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Is Ruger developing a Semi-Automatic Shotgun? [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-04-30 at 12.34.50 AMA number of patents from the U.S. Patent Office indicate that Sturm, Ruger & Company INC might have plans to at least develop a semi-automatic shotgun. Looking at Patent number 2015/20150089855 A1, for a “REMOVABLE SHOTGUN MAGAZINE”, in addition to 2015/0377575 A1 for a “FIREARM SAFETY MECHANISM”, 2015/0010904 A1 for a “RECOIL REDUCTION SYSTEM FOR FIREARM”, 2016/0033226 A1 for a […]

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POTD: Tannerite Leg Morale Patch [The Firearm Blog]

13077044_10201707267558913_2592242976188557364_nTannerite Leg shall forever be remembered and referenced for future firearm enthusiasts. Now you can commemorate the importance of heeding the instructions with this humorous morale patch by Battle Patches. Apparently it glows in the dark as well. I Blew My F’ing Leg Off (Lawnmower + Tannerite) Blackout PVC Morale Patch G.I.T.D. The patches retail […]

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On The Steve Gruber Show: Discussion on Army Chief of Staff objecting to soldiers being armed while on base. Also a discussion on the taxing of a fundamental right [John Lott's Website]

Steve Gruber
spoke with host Steve Gruber about Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley saying that an 8 minute response time in an active shooter situation is adequate. The General objects to soldiers being able to carry weapons on military bases. Dr. Lott explains that this stance may be politically influenced by the Obama Administration. The General possibly does not want his military career impacted in a negative way if his views don't line up with the administration.
(April 12, 2016 6:45am 6:51am)

I also spoke with host Steve Gruber about the new gun-control law drafted by the attorney general of the Marianas Islands which imposes a $1,000 a year excise tax on each gun purchased.
(April 19, 2016 6:45am-6:52am)


On the Larry Elder Show to discuss Australia's Gun Buyback and the comparison with the Cash for Clunker's Program [John Lott's Website]

Larry Elder

CPRC's John Lott talked to Larry Elder on his national radio show about Australia's gun buyback and discussed his testimony before the Australia Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs committee.  They also talked about Hillary Clinton's comparison of the gun buyback to Obama's Cash for Clunkers program. (8:40 to 8:55 PM on Monday, May 2, 2016)

The segment for the radio show is available here.


Michigan: Your Urgent Action Needed: Important Preemption Legislation Vote Tomorrow! [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, May 4, the House Local Government Committee is scheduled to consider and vote on House Bill 4795, as substituted.  HB 4795, sponsored by Chairman Lee Chatfield (R-District 107), is important legislation aimed at protecting law-abiding gun owners from unlawful constraints on their Right to Keep and Bear Arms imposed by insubordinate local units of government.


Carry permit holder foils airgun-wielding robber, The Enterprise, Brockton, Mass. 05/02/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A man went to a designated meeting spot in Brockton, Mass. for what he thought would be the purchase of a dirt bike. When he arrived, the person with whom he had been communicating drew what looked like a gun and attempted to rob him. A struggle ensued. At some point the man retrieved a 9-mm handgun from his vehicle and shot the robber. Following the incident, it was determined that the thief had been wielding an airgun. Neighbors were supportive of the armed citizen’s actions, with one telling a local news outlet, “I would have reacted the same way. If my life was threatened, be it a BB gun or not, you don’t know.” Law enforcement has determined that the armed citizen has a concealed carry permit.


Eagle Arms and the Eagle-15 [The Firearm Blog]

Eagle-15If you were not aware, Armalite has a division of its company dedicated to building affordable AR rifles: Eagle Arms. Eagle Arms manufactures its products in the same factory as other Armalite firearms are made. The focus of the division is to “…provide responsible American citizens an economically viable way to exercise their rights, and lower the […]

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Steam Punk AR15 [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 11.26.21 PMThe guys over at Fire Mountain Outdoors have put together a Steam Punk themed AR15! The idea was for a gift to the wife of one of the owners, she is apparently a big time welder and thus would appreciate the steam punk themed rifle. It certainly is an interesting project build, with such features […]

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Disassembly Photos: Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model Carbine [Forgotten Weapons]

This is a second pattern Bendix-Hyde carbine, made for the M1 Carbine trials. The first Bendix-Hyde had a number of features that Ordnance requested be changed (including a pistol grip), and this was the modified version submitted for the second round of tests. It lost out to the Winchester design, of course, which became the M1 Carbine.

Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model disassembled

Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model disassembled

I had a chance to take one apart at RIA, so I made sure to get a photo or two (click to enlarge):

Safety disengaged Safety engaged IMG_0381 IMG_0380 IMG_0379 IMG_0378 IMG_0377 Right side, fully assembled Left side, fully assembled Takedown latch Takedown latch, open Removing trigger group Sling swivel/handguard screw Sling swivel rmoved Handguard to receiver fit Handguard partially removed Spring guide, op rod, and gas block assembled Bolt closed and locked Spring guide fit to receiver Spring guide removed Handguard reinforcement and locking tab IMG_0362 IMG_0361 IMG_0360 Bolt unlocked Bolt locked Receiver stripped Magazine well Bolt partially open Bolt partially open Sight aperture 1 Sight aperture 2 IMG_0351 IMG_0350 IMG_0349 IMG_0348 IMG_0347 IMG_0346 IMG_0345 IMG_0344 IMG_0343 Recoil buffer Recoil buffer IMG_0340 Stock IMG_0338 Recoil buffer Magazine well Magazine well Magazine well Magazine well Magazine well IMG_0331 Receiver rear IMG_0328 IMG_0327 Muzzle Gas block front Bolt handle track Barrel and heat shield Gas block Front sight Front sight Gas block Handguard attachment lug Handguard attachment lug Magazine well Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Ejector track Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Locking tab Locking tab Locking tab IMG_0299 Bolt assembly Bolt assembly Op rod bend Bolt handle IMG_0294 Bolt handle Op rod bend Gas piston head Op rod Op rod FCG on fire FCG on safe Safety engaged FCG FCG FCG IMG_0282 Tirgger guard FCG Spring guide Mainspring and guide Spring guide Mainspring and guide Sling swivel Sling swivel Handguard reinforcement Handguard reinforcement Handguard reinforcement Handguard Handguard Handguard IMG_0267 Handguard with reinforcement removed Handguard with reinforcement IMG_0264 Handguard Bendix-Hyde 2nd Model disassembled


Clinton’s top priorities: Gun control and immigration reform. Could she deliver on either? [NRA-ILA News]

As a result, Clinton and her allies in and out of Congress are gradually building a legislative agenda that would focus on immigration issues in Congress while mostly relying on the executive power of the presidency to further gun restrictions that would have little chance of becoming law.


California Lt. Gov. Newsom, lawmakers on collision course over gun control [NRA-ILA News]

California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and state Democratic lawmakers appear to be on a collision course over a new round of gun control measures.


Tennessee: Gov. Haslam lets guns-on-campus bill become law [NRA-ILA News]

The bill, Senate Bill 2376, allows full-time faculty, staff and other employees of Tennessee's public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus — but they must notify the local law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for security on their campus — the campus police, for example.

Tennessee: Gov. Haslam lets guns-on-campus bill become law [NRA-ILA News]

The bill, Senate Bill 2376, allows full-time faculty, staff and other employees of Tennessee's public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus — but they must notify the local law enforcement agency with primary responsibility for security on their campus — the campus police, for example.


More women carrying guns [NRA-ILA News]

The number of men with active licenses is steadily increasing as well, but since January 2013 through the end of April, the only period for which the department has data available, the number of women license-holders in Kitsap grew about 71 percent, to 6,419 from 3,748.


Deadline arrives for Georgia governor on campus guns bill [NRA-ILA News]

Georgia’s governor must make a decision about legislation allowing concealed handguns on college campuses in the state.


Connecticut: Senate passes law that strips gun rights for accusations [NRA-ILA News]

Accused domestic abusers would have to surrender firearms within 24 hours under legislation that won final approval in the Senate on Monday afternoon and now heads to the governor for his expected signature


On The Brett Winterble Show: Harriet Tubman (black, gun-toting, evangelical Christian, Republican Woman) to be new face of $20 bill [John Lott's Website]

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.49.15 PM

Dr. Lott speaks with host Brett Winterble (760 KFMB in San Diego) about Harriet Tubman replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill and why this should be viewed as a positive thing for conservatives. There is also a discussion on Hillary Clinton saying the NRA is trying to intimidate elected officials. Dr. Lott explains that Bloomberg spends significantly more on pushing gun control than the NRA does on the other side. If spending money intimidates people, then the reverse is massively true.
(April 21, 2016 3:35pm-3:47pm PST)

See here and here.


A weapon that missed its window: The 3.7cm Luftschiff-Kanone Krupp [The Firearm Blog]

Right side view of the Luftschiff-kanoneIn every arms race, there are some weapons that are revolutionary, and some that just miss their opportunity to make a tactical impact.  it is interesting to think what would’ve been if incendiary rounds didn’t effectively end the age of the airship in combat.  In 1916, Krupp was nearing completion of a gun to be […]

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Tacticool Tuesday - The Pregnant Ladybug Dilemma [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I happened to catch this video on a Facebook and decided to jot down a quick list of the impedimenta these poor guys had to lug around Fallujah.

M16A4 rifle with Trijicon ACOG, Laser aiming device, weapons light or
M249 Squad Automatic Weapon and
Beretta M9 pistol
Helmet with Rhino mount and synthetic camo net
Goggles/Eye Protection
Body Armor, Carrier, loads of pouches
Ammunition load, generally 210 but these guys might be going heavier for a sustained fight
Gasmask with filters
Personal first aid kit/Bleeder pouch
Combat knife
Grenades, SMAW ammo, Det cord.
Communication gear, batteries, handset, etc.(Pro tip, these are not light)
Medic Pack, (Pro Tip 2, these are really not light)
AT4 Rocket launcher(s)
zip ties (used for restraints)
Camelback or 2 canteens
Buttpack / Sustainment pack

This is not to mention the various snacks, multi-tools, paper, pens, smokes, iPods, whatever other junk they accumulated in the layers of pockets and pouches.  Also, clothes, belt, boots, elbow and knee pads, protective gloves, all weigh something too.

In the military, by either conventional wisdom or blind obedience to the rule book, (a.k.a. the Standard Operating Procedures), you are usually required to wear some or most of this stuff.  I am sure you have seen the 300 pound "Mulisha" guy at the range, with the cross draw rig (for his primary pistol), drop leg mounted pistol (for the secondary), 21" machete MOLLE'd on the back, 12 or so magazines in various places, armor plates, but no water and a cigarette dangling from his perspiring mouth*.  These guys in the video knew they would be in a sustained fight eventually. They trained for months and even years to be in the kind of physical condition to be able to drag that stuff with them up flights of stair without wheezing themselves into a little brown paper bag.

Take some time to review not only your kit but your lifestyle to make sure that you are realistically in line with your goals. Look at your gear and give it a hard look as to if you need it.  You could probably do without the four knives.  You will most certainly need water, navigation equipment, communication devices, medical equipment, and something to defend yourself with.  If you are the Gray Man or the neighborhood watch guy or even the local militia guy, understand your physical fitness needs will be much greater than what a weekly a hour long Pilates class can give you.  Like the saying goes, the more you sweat in peacetime, the less you bleed in battle.  Whatever your battle may be.

*Note:  This was a real life example taken from a range in Birmingham, Alabama, circa 2009.  He did not carry water because, get this, he said he can always get it off of someone else.  Don't be that guy.


The Modernity of Peshawar [The Firearm Blog]

10428053_1600699173478034_8478315449277902014_nWhen the subject of the gun making markets in the village of Dharra, within the autonomous region of Peshawar, Pakistan comes up, most of us wouldn’t be wrong to think of the copying of older firearms designs, such as your typical Peshawar Kalashnikovs, Martini Henrys, Tokarevs, and the list goes on and on. However, recently […]

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GripShot, The Rail Mounted Serpa Pistol Holster [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_6368-19GripShot is an adapter to mount either a Safariland ALS or Serpa holster to picatinny rails. The GripShot mount costs $135. The premise is that it is faster to have your sidearm in your field of view and it is faster than drawing your pistol from a traditional hip mounted or drop leg holster. The […]

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Absolute Zero detachableAbso scope mount review [The Firearm Blog]

DSC02190Absolute Zero is a new quick detachable scope mounting system, made by Clawmounts Manufacturing based in Illinois. Claw Mounts Manufacturing makes quick detachable mounts for various iconic rifles, such as the Mauser, and Winchester 70. However with this product, the company is looking to expand into the AR market, or really any rifle with a […]

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California: Hearing on “The Safety for All Act of 2016” Ballot Initiative Scheduled for Tuesday, May 3 [NRA-ILA News]

The Assembly and Senate Public Safety Committee is scheduled to hold an informational hearing tomorrow, Tuesday May 3, at 9:30am in hearing room 4203, on Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s gun control initiative, “The Safety for All Act of 2016.”  A vote will not be taken at this hearing however members are encourage to contact members of the committee with their opposition to the initiative and similar legislation that is currently moving through the Legislature.


At Fox News on new California Initiative to require background checks on ammunition purchases [John Lott's Website]

Fox News Banner
Fox News has a news story on a new initiative being offered by California’s Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.  The initiative has includes proposals either not approved by the the Democrat controlled legislature because they were viewed as unworkable or vetoed by the governor.
. . .  Dr. John R. Lott, Jr., an economist and world recognized expert on guns and crime who founded and heads the Crime Prevention Research Center, a research and education organization dedicated to conducting academic quality research on the relationship between laws regulating the ownership or use of guns, crime, and public safety, called the initiative “racist.” 
“The question is who are you stopping from owning a firearm or getting hold of ammunition – in this case it is law-abiding, poor blacks and Hispanics who won’t be able to afford the cost of ammunition, which will rise with the cost associated with required background checks for ammunition purchases.” . . . 
Lott said many of the claims by Newsom and the Safety for All ballot initiative website are inaccurate, something that also drew the attention of Politifact, the independent fact-checking organization that won a Pulitzer Prize for calling out politicians' false claims. 
“Politifact called Newsom's rhetoric "mostly false” and said he used “pseudo data” that is “out of context and is done in a way which is calculated to cause confusion,” Hanisee said. . . .


In Defense of Open-Bolt Firearms for Civilian Use [AllOutdoor.com]


Handheld open bolt firearms have been around since World War One. In military use, they eventually fell out of favor and were largely replaced with closed bolt designs by the 1980s. The two reasons for the switchover were drop safety (although largely solved by Uzi and similar designs) and accuracy. First-shot accuracy is always better with a closed-bolt weapon due to the absence of the heavy bolt motion immediately prior to the round going off.


Above is a Polish variant of the Soviet PPS43, one of the simplest possible submachine guns in existence. Unlike the original, this one is chambered for 9×19 Luger. It exemplifies the main advantages of open bolt guns: relatively light weight for the cartridge used, very low felt recoil and simplicity of construction permitting lower cost for the same quality. In the US, the same niche is occupied by closed bolt Hi-Point carbines. PPS43 has 33 parts total. Closed bolt Beretta CX4, also a 9mm carbine, twice as many. PPS43 has minimal recoil compared to either. A locked breech MP5, which kicks as slightly, has about three times as many parts as PPS43. That means more complicated maintenance and far higher cost, though with far better accuracy in turn.


The perception of inaccuracy is only partially accurate. Most well designed submachine guns either have a low cyclic rate of fire (American M3, German MP40 and MP41) or an effective compensator (PPSh41), so only the first shot is less accurate than with closed bolt designs. Subsequent shots are at least as accurate thanks to much reduced felt recoil. The energy of the shot is expended partly to stop and reverse the motion of the bolt so, all other things being equal, less bolt weight and less recoil spring strength is required. As you can see from the photo, a thirteen year old boy can control the weapon with little effort.

Hand-held automatic weapons have limited accurate range, usually no more than 50 yards unsupported. Tell me, how often do civilian self-defense events transpire at ranges beyond even twenty yards? Suddenly, a burst grouping two inches wide by four inches tall looks entirely adequate. Why not just use a shotgun? Scatterguns have much heavier recoil and all shot loads under-penetrate relative to well designed pistol bullets.


The next complaint is the high ammunition consumption. Self-defense usually happens up close and fast. Even at full cyclic rate, a standard 35-round magazine would last over three seconds — a very long time in close quarters combat. Used more realistically, with 2-5 round bursts, a single magazine would give about ten seconds of fire superiority over a typical violent criminal looking for easy prey. There’s a good reason why presidential bodyguards have automatic rifles and submachine guns. Those are precisely the tools that enable effective close-range stopping of threats.

Even in semi-automatic only form, open bolt carbines have the advantages of simplicity and low felt recoil. Unfortunately, ATF considers them precursors to submachine guns and regulated them out of existence. But, just because open bolt guns are mostly unavailable to Americans in this wonderful land of the free, doesn’t mean they aren’t useful for lawful self-defense. We shouldn’t excuse their absence on the market by deeming them without merit.

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Chiappa Triple Crown 20ga [AllOutdoor.com]

While I’ve played with Chiappa Triple Threat 12ga since early 2013, the long-barreled 20ga variant is new to me. For some reason, perhaps the anticipation of recoil, I don’t wingshoot with double-barrel shotguns well, and trying out the 20ga was more a nod to curiosity than anything else. Being a fan of shorter barrels, I also wasn’t expecting much joy from the 26″ triple tubes. I handed the shotgun and a box of birdshot to competitive shooter Chase Orr, grabbed my camera and recorded the results.


Turns out the gun handles and points well even for 13 year old shooters. Once Chase finished busting clays, I tried the same shotgun: it made me look like a much better wingshooter than I am most of the time. Three barrels balance very well and make muzzle rise on recoil quite small. The 26″ length provided excellent sighting for both clays and more distant steel targets. The fiber optic bead helped alignment without blocking downrange visibility.


Each barrel can be set up with its own load and choke tube. For example, the two bottom barrels may be equipped with rifled chokes for slugs, and the top with cylinder bore for buckshot — that’s if you are out hog-hunting. Or the barrels could be set up, in order of firing, with open, modified and full for use on departing clays or birds.


The single double action trigger is fires barrels in rotation. Specific barrels cannot be selected. In case of misfire, you can shoot the next barrel — double action is mechanical, not dependent on recoil for re-cocking as with some over and under guns. The trigger is light and crisp. The break action is very tight, with no play in any dimension.


Safety is a tang slider, very convenient. The shotgun itself is very smooth in use, making the process of lining up on a clay or a steel clanger effortless. Thanks to the very short action, the extra barrel length doesn’t make the shotgun feel over-long. While the 20ga is lighter than the 12ga by a little over a pound, the reduced payload keeps recoil mild even for Brenneke Knock Out slugs. By the way, slugs is where the extra barrel length comes in so handy for accurate aiming: hitting steel silhouettes at 75 yards is not hard. For closer range around 10-15 yards, hitting three different targets with buckshot is a matter of a second, faster than any bump or semiauto I’ve tried.


While I am a great fan of Triple Crown for every task that can be solved in three shots, it has extractors only. Great for people who reload hulls, but slows down reloading a bit. It is still a niche solution for people who wish to use shotgun for home defense but prefer something with super simple manual of arms.

The 18.5″ Triple Threat variant (now available in 20ga) is short, handy and well balanced. The operation is extremely uncomplicated. For the rest of us, it’s a very fun, well balanced sporting smoothbore.

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Steel-Case Ammo Made in USA: Winchester’s USA Forged [AllOutdoor.com]

They’re calling it USA Forged, and it’s Winchester’s answer to cheap foreign-made steel-cased ammo.

Somewhere along the line, I missed this one; although I just received a press release today, this new Winchester ammo has been out for a while now. Our friends over at TFB posted about it back in December.

Currently offered only in 150-round boxes of 9mm Luger (115-grain FMJ bullet, rated 1190 fps muzzle velocity), it’s ammo made in the USA with steel cases instead of brass ones (to reduce cost).

I’m deeply saddened that Winchester has given in to TV cop-show-speak and begun to refer to cartridge cases as “shellcases.” This is straight from the department of redundancy department; it’s like saying “bullet projectile” or “firearm rifle.” What can I say? I prefer accuracy in firearms as well as language.

Anyhow, back to the ammo. They say it’s made in Oxford, Mississippi, and that “USA Forged represents the culmination of an extensive development project that resulted in new manufacturing methods.” They’re Boxer primed (this means they have one flash hole, rather than the two small holes found in Berdan primed imported ammo), and of course the primers are non-corrosive.

[USA Forged ammunition] utilizes precision-made steel shellcases with a proprietary coating for improved reliability and corrosion resistance. The noncorrosive boxer primers and clean-burning powder are ideal for high-volume range sessions, while the brass jacketed (nonplated) lead-core bullets can be used on any range and can also be used in any pistol type; including ported, vented or suppressed pistols.

One TFB commenter who picked up a box of these at Wal-Mart ($31.97 for 150 rounds) wasn’t impressed with the “proprietary coating” on the steel cases, saying “the steel cases are rather unrefined, not smooth as other steel cased ammo I have used, and it almost seemed as if there was a light coating of oxidation on them.”

One review found USA Forged to provide good reliability and accuracy in nine different handguns, with the caveat that this ammo left more powder residue in the guns than the shooter expected.

The factory specs call for another unusual feature: brass-jacketed bullets. For many moons, the most common material for bullet jackets has been copper. It will be interesting to see whether brass will become the new norm — or at least more common — for jacketing lead-core bullets.

The cost-per-round looks like it will hover just below $0.25 per round, once you factor in shipping/taxes. This seems costly to my mind, but that’s the world in which we live. At any rate, this places USA Forged in a pretty good position vis-a-vis cheap imported 9mm ammo, which can be had for about the same money. Most of us prefer to buy American-made stuff whenever possible, and this ammo seems poised to do well in that market.

What do you think? Good idea, bad idea? Have you tried USA Forged?

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Thompson Model 1923 U.S. Trials Autorifle (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

With design beginning in 1919, this gun was in development for about a decade – based on a nonexistent notion which its inventor, a guy named Blish, humbly dubbed the Blish Principle.

In the words of Ian of Forgotten Weapons: “This sounds really good. Unfortunately, it’s not real.”

Turns out, it’s actually a delayed-blowback action – and because of that, the ammo actually has to be lubricated. Oiled felt pads on either side of the magazine would lube each cartridge as it passed through.

Like all rifles of its class, it was chambered for 30-06 and it competed with the Garand, which eventually was accepted and became the standard semi-automatic rifle of the U.S. military.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

The receiver is a whopping 13.5 inches long, which makes it unwieldy and heavy.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

It has an interesting-looking action, and I love the peep sight.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

As you can see, this particular rifle was built by Colt. 12 is the serial number!

The arrow points to one of four felt oil pads in the magazine.

The arrow points to one of four felt oil pads in the magazine.

Ejection of empty cases was rather energetic – so much so that ejected shells would stick into nearby boards. Yeah… don’t think I want to be sitting next to this thing while it’s being fired.

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Jase Robertson of Duck Dynasty on Gun Violence and Gun Control (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

“It’s a problem. There’s raving lunatics out there with guns.”

Those words are spoken by Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson in this short video about gun control and whether it will prevent crime.

Here you are following the rules, you’re in class, trying to do what’s right, and some idiot comes in there with a gun — and there’s literally no way for you to survive other than luck.

When asked what he thought about politicians calling for gun control after a horrible crime, Jase responded thoughtfully:

I don’t blame ’em for responding that way because everybody believes this is horrible. This is horrific. I mean it’s… you respond emotionally because it’s like, ya know, unbelievable. ‘How does this happen, what can we do?’

I think Jase reflects the general public in his views:

I think the more people that are armed with good intentions, the better off you are. I mean, it just seems it’s giving power to people with evil intentions if they can go to a ‘gun free area’ and they’re the only ones with a gun!

Reflecting with the typical Robertson outlook of compassion, Jase adds:

I don’t really hold it against people who are trying these things that I disagree with, ’cause I’m like we’re all trying to stop violence, y’know? We want everyone to love each other and value human life.


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On National Public Radio: Trying to discuss the problems with the Gun Violence Archive [John Lott's Website]

Public Radio's Reveal Center for Investigative Reporting

National Public Radio did a report on Mark Bryant's Gun Violence Archive, where he collects cases of gun deaths and crimes.  But there is a reason we should rely on FBI and CDC data before we rely on what Bryant has put together.  You simply can’t use media reports to determine what happened in cases.  The FBI and CDC also has national standards that allow you to make sure that you are putting together similar cases.
The discussion on this show of defensive gun uses is not very useful.  NPR had Bryant make his point first, a partial discussion by John Lott, and then Bryant's response.  Lott's point wasn't that all these cases aren’t reported to anyone.  Some aren’t, but what Lott had argued during the part of the interview that was edited out was two fold:
1) Media reports rarely cover cases where people use guns defensively.  If someone uses a gun defensively and the criminal runs away (as occurs in virtually all defensive gun uses), that is simply not going to be considered newsworthy even if it is reported to the newspaper.  If you believe media accounts actually get virtually all the defensive gun uses, you would have to believe that about 85% of the defensive gun uses end in the criminal being killed.  No one believes that.  It is just that those cases are more newsworthy than cases where the criminal is wounded.  Only a few percent of the cases seem to involve cases where no one is harmed. 
2) There is no standard reporting for police even when they are told about DGUs.  There are no reporting forms for police.  Police do not report these cases to the FBI.  Justifiable homicides are in theory reported by the police to the FBI, but that data for civilians is even worse than it is for the police, and I suspect you have heard how horribly bad the police data is.
Bryant was inaccurate when he claimed that Lott said that concealed handgun laws in Chicago were responsible for the drop in violent crime after the law being in effect for just a month.  In fact, after the law had been in effect for a year-and-a-half Lott said "it is very doubtful that permitted concealed could have a significant impact on crime rates."


Illinois: Anti-Gun Groups Create Coalition to Target Firearm Retailers [NRA-ILA News]

Anti-gun lawmakers and out-of-state gun control groups are at it again.


TFBTV Doing What We Do: Shooting Compilation [The Firearm Blog]

Well, I didn’t realize that I had shot this much over the course of this program. This video contains some shooting highlights filmed over the course of producing TFBTV. I sure have made a lot of memories doing this, and we hope you all have enjoyed our content. Special thanks to Ventura Munitions as well. […]

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Bersa’s Thunder in Rainbows [The Firearm Blog]

Davidsons Bersa ODEagle Imports announced a new series of Bersa Thunder pistols that sport a variety of non-traditional colors. Eagle Imports, the United States based importer of Bersa firearms, has partnered with gun distributer Davidson’s on this project. The new Thunder pistols will be available in four colors: blue, OD green, purple and pink. These will be […]

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Review: Henry .45-70 H010 “Steel” [The Firearm Blog]

A .45-70 in its natural habitat...I am an avid user of lever-actions.  I routinely carry them while on long hikes, and have used them to good effect while hunting in short to mid range situations where I know quick shots and follow ups will be necessary.  I have also used the .45-70 for a number of years for hunting and […]

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The Thompson T2 SMG with Ian & Forgotten Weapons [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureGeneral Thompson will certainly be remembered for his famous “Tommy Gun” or formally adopted as the M1928 or in its later blow-back only form the M1 Thompson. But what about Thompson’s other designs? Due to the prohibitive costs of the Thompson M1928 (which was nearly three times the price of the M1919 belt-fed machine gun), […]

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POTD: Suppress Everything [The Firearm Blog]

NathanGreat photo by our very own Nathan S. Here are the details of the guns above.   Beretta 1301 Configuration -“Competition” Model – 23” -SilencerCo Salvo 12 (full 12” Configuration) -Kick-OFF Installed -MatchSaver Faxon ARAK-21 Configuration: Custom Cerakoted by Black Dove Customs (link to them, please) -ARAK-21 Ambi Port Upper Receiver – 3x Calibers – […]

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Tommy-Built Custom “XM8” with Military Arms Channel [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureYour eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed an “XM8” rifle in the wild… But, its not a “real” XM8, of which few could have potentially made it into the civilian market. The “XM8” shown is a custom build from Tommy-Built commissioned by Tim at Military Arms Channel. The “XM8” started life as a […]

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Georgia: Your Right-To-Carry Under Veto Threat [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Deal has until tomorrow, May 3, to sign these critical self-defense bills into law and he needs to hear from you NOW!


The Fast Track to Felony for Law-Abiding Citizens: Nevada's Question 1 [NRA-ILA News]

In a classic “one step forward, two steps back” scenario, this year may reverse the strides to protect Second Amendment rights in the Battle Born state and add unnecessary restrictions to firearm transfers.


LaserMax Announces New AR Weaponlight [The Firearm Blog]

1456963200_lmrm1.jpgThose seeking illumination now have one more option to consider. LaserMax, typically known for their lasers and rapid expansion into the weapon-light sector has announced the physical debut of their “Manta-Ray” series of weapon-lights. The Manta-Rays will be available for purchase at the NRA Annual Meeting show floor. As one would suspect with the name, the Manta-Ray […]

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2-Gun Action Challenge Match: US WWI Infantry (M1917 & M1911) [Forgotten Weapons]

In this month’s 2-Gun match, I am competing as a WWI US infantryman, with an M1917 Eddystone rifle and an M1911 pistol (both are genuine WWI-era originals). I am also using a reproduction US 1917 uniform from Mike’s Militaria. It’s a fantastic quality reproduction, made from the same patterns and materials as the originals, and custom tailored to fit. If you are looking for truly excellent reenactment gear, definitely check them out!

Ultimately I placed 50 out of 60 shooters – not bad for shooting against almost exclusively semiauto rifles! The more I shoot the M1917 rifle, the more I like it – although heavy, it is excellent in every other way. The 1911 is an iconic pistol, but does leave something to be desired. The hammer bite left my hand bloody, but it did get the job done.


Obama makes push for 'smart guns' [NRA-ILA News]

The White House issued a set of recommendations Friday aimed at curbing the illegal use of firearms by making it easier for federal, state and local agencies to purchase “smart guns” that would function only in the hands of specified users.The measures include a proposed rule that would allow the Social Security Administration to report beneficiaries with mental health problems to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System.


Smart Guns Aren't Smart [NRA-ILA News]

Thanks to President Obama’s recent push for more gun control by suggesting that “smart guns” are the answer to all gun related woes, the technology so commonly referred to as “smart guns” is back in the headlines. Now, you might ask why I keep putting quotation marks around “smart guns.” Doesn’t that imply that it’s just a term and not actually applicable? Yes; yes it does.


Brady Campaign's ad draws ire of U.S. anti-gun violence activists [NRA-ILA News]

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said on Friday it has sharply cut back an online ad that had used the names and faces of mass shooters and urged the news media not to identify them after the group drew criticism from other gun control activists.


Missouri lawmakers want to loosen gun laws, while Illinois legislators seek to tighten them [NRA-ILA News]

As the legislative session enters its final two weeks, the House and Senate are considering making it legal for people to carry concealed weapons without a permit anywhere they now can carry guns openly.And, the Republican-led majorities also are considering an expansion of Missouri’s self-defense laws by allowing a person to use deadly force in public places if they believe a reasonable threat exists.


California: Tim Donnelly says Gavin Newsom’s gun bid ‘disaster’ for Democrats [NRA-ILA News]

Hours after Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom began submitting signatures to place on the fall ballot his gun-control measure, former Republican Assemblyman Tim Donnelly savaged the effort as a “disaster,” and predicted it would cause a surge of GOP voters in November.


Australia: Tasmanian Government rejects call to limit access to Adler lever-action shotgun [NRA-ILA News]

The Tasmanian Government has rejected calls from the state Greens to severely restrict access to a brand of lever-action shotgun.


Strike One No Longer Being Imported By IFC [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_1930It looks like the importer of the Strike One pistol is no longer importing the Italian produced pistol. A few days ago I got an email from Sooner State Arsenal, the retail arm of the importer, stating that the pistol is being closed out with a dramatic drop in price from the $823 MSRP at […]

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Hill People Gear Kit Bags Review [The Firearm Blog]

HILL2Born on the slopes of Western Colorado, a place my father affectionately refers to as ‘The Center of the Universe’, the kit bags from Hill People Gear are the most useful and comfortable chest packs on the market. Available in multiple sizes and attachment options, each Kit Bag is 100% made in the U.S.A and […]

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Meopta MeoRed Reflex Sight [The Firearm Blog]

MeoRedMeopta announced a new compact reflex sight called the MeoRed. This new sight reduces the overall profile of the optic as compared to the existing MeoSight III. The lower profile is said to improve the ability to co-witness iron sights. The new MeoRed is a 1x (non magnifying) optic that uses a 3 MOA red […]

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Firearms Food for Thought: Is 10mm Underappreciated? [The Firearm Blog]

cartridge-comparison1When you walk into any sizable gun store the options can be a bit overwhelming (or absolutely thrilling, depending on your viewpoint). Firearms in a number of calibers with countless features and options are displayed on the walls, within glass counters, and on the hips of employees. And when you try to engage said employees […]

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Wilson Combat Sentinel Compact [The Firearm Blog]

sentinel compactFresh on the heels of the new Sentinel Professional, Wilson Combat announced the Sentinel Compact. The new handgun is similar to the Professional, but is in a smaller package. Wilson Combat takes their shortest carbon steel slide and mates it to the company’s carbon steel, compact 1911 frame. The obvious intent is to produce a […]

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The Stupid Simple Sling [The Firearm Blog]

simpleslingOne important piece of gear for any rifle is a good sling and there’s a ton of good ones out there on the market. A few popular slings out there are the Vicker’s Sling made by Blue Force Gear that retails for $64 and Magpul’s MS slings like the MS1. Those retail for a more […]

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Sunday, 01 May


"Christ or a Glock?' [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

We caught a brief bit of CBS Sunday Morning today as we were getting ready to return home from the 1st Annual East Tennessee Blogger Shoot put on by Dennis Badurina of Dragon Leatherworks. More on the blogger shoot in another post.

One of the stories featured was about the Rev. Rob Schenk, an evangelical minister, who is asserting that you can't be both pro-life and pro-gun. His "conversion" to the anti-gun side came after the Navy Yard shootings near his home in DC.

When Mo Rocca, the CBS correspondent, asked how it was un-Christian for a man or woman to want to defend his or her family with a firearm in case of a home invader. The response floored me.
"Well, first of all you're making an immediate decision that if someone invades your home, they are going to die," Rev. Schenck replied. "So you are ready to kill another human being in your home. That brings about a big ethical question for the Christian. And we're told in the Bible, we're even to love our enemies."

(Rocca)"Even a potential intruder? Someone who's been coming into your home to hurt you?"

"Absolutely. Is it always God's will that I survive a violent confrontation with another human being? I'm not sure that's always God's will."
I do not pretend to be a Bible scholar. If you asked me to produce a Bible verse to refute Rev. Schenk I would be hard-pressed to do so. That said, I firmly believe that under God's law as well as under natural law I have the right, nay the obligation, to defend both myself and my family. Protecting the innocent against the depredations of violent criminals is a moral duty. If I have to use a weapon such as a firearm to do that, so be it.

I think we are seeing a concerted effort by both the mainstream media and the gun prohibitionists to use people like Rev. Schenk to "shame" us into accepting more and more gun control. I refuse to be shamed for wanting to protect my family, for wanting to enjoy the sport of shooting, and for any other in my mind legitimate use for firearms.


Living out of Your Ruck: What I took to the Invasion [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

It is truly stunning the amount of text that is devoted to the Bug Out Bag.  This is not one of those posts.  What I would like to do is give a perspective of things that may not be considered when you are on the move for an extended period of time and completely away from your normal supply chain.    
Being in the military assumes that you have an unending supply of ammunition, fuel, food, and friends. There exist some times that either the military will not provide or the supply chain will not keep up with.  Of course the unit has a detailed list of what people are required to take. In some cases, to assure uniformity, they make it known where you should put the item or how you should wear it.  The reasoning behind it is, if you are in need of an item in an emergency, you will not need to look around for it if you have to get it off of someone else’s kit.  This especially applies to things like first aid gear.   What the unit cannot tell you are items that you will NEED to take.

Prior to the start of the invasion, I tried to bend the ear of every single Gulf War vet I could find.  “What the hell do you take on an invasion?”, I would ask.  So they gave me the following list in no particular order:

Baby wipes-This has been said many times before but needs repeating.  You can never have too many. They are a lifesaver when you want to clean yourself but do not have the time or ability to do so.  When you are on the run, things like water are a premium commodity and will not be wasted on cleaning.

Batteries – It seems obvious, but batteries are essential.  Having your flashlight, electronic optic, or night vision device go down will be a significant emotional event when you really need it.  This is another item of considerable weight.  I have not looked into alternative power sources like the reportedly very fine one from Goal Zero, but it would be something to look into.

Socks – Lots and lots of socks.  I am a bit of a heretic to conventional military wisdom when it comes to how I wear socks in the field.  I believe in using plain white athletic socks and changing them often.  My feet tend to perspire more than most so keeping them clean and refreshed is the best way for me to maintain them.  Of course your mileage may vary with how your foot is conditioned.  Whatever kind you wear be sure and bring a lot of them.  You will need every pair eventually and they are not that heavy.

Tobacco – You will not be able to run to the corner store and I assure you, you will not find any battlefield pickups.  When I reached Iskandariyah on the outskirts of Baghdad, we were able to find come cartons of the Iraqi government brand cigarettes but they were used only as a last resort.  Beside from being truly revolting to each of the five senses, they ended up being forbidden due the high formaldehyde content.  Of course, you can skip the whole thing and quit now.  I did after 14 years and it has been one of the best things I have done for my health and my wallet.

Music/books – Entertainment items are superfluous but essential if you do not want to talk to yourself a lot and struggle to remember song lyrics.  Even during the initial mad dash to Baghdad and beyond we would still have times of boredom.  I have seen many articles floating around facebook about the utility of having a survival tablet.  I could not agree more.  Had I the chance to have an ereader back in 2003, my quality of life would have been much better.  Charging the battery is, of course, a problem, but it is manageable with current advances in solar cell products.  For the security conscious but not necessarily tech savvy, (and you are security conscious, right?), I would recommend the Libertastablet as an alternative to the off-the-shelf version.

Laundry soap – You will get your clothes dirty and you will have to was them yourself.  A clothesline can be made from 550 cord, but you will want a smallish container of Dreft, Woolite, or other powder.  The key is that is must wash away clean with as little effort as possible (hence the baby or hand wash only detergents).  All Free does not have optical whiteners, so if you do not want to shine like a Christmas tree when being viewed by an enemies Night Vision Device, you will want to go with that brand.  I tried to use a device that was shaped like a ball that was supposed to build up pressure on the inside as you rotated with a crank but it did not work.  I think that the technology has caught up a bit, so if you can find a labor saving device to keep your undies nice and fresh whilst on the move, more power to you.

Toilet paper- Another item you can never have enough of.  However long you plan to be out, assume that it will be longer.  MRE toilet paper is woefully inadequate on many fronts.  Baby wipes shine in this department but you may want your foe other things.  I would recommend a full roll that has been relatively waterproofed in a ziplock baggie as enough for a month.  The fairer gendered among us may want to consider a bit more.

Caffeine or other stimulants – This, for obvious litigious reasons, you will have to be careful.  When on the run, you will have to be sharp and focused to do what you have to do.  The first 36 hours of the race into Baghdad we were driving the entire time.  When you are in continuous active combat operations you will not always have the luxury of taking a power nap.  The effects of sleep deprivation (among others)are a lowered immune system, weight gain (from using food to fuel your body to keep it awake), and eventual organ failure.  The harsh reality is, sometimes, it just cannot be helped if the mission or situation requires you to be awake.  So by having something on hand that can keep you focused for a longer amount of time until you can reach that nap, you will be better off.  

Zip Ties/Duct Tape - Hundreds of uses.  Maybe it was my lousy Supply Sergeant, but I never saw enough of these and would always have to buy it on my own.  Having a small bunch of various sized zipties that are fastened arond a rubber band are essential to every packing list.  If you are careful with your supplies,  you can even reuse them.  Duct tape can be either rolled around an old plastic credit card or pencil (the latter being my favorite).


Waco: fire and firetrucks [Of Arms and the Law]

Here are two pictures made from the air during the fire of April 19:

In the first, you see the Davidian home almost entirely destroyed by fire. There are no firetrucks present. In the second, you see the fire engines after they were allowed in, at a time when they could do no more than cool the ashes.

The sound track of the FLIR tapes picked up radio traffic. The agent at the scene was desperately calling for fire engines, while his superior was ordering them held up several miles away. The agent at the scene got to where he was practically pleading for them, his superior radioed were the trucks for the women and children, the agent answered yes, and his superior replied "they're the only ones, I hope."


Starting a new venture and I would love to hear your thoughts. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I have teamed up with Kit Perez from TOWR to develop a website that will put all of the awesome training that is available across the US in one location. We would like to solve the problem that trainers have in reaching more clients and give them the ability to easily keep track of class reservations. For the student, traditionally they would have to seek out the trainer, contact them, and then try to figure out how to pay for their reservation. Additionally, no reviews of the classes have been available. The community has been flying blind without a consolidated way to search for classes, either by location or topical relevance. There has got to be a better way then word of mouth to either find students or find trainers. We know that we can find a better way to mediate this so you can get the training you need.

My question to you is, what have been your difficulties with classes in the past? What kind of features would you like to see? What trainers or training would you like to see on the site? Would you be interested in a community forum? What about a store with affiliate links to recommended gear? What questions should we be asking the user and the trainers?

Thank you so much for your consideration and input. We want to build an incredible product that will give you the tools you need for success at every point in your journey of self-improvement. The only way that we can create an awesome website is to get feedback from the community.


Does the Gun Lobby Hate Smart Guns? If so, Why? [AllOutdoor.com]

AllOutdoor editor Jon Stokes recently published an article on another site (Why the NRA hates smart guns) and I thought our readers might be interested in the topic. Jon’s angle on the subject is, in my opinion, worth considering.

It is established that The Gun Lobby doesn’t like smart guns, although certain organizations’ official positions may state otherwise. But why do we, as gun people, dislike the notion of fancy-shmancy high-tech shootin’ irons?

The simple answer to this question is widely known, but also widely misunderstood.

Most who follow this issue know that the NRA hates smart guns because they’re afraid that once a seemingly viable smart gun technology exists, anti-gun legislators at the state and federal levels will attempt to mandate it in all future guns by comparing it to seat belts, air bags, and other product safety features.

* * * *

But maybe you’re thinking, ‘that’s fine, then. We just won’t mandate it. There will be no mandate. There, you happy now? Can we just get on with the smart gun innovation and let this play out in the market?’

Here’s the thing, though: the NRA is actually right, in this case. If smart guns get any traction, then non-smart-guns will come under legislative assault.

Yep, true. And as usual, the folks making the laws will be members of Congress — and Congress is composed mainly of ill-informed people who know little or nothing about guns.

It’s bad that the general public — including the majority of casual gun owners — are so confused about guns that they don’t know how much they don’t know. But what’s worse, at least if you’re a gun person, is that lawmakers and activists who know less than nothing about guns often find themselves in a position to confidently enshrine their technological ignorance into law.

The ignorance of lawmakers is manifest and requires considerable effort to ignore. Do you think Congress knew how oppressive the Patriot Act would be? And come on — we all know that nobody read the ACA before it was jammed down the collective throat of the American people.

Any little bit of steam behind a ban on non-smart guns would snowball, and before we knew it we would be legislated into yet another corner, where an EMP or hack could disable our firearms, leaving us defenseless.

For this reason, smart guns really shouldn’t exist – period.

Gun buyers who value the freedom to walk into a gun store and walk out with a brand new non-smart-gun have therefore correctly concluded that the best way to preserve that freedom is to torpedo any smart gun tech before it gets out of the gate. As for gun makers, even if they wanted to introduce smart gun tech (they don’t), they wouldn’t touch it for fear of backlash from a gun community that sees the legislative writing on the wall.

Stokes says there’s no end in sight, either:

As long as we live in a world where a millimeter of barrel length separates a highly restricted ‘short-barreled rifle’ from a regular rifle, and where a plastic gun handle is willfully misidentified as a dangerous aid for mass killers — in other words, where people who know zero about firearms nonetheless continue to design them through legislation — smart gun technology will be a bona fide existential threat to non-smart-guns, and people who don’t want to buy smart guns will do everything they can to strangle the technology in the cradle.

For my part, I agree: Smart guns are bad news for everyone. Every. One. But the notion of smart guns is attractive to those without basic gun knowledge — and most importantly, common sense — and will therefore most likely continue to be pushed for with the intention of thrusting it, with all its limitations and flaws, upon American citizens.

What do you think?

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Rock Island Auction: New World Record Set [The Firearm Blog]

13062393_1061180673937707_5509554307308165259_nThe Rock Island Auction Company has built a very earnest reputation for delivering extremely good customer service and brokering some of the finest (and most coveted) firearms in the world. I personally have done a lot of business with them over the years and I have nothing but overwhelmingly positive things to say about each […]

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Does Momentum Equal Stopping Power? Let’s Find Out! [The Firearm Blog]

PHOTO_20160430_1516532In a recent post, I discussed four ballistics myths that I’ve heard over the years, and why they are just that – myths. One of these was the myth that the momentum of a projectile is equivalent or otherwise indicative of the stopping power of that projectile. I have for several years now been arguing […]

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Sunday Jams - David Eugene Edwards [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

When you are struggling to put you life and or your little slice of this country back in place, it is easy to lose vision on what it is you are fighting for.  Enjoy your Sunday, if you are able, and please take time to remember why it is you do what you do.

Saturday, 30 April


BREAKING: AIM Surplus’ Database Breach Compromises Customer Data [The Firearm Blog]

dfgdgfdOn April 26th AIM Surplus sent a notice of data breach to the state of California regarding a breach of their image database that occurred on April 4th 2016. This database housed images of customer names, images of their firearm licenses, and documents used for age verification. Many US shooters have purchased something from AIM […]

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What would you buy, if there were no restrictions whatsoever? [The Firearm Blog]

urlJon Stokes has written about Smart Guns technology for the tech blog TechCrunch (warning: his article is a political, this blog post is not). He brings up an excellent point: to what extent are guns designed around laws, rather than the what the market or gun designers would prefer. Jon writes … As long as we […]

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Make Strike-Anywhere Matches Using Toy Gun Caps (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

There are many videos on youtube showing us how to make strike-anywhere matches. Most of them involve scraping or sanding the gritty striking surface from a box or book of matches, which isn’t any fun.

This short video shows how you can make strike-anywhere matches using those little plastic caps for toy guns. Ah, how I loved to play with my old snub-nosed revolver that fired these caps, back in the day! Who knew that same ammo could be used to easily start a fire in a pinch?

But can the matches actually be lit by flicking or thumping with a fingernail? Watch and see…

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Missouri Edges Closer to Constitutional Carry [AllOutdoor.com]

The state of Missouri has reportedly moved closer to joining the ever-growing ranks of states which allow concealed carry of firearms without requiring a license or permit.

A right is a right — period. That’s elementary. So if we the people have the right to carry guns around in order to protect ourselves, the government shouldn’t have the power to legislate or regulate that right.

Should we need a permit or license to voice an opinion? Should we require a license in order to avoid unlawful search and seizure, or to receive due process? Nope. Why, then, do so many believe that we should be required to jump through hoops and pay off the government in order to exercise the basic human right of self-defense?

It would seem that the Missouri Legislature agrees with me — at least to a point. The state house recently voted 112-37 in favor of a bill to relax restrictions on concealed carrying of firearms. Basically, it would become legal to carry concealed without a permit anywhere it’s currently legal to carry a gun openly in MO.

The bill now goes to the Missouri state Senate.

The post Missouri Edges Closer to Constitutional Carry appeared first on AllOutdoor.com.


Super Awesome Homemade Mini Ski Boat (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

I ran across a video of this sweet little homemade ski boat the other day. It’s homemade, gas powered, and supremely awesome.

An Australian father built it for his children, to resemble their grandfather’s Lewis ski boat.


It has a tiny prop and rudder, but it’s pretty fast and seems nimble enough.


This young fellow certainly had fun with it. Not a bad rooster tail behind that boat.


With the big boat that inspired the project.

Don’t bother asking where you can buy one, if he has plans to make them for sale, or if he can or will sell you the plans. It was purely a one-off project that he put together from scratch.

Here are some comments from the builder of the boat:

  • No I didn’t buy it anywhere, it’s 100% built from scratch in the back shed here in Australia.
  • All aluminum.
  • Powered by a 26cc 2 stroke engine.
  • No I don’t have any plans for sale or parts (most common question i keep getting).
  • It was built for my kids as a replica of my father-in-law’s Lewis Boomerang ski boat.

It’s pretty sweet, if you ask me!

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One-Barrel Four-Shot Muzzleloading Ratchet Pistol (Photos & Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

The video title refers to this gun as “superposed,” which some may find confusing. In firearms terms, “superposed” usually refers to over/under shotguns, and especially to Browning’s old classic over/under shotguns whose model name is “Superposed.”

In this case, “superposed” refers to the fact that this muzzleloading handgun is designed to be loaded with 4 loads rather than just one, and the loads are stacked one on top of the other in the gun’s bore.

I recently featured a video of another weird old gun that uses this same “technology,” a Walch revolver with 6 chambers, but which can be fired 12 times because each chamber gets loaded twice.

This .53-caliber smoothbore “ratchet pistol” has been heavily customized, as it was originally a single-shot pistol of the underhammer design.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

The conversion, done long, long ago by some unknown gunsmith, uses a clever but simple design to allow cocking and firing of four individual percussion side hammers by working a large ring trigger.


This gun sold at auction in 2014 for a whopping $10,000!

Definitely a one-of-a-kind handgun.

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Vintage Saturday: Flammenwerfer [Forgotten Weapons]

German troops demonstrating use of a WWI flamethrower

German troops demonstrating use of a WWI flamethrower

Note how this, like many early flamethrowers, was a two-man affair. One carried the tanks and the other aimed and fired the projector.


Ballistics 101: What Is Caliber, Exactly? [The Firearm Blog]

PHOTO_20160427_224237“Caliber”. It can mean a lot of different things, but when we use it, what does it really mean, and what’s its significance? Title image: From left to right are the 7.65 Parabellum, 7.63 Mauser, .300 Blackout, 7.62×45 Czech, .30 Remington, 7.62 NATO, .300 WSM, 7.5×55 Swiss, and .30-06 M2 AP. All of these cartridges are the […]

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Friday, 29 April


Sabre Defence Assets Being Auctioned Off [The Firearm Blog]

sabre-defence-industriesjpg-b26253bf56b6b640I am posting the press release for the Sabre Defence equipment auction without comment, simply because I think it is of interest to our industry readers (this is not an advertisement). Perfection Industrial Sales will host an online auction offering over 500 lots available due to Sabre Defence Industries’ facility closure in Spindale, NC. Spindale, NC; […]

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Hollywood Ramps up Anti-gun Campaign [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control advocates and Hollywood have long been allied in an effort propagandize the public against firearm ownership. However, as detailed in an April 27 piece in entertainment industry trade publication Variety, anti-gun groups and television and film producers are increasingly collaborating on projects and escalating their campaign to indoctrinate viewers. As we noted back in March, gun control groups and Hollywood have often worked hand in hand to condition the public. Since 2000, the Entertainment Industries Council, whose purported goal is “Encouraging the entertainment industry to more effectively address and accurately depict major health and social issues,” has urged content producers to explore anti-gun scenarios and talking points in their television programs and films.


Poll: Voters Not Swayed by Clinton’s Anti-Gun Duplicity [NRA-ILA News]

We’ve been reporting on Democrat presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her anti-gun mentality for months. She has been especially focused on the alleged immunity gun manufacturers have under federal law, the Protection in Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).  She has often claimed, incorrectly, that gun manufacturers “are the only business in America that is wholly protected from any kind of liability.” Despite the fact that her accusations have been completely debunked as false on Politifact and elsewhere, Ms. Clinton continues to trot out these deceptive talking points, promising she’ll repeal “the gun industry’s unique immunity protection” if elected.


Aging Rocker to College Students: You’re Too Drunk, Violent, and Stupid for Your Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Throughout its history, rock-n-roll music has provided youth who are fed up with being lectured and condescended to by out-of-touch or hypocritical elders a voice to respond and to advocate for their own generation. Athens, GA, rocker Micheal Stipe and his band R.E.M. helped fulfill that role for those who came of age in the 1980s and ‘90s with a string of memorable hits.  On Monday, however, Stipe said too much, and not enough, with a preachy, barely coherent editorial railing against the Second Amendment rights of today’s college students.


Social Security Administration Releases Proposed Rulemaking on Disability-Related Gun Ban [NRA-ILA News]

On Friday, the Social Security Administration (SSA) released a draft of a proposed rulemaking that would supposedly bring the agency into compliance with what it claims is its responsibility to report prohibited persons to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). The proposal focuses on five factors to determine if certain SSA recipients receiving Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) have been “adjudicated as a mental defective” and are therefore federally prohibited from possessing or receiving firearms. It would also create an administrative procedure for affected individuals to petition for restoration of their rights. The proposed rule will remain open for public comment for 60 days.


South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bill Vote Postponed [NRA-ILA News]

The South Carolina Senate voted to carry over H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill, for the second and third straight days.  On Wednesday, time became an issue, and on Thursday, a number of key pro-gun Senators were absent, making this move necessary.  The Senate will likely work on the budget next week, meaning H. 3799 will likely not be considered until the following week.  Senator Lee Bright (R-12) continues to work with NRA on this effort, and he intends to offer an amendment on the floor to improve H. 3799.  With about a month of the 2016 session remaining, time is crucial!  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Senator and urge them to support this amendment!


Talladega, AL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

4/29/16 WPTV:

TALLADEGA, Ala. - (WVTM/NBC) - An 11-year-old boy who shot a home intruder in Alabama said the would-be burglar “cried like a baby.”

The child, Chris Gaither, was home alone on Wednesday morning when he heard a noise and discovered someone had broken into his house.

"I told him I was going to kill him if he didn't get out of my house," said Chris.

He said even though he was scared, he grabbed a 9mm handgun.

"When he was coming down the stairs, that's when he told me he was going to kill me," said Chris.


NRA Statement on President Obama's Latest Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) issued the following statements on President Obama’s latest gun control push.


Hillary Clinton to Attack Gun Owners Her “Very First Day” in Office [NRA-ILA News]

In what has become as reliable as clockwork, with the passing of another week comes another Hillary Clinton attack on gun owners. This time, the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination explained to supporters her intent to make an assault on gun rights and NRA one of her top priorities. A video of her comments has been distributed by Breitbart.com and can be viewed by clicking here.


Michigan: Important Firearm Preemption Legislation Will Likely Receive Committee Vote Next Week [NRA-ILA News]

Next Wednesday, May 4, the House Local Government Committee is tentatively scheduled to consider and vote on House Bill 4795, as substituted.  HB 4795, sponsored by Chairman Lee Chatfield (R-District 107), is important legislation aimed at protecting law-abiding gun owners from unlawful constraints on their Right to Keep and Bear Arms imposed by insubordinate local units of government.  It is absolutely imperative that you click the “Take Action” button below to contact members of the House Local Government Committee today and respectfully urge them to support HB 4795!


Toggles ‘Till We Die: The Heinemann Side-Toggle Sporting Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

VDO1-R-CU2-LGot enough of toggles yet? Of course you haven’t! Forgotten Weapons’ exhaustive coverage of the most interesting and significant auction pieces continues with a very interesting design from a German gun designer who should get more recognition, that being one Karl Heinemann, working for (at the time) Walther: Heinemann’s rifle works in a remarkably similar […]

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Top 5 Guns I Regret Buying [The Firearm Blog]

Well, we can’t always pick a winner. In this video, Alex talks about five firearms that delivered a healthy dose of buyers remorse later on down the line. While not every firearm on the list is an inherently bad gun, each possesses a quality that may one day bless them with a “for sale” tag. […]

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Say What? Gun Control Advocates Try to Change the Language of Crime [NRA-ILA News]

As a cabinet level official in the Obama administration, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both reflected and informed the regime’s values and tactics, some of which she has carried forward into her own campaign for the White House. This includes careful and selective use of language to fulfill the Obama imperative to “punish our enemies” and “reward our friends who stand with us on issues that are important to us”. And just as Obama pledged to fundamentally transform the United States of America, he and Clinton are fundamentally transforming the English language to reorient the public on “issues that are important” to their shared agenda of gun control.


The 1950s Embodied: The AR-10 Converted to Belt-Feed [The Firearm Blog]

Qjvt9PHThe mid-late 1950s… Could there be a more optimistic time in United States history? I feel there’s no better rifle to illustrate the industry, innovation, and unbridled optimism of that time than the Armalite AR-10 7.62x51mm select-fire military rifle. Made of aerospace materials, using an advanced operating mechanism, and weighing in at an inadvisably light […]

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Alabama: Pro-Gun Reform Needs Your Immediate Action [NRA-ILA News]

On April 19, the Alabama Senate unanimously approved Senate Bill 304 with a 27-0 vote.  Since then, the Alabama Sheriffs Association has launched an all-out, behind-the-scenes assault on this important reform in an effort to prevent SB 304 from receiving a hearing in the House of Representatives. The reason? They are terrified of the prospect of defending their indefensible opposition to this pro-carry reform in a public forum.  With only two session days remaining, it is imperative that you contact your state Representative and politely urge them to represent the interests of their constituents, not the Sheriffs’ coffers.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative in support of SB 304!


Arizona: Pro-Gun Bills Could Soon be Scheduled for Third Read [NRA-ILA News]

With the budget almost finalized, a number of pro-gun bills could be scheduled for third read any day.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative and state Senator in support of these important pro-gun measures!


Is the IWI X95 Having Accuracy Issues? [The Firearm Blog]

AB1_6183_zps6wj34xmeThe X95 has just hit the US market after a firestorm of buzz surrounding the rifle’s launch in January at the 2016 SHOT Show. However, reports from AR15.com indicate that the initial batch of rifles may be experiencing some accuracy-related issues. User AJBello on the popular gun forum posted pictures of groups his new rifle […]

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Louisiana: House Committee to Vote Tuesday on Dangerous Bill Gutting Louisiana’s Firearms Preemption Law [NRA-ILA News]

Imagine the City of New Orleans having the statutory authority to pass any law they wanted governing the sale, purchase, possession, ownership, transfer, transportation, license, or registration of firearms and ammunition.


GlockStore’s $40 Kydex Holster [The Firearm Blog]

40-Dollar-Holster_Coyote-1Guns are an expensive hobby, from ammo and gear to range fees and the cost of the guns themselves it really adds up. So if you can save a little cash without skimping on quality that’s always a plus. Here’s one piece of gear that you can save a bit on, the $40 Dollar Holster […]

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POTD: Caliber Converted SCAR MK17 [The Firearm Blog]

13043767_10209335467454123_4371648151036717547_nThis photo was posted in a SCAR Owners Group. It is short barreled MK17 caliber converted to shoot 5.56×45. The weapon is used by US Army Rangers and was seen at a Rangers Open House.     The selector switch looks quite different to the MK17 and MK16 that i saw at the FN America […]

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Obama reveals push for 'smart guns' [NRA-ILA News]

President Barack Obama is renewing his push to curb "gun violence", outlining on Friday his plans with law enforcement and researchers to encourage the use of so-called smart gun technology and announcing that the Social Security Administration is moving forward with a plan to put its mental health records into the background check system for gun purchases.


California: Strict state gun-control measure close to making November ballot [NRA-ILA News]

Californians will vote in November on far-reaching new restrictions on firearms, including the nation’s first requirement of background checks for buyers of ammunition, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday.


Delaware: Newark repeals illegal ban on guns in parks [NRA-ILA News]

Firearms have been banned from Newark parks since 1988, but according to state code, the local law isn’t legal.The anomaly, City Solicitor Bruce Herron explained, dates back to 1985 when the state passed a law preventing municipalities from prohibiting the possession of firearms. However, for some reason, Newark passed its own law banning firearms from city parks three years later.


Hands on with the Barrett REC7 carbine [The Firearm Blog]

DSC02055The Barrett Reliability Enhanced Carbine (REC) really has its roots in the Barrett M468 program during the interest in the 6.8mm Special Purpose Cartridge (SPC) of more than a decade ago. The Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) came to Barrett with the cartridge and said that they were looking for a sort of recce carbine or […]

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RIP Joe White [Of Arms and the Law]

I read in the May American Rifleman that Joe White passed on--I knew him since the late 70s, and was in touch within the last few months. He passed on at age 95. He served as NRA's deputy EVP, the only deputy EVP NRA has ever had, being one of the Border Patrol retired leadership that Harlon Carter brought with him to found the NRA. (I know, it'd been around for a century before then, but the organization as it is known today was really founded in the late 1970s). He's written a number of interesting books on the NRA, on growing up impoverished in the hills, and on handling real estate. Oh, and on being in the Border Patrol. A very good man.


Minnesota: Anti-Gun Amendments Defeated on the Floor! [NRA-ILA News]

Early this morning, the House of Representatives rejected the two anti-gun amendments proposed by Representative Dan Shoen.  These amendments were aimed at restricting the Second Amendments rights of law-abiding citizens by expanding the list of places where law-abiding gun owners are prohibited from carrying and possessing firearms and requiring background checks for every firearm transfer in the state.


80-Year-Old Home Owner Stops Knife Wielding Intruder After Husband Stabbed [NRA-ILA News]

An 80-year-old Sultan woman fatally wounded a knife wielding intruder after the suspect broke into her home and stabbed her husband. The husband was airlifted to a local hospital for treatment to abdominal wounds while the intruder was pronounced dead at the scene.


Guest Article by Kit Perez of Order of the White Rose - Exploitation: How Your Own Nature Works Against You [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Humans are social animals---even those of us who are introverts. Being in the resistance can be a very lonely existence. Having to compartmentalize parts of your life even within the existing compartments, having to “live the life” of privacy and security, having to constantly keep track of ever-changing threat landscapes even within your own groups, never being able to really trust anyone...all of this is exhausting. It requires a mental discipline that quite frankly, most people don’t have and aren’t interested in cultivating. As the saying goes, the human element is always the single greatest point of failure in anything. This is true even if (especially if) you're talking about security protocols and resistance members.
Imagine going an entire 24 hour period--or longer--where you specifically attempt NOT to talk to anyone, not to interact with anyone, not to let anyone really see or notice you, being absolutely forgettable…while being in public and around people. Can you do that? You might think so. You don't like people anyway. 

But now consider all the tiny things that humans do to stand out without even thinking about it (and believe me, this list applies to us all—I’ve had to make some changes myself as I’ve learned and grown over time).
- T-shirts with various sayings
- Tattoos
- Hairstyles and colors (including men’s haircuts and specific styles of facial hair)
- Makeup
- Other clothing that defines your interests (Motorcycle leather, etc)
- Anything that does not fit in the environment where you are (wearing a jersey for the Minnesota Vikings while in Green Bay, for instance; or camo pants in a section of town more known for its vegan restaurants and yoga clinics)

- Things we are interested in or collect.
Now imagine that whether you get arrested or even killed today depends on your ability to fade, to go without talking to people you know, to go without being yourself. Now could you do it?

Whether we admit it or not, the same thing that drives us to get tattoos, to wear that in-your-face T-shirt, to put the bumper stickers on our car and announce to everyone who we are and what we are willing to do, is the exact same thing that is exploitable by anyone who’s trying to watch/track/hunt you. That’s what will make someone remember you when you desperately need to not be remembered. That’s what will get you caught, or make it impossible for you to carry out certain tasks. 
No one remembers the guy on his laptop wearing a button-down shirt and a clean-cut appearance in a coffee shop full of guys on their laptops, all dressed like businessmen and sipping lattes and whatnot, who come in for an hour, get a bit of work done on their laptops or have a quick meeting. They do, however, remember the guy with the big ol' beard who came in to that same trendy little shop wearing a shirt that brags about his willingness to kill for liberty, tactical pants and a DTOM hat while ordering a large coffee, black. If someone comes to the shop later showing your driver's license picture around, which of those two scenarios would result in someone saying "Yeah, I remember that guy!"

We could talk all day about being the gray man, about fading into your environment and being invisible even in public, but that's not the focus of this article. Today we're talking about something deeper: the drive that makes humans naturally want to NOT fade. The drive that craves identity and wants to let that identity shine through, whether it be through our clothing, our vehicles, our stickers, our hair, even our mannerisms and habits. We are who we are--and that leaks everywhere we go, unless we learn how to control it and how to hide it when necessary.  

The greatest point of failure in your operations, your security, your group, your life...is you. By extension, that means that the people you work with are also on the hook for your mistakes---and you are on the hook for theirs. (Reason #489 why you should be very careful who you associate with and/or even discuss liberty resistance business with.)

Even basic good character traits can be exploited. People's desire to help others, their need to impress people, even to feel accepted and liked; all of these things can be used against you. In other contexts, criminals use these all the time. There is a reason why in many places it's not safe to pull over and help a stranded motorist. There is a reason why Ted Bundy was able to rape and kill a number of women by wearing a fake cast and pretending to need help. Human nature is, by default, exploitable.

Take the time to sit down, go through your life, your closet, your vehicle, yourself. Find the places where you "leak" information or make yourself vulnerable, and find a way to plug the holes.  Plan out how you would go about getting a burner phone, for instance. Don't just plan the location, plan it all. How will you get there? What will you wear? How will you act? If you already have that burner phone, think through how you did it. Is there something you could have done better?

You might be surprised at how much you give away...even when you're hiding. We all learn, we all evolve. If you're doing everything the same way you did a month ago, a year ago, you're not learning. 


New SilencerCo Threaded Barrels for Glock [The Firearm Blog]

silencerco_logo_verticalIn the latest addition to their #FightTheNoise campaign SilencerCo has expanded their line of threaded barrels. The two new additions are made for the Glock 22 and 23, both of which are .40 S&W pistols. The new barrels join a group of eight pistol barrels currently being offered for the Glock 43, 17, 19, 21, 17L, […]

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MN Lawmakers Hand Bloomberg Groups Another Gun Control Defeat [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va.— The National Rifle Association is praising the Minnesota House of Representatives for rejecting a gun control measure pushed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would have criminalized common place practices of law-abiding gun owners and subjected them to new fees and mandates.


New Video Series from the Pattern Room [Forgotten Weapons]

Nope, it’s not mine (although I do look forward to visiting the NFC again in the future) – my friend Vic has started a video channel looking at some of the guns in the monumental National Firearms Centre (aka, the Pattern Room) collection. for his first video (with a low-quality backup camera, due to some equipment problems) he and NFC Curator Jonathan Ferguson discuss the early British selfloaders – the EM-1, EM-2, and .280 caliber FAL. I am looking forward to seeing this channel continue and grow!


Glock 17 Gen 3 – Long Term Review [The Firearm Blog]

G17_1The Glock 17 (G17) was first released in 1982, igniting what would turn out to be a revolution in firearms manufacturing and forever changing the world of modern combat handguns. Only overshadowed by it’s younger sibling the Glock 19, the number of G17s in the hands of citizens, police agencies and military units world-wide is […]

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Hands on with the Barrett MRAD [The Firearm Blog]

DSC01932The Barrett Multi Role Adaptive Design (MRAD) has been making waves since its inception for the PSR contract competition. Developed from the Barrett Model 98B, it won the NRA’s Rifle of the Year Award in 2012 and is now currently in service with the Israeli and Norwegian militaries. Not too shabby for a brand new […]

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Semprio In-Line Repeater rifle [The Firearm Blog]

13081818_1080895178636742_877723517_nThe Semperio is a new kind of rifle action, from the German company Krieghoff. Essentially the hunting rifle is built on a sort of push system wherein the forward portion of the rifle is pushed forward after firing, to extract, eject, and cock the hammer, then pushed back in to load, chamber, and lock the […]

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H&N Sport’s Brass Tipped Hornet Pellets [The Firearm Blog]

hornet-pelletsOkay, I’ll admit, I’ve never really spent much time with a pellet gun.  But after watching the below video, my interest is piqued. The existing line (which was available in .177 and .22) is now available in .25 caliber.  For hunting medium sized birds and game they say.  Rupturing apples and potatoes, I would say so… […]

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How NOT to go about handgun shooting [The Firearm Blog]

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 10.19.50 PMIn a video put on the internet in 2015, and with over 500,000 views in Brazil, we have a classic walk through on how not to go about the proper fundamentals of handgun marksmanship. I will give the Brazilian police shooter credit in that she kept the firearm pointed downrange at all times. However, that […]

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Thursday, 28 April


50 BMG Over Water – Will it Wake or Rooster Tail? (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

When a large, heavy, fast-moving bullet passes over water, does it cause a roostertail – or even a mild wake?

The Demo Ranch guys decided to find out, so they headed to a secluded spot where they fired a Barrett 50 BMG above water.

They start out 2 feet above the water, then lower to 1.5 feet, 8 inches, 3 inches, and finally “real low.”

I’m not going to give it away… watch the video below to see what happens. But I will say that the “real low” one produced the most interesting results.


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Shooting Mentos at Diet Coke (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

Okay, so by now I think we all know that when Mentos candies are introduced to Diet Coke, the results can be dramatic.

So much so, that the experimental shooters at Demolition Ranch received an overwhelming number of requests to load Mentos into a shotgun shell and shoot them at Diet Coke.

Naturally, they did.

Some of the results showed little or no difference vs. shooting soda bottles with regular shotgun shells, but others were pretty cool. And in my opinion, one in particular was worth the watch…

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425 pounds of Tannerite + PVC = BIG Boom! (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

After starting small with their Tannerite experiments, Demolition Ranch went big, with a 60-foot PVC pipe filled with Tannerite binary explosive.

Problem: It stubbornly refused to explode all at once. Apparently, the pipe was too small.


When they tackled it again, they went with 4″ PVC and buried 50 feet of it. On one end, an elbow was added and the pipe turned up out of the ground – and that’s what they shot to detonate it.

It didn’t fail.


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Brun-Latrige Model 1900 Pocket Pistol (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

Pocket pistols. They’ve been a part of self-defense armament just about as long as guns have been around. And there have been many variations made on them over the years.

This one is a French version, which was patented in the 1890s and introduced in 1900. Despite its weird appearance, it’s apparently quite comfortable to hold and even to use.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

The knurled trigger folds down to operate the gun, and because it’s striker-fired, double-action only, and the barrel moves rearward against spring tension as you pull the trigger, it does take two fingers and it appears to be more of a hand squeeze than simple finger movement.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Company)

That cover, rounded towards the left (front of gun) and squared at the right (rear of gun) with the knurled portion, prevents dirt and crud from entering the action. When opened by sliding it forward, it reveals the loading/ejection port.

When this cover is closed, the gun cannot be fired.


With the trigger folded up for a better fit in the pocket, a block is engaged and the action can’t be worked.

Each squeeze of the big trigger draws the striker backwards – and brings the barrel back as well. The barrel moves back over the cartridge, rather than the cartridge being pushed into the barrel.

Once the barrel encompasses the cartridge, the striker falls and fires the round.

After the gun is fired, the barrel moves forward when you relax the trigger, but the empty cartridge case stays. An ejector then shoves the empty case up and out of the way, to allow the next round to move into position behind the barrel.

The non-removable single-stack magazine is built into the grip and probably holds 8 or 10 of the 8mm cartridges.

Watch the video below to learn more about this really cool old popper.

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The destruction of the Davidian residence [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's a pic taken late in the process. The forward wall has been crushed in at three places, and in the center the tank entered almost its entire length. The previous photo shows how the right side had been torn open. And at the rear another CEV has destroyed half the "gym." I was there when they took the deposition of Danny Coulson, former HRT commander who monitored the operation from Washington, and he said that until he walked into the room he'd had no idea how much of the building had been destroyed or that tanks penetrated nearly their full length.


Connecticut: Gun Surrender Bill Moving through the General Assembly [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 27, House Bill 5054 passed the House of Representatives with a 104-42 vote.  HB 5054 is a large omnibus bill which threatens your Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as your Fifth Amendment right to due process.  Please click the “Take Action” button to contact your state Senator with your opposition to this legislation!


Breaking News: Harris Publications Closing Down [The Firearm Blog]

Harris-Publications-closesNews just hit today that Harris Publications is closing down. You might recognize the magazines they publish: Combat Handguns, Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, Pocket Pistols, Survivor’s Edge, Tactical Weapons, and Special Weapons for Military & Police. According to Harris Publications they are closing due to the competition of online media. As you know, […]

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On the last day, did the Davidians really shoot at the tanks? [Of Arms and the Law]

One key to what happened on the day of the fire lies in claims that the Davidians shot at the FBI armored vehicles. As a general rule, AR-15s with 55 gr bullets are not considered good anti-tank rounds. Multiple hits in the same place may, however, require touch-up painting.

The FBI plan, as sold to Janet Reno, called for quite slow injections of CS "tear gas," more designed to annoy the Davidians into coming out. However, this could be changed to an all-out assault if the Davidians shot at the tanks (no reason was given for this, but they slid it past Reno).

The claim was that the Davidians began shooting early in the assault and continue throughout it. The incident commander testified that was why he out't let the fire trucks respond to the fire -- too dangerous, with the fanatic Davidians shooting.

Here's one of the aerial photos, taken late in the assault (notice how shredded the building is). Three armored vehicle are parked to the left (I inserted an enlarged area above them). It certainly looks as if one crewman has dismounted and is standing in the open, within about 50 yards of the building. That's not a shadow, the sun is high and notice how small the tank's shadows are.


Missouri: Campus Carry Amendment to be Offered in House [NRA-ILA News]

In the coming days an essential pro self-defense campus carry amendment may be offered on the House floor.


VZ58 Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The Czech VZ58 Rifle is a a fantastic piece of hardware that is fascinating from a mechanical standpoint. The rifles lock like a giant P38, have a piston like an FN49, and fire 7.62×39 but are misunderstood by a lot of folks. While at a glance they look like an AK, they share very little […]

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Remington Ammunition Plant Tour— Part 2 [The Firearm Blog]

P4050230At the end of part one I concluded with the method of turning raw materials into lead bullets and inner cores for what will become jacketed bullets. To begin part two I’ll once again start off with the raw materials to create jackets for both pistol and rifle rounds. I’ll also cover brass and the […]

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Spreading Ashes, via a 12 gauge? [The Firearm Blog]

Shotgun_1_1200In 2011 we reported on a company called Holy Smoke, LLC that offers  a service wherein a family could have their ashes spread via reloaded ammunition. The company takes in your deceased loved ones ashes, and loads them into approximately 250 shotgun shells, 100 rifle rounds, or 250 handgun rounds. Although this news report did […]

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New NWTF Turkey Basics Microsite [The Firearm Blog]

nwtfIt’s spring turkey season and NWTF – that’s the National Wild Turkey Federation – has their own way of celebrating. They’ve announced a new addition to their website, a microsite titled “Wild Turkey Basics”. And although this isn’t your usual gun-related post it’s still relevant given the time of year. This is, after all, great […]

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Firearms Magazine Publisher Harris Publications Shutting Down [AllOutdoor.com]

The publishing industry website Folio is reporting that enthusiast magazine publisher Harris Publications is closing down “effective immediately.”

Harris Publications produces “Combat Handguns,” “Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement,” “Survivor’s Edge,” “Tactical Weapons,” “Guns of the Old West,” and other firearms, outdoor, and specialty titles.

The announcement from Harris Publications as posted on the Folio website:

“It is with great sadness that we are announcing the closing of Harris Publications. For nearly 40 years, Harris Publications has been a mainstay in enthusiast publishing.

We are extremely grateful for the tremendous contributions of our employees, past and present. The hard work and dedication of our creative, sales, circulation and operations teams and the talents of our freelance editors, writers, photographers and designers are what allowed us to continue delivering thoughtful and beautiful magazines to our readers.

The magazine publishing industry has been through turmoil in the face of the rapid ascendance of digital media, changing consumer content preferences, magazine wholesaler struggles and consolidation in the supply chain. We have tried mightily to persevere against these forces, but have been unable to overcome these challenges.”

The closure of Harris Publications is indicative of the struggles faced by the print publication industry in general and specialty firearms publications specifically as readers and advertisers increasingly switch to web content.

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You're Invited to the Second Annual Youth Leadership Conference [NRA-ILA News]

NRA-ILA invites you to attend the Second Annual Youth Leadership Conference on Saturday, May 21st at 3:00 p.m. This special event is being held in conjunction with this year’s NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits in Louisville! At this FREE event, NRA-ILA Grassroots Staff will provide in depth training for student leaders that will focus on current issues we are facing, how to effectively combat anti-gun myths, and opportunities to get involved with the NRA. The event itself, and all associated materials and food, are FREE!


Kimber’s New 84M Hunter Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

kimber hunterLast week, Kimber formally launched its newest rifle: the 84M Hunter. The company built the bolt gun specifically as a precision hunting gun to be carried into the field where hard use and tough shots are the norm. As the rifle’s name suggests, the gun is built around the company’s 84M action. The 84M uses […]

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POTD: X-Rayed Lower Recevier [The Firearm Blog]

13007190_1141362645895286_1996699295701931319_nSimilar to X-Ray Guns, someone took their lower receiver and X-Rayed it. However this is a polymer lower. It almost looks invisible in the X-Ray image. I am surprised at the position of the buffer retainer. Look at how far forward it is canted. Perhaps that is just a characteristic of the polymer lower or […]

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Obama to make 'smart guns' push [NRA-ILA News]

President Barack Obama is opening a new front in the gun control debate, readying a big push for so-called smart gun technology — an initiative that the gun lobby and law enforcement rank and file is already mobilizing against. As early as Friday, Obama is set to formally release findings from the Defense, Justice and Homeland Security Departments on ways to spur the development of guns that can be fired only by their owner, according to industry and gun control sources. Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett is slated to preview the announcement for stakeholders on Thursday afternoon.


Setting the Record Straight: Oklahoma House Bill 3098 Open Permitless Carry [NRA-ILA News]

What is House Bill 3098?  HB 3098 would simply allow law-abiding Oklahoma gun owners to carry their firearms openly without first obtaining a government-issued permit or paying a government tax.


Louisiana: Report on House Committee Action in Baton Rouge [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 27, House Bill 69 was voluntarily deferred by its sponsor, state Representative John Bagneris (D-New Orleans).


There is only pain, misery, and suffering waiting here… [The Firearm Blog]

MRFThe following article was written by a guest writer, Matt Koetting. We appreciate him sharing the information about the Marine Recon Challenge and photos of the 1911. Before the sun rises and the marine layer lifts on May 21st several two-man teams will embark on the arduous yet somber expedition that is the 8th Annual […]

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Everyone thinks they are that "One" [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Will the real warrior please stand up?

“Out of every hundred men, ten shouldn’t be there, eighty are are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.” - Heraclitus

I do not wish to try to put my own spin on why this article is relevant. Replace the word "warrior" with the word "leader" and you will see how applicable it is today as it was in two and a half millenia ago.


Minnesota: Two Anti-Gun Amendments Being Offered on House Floor Today [NRA-ILA News]

During today’s session, state Representative Dan Schoen (DFL 54A) is planning to offer two anti-gun amendments to House File 3467, an omnibus bill which includes public safety provisions.  These two egregious amendments aim to restrict the Second Amendments rights of law-abiding citizens by expanding the list of places where law-abiding gun owners are prohibited from carrying and possessing firearms and requiring background checks for every firearm transfer in the state.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative and urge them to OPPOSE these two amendments!


Hollywood Becomes Increasingly Vocal on Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

Everytown didn’t just buy up the Families for Gun Reform URL, the group collaborated with “House of Cards” writers “to make sure they got it right,” according to the organization’s president, John Feinblatt. In fact, Feinblatt consulted on the script regarding issues of gun legislation and violence.


Australia: The Port Arthur gun ban hasn’t saved lives [NRA-ILA News]

Australians may pride themselves on “telling it like it is”, but when it comes to gun laws, straight-shooting all too often takes a back seat to a determined effort at silencing debate.


Minnesota gun control bills get a big crowd [NRA-ILA News]

A state Senate hearing room’s ample seat capacity proved barely adequate Tuesday as Minnesota lawmakers received a double earful of input on a pair of gun control bills introduced — but unlikely to pass — this year.


Texas A&M system pulls the trigger on finalized campus carry rules [NRA-ILA News]

The generally permissive campus carry rules proposed for the Texas A&M University System’s schools received on Wednesday what amounts to a final OK, as the system’s Board of Regents took no action to amend the suggested policies.


Armageddon Gear Gunsmith Apron [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureNormally on a product such as this, I would lament chitzy products, but this one just happens to hit a nail on the head for me satisfying a need. The Gunsmith Apron by Armageddon Gear is a great piece of kit for the burgeoning home smith or professional, combining practicality and adding some useful functionality […]

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RIA: Pattern 1913 Enfield Trials Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

One of the lessons learned by the British military in the aftermath of the Boer War was that modern Mauser rifles were superior to their Lee-action rifles and carbines. In response, British ordnance began experimenting with a Mauser-pattern rifle, ultimately finalized as the Pattern 1913. This rifle would also leave behind the obsolescent .303 rimmed cartridge, in favor of a new rimless .276 Enfield round.

The Pattern 13 rifle itself was excellent – it balanced and handled well, it had very good sights, and a smooth and fast bolt throw. However, the .276 Enfield cartridge was really more potent than it needed to be, and caused problems. The cartridge threw a 165 grain bullet at just under 2800fps, pretty close to the ballistics of today’s 7mm Remington Magnum. Loaded with Cordite propellent, this led to excessive barrel wear and unpleasant recoil, along with some parts breakage. However, as final testing was being done in the first half of 1914, the Great War broke out.

At this point, plans for using a new cartridge were abandoned. The rifle itself was redesigned in the .303 cartridge, to be manufactured in large numbers by American firms under contract. It would also be refitted for the .30-06 cartridge and used in large numbers by the American armed forces as the M1917 Enfield rifle. According to General Julian Hatcher (who ought to know), it was the best rifle of the First World War.


The Ur-PDW: Lange Pistole 08 Luger at C&Rsenal [The Firearm Blog]

2016-04-27 (1)Arcane Teutonic space magicks gave Imperial German assault troops the advantage in trench warfare during the first Great War, as the Kaiser’s sturmtruppen made deadly use of Arch-Industriemage Georg Luger’s fearsome Lange Pistole 08 “long Luger” semiautomatic handheld transforming death machines – err, I mean stocked pistols. The over-the-top language isn’t just for fun, though, as it’s difficult to […]

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A "Mental Health" Initiative That Discourages Seeking Treatment [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

From my conversations with mental health professionals such as Dr. Robert Young, a psychiatrist who is a member of Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership, treatment is the key to allowing those suffering mental health issues to lead a full and productive life. A life that doesn't involve seemingly random acts of unspeakable violence.

There is a bill before the California Assembly that may be voted on as early as today (AB 2607) that would greatly expand the list of people who may secretly petition a court to restrain your rights to possess a firearm. The list includes employers, coworkers, mental health workers, and employees of a high school or college. Could you imagine having the police arrive on your doorstep to confiscate your firearms due to a petition from a school janitor? Under this bill it could happen as the bill just says "employees".

The bill is being opposed by a diverse coalition of groups including the Firearms Policy Coalition as well it should be. Their news release on the bill is below and it goes into more detail.

Sacramento,CA—Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) is proud to stand with mental health professionals and other civil rights organizations in opposition to Assembly Bill 2607, and is asking its members and supporters to contact the legislature to oppose this measure.

Authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting (D-San Francisco), the bill massively expands a controversial law that has only been in place for 4 months. At present, current law permits family members and peace officers to petition a court, in secret, in order to restrain an individual from possessing firearms. AB 2607 compounds this measure by adding, to the list of qualified petitioners, employers, coworkers, mental health workers, and employees of a secondary or postsecondary school.

This would add thousands of people (including complete strangers) to the list of people who could petition a court to restrain a person from possessing firearms, triggering a warrant and armed law enforcement raids—without trial, conviction, or opportunity to defend oneself before a court. The secretive nature of this process, as well as the broad expansions in the measure, lead the American Civil Liberties Union to call it a “significant threat to civil liberties” in a letter to the bill’s author.

Craig DeLuz, Director of Legislative & Public Affairs for the Firearms Policy Coalition commented, “Gun owners are being targeted for harassment in AB 2607 by virtually anyone they are connected to; disgruntled former colleagues or anti-gun college professors--but what is truly disturbing is that AB 2607 goes so far as to discourage gun-owners from seeking counseling or therapy--for fear of being raided by police and losing their gun rights. This bill causes a serious breach of trust between patients and healthcare professionals as well as students and instructors.”

Not only does this bill discourage free thought and free speech in places, such as University campuses, it actually discourages gun-owners from pursuing counseling due to fear of losing their gun rights in an unconstitutional surprise warrant service. “It's irresponsible, it's inexcusable, and it's a shameless attack on the millions of responsible Californians who choose to exercise their civil rights while also being a responsible citizen and taking care of their physical and mental health,” said DeLuz.

The earliest AB 2607 can be voted on is Thursday, April 28, as it will be heard on the floor of the California State Assembly. It is opposed by mental health professionals such as the California Psychological Association, American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) , Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) , National Rifle Association (NRA), and Gun Owners (GOC) of California. It is also opposed by the Public Defenders Association.

DeLuz concluded, “You know your bill is bad when FPC, NRA, ACLU and Public Defenders are all opposed. All of these organizations look out for the public good in their own way, and I'm proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with them in opposition to AB 2607.”
If you live in California and haven't contact your Assembly member, do it now!


New Kel Tec Updates with Military Arms Channel [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureNot content to have their current products always out of stock, Kel Tec is pushing to release new products this year that will likewise almost always be out of stock. Sitting down with Tim from Military Arms Channel, Kel Tec front-man Chad breaks down some of the upcoming offerings from the company. The primary path […]

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Gelatin Test of Heizer Pocket AR and Pocket AK [The Firearm Blog]

Heizer-61When the Heizer Defense .223 Remington Pocket AR and 7.62x39mm Pocket AK single shot rifle caliber pistols were released to the market, the question on many people’s minds was: Out of such a short barrel, will those calibers really be very powerful or effective at all? The folks at GunsAmerica apparently wondered the same thing, […]

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Green AK furniture [The Firearm Blog]

akm74_004Recently a number of AK groups on the internet have been abuzz with green AK furniture. At first I thought this might have been various owners painting existing bakelite material dark green, but this was not to be the case. The furniture sets are real and are some of the rarest furniture sets that an […]

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Coalition SOF in the Wild, Syrian edition [The Firearm Blog]

dffffffaefffshIn a recent broadcast by a channel called France 24, French reporters in Syria unexpectedly came across a coalition special operations unit, coordinating air strikes and working with Kurdish YPG units in the fight against Daesh in Shaddadi (northern Syria). Somewhat untypical of these types of units in going this long without realizing that a […]

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Wednesday, 27 April


Waco: photo from start of gunfight at the front [Of Arms and the Law]

Here is a pic I objected via FOIA, showing the very beginning of the Feb. 28 firefight in front of the building. The surviving Davidians (who were at the front of the building) said the first shots involved BATF firing through the double doors. The photo shows three agents kneeling and apparently shooting at the double doors. There are also bullet holes, barely visible, there and elsewhere. The agents' "cover" doesn't seem to match claims that the Davidians deluged them with gunfire.


Tarpon Springs, Florida: Sponge Docks and Shooting [AllOutdoor.com]

Tarpon Springs, FL – Since I love guns and grew up not too far from Tarpon Springs, a recent news report about the range’s opening and simulator caught my attention.

The range is called Reload Quality Indoor Shooting Range, and it offers a variety of shooting ranges and experiences. They have 45 lanes, which vary in length (15-, 25-, and 100-yard lanes), which is a lot.

On top of that, they have an exotic simulator that is only one of two in the nation available to civilians. It’s called the V-300, and it offers five huge screens to present video and CGI scenarios in a 300-degree immersive environment. The electronic equipment allows participants to identify and engage threats with special ammoless guns that simulate recoil. Sounds pretty intense.

Superior, lifelike, 300-degree training: Video and CGI scenarios across multiple screens with incredible audio generate unparalleled realism and immersion. This allows training in a situational awareness, contact and cover and threat assessment.

Reload has one of two V-300 simulators that are open to the public. (Photo: Virtra)

Reload has one of two V-300 simulators that are open to the public. (Photo: Virtra)

Their seven 100-yard lanes are rated up to 50 BMG, although prior approval is needed for any cartridge more powerful than a 30-06. They say they have “high-speed digital target retrieval systems” as well as high-tech ventilation equipment to keep the air free of toxins.

Shooters have several “levels” of membership to choose from, either monthly or annually, or can simply pay by the hour ($17.95, or $24.95 to use the 100-yard range). If paying hourly, each additional shooter in the same lane will cost another $10 per hour.

Sounds nice, and although I personally prefer a lack of crowds and the great outdoors for my shooting, that’s not always practical – and the simulator really looks interesting.

(Photo: Reload Gun Range)

(Photo: Reload Gun Range)

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NH Senate Passes Constitutional Carry Yet Again [AllOutdoor.com]

New Hampshire – It’s been reported that, for the second time in the current 2-year New Hampshire Senate term, a bill to repeal licensing requirements for concealed carry has passed the state senate.

It’s far from a done deal, however. The last time it was passed, the governor vetoed the bill and legislators failed to override the veto – and a final Senate vote is still needed, although it’s expected that the vote will once again follow party lines, with 14 in favor and 10 in opposition.

New Hampshire already allows open carry without license or permit, but if someone accidentally conceals the gun by pulling on a jacket and then going out in public, that person would be guilty of a crime if he or she doesn’t possess a permit to carry concealed.

NH governor Maggie Hassan has vowed to veto this sensible legislation once again, should it reach her desk.

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Watch: Walch Navy 6-Chamber, 12-Shot Revolver [AllOutdoor.com]

The innovation of gunmakers is an amazing thing, and here’s a good example of that: A .36-caliber cap & ball black powder revolver with 6 chambers — that can be fired 12 times without reloading!

Yep, as weird as it sounds, this old wheel gun can be stoked up once and then provide a dozen bangs — under ideal conditions.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

The process: Load one charge of black powder into a cylinder, and ram a ball home — making sure the ball is about halfway down the chamber. Then, add another powder charge and ball on top of that one.

There are two nipples per chamber, and one of them has a long flash hole that carries the spark from the percussion cap to the forward charge, to fire it.

The flash hole for the front of the chamber goes under that raised portion forward of the front nipple.

The flash hole for the front of the chamber goes under that raised portion forward of the front nipple.

The gun also has two hammers and two triggers. The right trigger is slightly forward of the other, and it drops the right hammer, which strikes the nipple for the front part of the chamber. When it goes boom, you can then drop the hammer for the rear nipple, making that powder charge go bang also.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

Sounds pretty great, right? Well, yeah… except that the scrawny caliber (about 9 mm) and tiny powder capacity limits you to less-than-potent shots, even though you get a lot of them. Oh, and you only get a lot of shots when things work perfectly; if the front charge misfires, you’d better not fire the rear one! Can you say, “Instant hand grenade?”

Only a couple hundred of them were made, and it’s easy to see why – but it’s still an impressive testimony to inventiveness.

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Watch: Rotary-Mag Pistol Looks Like a Revolver [AllOutdoor.com]

In the words of Ian of Forgotten Weapons, this is “a very mysterious automatic pistol revolver… thing.”

All we really know about this weird one-of-a-kind shootin’ iron is that photos of it appeared in a catalog in 1958, and what Ian shows us in the video below.

This was probably someone’s hobby piece, and to my mind it appears to have begun life as a revolver frame, before someone Frankensteined it up.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

The thumb lever near the top rear doesn’t do anything, and the part that looks like it ought to be a cylinder is just a side cover for an internal rotary magazine.

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

(Photo: Rock Island Auction Co.)

This is one wild mechanism.


With the bolt locked open, it looks even more steampunk.


The rear sight is way up front, even farther forward than the magazine that masquerades as a cylinder.

There’s a considerable portion of the mechanism that’s not present, as you can see at the top rear of the bolt. There is no firing pin, nor is there any sort of cover in that area.


What do you think? A one-off in someone’s garage, or an experimental piece form the early days of semi-auto development? Watch the video and weigh in.

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Steel or no steel? [AllOutdoor.com]

Our friends over at The Firearm Blog recently brought up the question of how many of their readers run nothing but steel cased ammo. I’d like to ask our friends here, as well, but I have an additional question: is steel really cheaper?


Many preppers and survivalists, as well as those trying to save a buck, reload their own ammo. I know from personal experience that the only way reloading becomes cost efficient is when the amount of ammunition you reload has a higher value then the components and equipment you buy. That takes time, energy and large initial investment. But it pays off, eventually.

On the other hand, if you shoot something with expensive, high precision bullets–like 338 Lapua–it can break even. With pistol calibers, it’s incredibly cheep and your investment pays off faster.

What do you guys think? What do you shoot the most? What’s viable for you to reload and what would you rather buy than go through the hassle?

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Missouri: Urgent - Stand Your Ground Amendment to be Considered by Senate [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Missouri State Senator Kurt Schaefer (R-Columbia) amended Senate Bill 663 with critical self-defense language, known as Stand Your Ground.


Hawaii: Two Anti-Gun Bills Enrolled to Governor- Your Urgent Action Needed! [NRA-ILA News]

This week, two anti-gun bills, House Bill 625 and Senate Bill 2954 were enrolled to the Governor for his consideration.  Additionally, final action may soon be taken on two other anti-gun bills, House Bill 2632 and Senate Bill 2647.  It is imperative that you contact the Governor, state Representatives, state Senators and conference committee members in opposition to these misguided bills! Please click the “Take Action” button to contact these legislators with your opposition!


Ohio: Military Carry Permit Reform Bill Goes to House Floor for Consideration [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 27, the Ohio Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 199.  SB 199 will now go to the House of Representatives for further consideration.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Representative and urge them to vote in favor of SB 199!


US Army to Create Lightweight .50 Caliber Machine Gun (Again) [The Firearm Blog]

M2_-_24th_MEUThe US Army has begun a program to create a lightweight .50 caliber machine gun to replace the venerable M2 Browning. The program will, like the M240L machine gun, use titanium to reduce weight by 20-30 percent. Scout.com and NationalInterest.org both have stories on the subject. The following is from Scout.com: The Army is creating […]

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The Galil: Israel’s Greatest Small Arm [The Firearm Blog]

The Galil is what you get when you take a Finnish Valmet rifle and add the knowledge gained from mechanized desert warfare. The IMI Galil is an AK on steroids with numerous improvements, and shooting one is a real treat. While the modern Galil Ace is the successor, the old classic rifles are amazing in […]

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Pennsylvania: Sunday Hunting Legislation Will be Heard in Senate Committee [NRA-ILA News]

The Senate Game and Fisheries Committee has scheduled a hearing for May 18 to discuss Senate Bill 1070, legislation that would repeal the ban on Sunday hunting.  Please click the “Take Action” button below tocontact members of the Senate Game and Fisheries Committee and urge them to support SB 1070.


Testing a .45 ACP Luger Carbine [The Firearm Blog]

a40utIPThe .45 ACP Luger created for the US pistol trials in the first decade of the 20th Century is one of the most infamously rare and desirable handguns of all time. Combining the excellent engineering and classic looks and ergonomics of the Luger with the American .45 ACP pistol round, the one original that survives […]

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DRT Elite Series .223 Ammo Vs Windshield/Concrete/Gel/Meat/Wood [The Firearm Blog]

DRT 223 2Andrew of GY6 Vids is at it again. After his video of the DRT .308win Terminal Shock Ammo, Andrew received comments and requests to do it again this time with .223 and shooting it at different barriers before hitting ballistics gelatin. Like the previous video about the .308 ammo, he reuses the same ballistics gelatin […]

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New Hogue Rail Covers for ARs [The Firearm Blog]

Hogue2ARs are not just popular, they’ve become the basis for an entire culture within the firearms world. Because of that there are also quite a few aftermarket products available which makes it possible for gun owners to customize their basic black rifles to impressive levels. When it comes to a certain type of aftermarket product, […]

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POTD: Gunfighter Dalai Lama [The Firearm Blog]

13083323_10207935727942439_6526532830665786441_nThere have been some hilarious memes of the Dalai Lama related to firearms popping up lately. They are obviously taken out of context but the image does match the meme’s idea. Only one of these is a real quote by the Dalai Lama. Can you figure out which one it is?  

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Brevard County Sheriff Receives Distinguished Defender of Freedom Award [NRA-ILA News]

The sheriff of Brevard County, Wayne Ivey, was awarded one of the National Rifle Association’s highest honors on April 25 in recognition of his tireless efforts to defend liberty and protect the interests of law-abiding gun owners. Ivey was the only law enforcement officer to receive the Defender of Freedom Award in 2015.


California: Anti-Gun Bills Still Alive After Policy Committee Deadline [NRA-ILA News]

After a busy week of hearings, Friday April 22nd marked the deadline for bills with a fiscal note to be passed out of their respective policy committees. Bills not meeting this deadline are considered defeated for the 2016 legislative session.  The good news is that a couple anti-gun bills are dead for the session.  The bad news is, many of the most egregious bills are still moving. Additionally, several bills have been placed in the suspense file and will not be considered until the end of May.


Rocket Pod Whistling Shotgun Slugs [The Firearm Blog]

whistling-shotgun-slugsThere’s a lot of crazy homemade shotgun slug vids on YouTube, remember the Juicer 12g Slugs? Or the Q-Tip Shotgun Slugs? There was also the awesome Folding Fin 12 Ga “Missile” from a while back as well. The popular YouTuber Taofledermaus known for his crazy custom shotgun slug vids is at it again with something […]

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George Patton is Back Up [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Mr. Patton comes from a long slumber to give us dire warnings and portents.  Evil never dies, says he.


Store owner sends two robbers running, WABC, New York, N.Y. 04/22/16 [NRA-ILA News]

The owner of Beechmont Mini Market in Bridgeport, Conn. was tending to his store when a pair of armed robbers came through the door. The store owner responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and firing at the thieves, prompting them to flee. As the robbers were leaving the market they encountered another armed man, this time a passerby with a concealed carry permit. According to a local news outlet, the store owner has twice been forced to shoot attackers, and his store was robbed only four weeks prior to the most recent incident. Following his use of armed self-defense, the owner told reporters, “How am I gonna be scared because when you do a business you're not supposed to be scared of anything. You make a living. You know we're here to make a living.”


Tennessee: Your Action Needed - Urge Governor Haslam to Sign Faculty and Staff Campus Carry Bill [NRA-ILA News]

The legislation was sent to the Governor’s desk on Monday, April 25, and he will have 10 days to take action on the bill.


Hillary Clinton's Stance On Guns Will Backfire [NRA-ILA News]

Hillary Clinton has made gun control into a central part of her political agenda. She sees this issue as a way to get to the left of Bernie Sanders during her fight for the Democratic nomination. History and the polls show this attack on American freedom could cost her in November.


Join NRA for an Advocate Meeting in Arnold! [NRA-ILA News]

Please join NRA-ILA staff for an informative meeting on April 28th from 7:00pm - 8:30pm at Top Gun Shooting Sports in Arnold. This is your opportunity to learn how to get involved in the fight to protect our Second Amendment rights here in Missouri. You will also have the chance to meet with local legislators and learn how you can effectively influence gun laws during the legislative session. Space is limited, so please be sure to RSVP as soon as possible.


Most Americans disagree with Hillary Clinton on suing gun manufacturers [NRA-ILA News]

Seven in 10 American voters do not support Hillary Clinton’s position that crime victims should be allowed to sue firearm manufacturers and retailers if they made or sold the gun lawfully, according to a new poll.


Emigrate With Your Guns? You’re Probably Shooting in the Dark [NRA-ILA News]

When American Tom Heberlein tried to import his firearms to Sweden, he got as far as his transfer in the U.K. before it started to become complicated. There, despite having the correct paperwork, a U.K. customs official said: “You can’t have these guns.”And thus began Mr. Heberlein’s global gun education.


Massachusetts: NRA takes aim at proposed Longmeadow law banning assault rifles, restricting gun-carrying rights in town [NRA-ILA News]

Proposed town bylaws tightening gun control measures in Longmeadow have drawn the ire of the National Rifle Association.The NRA's Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) recently sent out an email listing three articles on Longmeadow's May 10 Town Meeting warrant, which would enact bylaws banning the possession of certain types of firearms within the town and increasing police regulation of all guns.


Students with Right-to-Carry permits can keep guns in LU starting in fall [NRA-ILA News]

Next fall, Liberty University students with concealed handgun permits from the state can get permission from the school to keep their guns in safes in their dorm rooms.


Bribing cops for a gun license [NRA-ILA News]

"New York City, as a major city in the U.S., is one of the most restrictive cities in the country concerning gun licensing laws," said retired police officer Stephen D'Andrilli, who used to work in the NYPD's licensing division and is now a consultant for clients seeking handgun licenses.The licensing system is meant to filter out dangerous applicants, like those with a history of domestic violence. But D'Andrilli, who extolls the "utmost importance" of the Second Amendment through his website the Arbalest Quarrel, said the restrictive laws of New York have created an environment that allows a black market to exist.


Breaking News: Tracking Point Suppressor? Not Exactly. [The Firearm Blog]

imageMy friends over in the suppressor forum of AR15.com came across a curious ‘new’ product within the pages of Tracking Point’s commercial website this week. The ‘Hush-S’ and ‘Hush-L’ suppressors are listed as being ‘optimized’ for use with Tracking Point’s precision-guided firing systems. From the company’s webpage: The Hush(TM) enables Precision-Guided Firearm users to covertly […]

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[Review] Black Dawn’s Lightweight Complete 3-Gun Rifle (BDR-556-3GLW) [The Firearm Blog]

IMGP0100I know, I know, yet another review of an AR-15 rifle. A few of, I’m sure, you will provide the obligatory “Yawn.” in the comments. However, running this rifle did not bore me, nor make my eyes glaze. It was actually very satisfying to shoot, and in a market flooded with ho-hum offerings, I assure […]

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RIA: Walther/Heinemann Toggle Lock Sporting Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

In 1928 and 1929, the Swiss Rheinmetall company produced about 50 examples of a toggle-locked rifle designed by Karl Heinemann. It was tested by the United States among other countries, but never found military acceptance. This particular example is a Heinemann rifle in sporting pattern, made by the Walther company. I do not know the details of Heinemann’s move from Rheinmetall to Walther, but I would guess it had to do with his early rifles’ lack of military success.

Mechanically, the gun is quite unusual and interesting, with a toggle-locked bolt and a Bang-type muzzle cup. Gas is captured in this cup when the rifle is fired, and that pressure pulls the muzzle cup forward. An operating rod runs from the muzzle back to a cam which cracks the bolt toggle open when it is pulled forward, thus unlocking the action.


"We Will Stand And Fight With All We've Got" [NRA-ILA News]

In a rousing, well-received speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre touched on issues of critical importance to American freedom this presidential election year.


It's Never Enough [NRA-ILA News]

The anti-gun lobby’s latest buzzword is “enough.” You might have heard it during the Oscars, where some Hollywood luminaries wore “awareness bracelets” tied to the Twitter hashtag #Enough, demanding more anti-gun laws—while they promenaded with more armed security than an average prime minister.


West Virginia: You’re Not From Around Here, Are You? [NRA-ILA News]

The West Virginia state Legislature overrode Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of a permitless concealed-carry measure, ensuring that law-abiding Mountain State residents soon will be able to more easily exercise their right to keep and bear arms.


Political Report | Disarmament Cloaked as "Common Sense" [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control advocates have been at their civilian-disarmament campaign for so long that astute observers will notice the same tactics and approaches returning time and again to the political landscape. When the American public rejects gun control schemes, anti-gun groups simply repackage their old material and strategies of attack. In recent years, such groups have taken to labeling any proposed restriction, no matter how onerous or ineffective, as “common sense.”


President's Column | Mentoring Provides Path To Achieving Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of Happiness [NRA-ILA News]

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” That is the unique promise in the Declaration of Independence that sets Americans apart from every other people on the Earth. It is the essence of American freedom. “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” When you think about it, those words also represent the core values of the National Rifle Association of America. They are the mission statement for everything we are and everything we do.


Some Interesting British Rifle History [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons returns with an interesting British rifle - the Pattern 13 Enfield Trials rifle. I never realized that my P-17 Eddystone rifle took so much of its design from the Mauser but looking at the bolt it is obvious.

This is quite an interesting rifle up for bid at auction. Currently, the high bid is only $1,800 for this rare piece of rifle history.


Standing Guard | When It Comes To Gun Rights, 2016 Election Is About The Court, Too [NRA-ILA News]

With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the precarious one-vote majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices who stand behind the Second Amendment has vanished, leaving the future of the individual right to keep and bear arms in the deepest jeopardy.  This election year, the future direction of the highest court in the land is up for grabs.


Hope You’re Not Sick of Toggles Just Yet: A Look at Japanese Toggle-Action Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

BCX298-R-CU82-LIs it Toggle Month, or what? Readers of TFB have so far been treated to several posts in April on the famous toggle-locked Luger pistol, but the fun’s not over yet! In the 1930s, the Japanese were – like many major powers at the time – looking to replace their bolt-action Type 38 rifles with […]

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Scratch Built 1880 SA Revolver [The Firearm Blog]

1880 revolver 3Thanks to Enzo for sending this our way. Waffenschmiedin x builds an 1880 Single Action Revolver from a piece of 4140 steel that was heat treated to a rockwell hardness of 27-33. She makes the entire revolver including the screws from this piece of metal. Better yet she filmed the process. It is currently a […]

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Ferfrans CRD Shield and SI Muzzle Brake Combos [The Firearm Blog]

ferfrans-si-comboMuzzle devices with blast shields/diverters were so last year, but it looks like companies are still coming out with their own versions. In the case of Strike Industries they’re collaborating with one of the most popular blast diverter brands around. Remember the Ferfrans CQB Modular Muzzle Brake? Well now you can buy a combo pack […]

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.30 M1 Carbine “Scout” Version Released by Inland Manufacturing [The Firearm Blog]

M1-ScoutInland Manufacturing, known for their new reproduction manufacturing of historical rifles, has announced the release of their M1 “Scout” carbine. The new Scout adds modern features to the M1 carbine that allow the use of modern accessories and bring the rifle in line with Jeff Cooper’s true “Scout” rifle concept that was popular in the […]

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The Krinks that never were, AKSU trial rifles [The Firearm Blog]

AKS-74U(Krinkov)TrialsFollowing close on the heels of our other articles about the development and use of the AKS74U “Krinkov”, we now bring to TFB an article specifically about the prototypes that were entered into the design competition, that would later turn into the standardized AKS74U. Many of these did not see any sort of service after […]

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Herschel Sends - Nothing Good Will Come From This [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Discovery In The Sandy Hook Families Versus Remington Case

BLUF: For the most regulated industry in America, a Connecticut Judge rules for "Social Justice" not Rule of Law.  A symbolic case against Bushmaster for the companies perceived complicity in the Sandy Hook Massacre is starting to gain traction with the help of Connecticut’s Superior Court Barbara Bellis. 

Even though the Bushmaster rifle used in the shooting was stolen, the prosecution seeks to prove that the rifle's intent is for killing.  Let that roll around in your mind for a second.

Tuesday, 26 April


TXMGO Response to TFB Reagarding the Sale of Pipebombs at a Gun Show [The Firearm Blog]

TXMGO FlamethrowerIn the real world, grown men can politely disagree and still be friends. Online, depending on whose comments you were reading, you would have been forgiven for thinking Sean from TXMGO and myself at TFB had some huge beef. Nothing could be further from the truth. I simply disagreed with, and questioned the wisdom of, […]

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Zero Tolerance ZT0909 Review [AllOutdoor.com]

Over the last two or so years it has looked like Zero Tolerance was transitioning away from giant blades.  The release of the ZT0900 and the ZT0450 were surprising from a company that made knives like the positively monstrous ZT0200.  It didn’t bother me all that much, though, because I am not a fan of big knives.  At all.

They are, for me, hard to justify.  If I need something implacable in the face of brutal cutting tasks then I go directly for a fixed blade.  If I don’t need something like that, then the weight and space savings of a smaller folder, like a Spyderco Dragonfly, are hard to pass up.

And then there is the grind.  Most big knives have positively AWFUL grinds.  My ZT0350 wasn’t a big knife in terms of blade length, but its chunky blade and less than slimming grind made it not that great a cutter.  So to with some of the beastly Cold Steels I have handled.  Only the Spyderco Military took the right approach–use all that space on the blade to get the cutting edge as thin as possible from the starting point of a slabby stock of steel.

But the ZT0909, provided for review by the always excellent Knife Art, while beastly in all the ways that folks like, is a different in ways that matter, ways that convince me that it should be on your short list for big folders.  I feel a bit like the Dos Equis pitchman–I don’t do big folders, but when I do, its the ZT0909.  This is a really sound knife and you actually get some advantages when it comes to the size.


The ZT0909 is a large folding knife designed by custom maker Les George.  Here is the product page.  The blade length is 3.8 inches and the weight is 7.5 ounces.

I don’t normally bother with specs, but here they are crucial.  This is a BIG knife and even those numbers don’t tell the whole story.  The knife deploys via a flipper that rides on the KVT caged bearing system.  The pivot is a solid pivot with a hex nut, hearkening back to the original ZTs: the ZT0300, ZT0301, and ZT0200.  The handle is G10.  The lock is a liner lock.  The blade is a classic Les George drop point:



Fortunately for me, the ZT0909 arrived right as spring sprang and I got to thump on it outside making fires.  My son has discovered the joys of pie iron sandwiches (fire + sandwich = awesome), so we made a heaping helping of fires in the backyard.

We have a wooded area just beyond our fence, so we go tromping down there a lot looking for firewood.  The ZT0909 has been thumped on heartily. I have chopped down wrist-sized trees, peeled their bark and processed them into pieces for the fire.  I have also used it to do some recycling tasks and basically as a camp knife, preparing food outside.

I also decided to see if it could handle peeling grapes.  I have a 1-year old (in addition to the fire-loving 5 year old) and he loves grapes, but he has a crazy school that requires them to be PEELED.  I normally do this with a paring knife, but when you have a knife as big as the ZT0909, you want to see what it can do.


And… to my surprise, it did quite well.


This knife is based on George’s Talos model.  You can also find traces of the ZT0909 in the VECP, George’s midtech and the previous George/ZT collab the ZT0900.  Its designed to be a basic, beastly folder.

The two things that stand out the most on the ZT0909 is the simple blade shape and the incredible handles.  George’s blades rarely have exotic or unusual blades.  Almost all of them are drop points with swedges and the ZT0909 follows that tradition nicely.  The choice of a liner lock is not only unexpected in the ZT line, it is trend bucking decision compared to most other knives in this price range.

The frame lock has come to dominate the market for reasons I am not sure are related to performance.  The handles do feature some nice curves and cuts that add a bit of visual interest to an otherwise boring looking knife.  Bling blade, this ain’t.


The ZT0909 has one of the best handles on a big knife I have ever seen.  The handle has a very good shape to it, something like the Becker handle shape.  The curve in the front acts as a guard and the curve on the back (the Parrot’s Beak) locks your hand in place:


Even when doing more high powered cuts like delimbing, where I sat WAY back on the handle, I never felt like the knife was going to come out of my hand.  It was very, very secure.  I love these handles a lot.  Saying they remind of Becker handles is like saying a rookie ball player reminds you of Willie Mays–it is the highest possible complement.

The blade is also quite good. I am always afraid of these beast blades being nothing more the barely sharpened pry bars.  The ZT0909 is not.  It peeled grapes for goodness sake.  The trick here is that the blade is very tall and the grind is very acute.  Behind the actual cutting edge, the stock is surprisingly, almost shockingly thin.  Only the Paramilitary 2 has thinner stock among the blades in this size.

The lock is also noteworthy.  Unlike the frame locks ZT has been making recently, all of which have a weird lockbar hang up because of how the detent is made, this knife deploys smoothly regardless of where you put your fingers.  I cannot, for the life of me, understand the insistence on a frame lock, other than the fact that its trendy.  A liner lock works just as well and in some cases better.  Here the lock and the pivot make for incredible flipping action.  This thing is like rocket firing.

The clip is a standard KAI USA clip, borrowed from the Cryo, and, like there, it is quite good.  The G10 is grippy without being shreddy and the finish on the blade is a very consistent, scratch hiding stonewash.  Even the milling, which adds considerable visual interest, is nice in the hand.

The only reservation I have is with the hex nut pivot.  It is bound to attract gunk and while I get that it is rugged and looks rugged, I’d prefer a normal fastener, like a torx.  Its not only easier to clean and less likely to attract gunk, its one less snag point/hotspot on the blade.  Of course, I also have to tell you, again, this knife is just massive.  It is thick, heavy, and big.  It carries like a trade paperback in your pocket, but you know that going in.  Your not expecting a tiny knife and so while it is clearly a drawback, its one you know about even without having to pick up the knife.


In all, I really like the ZT0909.  I was pleasantly surprised by its cutting ability, I liked the simple blade shape, and I adore the handles.  It is very big, but unlike a lot of big knives, you are getting something for the size.  I like the ZT0909 much better than the ZT0560/ZT0561.  This is a knife that is designed first and foremost with performance and use in mind and only after that are aesthetics a concern.  Its not the prettiest ZT ever made, but it is quite good.  It is an excellent knife and at this price, it is a good value.  Bargain Beast Blade is never something I thought I would write in reference to a ZT, but the ZT0909 is just that.


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Magnum Viper Pro 8.0 [AllOutdoor.com]

The real cost of outdoor boots isn’t just the price, but the discomfort endured to break them in. After I wore out my feet trying to find a suitable replacement, I tried a sample from Magnum Boots. It’s not the one shown in photos — mine has been half-way to hell and back already. Two features convinced me to try Viper Pro 8.0: waterproofing and the reactive ankle protection.


The slight bulge over the bottom of the tibia is enhanced ankle support. Given my tendency to get close to twisting my ankle regularly when outdoors, this is good for peace of mind and safety of the ligaments.


The lacing takes a while to do, but gives the flexibility for accommodating varied sock thickness. So far, I’ve used this boot comfortably in Minnesota snows and Tennessee rains.

The difference from all the other outdoor boots I’ve tries has been the instant comfort. No break-in period, just perfect fit from the start. The boots feel snug when I run or jump but don’t restrict circulation.


The soles have sufficient texture and grip to allow hopping logs, climbing rocks and staying on slick metal surfaces with confidence. While flexible, the sole protects the foot well, and the toe insert allows kicking things with a degree of impunity. Being entirely non-metallic, these boots are light enough for unhindered jogging.

Since my models are usually military or similarly tough, fast people, these boots finally gave me a chance to keep up with them. And, for my concern about unseen snakes, these boots offer a lot more protection than a typical hiking shoe. While not officially advertised as snake-proof, these appear to offer good resistance to teeth, rusty barbed wire spikes and other elements of pristine nature I often encounter. Four months of frequent, enthusiastic use in a variety of climates have yet to result in any degradation of the boots. Cleaned up, they also look reasonably appropriate for informal social occasions.

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Small Boat Dry Box [AllOutdoor.com]

One of the drawbacks of a small boat forfishing is there often is no dry box storage for rods, tackle and other gear.  While some anglers use a waterproof, lockable plastic box like the type used in pick-up trucks for their small boats. Others use a heavy-duty cooler.


But the all-plastic “Action Packer” by Rubber Maid is a good boat box, too.  It’s inexpensive, waterproof and lockable.  Such a box holds a wealth of tackle, life jackets, and even some fishing rods, especially telescoping and two-piece models.  Good dry boxes even can serve double-duty as an extra boat seat.


A dry box can be secured to a small boat with a bike chain and padlock, or even bolted and locked to a boat seat.  Most fishermen, however, simply remove a dry box from a boat if the skiff is stowed outside in an unsecured area.


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New Home Defense Shotgun Loads Offer Frangible Pellets For Safety [AllOutdoor.com]

No firearm offers better protection than a fast-handling shotgun, which fires multiple projectiles from a single round to deal with life-threatening, close-quarters situations.

The trouble with a standard shotgun shell round, however, are its numerous pellets that do not strike a target (or go through it), may pass through walls and doors to injure people or property other than an intended target.


This is the purpose of “frangible ammunition,” projectiles designed to lethally penetrate “soft” tissue and bone, but break up as it strikes hard, flat surfaces. It disintegrates into powder when hitting buildings, doors, sheet rock, etc.

Environ-Metal Inc., makers of famed HEVI-Shot® shotgun shells, has just introduced such a frangible-pellet shotshell called®. The remarkable and innovative shotgun projectiles still have the hard-hitting, deadly power on “soft” targets that HEVI-Shot® loads have long been known for. But because the new pellets are “frangible”, periphery targets are spared collateral damage should a home defense situation require their use.

“Lives probably will depend on ‘HEVI-Duty®‘ delivering on its [frangible] promise, so we took time developing this new HEVI-Shot® round,” says Kelly Sorensen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Environ-Metal Inc. “All our products are known for their high-performance qualities, and we built these same standards into HEVI-Duty®.

“We have extensively tested HEVI-Duty® in defense style situations utilizing ballistic gelatin and clothing to ensure it performs as required. It’s innovative ammunition by the industry leader, HEVI-Shot®.”


HEVI-Duty® low-recoil shotgun shells are offered in 12-gauge, 2 3/4-inch, non-toxic buckshot rounds. They’ve available in two loads: #4 buckshot (30 pellets per round), and #00 buckshot (12 pellets per round). Both loads have a muzzle velocity of 1250 feet per second. They’re available at $7.99 for a box of five shells.

Environ-Metal Inc. (www.hevishot.com) has been in business since 2000, and has long been a shooting sports industry leader in producing innovative shotshell ammunition and choke tubes. The U.S. company manufactures and distributes products from its headquarters in Sweet Home, OR, marketing and distributing its goods worldwide.

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NRA Members Send 3,736 Letters to Lawmakers in Support of Gun Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va. – Minnesota members and supporters of the National Rifle Association in recent days have sent 3,736 email letters to members of the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee in support of gun rights. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard public testimony today on Senate File 2493, a bill that would criminalize common place practices of law-abiding gun owners, and Senate File 2980, a bill that could leave victims of domestic violence unable to defend themselves. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing these bills in Minnesota as part of the Obama-Bloomberg gun control agenda.


South Carolina: Pro-Gun Bill Floor Vote Carried Over to Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

The South Carolina Senate voted today to carry over H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill, so it will likely be heard tomorrow.  Senator Lee Bright (R-12) continues to work with NRA on this effort, and he intends to offer an amendment on the floor to improve H. 3799.


MP40 Run and Gun [The Firearm Blog]

The German MP40 SMG is famous for its use during World War II, and was the Thompson’s rival on the Western Front. While there is no setting for semi-auto, with some trigger control we should still be able to have a go with it on the run and gun course. Field Strip: Thompson Vs. MP40: […]

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AKOU Completes 5,000 Round Test on Century RAS-47… Rifle is NOT Fine! [The Firearm Blog]

CkF5CfwFor the prospective civilian AK buyer, there’s nothing quite as helpful as the experience of others. Most reviews (including most of the ones I have done) cover the experiences the reviewer has over tens or hundreds of rounds, as higher round-count reviews are typically too expensive to conduct regularly, for most. Rob Ski of the […]

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Missouri: Permitless Carry Self-Defense Legislation Overwhelmingly Passes House, Headed to Senate [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Missouri House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed House Bill 1468.


Connecticut: Anti-Gun Bills Expected for Floor Vote Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

One or both of the anti-gun bills, House Bill 5054 and House Bill 5623, may be called as early as tomorrow to go to the House floor for consideration by the full House of Representatives.  Both HB 5054 and HB 5623 are large omnibus bills that threaten both your Right to Keep and Bear Arms as well as your Fifth Amendment right to due process.  Please contact your state Representative and politely urge them to oppose these bills.


Circle 10 5.45x39mm ALFAv2 AK Review [The Firearm Blog]

DSC02167Circle 10 AK has made a name for itself in being a small, but high quality AK parts producer and designer within the industry. At that, the company is able to bring to market products that are economical as well, from the Scout Optic Mount, to the Alfa forward rail mount developed in conjunction with […]

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Merrick Garland MUST NOT be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Senate needs to hear from you TODAY that Merrick Garland MUST NOT be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


Colorado Bill To Repeal Standard Cap Mag Ban Fails [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Earlier this month, the Colorado State Senate passed SB16-113 which would have repealed the ban on standard capacity magazines and would have repealed the requirement that standard capacity magazines manufactured in Colorado have a date stamp on them.

The vote to pass the bill in the Senate was 20 aye and 12 nay with two excused. It had previously passed out of committee on a 3-2 party line vote.

While the Senate is controlled by the Republicans, the House is the domain of the Democrats. While there was some hope that the Democrats might allow the bill out of committee, that hope was dashed last night.

The House State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee voted on the bill last night. The first vote was on a motion to send the bill to the House floor for consideration by the full House. This was defeated on a party line 4-5 vote. Then the committee voted 5-4 to postpone consideration of the bill indefinitely. This means the bill is dead for all practical purposes.

Coloradans can thank Committee Chair and House Majority Whip Su Ryden (D-Arapahoe), Rep. Mike Foote (D-Boulder), Rep. Dianne Primavera (D-Boulder/Broomfield), Rep. Max Tyler (D-Jefferson), and Rep. Susan Lontine (D-Denver) for this bill's defeat. These five were good little minions for Mike Bloomberg and did as they were told. I'm sure the criminal element, especially home invasion specialists, were pleased with this result. As to your average, law-abiding, tax-paying Colorado gun owner, that is another story.

I want to thank my friend Laura Carno as well as attorney David Kopel for taking the time to testify in favor of the bill before the Senate State, Veterans, and Military Affairs Committee when it held hearings.

H/T Jenna Meek


Magnum Research Releases “Black Tiger Stripe” Desert Eagles [The Firearm Blog]

GetDynamicImageMagnum Research, known for their large caliber handguns, has announced the release of their latest versions, this time adding in black tiger stripes. The new coloration is likely oriented for their customers who collect the handguns, as their other colors including… Black Polished Chrome Titanium Gold Brushed Metal 24K Gold Satin Nickel Burnt Bronze Cheetah […]

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Colorado: Committee Hearing Runs into Early Morning [NRA-ILA News]

The House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee held a hearing on multiple pro-gun bills last night, including Senate Bill 113.


Mariana Islands Taxing $1,000 for Handguns [The Firearm Blog]

Mariana IslandsThe Mariana Islands are a US controlled territory often forgotten, but now they have everyone’s attention. This small set of islands far off in the Pacific ocean passed a Senate Bill which is drawing a lot of criticism. As of April 11th, all new handgun sales are subject to a $1,000.00 tax. The governor of the […]

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Report: ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Bans Having No ‘Actual Impact’ in CA Cities [NRA-ILA News]

A report on “high capacity” magazine bans in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale shows the bans are not having any “actual impact.” This means that “no magazines [have been] turned in, and none seized as a direct result of the local large-magazine bans on the books.” Therefore, criminals still have them, but law-abiding citizens cannot get them in LA, Oakland, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale.


POTD: B&T VP9 Veterinary Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

13082567_10153620140255885_5324303484895283793_nMy friend Meng took this picture at the DSA (Defense Services Asia) show in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. DSA is sort of like Shot Show but for military and LE only. We posted an article about it back in 2014. the VP9 is a modern version of the Welrod. However the VP9 can be broken down […]

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Why Virginia Gov Terry McAuliffe can't give felons right to vote without restoring their right to own guns [John Lott's Website]

Governor Terry McAuliffe has given felons in Virginia the right to vote without allowing them the right to own a gun.  His executive order will let murderers and rapists will be able to serve on juries.  Say someone has committed multiple violent crimes.  Is there an argument to be made that we have learned something about that individual's preferences?  Presumably this is the argument for why McAuliffe doesn't want to restore their rights to own guns.  But why then Virginians would want to let violent criminals help make public policy and serve on juries?
From the Richmond Times-Dispatch:
Gov. Terry McAuliffe signed an executive order Friday restoring the voting rights of 206,000 ex-felons, a sweeping action the governor said was aimed largely at rectifying Virginia’s “long and sad history” of suppressing African-American voting power. . . .
The action . . .has the potential to expand the state’s voter rolls, currently estimated at about 5.4 million, by as much as 3.8 percent. . . .
In his speech, McAuliffe anticipated a strong response from Republicans, who said the order’s lack of distinction between violent crimes and less serious offenses will give murderers and rapists the right to vote, serve on juries, hold public office and notarize documents. . . .
McAuliffe’s order does not restore firearm rights. The ability to purchase and own a gun still would require court action. . . .
But McAuliffe action faces a significant problem.  From Article II, Section 1 of the Virginia Constitution:
No person who has been convicted of a felony shall be qualified to vote unless his civil rights have been restored by the Governor or other appropriate authority. 


Arizona: Update on Pro-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

On Monday, Senate Bill 1257 was amended and passed by the House Committee of the Whole and today it was passed by the full House of Representatives. SB 1257 will now go back to the Senate for final concurrence.  However, Senate Bill 1266 is still awaiting third read by the full House of Representatives.  Additionally, House Bill 2338, House Bill 2446 and House Bill 2524 are all awaiting third read in the Senate.  Third reading of non-budgetary bills will likely continue after the Legislature finalizes the budget.  Please stay tuned to www.nraila.org and your email inbox for further updates on these bills!


Sure To Drive Shannon, Mike, And Hillary Insane [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I just saw this video on Facebook of a young girl getting I presume a birthday present. Obviously by the case it is a firearm.

A pink tiger-striped AR-15 with matching magazines!

That wailing and gnashing of teeth that you hear combined with sputtering indignation is the gun prohibitionists saying "how could they?!" meaning the parents of the young girl.

All I can say is good on the parents as a pink tiger-striped AR-15 is way better than a pink Cricket .22 rifle.


Orlando, FL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

4/26/16 WFTV:

A man is claiming self-defense after another customer at a gas station pulled a gun out during an argument early Monday.

The incident happened at about 12:48 a.m. between Titus Bernard, 29, and Delvin Jamar Broner, 36, the Orlando Police Department said.

The altercation started as an argument between the two that was instigated by Broner, investigators said.

The situation escalated and Broner, a convicted felon, pulled out a gun.

Bernard, who had a valid concealed weapons permit, pulled his own gun and fired several times, killing Broner, police said.

"I don't know what I would have done is someone had pulled a gun out on me like that," said a witness. “He's alright then right? That's the law. Zimmerman pulled it off."

Bernard called 911 and waited for officers to arrive at the North John Young Parkway Circle-K.

Police reported finding Broner dead on the floor of the business.

Broner and Bernard were customers at the gas station, and no employees were involved, police said.

Witness statements corroborated Bernard’s version of the events, but the investigation into the shooting is ongoing, the department said.

Delvin?  What was Mama thinking?


On Guns, Clinton Runs Both Left and Right, Depending on Her Audience [NRA-ILA News]

What does Hillary Clinton really believe on guns? This year, she is running to the left of Bernie Sanders. In 2008, she ran well to the right of Obama, arguing against any kind of federal “blanket rules.”


New Jersey: Lawmakers seek to block Christie's gun regulation change [NRA-ILA News]

New Jersey lawmakers have announced an effort to block Gov. Chris Christie's change to state regulations to make it easier to get a gun permit.


The Arizona House has given initial approval to proposal allowing Right-to-Carry permits holders to carry firearms into some public buildings [NRA-ILA News]

The proposal by Republican Sen. John Kavanagh awaits a formal House vote after Monday's action but must return to the Senate because of a House amendment.


Missouri House advances bill to strengthen castle doctrine law [NRA-ILA News]

Missouri lawmakers are advancing a measure that would limit fees to carry a concealed firearm and expand the state’s castle doctrine law.


Review: Armageddon Tactical CompTek Type 1 Muzzle Brake [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_1338Muzzle brakes are a subject that I just can’t quite decide how I feel about them. On one hand they are loud and enhance muzzle flash, but on the other they are so darn effective it would be foolish to dismiss them. Every time that I get another one in for review it pushes me more […]

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Oklahoma: Hunting with Suppressors Legislation Signed into Law [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 2637 into law and it goes into effect immediately.


Waco: Carlos Ghigliotti's report [Of Arms and the Law]

Carlos was an infrared expert-- here's more on him.

On April 19, the day of the fire, FBI had an aircraft circling overhead with a FLIR unit (FLIR=Forward Looking InfraRed, a title still used after the units got small enough to where they no longer had to be mounted looking forward). This produced monochrome videotapes that showed heat. An issue arose as to whether they also showed gunfire coming from FBI positions before and during the fire -- the FBI denied it fired a shot that day. Several experts said the tapes did reflect gunshots.

The House Committee on Government Reform hired Carlos to examine the tapes. Unfortunately, he died from a heart attack (a weakness that ran in his family). The Committee thereupon issued statements that he'd never given them a report, that they were about to fire him, and essentially disavowing everything to do with him.

There was one problem with that story. Carlos had faxed me the report right after he gave it to the committee and briefed its staff. He found there were indeed gunshots. In fact, he pieced together an encounter. A Davidian appeared to throw something at an armored vehicle, and the something went off with a quick burst of heat. The hatches on the vehicle opened, some people dismounted, and fired in the direction of the fleeing Davidian. The battle went on from there. Carlos told me that as he played and paused the video for the congressional staffers, explaining what they were seeing, they looked like they were sucking on lemons.


Setting the Record Straight on Oklahoma's Proposed "Right to Keep and Bear Arms" Constitutional Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

What is House Joint Resolution 1009? HJR 1009 proposes an amendment to the "keep and bear arms" language in the Oklahoma Bill of Rights, part of the State Constitution. HJR 1009 is necessary because the Oklahoma courts have interpreted the current "keep and bear arms" language as not protecting the right to personal defense; not protecting arms useful for self-defense; and not protecting a person’s right to lawfully keep and bear arms for self-defense on his or her own property.


Drone Target Plus Drone Ammunition = Awesome! [The Firearm Blog]

gnatwarfare2It’s been almost one year since I wrote up one of these daily posts about Snake River Shooting Product’s Drone Munition ammunition. Now, thanks to what can only be seen as a fortuitous meeting of products or an alignment of firearms-related stars, we have what just might be the perfect combination: Drone Munition and flying drones to […]

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RIA: Thompson T2 Submachine Gun Prototype [Forgotten Weapons]

The T2 submachine gun was Auto-Ordnance’s entry into the ongoing competition to replace the classic Thompson submachine gun with something more economical to produce. It was a closed-bolt, select-fire design using a progressive trigger and a tubular receiver, along with stand Thompson gun magazines. Examples were made in both 9mm and .45 ACP, but it was the .45 version that the US military tested. Ultimately is was rejected in favor of the Inland/Hyde M2 submachine gun (which looks rather similar to it) – which was in turn quickly replaced by the much simpler M3 “Grease Gun” that would truly replace the Thompson in US military hands.


A Practical Solution for Shooting Around Corners at Last? [The Firearm Blog]

tGvL8wHFor as long as people have been fighting one another, it’s been self-evident that he who can avoid getting hit has the best chance of coming out of the fight alive, if not victorious. Warfare has come a long way from hunter-gatherers dodging atlatl-thrown spears, but this ironclad rule of combat remains. Body armor and […]

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Tacticool Tuesday - The Redimag/BAD Lever Combo [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Having spent most of my adult life with the M16/M4 family of weapons, the platform just comes natural to me when I pick one up.  The ease of shooting, ergonomics, and modularity make it an easy weapon to shoot.  Since the Global War on Terror kicked off and defense spending went through the roof, firearms manufacturers have been cranking out the latest widgets and gizmos at a dizzying rate. Some work. Some are quite silly.

Pretty Ninja, huh?

Mostly due to the flood of useless crap, the pendulum has swung the other way and the rifle purists are becoming happy once again.  While we may never get back to just iron sites, I am seeing more unrailed weapons than before.  I am completely ambivalent to keymod, picatinney, or plain jane.  To each their own.  But even the rifle purists understand that there are utilities in at least some of the toys available today.  In my very humble opinion, every weapon needs a light and I am certainly not alone.  Talk to a cop or Marine that has had to clear a room in the dark without night vision and you can quickly see the advantage.  Especially for your home weapon, lights prevent angels, as the saying goes.  Other than lights, installing a quality trigger on your M4gery is the single best thing you can do to aide accuracy.

What I would like to talk about in this post is the use of the Redimag in conjunction with Magpul's BAD lever to get your weapon back in the fight after you have expended a magazine or need to clear a malfunction.  What this will do for you is get your weapon back into the fight quicker than you could otherwise by utilizing economy of movement by eliminating unnecessary sweeping motions from your hands to your gear to bring your weapon back into the fight.

Okay, great but what does that mean?  The best way to illustrate this is visually.  Please see the videos below:

What it looks like:

How it works (pretty much) with your gear:

It should be noted that neither of these videos do the platform justice, but I think you get the gist. Not to say that the guys that made the videos did a bad job, it is just difficult to explain how these things work if you are not familiar with it.  Also, your gear may be different than the other guys.  Mine sure is. Just understand that the entire idea is to prevent you from wasting valuable time in motion grabbing that things when you can have everything right there.

The Redimag is a bolted on accessory that attaches around the mag well that enables you to hold another mag on the weapon without the use of a mag coupler.  The Gen 1 version of the Redimag (no longer in production) dropped both the mag in the mag well and the mag in the redimag simultaneously.  The new version makes you first drop one mag and then drop the other.  This is not terrible as in a real world, not getting infinite supplies from Uncle Sugar, you will want to hold on to those mags for future reference.  One more thing of note for the determined Tacticool Geardo, the Redimag can hold a Surefire 60 with a regular aluminum or plastic mag sitting in the mag well (and of course vice versa).  Potentially 90 rounds on your rifle may seem heavy and overkill.  Normally it is.  But you may not be doing normal things all the time.  Exactly the reason you have the weapon in the first place, right?

The BAD lever is covered in many articles from many different companies.  At around the price for a large pizza, it is a pretty good deal to eliminate movement of your non-firing hand touching the paddle for the mag release.  You simply sweep your finger up, tap the release and you are ready to rock.

Easy peezy, right?  Utilizing the technology available to get you back in a fight, or to determine good guy from bad guy quickly, or aide you in putting rounds where they should go should not be taboo.  Adding stuff to the rifle will cause it to get heavier but it is not the end of the world.  Making a rifle that is 6 to 7 pounds heavy when loaded into a 7 to 8 pound weapon but gaining those abilities mentioned above is a pretty good trade off.  I will close this out with this final very important tip that neither of these things will work if you do not train with them.  Especially for the guys that have had one for years, there is a learning curve you will have to overcome in order to actually make this system work faster.  Practice, practice, practice. And when you are done practicing, repeat it again.

Check it out.  Give it a chance.  If you have another whiz bang, holy smokes gotta have it widget, let me know in the comments.  Just do me a solid and no "AK or _____ is better than the crappy mutilated M16 I fired for familiarization in Airforce boot camp"posts.  I get it, and you are absolutely right.  Now lets move on.


Review: SilencerCo Salvo 12 Shotgun Suppressor [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_2414While suppressed shotguns have been around for quite a while, the first ideas coming quickly after Maxim’s patents, making a commercially successful one has been the trick that no one had yet mastered, until SilencerCo applied their brain housing groups to the idea. The challenge with a shotgun suppressor is the huge variety of loads […]

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Newest National Review piece: "On Guns, Clinton Runs Both Left and Right, Depending on Her Audience" [John Lott's Website]

Hillary on Australia's gun laws 2
CPRC's John Lott has a new piece at National Review on Hillary Clinton's views on gun control.
What does Hillary Clinton really believe on guns? This year, she is running to the left of Bernie Sanders. In 2008, she ran well to the right of Obama, arguing against any kind of federal “blanket rules.” 
On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton gave an address at Philadelphia’s St. Paul’s Baptist Church. With a nod to Pennsylvania’s high rate of gun ownership, she declared: “There is a Second Amendment, there are constitutional rights. We aren’t interested in taking away guns of lawful, responsible gun owners.” 
But in New York City in the fall, she told donors: “The Supreme Court is wrong on the Second Amendment, and I am going to make that case every chance that I get.” In Maryland last Thursday, Chelsea Clinton reiterated that point, promising that her mom would appoint to the Supreme Court justices who would overturn past decisions that struck down local and state gun-control measures. Given that the only laws that the Supreme Court has objected to are complete gun bans or laws that made it a crime to chamber a bullet, one wonders what “constitutional rights” Clinton was talking about preserving in Philadelphia. 
Clinton has shown this split personality on guns at other points in the campaign. In the month leading up to the New Hampshire primary, gun control was the focus of a quarter of her campaign ads there. By contrast, she ran not a single gun-control ad in rural areas of Iowa. In Iowa as a whole, only 6 percent of her ads discussed guns in any way. 
When asked last October about gun laws in the U.K. and Australia, Clinton responded by extolling their virtues. She spoke highly of the U.K.’s handgun ban and of Australia’s confiscation of a third of legally owned guns. She failed to note that the U.K.’s homicide rate soared by 50 percent in the eight years after the handgun ban took full effect in 1997. The rate later fell, but only after an 18 percent increase in the number of police. . . .
The rest of the piece is available here.


Dead Air Announces Comblock “Kalashnikov Optimized” Suppressor [The Firearm Blog]

dead_air_ak_can_featured-670x446With a rather coy announcement and single photo teaser-only, Dead Air Armament has announced the upcoming release of a suppressor designed for ComBlock weapons. Designed to look the part, the new can is purported to feature modern baffle design in a communist-design inspired housing. The housing is based on the PBS-01 (Pribor Beschumnoy Strelby for […]

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US Army Training Film – M14 (TF9-2970) [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureI love these old Army training videos. Started pre World-War II, used in earnest during the war and perfected post-war, these videos are a fantastic look into the implementation and usage of weapons at the time. The sing-song voice, matter-of-fact explanations, and animated drawings all combined to what I might actually call “entertainment training.” In […]

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Savage Expands Lines with 6.5 Creedmoor [The Firearm Blog]

Savage Axis XP IISavage Arms expanded its bolt action rifle lines with the addition of the 6.5 Creedmoor. A number of new rifles are now available in this caliber. 16 Lightweight Hunter This rifle uses a synthetic black stock and has a 20″ stainless steel barrel. It has a detachable, four round box magazine. Without a scope it weighs […]

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New Winchester Powder [The Firearm Blog]

Winchester 572Hodgdon Powder Company announced the release of Winchester 572: a new powder for the loading public. The new 572 began showing up on retailer websites recently, and the company made a formal announcement last week about it. While a lot of details are not yet available on 572, the company states the new loading powder […]

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From David Codrea - A visit with Mike Vanderboegh, my friend [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

If you have not seen the latest update from David Codrea relating to his short trip, I would invite you to do so.  Death is a homecoming, but he has summed up the sentiment of saying goodbye to the Old Man in a way that I could not.

What an incredible life he must have lived to know such a friend as David.  If we all had just one like him, this world would be a very different place.

Monday, 25 April


Wild Turkey Leg Gumbo [AllOutdoor.com]

Too many hunters only eat the breast meat of wild turkeys. But the legs are excellent for making gumbo. I use the recipe of Delores Markris, who makes the best gumbo this side of the Louisiana Delta. Here ’tis with some short cuts I use.

4 cups of chopped onions
2 cup of chopped green onions-approx 1 bunch.
2 cup of chopped bell pepper
2 cup of fresh finely chopped parsley
1 cup of chopped celery
2 tablespoons of chopped garlic-fresh
2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
Salt and pepper to taste
Louisiana hot sauce to taste
2 tablespoon of Old Bay Seasoning
1 can of diced tomatoes
Gumbo file to taste
2 cup of Okra
2 gallon of chicken stock or water

With the oil and flour make a roux in an iron skillet, and when it’s ready, add chicken stock a little at a time until all is added. Then let it simmer for about 10-15 minutes.

Wild Turkey Gumbo, start

Meantime start adding tomatoes and seasonings to a stock pot. After the vegetables have simmered in the roux add the stock and let this cook for ½ hour then add the turkey meat. After all is added let simmer for 15 minutes and then shut heat off.
Here are my additions for turkey gumbo.

I cook two pair (4) of turkey legs (freeze until you have enough). Stew them for most of a day, then put in a refrigerator. The next day when cool, stir around, and by hand, take out all bones, cut very tender leg meat into 1-inch or less chunks.

Stewing takes a good while to do right — 4-6 hours on medium low heat in a big pot (mine holds 5 gallons), with lid on. To the stew pot water I add several big cloves of garlic, half a sweet onion, several bay leaves, and some big sprigs of fresh thyme, Rosemary, basil, and kosher salt. Cover, cook, remove vegetables and discard old veggies from the cooked stock broth, but keep the seasoned broth. You’ll add more veggies later.

I also add about 1-pound of good smoked Conecuh sausage sliced very thin to add some spice and flavor. I use a lot of frozen sliced okra, about 2-3 lbs., and a couple pounds of frozen mixed gumbo vegetables. Fresh would be better, but I’m lazy.

Wild Turkey Gumbo, finish

I make a pot of turkey gumbo that feeds about 25 folks, then freeze it in zip lock bags to feed 2 people at a time. Make white rice, laddle in individual bowls, pour hot gumbo over the rice. Serve with good, fresh crusty multi-grain bread.

This superb gumbo recipe can be used for everything from squirrels, rabbit, pheasant legs, and ducks, to fish, shrimp, doves, almost anything. I use Tony Chachere’s instant Roux, which I get via Amazon as local groceries don’t carry it.

As they say in Dixie…this gumbo is so good, it’ll “make you slap your momma!”….that is a thing of endearment, really.


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Simple Tips To Get Kids Involved In Fishing [AllOutdoor.com]

To get kids passionately involved with fishing two things stand out as vitally important: 1) In the early years, keep the fishing simple, short term and full of fun; 2) Never let your own fishing desires get in the way of the children enjoying the outing to their fullest.


When you take young children fishing they should receive full and undivided attention from you. Nothing else should get in the way of the two of you enjoying the outdoors.

What really matters is that fishing lights a fire in the outdoor furnace of the little person’s soul who accompanies you astream or afloat. Start that fire correctly, and everything falls into place with time.

Chris, Eric, Rodman Bass 001

Not long ago a fishing friend was at my house when my kids came running in asking if they could get in the family boat and “play fishing.” I agreed, and they all went running into the backyard, rods and reels and tackle boxes in hands, climbed aboard the boat, and started casting practice plugs across the drive.

1“That’s great!” my pal enthused as he watched the gaggle of youngsters walking around the boat, mimicking playing and landing fish. “Wish my kids did that sort of thing. All they do is sit in front of the TV and play video games.”

Such things don’t happen by accident.


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What Millenials Want from Shooting Ranges [AllOutdoor.com]

Personal attack crimes are up. Home invasion crimes are up. Weekend shootings are on the rise, i.e. see Chicago. Drive by shootings rival road rage across the country. Terrorist activity is on the apparent increase. More “postal” attacks are occurring. Carjacking continues to pop crime stats. Small non-descript retail shop armed robberies top bank robberies. Trends are trends.

Accordingly gun sales are up, way up. The gun companies can’t make handguns fast enough to keep up with the demand. Many of the most popular models of pistols and revolvers are on long delayed back orders. Their profits soar, too.

Every time an executive order is signed, the BATF is inundated with new background checks. This federal agency is so far behind, they have suspended confirming rejected background checks. They are short on personnel to conduct the checks, and their computer system is bogged down.

People are scared for their personal and family safety. But in greater numbers than ever, they are not just sitting around huddled in the corner. They are doing something about being prepared to protect themselves. They realize that law enforcement cannot always be responsive enough to “serve and protect.” So, they are taking action.

Concealed weapons permit applications are on the rise, too. Along with this comes the training and shooting courses to parallel the attainment of enhanced permits in many states. People want to learn how to buy themselves the right personal protection firearm and more importantly how to handle it, shoot it, and maintain it. Some shooting ranges and training courses have waiting lists.

But these new gun users and shooters are demanding at the same time. They have specific wants and needs to be fulfilled by a shooting range or a personal protection shooting course before they lay down the cash or credit card to sign up. The demographics are changing, too, so ranges have to adapt. More women and younger people are wanting to learn to shoot. People in the business of selling guns, and training new shooters had better realize this.

A recent survey of new shooters indicated that they want numerous services from shooting ranges. These include such things as free safety gear, staff visibility, personal instruction, mandatory safety instruction, shooting lanes for first timers, noise reduction measures, rental or loaner firearms, ammo and accessories sold on site as well as food and beverages.

This world is bringing a whole new type of shooter interest to the ranges. They had better be ready to handle their expectations.

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Wildcat Crappie Fishing [AllOutdoor.com]

As with many things in this world, new ideas, techniques, products and such are created as much by accident as anything else. It seems a local crappie angler here in Mississippi might be onto something. Since I was never able to track this guy down, I won’t try to mention his name, but will just report the crappie fishing technique I read about in a local story.

Using a sort of modified spider rig set up with multiple fishing rods out the back of his crappie fishing boat on both sides of the engine, he discovered that when making a turn in the lake, the outer rods started catching fish. It all happened at once. He thought it rather odd, so he tried making some turns on purpose. Same thing. The outer rods started catching fish with as many as three rods bouncing at once.

Working the technique the fisherman ended up calling it the “wildcat” like a move in football. The strategy calls for making a series of “S” turn zig-zags to make the rods go up and down during the turns. This action draws the attention of the fish when the bait falls down like a dying shad, for example. This causes the fish to start biting the bait.

If you think about it, it really makes common sense. It is sort of like jigging the rods up and down by hand, which is a common crappie fishing mode, but in this manner by turning the boat with several rods out, the outer rods on that turn all ‘jig” at the same time.

Rods set for such a tactic have to be configured in advance. Using at least three different lengths of rods helps, too. So have several rods in 8-10-12 foot lengths for extending off the rear end of the boat, some on each side of the motor. Keep each set of rods appropriately separated so they don’t get tangled.

Then if you have help to work the set-up, put some longer rods on each side of the boat. This will take rods in the 14 to 18 foot lengths. Again, I have worked spider rigs for crappie fishing and if the fishing is hot, you are going to get worn slap out trying to work every rod with a fish on, taking it off, getting it on ice, then rebaiting and setting it out again. Try out the wildcat turning method to see if it works for you.

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Keystone Arms 722 [AllOutdoor.com]

Quality rimfire rifles used to be heirlooms that would last multiple generations. Once, I got to shoot an 1890s slide action Winchester that was tight, accurate and reliable despite over a century of service. Of course, lower grade designs existed, but even the budget single-shot 22s of the 1930s were solid enough to survive in considerable numbers. Not all currently produced 22s can hope to last that long.

Keystone Arms (known up to now for it’s Crickett line of kids’ carbines) model 722 makes an excellent claim to longevity and relevance.


Made in three variants, the simple $262 Sporter, the more refined $315 Classic (shown here) and the $340 heavy barrel Varmint, it’s an original design made extremely well. The bolt has a locking lug opposite of the handle, which acts as a second lug. Symmetrical design operates with only 50 degree throw, easily clearing even the largest scopes.


The safety is a lever (forward for fire, back for safe). It clicks very positively, but the angle of throw is fairly small, so it’s sometimes hard to tell at a glance it it’s on. On the left of the receiver is the spring-loaded bolt retainer.


The bolt handle is extremely comfortable, and the 1.5″ cycle makes for very quick loading. The action is smooth and easy. The short length of the action permits a 20″ barrel in a very light and compact gun. 13.25″ length of pull makes it feel even smaller.


All variants of Model 722 come with a crisp 2-pound trigger with overtravel adjustment. For me, no changes were necessary — the stock trigger was perfect. Even the trigger guard is a machined part.


You won’t find a magazine catch on this gun. The magazine is retained on both sides by symmetric leaf springs. The magazine locks in solidly until the shooter pulls down on the magazine with moderate effort. The system works reliably and shows no signs of wear with repeated use.


The magazine itself is genius. Thick stainless steel lips are smooth to the touch, and all seven rounds can be loaded quickly and effortlessly. It’s the easiest, most pleasant rimfire magazine I’ve encountered, bar none. Since all external edges are smoothly radiused, a handful of these mags can be carried in a pocket with no worry of them scratching each other. The protrusion below the action is minimal.

The magazines cost around $22each: while I have several, I found myself just reloading one in the field because the process was so quick and effortless.


In theory, the raised cheekrest makes this carbine right hand only. In reality, it is fairly comfortable for left-handed shooters as well. That’s true of the Classic and the Sporter models, but the thumbhole stock of the Varmint is definitely specific to right-hand only. I will post a detailed review of the Varmint in the near future.


722 comes standard with Williams Firesights, post and semi-buckhorn. The rear is adjustable for windage and elevation. Picking up the front is very easy in any kind of light.


The rifle is lightweight at 4.6lbs and feels even lighter thanks to the good balance. The Crickett legacy may be showing here. It’s one of the easiest 22s I’ve tried to hold steady on target.


The proof of usefulness is in the firing, so off to the range I went. I tested it with Aguila match standard velocity and subsonic ammunition, typically very accurate loads. While the firing went very smoothly, I found myself unable to get groups below 2 inches at 25 yards. The rifle seemed controllable enough, but the bright fiber optic pipe on the front sight obscured at least 2 3/4″ of the bullseye, making precise alignment difficult. After trying several kinds of ammunition, I gave up.

The standard sights are perfectly suited for rapidly shooting targets larger than 11MOA, such as pop cans at 25 yards, or ground hogs at 50, but they aren’t good for accuracy testing.


Fortunately, the rifle came with a Picatinny scope rail, and the top of the receiver already drilled and tapped. Unfortunately, the 1″ scope with parallax adjustments in low rings had too big of a front objective and conflicted with the rear sight. I didn’t want to pull the Primary Arms 6x rimfire BDC scope off the ISSC SPA and lose my zero, and so made use of what I had. The rifle was tested the second time with Trijicon 1-4x Accupoint on medium rings and newly arrived CCI Green Tag ammunition, another accuracy standard. My own testing, like the first time, was done prone off a bag. My friends got to plink with the rifle afterward.


The results were much more encouraging: at 50 yards, with me prone and the rifle over a knapsack, 7-shot groups were all around one inch. That is far from the best performance 722 can turn out, as the centerfire scope has obvious parallax at 50m, and the large triangle reticle was never designed for precision shooting. I have a 6x rimfire scope on order, and will do much more formal testing with numerous ammunition types.

I just wanted to share the newfound favorite plinker without waiting for the next range trip. Other than the quick but imprecise iron sights, it’s a strong competitor to CZ455. If optics are used, it gives up nothing at all to the competition. And the issue with the rear sight can be solved two ways: either the sight is drifted out or the Varmint version is used: its heavy barrel with no irons would accommodate even the largest optic. Overall, the rifle is just fun to use. It’s operation is so transparent, that it feels like a natural extension of the marksman.

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BREAKING: Is Kriss Going Bankrupt? [The Firearm Blog]

DSC_0291Manufacturer of the Vector submachine gun, and parent company to Sphinx System AG, makers of high-end CZ 75 handgun derivative, may be in financial trouble. At the end of 2015, Sphinx System AG was declared bankrupt; now its parent company may be in danger as well due to court-ordered restructuring. From DWJ.de: After the Sphinx […]

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Reminder: Minnesota Senate Scheduled to Hear Two Bills Tomorrow! [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, April 26, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing for Senate File 2493 and Senate File 2980 at 8:30am in Room 1200 of the Minnesota Senate Building.  The committee will be taking public testimony on these bills.


Rhode Island: Wave of Gun Legislation Rolls Into the Ocean State [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, April 26, the Senate Judiciary Committee will meet to consider a full agenda including over a dozen gun bills.


Easter Uprising - 100 Years Ago [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Just like most fledgling uprisings, the line between success and failure rides on the razors edge.  History is filled with examples of ill-advised, Pyrrhic, and prematurely executed attempts to gain freedom.  The Easter Uprising on April 24, 1916 was of no exception. 

The Military Council of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, which consisted of Eoin Macneill, Chief of Staff of the Irish Volunteers, Patrick Pearce, James Connoly, Sean MacDermott, Bulmer Hobson, Patrick McCartan, and John MacBride decided that it would be prudent to call off the uprising and develop a better plan. During the planning meeting, MacNeill had initially voiced concerns that it would not be the best time due to an arms shipment from Germany abourd the Auld had been seized and would not be arriving. Pearse and MacDermott eventually agreed at the meeting that the fighting would be postponed until the time was right. The Military Council was not unanimous in consent to hold off on the Uprising. Tom Clarke gave the most passionate disapproval for the measure insisting that it go on as planed so the movement for Irish Independence would not lose the momentum while the English Military was busy fighting World War 1.   

On Sunday, April 23rd, 1916, MacNeill, had an article published in the newspaper the Sunday Independent that gave orders to members of the Irish Volunteers, Citizens Army and the 200 strong female Cumann na mBan to cancel the uprising.

No uprisings were planned on a whim. Even Hitler’s Munich putsch was planned a year prior. Other than the Military Council, most of which would not survive the Uprising, several perennial figures surround the event.  Countess Markievicz, oldest daughter to an English baron and Arctic explorer, was a leader in the socialist Irish Citizen Army and close associate of James Connolly.  On January 19, 1916, Connolly disappeared for three days and would eventually show back up at the Countess’ house with the plan to go on ahead with the Easter Rebellion despite what certain more cautious council members would say.  He has enlisted Pearse to calm any fears that MacNeill would have prior to the event.  Prior to the seizure of the German weapons shipment, the council had planned to have MacNeill unknowingly recruit and mobilize for the uprising. As the plan for MacNeill shifted, Pearse leaked fake documents to the council allegedly coming from the Dublin Castle, the British seat of power in Dublin, which gave word that the weapons of the Irish Brotherhood were to be seized. This was to bring a sense of urgency to MacNeill but he instead, of course, advised more caution. In addition to the subterfuge with MacNeill, Connolly and his associates went so far as to kidnap fellow councilman Bulmer Hobson, so as to prevent him from compounding any opposition prior to the uprising.

Even though Connolly, Pearse, Clarke and even MacNeill’s subordinates knew that they would more than likely be leading a failed coup. A failure which would assure their deaths; they were prepared and welcomed becoming martyrs.  They had put all of their chips on the fact that the British would completely over-react and in so doing shift more public opinion to home rule and independence. They, of course, would succeed.  Everyone, save a couple on the council, would eventually get their chance at martyrdom after the Easter Uprising.

On Sunday, Captain George Oliver Plunkett, commander of the Kimmage Garrison, had been convalescing in a hospital outside of Dublin but discharged himself.  The following day, Monday, April 24th, Captain Plunkett marched his Soldiers to the train station and used his revolver to flag down a trolley.  He paid for all of his 52 passengers, and then demanded that they be taken to the city center. The first order of business would be to commandeer Dublin’s General Post Office (GPO), a place that would be the headquarters for the rebellion for the remainder of the week. 

The instructions to abort the rebellion had significantly reduced the numbers for the first day.  Plunkett arranged his coterie in sections of four, as was the standing order for the Irish Brotherhood, and marched them to the GPO.  British Army Garrison Soldiers that were off duty lingered outside and were amused that the Irish were playing at being Soldier.  Plunkett who had to be assisted off his horse ordered his men charge the GPO and clear everyone out. 

The British Soldiers stationed inside had been completely taken by surprise and did not even have ammunition loaded in their rifles.  After a few shots at the ceiling and a few bruised egos from the incredulous patrons, the GPO was cleared. Pluckett’s Soldiers immediately took to fortify the building and place snipers on the roof.  By this time Pluckett had begun to succumb to his illness and was visibly worn out from the exertion. Pearse and Connolly walked out of the GPO together, and Pearse read the following proclamation to a small audience of curious onlookers whose loyalties to the event were decidedly mixed:

In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom.
Having organised and trained her manhood through her secret revolutionary organisation, the Irish Republican Brotherhood, and through her open military organisations, the Irish Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army, having patiently perfected her discipline, having resolutely waited for the right moment to reveal itself, she now seizes that moment, and supported by her exiled children in America and by gallant allies in Europe, but relying in the first on her own strength, she strikes in full confidence of victory.
We declare the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies, to be sovereign and indefeasible. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished the right, nor can it ever be extinguished except by the destruction of the Irish people. In every generation the Irish people have asserted their right to national freedom and sovereignty; six times during the past three hundred years they have asserted it in arms. Standing on that fundamental right and again asserting it in arms in the face of the world, we hereby proclaim the Irish Republic as a Sovereign Independent State, and we pledge our lives and the lives of our comrades in arms to the cause of its freedom, of its welfare, and of its exaltation among the nations.
The Irish Republic is entitled to, and hereby claims, the allegiance of every Irishman and Irishwoman. The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally, and oblivious of the differences carefully fostered by an alien Government, which have divided a minority from the majority in the past.
Until our arms have brought the opportune moment for the establishment of a permanent National Government, representative of the whole people of Ireland and elected by the suffrages of all her men and women, the Provisional Government, hereby constituted, will administer the civil and military affairs of the Republic in trust for the people.
We place the cause of the Irish Republic under the protection of the Most High God, Whose blessing we invoke upon our arms, and we pray that no one who serves that cause will dishonour it by cowardice, inhumanity, or rapine. In this supreme hour the Irish nation must, by its valour and discipline, and by the readiness of its children to sacrifice themselves for the common good, prove itself worthy of the august destiny to which it is called”

Not knowing the full scope of the uprising, the British Lancers on horseback had been initially dispatched to clear out the GPO.  A call from the Irish leaders to not fire, (presumably to maintain the moral high ground), was ignored.  As the Lancers began to get closer to the building, volleys of fire from Enfield’s quickly cut down the Soldiers and their mounts and they retreated.  A newsboy would collect the rifles and ammunition the Lancers left behind and ave them to the Irish occupiers. 
Word quickly spread throughout the city and armed bands of British Soldiers and Irish Constabulary would bump into the “Volunteers”, (a title they used for the collective rebellion forces), and engage each other in small ambushes.  To complicate matters, the Dublin slums emptied for opportunistic looting and the city quickly spiraled out of control. 
The GPO would withstand repeated assaults, largely due to the defense network and the open fields of fire. With the exception of City Hall and a few other minor road junctions and buildings, the Irish would be unable to capture any other key locations of British government and dislodge the British Garrison from the city.  During a night operation, the British entered the City Hall through a back window and retook the building in a stealthy and daring raid.  All occupants were killed or captured.
Fighting during the Uprising is largely characterized by rooftop sniping and long range gun battles as neither side was prepared for a direct urban engagement.  The British, however, were able to use machine guns and grenades to great effect against the Irish.  The fighting on Tuesday would be constant and brutal.  Many of the Volunteers had fled the city and it was left with the determined few to hold onto key road or buildings.  In Stephens Green, the Irish had dug hasty trenches and prepared to hold the ground.  Of note the Countess had been present at the Green to assist in digging trenches and fighting.  Instead of an outright battle to clear the area, the British placed machine guns at the top of a nearby hotel to the north that overlooked the green.  The British were able to kill five and send the remainder fleeing to the nearby College of Surgeons.  Despite the setbacks, the Irish were unbowed and sent out a telegraph to the world proclaiming that they had held the city and today would be the birth of the Irish republic.
The River Liffey, as it is called, intersects Dublin, and it was through here on Wednesday, April 26, a British fishing protection vessel named “Helga” floated into Dublin and opened fire with two large 18 pound cannons on the Custom House and Trinity College.  The destruction of the certain parts of the city by the bombardment would be considerable and would deny the Irish more key terrain. 

2000 fresh faced and brand new British Soldiers landed in Dublin with orders to clear the streets.  Their effects, however, were quickly halted when they were ambushed and began taking considerable casualties from coordinated fire from two different building. Eventually the British would have to clear the buildings with a series of grenade attacks.  Word eventually spread to the Volunteers of the considerable casualties they were inflicting upon the British, but it was obvious that they were not gaining any new ground that their supplies were quickly being depleted.
Fighting on Thursday would be even more desperate.  By the end of the day many of the Volunteers that still chose to fight had either expended their ammunition and died in place or surrendered.  Connolly was wounded in the ankle and was able to make it to the GPO for medical care by a captured British Army surgeon.  Many parts of Dublin were burning or had been destroyed by artillery.  The last fighting between the British and the Volunteers would be in house to house clearing.  The Irish would knock down walls to enable them to move effectively from house to house.
By 3 P.M. Pearse had surrendered to the British military authority, General Howe.  Connolly had to be removed from the GPO by stretcher and would follow Pearse to sign the surrender order.  Plunkett led his Soldiers out of the GPO and surrendered en masse.  Fighting would go on sporadically with 1st Battalion’s Ned Daly refusing to lay down arms.  The Uprising, however, had been crushed and by Sunday the city was rebuilding.  Civilian casualties would be horrific.  An estimated 250 were killed and over 2000 had been wounded.
The Countess would eventually be captured and was given a death sentence for her part in the Easter Uprising.  She would eventually have that sentence commuted, and would take an active part in the Irish Civil War and Irish politics. Eamon De Valera would also be spared death, largely due to the fact that he was part American, (his father was actually of Cuban decent).  James Connolly was famously executed while sitting in a chair (due to his leg wound).  Thomas Clarke, Sean MacDermott, and John MacBride were also executed that May.

Lesson 1: Trust your friends, but verify.
Never turn your back on crazy.  MacNeill had been an unwitting pawn, but by issuing the stand down order on Sunday, he stymied the efforts to truly bring about a decisive victory on the first day of the Uprising. Had the Irish been able to use the momentum of the victory at the GPO to take more buildings unawares, they could have isolated Dublin Castle until reinforcements arrived.  Potentially, they could have captured more of the Garrison and used that as a bargaining chip.  As it went, they had too few Soldiers and too few weapons to ensure victory. 
Also, if your friends are quite serious about martyring themselves, you should believe them.  If you are not into the murder-suicide thing that characterizes martyrdom for political beliefs, it is probably best to choose different friends.  Citizen Soldiers generally do not have any qualms about laying down their life for something greater, like freedom from a tyrannical foreign government.  What they would strongly disagree to is dying for the sake of a body count. 

Lesson 2: Know the capabilities of your enemies and know your own.
The British employed superior firepower from machine guns, grenades, a gunboat and a armored cars to break the lines of the Volunteers.  While the Military Council was quite aware of how foolish the coup would be, the average Volunteer could not have known, at least initially, how desperate their fight would be. Numbers of actual fighters for the Uprising have the Volunteers outmatched by four to one.  Additionally, most of the Irish Volunteers would not participate in the hard fighting at the end of the week,

Lesson 3: Sometimes you have to go through the rain to get to the rainbow.
After the Military Council was destroyed, Puckett’s Aide de Camp, Michael Collins, would pick up where they left off and would cause the British immeasurable grief to great effect and without the martyrdom.  Not martyrdom by the British, at least.  He could not have had the opportunity to do so without the council destroying itself and creating a power vacuum.

Lesson 4.  Always have a Plan B.

By Thursday, the Military Council discovered that they were surrounded and that the same barricades that helped to defend their positions were the same positions that helped to tighten the noose around them and cut them off.  The ability of the British to envelope their positions could largely be from the fact that they had 16,000 Soldiers and 1,000 local police to work with whereas the Irish had on 1200 determined fighters.  Had they abandoned their positions by Wednesday, the Council would have remained largely intact and it would not have been so costly in civilian deaths.  Hindsight being what it is, the fact remains that they did not allow for a Plan B, or a way out.  I would consider that pretty important.


Seraphim Armoury’s Nomad Pistol: 12 Gauge Short Barrel Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

Nomad_pistol_2Coming soon to a Canadian wasteland near you, Seraphim Armoury has started importing their Nomad pistol to Canada. With some clear Mad Max inspiration (or Desperado if you prefer) the side-by-side shotgun features a bird’s head grip, tang safety, a red fiber optic front sight, and a single trigger. The Nomad is made in Turkey […]

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Photo Comparison: 3 Types of Tavor BUIS [The Firearm Blog]

Banner_tavor_ironsBetween the IWI US powerhouse bringing bullpups back to America, and the IDF upgrading their standard issue infantry rifle, the Tavor platform has gone through a number of iterations. Here we’re going to take a closer look at 3 variants, and the factory sighting systems they come with. We’ll start with the original: the IDF […]

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NRA Mobilizes Members to Protect MN Gun Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action is asking members and supporters in Minnesota to attend a critical hearing tomorrow in the state Senate Judiciary Committee. The committee will take public testimony on Senate File 2493, a bill that would criminalize common place practices of law-abiding gun owners, and Senate File 2980, a bill that could leave victims of domestic violence unable to defend themselves. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing these bills in Minnesota as part of the Obama-Bloomberg gun control agenda.


Georgia: Signature Deadline Looms, Urge Governor Deal to Sign Campus Carry Legislation! [NRA-ILA News]

Your NRA-ILA is working diligently in Georgia to protect the Second Amendment rights and right to self-defense of law-abiding gun owners.  Next week, important pro-self-defense legislation has a deadline for consideration by Governor Nathan Deal.


Alpha Dog Railed Silencer [The Firearm Blog]

13043614_10208215707006858_7835233272461380159_nI came across this interesting suppressor in a post about the Stone Mountain Machine Gun Shoot. Alpha Dog Silencers will be there and having a raffle. I was more intrigued by their design. They have added a picatinny rail onto their silencer. Now we have seen useless rails on accessories but this might not be […]

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A message from Mike. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I collected a number of Freedom Fighter grade magazines for distribution in armed civil disobedience actions in New York and Connecticut. I would like to see if there are any volunteers to publicly distribute these in defiance of those laws, but there is little likelihood that I can participate myself. I'm simply running out of time. As originally envisioned, I have a reporters for a major news organization to cover it and my plan was to use the venue of some county (NY) whose sheriff has publicly declared his opposition to SAFE act enforcement.
CT of course is a bit more problematic, but if necessary, CT's portion can be reassigned to NY. If there are any volunteers who are willing to take the risk, please email me. Thanks.


POTD: Blank Prank [The Firearm Blog]

12993567_1001923253230673_8582800005016173378_nI thought this was rather funny. The guy taking the photo is holding a box of blank 5.56 ammo. She has ZERO idea on why she can’t hit the target!!!   I would do this to my friends. haha. Have you played any safe pranks on friends at the range?

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General intro to the Waco tragedy [Of Arms and the Law]

The events outside Waco unfolded in 1993, at a point when the Clinton Administration was new in office. BATF was facing some pressures -- an initiative to reinvent government by phasing out inefficient agencies was on the table, and the agency looked like a target for that.

What was needed was a big action, one that would bring in lots of favorable publicity and also curry favor with the Clinton White House. There was talk of trying to ban "assault rifles," so those seemed a good target. The agency got wind of a religious group generally called Davidians (they themselves didn't use that term), located in a big building called Mt. Carmel, in a rural area NE of Waco, Texas. The Davidians were headed by a David Koresh, who was said to have a fondness for underage women. BATF also discovered that the Davidians had bought a lot of AR-15s. All were purchased via legal purchases from an FFL. ATF ginned up a search warrant affidavit that claimed (1) a person had heard full auto fire in the vicinity of Mt. Carmel, but Koresh and a few other Davidians who could be checked had never registered full auto firearms and (2) a former Davidian said that they had a .50 cal, but from their description of it it was actually a .55 Boyes rifle, and thus a destructive device.

BATF threw together a SWAT team (some of its members were made members just before the raid) of 80 agents, borrowed three military helicopters, and went off to raid Mt. Carmel, on Feb. 28, 1993.

Koresh had been warned that they were coming, and when they pulled up he ran toward them, asking them to hold on and saying there were women and children inside. A shot rang out (I think it was at the rear of the building, where the helicopters were approaching) and Koresh retreated back inside. A major fire fight erupted, and Koresh was hit twice before he could get thru the door. The Davidians called 911 and eventually worked out a cease-fire: four agents and six (I think) Davidians were killed.

The powers that be decided that FBI and its Hostage Rescue Team would handle the siege of Mt. Carmel. The HRT was well supplied with military vehicles, in particular an M-1 tank, some engineering vehicles, and some Bradley armored personnel carriers. On April 19, 1993, the HRT decided to end the siege: it began firing in tear gas projectiles from the Bradleys, and spraying in massive quantities of "liquid tear gas" (CS dust dissolved in the methylene chloride) from tanks on the engineering vehicles' booms.

After some hours, the armored vehicles began to tear Mt. Carmel down, completely demolishing the "gym" at the rear and smashing into several parts of the front. A fire broke out, and driven by high winds, quickly gutted Mt. Carmel, killing 80+ Davidians, including 24 children.


Armed property owner helps end manhunt, WYFF, Greenville, S.C. 04/23/16 [NRA-ILA News]

Police attempted to stop two men in a truck in Gaston, S.C., but the pair did not comply, instead leading police on a 10-mile high-speed chase. Police eventually disabled the vehicle by flattening its tires with a stop stick. With the vehicle disabled, the driver of the truck fled on foot. The driver eventually trespassed onto private property. The owner of the property, a National Rifle Association member and Right-to-Carry permit holder, spotted the driver, drew a firearm and ordered the trespasser to get on the ground. The driver complied and the property owner held him at gunpoint until police could arrive. Following the incident, Lexington County Sherriff’s Deputies told a local media outlet that the armed citizen helped them make the arrest. The property owner added, “I just knew I wanted to get him in a place that he couldn't run and he couldn't come at me or my wife.”


What To Expect As a New Shooter [The Firearm Blog]

KirstenKirsten Joy Weiss shares some tips for new people who are interested in shooting but have not yet shot a gun. These tips can also apply to experienced shooters who are going to instruct new shooters. Kirsten shows her Grandfather’s .30-06 bolt action rifle and explains the features on the gun. She does a pretty […]

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Fox Business’ John Stossel Tried To Get A New York Gun Permit­–It Turned Out Poorly [NRA-ILA News]

John Stossel is an outspoken and unabashed libertarian. He’s a public figure on a major news network, where some people think his ideas about free markets and liberty should end with him being shot in the face. Hence, why he wants a gun permit for self-protection. The problem is that Mr. Stossel lives in New York, which is a bastion of anti-gun sentiment. He found that out quite explicitly when he tried to acquire a carry permit. First, the application is about 50 pages because the applicant must not only know their name, residence, lack of criminal history, etc.—but also know the definitions of other weapons.


Clinton storms Connecticut with gun-control message [NRA-ILA News]

Still, surveys suggest the majority of Democrats support gun control, some doubt that the issue will be a difference-maker for voters. Only 3 percent of likely Democratic voters in Connecticut listed gun policy as the most import issue when deciding whom to vote for, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. Voters said they were more concerned with the state of the economy and employment.


Australia: NSW MPs firing up gun debate [NRA-ILA News]

The NSW Shooters and Fishers party has used the upcoming 20-year anniversary of the Port Arthur massacre to try and restart the debate about gun laws.


New Hampshire: Senate approves constitutional carry [NRA-ILA News]

Voting along party lines, the Senate Thursday repealed the requirement to obtain a concealed weapons permit, although the governor says she will veto the bill as she did last year.


Oklahoma: Voters could decide to give more protections to gun owners [NRA-ILA News]

Voters could decide whether to put additional protections for gun owners into the Oklahoma Constitution.


Florida: Rape survivor urges support for campus carry bill [NRA-ILA News]

For those of you who may not know me or my story, I am the on-campus rape survivor from Florida State University who supports the campus carry bill.


Mayor Mitch Landrieu, council members unveil ideas for new gun restrictions in New Orleans [NRA-ILA News]

Some of the measures being pushed by Mayor Mitch Landrieu and several members of the City Council already are covered by state law, in some cases with more stringent penalties for the same crime. And the exceptions would appear to be prohibited under a state law that restricts local governments’ ability to pass their own gun laws.


Alabama: Signs banning guns outside secure areas removed from Birmingham airport after AG review [NRA-ILA News]

It's OK to bring firearms to Birmingham's airport as long as it's outside secure areas, according to the Alabama Attorney General's Office.


California: Concealed gun permits soar in Sacramento County [NRA-ILA News]

When Scott Jones became sheriff of Sacramento County in 2010, there were approximately 350 civilians licensed to carry concealed handguns in the county. Today there are nearly 8,000.


SMM3G 2016 Photo Blog [The Firearm Blog]

Earlier this month I was invited to attend (and participated) in a national 3-Gun competition, Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, in the new Stealth Division. Up to then I had only done my local club matches. Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun is in it’s 20th year of competition, and certainly lives up to it’s name. 3-Gun is certainly […]

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Article Correction: Stag Arms [The Firearm Blog]

In an earlier article I wrote that Stag Arms’ new owners White Wolf Capital did not announce the acquisition of Stag Arms until recently. They had, in fact, send out a press release on PR Newswire on Feb 29, the date of the acquisition. My apologies.  

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RIA: Japanese Army Pedersen Copy Trials Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

The Japanese military was interested in finding a new self-loading rifle to adopt in the 1930s. The development project began with a request to retired General Kijiro Nambu who designed a gas-operate,d rotating bolt rifle but could not bring it up to the standards demanded by the military and opted to abandon the project in favor of a new light machine gun (which would become the Type 96 Nambu). Two major commercial firms entered the fray, Nippon Special Steel with a gas-operated and toggle-locked rifle and Tokyo Gas & Electric with a copy of the Czech ZH29 rifle. In 1933 the Army itself decided to jump in as well, developing a delayed blowback Pedersen copy at the Koishikawa Arsenal.

The Army rifle was pretty good, but apparently never overcame extraction problems which would appear when the rifle became hot from sustained fire. When John Pedersen had demonstrated his rifle in Japan, it seems he did not mention the necessity for lubricated ammunition and this trick was not figured out by Koishikawa personnel. The Army liked the mechanical simplicity of the delayed blowback system (which required no gas ports, pistons, tubes, or anything else), and opted to fit the rifles with 10-round rotary magazines.

After the final set of trials in 1937, the whole semiautomatic rifle program was dropped, as the escalating war in China shifted priorities to producing a large number of less expensive and readily available Arisaka bolt actions.


Good News On Ranges In North Carolina [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

To start out your work week, I want to highlight two positive mainstream media stories on new shooting ranges in North Carolina. One of these ranges is even in a high school!

The first story comes down east in Johnston County where Smithfield-Selma High School just installed an air gun range for their NJROTC program. Part of the money to develop this range came from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

The second story comes from Shelby where the Foothills Public Shooting Complex had its grand opening last week. The range was developed as a joint project between Cleveland County and the NC Wildlife Resources Commission.

The range features three 50-yard pistol ranges, two skeet/trap/pistol ranges, a 250-yard rifle range, and a 3-D archery range. The range can handle 60 shooters at one time.

500 people showed up on Tuesday for the grand opening.

Johnny Hutchins, a Cleveland County commissioner who came up with the idea for a shooting range seven years ago, believes it will become an economic driver for the county.

“I’m hoping we can attract a national archery and a national pistol match in the next 12 months,” he said. “We will see start seeing local matches coming up pretty quick.”

All told, 60 people can shoot at once from multiple stands. Safety officers oversee the ranges. The complex has an office and classroom, concession building and restrooms. Cost is $10 a day for adults; $5 for children 17 and under; seniors, veterans and law enforcement officers also pay $5. The public on Wednesday began bringing their own firearms for shooting.

“Man, this is nice,” said Larry Harrington of Claremont in Catawba County, waiting to shoot at the skeet range. Visitors shot for free Tuesday with provided firearms. “It would be a good place for new shooters to learn to shoot.”
Given the range is little more than an hour's drive away, I can see me taking more than a few day trips down there. It is hard to imagine a 250-yard rifle range available where you don't have to be a member of a club to use it.


TrackingPoint Announces Extreme Long Range .338 Lapua Model [The Firearm Blog]

web_0TrackingPoint is certainly trying to make the best of their turnaround. After accepting orders again in September of last year, the company has been on a tear working to expand their product offerings. After adding night-vision capability, the latest announcement is the introduction of the M1400 extreme long-range “precision guided firearm.” Chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum, […]

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Art of the Scene – Omaha Beach in Saving Private Ryan [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureUpon its release, Saving Private Ryan was lauded for its realisitic portrayal of the storming of Omaha Beach by US GI’s in World War II. The scene is used today in the military to show the horrors and psychological impact of pitch warfare and is commonly named the “best” battle scene ever filmed. Creating it […]

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Wilson Combat Rifles in .338 Federal [The Firearm Blog]

Wilson CombatWilson Combat announced new AR style rifles that are chambered for the .338 Federal cartridge. The new rifles are similar to many of the AR rifles that Wilson Combat makes from the quality to the pricing. These guns start with the company’s own in house machined receivers and add a 14.7″ button rifled, match grade […]

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Barrett 240 LW, a close up look [The Firearm Blog]

DSC01766Recently we’ve published the Barrett factory tour, and another article on the M82/M107 series of rifles that the company is well known for. However, this might soon come to be another small arm that if successful, the company will have continued success. That is the Barrett 240 Light Weight, Barretts entry into the general purpose […]

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Selling Pipebombs and Suicide Vests at a Gun Show in Houston [The Firearm Blog]

13094401_947901095278405_6158643272637251182_nA vendor at Texas Machine Gun & Ordnance’s gunshow in Houston had an unfinished pipebomb, claymore-esque explosive device and suicide vest on display at his booth. Only the pipebomb was for sale, at $150 and requiring a BATFE Form 1 to complete. This was all a marketing stunt to drive traffic to his booth. The claymore was a […]

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Sunday, 24 April


Review: Argo Outfitter 8×8 [AllOutdoor.com]

Modern ATVs and UTVs are endlessly useful tools for hunters and other outdoorsmen, but for do-everything and go-anywhere utility they can’t compete with the Argo. I had a chance to spend some time in the Outfitter 8×8 recently, which is the biggest, baddest, most rugged machine the Canadian manufacturer produces.

Argo has been making amphibious off-road machines since 1967 – far longer than any current ATV manufacturer. While the new LX Series is targeted at recreational riders (you can read about that on our sister site, ATV.com), the Outfitter 8×8 has no such illusions. This machine comes ready to work and will take you just about anywhere you want to go.

Go Ahead and Get Wet

The hallmark of any Argo is its ability to float. Not only can you cross shallow streams and plow through mud holes like a normal ATV, but you can ride out into deep water without fear of sinking. Its bulbous tires act as propulsion in the water, though speed is limited to just a few miles per hour. For that reason, we would recommend caution with faster moving water unless you have the optional outboard motor installed. But if you want to cross a small lake to get to your hunting ground or just do a little fishing, the stock Outfitter 8×8 will take you there.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Fishing

You won’t find any ATVs that will allow you to do this.

Outfitter Extras

The Outfitter is built around a tubular steel frame. A robust front brush guard is designed to absorb impacts and protect the front end of the machine, while a removable steel hood rack provides extra carrying capacity. A 4,500-pound WARN winch is found on the front end and comes with a 30-foot tow strap, snatch block, mounting plates and winch guard. Lighting comes courtesy of dual front LED headlights and dual floodlights. The Outfitter also comes standard with a dual bilge pump, should you take on water or heavy rain.

In the rear of the Argo you’ll find an angle-mounted four-gun Sure Grip rack. There is also room for multiple passengers in the back, though Argo suggests only a driver and single passenger for use on water (more on this later). Up front is seating for two with new high-back seats. The driver has a handlebar and a view of a wide array of gauges and switches, while the passenger has a T-shaped grab bar that we think is superior to passenger handholds in the rest of the Argo lineup. Both driver and passenger benefit from heated handgrips.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Rear

You can carry plenty of gear in the back of the Outfitter 8×8, including up to four rifles.

Top speed on the Outfitter 8×8 is 17 mph. It has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds and a load capacity of 1,275 pounds on land and 775 pounds on water.

The Ride

Before you drive an Argo, throw away almost anything you may know about handling an ATV. It requires a bit of effort just to step into the Argo, though a rear dual entry step is helpful. Interestingly, the handlebar is located on the right side, which felt odd to me the entire day.

Steering is the biggest difference on an Argo. The wheels don’t turn right and left when you turn the handlebars. Instead, the wheels on one side slow down, much like a tank. This allows the Outfitter to essentially spin in circle, which is great for turning in tight confines. However, trying to turn at speed takes some getting used to as the response is immediate and occasionally jarring. Truthfully, it’s pretty fun to turn on a dime in such a substantial vehicle, but if you’ve got passengers you’ll need to make sure they’re holding on tight.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Action

As Argos don’t have shock absorbers, the only thing cushioning the ride is the tires. Tire pressure is fairly low, which helps absorb some of the rough ride, but I wouldn’t call the ride smooth if the trail isn’t. The new LX Series can run far lower air pressure in the tires due to its beadlock wheels and that ride is much nicer as a result.

As for water riding, the Outfitter 8×8 happily supports a driver and passenger. Other 8×8 Argos can hold four people in the water, but the Outfitter is more than 400 pounds heavier than any other model, so you are better off with two. I’d recommend one up front and one in the back, as the front end likes to dip a bit in the water.

Not knowing the specific limitations of the Outfitter, I and three other editors took one for a spin and crossed a pond. We were sitting pretty low in the water and when we tried to drive out we hit the shore at a bit of an angle and couldn’t make it. After backing up we started lolling left and right and began to take on water. I think we would have been just fine, but another Argo came by and one of the rear passengers jumped out of our machine and into his. This led to a lot more water coming in and the other two riders made a break for it. I decided to stay tight and waited for somebody to winch me out.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Trouble

Though not my proudest moment, the Outfitter didn’t sink and never stopped running.

Despite most of the front end being submerged and almost the entire machine filled with water, the Outfitter never stopped running or floating. Once the machine was pulled up onto shore, we pulled the drain plug and ran the dual bilge pumps for maybe 20 minutes to get rid of the water. After that, it was good to ride again. I was impressed.

After our water-logged adventure, I had enough confidence in the Outfitter to take it out into the lake and did a little fishing. The Outfitter 8×8 didn’t skip a beat. With just me onboard, the Outfitter gamely climbed out of the Lake and up a steep, wet bank without hesitation.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Climb

Thanks to eight wheels driving the way, the Outfitter has the traction to climb really well.

Having spent a day riding the Outfitter and other Argo models around, I’m convinced they can climb up and over just about anything you’d need them to. And if you do get yourself into a tight spot, the standard winch should be able to get you out.

If you are in the market for a vehicle to go where no other ATV, UTV or truck can, the Argo Outfitter 8×8 is worth looking into. However, this is Argo’s flagship hunting model and it doesn’t come cheap with a price tag of US$34,995.

Fear not if that price moves it out of your comfort zone. Argo has more affordable hunting-specific options in the Huntmaster 8×8 ($27,795), Scout 8×8 ($22,195) and Scout 6×6 ($17,895). Visit ArgoXTV.com for more information.

2016 Argo Outfitter 8x8 Studio

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Colorado: House Committee to Consider Legislation to Repeal Magazine Ban [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, April 25, the House State, Veterans and Military Affairs Committee is scheduled to consider Senate Bill 113 at 1:30 p.m. in Room 271 of the Capitol Building.


Waco week [Of Arms and the Law]

To start things off, here is a BATF report of their activities on February 19, 1993, nine days before the first raid and gun battle.

Background: BATF claimed that the massive raid (80+ agents, three borrowed military helicopters, a large caravan of vehicles) was necessary because David Koresh was a paranoid recluse who never left the Davidians' building and thus could not be arrested peacefully.

To monitor the Davidians, BATF put several agents in what came to be called the "undercover house," across the street from the Davidian residence (albeit "across the street" here means a couple of hundred yards away). This report details what those agents did on February 19.

They went shooting.

With David Koresh.

They had all the guns. Koresh had one unarmed Davidian with him. Then Koresh went home, and the agents went back to planning the raid.


Swiss Arms SG550 and FAMAE SG540 Review [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV we introduce Edward, our Canadian Contingent. For his first video we take a look at an SG540 from Chilean state arms manufacturer FAMAE, and its natural evolution: the SG550 from Swiss Arms. In a short side-by-side shoot, we have the rifles ring steel, trigger smoke grenades with drop targets, and […]

Read More …

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RIA: Extra-Fancy 20-Shot Pinfire Revolver [Forgotten Weapons]

The pinfire cartridge was a popular development in Europe in the mid-1800s that never saw much exposure in the United States. A huge variety of pinfire revolvers were made by a myriad of large and small shops, with Liege Belgium being one of the biggest manufacturing centers.

Guns ranged from tiny folding-trigger 5mm models to massive 12mm weapons, with capacities from 5 to 20 shots. This particular one is both mechanically and visually interesting. It is a twin-barrel example, with a 20-round cylinder using chamber in two concentric rings. The inner ring of ten rounds are fired from the lower barrel and the outer ring of 10 rounds are shot through the top barrel. As one cocks and fires, the gun automatically alternates between the two. It is a clever way to get a large capacity without the cylinder become too ridiculously huge. Visually, of course, this revolver is pretty arresting, with its complete coverage of decorative gold embellishing and fancy case.

Saturday, 23 April


Wasn't Brad Pitt Supposed To Be "Good" On Guns? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

There is a myth going around that Brad Pitt is "good" on guns. He and Angelina Jolie own guns for self-protection.

Pitt tells British magazine Live, “I absolutely don’t believe you can put sanctions or shackles on what is made. Nor do I want to pretend the world is different than what we witnessed that night…

“America is a country founded on guns. It’s in our DNA. It’s very strange but I feel better having a gun. I really do. I don’t feel safe, I don’t feel the house is completely safe, if I don’t have one hidden somewhere. That’s my thinking, right or wrong.
Given this, I was a bit surprised and disgusted when I received an email from the Brady Campaign announcing that Brad Pitt and some guy I've heard of were inviting me to the 2016 Brady Bear Awards Gala to be held in Los Angeles.

Dear (fill in the blank),

Co-Chairs Adam McKay and Brad Pitt invite you to join us in saying #ENOUGH to gun violence. If you are near Los Angeles, join us for the 2016 Los Angeles Brady Bear Awards Gala on May 4th. We will gather with supporters, advocates and celebrities for an inspiring evening honoring co-president of Plan B Productions, Dede Gardner, and philanthropist and technology entrepreneur David Bohnett. Limited tickets and tables are available for purchase today.

If you can’t be with us in person, join all of us in saying #ENOUGH with your special donation or by placing a tribute ad honoring an advocate, community leader, or victim of gun violence in our digital journal that will be displayed at the event.
Ticket prices for this gala start at $500.

Brad Pitt - just another Hollywood hypocrite on guns.


RIA: 1929 Simson Prototype 9mm [Forgotten Weapons]

In the late 1920s, German Ordnance hinted at an interest in replacing the P.08 Luger pistols with a less expensive handgun design. This prompted a number of submissions from hopeful companies, including this design from the Simson company of Suhl. It is chambered for the 9×19 Parabellum cartridge (as requested by Ordnance) but is a simple blowback action.

It features a very modern and slick takedown system, but would be dropped from consideration along with other potential designs when the military opted to focus on carbines and submachine guns instead of spending money on a replacement handgun.

Friday, 22 April


Waco week [Of Arms and the Law]

I attended the Waco memorial this year, first time in years that I haven't had some emergency supervene. I think next week on this blog will be largely devoted to that topic. I found it amazing how forgiving the Davidians are. Example: in front of the rebuilt church is a memorial to the BATF agents killed in the initial assault, and to the dead of Oklahoma City:


New York City: One Law for the Rich, Another for the Average [NRA-ILA News]

Somewhere, Big Tim Sullivan might be laughing. Over 100 years after the enactment of New York City’s handgun licensing law (commonly referred to as the Sullivan Act), the measure is still working as the political boss intended. That is to say, it is ensuring that New Yorkers who are well-connected, either by status or more nefarious channels, are able to arm themselves with handguns, while average residents remain at the mercy of the criminal element.


Hypocrisy on Firearms Enforcement? Congressman Beyer, Heal Thyself! [NRA-ILA News]

On April 11, U.S. Rep. Donald S. Beyer, Jr. (D-VA) rolled out his so-called ATF Enforcement Act, H.R. 4905 in an opinion piece in the Washington Post.  Beyer claimed hypocrisy on the part of NRA and other pro-gun advocates who claim existing laws are not being adequately enforced. “We should call their bluff,” he wrote. Those are big words coming from the author of a bill he claims would “remove obstacles in [ATF’s] path, while also removing provisions in the law that keep ATF from being abolished.” Either Beyer has not read his own legislation, or his version of “protect[ing] communities from violent criminals” includes registering law-abiding gun purchasers in a national database and other practices Congress has long repudiated because they diverted resources away from serious crime control.


Professor: "How can I say I don't want to support students who are gun enthusiasts…" [NRA-ILA News]

More evidence that America’s institutions of higher education have given up any pretense of providing a bastion for the free exchange of ideas came this week in the form of a commentary published in the Chronicle of Higher Education. The piece, authored by an anonymous college professor, explains the author’s reluctance to write a recommendation for a former student after promising to do so. The student’s sin? She exercises her Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.


Hillary Blames Guns, Not Criminals [NRA-ILA News]

Despite a litany of rebukes from news outlets and organizations that normally provide her with a steady stream of fawning coverage, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton refuses to abandon her misleading statements blaming Vermont’s gun laws for New York’s crime problems. Moreover, her continued defense of the deceptive talking point has provided a disturbing glimpse into the depths of her distorted views on firearms.


Rep. Tom Emmer Introduces Firearm Due Process Protection Act [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, Representative Tom Emmer (R-MN) introduced H.R. 4980, the Firearm Due Process Protection Act. This legislation is meant to ensure that eligible firearms purchasers are not arbitrarily denied their right to obtain firearms. The Act would afford those who are denied a firearm purchase by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) an effective and expeditious means of correcting any misinformation that would erroneously cause such a result.


Clinton Panders to Party’s Base, Praises Connecticut Gun Ban as a National Model [NRA-ILA News]

Hillary Clinton – growing increasingly frayed over the stubborn persistence of her opponent in the Democratic Party primary – took to Connecticut this week to push her gun control message to what she hoped would be willing ears. No surprise, she combined her dual instincts for bad policy and pandering by embracing a 140-page gun control law the state passed in 2013 as a model for national legislation. Her comments echoed those of Barack Obama, who at the time also pushed for similar federal action, claiming, "Connecticut has shown the way . . ."


North Carolina: Kure Beach Town Council Takes No Action on Second Amendment Item [NRA-ILA News]

Last night, the Kure Beach Town Council took no action on “guns in or on town property,” as council members showed no interest in taking on the subject.  Reports indicate that the only person interested in the discussion was Mayor Emilie Swearingen, who had the agenda item added.  One council member indicated he would like more notification if the council is intending to take up contentious issues, and attendees from the community spoke out against any restrictions on law-abiding gun owners.


Innovative 20-Gauge Speed Ball™ HEVI-Shot® Gives Waterfowlers and Turkey Hunters Fast Payload, Low Recoil [AllOutdoor.com]

That lightweight, fast-handing 20-gauge shotgun you love to use, but doesn’t get field time, just might be the gun of choice this waterfowl season.

A revolutionary 20-gauge shotgun shell has been developed by Environ-Metal Inc. It rivals the effectiveness of the best 12-gauge waterfowl loads, and is destined to be the hottest thing in the wetlands this autumn.

It also is a popular new load for turkey hunters who want the light weight and fast-handling characteristics of a 20-gauge compared to a heavier 12-gauge.


Capitalizing on the remarkable success of its 12-Gauge innovative Speed Ball™ waterfowl shotshells, Environ-Metal Inc. has introduced a 20-gauge version of the popular product.

This is the first 20-gauge Speed Ball™ HEVI-Shot® loads offered by the company, which many hunters asked for after using 12-gauge Speed Ball™ shells with such spectacular success.

As fast as steel and more lethal than lead, Speed Ball™ HEVI-Shot® shells have set a new standard for waterfowl hunting. They offer improved long-range performance by utilizing unique pattern density technology of layering dual-density pellets.


A 50/50 mix of Heavier Than Steel® and Heavier Than Lead® pellets is layered inside the wad for maximum lethality. The steel-core, Heavier Than Steel® pellets have a copper coating nearly 22 times as thick as traditional copper-plated shot, giving them high density and energy.

A unique elastomeric ball in the base of the wad accelerates payload without increasing chamber pressure.

Innovative Speed Ball™ construction delivers more pellets in a 30-inch circle than traditional Hevi-Shot®. The combination of lethal pellets, fast speeds and tight patterns makes these shotshells one of the deadliest nontoxic loads on the market. And it now is available in 20-gauge, 3-inch loads, for use in lighter, faster-handling shotguns and reduced recoil.


The new 20-guage, made-in-USA Speed Ball™ Hevi-Shot® shells are available in #3 or #5 loads, one-ounce of shot, with a muzzle velocity of 1,400 feet per second.

While the number of pellets in a Speed Ball™ Hevi-Shot® load is slightly less than in a standard steel shotshell of the same size, the added speed and tight patterning of the new Speed Ball™ Hevi-Shot® significantly improves in-the-field hunting performance — something all veteran waterfowlers demand.

Speed Ball™ Hevi-Shot® 20-gauge shells are available at $22.99 for a box of 10.

Environ-Metal Inc. (www.hevishot.com) has been in business since 2000, and has long been a shooting sports industry leader in producing innovative shotshell ammunition and choke tubes. The company manufacturers and distributes products from its USA headquarters in Sweet Home, OR, marketing and delivering its goods worldwide.

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Dan Koster’s MUCK, Part 1: This Camper Ain’t (Yet) Happy [AllOutdoor.com]

Dan Koster’s MUCK is sort of a unicorn among certain knife folks. The waitlist for this blade, the name of which is an acronym for “My Ultimate Camp Knife”, is years long, so if you see one at retail you snap it up.

That’s exactly what I did when I happened to check KnivesShipFree.com around midnight before going to bed last week (doesn’t everybody do this as part of their nighttime routine?). While Koster works through his backlog he makes a few of these knives for KSF, and when they appear on the site they last maybe a few hours, tops. When I saw those knives appear on my iPhone’s screen I jumped out of bed, ran to my computer, grabbed my credit card, and placed my order. I’ve been wanting a MUCK in desert ironwood for at least two years now, and that’s exactly what I got.

(Actually, I mistakenly ordered a cocobolo-handled MUCK at first, but I realized my mistake immediately after getting the automated order receipt email. The fine folks at KSF were kind enough to swap it out for a desert ironwood version.)

Now, you’d think that a random, long-awaited score like this would yield nothing but pure joy in the heart of a knife nut, but it wasn’t quite like that, for me. The MUCK comes with some baggage (more on that in a moment), and as I waited for the knife to arrive I’d describe my mood as “cautiously optimistic”.

My mood darkened to “supremely annoyed” within about a minute of unboxing the knife. My hesitation about this knife and its maker proved well-founded — the fit and finish on this blade are not what I’d expect from a $350 full custom knife. This knife was rushed out, and it shows.

The MUCK’s Cloudy History

I can’t remember how I first came across Dan Koster’s work, but when I found the MUCK on his site I knew I had to have one. The blade shape is classic, and it reminds me a little bit of some of the blades from one of my favorite custom makers, Barry Dawson.

I saw that Koster’s wait list was long, and I don’t do wait lists (there plenty of other great knives to buy out there), so I moved on and forgot about the MUCK until May of last year, when an AllOutdoor post about a new Koster-designed folder had me looking again.

I checked Koster’s site and saw that it hasn’t been updated since February of 2015, but I figured that it’s no big deal since he’s a knifemaker, not a blogger. Then I saw that his “orders” page was down, and it had been replaced by a “pre-order” page with the following notice:

It’s the best way I can think of to keep from making people wait unnecessarily long to get a knife order completed. I have had orders going back for years and I’m ready to start something new. Please be patient with me throughout this process and I promise to do the very best work I can.

This bit of text did not give me a good feeling. It suggested to me that “mistakes were made”, and there were some very unhappy campers out there because he had maxed himself out and let the work pile up.

Some searching of BladeForums turned up this negative thread, among others, complaining about the maker’s backlog, lack of communication, and a 14-month wait to replace a knife that had failed in the field.

As much as I wanted a MUCK, all of this bothered me a great deal, and the more I read the more I got the sense of a knifemaker who was snowed in and trying to get his act together to dig himself out of a massive order backlog.

I was very concerned that if I managed to score one of these knives through a late-night retail update, the knife itself might be a rush job to fill some sort of quota or contract with the retailer. And I also figured that if the knife failed then I’d be out of luck on getting a replacement.

All of this was on my mind that night when I pulled the trigger on that $350 knife order at midnight. That’s a lot to pay for a knife that you have doubts about. But I went ahead and took the risk for the sole reason that this knife gets rave reviews from people who are happy with it. It’s a lot of people’s favorite knife, and the folks who love it are absolutely over the moon about it. For every person who complains about being burned by Koster you can find four who are ecstatic about the MUCK, so I figured I’d take those odds.

So far, it looks like I may have gambled and lost.

I don’t intend this knife to be a safe queen — if I had then I’d have sent it back within a few minutes of pulling it out of the box. I intend to beat on it, and after I do so I’ll post a Part 2 of this review examining how the knife holds up in the field. But as much of a beating as I plan to give this blade, I have certain expectations about the level of fit and finish I want to see from a $350 custom knife, and this MUCK just doesn’t meet those. Let’s take a look at what’s wrong, before I conclude by talking about what might yet go right.

The Problems

One of the main things that sets customs apart from factory knives are the grinds. Not every custom knifemaker can be a Walter Brend, but when you shell out for a custom you expect the grind work to be better than what you find on the factory blades in your collection. This is not the case with the MUCK.

I’ll start out with the most glaring problem: the swedge grind is woefully uneven. Compare the swedge in the two shots below:

This is how the swedge should look on both sides.

This is how the swedge should look on both sides.

This is the messed up side of the swedge.

This is the messed up side of the swedge.

For the swedge to be that far off on a $350 custom is unacceptable. If I were one of Koster’s customers who had waited two years for a custom MUCK, I’d be really upset. Given that I just happened to score this one randomly at midnight when I should have been sleeping, and that I bought it as a hardcore user and not a safe queen, I’m only just disappointed and annoyed.

The result of this bad swedge is that the blade profile is off pretty badly near the tip. This was hard to photograph, but take a look and you might be able to see what I’m talking about:

Note how asymmetrical this edge is near the tip, thanks to the messed up swedge.

Note how asymmetrical this edge is near the tip, thanks to the messed up swedge.

So the swedge is glaring enough that it jumps out at me cosmetically, but the other deficiency in the grind is arguably more serious: the cutting edge grind isn’t even.



You can see in the shots above how asymmetrical the cutting edge is. Again, this is a full-custom, $350 knife that many folks wait years for. Not cool.

The ironwood handles are quite comfortable, but the finish is duller than I’d expected, and liners would’ve been a nice touch. The bigger issue, though, is that there are some flat spots on the corners of the handles where there shouldn’t be. Take a look:


It was hard for me to get the camera to focus right so that I could get a good picture of this, but one corner of the handle is flattened out, while the other isn’t.

Again, this stuff isn’t the end of the world, but when you add up all of these fit-and-finish flaws, the end result is pretty underwhelming.

Ultimately, this knife doesn’t even come close fit-and-finish-wise to any of my factory Fallkniven blades, much less to any of my Busses or my Barry Dawson custom.

This is tragic, because these flaws take what should’ve been a great knife and turn into one that’s merely good.

There Is Yet Hope

I’ve not yet used this blade, so it could very well redeem itself. As I said above, I plan to use it hard, so we’ll see how it stands up to abuse.

Koster’s CPM-3V gets rave reviews online, so it’s quite possible that the performance of this knife will be good enough that I’ll be able to forgive all of the finish flaws (I won’t be able to forget, though, because that swedge is nasty).

I can certainly see why users who got better finished MUCKs are probably gassed about the knife. The design itself is very good. It packs a lot of usable knife into a compact, lightweight package.

The glass breaker on the end is a nice touch in a survival tool, and the spine is sharp so it should be good for throwing a fat spark from a firesteel.

The jimping on the back of the blade is severe enough that you could almost saw with it, which I really like.

The 6-inch blade of CPM-3V is just the right length to do a little bit of everything from carving to chopping, and the high flat grind is a good general-purpose grind for bushcraft.

And again, this knife is really light in the hand. It feels like it weights the same as my much smaller Fallkniven F1 in desert ironwood, although I will say that that particular F1 (my go-to camping knife, from JRE Industries) feels a lot more premium than the more expensive MUCK. It’s light enough that I could see wearing the MUCK all day and forgetting that it’s even on me.

Despite all of the potential that this knife has and the rave reviews from satisfied users, though, I’m not letting myself get optimistic that it’s going to stand up to hard use. This blade has all the hallmarks of a rush job — of a guy grinding through a quota, trying to get as many out as he can. This does not inspire confidence that it’s ready to take a beating.

But maybe I’m wrong, and this knife is gonna crush it in the field. My hope is that sometime in the next few weeks I’ll have occasion to dress a boar with it, and then we’ll see what’s what. I’ll also be doing some fire and shelter building with it this weekend, so I’ll see how it performs on wood.

I hate to write such a downer of a review of a knife that I’ve been waiting for for this long, but that’s just how it is, so far. We’ll see what happens in Part 2.

P1120853 P1120856 This is the messed up side of the swedge. This is how the swedge should look on both sides. P1120859 This is how the swedge should look on both sides. P1120862 This is the messed up side of the swedge. P1120864 P1120865 P1120866 P1120867 P1120873 Note how asymmetrical this edge is near the tip, thanks to the messed up swedge. P1120878 P1120879

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Updates [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I have been trying my best to answer mail requests and comments but I am still woefully behind.  I owe it to each person that supports the 3% movement and contacts me through this blog, the email addresses, or now through Facebook, a timely and considerate response.  Due to the overlap in information requests I would like to address a few recurring questions.

Question 1: How is Mike doing?
Still ornery as ever. As good as to be expected.  "Fair to middlin', partly cloudy" as he would say. He has been spending most of his time tying up loose ends such as finalizing a will, tinkering with Absolved, meeting with old friends, and generally still being a thorn in the side of the enemies of liberty.  There is still much to do and I think that has been keeping him going.

Question 2: T-Shirt Sales
Regretfully, t-shirt sales will have to be put on hold for the foreseeable future.  I would like to start exploring a Cafe Press or other online t-shirt company where fans can get SSI logo merchandise,but that will be well into the future.  There still exists a quantity of original 100 heads shirts but I cannot say for certain what colors and sizes remain.  I deeply apologize that I cannot give you a concrete answer as to when the remainder will be made available.  Though I am not personally aware of any remaining orders, if you have paid money for the shirts and not received any, please send me the date and amount you sent as well as any pertinent shipping and contact information.  You can reach me at sipseystreetirregulars@gmail.com.

Question 3: Absolved
This being the 300 million dollar question on everyones lips.  With a bit of luck, the Old Man will live to see this book become a reality.  I assure you he wants nothing more than to be able to make good on his promise to put a copy of the book personally in your hands.  If he cannot, that will fall on the family.  As the final work of Mike Vanderboegh, I vow to you that I will make this a reality.  It will go out first on Kindle and then on paperback.  Absolved will not be an unfulfilled dream.


Top 5 Classic Carry Guns [The Firearm Blog]

In the 80s and 90s, concealed carry enjoyed a renaissance that produced a slew of excellent and affordable handguns for the common man. However beginning in the early 20th century the carry of small, affordable semi-automatic pistols began to really gather steam. In this list, we explore five of the most popular vintage options. Transcript […]

Read More …

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Tuesdays with Bernie [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

On Tuesday, I happened upon a conversation that by rights should have given me PTSD, or at the very least a lazy eye.  I go in to work earlier than most and start at it pretty much right away.  There is an older gentleman who comes to work an hour early and spends that hour trying to consume as much food as he is able.  He is fond of his “Vietnam Vet” hat but looks entirely too young for it.  He has raged against the Bilderberg’s, is a bit of a black nationalist, and loves the 24 hour news cycle.  Usually, he is good for a laugh. I walk in the break room and he is has put down his sandwich and is staring intently at the TV screen that is currently highlighting whatever Bernie Sanders is up to.

So I says to him, half-jokingly, not really caring about his politics, just making small talk,” So you feeling the Bern, are you?”

Considerately, “Well, I am, I just don’t think he’ll win”.

Sweet baby Jesus, I hit pay dirt.  I can get an unvarnished opinion from a Bernie supporter.  The last one I tried to talk to was not very sporting at all.  He played grievance Olympics by becoming offended at my use of a curse word in a sentence. I believe it was, “How the fuck do you think that would work?” or words to that effect.  This one, I can jump right into his mind a bit and root around to see if I can get to the root cause of the madness.

“Okay, I’ll bite. What do you think that he will do for you personally?” I ask.

“Well he doesn’t like Wall Street.”

‘Who do you think is financing his campaign?” I retort.  I am bluffing, of course.  I really do not know nor care how he is funding his war chest.

He is noticeably blinking.  The RAM is having difficulty processing the new information.

I redirect, the question. “Okay, you do know that Bernie is a communist, right?” I figure he MUST have heard that this probably is a bad thing to be at some point in his life.

“No, he a socialist”

Okay, he did not quite take the bait but we can work with this.  If I can make him see how ruinous socialism is, maybe…

“What do you think is a difference between the two?”

“Well theys either communist or socialist”.

I feel my left eye drift over towards my right. 

“That may be more true than you know, but you do understand that there are more forms of government than socialist and communist, right?”

He blinks again. Harder this time.

He retorts, “But you say that Trump was going to bail out of the race”.

This is a reference to my original idea that Trump was just in it for the campaign contributions, and would exit the race at the primary so he can keep the money.  I am quite sure his success was as much of surprise to him as it was to everyone else, so I stand by it as being correct for the time.

“Are you saying that he is not an opportunist?”

More blinking.  

I ask, “Are you saying that me being incorrect on Trump exiting the race is the exception that disproves the rule that Bernie is a communist?”

I immediately regret the question and quickly move on, as he is now visibly losing interest.
“Well Bernie is going to raise the living wage.” He says triumphantly.  This is something that he just KNOWS.

“Cool, how is he going to do that?” I parry.

‘Well he is going to take it away from the corporations.” He reposts.

“Do you know that 75% of the businesses in America are small businesses that are either a single or family run and employ less than 50 workers? You want to tax those guys? How are they going to pay for it?”.

Ah ha, now I got him.

“Well if you don’t know, I aint going to tell you.” He exclaims quite as-matter-of-factly.

‘Wait, did you just use the ole ‘I know the answer, I just want you to tell me first’ trick?” I ask.

“Well if you don’t know, I aint going to tell you.” He commits.

“But..” I stammer, having forgot all of my 3rdgrade comebacks. I feel as though my left eye is looking directly at my right eye.

“Well if you don’t know, I aint going to tell you.” He repeats this over and over again. This is his final stand.  I know I will get no more from him.

We go back and forth a little bit and he catches me off guard with a moment of clarity.

He says, ‘Well, no matter what we say, we just won’t agree.”

That was the most profound thing he had said to date.  No, we will not see eye to eye on much of anything.  It bothers me a bit that I know that he congratulated himself on his stunning victory, but I also know that it only bothers me.  The differences being irreconcilable are clear and palpable.  I see that we, as a country, are finding less reason to debate and more reasons to just shut down foreign ideas with noise.  It remains to be see how long we find it politically or economically advantageous to continue this charade and simple find an amicable divorce.


Making the Barrett “Light Fifty” [The Firearm Blog]

DSC01792In a previous installment of TFB, we wrote about touring the Barrett factory. However some of you might have noticed the pictures were somewhat devoid of the companies namesake rifle series, the M82 or M107 series of anti-material rifles. The reason for this was because we had simply too much material and I really wanted […]

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South Carolina: Gun Bills Continue to Move Through the Legislature [NRA-ILA News]

The South Carolina Senate has still not yet acted on H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill; however, H. 3799 may be taken up for consideration at any time next week.  Senator Lee Bright (R-12) continues to work with NRA on this effort, and he intends to offer an amendment on the floor to improve H. 3799.


Alien Gear OWB “Cloak Mod” Paddle Holster [The Firearm Blog]

paddle-holstersAlien Gear, well known for their versatile IWB holsters, has introduced an OWB holster that has some interesting features. Similar to their IWB versions, the “Cloak Mod” paddle holster is very diverse with what kind of polymer covering is affixed to the holster, being able to choose from a wide variety of handgun designs. However, […]

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Colorado: Ivory and Animal products Ban Legislation Passes House [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Colorado House of Representatives passed House Bill 1341 on third reading.  HB 1341 will now be transferred over to the Senate where it will await a committee referral for further consideration.


Big Horn Armory & SilencerCo Team Up on Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

Big Horn rifleSilencerCo, Big Horn Armory and Winding Wheel Supply Co. teamed up produce a rifle package that is sure to catch the eye of many people. The base of the package is a Big Horn Armory Model 90 lever rifle chambered in .460 S&W Magnum. The rifle is then paired with a Summit Edition Hybrid sound […]

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POTD: IDF X95s [The Firearm Blog]

12985508_10156793598865357_4595273488920555596_nFound this photo on social media. The watermark looks to be from Zahal, an Israeli website for tactical gear and accessories. The top two X95s are just your ordinary Micro Tavors. They have 13″ barrels and come in FDE or Black. The third X95 down is the integrally suppressed 9mm. I would love to play […]

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Louisiana: House Committee to Consider More Anti-Gun Bills & One Expansion of Self-Defense Rights [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, April 27, the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee will hold public hearings and vote on two gun control bills and one NRA-backed measure.


Ohio: Military Carry Permit Reform Bill Moves to Senate Floor [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 20, Senate Bill 199 was voted out of the Senate Civil Justice Committee by an 8-3 vote.  SB 199 will now go to the Senate floor and may come to a vote as early as next week. Please contact you state Senator and urge them to vote in favor of SB 199.


Two top California Democrats feud over an issue they agree on: gun control [NRA-ILA News]

A political war of words has broken out between Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom over how to enact new gun control laws in California.


Hillary Clinton accuses gun lobby of intimidating Congress, harassing critics [NRA-ILA News]

"We need a national movement," Clinton said at a community meeting in a YMCA here, drawing applause. "The gun lobby is the most powerful lobby in Washington," more so than Wall Street, big Pharma and more, she said, adding, "They have figured out how to really intimidate elected officials at all levels, who basically stop thinking about this problem because they are too scared of the NRA," the National Rifle Association.


Bill to respect Right-to-Carry on Tennessee college campuses heads to Haslam [NRA-ILA News]

A bill to allow full-time employees, including professors, at Tennessee public colleges and universities to carry weapons on campus is headed to Gov. Bill Haslam.The House of Representatives on Wednesday approved the campus carry gun bill with a 69-24 vote.


New Orleans City Council to take up new gun restrictions [NRA-ILA News]

The measure includes several new restrictions on firearm sales and possession in the city, including bans on owning or selling guns without serial numbers and new requirements for carrying concealed weapons.


US Treasury To Put Gun-toting Republican Freedom Fighter on the $20 Bill [AllOutdoor.com]

This week brought news that pro-gun people everywhere should be celebrating. I’m talking about the US Treasury’s announcement that they plan to remove a Democrat from the $20 bill, and replace him with a gun-toting, Republican freedom fighter named Harriet Tubman.

I’ve seen Tubman depicted with a variety of different types of guns in paintings and such, but according to Wikipedia her tool of choice was the revolver:

Tubman also carried a revolver, and was not afraid to use it. The gun afforded some protection from the ever-present slave catchers and their dogs; however, she also purportedly threatened to shoot any escaped slave who tried to turn back on the journey since that would threaten the safety of the remaining group.[74] Tubman told the tale of one man who insisted he was going to go back to the plantation when morale got low among a group of fugitive slaves. She pointed the gun at his head and said, “You go on or die.”[75] Several days later, he was with the group as they entered the United Province of Canada.[71]

With more women coming into the shooting sports, I think Tubman would make a great mascot and role model for armed ladies everywhere, and indeed for anyone who’s determined to fight for the people’s right to stand up to tyranny with force of arms.

“You go on or die” — it sends chills down my spine. That’s one way to buck up a fellow fighter for the long struggle ahead.

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Chelsea Clinton: Gun Control Opportunity on Supreme Court With Scalia Gone [NRA-ILA News]

Chelsea Clinton said Thursday at an event in Maryland that there is now an opportunity for gun control legislation to pass the Supreme Court since Justice Antonin Scalia passed away. “It matters to me that my mom also recognizes the role the Supreme Court has when it comes to gun control. With Justice Scalia on the bench, one of the few areas where the Court actually had an inconsistent record relates to gun control,” Clinton said. “Sometimes the Court upheld local and state gun control measures as being compliant with the Second Amendment and sometimes the Court struck them down.”


West Virginia: What You Need To Know About Permitless Carry in West Virginia [NRA-ILA News]

On June 5, 2016, House Bill 4145, West Virginia’s “permitless/constitutional carry” law will officially take effect.  Your NRA-ILA has provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide our members with information regarding this pro-gun legislation.


Firearms Food for Thought: Positioning Shooting Prone [The Firearm Blog]

DSCF3248In order to be a successful long-range shooter you must take a number of factors into consideration. From windage to optics to understanding the capabilities and limitations of your caliber of choice and everything in between, you’d better have it all covered. Of course, certain techniques seem to be a matter of preference. One I’ve […]

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Friday Follies [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I grew up in Guilford County, North Carolina and lived there until I moved to the mountains. Thus, when I saw this story about a certain road sign being stolen all the time and steps being taken to prevent it, I knew I had a blog post.

Looking at the map of Guilford County below, you will see the major cities of Greensboro and High Point. You will also see smaller communities like Browns Summit, Pleasant Garden, and Whitsett among others. There are other place names that when connected together make an amusing combination. Take a look at the red line that goes from the county's south-western border through High Point and thence along the southern part of the county towards the eastern border.

Click on map to embiggen.

Guilford County: From Horneytown to Climax by way of High Point.


Tracking Point Night Eagle [The Firearm Blog]

blackhawk20web202_0TrackingPoint, known for their “precision guided firearms” (and corporate / financial issues) has released their latest version of their AR-15-based precision guided firearm, the NightEagle. The NightEagle is fundementally the same general rifle as their M600 Squad Level Precision Guided 5.56 Service Rifle, now adding in night-vision capability through an infrared sensitive CMOS sensor. Features […]

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RIA: Walch Navy 12-Shot Revolver [Forgotten Weapons]

Patented by John Walch in 1859, this is a .36 caliber revolver using superimposed chambers – meaning that each of the six chambers could hold two shots, for a total of 12 rounds before reloading. The revolver has two hammers and two side by side triggers, with the trigger for the front loading being positioned slightly ahead of the rear load’s trigger, to help ensure that they are fired in the correct order.

While the 12-shot capacity was a major advantage over other revolvers of the period, number of significant disadvantages (weak charges because of the small chamber capacity and the safety hazards of a misfire or accidental firing of the rear load first) led to it being produced only in small numbers. About 200 of these .36 caliber Navy guns were made, and only for commercial sale. They did see use in the Civil War, though, as did most other guns in production at the time. A much more popular version was the 10-shot, .31 caliber pocket model.


Seek Compact XR (eXtended Range) Thermal Camera for Mobile Phones Review [The Firearm Blog]

CookingThe Seek Compact XR is a miniature thermal imager that attaches to a mobile phone. Only a few years ago purchasing a thermal imager was far outside the budget of hobbyist. Today with devices like the Seek, they are easily affordable. By using the screen, processing power and controls provided by a mobile phone, the imaging module can be purchased for just […]

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TTI Firepower Glock Baseplates – Long Term Review [The Firearm Blog]

TTI_1Even though I’m not a competitive shooter, I can appreciate quality competition gear. Especially when it can be repurposed into daily carry use. The Taran Tactical Innovations (TTI) magazine baseplates are a good example of how competitions like 3-Gun matches continue to influence defensive gun technology. I’ve used my TTI Firepower Glock magazine baseplates for […]

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Tennessee legislature makes major moves to get rid of gun-free zones at public universities and businesses [John Lott's Website]


By overwhelming votes, the Tennessee legislature passed two bills that get rid of gun-free zones at public universities and provides immunity to businesses if they don't post ban.  CPRC's John Lott testified on both bills when they started in the state Senate Judiciary Committee.

The gun-free zones at public universities allows "full-time employees of state public colleges or universities to carry a handgun while on property owned, operated, or used by the employing college or university if the employee has a valid Tennessee handgun carry permit."  This bill passed by a 28 to 5 vote in the state Senate and 69 to 24 in the state House.  Republican Gov. Bill Haslam might veto the bill because it didn't give the institutions the power to opt out, but with a 85 to 15 percent vote in the Senate and a 74 to 26 percent in the House, there are more than enough votes to over ride a veto.  It was the Senate version of the bill that was passed.

The other bill "provides immunity to the business/entity if the business doesn't post" signs banning permitted concealed handguns.  This bill passed by a 26 to 4 vote in the state Senate and by 77 to 12 in the state House.  The governor hasn't spoken out on this bill, but even if he were to veto it, it looks as if it would be easy to override the veto.

Taken together these two bills will make a major difference in eliminating gun-free zones in the state.  Tennessee will be the 13th state that is ending gun-free zones on college campuses.  The immunity bill appears to be the first one in the country.


The “Nearly Perfect” Safari Rifle Project with Larry Potterfield [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureExpanding from the gunsmithing videos that make gunsmithing look easy, Larry Potterfield is back as the star in his own company’s interview. The topic is the “Nearly Perfect” Safari Rifle and Larry goes into detail on the selection and smithing of his own Nearly Perfect rifle. Interestingly, he chose the action simply as he was […]

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Review: IWI Tavor X95 Suppressed [The Firearm Blog]

12961732_10154181196905337_8764301455513453961_nDown at Big 3 East, last March, IWI USA VP Mike Kassnar, set aside fifty X95s for the writers in attendance. I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to get my hands on the X95 for review. I have only had a little trigger time behind the older Tavor SAR. I recall one of my earliest […]

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New Savage Rimfire Semi-Auto Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

A22Savage Arms announced several new semi-automatic rifles for rimfire cartridges this year. All of them are based on the original A17 rifle the company rolled out last year. One of the new rifles is chambered for the .22 WMR, while the other three are variations on the A17 that is chambered for the .17 HMR […]

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iTarget, train at home with your phone [The Firearm Blog]

sled2A computer developer has put together an app, combined with a round that contains a laser (actuated by the firing pin), and a target like contraption that you dry fire with. Once you have calibrated your phone in the cradle that comes with the contraption onto the target that the phone will be sitting in […]

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Thursday, 21 April


Stag Arms Purchased by Gun-Centric Private Equity Firm [The Firearm Blog]

thumbAnother gun company has been snapped up by a Private Equity firm. This time it is the New Britain-based firearm company Stag Arms that had its FFL license temporarily revoked last year. In December the President and owner Mark Malkowski pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of failure to maintain firearms records. He was forced to agree […]

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The Thompson “Tommy Gun” TM1 [AllOutdoor.com]

For as long as I can remember, a lot of people have called me “old school”or “old fashioned” or something to that effect. And, I don’t take offense at it in the least.

I still believe the best music ever made was from the mid to late 1960s, and I believe it was the best of times in my own life, too. My radio is always set on an “Oldies” music station, and I love watching the old TV shows from the 1960s, too — even the 1950s. Times were simpler back then — no cell phones, no computers, no video games, no 24-hour news channels. Heck, as a matter of fact, we didn’t have TV stations on the air 24-hours per day, either.

Like many gun writers, I like the older style guns — that’s not to sayI don’t have more than my share of modern polymer framed firearms. I grew-up watching WWII movies when I was a kid, and one of my favorite tv programs in the 1960s was simply called “Combat”. The show’s star, VicMorrow, played the tough-as-nails “Sgt Saunders”, and he carried a Thompson sub-machine gun.

I was always fascinated with the “Tommy Gun” for as long as I could remember. However, when I started writing gun articles, for the various firearms publications over the past 23-24 years, I just never got around to testing a “Tommy Gun” for some reason.


I requested a Thompson Auto-Ordnance TM1, semi-automatic (only) version of the famed “Tommy Gun” from WWII, from the nice folks at Thompson Auto-Ordnance, and the wait was on. More than two months passed, before I had my sample in-hand. And, I’m hear to tell you, it was worth it, too.

Features, Fit, and Finish

A quick look at the TM1 version — and this is about as close as you can come to owning a select-fire Tommy Gun, without all the red tape involved in owning an NFA weapon. The TM1 fires the grand old .45ACP round, which has been a proven fight stopper since its inception.

The TM1 has a 16.5 inch barrel and it fires semi-automatic. The overall length of the TM1 is 38-inches, and it comes with a blade front sight, and a fixed rear sight — no sight adjustments are allowed. The walnut stock, pistol grip and forearm are a real thing of beauty, too — not a flaw could be found in the wood or workmanship.

The gun only comes with one 30-round magazine — wish they would include a couple extra mags — and I did order some extra mags with my sample.

The gun also comes in a fitted polymer carrying case, too. The TM1 model does NOT accept the drum magazines, and I specifically didn’t want a Tommy Gun that accepted a drum magazines — the gun is heavy enough at 11.5-pounds empty. Plus, I just knew I would burn through a lot of .45ACP ammo with the 30-rd stick mags. This TM1 also accepts 10 and 20 round stick mags, too.

A quick note on the 30-round mags — they are modified military magazines. The BATF required that Auto-Ordnance reposition the magazine catch on the semi-auto versions of the famed Tommy Gun for some stupid reason. I purchased some used military surplus 30-round mags from CDNN Sports and simply had to enlarge the oval hole in the back of the magazines upwards just a tiny bit with a Dremel Tool to make them fit the TM1 perfectly.

The Thompson M1 “Tommy Gun” was used in battles all over Europe, as well as in the Pacific Theaters of operations during WWII, with great success. The M1 version could be fired full-auto, or by flipping the selector switch to semi-auto for more precise aiming. However, to be sure, most Tommy Guns were usually used in the full-auto position.

The safety is located on the left side of the TM1, as it was on the M1, and you can NOT reach the safety with your firing hand/thumb; you have to either shift the gun in your hand, or use your left had to engage or disengage the safety. This is one of the few drawbacks that I didn’t like. However, with a little practice, you could snick the safety on and off with the left hand fairly quick.

A word about the fixed sights — you cannot adjust them for windage or elevation. However, the good news is that, the sights were perfectly regulated on my sample, and at 25-yards, if I did my part, I could place 5-shots inside of an inch. We are talking serious accuracy here, folks!

The TM1 model is heavy at 11.5-pounds empty, so placing it over a rest was the best method for obtaining the best accuracy. Standing off-hand,my groups at 25-yards were quite a bit larger due to the weight of the gun and trying to hold it steady.

The all-steel receiver on the TM1 is milled steel, no polymers at all — and this makes the gun as heavy. To be sure, the gun was finished in a beautiful deep, dark blued finish, with no tool marks any place. The TM1 is a real thing of beauty in my eyes — just hefting it made me think about all those WWII movies I watched with the good guys carrying aTommy Gun — John Wayne used one in ‘Back To Bataan” with great effectiveness against the enemy.


Testing and Accuracy

For my testing I had a decent selection of .45ACP ammo on-hand. The owner’s manual states that you should only use 230-gr FMJ ammo in the TM1, and that other bullet shapes probably might cause feeding problems. I’m here to tell you that, my sample ate through everything I fed it, period.

From Buffalo Bore Ammunition I had their 160-gr TAC-XP Barnes all-copper hollow point load, and this is a low-recoiling load — but the TM1 fed it, and fired it without any problems at all.

I also had Buffalo Bore’s 200-gr FMJ FN +P load, their 185-gr JHP +P load and the 185-gr TAC-XP +P Barnes all-copper hollow point load. Again, no feeding or functioning problems at all.

From my friends at Black Hills Ammunition I had their 200-gr SWC all-lead load, and their super-accurate 230-gr FMJ loads. I will say that, my sampleTM1 really seemed to run extremely smooth(er) with the +P .45ACP loads. However, once again, there were no failures to feed or extract with any of the ammo tested — and I was really surprised that, the lighter low-recoiling loads functioned without any problems.

Best groups were with the BlackHills 230-gr FMJ loads — they consistently gave me one-inch groups if I was on my game. Other loads were hot on the heels of this load — this gun was accurate, pure and simple!


The charging handle on the TM1 is on the right side of the gun, and I’m here to tell you that it is very hard (stout) to pull back to chamber a round. However, after several hundreds rounds of ammo through the gun, it was much easier to charge a round from the magazine.

According to the owner’s manual, you should lock the bolt back, insert a loaded magazine and then pull back to release the bolt, to chamber a round. However, I would lock a loaded magazine into the gun, and then charge the chamber that way — didn’t seem to matter which method I used, the ammo fed just fine.

The TM1 fires from a closed bolt, where the M1 select-fire model fires from an open bolt. The magazine release is on the left side of the gun just above the trigger guard, and once again, you have to use your left hand to remove a magazine from the TM1 — a bit slow, but with practice, it’s not a problem.

I do have one major complaint with the TM1 sample, and that is it just eats through .45ACP ammo like a 5-yr child eating through a bag of Halloween candy… the TM1 was a load of fun to shoot, and each time I’d take it out shooting, I would burn through two boxes of ammo before I knew what happened. In one shooting session, I burned through 200 rounds without thinking about it, and in another shooting session, I burned through 400 rounds of ammo before I knew what happened.

Loading the 30-round stick magazines is easy — you simply push the rounds straight down — unlike double-stack handgun magazines, where you have to start the round at the front of the magazine, and push down and back to load a round. I believe that simply pushing .45ACP rounds straight down made loading fast and easy, and that’s one of the reasons I burned through so much ammo during my shooting sessions.


Recoil? None to speak of, but then again, I didn’t think there would be much recoil shooting an 11.5-pound carbine. It is not recommended that you ever shoot any firearms without hearing protection, but with that said, I did fire the TM1 several times without my hearing protection on. The noise is quite a bit les, than firing .45ACP ammo through a handgun… still, you should always wear your hearing protection.


If I had one real complaint about my TM1 sample it would be that the stock is overly long — trigger pull is about 15+ inches, and you have a hard time shouldering the TM1 because the stock is so long. I don’t understand why the stock is so long. However, it can easily be shortened by your local gunsmith in short order.

I guess that’s my one real complaint, other than the way the TM1 eats through ammo. The TM1 is one of most fun guns I’ve shot in a long, long time. I also put a small piece of “skate board” friction tape on the charging handle. I found it a bit smallish and slick… however, I do have an extended charging handle on-order for my Tommy Gun from Auto-Ordnance.

Yeah, the Tommy Gun is “old school” or “old fashioned”, but I’m telling you that, it will hold it’s own in a gunfight, out to 125+ yards — or a bit farther out than that — if you have a good rest to place the gun over. I shot the TM1 at targets of opportunity well past 100-yards, and once I figured out the holdover, I was consistently hitting large rocks with ease. The .45ACP round doesn’t drop as much as you think it would, firing from a 16.5-inch barrel out to 100-yards+.

Now, I wouldn’t desire to go up against someone armed with an AK-47 or an AR-15 — if they were out several hundred yards from me. However, the Tommy Gun can hold its own when the combat is close-in, 100-yards or less. And, the .45ACP round will get the job done, if you do your part.

Yep, I’m old school — and love it!

100_5159 100_5160 100_5161 100_5164 100_5165 100_5167 100_5168 100_5169 100_5170 100_5174 100_5176

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SGM Tactical Magazines for Saiga: Bigger is Better [AllOutdoor.com]

This is a .308 Saiga rifle. It’s a typical AK variant, moderately accurate but tough and powerful. The ribbed object under it is the magazine…at least they claim it’s a magazine.

Standard .308 magazines the world over hold 20 rounds, but this little runt holds just 8. Sure, part of that is the legal restriction on the imports of high-capacity magazines from Russia, but even that would have capped it at 10. This little magazine holds only 8. The rifle came with two, so you can get the maximum of  8+8+1 ready for use in what’s, in theory, a defensive rifle. You can buy more 8-round mags, but they cost $50 to $60 each.


The alternative is US-made aftermarket magazines (which also count for sporting purpose parts compliance). SGM Tactical makes mags that work reliably, and they cost $40-45ea for 20 or 25 round capacity. Seems like a better deal, since it saves money as well as time spent reloading.


The 20-rounder would be preferred for shooting prone or from a bench. It protrudes down about a far as the pistol grip does. 25-rounder would work better for shooting on the move. It protrudes a bit far for shooting prone, unless you use it as a monopod (which I wouldn’t recommend, as it’s placed in the center of the rifle, not at the end).


The other benefit of these magazines is their physical size: they are long enough for a good grip during loading. They also provide greater leverage during the rock-and-lock loading use in Saiga. Try it on any rock-and-lock rifle (M1A, mini-14, AK) with a short and along magazine, and the difference in efficiency will become very obvious. Being an SGM product, they work. Being polymer, they are light. And you can replace the capacity of three stock magazines with one of them. These are also available, even cheaper, for Vepr rifles.

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Trolling For More And Bigger Crappies, Part 1 [AllOutdoor.com]

It’s crappie catching time throughout much of America and anglers are working many of the nation’s better waters catching plenty of good-eating “slabs” .

Trolling and controlled drifting is the main game for many fishermen, simply because it allows a lot of water to be covered in the shortest amount of time. A good variety of lures and baits also can be employed different ways at the same time to learn which are most productive.

But if your trolling simply consists of tossing out a couple jigs with spinners attached, or soaking minnows while plowing water with your boat, you’re not tapping the full potential of trolling. Put another way, you’re not catching as many fish trolling as you could be.

1. McNally, Crappie Troll

From the outset, understand that trolling without using a sensitive fathometer with GPS mapping is folly. You’ve got to know what’s under the boat if you’re going to consistently catch crappies (other fish, too).

Knowing, for example, that a submerged point of land slowly tapers from 6 to 8 feet, then drops sharply at 10 feet to 15 gives an angler well-defined “edges” to make effective trolling runs, so his lures and baits are “in the fish zone” for the longest time possible.

An accurate fathometer shows sunken weed beds, rises in a deep structure signifying a “hump,” reveals stump flats and standing deep timber, channel edges, even fish and bait. Frankly, without a fathometer, you are literally trolling blind. So if you catch fish you’ll probably not be able to repeat the identical trolling pass, and you aren’t likely to catch additional fish quickly from a school.

This is where GPS, waypoint navigation, and navigational mapping is an important aid to catch crappies every time out. And such electronics are not that expensive, at least in the grand scheme of fishing costs. For a few hundred dollars, a good depth finder unit by Humminbird, Lowrance, Garmin or others is some of the best money an angler can spend.

2. McNally, Crappie Troll

Most such units have a charting feature with a huge memory base that allows anglers to record their exact trolling passes, and when fish are contacted a waypoint can be assigned quickly to the spot. Such track charting with waypoints for fish are overlaid on a bottom contour of the water trolled. Detailed hydrographic maps of almost all named lakes, rivers and inshore waters are available and are easily loaded into depth finders with GPS.

Detailed maps of crappie trolling areas with waypoints where fish are caught can be locked into a depth finder unit and used for reference any time an angler is fishing.

In a very short time patterns emerge about where fish are found and caught trolling, such as when, precisely pinpointed caught-fish spots, time of year, water temperature, etc. It’s modern angling at its best, and it can be deadly for winter crappie trolling.

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Trolling For More And Bigger Crappies, Part 2 [AllOutdoor.com]

Much effective crappie trolling is done with an electric motor, but a small gas-operated kicker can be used, too. Just keep it slow, especially in cold water.

Many crappie anglers like to see their lines while trolling, with bright yellow, green and blue lines preferred. With line that’s easily spotted behind a boat (or in front for “spider rigging”), anglers can be sure they’re bringing lures and baits through exact areas targeted. It’s also an aid in keeping line tangles to a minimum.

If you’re concerned about fish seeing line, tie on a four-foot leader of clear fluorocarbon. Some fishermen prefer trolling line a bit heavier than what is used when casting for crappies. Eight-pound test is good for most trolling, but 10-pound might be needed in some timber, riprap or weedy areas on some crappie waters.


Spinning tackle is ideal for trolling, and longer graphite rods with a bit more backbone are preferred over some models used for casting.

Three lines are easy to troll without tangling, but veteran crappie fishermen use four rods if there are at least two people on board to help keep tabs on things. They’ll use a pair of 7 1/2- to 9-foot rods on the “outsides,” with two 6- to 7-footers on the insides.


Many veteran trollers start with a plain small jig, about 1/16-ounce, usually tipped with a minnow and set far back, 100 feet in open “clean” water with no obstructions (outside rod). Another different colored jig, perhaps 1/16-ounce fitted with a safety-pin spinner (like that made by Hildebrandt), is set out, perhaps 80 feet back (outside rod).

The two “inside” rods run shorter lines, one back maybe 60 feet, the other just behind the motor 30-feet behind the stern. The nearest boat line can be a plain minnow with maybe a spinner rigged on the line, or a bright-colored, on-line float.

The 60-foot line should be suspended by a small cigar-shaped, on-line float, using a 1/16- to 1/8-ounce jig. The jig is positioned half the depth of the water below the float (check your fathometer).

What trollers are trying to do is position lures and baits through the water column, and they’re careful to use a variety of offerings, sizes, weights and colors. If they start hitting weeds or snags with a line, they’ll go to a lighter lure, increase trolling speed, shorten the line or fit a small float above the lure/bait to keep it clean.


In really clear, shallow water for ultra-shy crappies, extra long lines may be needed.

Although you almost can’t troll incorrectly for crappies, the best fishermen are never complacent in their quest for “speckled perch.” They’re always thinking about water depth and temperature, structure, deep rigs, shallow ones, lure colors and trolling speeds.

There’s an old fishing truism that states, “If you’re not catching fish, you’re doing something wrong.”

It applies well to crappie trolling. Which is why it’s smart to always keep thinking, testing and trying different tactics, lures and trolling rigs until fish respond positively.

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Remington Ammunition Plant Tour Part 1 [The Firearm Blog]

13361748Over the past several months we’ve been fortunate enough to tour all of Remington’s major facilities for gun manufacturing and ending with this tour of the ammunition plant located in Lonoke, Ar. All of Remington’s ammunition is made at this plant. The entire compound which includes the original plant, new extension plant as well as […]

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Kel-Tec PLR 16 Field Strip (SBR) [The Firearm Blog]

The Kel-Tec PLR-16 (Pistol Long Range) is an impressively light 5.56 caliber pistol that shares the same action as the SU-16 rifles. In this field strip, we take a look at one that has been SBRed and take it apart. Transcript … – [Voiceover] Hey guys, it’s Alex C with TFBTV and for today’s field […]

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Blackhawk Vehicle QD Med Pouch [The Firearm Blog]

BlackHawk QD Med PouchA lot of time is spent by shooters discussing tactics and gear, but little time is spent by most people on other survival skills and gear. For example, relatively few people know the basics of how to deal with a gunshot would, how to apply a tourniquet or even know what to do if someone […]

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Ejecting Brass Trick Shot [The Firearm Blog]

bankBob posted this slow motion video of his friend Andy shooting a suppressed Sig P226. The brass ejects and bounces off what looks like a sign attached to the end of the concrete bay wall before bouncing off the wall and into the trash can next to Andy. According to Bob, this was a happy […]

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AR Can Cannon, declared legal by ATF [The Firearm Blog]

0017988_x-products-can-cannonIn a promising turn of events, the recently controversial AR15 upper receiver, aluminium soda can firing “Can Cannon” made by X products, has now been declared fit for market sale again by the ATF. All existing Can Cannons that are currently in private ownership (I’ve heard about several thousand) have to be converted to the […]

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POTD: Range Proposal [The Firearm Blog]

20160314_131243Thanks to George for sending this our way. You don’t see this every day… so I thought it was worth sharing with you. This beautiful couple came to Point Blank Range in Matthews today, to do some shooting. The crafty young man hung up the target with the proposal on it… and she shot “YES”. […]

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Oklahoma: Self-Defense Legislation Passes Senate, Headed to Conference Committee [NRA-ILA News]

Last night, the Oklahoma Senate passed House Bill 3098 by a 37-9 vote.  Sponsored by state Representative Jeff Coody (R-63), HB 3098 would allow for the open carry of a handgun without having to obtain a permit.  Earlier today, the Oklahoma Senate passed House Joint Resolution 1009 by a 39-7 vote.


OK Senate Passes NRA-Backed Gun Rights Bills [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is praising Oklahoma State Senators for overwhelmingly passing two gun rights bills this week that would protect and expand Oklahomans’ self-defense rights. Both bills head to a conference committee to work out differences with their respective House versions.


California: Deceit taking place by Newsom’s Signature Gatherers for his Ballot Proposition [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, the Coalition for Civil Liberties reported that there is video evidence of signature gatherers for Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom’s ballot proposition misrepresenting the proposition to get citizens to sign the petition so it can be placed on the 2017 General Election ballot.  Please take a moment to read the press release


My newest piece at Investor's Business Daily: "Will President Obama Regulate Guns Out Of Existence?" [John Lott's Website]

Investors Business Daily Banner JPEG
My newest piece at Investor's Business Daily:
President Obama wants to put gun dealers out of business. 
When he was a state senator in Illinois, he supported a ban on the sale of handguns and all semi-automatic guns as well as a ban on selling guns within five miles of a school or a park.  While the president obviously can’t just ban them, he can use regulations to make their lives more difficult. 
For some dealers it may be a slow death of a thousand regulatory cuts. 
Obama never does any serious cost-benefit analysis – he just points to possible benefits while ignoring any costs.  We see this in his plans for expanded background checks on private transfers or his efforts to deny guns to the elderly who get help with their finances. 
Obama is also using executive actions to place even more reporting requirements on the backs of Federal Firearms License dealers.  His administration is finalizing a new rule.  Obama claims, “We’re going to require firearms dealers to report more lost or stolen guns on a timely basis.”  But this is false.  Dealers already have to report lost or stolen guns within 48 hours. 
Licensed dealers have previously satisfied the reporting requirements by typically submitting a letter to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATF), but the Obama administration wants the dealer to submit a form that will provide the government with more information, generally duplicating what the government already knows.  New reports are required when the gun is recovered.  Rules are also being changed for reporting guns lost in transit, though there is no evidence that this has been a problem. 
Obama doesn’t give licensed dealers credit for the remarkable job that they already do.  Nor does it explain why this additional information is helpful.
new report from the BATF points out that 6,163 firearms were stolen from Federally Licensed Gun Dealers in 2015.  With at least 16 million guns being sold in 2015, the rate of theft was only 0.039%. By comparison, the National Retail Federation found a 1.15% rate of theft from all retail stores in 2014 This includes shoplifting and theft or fraud by workers and vendors.  This is 29.5 times higher than the rate at gun stores. 
Another study, by Checkpoint Systems, used 2014-15 data to find a 1.97% theft rate at U.S. retail stores.  This is 51 times higher than the rate at gun stores. 
The Checkpoint Systems survey also provides data on other countries.  Norway had the lowest rate of theft — just 0.83%.  This is still 21 times higher than the rate of theft at U.S. gun stores.  Japan’s theft rate, the second lowest, is 1%, a 26 times higher rate. 
More than three-quarters of the guns stolen from dealers are taken in burglaries.  Dealers can always buy stronger safes, doors and windows, but it’s certainly difficult and expensive to make a shop burglary-proof. 
For some perspective, note that there were 466,100 gun crimes in 2014.  Even if all the stolen guns were used in a crime, guns stolen from federally licensed dealers would account for 1.3% of gun crimes. 
The BATF also reports 8,637 “lost” guns.  However, this number isn’t very useful.  In the vast majority of cases, gun serial numbers were simply incorrectly recorded.  Dividing that number by 16 million guns implies a theft rate of 0.054% — still much lower than the rate for retail stores. 
The National Retail Federation finds that the average retail store has a .228% rate of “administrative and paperwork errors” — 4.2 times the rate for gun stores.  Remember that since the estimated number of gun sales used in these calculations is a clear underestimate of total sales these numbers underestimate how much better gun stores perform relative to other operations. 
Reducing the rate of theft or administrative error to these relatively low levels must already come at significant cost.  Forms may have to be rechecked many times to eliminate paperwork errors much below a rate of hundredths of one percentage point. 
These regulatory costs add up.  For example, expanded background checks can add anywhere from $50 to $200 to the cost of privately transferring a gun  The higher costs may price poor minorities out of owning a gun.  They are the ones who are the most likely victims of violent crime and the ones who benefit the most from the ability to protect themselves.


WOW! [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

In less than 36 hours, 300 people on Facebook that have answered the call.

Once again I am deeply humbled at your continued support.  Who rocks?  You guys rock.


SmitLoad Glock Mag Loader [The Firearm Blog]

smitshotIf you do a lot of shooting then I’m sure you probably have at least one kind of speed loader device in your range bag. Rifle and .22lr mags usually aren’t too difficult to load, but pistol mags can be tiresome after a while, especially Glock mags. Glocks now come with a mag loader from […]

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Longmeadow’s Anti-Gun Proposals Could Come to Your Town! [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, May 10 from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m., three anti-gun articles will be up for a possible vote at the Longmeadow Annual Town Meeting.


Tennessee: Faculty and Staff Campus Carry Bill Passes Senate and House! [NRA-ILA News]

Senate Bill 2376, sponsored by state Senator Mike Bell (R-9), and House Bill 1736, sponsored by state Representative Andy Holt (R-76) passed both the Senate and House and will now be sent to the Governor for final consideration.


What If The Palestinians Were "State Representatives" To UNSCAR [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

A post on the Volokh Conspiracy by Eugene Kontorovich from Tuesday caught my eye. He was discussing the demand of 28 US senators that funding for the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change be stopped. The reason that they were demanding that US funding to this UN agency be stopped is that the Palestinian Authority has been accepted by that agency as a "state party".

Federal law bars any funding for U.N. agencies or affiliates that “grants full membership as a state to any organization or group that does not have the internationally recognized attributes of statehood.” In the official U.S. view, “Palestine” is not a state. Thus when the Palestinian Authority joined the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2011, it triggered federal defunding of that organization. Now, federal law requires a similar cessation of any funding to UNFCCC.
The purpose of Professor Kontorovich's article to speculate what might happen if the Obama Administration ignored the clear law that prohibits the funding. However, for my purposes, the article made me speculate how this law could be used to cut funding of the UN's gun control efforts.

The Arms Trade Treaty is administered by UN Trust Facility Supporting Cooperation on Arms Regulation or UNSCAR. While the United States has not ratified the treaty, it is a signatory to it. The Arms Trade Treaty seeks to control not only major weapons systems but also small arms and ammunition. As of now, the Palestinian Authority is not considered a "state representative" to UNSCAR insofar as I can tell. That said, UNSCAR has two current projects going in the Arab and Middle Eastern states.

It would be in the interest of gun rights NGOs like the National Rifle Association and the Second Amendment Foundation to lobby to get the Palestinian Authority full recognition as a state and full membership in UNSCAR. While neither organization nor its members usually have much love for the Palestinian Authority given its connections to Hamas and the PLO, getting them recognized as a state representative does cut potential funding for more international gun control efforts.

In my view, that is a good thing.


Legacy Sports Introduces The Howa Archangel Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

17b0b5_7ec3186884e34b0c920ebe9528ef39f7Legacy Sports International, parent company of the Howa brand of barreled actions and precision rifles has introduced their new Archangel rifle. Simply put, the new rifle is the same Howa actions paired with a custom Archangel stock for the action.   Like its sister stocks, the Howa Archangle maintains the full click adjustable length of pull […]

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Delaware: Bill would eliminate background check safety-valve, institute 30-day waiting period [NRA-ILA News]

The bill extends the amount of time that a Delaware gun buyer might have to wait for a background check to be done from three days to 30 days.


North Dakota lawmaker to debate permitless carry in 2017 [NRA-ILA News]

Last week the State of Mississippi became the 9th state in the union to embrace what gun rights proponents call “constitutional carry,” or the right to carry lawfully-owned guns concealed without a permit.North Dakota lawmakers are already talking about following suit ahead of their 2017 session which will begin in January after the November elections.


Citadel to allow cadets with state permits to have guns in cars [NRA-ILA News]

The Citadel has bowed to cadet pressure — and influence from Gov. Nikki Haley — and will allow cadets with concealed weapons permits to keep their personal guns in their cars.The school’s Board of Visitors last weekend voted to suspend its code of regulations and instead will recognize state law that allows all state permit carriers to keep their weapons locked in their vehicles.


Tennessee Gun-Rights Law Shields Firearms from International Treaties [NRA-ILA News]

A new gun-rights law enacted in Tennessee prohibits the state from enforcing any limits on firearms imposed by international law and treaties.


Missouri House advances bill to ease Right-to-Carry limits [NRA-ILA News]

House members gave initial approval Wednesday to the measure that would allow people to carry concealed guns without a permit anywhere they now can carry openly, something that doesn't require a permit.


RIA: Nambu 15-Shot Type A Experimental [Forgotten Weapons]

Before the Type 14 Nambu pistol was developed to replace the “Papa” Nambu, Kijiro Nambu experimented with a high-capacity design with a 15-round magazine. This pistol was called the Type A Experimental, and was designed around 1920. Only 15 or 20 were made, and they show elements of both the Papa and the Type 14 (like dual recoil springs).


Wall Street Journal editorial cites me on "Harriet Tubman is an inspired choice to replace Andrew Jackson" [John Lott's Website]

Wall Street Journal WSJ Banner

In an editorial in the Wall Street Journal, they mention a tweet that I had on Harriet Tubman and concerns that her choice may be a politically correct move.
John Lott makes a pithy case for the contrary. An expert on the Second Amendment and sometime contributor to these pages, Mr. Lott notes that Tubman’s life is a rebuke to PC assumptions. As Mr. Lott tweeted after Mr. Lew made the announcement, “On $20 bill, Ds replace Andrew Jackson, a founding father of D Party, w Harriet Tubman, a black, gun-toting, evangelical Christian, R woman.”


New Rimfire Suppressor from Wilson Combat [The Firearm Blog]

WCR1Suppressors have grown in popularity lately, and for good reason. They protect hearing, create quieter shooting environments – which is a big pro for those near ranges who do not want to listen to gunshots – and make hunting better in more ways than one. When many shooters think of suppressors, though, they tend to […]

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28, .410 Added to Citori 725 Line [The Firearm Blog]

Browning Citori 725 SportingBrowning added 28 gauge and .410 bore versions of the Citori 725 shotguns to its 2016 catalog. A total of eight new models join the 12 and 20 gauge offerings. Citori 725 Sporting Four new versions of the 725 Sporting model are now being offered: two in 28 gauge, two in .410 bore. All four […]

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The Dangers Of Skipping Bullets [The Firearm Blog]

Kyle lamb5.11 and Kyle Lamb talk about a possibility where taking cover behind the V of the car can be dangerous if not using all the cover available. Bullets can skip off the hood of a car and hit a target in the thoracic cavity. So you are best to lower yourself and decrease the amount […]

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New Outdoor Kinves from Browning [The Firearm Blog]

Browning knifeBrowning introduced a variety of new knives this year, and there are a number of new outdoors knives in the mix. Here is a look at a pair of the new blades that Browning is now offering. Overtime – Jade/Black These fixed blade knives come in two varieties: one with a typical drop point blade and […]

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Wednesday, 20 April


Florida Alert: End of Session - Read This To Get The Truth! [NRA-ILA News]

Please read USF's end of the legislative session newsletter, the Florida Firing Line.


Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bills Moving Through Conference Committee Process [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the conference committee on Senate Bill 2954 recommended that the Senate concur with the House amendments that were made to SB 2954.  This bill will now go back to the Senate for final concurrence.  Additionally, House Bill 2632 has been scheduled for a conference committee hearing tomorrow, April 21, at 8:30am.  Please contact the Hawaii state Senators and urge them to DISAGREE with the House amendments to SB 2954 and the conference committee members to OPPOSE HB 2632.


South Carolina: Right-to-Carry Reform Second Reading May Occur Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 19, the Senate did not get to the second reading of H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill; however, H. 3799 may have its second reading tomorrow, April 21.  Senator Lee Bright (R-12) has been working with NRA on this effort, and he intends to offer an amendment on the floor to improve H. 3799.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Senator and urge them to support this amendment!


Minnesota: Anti-Gun Bills Scheduled for Hearings Next Week [NRA-ILA News]

Next Tuesday, April 26, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold a public hearing for Senate File 2493 and Senate File 2980 at 8:30am in Room 1200 of the Minnesota Senate Building.  The committee will be taking public testimony on these bills.


Alaska: Contact House Committee in Support of Self-Defense Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

The House Finance Committee is continuing to sit on Senate Bill 174 and time is running out.


Are Revolvers Obsolete? [The Firearm Blog]

Revolvers seem to be either loved or hated. There isn’t much middle ground these days, with most people firmly planting themselves on one side of the fence and smugly looking down on the other camp. In this installment of TFBTV, Alex takes a look at this old question through unbiased eyes.

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Gun Control 101 [The Firearm Blog]

0812151524cWhenever anyone, regardless of their political views, asks me about guns, I talk to them openly and empathetically, and then I offer to take them shooting – and emphasize that we’ll do it safely. Out of those I’ve offered range trips to, most of the ones who were repulsed by guns accepted, and their outlook almost invariably changed afterward. I’ve never […]

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KRG Tactical Bolt Knob Lift For The Remington 700 [The Firearm Blog]

431_large_imageYou just bought a Remington 700 rifle that you want to make tactical, after a good quality scope and stable bipod what’s next for your 1000 yard sniper rifle? A tactical bolt knob of course! Why would you want to upgrade your bolt knob? Not only do they look cool but they give the shooter […]

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80-year-old man fights off three home invaders, MetroNews, Charleston, W.V. 04/19/16 [NRA-ILA News]

An 80-year-old man was at home in Fairmont, W.V. when he heard a knock at the door. Suspicious, the elderly man retrieved a handgun before going to the door. The knock came from a woman who asked the resident if she could use the phone, claiming there was an emergency. When the elderly man let her in, two men in their twenties, at least one of whom was armed with what looked like a gun, followed. Once inside, the intruders threatened the elderly man. The armed resident responded by drawing a handgun and firing at the robbers, striking two. When police arrived then found one of the home invaders fatally wounded in the street. It was later determined that the intruders had threatened the elderly man with an air pistol.


New California gun restrictions clear Senate committee [NRA-ILA News]

The proposals, several of which were vetoed by Gov. Jerry Brown in 2013, return to the Capitol a contentious issue that advocates also aim to highlight in this year’s election with a ballot measure backed by Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom.


New York Times Is Pulitzer Finalist for Wildly Inaccurate Gun Editorials [NRA-ILA News]

Now it would be almost impossible to overstate how dreadful and factually challenged the New York Times's recent coverage of the gun debate has been generally, and specifically how bad the editorializing has been. I could pick apart a number of examples (and I've already cited a number of the Times's failings here), but specifically the fact they ended up a Pulitzer finalist would seem to center on one editorial in particular.


Kirsten Gillibrand is wrong — more women than ever buying guns [NRA-ILA News]

Mrs. Gillibrand seemingly has no understanding of why people are purchasing guns, or the fact that more women then ever are both flocking to the sport and buying their own.


North Carolina: Johnston high school opens indoor shooting range [NRA-ILA News]

Members of the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program at Smithfield-Selma High School can now practice their marksmanship without having to leave campus.The JROTC built a 1,200-square-foot, six-lane, indoor shooting range at the school over five months and began using the facility last week. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and the National Shooting Sports Foundation donated most of the $10,000 in supplies for the range.


South Carolina: Law proposal would protect $5,000 worth of firearms in bankruptcy proceedings [NRA-ILA News]

If you’re a gun owner and there’s a bankruptcy coming your way, you soon may be able to shield some of your big caliber assets.The S.C. House of Representatives passed a bill Tuesday that aims to expand bankruptcy protection to firearms. If it becomes law, weapon owners who declare bankruptcy could protect up to $5,000 worth of guns from debt collectors.


Colorado: Proposed bill to allow under-21 military members to concealed carry just makes sense [NRA-ILA News]

State Sen. John Cooke’s bill to allow members of the U.S. military to qualify for a concealed weapons permit before they reach the age of 21 — the current requirement — falls into the “makes perfect sense” category.


Tenn. Senate OKs bill allowing guns on public campuses [NRA-ILA News]

The state Senate on Tuesday evening approved a controversial bill allowing employees and faculty members at Tennessee's public colleges and universities who have handgun-carry permits to carry their guns on campus.


Colorado: House to Consider Ivory and Animal Products Ban Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, April 21, the Colorado House of Representatives is scheduled to consider House Bill 1341.


New Modular Belly Band from CrossBreed [The Firearm Blog]

crossbreed3We all have a box – or perhaps a closet – brimming with discarded holsters. Whatever it is that disqualifies them, be it comfort, height, visibility, or something else entirely, they are so low on our to-use list they don’t even warrant a place in or near the safe (let alone actually with our EDC). […]

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Utah: BLM Proposes to Close Thousands of Acres in Utah County to Target Shooting [NRA-ILA News]

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has released a draft plan to manage target shooting on the east side of Utah County’s Lake Mountains. BLM’s proposal will amend the Pony Express Resource Management Plan to address the long term management of target shooting within the planning area.  The BLM will be hosting a public meeting on May 11th at the Talons Cover Gold Club, Saratoga Springs, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.


Arizona: Maricopa City Council Passes Ordinance! [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, April 19, the Maricopa City Council passed Ordinance 16-03 with a 4-2 vote.  This ordinance revises current Maricopa city codes and repeals existing restrictions which prohibit valid concealed carry weapons permit holders from carrying in public buildings or facilities in the City of Maricopa.  If an individual can lawfully own and possess a firearm, they should not be prohibited from exercising their fundamental right to self-defense outside of their home or in public buildings.


POTD: Izhmash AR15? [The Firearm Blog]

indexSyvat sent this in to us. He asked the guy, that he got it from, what it was from. The anonymous guy said it is a a secret. Syvat thinks it is perhaps a customized AR lower. Anyone know Cyrilic? What do the markings say?

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Alabama: Senate Unanimously Approves SB 304 [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, April 19, the Alabama Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 304 with a 27-0 vote.  SB 304 will now go to the House of Representatives for further consideration.


An Idea I Could Support [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Treasury Department announced today that they plan to replace the picture of President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with one of abolitionist, Underground Railroad conductor, and Union spy Harriett Tubman.

Tubman was no pacifist. Her pistol and ivory-handled sword were on display at Florida A&M University's museum back in 2013. As Comfortably Smug suggests in the Tweet below, the picture of Tubman on the $20 bill should feature her holding her pistol.

I quite agree that Republicans - the party behind abolition in the first place - should push for this portrait of Tubman to grace the new $20 bill. Call your Representatives and Senators to demand this!

UPDATE: David Burge aka Iowahawk suggests another picture in this Tweet.


Victory for Alabama Gun Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action is praising the Alabama State Senate for passing a bill that would solve the significant cost difference in concealed weapon license (CWL) fees between counties.  Senate Bill 304 passed the State Senate yesterday with unanimous approval. The vote was 27 to 0.


Update: North Carolina Kure Beach Town Council Second Amendment Discussion Postponed to Thursday [NRA-ILA News]

At yesterday’s Kure Beach Town Council meeting, the council voted to postpone the "guns in or on town property" discussion to tomorrow, Thursday, April 21 at 6:30pm.


What Happened to the AIA Enfields? [The Firearm Blog]

No4Mk4BluewIn the comments section of my recent article on the YouTube Channel Bloke on the Range, the subject arose of the AIA M10 Enfield series, one of which is used by Bloke in one of his videos. These were Australian-built rifles made roughly to the extremely venerable Lee-Enfield pattern, and chambered for .308 Winchester and […]

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Oklahoma: Senate to Consider Self-Defense Legislation TODAY [NRA-ILA News]

Later today, the Oklahoma Senate is scheduled to hear House Bill 3098.


Bribery in the NYC pistol licensing department [Of Arms and the Law]

He'd get $5-25,000 to expedite permit issuance. He told an undercover officer that "the officer could earn $900,000 if he helped with an estimated 150 permits."

Sounds like he was stiffing the other licensing branch officers: they said they were only getting $100 per permit.

Bribery of the permit-issuers has been an issue at least since the Knapp Commission investigated NYPD corruption in the 1970s. As I recall, that led to moving the decision making from officials in the precincts to officials at headquarters, in the hopes that would make corruption a little more difficult. There was probably undocumented corruption since the system began--you can find news articles from the 1920s and 1930s about mobsters holding pistol carry permits.

UPDATE: this fellow paid $12,500 and got a pistol carry permit, despite having a felony record. He was shocked to find that he still couldn't buy a gun, since he flunked the NICS background check.


Build Your Own M1A / M14 Video Series [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureIf one were to search for how to build up an AR-15, a veritable smorgasbord of options would present themselves after a search. Almost all the noted YouTube personalities have a how-to video. From there, there is literally thousands of others ready to assist the burgeoning smithie on their quest for Armalite Rifle nirvana. However, […]

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RIA: Saxon Double Barreled Wheel Lock [Forgotten Weapons]

Wheel locks are one of the less common types of early firearm ignition systems, as the were much more expensive as the contemporary flintlocks. The wheel lock had a major advantage in reliability, though. Many surviving wheel locks are quite ornate guns, as they were valuable enough to be kept away from much field use and thus preserved. This example is a double-barreled and highly decorated piece with independent locks for each barrel.


Tennessee: House to Vote on Higher Ed Self-Defense Legislation TODAY [NRA-ILA News]

TODAY, the Tennessee House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on House Bill 1736 and your state Representative needs to hear from you!


Customized Gun Name Plaques Available on Amazon [The Firearm Blog]

91o7UavXHGL._SL1500_Its known to readers that I lament the bevvy of chitzy items that follow a firearms related theme. However, I am going to suspend this predilection to complain as the base threshold only goes lower and lower. In fact, going with the adage “If you can’t beat them, join them” I am now going to […]

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Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun 2016 [The Firearm Blog]

My squad. Complete with some notable characters...I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun, in its 20th year, from Russell Phagen at KE Arms. I got to run the match with staff and other media the two days preceding the full competition. It was a little more relaxed of an experience and we ran through […]

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Sipsey Street is now on Facebook! [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Even Uncle Joe thinks it's a a Big F'ing Deal!

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Have Mud Tests Gone Too Far? InRange Defiles a P.08 Luger [The Firearm Blog]

yqQhoHHThe P.08 Luger is hands down one of the most well-recognized and distinctive firearms in the world. It’s distinctive profile, timeless legacy as one of the first truly successful semiautomatics, and intriguing reputation as the weapon of choice for both Imperial and Nazi German officers in the 20th Century make it one of the very […]

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Stealth Division: A New Way to Run 3-Gun [The Firearm Blog]

IMGP1425Do we really need a new division in 3-Gun? As you can imagine, there are arguments on both sides of the position. I have not been doing 3-Gun that long relatively (and honestly am not that good at the competition aspect). I have a shotgun with a front fiber post, a pistol with iron sights, […]

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Tuesday, 19 April


Camp Shoes and Mocs [AllOutdoor.com]

Never underestimate the value of comfortable camp shoes and slippers. Whether you are a prepper, survivalist, hunter, angler, camper or general outdoor enthusiast, little can replace the value of a good pair of light shoes after work or a hard day in the field.

Usually within minutes of returning to our bug out escape SHTF camp which also serves as our deer camp or even when getting home from work each day, I pull off my boots or street shoes in favor of my L.L. Beam leather moccasin slippers with the fleece lining. Immediately the relaxation mode begins. It is amazing what effect a simple change of shoes can mean to tired feet.

The same goes for walk around the house, yard, or camp shoes after the heavy work or hunting boots come off. If it is true that a hat is an essential tool for keeping the entire body warm, then I propose that a pair of really comfy camp shoes or slippers contributes greatly to overall foot comfort.

The brand of kick around slippers does not really matter so much so long as they fit right with enough room for the foot and toes to wiggle and breathe. I favor the L.L. Bean slippers because the upper leather never wears out and the gum rubber type bottoms last me about two years wearing inside and out. I keep two pairs for back up rotation as they wear out and go on sale.
For heavier everyday camp wear I use two types of shoes. One is the Muck Boot low cut shoe model with the soft elastic upper rim that fits around the ankles. These shoes have a gripping sole that is great for slick mud, wet conditions, or even mud puddles after a rain blows through.

The other general purpose camp shoe I find comfortable and reliable is the slip on shoe by Bass Pro Shops. These shoes have the camouflage nylon upper material sewn onto a mid-soft sole with an aggressive tread pattern. These shoes are easy and quick off and on to retrieve the mail, walk the dog around the yard, or general light work around camp.

Outdoor activities can be rough on feet. After a long day of hunting, hiking, or surviving, it just feels good to put on a nice pair of warm slippers to ease the burdens of the day.

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PDW-Personal Defense Weapons [AllOutdoor.com]

Without trying to be too obvious to be cute, there are basically three classifications of personal defense weapons that are firearms. We’re not talking here about alternative weapons, which will come later. So, for now, forget the axes, hammers, sharpened stick poles (ala Walking Dead), machetes, and other tools useful for personal defense. For now, we’re talking guns, personal guns, real personal.

In terms of general characteristics, personal defense weapons (PDWs) have to be light enough and agile enough to handle in a wide variety of circumstances, yet pack sufficient power to deter, defer, or destroy the adversary. Universally, that leaves out a lot of guns and calibers.

On my list to skip would be derringers, tiny revolvers, and same for semi-autos. Then it becomes a matter of calibers or cartridges to leave behind for fun plinking and recreational shooting. So, forget the .22LR (yeah, I know), the .25ACP, the 32s, and the old .38s, though the .38 Special is still quite useful. On the other end of the rainbow, the .460 and .500 Smith are cool for “elephant” hunting, but are hardly a good choice for personal defense.

Thus, narrow the field to the .38 Special, .380 ACP, 9mm and the .45 ACP. And the .40 if you have to have it. Other revolver options if you can handle them include the .357, .41, and .44 Magnums. The .357 and .44s can also use the .38 Specials and .44 Specials.

Rifle wise, stick with a cartridge easy to shoot, and in ample supply to buy. Deer rifles aside, this usually means a semi-auto Modern Sporting Rifle such as an AR-15, AK-47, or a step up to a FN-FAL or clone, and HK91, MIA, M1 Garand and like weapons. The two top cartridges are the .223/5.56 and the .308, but also the 7.62×39 for the AKs.

For shotguns, the top tier is the 12 gauge, pump or semi-auto. Some like the lighter recoiling 20 gauge especially the women. Forget the 16-28-410. Get a basic shotgun with optional screw in chokes. If you can handle the 3-inch shells, go for it. Have some slugs available for heavy duty work.

Whatever handgun, rifle and/or shotgun you buy for personal defense, be sure to learn its function and practice with it as much as possible. This builds confidence which yields positive, effective results.

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The Ideal Turkey Gun [AllOutdoor.com]

Ideal is indeed a relative thing. What one turkey hunter thinks is a great gobbler getter gun causes another hunter to turn up his nose. All I know is what works time and time again, seems to have been a good choice. Here are my recommendations.

Now, I know full well a wild turkey gobbler can be killed with a .410 gauge shotgun at ten feet maybe, but I would not want to rely on it. Many seasoned hunters now have also opted for the 20 gauge to add a little spice to the challenge. Again, there are some drop dead turkey getting 20 gauge shotguns out there, but the trick is to really close the range to twenty yards or less.

Of course a turkey shotgun regardless of the gauge has to be accurate in printing a tight pattern on the target zone. Then in the final analysis it is the shot load that gets the job done. To that end, I will pick the 12-gauge shotgun, 3-inch magnum, using an extra full choke or a special full turkey choke such as Remington offers for their guns.

Immediately somebody is going to ask why not the 3.5 inch magnum? Well, have you shot one lately. I have and no thanks for that punishment. Though I am narrow minded on the subject, it is to my way of thinking that turkey hunters wanting the extra range of a 3.5 inch magnum are way too easily tempted to shoot a gobbler too far out, or they don’t have the skills and talent to call a bird up to thirty yards or so. Forty yards is my absolute maximum range.

I like the semi-auto format in a gun should I need a quick follow up shot, but never have. I use an older model 11-87 Remington called their “turkey gun.” It has a 22-inch ribbed barrel onto which I glued Tru-Glo green sights. It has the old Mossy Oak Green Leaf camo. This has been one turkey whacking machine over the years.

Again the proof is in the load. I use exclusively two loads. One is a basic Federal turkey load, 3-inch in No.5 shot, sometimes #6. These have never let a gobbler walk away. I also use a Hevi-Shot load also in No. 5 shot. An ideal turkey gun is one that shoots well, and accurately.

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NRA Mobilizes OK Members for Ballot Initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va.—  The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action is asking members and supporters in Oklahoma to contact their state senators to support House Joint Resolution 1009. Tomorrow, the Oklahoma Senate is scheduled to consider HJR 1009, a resolution that would lead to a statewide ballot initiative aimed at making a critical improvement to the current Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment in the Oklahoma constitution.


Hawaii: Anti-Gun Bill Scheduled for Conference Committee Hearing Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, April 20, Senate Bill 2954 has been scheduled for a conference committee meeting at 9:00am.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact the members of the conference committee in opposition to this misguided bill!


Great Read from Kit Perez- " What to Do if You Have Nothing to Hide" [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Kit and others have pushed me to include more net security in what we do here at Sipsey Street.  It is a process but every little bit helps.  Kit is former Air Force, (but we don't hold grudges) with a BA in Counterintelligence and is currently finishing a thesis for a Master's in Criminal Intel.  She has more than a few things to say about keeping your digital house clean.  I guarantee a visit to Order of the White Rose will not be misspent time.
An excerpt: "... if you’re of the absolute belief that you have nothing to hide, that everything you do is just fine with the government, then you have a moral obligation to use that position to help the rest. You of all people should be providing cover, using the means available to help those who are being persecuted and targeted."


Oklahoma: Your Help Needed - Pro-Gun Bills Moving in Legislature [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, the Oklahoma Senate is scheduled to consider House Joint Resolution 1009 and your state Senator needs to hear from you.


North Carolina: Kure Beach Town Council to Discuss Attack on Your Second Amendment Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Tonight, at 6:30pm, the Kure Beach Town Council is scheduled to discuss "guns in or on town property" during the regularly scheduled monthly meeting.


M1917 Run and Gun (The ‘Merican Enfield) [The Firearm Blog]

By popular request, in the episode of TFBTV we rounded up an M1917 rifle made by Winchester and took it to the run and gun course. These are Mauser derived rifles with wonderful sights that cock on close and are a true joy to shoot. But, how will it perform? Transcript … – [Voiceover] Hey […]

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Top 4 Ballistics Myths Most People Believe [The Firearm Blog]

0831150951c22I don’t consider myself more than a hobbyist when it comes to ammunition – I reload a little, play around in SolidWorks a bit, and read dry, dusty tomes full of other people’s hard work collating every minute detail about ammunition. I’m, frankly, an ammo nerd, but not really a true expert. Once I began writing, […]

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Tennessee: House to Vote on Higher Ed Self-Defense Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, the Tennessee House of Representatives is scheduled to vote on House Bill 1736 and your state Representative needs to hear from you!


New Schmidt & Bender Polar T96 Scopes [The Firearm Blog]

Polar T96Schmidt & Bender announced several new optics products at the recent SHOT Show such as the PMII 3-27×56 High Power Digital BT scope reviewed by Aaron. The company also introduced a pair of new rifle scopes in the Polar T96 line. 3-12×54 Polar T96 Schmidt & Bender bills the Polar T96 as “the brightest scope […]

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Survivor Grips for 1911 [The Firearm Blog]

survivor gripsOriskany Arms sells a 1911 pistol that is equipped with basic wilderness survival gear built into the grips. Now, the company offers the grips as a stand alone product for purchase. This would allow any 1911 owner to convert their pistol into a “survival” gun. The grips install normally on standard 1911 pistols. Inside each […]

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POTD: AMD-65 Parts Kit [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_20140102_220451Thanks to Jeremy of Minnesota for sharing this picture with us. This was my first AKM build from a parts kit. I was drawn to the AMD-65 because of the muzzle break and that it was distinctly different than other models. I started the project knowing enough to be dangerous and learned a lot in […]

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80 Year Old Man Defends Himself Against Three Home Invaders [AllOutdoor.com]

I don’t write about every defensive gun use anywhere because there are other sites that cover those incidents extensively and because that’s not really the focus of this site. However, a recent self defense shooting by an 80 year old man facing three home intruders in Fairmont West Virginia deserves a look for the lessons that can be learned.

According to a post on the Fairmont Police Department, W. Va. Facebook page:

“The 80 year old robbery victim stated that he had heard someone come to his door late at night and concealed a pistol on his person before going to see who it was. A young female was there telling him that she needed to use his phone for an emergency. He allowed her to come in and she was immediately followed in by two white males dressed in dark clothes who threatened the resident with what appeared to be a handgun. As the two men were demanding items from the victim, he produced his firearm and discharged it at his alleged assailants. At least three of his fired projectiles found their marks. ”

A few interesting points:

The old “Can I use your phone?” trick to gain entry to the house is still being used. In this day where everyone has a phone there’s no reason to fall for that. If you really believe they don’t have a phone, offer to make the call for them, but there is no reason to open the door.

Note they used a young woman to gain sympathy and get access to the house followed by the two young male attackers. Just because it’s a woman at your door doesn’t mean she’s not alone, or capable of violence herself.

This case is another example of how there are often multiple attackers in home invasions. This shows the usefulness of high capacity magazines for home defense. Since size and weight are not as much of a concern for a home defense gun as they are for a concealed pistol there are advantages to larger guns that hold more ammunition. A five or six-shot revolver or a small pocket pistol may not be enough.

Answer the door with a gun, especially after dark. The article says the homeowner “concealed a pistol on his person” before answering the door. Whether it was holstered or just stuck in a waistband under his shirt doesn’t matter here. If he hadn’t answered the door with a firearm he likely would have been overcome by the two younger, and stronger, male attackers before he could access any other guns in the home.

In the end, one of the attacking men was killed with wounds to the “head/neck,” the second was wounded in the “lower torso,” and the female fled unharmed before the shooting and was later caught. Note that both of the men shot ran away after being hit. One died in the roadway and the other was captured across the street. This appears to be a common reaction, although not one you can count one. In this case the attackers were armed with a BB gun but if they had a real gun they may have attempted to shoot back instead of just running.

The police also reported that both male attackers were on probation for “prior felonies” and that they are now being suspected of committing other recent crimes in the area.

From the Facebook post: “Thus far, from the facts and statements obtained, it appears the homeowner had reason to believe that his use of force was necessary to defend himself against a perceived imminent use of unlawful deadly force. He came out of this incident uninjured.”

Kudos to the unnamed 80 year old for defending himself. Without a firearm, a plan, and his willingness to use it, his odds against three younger, stronger, opponents would not have been good.

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Moscow Police display confiscated small arms [The Firearm Blog]

a2-moscow-confiscated-guns-600-0The Moscow Police Force has put on a display that has been hitting the internet recently, specifically with this excellent collection of photos on The Chive, a website I still have no clear idea about the purpose of despite being aware of them five years ago. The collection is situated in a room, somewhere in […]

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Gun industry surge adds tens of thousands of jobs [NRA-ILA News]

An unprecedented surge in gun sales created tens of thousands of jobs last year.The gun industry added 24,763 jobs in 2015 for a nationwide total of 287,986, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation.


Feds charge man with bribing NYPD staff to get gun licenses [NRA-ILA News]

A member of a neighborhood patrol described by a prosecutor as an “arms dealer” was charged Monday with bribery and conspiracy, accused of bragging in a wiretapped conversation that he used connections in the New York Police Department to get over 150 gun licenses for people without required background checks.


NYPD bribes for pistol permits [NRA-ILA News]

NYPD cops pocketed cash bribes to “expedite” pistol permits for members of the Orthodox Jewish community — and a Boro Park Shomrim patrol leader offered another officer a near $1 million payday to keep the scheme going, the feds charged Monday.


Overshooting the medical mission [NRA-ILA News]

Owning a firearm is a personal choice and right afforded to us by the Second Amendment, not a symptom of a disease.


Alaska: Concealed carry on campus won't trigger Wild West, will make university safer [NRA-ILA News]

Often, opponents to campus-carry legislation cite fears of “Wild West” scenarios as the reason behind their opposition. This is what billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s out-of-state front group, Moms Demand Action, would have you believe – that mixing young adults with firearms will end in lives lost. They’ve come into Alaska and tried to mislead the public about SB 174, but there are no facts to back up their allegation.


Seeking A Warmer Welcome, Gun Factory Moves Down South [NRA-ILA News]

The Italian gun maker says it's being driven out of its longtime U.S. home on the outskirts of Washington, D.C. The political culture there has grown hostile to guns and to the people who make them, the company says.


Texas Tech regents OK campus carry policy [NRA-ILA News]

The Texas Tech University System Board of Regents gave the go ahead to campus carry on Tech system campuses after the chancellor briefed them on the operating policy set to go into effect this summer.


Rifle Dynamics X Sharps Bros. Collaborative AK Receiver [The Firearm Blog]

13035605_689737708819_153780138_oJim Grant is at Rifle Dynamics and got to check out their AK DMR. The receiver is milled steel and has an integrated M4 buffer tube adapter in the rear of the receiver. In the photo of Jim Fuller above he is holding a Sharps Bros MB47 carbine built by Rifle Dynamics. It’s rocking a […]

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Resilience [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Today is the two-hundred-forty-first anniversary of General Gage's attempt at gun control that sparked a revolution. It is also a story of resilience and courage at the beginning of this nation.

Capt. John Parker had lost eight men killed and ten wounded to British Regulars on Lexington Green early on the morning of April 19th. Parker, a veteran of the Battles of Quebec and Louisburg during the French and Indian War, was also dying from tuberculosis and would succumb to it five months later at the age of 46.

One might have thought that Capt. Parker having just lost about a quarter of his militia company and dying from consumption would have retired home to lick his wounds. However, Parker showed a resilience that became a hallmark of the American colonists over the next eight years as they fought for their independence from Great Britain.

In what became to be known as "Parker's Revenge", he reorganized his men on a hillside overlooking a curve in the road between Lincoln and Lexington. There he and his men, many of whom were wounded, awaited the return of the British soldiers from Concord. The hillside was reported to be dense with brush and strewn with boulders behind which the militia obtained cover.

When Parker's men sprung their ambush, this time it was the British who paid the heavier price.
Parker waited until the regulars were directly in front his men, then opened fire with a volley that wounded Colonel Smith in the thigh and knocked him from his saddle. The front of the column stopped briefly under the fire, which was the worst possible reaction. As the rear of the column packed into its front, Major Pitcairn galloped up to get the regulars moving again. With Smith wounded, Pitcairn assumed active command of the column and sent troops up the hill to drive the Lexington militia away. The regulars succeeded, but this took time and allowed other militia and minute companies to get ahead of the column again and continue the ring of fire. The provincials were able to ambush the regulars again just a few hundred yards down the road.
Militiaman Jedediah Munroe, who had been wounded earlier in the day at Lexington Green, died in the ambush as did several British soldiers.

The site of Parker's Revenge has been the subject of recent archaeological studies as well as National Park Service research. One of the findings is that the two opposing sides were within 80 yards of one another.

The lessons from Parker's Revenge are obvious. We need to be resilient in the face of challenges from forces that on the face of it are stronger. Put in the context of gun rights, we face an enemy that is better funded due to Michael Bloomberg, that has a fawning and compliant mainstream media behind it, and that has the weight of many politicians behind it. We may lose a number of battles but, if we stay resilient, we will maintain and (hopefully) broaden our God-given rights.


RIA: Thompson Model 1923 Autorifle [Forgotten Weapons]

One of the very early entrants into the United States Ordnance Department’s semiauto rifle trials was the Auto-Ordnance Company, makers of the Thompson submachine gun. For the rifle trials, they designed a .30-06 rifle using the same Blish-locking principle as had been applied to the SMG. Since the Blish principle doesn’t actually work, this resulted in what was actually a delayed-blowback action which extracted at very high pressure.

The Thompson Autorifle, as it was called, used a very coarse screw to delay the bolt opening, and required oiled felt pads in the magazine to lubricate the cartridges as they fed. It was a particularly long and unwieldy rifle as a result of it’s unusually long receiver, and is known today for having ejection so forceful that it could actually stick cases into wooden planks placed close to the shooter. Needless to say, it did not fare very well in trials and was dropped from consideration not long after this, the Model 1923.


Armed Resident Restrains Home Invasion Suspect [NRA-ILA News]

Upon hearing a disturbance and checking home surveillance cameras, a Glendale resident spotted a burglary suspect in the act. The resident confronted the suspect with his firearm, and restrained the individual with zip ties until law enforcement arrived.


The CZ Model S Early Selfloading Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

BCX301-R-F4-LWell, it’s no secret that I am a sucker for early selfloading rifles. The sheer number of ideas that were being explored in the early decades when these rifles were undergoing military trials creates a fascinating body of work for us gun nerds in the modern day to study. One area that doesn’t get enough […]

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Happy Patriots Day [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I would like to take the opportunity on this auspicious day to thank everyone for their support they have given me in the past few days.  I could not begin to appropriately express my gratitude for the incredible outpouring of support that I have received since the "Change of Command" post.  It has been both overwhelming and humbling.  I feel the weight more than ever to continue to support this community by producing quality content. 
I have always seen this blog as a platform to better inform and educate, and by extension make better people.  To that end, I would love to hear what you would like to see in the blog and how I can better serve this community.


Hi-Point Warranty: Trial By Fire [The Firearm Blog]

Hi-PointIf you want to start an endless conversation, ask some friends: “What’s the most reliable gun on the market?” Your Glock buddy will chime in, your 1911 fanatic won’t stop talking, and your odd-ball, range buddy will yell about his Hi-Point. So how about them Hi-Point pistols?… People always have a lot to say about […]

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Tacticool Tuesday: How I learned to stop worrying and love my inner Geardo [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

I am an unabashed geardo.  Gear queer, gear whore, gear nerd, whatever you want to call it.  I wear that moniker like a badge.  I get my hands on a quality 500 Cordura with triple stitching and a clever mounting attachment and suddenly I am 8 years old with a mail in only limited edition Star Wars figure.  It makes me smile every time.  I wear quality gear because I know that good gear does not grant magical powers of strength or speed.  It will not make you fake it until you make it.  It is not a replacement for real, honest-to-God training.  It should be common knowledge that you generally get the results from the quality of what you pay for.  Sadly, I see a trend on certain forums that gear made for the airsoft/cosplay community is perfectly acceptable.   Or that you can take on the entire Chinese army and bring down large game with the .22 Marlin you bring out a couple of times a year for squirrels.  I am sure you have seen it.   Just like any other idea that people become completely invested in, telling folks anything different will likely crush their world.  I do not want to be the guy to curse that darkness.  For public record, please allow me to light a candle instead.

TheSorry, Bruh. I can’t hear you over how awesome this Rothco Ninja SWAT vest makes my butt look.”  Guy
From what I have seen, the people that extol the virtues of substandard gear are never people who have had to trust their lives to the equipment.  Curious, that.   This mindset is generally from people that are too ignorant of the harsh environment of what they are training for to know that the UTG vest with the cool cross draw holder will absolutely let them down.  Notice my word of ignorant and not stupid.  These are not stupid people but simply people who do not understand how hard you have to be on certain equipment.  Without a frame of reference brought on by experience (either through training or other life experience), they have lulled themselves into a false sense of security that just because they have SOMETHING that something is somehow enough.  It is a similar mentality from the person who takes their Mosin/M4gery/whatever out of the box once and thinks they have this whole defense thing in the bag. 
Cool guy widgets of whatever stripe are awesome if you have the money.  I do not put things like weapon mounted lights on weapons or helmet mounted night vision in the category of superfluous impedimenta.  Things that give you a huge margin of difference between people that do not have them are generally worth every damn penny.  Most things can be bought on secondary markets like Facebook private selling groups or internet auction sites for fractions of what they cost new.  Never pay full price for anything.  Peer reviews are a great way to filter out the garbage as is asking the question “why do I want this and do I really need it”.  Leave vanity for date night.

The “But the guy on the internet said I could take down a deer with this 10-22.” Guy
Deliberately not having enough or the correct equipment for a task is misconception can easily be remedied by the simple equation of having the right tool for the right job.  Can you take down a deer through the eye at 50 feet with an air rifle?  How should I know because I would never be crazy enough to trust my future food supply to a one-in-a-million shot?  Living things do not sit perfectly still generally.   Fun fact for those that doubt it, people move around a lot too if they know they are in danger.  Can you face a mutant biker gang with a HiPoint?  I suppose, but why would you want to?  This argument most always boils down to available cash.  I get it.  As a guy who has had a family and lived off of an Enlisted mans salary for pretty much his entire adult life, I really do get it.  Just like everything else in life, it all comes down to how much you want it. If you have the money to spend on takeout pizza but not enough to save up for something that will actually keep you and your family and your friends safe, I would ask that you think about the quality of life you and yours will have when the S hits the F and it really matters.  You are a leader to someone, whether you know it or not.  Don’t let them down with a false sense of security that you have enough gun.  And again, don’t pay full price for anything.

The “I have played play Call of Duty a lot for like, 10 years man, so that pretty much makes me a Spetznaz Super Sniper God. Or something.” Guy
Playing video games does not approximate any type of training. Ever. It may be good to give you ideas on how to clear a building or defend a compound.   Humans are a pretty crafty bunch when they really are trying to kill each other.  It is scary as shit to actively have people who want to kill you.   On that same note, In the past few years, the Army has had to initiate a service wide physical training program to assist Millennials in building up their atrophied bone structure because they were having too many hip and leg injuries.  Get off the couch.  That thing will get you killed quick.
Poor training habits, however frequent, is also a recipe for failure.  If you are using a computer you have probably seen by now videos from opportunists that try and capitalize on new shooters that want to train by are too ignorant to know what right training looks like. By providing newcomers with substandard to criminally dangerous training, they are building habits that are very difficult to fix assuming there is retaining.  We know who these people are and the community has been pretty good about giving them the derision that they deserve.  Good training is a lifelong event so get out when you can and do quality training from vetted trainers.  The best martial artists of whatever stripe out there, whether it is 3 gun, cowboy action shooting, precision rifle, or Greco-boxing-Krav-Ju-Sumo-whatever, are doing nothing but the fundamentals.  If you spend time to perfect the fundamentals you become both quicker and more accurate.  There will be time enough to learn the difference between the Judy Chop and the Ninjy Chop when the fundamentals are mastered.
When a carpenter reaches for his hammer, he knows that it is going to do what it needs to do. He is trained on it and knows its limitations.  It is not to be used for as task when a saw would do.  You do not expect the hammer to drive in a screw.  A hammer does the task of pounding flat objects.  If we all understand this then why is there always a clamor to use an inferior product in an inappropriate way for tasks whose failure would be life altering and expect anything other than failure? 
Get good gear. Get it out of the packaging.  Get trained on that gear.  Repeat as often as you still draw breath.


Bump Firing A SCAR16S [The Firearm Blog]

SCAR 16 bumpFourGuysGuns take a Suppressed SBR SCAR16S and bump fire it with a Magpul D60 drum mag feeding it. It is rather impressive the rate of fire they are getting out of this SCAR16S. I wonder what trigger they are running? Possibly a Geissele? I do not think you can get this rate of fire out […]

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STI Guardian 2011 [The Firearm Blog]

Guardian DSSTI International, Inc. introduced the Guardian 2011 this year. The gun takes the existing Guardian pistol from the 1911 platform and moves it to the 2011 for shooters wanting a little more ammo on tap. STI builds 1911 style handguns in two flavors: the traditional single stack models (their 1911 line) and wide body models […]

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Lack of cartridge knowledge, hilarity ensues [The Firearm Blog]

Untitled1 2Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Says has this series of text message screen shots posted up on their website between a fellow who sold another fellow an AK rifle. But this transaction takes on a whole new flavor when fellow number two, unfortunately finds out that his knowledge of basic cartridge identification, is rather lacking to […]

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Review: Kimber Custom II Night Sights 1911 [AllOutdoor.com]

I get asked the “one gun” question a lot as a gun writer, and my answer has changed over the years. Right now, I’d say that if I were forced to own just one handgun for the rest of my life, for self-defense, it would be some kind of 1911 in .45ACP. However, I will readily admit that either a GLOCK19 in 9mm or a GLOCK 23 in .40S&W are close on the heels of my all-time favorite handgun, the 1911. And, to narrow it down, I’d pick a 1911 in the Commander size — something with a 4″ or 4.15″ barrel length — they just seem to balance better in my hand, and are quicker on-target, too.

This article will cover the Kimber Custom II night sight 1911 in .45ACP — one of my personal 1911s. Sadly, Kimber is no longer offering the Custom II with night sights as a regularly cataloged item. However, you can order a Kimber that way — with the night sights, or purchase night sights and have them installed on the Kimber.

Fit, Finish, and Features

A quick look at the Kimber Custom II is in order. It is chambered in .45ACP and has a 5″ match-grade stainless steel barrel, and weighs 38-oz empty — about average for most full-sized 1911s. Magazine capacity is 7 rounds, and Kimber only provides one magazine with their guns — shame on them!

There is also a full-length guide rod — I can take or leave ’em any more.

The frame and slide are made out of carbon steel with a matte black finish. There are cocking serrations on the side of the slide — front and back, nice touch.

The aluminum match grade trigger is set to release at between 4-5 lbs — and that’s about right for a gun carried for self-defense. You don’t want a trigger pull too light on a carry gun.

There is also an extended combat thumb safety and an ever so slightly extended slide release.

The grip safety doesn’t have the typical”bump” like many 1911s have. Instead, it tapers thicker towards the bottom of the beaver-tail grip safety. I prefer the “bump” myself.

We also have a pair of checkered black rubber grips — and I think Kimber can do better — how about a nice pair of checkered walnut grips on such a nice gun? I installed a pair of VZ”Gator-Back” grips on my Kimber sample.

Seeing as how the front strap on the Custom II night sight version is smoother (not checkered) I put some skateboard friction tape on it — it’s an excellent fix if you don’t like smooth front straps, which I don’t. Skateboard friction tape is cheap — about a buck and a half for a foot of it — and it easily lasts a year or longer and is easy to replace when needed. It’s an outstanding fix to a smooth front strap.

Besides replacing the rubber grips and adding the skate board friction tape to the front strap, the only other change I made was to replace the 16-lbs factory recoil spring with a heavier 18.5-lbs variable power recoil spring from Wolff — I shoot a lot of +P loads in my 1911s, and it’s wise to install a heavier recoil spring to prevent the frame from getting battered or even cracked.

Trigger pull on my Custom II night sight 1911 was right at 4.25-lbs, with just a hint of creep before letting off, so I didn’t do anything to the trigger pull. Many 1911s that come into my hands have horrible trigger pulls, and I work them over until they are to my satisfaction. For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved working on 1911s, and I took armorer’s training in the military and learned the ins and outs of this grand design. I rarely carry and use a factory stock 1911 — I always seem to find something I want to change or improve on — and I just enjoy working on 1911s — period!

My Kimber Custom II night sight sample just perks along, no matter what ammo I put through it. I’ve tried to intentionally make it malfunction, all to no avail. Everything is timed just perfectly on this gun. Some 1911s are a bit picky about the types of ammo they will take — some don’t like certain types of JHP ammo, or lead or cast bullets, but my Kimber eats everything I feed it. I’ve used a variety of 7 and 8 round magazines in my Kimber, and the gun functions fine with any brand I tried.

Accuracy Testing

I had quite a selection of .45ACP ammo on hand from Black HillsAmmunition and Buffalo Bore Ammunition for testing for this article. From Black Hills, I had their outstanding 230-gr FMJ fodder, as well as their 230-gr JHP and 185-gr JHP loads. From Buffalo Bore, I had their 160-gr all-copper hollow point TAC-XP low-recoil load, and the same in +P, 185-gr FMJ-FN low-recoil load, 230-gr FMJ-FN +P and their 200-gr JGP +P load — again, my Kimber had no problems with any of this ammo — even the low-recoil loads from Buffalo Bore worked fine — even though I installed a heavier recoil spring.

All accuracy testing was done at 25-yds,resting the gun on a sleeping bag over the hood of my SUV. All loads shot 3.5″ or less, and there were some loads more accurate than others. The winner was the Black Hills 230-gr JHP — and it came in right at 2″ if I did my part, close on the heels of this load was the Black Hills 230-gr FMJ, which has always been a fine performer. Also, closing in on the best accuracy for the day was the Buffalo Bore 160-gr all-copper hollow point TAC-XP low-recoil load.

I don’t believe there is any one bullet shape or design in .45ACP that is suitable for all types of shooting. If I were out hiking on the logging roads out just out camping in the mountains, I’d elect to stoke my Kimber CustomII night sight sample with the Buffalo Bore 230-gr FMJ-FN load +P — this would sure be a great round to discourage a black bear from putting me on the lunch menu. This round will penetrate deeply, and that’s what you need against big game like that. Out on the mean streets of a big city, I might opt for Black Hills 185-gr JHP or even their 230-gr JHP. Keeping a 1911 loaded around the house for self-defense, I might go with the Buffalo Bore160-gr TAC-XP low-recoil load. If I lived in a big city where an errant round might go through sheet rock, then this round would be a bit “safer” in that respect — it wouldn’t penetrate as deeply and travel through three apartments.

The 1911 wouldn’t be my first choice for hunting small or medium sized game. However, these days we have quite a selection of loads to handle different situations. Needless to say, the .45ACP is a proven man stopper so long as you make good hits. And, with heavier bullets, like the BuffaloBore 230-gr FMJ-FN +P load, it would take care of black bears — where deep penetration is called for.

I guess the “problem” today is, trying to pick which .45ACP ammo you want to carry in your gun, and for what ever problems that you might have to resolve with a .45ACP round.

Choices are a good thing, and there are some great choices in a 1911, and you have many, many choices into which type of .45ACP ammo you want to load in your1911 — it’s like a knife, no one knife can be expected to do all chores. And, so it is with a 1911 in .45ACP — no one bullet type will do everything you ask of it. So load your 1911 according to the threats you might face — in the big city or in the boonies.


Many years ago, when you purchased a 1911 — any 1911 — you usually sent it off to the gunsmith to have it customized the way you wanted it. Kimber came on the scene and started a frenzy, because their guns were “custom” from the factory — they came with all the bells and whistles you needed and none you didn’t need. Everyone had to jump on the bandwagon and start offering “custom” factory guns at reasonable prices or get left in the dust.

Kimber has a 1911 to suit just about any taste — from their full-sized Custom II models, down to the very compact models, as well as target models and everything in between. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can place an order at the Kimber factory or through one of their many deals, and have a Kimber made exactly the way you want it.

So, in the end, I guess the answer to the age old question “what is your favorite gun” — I’d have to say a 1911 of some type — loaded with the right ammo, for the job at hand, for self-defense. I honestly can’t think of any other gun design that is as popular as the grand old 1911 is, and with today’s modern advancements in bullet designs, its just hard to beat the 1911 if that is to be your one and only gun.

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West Bengal, India: Starting a Large Truck With a Rope (Video) [AllOutdoor.com]

A heavy-duty truck has one side of the drive axle jacked up, and there’s a short length of rope tied through a hole in the wheel and around the tire.

Whatever could that be for?

Watch and learn, my friends. Watch and learn.

The wheel keeps spinning afterward… I wonder if the transmission has a neutral position. If not, I’m not volunteering to crawl under there to remove that jack.

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2016 Florida Bear Hunt in the Works [AllOutdoor.com]

It appears as if the trend towards actually managing Florida’s exploding bear population may well continue in 2016, with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) reportedly working at setting up another black bear hunt after the success of the 2015 hunt, which ran for just two days — one day in many areas — and allowed hunters to take 304 bears.

The proposed harvest goal of 320 was based on decades-old data which claimed the entire Florida bear population was a mere 3,000. Newer numbers claim 4,350 adult bears in the state, a number which I still feel is far below reality.

In that first Florida bear hunt in more than two decades, I was fortunate enough to take my first-ever black bear, and it was an experience I’m not likely to forget. The meat continues to provide me with good eating, too. Perhaps best of all, I was able to help in a small way to stem the expansion of the bear population in Florida, which has grown so large that bears often literally harass suburban folks in their own back yards.

As my fellow AllOutdoor writer Bob McNally said one year ago, “There are plenty of burly bruins in Florida’s tangled woods.” And that’s just as true today as it was before last year’s hunt.

Another bear hunt can only help things, in my opinion.

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Handi-Racker 2: Helping You Rack That Pistol Slide [AllOutdoor.com]

Racking a pistol slide. It’s not that hard — usually. But sometimes it can be a real hassle. Hands may be wet with sweat, the slide may be pretty small and not well-textured, or maybe other factors come into play. For instance, I have an uncle who lost a thumb years ago, and that makes things tough. Fact is, there are many impediments that might prevent someone from being able to really grip a pistol slide.

That’s where the Handi-Racker comes in. It’s essentially a plastic block with a groove, which fits over the front of a pistol slide and allows you to push against any hard surface (such as a wall, table, shooting bench, or counter) to shove that slide back.

It probably takes some practice to get used to it, and doing it quickly enough to allow the slide to snap forward to chamber a round might be tricky, but it certainly appears to be handy and helpful.

Early versions only worked with one size or type of pistol — and the Beretta-style model for 92s etc with exposed barrels is still that way — but the Handi-Racker 2 comes in just two models, and each model will accomodate two sizes of slides.

Handi-Racker 2 for large & medium pistols.

Handi-Racker 2 for large & medium pistols.

Pistol jam? When the slide doesn’t want to move rearward due to a jam, you can place the Handi-Racker on the slide and, in the words of the inventor, beat it against a hard object to force the slide back.

Handi-Racker 2 for smaller pistols. The front sight goes in that slot.

Handi-Racker 2 for smaller pistols. The front sight goes in that slot.

They say it’s safe, durable, non-marring, simple, and made in the USA. I like all of those things!

Pretty cool.

It looks pretty handy for gun shop owners, too – see the video below for details on that.

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Ammo Jewelry: Case Heads, Paracord, and Silver. [AllOutdoor.com]

Ammo jewelry. It can be pretty cool, even for those of us who usually go unadorned. Here are a few selections that I recently ran across and thought y’all would enjoy.

Ammo Wear has a lot of jewelry that looks pretty good, and they have an unconditional guarantee.

Case head stud earrings, available in different cartridges with your birthstone. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Case head stud earrings, available in different cartridges with your birthstone. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Case head tie tack, choose from 10 different cartridges in brass or nickel. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Case head tie tack, choose from 10 different cartridges in brass or nickel. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Sterling silver flower pendant, 38 Spec/357 mag/40 S&W, choose your birthstone. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

Sterling silver flower pendant, 38 Spec/357 mag/40 S&W, choose your birthstone. (Photo: Ammo Wear)

High Caliber Creations offers a variety of stuff, including many items made with paracord.

Paracord bracelet with three case heads (9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP) available in various colors. (Photo: High Caliber Creations)

Paracord bracelet with three case heads (9mm, 40 S&W, or 45 ACP) available in various colors. (Photo: High Caliber Creations)

Danging earrings made with 38 special case heads. (Photo: High Caliber Creations)

Danging earrings made with 38 special case heads. (Photo: High Caliber Creations)

Then there’s Ballistic Creations, which seems to be written by someone who knows diddly-squat ammo. Case heads are called “bullet heads” or “bullet case heads,” which gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies because it is so, so wrong. But they have some good-looking stuff.

Barefoot sandals with 9mm cartridge case heads. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

Barefoot sandals with 9mm cartridge case heads. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

Handcuff key necklace and tie tack. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

Handcuff key necklace and tie tack. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

Men's stainless steel ring with case head. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

Men’s stainless steel ring with case head. (Photo: Ballistic Creations)

These are just a few of the many kinds of ammo jewelry available these days. If you look around long enough, you’ll probably find something you can’t live without…

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NY Senate Passes Bill to Criminalize Machetes [AllOutdoor.com]

A bill to ban machetes in New York has reportedly passed the state senate, and the overwhelming 54-5 vote demonstrates the depth of ignorance of New Yorkers’ so-called representatives.

People have machetes. Working people, that is. Land surveyors, hunters, campers, homeowners, utility workers, landscapers, and many other people own and use these large knives every day.

That makes them baddies, according to the NY Senate.

The state already has an amazingly long list of bad ol’ items which it deems to be “deadly weapons,” which is used to harass, jail, and fine citizens under the guise of providing safety. This bill will add the machete to that ever-growing list that already includes things like switchblade or gravity knives, brass (or plastic) knuckles, billy clubs, and blackjacks.

Allowing police to impose fines and/or jail time on folks for having machetes is a huge mistake and a terrible blow against individual freedom – but that’s how they roll, I guess.

Here’s hoping the state Assembly has more sense than the Senate, as their version will be up for a vote next.

What’s next? Will they dream up a licensing scheme to force landscapers, campers, and other outdoors enthusiasts to bribe the state in order to own and operate a machete?


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Radioactive Pigs Thriving Near Post-Meltdown Japanese Power Plant [AllOutdoor.com]

Nothing like a little glow-in-the-dark pork to get a party started.

Well, maybe not. But how else can you lighten up a story like this one? Remember the Japanese nuclear power plant that melted down after the tsunamis a few years back? Well, it seems that wild hogs are now teeming in the tainted area around the disaster site, and containment efforts can’t keep up.

It’s been reported that the swine population has jumped from an estimated 3,000 to 13,000 – apparently with no end in sight. And in just these few years, they have done roughly “$15 million worth of damage to local agriculture.”

The porkers aren’t exactly good to eat, containing a whopping 300 times more caesium-137 than is considered to be safe.

Government has tried offering bounties to local hunters for the swine, but even after filling mass pig graves capable of holding 1,800 boars, the carcasses just keep coming and the efforts apparently aren’t stemming the growth of the hog herd.

What’s next? Well, there’s just no telling. I would think the best bet would be to contain the destructive critters by fencing them in, but with a radius of 12 miles around the power plant, the exclusion zone may just be too large for a hog-proof fence.

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Watch: Woman Fires a Shoulder-Mounted Anti-Tank Rifle [AllOutdoor.com]


This short video was posted as a teaser to a much longer and very detailed video about the German T-Gewehr bolt action WW1 anti-tank rifle. This massive shootin’ iron is fired from the shoulder, and uses a cartridge that seems to be somewhat on par with the 50 BMG.

A bolt-action single-shot, this big honking rifle was classified as 13mm, which is about .52 caliber. Weighing in at about 40 pounds and more than five and a half feet long, it’s a hefty popper when it comes to shoulder-fired guns.

Relatively scrawny by today’s “anti-tank” standards, it’s a testament to the beginnings of armored combat, when the tank was invented to break the stalemate of trench warfare and this was brought to bear against them.

Although the Tankgewehr M1918 offers no muzzle brake nor even a recoil pad, the woman firing it in the video below seems to love it. In the picture above, she’s gleefully loading a second round into the beast, after clearly savoring the experience of firing the first shot.

I’m jealous.

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South Carolina: Right-to-Carry Reform Scheduled for Second Reading Tomorrow [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill, is scheduled for second reading in the Senate.  Senator Lee Bright (R-12) has been working with NRA on this effort, and he intends to offer an amendment on the floor to improve H. 3799.  Please click the “Take Action” button below to contact your state Senator and urge them to support this amendment!


Ohio: Military Carry Permit Reform Bill Could Be Up for Committee Vote [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, April 20, the Senate Civil Justice Committee is scheduled to consider, and may vote, on Senate Bill 199, legislation which would exempt active duty members of the U.S. Armed Forces from the concealed carry permit license requirements.


Tennessee: Pro-Gun Legislation Becomes Law [NRA-ILA News]

Important pro-gun legislation was signed into law:


New Hampshire: Senate to Vote on Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Several months ago, House Bill 582 passed the New Hampshire House of Representatives and is now before the Senate for consideration.  Please contact your state Senator and politely urge them to support HB 582.


Delaware: Firearm Purchase Delay Legislation Introduced in House [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, House Bill 325 was introduced by state Representative Edward Osienski (D-24).


Well That Didn't Take Long [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

So I get back from an 18 hour day and clear the comments section out to find my first real piece of semi-hate mail.

Mr. Anonymous Special Snowflake at 12 something today wrote:

“Nothing honorable about killing people half way around the world that never did anything to us. That’s not self defense, that is murder. Furthermore, you were paid to do all of this with money that was extorted from me and my family at gun point. Adding insult to injury, you did the opposite of upholding your oath. You attacked people who never harmed you or your family, and instead let the very people that extort, kidnap, assault, and murder all of us,continue to do their evil. Not only did you not defend your oath, you actively worked against it on many different levels. I understand that you have bought the ticket and took the ride, and now you are stuck defending the jingo mantra for the rest of your life, or be subject to truth that will be embarrassing to you and hard to deal with. My advice, let the truth in and move on, continuing the good guy military role that will honor his oath is a lie. A deadly lie that not only has helped to kill millions, but to only further enslave on”

So please tell me, Mr. Anonymous how much courage it takes to regurgitate jingoistic talking points straight out of the Media Matters playbook?  Sitting and doing nothing in the face of evil, (and Iraq had some very evil men), does not make you morally superior.  I will say that I do not have to justify my existence to someone whose crowning achievement, thus far, is showing up to comment on a blog.  You may sneer at people who have done more than you ever will from the safety of your room and go tell everyone that shares your limited worldview how brave you were. But it does not make you brave.  Going somewhere far off to defend a people you will never see again just because it is the right thing to do, again and again, and again, is courageous.   Being afraid and going anyway is brave.  Shooting spitballs at better men than you whilst enjoying relative peace and prosperity is absolutely pathetic.
To be clear, I am not offended in the slightest by this comment.  I smacks of passionate naiveté and willful ignorance.  I hope that in the fullness of time when this special snowflake has seen more of the world and understands history a little better, they will remember this comment and how completely devoid of reality it is.  If not, meh, doesn’t matter.  I and my brother’s and sister’s don’t need his approval.


Alabama: Jefferson Co. Sheriff Supports Your Second Amendment Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Jefferson County Sheriff, Mike Hale, is speaking up in support of two NRA-endorsed bills in the Alabama Legislature


Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan .44 Magnum Review [The Firearm Blog]

The Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan is Ruger’s definition of a back country “pack gun” used as personal protection against bear and other large mammals and predators. It comes in .44, .45LC/.454 Casull, and .480 Ruger. As a testimony to its effectiveness, there are verified claims that the Alaskan has successfully put down large predators in […]

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Rise Armament New RA-200 Ripper AR-15 Stripped Lower Receiver [The Firearm Blog]

RISE2-Armament-Ripper-lower-receiver-2-lr-500x500TFB has covered many products made by Rise Armament from new triggers to complete rifles as well as SHOT 2016 coverage of new uppers and lowers. The newest addition to the Rise Armament lowers is the super lightweight RA-200 Ripper. The Ripper is the lightest lower available at 5.6 ounces! Now that is a lightweight […]

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California: FFL Ban to be Heard in Committee Tomorrow, April 19 [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 19, the Assembly Committee on Privacy and Consumer Protection is scheduled to hear Assembly Bill 2459.  This detrimental bill, authored by NRA-PVF “F” rated Assembly Member Kevin McCarty, would close practically every gun store in the Golden State if enacted into law. Gun control advocates have made their agenda very clear – removal of firearm availability piece by piece, until it is completely gone in California.


FORGED – A Phil Holland Film on Tony Swatton’s Damascus Gladius [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureOn occasion we are known to cross into the bladed weapons territory. Many of our beloved manufactures of firearms also offer blades of various types. Smith & Wesson is the most common, but Beretta and others have recently gotten in on the game. In fact, Smith & Wesson plans to expand into the “outdoors” market […]

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Holy $%!7 – OATH 12 Gauge TSR Slug [The Firearm Blog]

oath_TSR_expanded_measured_DSC7376web-660x441Sometimes there is no replacement for the immediate exclaiming of an expletive. Most of the time I let one fly its due to someone or something’s rampant stupidity, but on the flip side there are things that are so awesome to behold that no other set of vowels and consonants can do it justice. A […]

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Stevens Model 320 Turkey Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Turkey shotgunSavage Arms announced a new shotgun under its Stevens line. The new Model 320 is a pump action scattergun designed for turkey hunting. This field grade shotgun is similar to existing Model 320 field guns, but includes a number of options making it more suited for turkey hunting: Mossy Oak Obsession camo pattern on the […]

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Mariana Islands: Governor says new gun control law "a role model" for states [NRA-ILA News]

The administration was responding to queries regarding its position on recent reports that a legal challenge to the new law, Public law 19-42, was likely, particularly over a provision that assesses a $1,000 excise tax on pistols.


POTD: On Guard With Sig MPX [The Firearm Blog]

13001131_689708676999_814698921199861377_nJim sent this pic to us. Just check out that 1000 yard stare in that Chihuahua. The Sig MPX is a pistol with a SB Tactical brace. The MPX is sporting a Silencer Co Osprey and Streamlight as well as a Savy Sniper Sling. That feeling when your #Chihuahua is more #operator than you. #guns […]

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California: Big Anti-Gun Hearing Day in Senate Public Safety Committee On Tuesday, April 19 [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, April 19, both the Senate and Assembly Committee on Public Safety have hearings scheduled on firearm-related bills.  Please contact the Senate Committee and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 880, Senate Bill 894, Senate Bill 1006, Senate Bill 1037, Senate Bill 1407, and Senate Bill 1446.  Please contact the Assembly Committee and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE Assembly 2607 and SUPPORT Assembly Bill 2510.


Firearms Food for Thought: Steel-Cased Rounds, Yay or Nay? [The Firearm Blog]

brass22It’s a fact of firearms life: shooting is expensive. Even if you minimize as much as possible, you still need ammunition. And it rarely comes cheap. The cost of ammunition – which has risen significantly just in my own shooting career – stops many gun owners from getting much trigger time in and leads no […]

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Liquor store owner fights off robbers, WBBJ-TV, Jackson, Tenn. 04/13/16 [NRA-ILA News]

A pair of masked and armed robbers entered a liquor store in Lexington, Tenn. and attempted to rob the establishment. One of the thieves approached store owner Johnny Adams and punched him in the face. Adams responded by retrieving a pistol from under register, firing at the robber, and chasing the thieves out of the store. In an interview with a local media outlet, Lexington Police Department Capt. Jeff Middleton said of armed citizens, “If they’re in fear of death or bodily injury, they have the right to defend themselves.”

Liquor Store Owner Fights Off Robbers [NRA-ILA News]

A pair of masked and armed robbers entered a liquor store in Lexington, Tenn. and attempted to rob the establishment. One of the thieves approached store owner Johnny Adams and punched him in the face. Adams responded by retrieving a pistol from under register, firing at the robber, and chasing the thieves out of the store. In an interview with a local media outlet, Lexington Police Department Capt. Jeff Middleton said of armed citizens, “If they’re in fear of death or bodily injury, they have the right to defend themselves.”


Colorado Repealing Magazine Ban [The Firearm Blog]

ColoradoThe Colorado Senate has been busy in a good way for firearm enthusiasts. This Tuesday, April 12th Senate Bill 113 was put to a vote and passed 20-13. What SB 113 will do for Colorado residents is eliminate the 15-Round magazine capacity limit. Some of you might be familiar with this poorly-crafted law from 2013. […]

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RIA: CZ Model S Prototype (1929) [Forgotten Weapons]

This CZ Model S rifle is one of many prototypes made between the world wars in Czechoslovakia in an effort to develop a military semiautomatic rifle. Similar efforts were underway in most other countries at the same time (basically every place that had a mature arms industry), and a huge variety of ideas were tried out.

In this case, we have a gas operated, tilting bolt rifle design. It is chambered for the 8×57 Mauser cartridge, and uses a 10-round detachable magazine. This rifle has a 1929 acceptance mark, which dates it nicely for us. It was designed by a team including one of the Holek brothers, and did better than its competition in trials – but not well enough to be accepted by the Czech military or to attract any outside commercial interest. Holek would go on to design the ZH-29 rifle, and CZ would move on to a series of other designs that ultimately led to naught.


Clinton pushes gun control, slams Sanders in New York City events [NRA-ILA News]

Clinton's appeal for stronger gun laws plays well in New York, which holds its presidential primary Tuesday. But she has also touted the issue more aggressively than Democratic candidates who mostly avoided the issue in the last four presidential campaigns. Clinton herself had less to say on gun violence during her 2008 campaign.


Mississippi governor signs law allowing armed church members [NRA-ILA News]

A holstered gun sat on top of a Bible on Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant's desk Friday when he signed a law allowing guns in churches, which he said would help protect worshippers from potential attackers.


NRA and gun control group join fight over guns on University of Alaska campuses [NRA-ILA News]

A bill moving through the Legislature that would allow people to carry concealed weapons on University of Alaska campuses has drawn attention from national organizations embroiled in broader debates over gun laws.The National Rifle Association sent a lobbyist to Juneau to press lawmakers to support the bill. On the opposing side, a gun violence prevention organization founded by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Everytown for Gun Safety, has launched an online advertising blitz in Alaska.


Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Wall Street Journal ran a story this weekend entitled, "The Stigmatized Olympians". It was about the success of American shooters in the Olympics and the reluctance of some Americans to celebrate their accomplishments. American shooters have won more gold medals for the United States than in any other sport with the exceptions of swimming and track-and-field.

A good part of the story was about five time Olympic medalist Kim Rhode who is seeking to qualify for her sixth Olympics. Kim points out how the mainstream media treats competitive shooters and the shooting sports differently than other sports.

“Our sport has an unfortunate stigma attached to it,” says Rhode, a 36-year-old Southern Californian. Following December’s deadly shooting rampage in nearby San Bernardino, the media sought out comment from Rhode, who expressed sorrow for the victims and support for gun rights. Why should that crime have placed her in the spotlight? she asks: “You don’t hear them asking Nascar drivers to comment on crimes involving cars.”
Nor, I might add, do you see lawsuits brought against GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and all the other automakers when a drunk driver runs into a school bus and kills children. Contrast that with the grasping at straws lawsuit against Remington Outdoor Company brought against them for making the AR-15 stolen by the killer in Newtown.


Browning Releases All-In-One Eye/Ear Pro [The Firearm Blog]

cq5dam.web.835.835 (1)Browning has announced the release of their “Sound Shield” combination shooting glasses and ear plugs. Seeing an obvious need to help shooters like me who often forget one or the other or perhaps making it even easier for me to forget both, the Sound Shield combines a impact rated glasses with in-ear three-cup protection. The […]

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Defensive Operations in Urban Areas: What I Learned from the Surge [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The first time around in Iraq, I had the honor of serving in the 101st Airborne on the Invasion.  I would be lying if I said I do not miss the excitement that was unique to the Invasion.  Everyone I have met that went on the “run and gun” ground assault race to Baghdad, with stripped down HMMWVs, in unbreathable NBC suits, surrounded by 140 degree heat ,with very little water and no air conditioning, tends to compare every other bad event in our life to that year.  I was completely undertrained and underequipped, but I was simply too ignorant to know the difference.   That was the first time. 
On November 3rd of 2007 I happily left the oppressive heat of Kuwait and went back to Iraq for the second time.  I remember the date exact as it was the same day that I got the call on my cell phone that my second Son, Gabriel, was born.  Due to some serious differences between my boss and I about how he treated the Soldiers, I was asked to take an assignment as the Squadron’s, (it was a Cavalry, i.e. light Infantry unit) public affairs officer.  My mother was a union boss and my father was a militia leader so I guess I was just not built to shut up and mind my own lane.  The sunny side of the incident was that it gave me the freedom to step away from a life as a TOCroach or Fobbit, (to those unfamiliar with the terms please see “Bob on the Fob”) and go Soldier.  Some of what I wrote went through sites like DVIDS and can still be seen online if you Google hard enough.  But I digress.

Lesson 1: Know your neighborhood
There are three areas that you should be interested in.  The Army calls this your Areas of Responsibility (AOR).  The primary zone is your area of operations (AO).  This is your house, yard, crops, and everything that has your name on it.  Everything you can physically touch is your Area of Operation.  You have direct control of this area and it is your primary focus for most everything you do.  The second area is your area of influence (AOI).  This area is the block, neighborhood and town you operate in.  This is the area you are a stakeholder in and if something were to happen to this area, your own area of operation would likely come to harm.   I will go more in depth into the Areas of Responsibility and how it relates to planning in future Praxis posts

I told you that story to tell you this one; know who the people are in your areas.  Get a map of your town from the local visitors shop and mark out your AOR.  This is a map that everyone should be familiar with and it will help you in dealing with future contingency planning.  Topo maps are absolutely invaluable, so if you can have your area covered in 1:50,000 scale maps from USGS.gov, please do so.  It should be fairly obvious, but noteworthy none-the-less, to point out that the farther you get outside of your area of operation that the more you will have to interact with other people their own areas of operation.  What this means is that you will be dealing with individuals and groups that will have their own self-motivations and they may not be helpful to your cause.  This is no different than today but hardship tends to magnify personality issues seldom for the better.  The quicker that you can form relationships now in your area of influence is the more you can increase your effective area of influence.

Lesson 2:  Sometimes your “Friends” do stupid things.
The previous unit that occupied our AOR had to put a Stryker armored vehicle on every street corner in order to maintain order.  In order to sustain that presence, they built walled compounds around Baghdad called Joint Service Stations (JSS) to house and maintain a company of infantry.  Given the urban terrain, some were obviously better suited than others but we made do. It is easy to get things done when you don’t have a choice.  In order to get the Iraqi military and police force to do their jobs, the headquarters of the local military or police presence was co-located in the same compound.  With everyone walking around armed all the time it was relatively peaceful so long as you kept them out of your pantry and bathrooms.  Or until tragedy ensues.

Our JSS, dubbed Ghaz 1, was unique in that it had both local militia and Iraqi Army.  The militia was created by Uncle Sugar as what amounted to organized pay outs to local thugs to stop shooting at us and start shooting at the bad guys.  Sounds crazy enough to work, right?  One day, one reformed thug showed up with a bomb but ended up prematurely detonating it on himself.  The glorious moment was caught on one of our cameras and provided more entertainment then what it had a right to.  The take away is that it is impossible to see inside the hearts of the people you call you friends and associates but try to choose them wisely.  Sometimes they do stupid and self destructive things and it is best not to be collateral damage when they do.

Lesson 3 Fences, sandbags and walls are great. Walking is better.
If you want to maintain control your AOR you will have to walk around and see what is going on.  What you do not see, you do not own.  It is fine l to sit in a hermetically sealed bunker with a pile of MREs but that is simply unsustainable.   Walking around gives you positive control over what you currently see.  Just like when you are driving a car or clearing a room, as soon as your eyes are off of a certain space, it no longer becomes safe.  If you are not in control of your AOR, then who is?
Any Intelligence Analyst will tell you that for all of their high end technology to find what they bad guys are doing and that the good guys are thinking, it is the simple act of knocking on a door and talking with someone that will get you the best intelligence.  As I walked around Ghazaliyah with the patrols, we would literally knock on doors to see if anyone would talk to us.  After a brief exchange of peasantries we may be asked to share some tea or Tang, (yes, they loved the stuff) and talk about what was going on in the neighborhood.  Generally speaking, the Platoon Leader or Commander would enter their homes with a very small security force and remove as much armor as they could to scale down the intimidation factor.  Then, with the aid of an interpreter they would have a talk.  The worst thing that would come of this is that the person would know that we were there to help.   Go out and get social.
Lesson 4 Logistics, Logistics, Logistics
Unlike my experience during the Invasion, during the Surge we had seemingly endless supply of ammunition, food, bottled water, and, for the most part, we did not have to burn our poo in fuel soaked metal containers.   We had a mountain of jerky, Fruit Loops, salt, Pop Tarts, toilet paper, and hot sauce.  We received one “hot” meal a day from the main supply base, Camp Victory, and would have to get creative for the rest.  It was not a hardship but then it is amazing what you can get used to. As I remember,  I ate a lot of Ramen that year.  The supply train was great until it wasn’t there anymore.  A huge upsurge in violence from the Jaish Al-Mahdi made the logistical patrols unpractical and the four companies that we had sprinkled around Baghdad were cut off for a solid month.  With over one hundred guys sharing the same few Port-A-Potties, everything stacks up fairly quickly.  Donald Rumsfeld observed that you do not come to war with the military you want, you come to war with the military you have.  In a “come as you are” world, you will have to figure out where your logistical bread gets buttered and make sure you reach those goals.  The internet is filled with endless lists for BOBs, 72 hour kits, etc.  I recommend Rawles spreadsheet monster “List of Lists” over at the Survival Blog for a more comprehensive supply list for extended contingency planning.  Because I am a bit of an Excel nerd, I have tinkered to no end on my version. Take his as a rough draft and make it work for you.   

 Lesson 5: Physical Training
Proper physical training that approximates the types of conditions and equipment that you will use cannot be emphasized enough.  Running in full kit for any distance will take the breath out of you quick.   The last thing you want to do is run to the sound of an explosion or gun fire with an energy tank on empty and have to wheeze your way into your first mag change.  Go on short runs of one to two miles with a 12 to 20 pound weighted vest.  Work your way up to using wrist and ankle weights.  Do some pull ups and sit ups.  If you cannot do any of those things you are behind the power curve and will need to get there.  People will count on you to be able to physically do the right thing. Do not let them down.
If you are overweight, cardio and no carbs is the key. Getting in shape is like a bicycle in that you need both wheels of diet and exercise in order to run it.  One without the other is a losing battle.   It is just that simple.  There are more ways now than ever before to get healthy and in a fighting shape.  Take advantage of it now while you can.  It is slow and painful but looking good naked is the byproduct.
Much of what I have written is not new ground.  Thousands of other Vets have had similar or better, harder experiences than I regarding living and working in a tenuous area between stabilizing the community and fighting.  Whatever your stripe of preparedness, I would ask that you seek out those Veterans and learn from their experiences.  As time permits I may reflect on more lessons learned and produce a follow up.   I would love to hear from the community as to what their lessons learned are from either following a disaster or conflict.  Depending on the response, we can hang them on another post.


IV8888 Runs the Fostech Origin 12… Hard [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureWhat happens when you combine a 30 shell drum, a Fostech Origin 12, and a SilencerCo shotgun suppressor? Epic near-full auto patterning. Eric, or IraqVeteran8888 as he is known on the internet, has the Fostech Origin-12 shotgun in full short-barrel shotgun configuration in-hand for testing. While the previous video showed a similar configuration, Eric attempts […]

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Chainsaw or Masterkey? Why Not Both? [The Firearm Blog]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPolice in the UK are using chainsaws to help breach doors.   Some of you may ask: “Why not use a shotgun or a battering ram?” Good question. Firearms and police are touchy subjects in the UK. So they opt for a less lethal method in this case. Why not a battering ram? Door jams […]

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Wilson Combat Sentinel Professional [The Firearm Blog]

Wilson Combat Sentinel ProfessionalThe Sentinel Professional is the latest 1911 style handgun introduced by Wilson Combat. The new pistol has a shortened slide with a full length grip, and it is available only in 9mm and .38 Super. These pistols are built on a carbon steel frame that has a rounded butt. It is matched to a 3.6″ carbon […]

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Haywood County Commissioners Are At It Again [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Haywood County (NC) Commissioners are at it again. They must have thought people would be mollified by their tabling of the carry restrictions on county property - some of which were illegal - so they have decided to bring up their proposal to regulate "commercial" outdoor shooting ranges.

As I noted in an earlier post, the range of the Haywood County Sheriff's Department would not meet the standards that the commissioners seem that they can require of "commercial" ranges. This range is also used by the Maggie Valley PD and the Canton PD. I'm not sure where the Clyde PD does their qualifications.

The Waynesville PD uses the Waynesville Police Association range off of Howell Mill Road in Waynesville. This range would most definitely fail the new standards if it was applied to them. My former residence was approximately a mere 100 feet beyond the distance required from the range to an occupied building. Many of my former neighbors would not be so lucky. Moreover, this range fails the 300 foot property line setback requirement.

I find it the height of hypocrisy to require a "commercial" range to jump through multiple hoops that the county by ordinance would exempt themselves from. As the alert from Grass Roots North Carolina makes clear, if you have a backyard private range and you allow a concealed carry instructor to use it, it becomes a "commercial" range. Likewise, if you sponsored an Appleseed shoot, it would become a "commercial" range.

If you live in Haywood County or WNC, if you travel or vacation in Haywood County, or if you just want to express your outrage at the commissioners' hypocrisy, please read the GRNC alert below and act on it.


A public hearing will be held at 5:30 p.m. Monday, April 18th in the Haywood County Courtroom of the Historic Courthouse. In late March, the board took comment on restrictions on display and carry of firearms on county property and on a second ordinance restricting “commercial” shooting ranges. In what might be a deliberate distraction by what many now see as the “Haywood County Board of Dictators,” however, it appears that the restrictions on display and carry – which drew outrage from hundreds of citizens – might have been intended to let the commission slip through, with minimal opposition, restrictions to shooting on private property.


Although the proposed ban on display and carry of firearms Haywood County property appears to have been removed from their website, you can see it at http://bit.ly/1RA6x1U. In response to withering opposition, the county seemed to blink in a March 31 press release saying the ordinance would not be voted on during their April 4 meeting. Interestingly, the item has not been returned to the agenda for the April 18 meeting.

GRNC President Paul Valone spoke against the proposal at a meeting attended by more than 400 GRNC members and county residents who uniformly opposed it. You can view his remarks in this YouTube Video. Although the Haywood County manager attempted to justify the ban by claiming it had been on the books since 1995 and that the county was simply trying to comply with recent changes to the law, in truth their proposal would unlawfully ban concealed carry throughout Allen’s Creek Park.

Rather than justifying prohibitions on lawful citizens protecting themselves against criminals and terrorists, Haywood County should join 12 other North Carolina counties which have recently removed such restrictions on county property. In a recent editorial, Robert A. Lovingood, Vice Chair of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, responded to the horrific acts of terrorism in his county by advocating that selected County employees and concealed handgun permit holders be allowed to carry on county property. Rather than sticking their heads in the sand, Haywood County commissioners should be looking to harden soft targets which are vulnerable to both criminals and terrorists.


The County Commissioners will vote Monday on an ordinance to define and restrict “commercial” outdoor shooting ranges. Unfortunately, if a private property owner were to build even a rudimentary structure for shooting on his property and then hired a concealed handgun instructor to conduct a class on the property for his family -- even once -- that property would become a “commercial shooting range”, requiring him to first obtain a permit from the county.

Say you and a few friends just share the cost of a private club? Fuggedaboutit. No exceptions are made for private clubs. If shooting takes place and money changes hands, you are the proud owner of a “commercial outdoor shooting range.”

As the owner of a “commercial” range, you would be subject to onerous restrictions, including requirements that shooting stations and targets be more than 300 feet from property lines and ¼ mile from occupied buildings. You would have to build 6 foot fences, post warning signs, store firearms and ammunition per BATFE regulations, and restrict shooting to within stipulated daylight hours. And if you liked those, you’re going to love this one, straight out of the proposed commercial range ordinance:

Liability insurance. The permitee [sic] shall be required to carry a minimum of two million dollars ($2,000,000.00 - USA) per occurrence of liability insurance. Such insurance shall name Haywood County as an additional insured party and shall save and hold Haywood County, its elected and appointed officials, and employees acting within the scope of their duties harmless from and against all claims, demands, and causes of action of any kind or character, including the cost of defense thereof, arising in favor of a person or group's members or employees or third parties on the account of any property damage, personal injury, or wrongful death arising out of the acts or omissions of the permittee, his/her group, club, or its agents or representatives.”


    THE HAYWOOD COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Urge them to vote against the gun-ban ordinance. Below, find a copy/paste email list, and under 'Deliver This Message,' you'll find a copy/paste email message to send.
County Commissioners copy/paste email list

MARK S. SWANGER, Chairman                                   
Phone: 828-627-6109 (h)
Cell: 828-507-2315
J. W. “KIRK” KIRKPATRICK, III, Vice Chairman       
Phone: 828-452-0801 (w)
Fax: 828-452-1861
L. KEVIN ENSLEY, Commissioner                                                          
Phone: 828-627-3765 (h)
Cell: 828-734-8713
MICHAEL T. SORRELLS, Commissioner                                          
Phone: 828-926-9549 (h)
Cell: 828-506-2174
BILL L. UPTON, Commissioner                              
Phone: 828-648-7469
Cell: 507-2129

ATTEND THE COUNTY COMMISSION MEETING THIS MONDAY, APRIL 18. Join GRNC President F. Paul Valone at this critical event. See details below: 

Monday, April 18, 2016 5:30 PM
Historic Courthouse
Haywood County Courtroom
215 N. Main St.
Waynesville, NC
Dress for the press! Please no offensive signs, slogans or clothing.
Be sure to arrive early, as seating may be limited.


Haywood County Commissioners:

I am outraged by what is either a deception or a two front power grab being perpetrated by the commission. First, you tried to restrict concealed carry in Allen’s Creek Park in violation of state law. And although other restrictions on County property might be permissible, creating “victim disarmament zones” invariably leads to predation of the lawful citizens by criminals, sociopaths, and terrorists. 

Rather than justifying prohibitions on lawful citizens protecting themselves against criminals and terrorists, Haywood County should join 12 other North Carolina counties which have recently removed such restrictions on county property. In a recent editorial, Robert A. Lovingood, Vice Chair of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors, responded to the horrific acts of terrorism in his county by advocating that selected county employees and concealed handgun permit holders be allowed to carry on county property. Rather than sticking their heads in the sand, Haywood County commissioners should be looking to harden soft targets which are vulnerable to both criminals and terrorists. 

But now that proposal appears to be at least temporarily shelved in favor of onerous restrictions which could prohibit private property owners from shooting on their land. Under this proposal, if a private property owner were to build even a rudimentary structure for shooting on his property and then hired a concealed handgun instructor to conduct a class on the property for his family -- even once -- that property would become a “commercial shooting range”, requiring him to first obtain a permit from the county. 

As the owner of a “commercial” range, he would be subject to onerous restrictions, including requirements that shooting stations and targets be more than 300 feet from property lines and ¼ mile from occupied buildings. He would have to build 6 foot fences, post warning signs, store firearms and ammunition per BATFE regulations, restrict shooting to within stipulated daylight hours, and pay for $2 million in liability insurance that would indemnify you! 

I demand you immediately shelf this commercial range proposal, and I will be monitoring your actions through Grass Roots North Carolina alerts. 



In Slow Motion [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I watched this on Facebook and was blown away (no pun intended) by the videography of this short video. It comes from Bullet Theory Films. You can see more of their work on their website.


Rules for Comments [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

As I have started going through comments I started seeing the utility in reaffirming the ground rules as to what is acceptable and what gets deleted.  Please see the following criteria.

1.  Stay on point.
2.  Don't be a jackass.  If you feel you want to attack a point, great.  If you personally attack a commenter your comment will be deleted. 
3.  Links are perfectly fine so long as it is not to misinformation sites or hate groups.  However well intentioned, if I see a "godlike productions" link it gets deleted out of hand.  I got my orders.

If I may, I would like to directly address the troll(s) to this site.  I am not now, nor have I ever been a communist.  I am not a member of a secret society but I did make it through Air Assault school.  I honestly cannot muster a single feeling as to whom will win the election. I served 14 years active duty in the Army and did a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I was not a Special Forces Sniper Ranger Frogman Ninja Second Class, like everyone else seems to be, but I did some cool stuff and have no regrets.  I am not aware of any babies I may have killed or people of color I oppressed.  I am now a weekend warrior/civilian/student. I have three kids and am on my second marriage.  She is probably not interested in you.  I know I am not giving you much to work with but I know you will come up with something that will doubtless crush my soul and/or put me on the path or righteousness.

I feel like there should be more but this is really it.  Simple, right?


Democrat Legislators in Pennsylvania are abandoning Democrat Gov Tom Wolf [John Lott's Website]

From the Pittsburg Tribune Review
It's true Republicans were as much to blame as Wolf for the impasse, but there were several opportunities for Wolf to grasp a compromise and settle for a piece — but far from all — of his complex budget proposal. But he kept insisting on a tax increase.  
It's equally true that the generally accepted strategy is for a first-year governor to propose four years' worth of programs in hopes of getting a chunk at a time when he has the most political capital.  
But Wolf wanted it all. And his all-or-nothing strategy backfired.  
The budget went through belatedly without a tax increase. The budget he was forced to sign was a Republican plan without the jacked-up revenue Wolf wanted.  
Republicans through the fall believed they might have had a shot at overriding Wolf vetoes. Who knows? But the bitter taste of the budget debacle has worn away at rank-and-file Democrats, who held the line for Wolf day in and day out through the impasse.
If Wolf remains intransigent, he might claim a place in history with a record number of overrides on his vetoes.  
House Minority Leader Frank Dermody, D-Oakmont, has to free up his members or they'll break anyway. He should let the governor know no more blood will needlessly be spilled.  
Wolf's recent stunt of attempting to punish Democrats who voted for the Republican budget was amateurish. Eleven lawmakers signed a letter saying they were told they must go through the governor's office rather than directly to state agencies — in other words, delaying information to thousands of constituents and spinning that information where possible to improve the administration's image.  
Wolf's office implied it wasn't true by saying “nothing has changed.”  
What, they made it up? Lawmakers said last week the order was rescinded.
It's the kind of action — on top of the budget disaster — that could make Wolf a lame duck for the final 2½ years of his term.
From the Observer-Reporter near Pittsburgh:
Some Democratic state representatives are accusing the governor’s administration of making them go over a new hurdle to help constituents after they sided with Republicans to help bring a nine-month state budget impasse to a close. 
All but two of the 13 House Democrats who voted for the GOP plan sent a letter to fellow Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf on Tuesday, saying state agencies have treated some of their staffs in a “dramatically different” way since they voted last month to approve a Republican-crafted supplemental budget, which Wolf opposed. 
The lawmakers said in the letter that when their aides contacted state agencies about constituent services, they’re now redirected to the Office of Legislative Affairs, a separate office in the Wolf administration. The lawmakers say the change makes it harder for them to help constituents. 
“I’ve experienced Democratic governors and Republican governors, and I’ve never seen a governor or his staff punish anyone in this way,” said Rep. Pete Daley, D-California, one of those who signed the letter.  . . .


RIA: Reifgraber .38 S&W Automatic [Forgotten Weapons]

Designed by Austrian immigrant Joseph Joachim Reifgraber, this is a prototype gas-assisted short recoil pistol in a .38 rimmed revolver cartridge. While this version did not see any serial production, the Union Firearms Company of Toledo (Ohio) did market a slightly smaller model in .32 S&W (and .32 ACP). The gas-assist, as described in Reifgraber’s patent, is used in this gun but not in the .32 model.


The Evolution of the Walther P.38 [The Firearm Blog]

YgTsR0xThe Walther semiautomatic handguns of the mid-20th Century, including both the PP and P38 families, would become some of the most influential weapons of the latter half of the century. The PP and its smaller stablemate the PPK was perhaps the premier pocket semiautomatic handgun for many decades, and its legacy carried over to the […]

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Saturday, 16 April


Change of Command [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

As many have observed, it would be a tragedy to simply let this blog go to archive.  This blog was the first of its kind dedicated to the principles of the three percent.  Mike, my father, started this blog with the intention to give himself a platform to educate and proselytize a very simple and profound message that no one should to bend a knee. Since its inception in 2009, Sipsey Street Irregulars has given a voice to a community of the last free men and women in this country.  This community has grown larger and flown higher than anyone could have dreamed.  People discovered that they were not alone.  This is a community stewards, not leaders.  Shepherds, not wolves. Mikes presence on this blog may have diminished but his message will not.  That is my charge and the promise I make to the community that has given him so much friendship and support over the years.  The voice on this blog will not go silent.
That's me.  I am not my father but I am my fathers son.  God only made one of him.  To say the least, the man can certainly turn a phrase.  The vision and clarity he gave us, dearly purchased over lifetime of street level advocacy, will be missed.  What I do have is his unwavering commitment to keep this blog and what he built alive and to advocate the founding intent of the III Percent.  I may fail some of you along the way.  I deeply apologize if I do.  I would ask that you give me some time to grow into these very big shoes that I need to fill.  



RIA: 15mm Belgian Pinfire Revolving Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

The pinfire system was a popular type of early self-contained metallic cartridge in Europe, but didn’t find much use in the United States. Pinfire revolvers were made in a variety of calibers from 5mm up to 15mm, and a much smaller number of revolving rifles and carbines were also made. This particular revolving rifle is a 6-shot, 15mm model with a folding bayonet – made in Belgium for a reseller by the name of Juan Lopez in Buenos Aires.


The M1 Garand, Commercial Ammunition, and Oprod Velocity [The Firearm Blog]

IkxGfLQWhat happens when you shoot commercial ammunition through an M1 rifle? No, what really happens? Take a look at InRange TV’s video on the subject, embedded below. Ian and Karl go one step further than the average “let’s find out” video, and shoot the M1 against a measure with their high speed camera, so take a look: […]

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Libertarians provide ignored alternative in presidential race [The Liberty Sphere]

Fox Business Network host John Stossel recently hosted a televised forum featuring some of the top contenders who seek to become the Libertarian Party's chosen nominee for president. The winner will square off against whoever is chosen by the Republicans and Democrats to be their standard bearers for the presidency in November.

Media moguls ignore and exclude Libertarian Party candidates.

Read the rest here.

Friday, 15 April


Thoughts on the Bushmaster Connecticut ruling [Of Arms and the Law]

The media has been playing up the court's ruling allowing the Brady Campaign lawsuit against Bushmaster to proceed, notwithstanding the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. A look at the actual ruling rather than the news accounts shows the ruling is far less significant than the media claims.

It appears that Connecticut procedures allow a defendant to move to dismiss a case in different ways, including arguing (1) the plaintiff has no case, or (2) the court doesn't even have jurisdiction to decide whether plaintiff has a case. (It's not clear to me whether you can do both in the same motion, as you can with federal practice). Buahmaster's attorneys chose to argue (2): the PLCAA deprives a State court of jurisdiction to determine a case that the statute covers. And that's the argument that the court turned down. Assuming CT procedures permit this, Bushmaster can now proceed to argue that plaintiff doesn't have a case.


Mississippi: Gov. Phil Bryant Signs NRA-Backed Permitless Carry Bill & Other Pro-Second Amendment Measures into Law! [NRA-ILA News]

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 786 into law today, despite months of misleading attacks by out-of-state gun control groups funded by the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.


South Carolina: Reciprocity Bill Reported Out of Committee [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, April 12, H. 3799, the Georgia-only Right-to-Carry reciprocity bill, was reported out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by a unanimous vote.


Samantha Bee’s “Epic Takedown”? More Like “Epic Fail” [NRA-ILA News]

Comedian and television host Samantha Bee supposedly did an “epic takedown” of the NRA’s “hypocrisy” in being ok with rules for purchasing a mascot costume, and defending the rights of law-abiding Americans to purchase firearms. If you’re confused at this point, you’re not alone. Unfortunately for Bee and her apostles, the only things the video was a “takedown” of were facts, reality, and journalism. In that order.


Northern Mariana Islands Ignore Court's Ruling With Prohibitive Regulations [NRA-ILA News]

Two weeks ago, we reported on the end of the final handgun ban in the United States, as a federal court held the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands’ ban on all handguns unconstitutional.  As is too often the case where courts are required to intervene on behalf of Americans’ right to keep and bear arms, the legislative response to the ruling was to enact even more gun control.


Top 5 Metal Wondernines [The Firearm Blog]

Wondernines are semi-automatic, high capacity 9mm handguns that truly brought an end to the revolver as a police service pistol in the United States. The term “wondernine” has been used as both a term of endearment and disdain, but the fact of the matter is that they are here to stay. In this video, we […]

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How NOT To Test Your Pistol LASER [The Firearm Blog]

laser handSo this guy is testing what looks to be a 1911 with laser. I am assuming possibly a Kimber with factory Crimson Trace? Well regardless of the make and model, the shooter clearly does not have a grasp of the Firearm Rules of Safety. ALWAYS keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. This is […]

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Colorado: Ivory and Animal Products Ban Legislation Passes House Committee [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee passed House Bill 1341 by a 7-6 vote.


Palmetto State Armory’s KS-47 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

ks47right1000Palmetto State Armory just released their new KS-47 rifle it’s their take on a AR-15 pattern rifle that uses AK magazines and fires the 7.62×39 round. They already have an AR-15 that shoots the 7.62×39 round called the AR-47 available but it requires special modified AR magazines just for the AR-47 and similar rifles. Ain’t […]

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Never Enough: Australia's Gun Controllers Aim for More Restrictions [NRA-ILA News]

Further proving that gun control supporters aren’t satisfied with anything less than the elimination of private gun ownership, Australia’s anti-gun activists have their sights set on further restricting access to firearms. This time, the gun controllers have taken issue with the importation and private ownership of a lever-action shotgun, and that some Australian gun owners have chosen to accumulate a number of firearms.


New Book Claims Americans Don’t Really Like Guns [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control supporters will no doubt be all aflutter about a new book that tries to validate one of their longtime favorite theories, while appearing to help their preferred presidential candidate appeal to anti-capitalist voters within the Democratic Party.


Hawaii: Update on Anti-Gun Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the amendments that were made to  House Bill 625, House Bill 2632, House Bill 2629, Senate Bill 2647, and Senate Bill 2954 were all rejected by the respective chambers of origin.  All five of these bills are now eligible to be sent to a conference committee for further consideration.  Please stay tuned to www.nraila.org and your email inbox for further updates on these bills as the conference committee is assigned and scheduled.


Senators Cruz and Lee Join Fight Against Operation Choke Point [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, Sens. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Mike Lee (R-Utah) joined forces to introduce legislation to end the Obama administration’s abuse of its regulatory authorities to deprive firearm and ammunition related businesses of access to financial services.  The bill is the Senate companion to Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer’s (R-Mo.) Financial Institution Customer Protection Act (HR 766), which passed the House with bipartisan support in February.


Getting down toward the end. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

My apologies for no posts, but I'm in the end stages. The docs give me about 4 weeks and I still have a lot to get done before I check out. I'll have more later today (I hope) about projects still in motion but right now that's all I can muster. God bless you all for the many prayers and support you have extended to me and my family.


Hillary Clinton Lies (Again), Says Washington Post [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, the Washington Post’s fact checkers gave Hillary Clinton “Three Pinocchios” for blaming Vermont’s gun laws, which are like those of most states, for crimes that take place in New York. Clinton’s on-going smear campaign is intended to tarnish the reputation of her competitor for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, Vermont’s junior U.S. senator, Bernie Sanders. Clinton is resorting to her dishonest attack because lying is her most highly refined political reflex, and, perhaps partially for that reason, Sanders has defeated her in seven of the last eight state caucuses and primaries.


Tell Your Senators: Merrick Garland Must NOT Be Confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Senate needs to hear from you TODAY that Merrick Garland MUST NOT be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court.


AK H.A.M.M.R. CA Bullet Button Tool [The Firearm Blog]

7743707_origCalifornia is a pretty awesome state, they’ve got sunny weather, beaches, Disneyland, traffic, high housing cost and bullet buttons. What the hell is a bullet button you ask? It’s a device that makes all Californians safer and has prevented further gun crime in the state. I’m kidding of course, it’s actually a little device that […]

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POTD: Shot Shells [The Firearm Blog]

12938154_1171338426239749_1470028466892089599_nThis was posted in a gun group on Social Media. They were shot at 7.5 yards. While not terribly challenging it does require some amount of skill. Especially in recovering them after being shot. The .45acp brass was pushed into the holes of a cardboard target and shot at again. Below is a photo of […]

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Get Your Tickets to the 2016 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum! [NRA-ILA News]

Make sure you get your tickets to this year's NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday, May 20, 2016 at the NRA Annual Meetings in Louisville, Kentucky! Featuring our nation's top Second Amendment, this forum is a must-stop for candidates seeking the highest levels of elected office— governor, congressman, senator or president of the United States. With some of America’s biggest names and best political minds on tap, it’s no wonder this has become a can’t-miss favorite for NRA members. Tickets to this event sell out fast, so you'll want to ensure that you secure your seat for an unforgettable series of motivational and inspirational speeches.


Hillary v. Bernie on Gun Manufacturer Liability: Common Sense is Treason in the Gun Control Empire of Lies [NRA-ILA News]

At the Democratic debate tonight, Hillary Clinton once again tried to smear Sen. Bernie Sanders for his alleged sinister fealty to arms manufacturers and sellers.


Democratic debate fact check: A duel over gun trafficking [NRA-ILA News]

"Of course not?" Actually, she did blame Vermont for guns used in crimes in New York just this week: "Most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in New York come from out of state. And the state that has the highest per-capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in New York come from Vermont." Her claim is a misleading attack using the "per capita" measure, which is not how crime guns generally are tracked.


Mostly False: Hillary Clinton says Bernie Sanders 'has been largely a very reliable supporter of the NRA' [NRA-ILA News]

Reeling from attacks over her ties to Wall Street, Hillary Clinton blasted Bernie Sanders over his own connections to a target of liberal ire: the gun lobby.


Hillary’s weasel-worded gun claim [NRA-ILA News]

The two Democratic candidates for president have been said to have “taken the gloves off” recently, disputing each other’s qualifications and quarreling over who better represents average Americans.


Hillary goes far left on guns [NRA-ILA News]

Hillary Clinton is nervous.After all, rival Bernie Sanders has won seven of the last eight Democrat primaries. Although he's behind in his native New York, the race continues to tighten in advance of Tuesday's primary.


Michigan: Lawmakers seek to ban guns at Capitol [NRA-ILA News]

Two state House Democrats on Wednesday announced legislation seeking to ban firearms in state government buildings but allow political signs in those places.


Alabama: NRA supports vehicle carry legislation [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association is calling on its members to urge Alabama lawmakers to support a bill that concealed weapons in vehicles without a permit.


Mariana Islands owe $100k in legal costs for handgun ban [NRA-ILA News]

The Northern Marianas must pay more than $US 100,000 dollars in legal fees and expenses to a US Navy veteran David Radich and his wife, Li-Rong.This comes after the CNMI lost a court challenge to its 40-year handgun law.


Gunmaker Beretta to celebrate opening of Tennessee plant [NRA-ILA News]

Tennessee prevailed in luring the Italian gunmaker from Maryland after the company raised objections to a wide-ranging gun control measure enacted there in the aftermath of the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings that left 26 dead in Connecticut.


If You Could Launch An Ammo Line… [The Firearm Blog]

ammo1A hypothetical question: If you could launch your own line of ammunition, what would you do? Considering the sheer number of ammo lines out there and their varied applications, is there really anything that can be improved upon? Or if not improved upon, perhaps simply manufactured and sold in a different way. There are studies […]

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AmmoPal Shotshell Dispenser Now Shipping [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureAmmoPal, formerly known as the AmmoBoss, has announced it is now shipping its first units. The system is basically a MOLLE compatible polymer shell designed to hold up to 10 12 gauge shells for easy reloading. The AmmPAL is manufactured from “Geon PVC” a durable “UV-resistance, oil resistance, flame resistant…” material. MOLLE adapters are likewise […]

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Big Win for Gun Rights in Mississippi [NRA-ILA News]

Fairfax, Va. – Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 786 into law today, despite months of misleading attacks by out-of-state gun control groups funded by the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg. The law, which legalizes permitless carry in Mississippi, goes into effect immediately.


RIA: Spreewerke VG-2 [Forgotten Weapons]

Five different companies in Germany produced designs for the last-ditch Volkssturm bolt action rifles, and they were designated VG-1 through VG-5. The VG-2 was developed by the Spreewerke company, and differed from the others in its use of a sheet metal stamped receiver (and consequently a pretty distinctive look).

In total, somewhere between 16 and 18 thousand VG-2s were manufactured, although they remain very scarce in western collections (most likely because most of them were lost or captured in areas overrun by the Red Army rather than the US or British forces). They retained a basic Mauser mechanism, and used spare Luftwaffe aircraft MG barrels. Unlike some of the Volkssturm arms, the VG-2 appears to have been pretty much unchanged throughout its production run.


Everything You Wanted to Know on the Luger PIstol [The Firearm Blog]

CaptureI think its safe to say that many in our readership have enjoyed our myriad of posts on various historical firearms. Ian at Forgotten Weapons has been an instrumental asset to the community (and as an occasional contributor to our humble blog). Adding to Ian’s bredth of knowledge is C&Rsenal, who has been hot at […]

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Caliber Configuration Podcast with Yours Truly at Gun Guy Radio [The Firearm Blog]

gerrperrscherrBack in March, I wrote a post on caliber configuration, or the effort to create and standardize effective and economical ammunition for infantry small arms. As mentioned in the post itself, it was written as a more in-depth companion article for a podcast recorded by Ryan Michad for a Gun Guy Radio segment at the Firearms […]

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YouTuber Spotlight: Bloke on the Range [The Firearm Blog]

uCoJtPiThe big name YouTube channels, like Hickok45 and Forgotten Weapons have gotten large followings for a reason, but from time to time I come across smaller channels with just a few followers that really deserve more attention. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been watching one of these channels, called Bloke on the Range. […]

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Precision Rifle Series, an IPSC for Long Range Competition? [The Firearm Blog]

new-Heat-stroke-open-picIf I were to mention a long range shooting competition, what would come to mind? A firing line of proned out shooters, underneath a hot sun, with all sorts of specialist equipment like stiff shooting jackets, odd eye pieces, strange rests for rifles, thick gloves for the non shooting hand. All this for hitting targets […]

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Thursday, 14 April


BREAKING: Sandy Hook Lawsuit Against Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop Allowed To Move Forward [The Firearm Blog]

legal-fundamentals-of-self-defenseJudge Barbara Bellis of the Superior Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut rejected a bid by Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop to dismiss a lawsuit filed by the families of the victims killed in the Sandy Hook massacre.  The original argument from Remington, Camfour Inc., and the East Windsor Gun Shop was that […]

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Breaking: Sandy Hook Lawsuit against AR-15 Maker, Seller Can Proceed [AllOutdoor.com]

A Connecticut judge has allowed the Sandy Hook parents lawsuit to proceed against Remington and the gun store that sold Nancy Lanza the Bushmaster. I’m not a lawyer, so I leave it to legal types to opine on what this means for gun rights. However, I do know something about advertising and how it can come back to bite you if you’re not careful.

Mark Obbie, writing in The Atlantic in February, says as the case goes forward, the families will attempt to use the gun industry’s marketing tactics against it:

Those tactics, never tested before under [Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act], dominate the allegations spelled out in the plaintiffs’ complaint. It quotes several advertisements from a catalog aimed at civilian gun buyers that is adorned with action photos of camouflage-clad soldiers and police in body armor. One reads, “Forces of opposition, bow down. You are single-handedly outnumbered.” Other images tout the rifle’s “military-proven performance” and call it “the ultimate combat weapons system.”

One of the things that surprised me most on my first visit to SHOT Show in the immediate aftermath of Sandy Hook, is that so many of the AR-15 makers that I interviewed for my Wired piece told me that they had only recently been permitted to advertise the AR-15 in a “tactical” setting at the show.

For most of SHOT’s history, up until a few years before Sandy Hook (I used to know exactly which year, but I’ve forgotten), the NSSF had a strict requirement that every gun advertised at the show had to be shown in a hunting/sporting context. If you were a maker of AR-15s for the military and wanted to show a picture of a man posing with your gun in your marketing materials or at your booth, you had to dress that guy up in camo and have him aiming at an elk or some such. Everyone thought it was ridiculous and backwards and uncool, and the NSSF finally relented, and now SHOT is like 70% tactical tough guys who look super duper operatory.

Perhaps the NSSF should have held its ground.

Given that this lawsuit is proceeding on the basis of Remington’s “tactical” heavy marketing of the AR-15 as a military weapon, it may yet turn out that the NSSF was 100% correct to want to restrict all depictions of that firearm to hunting/sporting contexts only. And in hindsight we may one day decide that it would have been prudent for the rest of the industry to stick to that course, as well. Could it be that Gun Culture 2.0 has “ripped its britches,” as we say in the South, and that the old-school “Fudds” were right to be leery of too much tacticool? Probably not, but I do want to throw that out there for everyone to chew on. It wouldn’t be the first time the old ways turned out to be the best.

Note that I do not expect this suit to succeed. Gun control orgs have a history of roping grieving families into suits that they cannot win, and then leaving them high and dry with the legal bills when it’s over. (See the most recent Armslist suit, for instance.)

The one good thing that may come of this is that some of the more inflammatory and false claims that are often made about the AR-15 will get a literal day in court, where they can be countered on the record by actual facts and information.

I know that my anti-gun friends sincerely believe themselves to be on the right side of history, and for all I know they may be. I don’t think so, but who’s to say how history will judge us all in 100 years? Regardless, this doesn’t change the fact that so much of the case against the AR is rooted in falsehood and seemingly willful ignorance. If we’re going to put the AR-15 on trial for the crimes of a wacko who stole a legally obtained one, that’s fine as long as it’s a fair trial.

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FN Model 1900 Field Strip [The Firearm Blog]

The FN Model 1900 was a truly revolutionary handgun for its time, introducing a groundbreaking cartridge and the very concept of a slide. These little guns got around, with total production at over half a million units too, but it is often overlooked by modern shooters. So, let’s see what’s inside. C&Rsenal’s Video on the […]

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XS Sights 1911 Suppressor Hgt – 24/7 Big Dot Tritium Express Set [The Firearm Blog]

xs2Recently XS Sight Systems has been releasing new products on the accessory side of the business. Last week XS contacted me about a new line of sights made especially for handguns using suppressors. These new sights are from the 24/7 series and available in standard and tritium insert models. Most suppressor ready sights look overly […]

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Shooting Non-Newtonian Fluids [The Firearm Blog]

NON-NEWTONIAN-BALLON-Science is awesome. Yes, that is a blanket statement but when one realizes that firearms would not exist without it and that because of it development continues to advance does one truly appreciate it. Or, one can appreciate it without going all wax nostalgic. Shooting stuff is just plain fun, but it gets even better […]

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Gamers Rejoice! Halo 2 Heatshield Version 2 How Shipping [The Firearm Blog]

dhs0100_4I swear there was nothing more fun back in the day than “Shotties with No Shields” on a small map… However, this offering is NOT recommended for real life but can fulfill the yearnings of our pre-pubescant selves. ATI has announced the release of their Halo 2 Shotgun Heat Shield. As the name implies, the […]

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Browning Introduces High-End BXD Upland Hunting Ammunition [The Firearm Blog]

BXD_Upland_detailHot on the heels of its defensive handgun ammunition launch, Browning is expanding its loadings for the 12 and 20 gauge shotguns. The new BXD loading is designed for upland hunting, launching plated lead shot “at high velocities to achieve premium in-the-field performance.” The shot is nickel plated which Browning claims “helps keep the shot […]

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Watch: Pocket Shot Compact Slingshot and Arrow Shooter [AllOutdoor.com]

I think all guys like slingshots, at least at some point in our lives — but they can be awkward to carry and take up a good bit of space. Plus, they can be slow to use, and trying to load the projectile in the leather portion can be tricky.

Enter the Pocket Shot, a small slingshot-like tool that’s easy to load, shoots steel balls as fast as 350 FPS, fits right into your pocket, and can even be used to shoot arrows. Sweet!

The Pocket Shot  is the evolution of the slingshot. Our patented circular design allows users to load and shoot different projectiles at two to three times the rate of a regular slingshot. Perfect for hunters and recreational use as its tiny size allows you to keep it in your pocket, tackle box, or backpack while storing ammo in its watertight compartment.  Up to 350 feet per second, the Pocket Shot is not a toy. Created and built in the USA, our team takes pride in our invention and hopes you enjoy it as much as we do.

The key to the thing is the circular rigid plastic part and a rubbery pouch that attaches to it. Just drop a projectile into the pouch — they recommend smooth spherical objects such as marbles or ball bearings, between 1/4″ and 5/16″ in diameter — pinch the pouch ahead of the ball, pull back, and let ‘er rip.

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)



Pocket Shot is available in orange or black. Black pouches are “standard,” and blue pouches are called Pro-pouches. Blue ones typically last longer and shoot stuff a little faster.

They say NOT to use very small projectiles such as BBs “as they will tear the pouch and may be dangerous.”

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)

The screw-on cap means that, when closed, the Pocket Shot provides a watertight container for storing a found rounds of ammo, matches, tinder, etc.

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)

(Photo property of Pocket Shot LLC)

Want to shoot arrows? Well all right! Screw on the whisker biscuit-style arrow rest, slip a nock cover over the arrow’s nock, and have at it. They’re working on a longer pouch specifically for shooting arrows – you can see one demonstrated in the video below.

And it’s made in the USA!

I want me some of this.

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POTD: Stupid Gun, Eat Your Food. [The Firearm Blog]

12963866_10153514164287393_6551426788606648480_nI laughed when I saw this photo. Imagining the owner shouting at his gun to eat its food is hilarious. The owner was having magazine issues. It almost looks staged, like he just poured ammo into the ejection port and took a picture. This feeding malfunction looks atrocious.

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Update on Mike Vanderboegh's condition [Of Arms and the Law]

David Codrea reports a conversation with Mike last night. He and Mike were keys to opening up "Operation Fast and Furious." He writes that Mike is coming home from the hospital, but that doctors give him about a month to live.


UTG Releases “T8” 2-16×44 CQB/MRC IE UMOA Scope [The Firearm Blog]

SCP3_216UMOA_APP_1 (1)Leapers & UTG continue their proliferation of SKUs, now adding an 8x zoom optic to the mix. The optic is one of the first of their “Multi-Range Combat & Competition” (MRC) scopes. The scope features a 30mm main body tube, comes with integral angled sunshaed, flip-open lens caps, and its own set of Max Strength […]

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Mississippi: Gov. Phil Bryant Signs NRA-Backed Permitless Carry Bill & Other Pro-Second Amendment Measures into Law! [NRA-ILA News]

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed House Bill 786 into law today, despite months of misleading attacks by out-of-state gun control groups funded by the former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg.


With guns claim, Clinton isn't shooting straight [NRA-ILA News]

The next Clinton line of attack might note that Ben & Jerry's is contributing to the state's obesity problem and that Vermont skiing has broken many New York legs. Phish, she may tell us, is responsible for high rates of hearing loss in the Ithaca area.


Why Hillary Clinton's Vermont Statistics In The Gun Violence Debate Are Misleading [NRA-ILA News]

Vermont's gun laws have emerged as a hotly-debated issue ahead of next week's Democratic presidential primary in New York State — and the leading candidate has selectively used statistics to help frame the debate.


Hillary v. Bernie takes a detour into fantasyland [NRA-ILA News]

New York’s Democratic primary has veered into fantasyland, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hitting hard on issues far removed from reality.


Brady Campaign ad shows Alice in Wonderland shooting herself in the face [NRA-ILA News]

A major gun-control group released a new ad which features Alice from “Alice in Wonderland” accidentally shooting herself in the face with a handgun.


Gun provisions snag mental health reform bill [NRA-ILA News]

Provisions in Cornyn’s bill would require a full judicial hearing to ban someone from buying guns due to mental illness.


Of Course the Second Amendment Protects an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms [NRA-ILA News]

Progressives like to insist that the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects a collective, rather than an individual, right to “keep and bear arms.” Or, put another way, they say that the only right Americans have to the ownership of lethal weaponry exists within the context of state-sanctioned military service. As a result, progressives conclude that there is nothing in place to stop the federal government from prohibiting the private ownership of firearms and allowing access to weapons only to those who belong to the National Guard — the modern descendant of early-American state and local militia forces.


Florida: Justices won't hear challenge to UF gun policy [NRA-ILA News]

In a victory for the University of Florida, the state Supreme Court on Tuesday declined to take up a dispute about whether guns should be allowed in university housing.


Texas A&M campus carry rules: Guns OK in classrooms, dorms [NRA-ILA News]

Concealed handguns will be allowed in classrooms and dormitories on every Texas A&M University campus beginning Aug. 1, according to the system’s campus carry proposals released Wednesday.


[Big 3 East] USA Chemical Supply Exploding Targets [The Firearm Blog]

12923373_1722508548026239_5763011112633468812_nThe past two Big 3 East media events have had a grand finale of blowing up a car. This past event in March they blew up two cars. USA Chemical Supply is the company that supplied and sponsored the event with their exploding binary targets. Why should you care? Because they sell a lot of […]

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New: The OATH 12ga TSR Slug [AllOutdoor.com]

OATH Ammunition company of Rockledge, Florida just made their long-anticipated Tango Shotgun Round available for pre-purchase. OATH specializes in highly expanding pistol ammunition, and now they applied their expertise in projectile and case manufacturing to the mighty 12 gauge. This new cartridge is optimized for one specific task: stopping aggressive hominids on impact. Let’s look at the specifics.


The all-copper slug is a wasp-waisted hollow point massing 602 grains, or just over 1 1/3oz. Extensive machining allows it to expand almost immediately after impacting wet media like flesh with minimal expenditure of the available kinetic energy for deformation. Loaded in a 2.75″ inch case, the slug moves at moderate 1200fps and so kicks no more than a heavy game load. The lightweight case is precision machined from billet aerospace grade aluminum, so it’s slicker than regular plastic hulls for easier extraction and far more durable, especially when loaded into box magazines. It will not deform out of round over time under spring pressure. That makes this load ideal for Vepr, Saiga and MKA1919 shotguns.
The TSR slug uses polymer driving bands to reduce chamber pressure. The wasp-waisted slug shows excellent accuracy in cylinder bore. 6″x6″x16″ gel blocks used for testing were reliably hit at 50 yards from a smoothbore shotgun. Precision manufacturing pays off in consistency.
The main feature of this projectile is the extreme degree of expansion. With the muzzle energy of 1925 foot-pounds, more than five times that of 45ACP, any normally constructed slug would blow right through the relatively soft-skinned vertical aggressor and keep on traveling through the matchstick and veneer houses typical of the American suburbia. TSR, initially .70 caliber, expands to 2.6 inches, with six sturdy, sharp petals widening the frontal area by around 460%. The hollow base becomes a ring to decrease the amount of resistance the projectile encounters in the middle: it’s not like the half-inch wide meat cylinder that will squeeze through it would remain viable tissue. All that adds up to a ragged wound channel over two and a half inches across and about a foot deep!
(Photo courtesy of OATH Ammunition)

(Photo courtesy of OATH Ammunition)

In the gel block photo, you can see the projectile penetrated 12 inches, then bounced back to the 9-inch mark. Since each arm of the expanded star is sharp in the front and wide in the back, the tendency of such shape to self-align with the path of least resistance keeps the slug correctly oriented while moving forward.
Expanded TSR next to expanded 124gr Gold Dot (9mm)

Expanded TSR next to expanded 124gr Gold Dot (9mm)

Compared to buckshot, it has much greater terminal effect and range. Since hydraulic pressure is required for expansion, this slug does an excellent job of defeating barriers like auto body sheet metal and glass. Compared to other slugs, it gives the widest channel into the vitals of the aggressors without much risk of over-penetration.
In about a week, I should have the test data for accuracy and compatibility with various types of autoloading shotguns. Having looked over the dozens of designs tested by OATH on their way to this design, I am quite confident that it will perform well. TSR has been in development for nearly a year, and the considerable R&D investment is showing in the results. The slugs will be sold in packs of five at $34.95, slightly more than advanced turkey loads cost. As with turkey hunting ammo, it’s unlikely that more than a handful would be required on any one occasion. TSR is now available for pre-order. It would be prudent to buy a couple-three boxes, shoot a few to function test the specific firearm, then save the rest for a special defensive occasion.

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RIA: Brun Latrige Model 1900 [Forgotten Weapons]

Patented in 1896, this is one of several models of unique pocket pistols designed by Paul Brun-Latrige. He was a manager of the Manufrance company located in St. Etienne France, a large mail-order catalog company that produced a wide variety of products. Early versions of this pistol used a ring trigger mechanism and a 5mm cartridge, while this one uses a folding trigger and is chambered for an 8mm round (the same ammunition used in Manufrance’s Gaulois palm pistols, I suspect).


Baschieri & Pellagri Comes to the US [The Firearm Blog]

Baschieri & PellagriItallian shotshell manufacturing company Baschieri & Pellagri is now selling its lines of hunting and competition ammunition in the the United States of America. The company offers a broad range of ammo to address typical hunting needs including steel, lead and alloy shot across numerous gauges. Additionally, Baschieri & Pellagri’s competition ammunition has been used to win Olympic gold […]

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Russian Special Forces Training With PKM [The Firearm Blog]

PKMFacebook page Международный Учебный Центр Cил Специального Назначения has some cool videos of soldiers training with PKMs.      

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Review: Strike Industries SI LINK Curved ForeGrip [The Firearm Blog]

IMG_1315Our friends over at Strike Industries were nice enough to ship us one of the SI LINK Curved ForeGrips for evaluation. The folks over at SI have set their version of the angled foregrip apart from the competition by including their innovative SI LINK mounting system. If you aren’t familiar with the SI LINK system it has […]

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Drop in Bullpup kit for SCAR H [The Firearm Blog]

12928233_262257300775966_6436946132702067534_nJust when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes this odd drop in lower receiver for the 7.62x51mm SCAR Heavy platform, turning it into a Bullpup. It didn’t gain much success, as the talk on the internet and the apparent release date was back in 2013, but it is an interesting concept to say […]

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An interesting idea [Of Arms and the Law]

Sen. Grassley wants to hold a national dialogue on the role of the Supreme Court. I loosely knew Grassley back 30 years ago, and thought little of him, but maybe we've both grown in that time. I think the idea worthwhile.

I mean, the traditional image of the Court is that which CJ Roberts espoused in his confirmation hearings, just an umpire calling balls and strikes. The reality has become far different. Can we speak of baseball umpires as having liberal and conservative wings? Recent Terms have given us rulings that (1) when the Framers used the term State "legislatures," they meant something other than, you know, legislatures, (2) a statutory provision expressly denominated a "penalty" is not a penalty, but a tax (or was it the other way round? I lose track of these redefinitions) and (3) if it was a tax, it was not a tax for purposes of the statute that says a court cannot enjoin collection of a tax, the taxpayer must pay it under protest and seek its return.

And of course in the field of the right to arms, we've seen a minority of the Court (but within one vote of becoming a majority) do things to the 2nd and 14th Amendments that were unspeakable, for no better reason than that they, personally, think the framers had bad ideas in this arena.


Mini Survival First Aid Kits [AllOutdoor.com]

It is not always necessary to have a full bore first aid kit. In fact, preppers and survivalists may want to consider having several of the mini-tin can first aid kits stored in various locations ready for use. Thankfully, many of the day-to-day little cuts and bruises need only some very basic supplies to treat. Having these small kits on hand is a smart idea.

You can shop a variety of camping supply stores or pharmacies to find these commercially sold, self-contained kits ready to go. Most of them are fairly inexpensive and take up a small space no matter where they are stored, so buy several.

The contents varies for these kits, which usually come sealed, so be sure to read the labels to see exactly what you are buying. Most of the ones I have looked at come with the very basics, including band aides, small wrap bandages, first aid ointments, perhaps an elastic wrap. They usually do not have any kind of a pain reliever so I recommend adding some small packages of aspirin or whatever reliever works for you.

A classic example of this type of kit is the small Coleman kit. This metal tin holds five different kinds of bandages of various sizes, including some 1×3 inch types. This kit includes a sting relief wipe for bug bites or wasp stings. There are safety pins for binding wound wraps or other uses. There is also an antiseptic wipe for cleaning a wound, abrasion, or cut. The tin holder keeps the supplies dry and contained in the snap closed container.

Of course, other sizes of even small first aid kits will contain more items, so you have to shop to decide how comprehensive you want a small tote first aid kit to be. Again, I recommend you buy several.

Where to have them ready to use? First, have one inside the glove compartment of all of your vehicles. Put one in your purse, brief case, or other bag you might carry out of the house or to work. Have one in your desk drawer at work. Put one on the workbench at home, in the hobby shop or work room, sewing room, or even the kitchen at home, too. Have several packed in bug out bags in multiple places. Have them ready for use at all times.

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Don’t Live Like a Refugee [AllOutdoor.com]

It occurred to me recently while listening to Tom Petty rock out his song about not having to live like a refugee that preppers can definitely plan ahead to avoid existing in dire circumstances should a SHTF scenario develop. The key is planning ahead for all aspects of any event that might cause you to move out of your house, even if it is only temporarily.

Just look at the news going on in Europe now. Refugees are flooding across the borders of various countries and bringing virtually nothing with them. This huge influx of non-citizens is a critical burden on the host countries. All the social services are stressed to the max and total mayhem may break out.

The same thing is happening here in the U.S. even though the increase in illegals coming across our borders is being portrayed as much more innocuous. All services in states like California, Arizona, Texas and others are creating a host of problems. What will happen when a horrific SHTF event occurs? Who will support us, much less all of them?

The bottom line is that we have to be prepared to take care of ourselves and our own family first. We have to lay out our own plans for survival and existence regardless of the type of event that might develop. But, with preparation we don’t have to merely get by with a minimum scratch out existence.

This means making the lists, buying the goods, practicing the skills, and having everything ready to go. Whether it is a flood, hurricane, snow storm, tornado, chemical spill, bank failure, social collapse, regional wildfire, or whatever. If you have to bug out, be ready to do so. If you effectively plan ahead now, there is no reason for you and your family to end up living in a cardboard box grubbing around for cat food or worse.

Certainly there is plenty to be said for the sheer inconvenience of a SHTF event. Nobody enjoys being displaced for any reason. Still this does not mean we have to get caught unprepared and living under a tarp in a national forest somewhere. Even if, right now, you don’t have enough funds to fully prepare for an escape, you can initiate some plans to ease the pain and at least get by fairly well. Just start the planning now.

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M+M10X — A Better, Simpler AK [AllOutdoor.com]

What could be better than the simple, rugged AK47? A simpler, more rugged, and more accurate AK with better ergonomics. MM10X from M+M Industries seems to be such an improvement.

MM10x_D6A3227webThe most impressive accomplishment is reducing the parts count of the original AK47 to exactly half, 40 instead of 80. Accuracy is part precision barrel, part monolithic rail for optics and full length iron sight radius, part excellent trigger. Comfort is an ambi 45 degree rotary safety, left/right switchable charging handle, folding Zhukov stock and three-position adjustable gas system. The flash hider/muzzle brake combination isn’t concussive but is effective for controlling muzzle rise.


Maintenance is simple as well: the rifle hinges open for the bolt carrier to come out for cleaning. Most of the components and the receiver itself are finished with black nitrate for corrosion resistance. The forend has M-lock slots all around, so adding lights, lasers, or a bipod is a snap. The rifle is fairly light at 7 pounds even.


The rifle was pleasant to fire and accurate enough for quick 150 yard head shots with just a red dot for the sight. What’s left of the AK47 in it? The magazine and its latch are the same. The bolt is similar but the ejector differs. Like the AK, MM10X uses long stroke piston action but relocates the return spring to the inside of the piston. Since the designer of this rifle used Sig 550 in Swiss army service, he tried to combine the performance of the expensive precision rifle with the rugged simplicity of the Soviet mass production weapon. In my opinion, he succeeded admirably.

I will post an extended review once the production samples are available.

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Bait Up for Spring Trout [AllOutdoor.com]

Some of the best spring trout anglers are dedicated bait dunkers, having deft hands in using salmon eggs, whole kernel corn, earthworms, and marshmallows for duping spring trout. They use lightweight spinning tackle, four- or six-pound test line, and small, short-shank “egg” style bait hooks, which they completely bury inside all baits they employ.

Many such fishermen believe large, spooky, deliberate-feeding spring trout can readily spot a hook in a bait and will not touch it. They also frequently change baits and bait types during a day’s fishing. Fresh bait is preferred by mature trout, which have a highly developed sense of smell. Further, seasoned bait fishermen contend that one day salmon eggs produce trout best, while another day fish may prefer corn or earthworms.


Many anglers use very refined terminal tackle with no leader and pinch a single split-shot or two 18-inches above a hook. Just enough weight is used to maintain bottom contact in stream current.

In high, murky spring trout streams, stillfishing with bait soaked on bottom often is the only practical way of catching fish. It may not be the most enjoyable or sporting way of producing trout, but there may be no other choice.


Often positioning baits in deep, outside bends of creeks produces best. And if there are deep snags, log jams, boulders, etc., so much the better since trout hold below them to deflect unusually strong spring current.

Sometimes deep, undercut banks with extensive brush and tree root systems hold a lot of early-season stream trout (particularly browns). Pitching a weighted bait up-current then allowing it to swing with the stream flow deep and under the bank is about the only practical way of fishing such water.

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Alaska: Your Help Needed to Pass Self-Defense Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the House Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 174 and it has been referred to the House Finance Committee.


Tampa, FL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

9/23/13 Tampa Bay Times:

BROOKSVILLE — Four months ago, after Joshua Harth fatally shot 68-year-old George Avedissian, detectives would say only that the shooting happened during an altercation between the two men.

The case was turned over to the State Attorney's Office for review. On Monday, Assistant State Attorney Pete Magrino said the shooting appeared to be a case of justifiable homicide and that Harth, who was 24 at the time, will not be charged with a crime.

"From the materials submitted by law enforcement and other related agencies, it was determined that the death of Mr. Avedissian was caused by justifiable use of deadly force as a result of deadly combat," Magrino said.

A memo Magrino penned for his office's file includes Harth's account of what happened on May 23 and some evidence in the case that led to Magrino's decision not to charge him.

Harth was renting a room at Avedissian's home at 8743 Ostrom Way, north of Weeki Wachee. About 8 p.m. that evening, Harth was awakened by Avedissian banging on the bedroom door. Harth said Avedissian was complaining about an open can of soup left in the kitchen as he kicked in the door.

The argument escalated. Avedissian left and returned with a 9mm carbine rifle and told Harth to leave the house. Harth said he went out to the back yard and Avedissian fired the rifle and ran at Harth with the gun still pointed at him. There was a struggle, and Harth took the rifle and fired.

Avedissian was hit once in the lower abdomen and once in the lower back. Harth tossed the gun down, called 911 and said he shot Avedissian during a struggle. In an interview with detectives, Harth was "crying and upset at times while also stating on more than one occasion that he thought (Avedissian) was going to kill him," Magrino wrote.


Tanning Salons Getting Tougher: Dayton, OH [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

4/9/16 WCMH:

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Police are looking for one man they believe is behind a string of robberies in Dayton and Kettering. At least 5 business were robbed in the last few days. 3 of the crimes happened Friday afternoon within a span of about 15 minutes.

2 NEWS Reporter Jordan Bowen spoke with the owner of one of those businesses who fought back when the man demanded money.

Bobby Hoblit–the owner of the Sundeck Tanning Salon–says at the time of the robbery his girlfriend was working the counter. That’s when he says a man walked in, bought a ring with a handful of change and then demanded money instead he got something else.

“As soon as Megan my girlfriend opened the drawer he said, ‘I don’t want any trouble, just give me all the money,’” Hoblit said. “At that point my girlfriend’s instincts kicked in and we had a pistol underneath and she grabbed the pistol, pointed it right at his face and said, ‘I don’t think you’re going to get that money today.’”
 Poluice want the man for other robberies as well.


My Ranch Gun: Madsen M47 [The Firearm Blog]

There are many factors to consider when choosing a truck or ranch gun, and in this episode I put mine to the test. I have written about this rifle before (and shot it on the run and gun course), but let’s see how it performs out in its element. Picking a truck gun: Picking A […]

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Georgia: Continue to Urge Governor Deal to Sign Self-Defense legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Pro-gun bills, House Bill 859 and House Bill 1060 are currently sitting on Governor Nathan Deal’s desk awaiting his signature.


G-Code introduces range Bang Box [The Firearm Blog]

13000165_1090402874368736_6995963692076042438_nG-Code Holsters out of Jacksonville, NC has come out with a “Bang Box”. Essentially it is a more economical way to carry ammunition to the range, instead of having to bring cardboard boxes that could otherwise be smashed or create range clutter. The boxes come in a variety of colors, from tan, black, OD Green, […]

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Private Snafu and his unclean tools of War [The Firearm Blog]

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 11.19.13 PMMaking sure a soldier’s tools and weapons are clean and functioning are not a joke, his survival could obviously depend on them. However getting this message across to the troops without sounding completely draconian all the time can be tough. Thus we have satire and comedy. Certainly not a new way of conveying warnings, any […]

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Long range rifles of Daesh [The Firearm Blog]

Screen shot 2016-04-10 at 10.26.38 PMThe terrorist organization Daesh has released another disgusting propaganda video, this time about their long range shooters. I refuse to call them snipers because that would entail that they are actually professionals and have been formally trained. Luckily for us, the good guys, these terrorists don’t seem to fully comprehend the fundamentals of marksmanship or […]

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POTD: Backup AR15 . . . Way, Way Back There. [The Firearm Blog]

12936478_989178914490972_1137686614934507243_nTactical Universal Clip posted this on their Facebook page and they are proud of it.  I get it, the product has its uses. But c’mon, this? This is just wrong. Sure it is a neat idea to be able to hang your AR on the back of your tactical vest. But one simple problem arises. […]

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Hawaii: Four Anti-Gun Bills Pass Floor Vote [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday,  House Bill 625, House Bill 2632, House Bill 2629 and Senate Bill 2647 all passed their final floor votes in the Senate and House, respectively.  The fight isn’t over yet!  All four of these bills must return to their chamber of origin for a final concurrence vote.  Additionally,Senate Bill 2954, which was scheduled for its final concurrence vote in the Senate, was deferred until Thursday, April 14.


Illinois: House to Consider Due Process Violation Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, the House Judiciary-Criminal Committee passed House Bill 3160.  Now, HB 3160 has been placed on the House calendar for second reading where it could be considered as early as this week.


A FrankenSTEM-16…P5 [The Firearm Blog]

STEM-162Here’s an old article from Small Arms Review detailing a 9mm hybrid submachine gun made from a STEN parts kit combined with a registered M16 lower receiver. It fires at around 800 to 900rpm and has a 13 ounce bolt which was turned down from an original casted bronze example. It reportedly ran flawlessly from […]

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Reminder: Opportunity to Shoot Suppressed Firearms at the Iowa Suppressor Rally! [NRA-ILA News]

Please join the American Suppressor Association and the National Rifle Association for an Iowa Suppressor Rally on Saturday, April 16.  On March 31, Governor Brandstad signed the Hearing Protection Act into law and effectively legalized the use of firearm sound suppressors for shooting and hunting in Iowa.  This live fire event provides Iowans with a great opportunity to see, hear and shoot firearms with suppressors from a wide array of manufacturers.


Hillary Clinton misleads with Vermont gun claim; even supporters say it’s inaccurate [NRA-ILA News]

In an attempt to score political points against Sen. Bernard Sanders, Hillary Clinton now says that the senator’s home state of Vermont is a key culprit in New York gun crime — but federal data show that claim is misleading at best, and even some of Mrs. Clinton’s own supporters turned on her Tuesday and said her argument is simply false.


Maine: LePage signs bill allowing tenants in subsidized apartments to keep guns [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Paul LePage has a signed into law a bill prohibiting most private landlords who accept public housing vouchers from barring guns in their apartments.


Bill granting Georgia residents reciprocity in S.C. sent to Senate floor [NRA-ILA News]

Georgia residents with concealed weapons permits could soon be able to also carry their guns in South Carolina.A Senate Judiciary panel unanimously voted Tuesday to send a bill to the floor that makes it so Georgia residents who carry firearms don’t have to put them away when they cross the state line.


Colorado: Ivory and Animal Products Ban Legislation to be Considered in House Committee [NRA-ILA News]

The House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee will hear House Bill 1341 on Thursday, April 14, at 1:30 p.m. in Room 0107.


KE Arms Aimpoint Glock (and Other 3-Gun Stealth Entrants) [The Firearm Blog]

IMGP0542I was invited to attend the Superstition Mountain Mystery 3-Gun match in Mesa, Arizona at the request of KE Arms. KE Arms is a manufacturer, distributor, and retailer of all things firearms. This year at Superstition Mountain was a nexus of “new things” that had the potential to be noteworthy in our industry. Namely the […]

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Beretta is opening new gun factory in Tennessee [NRA-ILA News]

Beretta executives decided to move its manufacturing when Maryland lawmakers passed restrictive gun control laws that applied to some of Beretta's more powerful weapons.Beretta USA lawyer Jeff Reh said a later version of the law made allowances for Beretta to make sure the company could still make guns in Maryland, but the company feared that "with the stroke of a pen our ability to manufacture products for the armed forces, or police, or