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NSSF Points Out The Contradictions In Big City Police Chief's Advice [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Last Sunday in an interview on 60 Minutes DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier said that if you can take out an active shooter, do it. She noted that even the best police response time will be 5-7 minutes. NYPD Police Commissioner Bill Bratton disagreed with that advice saying essentially it was a good way to get killed. He didn't think a person with a handgun could take out someone with an AK-47 as they would be "outgunned".

The NSSF video below shows the contradictions in what Lanier says and what Bratton says.

However, the problem in both New York and the District of Columbia is that Joe Average can't get a carry permit. Donald Trump has a carry permit but he also now has Secret Service protection. Michael Bloomberg doesn't need a carry permit because he has a swarm of armed guards around him all the time. The bottom line is that a lot of people will get killed in either city before the cops arrive.


Lightning Gear Review: RamRodz Shotgun and Barrel Cleaners [The Firearm Blog]

IMGP2935Expanding on an already impressive product line, RamRodz now offers their RamRodz Barrel and Breech Cleaners sized for 12 and 20 gauge barrels.  Like other RamRodz, the Shotgun sized Barrel and Breech cleaners feature industrial grade, low-lint cotton and bamboo handles. The RamRodz Shotgun and Barrel Cleaners include an adapter that mates the RamRod with […]

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CMMG Announces New “Krinkov” Mk47 Guns [The Firearm Blog]

Mk47 KrinkCMMG has seen a considerable amount of success with the Mk47 line of firearms. The company expanded the line to include new models previously and is doing it again. The newest Mk47 guns use a Krinkov-, or “Krink-“, style muzzle device. The muzzle device is based on an AK design but threaded for the Mk47 […]

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"Filled with living menace." Another dollar book from the thrift store (but what a book). [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The other day, on the way back from the oncologist, I dropped by one of the local thrift stores and spotted this: With Fire and Sword by the Polish novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz. (Pronounced "sin-KAY-vitch.") I had never heard of Sienkiewicz, I thought, until I noticed from the book cover that he had written Quo Vadis. But it was the description of With Fire and Sword as Volume One of "THE Polish epic historical series" that piqued my interest. I could, I thought, risk a dollar on it. Sienkiewicz' writing is stunning. He had me with this description of the steppes on page two:
Such were these Wild Lands: a continent of grass stamped with savage beauty. Billowing pastures where a mounted man could vanish like a diver in a lake. Violent chasms torn out of the earth, gaunt breastworks of crumbling clay and limestone that opened without warning under a horse's hooves. A wilderness of forest, fallen timbers, sudden glittering lakes and rivers exploding into cataracts. . .
It was a land as vast as all of Western Europe, subject in name to the dominion of the Crown of Poland but, in effect, belonging only to those who lived by claw, fleet foot, and arrows shot out of ambush in the night. The Tartars grazed their horses there by treaty permission; and Cossack horse-thieves turned these pastures into battlefields where the sounds of slaughter, the screams of dying men, the drumming of hooves galloping out of ambush, the clash of steel, and the hiss of the Tartar arrow and the whirling lariat seemed to hang forever on the wind, carried from unknown beginnings into an endless future like the Steppe itself.
No one knew how many battles were fought there in the years gone by, nor how many men left their bones scattered in the Steppe for the wolves and vultures. Armed travelers who heard the whirring of great wings, or saw the black swarms of carrion birds wheeling in the sky, knew at once that corpses or bleached bones lay somewhere ahead and looked to their weapons. Men hunted each other in this menacing green sea with no more feeling than they'd have running down a hare; everyone there was both the hunter and the prey. This was the immemorial home of outlaws hiding from the law and the hangman's rope. Armed shepherds -- as savage as their untamed flocks and herds -- guarded lean sheep, fierce stallions and wild cattle. Bandits sought loot. Cossacks trailed Tartars and Tartars hunted Cossacks. It was common practice for entire vatahas of light cavalry to guard the immense horseherds while raiding marauders came a thousand strong; and all of them, no matter whom they served, were men for whom words like gentleness and mercy had never held a meaning.
The Steppes were wholly desolate and unpeople yet filled with living menace. Silent and still seething with hidden violence, peaceful in their immensity yet infinitely dangerous, these boundless spaces were a masterless, untamed country created for ruthless men who acknowledged no one as their overlord.


Illicit Weapons Factory Busted in Brazil [The Firearm Blog]

brazilweaponsfactory1 improgunsA recent police raid on an illegal weapons factory in Sao Paulo netted some interesting items. The group involved were producing bombs, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns as well as .50 cal rifles. An odd little open-bolt automatic rifle: Submachine gun with suppressor: Receiver components: A pump action shotgun: A good demonstration of how criminal groups […]

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Erika 4.25mm Pistol at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

Today we’re looking an another early European micro-pistol. This is the Erika, developed by Franz Pfannl and chambered for the 4.25mm Liliput cartridge (which develops approximately 1/4 the energy of the .25 ACP).

These pistols were actually carried for personal protection, under the theory that any gun was better than no gun, and that the presentation and threat of a gunshot would be sufficient to dissuade an attacker (or with the idea of using them on stray dogs, for example).

Practicality aside, the mechanical internals of tiny pistols like this Erika are quite interesting to see, simple because of their minute size. Pfannl really was part gunsmith and part watchmaker…


Forgotten Weapons: Stinger Pen Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Braverman "Stinger" Pen GunWhen Edward Bulwer-Lytton coined the adage “the pen is mightier than the sword” back in 1839 for the purpose of a play, it seems a bit unlikely he was thinking there might one day be a pen gun. Over the years guns have been made in all manner of design with an eye for disguise […]

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G2 Research Releases A More Traditional Round – The Civic Duty [The Firearm Blog]

cd-boxG2 Research has announced the release of a more traditional line of defensive ammunition call “Civic Duty”. The new rounds are solid copper extreme expansion rounds designed to complete with similar offerings from Lehigh Defense. The new Civic Defense bullet features six large petals that peel back for up to .855 inches of total diameter […]

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Court Decision On Target Shooting Sets Limits on Excessive Zoning Restrictions [Gun News]

The North Carolina Supreme Court upheld one of the most basic principles of United States law this month. The law has been under continual attack for the last hundred years, during the rise of the "progressive" state.


Hoplite Shoulder armor [The Firearm Blog]

0000408_hasp-frame[1]A company called Hoplite Armor has come up with an armor package that are shoulder plates, that covers about half of a shooters bicep. The system is attached to the arm via a strap that connects to an existing plate carrier shoulder straps, and then another strap that wraps around the arm of the shooter. […]

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Tuesday, 24 November


Safety experts urge caution after gun-deer season shooting deaths [Gun News]

Two shooting deaths this gun-deer season have safety experts urging hunters to take precautions. That includes protecting against probably the leading cause of injury or death during the hunt - a fall from a tree stand.


BREAKING: U.S. Government Sues L3 Com’s (EOTech) For Fraud [The Firearm Blog]

EOTech_LogoL3 Communications, the holding company that owns EOTech, is being sued by the United States Government for fraud. Their products were the subject of a recent SOCOM warning that the EOTech holographic sights experienced shifting zero across different temperature ranges, which was also a factor in Elite Defense, the international distributor for the sights, cutting ties with L3. […]

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Wisconsin Ct. of Apps. strikes down switchblade ban [Of Arms and the Law]

The case is State v. Herrmann. The opinion is very well-written, and two features stand out to me.

(1) The court applies intermediate scrutiny, but doesn't treat it as an easy way to rule for the government. "To meet this standard, the government must demonstrate "that the recited harms are real, not merely conjectural, and that the regulation will in fact alleviate these harms in a direct and material way." ... [S] law challenged on Second Amendment grounds is not presumed constitutional, ... and the burden is on the government to establish the law's constitutionality..." It thus brushed off the State's argument that the ban would prevent surprise knife attacks. "[T]he State cites no evidence to establish that this danger actually exists to any significant degree."

(2) The court doesn't buy the argument that only one class of knives is affected. "[I]f a complete prohibition of handgun possession in the home for self-defense is unconstitutional, despite demonstrable public safety concerns, it follows that a complete prohibition of a less dangerous category of arms in the home for self-defense is also unconstitutional."


Brussels Pushes Gun Control in Wake of Paris Attacks [Gun News]

On November 18, the European Commission expedited a plan to overhaul the European Union's already restrictive gun control laws. The move comes in the immediate wake of November 13th's terrorist shooting and bombing attacks that killed 129 in Paris, France.


Black Friday Not So Great (For Guns) [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, I review the flyers and online Black Friday deals from some of the larger retailers, and tells you what’s good (and mostly what’s not) in this year’s bargain hunting. Last week Steve found some good deals on accessories, but I was on the lookout for guns  …. You can check out […]

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How To Create A Ballistics Table For A Long-Dead Round [The Firearm Blog]

RnYIt783When researching historical weapons and ammunition, it is sometimes helpful to know what sort of ballistics a round produces. However unfortunately not every cartridge in history comes to the historian complete with a set of period ballistics tables, and in some cases even when they do those tables are wrong due to the primitive ballistic […]

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High Points and 1911s [The Firearm Blog]

Untitled  With the season of depression, dread, cold, wind, and icy roads upon us, these two videos should help make it bearable because of their humor. Unless you live in Florida, then everything is coming up roses! Both of these videos are starting to make their rounds on social media and I couldn’t stop laughing […]

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County pledges aid to shooting range Updated at [Gun News]

On Nov. 17, Apalachicola Officer Chase Richards obtained county support for the department's proposed shooting range on the sprayfield west of the city.


UTG Pro Release New Slim M-LOK Handguards in 13″, 15″, and 17″ [The Firearm Blog]

MTU019SSM_APP_01UTG continues to press hard with new product releases, this time offering a new series of extended M-LOK Handguards. The new “Super Slim” series features 7 tracks of M-LOK at the 1:30, 3, 4:30, 6, 7:30, 9, & 10:30 positions and an uninterrupted picatinny rail across the top.  All UTG PRO items are manufactured in […]

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Cathy Lanier Is Highly Confused About Concealed Carry [Gun News]

D.C.'s police chief sees a role for the citizenry in thwarting terror attacks against their city. Per the Washington Post : D.C. Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier is urging that civilians confronted by an active shooter in some cases try to stop the gunman before law enforcement authorities arrive, saying quick action could save lives.


Bloomberg's Lackeys Tweet Solace to Unarmed Victims of Paris Attacks [Gun News]

On Friday, Nov. 13, Islamic terrorists carried out a series of coordinated attacks in Paris, France, that left 129 people dead. Their weapons included explosive suicide vests and Kalashnikov rifles.


How Gun Control debate ignores Black Lives #blacklivesmatter #BLM [Gun News]

Vice President Joe Biden had been meeting with victims and advocates all day, and he arrived so late that some in the room wondered whether he would come at all. When he finally walked in, the clergy started sharing their advice, full of pain, some of it personal.


Strange Tank Tests [The Firearm Blog]

TankSaw this on U.S. Army WTF moments on Facebook. The post says “The ultimate engineering test in Germany” The video clip is short. It shows a soldier pouring a beer and placing that beer on a special table mounted to the muzzle of the barrel. Then the tank is seen rolling at high speed and […]

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Armed Gas Station Employee Halts Gun-Wielding Man, Cincinnati, Ohio [Gun News]

Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family. "We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day," says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation Most times you won't see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media's story line of " Guns and Gun Owners are Bad ".


Two for the Praxis file. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

From Sam Culper: Good Chart of Rules for the Use of Burner Phones
A Guide to Understanding LiPo Batteries
This one was forwarded to me by a faithful reader with the comment: "Useful information for those of us that still think that all long term battery technology involves lead plates and acid electrolytes. If you plan on humping comm. radios, using "hobby" security drones, or other high energy draw items you need to learn about LiPo batteries. They have some real advantages, but they can cause trouble, too."


Endangered species sighted at local WalMart. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I had to stop by WalMart to pick up some medicine yesterday morning and out of idle curiosity I stopped by the sporting goods department where an employee was putting up the latest restock. Lo, and behold, what did I spot but a single cardboard box containing 2 1000-rd bulk packs of Winchester M-22 .22LR ammo! I had the fellow unbox and scan them and they were $49.95 each. That's the first time in darn near a year that I've seen bulk pack .22 ammo at a decent price. With the local tax, they would have been five and a half cents a round. I'm sure someone scarfed them up quickly.


"Two bands of cannibals fighting over who gets to eat your corpse." Black racists shot by white racists, or legitimate self-defense? Both? This collectivist excrement is going to get out of hand, as it was apparently designed to do. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

This is further proof of Dr. Richter's dictum as expressed to me that the left-right graph of the political continuum is a lie taught by collectivists to make you think that there is some legitimacy to their respective positions whereas the truth is that they are two sides of the same murderous coin. They are simply, in his words, "two bands of cannibals fighting over who gets to eat your corpse."
"Five people shot near Black Lives Matter protest in Minneapolis."


"A Transatlantic Thanksgiving: Churchill's 1944 Remarks Still Resonate." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"On Nov. 23, 1944, the British Prime Minister made his way to the Royal Albert Hall where the American community in London was commemorating Thanksgiving. It’s not clear whether Winston Churchill invited himself or if his remarks were planned. In any case, his presence was an inspiring surprise for the audience. He spoke for a few minutes without notes."
Link to the pdf of the entire statement.
We have come here tonight to add our celebration to those which are going forward all over the world wherever allied troops are fighting, in bivouacs and dug-outs, on battlefields, on the high seas, and the highest air. Always this annual festival has been dear to the hearts of the American people. Always there has been that desire for thanksgiving, and never, I think, has there been more justification, more compulsive need than now.
It is your Day of Thanksgiving, and when we feel the truth of the facts which are before us, that in three or four years the peaceful, peace-loving people of the United States, with all the variety and freedom of their life in such contrast to the iron discipline which has governed many other communities — when we see that in three or four years the United States has in sober fact become the greatest military, naval, and air power in the world — that, I say to you in this time of war, is itself a subject for profound thanksgiving.
We are moving forward in this struggle which spreads over all the lands and all the oceans; we are moving forward surely, steadily, irresistibly, and perhaps with God’s aid, swiftly, towards victorious peace. There again is a fitting reason for thanksgiving.
I have spoken of American thanksgiving. Tonight here, representing vaster audiences and greater forces moving outside this hall, it is both British and American thanksgiving that we may celebrate. And why is that? It is because under the compulsion of mysterious and all-powerful destiny we are together. We are joined together, shedding our blood side by side, struggling for the same ideals, until the triumph of the great causes which we serve shall have been made manifest.
But there is a greater Thanksgiving Day which still shines ahead, which beckons the bold and loyal and warm-hearted, and that is when this union of action which has been forced upon us by out common hatred of tyranny, which we have maintained during these dark and fearful days, shall become a lasting union of sympathy and good-feeling and loyalty and hope between all the British and American peoples, wherever they may dwell. Then, indeed, there will be a Day of Thanksgiving and one in which all the world shall share.”


Gustloff VG1-5 With Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

vg1-5Ask and ye shall receive – another Forgotten Weapon’s post, that is. It seems I am not the only one fascinated by unique and/or historically relevant firearms, and the recent run of daily posts on YouTube by Ian of Forgotten Weapons has been fantastic. I can only hope it lasts just a bit longer. Next […]

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DC Police Chief, "If you're in a position to try and take the... [Gun News]

DC Police Chief, "If you're in a position to try and take the gunman downit's the best option for saving lives before police can get there," Yet DC Supports Gun Control Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier speaks to release the Metropolitan Police Department new uniform and appearance rules at the MPD headquarters in Washington, DC, on May 16, 2012. MPD became the first major police department in the US to proactively allow Sikh Americans to serve as full-time officers while keeping their articles of faith.


Walch Double-Shot Revolver at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

Consider the problem of the pocket revolver of the 1860s. In order to be small enough to be reasonably concealable and comfortable to carry, it would typically be made in .31 caliber. That’s not a lot of firepower…even back in those days when ballistics potency was rather less of a concern to buyers than it is today.But for the person who does want something more than 5 shots of rather small caliber, what is the solution?

Well, John Walch came up with an idea. Superimposed charges were not a new idea, but Walch took that concept and applied it to the pocket pistol. The idea of superimposed charges is that you load two complete sets of powder and projectile into a single chamber, and then have two separate firing mechanisms so that you can fire the front charge first and then the rear charge. This had been used in flintlock rifles for example, but Walch used it to double the capacity of a 5-shot revolver to 10 rounds. The Walch revolver had two hammers and a single trigger, which would drop the hammers in the proper order.

While to 10-shot capacity in a small package was a good idea, the gun suffered from some problems. If the rather long flash-tube to ignite the front charge in a chamber became clogged with black powder residue and the rear charge were then fired, the gun could explode. When it did work properly, it was even less powerful than a typical .31 caliber piece, as the double charges had to be a bit smaller than normal to allow space for both in the cylinder.

The guns were used by one company of Michigan Infantry during the Civil War, but never sold very well. Interestingly, they were actually manufactured by Oliver Winchester and the New Haven Arms Company…


USB Controlled BB Sniper Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

U10The rational part of my brain looked at this USB-powered desktop “sniper rifle” and thought, “How childish and dumb can these little launchers get?” Unfortunately, the rational part has been overruled by both the inner-child and the lizard-parts of my brain who yearn for the simultaneous cool factor and fire-supremacy within the office (without needing […]

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Visual Tutorial on Delayed Blowback Operation [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureWhen it comes to rifles, most firearms owners are familiar with gas-operated rotating bolts, as it is the most prevalent type of operating mechanism being the heart of an AR-15 and AK-47 (and most other modern semi-automatic weapon systems, for that matter). Few owners are well-versed in the operation of other recoil types. In modern […]

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SIG MCXs among British Counter Terror Cops [The Firearm Blog]

103182034-GettyImages-497530564.530x298The Daily Mail has an excellent group of photographs concerning an elite Scotland Yard unit that was set up before the Paris attacks, but has increased its tempo of training to counter such attacks as in Paris. Britain has this thing known as SFOs, or Specialist Firearms Officer, and these guys have “CT-SFO” on their vests, […]

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FM-9 Belt Fed 9mm AR upper [The Firearm Blog]

FM9 AndrewAndrew of GY6Vids reviews the FM-9 beltfed 9mm AR upper made by Freedom Ordnance. It is an interesting system. I am curious how well it would work with a Slide Fire setup. It looks like a lot of fun as long as it is well maintained. However, as Andrew mentioned in the video below, chasing […]

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Abbott tells mayors there's another place they can't ban guns [Gun News]

The city of Austin currently bans people from carrying open or concealed handguns into City Hall, shown here on Nov. 23, 2015, because the building hosts both a monthly community court and the city council chambers.

Monday, 23 November


Schumer: Senate Dems Will Push Major Gun Control Bill Early 2016 [Gun News]

One of the top-ranking Democrats in the Senate vows that his party will "bring a universal background check bill to the floor of the Senate early next year." Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York made the statement Friday at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, where he was honored with the "Sarah Brady Visionary Award," named after the wife of former President Ronald Reagan's press secretary Jim Brady, who was shot and left brain-damaged by an attempted Reagan assassin in 1981.


White House: Americans Should Talk About Gun Control This Thanksgiving [Gun News]

This Thanksgiving, the Obama administration wants Americans to talk about why Congress won't pass more gun control - but not about Obama's foreign policy failures. During the White House press briefing, Press Secretary Josh Earnest continued to press a narrative set up by gun control activists in response to the terrorist attacks in Paris.


Bureaucracy and non-lead ammunition [Of Arms and the Law]

The pitch for "nontoxic," i.e., non-lead ammunition has long been at odds with the pitch to ban "armor-piercing" ammunition. Under Federal law, AP ammo includes any ammo with "a projectile or projectile core which may be used in a handgun and which is constructed entirely (excluding the presence of traces of other substances) from one or a combination of tungsten alloys, steel, iron, brass, bronze, beryllium copper, or depleted uranium." 18 U.S.C. §921(a)(17). In short, all bullets made of any likely useful metal OTHER than lead. The definition does have some exceptions, including "a projectile which the Attorney General finds is primarily intended to be used for sporting purposes."

Here's some video from Attorney General Lynch testifying in House hearings, in which Rep. Ratcliff points out that ammo manufacturers have sent in 32 requests for exemption over the past four years, and so far none has been acted upon, or even gotten a responsive letter. (Ms. Lynch responds that she has never heard of the requests). Odds are pretty good that it's the same today. Somewhere there is a letter delegating the AG's power to someone else, and that someone else could care less, nor does the AG.


Grizzly IPSC Reactive Steel AR500 Target Review [The Firearm Blog]

For the past six months Grizzly Targets have been a valued sponsor of our young but fast growing TFBTV Youtube channel. The sponsorship comes to an end this month and we are very grateful for their support. We have given their targets hell and have no complaints whatsoever. In this episode of TFBTV, James reviews the Grizzly AR500 […]

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Which Rifle Served Longer? Krag–Jørgensen vs. M14, Part I: The Krag [The Firearm Blog]

P1040195What was the standard issue U.S. infantry rifle with the shortest service life? The most common answer is probably the Springfield Krag–Jørgensen rifle, which was quickly replaced after its lackluster performance in the Spanish-American War versus faster-firing, longer-ranged Spanish Mausers. Another good candidate is the M14, which was quickly replaced in Vietnam by the troubled M16 after […]

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TLR-1 stops .38 round at Point Blank [The Firearm Blog]

light-e1447944722479An officer with the Bensalem Township Police Department in North Carolina was possibly saved by the Streamlight TRL-1 mounted on his Glock stopping a .38 caliber round from a criminal’s revolver. Apparently two officers were searching a house, opened a small closest and the criminal pointed his revolver up at the officer and discharged a […]

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Ginter finds favor with three bi... [Gun News]

Last week was a busy one for the state legislature, with the Ohio House passing bills expanding the state's concealed carry law, cutting funding for abortion providers and asking President Obama to halt efforts to resettle Syrian refugees in the United States. Ginter's vote on the Syrian refugee issue was obviously in reaction to the Nov. 13 terrorist attacks in France, where at least one of the suspects was found with a passport indicating he was among Syrian refugees who entered Europe last month.


DC police chief who advocated taking down mass shooters has approved few gun permits [Gun News]

Despite her call on Sunday night for civilians to "take the gunman down" in a mass shooting scenario, Washington DC's chief of police has approved just 48 concealed carry licenses in the past year and nearly 80 percent of all applicants have been rejected. Of 233 applications sent for review since the Metropolitan Police Department began accepting permits on Oct. 23, 2014, 185 licenses had been denied as of Nov. 14, a department spokesperson told on Monday.


Databases: Violating the Rights of Muslims and Gun Owners [Gun News]

Part of what makes Donald Trump so appealing to the media but also repellant to its more elite members is that he will say seemingly anything. His ethos revolves around no ideology at all other than the idea of America "winning" over other countries.


Meprolight contract with IDF [The Firearm Blog]

m5_4883Meprolight has just won a contract to supply the Israeli Defense Forces with the Mepro M5 Reflex sight for the next several years. It appears that this is going to be a whole issue, because it seems that many IDF units have a number of pieces of equipment going on, from Galils, to Tavors, and M4s, to […]

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POTD: The Japanese Howa Type 89, and the mythical modernized version [The Firearm Blog]

gLvWfz9Akaitama sent in this photo taken at Iron Fist 2015, an amphibious training exercise undertaken by the Japan Ground Self Defense Force and the US Marines. The JDF troops are using the standard issue Howa Type 89 rifle: with its 420mm barrel, screwed-on top rail, old-style selector switch and a Trijicon ACOG TA31RMR. Last year, unbeknown to us until now, […]

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American Tactical Introduces the FX-H Hybrid 1911 [The Firearm Blog]

FX-H 1911American Tactical, who pioneered the “Omni Hybrid” Series of products including the ATI Omni Hybrid .410 Shotgun and the ATI Omni Polymer Hybrid Lower, is adding the “first of its kind”, the FX-H Hybrid 1911 handgun to their line-up of polymer-based firearms. The FX-H 1911 is an absolute ground breaking firearm,” says Tony DiChario, President of American […]

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The Jack Yantis Case: Tax-fed assassins execute citizen in Idaho. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

A king of men was killed by boys in blue, or rather by deputy sheriffs, Barney Fife’s types. But these Barney Fifes, while just as insecure as he of Mayberry, are on steroids and their AR’s have banana clips full of bullets, verses one in the pocket. And they unloaded these magazines into the torso of a king. On that murderous evening the venerable Idahoan rancher and logger Jack Yantis, age 62, was having dinner with family and a friend when he received a call from the sheriff dispatcher informing him his prized 2,500-pound black Gelbvieh bull had been hit by a Subaru station wagon outside his ranch gate. The bull’s rear leg was shattered by the collision. When Jack arrived at the scene the deputy sheriffs had already been taking pot shots at the bull from a safe distance away with no effect other than to enrage it. Jack probably displayed both sorrow for his bull and disgust with the hapless deputies. A enraged, hurt bull is a dangerous, unpredictable animal, but Jack went up close to the bull and with courage and skill pointed the rifle at the sweet spot of the head for the coup de grâce. Jack was about to pull the trigger when a deputy grabbed him from behind and spun him around. The deputy then pushed Jack Yantis, who began falling and tried to regain his footing. One deputy began shooting at Jack and then the other. They had AR-15’s among there arsenal. Jack’s wife, Donna, and a nephew were also at the scene and screamed at the deputies to stop. Shot in the chest and abdomen, Jack Yantis fell to the ground.


Four from Herschel Smith. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Ethical Questions In Warfare
Mike’s question is a good one, but folks, this is only the beginning. You’d better seek for clarity of thought and a strong moral compass.
Muslim Migration Or Invasion?
Legal Concealed Carrier Gets Arrested At Gunpoint In Texas For Being A Legal Concealed Carrier
Ammunition Revival


RISE Armament Debuts $99 Trigger Group [The Firearm Blog]

RA-140-SST-2-web-angled-651x282I had the pleasure of reviewing RISE Armament’s single stage 535 Advanced Performance Trigger, and it is the trigger that I currently run on my 3-Gun Rifle.  RISE is introducing their new offering, the Black Fallout RA-140 Super Sporting Trigger (SST). A sector of the market has been underserved. Until now, there wasn’t a quality trigger […]

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Detonics MkI at RIA: The Original Sub-Compact 1911 [Forgotten Weapons]

Today we are accustomed to seeing sub-compact 3.5″ 1911 pistols for sale from a whole bunch of manufacturers – but this was not always the case. Making a really small 1911 actually run reliably is not a trivial proposition, as the slide velocity and spring force become very touchy, and small changes can have major repercussions. The first company to get the kinks out of the mechanism and bring an effective pistol to market was Detonics. Their MkI has a number of interesting features that were quite novel at the time.


One Shot Draw Drills [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Enough with the political stuff! Here is something interesting that you can use at the range if they allow you draw from a holster. While most indoor ranges forbid it, you could do it at an outdoor range in most places.

In this training video from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Doug Koenig demonstrates how he uses a one shot draw drill to speed up his response time for steel challenge competitions. He notes that he first starts out doing the drill at home with dry-fire practice. That is something everyone could do regardless of what his or her favorite range allows.


This Is Getting Tiresome [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The New York Daily News - "New York's Picture Newspaper - is keeping up their propaganda campaign against the NRA and Republicans for refusing to add those on the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database to the NICS denied list.

They are now reporting that NYPD Police Commissioner William Bratton and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) are supporting efforts to add those on the "No-Fly" list to the NICS denied list. What they are forgetting is that the FBI still runs a check on everyone who buys a gun through a FFL.

As Bratton made clear yesterday on NBC's Meet The Press, he is more worried about people put on a list for some unknown and ephemeral reason buying a gun than he is about ISIS using Syrian refugees to smuggle in jihadis into the United States. Clearly one does not get to be the commissioner of police without bowing to one's political masters.


CORE15 in 6.5 Grendel [The Firearm Blog]

Core GrendelCore Rifle Systems of Ocala, Florida announced the introduction of a line of 6.5 Grendel rifles for 2016. The caliber will be represented in the company’s CORE15 Tac and CORE15 Hardcore lines. The Tac 6.5 Grendel will have an 18″ or 20″ government profile barrel with a 1″8″ twist and rifle length gas system. Additional features […]

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Safety Harbor Firearms KES for AR-10 [The Firearm Blog]

Safety Harbor KESSafety Harbor Firearms is working on a new version of its Kompact Entry Stock (KES) that will work with AR-10/7.62×51 platform rifles. The following videos show a rifle with the prototype KES and associated buffer, carrier and spring being test fired. There are a variety of these kinds of compact stocks on the market for […]

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Minigun Tripod, Not What You Think It Is [The Firearm Blog]

tripodmachinegunLast week, Lancaster Police Department received a 911 phone call from a concerned citizen. The caller claimed that a gun man was armed with a minigun. The police showed up to the Griest Building looking for the suspect. They never found a gunman. What they did find was a photographer with a large tripod. The […]

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Review: Kalashnikov Saiga 12 Model 340 Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

Kalashnikov-340-EB-2015-17-convertI recently wrote about the Shotgun 2015 World Shoot was held September 13-19, in Agna, Italy. With about 700 competitors it’s the largest IPSC Shotgun competition ever. It is no secret to the readers of this blog that the Kalashnikov Group is looking at competitive shooting and also developing models more focused for this sector. A […]

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Sunday, 22 November


Just How Are We Supposed To Do That In DC, Pray Tell, Chief Lanier? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Emily Miller, author of Emily Gets Her Gun and one of only 45 people in the District of Columbia with a carry permit, tweeted this yesterday afternoon.

It was in response to the interview with DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier by 60 Minutes. In the interview which dealt with active shooters, Lanier said that it was unreasonable to expect the police to arrive in time to stop most mass shootings. She told Anderson Cooper:
I always say if you can get out, getting out's your first option, your best option. If you're in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it's the best option for saving lives before police can get there. And that's-- you know, that's kind of counterintuitive to what cops always tell people, right? We always tell people, "Don't-- you know, don't take action. Call 911. Don't intervene in the robbery"-- you know-- you know-- we've never told people, "Take action." It's a different-- this is a different scenario.
 You can see the full interview below which also includes comments by NYC Police Commissioner William Bratton.


Video on my brother in law [Of Arms and the Law]

Right here. After playing tennis, he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Odds of surviving an arrest outside of a hospital are about 6.7%. But they had a portable defib unit on site and a cardiologist in the clubhouse, plus he had a playing partner that knew the latest form of CPR. So a week after he "died," he was back home, aching from a quadruple bypass. There's some quite useful info on operating the most recent and most automated defib units.


Braverman “Stinger” Pen Gun at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The US National Firearms Act includes a category called “Any Other Weapon”, which encompasses a variety of regulated weapons, including firearms which are disguised to look live other everyday objects, such as canes, and pens. R.J. Braverman, however, devised and patented a type of pen gun which the ATF concluded was not subject to regulation as an AOW. Braverman did this by designing a gun which had to be folded into a vaguely gun-like shape before it could be fired, thus negating its disguised look.

The gun was called the “Stinger“, and was sold in the 1990s in several calibers – .22LR, .22WMR, .25ACP, .32ACP, and .380 (although it was recommended not to shoot the .38-=0 much, as it could damage the gun’s mechanism). While it was legally simply a handgun, the Stinger was pretty limited in its capabilities. It was a single shot device, and rather laborious to reload. It also featured an automatically-engaged safety and no sights. Still, if you wanted a gun that looked like a pen (or perhaps like a tire pressure gauge), the Stinger was definitely your easiest solution!

Saturday, 21 November


How can so much BS be packed into one little story? Spying on "anti-American" churches; A Monty Python strategy for dealing with Jihadi murderers; and churchmen who doubt the existence of God: "the only time the name Jesus Christ is uttered is when the janitor falls downstairs." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

First, from the slippery slope department: "Ben Carson backs monitoring 'un-American' groups

Ben Carson, a GOP presidential hopeful, has stepped into the controversy over suggestions by rival Donald Trump that all Muslmis in American should be monitored. According to the Associated Press, Dr Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who is running strongly in the polls, would go even further.
"What I have said is that I would be in favor of monitoring a mosque or any church or any organization or any school or any press corps where there was a lot of radicalization and things that were anti-American."
The present regime considers me to be "radical" and (doubtless) my church to be "anti-American." The lesbian mayor of Houston considers it perfectly acceptable to subpoena the sermons of Christian pastors that she considers "anti-American." So where, Dr. Carson, do you start with FBI and NSA spying on the American people and where do you end it?
Next: "What to do during an attack." See anything wrong with this list?

  • Escape if you can
  • Consider the safest options
  • Is there a safe route? Run, if not hide
  • Can you get there without exposing yourself to greater danger?
  • Insist others leave with you
  • Leave belongings behind
  • If you can’t run, hide
  • Find cover from gunfire
  • If you can see the attacker, they may be able to see you
  • Cover from view does not mean you are safe, bullets go through glass, brick, wood and metal
  • Find cover from gunfire e.g. substantial brickwork/heavy reinforced walls
  • Be aware of your exits
  • Try not to get trapped
  • Be quiet, silence your phone
  • Lock/barricade yourself in
  • Move away from the door
  • Call 999: What do the police need to know?
  • Location: Where are the suspects?
  • Direction: Where did you last see the suspects?
  • Descriptions: Describe the attacker, numbers, features, clothing, weapons etc
  • Further information: Casualties, type of injury, building information, entrances, exits, hostages etc
  • Stop other people entering the building if it is safe to do so

Source: National Counter Terrorism Security Office
Now, admittedly this is a BRITISH list, so coming from a herd of self-gelded sheeple you can understand why armed self-defense isn't on the list. Indeed, this is embracing a Monty Python strategy for dealing with Jihadi murderers: "Run away! Run away!" Still, if the Americans on the French train had followed these rules they and a lot of other passengers would have died and the Jihadi perp would have succeeded.
"Paris attacks made Archbishop of Canterbury "doubt the presence of God."
The Most Rev Justin Welby has admitted hat the brutal attacks had put a "chink in his armour" as he reacted with profound sadness to the Paris attacks. He told BBC Songs Of Praise:
"Yes. Saturday morning - I was out and as I was walking I was praying and saying: 'God why - why is this happening? Where are you in all this?' and then engaging and talking to God. Yes, I doubt."
Of course the Church of England has increasingly resembled something that the Dutch-American historian Hendrik Willem Van Loon once said about the Unitarians. He quipped that the Unitarian Church appealed to him "because the only time the name Jesus Christ is uttered is when the janitor falls downstairs."


"There Are None So Blind. . ." Pity the clueless collectivist. "He don't even know he are one." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See" -- According to the ‘Random House Dictionary of Popular Proverbs and Sayings’ this proverb has been traced back to 1546 (John Heywood), and resembles the Biblical verse Jeremiah 5:21 (‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’). In 1738 it was used by Jonathan Swift in his ‘Polite Conversation’ and is first attested in the United States in the 1713 ‘Works of Thomas Chalkley’. The full saying is: ‘There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know’.
I once had a well-educated black friend who told me in an ironically accented ethnic dialect about a mutual acquaintance: "He be such a pathetic (dumbass), he don't even know he are one." I was reminded of that when I received Nicholson's "final reply" to "We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive." Well, I tried. I doubt that I will waste any more time on the moke. I guess when the shooting starts he will say, "Oh sh-t! THAT'S what he was talking about."
-----Original Message-----
From: Bob Nicholson
Sent: Sat, Nov 21, 2015 9:24 am
Subject: Re: "We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive."
What is it with this collectivist nonsense? Yours is the second letter with that charge in it. I'm a businessperson who has never relied on the government, a capitalist who believes in the profit motive.
I am a gun owner who wants to find the right balance between protecting our Second Amendment rights and arming criminals (something you have proposed nothing to stop). That's all.
No one knows how our founding fathers would have treated background checks. Both communications technology and arms technology have developed in ways they could not imagine, so do don't claim their legacy.
Your paragraph about the military actually proved my point. You nor I could stand up to them. Yes they are our sons and daughters. And they will obey lawful orders and are duty bound to disobey illegal ones.
Finally - civil war? Really? Over putting criminal gun dealers out of business? Over catching straw sellers? Over background checks? I don't think so.
I beleive (sic) that thothing (sic) I supported infringes on rights. You disagree. Fine we will leave it there. You don't need to write again and I won't respond if you do.


Plus Ultra: The Supersized Ruby Pistol at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The “Plus Ultra” was a variation on the Ruby automatic pistol made by Gabilondo y Urresti (the original holders of the Ruby trademark) just shortly before they changed their name to Llama. The Plus Ultra was a scaled-up Ruby using double stack, 22-round magazines (still chambered for .32ACP). It offered much greater capacity than the standard pistols, and a few were actually made as select-fire guns. They never sold particularly well, though, and are rather uncommon today.

Friday, 20 November


I have tickets for the Donald Trump rally later this morning, but Rosey and I decided we're not going. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The announcement: "Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill confirmed that Trump will hold a rally at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex Saturday. The rally will begin at 11 a.m., but doors will open at 9 a.m."
Of course, now that the US Secret Service is handling the Donald's security, you can (according to local teevee) forget about concealed carrying in the rally. No firearms, no knives, no sharp objects, no frowning, arched eyebrows or bad attitudes. He may be "all about the Second amendment," but his federal handlers ain't. In fact they're warning folks to expect "security measures like you would see at the Atlanta airport" and to leave any large purses or backpacks at home. One local Trump supporter actually warned on talk radio not to "look furtive or guilty" so you won't be detained by the federales. Although they are now saying that the doors will open at 8:30 AM, they are also saying to expect to spend long times standing outside in the cold because "the Secret Service is going to be searching everybody." This is said to be required because of the ISIS attack in Paris. "They'll be looking for suicide vests," it is said. Parking is also non-existent downtown at the best of times and unless you want to park in the feral hunting grounds of gangbangers close by the venue, you are limited to paying $8 to $10 to park in one of the notoriously insecure parking garages run by the equally notorious and corrupt local authorities. Freezing my testicles off while standing in line for hours on my bum knee and then getting groped while acting as a bit-part stand-in for some kabuki theater dedicated to "our collective security" is not something I am willing to endure just to get a look at the Donald and his supporters up close. Rosey wisely concurs. You may conclude from that that I am not a Trump fan and you would be right.
Instead, we are going to go pick up brass at the local range and maybe take in a couple of yard sales where I can buy some small items we can turn on EBay for fundraising. At least we won't suffer the indignity of being groped by tax feeders and we can retreat to the warm car at our leisure. Sorry, Donald, you ain't worth the hassle.


Black Friday 2015 Gun Deal Roundup (+ Poll) [The Firearm Blog]

Bass Pro 2015 Black Friday DealsBlack Friday is a week away and it would not be Black Friday for me without SlickGuns giving us a roundup of all the firearm, ammunition, optics and accessory deals. This is an especially important Black Friday, being the last one before the 2016 Presidential Elections. With the elections being held a few weeks before […]

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Next Intent Tactical Scope Mount and Gas Block [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_0370-2-e1445544323120Next Intent Tactical is a division of Next Intent which is an aerospace company. In fact Next Intent designs and manufactures parts for JPL and NASA. Next Intent built the wheels, forward and aft arms, wheel hubs and other components for JPL’s Mars Exploration Rovers. Now how many companies that make parts for AR 15s […]

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M1941 Johnson Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The M1941 Johnson Rifle is a strange footnote in US firearms history. Melvin Johnson was a lawyer by trade who decided to break into firearms design by founding the Johnson Automatics company. While his rifle would never see the success enjoyed by the M1 Garand, several M1941s did make their way into the hands of […]

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Mauser Model 1871 (Forgotten Weapons Got Another Cool One) [The Firearm Blog]

gewehr71Yet another impossible-to-resist gun from Forgotten Weapons’ time with the Rock Island Auction Company. Try though I might I cannot seem to pass up the daily posts Ian is currently putting up on his YouTube channel, and although I tried to resist, I clearly failed. Up today is the Mauser Model 1871, also known as […]

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POTD: French Secret Service Protect President with B&T MP9 machine pistols [The Firearm Blog]

french secret serviceThis photo published in the Guardian shows President François Hollande visiting the Bataclan Theatre where terrorists killed 89 people and injured 200. A reader noticed the B&T MP9 machine pistol being used by the French ‘Secret Service’ officer (GSPR / Groupe de sécurité de la présidence de la République), The B&T MP9 is sometimes referred to as a machine […]

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Rainier Arms Back-Up Iron Sights [The Firearm Blog]

Rainier-Arms-BUIS-1Rainier Arms has been aggressively expanding from being a high-end parts reseller to also selling parts of their own design (though typically made under private label). The latest product to the fore is their Rainier Arms Backup-sights, which are a set of fully machined ultra-low profile back-up iron sights designed for the high-end enthusiast. The […]

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SIG P320 Selected by Hawaii DPS [The Firearm Blog]

SIG P320The SIG SAUER P320 in 9mm was selected as the next duty weapon of the Hawaii Department of Public Safety. Both full size and carry versions are being purchased. The contract calls for more than 700 pistols to be delivered. Earlier this year, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol announced the agency would move to the P320. Interestingly, […]

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Two VG1-5 Gustloff Last Ditch Rifles at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The Volksstrumgewehr Gustloff, more commonly (albeit incorrectly) known as the VG1-5, was one of the few semiautomatic Volkssturm weapons produced at the end of WWII. I have discussed these rifles before, but wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take a close look at two more examples of the type.

Mechanically the Gustloff uses a system quite unusual in rifles – gas delayed blowback. Chambered for the 8×33 Kurz cartridge, there are 4 small gas vent holes in the front half of the barrel which vent gas into a chamber in the front muzzle plug. Pressure in this chamber acts to keep the slide closed, thus delayed the opening of the action. A nearly identical system is used in the much later Steyr GB pistol.

One of these in particular still has its original sling, which is a neat feature (the other clearly was issued with a sling but has lost it). In total 10,000 of these were manufactured, but they were not able to make a significant impact to prolong Germany’s war effort.


Heckler & Koch Primary Shareholder Injects 60 Million Euros Into Company [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureHeckler & Koch announced on the 17th that the primary shareholder, Andreas Heeschen, has provided H&K’s GmbH’s parent company, H&K AG with 60 million Euros. The new shareholder loan is to assist with H&K GmbH’s cashflow and repayment of various outstanding loans. In the firearms industry, this is a rare move and shows Mr. Heeschen’s […]

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Forgotten Weapons: The 1847 Walker Revolver [The Firearm Blog]

XDR1-Z-F2-HApparently YouTuber Forgotten Weapons managed to get his hands on quite a few historically interesting firearms through the Rock Island Auction, resulting in his doing daily posts. He says the daily phenomenon is only temporary and that things will go back to normal in the next couple weeks, but in the meantime those of us […]

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Patterning Your Home Defense Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

PatternSteve Fisher, aka Yeti, of Sentinel Concepts and Jeff Bloovman of Armed Dynamics, compare different loads in three different shotguns. They use a Robar Remington 1100, Benelli M1 Super 90, and a NEF H&R Pardner Pump. They show how the same loads can have different patterns out of different shotguns. They show some very interesting […]

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Shotgun FLEM [The Firearm Blog]

FLEMInnovative Security Defense Equipment, a manufacturer and importer based in France, is now offering FLEM projectiles for your shotgun. FLEM, not phlegm, is a less lethal projectile that is designed to lower the risk of great bodily injury or death to the individual on the receiving end of it. According to the company, the FLEM […]

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Thursday, 19 November


"We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"Tap dancing in a minefield blindfolded."
My reply to Bob Nicholson's latest.
Mr. Nicholson, As you have done me the courtesy of a reply to my email regarding your anti-NRA screed (something that rarely occurs with others of your collectivist proclivities), I thought it only fitting to return the favor by answering your ill-formed and ill-informed opinions and questions by giving you an honest glimpse into the world view of those of your fellow citizens whom you so evidently despise. I do so in the hope that such knowledge might help you avoid personal culpability for the civil war that you evidently seek.
You begin by asking sarcastically, "So how do you really feel about background checks?" The Founders would have thought the entire idea to be repugnant and unworthy of a government that claims to represent a free people. Requiring the people to obtain the prior permission of the government to exercise a God-given, inalienable and natural right as codified in the Constitution would be preposterous to the Founders. One might as well require prior government permission to exercise a First Amendment right.
If the law-abiding must seek government approval then such rights are not rights at all and are subject to federal ban at any whim of the bureaucracy. THAT is the central tyranny of your proposal. A related offense to liberty is this: that government control of the private sale of firearms is designed to develop lists, not of firearms but of firearm owners. And the only reason for that is to facilitate confiscation at some future date and time.
For bureaucrats can only send armed men to the doors of people who are on their list. Indeed, this is what happened to the Jews and other "political undesirables" in Nazi Germany. All arms having been previously registered by the nominally democratic regime of the Weimar Republic, the Nazis had no trouble disarming their opponents. Ironically, the same Weimar socialists who had registered everyone's weapons (including their own) then found themselves disarmed by means of the same lists they had created.
Understand, then, that we have no intention of traveling that road. We will fight and we will kill in righteous self defense anyone who tries to take our liberty, our property and our lives.
You may think us crazy for doing so, for even thinking that we have the right to shirk our "responsibility to society" (to use your words), but the fact of the matter is that we are here, we are not changing our minds, we are done backing up to every unconstitutional infringement the federal government has imposed upon us since the National Firearms Act of 1934 and we will shoot the armed thugs operating under color of law that your proposed policy sends to our doors to compel our obedience.
Accept that as the ironclad fact and promise that it is, deal with it and act accordingly. For we will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive. (Cf. Nuremberg, 1945-46.)
As for your second paragraph sneering at the possibility of successfully fighting the federal government backed by the military, my first reaction was, "Just who does this jerk think the military is made up of?" The military, my apparently clueless friend, is made up of OUR sons and daughters (especially the tip-of-the-spear units) NOT those of our pretended "betters" who send theirs to hothouse-lily Ivy League schools where they chant "Black Lives Matter" while safely ensconced in their anti-free speech "comfort zones." OUR sons and daughters are the ones who have spent the last decade getting combat experience in foreign wars. OURS not theirs. And which way do you suppose our adult children will be pointing their government-provided ordnance when the orders (YOUR orders that YOU solicited) come down to disarm Grandpa Jack or kill Uncle Billy as "enemies of the people"?
My second reaction to that paragraph was disbelief that anyone could be so ignorant of military history as to make such a stupid statement. Rambo was certainly fiction, but in the extensive chronicles of guerrillas versus governments, the governments lose almost as often as the insurgents and when they do, they lose spectacularly. You may ask the ghost of His Majesty's General Thomas Gage how his gun raids worked out for King George the Third. Which leads me to my third comment to that appallingly ignorant paragraph. I wondered aloud, "This moke really doesn't understand that there are people who have been studying and preparing and training to do that very thing since the original sin of Waco in 1993."
For it is the same regime that committed the massacre at Waco that you evidently trust with the power to circumscribe our liberties, the power to seize our property, even at the cost of our lives. No one in the federal government was ever called to account for Waco, nor for any of the scandals to date in the Obama administration beginning with, but certainly not limited to, Fast and Furious. Well I've got news for you. As I told Eric Holder in a letter more than six years ago, there will be no more free Wacos. The next federal bloody misadventure of that sort will get us all a nice, ghastly civil war. And it will be a war that we have been considering how to win for the past twenty years.
I refer you to an essay I wrote regarding the application of 4th Generation warfare in the context of just such a civil war as you seek to provoke. You will find it here. I would draw your particular attention to Bill Clinton's Rules of Engagement:
The thing is, once started, the regime will find it almost impossible to stop on any terms besides their own unconditional surrender as they would be fighting an enraged but dispersed network insurgency. It is likely that after a few weeks of such blood-letting, the administration will be unable to find anybody left alive with sufficient influence among the insurgents with whom they can negotiate an end to the horror. The fact of the matter is that they would have done their best to kill the folks they would need to stop what they started. And they will want to stop it, oh, yes, out of concern for their own miserable hides if nothing else. For they will have provoked a conflict that will not be directed at the war-fighters, the grunts, even those in the outnumbered federal police, but rather at the war-makers, i.e. themselves.
In this they have only Bill Clinton to blame. When the Philanderer in Chief, frustrated with Serbian intransigence in 1999, changed the rules of engagement to include the political leadership, news media and the intellectual underpinning of his enemy's war effort, he accidentally filed suit under the Law of Unintended Consequences. The Serbians knuckled under, yes. But the rest of the world took note, including (the Three Percent). I assure you, the appeal to the higher court of history in that case has yet to be decided. . .
Johnston is as wrong as he can be when comparing past history to 4th Generation warfare, distributed networks and leaderless resistance, especially as will be practiced in the United States if it ever goes to war with itself. He is wrong, but the powerful men and women he is writing for think he's right. Unfortunately for them, in the situation the administration would find itself after Waco Two, the "decapitation" strategy would for them more resemble Russian Roulette played with an automatic pistol. . .
I have asked this question before. They will fight to the last ATF agent or to the last oath-breaking soldier. Will they fight to the first senior bureaucrat, the second Congressman, the third newspaper editor, the fourth Senator, the fifth White House aide? Can they stand Bill Clinton's rules of engagement?
What does this have to do with you? Well, remember what I said above, "We will not forget those who solicited our deaths and the deaths of our families. We will not forget and history will not forgive."
One of my readers had this reaction to your email bleating, Borg-like, that "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated":
"I find it baffling that Bob thinks we'd waste a single shot on people in the military. What a horrid waste of time and ammo, engaging those who didn't cause the problem. People like Bob, who sent them, however. . ."
He left the hypothetical results of your proposal for civil war hanging in the air. Ho Chi Minh once said, "Cherish your enemies, for they teach you the best lessons." You begin to see, perhaps, just how right the old collectivist butcher was, especially when by your advocacy of the precursors of tyranny, you invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences upon yourself. This is a mission I took upon myself many years ago: I am trying to save lives here, one unthinking collectivist tyrant wannabe at a time. I hope you can appreciate that.
For we represent two different world views, you and we. Boil it down and you believe that people should serve the government. If you didn't, you wouldn't trust a corrupt regime willing commit Waco massacres with one scintilla of essential liberty. We believe, like the Founders, that government should serve the people -- that it should be accountable to the people and restrained by the rule of law under the Constitution of the Founder's Republic. Each side believes fervently in these mutually exclusive propositions. It is collectivism versus individualism. Throughout history, such fundamental divides have most often been decided by sanguinary wars of unspeakable ferocity. If you believe otherwise, you are whistling past the graveyard of our own history.
My advice? Try to understand that you are tap dancing in a minefield blindfolded. You are unthinkingly toying with titanic forces you barely recognize. The NRA, as perhaps you can more readily understand now, is truly the least of your worries. Consider Ho Chi Minh's advice. Perhaps the best counsel that I can offer you is that provided by the Sheriff in Silverado, who when asked by a townsman what was happening, advised, "Hide and watch."
Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


The Beautiful Waters Rifleman T3 Magazines for Tikka Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

Tikka_T3_Magazine_223_10_shot-1-1Just over a week ago I blogged about David Waters, the CMP Distinguished shooters from Australia, who was fired by Goodyear after a co-worker visited his office and took her target rifle out of her car. The blog post attracted 350 comments and I hope came to the attention of Goodyear (USA). I was not aware that David, […]

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Top 5 Guns With Strange Features [The Firearm Blog]

Some firearms are straight-up bizarre, but some are relatively conventional yet employ an odd feature or two. In this episode of TFBTV, we take a look at 5 firearms that incorporate a bizarre feature that isn’t generally found on other guns. Firearms featured: Galil G41(M) Valmet M76 Arisaka Type 99 Calico Thanks to our Sponsors: […]

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SIG P250-22 [The Firearm Blog]

SIG 22SIG SAUER announced the addition of the .22 LR as a caliber option in the P250 line of handguns. The new rimfire offering expands the pistol caliber options to a total of four. Other calibers currently available are 9mm, .40 S&W and .357 SIG. The P250-22 is a double action only pistol with a nominal […]

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A Day at the Range With Vermont’s First Suppressor Manufacturer [The Firearm Blog]

BH8_0458_WebOn the national stage, Vermont is a state known for ice cream, maple syrup, and progressive politics; but within the firearms community, Vermont is well known for being a sanctum of gun rights that debunks the mainstream medias’ narrative about firearms. Up until this year, the only item tarnishing the states’ otherwise gun-friendly reputation was […]

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Spectre 80% Polymer Glock Frame [The Firearm Blog]

Ghost GlockPolymer 80 is coming out with an 80% Glock frame. They are available for pre-sale for $135. MSRP is $179.99. A bit steep for an 80% polymer frame. The kit will include drill bits, the jig, end mill bits and a custom locking block. They project to have frames ready to ship my January 2016. […]

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POTD: Paris Shield [The Firearm Blog]

Paris shieldThis photo has been going around recently on social media. It is the shield used to enter the Bataclan Theater during the recent Paris terrorist attack last Friday. After doing a little digging I found some more information and photos. The special unit, that used this shield, is called Brigades de Recherche et d’Intervention (Research […]

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Russian Kydex AK Mag Pouch [The Firearm Blog]

ak-magazine-holder-rounds-down 2Polenar Tactical is offering these mag pouches for AK mags. They are made by Stich Profi in Russia. They retail for €32,00 from Polenar Tactical. You can also get them from Stich Profi in Russia for €26.64. The pouch is unidirectional. They have a left and right handed version. They hold the mags bullets down […]

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50 Caliber USPSA Match [The Firearm Blog]

500 2David Starr has some fun shooting a USPSA match with a 500 S&W and a .50ae Desert Eagle. His reloads are decent. I am curious how he did shooting the 500 S&W. The recoil and muzzle jump is tremendous. His runs were solid looking though. In comparison, the desert eagle looks like a breeze to […]

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Gewehr 71 with Experimental Magazine at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The Model 1871 Mauser was adopted as the newly united Germany’s first standard rifle, and it was a good design. However, it was a single shot rifle and soon it became apparent that the additional firepower of a magazine rifle was necessary to maintain military parity. A number of different conversion methods were tested by the German military , and ultimately a tube magazine under the barrel was adopted as the Gewehr 71/84.

One of the other competing designs was this external wraparound magazine. It held cartridges outside the rifle, with a mechanism to kick a cartridge into the action’s feedway when an empty case was ejected. While mechanically clever and probably reasonably reliable in sterile conditions, it has clear and serious disadvantages compared to a fully integral magazine like the type ultimately adopted.

The rifle was pulled from the auction after I finished my video, so it is not actually for sale. Doesn’t make it any less interesting to look at, though!


Lousy day yesterday, lousier night. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

In addition to the chemo ass-kicking, I very literally got blindsided while helping load some shelving for delivery to a friend. The warehouseman who was helping us was in a hurry, and backing up without looking as I attempted to walk around him, he knocked me ass over appetite onto the concrete. (It was like being struck by a swinging side of beef.) Hit with my entire weight on my left kneecap, then flipped back and smashed my head. The kneecap is going to give continuing trouble, I can tell, (I can walk on it if I keep it absolutely straight but it will not flex without giving way and transmitting excruciating pain) but I skipped going to the ER in the interest of the co-pay. My head merely has a knot raised on it, which is probably karma. I am committed to deliver the shelving this morning, so it will be afternoon before I get back to post. Sorry.


Taurus drop test video [The Firearm Blog]

Screen shot 2015-11-17 at 11.40.55 PMIn the summer of this year we reported about the class action lawsuit that Taurus lost, and was filed by a sheriff in Iowa over some defective conditions of their semi automatic line of handguns. The payout was over millions of dollars. However a video has recently been surfacing of several Taurus handguns in this […]

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Review: Strike Industries All-In-One Tool For Glock [The Firearm Blog]

Glock_all_in_one_tool_mobileThe ever innovative Strike Industries is doing their best to make Glock shooter’s lives easier with their new All-In-One tool for Glock. It combines three invaluable tools that will make servicing your Glock easier in an easy to use small package. From Strike’s website: Product Spec – Length: 2.85” – Width: 1.16” – Height: 0.48” – […]

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UTG Announces New Made-In-America PRO Pic Rails [The Firearm Blog]

MNT_MB500T_APP_2Not content to be called “cheap (insert choice east-asian country here) sh*t” UTG, has been rapidly expanding its USA based manufacturing capabilities. Products manufactured in their US facility have picked up the “Pro” moniker. The latest additions to the “Pro” line (after their stock) include top picatinny rails for the three of the most popular firearms […]

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XCaliber Firearms Offers Threaded Glock 43 Barrel [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_0671I will have to file this in the “it will never be tactical but will certainly be tacti-cool” category. XCaliber Firearms (and a few other companies including ATI) are now offering threaded barrels for your Glock 43 single-stack 9mm pistol. One can see Phil’s thoughts on the Glock 43 here, but I am not sold […]

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Wednesday, 18 November


Must-haves for the 2015 9-day gun deer season [Gun News]

The countdown is on to the 2015 9-day gun deer hunting season in Wisconsin. Tom Keenan, the Store Manager of Gander Mountain, talked must-haves Wednesday on NewsChannel 7 at Noon.


TFBTV Weekly Ep.1: Repro Firearms and Cock-On-Close Vs. Open [The Firearm Blog]

Welcome to our new series, TFBTV Weekly where we use comments from you guys to help show what you want to see! In this episode we discuss reproduction firearms and demonstrate the difference between cock on close vs. open. We hope you enjoy. Thanks to our sponsors Grizzly Targets and Ventura Munitions. Want 20% off a Grizzly […]

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Putting Things In Context: The RSC 1917 And The MP.44 Sturmgewehr [The Firearm Blog]

FSA-1917-detouredRecently, I ran an article on this site pointing out some of the less impressive aspects of the MP.44 assault rifle’s history. Many people were unhappy with my assessment that the legendary Sturmgewehr was overrated and over-hyped, and therefore I think it’s worth spending some time to examine, by analogy, why I think that. But […]

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Review: Grand Power K100 MK12 [The Firearm Blog]

P1030690The Grand Power pistols have flown under the radar for some time but recently they came to my attention as a result of Polenar Tactical’s visit to the Grand Power factory in Slovakia that I have posted below. I started doing quite a bit of reading and settled on the standard K100 MK12 pistol. A […]

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France’s RSC 1917 of World War 1 With Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

rsc19171As a history buff it’s easy to find numerous interesting tidbits by studying World War I, but what’s really fascinating is the firearms. World War I may have run its course between 1914 and 1918 but that doesn’t mean there weren’t advances in firearms technology going on. For example, the French took it upon themselves […]

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Funky AMD-65 AK Found in Brazil [The Firearm Blog]

amd65Our good friend Ronaldo Olive wrote … Illegal firearms seized from criminal hands worldwide come in an immense variety of shapes… and looks!. This AMD-65, the Hungarian variant of the AK family, was recently taken from drug traffickers by Rio de Janeiro Military Police’s GETEM (a motorcycle tactical patrol unit of the BPChq, the Shock […]

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Gun Sales, Concealed Permit Applications Surge After Paris Attacks [Gun News]

In the days since the heinous terror attacks in Paris took 130 innocent lives and wounded hundreds more, Americans have flooded into gun stores to purchase new guns and sign up for concealed carry permit classes in their respective states. For example, Fox News San Antonio quoted Texas Guns owners Jerry McCall saying he is seeing "people in their 70s and 80s who say they have never owned a firearm before but think [they] need one in the house now."


Wonkblog: Senate Democrats want to know why American toddlers keep shooting people [Gun News]

Demonstrators take part in a rally calling for sensible gun laws in front of the White House on Oct. 5. MANDEL NGANMANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images Citing a recent Washington Post story on the number of toddlers who have shot people with guns this year, a group of 20 Senate Democrats on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions committee on Wednesday called on the Government Accountability Office to issue a report on gun safety, "including the storage and security of guns in households." The letter, signed by Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, Kirsten Gillibrand and others, says that "prevention of gun deaths and injuries should be an essential component of the federal government's commitment to public health and safety."


Senate Democrats want to know why American toddlers keep shooting people [Gun News]

Demonstrators take part in a rally calling for sensible gun laws in front of the White House on October 5, 2015 in Washington, DC. AFP PHOTO/MANDEL NGANMANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images Citing a recent Washington Post story on the number of toddlers who have shot people with guns this year, a group of 20 Senate Democrats on the Health, Education, Labor & Pensions committee on Wednesday called on the Government Accountability Office to issue a report on gun safety, "including the storage and security of guns in households."


Vickers Goes to Russia to Play With AK-12 [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureColor me insanely jealous. Russia is one of the few countries I did not have the pleasure to travel extensively during my tenure in defense sales. While I got to play with rifles in India, the Middle-East and SE Asia, I was never fortunate enough to play direct with the Russians. Larry is able to […]

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Unsafe or Good Training? [The Firearm Blog]

Screen shot 2015-11-16 at 11.02.32 PMImagine it pouring down torrential volumes of rain for days, and you are in the forest, sleeping in sleeping bags, with no option to go indoors whatsoever. You’re standing around with a group of your friends, embracing the misery, when some sort of leader walks over to your despicable band of brothers and says “Good […]

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Collectivist tyrant wannabe, somewhat surprisingly, responds to my email. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Regarding my post and email here, a collectivist tyrant wannabe, somewhat surprisingly, responds.
Sent: Wed, Nov 18, 2015 9:36 am
Subject: Re: When you get what you want, the NRA will be the least of your problems.
So how do you really feel about background checks?
Im (sic) always amazed at the hate some people have for their government. How did it come to that? If we really had a totalitarian government come to power, and the military was on their side do you really think that your small arms could hold off an armored attack? Rambo was fiction.
Why do you see tyranny in taking a few minutes to fill out a background check? Do you feel no responsibility to society at all? Or perhaps you have something to hide? If you could not pass a check I certainly understand your militancy.
Nothing in what support in that column would infringe upon your rights. When I have bought guns I went through a background check. Whey I got a carry permit I went through another check. I have my guns and I have my permit and no rights were harmed in the process.
Thank you for writing.


Tabloid Journalism At Its Finest? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

As posted on Facebook by the Daily News.

To paraphrase one of the Daily News' most famous headlines -  NRA to NY Daily News: Drop Dead.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that this sort of drivel comes from the New York Daily News. Until 1991, their tagline was "New York's Picture Newspaper." In other words, they were the paper meant for functional illiterates who needed the story told in pictures rather than words.

The gist of the article is that pro-gun Republicans are standing in the way of legislation that would add those people on the FBI's Terrorist Screening Database to the NICS denied list. They quote from a GAO report showing how many people on this list were allowed to purchase firearms. Given the error rate and vague criteria for being added to the list, this should not be surprising. What I do find surprising is that the GAO was even given this data given the secretive nature of that list.

The article quotes major proponents of the list (and enemies of civil liberties) such as Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY). Both have been longtime proponents of using the Terrorist Screening Database as another means of denying firearms purchases.

The timing of the article days after the terrorist attacks in Paris is not coincidental. It is an overt effort on the part of the Daily News to cast the NRA - Hillary Clinton's favorite punching bag - as enablers of Islamic terrorism because they oppose efforts to tie the FBI's vague and inaccurate terrorist list to the NICS System. It is yellow journalism at its worst.

UPDATE: Colion Noir makes an excellent point on Facebook regarding those on the FBI terrorist list who (legally) obtained firearms. He said, " If there are 2000 suspects on a terror watch list and each of them "legally" bought firearms that means they underwent a FBI background check, which means the FBI knew about each attempted purchase and approved them."

I agree with him that this is "dishonest manipulative garbage".


In Video Urging Citizens to Carry Guns, Israeli Lawmaker Practices... [Gun News]

An Israeli lawmaker posted video of himself Tuesday practicing firing his new handgun at a shooting range, the latest Israeli politician to encourage citizens with gun licenses to carry firearms in response to an ongoing wave of Palestinian terrorist attacks. "I got a handgun as well.


Book Review: Build Your Own AK, Vols. I & II, by Montag and Nicoroshi [The Firearm Blog]

BuildAKV1_Catalog_AppleTo the first-time AK builder, the task in front of him or her can seen daunting, or even impossible. Unlike AR-15s that easily go together virtually like a LEGO set, the Kalashnikov rifle requires a bit more effort – and more expensive tools – to put together. There are some resources available online to aid […]

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1847 Walker Revolver at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The Colt 1847 Walker revolver was a massive 4 1/2 pound handgun made for Samuel Walker of the US Mounted Rifles (he also served with the Texas Rangers) as a way to equip mounted troops with greater firepower than single-shot carbines. The Walker was the first true martial handgun made by Colt, and despite its problems (nearly a third of the guns procured by the military would be returned to Colt for repairs, and more than a few literally blew up) it would save Colt from bankruptcy after the commercial failure of his Paterson revolver of 1836.

Only 1100 of these guns were mad, 1000 for the military and a further 100 for commercial sale. The military ones were issued to 5 companied of Mounted Rifles, and can be identified by their factory unit marks for Companies A through E (this particular gun is a Company A one). Roughly half of them were delivered in time to see active use in the Mexican-American War, but all of them would see use for many years later in the hands of the US military, the Texas Rangers, the Confederate military, and in civilian hands. The design would evolve into the Colt Dragoon revolvers and ultimately lead to the 1851 Navy and 1860 Army designs – arguably the most iconic muzzle loading revolvers ever made.


Race Relations, Economic Policies Dominate Saturday's Democratic Debate [Gun News]

Last a aSaturday night'sa CBS News Democratic debate in Des Moines, Iowa took place as the world community worked to comprehend the tragedy that happened in Paris, France on Friday. Each of the Democratic candidates for President issued a written statement on the Parisian shootings and bombings ahead of debate night, and they opened the debate with statements addressing the massacres.


New Knife From SIG Sauer and Hogue [The Firearm Blog]

SIGKnife1Most of you probably own knives along with your guns, and many most likely own quite an assortment of knives, not just one or two. If you don’t, well, maybe it’s past time you did. Either way, this new knife may interest you. It’s being made by Hogue according to SIG Sauer’s requests, and it’s […]

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Dueck Defense Releases DFR Glock Sights [The Firearm Blog]

Capture3Dueck Defense, hot on the heels of their expensive RBU (Red Dot Back Up), has released an inexpensive (and arguably more practical) set of iron sights for Glock handguns. The new DFR sights or Dueck Defense Fixed Rear sight is an interesting design that Dueck claims ” (gives) your eye a longer window of light but […]

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The Guns Of Parisian Law Enforcement [The Firearm Blog]

12247864_1153194264708798_5269851677062494448_oLet it not be said that when provoked, Paris won’t respond in kind. Following the cowardly attacks on the city last week, the French National Police came out in force armed with several different kinds of firearms, some fairly old but still very capable in the hands of trained professionals. Polish blog Broń i Amunicja posted […]

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American Tactical 9mm ARs [The Firearm Blog]

American Tactical Mil-Sport 9mm AR-15 CarbineAmerican Tactical Inc. attended the recent NASGW Expo in New Orleans, LA. At the show, the company announced two new guns chambered in 9mm and based on the AR platform. One is a rifle while the second is a pistol. Both guns are designed to take Glock magazines. The new rifle, called the Mil-Sport 9mm […]

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Penn's political leaders respond to new controversial anti-gun violence group [Gun News]

Penn Against Gun Violence has received mixed reactions from students. Members include : College freshman Candy Alfaro, College freshman Camille Rapay, Wharton freshman Jillian Jones, College freshman Natalie Mullins, College freshman Madeline Freeman, College freshman Natalie Breuel, and College freshman Helen Dai.


Big News: TFB Official SHOT Show Industry Day At The Range Partner And The Official Video Sponsor [The Firearm Blog]

media-day-2Each year TFB’s coverage of SHOT Show gets better and better. This year will be no exception. I am pleased to announce that TFB is is now an official partner of SHOT Show® Industry Day at the Range™. What this means for you, our readers, is that we will be in Vegas a day earlier than […]

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Tuesday, 17 November


"The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Along with the more numerous threats and imprecations of those who disagreed with me on recent posts, I received a handful of supportive messages and emails such as the one below (as well as the Bible verse from Proverbs Chapter 18 in the header above). God bless you all for your kind words. I'm taking a lot of flak for those posts but I guess that means I'm over the target.
To: Mike Vanderboegh
Sent: Tue, Nov 17, 2015 8:11 am
Subject: Muslim Innocent Posts--Some Encouragement
Good Morning. I just started perusing your blog this morning and saw some of the replies from the "all Muslims must die" crowd (and some of the barely less radical elements). I didn't read all of the comments because I've been reading enough of that around here from the former friend I'd mentioned before who's turned racial collectivist.
I know how discouraging it is to see this--especially for you as a founder of the Threeper movement--so I just wanted to add my voice to the other side. Thank you for standing up for the Biblical, moral position of defending the innocent. There are others of us out here who agree with you, and it's encouraging to us to read your words. It's, frankly, a long overdue breath of fresh air--no lies about a "religion of peace," no collectivist "kill them all" statements, but a leader actually saying "Yes their religion is wrong, but God didn't tell us to judge them for that, and we protect all innocent parties."
Keep up the good work. It encourages us, and it is right in the eyes of the only court which matters. Have a blessed day.


If the student thugs of the Chinese Cultural Revolution were call Red Guards, what are these? Black Guards? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"Protesters reportedly shouted "F- you, you filthy white f--" "f- you and your comfort" and "f- you, you racist s-."
"Throngs of protesters converged around fellow students who had not joined in their long march," The Review reported. "They confronted students who bore ‘symbols of oppression' such as ‘gangster hats' and Beats-brand headphones. The flood of demonstrators opened the doors of study spaces with students reviewing for exams. Those who tried to close their doors were harassed further. One student abandoned the study room and ran out of the library. The protesters followed her out of the library, shouting obscenities the whole way."
Video link.


Keep talking, you collectivist tyrant. Between you and ISIS we ought to have a real run of record firearm sales in 2016. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"Obama says gun control to be top issue of final year."
Asked by interviewer Bill Simmons of HBO if gun control will be the “dominant” issue on his agenda next year, Mr. Obama replied, “I hope so.”
“We have this weird habit in this culture of mourning and, you know, 48, 72 hours of wall-to-wall coverage, and then … suddenly we move on,” Mr. Obama said. “And I will do everything I can to make sure that there’s a sustained attention paid to this thing.”


"One can only hope that . . . Christians languishing in . . . ghettos never discover how American refugee resettlers, and even some Christian leaders, have worked to prevent Congress from making a place for Christian refugees." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"So Far: Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians."
See also: "Scandal: U.S. Christian Groups Prioritize Muslim Refugees over Christian Ones. Here’s Why."
Their plight involves a nightmarish catch-22. When Christians flee as refugees they cannot go to UN-run refugee camps because there they face the same persecution and terror from which they fled. If they are not in the refugee camps they are not included in the application process for asylum. The U.S. State Department knows this, but continues to allow the office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to select refugees for asylum with no regard to the endangered Christians and other religious minorities. According to statements in the Sunday Express from an ISIS defector and aid workers in the UN camps, ISIS is sending teams of trained assassins disguised as refugees to kidnap and kill Christians.
And we’ve just learned that the State Department is poised to rule that Yazidis but not Christians are likely to be designated as victims of genocide in Iraq.
The blame is not just with the United Nations and the Obama administration. U.S. organizations who resettle refuges are also to blame. This includes Christian groups that resist any focus on Christian victims of ISIS, and oppose actions by Congress to welcome not just economic migrants but also Christians and other religious minorities victimized by ISIS.


ISIS and the Logic of Anarchy [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

“When a country is being subverted it is not being outfought; it is being out-administered. Subversion is literally administration with a minus sign in front.” ISIS has subverted western Iraq and eastern Syria because it is out-administering the Baghdad and Damascus regimes there. That is, ISIS has erected a competent bureaucratic authority covering everything from schools to waste removal which, combined as it is with repression, is secure and stable. And with that territorial security, ISIS has apparently created a central dispatch point for planning terrorist attacks abroad. Eventually, the end of ISIS can only come about when some other force out-administers it.
ISIS is the upshot of anarchy, in other words: a situation which obtains when a populated territory is without administration, so that warrior bands prevent anyone from feeling secure. The toppling of a secular Baathist regime in Iraq in 2003 and a revolt against another secular Baathist regime in Syria in 2011 reduced those countries to dust and chaos. Baathist totalitarianism, followed by such chaos, meant that only a movement equally extreme in its own right could take root and flourish in the vacuum. Thus, whatever strategy we follow against ISIS must have as its endgame a plan to out-administer it, or else anarchy will simply return and ISIS along with it.


Worst day in a while. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Sorry, but all I could muster today was releasing comments (and deleting the more blood thirsty ones from folks who don't believe that Muslim babies are innocent). At present, this post represents a new SSI record, with 89 published comments and probably three dozen or so direct threats of violence to Muslim babies and yours truly for posting it. Now I'm going through the email backup. Will try to have more stuff for tomorrow, but then, it's almost tomorrow at the moment anyway.


Erick Erickson soils himself: Conservative host now too scared to see ... [Gun News]

Proving yet again that when conservatives speak of "a good guy with a gun," they invariably mean "a white guy with a gun" - non-white people with guns being inherently dangerous and untrustworthy, etc. - conservative radio host Erick Erickson announced that in the wake of the tragedy in Paris, he would not be seeing "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" on opening weekend because "there are no metal detectors in American theaters."


Rep. King Seeks To Close Loophole Allowing Suspected Terrorists To Get Guns In U.S. [Gun News]

CBS 2 CBS 2 is part of CBS Television Stations, a division of CBS Corp. and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country. Latest Videos Eye On New York Dining Deals Tony's Table Links [] WCBS 880 WCBS Newsradio 880 is one of the tri-state's most trusted sources for news and information.


Senate candidate outlines plans for tougher gun control measures [Gun News]

A Democratic Senate candidate reiterated his calls for tougher gun control measures, including universal background checks to keep firearms out of the hands of those bent on hurting others. Cincinnati City Councilman P.G. Sittenfeld also slammed Democrat Ted Strickland and Republican Sen. Rob Portman for taking similar positions on gun-related policies.


Allegheny County residents seek gun permits in wake of Paris attacks [Gun News]

Terrorist attacks in Paris have shaken the global community, including Allegheny County, where residents are reacting with a feverish demand for permits to carry and conceal guns. The pace of phone calls into the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office has overwhelmed staff.


Bill to allow concealed handguns in day cares, airports clears Ohio House [Gun News]

The Ohio House of Representatives on Tuesday passed legislation that would allow people to carry concealed handguns in day cares, aircraft, airport lobbies, and other places. The measure also gives colleges and universities the choice of allowing concealed handguns on campus.


If you use a gun in self defense, the robber will just take it away [Of Arms and the Law]

Apparently this Alaskan store owner never heard of that idea. When the robber transferred the gun to their weak hand, she grabbed it and threw it away. The robber then came at her with a knife, and she took that away, too. Her cries for help brought people rushing from nearby stores and they held the robber for police.


Krag Jorgensen Run and Gun (Hardest One Yet) [The Firearm Blog]

The Norwegian Krag Jorgensen rifle was adopted by the United States Army as the Springfiel model 1892 and marked the transition of America’s military into the smokeless powder era. The Krag is strange by today’s standards with a few unique features, but how does it fair on the run and gun course? Please subscribe to […]

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Bay County group opposing guns in school heads to Lansing with 1,584 signatures [Gun News]

A Bay County group opposing the carrying of concealed firearms in sensitive areas like churches and schools is heading to Lansing to share more than 1,500 signatures they've garnered in support. Bay City residents Cindy Chadwick, Robert E. Chadwick II and Sandra Rogers, members of Bay Region Against Gun Violence , are driving south on Tuesday, Nov. 17, with 1,584 signatures to their online petition opposing Senate Bill 442 and similar proposed legislation.


Lawsuit hinges on apartment's justification for banning guns [Gun News]

A lawsuit brought by a disabled former volunteer police officer in Maine who wants to keep a gun to defend himself could come down to how strong the justification is for banning guns in his subsidized apartment unit. Dmitry Bam, a professor at the University of Maine School of Law, said some states ban gun ownership in government-run housing complexes, "and at least some of those have been upheld."


New Meprolight Weapon Sights [The Firearm Blog]

MEPRO NOA NYXMeprolight announced a pair of new weapon sights at the Milipol 2015 exhibition in Paris, France. The two new electronic sights are updated versions of existing products in the Meprolight line. The first new sight is the updated Mepro NOA NYX that is designed to be a light, uncooled thermal imaging rifle sight. Meprolight engineers […]

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Holland and Holland Manufacturing Video [The Firearm Blog]

HollandHolland and Holland posted this up last month. A beautiful video showing some of the manufacturing and hand made craftsmanship that goes into their guns.  

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Lawmakers: Let TSA accept concealed carry permits as ID at airports [Gun News]

Two Republican House members have proposed legislation that would let government airport screeners accept concealed carry permits as a form of identification for people trying to board planes. According to the legislation introduced by Reps.


ATN Introduces the X-Sight Night Sight and BinoX [The Firearm Blog]

I think it’s safe to say anyone who loves to shoot also enjoys night vision gear. The only problem up until now has been the sometimes prohibitive cost or if you could afford a night vision rifle scope or binoculars the quality was usually pretty bad and required auxiliary lighting. These new products from ATN […]

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"Smart gun"? [Of Arms and the Law]

A review of the Armatix iP1 "smart gun."

It required execution of seven push-button commands before firing, misfires 3-4 times per magazine, costs three times what comparable firearms cost, keys on being "paired" to a watch with defective resistance to water, and has a terrible double-action pull. Apart from that, it is just what you are looking for in a self-defense arm. Oh, it also has a "kill switch" function so another person can turn it off.


Obama Hopes Gun Control Will Be Dominant Issue in Year Eight of His Presidency [Gun News]

President Barack Obama said in a recent interview that he hoped gun control will be a major issue in the 2016 election and regrets that he was unable "to capture this moment" of the Sandy Hook shooting to pass more restrictive laws. GQ published an interview with Obama Tuesday conducted by Bill Simmons, co-creator of ESPN's "30 for 30a 3 sports documentary series and author of "The Book of Basketball" who currently creating his own show for HBO.


Zabala Hermanos Pistol Grip Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

ZH 5One of my competitive shooting buddies texted me that his friend is looking to get rid of some of his family’s firearms. Most of them were some form of shotgun and two lever guns. What caught my eye was this side by side 20 gauge shotgun. The forwarded text I received was “I have a […]

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Senate candidate ready to outline gun policy [Gun News]

Democratic Senate candidate P.G. Sittenfeld plans a major speech on guns as he seeks to distinguish himself as the only candidate favoring gun control in the closely watched 2016 campaign. The 31-year-old Cincinnati councilman's remarks are planned for Tuesday, as Sittenfeld signals he'll make the gun issue a centerpiece of his campaign.


DIY Railgun [The Firearm Blog]

Photo by Zebralemur at are typically a thing of military and scientific lore, but this DIYer has the brains and the resources to make his own railgun. Our industry peers over at have published an article that has a number of embedded videos showing the railgun being shot at a variety of items. Here’s a snippet from […]

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Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

As the march of the social justice warriors advances across colleges and universities across the nation today's quote of the day provides the explanation. It comes from the Letters to the Editor column of today's Wall Street Journal.

Remember when they started giving every kid a trophy? Those children are in college now.

Mike Simone
Gahanna, Ohio

An alternative explanation is that Obama's former campaign organization now called Organizing for America or OFA has been training every disgruntled group on a college campus in Alinskyite tactics. While this is probably the more realistic explanation, I prefer the "every kid gets a trophy" explanation myself.


Armed Ohio Teachers Trained to Cut 'Active Shooter' Killing Time [Gun News]

Roughly 40 school districts in Ohio allow teachers to pack concealed guns in the classroom, and more and more of them are getting trained on how to stop an "active shooter." "Safety of our kids should not be a controversial issue.


RSC 1917: France’s WW1 Semiauto Rifle at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

Did you know that the French Army issued more than 80,000 semiautomatic rifles during WWI? They had been experimenting with a great many semiauto designs before the war, and in 1916 finalized a design for a rotating bolt, long stroke gas piston rifle (with more than few similarities to the M1 Garand, actually) which would see field service beginning in 1917. An improved version was put into production in 1918, but too late to see any significant combat use.

The RSC 1917 was not a perfect design, but it was good enough and the only true semiauto infantry rifle fielded by anyone in significant numbers during the war.


Official Launch of FNH USA’s Military Collector Series [The Firearm Blog]

DSCF2531Although FNH USA prominently featured their commercial version of the M249 at last spring’s NRA Meeting, they’re just now announcing the official launch of the FN Military Collector Series. Considering how popular that semi-auto SAW was back in April, it seems safe to say the series will be quite a hit. At the NRA Meeting […]

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ALERT: Terror suspects buying guns in America [Gun News]

" Membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms or explosives under current federal law ," Government Accountability Office " America is absolutely awash with easily obtainable firearms. You can go down to a gun show at the local convention center and come away with a fully automatic assault rifle, without a background check, and most likely without having to show an identification card.


Military Arms Channel Gets is Paws on Beretta M9A3 [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureTim from Military Arms Channel is one lucky fellow. His Test & Evaluation M9A3 has already arrived and he has been busy putting it through its paces (we have requested one, but its not arrived yet). While Beretta may have a differing corporate statement, M9A3 was born to short-circuit the US Army’s Modular Handgun System, a […]

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OT Defense SLS “Nub” Mod [The Firearm Blog]

bfbc1a7d7069b546d56c835f9cb62fb4Earlier on TFB we reported about Oregon Trail Defense’s ALS “Nub” Mod for the Safariland line of Level 3 retention holsters. Essentially it is an aluminum part that is installed on the actuating lever that allows release of the handgun from the holster in a much faster and reliable way than the original small piece. […]

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Rebuttal for TFB’s Sturmgewehr Article [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureThere are a myriad of opinions within the industry on an even larger selection of topics. Too that point, often TFB writers disagree on topics. Ian from Forgotten Weapons (one of our contributors) has taken to disagree with Nathaniel F. on his post “7 Reasons I Don’t Like the MP-44 Sturmgewehr”. It is worth pointing out […]

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Monday, 16 November


Democrats Deceive Voters on Gun ControlBy Matt Laslo [Gun News]

From the sound of the Democratic presidential candidates, you'd think every president gets a magic wand upon entering the Oval Office. When it comes to gun-control, they're actually only given a headache.


Life saved by gun not Page 1 news [Gun News]

In the Daily Herald Nov. 3 on Page 8 is a small article about a attempted robbery at a store on Chicago's southwest side. The robber, a masked man entered the store displaying a handgun and announced he was robbing the store.


Armed Homeowner Scares Off Attacker, Anchorage, Alaska [Gun News]

Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family. "We believe that the American public deserve to understand that on the average, guns save 2,191 lives and are used to thwart crimes every day," says Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation Most times you won't see these tales on the news as it does not fit the main stream media's story line of " Guns and Gun Owners are Bad ".


Fox Guest Ben Stein Uses Paris Attack To Falsely Claim There Is More... [Gun News]

Fox News guest Ben Stein claimed that if the terror attack at a Paris concert hall would have happened in the United States "there would have been someone in the audience who would have shot those two guys up on the stage before they had gotten off two rounds," before falsely claiming that where gun laws are stricter there is more gun violence. Stein's claim is contradicted by the fact that the United States has far looser gun laws compared to France and also a gun homicide rate that is 14 times higher .


Why Record Guns Sales are Not Showing in National Gun Ownership Polls [Gun News]

Gun sales are at record levels. In the last six months, gun sales, as reflected by the National Instant Check system, have hit record highs for each of the six months.


'People should be outraged' by allowing guns at school, Grand Rapids superintendent says [Gun News]

Grand Rapids Superintendent Teresa Weatherall Neal and a school board committee are recommending the district oppose gun legislation that would allow concealed carry instead of open carry in schools. Michigan law currently prohibits permit holders from carrying concealed pistols in so-called gun-free zones, but it does not prevent them from openly carrying weapons in those same places.


Suppressors affecting velocity [The Firearm Blog]

UntitledDustin Ellermann recently conducted a simple test in which he shot various firearms of varying calibers through a chronograph with and without suppressors on each, in order to test their velocity. The overall findings are that, yes suppressors will increase the velocity of a round, with the exception of the .223 in his specific test, […]

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Bullpup AR Conversion [The Firearm Blog]

_1012490_zpsa0a3a480Recently I stumbled upon this gem of creativity, a fellow somewhere in the US who designed and put together a bullpup configuration of an AR15 by re-configuring the trigger group into a stock, putting a pistol grip and trigger guard along the rail system, raising the EoTech by about 2 inches with a rail riser […]

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Teach Gun Safety, Not Gun Ignorance [Gun News]

Human beings' long childhoods enable the acquisition of vast amounts of knowledge and skills. What is learned depends on parents' priorities and experiences.


Colt out of bankruptcy? [The Firearm Blog]

Colt-LogoIn a recent article on shows an outlined plan for Colt Defense to get itself out of the current financial quagmire that it finds itself in these days. And no, it doesn’t involve a Native American Casino company as was proposed earlier this year in an attempt to save the company. The current plan is […]

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Special Police Operations ArmaLite AR-10A4 [The Firearm Blog]

1_bope_ago_116-1THE South American gun expert Ronaldo Olive sent us this photo and wrote … After entering service with Rio de Janeiro Military Police’s crack BOPE (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais, Special Police Operations Battalion), the ArmaLite AR-10A4 7.62x51mm rifle has now been added to the inventories of other units of that organization, namely the Batalhão de […]

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Marco Rubio: a Gun Laws Fail Everywhere Theya re Trieda [Gun News]

He said supporting gun control is something Democrats do, not Republicans, adding, "The nation already has a Democrat Party [and] we don't need two Democrat Parties." According to The Hill , Rubio said, "We must always be the party that protects the Second Amendment."


I'm taking a poll. How many of you are willing to kill a Muslim infant because his or her parents are Muslim? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

How many are willing to kill a Kurd, the predominant number of which are Sunni Muslim, even if they are pro-American and fighting against the butchers of ISIS? They're Muslim, right? How many are willing to kill a Shia woman, raped and victimized by ISIS monsters, to finish their job simply because she too is Muslim? C'mon. Why don't you extend your sterile and often anonymous demands that "all Muslims must die" to these folks? Don't you want to be philosophically consistent? Or are you prepared to agree with me that there ARE Muslims innocent of any crime and thus not deserving of death at our hands?
I am not arguing about the validity of their faith. I am a Christian, but I also understand that absent the burden of protecting the innocent -- ALL innocents -- from attack by collectivists of any ilk, including Muslim religious collectivists, it is not up to me to execute God's judgment upon someone simply because of their faith, however mistaken it is. Even if you do not share my faith, what part of belief that the Constitution extends to everyone regardless of race, color or religion are you willing to tear up? And if you are, how are you different from the collectivist monsters of every ilk that we claim to fight?
I'd like to know. Right here. Right now. How many of you are volunteering to be baby killers?


Wounded Vets back to shooting [The Firearm Blog]

635827592815546502-Vet-Rifle-01-MAIN-FOR-CPPersonally, I consider a range trip one of the more therapeutic activities I can do on my own time. Something about the relationship between myself, the firearm, and the target, in that literally nothing else in the world matters and can come in between myself and making that round go where I want it to go. […]

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Tom Baugh's Kerodin "mea culpa." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Just had this forwarded to me from George Patton's site by a reader: "My Kerodin Mea Culpas: III Arms and Others." It links to this at Tom's site.


The NRA is the least of this collectivist moke's problems, he just doesn't realize it yet. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Bob Nicholson, collectivist advocate of tyranny.
"How the NRA helps arm criminals."
My reply via email directly to the constitutional scofflaw (also posted as a comment at the site, but I doubt it makes it):
-----Original Message-----
Sent: Mon, Nov 16, 2015 11:30 am
Subject: When you get what you want, the NRA will be the least of your problems.
My dear pathetic Mr. Nicholson,
Provoking a bloody civil war by insisting that the federal government take over the private sale of arms among the previously peaceable and law-abiding ("universal background checks") and making us all felons with nothing left to lose seems a strange way to reduce violence. Indeed, when you get what you want, the NRA will be the least of your problems. Currently, every law passed in the states since Sandy Hook has been nullified and negated by armed civil disobedience and non-compliance, and that has nothing to do with the perfumed princes of the NRA bureaucracy in Fairfax. Indeed, the politicians of these states don't know whether to defecate or go blind, since they are coming to the conclusion that to enforce such laws will cost them personally.
How then will you enforce your appetite for our traditional liberty, our property rights with the iron fist of state-sanctioned violence at the cost of our lives if we tell you and your state minions to go to hell at the muzzles of our rifles? Tell us now how many of our deaths is it worth to you to enforce your tyrannical will upon us? 100 thousand? A million? Ten million? And what will you do when we conclude that your attacks require not just the willingness to die for our principles, but the necessity to kill in righteous self defense of them as well? Do not extrapolate from your own moral cowardice and assume that just because you pass a law that we will all roll over and willingly submit to being slaves of the federal government. And do you suppose that we will not remember who sought our demise and that of our families by advocacy of such tyranny?
Be careful what you wish for, as the ancient Chinese proverb warns, you may get it. But if you are determined to try to sate your appetite for social control by your plan, then kindly have the courage of your convictions and accompany the first raid parties to our doors. We can then introduce you to the ironclad Law of Unintended Consequences. If not, then kindly shut up your impotent squeaking, you and your collectivist ilk are boring the rest of us.
Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126


School board opposes shooting range near school property [Gun News]

Lawrence school board members have opposed a shooting range and gun shop proposed for a location across the street from the district's college and career center. School board member Shannon Kimball says it's not appropriate for a business that close to a school to sell deadly weapons.


Just Announced: SIG P-229 Limited Edition Carry Models [The Firearm Blog]

unnamedIn recent months SIG Sauer has put a great deal of effort into improving and modifying the P-229. I first announced the Legion P-229 on October the 5th (The Legion 229). Just yesterday I received an email from SIG Sauer announcing two more new models in the P-229 lineup will be available very soon. One […]

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Madsen LMG Disassembly and Functioning (RIA) [Forgotten Weapons]

The Madsen LMG is of particular interest to me because it is both a very mechanically unusual design and also a very early successful design. Madsen light machine guns were first used in combat in the Russo-Japanese War, saw use in both World Wars, and continued to be used by various forces (the Brazilian police being a notable example) until quite recently. Mechanically, the Madsen is a falling block type of action, which allows it to use a very short receiver (since there is no need for space for a bolt to travel forward and backward). Today I figured we would spend time pulling apart a live registered Madsen (a dealer sample, unfortunately) to examine its working parts.


The gun store next door: Residential firearms businesses booming in N.J. [Gun News]

Not long after December 2012, Joe Veni's neighbors in Brick started noticing how many people were visiting his house. "My one neighbor says, 'What are you selling that everybody wants?'" Veni said from his kitchen table, which doubles as his sales counter.


Bond Arms Buys Boberg [The Firearm Blog]

Bond ArmsBond Arms recently announced that the company purchased the assets and product lines of Boberg Arms Corp. The Texas-based gun manufacturer made the announcement on Facebook. According to Bond Arms, the purchase is effective as of November 6. During the coming months, the Boberg Arms assets will be transferred from their current location in St. […]

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Coonan Expands into .45 ACP Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

CoonanCoonan Inc., announced the company will start building 1911 pistols chambered for the traditional caliber: .45 ACP. Coonan made its name in manufacturing 1911-style pistols chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge. When the .357 Magnum guns were re-introduced, they generated a fair amount of excitement by the shooting public. Since then, the company expanded the […]

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EXCLUSIVE - "Sheriff Clarke: The 2nd Amendment Is Treated Like the Constitution's Bastard Child [Gun News]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed Wisconsin Democrats' determined efforts to block campus-carry for self-defense in the state's universities, even as Americans continuously try to expand personal freedoms. "We're always looking to expand the exercise of liberty," he told Breitbart News.


Review: Vanquest’s Smaller CCW Bags [The Firearm Blog]

BagAt Big 3 East, last month, the guys at Vanquest showed off their newest bags. These did not exist when they were at Big 3 East last March. Here is the Falconer backpack. There is a front compartment that can hold a large pistol, like the MKE MP5K clone. The Falconer’s main compartment is loop […]

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Magpul Now Shipping 10 Round AK MOE Mags [The Firearm Blog]

magpul-moe-ak-47-10-rd-magMagpul just released their new 10 round PMAG 10 AK/AKM MOE 7.62x39mm Magazines. Their lightweight and budget friendly 10 round mags fit pretty much all Kalashnikov pattern rifles and pistols chambered in 7.62x39mm, including the AK-47, AKM variants, AKS, Yugo AKs and the SIG556R. Just like with their 30 round AK/AKM MOE magazines their shorter […]

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Paris [The Firearm Blog]

Flag of FranceIt saddened and sickened me to read the horrific news coming out of France. Our thoughts this weekend were with the French people as they came to terms with the 5th, and deadliest, terrorist attack they have experienced this year alone. Tweets, likes, blog posts and hashtags will not stop terrorism in France. It will be […]

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Yes, there are Muslims innocent of any crime, and this is what God has to say about that. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Jeremiah 22:1-9 (New King James Version):
Thus says the Lord: “Go down to the house of the king of Judah, and there speak this word, and say, ‘Hear the word of the Lord, O king of Judah, you who sit on the throne of David, you and your servants and your people who enter these gates! Thus says the Lord: “Execute judgment and righteousness, and deliver the plundered out of the hand of the oppressor. Do no wrong and do no violence to the stranger, the fatherless, or the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place. For if you indeed do this thing, then shall enter the gates of this house, riding on horses and in chariots, accompanied by servants and people, kings who sit on the throne of David. But if you will not hear these words, I swear by Myself,” says the Lord, “that this house shall become a desolation.”’” (Verses 1-5).
For thus says the Lord to the house of the king of Judah: “You are Gilead to Me, The head of Lebanon; Yet I surely will make you a wilderness, Cities which are not inhabited. I will prepare destroyers against you, Everyone with his weapons; They shall cut down your choice cedars And cast them into the fire. (Verses 6 & 7)
And many nations will pass by this city; and everyone will say to his neighbor, ‘Why has the Lord done so to this great city?’ Then they will answer, ‘Because they have forsaken the covenant of the Lord their God, and worshiped other gods and served them.’” (Verses 8 &9)
Or, if you prefer your moral guidance with a little less Old Testament, try this quote from Lord Moran:
“I contend that fortitude in war has its roots in morality; that selection is a search for character and that war itself is but one more test — the supreme and final test if you will — of character. Courage can be judged apart from danger only if the social significance and meaning of courage is known to us; namely that a man of character in peace becomes a man of courage in war. He cannot be selfish in peace and yet be unselfish in war. Character, as Aristotle taught, is a habit, the daily choice of right and wrong; it is a moral quality which grows to maturity in peace and is not suddenly developed on the outbreak of war. For war, in spite of what we have heard to the contrary, has no power to transform, it merely exaggerates the good and evil that are in us, till it is plain for all to read; it cannot change; it exposes.” – Lord Moran, in The Anatomy of Courage (1945)
And if even that doesn't make an impression on you, try this on for size. By targeting innocent Muslims, you are playing right into the hands of civilization's bloody-handed enemies: "The Islamic State’s trap for Europe."
"The Islamic State’s strategy is to polarize Western society — to 'destroy the grayzone,' as it says in its publications. The group hopes frequent, devastating attacks in its name will provoke overreactions by European governments against innocent Muslims, thereby alienating and radicalizing Muslim communities throughout the continent. . . The strategy is explicit. The Islamic State explained after the January attacks on Charlie Hebdo magazine that such attacks 'compel the Crusaders to actively destroy the grayzone themselves. . . . Muslims in the West will quickly find themselves between one of two choices, they either apostatize . . . or they [emigrate] to the Islamic State and thereby escape persecution from the Crusader governments and citizens.' The group calculates that a small number of attackers can profoundly shift the way that European society views its 44 million Muslim members and, as a result, the way European Muslims view themselves. Through this provocation, it seeks to set conditions for an apocalyptic war with the West."

Sunday, 15 November


"ATF officials in charge of scandalous gunwalk program allowed to retire." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

What the heck. They were only little fish in a monstrous, murderous conspiracy against the Constitution that killed American law enforcement officers and a few thousand Mexicans. But then again, almost every federal department including the FBI, the NSC and the State Department was involved as well. I mean, if you can excuse that, you can excuse anything, right? Keep the names on file, though. You never can tell when they might be indicted and convicted under the implacable Law of Unintended Consequences.


Collision risk jumps during deer season [Gun News]

Autumn comes with many loved attributes - vibrantly colored foliage, cooler temperatures and favorite holidays - but it also brings a sharp increase in deer-vehicle collisions.


Two from Herschel Smith. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The Bataclan And The Death Of The Globalist, Secular Utopia
"Everyone in the French government is shocked. No thinking man is shocked. This was the inevitable deliverance of a ruling class who hates us. America is the product of Continental and Scottish Calvinism, unquestionably a Christian nation. The current administration, along with ISIS, hates who we are. This is coming to America – it is already in America – and it is our responsibility to be ready for it."
"Tom Ricks On Gun Control."
"I wonder if Tom is concerned enough about the black community to cause an American civil war over gun confiscations, or to see a government that has lost any semblance of control because no one observes its laws? Does he really think we’re going to go along with more gun control? Finally, I am left wondering if Tom wrote this piece when he was partly nuts or bigtime nuts? For the record, I’m not nuts."


"We should . . . focus more on repression.” -- "Time for a two-state solution? NYT reports Belgian government ‘lacks control over neighborhood linked to terror’" [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

From Twitchy.
From New York Times: "Belgian Minister Says Government Lacks Control Over Neighborhood Linked to Terror Plots."
Belgium’s home affairs minister said that the government does not “have control of the situation in Molenbeek,” a working-class neighborhood of Brussels that has been linked to several terrorism plots in recent years. Speaking on the VRT television channel on Sunday, the minister, Jan Jambon, said that the government would “step up efforts” to bring order to the area of the Belgian capital.
“I see that Mayor Françoise Schepmans is also asking our help, and that the local police chief is willing to cooperate,” Mr. Jambon said. “We should join forces and clean up the last bit that needs to be done; that’s really necessary.” Prime Minister Charles Michel of Belgium said he was also concerned about jihadist networks in Molenbeek.
“I notice that each time there is a link with Molenbeek,” he said. “This is a gigantic problem. Apart from prevention, we should also focus more on repression.” Belgian officials had said that the brother of one of the men suspected to be Paris attackers was arrested on Saturday in Molenbeek.
From CNN: "Molenbeek: The Brussels suburb at the heart of Belgium's jihadist threat."


Rift opens among gun owners over concealing in schools [Gun News]

When Kenneth Herman visits his daughter's school, the handgun holstered to his right hip is visible to anyone. And that has caused him problems.


"Paris suicide vests mark change of tactics and new threat." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The suicide vests used Friday by attackers in Paris -- a first in France -- were made by a highly-skilled professional who could still be at large in Europe, intelligence and security experts say. . . "Suicide vests require a munitions specialist. To make a reliable and effective explosive is not something anyone can do," a former French intelligence chief told AFP, speaking on condition of anonymity. "A munitions specialist is someone who is used to handling explosives, who knows how to make them, to arrange them in a way that the belt or vest is not so unwieldy that the person can't move," he added.
"All seven of the assailants who died in attacks wore identical explosive vests and did not hesitate to blow themselves up -- a worrying change of tactic for jihadists targeting France. . . French authorities say the vests appeared to have been made with TATP, or acetone peroxide, that is easy for amateurs to make at home but is highly unstable. . . Making a vest cannot be simply learned over the Internet. . . "It can't be done in a couple of days," said the former intelligence chief. "It takes weeks of training, and you have to work under the watch of a 'master'. It's meticulous work."


MSP releases tips on how to be safe during deer season [Gun News]

With open firearm dear season beginning Sunday, Michigan State Police troopers provided Michigan drivers and hunters a handful of safety tips to stay safe this hunting season. Know that deer are herd animals and frequently travel in a single file line.


Mardela man visiting D.C. to fight for more gun control [Gun News]

Mardela man visiting D.C. to fight for more gun control A Mardela Springs resident and 14 other gun owners will be in Washington early this week. Check out this story on Lewes may be the first town to invoke new authority to bar citizens from openly carrying firearms into municipal buildings and meetings.


Notice: Comments along the lines of "The only good Muslim is a dead Muslim" will not be posted. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Nor will permutations of that collectivist error, as in "kill all Muzzie kids" and "shoot everything in a burka." Such commenters need to refresh their memories by rereading and internalizing the lessons of the Three Percent Catechism. Becoming the monster you claim to fight is stupid, self defeating and evil.


Very rough day yesterday with one hilarious highlight. I meet the ideological grandson of one of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I ran into a self-declared "prepper" who, he was proud to say, is planting all his preps and believes in all sincerity that he will be able to trade for whatever else he needs after the Zombie Apocalypse. In fact, he reminded me of a distant memory of my past, The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers' mantra:
What about food, water, firearms and ammunition I asked him? No, he didn't waste time and money on those, he confided to me conspiratorially, dope would get him all those things when he needed them. "Great plan," I laughed. "Great plan."


What a crock of excrement. "Greensboro police asks residents to sign pledge, turn in guns." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"The first 1,000 people to sign the pledge will receive a small gift, according to police."
Official notice.
Greensboro police are asking at least 1,000 Greensboro residents to show their commitment to safety by signing a “Pledge of Nonviolence” from 9 am to 3 pm Saturday, November 14 at Destiny Christian Center, 2401 Randleman Rd.
At the same event, gun owners may safely turn in unwanted firearms. Police employees will accept handguns, rifles, shotguns, and ammunition at the event. This is not a buy-back program. No cash will be given in exchange for weapons voluntarily surrendered to police.
Uh, huh. I guess this pastor hasn't read Luke 22:36.
"Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one."


13-year-old boy uses mom's gun to shoot and kill armed man breaking into home [John Lott's Website]

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at Thursday, November 12, 12.48 AM\
From Fox News:
A South Carolina teenager left home alone used his mother's gun to shoot and kill a burglar, authorities said Tuesday.
Fox Carolina reported that deputies responded to a report of shots fired at a home in Ladson Tuesday shortly before 2 p.m. EST Tuesday. When they arrived, they found the unidentified 13-year-old boy and asked him to come out of the home.
The boy said he heard a vehicle pull up behind his house, then heard someone trying get inside a few minutes later. At that point, the teen picked up his mother's gun and went to the back door of the home.
Authorities said the boy told them he fired the gun through the door and the person outside fired back. The boy fired several more shots, apparently wounding the suspect. . . .


Colt Z40 Pistol #1 at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

However, after only 800 had been sold, Colt backed out of the deal and dropped the Z40 from its catalog. Why? Because they had happened to use a Z40 as the base gun for a model “smart gun”, and the public reaction was overwhelmingly negative. In the aftermath, Colt management threw out the Z40 as the proverbial baby in the bathwater, simply because it had been tarnished by the PR of the smart gun debacle.

CZ, for its part, made a few tweaks to the design (primarily replacing the DA-only lockwork with the DA/SA system for the CZ-75) and released it on their own as the CZ-40. This particular gun at Rock Island is in fact serial number 1 of the Colt Z40


Closer Than Ever Before To CMP M1911s [The Firearm Blog]

Colt_1911A_.45_866716_L_DSC_33362The Civilian Marksmanship Program has been providing arms to civilian match shooters and riflemen for over 110 years, but one weapon left off the list of civilian-legal surplus firearms the CMP is allowed to sell to civilian shooters is the venerable 1911 handgun. However, that may soon change. For the past couple of years, variations […]

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Saturday, 14 November


You Can't Make This Sh@% Up [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

It seems that the Demanding Moms for Illegal Mayors got a little ahead of themselves here and had to delete the tweet below.

Mass shooting? Nice dumbing down of a terrorist attack there, Shannon.

I guess if France had universal background checks then these ISIS terrorists couldn't have obtained their full-auto AK-47s. Oh, wait, you have to have a firearms license which includes a psychological examination, criminal background check, and a defined purpose for having a firearm before you can even possess a firearm.

Those full-auto AKs? Illegal for civilians to possess. I guess terrorists don't play by the rules. Funny how that works.


Two armed men break into home while mother is breastfeeding, she is wounded but shot back and caused robbers to flee [John Lott's Website]

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at Thursday, November 12, 12.38 AM
North Carolina woman defends herself from two armed men who started firing as soon as they broke into her home. They shot her twice, but she was able to keep her baby safe.
As the intruders broke into the home and opened fire, Bunce fired back with her own weapon.
"I think it was a shock to the intruders just as much as it was to her," her husband, Paul Bunce, told the affiliate.
Her son was unharmed in the shooting, police said. . . .
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have charged Reco Latur Dawkins Jr., 23, with attempted first degree murder, felony breaking and entering and conspiracy in connection to the incident. . . .
One of the two men who broke into Bunce's home, Reco Dawkins, had a long criminal record.


White Prototype Open-Bolt LMG at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

Along with his two semiauto rifle prototypes, when White went to England for rifle testing he took along a work-in-progress light machine gun. The weapon was trsted by British officials, but found wanting – largely because it was really not a weapon ready for testing. The “LMG” White built was actually semiautomatic only, although it fired from an open bolt. It used what appears to be an early iteration of the gas system which was much more refined in his selfloading rifle, and it included no provision for using a bipod or tripod (an essential element of a light machine gun).


VDH: "Waging The War on “Terror,” Vichy-style." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

A few hours before the catastrophic attack in Paris, President Obama had announced that ISIS was now “contained,” a recalibration of his earlier assessments of “on the run” and “Jayvees” from a few years back. In the hours following the attack of jihadist suicide bombers and mass murderers in Paris, the Western press talked of the “scourge of terrorism” and “extremist violence”. Who were these terrorists and generic extremists who slaughtered the innocent in Paris — anti-abortionists, Klansmen, Tea-party zealots?
. . . Our premodern enemies have certainly got our postmodern number. Newsmen compete to warn us not of more jihadists to come or the nature of the Islamist hatred that fuels these murderers, but instead fret about Western “backlash” on the horizon, about how nativists and right-wingers may now “scapegoat” immigrants. Being blown apart may be one thing, but appearing illiberal over the flying body parts is quite another. Let’s hurry up and close Guantanamo Bay so that it will stop “breeding” terrorists; and let’s hurry up even more to restart the “peace talks” to remind ISIS that we are nice to the Palestinians.


A Tale of Two Volkspistoles: The H&K VP9 & VP40 [The Firearm Blog]

Thanks to Othais for his help with this image.Heckler & Koch has had an unusual relationship with the striker-fired handgun. The world’s first polymer-framed striker-fired production pistol, the VP70, was an H&K, and what many consider to be the company’s finest handgun ever, the P7, was also striker fired. However, aside from those two, Heckler & Koch had not produced any other striker-fired […]

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Friday, 13 November


Armed wolves, disarmed sheep, no borders. What about this bloodbath was NOT predictable? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The abattoir perpetrated by the Muslim death cult in Paris hit home particularly hard for Zoe, who minored in French at Southern Miss and made many friends from that country while at college. At the moment all are accounted for save one, and it was not thought that he was in Paris last night. The combination of moral and physical disarmament in the face of the existential threat posed by the new Jihad made these events perfectly predictable. But before we get too arrogant, we must realize that we have the same sort of thing happening in this country: open borders, death zones, political correctness preventing many from seeing the real threat posed by the death cultists. It is be only a matter of time before this plays out in a major American city. May God comfort the French and may He wake up those of us who still embrace western civilization. We are all teetering on the edge of sustained horror.


Can't afford gold myself, but I am modestly increasing my investment in lead and brass, one reload at a time. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"Americans are buying tons of gold."
"This summer's market mayhem caused Americans to buy gold bars and coins at levels unseen since the financial crisis. When people are scared about the economy and financial markets, they rush to gold. Boy, were they worried in recent months. U.S. demand for gold bars and coins surged 207% during the third quarter, the World Gold Council said on Thursday. The skyrocketing demand signaled a level of interest in gold investment "not seen since the global financial crisis," the group said. The U.S. Mint backs up that assessment. It said gold Eagle coin sales surged to nearly 400,000 ounces last quarter, the highest level in more than five years."


Friday Field Strip: MP40 SMG [The Firearm Blog]

The German MP40 is one of the most iconic submachineguns of all time, and served the German military well throughout World War II. The low recoil, light weight, and ease of use made this firearm extremely effective, and even after the war it was used by forces around the globe clamoring for small arms. So, […]

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New Grand Power Stribog S9 Carbine/SMG [The Firearm Blog]

12052550_905906362830722_6187406362206843330_oA while back Slovakian gun maker Grand Power were developing a rifle but for some unknown reason the project was cancelled and as far as I know, no prototype was ever made public. Unexpectedly a few days ago the company published photos of a new 9mm carbine that will also be available as a full auto submachine gun. Not […]

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New IWB Revolver Holster From Galco [The Firearm Blog]

galco1A large number of people purchase firearms for home defense, and those that do must decide on issues such as whether to carry at home, keep the gun in a safe, store it loaded or unloaded – the list goes on. But that pales in comparisons to the decisions and training that go into choosing […]

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POTD: Swedish Special Forces. Pixelated Firearm Accessories?!?!? Can You Identify Them [The Firearm Blog]

20151107_jimcro01_SOGDSC_6460Swedish Special Operations Task Group (SOG) units recently participated in an exercise where they defended the island of Gotland against an “adversary” (ie. Russia). The press photos published after the event have many firearm accessories pixelated out. The Swedish firearm community has no explanation why the SOG PR would have done that. Presumably they are using off the shelf […]

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Magpul Makes… Belts? [The Firearm Blog]

GetImageHoly crap, just when I thought the BCM watch was the pinnacle of unusual product line expansions, Magpul just took the cake with the announcement of their Tejas Gun Belt. At first, I thought this was a (very) delayed April Fool’s joke, but Magpul is dead serious about the product. The base belt itself is cow […]

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Debates coming up this next week on Gun-free zones at Universities in Austin and San Antonio [John Lott's Website]

Kennesaw State University Talk

University of Texas at Austin Law School -- Debate on gun-free zones at universities from noon to 1 PM in the law school, Tuesday, November 17, 2015.

St. Mary's University Law School, San Antonio, Texas -- Debate on gun-free zones at universities from 5:30 P.M. - 7:30 the law school, Tuesday, November 17, 2015.


Universal Suppressor System from Griffin Armament: The “Optimus” [The Firearm Blog]

Capture4One of the biggest detractions I have had over suppressors has been their lack of modularity. Often, they are set for a specific thread pitch and/or caliber and one was forced to buy a new can for nearly every rifle if you always wanted to shoot suppressed. To correct that, in steps Griffin Armament with […]

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White Toggle-Locked .30-06 Prototype Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

This toggle-locking rifle chambered for the .30-06 cartridge is the second of two rifles submitted by White for the 1930 US military trials. It was not actually tested by the US, but White did take it to the UK where it was tested in the early 1930s. British officials liked that it was a positively locked action (unlike Pedersen’s toggle rifle, which was delayed blowback), but found it too fragile for combat use.


New Leapers UTG Optic [The Firearm Blog]

Leapers sightsNot everyone can afford to spend $500 on optics.  Fortunately, for those in search of lower priced reflex sights, there is a plethora to choose from.  The challenge is sorting out the quality gear in this expansive category. Love them or hate them, UTG optics seem to be popular with people looking for functional products at affordable […]

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Thursday, 12 November


The Name Of This Rifle Illustrates How Times Do Change [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

During the 1850s and 1860s, the Swedes decided to introduce compulsory military training into their school system. This was to include target practice in their equivalent of high school. The training would take place with real rifles. Remington provided the earliest of these rifles with their 1867 rolling block rifle. These were eventually replaced by rifles made by the Swedish arms maker Carl Gustafs Stads.

The name of this rifle? The Model 1867-89-93 School Shooting Rifle.

If you gave a firearm that name today, bills would be introduced in Congress, the BATFE would pay a visit, and you'd probably be out of business very soon. However, if you think about it, the name given to that rifle is very correct. It was to be used in school shooting and marksmanship programs.

Allan's Armory, a dealer in antique and curio and relic firearms, has more on the rifle above here.


White Gas-Operated .276 Prototype at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

One of the competitors against the Garand and Pedersen rifles in the 1929 and 1930 US Army trials was the White rifle. White actually submitted two rifles, but only this gas-operated design was actually tested – and it failed to make enough of an impression to move on for further testing. However, White’s gas system would come back 20 years later to be used in the M14 rifle.

Wednesday, 11 November


Fox News: "Scrapped: Maryland ends bullet ID program after 15 years, $5M and zero cases solved" [John Lott's Website]

Fox News Banner

I was quoted extensively in a Fox News article about Maryland's decision to scrap its ballistic fingerprinting system.  Ballistic fingerprinting was just another way of trying to register guns.
State authorities have conceded that the bullet ID program, enacted in 2000, cost $5 million, was plagued by technical problems and did not solve a single crime. Now, the 300,000 shell casings, one from every handgun sold in the state since the law took effect, will now be sold for scrap metal. . . . 
“It was clear 10 years ago that this program was not going to work,” John Lott, president of the Crime Prevention Research Center told "Millions were spent on funding this program, money that could have been better used for actual police and law-enforcement resources.” 
Lott even predicted that the program would fail over a decade ago in an op-ed piece in the National Review in February 2005. Even though the state spent approximately $60 per gun to catalog each firearm's unique ballistic signature, critics, including Lott, said legally purchased guns were typically not the ones wielded by criminals. They also said the program suffered from widespread erroneous entry of data and the inadequate software often resulted in hundreds of "matches" being found for each casing tested. . . .
The real problem with Maryland's system wasn't erroneous data entry or inadequate software, it was the science predicted that the system would fail.


My research discussed by Ben Swann on CBS46-TV in Atlanta [John Lott's Website]

WXIX Cincinnati Ohio 1

In his report, Ben Swann on the local Fox affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia mentions the CPRC research on the number of permits issued as well as our work on how law-abiding permit holders are.
WXIX Cincinnati Ohio 2


Gun Control is the Strongest Election Issue for Republicans over Democrats and that is the one topic that they have been getting even stronger on [John Lott's Website]

PEW Survey on Election Issues
The new PEW Research Center Poll shows that gun control is the strongest issue that Republicans have over Democrats, and that gap has been growing.  And while Democrats have been getting stronger against Republicans on abortion, foreign policy, taxes and terrorism, the one issue that Republicans have been getting stronger compared to Democrats is gun control.
PEW Survey on Election Issues Changes over time


At The Eleventh Hour [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Today, November 11th is Veterans Day. It is a day in which we honor all of veterans. To which I would like to offer my sincere thanks to all who have served in our armed forces.

However, this post will be about an earlier time. Before 1954, November 11th was known as Armistice Day. It commemorated the armistice which ordered the cessation of hostilities and ended World War I. The telegram below shows the orders received by Allied units on the Western Front.

Found on Tumblr

Thus, at "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918, the war ended.

You would think that with the cessation of hostilities scheduled for 11 am that most soldiers and most units would do everything in their power to avoid any contact with the opposing forces. You would be wrong. There was still fighting that November morning and men still died.

The last British soldier to die was George Edwin Ellison who was shot while on patrol in Mons, Belgium at 9:30 am. He is buried near Mons and his grave faces that of John Parr who was the first British soldier killed in 1914.

At 10:45 am on the November day, Augustin Trébuchon became the last French soldier to die. Because the French were embarrassed for having sent soldiers into battle without knowledge that the Armistice would begin that morning, they listed the date of death as November 10th. This was corrected in 1998.

George Lawrence Price, a Canadian soldier, was killed by a German sniper at 10:58 am. He had been in a house near Ville-sur-Haine, France and had been warned about snipers in the area.

While the United States did not enter the war until 1917, we had the last soldier to die during WWI. He was Private Henry Gunther of Baltimore who died at 10:59am. Gunther was assigned to Co. A, 313th Infantry Regiment, 79th Division.

From Obit of the Day:
Private Henry Gunther, of Baltimore, had learned of the planned cease fire at 10:30 a.m. He and his company remained pinned down by German machine gun fire waiting for the minutes to pass.

But in a surprise to his compatriots - and the Germans - Private Gunther scrambled out of his foxhole, rifle in hand, and began to charge the gun battery. The Germans pleaded with the 23-year-old to stop his charge reminding him that the war was soon to end but he continued running and firing his rifle. They had no choice but to return fire.

Private Henry Gunther died at 10:59 a.m. on November 11, 1918. The last soldier killed in action in the conflict later called World War I.

Although he never gave a reason for his actions, Pvt. Gunther was recently demoted from sergeant to private after a letter critical of Army life was intercepted by military censors. A German-American, he was already under some level of suspicion this did not aid his cause. He would tell his fellow soldiers that he wanted to “make good.”

Following his death Private Gunther was returned to the rank of sergeant and awarded the Distinguished Service Cross. His body was returned home and buried in Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery in Baltimore.
More on Sgt. (then Private) Gunther can be found at the Baltimore Sun.


Colt Model 1909 Automatic at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

A while back I put together a video on the development of the Colt/Browning 1911 pistol, and one of the missing links in that video was the Model 1909. Well, one of the 23 Model 1909 pistols is up for sale in this next Rock Island auction, so I took the opportunity to look at it more closely. The 1909 is the point where many of the distinctive elements of the 1911 first appear, including the grip safety, push-button magazine release, and the swinging link, tilting barrel operating mechanism. However, it still retains several of the elements of the early Colt/Browning pistols, like the nearly vertical grip and the lack of a thumb safety. Given that only 23 were made (and by the time the Army was actually testing them, Browning was already busy on the improved 1910 version), they are not the sort of gun you come across every day…

Tuesday, 10 November


Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

If you have been watching the pathetic nonsense going on at the University of Missouri, you know that both the president and chancellor have resigned. This came after 30 African-American members of the football team threatened to boycott the next game if the president hadn't quit. They were supported in this by their coach Gary Pinkel.

Rich Lowry of the National Review, noting that Mizzou is an SEC school, said that when the members of the football team team joined the protest it was all over for President Tim Wolfe. He did, however, go on to point out that the football program this year was 1-5 in conference. He then wrote this:

If anyone running the university had any guts, the school would have told the team, “Come back and talk to us when you can beat sad-sack Vanderbilt, or at least score more than three points against them.” Given the team’s performance, the proper rejoinder to its threatened boycott should have been, “How would anyone notice?”
Vanderbilt, by the way, is 1-4 in the conference and 3-6 overall. Mizzou was its only conference victory. The Commodores started the season by losing to Western Kentucky of Conference-USA in Nashville.


If I Have To Google Your Headliner To See Who She Is.... [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I got an email tonight from the Brady Campaign with "BREAKING NEWS" that Ingrid Michaelson would be at their New York City gala. You can call me old and out of touch but I had no clue who this was. I figured she was some NYC politician of note. After Googling her I find that she is a indie pop and folk singer. Go figure.

The invite to the event is below:

  Brady’s upcoming gala in New York just keeps getting better!

Join Ingrid Michaelson, Julianna Margulies and special guests on Thursday, November 19th, as we celebrate the progress that has been made and the tipping point we’ve reached in gun violence prevention because of your support. The evening includes a performance by Ingrid Michaelson, award presentation to Senator Charles E. Schumer and the inaugural presentation of the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Leadership Award to the Honorable Hillary Clinton.

You won’t want to miss it!

Limited tickets are available.

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence

P.S. If you can’t join us in person, please make a contribution in honor of those we’ve lost this year and those who have stood up on behalf of all Americans to create a safer America.
Nothing says elitist more than making your minimum individual ticket price $1,000 per person. If you want to be a Bronze Level sponsor and get a table for 10, be prepared to kick in $15,000.

Hillary should feel right at home when she gets her "Leadership Award" since the riff-raff can't afford to be there.


The Edmund Fitzgerald Sank 40 Years Ago Today [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

If you listened to any pop music station during the mid-70s, you knew the haunting Gordon Lightfoot song that begins:
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
The lake, it is said, never gives up her dead
When the skies of November turn gloomy
With a load of iron ore twenty-six thousand tons more
Than the Edmund Fitzgerald weighed empty
That good ship and true was a bone to be chewed
When the gales of November came early

The ship was the pride of the American side
Coming back from some mill in Wisconsin
As the big freighters go, it was bigger than most
With a crew and good captain well seasoned
Concluding some terms with a couple of steel firms
When they left fully loaded for Cleveland
Then later that night when the ship's bell rang
Could it be the north wind they'd been feelin'?
The M/V Edmund Fitzgerald really was the pride of the American side. At the time, it was the largest ship in the largest US-flagged fleet on the Great Lakes.  Launched in 1958, the Edmund Fitzgerald was 729 feet long and had a beam of 75 feet.  It was the flagship of the Oglebay Norton Corporation fleet. The company, started in 1854 as an iron ore agency, begain sailing the Great Lakes in 1921 with 11 ore boats.

Part of my interest in the Edmund Fitzgerald and the Oglebay Norton Corp. was that my first cousin Meredith sailed on their ships from the 1960s into the 1980s. My cousin, who has been known to stretch the truth a time or two, told me that he was supposed to be on the Fitzgerald but missed his sailing and thus was on the steamer Arthur M. Anderson which followed her. The Anderson was the last ship to have contact with the Fitzgerald before it sank. Nonetheless, I have no doubt that Meredith knew many of the sailors on the Fitzgerald and lost some friends when it sank.

November storms on the Great Lakes are known to be horrendous. Since the Edmund Fitzgerald sank, ships on the Great Lakes don't head out when a storm is expected.
The wreck shook Great Lakes shipping to its carlings. To this day, 35 years later, freighters won't get underway on Lake Superior if there's a storm in the forecast, said Laura Jacobs, archivist for the Lake Superior Maritime Collection at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

"They became much more cautious," she said. "When they put out a weather report now, ships don't move. The [Superior] harbor was stuffed" before and during last month's storm, in which a buoy recorded 19-foot waves on the lake.

Lake Superior's water is so cold year round that people who fall off boats and ships often die before rescuers can reach them, even in midsummer, Jacobs said, so storms are not to be trifled with.

"Navigation on the lakes is a real different animal," she said. "We have captains that come up from the oceans and say they would rather be on the Atlantic than deal with the storms here. They're talking about storms in the North Atlantic, and ours up here are worse."
You can get an idea of what the storm and seas were like listening to this conversation between the captain of the Arthur M. Anderson and the US Coast Guard. They were asking him if he could go back out into the storm and search the area where the Edmund Fitzgerald disappeared.

The primary searchers for the Edmund Fitzgerald were the US Coast Guard cutters Naugatuck, a 110-ft tug, and Woodrush, a 180-ft buoy tender. They found an oil slick, some debris from the deck such as life rings, and not much more. The Duluth News Tribune has some accounts of the search and memories of the ship here.

I came across the deck logs of both the Naugatuck and Woodrush today from November 11th which details in sparse terms their search. The second log page from the Woodrush notes that they found a ring buoy.

USCGC Naugatuck Log

USCGC Woodrush Log (page 1)

USCGC Woodrush Log (Page 2)

It is hard to believe that it has been 40 years since the Edmund Fitzgerald sank. It was my freshman year of college and I can't believe that was 40 years ago either.

When the ship sank, it took with it 29 men. These were hardy men who worked in all sorts of weather conditions. I can't imagine the terror they felt in their last moments as the ship sank. As Gordon Lightfoot concluded in this anthem to them:
In a musty old hall in Detroit they prayed
In the Maritime Sailors' Cathedral
The church bell chimed 'til it rang twenty-nine times
For each man on the Edmund Fitzgerald
The legend lives on from the Chippewa on down
Of the big lake they call Gitche Gumee
Superior, they said, never gives up her dead
When the gales of November come early


Madison Rising's Birthday Wishes To The Marines [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I met the members of Madison Rising at the Gun Rights Policy Conference in Orlando a few years ago. Their lead singer, Dave Bray, was a Navy FMF Corpsman attached to the 2nd Marines which explains this birthday message to the USMC.

Happy 240th Birthday United States Marines
Please join us in wishing a happy 240th birthday (November 10, 2015) to the greatest fighting force in the world: The United States Marine Corps!Special thanks to The Young Marines national youth organization, R. Lee Ermey, the producers of The Hornet's Nest and the Dept. of Defense. Semper Fi!
Posted by Madison Rising on Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Happy 240th, USMC! [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Today is the 240th birthday of the United States Marine Corps. I'd like to offer my sincere thanks to all Marines, past or present, for their service to our country. Semper Fi!

The official birthday message from Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Robert Neller and SgtMaj of the Marine Corps Ronald Green is embedded below:


FP-45 Liberator at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The Liberator is one of those interesting artifacts of WWII; an extremely simple single-shot .45 caliber pistol made by the boxcar-load (a million, specifically) with the intention of being dropped en masse across Europe to promote civilian sabotage against German occupation forces. They were manufactured by the Guide Lamp division of GM in record time – just 10-11 weeks for a literal million-gun production run. However, as they were being manufactured, shipped, and put into storage the motivation behind the project largely evaporated. British SOE ultimately decided not to distribute any in France, and only distributed a small number to partisans in Greece.

In the US, the Army stockpile of Liberators was transferred to the OSS, and a fair number were actually distributed in India, China, and the Philippine Islands – although they did not ultimately have any measurable impact on the war effort.

Monday, 09 November


Watching some kettles boil.... [Of Arms and the Law]

"The watched kettle never boils," so the saying goes, but there are several involved here.

First, Peruta v. San Diego. There a Ninth Circuit panel struck down California's combination of permit requirements for all carry, whether open or concealed, and issuance of permits on a "may issue" basis. On March 26, court granted rehearing en banc (in theory before the entire court rather than a three judge panel, in practice here a hearing before ten judges plus the chief judge). Argument was held on June 16, so we're coming up on five months wait.

I don't know if we can read much into that. The Ninth Circuit keeps an an online list of cases taken en banc. I see two, taken en banc at the same time as Peruta and argued a day later, which are also undecided. There's also one which was decided -- 11 months after it was taken en banc. So long delays are pretty common. It probably takes a lot more time to work things out among eleven judges than it does among three.

The other case of note is Friedman v. City of Highland Park, where a cert petition is pending in the Supreme Court. The Court announces when a cert petition will be considered in conference and voted upon. Friedman has had that, and been "re-listed" three times now. That is, put over until the next conference. That's quite unusual in my experience. The one thing that seems likely is that the Court is taking it seriously, and either (1) there's enough undecided votes to where they could give it cert if the undecideds go for it or (2) the Court has decided to deny cert, and one or more Justices want time to write a dissent from denial.

One interesting thing pointed out in the link above is that the Court did take cert. in Voisin v. US. That petition had a two-pronged attack on a conviction for possession after a DV misdemeanor--does the Federal statute cover DVs that involve reckless rather than intentional conduct, and does the statute violate the right to arms? The Court took cert., but only on the first issue. This might indicate that the Court is not inclined to revisit its 2A cases right now.


Franchi SPAS-12 at RIA [Forgotten Weapons]

The Franchi SPAS-12 (Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun) is a dual-action police shotgun produced in Italy between 1979 and 2000, and imported into the US until 1994. It can be operated either as a semiautomatic or a manual pump action, as a way to allow rapid semiautomatic fire with buckshot or similar ammunition but also function manually with lower pressure less-lethal types of ammunition (rubber slugs, beanbags, tear gas, etc). The gun was purchased by a decent number of law enforcement agencies, but it is far better known for its use in movies and video games, where its distinctive military styling makes it very popular with designers and prop masters.

Still, there are a couple interesting elements worth looking at on the SPAS-12. For one thing, they were subject to a safety recall for a safety selector which could sometimes cause the gun to fire when being switched from safe to fire. And, of course, there is that hook thing on the stock. What’s that for, anyway? I’ll show you…

Sunday, 08 November


Sunngård 1909 Pistol [Forgotten Weapons]

Just a photo – of probably the nicest Sunngård pistol in existence today, along with its holster. Thanks to Lars for sending it!

Sunngard automatic pistol

(click to enlarge)

Friday, 06 November


Happy Fountain Pen Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The first Friday in November is officially Fountain Pen Day.

It is a day to celebrate ink-stained fingers, old-school technology, and leaky pens. In other words, it is a day to celebrate those curios and relics of writing instruments which some of us still hold dear.

Recognizing that this is a gun blog, let me put it into a firearm perspective. The difference between a fountain pen and a ballpoint or roller ball is like the difference between a Browning Hi-Power and a Glock 17. Both shoot 9mm, both have double stack magazines, both have been carried by military units, and both will get the job done. While the Glock 17 is a well-engineered, highly reliable, efficient handgun, it is still a blocky mixture of utilitarian steel and plastic just like a Bic ballpoint. By contrast, the Browning Hi-Power is a old-school sensuous blend of blued steel and walnut that comes in a variety of configurations. It was handed down to us from Heaven by John Moses Browning and delivered to us on Earth by Dieudonné Saive.

Just like the Glock and the Browning Hi-Power, the ballpoint and the fountain pen both have their place but my heart will always belong to the Hi-Power and the fountain pen.

Many of the sponsors of Fountain Pen Day are having sales and giveaways. You can find more on them here.

Next year I promise to have up photos of my fountain pens. Just like anyone who holds a Curios and Relics FFL will tell you, I have a few.

Wednesday, 04 November


Good news from Virginia [Of Arms and the Law]

In the State legislative races, Bloomberg spent $2,400,000, pro-gun groups spent $77,000, and Bloomberg's candidates went nowhere.

From Everytown: "Gun safety prevailed on the NRA's home turf because we made sure that every voter knew where the candidates stood on gun safety." Yep, and they voted pro-gun.


Where have I heard this before? [Of Arms and the Law]

CIA staffer's house is searched, his computers are seized, and he's forced to resign because he (with agency permission) had classified files on a private computer.

"It was 14 months later, this January, when Scudder was told he wouldn't face criminal charges. By then, his CIA career was over. The agency had mounted an internal investigation that determined that Scudder's FOIA request "contained classified titles" of CIA articles and that he had deleted a "TOP SECRET" label from one document, according to a memo from an agency personnel board."

I could swear I'd heard of another government employee who did something like this on a far bigger scale, and one not involving historical documents...


Chicago gets ripped in Ezell II oral argument [Of Arms and the Law]

Chicago's handgun ban was struck down in McDonald. It responded by enacting a tight permitting system, requiring among other things training on a range, while retaining its ban on shooting ranges. That got struck down in Ezell I. It responded by allowing ranges, but only under high restrictive zoning (among other things, they must be in areas zone for manufacturing, not just for commercial use, must be 500 feet from any other building, and no person under 18 may enter them. That resulted in Ezell II.

Here's the oral argument, held this morning. Chicago's attorney leads, and walks into a firestorm of plainly irritated judges.


News Stories on at least 18 defensive gun uses by concealed handgun permit holders during October [John Lott's Website]

Car Jacking Detroit 3
We have already posted a number of concealed handgun permit holders who have used guns defensively during October (see herehere, and here).  But here are some more cases that we hadn't previously included.  All together there are 18 news stories here.

Dearborn, Michigan (October 5, 2015) -- "At least one carjacker approached the car, reached in the window and tried snatching the cellphone. Witnesses say an argument then took place over the driver's wallet. The suspect apparently punched the driver in the face.  That's when witnesses say the driver took out a gun and shot at the suspect."

Joliet, Illinois (October 6, 2015) -- "About 1:30 a.m., a 65-year-old man came home to the 500 block of Strong Avenue and was approached by an armed man in his driveway who demanded money, according to Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton. 'The victim pulled a legal concealed-carry weapon and he and the suspect began to shoot at each other,' Benton said."

Sarasota, Florida (October 6, 2015) -- "Surveillance video obtained exclusively by the Herald-Tribune appears to buttress claims by the attorney for a 22-year-old Sarasota man involved in a "road rage" shooting on Monday who says his client was only acting in self defense. . . . . Gunter's defense attorney, Jeffrey Young, says the shooting is a classic example of a "Stand Your Ground" defense."

Houston, Texas (October 9, 2015) -- "One person is dead and another is injured after they allegedly attempted to rob a man carrying a concealed handgun early this morning.  The suspects approached the man with a gun as he was walking on the 600 block Cypress Station Drive around 1am.  That's when deputies say the man surprised the would-be robbers by pulling his own handgun. He fired the gun at both suspects, killing one of them."

Toledo, Ohio (October 20, 2015) -- "Terrance Reid, 21, arrived home from his job as a welder at about 4 a.m. when police say he was approached in the front yard by Antonio Hadley, 40, of Toledo, just outside the house, WTVG Channel 13 reports. . . . Reid, who has a concealed-carry permit, pulled out a handgun and fired several shots at Hadley, who ran away, police say. Reid then called 911."

Jacksonville, Florida (October 25, 2015) -- "Police say a Domino’s delivery driver was delivering  pizzas near Timothys Landing off 103rd street when  he was approached by two armed man, demanding money.  The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said the deliveryman grabbed his own gun and shot one of the suspects. Action News Jax spoke with crime and safety expert Ken Jefferson . . . .  “This is a clear case of self-defense this person was working and was approached by two armed men,” said Ken Jefferson."


A Picture To Start Your Day Off Right [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Michael Bloomberg spent a pile of cash in Virginia to help Democrats try to take over the State Senate.

He failed.

Posted by Miguel on Facebook

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that the composition of the Virginia State Senate will remain at 21 Republicans and 19 Democrats. If the Democrats had won just one seat then Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam (D-VA) could vote to break ties. The real battle was for two open seats - the 10th in the Richmond area and 29th in the Manassas area - which were held by the Republicans and Democrats respectively. Voters in both districts voted for the status quo ante bellum.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA), no friend of gun owners, is term-limited to only one term. With Republicans holding both houses of the Virginia General Assembly, any plans he has for more gun control go nowhere.

Below is an example of the ad that Bloomberg's Everytown Moms for Illegal Mayors ran in the Virginia 10th Senate District against Republican Glen Sturtevant. He ran a similar ad in the Virginia 29th Senate District against Republican Hal Parrish. In that case, he had more success.

Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned had a number of posts regarding Bloomberg's efforts, Andy Parker's unstable behavior, and the Virginia elections. He recognized the impact of these elections before most in the gun blogging community.

On a related note, Mr. and Mrs. Gabby Giffords dropped a pile on the race between Sen. Dick Black (R-Loudon-Prince William) and pediatrician Jill McCabe. Final results show Black winning majorities in both Loudon and Prince William counties.

H/T Miguel

Tuesday, 03 November


interesting new book [Of Arms and the Law]

On Amazon, Prof. David Berstein's (George Mason Univ. Law) new book, "Lawless: The Obama Administration's Unprecedented Assault on the Constitution and the Rule of Law." It also makes the point that the Obama Administration's actions are often predicated on questionable actions of the Bush II Administration. Bottom line: power begets, and seeks, power.


My latest piece at Investor's Business Daily: "Mass Incarceration: Tell Hillary Clinton Punishment Matters" [John Lott's Website]

My newest piece at Investor's Business Daily starts this way:
It's easy to forget that in 1991 the U.S. murder rate was well over twice what it is today. In a speech last week at Atlanta's Clark University, Hillary Clinton showed she doesn't understand her call for an "end the era of mass incarceration" will endanger lives. She now proposes to end mass incarceration by "keep(ing) more nonviolent drug offenders out of prison." 
There are good reasons to decriminalize drug possession, though Clinton mentioned none. Furthermore, she is wrong in believing that decriminalization would end mass incarceration. 
In 2012, less than 7% of inmates at state and federal prisons were in for possessing illegal drugs. And it was rarely just for possession of marijuana. There are no national data, but data from Arizona indicate as few as 0.3% were incarcerated for marijuana possession, and those cases involve people arrested multiple times. 
In California, even adding together trafficking or possession offenses, only 1% of state prisoners are incarcerated for marijuana offenses. . . .
The piece is also available here.


My latest piece at the Daily Caller: "The New York Times Keeps Getting Its Gun Facts Shockingly Wrong" [John Lott's Website]

Daily Caller Header
John Lott has a new op-ed at the Daily Caller:
Last week, a New York Times editorial shockingly claimed that American concealed handgun permit holders have been responsible for 763 non-self-defense deaths since 2007. The Times editorial cites these numbers as proof of the “myth of the vigilant citizen” and “foolhardy notion of quick-draw resistance.” 
But the numbers they rely on from the Violence Policy Center are fatally flawed, quadruple counting legitimate self-defense cases as criminal murders and blaming suicides on permits when the suicides don’t even involve guns. More disturbing, the Times has been called on using these same numbers before, but they keep on using the numbers and never acknowledge any of the problems. 
Take Michigan, which is supposedly by far the worst with over a third of all claimed deaths — 278 of the 763. Of these 278 deaths in Michigan, 215 were suicides. But Michigan State Police reports don’t collect information on whether suicides were committed with their permitted concealed handgun — just that permit holders committed suicide. The police simply match their records on permit holders to the Michigan Department of Community Health’s records on suicides. 
There is a simple response to the New York Times claim that permits cause suicides: Michigan permit holders committed suicide at less than 40% the rate of the general adult Michigan population. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.

Monday, 02 November


Carson jumps into lead for GOP presidential nomination [The Liberty Sphere]

"News outlets across the country are reporting major late breaking news this evening on the race for the GOP presidential nomination. For the first time since the Republican candidates launched their campaigns early this summer, Carson has jumped into the lead nationally, bumping Donald Trump into second place."

Read it all here.


Hillary should have listened to Bill [Of Arms and the Law]

Nearly two years ago, "Bill Clinton Warns Democrats Against Overreaching on Gun Debate."

"Former President Bill Clinton warned a group of top Democratic donors at a private Saturday meeting not to underestimate the passions that gun control stirs among many Americans.
"Do not patronize the passionate supporters of your opponents by looking down your nose at them," Clinton said.
"Alot of these people live in a world very different from the world lived in by the people proposing these things," Clinton said. "I know because I come from this world.""


The Question Not Asked On 60 Minutes [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Lesley Stahl had a long piece on so-called smart guns last night on CBS' 60 Minutes. She talked to a lot of people including New Jersey State Senator Loretta Weinberg. Here is the part of the transcript where Stahl speaks with Weinberg and intersperses it with comments from a Maryland FFL.

Loretta Weinberg, the New Jersey state senator who authored the law, didn't foresee its consequences.
Loretta Weinberg: We passed that bill to help spur this technology.

Lesley Stahl: It appears it totally backfired because it spurred this passionate objection to the gun.

Loretta Weinberg: Because of the intervention of the NRA and the Second Amendment folks.

Lesley Stahl: That, they say, the reason they intervened is because of the mandate.

Loretta Weinberg: Right. It isn't the law that's stopped the development. It is the people who threatened folks who actually wanted to sell such a gun.

Andy Raymond came to realize that even if he had sold the Armatix gun in Maryland, it might've triggered the mandate, banning the sale of regular handguns in New Jersey.

[Andy Raymond: The people of New Jersey: my apologies. You got nothing to worry about from me.]

Andy Raymond: I did apologize. I'm... I'm sorry. Sorry to this day.

Lesley Stahl: Did you actually sell any of the Armatix guns?

Andy Raymond: No.

After his case came to her attention, the New Jersey senator offered to rescind the mandate if the gun lobby publicly removed its opposition to smart guns. She's yet to hear back.

Loretta Weinberg: They seem to oppose almost everything. Anytime we suggest anything we've gotten very little cooperation back.

Lesley Stahl: If the law were completely repealed, do you think that the gun lobby would then let this go forward?

Loretta Weinberg: No.
Earlier in the story, Stahl said that the so-called smart guns could help on-duty cops because it would prevent criminals from using the cop's gun on the cop as has been the case so often. As the story shows, it worked for James Bond in the movie Skyfall when a bad guy tried to shoot 007 with his own gun.

The New Jersey Childproof Handgun Law mandates that once the Attorney General of that state certifies that so-called smart or personalized handguns are available for retail sale anywhere in the United States that only these sort of guns can be sold to consumers in New Jersey. However, there are exceptions and the biggest one is this:
b. The provisions of this section shall not apply to handguns to be sold, transferred, assigned and delivered for official use to: (1) State and local law enforcement officers of this State; (2) federal law enforcement officers and any other federal officers and employees required to carry firearms in the performance of their official duties and (3) members of the Armed Forces of the United States or of the National Guard.
 Given this large and glaring exception to the personalized handgun mandate in New Jersey, why didn't Ms. Stahl ask Sen. Weinberg something along these lines:
Stahl: Sen. Weinberg, given that police officers guns are often turned on them by criminals, why did you specifically exempt law enforcement officers from your bill?

Weinberg: Ummm. Because cops need a reliable gun and this technology is not reliable? Can we get back to talking about how it is the NRA's fault that none of these guns are available for sale!
I would posit that Stahl did not ask the question because she already knew the answer or, at least, the producers of the segment knew it. To ask the question would have muddied the narrative and that just wouldn't do.

You can see the whole episode here.

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Ted Kopel Writes A Book And Now The Media Notices A Problem [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The lead story on CBS Sunday Morning was on the vulnerability of the power grid. The story revolved around a new book by former ABC News journalist Ted Kopel called Lights Out. He asserts that the power grid is very vulnerable to hackers due to its connection to the Internet. Kopel holds that both Russian and Chinese hackers, presumably affiliated with those governments, are already in the grid and could take it down at any time.

Kopel's book also discusses prepping and food storage. He notes that the Mormons as a group lead the nation in preparedness. This portion got a mixed review in the Salt Lake Tribune.

You can see the CBS Sunday Morning story below:

The prepper community has discussed this for years. Indeed, Prof. William Forstchen's One Second After reached number 11 on the New York Times bestseller list. Forstchen's novel described the impact of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event on Black Mountain, North Carolina. He has now followed this up with One Year After which continues the story.

Long before Ted Kopel wrote his Lights Out, prepper author David Crawford wrote his own Lights Out regarding the impact of an EMP event on a small Texas neighborhood outside of San Antonio. It, like Forstchen's One Second After, is an excellent book.

Gun blogger Bob Owens has discussed other vulnerabilities of the grid with regard to domestic and/or international terrorism. He noted that power substations were often located near roads and trails where anyone could access them. A few well placed shots could drain the oil used to cool the transformers causing it to burn out.

While I'm glad that attention is finally being paid to the vulnerabilities of the grid, I think it sucks that the only reason the mainstream media is giving it a second thought is because one of their own wrote a book. If I didn't know better, I'd think the CBS Sunday Morning story was merely an effort to push Kopel's book and not an effort to urge both people and government to be better prepared.

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Classic debates during 1968 between Bill Buckley and Gore Vidal: This is the way debates should be [John Lott's Website]

If I am missing one of the debates, please let me know.  These are quite enjoyable to watch.

Debate 1

Debate 2

Debate 3 part 1

Debate 3, part 2

Debate 4

Vidal calling Buckley a "crypto-Nazi"


How Bloomberg's Everytown discusses gun-free zones: unable to debate the facts, they engage in personal attack [John Lott's Website]

Everytown Banner
Gun-free zones are a serious problem. Shannon Watts, the head of Michael Bloomberg's Moms Demand Action, claimed that research that I had done was "wrong and misleading" and that I was "debunked."  When I responded with a point-by-point refutation of her claim, she accused him of being a Twitter "troll."  Watts makes clearly personal attacks, but she feels that it is improper for someone to factually respond to her claims.  She offers no proof for her claim that I am a "gun lobby researcher," falsely implying that I amfunded by the "gun lobby."  Instead of defending her claims about gun-free zones, Shannon moves on to other personal attacks, saying I supposedly bullied a stalking victim.
Debate with Shannon Watts on Twitter
Debate with Shannon Watts on Twitter Response b
Shannon's response w Taylor Woolrich


Appearing on the Glenn Beck Radio Show: Discussing President Obama's statements on guns [John Lott's Website]

Glenn Beck Radio Show Banner

  I talked to Glenn Beck about President Obama's views on guns (Tuesday, October 7, 2015).  Lott's discussion starts after the speech by Obama at 5:15 into the segment.  Sorry that we didn't have the audio before now.
Beck: "The best source on gun stats and everything,  if you are trying to make an argument with someone, the best place to go is start with John."
Glenn Beck's show is heard by over 7 million people.


On Los Angeles' KABC: Discussing LA's new ordinance mandating that guns be stored locked or not operational [John Lott's Website]

 I appeared on KABC's Doug McIntyre on McIntyre In The Morning to discuss LA's newest gun control regulations that mandate guns be stored locked or disabled (Wednesday, October 28, 2015 from  8:35 to 8:42 AM PDT).


New "Mothers Against Gun-Free Zones" Citing CPRC Research [John Lott's Website]

Christy Stutzman
Christy Stutzman, the mom of a high schooler and the wife of Congressman Marlin Stutzman, announced the formation of a new organization called "Mothers Against Gun-Free Zones."  From her piece in today's Washington Times:
. . . My No. 1 priority is to know with assurance that my son will be kept safe in every way and that, if attacked, he will have the ability and freedom to defend himself. Yes, by all means, we need to discuss the current lack of adequate treatments for mental health. There are obviously major issues that need to be addressed in that area of health care. But until that complicated subject is honestly addressed and corrected, there is one sure-fire, no-fail way to keep our kids safe: No Gun-Free Zones. . . . 
Looking at every mass shooting on record, since 2009, one thing is clear: Gun-free zones don’t protect, they endanger. The Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) released a report in 2014 showing that 92 percent of mass public shootings between January 2009 and July 2014 took place in gun-free zones. Have we become so politically correct that we are willing to ignore the facts to the detriment of our children’s safety? . . .


Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham again cherry picks research and misstates what those studies show [John Lott's Website]

Washington Post Banner
The Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham has another new post on gun control (earlier ones here), where he is claiming that most people are wrong to believe that permitted concealed handguns make them safer.  In this case, Ingraham is responding to a new Gallup poll that finds that by a 56-to-41 percent margin Americans believe that more people legally carrying permitted concealed handguns would make them safer.

 Summary: Ingraham's piece selectively picks eight studies on right-to-carry laws and crime rates: six find no effect on crime and two claim to find a bad effect.  Of the two that claim to find a bad effect one is inaccurately described (for homicides it provided no evidence of a bad effect and some statistically significant evidence of a benefit) and the other paper is unpublished with severe flaws.  Of the peer reviewed studies that Ingraham references no evidence of a statistically significant bad effect from right-to-carry laws is offered.  With the exception of part of Lott's research, he ignores all the national studies that find benefits from the law.

 I have reached out to Ingraham both by email and telephone to discuss these points, but have not received a response from him.

  Details: Much of the discussion here focuses on the research by John Lott, but Ingraham has again cherry-picked research to give a very selective view of peer-reviewed research on concealed carry.  Table 2 in this paper from the University of Maryland Law Review in 2012 has a survey that shows most research show a benefit from concealed carry, but there are other more recent papers that find a benefit (see papers here towards the end of this list).  As with other gun control advocates, Ingraham wants to imply that it is just Lott's research versus various critics, but this ignores that most of the peer-reviewed academic research using national data supports his and David Mustard's original research.  In a similar vein in claiming that Lott's research was "completely discredited," Ingraham completely ignores our responses here and here to those assertions.
-- "Lott, for his part, still stands by his idea, although he has nuanced it a bit. He's recently argued that studies critical of right-to-carry laws have failed to properly account for state-level differences in how difficult it is to acquire a handgun permit."
The paper that Lott wrote looked at 4 studies.  In direct contrast to Ingraham's claim about me responding to studies "critical of right-to carry laws": two of those papers that Lott discussed found a benefit from right-to-carry laws, one claimed no effect, and one claimed increased crime.  The point of Lott's was that those papers (even the two that found a benefit) were biased towards not finding a benefit.  If Ingraham had looked at the new paper closely or my research from 2000 on, he would also know that the term "recently" is incorrect.  Lott has been trying to account for the change in permits since the second edition of "More Guns, Less Crime" in 2000.
-- "But as Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes recently point out at The Trace, even more recent research from Texas A&M looked at the number of permits issued, not just the passage of various laws. Philips found 'no significant effect of concealed handgun license increases on changes in crime rates... this research suggests that the rate at which CHLs are issued and crime rates are independent of one another—crime does not drive CHLs; CHLs do not drive crime.'"
In a previous post on this website we mentioned numerous problems with the Texas A&M study, we mentioned several problems.  One included (emphasis added):
No explanation is offered for why these authors exclude other states or years?  County level permit data are easily available for Illinois and Wisconsin because no permits were issued over this entire period of time.  Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina, and other states have county level data over this period of time.   This is important because the test that they are preforming compares these states relative to one another during the period that they all have right-to-carry concealed handgun laws.  When authors throw out data there had better be a good explanation for why they are doing it, but no explanation is offered here.
On other studies:
-- "Changes in gun ownership are significantly positively related to changes in the homicide rate" (Ludwig, 2002)
If Ingraham had read the paper he cites here, he would have not only noticed that the paper was done by Mark Duggan, but, more importantly, Ingraham doesn't mention the part of the paper that deals with concealed handgun laws (the purpose of his piece).  In Table 12 of Duggan's paper, out of the 6 results that are reported on murder rates, 5 out of 6 estimates show a drop in murder rates after adoption of the law (three of these are statistically significant).  The sixth estimate was essentially zero.  None of the estimates show a significant bad effect.

 If one looks more broadly at all the violent crime categories (22 of the 36 estimates imply a drop in crime rates, with 15 of those coefficients showing a statistically significant negative effect, and only one coefficient show a statistically positive effect on crime rates).

 Chapter 10 in Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime" explains why Duggan gets the biased results that he did. In particular, that he looks at only before and after averages.  As to the part of the Duggan paper that Ingraham does cite, these results are also questionable as Duggan uses only the sales of one gun magazine to proxy for gun ownership.  Research using the sales of the other six largest gun magazines get the opposite result.  The magazine that Duggan used was unique because it was the only magazine that had to make large self purchases to guarantee those who bought ads a certain level of circulation.

 Ingraham cites a list of seven papers, but he ignores that the debate among published research has been long recognized as one between those who say that there is no benefit and those who say that there is a benefit.  Listing some papers that show no impact from the law doesn't change what has already been discussed.
-- "Right-to-carry laws are associated with substantially higher rates" of aggravated assault, robbery, rape and murder. (Aneja et al 2014)
This website has long had a detailed discussion of the problems with this unpublished paper.  Research shown here as also provided a detailed discussion. More discussion will be added later. Ingraham has this tweet up pushing his claims.  Presumably he is trying to discredit the research by linking it up to the NRA doing "an amazing job selling" it rather than thinking that the academic debate has has some influence here.  Unfortunately, Ingraham ignores most of the academic research, and, as noted above, he doesn't respond the critiques that have made of the research he cites.

  Christopher Ingraham Tweet on MGLC

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Colion Noir Takes A New Shooter To The Range [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

All that Colion Noir knew about guns six years ago, he'd learned from TV or the movies. He never learned anything about it in school and that would include firearm safety. However, six years ago a friend took him shooting for the first time and his life changed.

In this episode, Colion Noir describes that first time and then takes a female friend to the range for the first time. We often pass around the phrase, "Take someone shooting", but we need to do it. It is the best inoculation against the lies told by the Shannon Watts of the world.


PTR-32 Shootout Test [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The guys at the AK Operators Union tested out the PTR Industries PTR-32 KFR Gen 2 rifle. This rifle has a delayed blowback roller-lock system and comes in 7.62x39. Think of it as an HK-91 but in 7.62x39.

My nephew and I had an opportunity to test fire a prototype of this rifle back in the summer of 2014 when we visited the PTR Industries factory in Aynor, South Carolina. What impressed me about the rifle was that the designers at PTR were working to make it take any AK magazine. According to the comments here, they pretty much succeeded with their Gen 2 version.


Infographic: All Things AK [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I stumbled across this infographic on AKs this morning. It shows the defining details of the various AKs and how to tell them apart.

When I thought about posting it here, I said why not. AKs are the most produced rifle in the world or it may just be a recognition that Vladimir Putin, the despot running Russia, is more effective on the world stage that Barack Obama, our wannabe despot.

Wednesday, 28 October


Fewer Prosecutions Under Obama Yet He Wants More Gun Control [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms notes that while President Barack Obama wants more gun control, his administration is less likely to prosecute violations of existing law.

The CCRKBA was responding to this report released yesterday by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. Interestingly, the Southern District of Illinois was one of the top ten judicial districts for convictions on Federal firearms charges. I'm not sure how the Northern District of Illinois (Chicagoland) is doing as I don't want to have pay for the data. Nonetheless, it isn't in the top ten!

Obama Prosecutes Fewer Gun Cases While Penalizing Honest Citizens

BELLEVUE, WA – While Barack Obama has been pushing harder for more gun laws to disarm honest citizens, his Justice Department has been prosecuting fewer gun crimes despite announcing more than two years ago he would increase such prosecutions, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said today.

“Here we go again with Barack Obama talking tough on crime, but actually being less aggressive, while at the same time he’s been pushing for more gun control,” noted CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb. “This raises a question that the president needs to answer. Does he want to put criminals behind bars, or just discourage legal gun ownership?”

According to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) at Syracuse University, gun crime prosecutions have been declining since 2013, the same year President Obama began ramping up the rhetoric about more and stronger gun laws as a response to the Sandy Hook tragedy.

“After the president spoke yesterday to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago,” Gottlieb observed, “he took some heat from the Chicago Tribune for not using three important words: Mandatory minimum sentencing. When your hometown newspaper calls you out for essentially being disingenuous about cracking down on armed criminals, your tough talk turns to hot air.

“According to the TRAC report,” he continued, “the federal government reported 6,002 new firearms convictions during Fiscal Year 2015. That’s down 5.8 percent from the 6,373 convictions reported in FY 2014, and an alarming 15.5 percent from five years ago, when there were 7,101 convictions. It represents a whopping decline of 34.8 percent from the 9,206 convictions reported in 2005, according to the TRAC data.

“Obama can talk all he wants about being tough on crime,” Gottlieb said, “but his agenda only seems to erode the Second Amendment and the privacy rights of gun owners. His answer to crime is to penalize the good guys while not punishing the bad ones.”


New record for longest sniper kill [Of Arms and the Law]

2,815 meters, 3,000 yards, using a pair of Barrett .50s against a Taliban commander in Afhghanistan.

[I originally had the distance down short, as a comment points out]


FPC Is Building Opposition To Gavin Newsom's Plan For More Gun Control [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

California Lt. Gov. and former San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) is sponsoring an initiative to bring even more gun control to the Golden State. However, he isn't doing this without opposition. The Firearms Policy Coalition is working to build grassroots opposition to his outrageous measures which include having to have a permit to buy ammo and a total ban on all standard capacity magazines.

They released this statement last night:

SACRAMENTO – In response to the official filing earlier today of California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s mis-named “The Safety for All Act of 2016,” civil rights advocates at Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and the Firearms Policy Coalition Second Amendment Defense Committee (FPCSADC) political action committee have begun shipping out over 25,000 grassroots activism guides to volunteers and activism hubs throughout the state.

FPCSADC President Brandon Combs expects to ship an additional 75,000 grassroots guides within the next week.

“We are committed to building the biggest, most-organized, and highly informed Second Amendment grassroots army ever seen in California to fight and oppose Gavin Newsom’s assault on our civil rights,” said Combs. “We want 100,000 volunteers working on this by the end of the year. This initial deployment is just the beginning of our much larger opposition plan.”

Newsom’s ballot initiative would make numerous changes to state law, including, but not limited to:
  • Instituting a total, confiscatory ban on the possession of “large-capacity magazines” – even legally-owned “grandfathered” magazines and those that are possessed by active and retired law enforcement officers;
  • Adding severe and expensive new restrictions on ammunition purchases, including a mandatory DOJ ammunition purchase permit for anyone who wants to buy ammunition, a ban on private ammunition sales, and a gun owner database of ammunition purchasers;
  • A ban on the private purchase and importation of ammunition from out-of-state retailers;
  • Requiring all ammunition sellers to acquire a special DOJ ammunition sales permit and to have every employee that handles or sells ammunition to have a DOJ-issued Certificate of Eligibility;
  • A $25 Million theft of fees paid by gun owners to fund the new DOJ ammunition program;
  • And other gun control regulations that have already failed passage in the Legislature or were vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.
“FPC and the Second Amendment Defense Committee are absolutely dedicated to stopping Gavin’s unconstitutional gun grab,” explained Combs. “The infrastructure is in place, and we have retained counsel and specialized experts to maximize the success of our opposition campaign.”

“These measures will do nothing to advance public safety, but they will further undermine the Second Amendment rights of all Californians,” continued Combs. “The time to draw a line in the sand is right now.”

Newsom would need to collect about 366,000 valid signatures to qualify the proposal for the 2016 general election ballot. From there, it would be an up or down vote by the people of California.

“All California gun owners and civil rights organizations must stand together, dig in, and do whatever it takes to defeat this anti-rights initiative at the ballot box,” said Combs.

“We are committed to working with our friends at the National Rifle Association, California Rifle and Pistol Association, Gun Owners of California, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, and many other civil rights groups to defend fundamental, individual Second Amendment rights against Newsom’s unconstitutional attack.”

Concluded Combs, “When Newsom first announced this awful gun control scheme, we promised to bring the fight to him. Well, here we come, Gavin. Your move.”

You can support FPCSADC, volunteer to fight the ballot initiative, and view the official ballot initiative language at FPCSADC’s opposition campaign website, also available at

FPC first informed the public about Newsom’s gun control proposal on October 14, the day before the Lt. Gov. held a press conference to announce his plan.

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Austrians arming themselves [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here.

"those arming themselves are primarily women.

"If anyone wants to buy a long gun in Austria right now, too bad for them," the Czech newscaster says. "All of them are currently sold out.""

Here's is another account, via Google Translate.


Obama DOJ promotes Muslims while oppressing Christians [The Liberty Sphere]

"Most conservatives have known from the start that when it comes to official government policy, Muslims would be given the upper hand while Christians would be oppressed. The latest example occurred today. After watching seven years worth of the Obama administration at work, there are numerous instances in which this assertion is confirmed by the facts. Although a plethora of cases that prove the point, the last three, including a decision today, are deserving of close scrutiny."

Read the whole thing here.


Joshua Prince: the inalienable right to stand your ground [Of Arms and the Law]

Pro-gun attorneys Joshua Prince and Allen Thompson have an article on the subject in the St. Thomas Law Review.

An alternate approach to the question was taken by Thomas Hobbes. To him, we start in a state of nature which is pretty rugged. Everyone is legally free to murder, rob, etc. their neighbor, and their neighbor is legally free to do the same to them. We give up certain of these legal impunities to form a government, the object of government being personal security. But we cannot bargain away the right of self-defense, since personal security is the object of the bargain, and the reason we gave up certain things to the government. One cannot sell a house, pocket the proceeds, and then demand the house back. To Hobbes, self-defense was the one and only inalienable right.


Faith And Begorrah! Irish Win International Sniper Competition [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

For the first time, an international team of snipers has won the annual sniper competition held annually at Fort Benning, GA. A team from the Army Ranger Wing ('Sciathan Fíanóglach an Airm') of the Irish Defence Forces (Óglaigh na hÉireann) won the 15th International and U.S. Sniper Competition. The Army Ranger Wing is the special forces unit of the Irish Army.

The competition featured teams (shooter and spotter plus team coach) from around the US military plus international teams from the UK, Denmark, Canada, Germany, and, of course, Ireland. Also there were teams from the FBI plus two Georgia police departments. The event was held October 19th through 23rd.

Capt. Nick Privette, commander of the US Army Sniper Course, describes the skills that the sniper teams would be tested on in this competition.

The Irish Defence Forces released this on the win:

The Chief of Staff of the Defence Forces Vice Admiral Mark Mellett DSM congratulated the Rangers, stating;

"The Army Ranger Wing have long been regarded as one of the finest Special Forces Units in the world. This victory is testament to their hard training and resolve."
Consistency was the key to the win by the Irish whose names and pictures were not released at their request.
Col. William Thigpen, commander of the 316 Cavalry Brigade, pointed to consistency as the key to success for the Ireland team over the course of 16 events. Teams were tested in long-range marksmanship, observation, target detection, stalking, reconnaissance and reporting and the ability to move with stealth while concealed.

"They demonstrated the most consistency across the board," Thigpen said.

The statistics haven't been reviewed yet, but Thigpen said the Ireland team may be the first international team to win the sniper competition.

"I'm almost positive this is the first international team to win the competition," the commander said. "We are fair in everything we do. That's how the numbers registered. They were the best team in 2015."

Over the years, consistency in shooting has been key for winners.

"We found out that over the last couple of years teams that stay within the top five in each event tend to have a better chance in winning the overall competition," Thigpen said. "That's a consistent trend at least over the last three years."

The efforts of the Ireland team were noticed by Staff Sgt. Steve Curry and Sgt. Emmanuel Velayo of Camp Pendleton, Calif., who came in third place.

"The international teams were quite impressive," Curry said after the ceremony. "The Ireland team did extraordinarily well. They were consistent, they were accurate and they did all the basic things right."
Even local Columbus, Georgia TV took notice of the win by the Irish team.

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New election poster [Of Arms and the Law]

I like this!. "Hillary for Prison 2016."


An interesting crowdfunding project [Of Arms and the Law]

It's here, on Kickstarter. The idea is to create a 24x36" poster with images of firearms through the ages. If the project succeeds, the posters will be ready next month, well in time for Christmas.


SAF, NRA, And NSSF Move For Summary Judgment In Seattle Gun Tax Case [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

After the City of Seattle imposed a "gun violence tax" on sales of arms and ammunition within their city limits, the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, and the National Shooting Sports Foundation jointly sued the city. Under Washington State law, cities and counties are preempted from passing regulations that impact firearms. That is reserved for the state.

This suit is groundbreaking because it is the first time the three have jointly sued on a gun rights issue. Now comes word that they have moved for summary judgment in King County Superior Court.

Plaintiffs Move For Summary Judgement In Challenge To Seattle Gun Tax

BELLEVUE, WA – Plaintiffs challenging a so-called “gun violence tax” recently passed by the Seattle City Council have today filed a motion for summary judgment in their lawsuit, citing Washington State’s long-standing preemption statute which “fully occupies and preempts the entire field of firearms regulation within the boundaries of the state.” The motion was filed in King County Superior Court.

Attorneys Steven Fogg and David Edwards, with Corr Cronin Michelson, Baumgardner Fogg & Moore LLP filed the motion for the Second Amendment Foundation, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation and their co-plaintiffs. They allege that the city “is well aware of this restriction on its legislative power, in part because its most recent attempt to regulate firearms was emphatically struck down by the Court of Appeals.”

That case was Chan v. City of Seattle, brought by SAF, NRA and several other plaintiffs. Fogg also argued that case. It derailed an attempt by the city under former Mayors Greg Nickels and Mike McGinn to ban guns in city park facilities. But Washington State’s preemption statute, passed 32 years ago and used as a model by other states to adopt similar legislation, stopped that effort in its tracks.

“Seattle is trying to be too clever by half,” said SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. “Our motion shows that members of the city council brainstormed with members of local gun control groups to try to skirt the preemption law. This so-called ‘gun violence tax’ clearly seeks to limit access to firearms and ammunition by imposing what amounts to a regulatory fee on the sale of all firearms and ammunition within City limits. The city can’t do that, and we’re confident the court will tell them so.

“The city can’t even pass this off as a B&O tax, because it’s a flat fee, not a percentage of sales,” he continued. “In the final analysis, this is an attempt to skate around, and thus erode, our state’s model preemption law. That cannot be allowed to stand. The City of Seattle is not an entity unto itself, but still part of Washington State, and therefore the city has to abide by the same laws we all follow.”

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Tesla's Model S has a below-average reliability score, no longer considered a top pick from Consumer's Report [John Lott's Website]

My guess is that a lot of the well to do people who buy Tesla cars don't have a lot of time to waste getting their cars fixed.  From CNN:
Tesla (TSLA)'s Model S earned a below-average reliability score in a recent Consumer Reports survey of owners. . . . . 
The bottom line is that the Model S is fun to drive, with great handling and amazing acceleration, but it also suffers from more than its share of annoying technical glitches, according to the magazine.  
About 1,400 Tesla owners surveyed complained of problems with the car's charging equipment, center console area and things like door and windows. They also had issues with the car's electric drive systems and they complained about rattles, squeaks and leaks in the sunroof.  
Tesla shares slid 10% shortly after Consumer Reports released the survey. . . .

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Gallup: By a 56 to 41 Percent Majority, Americans Believe that More People Carrying Concealed Handguns make US Safer [John Lott's Website]

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.07.15 AM
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.09.41 AM
Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 9.22.44 AM
For almost all categories of Americans, there is significant support for the notion that allowing people to carry permitted concealed handguns makes Americans safer.  Only Democrats and those with a post-graduate education do not believe this, but that doesn't mean that these individuals believe that carrying represents a risk.  If the question were asked whether allowing people to carry concealed handguns either made us safer or had no effect, it is possible that the results would be even more overwhelming (after all while the vast majority of research finds that concealed handgun laws improve safety, no peer-reviewed research by criminologists or economists find that it increases murder, rape or robbery rates).  Non-gun owners and Independents are equally divided.

Hillary Clinton on gun control on May 6, 2014: “We’re way out of balance. I think that we’ve got to reign in what has become an almost article of faith that anybody can have a gun anywhere, anytime. And I don’t believe that is in the best interest of the vast majority of people.” Clinton went on to further proclaim the dangers of people “carrying guns in public places. . . . Look at the types of things that have caused people who are carrying guns in public places to respond.  Loud music from a bunch of kids, someone knocking on your door seeking help, . . ."

UPDATE: There is also a related CNN poll, but the big difference is that this question doesn't ask if people have a permit or even whether they are law-abiding citizens.
CNN Poll on Carrying Guns Oct 14-17


Smoking gun found in Hillary's testimony [The Liberty Sphere]

"Most political pundits and news commentators claim there was no smoking gun in Hillary Clinton's 11 hour testimony before the House Select Committee on Benghazi. But early on during the testimony the committee had pealed back enough of the layers of contradictory information from the Obama administration to reveal what is perhaps the most crucial smoking gun of all..."

Read it all here...


That's Why It's Called Capitalism, Ladd [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Huffington Post had a post about HR 3799 - the Hearing Protection Act of 2015 - being introduced by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ). As with most PuffHo articles, it starts well and then goes over the edge. They waited until the 12th paragraph to link suppressors with CIA death squads.

In the past, the NRA had been hesitant to get into bed with manufacturers of silencers, largely due to image problems that have long plagued the devices. In 2013, Mother Jones reported on the history of modern silencers, going back to their creation in the late 1960s by a onetime CIA dark-ops contractor, as well as their early use by CIA death squads in Vietnam. The ASA was formed in 2011, suggesting that the silencer industry has lately taken more of an interest in public relations and political influence.

Supporters of stronger gun regulations regularly point to the potential hazards of making it easier for civilians to get hold of accessories that -- as manufacturers readily admit -- allow shooters to disguise their location by minimizing the noise and light produced by firing a gun. There's little evidence to suggest that silencers are used regularly in criminal activity, but there have been a number of cases in which gunmen, or would-be gunmen, were found to have used the devices or at least been in possession of them.
Hiram Percy Maxim, son of Hiram S. Maxim, was awarded a patent for his Maxim Silencer in 1909. That is significantly earlier than the "late 1960s". Moreover,  High Standard produced an integrally suppressed pistol for the OSS as early as WWII. I guess it is only a "death squad" to PuffHo if you are fighting communists and not Fascists.

More to the point of this post are the comments by Ladd Everitt of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (sic).
Ladd Everett, director of communications for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, says manufacturers are simply making a financial calculation in the current push to make it cheaper and easier for people to get silencers, despite the potential for misuse.

"The NRA and gun industry view accessories like silencers as potential profit areas, with guns themselves so well-saturated throughout their existing customer base. That’s why we’ve seen this multi-state effort to weaken laws in this area, the obvious consequences for safety be damned," Everett told The Huffington Post. "It’s about profit, nothing else."
Ladd, dude, profit is what capitalism is all about. Your bio says you worked for US Saudi Arabian Business Council so you of all people should understand that.

And what are these obvious consequences for safety that you speak of? As one of the many Americans with hearing loss issues due to damage from shooting unsuppressed firearms without hearing protection, I would think that making it easier to end noise pollution and protect hearing at the same time would be a win-win for safety. I guess since I live out in the hinterlands I'm just a bit clueless what is obvious to you inside the Beltway sorts.


I'd Support This Bill - And So Does The NRA [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) has introduced the Hearing Protection Act of 2015. The act would remove suppressors and silencers from the National Firearms Act. In other words, there would be no restrictions (other than state ones) and no $200 tax anymore. You'd only have to go through a NICS check.

As someone who has both tinnitus and moderate 4000 Hz notch hearing loss, I fully support this bill. My hearing impairment came as a result of shooting firearms at earlier period in my life without hearing protection. My audiologist told me last week when she checked my hearing that I would need hearing aids in the future.

The NRA supports this bill and released this statement today:

Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) announced its support today for the Hearing Protection Act. Sponsored by Congressman Matt Salmon (AZ-05), the legislation removes suppressors from regulations established under the National Firearms Act of 1934.

“Suppressors significantly reduce the chance of hearing loss for anyone who enjoys the shooting sports,” said Chris Cox, executive director of NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action. “On behalf of the NRA and our 5 million members, I want to thank Rep. Salmon for his leadership on this important bill."

Prevailing regulations requires buyers to send an application to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), pay a $200 tax, and pass an arduously time consuming ATF background check. Under Salmon’s bill there will be no application, no tax, and buyers would be required to pass the same National Criminal Instant Background Check (NICS) as law-abiding guns owners.

As a leading voice in the industry, the American Suppressor Association has provided valuable insight to the creation of the Hearing Protection Act.

“Suppressors benefit all involved in hunting and the shooting sports. It’s time to bring the law in line with modern technology,” said Cox.

It is currently legal to hunt with a suppressor in 37 states. 41 states allow private ownership of suppressors.
The bill has not been assigned a number yet but I'll update this post when it does.

Michael Bane related a conversation he had with someone in the suppressor industry in his most recent podcast. The gist of it was that if suppressors had been invented now instead of the early 20th century, we would be required to have them and we'd be able to pick them up at a corner store.

I believe that is correct. I do know that I'll fight tooth and nail for this bill. I don't want today's younger shooters to have to deal with even moderate hearing loss.

UPDATE: The American Suppressor Association released a statement on the introduction of this bill. As you can imagine, they are very, very pleased with this bill.

It said, in part:
“The American Suppressor Association believes that citizens should not have to pay a tax to protect their hearing while exercising their Second Amendment rights,” said Knox Williams, President and Executive Director of the ASA. “The removal of suppressors from the National Firearms Act has been our ultimate goal since day one. For months, we have worked alongside Rep. Salmon’s office and the National Rifle Association to craft this legislation. Although we recognize that introducing this bill is the first step in what will be a lengthy process to change federal law, we look forward to working with Rep. Salmon and the NRA to advance and ultimately enact this common-sense legislation.”
UPDATE II: The number of the Hearing Protection Act of 2015 is HR 3799. You can quickly send a letter to Congress showing your support by using this PopVox link.


My latest piece in Investors' Business Daily: "'Demographic Death' Of NRA Just Another Big Media Myth" [John Lott's Website]

Investors Business Daily Banner
My latest piece at Investor's Business Daily responds to a recent op-ed by Adam Winkler in the Washington Post.  The piece is as follows:
Gun ownership is greatest among rural whites, a group whose voting power is diminishing. The conclusion, according to Adam Winkler in the Washington Post, is that the NRA will inevitably decline in power. 
The theory isn't new. Tom Smith, director of the General Social Survey, told me in 1997 that the large drop in gun ownership shown by his poll would "make it easier for politicians to do the right thing on guns." 
According to Smith's survey, the percentage of homes with a gun has fallen fairly continuously since the 1970s — from approximately 50% to 32% earlier this year.
On the other hand, surveys by Gallup and ABC News/Washington Post show that gun ownership rates have been flat since the 1970s. The number is uncertain for a number of reasons, including people's willingness to tell the truth to pollsters about whether they own guns. 
The "hard" data that we do know is that concealed handgun permits and gun sales have soared. Concealed handgun permits tripled from 2007 to 2015. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System shows that the number of gun purchases doubled from 2006 to 2014. 
But while significant demographic changes have been occurring for decades, there hasn't been any steady increase in support for gun control. Indeed, the opposite is actually true.

According to Gallup, 78% of voters supported stricter gun control in 1990. By last fall, that number had fallen to 47%. Look at PEW polls and you'll see that support for stricter gun control has fallen dramatically since the late 1990s. CNN's polls show a similar pattern since 1993. . . . .
The rest of the piece is available here


The logical consequence of campaign finance laws: Judge rules that "School’s Facebook post a campaign contribution" [John Lott's Website]

If you can't give a campaign money to take out an ad, can you be stopped from putting up an ad yourself?  Apparently a judge in Colorado sees the link.  From the Coloradoan newspaper:
A state judge has ruled that a Facebook post by Liberty Common School amounts to an illegal campaign contribution to a Thompson School District board candidate. 
In August, the Fort Collins charter school shared with its Facebook followers a newspaper article about a parent of a student running for a board seat in the neighboring school district. Liberty Common’s principal, former Colorado Congressman Bob Schaffer, then shared the post and called candidate Tomi Grundvig an “excellent education leader” who would provide “sensible stewardship” of Thompson. 
Liberty Common has 566 followers to its Facebook page. Schaffer, who lost a 2004 bid for U.S. Senate, has more than 3,900 “friends” on his personal page. . . .

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Washington Post Banner
This piece is in the process of being put together while I am traveling today.  Please view it as a preliminary post.

The Washington Post's Christopher Ingraham has another new post on gun control (earlier ones here), where he is claiming that most people are wrong to believe that permitted concealed handguns make them safer.  In this case, Ingraham is responding to a new Gallup poll that finds that by a 56-to-41 percent margin Americans believe that more people legally carrying permitted concealed handguns would make them safer.

Summary: Ingraham's piece selectively picks eight studies on right-to-carry laws and crime rates: six find to effect on crime and two claim to find a bad effect.  Of the two that claim to find a bad effect one is inaccurately described (for homicides it provided no evidence of a bad effect and some statistically significant evidence of a benefit) and the other paper is unpublished with severe flaws.  Of the peer reviewed studies that Ingraham references no evidence of a statistically significant bad effect from right-to-carry laws is offered.

Details: Much of the discussion here focuses on the research by John Lott, but Ingraham has again cherry-picked research to give a very selective view of peer-reviewed research on concealed carry.  Table 2 in this paper from the University of Maryland Law Review in 2012 has a survey that shows most research show a benefit from concealed carry, but there are other more recent papers that find a benefit (see papers here towards the end of this list).  As with other gun control advocates, Ingraham wants to imply that it is just Lott's research versus various critics, but this ignores that most of the peer-reviewed academic research using national data supports his and David Mustard's original research.  In a similar vein in claiming that Lott's research was "completely discredited," Ingraham completely ignores our responses here and here to those assertions.
-- "Lott, for his part, still stands by his idea, although he has nuanced it a bit. He's recently argued that studies critical of right-to-carry laws have failed to properly account for state-level differences in how difficult it is to acquire a handgun permit."
The paper that Lott wrote looked at 4 studies.  In direct contrast to Ingraham's claims: two of those papers found a benefit from right-to-carry laws, one claimed no effect, and one claimed increased crime.  The point of Lott's was that those papers (even the two that found a benefit) were biased towards not finding a benefit.
-- "But as Evan DeFilippis and Devin Hughes recently point out at The Trace, even more recent research from Texas A&M looked at the number of permits issued, not just the passage of various laws. Philips found 'no significant effect of concealed handgun license increases on changes in crime rates... this research suggests that the rate at which CHLs are issued and crime rates are independent of one another—crime does not drive CHLs; CHLs do not drive crime.'"
In a previous post on this website we mentioned numerous problems with the Texas A&M study, we mentioned several problems.  One included (emphasis added):
No explanation is offered for why these authors exclude other states or years?  County level permit data is easily available for Illinois and Wisconsin are easily available because no permits were issued over this entire period of time.  Oregon, Tennessee, North Carolina, and other states have county level data over this period of time.   This is important because the test that they are preforming compares these states relative to one another during the period that they all have right-to-carry concealed handgun laws.  When authors throw out data there had better be a good explanation for why they are doing it, but no explanation is offered here.
On other studies:
-- "Changes in gun ownership are significantly positively related to changes in the homicide rate" (Ludwig, 2002)
If Ingraham had read the paper he cites here, he would have not only noticed that the paper was done by Mark Duggan, but, more importantly, Ingraham doesn't mention the part of the paper that deals with concealed handgun laws (the purpose of his piece).  In Table 12 of Duggan's paper, out of the 6 results that are reported on murder rates, 5 out of 6 estimates show a drop in murder rates after adoption of the law (three of these are statistically significant).  None of the estimates show a significant bad effect.

If one looks more broadly at all the violent crime categories (22 of the 36 estimates imply a drop in crime rates, with 15 of those coefficients showing a statistically significant negative effect, and only one coefficient show a statistically positive effect on crime rates).

Chapter 10 in Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime" explains why Duggan gets the biased results that he did. In particular, that he looks at only before and after averages.  As to the part of the Duggan paper that Ingraham does cite, these results are also questionable as Duggan uses only the sales of one gun magazine to proxy for gun ownership.  Research using the sales of the other six largest gun magazines get the opposite result.  The magazine that Duggan used was unique because it was the only magazine that had to make large self purchases to guarantee those who bought ads a certain level of circulation.

Ingraham cites a list of seven papers, but he ignores that the debate among published research has been long recognized as one between those who say that there is no benefit and those who say that there is a benefit.  Listing some papers that show no impact from the law doesn't change what has already been discussed.
-- "Right-to-carry laws are associated with substantially higher rates" of aggravated assault, robbery, rape and murder. (Aneja et al 2014)
This website has long had a detailed discussion of the problems with this unpublished paper.  Research shown here as also provided a detailed discussion.
More discussion will be added later.

Ingraham has this tweet up pushing his claims.  I assume that he is trying to discredit the research by linking it up to the NRA doing "an amazing job selling" it rather than thinking that the academic debate has has some influence here.  Unfortunately, Ingraham ignores most of the academic research, and, as noted above, he doesn't respond the critiques that have made of the research he cites.

Christopher Ingraham Tweet on MGLC


Gallup finds NRA far more popular than Obama or Hillary [Of Arms and the Law]

That report, and some interesting thoughts, here at Breitbart. NRA's approval ratings are about twenty points (or 50%) higher than either.

The survey also found that, if you subtract the unfavorable from the favorable, NRA comes out +23. In the most recent poll, Hillary came out -8.

Conservatives gave NRA the highest ratings, moderates not far behind, self-identified liberals gave it the lowest, with a lot in the strongly unfavorable category.


Newest piece in the Daily Caller: "Hillary Clinton Is Wrong About Gun Laws In Australia And The UK" [John Lott's Website]

Daily Caller Header
My newest piece at the Daily Caller starts this way:
Democrats keeping telling people that they don’t want to confiscate their guns, but at the same time they are praising the gun control laws in countries that have confiscated people’s guns. But Hillary Clinton’s claims that confiscation made them safer are completely wrong. 
Speaking at Keene State College in New Hampshire, Clinton was asked if the U.S. should try to take away everyone’s handguns, as Australia once did. Clinton responded by praising Australia’s gun buyback in 1996 and 1997, when the government outlawed guns and then used registration lists to identify who owned these newly prohibited weapons. Clinton also praised Canada and the UK, which used similar registration laws to confiscate guns. President Obama has been praising those laws. 
On Friday, Clinton made fun of those worried about confiscation. She said people get scared into thinking that “a black helicopter is going to land in the front yard and somebody is going to take your guns.” 
But why should gun owners trust her when she praises other country’s confiscation efforts? She thinks that Canada, Australia, and the UK are safer because of their strict gun laws, even when the evidence shows the opposite. . . .
The rest of the piece is continued here.

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Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Four [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I published Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Three last Wednesday. It was an update of the 2011 post that tracked the spread of firearms freedom as evidenced by the growth in shall-issue and constitutional carry. It was released on October 15th to commemorate the effective date of constitutional carry in the state of Maine.

Also published in 2011 was another collaboration with Rob Vance called Every Picture Tells A Story, Part Two which plotted annual FBI violent crime rates against the growth of shall-issue concealed carry. We explicitly stated back then that there wasn't a positive correlation between violent crime rates and liberalized carry laws. We also said that proving a negative correlation would take more a more rigorous statistical approach. However, we took note of Linoge's work regarding the negative correlation between crime involving firearms and gun ownership. I would note that Linoge has updated his work and the negative correlation is even stronger in 2015 (-0.8016) than in 2011.

Rob has updated his graph to reflect the changes since 2011 in both crime rates and the growth of shall-issue and constitutional carry.

When Illinois, the fifth largest state in the US, was forced to adopt shall-issue concealed carry, the anti-rights movement predicted blood in the streets of Chicago and elsewhere in Illinois. That is, more blood than is normal in Chicago with its long history of stringent gun control. The graph above normalizes the crime rates as per 100,000. If shall-issue concealed carry would have caused an increase in crime rates in Illinois, it would have shown up in the graph.

Rob notes this about the graph and what it illustrates:
Every time the citizens of our states manage to convince their legislators that individual self-defense via unrestricted or shall issue concealed carry is the best approach, the press repeats the shibboleth that such laws will result in “blood in the streets.” Well, the press has been wrong about that, and they’ve been wrong repeatedly and over many many years. Then again, newspaper circulation is down and this kind of lazy reporting might be one of the reasons why. Violent crime rates, including the murder rates, are down in the United States from a peak in the early 1990’s, but you wouldn’t know it from our press. The diagram below starts with data gathered to demonstrate the change in state laws in favor of no or de minimis regulation of concealed carry of firearms for self-defense (, and integrates FBI Uniform Crime Reporting data on the national level of violent crime over time.

Concealed carry laws matter because they change the balance of power in the favor of law abiding citizens over violent criminals, increasing both the real and the perceived risk associated with criminal behavior. Over the last 25 plus years the rate of violent crimes in the US has fallen substantially, and this change runs directly counter to the increasing availability of concealed carry as a self-defense option for Americans. We are now experiencing lowered rates of violent crime last seen in the early 1970s and murder rates from the mid-1960s. As John Lott has written (extensively I might add), “More Guns = Less Crime.” Correlation isn’t causality is a truth from statistics; yet it is entirely truthful to say that the normalization of armed self-defense is taking place in a period when the rate of violent crime is falling in the US. Any other conclusion does not follow the data.
Links to our data sources are below:


Hillary Regains Lead In NH But Still Within Margin Of Error [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I normally do not report on the Democratic primary unless it reflects on gun rights. However, I got an email on Tuesday with an offer to see the pre-release results of the Topline WBUR survey of likely New Hampshire Democratic voters so long as I didn't release the results before 5am EDT Wednesday.

I'm no fool. I jumped on the offer!

It looks like that post-Democratic debate that Hillary Clinton (D-carpetbagger) is now back in the lead against Bernie Sanders (D-VT). Even though Sanders and Clinton are essentially tied, the movement by Clinton from 31% to 38% is beyond the margin of error.

Vote preference with leaners Sept 2015 Oct 2015 
Bernie Sanders 35% 34%
Hillary Clinton 31% 38%
Joe Biden 14% 9%
Martin O'Malley 1% 1%
Jim Webb 2% 2%
Lincoln Chaffee 1% less than 1%
Lawrence Lessig NA 0%
Some other candidate 4% 4%
Would not vote 2% 3%
Don't Know / Refused 10% 9%
Margin of error is +/- 4.9 percentage points.

The poll did have some interesting tidbits. First, the majority of those polled thought Clinton could win (71%) in the general election while only a minority thought Sanders could win (39%). Clinton's numbers rose significantly from September to October.

Second, while the overwhelming majority (80%) thought Bernie Sanders was trustworthy, only a bare majority (53%) thought Hillary Clinton was trustworthy. These numbers stayed consistent (+/- 2% points) between September and October.

It will be interesting to see how this continues to play out.

WBUR Boston has their take on their poll here. You can read the whole poll results here including the questions and methodology.

Tuesday, 20 October


Gaming A Gun Buy-Back [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel plans to waste another $250,000 of the city's money in order to fund a gun buy-back. He announced his plans yesterday at press conference attended by the usual hanger's on. The money is coming from the Chicago Police Department's budget. The "intent" is to "get guns off the street".

Emanuel's buy-back will be a partnership between the city and various groups who can apply for grants to fund buy-backs.

Organizations can apply directly to the police department and will be responsible for organizing and advertising the events. Chicago police will staff the buy-back events, recover the guns, and provide cash cards for guns turned in. The $250,000 fund will be used to purchase the cash cards, and is funded through the existing CPD budget.

“Illegal guns drive violence in our neighborhoods, and we must do everything possible to keep them off our streets,” said Superintendent McCarthy. “Our officers already recover more illegal guns than officers in any other city in the country, and this new take on gun buy-backs will help us get even more guns out of our communities.”
The last time the city sponsored such a buy-back gun rights organizations and suburban gun dealers dumped a number of inoperable firearms on the city and collected $100 each in gift cards. John Boch of Guns Saves Lives said the money was used to purchase ammo for a NRA youth camp.

Boch said his group will be back and the cops aren't happy.
Boch is vowing to return to Chicago with another 50 or 60 guns to turn in.

“We will put that money to good use for public awareness efforts on our part,” he said. “We don’t need gun control, we need crime control.”

Anthony Guglielmi, spokesman for the Chicago Police Department, said officers will check to see whether turned-in guns are operable but won’t check the IDs of the people who bring them in.

“If people want to game the system, society is the victim,” he said. “I think those people need to ask themselves, are they part of the solution to reduce violence?”
No, what Mr. Guglielmi should be asking is whether this $250,000 of taxpayer's money couldn't be better used in enforcement efforts against criminal gangs such as the Gangster Disciples, the Latin Kings, and Black P Stone. When you look at a map of Chicago and see very few areas that don't have known gang boundaries, it is what I'd be asking.


Second Circuit rules in NY State Rifle & Pistol [Of Arms and the Law]

You can access the opinion here. (For some reason a direct link to the opinion doesn't work -- go to the menu bar at the top and click on "decisions" and look for NY State Rifle and Pistol). Pretty much affirms the lower court's ruling, which sustained most of the gun laws at issue. Dave Workman has some interesting thoughts, tho -- such as the court at least recognizes that "assault weapons" and larger magazines are in "common use," and thus within Heller (even tho they can be banned because the court really doesn't like them).

Friday, 16 October


Democrats argue that requiring a birth certificate (or similar document) is an undue burden on people's ability to vote. Will they soon make that challenge for little league sports? [John Lott's Website]

Here is what you need a birth certificate for the following:
  • Obtaining a Driver’s License . . .
  • Marriage . . .
  • Signing Up for Sports – Especially in youth sports, there is often an age requirement. This protects children from accidental injury by older kids. Since it is required, you may have to provide a proof of age, usually in the form of a certified birth certificate.
  • Travel – A birth certificate is one of the requirements for obtaining a passport, of course. However, it is often used in other circumstances too. Many cruise lines require that passengers provide a birth certificate upon boarding, especially when a passport may not be required, so they can prove identity.
  • Social Security Card . . .
  • General Identification . . . .
If young people don't have a birth certificate with them, possibly they should ask their parents as they would have needed a birth certificate for many areas of life.  From the New York Times:
Amelia Flores, a high school senior with plans to become an electrical engineer, eagerly filled out a form to register to vote for the first time at the Kansas State Fair last month. But she left the fair without registering, stymied by a state law championed by Republicans who dominate elected offices in Kansas that requires her to provide proof of citizenship. 
“I think it’s ridiculous and restrictive,” said Ms. Flores, who later received a notice in the mail informing her that she must produce a birth certificate or other proof of citizenship to complete the registration. “A lot of people are working multiple jobs, so they don’t have time to get this stuff done. Some of them don’t have access to their birth certificate.”  
Ms. Flores, who said she was born in Washington State, unwittingly joined a list of more than 36,000 people in Kansas who have tried to register to vote since the law went into effect in 2013, but then did not complete their registration. This month, under a rule adopted by the Kansas secretary of state’s office, county election officials throughout the state began to cull names from the voters list, removing people who had been on it at least 90 days. Those removed from the list must start the registration process over to vote. . . . . 
An analysis by The New York Times of the list of voters showed . . . . Fifty-seven percent of the people on the list did not declare a party; 23 percent were Democrats, and 18 percent were Republicans. The vast majority — 90 percent — had never voted. . . .

Thursday, 15 October


The advance of "shall issue" CCW [Of Arms and the Law]

No Lawyers, Only Guns and Money, has an interesting chart on the spread of "may issue" CCW, from 1986 to the present. In 1986, a minuscule percent of the population lived in States where no permit was necessary, and under 10% in "shall issue" areas. Today over 72% of the American population lives in States that fall into those classes.

Tuesday, 06 October


Some questions should not be answered [The Liberty Sphere]

Hiya, friends!

No explanations are needed as to where I've been of late, and thus, none will be offered,

Glad that a few of you visit these pages regularly,  And I hope I can begin to settle into my normal routine,

Yes, I still write for the Examiner, and I will get back to it as soon as I can do some catching up,


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