  I have proposed allowing staff at school to be armed, but the NRA has wanted to have armed guards.


Percent of the adult population with concealed handgun permits by county in Alabama [John Lott's Website]

Data on the number of permits currently issued in Alabama counties is shown below.  The state has a total of approximately 470,005 permits, about 12.6% of the population over 18 years of age.  A couple of the counties have more than 18 percent of their adult population with permits.

The article in notes that Alabama is number 1 in terms of the number of concealed handgun permits, but it is very likely that the six states that allow carrying without a permit have higher rates that people are carrying (Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Montana (99.4% of the state), Wyoming, and Vermont).  It would have been nice if the article had provided some balance and noted what most of the literature had found on crime rates.  Donohue's claims about my work hadn't accounted for the impact of crack cocaine is simply disingenuous (for discussions in the 3rd edition of More Guns, Less Crime see here and here, but it was dealt with in my original research with David Mustard and the first edition of More Guns, Less Crime).

Monday, 15 September


New York Times and assault weapons bans [Of Arms and the Law]

NY Times editorial, "Myths About Gun Regulation," January 31, 2013:

"As busy as the gun lobby is in promoting macho myths about self-defense -- stand your ground and outshoot the bad guys -- it is no less dedicated to spinning myths for lawmakers to use as excuses to avoid enacting laws to deal with the shooting sprees that regularly afflict the nation. This was clear at the opening Senate hearing on gun controls this week, where Judiciary Committee members seemed to have largely swallowed gun lobby propaganda that the evidence shows the original 10-year ban on assault weapons was ineffective.... The false statistics comfort members of Congress who fear the gun lobby or their more conservative constituents, or both, and are blocking a new and stronger ban on assault weapons proposed by Senator Dianne Feinstein."

NY Times Editorial, "The Moment for Action on Gun Control, January 15, 2013:
"Some lawmakers are already talking about focusing on the background checks and bowing to gun lobby's opposition to an assault weapons ban. That shouldn't stop the administration and its allies from demanding that all these provisions be passed immediately. With the deaths of Newtown's children still so fresh, the public will be repulsed by lawmakers who stand aside and do nothing."

NY Times editorial, "The Assault Weapons Myth," September 14, 2014:

"But in the 10 years since the previous ban lapsed, even gun control advocates acknowledge a larger truth: The law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 made little difference.

It turns out that big, scary military rifles don't kill the vast majority of the 11,000 Americans murdered with guns each year. Little handguns do.

In 2012, only 322 people were murdered with any kind of rifle, F.B.I. data shows.
Most Americans do not know that gun homicides have decreased by 49 percent since 1993 as violent crime also fell, though rates of gun homicide in the United States are still much higher than those in other developed nations. A Pew survey conducted after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., found that 56 percent of Americans believed wrongly that the rate of gun crime was higher than it was 20 years ago."


Many (but apparently not all) St. Louis-area school superintendents say won't let designated teachers to carry guns in school [John Lott's Website]

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch article lists school superintendents who are against guns in school, but notice that it doesn't say that all the St. Louis-area school superintendents are against let people protect the children.  From the article:
Many St. Louis-area school superintendents say they don’t want guns in their schools regardless of a new state law that allows designated teachers to carry them. 
The law lets school districts appoint teachers or administrators as “school safety officers” who would be allowed to carry concealed weapons after training. 
Gov. Jay Nixon vetoed this bill in July. But on Wednesday, the Legislature overrode his veto of gun rights expansion legislation that also allows residents with concealed weapons permits to openly carry guns in public. 
Parents contacted the Clayton School District late last week concerned that teachers could soon be carrying weapons through the hallways. 
“There’s the perception that school districts are required to do this, rather than allowed to do this,” district spokesman Chris Tennill said. 
The district’s position was posted on its website Friday afternoon. “There are few, if any, situations that would require the District to consider appointing ‘school protection officers’ given the level of and proximity to law enforcement resources already in place,” it stated. . . . .


Too much to say, too little time [The Liberty Sphere]

In a society such as ours where the elite political class is determined to force as much of their agenda down the throats of citizens, whether it has broad support or not, there is way too much to report and way too little time to report it. The United States has been precisely in that predicament since 2009.
Click here to continue reading.


More review sought in N.J. gun case [NRA-ILA News]

Following extensive criticism over denying a Philadelphia woman a chance to avoid a prison sentence for illegally bringing her registered gun into New Jersey last year, the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office has asked a Superior Court judge for more time to review the case.

Turn-in legislation passes New Jersey Assembly [NRA-ILA News]

The state Assembly passed a bill today that would expand gun buyback programs across New Jersey in an effort to curb the number of firearms on the streets.

Online ammo retailers targeted in lawsuit by gun ban group [NRA-ILA News]

The Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence is filing a lawsuit against online retailers that allegedly sold ammunition to James Holmes, the suspect accused of the Aurora theater killings.


Brady Campaign sues ammo dealer, etc. [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. Brady will sue on behalf of the parents of a child killed in the Aurora CO shooting, against the dealer who sold the ammunition and some unnamed others.

I cannot figure this one out. First, the tort law is pretty clear that (with very narrow exceptions) a person does not have a duty to prevent someone else from committing a crime that harms someone else. Second, how can an ammunition dealer, of all people, be expected to know that a buyer whom he has never met plans on using the ammo in a crime? In other words, even if there was a legal duty, where is the negligence? Third, unless the killer bought all his ammo from that one dealer, how can the dealer be shown to have any involvement?

And to top it off... the murders were committed on July 20, 2012. From what I can see, Colorado has a two-year statute of limitations for personal injury. So the statute ran nearly two months ago. Oops. Now, Brady could contend that it's suing for a minor, and the statute of limitations doesn't begin to run until a minor's 18th birthday. BUT the minor died, and the article says the suit is actually brought on behalf of her parents (wrongful death statutes differ somewhat in this respect, in some the suit is brought on behalf of the decedent's estate, in some it's brought by the survivors in their own right).

It does sound like a civil action that is a sure loser, brought in hopes of gaining publicity. That of course runs a big risk of getting hit with sanctions.


Protestors seem to be getting deperate [Of Arms and the Law]

Protestors picket national police championships, as if learning to shoot accurately had much to do with questions about whether a shooting was justified. Of course, it's being consistent to some degree. Most just assume that firearm skills = being an accessory to crime applies only to the general citizenry.


Limits on Doctors: Guns in Home Not Relevant [NRA-ILA News]

In late July, a three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an injunction in the "Docs vs. Glocks" case that, for a time, allowed doctors to ask people whether they had guns in their homes.

Sunday, 14 September

Friday, 12 September


Can rights be restored once they are gone? [The Liberty Sphere]

"Hey, Martin," he called out across the room at a meeting I attended recently.

He walked closer so that no one would hear what he was about to say. "What chance do you give our survival as a nation?" he asked.

"Not much," I said, as I walked off.
Click here to continue reading.


Oregon: Informational Hearing Scheduled to Discuss Lead Ammunition Survey on Tuesday [NRA-ILA News]

Earlier this summer, your NRA-ILA reported on the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife’s plan to survey hunters on the use of lead ammunition.  Earlier this week, the Oregon House Interim Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources posted its agenda for Tuesday, September 16, including a portion dedicated to discussion on the Lead Ammunition Survey.

Thursday, 11 September


NRA Files Letter of Opposition to Harry Reid's Attempt to Silence Free Speech [NRA-ILA News]

As we reported last week, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has been aggressively pushing "Senate Joint Resolution 19," a proposed "amendment to the Constitution of the United States relating to contributions and expenditures intended to affect elections."

Missouri teachers can become armed safety officers under new law [NRA-ILA News]

More Missouri teachers could carry concealed weapons under a measure state lawmakers approved late Wednesday that also bans local laws against open carry of guns.


Laying low today [The Liberty Sphere]

It is Sept. 11, 2014, the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and what would have been a devastating hit on the U.S. Capitol Building had it not been for the courageous passengers aboard who sent the plane catapulting into the countryside in Pennsylvania.

These anniversaries are necessary. I always watch TV specials about the attacks year by year, and I come away with the feeling that they just happened. I remember where I was, what I was doing, what I proceeded to do. I was working as a healthcare chaplain in a large hospital. I watched the second plane fly into the World Trade Center, as it happened. Later the chaplains gathered to watch the unfolding events.

We were as shocked and stunned as anyone. But we had a job to do. We had to get out there and comfort the sick and their families. We had to project a feeling of calm. Many patients were afraid of having their surgeries that day due to the uncertainty. But in the end all of them had their procedures done.

It was an exhausting day, to say the least. As a psychiatric chaplain I had the main responsibility for tending to psychiatric patients in our in-house facility, as well as our outpatient facility. As I led the group that day it was clear the patients wanted to talk about the attacks. Some were visibly terrified. So, we dealt with it by talking it through.

I remember all of this so clearly that it is as if it just happened today. I went home and reclined on the couch, totally spent emotionally and physically.

I have written about these events in much greater detail many times through the years. This year, other than what I already said, I will lay low. I don't want to be out and about on this day. I am keeping my own counsel, and I am keeping my thoughts close to the vest. But I have every intention of providing a remembrance of this horrific event for as long as I live. I will not spend one second talking who did it or what I think about them. I've done that many times. But for this year's remembrance I will only focus on the pain inflicted on our nation, on many of our citizens, and on me.

So, will I write an Examiner article today? I have no idea. If I do, it will have to be later on, and I will need to become aware of some vital news that must be reported. In that event, I will be back. If not, then I will remain silent.      

Wednesday, 10 September


Judge downplays Holder contempt citation [The Liberty Sphere]


Holder had refused to provide the Committee with key documents that had been subpoenaed in the ongoing investigation into the Obama administration's covert scheme to use ATF agents and criminals who would make "straw purchases" of illegal firearms in order to walk them across the southern border, placing them in the hands of drug cartel kingpins.
Click here to continue.

Tuesday, 09 September


Why the obsessive secrecy about illegal alien children? [The Liberty Sphere]

As it has been widely reported nationally, the Obama administration has exhibited an obsessive secrecy about the location of illegal alien children who have crossed over the southern border by the tens of thousands. In the earlier days of the massive onslaught, local towns and cities in the southwest met the buses carrying the children with protests, forcing the buses to turn around. It is unknown whether or not this points to the main reason for the current secrecy, but it might.
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Blurred, fuzzy, and mad [The Liberty Sphere]

Today my eyes are blurred. No worries, though. This is normal as they heal from the inflammation. Things look fuzzy up close. Kinda mad about that.

Anyway, I plan to write an Examiner article later. Got some important stuff to share. Check back with me later. And thanks.

Monday, 08 September


Rights? You have no rights in a police state [The Liberty Sphere]

Excerpt: enforcement agencies have discovered a cash cow of multimillions of dollars, requiring innocent citizens to fork over even more cash to retain legal representation to get their money back. The costs can be enough to break the average family.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Sunday, 07 September


Yep, still here [The Liberty Sphere]

I'm still here, yep yep yep.

Just thought I would say hello. Sorry about no posting today. Hope to be back on track tomorrow.

Have a restful Sunday evening.

Saturday, 06 September


Ugh! I hate to be such a downer, but it's gloom, despair, and agony on me, so much so I felt like taking a good barf [The Liberty Sphere]

Ever been so nauseated that you thought that if only you could barf you would feel better? If you haven't, then spend a week with me. Every week that passes I will spend two days of it beset with nausea, living off of Dramamine.

Of course I will sleep very well those two days. So there are advantages.

I am not too keen on having to live this way, but when I think of all I want to do, or what God has called me to do, I am renewed in my determination to carry on until one day I will drop. I always said I prefer to kick the bucket with my boots on anyway.

The unfortunate part of it all is that when the nausea gets bad enough and when the Dramamine takes hold in an effective way, writing is the last thing I feel like doing. Energy is gone. And all I want to do is sleep. But after a couple days it's all over, and I am feeling okay again.

I hope to get back to a more permanent state of "being okay" in time. That is my intention, my prayer, and my hope. The better we all feel, the more we can give to the task that most assuredly is ahead of us in these dark and dangerous days that are filled with the most despicable evil, even in our own government.

We are going to be stuck with the most evil of these numbskulls even if Congress changes hands in November. The Republicans won't have enough of a majority to do what needs to be done -- impeach and clean house. And disinfect. So, even if the opposition gains a majority in the Senate, as well as the House, there still won't be enough of them to prevail in an attempt to impeach. We will need 60 votes but we will only have 53 or 54 at the most.

This alone is enough to make one barf. When I think of it, I want to break out in song from the old Hee Haw TV show -- "Gloom, despair, and agony on me." These people in the White House, the Senate, some in the House, in both Parties, the Supreme Court, and other courts, are sickening enough to make anybody barf. But remember, my friends, even if we were to have supermajorities in both the Senate and House, we are still stuck with Obama appointees on the D.C. Circuit Court, which has ultimate authority over matters arising out of Obama malfeasance and that of his administration. That court will never allow such a thing to go any further.

The only exception is in the event that Republicans could somehow succeed in removing certain persons from the bench. A judge can be impeached, you know. And I can count at least a half dozen in the DC Court and five on the Supreme Court who need to be given the heave ho. All of them are as nauseating to me as the president and Congress. Somehow I have visions of barfing out of my system anything making me sick, and low and behold in my dream, it's Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, and at least a half dozen others that I have expelled from my system.

So sorry about the sickening imagery, but to me such persons are precisely just that sickening.

Good night.

Friday, 05 September


Jewish gun rights group merges with Gottlieb empire [The Liberty Sphere]


Today JPFO issued an official news release announcing the successful merger of the two organizations. JPFO will maintain its unique identity and focus except for the fact that it will now be under the umbrella of the Gottlieb empire.

The pending merger was not without significant controversy, however.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Wednesday, 20 August


Having fun in night club,do u like? [ NorCal Gun Club]

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