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Could Kent murder case be wake-up call on gun control measure? [Gun News]

CCRKBA's Alan Gottlieb has consistently supported tough-on-criminals measures while defending gun owners.


Pleasant Hill wants judge to toss out firearms lawsuit [Gun News]

The city wants a lawsuit challenging its firearms ordinance tossed out, arguing that the plaintiffs' lack standing to sue and that the City Council followed the law when it approved the measure.


Meanwhile, you can file this this under "Only the best for our boys in uniform (yeah right)." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Army quits tests after competing rifle outperforms M4A1 carbine
A competing rifle outperformed the Army’s favored M4A1 carbine in key firings during a competition last year before the service abruptly called off the tests and stuck with its gun, according to a new confidential report.
The report also says the Army changed the ammunition midstream to a round “tailored” for the M4A1 rifle. It quoted competing companies as saying the switch was unfair because they did not have enough time to fire the new ammo and redesign their rifles before the tests began.
Exactly how the eight challengers — and the M4 — performed in a shootout to replace the M4, a soldier’s most important personal defense, has been shrouded in secrecy.
But an “official use only report” by the Center for Naval Analyses shows that one of the eight unidentified weapons outperformed the M4 on reliability and on the number of rounds fired before the most common type of failures, or stoppages, occurred, according to data obtained by The Washington Times.


How Much Does a Gun Cost in Kurdistan? [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Militants’ advance means booming business for Kurdish weapon dealers
There are some heavy weapons here. A BKC—an Iraqi clone of the Soviet PKM machine gun—goes for $5,000. One dealer says an RPG-7 launcher and rocket together cost just $200. But the vendors stress that the heavy stuff is only for the Peshmerga and the Asayish. Many dealers in Kirkuk also reserve American weapons like M-16s and M-4s for the Kurdish security forces. But American weapons are plentiful. One dealer explains that the Islamic State’s weapon of choice is a captured Iraqi army M-16.


State GOP shouldtry to get it right [Gun News]

The answer, of course, is very little. But you wouldn't know that from the nasty and absurd battle that's going on leading up to the Republican Party's state convention this weekend.


As the conspiracy against the rule of law and the American people continues. . . [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Obama Considering Granting 800K Guest-Worker Visas
After meeting with a "bevy" of big-business groups, President Barack Obama is reportedly considering granting them up to 800,000 additional guest-worker visas via executive actions. . . The Obama administration is also considering granting work permits for low-skilled industries as well. . .
Numerous companies – like Microsoft and Cisco – have massively laid off American workers while pushing the Obama administration for more guest-worker visas at a time when scholars and studies from organizations on the left, right, and center have debunked the notion that there is a shortage of American high-tech workers. The Obama administration reportedly wants to appease big-business interests so they give him air cover for his potential executive amnesty, which may enable millions of illegal immigrants to get work permits in addition to temporary amnesty.


Meanwhile, the black-robed contingent of the collectivist army grows day by day. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

How going nuclear unclogged the Senate
The Senate barely does anything these days — except approve judges that could shape the law for a generation. Since Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) changed Senate rules in November to ease President Barack Obama’s approval of most nominees, Democrats have churned through confirmations of dozens of new judges — giving them lifetime appointments that will extend the administration’s influence for years to come.


The Race Hustler and the White House (but I repeat myself). [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Revved Up. How Al Sharpton became Obama’s go-to man on race.
A few days after 18-year-old Mike Brown was gunned down in Ferguson, Missouri, White House officials enlisted an unusual source for on-the-ground intelligence amid the chaos and tear gas: the Rev. Al Sharpton, a fiery activist who became a household name by provoking rather than pacifying. . .
“There’s a trust factor with The Rev from the Oval Office on down,” a White House official familiar with their dealings told me. “He gets it, and he’s got credibility in the community that nobody else has got. There’s really no one else out there who does what he does. . .”
Obama was “horrified” by the images he was seeing on TV, Jarrett told Sharpton, and proceeded to pepper him with questions as she collected information for the president: How bad was the violence? Was it being fueled by outside groups—and could Sharpton do anything to talk them down? What did the Brown family want the White House to do?


Armed Neighbors Foil Carjacker, Phoenix, Arizona [Gun News]

Somewhere, everyday in the USA, 2100+ people use a gun for self defense, to stop a crime or save the lives of themselves or their family.


Fight to Stop SB53, the Ammunition Sales Purchase Permits and Registration bill, Heats Up in Sacramento [NRA-ILA News]

The war over SB 53 is heating up in Sacramento and now anti-gun advocates are attempting to split gun owners by trying to buy the support of hunters.  The newest amended version of SB 53 will continue to BAN the mail and internet sales of ammunition to firearms owners in California, unless you have a hunting license.  Supporters of SB 53 think that they can pretend to be "pro- hunting" while they are still violating the rights of firearms owners statewide.

Thursday, 21 August


New Analysis Of FBI Data Shows Federal Background Check System Works... [Gun News]

Everytown's analysis also shows that the share of denied gun purchases fell by half between 2000 and 2013, suggesting that criminals may be seeking guns from unlicensed sellers-such as in transactions online, at gun shows and even in parking lots from strangers-to evade background checks.


Gun control PAC stands ready to oppose Foley [Gun News]

Concerned about Tom Foley's ambiguity over a statewide ban on assault weapons and high-ca pac ity magazines, gun control advocates have set up a political action committee to pump money into the Connecticut governor's race.


Perry shares concern that ISIS may have entered US through southern border [The Liberty Sphere]


...if Mexican drug cartels, human traffickers, and slave and sex trade organizations are already operating inside the United States, and if these organizations are in regular talks with ISIS, what is to prevent ISIS from gaining entrance into the country via the southern border as well?
Click here to read the entire article.


Armed American Radio Host Mark Walters Broadcasts Live from the Minnesota State Fair [Gun News]

Armed American Radio with Mark Walters will be at the Minnesota State Fair broadcasting live from the midway at the AM 1280 "The Patriot" booth Sunday 8-24-2014 from 7p-10p CT.


Wayne LaPierre: Obama Looks "Down Under" For Gun Control Model [Gun News]

Do you want to know where President Barack Obama is ultimately headed with his gun control edicts? Look no further than his second embrace of the tyranny of Australia's massive gun "buyback" program.


MT-Sen: Democracy For America Goes All In For Amanda Curtis [Gun News]

Recieved this e-mail today from Democracy For America in support of Amanda Curtis' U.S. Senate campaign: You and I both know what it takes to hold the Senate -- genuine, scrappy, progressives who have the kind of energy and values it takes to defeat Mitch McConnell and his cronies.


At least he didn't plan to shoot a unicorn [Of Arms and the Law]

High school student suspended over writing assignment where he said he'd shot a neighbor's pet dinosaur.

The assignment was to write something that could be a "status" statement on Facebook. Glad to know the schools are teaching and valuing the important things in life.


Keep Second Amendment to its original purpose [Gun News]

The title of your Aug. 11 story ignores the most important fact contained in that story.


Michigan Hunter Safety Class Available on line [Gun News]

With the fall hunting season sneaking up, first time Michigan hunters this year will need to complete a hunter education class.


News21: States fight the feds on gun control [Gun News]

Gary Marbut shoots a pistol during his weekly gun club practice at the Deer Creek Shooting Center in Missoula, Montana.


Guns and privacy: Perry Countians stand by sheriff in legal battle [Gun News]

Bill Welfley has a permit to carry a concealed firearm. He'll tell you about it if you ask him, but he doesn't like the idea of that information floating out there for no good reason.


Council revises local gun law [Gun News]

City councilors have unanimously approved a motion to clarify the city's firearms ordinance and eliminate an inconsistency between the ordinance and the city's zoning code.


From Herschel Smith -- "Assessment Of Ferguson: Misrepresenting The Liberty Movement." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

"Reading the comments to this post by Mike Vanderboegh has persuaded me to weigh in on Ferguson and the liberty movement. It had to happen. The liberty movement – at least for some – sees a common enemy, the police state, and is allying itself with crooks and liars. This is to be avoided since it does nothing except harm the movement."
Nightmare. And it’s just beginning. Ferguson is a microcosm of Chicago, LA, Houston, New York, and Atlanta. It’s all unraveling for them. Your job is to be prepared, not to side with any of them. This is their nightmare. Let them live it alone. Let Ferguson burn. Don’t fill in the gaps for them. Don’t side with criminals or militarized police. Let it all collapse, you have no friends in the fight.


Utah cities pushed to purge gun rules by national group [Gun News]

The small Davis County community of West Point was poised Tuesday night to drop a law banning guns in the city cemetery and replace it with one outlawing brandishing or firing a gun in the graveyard, described in code as a sacred place.

Wednesday, 20 August


Republicans 'Scrambling' To Protect Senate Incumbents [Gun News]

People trying to push Florida's Republican Party further to the right say the state organization is "scrambling" as it defends a pair of incumbent lawmakers from primary opposition.


Resident fights off three home invaders, KRQE, Albuquerque, N.M. 08/20/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man was asleep at home in Albuquerque, N.M. when a trio of armed robbers attempted to gain entry to the residence by claiming that they were police. The criminals ultimately broke down the door and got inside the home. The resident responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the home invaders, striking and killing one, and wounding another. The surviving intruders fled the home, but were later captured by police. The surviving home invaders have been charged with the murder of their accomplice. Albequerque Police Department Public Information Officer Tanner Tixier shared some advice for would be intruders with local media outlet KRQE, stating, “What people need to understand is if you join your buddy to go commit a felony and your buddy dies you can be the one who gets charged with murder.”

'Joe Biden defense' no longer needed in Washington state gun case [NRA-ILA News]

When a Washington state man was charged last year with unlawfully firing a shotgun, he had a simple explanation: Joe Biden told me to do it.It appears, however, he no longer needs that defense.

Remington shifts jobs from N.Y. to Alabama [NRA-ILA News]

Remington is reducing its work force in New York, where the gun maker has operated a factory for nearly 200 years, and where new gun laws are in the spotlight.

Gun rights group fights Ohio State suit dismissal [NRA-ILA News]

A judge is giving a gun rights group more time to argue why its lawsuit challenging Ohio State University over its weapons ban shouldn’t be dismissed.

UK: Pro-gun lobby hits back in row over number of people injured by firearms [NRA-ILA News]

Is 27 injury accidents involving guns in the South West last year a reason to tighten the gun laws? Anti-gun campaigners who think so have been firmly re-butted, as Philip Bowern reports.

Why millions of women are target shooting [NRA-ILA News]

Shooting sports are in the middle of a renaissance thanks to a previously untapped block of Americans who haven’t yet discovered the joy and skill of target shooting.CBS reported today that just in the last decade alone, the number of women target shooters have rocketed up to 70 percent. Now more than 6 million women have taken up the sport. Hunting has also grown in that time; there are now 3 million women patrolling the wilderness.


Gun rights group fights Ohio State suit dismissal [Gun News]

A judge is giving a gun rights group more time to argue why its lawsuit challenging Ohio State University over its weapons ban shouldn't be dismissed.


Ominous signs point to ISIS connection at US southern border [The Liberty Sphere]

While the nation was preoccupied with angry protests in Ferguson, Mo., explosive new developments are emerging at the U.S. southern border. A news story surfaced today indicating that there are signs pointing to a direct ISIS terror connection at the U.S. border with Mexico. Citizens who have constantly warned that the lack of attention to the illegal alien crisis would lead to Islamic terrorists crossing the border into the United States from Mexico are expressing alarm at the latest developments.
Click here to continue.


Gun sales are up near Ferguson -- but not farther away [Gun News]

Metro Shooting Supplies is about 10 miles west of the spot in Ferguson, Mo. where Michael Brown was shot to death by Officer Darren Wilson on Aug. 9. And since then, sales have been booming.


Fight For Concealed Carry Reciprocity, Don't Allow Another Shaneen Allen [Gun News]

Living in Philadelphia and working two jobs, Shaneen had already been the victim of previous robberies because she had to work late at night.


News21: Public-carry laws expand gun rights [Gun News]

The national News21 Initiative brings together a select group of student journalists to produce a major national investigation into a topic of wide interest.


Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s Epic Fail in Milwaukee [NRA-ILA News]

Billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg could learn a thing or two from the biblical story about an Israelite soldier named David, who went up againstGoliath, a giant of a man and a powerful foe. Using just a sling and a stone, David brought Goliath down to his knees and destroyed him.


"Looting Tourism." Anecdote of a collapsing civilization. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Ferguson Looter: ‘I’m Proud Of Us, We Deserve This’
One looter who came out of a QuikTrip told The Washington Post that he was proud of what he was doing. “I’m proud of us. We deserve this, and this is what’s supposed to happen when there’s injustice in your community,” DeAndre Smith told The Post. “St. Louis — not going to take this anymore.”
See also: Race pimps and war tanks: Why Ferguson was a perfect storm


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Tuesday, 19 August


How to put an end to joy rides by parking valets: "New Corvette will record every move a valet driver makes" [John Lott's Website]

This is one tempting car to drive.  But valets aren't going to be taking any joy rides with these Corvettes.  From the LA Times:
Attention valet drivers: Don’t get frisky with the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette -- big brother is watching. 
General Motors is offering next year’s model of the famous sport coupe with a data recorder that captures video, audio and driving data from the vehicle when switched into a special “Valet Mode.” 
The Vette’s owner can come back from dinner and check out if the valet was testing the sports car’s 3.8 second zero to 60 mph time. The car will have recorded data such as speed, engine RPM, which gears have been used and the highest level of g-force incurred on that joy ride to the parking garage. . . . 
A video of driving hanky panky will be captured by a high-definition camera, which records the driver’s point-of-view through the windshield. Audio of any other hanky panky will be caught by a microphone in the cabin. It all can be viewed or heard instantly on the Corvette’s 8-inch color touchscreen when the car is parked, or downloaded to a computer. . . .


Neighbors foil carjacker, KTVK, Phoenix, Ariz. 08/15/14 [NRA-ILA News]

A man approached a woman in her vehicle in Phoenix, Ariz. and asked if he could use her phone. When the woman refused, the man dragged her from the vehicle. A woman who lives nearby noticed the situation and went to investigate. While the neighbor was near the car, the carjacker accelerated, injuring her. The neighbor’s husband responded by firing at the carjacker, striking him. The wounded carjacker fled the scene, but was captured a short time later, after he crashed the stolen vehicle. The carjacker died after being taken to a hospital.

Gun-grabber Bloomberg’s epic fail in Milwaukee [NRA-ILA News]

Billionaire Michael R. Bloomberg could learn a thing or two from the biblical story about an Israelite soldier named David, who went up against Goliath, a giant of a man and a powerful foe. Using just a sling and a stone, David brought Goliath down to his knees and destroyed him.

When a psychiatrist shoots to kill [NRA-ILA News]

‘More might have died if doctor had not shot gunman” — so read the headline in the Philadelphia Inquirer on July 27. On the previous Thursday, a patient, Richard Plotts, entered the office of his psychiatrist, Lee Silverman, M.D., with his caseworker, Theresa Hunt. Plotts then became very upset and killed Hunt with two shots to her head. While this was happening, Dr. Silverman tried to take cover, drew his handgun, and shot the attacker three times. The doctor suffered slight wounds from bullets that grazed his head and hit his thumb. Staffers then succeeded in subduing the wounded Plotts. He was hospitalized in critical condition and now faces murder charges.


Cut tax rates to zero? [The Liberty Sphere]

Many Americans first heard this concept articulated during the 2012 presidential campaign. The Republicans were immersed in their Party primaries, and the candidates who were competing for their Party's presidential nomination were doing a series of televised "debates." As the topic turned to taxes, each of the candidates presented their own edition of tax cut proposals which only scratched the surface and failed to address the growing burden that the current tax system poses for most Americans. That is, until Ron Paul presented his point of view on the subject.
Click here to continue.


National Rifle Association Launches National "Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg" Campaign [NRA-ILA News]

Releases TV Ad Highlighting Bloomberg's Hypocrisy and Arrogance   Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association today launched a national campaign aimed at exposing Michael Bloomberg’s anti-freedom agenda. The "Meet the Real Michael Bloomberg" campaign kicks off with a national television advertisement titled "Insult".  “Insult" is the first in a series of ads that will expose Bloomberg's hypocrisy, arrogance and desire to tell the American people how to live their lives. "Michael Bloomberg has declared war on the NRA and our five million members. We will not sit back and let him use his billions of dollars to impose his radical anti-freedom agenda on the American people. Our effort will expose Bloomberg as an arrogant hypocrite who thinks he knows best how people should live their lives," said Chris W. Cox, Executive Director of the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.


Voices calling me... [The Liberty Sphere]

A new posting is up and running at the ministry site.

Access it here.

I will be back later on, folks. Stay tuned.


Collectivists at The New Republic celebrate the Molotov Cocktail -- and the headline writer rewrites history and his own story. [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

The Anti-Nazi Roots of the Molotov Cocktail Hurled on Ferguson's Streets
In the winter of 1939, after seizing eastern Poland and leaving the country’s west to the Third Reich, the Soviets invaded Finland. Molotov (“Hammer” in Russian) then said in a speech, “Tomorrow we will dine in Helsinki!” After Soviet bombs began to fall on Finnish troops, Molotov insisted that the Soviets were dropping food and drink instead. Exhibiting a keen wit, the Finns thus dubbed Soviet cluster bombs “Molotov bread baskets” (the food) and named the improvised weapons that they were using against Soviet armor “Molotov cocktails" (the drink).
Leave to the collectivists of the 21st Century to rewrite an anti-Soviet weapon into an "anti-Nazi" weapon.


DiFi demands executive order banning import of "assault weapons." [Sipsey Street Irregulars]

Behind Closed Doors, Obama Crafts Executive Actions
Mr. Obama’s increasingly expansive appetite for the use of unilateral action on issues including immigration, tax policy and gay rights has emboldened activists and businesses to flock to the administration with their policy wish lists. It also has opened the president, already facing charges of executive overreach, to criticism that he is presiding over opaque policy-making, with the potential to reward political backers at the expense of other interests, including some on the losing side who are threatening to sue. . .
“During your State of the Union address, you stated that you want to make 2014 a ‘year of action,'  ” Senator Dianne Feinstein, a California Democrat, wrote to Mr. Obama in March, in a letter requesting that he issue an executive order banning the import of assault or military weapons.
The go-it-alone approach has left the administration — which claims to be the most transparent in United States history — essentially making policy from the White House, replacing congressional hearings and floor debates with closed meetings for invited constituencies. ​

Monday, 18 August


The new Democrat US Senate candidate looks to be pretty anti-gun, especially for Montana [John Lott's Website]

This Republican ad using Amanda Curtis' own words seems to be pretty damning (more of her videos are available here).  Did the Democratic nominating committee actually look into this candidate before they nominated her?  I guess the question is whether she will drag down other Democrats who are running for office in Montana.

Here is some more information on her.
[Montana Shooting Sports Association] tracked 24 gun-related votes cast by Curtis in the Montana House last session.  Curtis voted anti-gun on 23 of 24 opportunities.  For that, she scored a miserable 2.6%.  A 59% score would have earned her an "F" on gun issues.  She is well below F-, if there is such a thing.
Curtis  voted:
NO on a bill to encourage manufacturers to move to Montana and create new jobs if those manufacturers make firearms (HR5).
NO on two bills to protect hunters' hearing by allowing sound reduction for hunting (HB205 & HB27).
NO on a bill to prohibit the university system from suspending the Montana Constitution (HB240).
NO on a bill to allow investigators working for public defenders to carry firearms for self defense (SB133).
NO on a bill to exempt from criminal “disorderly conduct” charges a hunter who fires a shot at a deer or elk (even the Governor disagreed with her on this bill) (HB446).
NO on a bill to allow people located inside city limits the same ability for self defense as those outside city limits (HB304).
NO on a bill to allow a person eating at a restaurant that serves beer to provide for his or her self defense (HB358).
NO to medical privacy for gun owners (even the Governor disagreed with her on this bill) (HB459).
NO to preventing newspapers from publishing the private information about people who have been issued a concealed weapon permit by the local sheriff (the Governor disagreed with her on this bill too) (SB145).


Even the New York Times notes that Obama's unilateral decision making is drawing all the lobbyists to the White House [John Lott's Website]

Big surprise here.  If the president has all the poser because he can make laws on his own, why should lobbyists bother with Congress.  From the New York Times:
. . . the process of drafting what will likely be the only significant immigration changes of his presidency — and his most consequential use of executive power — has been conducted almost entirely behind closed doors, where lobbyists and interest groups invited to the White House are making their case out of public view.
Mr. Obama’s increasingly expansive appetite for the use of unilateral action on issues including immigration, tax policy and gay rights has emboldened activists and businesses to flock to the administration with their policy wish lists. It also has opened the president, already facing charges of executive overreach, to criticism that he is presiding over opaque policy-making, with the potential to reward political backers at the expense of other interests, including some on the losing side who are threatening to sue. 
“We look at what they’ve been doing with executive action and are deeply concerned, and have focused a lot of our energies on how we can roll back these things,” said Geoff Burr, the vice president of federal affairs for Associated Builders and Contractors, whose member companies do 60 percent of federal construction jobs. 
Mr. Burr said an executive order issued by Mr. Obama last month that would block companies with a history of workplace violations from receiving federal contracts had prompted his group to contemplate “the virtues of a litigation strategy.” . . .
Apparently, Obama thinks it is OK for him to unilaterally make these changes because he is now talking to others about his changes.
White House officials say Mr. Obama has been inclusive as he looks to wield his authority, reaching out to an array of lawmakers, experts and business leaders for a wide range of perspectives to inform his plans for executive actions. . . .


Room for collaboration between patriots and angry Ferguson residents? [The Liberty Sphere]

One thing America does not need is a police state dominated by militarized law enforcement officers. Such a scenario is just as much an aspect of tyranny as a powerful centralized government that dominates the entire society. Such a police state is precisely what the residents of Ferguson, Mo., angered by the shooting of an unarmed young person, are seeking to address and correct. The question is, is there room for collaboration between patriots who also have a big problem with a police state and the residents of Ferguson who believe that the shooting is a consequence of a militarized police force?
Click here to continue


I'm here [The Liberty Sphere]

Hello my friends. I'm here, just running late.

I'm working on a story that I intend to publish this evening, as soon as it is finished. There is some important information that I need to relay to you. I don't know how long it will take to complete, so it may be late.

Stay tuned. As soon as it's ready, I will post a notice here. Thanks for stopping by.


District asks for more time as it ponders ruling throwing out handgun carry ban [NRA-ILA News]

The Second Amendment does not include an “unalloyed right” to carry guns in public, District officials argued in a court pleading filed Monday that seeks more time before a judge’s ruling takes effect and overturns the city’s ban on carrying handguns in public.

Connecticut: Bar association heads for showdown over gun control support [NRA-ILA News]

The Connecticut Bar Association, the state's biggest — and normally staid — organization of lawyers has been split by a post-Newtown disagreement over applying its considerable clout to defending Connecticut's new, toughest-in-the-nation gun control law.

Detroit police chief: ‘No question in my mind’ legal gun ownership deters crime [NRA-ILA News]

Detroit has experienced 37 percent fewer robberies than it did last year, and Police Chief James Craig is crediting armed citizens for the drop.


Another MAIG mayor in hot water [Of Arms and the Law]

This time its Gordon Jenkins, of Monticello, NY, arrested for taking bribes and intimidating the witnesses. We need to bust MAIG for RICO violations! Where are DoJ's Organized Crime Task Forces when you need them?


Louisiana: Update on Issues Affecting Concealed Carry Permit Holders [NRA-ILA News]

According to a recent Nevada Department of Public Safety memo, Louisiana concealed carry permits will no longer be recognized by Nevada because of a 2013 law change that provided for the issuance of lifetime permits in the Sportsman’s Paradise.  It is unknown why Nevada will no longer honor Louisiana’s standard five-year permit, as holders had previously been granted reciprocity and it remains separate and distinct from the lifetime permit created by the 2013 statute.


How Michael Bloomberg Is Twisting The Gun Control Debate In The Evergreen State Washing-con [NRA-ILA News]

Right now in the state of Washington, Bloomberg is pushing a November ballot measure that is promoted as being about background checks for private sales. But it is really a law to criminalize most gun owners, including those who never sell guns. If passed, the deceptive Bloomberg ban for Washington state is then going to become the national model, to gradually be imposed on gun owners nationwide.


Mayors Against Illegal Guns Mayor Charged with Bribery [NRA-ILA News]

Monticello, New York, Democratic Mayor Gordon Jenkins—a member of Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns—was arrested Thursday on bribery charges, the latest in a long string of legal and ethical foibles by Jenkins.

Sunday, 17 August


Store employee shoots armed robber, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, Wisc. 08/15/2014 [NRA-ILA News]

An armed man entered Innovative Optique in Bayside, Wisc. and attempted to rob the store. An employee responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminal, striking and killing him. An investigation revealed that the deceased was convicted of a 2010 armed robbery in which he targeted two people travelling in a car. Innovative Optique experienced another attempted robbery in 2009.

California 2014 Legislative Session Expected to Adjourn in Two Weeks [NRA-ILA News]

The 2014 California legislative session is scheduled to adjourn on Sunday, August 31, but it is expected that they will probably try to finish up next Friday, August 29.  Accordingly, it is CRITICAL that you call AND e-mail your state Senator and Assemblyman every day urging them to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills below.  Also, please forward this alert to your family, friends, fellow gun owners and sportsmen in California urging them to contact their state legislators to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills below.

Idaho: Residents challenge Nampa gun rules [NRA-ILA News]

Signs posted at Nampa City Hall and Nampa Civic Center prohibit guns on those properties, but a pair of Nampa residents’ concerns may initiate a change in the city’s gun policies.

Washington: Money starts to flow in for gun initiatives [NRA-ILA News]

While Washington state voters won’t weigh in on two competing gun-related ballot measures for months, money is already pouring into the campaigns in advance of the November election.

Mississippi: Gun carry right hasn't brought 'wild West' [NRA-ILA News]

About this time last year, there was furor about state House Bill 2, the "open carry" bill.HB 2 allows someone to openly carry a firearm. It caused an uproar, and litigation to block it, even though the state constitution already had given Mississippians such a right since 1890.

UK: Seventeen years after Dunblane, it's still impossible to discuss the effectiveness of the handgun ban [NRA-ILA News]

The aftermath of such an enormity ought to be the one time that we don’t rush to legislate; but, of course, that’s not how we’re designed. People want to do something – anything – to vent their feelings. Politicians, whose job is to represent the country, have to take account of public sentiment.


That's strange. The theater had put up "no guns allowed" signs, after all [Of Arms and the Law]

Court allows suit against Aurora theater, based on allegations of inadequate security. The court notes that it is only saying the issue is sufficiently disputed to require going to trial, not that either side might necessarily win.


Things we will not do as government applies heavier jackboot to the throat [The Liberty Sphere]


Given how brazenly the Congress, the Courts, and the White House have attacked the personal, individual liberties of the citizens, a consensus seems to have emerged as to what, exactly, the resistance movement will not do no matter how much pressure is applied from the collectivists who run this government.
Click here to read the whole thing.

Saturday, 16 August


A thought on the indictment of Rick Perry [Of Arms and the Law]

Patterico pretty well takes it apart, but I'd add a thought.

One of the two charges is violation of a statute which penalizes anyone who "misuses" "government property, services, personnel or any thing of value." Sounds to me like it's void for vagueness. "Misuses" is hardly clear; there are many uses of government property which some would say was "misuse" and others would say was a proper use. An is a veto government "property" or "any other thing of value"? No one can possess or transfer a veto.

There's a couple of Supreme Court cases relating to this, applying the federal mail fraud statutes, which punish any use of the mails as party of a scheme or artifice to defraud. Federal prosecutors sought to apply this is "theft of honest services," i.e., a scheme to deprive the public of honest services by a public official or a corporate executive. In McNally v. United States, 483 U.S. 350 (1987), the Supreme Court held the statute simply didn't allow for this. Congress then amended the statute to expressly provide that it did cover theft of honest services. In Skilling v. United
States, 130 S.Ct. 2896 (2010), this was challenged as void for vagueness. A majority of the Court held that the statute could be "saved" by a "narrowing construction," which construed it only to cover bribery and kickbacks, and not conflict of interest or anything else -- thus implicitly accepting that if broadly applied, the statute would indeed be void. At that, two Justices (Scalia and Thomas) said that the statute could not be saved, it was void for vagueness, period.

I'd think that the Texas statute is equally void. "Misuse" is no clearer than "honest," perhaps less so. We probably have a broader consensus on what is "dishonest" than on what is "misuse."


Odd timing [The Liberty Sphere]

The indictment of Texas Gov. Rick Perry comes at a very odd time. Perry had just sent  the Texas National Guard to the border to protect U.S. citizens from illegal aliens who ignore our laws, trespass on private property, and use children as human shields.

I have no doubt that dangerously lethal Mexican drug cartels are now operating inside the United States. The human slave trade or "human trafficking" is also gaining a stronghold in the country. But the lawlessness of the Obama administration has deliberately left the doors wide open to thugs and lawbreakers, courtesy of the concept of "open borders."

Perry has confronted Obama on numerous occasions about the border. Each time he has been rebuffed. And with National Guard troops on the border, the opportunists within the Democratic Party saw an opening to bring a bogus lawsuit against the governor. It is also no accident that Democrats have cooked up a scheme to turn a red state blue, just in time for November. A few thousand illegal aliens would be just the thing to put them over the top at the voting booth.

This is tyranny. Pure rank tyranny. And it must be stopped NOW!

Friday, 15 August


Video of Michael Brown robbing convenience store. This is not a very nice guy. Believable that he would get into fight with police. [John Lott's Website]

I wanted to wait until some evidence was in about the Ferguson, Missouri shooting.  However, after watching this video of a robbery that Michael Brown committed shortly before he was shot by police, I find it credible that Brown could instigate a fight with a police officer.  This is one big guy who was very belligerent.  Whether he also attacked the police officer isn't clear at this point, but I would find it quite plausible that he did.

More commentary from a former federal prosecutor on this new video is available here.


The political black list, part 2 [The Liberty Sphere]

On Wednesday a list was published containing the names of blacklisted persons and corporations whose hidden agenda is the destruction of the United States as a free nation that protects the liberties of its citizens. The list contains the names of some of the most dangerous persons in America, including politicians, influential policy advocates, and mega-rich donors.

Although no attempt was made to name all of the worst offenders, the intent was to highlight the most dangerous of all. But when undertaking such an endeavor it is understood at the outset that some will be inadvertently overlooked. The following information is designed to correct the omissions in part 2 of the political black list.
Click here to continue...


In attempting to distance herself from Obama, Hillary Clinton leaves herself all over the map on Syria [John Lott's Website]

Is Hillary Clinton willing to say anything and take any position to win the presidency?  She keeps trying to portray herself as a moderate when she previously supported Obama's position.  From Fox News:
For a moment, Hillary Clinton appeared to draw a clear distinction with President Obama on foreign policy, after telling The Atlantic that the “failure” to help moderate Syrian rebels allowed extremists to flourish
But her comments both before and after that interview have left unclear what the former secretary of State’s views actually are on the crisis.   
Two years before her Atlantic interview, Clinton suggested to CBS News that arming a moderate faction in Syria was not “viable.” And since her critical comments of the Obama administration’s policy were published, the ex-secretary has phoned the president to clarify her remarks. According to reports of the call, the message was: no hard feelings. . . . . 
“This is such a blatant display of Clinton inauthenticity. It's breathtaking,” Fox News contributor and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said Wednesday. “She did finally appear to say something that she believes and then, of course, retracted.”  . . . 
Clinton tried to take the sting out in advance of Wednesday's party, saying it was not a hard choice to call the president on the heels of her Syria comments and they'd "absolutely" hug it out. “We agreed we are committed to the values and the interests and the security of our country together,” Clinton said. “We have disagreements, as any partners and friends, as we are, might very well have. But I'm proud that I served with him and for him.” . . .


Nevada: UPDATE on Concealed Handgun License Permit Recognition [NRA-ILA News]

Earlier this week, your NRA-ILA reported on alterations to Nevada’s Concealed Handgun License Permit recognition agreements.  In addition to removing West Virginia from its list of recognized out-of-state permits, Nevada will no longer honor permits from Louisiana.  However, the Silver State will now begin honoring permits from Illinois.


Surprise.... [Of Arms and the Law]

Gun stores packed in St. Louis area.

"He says nearly 100 percent say they are buying them for defensive purposes. "They're buying AR-15s, home defense shotguns, handguns, personal defense handguns something for conceal carry." said King."


Maine: Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Opposes Referendum Based on Forty Years of Research [NRA-ILA News]

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the state agency directly responsible for the conservation of Maine’s wildlife, has publicly announced its opposition to Question #1, the Maine Bear Hunting Initiative.

Maine: Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Opposes Referendum Based on Forty Years of Research [NRA-ILA News]

The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, the state agency directly responsible for the conservation of Maine’s wildlife, has publicly announced its opposition to Question #1, the Maine Bear Hunting Initiative.

Thursday, 14 August


Sorry about my absence today, but I can only hope I was highly conspicuous by my absence [The Liberty Sphere]

Hello. Being absent is one thing, but being missed for being absent is quite another. I hope you noticed, and in fact, I hope you notice whenever one of our number in the Liberty Movement is missing.

Today was not a good day on a variety of fronts. I see ominous storm clouds, the worst ever, hanging over America. And I really don't see very many people who are willing to do anything about what's coming. Someone told me today that it appears at this point that Colorado will not succeed in ousting the Leviathans they placed into the Governor's office and the state legislature this November. If that is true, then this is an alarming turn of events. It will mean that the "progressives" are solidified in their places of power in Colorado, and will succeed in turning the state permanently blue.  Is there another California in the making? It is unless the patriots who truly care put a stop to it.

I am also quite disturbed by what it appears Obama will do concerning the southern border. In one swoop of lawlessness he will overrun the country with illegal aliens. And the progs and Dems appear to be desperate in getting this done before the Nov. election. And you already know what that means. In addition, the violence in Ferguson, Missouri is a ticking time bomb. All of this is not to mention the implosion of the Middle East.

Further, there is the eye problem that besets me. I am quite concerned, and I am anxious for this inflammation to clear up post haste. Keep me in your prayers.

In the meantime, you can pass along my latest Examiner article to as many as possible. There is info there that must be widely disseminated, not because I am the author but because of the info that I discovered. This is of utmost importance. Thank-you.

Click on this sentence to go to my Examiner article on the political black list.


Steve Halbrook on Book TV [Of Arms and the Law]

He'll be presenting on "Are there lessons for us today from Nazi Gun Control?" on CSPAN-2, Book TV, this Sunday, August 17 at 5 PM EDT.


Clinton-Appointed Judge Upholds Maryland’s “Assault Weapon” and “Large” Magazine Bans in Ultra-Biased Opinion [NRA-ILA News]

This week’s ruling by the judge of the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland reminds us why it is important to elect U.S. senators who will reject an anti-gun president’s anti-gun nominees to the federal courts, and to elect presidents who will not nominate anti-gunners in the first place.

More New Mexico residents are arming themselves with guns [NRA-ILA News]

Gun background checks and permits are on the rise in Dona Ana County. Nearly 3,000 concealed carry weapon permits were issued to county residents in June, and more than 30,000 were issued in 2013.

Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff: 'Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation' [NRA-ILA News]

Fresh off his victory in Wednesday's primary, pro-gun rights incumbent sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, Jr. appeared on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" to fire back at former New York City mayor and gun control advocate Michael Bloomberg.

Bloomberg Defeated by Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke [NRA-ILA News]

In recent weeks, Michael Bloomberg’s campaign against gun rights have continued without abatement, as the New York City billionaire aimed his checkbook at Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, a strong supporter of the right of people to keep and bear arms for their defense.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Bloomberg, through his political action committee, Independence USA, spent $150,000 on advertisements to unseat Sheriff Clarke in this week’s Democratic primary.

Chuck Norris' Top 10 Reasons to Register to Vote [NRA-ILA News]

In July, the NRA’s Freedom Action Foundation (NRA-FAF) announced its 2014 Trigger the Vote voter registration campaign by unveiling its new website and premiering its first ad, “Father & Son."

Background Checks? Gun Turn-in Organizer Doesn’t Want Guns Sold at All! [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control advocate Niki Watson received an unwelcome surprise when she learned that firearms she collected at a gun turn-in in Augusta, Ga. would be resold to law-abiding gun owners.  According to the Augusta Chronicle, Watson said that the plan to sell the guns is a “slap to the face” and that “My whole objective was to get them off the streets.”

No Surprise Here: ABA Opposes Self-Defense and Stand Your Ground Laws [NRA-ILA News]

The American Bar Association (ABA), which supports handgun registration and handgun owner licensing, supports a ban on general-purpose semi-automatic rifles like the AR-15, thinks the Consumer Products Safety Commission should dictate what kind of firearms are “safe” enough to manufacture, supports legislation to ban the manufacture of pistols that don’t micro-stamp ammunition, thinks that anti-gun groups should be able to file frivolous lawsuits against the firearm industry, and opposes “shall issue” carry permit laws and federal “Right-to-Carry” reciprocity legislation has come out against Stand Your Ground laws.

Brady Campaign Loses Lawsuit Against Armslist. Again. [NRA-ILA News]

The United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled in favor of the firearms classified website Armslist on Tuesday when it held that, as a matter of law, Armslist could not be liable for the criminal acts of a person who illegally acquired a firearm using the Armslist website.  Alex Vesely, with the support of the Brady Center’s Legal Action Project, sued Armslist on behalf of his sister Jitka, who was killed by Demetry Smirnov using a handgun that had been advertised on Armslist.

BATFE Proposes New “Lost or Stolen” Reporting Requirement for Federal Firearm Licensees [NRA-ILA News]

On August 12, 2014, the Department of Justice (DOJ) published a notice proposing an amendment to current Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE) regulations requiring Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to report firearms that are lost or stolen in transit.  Under current regulations, FFLs must report theft or loss of firearms within 48 hours of discovery.  However, these new regulations would require that the transferor/sender of a firearm now bear the responsibility for reporting the theft or loss of that firearm within 48 hours.


Sheriff David Clarke wins re-election by 4% despite major campaign spending by Bloomberg and other left wing groups [John Lott's Website]

Michael Bloomberg put $150,000 into the Milwaukee Sheriff's race.  In response, former Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson urged Republicans to vote in the Democratic primary.  Well, with 100 percent of precincts reporting, David Clarke was beating Chris Moews by 52 to 48 percent.  As someone who respects Clarke, this is great news.

It looks like Thompson's request worked.  The Milwaukee Sheriff Democratic Primary had 108,955 votes while Milwaukee Treasurer Democratic Primary had just 68,181 votes.  It could be that the difference in vote totals is simply due to the fact this was a much more contested race.  However, before those who support Clarke's policies celebrate too much, they should realize that there is a less sanguine explanation for this 40,774 vote difference between the two races.  If it was due to Republicans voting (assuming that some of the Republicans didn't also vote in the treasurer race), Clarke would have been crushed if only Democrats had voted. Indeed, if that were the case, Clarke would have lost 76 to 24 percent.  That is quite a reversal from Clarke's previous win in the Democratic primary 4 years ago when he won by 6 percentage points without the benefit of Republican cross overs.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel discusses the vote breakdown in the city of Milwaukee, which is just a part of the county:
. . . In Milwaukee, Clarke won with a razor-thin margin over Moews, just 1% in Milwaukee wards, yielding him 50.4%, according to unofficial returns. Four years ago, Clarke rolled up almost 57%. 
In the city, Clarke did particularly well in predominantly African-American wards in Milwaukee that traditionally have voted heavily Democratic. There, Clarke ran up a 23% lead over Moews, our review of returns from areas with at least 66% black voting population showed. . . .
From Fox News:
The money from Bloomberg’s Independence USA super PAC was more than what Clarke and Moews spent on their entire campaigns combined. . . .
The city of Milwaukee had 599,164 people in 2013 and the county had 956,023.  However, it is slightly less lopsided than that as the city has a larger portion of its population under age 18.

The bottom line of all this is that people will be making a mistake to think that Bloomberg and others didn't make this a much tougher race than it should have been.  

Fox & Friends has this: "Pro-gun rights Milwaukee sheriff: 'Bloomberg made a huge miscalculation'"


Howard Nemerov is stepping down [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's his closing coulumn.

"I began over a decade ago because I was one of those well-meaning liberals who believed the propaganda that we'd be safer in a disarmed society. I believed that gun owners were the problem. I believed that the Brady Campaign were the good guys.

Then, at the behest of a law enforcement client, I set out on my own research journey. I learned that gun control is both racist and sexist in its impact on the real people who have to live in disarmed societies. That offended my liberal sensitivities: I was outraged. So I began to write, first for small local sites, and then for progressively large sites. PJ Media was kind enough to hire me to write features in 2010, and it's been a good run."

Wednesday, 13 August


Resident fights off crew of armed robbers, KDFW, Dallas, Texas, 08/08/14 [NRA-ILA News]

Four men, at least some of whom were armed with guns, broke into an apartment in Garland, Texas. The resident responded by retrieving a gun and firing at the criminals, striking and killing one, and causing the rest to flee. Police suspect the deceased intruder also recently robbed a nearby convenience store.

Michael Bloomberg made a big bet in Milwaukee — and lost [NRA-ILA News]

Gun control advocates seeking to assert their political power suffered a big loss Tuesday in Wisconsin when Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke (D) narrowly bested a fellow Democrat to win his party’s nomination for a second term.

Victory by pro-gun sheriff underscores the limits of Bloomberg’s clout [NRA-ILA News]

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg may have wanted him out of a job, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr. still managed to pull off a primary victory Tuesday.

Massachusetts: Gov. Patrick signs bill updating state gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

The new law stiffens penalties for some gun-based crimes, creates a Web-based portal within the state Executive Office of Public Safety to allow for real-time background checks in private gun sales and calls for the creation of a firearms trafficking unit within the state police.It also gives local police chiefs the right to go to court to try to deny firearms identification cards needed to buy rifles or shotguns to people they feel are unsuitable to have access to the weapons.


Michigan: State Senate Acts on Pro-Gun Bills Today [NRA-ILA News]

Today, two NRA-backed bills, Senate Bill 977 and Senate Bill 979, received action in the Michigan Senate.


The political black list provides hope [The Liberty Sphere]

The list below is a partial compilation of the names of those who must be ousted from the positions they now hold, or defeated in any attempt to be elected to office or appointed to a non-elected position. By permanently closing the door to any influence these anti-American statists may amass, citizens will take giant strides in helping their country climb out of the current abyss.
Click here to continue...


Hello patriots [The Liberty Sphere]

Nice to see you. Glad you stopped by. I have a new Examiner article today, and I hope you will read and digest it, and then pass it along to others. These are highly critical issues that must be reckoned with.

It took me seemingly forever to write the article. Not only does it contain significant research, but I was handicapped by my eyesight, which is still in the throws of some disease. But I am determined to write when I can. This is what I do.

Have a great day. The link to the article is above.


Bloomberg's millions lose in primary against pro-gun sheriff [Of Arms and the Law]

Dave Workman has the story. Use a load of money to buy mass media advertising ... their methods are SO twentieth century!


Brady suit against online seller dismissed [Of Arms and the Law]

Vesely v. Armslist, LLC (7th Cir. Aug. 12, 2014), as discussed by Prof. Volokh. A person was killed by a stalker who bought a handgun, from a private individual, illegally since they were not residents of the same state, via the online site Armlist. Brady's legal theory was that Armslist facilitates private sales without background checks, and facilitates illegal interstate sales.

The Seventh Circuit upholds dismissal, without getting into the Federal statutory issues. A person generally has no legal duty to protect others, absent a special relationship with them (landlord to tenant, etc.). Armlist did not aid an illegal sale; it simply allowed someone to advertise, and was entitled to assume he meant to sell in compliance with the law.


West Virginia: Nevada Drops Reciprocity for Concealed Handgun License Permit Holders [NRA-ILA News]

Last week, the state of Nevada announced that they had dropped their reciprocal concealed handgun license agreement with West Virginia and will no longer honor concealed carry licenses from the Mountain State.


Concealed carry permit holder uses gun to defend himself against three gang members, fatally shoots one of them [John Lott's Website]

From the Orlando Sentinel:
An armed Lakeland man killed a 14-year-old gang member in a shootout Wednesday evening after both drew guns and opened fire, according to the Lakeland Police Department. 
At 7:49 p.m., Smith and two unidentified companions began taunting Canteen in the courtyard outside his Oregon Avenue apartment before the teen drew an handgun, a witness told police. 
Canteen also had a handgun and, according to Canteen, the teen began shooting at him first, striking him several times in the "upper extremities," police spokesman Sgt. Gary Gross said in a report. 
Canteen said he returned fire, striking the teen "numerous times." 
This was not the 5-feet 8-inch tall, 130-pound teen's first brush with violence. State records state he was a convicted felon arrested twice since age 12 for armed robbery with a gun, once for battery on a public or school employee and once for burglarizing a home. . . .
The Orlando Ledger has some useful information on Smith and his family.
. . . Wednesday's incident was not the first shooting to affect Davion Smith and his family.
Records show he was arrested in November 2012 following a shooting at the Lakeland farmers market in which a 79-year-old man was wounded. Davion Smith and six other teens were each charged with armed robbery and attempted murder, the Polk Sheriff's Office said at the time.
Smith's brother, 15-year-old Bayshawn Kelly, who is also a documented gang member, was shot in April this year during a gang-related drive-by shooting, police said. Kelly was hit in the arm and back, but recovered.
A few weeks later, Kelly was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm stemming from a separate drive-by shooting, police said.
Smith's cousin, 15-year-old Shyhiem Morris, was wounded in a drive-by shooting in early May. At the scene of that shooting, Patricka Smith told The Ledger that she didn't understand all the violence among Lakeland's teens. . . .
Here is later Ledger article from August 12th with Smith's mother explaining that Davion's arrest record didn't involve anything serious.
Davion's mother, Patricka Smith, said she knows her son wasn't perfect, but he didn't deserve to die.
Davion, who was known as DayDay, was a star on the football field and always had a smile on his face, his family said.
He was one of five children and was generally respectful, his mother said.
He had a few problems in school and had been arrested before, but Patricka Smith said none of it was serious. . . . 
Having read a lot of these cases, if Canteen was not a concealed handgun permit holder, that information would surely have been released within five days of the shooting. 


40-year study of Maine bear population continues [NRA-ILA News]

In 1975, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife began a 40-year study to examine Maine’s bear population. The information provided by the study is used to adjust bear hunting rules and regulations to ensure the number of bears is kept in balance with available habitat.

Tuesday, 12 August


CT: John McKinney defeated in primary [Of Arms and the Law]

Just in, an email from CT Carry announcing the defeat of John McKinney in the governor's primary. They describe him as an architect of the 2013 gun restrictions (I'm not up on CT politics and so cannot say).

Here's more on that issue.


California: Anti-Gun Bills Expected to be Heard in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees This Week [NRA-ILA News]

Three anti-gun bills are expected to be heard in the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees this Thursday, August 14 or Friday, August 15.  It is CRITICAL that EVERY gun owner, sportsman and Second Amendment supporter in California call AND e-mail members of the Senate and Assembly Appropriations Committees urging them to OPPOSE SB 580, SB 808 and AB 1014.  Tell state legislators that criminals do not respect or obey current firearm laws and they will simply ignore any new firearm laws, so let’s try a new strategy and protect law-abiding gun owners.

Can a gun owner get justice in New Jersey? [NRA-ILA News]

Shaneen Allen faces three and a half years in prison because she made an honest mistake, followed by a mistake of honesty. Allen, a 27-year-old phlebotomist who lives in Philadelphia, drove to Atlantic City with a gun in her purse, erroneously thinking her Pennsylvania carry permit would be respected in New Jersey. Then she told a state trooper about the gun when he pulled her over for a traffic violation.

The facts about Dartmouth student Taylor Woolrich and her stalker [NRA-ILA News]

It is often very hard for women who have been victims of sexual type crimes to publicly discuss what has happened to them. Last week in Washington, five women came forward to discuss how gun free zones at colleges have prevented them from defending themselves. From rape and sexual assault, to stalkers, to one woman whose stalker killed her husband, to death threats,these women bravely came forward and talked of the traumas -- all but one telling their story publicly for the first time.

Pro-gun Milwaukee Sheriff defeats challenge from Bloomberg [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday incumbent Sheriff David Clarke, of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, won the Democratic primary, 52-48%. There being no Republican on the November ballot, Sheriff Clarke is almost certain to win re-election. The race attracted national attention last week when Michael Bloomberg put $150,000 into the campaign against Sheriff Clarke–more than the total combined campaign spending by Sheriff Clarke and his primary opponent Chris Moews. While 100% of precincts have reported, Moews has not conceded. There are 6,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted, but since Clarke has a lead of about 4,700 votes, it seems virtually impossible for Moews to prevail. Sheriff Clarke has served since 2002, and his law enforcement career began in 1978. He is a member of the Legal Affairs Committee of the National Sheriffs Association, and also belongs to the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives.

Maryland ban upheld in federal court [NRA-ILA News]

A federal judge on Tuesday upheld Maryland’s ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

Concealed weapons permits quadrupled in West Virginia [NRA-ILA News]

The number of concealed weapons permits issued annually in the state has more than quadrupled in the past five years.In 2009, county sheriffs’ departments issued 11,160 permits allowing residents to carry concealed handguns in most public places. In 2013, that number had jumped to 44,981.

Gun dealers have 48 hours to report firearms lost in transit, ATF proposes in new rule [NRA-ILA News]

Firearms dealers will soon have more regulatory reporting requirements hoisted on them with a new rule proposed by the nation’s top gun-enforcement agency Tuesday.

Online gun exchange not liable for murder victim’s death, appeals court says [NRA-ILA News]

The Seventh U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago upheld a trial judge’s decision to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the brother of a woman killed with a handgun purchased through, an online marketplace for privately owned guns. The three-judge panel ruled that Armslist did not owe a “duty of care” to the plaintiff or his sister, and therefore the plaintiff could not prove negligence.


Obama takes offense at Hillary's assessment of Middle East policy [The Liberty Sphere]

Did you see the one where Obama referred to Hillary's remarks on the administration's middle east policy as "horse sh*t?" Yep, that's right, he said it. The only thing is that it is not "horse sh*t" at all. In this case, however, both are full of horse sh*t.

Hillary blasted Obama, stating that the current woes in the middle east are the fault of his failed foreign policy. That one is true enough, 100 percent true. But the problem is that Hillary was Obama's Secretary of State when these policies were implemented. She can hardly claim that Obama has been a failure without admitting that she herself is a failure.

And then we come to Obama's response. His opinion on Hillary's charge that his policies created the current fiasco is that it is "horse sh*t." Well, no. It is not horse sh*t but true. But the problem here is that Hillary was right in the middle of a muddled, incompetent, and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants foreign policy that has brought us to this sorry state of affairs.

The fact is BOTH are responsible for our bumbling failure in the Middle East and the massive destabilization throughout the region, including northern Africa. Hillary is not going to be able to get away with escaping half of the blame for Obama's mess. And Obama is not going to be able to credibly deny that it has been his policies and his alone that so destabilized the region that a group like ISIS can spring up and display such power.

Both are full of horse sh*t and are not worthy of the offices they have held in government.

Monday, 11 August


How technology killed auto theft [John Lott's Website]

Technology has made it very difficult to steal cars made after about 2000.  The old cars that can be stolen are not very valuable.  If it wasn't for old Hondas retaining some of their value, auto theft would be down even further.  From the New York Times:
. . . 1990, the city had 147,000 reported auto thefts, one for every 50 residents; last year, there were just 7,400, or one per 1,100. That’s a 96 percent drop in the rate of car theft. . . . 
The most important factor is a technological advance: engine immobilizer systems, adopted by manufacturers in the late 1990s and early 2000s. These make it essentially impossible to start a car without the ignition key, which contains a microchip uniquely programmed by the dealer to match the car. 
Criminals generally have not been able to circumvent the technology or make counterfeit keys. “It’s very difficult; not just your average perpetrator on the street is going to be able to steal those cars,” said Capt. John Boller, who leads the New York Police Department’s auto crime division. Instead, criminals have stuck to stealing older cars. 
You can see this in the pattern of thefts of America’s most stolen car, the Honda Accord. About 54,000 Accords were stolen in 2013, 84 percent of them from model years 1997 or earlier, according to data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, a trade group for auto insurers and lenders. Not coincidentally, Accords started to be sold with immobilizers in the 1998 model year. The Honda Civic, America’s second-most stolen car, shows a similar pattern before and after it got immobilizer technology for model year 2001. . . .
Making it hard to steal cars undoubtedly matters a lot, but the drop in auto theft from 1991 to 2000 or 2001 is much larger than the drop from 2000 or 2001 to 2012.  However, the percentage drop from 2001 to 2012 (46%) is somewhat greater than the drop from 1991 to 2000 (37%).

By contrast, larceny has continued to fall over that entire period, though the drop is very similar in the two periods (1991 to 2000 is 23% and 2001 to 2012 is 22%).  It at least raises the question whether most of this drop would have occurred anyway.


Michael Bloomberg and other gun control groups target Milwaukee's Sheriff David Clarke [John Lott's Website]

I have met Sheriff Clarke and I have had the chance to be interviewed by him on his radio show.  If Bloomberg's money makes a difference in this race, it is something that we will hear a lot about.  From Fox News:
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg - who through his political group has publicly committed to spending $50 million on gun-control politics in 2014 – has paid $150,000 to air a series of television ads targeting Clarke’s conservative pro-gun policies.
The money from Bloomberg’s Independence USA super PAC is more than what Clarke and Moews have spent on their entire campaigns combined.
Bloomberg spokesman Howard Wolfson told the Wall Street Journal on Monday that he decided to get involved in the sheriff’s race because it allowed him to shape policy on a local level.
“The issue of guns is one that (Bloomberg) cares an awful lot about and there’s a very clear contrast on that issue in this race,” Wolfson told the newspaper.
But Bloomberg isn’t the only person pumping cash into the primary.
The Greater Wisconsin Committee spent $400,000 on its own anti-Clarke ads.
Clarke, who is running as a Democrat but regularly aligns himself with conservative Republicans, spoke at the National Rifle Association’s annual meeting in April. The NRA, who calls Clarke a “rising national star,” has come to Clarke’s defense, soliciting donations from its members on his behalf and buying online ads for his re-election bid. . . .


Just spent the whole morning in the eye specialist office, and it is worse than either I or the doctor thought [The Liberty Sphere]

OK, my friends, here is an update. The eye specialist said this morning that things are worse than he thought. The other eye is inflamed now (which happens pretty often with this stuff), and the eye that has already been inflamed for a few months now is worse.

So, I have to take a new regimen of stronger drugs. One of these is significantly stronger than what I had been taking. I do this for two weeks and then go back for a check up. At that time we will see if this new drug is doing the trick.

My eyes are dilated, and that means seeing well enough to write at this point is futile. I hope that by this evening the dilation will have subsided enough for me to write an Examiner article. You will be first to know if I do.   

Needless to say I need your prayers more than ever. I am not interested in going blind. If I do, or lose a significant percentage of my sight, then writing will be well nigh impossible. That would be devastating.


Woman defends herself from burglar, WTVD, Raleigh, N.C. 08/07/14 [NRA-ILA News]

Paige Ham was inside her home in Goldsboro, N.C. when she noticed that the lock had been taken off a storage shed in her back yard. Ham retrieved a gun and went to investigate. While she was investigating, a man came out of the shed and moved towards her. Ham responded by shooting the burglar. According to news reports, the thief’s condition is not life-threatening. Additionally, Wayne County Sheriff’s officials have made clear that Ham will not be charged.

Massachusetts' gun control law to be signed by Gov. Deval Patrick [NRA-ILA News]

Lawmakers in late July agreed on final details of the bill, which received support from both gun control advocacy groups and the Massachusetts Gun Owners Action League. The National Rifle Association opposed the bill prior to its passage, telling lawmakers “it isn't difficult to imagine” ways for government officials to abuse discretionary licensing powers granted under the legislation.

Colorado: Hickenlooper wrote ‘fawning’ letter to Michael Bloomberg [NRA-ILA News]

Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper seems to have something of a man-crush on former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.Hickenlooper admitted in a tape-recorded conversation that that he penned a “long, fawning” handwritten letter to Bloomberg in which he enumerated his favorite Bloomberg achievements.


Open letter from Jay Dobyns [Of Arms and the Law]

Retired BATF agent. It's a oft-repeated story. A corrupt LE agency will still have some honest officers who really want to shut down bad guys for the good of all. Here is how it deals with them. Now, if only Congress gave a hoot....


Texas: Alcoholic Beverage Commission Proposes New Rules that Negatively Impact Friends of NRA Events, Shooting Clubs and Gun Shows [NRA-ILA News]

The state agency charged with regulating the sale, distribution and possession of alcoholic beverages in Texas is proposing new regulations that could drastically affect fundraising events held by charitable organizations as well as the operation of certain shooting clubs and gun shows.

Sunday, 10 August


Prosecutors must have priorities [Of Arms and the Law]

And we now know those of New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain. NJ has a diversion program for first offenders, which enables them to have their charges dismissed if they stay out of trouble for a time.

McClain earlier allowed diversion in the case of Ray Rice, who was accused of having beaten his wife unconscious before dragging her out of an elevator. But he denied it in the case of Shaneen Allen, a 27 year old mother, who mistakenly thought that New Jersey recognized her Pennsylvania license to carry, and now faces a 3.5 year mandatory minimum sentence. Rice was, however, a sports star, and we all know they don't have to follow the law.


Time is Running Out in Sacramento [NRA-ILA News]

Several anti-gun bills last week have made it to the state Senate and Assembly floor.  It is CRITICAL that EVERY gun owner, sportsman and Second Amendment supporter in California keep up the pressure on their state Senator and Assemblyman OPPOSING ALL of the anti-gun bills listed below.  Tell your state legislators that criminals do not respect or obey current firearm laws and they will simply ignore any new firearm laws, so let’s try a new strategy and protect law-abiding gun owners by opposing the listed bills below.

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Public Workshop on Implementation of Lead Ammunition Ban to be Held this Tuesday [NRA-ILA News]

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) will hold a public workshop this Tuesday, August 12, to discuss implementation of the newly expanded ban on the use of lead ammunition for hunting throughout California.  This CDFW public workshop will be held from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the Department of General Services Building located at 2550 Mariposa Mall in Fresno.  Following the CDFW presentation, hunters and other interested parties will be able to make public comment.

NRA Supports the Use of Suppressors for Hunting in Florida [NRA-ILA News]

On Friday, August 8, the following letter was sent to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

More women applying for handgun permits in Maryland [NRA-ILA News]

It is easier for a business owner who conducts primarily cash transactions in Maryland to obtain a permit to wear and carry a gun, than a woman who fears she may be attacked by an ex-lover.

Concealed carry permits on the rise in New Mexico, Doña Ana County [NRA-ILA News]

More and more people across the state and county are seeking concealed carry permits, a rise gun safety instructors attribute partly to national politics and diversification of gun ownership in recent years.

Locked and Loaded Ladies: More women carrying guns for protection [NRA-ILA News]

With her cropped silver hair, white orthopedic slip-on shoes and a silver cross and a Virgin Mary pendant around her neck, you'd never suspect that Pat Bagley is packing heat.


Very interesting data from The Economist on prostitution prices [John Lott's Website]

Clicking on the screen shot will enlarge the picture.  The Economist information is available here.  Prices tell us what types of characteristics in women that men like most.  The second slide probably tells us what women don't like to do and the prices make a lot of sense.  Oral sex without a condom is much more dangerous and less desirable than with a condom (similar for splitting out semen or swallowing it).  Having sex with multiple men is more work.  What seems most interesting here is that women charge less for "heavy" S&M than for just spanking.  Is this saying that female prostitutes prefer “heavy” S&M, which I would think involves much more work, over just spanking?  Possibly there are those out there who have more insights into this than I do.


Police in Britain now regularly carrying guns, anti-gun activities upset, claim no benefit [John Lott's Website]

From the BBC:
In a little-noticed move, a small number of police officers are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in parts of the mainland UK. . . .
It's a sight that once would have been unthinkable. In this corner of the Scottish Highlands - an area with one of the lowest crime rates in the UK - the officers showing up to a relatively workaday disturbance are armed.
Although every police force has a firearms unit, for decades it has been an article of faith that in the mainland UK, almost uniquely among major industrialised nations, the police do not carry guns as a matter of course.
But with little fanfare at first, a policy of routinely allowing specialist officers to wear sidearms as they walk the streets of Scotland has come into being. . . .
Meanwhile, an anti-gun activist in Scotland opposes police carrying guns.  From the UK Daily Record:
. . . Dr Mick North lost his five-year-old daughter Sophie when killer Thomas Hamilton struck at her school.
The anti-gun activist has slammed Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House for suggesting armed bobbies could have stopped the massacre.
At a force summit in June, the country’s top policeman highlighted the mass murder of Sophie, her 14 primary 1 classmates and teacher Gwen Mayor as a reason why units should not spend “an extra five, 10, 15, 20 minutes” arming themselves.
Dr North said: “I can’t see how any armed police would have stopped Dunblane.
“It took 15 minutes until any police officer arrived at the school when the incident was all over in three minutes.” . . . 
Some notes: I agree that it is very doubtful that police could have arrived quickly enough to stop the attack at Dunblane.  But does that mean that there won't be a few other times when speed might save some lives.  Of course, my response is to speed up response time to these tragedies by getting rid of gun-free zones, not by disarming even police.  It is hard to see any benefits from having police being disarmed.


Continued massive coverage of the Taylor Woolrich story: What happens when a woman is being stalked but not able to defend herself [John Lott's Website]

Fox 5 San Diego: "Dartmouth student from San Diego wants to carry a gun on campus"
Red Alert Politics: "Darmouth College student advocates for concealed carry on campus"
KTOK 1000 Oklahoma: "Why David Boren et. al. Need to Re-think Their Gun Policies"
MyFoxChicago: "Ivy Leaguer with stalker may drop out over anti-gun policy"
The UK Daily News: "College student threatens to drop Dartmouth if the school does not allow her to carry a handgun on campus to protect herself from a 'stalker with a rape kit'"
Business Insider: "Dartmouth Won't Allow Student To Carry Gun For Protection, Despite A Man Allegedly Stalking Her For Four Years"
Fox 5 San Diego: "Dartmouth student from San Diego wants to carry a gun on campus"
China News: "美女学生长期遭老男人骚扰欲携枪防身遭校方拒绝 [The beautiful woman student suffers the old man to harass for a long time wants to take along the gun self-defense to suffer the school authorities to reject]"
The Blaze: "Ivy League School’s Response to Student Requesting to Carry a Concealed Handgun to Defend Herself From Dangerous Stalker"
NBC News in San Diego: "Dartmouth Student Seeks Right to Carry Gun to Protect Herself Against Stalker"
The Washington Times: "Stalked student may drop out of Dartmouth over no-guns policy"
Inquisitr: "Gun Control Rule At Dartmouth College Denies Taylor Woolrich Protection From Stalker With ‘Rape Kit’"
Katie Pavlich at "Female Campus Carry Advocate and Dartmouth Student Details Stalking: "They Found a Rape Kit in His Car"
Katie Pavlich at "Mother of Virginia Tech Victim Advocates For Concealed Carry on Campus
The Truth About Guns: "Dartmouth College Denies Stalker Victim Right to Armed Self Defense, Perpetuates #waronwomen"
Rare: "Dartmouth wouldn’t let this woman carry a gun to fend off her stalker"
Breitbart: "Dartmouth Student to "Drop out" unless she can carry gun to fend off stalker"
Newsbusters: "NBC Highlights College Student Fighting for Right to Carry Gun on Campus"
News World Today: "Dartmouth Won’t Allow Student To Carry Gun For Protection, Despite A Man Allegedly Stalking Her For Four Years"
Independent Journal Review: "Student Tormented By Stalker May Have To Drop Out Because College Won’t Allow Her To Defend Herself"
Georgia Newsday: "Stalked student will 'drop Dartmouth' for not allowing her a handgun"
The Examiner: "Female student not allowed to carry gun to protect self against predator" "Woman stalked by man, 67, caught with rape kit says she'll drop out of Dartmouth if not allowed to carry a gun"
MyFoxChicago: "Ivy Leaguer with stalker may drop out over anti-gun policy"
Voice of San Diego: "Student from SD Takes Stand on Carrying Gun"
BizPacReview: "College student stalked for 4 years makes impassioned plea to carry a gun for self-defense"
Campus Reform: "Dartmouth student denied concealed carry despite aggressive stalker"
Heavy: "Taylor Woolrich: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know"
Opposing Views: "Dartmouth Won't Allow Student To Carry Gun To Protect Against Stalker"
Red Alert Politics: "Darmouth College student advocates for concealed carry on campus"
KTOK 1000 Oklahoma: "Why David Boren et. al. Need to Re-think Their Gun Policies"
Los Angeles Times: "Dartmouth won't let woman carry gun to protect against accused stalker"
KTLA-TV Channel 5 in Los Angeles: "Dartmouth College Student Denied Request to Carry Gun to Protect Against Alleged Stalker"
Texas GOP Vote: "Dartmouth College Puts Anti-Gun Ideology Above Safety of Stalked Female Student"
KFMB 760 AM: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth"
WRTV Channel 6 Indianapolis: "College student wants right to carry gun on campus"
The Daily Reporter, Greenfield, Indiana: "San Diego student seeks concealed gun permit from Dartmouth to protect against alleged stalker"
KERO ABC Channel 23, Bakersfield, California: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth College"
The Lompoc Record, Lompoc, California: "San Diego student seeks gun permit from Dartmouth"
Breitbart (revisited): "Dartmouth will not allow stalking victim to carry gun for self-defense"
DigiNews: "Women Against Feminism fight back"

Saturday, 09 August


The Stealth War expands [The Liberty Sphere]


Obama and the Democrats who enable him have already shown that they have no hesitation to disregard the law and trash the Constitution in order to advance their illegal agenda. Regardless of the midterm elections this year, the most dangerous president in U.S. history still has two more years in office. Thus, citizens must get set to kick up the Stealth War into high gear if necessary. And the necessity of doing so grows by the day. 
 Click here to read it all.


Canadian mail order guns from 1902 to 1975 [John Lott's Website]

The first ad is from 1902 and the second from 1975.  The ads are available here for many other years.  Mail order guns in Canada were available up until 1979.

A history of Canadian gun control is available here (1945-1977) and here (1867-1945).

Friday, 08 August


New piece at the Daily Caller: "Why Legalizing Concealed Carry Is The Answer To Persistent Stalkers" [John Lott's Website]

Here is a piece that I had at the Daily Caller:
Stalking victims often despair because they can’t control their own lives. They are forced to move, stay indoors, keep drapes closed, avoid posting on social media sites, and even change their cars. It’s almost like being held hostage. 
Shall we tell women that they just have to put up with this? The answer is “no.” Women must be able to defend themselves. The most effective way of doing this is by using a gun. By the time the police arrive to enforce a restraining order, it is often too late. 
One of us, Taylor Woolrich, has been living such a nightmare for over four years. It started when she was 16. Taylor was working at a café in San Diego when a 67-year-old man, Richard Bennett, came into the store for coffee. He kept coming back, staring at her for long periods of time and trying to flirt. He then would sit outside the store for the entire day. 
It soon got much worse. He followed her around outside of work, demanding to talk and saying that he was “trying to protect [her].” 
Right now, Richard Bennett is in jail a third time for violating his restraining order and will soon go to trial again. In June of this year, Taylor was shocked to discover how closely she was still being followed. It was late at night when she returned home to California from Dartmouth College on the East Coast. Early the very next morning, Bennett was at her door, wanting to talk. 
Bennett was arrested and police searched his car. They discovered a “rape kit” including rope tied as slip noose, a knife, gloves, and other items. When police got a warrant, they found Taylor’s pictures all over Bennett’s house. They also found illegally obtained guns. . . .


Evenin' my friends [The Liberty Sphere]

I didn't get to write today, so I am giving you a special but brief greeting. My next big appointment with the eye specialist is Monday. I should know more by then. I still need your prayers.

As always, I have some information passed along to me that I am currently sitting on, waiting for a good time to disclose it. I may write it up tonight, but I doubt it. It looks like it will be tomorrow before I get around to it.

The communication grapevine is beginning to get hot. Lots of rumors that are not trustworthy, and lots of information that is VERY reliable because of who it came from. My dilemma is always making a determination of what is false and what is true, and then deciding if what is true needs to be told. Obviously sometimes information cannot be disclosed because to do so would compromise the identity of the source. We don't want sources drying up due to someone making a decision that they, the sources, will tell everything they know. So, the powerful underground figures with a treasure trove of information will simply stop talking. That is the last thing we need and there is always a certain degree of risk in passing along such information although it is the truth.

But we will deal with these things as we go along. Check back with The Liberty Sphere for updated information. Thank-you.


Vice President Joe Biden refers to the "Nation of Africa" [John Lott's Website]

Vice President Joe Biden's gaffes are so frequent the media doesn't cover them.

UPDATE:  Of course, there is always CNN that says that Hong Kong is in Brazil.

CNN Hong Kong in Brazil

Thursday, 07 August


Mowing the astroturf [Of Arms and the Law]

Bloomberg group decides to annoy pro-gun candidates at the Iowa State Fair, offers "volunteers" free admission, parking, and food. Pro-groups suggest their members call it to RSVP and get free admission, parking, and food.

Astroturf financed by millionaires is SO twentieth century!


Why are women much more likely to think that we are in a recession and also believe that Democrats have the solution [John Lott's Website]

After almost six years of Obamanomics, why is such an overwhelming majority of want more Democrat solutions.  What I would like to see is how these percentage compare to 2008, 2010, and 2012.  From the Wall Street Journal:

. . . This week's Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll found that women are more in sync with Democrats on a range of economic issues, including minimum wages and concerns about growing income inequality. With Republicans holding substantial advantages this year, the Democrats' appeal among women could provide a bulwark against a political drubbing. 
As members of the party that doesn't hold the White House, Republicans might ordinarily stand to gain most from the broad pessimism in the new poll that the nation is on the wrong track. But the poll found that women would prefer this fall's elections to produce a Democratic-controlled Congress, by a 51% to 37% margin—a 14-point gap. The reverse is true for men, who preferred a Republican Congress by 52% to 35%—a 17-point lead for the GOP. . . . .


80-year-old woman with revolver defends home, WTVT, Tampa Bay, Fla. 08/01/14 [NRA-ILA News]

80-year-old NJ Logan was recovering from hip surgery at home in Holmes Beach, Fla. when she became aware of an intrusion. Logan responded by retrieving a revolver, calling 9-1-1, and warning the intruder. According to Logan, while on the phone with police, she was told to “put the gun down,” to which she replied, “I’ll put the gun down when I see the police.” The intruder left the home without a direct confrontation. Following the incident, Logan told a local media outlet, “I believe in guns inside your house, because I don't think anybody has the right to break into your private domain. I'll definitely have the gun up there that is for sure.”

The Show-Me State Shows the Way to Safeguard Fundamental Rights [NRA-ILA News]

Missouri’s primary election on Tuesday included a legislatively referred constitutional amendment to strengthen Missouri’s right to arms provision.  Voters approved the amendment by a 61% to 39% margin.

Gun battles in states rely on ballots, not bullets [NRA-ILA News]

Gun-control advocates insist public sentiment is on their side, but ballot initiatives in the states paint a much muddier picture.

Prosecution of Shaneen Allen moves forward [NRA-ILA News]

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Shaneen Allen, a single mother from Philadelphia who was arrested for driving through New Jersey with a handgun. Allen had a permit for her gun in Pennsylvania, but New Jersey doesn’t recognize Pennsylvania gun permits. Despite the fact that Allen volunteered that she was in possession of the gun during her traffic stop, she was still arrested and charged with a felony. According to her attorney, she is eligible for a diversion program for first-time offenders that would avoid a felony conviction and mandatory 42 months in prison. But for reasons he has yet to articulate, New Jersey District Attorney Jim McClain has refused to allow her to take advantage of that program.

Traveling with guns can turn into a nightmare [NRA-ILA News]

If I lived in New Jersey, I’d be committing more than 100 felonies, 24 hours a day.The Garden State’s stringent regulations on the types of firearms, magazines and ammunition it allows would criminalize most of my collection, especially the modern sporting rifles, standard-capacity magazines and controlled-expansion ammunition.

Dartmouth student lobbies to carry gun after encounters with alleged stalker [NRA-ILA News]

Fearing a man who she says has stalked her for four years, a Dartmouth College student is pushing for legislation that would allow her to carry a concealed weapon.San Diego native Taylor Woolrich shared her story at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., for the Students for Concealed Carry’s national conference.

911 dispatcher tells grandmother to ‘put the gun down’ during break-in [NRA-ILA News]

A Florida grandmother whose home was broken into says a 911 dispatcher ordered her to put her gun down in the middle of the invasion.

Straight Shooters: Meet the gay gun-rights activists [NRA-ILA News]

Four years ago, Chris Cheng—a Chinese-Japanese-Cuban-American Google employee—started watching Top Shot, a History Channel reality show where contestants shoot their way through a series of complex competitions. Cheng, who as a kid had sometimes gone shooting with his Navy veteran father, started getting into the show.

Reciprocity Mix-Up Leads to Felony Charges for Philadelphia Mom [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Michael Donio declined to dismiss a case for unlawful possession of a firearm against Philadelphia resident Shaneen Allen.  Allen was arrested during a traffic stop last October after she volunteered to the officer that she had a firearm in her car.  She mistakenly believed her Pennsylvania license to carry firearms was valid in New Jersey.  This was hardly an unreasonable assumption, considering that Pennsylvania concealed carry licensees can lawfully carry in over 30 other states.

Friends Indeed: 22 State Attorneys General Join Pro-Second Amendment Brief in SAFE Act Appeal [NRA-ILA News]

Amicus curiae (“friend of the court”) briefs have been filed in Nojay v. Cuomo, the appeal from the decision of Judge William Skretny last year that largely upheld New York’s Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement (“SAFE”) Act.  The plaintiffs challenged bans on large-capacity magazines and “assault weapons” (as redefined), the requirement that magazines contain no more than seven rounds, and new rules on ammunition sales, as unconstitutional.  After Judge Skretnty denied most of these claims, the case (decided as New York State Rifle and Pistol Association, Inc. v. Cuomo) was appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Gun Control Strategists Mind Their Tongues, Look To NRA for Tactics [NRA-ILA News]

Facts are stubborn things. So when the facts are not in your favor, it’s not surprising that your message and strategy will need to continually change.  For gun controllers – while that message may be incorrect on important facets of history, constitutional principles, Supreme Court doctrine, or even the will of the American people – $50 million dollars is quite an incentive to stay on script.


Texas gradually slipping away [The Liberty Sphere]


...Texas is ground zero. Most of the bombardment of the country from the southern border is taking place in Texas. And although the illegal aliens are being shipped all across America, most of them stay put in Texas. The reason is not far to find. This tactic is now part of the "progressive" goal used by Democrats to seize power in Texas. The Democrats have discovered, based upon experience in the recent past, that the more illegal aliens they allow into the country the more likely they are to benefit from their votes, legal or not. The interlopers who are here for nothing more than the freebies will vote for Democrats.
Click here to read it all.


Obama administration can't account for how $619 billion was spent [John Lott's Website]

Even by the Federal government standards, not being able to account for $619 billion is a lot of money.  From Fox News:
The Obama administration failed to properly account for how it spent nearly $619 billion, according to a watchdog audit of the main federal website meant to track where taxpayer money is going. 
The report from the Government Accountability Office picked apart the website, and the agencies feeding information to it. 
The database of government spending and contracts was created out of a 2006 transparency law, but the GAO found it continues to have serious problems. The Department of Health and Human Services was the worst offender, during the 2012 period GAO examined. 
“Although agencies generally reported information for contracts to, they did not properly report information on assistance awards, totaling nearly $619 billion,” the GAO reported. . . .


By almost 2-to-1 vote, Missouri approves stronger constitutional protections to own guns [John Lott's Website]

Bloomberg's gun groups claimed that this change would hurt safety in Missouri.  Voters overwhelmingly rejected the claims.  An explanation of the changes to the Missouri Constitution are available here at KFVS Channel 12:
Missourians voted to strengthen the state's gun rights law when they headed to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 5.  This ballot measure reads as follows:

"Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to include a declaration that the right to keep and bear arms is an unalienable right and that the state government is obligated to uphold that right?"
Currently, the U.S. Constitution grants American's the ability to keep and bear arms.
Missouri state law also protects that right.
Essentially, voters were asked to decide if this right to keep and carry guns should be an "unalienable right" just like American's rights to life and liberty. 
That would mean the right is impossible to take away and if it was challenged in court, this amendment would give Missourian's the highest level of legal protection.
Senator Kurt Schaefer, a supporter of the change, says if passed, Missouri would have the strongest gun rights in the country. . . .
The St. Louis Post has this discussion of the outcome of the vote:
And Amendment 5, reitervating the U.S. Constitution’s right to bear arms, won by almost 2 to 1. . . . 
The “right to bear arms” referendum (Amendment 5) will reiterate the U.S. Constitution’s similar guarantee, but with more specificity, making that right “inalienable.” Supporters argued it was needed because of attempts to restrict gun rights on the national level. 
Opponents argued that it would be an unnecessary duplication of the federal Constitution’s Second Amendment and that it could impede enforcement of reasonable firearms restrictions. 
After the vote, the group “Moms Demand Gun Sense in America” issued a statement warning: “Today Missouri voters approved a gun lobby-backed proposal that could gravely undermine public safety.” . . .

Wednesday, 06 August


If you want to get the wealthiest billionaires to live in your state, get rid of the state income tax [John Lott's Website]

The states without an income tax are

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

  • Apparently, Tennessee and New Hampshire are not really zero income tax states as they impose significant taxes on interest and dividend income (6% and 5%, respectively).  There is a list of the wealthiest person in each state available here.

    I ran two regressions: one with the wealthiest person in the state on a dummy variable for them not having an income tax and then the same thing for just the continental US.

    Both estimates show the same thing.  Not having an income tax raises the wealth of the wealthiest person by $16.8 billion and not having an income tax in the continental states raises the wealth of the wealthiest person by $21.3 billion.


    Amnesty advocate says executive order on immigration a 'nuclear bomb' [The Liberty Sphere]

    An advocate for giving illegal aliens legal status in the midst of the explosive crisis at the southern border stated late today that an executive order by Obama on immigration would be "a nuclear bomb."
    Click here to continue reading.


    Clerk halts robber armed with rifle, WFSB, Connecticut, 08/06/14 [NRA-ILA News]

    A man armed with a rifle entered Congress Mini Mart in New Haven, Conn. and attempted to rob the store. At some point the thief left, then traveled to the nearby Nino’s Market convenience store and attempted to rob it. The clerk at Nino’s responded to the threat by retrieving a gun and shooting the criminal in the chest, killing him. Police have confirmed that the clerk was in compliance with Connecticut’s gun laws. Bizarrely, the clerks at Congress Mini Mart and Nini’s Market are brothers.

    Philly mom will stand trial for bringing gun to N.J. [NRA-ILA News]

    The words common sense were mentioned quite a bit during Shaneen Allen's hearing yesterday in Atlantic County Superior Court.Allen, 27, cried for a moment in the hallway with her son Naiare and his father after a judge denied her motion to dismiss weapons charges filed against her in October and refused to overturn a prosecutor's decision to deny her entry into a first-time-offender diversion program.

    Florida may allow hunters to use silencers [NRA-ILA News]

    Hunters of deer, turkey and other animals in Florida may soon be able to operate with lethal stealth under a state proposal to allow them to use silencers.

    Dear Dartmouth, I am one of your students, I am being stalked, please let me carry a gun to protect myself [NRA-ILA News]

    Over the last four years, I have lived with the constant threat from a stalker – a stalker who is now in jail for the third time for violating a restraining order.


    Dartmouth Student Is Stalked for 4 Years, Wants Right to Carry Gun [John Lott's Website]

    Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at  Wednesday, August 6, 12.27 PM
    Here is the first part of the story that was the lead up at Fox News:
    A 20-year-old Dartmouth student says she may have to give up her Ivy League dream and drop out of school because the prestigious college won't allow her to carry a gun -- to protect herself against a predator.
    Taylor Woolrich, a junior, says Dartmouth administrators told her they won’t let her carry a gun on campus, even though she lives in fear of a man who has been stalking her since she was a high school student in San Diego. 
    “It’s absolutely unfair,” Woolrich said about her attempts to have the school make an exception to its weapons ban. “It’s one of the hardest things I’ve had to deal with.”
    Woolrich was 16 years old and working in a San Diego café when she says a man came in to buy coffee and then kept returning throughout the day, staring at her for long periods of time and trying to flirt with her. The man, 67-year-old Richard Bennett, kept this up for days, she says, even sitting outside the store for an entire day and then following her home, demanding that she talk to him and saying he was “trying to protect her.” 
    She filed a restraining order, but it did little to keep Bennett away. Woolrich says he constantly harassed her during her first two years at Dartmouth, stalking her on social media and sending messages in which he “promised” to fly across the country to see her at college. 
    “I thought they were empty threats, but when I came home from school last summer, he was at my front door within eight hours of my plane landing,” she said. “That’s when I realized how serious it was.” 
    Woolrich and her family called the police, and Bennett was arrested. A search of his car uncovered a slip noose, a knife, gloves and other items. 
    Bennett is currently in jail in San Diego County, accused of violating the restraining order and felony stalking, as well as other charges. His next court date is Aug. 20. If convicted, his maximum sentence would be four years. 
    Woolrich says she inquired about obtaining a permit to carry a concealed weapon in California and learned that the minimum age to get one is 21, though exceptions can be made under special circumstances. She says the Sheriff’s Licensing Division told her she could qualify, and she learned the same exception can be granted in New Hampshire, where Dartmouth is located. 
    But Dartmouth administrators told her she was “absolutely not” allowed to carry a weapon on campus. She says she tried to plead her case and was told to speak with several campus officials, all of whom provided little to no help. 
    “There’s no option. There’s no one to go to. They don’t want to hear my case,” she said.
    Many colleges across the country have banned guns on campus to prevent mass shootings and accidental shootings by irresponsible or inebriated students. But the pro-gun rights Crime Prevention Research Center, in a study published on Monday, said there have been no reported problems or issues with college-age permit holders on campuses in the nine states –  Colorado, Florida, Wisconsin, Utah, Pennsylvania,Oregon, Mississippi, Kansas and Idaho – whose laws mandate that students and others be permitted to carry concealed handguns on public college grounds. 
    “There’s this fear about the possibility of students causing problems, but people talk about these things without actual examples,” the center’s president, John Lott, told “By far, the safest course of action is to carry a gun for protection, especially for female victims.” 
    “[Woolrich] has legitimate concern,” he added. “There’s only so much a restraining order can do.” 
    Woolrich says Dartmouth’s Department of Safety and Security told her that instead of carrying a gun, she should call campus security and arrange for an escort if she felt unsafe after dark. But she says she was often asked to justify her requests when she called, and security officers gave her a hard time for calling often. 
    “What they don’t understand is that it’s not enough,” she says. “Stalkers just don’t only show up after dark. Unless they have an armed guard in front of my dorm room, I'm not sure how safe I will be. I don’t think there’s much an unarmed guard can do.” . . .


    Oh yeah? Well, that works both ways, BUB! [The Liberty Sphere]

    Just read a law enforcement officer's statement concerning what he told a motorist he had pulled over. He demanded that the driver do things that the officer has no authority to demand. When the driver informed the officer that the Constitution prevents him from making such illegal demands, the officer said, "Well, if Obama doesn't have to abide by the Constitution, then we don't either."

    Well now, Bub. That works both ways. It works not only for you but for the citizens you pull over and illegally demand that they give you DNA samples although they are not suspected of crimes and you have no court order allowing you to do that.

    If you Barney Fifes out there think you don't have to abide by the rule of law because Obama doesn't and the federal government doesn't, then guess what, bub? WE THE CITIZENS don't have to obey YOU! In fact several of our Founders, including Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, stated that when the government loses the moral authority to govern due to their corruption and failure to abide by the law, then the people are no longer required to obey corrupt government and its representatives.

    Remember that, Fife, the next time you think you can push citizens around. If you don't have to abide by the law, then we don't either. And we can show you exactly what we mean, if we have to. Got it?


    Illinois: Upcoming Committee Meeting to Discuss Firearms Rules [NRA-ILA News]

    On Tuesday, August 12, the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR) will meet to consider two firearm-related rules.  After failing to adopt rules for more than a year and creating a mess of the Law Enforcement objection process, the Concealed Carry Review Board has finally submitted “emergency” rules for their operation.  No emergency currently exists that isn’t entirely of their own making.  They now want to limit any applicant’s due process and ability to respond to objections filed by a law enforcement agency.  JCAR will consider these rules at its next meeting on August 12.


    Missourians Approve Measure Strengthening Right to Keep and Bear Arms [NRA-ILA News]

    By an overwhelming margin of 61 to 39 percent, Missouri voters have adopted an amendment backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to their state constitution strengthening the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Senate Joint Resolution 36 declares that right to be "unalienable" and require any gun-control restrictions to be subject to the highest legal scrutiny.


    Voters Should Oppose Initiative 594 [NRA-ILA News]

    Initiative 594 is a perfect example of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” It is a lie that is being sold to people in the hopes that they will unwittingly vote Initiative 594 into law. Don’t be fooled by those willing to promote the lie to justify the ends.


    Missourians Approve Measure Strengthening Right to Keep and Bear Arms [NRA-ILA News]

    Bloomberg Fails to Defeat 'Gold Standard' for Gun Rights Amendment Fairfax, Va. – By an overwhelming margin of 61 to 39 percent, Missouri voters have adopted an amendment backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to their state constitution strengthening the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Senate Joint Resolution 36 declares that right to be "unalienable" and require any gun-control restrictions to be subject to the highest legal scrutiny.

    Tuesday, 05 August


    Pastors to defy IRS snoops by daring them to place them under arrest [The Liberty Sphere]


    But the pastors of these churches, which happen to be some of the largest megachurches in America, say they plan on banding together to defy the IRS on the annual "Freedom of the Pulpit Sunday" coming up in October. According to several spokesmen within the pulpit freedom movement, the pastors will inform their congregants that IRS spies may be in the congregation that day and that they, the pastors, have no intention of adhering to the rules of the IRS that demand that they cease from preaching on homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, and other hot topics. The plan is for the pastors to dare the IRS agents to come forward and arrest them on the spot so that all of America can see what a farce the federal government has become.
    Click here to read the whole thing.


    Update on Day One After Legislative Recess in Sacramento [NRA-ILA News]

    On the first day back from its legislative recess two anti-gun bills were sent to the Senate floor by the Senate Appropriations Committee.  It is IMPERATIVE that EVERY gun owner, sportsmen and Second Amendment supporter in California keep up the pressure on their state Senator and Assemblyman OPPOSING ALL of the anti-gun bills listed below.  Contact information for your state legislators can be found here.  Contact information for the Senate Appropriations Committee can be found here.  Contact information for the Assembly Appropriations Committee can be found here.

    Judge refuses to drop N.J. gun charges against Phila. woman [NRA-ILA News]

    A Superior Court judge denied a motion Tuesday to drop charges against a Philadelphia woman who has a Pennsylvania gun permit and was found with a weapon in her car during a traffic stop on the Atlantic City Expressway last fall.

    House Bill: Pa. employers can't block workers from keeping guns in their cars [NRA-ILA News]

    State Rep. Bryan Cutler remembers the special plans he had to make to go hunting after work when he was an x-ray technician in Lancaster.

    Missourians give big thumbs-up to guns [NRA-ILA News]

    Missouri voters strongly embraced on Tuesday strengthened rights on guns and electronic privacy, and narrowly gave a nod to the state’s farmers. But veterans struck out.

    Gun groups target Peoria thumbprint rule [NRA-ILA News]

    Gun-rights advocates plan to challenge a Peoria ordinance that requires gun buyers to supply a thumbprint.The Illinois State Rifle Association recently surveyed its Peoria members to find out how many have had to submit a thumbprint when purchasing a firearm in the city. ISRA said the survey was a first step toward getting the requirement repealed.

    Grandmothers get robbed, start gun group [NRA-ILA News]

    Grandmothers Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby, 52 and 57, from Aurora in Dearborn County sit next to each other in matching pink shirts and chat about their businesses, grandchildren, illnesses. And their guns.

    Australia: Queenslanders going for more gun licences, with 30 per cent increase in permits issued in past year [NRA-ILA News]

    Documents released under Right to Information laws showed a steady increase in gun permit applications with more than 170,124 individual licence holders currently in possession of 566,427 firearms across the state.


    Nevada: Judge Orders Anti-Gun Ballot Initiative Withdrawn and Revised [NRA-ILA News]

    Last Friday, a Carson City District Judge ordered an anti-gun petition, previously reported here, to be withdrawn and revised.  This petition, authored by “Nevadans for Background Checks,” failed to include a material description of the criminal penalties that would result should this initiative become law.  Earlier this month, a lawsuit was filed challenging this specific wording, encouraging legal action to ensure the true intent of this initiative is communicated to the public.


    North Carolina sheriff urges residents to arm themselves [NRA-ILA News]

    The Harnett County sheriff expressed concern Monday evening about a recent spike of violent crime, and he’s even told residents to start arming themselves. WTVD-TV reported that more than 100 people packed the sanctuary of the Spring Hill United methodist Church Monday Night for a community meeting on crime. There has been an explosion of violence and crime in the area, especially in the last few weeks. Sheriff Larry Rollins told the crowd that the violence is fueled by gangs and drugs. He urged everyone to protect themselves, saying he doesn’t go anywhere without a gun.

    Monday, 04 August


    Liquor store employee fights off robbers, The Magnolia Reporter, Magnolia, Ark. 08/04/14 [NRA-ILA News]

    Just after closing, a masked man armed with a gun attempted to break through the front door of Lamkin’s Liquor in Stephens, Ark. The man and an accomplice then left the front of the store, prompting the employees on duty to search for them. Eventually, the criminals returned, at which point one of the employees fired one of the robbers. The thieves left the scene without ever getting inside the store.

    Activists argue against further delay of D.C. gun ruling [NRA-ILA News]

    Gun rights advocates say a federal judge’s ruling striking down D.C.’s ban on carrying handguns in public should not be put on hold beyond the current 90-day delay.


    Scandal ridden IRS doubles down on tyranny [The Liberty Sphere]

    Although the IRS is mired in scandal arising from its own admission that it engaged in illegal activity by targeting conservative and Tea Party groups and individuals, the agency has shown no remorse or intent to change its illegal behavior. The opposite is true. The IRS has done nothing but double down on its tyranny even after Congress has discovered felonies committed by IRS employees and supervisors.
    Click here to continue.


    Louisiana: Multiple New Pro-Gun and Pro-Hunting Laws Take Effect [NRA-ILA News]

    On Friday, August 1, several new NRA-supported laws took effect in the Sportsman's Paradise.


    Students for Concealed Carry Conference in Washington DC at the National Press Club tomorrow [John Lott's Website]

    From the Daily Caller:
    Students for Concealed Carry is a national, non-partisan, grassroots organization comprising over 43,000 college students, professors, college employees, parents of college students, and concerned citizens who believe that holders of state-issued concealed handgun licenses should be allowed the same measure of personal protection on college campuses that they enjoy virtually everywhere else. 
    The group will hold its third Students for Concealed Carry Conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on August 5, 2014, from 12:00 noon–5:00 p.m. 
    The event will feature many distinguished speakers, including author and scholar John R. Lott Jr., a panel of women speaking of their experiences in gun-free zones on college campuses, an academic panel for legal analysis, military and police trainers, and state legislators from across the country. . . .

    Sunday, 03 August


    California eyes first-in-nation firearms restraint [NRA-ILA News]

    California could become the first state to allow family members, licensed therapists and health care providers to petition a judge to take firearms from someone who has shown signs that they could harm others or themselves.

    California battle over concealed-weapon rights could be headed for Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

    The Supreme Court has turned aside all Second Amendment challenges since a pair of landmark rulings in 2008 and 2009 confirmed the rights of individuals to keep and bear arms. But some believe a California case could make the high court return to the controversial area and determine whether gun ownership rights extend beyond the corners of one's home.

    Philly mom faces jailtime due to New Jersey's strict gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

    When Shaneen Allen was pulled over in New Jersey last year, the Philadelphia woman assumed it would be a routine traffic stop.But instead of getting a traffic ticket, the single mother of two young children was arrested on weapons charges that could send her to prison for three years.

    South Carolina: Attorney General's opinion may stop possible Sumter park gun ban [NRA-ILA News]

    The city attorney has told the Sumter City Council it may not be able to ban concealed weapons from city parks.

    Massachusetts lawmakers pass bill tightening state gun laws [NRA-ILA News]

    Massachusetts lawmakers on Friday tightened the state's already strict gun laws by passing a measure that gives police chiefs authority to turn down a resident's requests to buy a rifle or shotgun if they believe the person may be a danger.


    Tyranny watch: "We won't be able to vote ourselves out of this" [The Liberty Sphere]


    The reason that the upcoming election will not correct the present state of affairs is that Obama and his ilk have already stacked the deck against any and all opposition. Open your mouth against him, and you are automatically a racist. Tell him he is wrong, and he will tar you as evil. Try to impeach him for his crimes, and he will put his vast political machine in the media, the Democratic Party, and academia to work to discredit you with every known method of character assassination available. Democrats in the Senate will refuse to act to bring decency and integrity back into the process and instead will ascribe to you every known evil known to man, including casting you as a homegrown terrorist. All of their integrity is gone. All of it. Their only goal is to shove the Obama agenda down our throats before they get ousted.
    Click here to read the whole thing.

    Saturday, 02 August


    Evenin' [The Liberty Sphere]

    Good evenin' patriots. Several things have taken place in the last 24 hours that to me are quite disturbing. The question is, do I wish to fight not being able to see adequately in order to write an article on them? Well, in this case it is not so much desire but lack of adequate energy, plus the added stress of not being able to see well enough to write without a ton of mistakes.

    The result of all of this is that even when I write I have to triple down on the proof reading. I have to go over it and over it and over it in order to correct mistakes that I miss. And even then I miss some things that I did not pick up on in my first three proofreading attempts.

    So, if I don't publish tonight, I will work on it tomorrow and try to get something posted by tomorrow evening. Thanks for your prayers.

    Friday, 01 August


    Just in case you missed my many posts, statements, and declarations concerning Israel, here it is again [The Liberty Sphere]

    This blog stands with Israel. This blog stands against radicalized Islam. In fact, the blogger here is convinced that Islam itself has become a threat.

    In modern America and Israel, and a growing number of nations around the world, Islam has become the single largest source of demonic power. Yes, I said it. DEMONIC! Islam produces headchoppers. Islam produces radicalized extremists. Islam produces terrorism and the most horrific acts of barbarism against human beings than any other group.

    True, Islam is interpreted differently by moderate Muslims. But the fact remains that this religion is still the biggest single source of barbarism in the world. Why is that? What is it about that religion that leads nutcases and headchoppers to do their dirty work?

    If anything is to be done about terrorism and "Palestinians" who belong in Jordon, the original Palestinian state, then moderate Muslims need to be the ones to do it. They could do a lot to reign in these loony birds, but somehow whatever they have done is not enough. That is not our problem and it is not Israel's problem, except to protect ourselves against the extremists. Since these extremists do their dirty work in the name of Islam, then it is up to moderate Muslims to stop this insanity by apprehending and executing murdering terrorists.

    But since they have refused to do anything about it, Israel should be given free reign to purge Gaza of all Muslims. Bomb the hell out of them. Send the rest to Jordon. But get rid of the vermin living in a place they have no reason being to begin with. The entire region was in Hebrew and Christian hands many centuries before Islam was formed.

    So let me say it again. I stand with Israel. I stand against Palestinians. Israel is a sovereign nation. They do not need our approval to do one damn thing. Let them do whatever is necessary to protect their country and to rid the region of barbarian Muslims.


    California Legislature Returns to Work on Monday [NRA-ILA News]

    Summer recess is over and your state legislators are returning to Sacramento to finish the 2014 legislative session.  It is IMPERATIVE that you call AND e-mail your state legislators and respective Appropriation Committee members urging them to OPPOSE the anti-gun bills below.


    Have you ever wondered why Rotisserie chickens are so cheap? They actually cost less than a chicken that you could buy to fix yourself [John Lott's Website]

    Megan McArdle deserves a hat tip for pointing to this article by Cat Vasko:
    A couple of years ago, I got it into my head that I wanted to roast a whole chicken, just because. I wandered around my local Ralphs for a few minutes looking for poultry that hadn't already been turned into individually shrink-wrapped meat units before asking for help. The gentleman I flagged down blinked a few times at my question. "Um," he answered finally. "You know we have chickens for sale up at the front of the store that have already been cooked, right?" 
    I bought the raw chicken anyway. I took it home, rubbed it in butter and herbs, shoved a lemon half up its butt, and roasted it low and slow for the majority of the day. It turned out okay. For all the work it took, it certainly wasn't notably better than a store-bought rotisserie chicken, and with the other ingredients factored in, it cost significantly more. Right now, an uncooked chicken at Ralphs runs you $9.87, but a rotisserie chicken is $6.99; at Gelson's, you'll pay $8.99 for a cooked chicken or $12.67 for the raw version; and at that beloved emporium of insanity Whole Foods, a rotisserie chicken is $8.99, while a whole chicken from the butcher counter is $12.79 ... per pound. . . . 
    Even Whole Foods' notoriously inflated prices don't offset that level of production. Instead, much like hunters who strive to use every part of the animal, grocery stores attempt to sell every modicum of fresh food they stock. Produce past its prime is chopped up for the salad bar; meat that's overdue for sale is cooked up and sold hot. Some mega-grocers like Costco have dedicated rotisserie chicken programs, but employees report that standard supermarkets routinely pop unsold chickens from the butcher into the ol' rotisserie oven. . . .


    Obama administration spies on Americans and now they are forced to admit they are spying on US Senators [John Lott's Website]

    Outrageously, the CIA engaged in surveillance of Senate emails.  When they were caught they "demonstrated a lack of candor about their activities."  Democratic Senators have "lost confidence" in Brennan, but is Obama talking about firing Brennan?  No. There is no criticism at all coming from the White House.  It makes it look as if President Obama has no problem with what the CIA did.  From Fox News:
    The director of the CIA, offering a rare apology, has acknowledged an internal probe's findings that CIA employees in the Executive Branch improperly spied on the Legislative Branch by searching Senate computers and reading staffers' emails earlier this year.  
    According to a declassified CIA inspector general's report, CIA officers improperly accessed Senate computers, read the emails of Senate staff, and exhibited a "lack of candor" when interviewed by agency investigators. The document, released Thursday by the CIA, is a summary of an internal CIA investigation -- which prompted CIA Director John Brennan to abandon his defiant posture in the matter and apologize to Senate Intelligence Committee leaders. 
    Brennan also has convened an accountability board that will investigate the conduct of the CIA officers and discipline them, if need be. 
    But the admission already has led to fierce recriminations from Senate lawmakers. 
    Sen. Mark Udall, D-Colo., said he has "lost confidence" in Brennan, and urged the administration to appoint an independent counsel to investigate. . . .


    Democratic party turnout in primaries is down more than the turnout for Republicans [John Lott's Website]

    While Republican turnout is down 1.4 percentage points, the turnout rate for Democrats is down by 2.6 percentage points.  I guess that I would like to see a regression that accounted for whether races were contested, but this is suggestive.  From The Hill newspaper:
    And GOP operatives note that in other states soon facing a vote, like Tennessee next week, early voting is on the rise — an encouraging sign they see as indicative of Republican enthusiasm this fall. An operative engaged in House races pointed in particular to GOP turnout in the special election in Florida’s 13th District, when more than 40 percent of Republicans went to the polls, as evidence of strong enthusiasm from their party. 
    The survey also showed that Democrats suffered a higher drop-off from 2010 than Republicans. Democratic turnout went from 8.7 percent of eligible voters in 2010 to 6.1 percent this year. Republican turnout dropped from 9.6 percent in 2010 to 8.2 percent.
    McDonald said that’s largely because most of the action has been taking place on the other side, and that Democrats will tune back in once there’s a reason to. 
    “We haven’t really seen Democrats have a reason to be interested in the election yet, because we’re not close to the fall election and their primaries haven’t been contested,” he said. 
    Still, Democratic base constituencies become disinterested during the midterms at higher rates than GOP-leaning groups, which is why Democrats have a tougher fight to get their voters out this fall. . . .

    Thursday, 31 July


    A totalitarian coup under way in America [The Liberty Sphere]


    ...when the worst people among us get elected to Congress and the presidency, and appointed to the courts, not only will the Constitution be ignored and maligned but those who do so will claim they are supporting the Constitution. It is easy to trick the dumbed down populace into believing that attacking the Constitution is actually supporting it. Most of the graduates of the public schools and colleges are the products of this lunacy. And the politicians, the elitists, and the intelligentsia are counting on this display of moronic "rationality." When high school and college graduates today are a mere two or three steps away from being certified imbeciles, the purveyors of totalitarianism can easily get them to believe anything, even precepts that are self-contradictory.

    Totalitarianism is an easy sell to the brain dead. 
    Click here to read the whole thing.

    Thursday, 29 May


    How to Load a Cap & Ball Black Powder Revolver [About Hunting / Shooting]

    These popular and readily-available guns are loved by many because they're old-fashioned... but loading them doesn't come naturally for most. These new/old wheel-guns can be fun to use for target shooting - and very useful for follow-up shots during muzzleloader hunts. Here's how to properly and safely load and fire them.

    Learn how to load a black powder cap & ball revolver

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    How to Load a Cap & Ball Black Powder Revolver originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 12:46:48.

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    Squat Strap Review - Strap for Relieving Yourself Outdoors Safely and Easily [About Hunting / Shooting]

    Umm.... yeah. We all do it - and sometimes, it happens in the woods. Answering nature's sometimes-insistent call, that is. This simple product is designed to keep you as comfortable as possible - and well above the ground - during the process. Check it out - it's well worth considering.

    Read the Review of Squat Strap for Answering Nature's Call

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    Squat Strap Review - Strap for Relieving Yourself Outdoors Safely and Easily originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 11:18:21.

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    Wednesday, 28 May


    What Kind of Ammunition to Use in Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle [About Hunting / Shooting]

    The good old 44 carbine, which was Ruger's first production rifle, has now been out of production for almost three decades - in other words, it's been discontinued for more years than it was built. It's a better-designed rifle than the lame Model 99 Deerfield 44 carbine which Ruger brought out to replace it many years later - and quietly retired a few years later.

    Anyhow, there are many original carbines still out there, and they're fine rifles. With each passing year, knowledge of them is lost to many, so here's a short-but-sweet article on what kind of ammo to use in this nice old shootin' iron.

    Learn what ammo to use in a Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle

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    What Kind of Ammunition to Use in Ruger 44 Carbine Rifle originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Wednesday, May 28th, 2014 at 07:21:30.

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    Tuesday, 27 May


    Hunting for Beginners [About Hunting / Shooting]

    It's been a lot of years since I was a newbie hunter, and I've learned a bunch over the years. I've put together this handy reference for beginners, which I hope is helpful. Be sure to let me know if you think I've left out anything important... otherwise, enjoy and pass it along to others who may enjoy it.

    Learn about Hunting for Beginners

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    Hunting for Beginners originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 at 11:49:58.

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    Thursday, 22 May


    Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

    The Midland HH54 is a portable weather radio, which can be used to get weather forecasts and alerts, and can even act as an alarm clock. Weather is important to hunters, and this has never failed to get a signal so I could hear the forecast for my area - but it does have some shortcomings. Read the review to learn more about this interesting gadget.

    Read the Review of Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio

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    Midland HH54 Portable Emergency Weather Alert Radio Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 22nd, 2014 at 10:01:56.

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    Wednesday, 21 May


    JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

    This nice-looking little pistol incorporated numerous innovations and new features - many of which live on in today's popular handguns - and although it followed the European tradition of tiny, under-powered cartridges was worthy of commercial success. Unfortunately, almost every one of these pistols was claimed by the Nazis during the second world war and when Germany fell, the factory was on the wrong side of the iron curtain.

    Read the Review of JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol

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    JP Sauer Model 38H 32 ACP Pistol Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Wednesday, May 21st, 2014 at 07:20:29.

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    Tuesday, 20 May


    God and Guns [About Hunting / Shooting]

    What does the Bible say about the right to bear arms? Should a Christian practice self-defense? This article explores those questions and more as it examines the Biblical aspects of gun rights. I personally believe that every person has the right and responsibility to defend him- or herself, regardless of race or religion.

    Find out what the Bible says about the right to bear arms

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    God and Guns originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 11:50:18.

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    How to Use a Rifle Sling [About Hunting / Shooting]

    I love rifle slings - although I usually take the sling off of my rifle when I'm in a stand or blind, because I don't want it hanging up on anything or swinging around to give away my position. Much of the time, though, slings are wonderful, useful tools and should be used as such. Most hunters don't use slings to their full potential, but they should - and here's how you can use a sling to gain almost-instant access to your rifle, make more accurate shots without a rest, and more.

    Find out How to Use a Rifle Sling

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    How to Use a Rifle Sling originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 20th, 2014 at 11:45:33.

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    Thursday, 15 May


    Firearms Guide DVD Review - 4th Edition [About Hunting / Shooting]

    This collection of information contains a bunch of good stuff, and much of it is good and useful. Guns, ammo, ballistics, hundreds of printable targets, and thousands of gun schematics, among other things... sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Errors and omissions might make it less of a bargain, though. Read the review for much more on this creative reference product.

    Read the Review of Firearms Guide 4th Edition DVD

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    Firearms Guide DVD Review - 4th Edition originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Thursday, May 15th, 2014 at 07:37:26.

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    Tuesday, 13 May


    Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review [About Hunting / Shooting]

    This is the most complete bore guide kit I've used - but it's not "all that." In fact, it's not expensively-made, and should be priced accordingly. I like using a bore guide, and this one has some good points - but the RAPID patch system ain't much and if you want to use it on a rimfire rifle, think again...

    Check out the Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review

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    Tipton Rapid Deluxe Bore Guide Kit Review originally appeared on Hunting / Shooting on Tuesday, May 13th, 2014 at 07:52:39.

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    Monday, 05 May


    Younger Women Older Men Dating Site [ NorCal Gun Club]

    You want to find Younger Women for Older Men online? This is easy. Just place a FREE profile on --- the most effective age gap dating site for Older Men and Younger Women. It will connect you with hundreds of single people who are looking for such relationships. What are you waiting for?


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