SCSA Practical Pistol Matches

Our Practical Pistol Shoots are held at a private ranch on Mount Saint Helena and are open only to members of the Sonoma County Shooting Association. The matches will be held on 3rd Sunday's during the dry months. Registration opens at 8:00 AM and the match starts at 9:00 AM sharp. We close the gate before the match starts, so please be on time. See our calendar page for match dates. There is a porta potty, but no running water, no electrical power, poor cell phone reception, and it's half and hour from anything.

What is it?

Practical Pistol Shooting is a sport which challenges an individual's ability to shoot rapidly and accurately with a handgun. We set up a course of fire where shooters fire at a series of steel targets and you will have to reload during the course.

The course of fire will be different every month, and we usually hold either an optional side match, or a two gun match, using either:


Any semi-automatic pistol or double action revolver is allowed. We don't worry about major/minor calibers.

We shoot at steel knock down targets, so small calibers (less than 9mm or .38 special) may have some problems knocking down the targets.

You can shoot the same gun for multiple runs or shoot multiple guns.

Reloading is required while shooting. The course of fire is usually around 15 to 25 shots, so you will want at to bring at least five speedloaders or three ten round magazines (larger magazines are allowed).

Shooters shoot in pairs for most matches. The longer you win matches the more you shoot. If you loose four straight matches you are out and will may only shoot 60-100 rounds of ammunition. If you win you may need considerably more. Bringing 200 rounds minimum is recommended.

You also need eye & hearing protection and a holster. Strong side holster only, no shoulder holsters, cross draw holsters, ankle holsters or small of back holsters.

Safety Rules:

SCSA Practical Pistol Safety Rules.



We normally use "Comstock Count" scoring rules: courses of fire have no restrictions on the maximum number of shots that may be fired, no restrictions on the maximum number of times each target may be hit, and no restriction on the amount of time required to complete the course. Each competitor may shoot at the targets until the competitor is satisfied with the hits on the target.


None, this is just for fun.

Contact for more information:

Jared Overby     707-484-2535

John Riley     707-478-7531


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