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New Bill Prohibiting 3D Printed Firearms Introduced to Congress [The Firearm Blog]

3d printed LiberatorFollowing the debate and legal actions surrounding 3D Firearms printing this summer a new bill has been introduced to Congress attempting to ban the sale, purchase and distribution of 3D printed firearms parts and to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers. Back in August a ruling from the Justice Department clarified and essential ‘legalised 3D […]

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Laugo Arms To Launch the ALIEN Pistol in 2019 [The Firearm Blog]

ALIENLaugo Arms, the Czech company best known for developing the Scorpion Evo 3 and selling the design to CZ, have announced that they will be introducing their new ALIEN 9x19mm pistol in the Spring of 2019. Laugo Arms have been teasing the ALIEN for a while now; check out Nick’s write up about the pistol from October here. […]

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POTD: The Overthrow Lower for the AR15 [The Firearm Blog]

The picture was too good not to share, so here we have the Overthrow lower from Sharps our Picture Of The Day. We have covered the Overthrow lower when it was released in 2017, you can check out more versions of it here. BDL Custom Finish did the paint job on these again, black […]

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The REAL Guns Of Red Dead Redemption 2: Can Anyone Shoot As Fast As Arthur Morgan? [The Firearm Blog]

If you don’t live in a cave, you might have heard some talk about Red Dead Redemption 2. And if you’ve been watching my Fallout series, you know where this is going. We’re going to compare the guns of Red Dead Redemption 2 to the real world and attempt to answer whether the gunplay seen […]

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Michigan House votes to freeze deer sterilization permits [NRA-ILA News]

Ann Arbor can continue to sterilize deer but the state would be prohibited from issuing new sterilization permits until 2022 under legislation approved early Thursday morning by Michigan's Republican-led House.


Nevada: Carson City residents rally against partial closure of local shooting range [NRA-ILA News]

Carson City held a public information meeting Wednesday to provide updates on the partial closure of the City’s Rifle and Pistol Range. As a result, the City is only opening the range to law enforcement, military members and certified gun clubs Monday through Friday. Each entity is required to make a reservation. The range is open to everyone on the weekend, however. Dozens of shooters packed a room at the Carson City Community Center to express opposition to the new partial closure.


COMMENTARY: A naive letter from fledging House Democrats [NRA-ILA News]

An enduring Washington truth: When a politician uses multiple clauses in a sentence, the opening words are camouflage soon to be contradicted by what comes later. Here are a few typical examples of this rhetorical shell game: When a Democrat begins by saying, “While no one supports the rights of hunters and the Second Amendment more fervently than I do,” you can assume that the rest of the sentence will be an appeal for gun control.


Panel investigating Parkland shooting recommends arming teachers [NRA-ILA News]

A Florida state commission investigating the February shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school that left 17 people dead recommended on Wednesday that teachers who undergo proper training be allowed to carry firearms at schools.


Review: Cobalt Kinetics 27 Expert – Space Force or Race Gun? [The Firearm Blog]

When I first heard of Cobalt Kinetics it was at Shot Show 2016 when they showed off their competition rifle. It was a very wild looking AR-15 with some interesting features set up for the competitive shooter. Earlier this year they came out with a new 50 state legal Model 27 lower receiver. Cobalt Kinetics […]

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KERES Dynamics SIG P320 Products [The Firearm Blog]

Today we are introducing you a new firearm accessories manufacturing company called Keres Dynamics. The company is specialized in designing aftermarket parts for the SIG P320 pistol. In fact, they state that they aim “to take the P320 performance parts industry by storm“. Keres Dynamics entered the industry with three SIG P320 products – flat trigger, […]

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DeserTech 7.62mm MDR Teardown [Forgotten Weapons]

The DeserTech MDR (“Micro Dynamic Rifle”) has been in the works for several years now, after being initially announced at SHOT Show in 2014, if I recall correctly. While it was probably prematurely unveiled, the rifle as it stands today looks to be remarkably well designed. It is one thing to design a concept that sounds attractive (fully ambidextrous bullpup rifle convertible between 7.62x51mm and 5.56x45mm), but it is a whole other thing to actually develop a mechanical design that actually works. And it is yet more notable to make that system elegantly simple and to actually transition from handmade prototypes to successful production line manufacture. DesertTech appears to have cleared all those hurdles…

At the heart of the rifle is a rotating bolt locking system and a short stroke gas system. These are both very well understood systems – DesertTech has chosen to use proven ideas here instead of getting “innovative”. The most interesting mechanical element is undoubtedly the ejection system, which can be swapped to eject from either side of the rifle but can actually be used from either shoulder regardless because it ejects cases directly forward. The system uses a pair of arms that push an empty case (or live round) laterally off the side of the bolt face and into a holding clip. A lug on the side of the bolt engages those arms on its rearward stroke, and a matching lug on the opposite side pushes the case forward and out of the rifle on the bolt’s forward stroke. While this system sounds complex, the parts appear to my eye to have gone through a lot of testing and revision, as they look pretty simple and sturdy – a refined implementation of an unorthodox idea.

The controls are all ambidextrous, with non-reciprocating bolt handles, safety selector, and magazine release on both sides. A secondary magazine release is located on the front of the magazine well to allow a positive magazine removal, and this catch is stiff enough to not have problems with accidental release like some other bullpup designs. The weakest point of the rifle as I see it is the trigger, with is creepy and heavier than I would have expected. The trigger group is completely modular, however, and I would expect to see aftermarket replacement triggers appear on the secondary market before too long.

The barrel can be removed easily with a hex wrench, and DeserTech is producing a 5.56mm conversion kit. This will involve replacing the bolt, barrel, and ejection panel and installing a magazine well insert for the smaller magazine (the 5.56mm version will use AR pattern standard mags). The upper and lower receiver assemblies are completely interchangeable between calibers. For those wishing to use a suppressor, the gas system is adjustable, with 3 positions including one for suppressed use.

The rifle ships with a micro red dot optic mounted in lieu of iron sights. It is mounted to a single unit section of Picatinny rail integral to the gas block, meaning that it will retain zero when the barrel is removed. For those preferring other sights, the top of the receiver has a length of rail for attaching whatever you like. The handguard also has a top rail, but I would not consider it to be solidly fixed enough to retain zero on an optic. The handguard also has side and bottom MLok slots for bipods and other accessories. The handguard is not connected to the barrel, so bipods on it are effectively free floated.

I am excited to see how the rifle handles on the range! After filming this, Karl and I took the MDR out to the range for some first shooting impressions. Check out that video on InRangeTV here:

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"Murphy Mags" And How To Avoid Arrest In New Jersey [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

As of Monday, December 10th, if you possess a standard capacity magazine that holds more than 10 rounds in the state of New Jersey, you could be found guilty of a Class 4 Felony, spend up to 18 months in prison, lose your voting rights, and be subject to a lifetime ban on firearm ownership. Your options were to destroy the magazines, turn them into police, or remove them out of state. There was no grandfathering under the law nor was there any compensation for what arguably is a taking.

Gun rights attorney Evan F. Nappen is the acknowledged authority on New Jersey gun law. He has just written a guide on what to expect from the police and prosecutors and how to protect yourself.

Here are the action steps he encourages all New Jersey gun owners to take:

Action Items:
  1. Make sure that your friends and family are aware of this potential threat.
  2. Make sure that your friends and family are aware of the implications of talking with the police and consenting to searches.
  3. Make sure that you do not have in your possession any Murphy Mags or other prohibited items.
  4. Make sure that you, your family and your friends have the mindset to stand on your rights!
 While he thinks police raids are not likely to occur and that police will use other means such as computerized databases, demand letters, and the like, there are scenarios and reasons, in his opinion, where a police raid, with or without a warrant, might take place.

  1. Some highly publicized mass shooting occurs, and the knee-jerk, politically expedient reaction is to go after Murphy Mag possessors.
  2. Murphy’s failure to aggressively enforce his ban, gives his political challengers the opportunity to call him out on it. There is already pressure on Murphy to explain how he intends to enforce the ban. Breitbart News also reached out to Murphy’s press secretary, Daniel Bryan, about enforcement of the ban. He confirmed that the Governor “…had not ruled out house-to-house enforcement of the ban either.”
  3. New Jersey has a computerized database of registered gun owners & their registered handguns which includes make and model. Many of these handguns came with Murphy Mags. For example, 15 round magazines came standard with the Glock Model 19, Beretta Model 92 and SIG Model P226, just to name three commonly possessed handguns.
  4. New Jersey has a long history of abusing gun owners, creating “gun law victims” (destroying people’s lives with arbitrary gun laws) and undermining Second Amendment rights.
  5. New Jersey has a liberal news media which actively acts as the propaganda arm for the anti-gun-rights movement.
  6. New Jersey law enforcement will obey orders and enforce the law, rather than lose their jobs & pensions.
I suggest reading Evan's entire guide posted to his website. Moreover, if you live in New Jersey, I suggest studying it carefully, plan your response in advance, and make your family including kids aware of the family plan. As Michael Bane said on his podcast today, the law isn't enforced until is. Don't be that guy who Murphy uses as the example to cow the rest of New Jersey gun owners into compliance.


[Indo Defense 2018] China’s Response to the MOHOC Helmet Camera [The Firearm Blog]

In what has to be one of the more obvious Chinese reproductions of foreign products this year, we introduce the Shenzhen Bewin Video Electronic Co, Ltd’s “Digital Individual Combat System”. The helmet/body mounted camera system is a painfully obvious and direct copy of the MOHOC company that first introduced their system at SHOT 2016. In 2017 […]

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Knives, Tools And EDC [The Firearm Blog]

TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Knives, Tools And EDCIf I am allowed one pet peeve related to the Everyday Carry (EDC) industry it would be the so-called pocket dumps splashed across gear sites and on social media. There has to be a segment of our community, albeit small, where three $500 knives, two pistols, two flashlights, a fire starter and a pocket saw […]

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Broad Gun Control Restrictions Are Not the Answer. Just Look at These Facts [NRA-ILA News]

We all know the script by now: A mass public shooting occurs. Grief and anger ensue. Calls for stricter gun laws soon follow. Given how incredibly upsetting these crimes are, and how deeply they shake their communities—and the nation itself—such calls are perfectly understandable. If we’re truly serious, however, about reducing gun violence rates and increasing personal safety, we must ensure that policy decisions are made with an eye toward facts and reality, not panic and outrage. The facts tell us that most commonly proposed gun-control measures are already ineffective at preventing mass public shootings in states where they are currently implemented, and that they will continue to be ineffective at preventing future tragedies.


Missouri: Help Protect Shooting on Private Property in Warren County [NRA-ILA News]

On December 17th, the Warren County Commission will meet to decide whether to issue a conditional use permit (CUP) to a non-profit organization so that they may continue conducting firearms training on private property for select military personnel as well as for law enforcement from the region.


The mad numerologists of gun control []

The push to restrict magazine capacity had long focused on the apparently magic number “ten”, exemplified by the most recent New Jersey reduction from the previous 15 down to 10. Reduce Americans to ten-round magazines and no more mass murder, they claim. Let’s look at where this leads.

Ten rounds has been the standard capacity for military rifles for a long time. 1895 Lee-Enfield held ten, as did the Soviet SVT and the German G43 rifles. Post-WW2 SKS, FN49 and SVD held ten also. No one would claim that they aren’t formidable weapons even today. So why stop at ten if the goal is to reduce capability of any rifleman?

The first military rifle designed for high-velocity smokeless ammunition, the 1886 Lebel, held 8 rounds in the magazine. So did the first rifle with detachable box magazine, the 1888 Lee-Metford. As did the “finest battle implement ever designed”, the US M1 Garand. Nobody can claim that these aren’t suitable for bloody mayhem in the wrong hands, so could we claim that fewer than 8 should be the limit.

New York so-called “Safe” act restricts magazines to seven, but only a few pistol magazines hold that few. Except for a couple of 22s, no rifle magazine does, which may have been the idea behind the arbitrary number picked to cause the greatest inconvenience.

That brings us to six rounds. The Italian WW2 Carcano (including that which was used to shoot JFK), the superb Swiss Schmidt-Rubin, the American M1917 and many Mannlicher bolt actions held six. Too many still?

Five, do I hear five? Canada has long limited removable rifle magazines to 5. That would be the capacity of Mauser, Springfield, Mosin, P1914, MAS38, Arisaka, Krag, Winchester 1895 and many other guns that were front-line military weapons until the 1950s. And what does it matter that the magazines are fixed internally — when it comes to imported selfloading shotguns, five is also the magic number, with six being illegal under the 1989 restrictions.

Four? No, that would give us certain Winchester and Remington sniper rifles in common military use since the Vietnam War. No anti-gun legislator would admit sniper rifles suitable for civilian ownership. The substantial similarity of a deer hunting rifle to the military sniper rifle is purely coincidental, of course.

Maybe three would be the magic number? French Berthier infantry rifle with a three-shot magazine was widely used through WW1. So the real number would probably be two. At which point anti-gun propaganda would harp on the similarity to double-barreled dangerous game guns and the few remaining gun owners would end up with single-shot low-power guns grudgingly permitted after much red tape…until the next confiscation. It’s a lot easier, you see, to go after people reduced to pre-1850s defensive technology. Not that the gun-banners would go after us in person — even a musket or a pike in steady hands scare them — but they would send their uniformed thugs with modern guns. That scenario played out in Soviet Russia, in Communist China and more recently in Venezuela. Once the gap of arms between the government and the people is great enough, such minor matters as civil rights cease to matter much to the rulers.

The mostly disarmed British subjects may still possess a few guns of limited specifications, but they lost the right to use those for self-defense. Storage, transport and other uses are so severely restricted as to make the remaining arms of minimal use. That’s the end game for the American gun banners — but they won’t live to win it. Their demented numerological plots matter less than the millions of defensive rifles sold annually and, more importantly, millions of people with the will and the training to resist. Those gun purchases are the true vote — with money, personal time and effort — that will override the hateful propaganda broadcasts and the squawking in the bully pulpits of the legislative sessions. The goal of those limits is less to remove the magazines from circulation and more to remove politically inconvenient gun owners from the voting rolls for a lifetime. This is why criminalizing the greatest number of gun owners is the current anti strategy: the more people are not in compliance with the arbitrary and overreaching restrictions, the more of them can be turned into non-voting felons for a lifetime.

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Sanctimonious Enviromentalism [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I am all for conservation and the wise use of resources. I turn off the lights when I leave a room, I repair my leaky faucets, I reuse cardboard boxes or give them to small businesses who can, and I try to recycle most of the junk mail that comes into our house. That said, I don't wear this on my sleeve as some environmental badge of honor. It is just part of my frugal nature given I was raised by parents who came of age during the Great Depression.

That is probably why the sanctimony of the owner of a Chevy Volt electric car with this license plate ticked me off.

That car is no more solar powered than my Honda Pilot. Electric cars like the Volt depend upon power generation plants that are powered primarily by fossil fuels. In our region, Duke Energy is the electric utility providing power. Other than a few hydro plants with minimal megawatt capacity (most in the single digit megawatt capacity), power is supplied by coal fired plants in Asheville and Cliffside. The Asheville plant is converting to natural gas but that still is a fossil fuel. The coal ash remnants are a sore spot for Duke Energy and have been a source of fodder for Democrat politicians.

Your car may put out no exhaust but that doesn't mean it doesn't pollute. The moment you hook that Chevy Volt up to an electrical outlet, you are entering a pollution creating system. I'm not going to even get into a discussion of the heavy metals in the batteries in that car nor the power that was used in its manufacture of the Volt.

UPDATE: Thanks to the comment from BAP45, I found this clip from South Park's Smug Alert episode. It was from Season 10, Episode 2. I haven't watched South Park in years and had forgotten how wonderfully subversive it was.


Commie Propaganda or: Why The Kalashnikov Is Still A Trashcan Gun [The Firearm Blog]

It’s a well-known fact that the AR is categorically superior to the AK and the Kalashnikov is suitable only for dirty commies and the poors. There are a lot of reasons for this fact, but today we are going to focus on reliability and the ballistic differences between common FMJ for AKs and ARs, after […]

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Brownells BRN-22 TAKEDOWN Ruger 10/22 Receivers [The Firearm Blog]

Brownells BRN-22T TAKEDOWN Ruger 1022 Receivers (1)Brownells has expanded their line of Ruger 10/22 receivers by introducing the takedown version. The BRN-22T receivers are compatible with all the other factory parts of Ruger 10/22 Takedown rifles allowing to build a new rifle using the wide variety of factory and aftermarket components. The BRN-22 Takedown receivers are machined out of billet 6061 […]

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POTD: Hornady 7,62×39 Zombie Max [The Firearm Blog]

I don’t think Hornady manufactures the Zombie Max any longer, but I have some stock of various calibers. They look really good on pictures, like Today’s Photo Of The Day. Those with very good knowledge of firearms will notice that the magazines are for two different firearms – but which ones?  They use the same […]

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The new Congress should reject Pelosi’s feel-good, accomplish-nothing gun control agenda [NRA-ILA News]

In the House of Representatives, at least, the midterm election was indeed a blue wave. And when the new Congress is seated in January, that wave might just wash away your gun rights. Democratic campaigns were dominated by anti-gun rhetoric, and the party won control of Congress in the wake of tragic shootings in Pittsburgh and Thousand Oaks, so gun control is emerging as one of their top legislative priorities. And, the next Speaker of the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, is leading the charge against the Second Amendment.


High Desert Outdoor Research Deploys Kalix Teknik CR1 & CR2 [The Firearm Blog]

high desert outdoor researchOne of the most memorable things that has ever been told to me since my romance of firearms began as a child was this… you can’t hit what you can’t see. This can mean a lot of things, but when we are all in pursuit of shrinking our group size or downing an elk across a […]

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New RMS-W Red Dot Sight from Shield Sights [The Firearm Blog]

Shield RMS-w on a glockShield Sights have introduced a new ruggedised version of their Shield RMS pistol reflex sight. The UK company have announced a version of their RMS pistol sight which can be submered for up to 30 minutes and continue to work. With a aluminium body and a sealed casing the Shield RMS-W has a battery life of […]

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Styrka S5 Binoculars []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Without any doubt in my mind, this glass is not just another everyday commonplace pair of binoculars. Sure, you’ve heard that before. Truth is there are just a lot of choices today when it comes to really good observational glass and at reasonable prices, too. There are, however, a few that go up to the next level, offering features others just don’t achieve. Styrka is one of those.

Usually when you order something, even hunting equipment, you open the box and you hopefully get what you expected. When I snapped open the magnetic box closure on these Styrka S5 binos, the box was loaded with extras I would have never expected to be included. Very often it is the little accessory items that really make a product work.

In the Styrka box was of course the binoculars, 10×42 power, rubber coated for protection in an attractive non-reflective matte dark green color. The exterior feel has a soft touch, but one that permits a firm grip even when wet. I tested that when Mother Nature was misbehaving again.

On the extra plus side, Styrka included objective lens rubber covers with hold on loops, a rear eyepiece lens cover, a first class neoprene neck strap with quick snap releases, a nylon carrying case complete with an adjustable back strap harness to carry the binoculars on the chest for quick access. The nylon carry case also comes with a clip on shoulder carry strap. There is also a snap on self-contained lens cleaning cloth. These accessory items are what I call a neat bonus.

Specifications wise the S5 Series comes in 8×32, 8×42, and 10x42mm. The one I am using is a 10×42 for extra magnification for aging eyes. The linear field of view on these is 315 feet at 1000 yards. The exit pupil is 4.2 mm with a 16mm eye relief. These binoculars will focus to 8.2 feet. The relative brightness factor is 17.6 with a twilight factor of 20.5. This glass will be effective right down until the end of dusk.

Other standard features include a focus wheel at the rear for easy finger reach. The diopter focus can be adjusted for individual user eyesight. The eyecups are also adjustable and use with eyeglasses is no issue. A front housing logo plate can be removed to reveal a threaded screw entry to attach these binoculars to a tripod for field use.

After several field trips with these Styrka S5s, this glass is as clear and crisp out to all edges and distances as any I have ever tested. The finish is durable and ready for tough field use. Check them out at The retail is around $400, but shop around on line.

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Gatorz Eyewear: Boxsters and Wraptors and Magnums, Oh My… [The Firearm Blog]

Pete recently did a long term review of a set of Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z87. I too have been wearing their glasses for almost a year. I was going to pick up another pair for backup (since one of my special talents is breaking things) and also a clear pair (shooting in low light is […]

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CZ 550 Hunter “Ursus arctos” .300WM Engraved []

Today we have for you all a CZ 550 Hunter in .300 Win Mag that is fully engraved called “Ursus arctos”. The phrase is the binomial name for brown bear.

This rifle in particular has deep engravings all over, with gold inlays in several areas. As per all the engraved rifles from CZ, they are done by their master engravers. It also features an engraved, beautiful walnut stock with a large cheek rest.

It retails for $9500. Only one available.

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XM29 OICW Mockup [Forgotten Weapons]

The OICW – Objective Individual Combat Weapon – was part of a program in the 1980s and 1990s to replace the whole lineup of uS small arms with a consolidated group of new high-tech ones. The M4, M16, and M203 would be replaced by the OICW, the M240, M2, and Mk 19 would be replaced by the Objective Crew Served Weapon, the M40 sniper rifle would be replaced by the Objective Sniper Weapon, and the M9 pistol would be replaced by the Objective Personal Weapon. The OICW was basically a mashup of a 5.56mm carbine with a semiautomatic 20mm grenade launchers. The weapon received a lot of attention because it sounded really impressive on paper – the grenades could be programmed with a laser rangefinder to detonate at any desired range. Just past walls, just inside windows, that sort of thing. The weapon had a big multi-function optical sight that would allow both day and night vision and a bunch of other features.

In reality, however, the XM29 (as it was designated) was a 15-pound clumsy and awkward boat anchor of a weapon. While the many capabilities may have looked good on paper, the XM29 was pretty awful for regular soldiering – heavy to carry and slow to use. The whole program would end in the mid 1990s. However, the carbine element of the OICW would go on to become the XM-8 family of rifles, which did make a serious bid at replacing the M4/M16 as American standard infantry weapons. We will look at the XM-8 family tomorrow…

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UPDATE: ATF Accessory Classification Notice Follow-Up [The Firearm Blog]

accessory-classificationsAs a follow-up to yesterday’s announcement by the ATF regarding the discontinuation of accessory classifications without a host firearm, sources that work closely with the law enforcement and regulatory agency have come forward with additional information. Apparently the Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB), has been swamped with submissions from manufacturers without a host weapon as context […]

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Awesome Ammunition [The Firearm Blog]

TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: AmmunitionOften overlooked as potential Christmas gifts, quality ammunition can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the enjoyment of the shooting sports. A world-class firearm is nothing without proven ammo. From the obvious attributes like accuracy and repeatability to the more specialty characteristics such as subsonic velocities and clean burning powder, […]

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Discreet Ballistics Patents a First Round Pop Reduction System [The Firearm Blog]

Discreet Ballistics Patents Their First Round Pop Reduction System (1)A little over a year ago, we wrote about the Discreet Ballistics PopStop which is a barrel mounted valve and a CO2 cartridge system designed to inject a non-flammable gas into the suppressor replacing the oxygen inside the can thus eliminating the phenomenon of the first round pop. Back then, the PopStop was patent pending. Lately, […]

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AG Fox appeals Missoula gun lawsuit to state Supreme Court [NRA-ILA News]

Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is taking his challenge of the city of Missoula’s gun regulations to the state Supreme Court. The Missoulian reports Fox is appealing three rulings by Missoula County District Judge Robert Deschamps, who had overturned Fox’s decision to void a city ordinance.


Your Holiday Gun Deals Have Arrived []

Christmas is coming, and a couple of our favorite retailers have made it clear that the shooters in the room aren’t left out in the cold when it comes to snagging a bargain over the holidays. Both Sportsman’s Guide and Bass Pro Shops have included a hefty range of rifles, handguns, cases, scopes, ammo, and other accessories in their holiday deals this year.

In the case of Bass Pro Shops, you’re looking at up to half off, but most of the deals are on accessories—cleaning kits, cases, safes, etc.—but they did knock 50 bucks off of the GLOCK 17 Gen5 Semi-Auto Pistol, and $25 off the Ruger LC9, bringing it down to only $274. If hunting is more your speed, over a dozen scopes are marked down as well, with savings of as much as $400 on higher end models from Nightforce Optics and others.

Over at Sportsman’s Guide, there are over 250 items on sale in the shooting category on sale for as much as 50% off. The vast majority is lower, however there are a ton of ammo deals worth shopping. If you’re a Sportsman’s Guide member, the prices are lower. If you’re not a member yet your timing is good too, as there’s an additional promo code for 20% off for new customers using the code NEWCLUB.



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The Very Fundamentals of Hallway Defense []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Hallways can be a scary thing. Hallways can be very complicated spaces to defend or clear. It is highly recommended that you seek out a professional shooting course to receive proper hands on training for this one. Even so, here are some of the basics to consider.

Wherever you are right now or whatever you are doing, get up and walk around the interior spaces of your home, or worksite. Walk all the hallways that you might have to utilize to hide out or escape within that dwelling. Make a full assessment of all the obstacles and challenges of trying to defend yourself from the end of a hallway or off hallway room. What if those spaces were already invaded, and you had to clear them?

Generally speaking in terms of traditional building construction layouts hallways present three basic formats or shapes. These are the “L” turns, the “T” at a hall doorway, and the “4-Way” intersections. Each presents its own difficulties and challenges to defend or clear.

The main difficulty if you are forced to advance down a hallway to inspect it for security or infiltration is having to not only work forward down the hall with situational awareness, but also to remain aware of any threats behind you that might literally pop up.

If you are using a handgun for interior work, then the firearm should be kept at a high ready position, where the gun can be held close, but even fired from that position. If using a shotgun or a rifle, then keep it close but forward with the muzzle down slightly so as not to obstruct any forward vision as you move ahead down the hall.

As you go down a hallway always present the smallest profile as possible. This reduces your exposure to any threat down the hallway. If there is a closed door, ease it open only enough to scan all corners with a strong flashlight using care to position your gun’s muzzle appropriately. Ease to “Ls” and 4-Ways carefully. This is easier said than done of course.

If you have retreated to the end of a hall or off hall room, then barricade the door as in an active shooter scenario. Ideally pick a room in advance that has an escape route, safe window exit or secondary doorway. Hunker down and wait for help. Phone out if you can. Hallways are tricky. That is why training in such scenarios is paramount.

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Case Study: The Aerial Threat of Daesh [The Firearm Blog]

The battle of Mosul witnessed various implementations and models of armed UAV attacks done by Daesh (or so-called ISIS). However, the attacks didn’t totally repel the governmental forces though it helped in obstructing them for a while. The models we are discussing in this post are Anti-Armor, Anti-Personnel free dropping UAVs and suicidal remote controlled […]

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TFB Review: Australian Outback Ammo-Accurate and Temperature Neutral -Fair Dinkum! [The Firearm Blog]

Excellent Ammo from the Antipodes Some like it hot, some like it cold… “Some” being some powders/brands of ammunition, that is.  Australian Outback Ammunition, however, is designed to be consistent in a wide range of temperatures.  I personally first heard about Australian Outback Ammo in a print article that was discussing the effects of ambient […]

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POTD: M109 Howitzer [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo gives you a look down the 155 mm barrel of the M126 attached to the M109 Howitzer. It’s nice and shiny, as it has just been cleaned. I keep complaining about cleaning my .223 and .308 barrels, but I should probably shut up as the 155 mm looks like a full-day job. The […]

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Outdoor Lover’s Gifting—Bass Pro Shops Christmas Sale Cuts Prices in Half []

Christmas is coming fast, and Bass Pro Shops wants to help you save more than just a few bucks on those last gifts you’ve been struggling to find. Rather than offering quick 1-day deals, Bass Pro Shops has packed a ton of saving into pretty much every category across the site. The deals are split out over two separate landing pages—one houses the deals listed under the Christmas Sale umbrella, whereas another page highlights the “Best Deals of the Season“—these deals of up to 50% off cover things like fishing gear, hiking shoes and boots, and even an assortment of great home and gift ideas for the outdoors enthusiasts on your list. Cutting right to the chase, here is a breakdown of some of the categories with the best deals.

Shop Bass Pro Camping Gear

Shop Bass Pro Fishing Gear

Shop Bass Pro Outdoor Clothing

Shop Bass Pro Home and Gift

Shop All The Bass Pro Shops Deals Here

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ATF requires submission of samples before ruling on effect of an accessory [Of Arms and the Law]

Adam Kraut discusses it on the Prince Law blog. The importance here is ATF might rule that a certain accessory attached to a certain gun makes it an NFA firearm, which means it could be returned if the person submitting it had an SOT, and also means that he committed a bunch of felonies in making it and shipping it to the agency....


Boulder's AR-15 Certification Ordinance Sure Sounds Like A Test Run For A Gun Registry [NRA-ILA News]

Remember when Boulder, Colorado banned the ownership of AR-15 rifles? They also banned high-capacity magazines and bump stocks, giving gun owners with such magazines until July 15, 2018 to either sell them or dispose of them—whatever that means. Most likely, you’ll have to turn them over to the authorities. Now, there is a grandfather clause allowing residents who already owned AR-15s to keep them as long as they get a certificate by the local sheriff’s office. Well, that date is rapidly approaching. AR-15 owners have until December 27 to certify their weapons. If owners fail to do this, they won’t be allowed to own their rifles within city limits. So far, only 85 rifles have been certified;


Czech ZB30: The Best WWII Era Light Machine Gun? [The Firearm Blog]

The Czech ZB30 was probably one of the better light machine gun designs that saw extensive use during the Second World War. Nations such as Japan and Britain copied aspects of it in the Bren and Japanese Type 99 LMG. It was also license-produced in some other countries as well. It was a top mounted […]

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FB Radom Introduce Special Edition wz. 35 Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

wz.35 VISBack in December 2017, TFB reported that FB Radom were working to bring Poland’s iconic pistol of World War Two, the wz. 35 VIS back into limited production. With 2018 marking the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regained independence at the end of the First World War the company have announced that a very special limited run […]

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TFB Review: High Speed Gear: Duty Gear [The Firearm Blog]

My Reserve Sheriff Department is a “bring your own gear” affair (meaning that we can source the required bits from wherever we want; opposed to the issued Sam Brownes that the full-time Deputies get). I had been running HSG TACOs prior to hiring on, including on my competition rig, and so felt it was a […]

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Prepper Protection Guns/Calibers to Avoid []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


If you’re going to spend critical prepper budget dollars on self-defense and property protection defensive weapons, then choose wisely. Do yourself a favor by avoiding firearms and chamberings that are underpowered, or just outright impractical.

The best approach is to stick with a selection of mainstream guns and calibers that can get the job done when required to be pressed into action. There are a lot of fine firearms choices in the marketplace today, but some of them are just not ideally suited for the rugged task of survival prepping. Why take a chance on an inferior firearm or caliber choice?

It is the same with caliber/cartridge choices. Too many out there, so why pick one with inferior terminal ballistics to be ineffective on targets close at hand, much less further away. Lightweight handguns are great for easy carry, but do they pack enough wallop to stop a hyped up aggressor intent on bodily harm to you or family? And can you effectively shoot a featherweight handgun accurately?

Handgun pistol wise, defer picking any caliber of .32 caliber or less as a primary defensive choice. The .380 ACP with weak loads is marginal at best. If you pick a .380, then load it with top end defensive loads. Otherwise, move up the power ladder. What you want is a caliber with the capability with bullet weight and speed able to stop an advance promptly.

Rifle calibers in “short rifle” handgun pistol grip models look cool and are fun to shoot. They are not great for self-defense. They can be difficult to shoot well, and accurately since there is no buttstock to steady the gun. AR’s and AK “pistols” in 5.56 and 7.62×39 fall into this category. If you just want to spray bullets that is one thing. If you expect effective protection, reserve these guns for fun shooting cans at the city dump.

Same for the several so-called carbine type weapons that use pistol calibers. These might include the Beretta Cx4 Storm, the Marlin 9mm Carbine, and the AR carbines in 9mm. The guns themselves are fine, but in my estimation they do not fit the profile of an ideal prepper defense firearm.

Heavy battle rifles are not a good first or primary choice either. Big rifles like the M1A, H&K 91, FN-FAL or similar are great, but cumbersome for some to tote and shoot. Add these as your 2nd or 3rd tier support weapons. Initially, choose a handy long gun in a common caliber that is easy to shoot and maintain.

Your prepper funds are likely limited. So, build your prepper armory around practicality, universality, and common availability.

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Final Prices: RIA December 2018 (#75) [Forgotten Weapons]

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed from the most recent Rock Island auction (December 2018; #75). There were a few guns here that people got very nice deals on, but also a lot of guns that sold for more than I would have expected.

Monday, 10 December


Effective Immediately: ATF To Discontinue Accessory Classifications [The Firearm Blog]

accessory-classificationsIn an email announcement sent to ATF mailing list subscribers, the Firearms Technology Industry Services Branch (FTISB) stated that they will no longer accept any accessory for determination without a being installed on a corresponding host weapon. In the past, manufacturers could submit firearm accessories to the FTISB for a classification under the Gun Control […]

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Lights, Lasers, Night Vision [The Firearm Blog]

TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Lights, Lasers, Night VisionMerry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Season’s Greetings dear TFB readers, and welcome back to our third annual holiday gift giving guide. Honestly, I’m the last person who would insist our articles be politically correct, but I absolutely believe in being inclusive to all segments of the shooting community. So while this is the first day of […]

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New CMMG Product Configuration and Model Designation System [The Firearm Blog]

CMMG New Product Configuration and Designation System (1)CMMG has announced that for 2019 they are launching a new system of product model and configuration designations. This new system makes it easier to understand the model line of the company by giving their products simple names and categorizing them by type of the weapon and by the grade of the build. If you […]

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Magpul CZ Scorpion Grip And Mag Release Leaked [The Firearm Blog]

Magpul CZ Scorpion GripThe CZ Scorpion Evo 3 has enraptured PCC shooters. Its low-cost fun has led to a whole host of upgrades and accessories. Early on, the only people making upgrades to the CZ Scorpion were smaller companies like Yeti Wurks, HB Industries, and Manticore Arms. A week before Black Friday, some members of the CZ Scorpion […]

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Polish Army Adopts RA-15 Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

The Polish Army has announced that it will adopt Fabryka Broni “Łucznik” Radom’s pistol, the RA-15, as its new semi-automatic service pistol. The contract for 20,000 pistols was signed on 4th December ordering the new pistols for the Polish Army, Navy, Air Force and Wojska Obrony Terytorialnej (Territorial Forces). Way back in November 2017, FB Radom […]

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POTD: Cleaning My Machine Gun [The Firearm Blog]

I think most people will agree with me that the absolute worst part of owning and using firearms is the cleaning part. That is the subject of Today’s Photo. Gun cleaning comes with gun ownership, there’s no other way. People like to drive cars, not clean or maintain them. People like to shoot guns, not […]

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Air Force repeatedly failed to notify FBI about gunman before Sutherland Springs church massacre [NRA-ILA News]

The Air Force failed on several occasions to provide authorities with information that could have prevented ex-airman Devin Kelley from purchasing the firearms he used to gun down more than two dozen people at a rural Texas church, according to a new government report.


Virginia: Attorney General Mark Herring Running for Governor [NRA-ILA News]

Herring has been a frequent critic of the president and a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, immigrant-friendly policies, and stricter gun control.


California Lawmakers Push Handgun, Semiautomatic Rifle Tax to Fund Gun Control [NRA-ILA News]

California’s Democrat lawmakers are pushing a tax on the sale of handguns and semiautomatic rifles to generate revenue for a program that funds gun control.


Hunter’s “Bug Out” Supply Box []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Man, don’t you just hate it when you finally hike into your hidden tree stand only to discover some critical piece of gear was left back in the truck or camp house? Maybe you even took a day pack with you, but when you open it up, the scent killer bottle is nearly empty, or there is no water bottle or the bug spray is missing. That can be rather frustrating.

Do you have extra supplies somewhere ready to raid for a pack resupply? If not, then build yourself a supply box to be ready just in case something critical is missing or left behind. I learned this lesson the hard way, so now I keep a supply box in the back of my pickup truck, maybe another one stocked in the camp house, but also now I have a hard shell storage box on the rear rack of my ATV for extra items I may need when out in the field far away from the camp or truck.

The bug out resupply box should be a durable, heavy duty plastic storage box with a lid that has a snap-lock closure to keep out water and dust. Carry handles on the ends are great for moving the box around easily. It can have a padded bottom or not, or you can add a piece of carpet or even an old towel to soften the load and noise. For this box however, internal volume is more important than a noise factor, unless maybe if you carry it on an ATV or UTV into the field. These come in M-L-XL from Plano at Bass Pro, lumber supply stores, or hardware outlets.

What goes into the hunting resupply box? Jot some notes down on every item that you might use or want in the field or consumable items you could run out of. Go from there to create your own customized resupply box. What is in mine?

My resupply box has extra water, nabs, scent eliminator, deer scents, extra ammo, wet wipes, gloves, orange hat, wool cap, shirt, pants, rain jacket, socks, handkerchief, knife(s), hatchet, flashlight(s), orange hunter safety vest, small gun and scope/optics cleaning kit, small first aid kit, insect repellent, fire starting items, game calls, rope, tow strap, ratchet straps, orange/lime flagging tape, light tarp, toilet paper, Kleenex pack, OTC pain meds, aerosol tire repair, zip lock bags, notepad and pen. What else can you think of to pack?

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How my white father-in-law taught me to embrace guns [NRA-ILA News]

In the deathly cold of November 2010, our president was still black, and I’d only been dating Lizzie, who is white, for three months. We took a two-hour drive from the University of Oklahoma, where we were studying, to meet her parents for the first time. Her dad, Charles, shook my hand and then promptly left the room, returning with the biggest revolver I’d ever seen.


San Diego Area Gun Show Ends Run After 3 Decades [NRA-ILA News]

It is an end of an era for the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in the San Diego County city of Del Mar. After 30 years, Sunday was the last time the show will be held at the Fairgrounds, but gun rights advocates said they won’t be leaving the county without a fight.


CZ 457 Bolt-Action Rimfire Rifle Officially Unveiled []

Follow up to our coverage last year with the CZ 457 prototype from Czech Republic. Today CZ have officially announced the CZ 457 rifle on their official CZ Facebook page.

It supercedes the older CZ 455 rifle by offering an adjustable trigger 8-15n pull, 12n reset and 0.5-5mm travel, short 60 degree bolt throw and factory bedding for improved support & accuracy.

As shown above it is the CZ 457 MTR. And here is a scanned copy of their upcoming 2019 brochure showing other 457 variants.

There is no price or ETA on this rifle but there will be more information coming up shortly.

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TFB Review: Fort Scott Munitions TUI Ammo Part 2 [The Firearm Blog]

FSM 5.56 SBSLong Range Lethality In part 1 of this review of Fort Scott Munitions’ TUI (Tumble upon impact) Solid copper spun (brass in the case of the 5.56) ammunition, we took a look at their short range offerings in 9mm and .300 Blackout.  To reiterate:  These rounds are designed to tumble upon impact with soft tissue […]

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Remington Introduces the RM380 Executive [The Firearm Blog]

RM380 EXECUTIVERemington have introduced an ‘Executive’ version of their popular RM380 series pocket pistol. The all metal RM380 Executive has a stainless steel barrel and slide with a black anodised aluminium frame and laminated Makassar ebony grips. The RM380 has a 6 + 1 magazine capacity and as the name would suggest chambered 380 ACP. The Executive […]

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Fudge the NFA! NEW Mossberg 12 Gauge Shockwaves for 2019 [The Firearm Blog]

shockwaveThere is very little we enjoy more than hearing about new firearms around Christmas time. Just be sure to not shoot your eye out! Mossberg has been tinkering around their workshop and they have 3 NEW Shockwave models for us as we near 2019. One is the Nightstick with more classical wood furniture. Another is the […]

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Mateba MTR-8 [Forgotten Weapons]

The MTR-8 was Emilio Ghisoni’s first revolver design, predating the more popular and better known Mateba semiauto revolvers and the Chiappa Rhino. The MTR-8 was designed for competition shooting, and made in a variety of calibers and configurations, including long carbine versions, different barrel lengths, and calibers including .22LR, .32 S&W, .38 Special, and .357 Magnum. Ghisoni’s design puts the recoil force in line with the shooter’s arm as would all of his later designs, but it does this by moving the entire cylinder down and firing from the top chamber. This has the side effect of decoupling the cylinder from the lockwork and allowing a quite narrow and handy frame with a large cylinder. The .38 and .357 models hold 8 rounds, while the .32 caliber ones have 12-round cylinders and the .22 rimfire guns 14 rounds. The carbine types have even larger capacities. It should be noted that unlike his later Mateba revolver, the MTR series are tradition DA/SA guns, not semiautomatic or self-cocking. A total of only about 500 were made.


Using The Off Season To Stockpile Survival Gear []

A question to the reader:  How many people reading this are thinking about future projects?  For the sake of discussion, let’s throw a number of six months or even a year from now?

For the most part, people think about the here and now. If people do plan ahead, they may think about a few weeks out, or a month.  This means we may pass up some good deals during the off season.

So, what is an “off season?”  It is the time of year when people do not do certain activities.  For example, most people are not going to plant corn or tomatoes in the middle of winter.  Cold and freezing rain outside, and someone may not go fishing.

The good news, some companies run sales on items during the off season.  For example, lures and fishing gear may be discounted during the winter months.  On a personal note, I have been stockpiling discounted lures through Ebay.  A certain item may not sell, so the seller relist it at a lower price.  Rather than waiting for the weather to warm up to buy fishing gear, maybe keep track of prices during the winter.

Another example is outlet stores reducing seed packets.  Over the years, I have preached to buy farm supply items from local mom and pop stores.  However, when outlet stores mark their seed packets down to 25 cents, the deal is too good to pass up.

During the winter of 2017-2018, a local Dollar Store marked their seed packets down to 25 and 35 cents each.  They had several boxes of seeds which had not been sold during the spring and summer.  I probably spent 30 minutes sorting through the packets and separating flowers from stuff like tomatoes, peas, beans, and peppers.

In the end, I walked out of the Dollar Store with two shopping bags full of seed packets, and spent less than $20.  The packets were sorted by type, such as spices, beans, peas, greens…, then sealed in freezer bags.

Towards the end of hunting season, various big box outlet stores may run sales on their inventory of cold weather gear.  When my children were little, I would buy them gloves for next hunting season when the local stores marketed their cold weather clothing down.

On Ebay there is a way to save searches, so you get an email when certain types of gear are listed.  You can also follow certain sellers.  Almost daily I get emails from Ebay about lures, knives, certain sellers, and when items are relisted at a lower price.

Rather than waiting until certain seasons to stockpile survival gear, maybe do some shopping during the off season.

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Sunday, 09 December


Collecting Remington Knives []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Collecting a wide variety of items can make a great hobby. Besides such staples as collecting fine firearms, duck decoys, turkey and duck calls, wildlife art prints, and a sundry of other items, knife collecting has to be among the most popular.

In most cases, too, collecting knives will not break the bank unless you are into the really high dollar custom blades like a Randall, Morseth, Dozier, Randy Lee, or like fine knives. If you take up the habit of collecting Case, Kershaw, Schrade, Browning, or many, many other brand names such that can be found at outlets like the Smokey Mountain Knife Works or A.G. Russell Knives then your pursuit can become endless.

Remington knives both old, original models of yesteryear plus the modern collector series started years ago are among the best. Remington manufactured bayonets for the military in the world wars, but began making regular cutlery pieces in 1920 including the original Bullet knives. Production of Remington marked knives ended in 1940. Sometime in that span Remington made kitchen, camp and hunting knives, too.

Later in 1982 Remington brought out the first of the 2nd Issue Bullet knives. The first knife was the R1123 Trapper knife which came in a brown leatherette clamshell case. This initiated the annual series of Remington knives that continues today. These knives are made by Camillus. Researching and acquiring these many Bullet knives is perfect for collectors.

Additionally, many other annual Bullet knives were issued with silver bolsters, and engraved silver bolsters. Next, Remington began to issue numerous anniversary knives. Art posters came out, too. These are equally collectable.

Interestingly, in my opinion Remington went overboard by issuing too many knives. Remember the flurry of “anniversary” Winchester 94s? So many were produced the rifle values dropped to nothing. The same has happened to the Remington Bullet Knives. That was a shame.

For many years I tried to keep up with the annual issues which often included the 3-knife series. It got too expensive. Collectors can still find many of the issued Bullet knives dated since 1982. Remington knives are still of great interest to blade collectors.

This is especially the case with old models, camp, kitchen, and hunting knives. I have found two of those in my years of searching. One was on a table in a junk store in Dodge City, Kansas while on a wild bison hunt and the other on a table of garage sale junk at a gun show.

If you like knives and are looking for a most interest brand to chase check out Remington knives. Check out the book Remington Bullet Knives by Mel Brewster.

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Arts & Crafts On A Snowy Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Complementary Spouse is spending this snowy day crafting. It got me to thinking I ought to do some arts and crafts as well. I think I'll finish the lower for my 6.8 SPC II build. I've had the upper for a few years but haven't gotten around to building a dedicated lower for it. No time like the present!


The Top 10 Concealed Carry Handguns (Episode 2) [The Firearm Blog]

It’s been three years since TFBTV did a Top Concealed Carry Guns list, so it’s time to update the rankings. Many new guns designed specifically for concealed carry have been released in the past few years, and a number of popular concealed carry guns that existed three years ago have received minor upgrades while others […]

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Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying With Trigger Guard Holsters [The Firearm Blog]

Kydex homemade trigger guard holstersWelcome to another installment of Concealed Carry Corner. This week we’ll be discussing Trigger Guard Holsters and the variations within the concept as well as its strengths and limitations. Trigger guard holsters have also been called minimalist holsters because they use very little material and thus can offer a deeper level of concealment. CONCEALED CARRY […]

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One Million Subscribers: The French 75 Special! [Forgotten Weapons]

Holy cow, a million subscribers! When I started Forgotten Weapons, I never for a moment suspected it would end up this popular. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed! I think this required a celebratory cocktail…specifically, a French 75. So let’s talk about the French 75 the gun – the Canon de 75 modèle 1897 – as well as the cocktail named after it.

In celebration of the milestone, we have a two-day sale on some of the merchandise at the Forgotten Weapons store – which you should check out!

I would also like to mention that you can now find lots of Forgotten Weapons content on Amazon Prime, where videos have been compiled into 1-2 hour themed series.

And last but certainly not least, a huge thanks to everyone who supports Forgotten Weapons on Patreon! Your support is what has made this possible, and what will keep it here for years to come.

Saturday, 08 December


Do Technology Apps Defer Real Hunting Skills? []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Once thought of as a generational thing by the millennial hunters, high technology device applications and other gizmo devices are now widely used by lots of hunters. But, is that really a good thing? Are these tech apps really helpful information resources to make hunting tactics more effective or are they simply crutches that some hunters use to cut corners?

Are today’s hunters losing critical woodsman skills that our forefathers used to hunt and traverse habitat terrain? Can today’s millennial aged hunters use a compass and find their way out of the woods or to an unknown stand location without an electronic GPS? Can they assess range distances to game targets without a rangefinder? Can they summarize traditional weather data, precipitation and wind to know how to hunt a particular area, or do they rely on their handheld devices to tell them? These are current debates and arguments discussed in many hunting circles these days.

This is a tough debate, because modern technologies have impacted everything we do including this computer to type this article. Are we just supposed to ignore ways to give us more information at the click of a button? Well no, but today’s hunters become so dependent on these data applications and other devices that they have forgotten how to figure it out on their own.

Cutting edge trail cameras monitor everything in the deer habitat. A buck or doe nearly cannot move around on some properties without the hunters knowing it. This has gone so far on some places that the hunters completely pattern the bucks well enough to even assign them names to put on “hit” lists. At least on hunting television shows anyway.

And if that weren’t bad enough, the latest trail cameras can even transfer the photos and data electronically right to the hunter’s iPhone or other handheld device. They don’t even have to go into the woods or field any longer to physically check a camera with boots on the ground for scouting. And what about drones? Why not just set up electronically controlled guns to shoot the deer without having to actually go hunting? Some would probably favor that.

It is a sad reality that many deer “hunters” can’t tell anything about a set of deer tracks coming or going? Is that a bedding area or are they headed to a place to feed? What are the true signs of trail use? Do they understand the biological dynamics behind tree rubs and ground scrapes. What do they mean? How do you hunt them? An app cannot tell them that. Oh, can they even set an alarm clock anymore?

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SILENCER SATURDAY #50: Beautiful Binary CZ Scorpion SD [The Firearm Blog]

SILENCER SATURDAY #50: Beautiful Binary CZ Scorpion SDGood morning suppressor freaks and geeks, and welcome to the 50th edition of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. Thank you for stopping by to read my decibel rants every week – without you guys the series would have been dead by episode four. Last week we discussed the value of full–size pistol suppressors and their roles in […]

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NEW High Desert Outdoor Research Kalix Teknik CR1 & CR2 []

As much of the United States is beginning to delve into colder winter months, most hunting seasons for big-game around the US are coming to a close. Also, many of the popular mid-range and long-range shooting leagues and competitions have wrapped up for the year as well. If you participated in either, how did you do? Did you meet your own expectations? Could better sight alignment or more adjustment in varying scenarios have helped? If so, High Desert Outdoor Research has a NEW adjustable cheek rest and tool-less comb insert we would all benefit from.

Introduced to the market roughly 1 week ago, the High Desert Outdoor Research Kalix Teknik CR1 & CR2 have to ability to fit a multitude of different stocks for firearm enthusiasts. To best explain the little nuances of these new products, we will leave that up to High Desert Outdoor Research with this Press Release statement they have provided:

CEDAR CREST, New Mexico – November 26, 2018 – High Desert Outdoor Research is proud to announce the most recent additions to their product lines: the Kalix Teknik CR1 and CR2. The CR1 is an adjustable cheek rest compatible with over 90 composite stocks, and the CR2 is a tool-less comb insert designed for wooden stocks.

A perfect sight picture requires proper fitment of a rifle, notably the comb height. Customized comb height allows you to be more consistent, which leads to increased accuracy. Now you can obtain your ideal fit with the easy installation of a Kalix Teknik CR1.

high desert outdoor Research

High Desert Outdoor Research Kalix Teknik CR1 & CR2

For shooters with a wooden stock, High Desert Outdoor Research also carries the Kalix Teknik CR2.

End users who are not comfortable installing the CR1 can ship their stock to High Desert Outdoor Research. High Desert Outdoor Research uses the MFIX installation tool from Kalix Teknik, designed to guarantee a flawless installation of the CR1 adjustable cheek rest. This service is only available in the United States.

The MSRP for the Kalix Teknik CR1 or CR2 is currently benchmarked at $145. High Desert Outdoor Research also offers the service of installing either product (or both) professionally for you if you so desire, or feel uncomfortable doing it yourself.

So what do you guys and gals think? Is this something that your shooting could absolutely benefit from? Or is a product like this perhaps not on your radar? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback.

High Desert Outdoor Research

High Desert Outdoor Research Kalix Teknik CR1

High Desert Outdoor Research

High Desert Outdoor Research Kalix Teknik CR2

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Shooting the Stoner: Mk23, Bren, and 63A Carbine [Forgotten Weapons]

Is the Stoner 63 really as good of a gun as everyone says? Today is my first opportunity to try one out on the range, and I’m going to look at it in three different configurations: the Mk23 SEAL light machine gun, the “Bren” style automatic rifle, and the carbine. Let’s see how it handles!

I owe a tremendous thanks to Movie Armaments Group in Toronto for the opportunity to take the Stoner kit out to the range! Check them out on Instagram to see many of the guns in their extensive collection:

Forgotten Weapons
PO Box 87647
Tucson, AZ 85754

Friday, 07 December


[Indo Defense 2018] Shrunk Down: Profense’s Minigun in 5.56 [The Firearm Blog]

Profense has been shaking the Minigun game up since introducing their competitor to Dillon Aero’s domination of the international market in 7.62x51mm NATO M134 Minigun platforms manufactured in the United States. Taking things up (or down) a notch, Profense introduced a 5.56x45mm NATO variant of their 7.62x51mm NATO M134 while at AUSA in April this […]

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Featured Deals of the Week – 12/7/18 [The Firearm Blog]

Weekly Deal Roundup AR-15 5.56 pistol-length stainless steel barrel – $86.25  What the deal is: Ballistic Advantage is closing out one of their products, a stainless steel AR-15 barrel for 5.56. It is a pistol-length barrel at only 7.5″, and has a QPQ corrosion resistant finish. The barrel’s twist is 1:7, and it does have […]

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Link [Of Arms and the Law]

The University of North Texas suspends a law student, apparently because he owned guns. There was an anonymous claim that he had threatened someone, a claim that he clearly refuted (not just with witnesses that said he wasn't at the location, but by producing his cell phone's GPS data).



POTD: .50 BMG Brothers. The Lynx GM6 & The Barret M107A1 [The Firearm Blog]

Respect required – Today’s Photo Of The Day shows two Brothers that share the same caliber: .50 BMG. However, these Brothers have completely different mechanisms to fulfill their tasks of sending the .50 BMG bullets downrange. The Lynx GM6 uses a Bullpup Design, and a rather strange one at that. Did you know that the […]

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The Rezvani Tank Military Edition [The Firearm Blog]

If the Rezvani Tank isn’t extreme enough for you, there’s now the Military Edition. As a kid the founder of Rezvani, Ferris Rezvani, aspired to become a fighter pilot just like his father. This is represented in the Rezvani emblem, with wings representing his roots in aviation and steering wheel and racing stripes representing the […]

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Vote For Your Favorite BOTW and Win! (Set 5) [The Firearm Blog]

Last week saw our 20th installment of Build of the Week and we have plenty more submissions to go.  As we mentioned, we have a plan in mind for some interactivity with this series to keep it a little more fun and lively. As is our process, after every four posted Builds, we are going […]

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Washington: Anti-Gun Group Announces 2019 Agenda [NRA-ILA News]

On December 5th, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a group backed by out-of-state elites, announced it will pursue its most extreme anti-gun legislative agenda to date during the upcoming 2019 Washington Legislative Session.


DSArms to Offer Israeli FAL Parts Kit [The Firearm Blog]

DSArms has announced the availability of a new FAL parts kit based on surplused Israeli Defence Force FALs. The kits include a magazine and everything but the rifle’s upper receiver and barrel. Luckily, DSArms will also be offering correctly marked new receivers soon to create the most authentic Israeli FAL build. These are not yet […]

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TFB Review: Fort Scott Munitions TUI Ammo Part 1 [The Firearm Blog]

FSM 9mm performs well in any platformProjectile with a Purpose Fort Scott Munitions is a manufacturer of bullets and complete loaded cartridges, specializing in solid copper spun (SCS) bullets designed to tumble upon impact, hence the acronyms TUI and SCS applying to their projectiles.  They’ve sought to make a bullet that couples a lot of penetration with the trait of tumbling […]

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A Day That Will Live In Infamy Plus 77 Years [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Today marks the 77th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. It is also marks the first time that a surviving member of the crew of the USS Arizona will not be in Hawaii to commemorate the event.

From the news reports:
No one who survived the bombing of the USS Arizona battleship will be in the audience.

“This is the very first year,” said Daniel Martinez, historian with the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument.

Health issues and doctor's orders prevented Lou Conter from coming.

“She said you cannot go. You better cancel out,” he said in telephone interview from his home in California.

Conter is 97. The handful of survivors of the battleship’s sinking are all in their 90s...

About 300 USS Arizona sailors survived Japan’s surprise attack.

Only five are alive: Conter, Don Stratton, Ken Potts, Lonnie Cook and Lauren Bruner.

The hatred and enmity between the two countries is in the past. Now you have survivors who fought on each side coming together in ceremonies like the Blacked Canteen ceremony which celebrates peace and reconciliation.


Australian Defence Force Tests the EC-Paint Weapon Camouflage [The Firearm Blog]

Australian Defence Magazine reports that the Australian Defence Force has been testing the EC-Paint day and night weapon camouflage paint made by a Norwegian company called NFM Group. The EC-Paint is formulated to provide a durable matte camouflage pattern that can be applied in field conditions allowing to adapt the color and camouflage of the weapon to […]

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What Caliber For Yeti? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

If the weather models are correct and the hyperbole from local TV and the Weather Channel is not hyperbole, Western North Carolina is about to be hit with a snow storm that will rival the Blizzard of '93. Hospitals are implementing emergency management plans, bread is getting hard to find even as far east as Charlotte, and people have started testing their generators.

This all leads to the obvious question:  what caliber for yeti?

Can you get by with 5.56 in your AR or will you need to up your game? Does it require a purpose-built caliber like .358 Yeti from Mad Dog Weapon Systems or is that overkill?

If you have suggestions, please post them.

Thursday, 06 December


Ethical Seed Bartering After SHTF []

While harvesting seeds from a squash and making a video about it, I mentioned if preppers wanted a good item for bartering after SHTF, heirloom seeds is where it is at. There is an old saying, “A friend in need is a friend in deed.”

Add starvation and chances are preppers could win friends with food.

This brings up an important topic, and that is ethical seed bartering. Would it be ethical for someone to offer heirloom seeds for barter, but the seeds are in fact hybrids?

Let’s get back to the squash seeds. Yellow squash could cross pollinate with various members of the melon family. Knowing this I did not plant anything the squash could cross pollinate with. When the seeds were harvested, I knew with absolute certainty the seeds were heirloom.

However, let’s say someone planted various members of the melon family near each other, and the plants cross pollinated. This could possibly result in hybrid rather than heirloom seeds. If the person knew the plants could cross pollinate, it would be unethical to say the saved seeds were heirloom.

Now comes the twist. For the sake of discussion let’s say the person knows nothing about cross pollination. Would it still be unethical to say the seeds were heirloom?

As for the person receiving the seeds, let’s be honest, how many people reading this article would know the difference between a turnip and snap bean seed? It would be pretty much impossible to tell the difference between a hybrid an heirloom squash seed.

Then there are the old seeds which may not germinate. When seeds are stored properly, they can last hundreds, maybe even thousands of years. However, in a long term grid down situation, seeds will not be able to be stored in climate controlled environments.

On a personal note, I personally germinated decade old seeds. The seeds were bought in May of 2007, had been stored in a deep freezer for 10 years, germinated, planted, and grown in 2017.  Without the benefit of a deep freezer, seeds will typically lose some of their germination every year.

Would it be unethical for someone to offer up several decade old seed packets for barter?

Maybe it would depend upon who knows the most about seeds?  A decade ago I harvested seeds from a store bought cantaloupe, just to see if they would sprout. It would be easy to tell someone the seeds were fresh and been harvested from my garden. However, to lie would be unethical.

So maybe the line should be drawn when someone lies, or tries to deceive the other?

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[Indo Defense 2018] MKE’s Bora-12 Precision Rifle, Orders Taken [The Firearm Blog]

The JMK Bora-12 (or JNG-90) isn’t exactly new or groundbreaking as the Turkish state-owned arms company MKEK has been working on it since 2004. However what is new is the configuration that we saw at Indo Defense 2018. Essentially updating the design, the Bora-12 is going to start to see wider use in the Turkish Land […]

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Ohio: Self-Defense Legislation Heads to Gov. Kasich’s Desk After House Concurrence [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Ohio state House of Representatives passed Substitute House Bill 228 by a vote of 59 - 21.  It now heads to Governor John Kasich’s desk for his signature.  While the legislation was amended, Sub. HB 228 still contains important self-defense protections for the Second Amendment and Ohio’s gun owners.


US Army Orders More Barrett M107s [The Firearm Blog]

The US Army is set to receive a new batch of .50 calibre M107 long range sniper rifles with the Department of Defense announcing the contract award on the 28th November. The near $8 million dollar order will see Barrett Firearms provide between 700 and 800 rifles.These are likely destined for the Army and possibly […]

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Fort Worth, TX [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

12/3/18 Dallas Morning News:

A woman shot her adult son Monday afternoon after he pulled out a samurai sword during an argument, Fort Worth police said. 
The mother and her 21-year-old son were fighting shortly before 4 p.m. in the 3000 block of Forest Avenue, near East Lancaster Avenue. 
She shot her son in the leg after he pulled out a samurai sword during the argument, police said. 


Checks and Balances? Massachusetts Executive Branch Flouts Court Orders on Firearms Licenses [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S.’s republican form of governance is predicated on co-equal branches of government that check and balance each other in order to preserve individual liberty. The system does not work when one branch simply ignores the lawful authority of another branch.


More Proof That Being a “Celebrity” Does Not Make You Smart [NRA-ILA News]

In a November 30 tweet, Tom Arnold, famous for being married to Roseanne Barr and making a few really bad movies, has proven that he knows nothing about guns, gun owners or firearm misuse.


Guns and Taxes [NRA-ILA News]

David Hogg wants a federal tax on firearms and ammunition. He has repeatedly broached the idea, including multiple times on Twitter, and only sometimes suggests a use for the tax revenue. Hogg’s tweets on a federal gun tax include references to implementing the same sort of licensing and permitting requirements as the government requires to drive a car or funding “gun violence” research.


Surprise: Study Finds No Rise in Violent Crime Attributable to Adopting Right-to-Carry Laws [NRA-ILA News]

As we’ve noted recently, much research purporting to demonstrate connections between access to guns or right-to-carry laws and increases in crime is seriously flawed.  Often it's an attempt to curtail or eliminate Americans’ rights under the Second Amendment rather than unbiased scientific research.


New Jersey: Third Circuit Court Refuses to Stop Unconstitutional Magazine Ban [NRA-ILA News]

Yesterday, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit allowed an unconstitutional magazine ban to proceed with its December 10th deadline by a 2-1 decision.


Iraqi Straight Pull 12.7x108mm AMR [The Firearm Blog]

The Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units PMU was about to introduce a new 12.7x108mm anti-material rifle before the Iraqi designer Ghazwan Al-Azarah prohibited them from proceeding (since they didn’t get his permission to produce his patent; which is interesting all on its own). He made two variants for his rifles to be chambered with 12.7x108mm and […]

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Ohio: Self-Defense Legislation Passes Senate Immediately Heads to House for Concurrence [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Ohio State Senate passed Substitute House Bill 228 by a vote of 19 - 10.   While the legislation was amended, Sub. HB 228 still contains important protections for the Second Amendment and Ohio’s gun owners.


Problem solved [Of Arms and the Law]

Jail escapee beats up guard, gets away, breaks into woman's house and approaches her bedroom. She drills him thru the head. Problem solved.


Small Arms Survey Publish Free Guide to the Identification of Small Arms [The Firearm Blog]

cover of An Introductory Guide to the Identification of Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Associated AmmunitionThe Geneva-based Small Arms Survey have published a free 352 page guide to help with the identification of small arms, light weapons and their ammunition. The new introductory identification guide was written by a raft of subject matter experts and edited by Nic Jenzen-Jones and Matt Schroeder. The guide includes sections explaining how the international arms […]

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POTD: Latvian Honour Guards with M16A1s [The Firearm Blog]

Latvian M16NATO recently shared a short video focused on Latvia’s Honour Guards. The video is part of NATO’s #WeAreNATO campaign that showcases units and roles in NATO member militaries, other recent videos have looked at a US combat photographer and a Portuguese jet pilot. The Latvian Guard of Honour are part of the Latvian Land Forces (Sauszemes […]

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Russia to Build an Ammunition Plant in Armenia [The Firearm Blog]

Russia to Build Ammunition Plant in Armenia (4)A Russian group of companies called “Promishlenniye Technologii” (“Промышленные Технологии”, means “Industrial technologies”) which includes the ORSIS arms factory, as well as the Tula and Ulyanovsk ammunition plants, has announced that they have been negotiating with the Armenian government officials concerning the building of a new ammunition plant in Armenia. The announcement was published on the […]

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Ohio’s proposed ‘Stand Your Ground’ bill moves closer to vote in Senate [NRA-ILA News]

NAACP leaders across the state are rallying against a proposed “Stand Your Ground” gun bill that is being debated in the Ohio Senate. The bill could receive a vote on the Senate floor this week. Dozens packed into the Ohio Senate Committee hearing Tuesday night to express concerns about HB228. It was the second day of testimony that will continue through Thursday. Several Republican senators were noticeably absent from that hearing. If the bill is passed it would eliminate a person’s “duty to retreat” if they feel their life is in danger, allowing the individual to protect themselves by using deadly force. The NAACP is calling the legislation a public safety threat.


Elbit Systems Buys Out IMI Systems [The Firearm Blog]

Elbit Systems has completed a deal to buy its rival IMI Systems Ltd (formerly Israeli Military Industries) in a deal worth nearly half a billion dollars. Elbit Systems’s acquisition of the government owned defence contractor marks the end of the protracted privatisation of IMI. IMI was originally founded back in 1933, before the state of Israel […]

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Dick’s Sporting Goods Says Gun-Control Stance Hurt Business, May Close Field & Stream stores [NRA-ILA News]

Dick's Sporting Goods told investors during the Goldman Sachs Retailing Conference that its gun-control stance hurt sales of its hunting business, outdoors business, and that it may close its outdoor-focused Field & Stream stores.


House Democrats look to roll back little-known rule allowing guns in the Capitol [NRA-ILA News]

House Democrats are looking to roll back a little-known, five-decade-old Capitol Hill regulation that allows members of Congress to keep guns in their offices and carry them around the Capitol grounds.


Federal appeals court upholds New Jersey's law limiting gun magazine capacity [NRA-ILA News]

A federal appeals court Wednesday upheld New Jersey’s law restricting the size of firearm magazines to 10 rounds, saying it doesn’t run afoul of the Second Amendment and will help save lives by giving victims more time to flee while a shooter reloads.


Newly empowered Democrats ramp up calls for stronger gun control [NRA-ILA News]

Prominent Democrats plan on Thursday to begin ramping up calls for stronger gun control at the start of a new push to use their strengthened voice in Washington to make progress on an issue that bitterly divides America.


Washington: State gun control group looks to restrict standard-capacity magazines, more [NRA-ILA News]

The Alliance for Gun Responsibility unveiled its legislative agenda for 2019 Wednesday evening.


[Indo Defense 2018] Hurricane SF Precision Rifle from Steel Core Designs [The Firearm Blog]

Steel Core Designs had on display one of their latest additions to their precision rifle product line, the Hurricane SF, based off of their Hurricane Hunter/Varmint rifles. The rifle is intended to be their short action variant, while the Thunderbolt rifle is their long action chambered in .338 Lapua, and the Cyclone being the anti-materiel […]

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Ammunition Evaluation: Ethiopian 7.92x57mm Mauser [Forgotten Weapons]

Century International Arms has imported a quantity of Ethiopian ammunition, and asked me to do a video on it. So, I have a three-part evaluation here: appearance and packaging, live fire testing (including velocity and consistency), and teardown and bullet weight consistency. This ammunition was produced (as best I can tell) at the Emperor Haile Selassie Ammunition Factory, established with Czech technical aid in the late 1940s in Addis Ababa. This ammunition is all headstamped 1955, made for a variety of rifles and machine guns including the ZH-29, ZB-26, and FN BAR.


I tested velocity using a 7.92x57mm Yugoslav reworked K98k Mauser rifle (barrel length 23.6 inches). Measurements were taken at 10 feet from the muzzle, with a sample size of 15 rounds fired. I found an average velocity of 2460 fps, extreme spread of 81 fps (max 2505, min 2424), and standard deviation of 22.69 fps. At least half of the rounds fired exhibited a very brief hangfire, and two required a second primer strike to fire.


I tested the weight of 10 bullets using a calibrated Lyman electronic scale. I found an average weight of 197.4 grains, extreme spread of 1.6 grains (max 197.8 gr, min 196.2 gr), and standard deviation of 0.47 grains. Bullet construction is boat tail with an open base, lead core, and gilding metal over steel jacket (these bullets do attract a magnet). I found a seeming random mixture of silver and brass colored jackets in the boxes I opened.

Century advertises this ammunition as using corrosive primers, and I took them at their word and did not test for corrosivity.

Raw data:

Velocities (fps): 2465, 2475, 2440, 2464, 2468, 2433, 2460, 2484, 2424, 2437, 2429, 2474, 2472, 2465, 2505

Bullet weights (grains): 197.5, 197.7, 196.2, 197.1, 197.6, 197.6, 197.3, 197.7, 197.8, 197.4


These 62 Had The Courage Of Their Convictions [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Do you have the courage of your convictions with regard to the Second Amendment? Would you go to the mattresses to use a term from The Godfather?  Would you put your job at risk or would you just quietly suck it up?

62 former employees of Dick's Sporting Goods and their Field and Stream subsidiary did have the courage of their convictions. After Dick's CEO Ed Stack not only changed the company's policy on selling modern sporting rifles and raised the purchase age to 21 for all firearms but fully bought into the gun control agenda, these 62 resigned their jobs.

From the Pittsburgh Business Times:

According to CEO Ed Stack, 62 employees quit working for Dick's Sporting Goods over the retailer's decision to stop selling assault-style weapons, announced in February....

"We anticipated that there would be some people that would leave. We've got 40,0000 employees, and 2,500, or 2,6000 (sic) people working at our corporate headquarters," said Stack, of the Findlay-based company. "We're a cross-section of the country. We knew people would be upset."
His comments came in a Wall Street Journal CEO Council interview. An excerpt of that interview is below.

Stack says it is OK to have differing views and he is correct. However, it is one thing to have differing views on whether the Steelers or the Eagles are the better team and a whole another thing to have differing views on working to suppress a right enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

What Stack did not say was who they were and what jobs they held. Some, like the clerk he mentioned, probably held low level jobs. Other I'm guessing held higher positions. While I don't have any confirmation of it, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Jack Barnes who is the new VP for Commercial Sales for Sig Sauer was one of those 62. He had developed and implemented the concept of the Field and Stream stores for Dick's.

These 62 former employees put skin in the game and stood for the Constitution when the head of the company they worked for decided it was politically expedient to trash it. They are to be applauded. If I owned a company in the firearms industry I'd be looking for these 62 as they would be the kind of employees I'd want.

Wednesday, 05 December


James’ Tactical Procrastinator’s Christmas List for Your Armchair Commando [The Firearm Blog]

This is all gear that I have used, abused, and loved over the years, and I wanted to share it with you special ladies out there (or dudes) buying a last minute xmas present for your special dude (or lady).  – James Flashlights: My grandmother used to buy value brand ice cream from the grocery […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] MP5 Clones, 7.62mm Rifles, News from Indonesia’s Pindad [The Firearm Blog]

What captivated many visitors to Indo Defense 2018 this year from Pindad was the defense companies Harimau Modern Medium Weight tank that was a product of a joint venture with a Turkish defense company. However when it comes to small arms, Pindad had some new offerings as well, some that we should be seeing within Indonesian […]

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Third Circuit upholds NJ's ban on magazines holding more than ten rounds. [Of Arms and the Law]

In Ass'n of N.J. Rifle and Pistol Clubs v. Attorney General.

The case is quite well laid-out for an anti-2A result, tho I course like the dissent better:

"Yet the majority treats the Second Amendment differently in two ways. First, it weighs the merits of the case to pick a tier of scrutiny. That puts the cart before the horse. For all other rights, we pick a tier of scrutiny based only on whether the law impairs the core right. The Second Amendment's core is the right to keep weapons for defending oneself and one's family in one's home. The majority agrees that this is the core. So whenever a law impairs that core right, we should apply strict scrutiny, period. That is the case here.

Second, though the majority purports to use intermediate scrutiny, it actually recreates the rational-basis test forbidden by Heller. It suggests that this record favors the government, but make no mistake--that is not what the District Court found. The majority repeatedly relies on evidence that the District Court did not rely on and expert testimony that the District Court said was "of little help." 2018 WL 4688345, at *8. It effectively flips the burden of proof onto the challengers...."


Day 5 of Sportsman’s Guide 12 Days of Christmas is a Big One (PROMO CODE) []

Rather than dialling in on specific products, Sportsman’s Guide has gone full hog with their 5th day of promos for their 12 Days of Christmas sale. All told, over 1,400 items across the site are on sale, covering everything from hunting gear and accessories, to guns, ammo, fishing gear, and military surplus supplies. It’s a good day to be shopping! Further sweetening the deal, punching in the promo code (today only) SG3165 will earn you a free $25 gift card if you purchase $50 or more on the site.

Keep an eye on our site daily, as we’re going to keep rolling out updates on what’s coming from the 8 remaining days of the Sportsman’s Guide 12 Days of Christmas deals, and some of these deals will be coming with a special promo code you’re not going to want to miss!

Shop The 12 Days of Christmas Day 5 Super Sale Here

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California: Firearm Excise Tax Legislation Introduced [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the California Legislature convened for an organizational session and swearing in ceremonies for legislators. During their short stint in Sacramento several new anti-gun proposals were introduced, including Assembly Bill 18, sponsored by Assembly Member Marc Levine (D-10).


Oklahoma: Constitutional Carry Pre-Filed in the Senate for 2019 [NRA-ILA News]

Recently, Senator Nathan Dahm pre-filed constitutional carry legislation, Senate Bill 12 for the 2019 Legislative Session.


Warning to New Mexico Gun Owners: Expect Unprecedented Attacks On Your Second Amendment Rights During The 2019 Legislative Session [NRA-ILA News]

While the New Mexico Legislature will not convene for its 60-day Regular Session until January 15, lawmakers can start prefiling bills on December 17.


Eh There Govvnur, What About it? []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


The Smith and Wesson Governor revolver can be a formidable self-defense handgun. Beauty and utility is in the eyes of the beholder, but the Governor is a handgun designed for a number of proposed uses from snake control, small varmints at close range, and even larger varmints at intermediate ranges. For that, this revolver was well designed.

Introduced in 2011, the Smith Governor has seemingly sort of languished in the back pews of the shooting world, but it is still a very viable handgun for a variety of practical uses. Given the Governor is a bit off the beaten track when it comes to Smith and Wesson revolvers, but in many ways that makes it a stand out gun.

Built on the new “Z” frame, this six shot revolver fires the powerful .45 Long Colt, the .45 ACP (with clips), and interchangeably .410 shotshells from the same cylinder using 2.5 inch shotshells. The handgun has a 2.75 inch barrel, SA/DA action, a fixed rear sight with a tritium night front sight, a black matte finish with black synthetic finger grooved grips.

The Governor is now also available in stainless steel with a red ramp front sight and synthetic grips, though I have yet to see one. There is also a version equipped with Crimson Trace Lasergrips making it perfect for self-defense work.

The handgun weighs in at 29.6 ounces. The standard frame is a Scandium alloy with a stainless steel cylinder. With the elongated cylinder the handgun has an equally unique appearance, that being all business.

Though the Governor sounds like a handful, it is quite controllable, thus its application in the self-defensive role. This is not a pocket gun or a concealed weapon by size, but one to wear on the waist in a Hunter holster with bullet loop belt, or a gun to have at the house, work, or in the vehicle as a bug out weapon. The tritium sight makes it useful in low light or darkness.

With the advent of specialized ammunition produced just for this type of revolver, such as the Defender .410 shotshell loads from Winchester, the Governor becomes an effective defense weapon. These shotshells come in a combo pack that includes .410 and .45 Colt loads. The shotshells use a combo of 3 DD disks, and 12 BB sized shot in one load. The Governor can also use .410 game loads, too, for prepper food pot hunting.

If you’re looking for an easy to operate six shot revolver that can tote the power of a .45 Colt or a mixed cylinder with .410 shotshells, check out the Smith Governor.

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Gear Review: Hiking 100 Miles in the Altama OTB (“Over the Beach”) Mid Boots [The Firearm Blog]

“Fifty pounds per person.” According to our tickets, that’s how much baggage Lindsay and I were allowed to bring on the float plane – the only way into Katmai National Park.  As we were going to be camping in Katmai and Denali National Parks for a week in July, our provisions (camping gear and MREs) […]

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Chicago!, IL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

12/4/18 FoxNews Orlando:

 - Three women were leaving their home off Mark Twain near West Chicago to go to church Sunday morning when a man approached them and forced them back into the home. 
One of the women acted quickly, reaching for a gun then firing at the intruder.
“I was about to go to church when I heard the shots they put up the crime tape and I went to church,” neighbor Lashundra Craig said.
Those shots came from Lashundra Craig's neighbor around 10:30 Sunday morning. 
Three women ages 75, 55 and 29 were leaving for church when a man lurking outside forced them back in.
The 55-year-old retrieved a gun firing twice at the intruder, hitting him at least once in the chest - a fatal shot.


BREAKING: Lewis Machine & Tool Rifles Win Estonian Rifle Trials [The Firearm Blog]

Estonian 5.56 demoBack in April we reported that the Estonian Defence Forces had narrowed their choice of new service rifles down to three from Heckler & Koch, SIG Sauer and Lewis Machine & Tool. Estonian Public Broadcaster Eesti Rahvusringhääling (ERR) now report that the trials have ended and a winner has been chosen. Lewis Machine & Tool’s entries […]

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POTD: Barrett XM109 AMPR [The Firearm Blog]

Today we’re taking a look at the Barrett that never was, the XM109 AMPR.   Originally known as the Objective Sniper Weapon (OSW), the XM109 now bears the designation Anti-Material Payload Rifle (AMPR).  Using the existing lower receiver from the M82/M107 rifle, Barrett built proprietary upper receiver and magazine to accommodate a much larger new […]

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More SIG SP2022s For French Police [The Firearm Blog]

SP2022France’s Ministry of the Interior has announced the purchase of a new batch of SIG Sauer SIG ProSP2022 pistols for use by the National Gendarmerie. The contract worth 248,299 Euros (or $281,580) was announced in mid November. The Ministry of the Interior’s procurement department, the Service de l’Achat, de l’Équipement et de la Logistique de la […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] Rheinmetall Air Defense AG’s ILEE® TwinBeam Mk2 Laser Designator [The Firearm Blog]

Introduced in March of this year, we were able to get our hands on Rheinmetall Air Defense AG’s ILEE® TwinBeam Mk2 visible/IR laser designator. The TwinBeam Mk2 is actually just one such designator out of a large product line of similar designators that fill different capabilities and needs. Many of the small arms laser designators […]

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How Dick’s Sporting Goods Decided to Change Its Gun Policy [NRA-ILA News]

Dick’s expects same-store sales to fall between 3% and 4% this year, in line with the calculations it made in February, Mr. Stack said Tuesday. The vast majority of the sales weakness is due to the company’s decision on guns, he said, as those under 21 aren’t buying guns and some gun enthusiasts have stopped shopping at Dick’s. “It’s as expected.”


House Dems to introduce bill to criminalize private firearms transfers: report [NRA-ILA News]

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) plans to introduce a bill that will require universal background checks, according to the news outlet.


Rep. Scalise Explains to 'The View' Why His Position on Gun Control Hasn't Changed After Being Shot [NRA-ILA News]

House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) explained his firm pro-Second Amendment stance to ‘View’ host Whoopi Goldberg Tuesday.


Michael Bloomberg focuses on climate change, gun control in his first visit to Iowa [NRA-ILA News]

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg made his debut Iowa appearance as a possible presidential candidate Tuesday with a message hyper-focused on curbing the effects of climate change and reducing gun violence.


Freshman Lawmakers in Congress ready to use new-won power [NRA-ILA News]

"We know that all of our issues are tied and are the same," she added. "There is no health care justice without gun violence reform."


American kids are 'political pawns' in gun control battle, CEOs say [NRA-ILA News]

America's partisan standoff over gun regulation has made pawns of the nation's youth, the heads of two companies that supported tighter firearm restrictions complained Tuesday.


California: Contra Costa supervisors ask state to ban gun shows at fairgrounds [NRA-ILA News]

Deciding that gun shows don’t belong at the county fairgrounds, the Board of Supervisors unanimously voted Tuesday to ask the state to ban them.


Never, in the long history of human stupidity..... [Of Arms and the Law]

Has anyone suggested taking a hockey puck to a gunfight.

In my ten years in Washington, I became amazed at the inability of policy-makers to make policy. I have since become amazed at the inability of higher education to think.


Nazi Minister’s Pistol Found in Attic Goes on Display in Netherlands [The Firearm Blog]

sauer 38HThe Netherlands’ National Military Museum has unveiled a new display including the pistol carried by Adolf Hitler’s right hand man in the Netherlands during World War Two. The pistol was owned by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, an Austrian Nazi politician who was appointed as Reichskommissar of the Netherlands by Hitler in late May 1940. He directed the Nazi […]

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LDP / Kommando: the “Rhuzi” [Forgotten Weapons]

The Kommando was a semiauto SMG-type carbine designed by Alex du Plessis in Salisbury Rhodesia in the late 1970s. It was manufactured by a company called Lacoste Engineering, and financed by a man named Hubert Ponter – and those initials were the name of the initial production version of the gun; LDP. The gun is a quite simple design, a tube-receiver, open bolt gun with a fixed firing pin and an Uzi-type bolt which telescopes forward over the barrel. It uses unmodified Uzi magazines, and that along with it’s Uzi-like construction and styling led to one of its nicknames, the Rhuzi (the others were alternate interpretations of the LDP initials; Land Defense Pistol and Lots of Dead People).

About one thousand LDP carbines were made in Rhodesia, and were also sold in neighboring South Africa. This led to an arrangement with a company called Maxim Parabellum to produce it in South Africa under the name Kommando. Eventually a total of about 10,000 were made between the two countries, making this one of the most common guns of its type made in that time and place. The South African government required the addition of an extra safety device to prevent runaway firing with underpowered ammunition, and a number of details evolved through production, most notably the stock locking system.

Tuesday, 04 December


Pickens, SC [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

12/4/18 CBS News:

PICKENS, S.C. -- A South Carolina woman is being hailed as a hero after investigators say she fatally shot an escaped inmate who had kicked in the door of her home as she slept early Tuesday. Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark says the inmate was one of two who escaped the Pickens County Prison as a part of a "premeditated plan" around 2:40 a.m. ...
Clark said the woman had undergone firearms training and was licensed to carry a concealed weapon. He credited her for receiving the training and said it helped her save her own life. 


California proposes tax on semi autos [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's a story on the proposal. If they're proposing the tax in order to fund anti-violence agencies, we might ask why they don't tax violent offenders instead? Oh, I forgot, violent criminals are not the problem. The problem is peaceful gun owners. Having enacted just about every form of gun control known, the legislature must find something more to do.


[Indo Defense 2018] Hands on with Rheinmetall Canada’s Field Ranger RCWS System [The Firearm Blog]

The Canadian-based division of Rheinmetall was present at the show with the latest variant of their Field Ranger RCWS system that is designed to accommodate 7.62x51mm FN MAG/.50 BMG M2/ and 40x53mm Mark 19 grenade launchers and machine guns. On display was the “Multi” system, but there are also “Light” versions (7.62x51mm only), “Dual” (designed […]

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Sheriff: Woman kills jail escapee who kicks in her door [NRA-ILA News]

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — An inmate who had escaped minutes earlier from a county jail in South Carolina was shot and killed by a woman after he kicked in her back door, the local sheriff said.


Flying with Firearms – Updated Policies in Orlando [The Firearm Blog]

This isn't one of my high security locks! We see a TSA002 marking.A number of TFB readers first got to know me in very early 2018 when my three instructional articles about Flying with Firearms appeared on the blog.  (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)  Since that time, many of you have written to me with tales of your own treatment in our nations’ airports, and I […]

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Armed Responses to SHTF Threats []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Are you really prepared to shoot somebody? To kill them? The proposition is certainly a whole lot easier to talk about than to actually do. Really folks, this is super serious stuff and nothing to be shrugged off or joked about. When the worst case scenario SHTF comes along, you may well be confronted with this very decision and it will likely be instantaneous.

In every issue of the NRA’s magazines you can find a column section entitled The Armed Citizen. These are actual reported accounts of common everyday people defending themselves from a variety of life threatening assaults. It may be a home invasion, a store robbery, an assault, rape, carjacking or a host of other real threats. These citizens were ready and prepared as necessary to respond with deadly force to save their own lives. Could you do it?

A friend of mine always jokes about the “black helicopters” coming over his house and that likely one day a team of ANTIFA hooligans is going to knock on his front door to take over his house. He always portrays himself as a Ready Eddie with his AR loaded to the hilt and how he is going to take out the entire bunch of thugs. I just laugh.

Then I remind him of the scene in Open Range when Charlie Waite (Postelwaite) played by Kevin Costner, as the street gunfight initiates, he pops the hired gunslinger Butler in the forehead with one round from his .45 Long Colt Single Action Army. I tell my friend that those hooligans in black garb will likely take him out in the first exchange. Easier said than done.

Regardless, we have to be ready in case our lives are threatened and there is no other way out but to defend ourselves. You have to be ready for this likelihood. How? First, and likely foremost, you have to have a mindset to defend yourself with deadly force. Once you decide that, then you have to gear up and train up for that possible scenario.

At home, a bug out, or in travel, at all times you need immediate access to a firearm(s) that you know how to use and use well. You should take formal training with that weapon(s) and feel 100% confident in their use. Then, when or if the ultimate threat comes your way, you will be as prepared as you can be to defend yourself.

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Sportsman’s Guide Brings 12 Days of Christmas Deals—Day 4 []

It seems every retailer started their own take of “12 Days of Christmas” deals on different dates, so we ‘re just getting on the bandwagon for Day 4, as the mega outdoor retailer delivers savings of up to 50% on Guide Gear hunting equipment and apparel of all sorts. On one end, you can suit up with new camo hunting outerwear, including jackets, boots, gloves. On the other, their assortment of tree stands, as well as other hunting accessories specific to turkey hunting, varmint hunting, and other categories will get you properly kitted out for the next hunt without spending an arm and a leg.

Keep an eye on our site daily, as we’re going to keep rolling out updates on what’s coming from the 8 remaining days of the Sportsman’s Guide 12 Days of Christmas deals, and some of these deals will be coming with a special promo code you’re not going to want to miss!

Shop The Sportsman’s Guide 12 Days of Christmas Deal Here

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Ohio: Urgent Action Needed – Contact Your Senator in Support of Pro-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

The Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee is scheduled to hold multiple hearings on House Bill 228 and House Bill 142 this week.


You Can Stream Mossy Oak Videos For Free — Without Commercials []

So you love hunting shows but hate all the ads? Or maybe it costs too much for you to watch what you want to watch. Well my friends, it looks like those days are over. Mossy Oak has just announced a new streaming video app called Mossy Oak GO, or MOGO, which offers ad-free outdoor videos with no subscription fee. Best of all, they have archived videos dating way back to 1995, so you will never ever run out of hunting & fishing shows to watch.

From the press release:

Mossy Oak is proud to unveil Mossy Oak GO (MOGO), its all-new 100% FREE television and mobile digital platform, offering on-demand access, anywhere, anytime, any place, with any device to Mossy Oak’s latest videos offerings as well as archived content since launch of Mossy Oak Productions in 1995.

With MOGO, viewers don’t have to deal with expensive subscription rates or being interrupted by redundant commercials. Mossy Oak made it simple. Viewers download the app through a preferred streaming platform and start watching free, uninterrupted outdoors entertainment.

Mossy Oak’s extensive and ever-growing archive of hunting, fishing, conservation and outdoors lifestyle videos, along with new, relevant and exclusive content is available to the outdoors obsessed all over the world. Every single video is designed to educate, entertain or inspire viewers and to carry out the Mossy Oak mission: To help people live their best life outdoors.

MOGO’s content will be organized and searchable for any viewer to quickly and easily find exactly what they are looking for. Furthermore, viewers may search by their favorite pursuit, such as turkey hunting, elk hunting, or dive into Mossy Oak’s fishing library. MOGO will also conveniently suggest specific videos to each unique viewer based on their previously watched videos. The various series and titles to be featured on MOGO include, but are not limited to: Hunting the Country, HONOR, The Obsessed, IMPULSE, Shooters, The Specialists, Cuz 411, Elements and many more.

‘Like the animals we are so passionate about, we have learned to evolve with the times,’ said Toxey Haas, founder and CEO of Mossy Oak. ‘Mossy Oak GO completely captures the entire evolution of where we have been as a brand and a company and where we are going.’ ‘I’m so proud of what our team has built here and that we are able to offer it to viewers completely free.’

To learn more about Mossy Oak GO, visit and to learn more about Mossy Oak, visit

Hunting and fishing shows for free! What’s not to love about that?

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UPDATE: Houthi’s 14.5x114mm ASHTAR Spotted in Action [The Firearm Blog]

A video report broadcast by the Yemeni official TV (and manipulated by the Houthi) showed snipers operating against Saudi troops and among these snipers the Houthi’s local made rifle in Yemen, the Ashtar 14.5x114mm was spotted. In a previous article, I discussed eight of the locally made anti-materiel rifles and light cannons developed and produced […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] Indonesia Jumps into the Corner Shot Arena [The Firearm Blog]

On top of a large number of Corner Shot clones already on the market, the Indonesian Army’s research and development division Kodiklatad Polytechnic was displaying their own prototype clone at their booth during Indo Defense 2018. According to an Indonesian source, the Army’s special operations teams liked the foreign made versions enough that there was […]

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New Jersey: New, Reduced Magazine Capacity Restriction Deadline is December 10 [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation earlier this year which reduced New Jersey’s magazine capacity restriction from 15 rounds to 10 rounds.


Michael Bloomberg stirs 2020 presidential speculation, but he'll need a better answer on 'stop-and-frisk' [NRA-ILA News]

If Michael Bloomberg is serious about running for president in 2020, he's going to have to find a better way of answering questions about his support for "stop-and-frisk" policing. Bloomberg's increasingly serious flirtation with the Democratic presidential race took a new step on Monday with the publication of an op-ed in the Des Moines Register about climate change titled, "Why I'm coming to Iowa." If the headline weren't a clear enough signal, his piece concludes with, "A recent op-ed in the Des Moines Register called for aspiring presidential candidates to present a bold vision for taking on climate change. I couldn’t agree more: We need stronger leadership in Washington on this issue."


Response to Parkland School Shooting: Cover it up, spend fortunes on PR advisors [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. The school was called upon to deal with nasty SOB who made no secret of his desire to kill people and shoot up a school. So they transferred him from a school for "special needs" students (I'd never through of homicidal compulsion as a special need, but at least it fit) into a standard, and large, school. Then they apparently ignored his continuing threats. After the shooting, they spent tens of thousands on PR advice, and stonewalled all attempts to investigate.


New CPRC Research: Mass Public Shootings are much higher in the rest of the world and increasing much more quickly [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. is well below the world average in terms of the number of mass public shootings, and the global increase over time has been much bigger than for the United States.


State police: Homeowner held would-be burglar at gunpoint [NRA-ILA News]

NEW CASTLE, Ind. – A local man held a would-be burglar at gunpoint until authorities reached his northern Henry County home.


One to Watch: Case/Winkler Hambone []

We’ve been tracking the Case/Winkler collaborations for a few years now on AllOutdoor, and we’re always excited to see a new one come out. The third and latest installment in the series is the Hambone, a really nice-looking hunting and all-purpose blade.

There are a few things that interest me about the Case/Winkler Hambone, the first and most obvious of which is the trailing point. Most Winklers are drop-point, and the Skinner is really one of the only blades from him that I know of that isn’t. The Hambone, then, takes this even further with the point actually sweeping upwards above the midline of the blade.

Trailing points in the classic sense are hunting and skinning blades. They tend to lack a bit in the tip strength and stabbing departments, but make up for it in their increased ability to do fine detail work and delicate slicing, skinning, and caping. Given the standard parameters of the design, you don’t often see them on field knives, and pretty much never on tactical knives.

But the video that goes with the Case announcement for the knife shows them stabbing through a bunch of stuff, so I guess it works. And the reason is twofold: 1) blade thickness, and 2) the high-carbon, super tough 80CrV2 steel.

These new high-carbon super steels are incredibly strong, and it’s good to see makers taking advantage of that strength by doing things with the designs that you wouldn’t have seen a few years ago. The Case/Winkler skinner is a… er, case in point — it’s thinner than it has any right to be for a blade with its intended use profile, but the strength of the steel makes it work.

I think it’s probably the same with this trailing point on the Hambone. The Hambone itself is thick, and when you combine that with the steel you get a level of tip strength and stabbing ability that you wouldn’t normally find on a blade like that.

The second thing I’m intrigued by with the Hambone are the finger grooves. This can either really work or really not work, depending on execution. So I’m definitely going to be stopping by the Winkler booth at SHOT and handling this blade for myself, to get a feel for how well it fits larger hands.

Finally, the sheath looks really awesome. I know that the star on it is supposed to stand for the stars and stripes, but I live in the Lone Star State and that sheath has Texas written all over it.

Right now, the handle choices are curly maple and black canvas micarta. I’m really hoping they’ll offer a walnut option, because as much as I like curly maple and black canvas micarta, I really like Winkler’s untreated Walnut handles.

The only bad news here is the price: at $399, they definitely ain’t giving these away. Indeed, despite the fact that the blade is offered partly under the Case brand, this is basically a full-custom, so you’re paying a full-custom price for it. As with all the knives in this series, it’s a custom Winkler, but without the wait time.

Overall, following this series is one of my favorite things in the knife world right now. When a new one comes out, it’s like a new season of some show that you love. These are two great American knifemakers — Case and Daniel Winkler — teaming up with bona fide heroes to produce some of my favorite knives right now. What’s not to love?

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[Indo Defense 2018] Tanfolgio’s Submachine Gun Close Up [The Firearm Blog]

Italian handgun company Tanfolgio had their 9x19mm TCMP submachine gun with them at the Tanfoglio booth during Indo Defense 2018. We reported on the TCMP in 2016 when the company was showing the TCMP at the IWA Show, but since then TFB hasn’t heard too much about the design since then. At Indo Defense we […]

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The Evolution Of The Magazine Pull [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Magazine pulls or those attachments used to facilitate pulling a magazine out of the ammo pouch have certainly undergone quite an evolution.

It started with some soldier or marine who had the idea to use flattened 550 paracord to fashion an easier way to pull their magazines out of their Alice-clipped mag pouch.

Somewhere along the line, it advanced to making "e-pulls" using three pieces of flattened paracord along with duct tape. The center section was fused together using a household iron.

I don't know if it was the first or second iteration that gave Richard Fitzpatrick the idea to create the original MagPul or not but create it he did. An entire company and industry followed from that.

The Magpul Ranger Plate in its many variations followed about five years later. It traded out the magazine's original floor plate for a new one which incorporated the loop or pull. They are now made for a variety of magazine styles including the original aluminum GI mags and, of course, all the variants of the PMag. Other variations include the MagPod (not made by Magpul) which turned the Ranger Plate in a "foot" providing stability when shooting.

Just like as with immigrants where the first generation worked as laborers and each succeeding generation moved further and further away from manual labor, so, too, it is with magazine pulls. A Japanese airsoft company, Echigoya Guns & Military Hobby Shop, has created an "interesting" variation on the first-gen MagPul. It is the perfect fashion accessory for your tacticool AR.

As best as I can tell - given I don't read Japanese - these sell for ¥1,000 - ¥1,200 or about $8 to $10 US at current exchange rates. Echigoya does have a website and they do take credit cards. These might make the perfect accessory to go with your Kalashnikitty t-shirt (if you can still find one).


POF Embraces The Constable & says Goodbye to the Renegade [The Firearm Blog]

constableThe Renegade standard rifle from POF (Patriot Ordnance Factory) has been out on the market since 2015 and shall soon be riding off into the sunset. In just 3 short years there were a lot sold, but POF has decided to whole-heartedly endorse their The Constable rifle in place of the Renegade standard. If you have […]

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Spectre Ballistics International Ruger 10/22 Magazine Adapter []

Spectre Ballistics International announced yesterday of their new 10/22 magazine adapter designed to be used with Remington 597 magazines.

The reason why this product is created is due to the recent interpretation of the Canadian gun law that considers all 10/22 magazines to be restricted to fit maximum of 10 rounds as they can be used on the new Ruger 10/22 Charger pistol. In Canada, all pistols are restricted to hold 10 rounds in the magazine. Previously, there is no magazine capacity on the 10/22 as Canadian gun owners are legally allowed to own 50 or even 100 rounds drum magazines.

With the new interpretation, any firearms owner that posses 10/22 magazines that holds more than 10 rounds can be arrested and charged with owning a prohibited item.

This adapter is 3D printed with Carbon Fiber Composite material and is retailing for CDN$29.95. It appears to be compatible with many 10/22 chassis such as the popular Troy T-22 chassis.

With this adapter in place, the magazine release is now relocated to the left side of the adapter which still allows quick manipulation of releasing the mag with your left hand.

They are currently sold out on their website and are accepting back orders with 3 weeks ETA.

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Should social media check be required to get a gun license? [NRA-ILA News]

Should authorities be able to deny handgun licenses for hateful tweets?A New York lawmaker is raising the question with a bill that would require police to scrutinize the social media activity and online searches of handgun license applicants, and disqualify those who have published violent or hateful posts.


New York: Privacy groups oppose state gun control proposal [NRA-ILA News]

A gun control proposal in the New York State Legislature is getting some push-back from privacy groups.


Auto Ordnance Floats in a NEW Airborne M1 Carbine [The Firearm Blog]

airborneAuto Ordnance in conjunction with Outlaw Ordnance is releasing another one-of-a-kind firearm with their NEW Airborne M1 Carbine. Auto Ordnance and Outlaw Ordnance have created a unique partnership this year and have debuted multiple custom firearms. Their latest team effort pays homage to all of the airborne members of our military from WWII. Auto Ordnance […]

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POTD: POF G3 Rifles From Pakistan [The Firearm Blog]

Recently, going through my old photos, I found a few pictures of POF G3 rifles from the time I worked in Pakistan. The rifles on the picture are old, first generation G3s with wooden handguards and stocks, something you don’t see every day. In 1965, Pakistan received ToT (transfer of technology) from H&K and was […]

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One year, eight new gun-control laws in New Jersey [NRA-ILA News]

"Unfortunately, the governor appears to want to make this one of his signature issues," said Scott Bach, executive director of the Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs. "These laws entirely miss the point. There's a lot of wasted legislative activity that's targeted at the wrong people, and we're going to continue to resist. … It's not rocket science to pass laws that target only criminals."


Ohio Senate committee holds hearings on 'stand your ground' legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Lawmakers in the Ohio Senate have begun considering House Bill 228, a duty to retreat bill considered by some to be a Stand Your Ground bill. It could receive a vote on the Senate floor later this week.


Final Prices: Morphy’s Fall 2018 Auction [Forgotten Weapons]

As usual, I have a recap today of the final prices of the guns I filmed from the most recent Morphy’s auction (Fall 2018). One of the things I noticed here is an opportunity for people interested in some of the big tripod-mounted early heavy machine guns. They aren’t cheap my most standards, but compared to other NFA registered machine guns, they are a tremendous value for the money. Many of these guns – things like the Maxim, Vicker, Schwarloze, Hotchkiss – are magnificently engineered guns that were true queens of the battlefield in their day. But they are old, heavy, and cumbersome (not to mention typically not highlighted in movioes and video games), and not so popular these days. Definitely an opportunity for the machine gun connoisseur, in my opinion.

Monday, 03 December


Case/Winkler Skinner: Maker Interview & Field Update []

I’m coming up on a year with the Case/Winkler Skinner, and I wanted to post a quick update after having used it in the field, around the property, and as a “truck knife.” I also had a chance to chat with the co-designer of the knife about some of the thought that went into it, so I can share that as well.

The Skinner has been one of my favorite blades this past year, mainly because of the blade profile and how thin it is. The overall design doesn’t look “tactical” — it’s almost more of a classic skinning or trapping knife, but with fully modern materials. And Winkler’s use of 80CrMV2 means the blade, which has a distal taper, can be thinner than what you’d expect and still have plenty of strength (especially under lateral stress).

The combination of the blade shape, thinness, and distal taper make it an incredible slicer and all-around field knife. I don’t end up trying to hammer with it, or pry, or do any of the other knife abuse things I might do with a thicker blade, but for straight-up cutting chores it’s a beast.

For Kevin Holland, the SEAL veteran who co-designed the blade with Winkler, all of this is by design.

“I’m an avid hunter, and I hunt all over the world,” Holland told me. “So I know what I’m looking for, and I know I have to quarter elk, or mule deer. And you know what you need for boning stuff out, and it’s just a good all-around knife, if you hunt as much as I do.”

He went on to explain the distal taper and the blade profile: “If you notice the skinner, it’s not as thick as most of Daniel’s kinves. I need a thinner blade, and little bit of an upswept blade on the end. His usually are drop-point. The tang is tapered all the way through the handle, which shows you it’s really a handmade knife. It has to be hand ground to do that.”

“I’ve designed it as an all-around knife,” Holland said. “You can use it for self-defense, you can bone out an elk, you can use it around camp.”

Holland used as a model a French Trapper knife he found at a trade show. It was one of his favorite knives for years, so he used that as inspiration.

Winkler and Holland have known each other since 1992, and though I can’t say much more this isn’t the first blade they’ve collaborated on. So when Case and Winkler hit on the idea to work together on a series of knives honoring wounded soldiers, Holland was the first name Winkler thought of to do the collaboration.

As I said above, I’m really enjoying this blade, especially for game and food prep. I’m currently working on a small, leather, inside-wasteband sheath for it so that I can carry it concealed. The same qualities that make it great for game processing make it perfect as a backup self defense option, and because it doesn’t look “tactical” you can pull it out and use it without people freaking out — so it has the “gray man” thing going for it.

The one thing I’ve noticed, though, is that you do need to keep it coated if you’re going to leave it in your truck in moist weather. I forgot it under the back seat of my pickup for a few weeks, and when I pulled it back out there was some corrosion on the edge. Nothing serious that a good stropping wouldn’t fix, but just enough to remind me to wipe it down before stashing it somewhere it could be exposed to moisture.

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✉ TFBTV Mailroom #18: Thanksgiving ft. James’ Mother In Law + Gun Giveaway [The Firearm Blog]

In this special Thanksgiving episode of TFBTV, James Reeves opens your mail with the assistance of his mother in law, Debbie. We’re also announcing the November giveaway winner and a new competition for our $10+ patrons! MAILROOM: TFBTV Mail Room: PO BOX 52288 New Orleans, LA 70152 Thanks to the following vendors who mailed gear […]

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Reader’s Choice Best Backwoods Gun Winner: Marlin 336C Lever-Action 30-30 Win Carbine Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

This month’s Reader’s Choice was a conducted a little differently. For our first attempt at this feature, you all suggested that we missed some. This time we allowed you to add choices in the comments and if there were enough upvotes, we added the firearm to the list. It seemed like that process worked a […]

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Virginia: Loudoun County to Consider Amending Firearm Discharge Ordinance [NRA-ILA News]

On December 4th, the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors will consider amending the firearm discharge ordinance and it could contain vague language that would negatively affect recreational shooting and hunting opportunities.


Force Equalizers []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


What depth do you maintain in your prepping and survival cached weaponry stocks? In order to apply the force equalizer principle, you should have the option of access to different power levels for self-protection, self-defense, or proactive offensive firearms as the level of threat increases.

This simply means you cannot always rely on the most rudimentary set of firearms such as a rimfire rifle, perhaps a general use hunting rifle and an all-purpose shotgun. Sometimes these may not be enough to get the job done.

The concept is to maintain various degrees of threat deterrents so that should it become necessary, you can escalate the level of impact you can deliver to the threat. These levels may have as much to do with the power of the delivery as it does with the ranges involved. The idea is to give preppers at a bug in or out situation as much firepower as needed to stop any potential threat.

Think of it in terms of hunting or applying hunting type firearms to the game animal being hunted. For example, you may certainly use a .22 rimfire rifle or a shotgun for squirrel hunting or popping smaller troublesome varmints. You would use a hunting rifle in the power ranges of a .243 Winchester up to a 30-06 or so for deer or other big game. Then if you were facing a life threatening bear like a grizzly the caliber category would likely be a heavy magnum such as a .338 Winchester Magnum or more.

In a way, apply that logic then to your prepper and survival weapons inventory. Close up threats or a few deterrent rounds could be fired from firearms of less lethal force. As the threat multiplies or advances, then a more powerful tier of weapons could be applied. This is where the 9mm, 40 S&W or a .357 Magnum might be deployed in a handgun or a 5.56/.223 or 7.62×39 in a mid-range rifle for defense against the threat.

Additional power and or range from third tier weapons could be applied for bigger targets or threats encountered at ranges beyond lessor rounds. In these cases a heavier pistol and or rifle course could be deployed with power from a .45 ACP or 10mm pistol or a .308 Winchester rifle. Choices here might include a 1911 and an AR-10 platform, HK91, or FN-FAL weapons.

Having a force equalizer then simply means having available various levels of weapons power and capability to face different levels of threats. Think about that.

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Wise Outdoors Bird & Buck Swivel Hunting Seat Review []

I’ll wager the Mossy Oak name is recognized by all hunters, whether they’re camo snobs or not. This handy little hunting stool not only features Mossy Oak Bottomland camouflage, it’s also got the GameKeepers logo on the front.

What is GameKeepers, you ask? Well, so did I. Turns out, it’s a club for folks who are, essentially, gamekeepers. If you manage land for fish and/or wildlife, you’re a keeper of game, and a GameKeepers membership might be for you. But back to the subject at hand! Specifically, the Wise Outdoors 5613-GK Sport Seat: Gamekeeper Edition.

What we have here is a nice upgrade to those swivel-top “bucket seats,” which are essentially 5-gallon plastic buckets with a swivel top and styrofoam cooler insert. This one has a large square 10-gallon base with a hinged latching lid and a back rest on the padded swiveling seat.


  • Model: 5613-GK
  • Heavy Duty Plastic 10 Gallon Square Bucket
  • Folding Seat with 360° Marine-Grade Swivel
  • 1″ Thick Foam Padding w/ 1200 Denier Cordura Covering
  • Weight rating: 350 pounds
  • Includes Removable Insulated Foam Cooler
  • Cooler lid is reversible: Accommodate tall bottles in cooler or use as secondary storage tray.
  • Includes Adjustable Carry Strap System
  • MADE IN THE USA (tag says “proudly assembled in the USA”)
  • 5 Year Warranty on Frame / 1 Year Warranty on Upholstery
  • Dimensions: 18″ tall (from ground to top of cushion). Size of base viewed from top = 12″ x 14.5″
  • Back rest about 13″ tall (measured from top of cushion)
  • MSRP: $54.99

In the Field

I got this stool only a day or two before our annual dove hunt, so I put it to use right away. Here in the south, our dove hunting is usually hot and sweaty, which makes the cooler a valuable asset. I attached the included shoulder strap and loaded the cooler with ice and some beverages, then tossed in some extra shotgun shells and headed to the dove field.

The cooler lid can act as a tray for extra gear, or flip it over if you need to put tall stuff in the cooler.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

It wasn’t exactly a light load considering the ammo and ice, but I had no regrets. I loved having the cooler there so I could grab a cool drink as needed, and each time we bagged a bird we added it to a ziploc bag and tossed the bag in the cooler. This keeps the birds fresh (and ant-free) while keeping blood and feathers out of the ice. Gotta love it.

Simple styrofoam cooler insert does the job.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Beats a Bucket

While it’s technically still a bucket, this seat is considerably better than a round five-gallon version. It holds more stuff and it’s more stable, and it’s great to have a back rest. Plus the latched and hinged seat top means the lid will never fall off and get lost during transport.

Use cooler like this (tray) or simply flip your lid.
(Image: © 2018 Bird N Buck)

That said, if you’re one of the cursed few like myself who own a bony butt without much natural padding, the cushion on this seat might get old after an hour or two. There’s only an inch of foam, after all.

Quality of Construction

This Wise Bird & Buck Outdoors Sports Seat is made well. The plastic is molded well, the styrofoam cooler insert & lid are sufficient (cooler lid is reversible), and the hinges and latch are solid.

(Image: © 2018 Bird N Buck)

The ball-bearing seat swivel is heavy-duty and marine-grade, with stout screws securing it to lid and seat. The folding backrest is sturdy, and when folded it can act as a handle.

This quality is to be expected on a product that’s made (assembled) in the USA and carries a 5-year warranty on the frame (one year on upholstery).


If you want a durable hunting stool that can store your game and gear as well as some cold beverages, look no farther than the Wise Outdoors Bird & Buck 5613-GK Sport Seat. Aside from hunting doves and other birds, it’ll also make a good chair to use in a ground blind for hunting deer & turkey.

Perhaps best of all, the brown & Mossy Oak Bottomland camo color scheme is nice and drab and doesn’t stand out on a dove field. You can order yours here, if you’d like.


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Festive Firearms Cookie Cutters from Kitfox Design Group [The Firearm Blog]

Kitfox Design GroupThe KitFox Design Group, the company behind the firearms colouring book series, have announced the launch of a set of festive firearms-based cookie cutters. The set includes cutters shaped like a Glock, a snubnose revolver, a Krinkov AK, an AR and an IPSC target. Kitfox Design Group is lead by Idaho-based graphic designer and technical […]

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Well That Explains It! [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

If you have ever taken a firearm apart for cleaning or tried to assemble your own AR lower, you have had a part or two that flew off and was damn near impossible to find. We have all experienced it at some time or another.

Today, I read the best explanation as to why these small parts like a detent pin and detent spring are impossible to find after being launched into near space from your kitchen table or workbench. It has nothing to with their size but everything to do with Einsteinian physics.

The reason those parts that go flying are almost never found - because a spring is causing the flying, they accelerate rapidly. In fact they reach a very high speed, almost the speed of light. At the speed of light, time shifting starts to occur. So those parts are time traveling. Sometime the parts aren't there yet when you look for them. Maybe try next week...

Brian in MI

Time traveling parts. Well that explains it. I guess I need to move my thought processes beyond that of Newtonian physics.


Philippines Orders 50,000 .45 ACP Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

TAC Ultra FSThe Philippine Department of National Defense has announced that they have signed a contract to manufacture 50,000 ‘.45 caliber high-capacity pistols’ with ARMSCOR for the use by the Philippine armed forces (AFP). Part of a push by the Philippine government to increase their indigenous production and self-reliance. The announcement did not detail which pistol will […]

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Colorado: As Boulder semi-auto ban looms, authorities have certified 85 firearms [NRA-ILA News]

Boulder police have certified 85 assault weapons to residents with less than a month to go before all such firearms will need to be verified or removed from the city.


New California tax on semi-automatic guns proposed by lawmaker [NRA-ILA News]

A California lawmaker will push for a new tax on sales of semi-automatic firearms, with the proceeds going to support community violence prevention programs.


Gun control in New York: Four ways laws could change [NRA-ILA News]

New York lawmakers could be poised to pass new gun-control measures come January, six years after the SAFE Act expanded the state's ban on assault-style firearms.


Dick's Sporting Goods Considers Removing All Hunting Gear From Stores [NRA-ILA News]

In February, Dick’s Sporting Goods made the decision to stop selling assault-style rifles amid the fight toward tougher gun laws after the Parkland shooting that left 17 dead. The company is now considering removing hunting gear as well.


London murders back below New York levels, but set for highest rate in a decade [NRA-ILA News]

The number of murders in London has fallen below that of New York City but could still hit a 10-year high if it continues at the current pace, police data analysed by Reuters shows. Provisional figures for February and March released earlier in the year suggested that the murder rate in London had overtaken New York for the first time in modern history.


Newly-elected Florida official promises audit of gun program [NRA-ILA News]

Florida's newly elected agriculture commissioner is vowing to conduct a "deep dive" into the state's concealed weapons permit program once she is sworn into office. Nikki Fried, who appeared on south Florida news programs on Sunday, said she has already begun talking about possible changes to the program with employees in the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Her push to revamp the program comes amid a likely legislative battle over whether the program should be moved to a different state agency. Read more here:


Ohio Police Seize 80 Firearms from Convicted Felon [The Firearm Blog]

Officers from Ohio’s New Philidelphia police department have seized a large number of firearms and a substantial amount of ammunition from a 73-year-old convicted felon and registered sex offender. The firearms and ammunition were seized after a report was made that a man was abusing the power of attorney that had been granted to him by […]

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Inside the Space Magic: Disassembling HK’s G11 [The Firearm Blog]

g11 strippedA couple of months ago I had the chance to field strip a Heckler & Koch G11, the caseless ammunition-firing assault rifle. There are few experimental weapons that have cultivated myth and reputation like Heckler & Koch’s G11 and it was a privilege to take a look inside one. The culmination of twenty years of research […]

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GO WILD with Ruger! NEW 10/22 Carbine in Camo Rock-Star Stock [The Firearm Blog]

go wildYou know how the saying goes… Different strokes for different folks… and if you are looking at a color wheel, Ruger does nearly every one with their 10/22 rifles. The NEW 10/22 Carbine with a Go Wild Rock-Star Camo Stock is now available for anyone looking for a slightly different camouflage. Ruger is hoping to pique shooter […]

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Pre-Production FG-42 (Type C) [Forgotten Weapons]

Thanks to the generosity of a collector in the Association of Maltese Arms Collectors and Shooters, we have a chance today to take a look at a pre-production FG-42, serial number 015. This is one of the guns manufactured by Rheinmetall (the series production would be handed over to Krieghoff) in between the Type A and B prototypes and the Type D troops trials guns. Its provenance is well documented, being previously owned by noted Dutch collector Henk Visser, who received it as a gift form the Rheinmetall factory museum, where it had been since the end of the war.

The gun shows a few minor variations from the standard “first pattern” (aka Type E) FG-42, including a split pin to attach the trigger group and more notably, a completely different type of rear sight. It also, exhibits a modified French MAS-36 bayonet, proving the lineage in that design element (not that there was really any doubt…). In our video, we will discuss the early development of the FG42, and where this rifle is situated in that story!

Sunday, 02 December


Psychology of SHTF Survival []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


One of the toughest parts of survival is the mind game you are forced to play. Being alone or with minimal human contact for an extended period of time has a way of working against even the best trained preppers. You can have all the gear, guns and supplies in the world, but if your mind does not stay in the game, you are more likely to lose in the end.

Theories abound on how to deal with the psychological aspects of survival. They run the gamut from “man up” to psyche up, endure and all those words of encouragement designed to help you grin and bear it. Sometimes these coaching tactics work with some people, but more often than not if other constructive active engagements are not applied, then it is tough to recover once you become totally discouraged.

The biggest part of this aspect of survival is to practice for it just like all the other prepper skills you might acquire or hone to a fine edge. Going on extended trial trips, camping, hiking, staying alone for several days will shed light and insights into the factors that might impact your long term survival potential. Psych survival is an acquired skill, too.

One of the keys if you are in a survival situation is to plan to stay occupied. Have plenty laid out to do each day. This means both physically and mentally. Have work projects laid out and progress on those incrementally to finish them. Then go to the next project. Working on multiple projects not a bad idea either. Other than work, plan for some exercise even if just walking, gathering firewood, fishing, cooking, anything to stay active.

Mentally, work on a diary, continue to add to planning notebooks, and mental exercises. Even doing things like puzzles, word searches, crosswords and such can help to keep the mind stimulated. Work on writing a book sounds funny, but it may have two consequences of keeping your mind active and producing a document of your experiences at the same time.

All of these along with a mixed combination of tasks, exercise and games can help you push through the trials of each day during a SHTF survival scenario. All of these activities will help you fight loneliness and other bouts of depression. It is easier said than done, but plan ahead for the head games along with supplying needs and security.

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Ohio: Senate Committee to Consider Multiple Pro-Gun Bills this Week [NRA-ILA News]

As previously reported, the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee is scheduled to hear sponsor and proponent testimony for House Bill 228 on Monday, December 3, at 10:00am.


Gun Companies that Dominate American Sales []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Despite efforts to continue to curtail the sales of firearms in America, the major gun companies continue to produce guns at record rates. Gun control advocates will always be around to advance their strategies to end gun sales and private ownership. Pro-gun citizens with 2nd Amendment rights to back them up will not give up their rights willingly.

Far beyond the politics of gun control, the gun business is big business in America, mainly because law abiding citizens want to enjoy their rights to own and shoot firearms. Since the history of the founding of this country, firearms have played a major role in the daily lives of survival, protection, and defense against common enemies.

Today, firearms continue to be a big part of people’s lives well beyond those that have to wield them for military and law enforcement uses. Shooting sports of all kinds continue to drive a huge economy surrounding the use of guns, ammunition and tons of accessories. The hunting sports are an honored tradition among individuals and families across the nation. For gun companies, demand fosters supply.

These are the Top Ten gun companies doing business in the United States even though their original home offices may reside elsewhere. All of these companies do have an on-shore presence to handle their business in this country.

The Number One gun company in America is Smith and Wesson located in Springfield, Massachusetts. They began business in 1857. In 2017 they did $773 Million in gun sales of all models in the current catalog and associated products. They supply firearms to military, law enforcement, and general consumer sales. Their defense pistols and AR-15 rifles are top sellers.

Remington is the No. 2 gun maker in this country. Despite currently being in Chapter 11 recovery, Remington sold $603 Million in 2017. Now located in North Carolina, Remington has a long history initiated in 1816. Remington makes rifles, shotguns, and handguns of all types. Well known for their Model 700 bolt action rifles, Remington also is famous for its 870 shotgun, and 1911 pistols.

Ruger comes in at No. 3. Opening in 1949 as Sturm, Ruger and Company, the headquarters are in Southport, Connecticut with other manufacturing facilities in Arizona. In 2017 they had $517.7 Million in sales. Ruger is noted for their single action handguns, hunting rifles, and semi-auto sporting rifles. Ruger is long noted for its cutting edge engineering, and innovative firearms designs.

SIG Sauer made a half million guns in 2017. SIG is an old world gun maker from Switzerland that partnered with German gun maker Sauer that began in 1751, but it has a presence in New Hampshire now. They recently secured the contract for the new Army handgun the Model 320. SIG makes multiple models of semi-auto pistols and rifles for military, law enforcement and civil markets.

O. F. Mossberg stated business in 1919 in New Haven, Connecticut. Last year they manufactured over 650,000 firearms. They mostly make rifles and shotguns in a modest price range and continue to be popular among police and hunters. Their 500 Model pump shotguns are highly popular and now they make a number of high quality bolt action hunting rifles.

Savage comes in at No. 6 producing 400,000 guns last year. Now located in Westfield, Massachusetts the company began in 1959, but produced guns much earlier in Utica, New York from 1894. Savage is well known for its early line of inexpensive .22 rifles. They have produced handguns, shotguns, and rifles. Today, they manufacture a complete line of competitive bolt action hunting rifles as well as other firearms.

Springfield Armory is the 7th largest gun maker in America. In 1970 a private interest acquired the name from the old government federal armory. Today they are making over 500,000 guns a year. Famous for their M1A semi-auto version of the M14, SA is now making classic 1911 handguns in multiple models as well as other semi-auto pistols for self-defense and sport shooting. The company is located in Geneseo, Illinois.

The Italian firm of Beretta originated in Brescia, Italy in 1526. Beretta is the oldest gun maker in the world. In America they have facilities in Maryland and Tennessee. Known for making high quality sporting arms especially hunting shotguns, but the company is likely best known in America for its Model 92, 9mm handgun that was used by our military for years. They also make the Nano and Pico among many other guns.

Often described as the company that bought Beretta’s old gun making equipment, Taurus then began making Beretta 92 clones in Brazil. Last year Taurus of Miami, Florida in America sold 365,000 guns. Taurus also manufactures a whole catalog of handguns, pistols and revolvers of all sizes and calibers. They now have a separate division, Taurus Tactical, making guns just for law enforcement and military applications.

Coming in as the tenth biggest gun company in America is Glock of Austria, now with offices and manufacturing in Georgia. Glock produced 252,000 firearms last year. While many of these go to law enforcement contracts, a smaller but important share goes to the civilian market. Glock’s are thought to be the ugliest gun that never fails. While perhaps less appealing ascetically, the Glock is widely used by law enforcement for its reliability and accuracy.

So, what companies are missing from the Top Ten? Many. There is Browning, FNH-USA, Colt, Marlin, Kimber, Winchester, Sako, Steyr, Thompson-Center, Weatherby, CZ-USA, Benelli, Franchi, Ithaca, Rossi, Charter Arms, H&K, Kahr, Kel-Tec, Walther, and many, many more. Their sales surely add up to significant numbers as well.

It is little wonder then that the United States is a gun rich country. Because of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, every law abiding citizen can legally own a firearm. The number of guns in private hands of ownership in this country is uncountable. This alone makes gun control or confiscation a rather ludicrous proposition. At least we hope so.

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An inside story of Heller [Of Arms and the Law]

Former Justice Stevens gives an insider's view of Heller:

"On the phone, he singled out three decisions as grave errors, noting that he had dissented in all of them. The first was District of Columbia v. Heller, the 5-to-4 ruling in 2008 that recognized an individual Second Amendment right to own guns.

"The combination of its actual practical impact by increasing the use of guns in the country and also the legal reasoning, which I thought was totally unpersuasive," he said, "persuaded me that the case is just about as bad as any in my tenure."

He said he had taken an extraordinary step in trying to head off the decision. Five weeks before Justice Antonin Scalia circulated his draft opinion for the majority, Justice Stevens sent around a draft of what he called his probable dissent. He said he could not recall ever having done anything like that.

"I thought I should give it every effort to switch the case before it was too late," he said.

The effort failed. But Justice Stevens wrote that he helped persuade Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, who was in the majority, to ask for "some important changes" to Justice Scalia's opinion. A passage in the opinion, which Justice Scalia had plainly added to secure a fifth vote, said the decision "should not be taken to cast doubt" on many kinds of gun control laws."

That would confirm suspicions that Kennedy was indeed the swing vote in Heller, and the one whose vote the other Heller majority Justices might worry about when judging whether to grant certiorari in a future case. That would suggest that the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh is pivotal to the future of the Second Amendment. A worrisome vote has been replaced by a solid one, so that each pro-2A Justice knows there are now five solid votes for an expansive view of the Second Amendment.


Book Review: Vickers Guide, Kalashnikov Volume 1 [Forgotten Weapons]

I am proud to announce the newest book in the Vickers Guide series: Kalashnikov (Volume 1)! Cowritten by Larry Vickers, Rob Stott, and myself, this is a beautiful exhibition of 7.62x39mm AK rifles (smallbore AKs and other types will be covered by future volumes). If you have seen any of the previous Vickers Guide books, you know what you have to look forward to in this one – if not, prepare for the most gorgeous firearms photography you’ll see in any print book.

This is intended as a coffee table display type book, but also includes a remarkable amount of relevant information about AK development and production. The first chapter on Russian guns starts with the prototype actual “AK47”, goes through the patterns of milled AKs to the stamped AKM, and on to the modern AK203 and AK15. The book then progresses to 7.62x39mm variants made by Albania, Bulgaria, China, East Germany, Egypt, Hungary, Iraq, North Korea, the Khyber Pass, Poland, Romania, Vietnam, and Yugoslavia. These include not just standard rifles, but also short barreled and LMG variations, plus grenade launchers and more. I am quite proud to have been a part of the team that created this volume!

Available only direct from the publisher, at!

Saturday, 01 December


Harvard students search roommate's room, find guns, force her to move out [Of Arms and the Law]

Because her legally-owned guns made them nervous. They said they (illegally) searched her room since she came from the South, was conservative, and so they suspected she must own guns.


SILENCER SATURDAY #49: Are Pistol Cans Worth It? [The Firearm Blog]

Good evening everyone and thanks for joining us back here for another episode of TFB’s Silencer Saturday. As we charge full speed towards the holidays, we’ll spend some time discussing ways to spend your end of the year money on NFA gifts for friends, family or even yourself. But before I recommend silencers that you […]

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The Rut is Coming []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


It’s December. Two things are going to happen for certain this month. First and most important, on the 24th, Santa will be making his rounds across the world. For outdoors people hopefully he will be bringing neat guns, gear, and everything all outdoors.

What else? Well, in many parts of the country especially in the more southern climes, the whitetail rut will swing into action. The exact dates of those peaks varies by region. Alas, peak rut is over up north, but good deer hunting remains where seasons are open. The nice thing about whitetails is that there are so many now, not every doe gets bred the first go around. So, there are often secondary and even minor tertiary ruts to hunt.

Lucky for southern hunters, the full bore rut is fixing to kick in. So, what does that mean? Bucks are often described as literally girl crazy during the breed chasing phase. It is universally thought of as the best time to catch a trophy class buck acting out of character. But, don’t let those unwise tales fool you. Bucks are still bucks, and that means crafty and aware.

If you cataloged the hunting strategies to cage a big buck during the rut, then what should be your primary tactics? Foremost is the old adage about not being able to kill a deer from the recliner, unless, of course, you are really hunting out of a recliner, which I actually saw once in a Missouri woods back in the 1970s. But that’s another story for another day.
So, guys and gals, now is the time to cash in on remaining vacation time, holiday time, weekends, hours before and after work, and any other time you can squeeze in to be hunting. Odds are always in favor of the hunter that is in the woods hunting instead of shopping at the grocery store or taking a nap. Go hunting!

Guy deers like gal deers, so plan to hunt where the two get together as much as possible. Why it is do you think that local honkey tonks offer free drinks for a girl’s night out? It’s not to give away free drinks. You figure it out. Same for deer.

Antlerless deer “yard up” to eat. Find where this is happening. Have stands set where the winds are right, and early or late, glass the dark edges to observe bucks watching or scenting the does. During the middle day, post yourself to watch trails, funnels, creek crossings, and thickets. Time on task will eventually yield results.

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H&K VP-70M on the Range: How Useful is the Burst Fire? [Forgotten Weapons]

After looking at the history and mechanics of the VP-70 yesterday, we are heading out to the range to try it out (and thanks to Trijicon for generously offering use of their range!). I am curious to see just what that 2200 rpm rate of fire is like to shoot, and whether the awful trigger is as much of a hindrance to effective burst shooting as it is to simple semiauto. So, in addition to some shooting of the VP-70M, I will also be comparing it to an MP5…

Thanks to H&K for providing access to bring you this VP-70M!

Friday, 30 November


EXCLUSIVE: Remington CEO Anthony Acitelli Resigns [The Firearm Blog]

AcitelliAccording to a source close to the situation, Remington CEO Anthony Acitelli has resigned from his position as head of the Madison, North Carolina based firearms company. Acitelli was elected as CEO in October of 2017 as the firearms manufacturer traversed the different stages of bankruptcy after several years of financial uncertainty. In May of […]

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One to Watch–Spyderco Kapara []

Spyderco’s history is replete with ergonomic masterpieces. From the Dragonfly to the Caly3, time and again Golden seems to nail that in-hand feel. Clearly their collaborations are chosen with an eye towards innovation (Spyderco Smock) and ergonomics (Spyderco Junior). But it is rare for a collab to possess the same level of ergonomic mastery that an in-house design does. That’s not a slight to anyone, it just happens that Spyderco’s in-house crew is about the best in the world when it comes to making ergonomic knives. With Sal and Eric Glesser and Ed Schempp on staff, ergonomics is what they do. With the Spyderco Kapara, a new collab with an Australian, we might finally have a collab that rests comfortably with the ergonomic winners that come from the in-house crew.

But a recently released blade, the Spyderco Kapara, just might have the magic mix of materials, size, and design to let it hang ergonomically with the best from Spyderco’s back catalog. The Kapara was designed by Australian knife maker Alistair Philips. It sports a thin handle, contoured scales, and a blade significantly lower than the handle. All that makes for a great knife when cutting. The forward finger choil helps too. Its also clear that Spyderco intends for the Kapara to be a slicer, as the blade is relatively tall, thin, and flat ground.

The interesting thing is that the Kapara still carries a few of its custom touches—a blood red backspacer, embellished pivot screw and carbon fiber handles. All of this goes back to an older knife, known as the “Redback.” The Redback, in turn, was named after an infamous arachnid from Australia, the Redback Spider. This spider is a member of the widow family and while an anti-venom has been available for decades, it is largely considered no better than placebo (leading to the Redback being responsible for a large percentage of serious bites on the continent). Despite being “corporatized,” all of these little things show that the Kapara is still very much a unique and quirky design—the hallmark of a good collab.

In converting the design to a Spyderco, Golden Colorado added the always welcome deep carry, over the top, wire clip and an extra large thumb whole.   All of this is topped off with the build being done by the always excellent Taichung, Taiwan factory. They have, for years now, made some of the very best Spydercos and, in fact, knives, in the world. The ratio magic is also there—this is a knife that has a longer blade in inches than it weighs in ounces (3.6 to 3.4). This knife also sports the excellent Spyderco Compression lock and thanks to a larger handle the cramping and hotspot that can occur on some Compression locks is likely absent.

Important Info:

What: Spyderco Kapara

When: Out Now

Price: $190

Specs: S30V steel, 3.6 inch blade, 3.4 ounce weight

Made in the USA: No, Made in Taiwan

Highlights: Thin, slicey blade, excellent ergos, light in the pocket.

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One to Watch Giant Mouse Ace Iona []

If 2017 was the year of production knife excess ($500 integrals from Benchmade and Spyderco both say hello) 2018 has been a year marked by some excellent value-focused knives. CRKT released a $70 S35VN carbon fiber version of their massive hit the Pilar. The Spyderco Chaparral in CTS-XHP came in at under $100, even after new MAP. And finally, the Massdrop Gent was released with amazing action and a S35VN blade for less than $100. Values are everywhere this year on the knife market. Giant Mouse, it seems, was not about to be left out.

The Giant Mouse Iona comes out of a collaboration between Jesper Voxnaes and Jens Anso, as all Giant Mouse knives do. But unlike most of the Giant Mice we have seen, this is a distinctly different knife. First, there is no flipper or thumb hole deployment. Second, this is a budget focused knife. The price of the Iona is under $100. Giant Mouse hasn’t breathed the air of economic knives since their inception, instead focusing on the high end enthusiast market. Finally, the Iona runs the much-maligned FRN material for its handles.

The Iona’s specs make it clear that Giant Mouse is aiming squarely for the most competitive segment of the market—small to midsized EDC knives. This knife hits the magic ratio, with a blade longer in inches than it weighs in ounces (2.875 inches to 2.4 ounces). The clip is Giant Mouse’s take on the over-the-top wire clip. The knife sports a simple and effective liner lock. Again and again, this is a knife that makes sense as an EDC.

Then there is the handle. Lots and lots of people hate fiberglass reinforced nylon (and its variants). The complaint is usually that the material is flimsy and plasticky. Some people also don’t like how hollow the material feels. But over the years and after using many FRN knives, I have learned these complaints make no sense. The texture FRN provides is great and here, when cut into an Anso pattern (handy for Giant Mouse that he is one of their two primary designers) it will be positively great in the hand. Unlike G10 and micarta FRN tends to not ding or chip, especially when dropped onto concrete. Finally, FRN is just amazing in terms of weight, besting even high-tech materials like carbon fiber. All of this, coupled with the gentle curved shape of the Iona’s design makes me think that FRN was 100% the right choice. It also doesn’t hurt that FRN is cheaper than most other materials.

The Iona enters the most competitive part of the market at a time when the production knife market is as hot as it has ever been, but thanks to a combination of good design, superior blade steel, the right handle material, and a price under $100, it looks like a real competitor.

Important Info

What: Giant Mouse Ace Iona

When: Out Now

Price: $99.95

Specs: M390 steel, 2.875 inch blade, 2.4 ounce

Made in the USA: No, made in Magiano Italy

Highlights: One of the cheapest M390 blades available, magic ratio of blade to weight, great price

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Civilian Owned Night Vision Is NOT A Problem – Military Grade Or Not [The Firearm Blog]

Huffington Post posted an article demonizing military grade night vision in the hands of civilians. The article is full of fear and ignorance and grossly misinforms their readers. I am an ardent fan of night vision as are many others here at TFB. I know our Editors Pete and Tom both have night vision. Dick […]

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Nine Miscellaneous AMRs and Hand Cannons from Syria [The Firearm Blog]

During my research and follow-up with the locally made arsenal of Syrian rebels (and other armed factions), I’ve found lots of their improvised firearms. There is a wide variety of quality of items, and this article will be a roll-up of the more poorly made stuff.  More distinctive and interesting weapons will continue to get […]

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Iraqi Steyr HS.50 & SSG-08 Patterns, Iranian or Iraqi? [The Firearm Blog]

It is well known to the majority of us, in the Middle East, that Iran clones a number of firearms from Steyr. It is also well accepted that Iran and Iraq (nowadays) have an unprecedented level of co-operation within levels of governmental support for combat supplies i.e. the support that PMU receives from Iran such […]

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Engineering Professor Shares Thoughts on Constitutional Law, Calls for Handgun Ban [NRA-ILA News]

In a recent piece for the Bangor Daily News ironically titled, “Why banning handguns makes sense,” Associate University of Maine Electrical Engineering Professor George Elliott struggled to argue why the tools of self-defense have no place in civilized society and are unworthy of constitutional protection. Unsurprisingly, some of the academic’s own statements refute his thesis.


Retired Anti-Gun Justice Reveals Attempts to Thwart Landmark Heller Decision [NRA-ILA News]

Few Supreme Court justices have been as avowedly opposed to the Second Amendment as John Paul Stevens, who retired from the high court in June 2010. Stevens wrote a lengthy dissent to the landmark decision of District of Columbia v. Heller and to its follow-up, McDonald v. Chicago. He then continued to advocate against those cases even after his retirement, including in a book proposing amendments to the Constitution and in a high-profile editorial published in the New York Times urging repeal of the Second Amendment. Now Stevens is publishing a memoir and has revealed what were by his own account extraordinary efforts to try to thwart the outcome of the Heller decision or at least to limit the scope of the Second Amendment’s individual right.


Mance case petition to Supreme Court [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's the press release, I don't have the petition for cert. yet. The Mance case is the one challenging GCA 68's ban on purchases of handguns from FFLs in other states. Mance, as I recall, is in the District of Columbia, which has only one real FFL, who charges steep prices. We should soon know whether the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh makes a difference in the cert. count. At the moment we know we have two votes. What is needed is four to accept and of course five to win.

Figure that we had five in Heller and McDonald... why did we have only two voting for cert thereafter? A big possibility is that the missing three votes were unsure of the outcome if they took the case. Did the replacement of Kennedy by Kavanaugh change that assessment? I suppose we are about to find out.


Anti-Gun Researchers Undermine the Anti-Gun Narrative [NRA-ILA News]

We have good news from a joint effort between the Violence Prevention Research Program at the UC Davis School of Medicine and the Center for Gun Policy and Research at the Johns Hopkins University.


Supply Side Dependency []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Ever watch the post-apocalypse television shows like Walking Dead, Falling Skies or Zombies, or the like? Do you ever wonder like me how they continue to re-supply themselves throughout the series? Maybe I missed it but I never once saw them appropriate more stocks of ammunition or much else. They just always seemed to have it, a critical error in the shows if they are even trying to depict any sense of reality under SHTF conditions.

All the more critical for preppers and survivalists to maintain an awareness of how much supplies are kept on hand. Even more importantly are the aspects of how long stores of essential supplies will last, or indeed, when they might run out.

Thus, as you acquire certain types of gear, hardware, and other items keep in perspective how quickly they might consume a supply of expendables such as fuel. A prepper friend recently installed a new wood stove that uses manufactured pellets that come in big bags. While the local supply outlet has plenty of these he will be OK, but what happens when the supply chain breaks down? This is just one example. He might have been better off choosing a more traditional wood burning stove that he could re-supply with his own cut firewood.

Another example is in choosing which prepper guns you want to have on hand for security as well as personal or property protection. Pick weapons that are very commonplace and universal rather than some limited edition or complicated weapon that is high maintenance or subject to breaking down, when no parts are available or anybody to fit it.

Stick with the common calibers, too. It is better to rely on a stock of .22 rimfires, 9mm, .45 ACP, .223/5.56, 7.62×39, and .308 than something more exotic. You may have an excellent hunting rifle in .300 Weatherby, but what happens when those two priceless boxes of ammo are used up? Try to find that in a trade with neighbors or even local stores, if they remain open. Choose wisely, and use judiciously.

When it comes to anything mechanical, also go with universal common brands and types. Get a chainsaw that can be easily repaired. Maintain a stock of parts like spark plugs, and chains. The same for any gas engine, a power generator, garden tiller, water well pump, or similar items. Can you also establish a supply line to fuel this equipment?

What happens when needed stuff is gone? More than ever you have to plan for virtually total self-reliance. That takes some real planning and sacrifice.

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Safety Check: Keeping AR Calibers Separate [The Firearm Blog]

It’s almost become commonplace to hear a story about a 300 Blackout round finding its way into a 5.56 AR pattern rifle (or vise versa).  It seems like this stories have become almost routine to hear among AR enthusiasts, a group that often owns both calibers. Now as most of you already know, this is […]

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Altered Perspective! NEW Ultradyne C4 Precision 45° Offset Sights [The Firearm Blog]

c4 precisionTo many people, 45° offset sights might be an old hat. We have all seen them a million times before and not many people necessarily use them, but that raises a good question: What if they were using the wrong ones? Ultradyne has fabricated a set of 45° offset iron sights in their C4 Precision set that […]

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Caldwell’s Lead Sled #3 []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Any shooting aid at the range that makes sighting in a rifle easier is certainly worth every ounce. If you have ever tried sighting in a high powered game rifle off a rolled up jacket or vest then you know what I mean. Even two or three bags of sand do not get the job done as well as a steady rifle holding platform. For that purpose, the Caldwell Lead Sled No. 3 is ideal.

Order this Lead Shed and it comes partially assembled in a box. It takes just a short span of time to fully assemble the unit and everything is provided. Caldwell even includes the box end wrench plus three Allen wrenches to put the shooting platform together. Though complete assembly instructions are included, the put together steps are nearly intuitive it is that simple. Just look at the photos on the box and instruction sheet.

So, why use a shooting benchrest device like the Caldwell Lead Sled? Have you ever sighted in a new hunting rifle like a .300 Winchester Magnum or even patterned a 3.5 inch shotgun off a bench with just a bag to prop the gun up? How about firing 50 rounds of even a .308 Winchester at one setting? If you have, then your shoulder felt it I bet.

First and foremost, a shooting rest like the Lead Sled is designed to tame the recoil from a rifle or shotgun. If you reduce the felt recoil, then the sighting-in process will be much more efficient, accurate, and indeed enjoyable. The Caldwell Lead Sled is designed with advanced shock eliminator technology that helps to reduce recoil by up to 95 percent. That is a significant reduction in felt recoil.

Also a device like the Lead Sled allows the shooter to “set” the rifle or shotgun into the device that cradles it for precision shooting. The buttstock fits into the rear pad and cradle to hold the firearm steady. The forearm sits into the front soft rubberized rest. The gun’s height and the scope or sight on the target can be easily adjusted by raising or lowering the front rest with the turn of the elevation wheel. This permits a precision sight-in.

The Lead Sled can be further weighted for recoil by adding weights such as a bar bell weight, or Lead Sled Weight Bags. The weight tray is adjustable for length and the platform is held firm by the three rubber feet on the bottom. The rear rubber foot also screws in or out to adjust unit elevation. Check out all the details at

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Fausti Arms Factory Tour in Italy []

Northern Italy is a beautiful region of Italy that consists of various lakes and located at the foot of the Alps. One can go suntan and swim at one of the lakes in the Summer time and go ski in the Alps in Winter. Gardone Val Trompia, or simply as “The Valley” as the locals call it, is a town and commune in the province of Brescia in the Lombardy region. It is the mecca of Italian weapon making tracing back to the Roman times over 700 plus years ago.

Amongst various shotgun manufacturers in that region, one stands out from the rest are owned by 3 sisters. They are known as the Fausti sisters – Barbara, Giovanna and Elena. They’re second generation of a family business started by their father Cavalier Stefano Fausti whom founded the company in 1948, 3 years after the end of World War II manufacturing over under and side by side shotguns for hunting.

When the company was originally founded 70 years ago, Mr. Fausti worked from a small room until he had to move to a larger building taking over one complete floor to meet increasing production demand. The company moved to the current building in 1990 and it housed production on the first floor and a complete boutique and showroom on the second floor.

In 2008, Fausti USA was founded in Fredericksburg, VA and acts as the importer to the American market. The office contains an Italian style showroom and they deal with after sale support including minor repairs and wood refinishing with the in-house gunsmith.

In 2016, Fausti UK was founded in Stokesley, North Yorkshire and acts as the distributor for United Kingdom which still have a large client base despite their restrictive gun laws on rifles and pistols.

Their over and under and side by side shotguns were originally catered to hunting and they have since introduced new models such as the XF4 which are designed for sporting and competition.

The XF4 features their patented Four Locks locking system. As the name implies, it uses four contact points to maintain tight tolerance, rigidity and strength between the barrel and receiver over the life of the shotgun even under heavy usage.

Fausti Sisters

It was almost unheard of for any company, let alone a firearm manufacturer to run by females. Giovanna and her younger sister Barbara, are the faces of the company and they also model next to their shotguns in all of their marketing material. Fabio, Barbara’s husband is the general manager for the production area and he also does measurements for their clients for custom fitment of their stocks.

Barbara and Giovanna, despite their beauty, are savvy when it comes to marketing their brand. Using social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, they have a large following online both in Italy and abroad. Barbara is fluent in Italian, English, Russian and German while Giovanna speaks fluent Italian, English and French. They certainly know their shotguns inside and out as they started working for their father at very early age.

Three of them work as a team. They attend various US trade shows such as DSC (Dallas Safari Club) and SCI (Safari Club International) Convention in Reno, NV in Janurary followed by Houston Safari Show, Antique Gun Show, SHOT Show and NRA Annual Meeting. They also travel to various trade shows and industry events across Europe.

I first met Fabio at SHOT Show in January 2018 and had him take my measurements. He started working in the industry when he was just a teenager and has over 23 years of experience doing measurements for their clients. Upon my amazement, he already observed my body size on the first minute of meeting me. He made more notes when he asked me to pose with my shooting stance while holding one of their shotguns on display. He tells me they do a lot of measurements at various US trade shows but they also get a lot of customers visiting their factory to get measured while staying in Italy for summer vacation.

Fitment of a shotgun, Fabio says, is one of the most if not the most critical elements of choosing the right shotgun whether be for hunting, sporting clays, skeet and trap shooting. Upon mounting the gun, it has to position itself perfectly otherwise the shot will be missed.

Upon one of his recommendations is selecting an adjustable cheek piece, as he says my shooting stance will likely change over time.


The production floor is divided into three main areas, first is the design office which has powerful computer workstations with the latest CAD software to do product design by their in-house engineers. While the design is being done in the computer they can also stress test the components via simulation before the prototypes are made. The parts will then be made via rapid prototype using a 3D printer to check for dimensions. The design office is currently being renovated and in the process of being expanded to accommodate more computers and engineers on the production floor so if there are design and/or production changes, it can be done swiftly.

They have a dozen CNC machines with the latest being a large 5-axis machine that is worth 1.5 million dollars that can do multiple angles of machining with extreme precision while reducing machining time. With tighter tolerances, hand fitting time is significantly decreased and the cost saving is passed on to the customer. They produce every component in house, from barrels and receivers to extractors and triggers. Each internal components are machined from aluminum bar stock which offers strength over cast components which are cheaper to make.

To put things in perspective, casting of a small component is around $3 whereas to CNC the same part costs around $20. In addition, design changes can be made quickly to a CNC part by reprogramming whereas for casting a new mold has to be made which is quite costly.

The CNC machined parts are randomly checked for tolerance in the quality control room where the part is fed to a Zesis Duramax machine where it uses probes to check the dimensions against the specification. This is an automated process where the engineer simply sets the part on the machine and let the computer do its job. It’s important to note that each machined part have exactly the same high quality whether it goes into a $4000 gun or a $40,000 gun.

Across to the next room is fitting and assembly. Each shotgun is carefully assembled here by experienced craftsmen. This includes welding the two barrels together and silver soldering them into the monoblock. The forend and stock also need to be shaped hand fitted according to the specification sheet.

The most important job here is making the perfect match between the monoblock and the action and it can only be done by hand. First the craftsman applies blue powered paint between the touching surface of the monoblock and the action. He then closes the action and see where the paint rubs off and will then uses various hand sanding and polishing tools to create the perfect mating surface where the gun perfectly closes and locks into action with just the right amount of tension. The craftsman looks through the barrel and receiver for opening gaps (or lack thereof) and by feel which is acquired by years of experience. The process is repeated until the action feels perfect when opening and closing.

Engravings are done by five skilled engravers who strictly work from home. Unlike a factory worker, these artisans are paid for each piece of their work instead of an hourly wage. They have flexible working hours as engraving work is tedious and exhausting as it requires extreme hand to eye co-ordinations they look through a small magnifier and have consistency with each light stroke of the hammer. They often have to take breaks in order to look for new inspirations. An engraved gun can take anywhere from 8 to 12 months to complete from date of ordering.

Checkering on the wood is applied by laser for core products and for custom, high end models are done manually by hand. This job is usually reserved for female craftsman as it is a delicate task.

Back in year 2000, the company was making 13,000 guns annually. To increase quality, production has steadily cut back to about 3000-3500 guns a year. About one third of these are custom guns made to specification for the customer. They have 40 employees working in multiple shifts.

It is not unusual that generations of workers follow their parent’s footsteps working for the same company. Many people started work as soon as they finish their education and continue to stay loyal to the same company until retirement. One of the craftsmen whose job is to apply oil to the finish of the walnut stock has been with the company for 43 years and was set to retire the following week. This is something very unique to Italian businesses and is deeply ingrained into their culture. The worker’s dedication to each product coming off the production line is admirable and each role in the company is well respected. They’re proud of their job and the company they work for. Unlike in North America, where we’re often moving between jobs every few years to advance our career.

70th Anniversary

This year is the 70th anniversary of Fausti and they have special events planned both in Italy as well as in US. To mark the special occasion, they are producing 70th anniversary shotguns in both side by side and over under, each model specially engraved and are limited to 70 pieces. Over under model is available in 16, 20, 28 or 410 gauges and are available either in 2 ¾” or 3” chamber with barrel length choice ranging from 24” to 32”. They are available to order either in fixed or interchangeable chokes. Similar options and customizations are available on the side by side models with the additional choice of 32 gauges.

As part of the celebration, they had a luncheon this past July with close friends and associates at a hotel overlooking Lake Iseo. A similar event took place in Texas in October.


Fausti offers a personalized experience when it comes to ordering your favorite Italian shotgun compare to various shotgun manufacturers in the same region. It’s a delight to meet and speak to Barbara, Giovanna and Fabio and get to know them personally. They’re the faces of the company at the same time they’re available at various trade shows and over phone and email to answer all of your questions from various factory options to customizations. They offer the perfect blend of high-tech, precision manufacturing methods to custom hand engraving and fitting at a competitive price.

Fausti will continue to evolve using the latest production technology and maintain high level of traditional, artesian quality gun making for generations to come.

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Montblanc x Purdey Meisterstück Great Masters Collection [The Firearm Blog]

Montblanc x Purdey Meisterstück Great Masters Collection 660When high-end gun makers team up with luxury manufacturers from other industries, the result is always something incredible like the watches made by Holland & Holland and F.P. Journe that we talked about earlier. Today we’ll tell you about the collaboration of James Purdey & Sons and Montblanc which resulted in the creation of luxury writing accessories series […]

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Dick's Sporting Goods looking into removing all hunting gear from its stores [NRA-ILA News]

Dick's Sporting Goods is contemplating removing all hunting gear from its stores, company CEO Edward Stack said in a Nov. 28 conference call.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Continue to Decline After New Gun Rules [NRA-ILA News]

Dick’s Sportings Goods sales continued to decline last quarter in the wake of their new restrictions on gun purchases.


Dick’s Sporting Goods Sales Hit by Tougher Stance on Guns [NRA-ILA News]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Inc. is paying a price for its decision earlier this year to stop selling guns to people under 21 as sales continued to sag in its latest quarter.


When Governments Restrict Guns, People Make Their Own By the Millions [NRA-ILA News]

Around the world, governments attempt to limit subjects' legal access to weapons—ostensibly to keep the peace, but in reality often done to minimize challenges to government power. And, around the world, those subjects defy such restrictions, often going so far as to manufacture weapons outside official channels. In fact, DIY firearms ranging in sophistication from muskets to grenade launchers exist in the millions across the planet, according to a new report that should (but won't) finally demonstrate to government officials the futility of efforts to disarm people who insist on being free.


Tougher gun laws among new Nevada governor's top priorities [NRA-ILA News]

Nevada Gov.-elect Steve Sisolak, who will be the first Democrat in the post in two decades, said tougher gun laws are among his top priorities as he takes office in January.


TFBTV: The Top 10 Concealed Carry Handguns (Episode 1) [The Firearm Blog]

It’s been three years since TFBTV did a Top Concealed Carry Guns list, so it’s time to update the rankings. Many new guns designed specifically for concealed carry have been released in the past few years, and a number of popular concealed carry guns that existed three years ago have received minor upgrades while others […]

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POTD: The Very Hush B&T VP9 (Veterinary Pistol) [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo is the B&T VP9 (Veterinary Pistol) – a firearm that many would like to own, but few can. (sorry, that’s was unintentional) The picture is from Vogt Waffen AG in Switzerland, used with kind permission. B&T veterinary pistol VP9 suppressed, cal. 9 x 19 mm The VP9 is, as a repeating pistol in […]

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Report Shows Air Marshals in Over 200 Cases of Firearms Negligence [The Firearm Blog]

FAMS trainingIt has emerged that Federal Air Marshals have been involved in over 200 incidents of negligence relating to firearms between 2005 and 2017. Some as serious as leaving a duty pistols in bathrooms and accidentally discharging their weapons in hotel rooms. CNN have reported on documents they have obtained relating to the Air Marshal service’s […]

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H&K VP-70M: Polymer Framed Cutting Edge Machine Pistol from 1973 [Forgotten Weapons]

The VP-70 was designed by Heckler & Koch cofounder Alex Seidel, and introduced in 1973. It was made with the idea of being a gun easily mass produced for arming a civilian resistance in case of Russian invasion of East Germany, but the West German government opted not to adopt it. In the original military form, the gun is semiautomatic as a pistol, with the option to use a 3-round burst firing mode when the shoulder stock is attached. The stock also doubles as a holster.

Mechanically, the VP-70 is simple blowback, and has several features which were quite cutting edge at the time. It is the first production service pistol to use a polymer frame, and it came with double-stack, double-feed 18-round magazines; the highest standard capacity of the day. It is striker fired, and the striker is at rest completely forward, unlike modern striker-fired pistol which use the cycling of the slide to partially cock the striker. This means that the VP70 is ac very safe action, but has a trigger pull best compared to a staple gun.

After the military rejection of the VP-70M, a civilian model was made, designated the VP-70Z. This model did not have any of the burst fire components, not the fittings to attach the buttstock. About 23,000 were made, including about 400 in 9x21mm for the Italian commercial market. This is far more than the approximately 3,500 VP-70M pistols made.

Thanks to H&K for providing access to bring you this VP-70M!

Thursday, 29 November


Westchester, NY Police Department Adopt Integrally Suppressed B&T APC9-SD [The Firearm Blog]

B&T USA has been awarded a contract to supply the Westchester, NY Police Department with integrally suppressed semi automatic carbines. And yes, Westchester’s new APC9-SD carbines take Glock mags. The APC9-SD is a 9x19mm semi automatic carbine with a 146 mm integraly suppressed barrel. It has a folding stock and an extended railed forend. It normally […]

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LAST CALL: American Suppressor Association Raffle! [The Firearm Blog]

RaffleOur friends at the American Suppressor Association are entering the last hours of their $15K raffle and membership drive. Join the ASA to support the legal and responsible use of silencers as well as helping to spread the joys of quieter shooting among American gun owners. Active members are automatically entered in tomorrow’s raffle, but […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] Vietnamese Small Arms Part Two: Grenade Launcher’s, Galil ACE’s, and OSV-96’s [The Firearm Blog]

In our previous coverage of modern Vietnamese small arms development on display at Indo Defense 2018 we spent some time looking at locally produced M79’s, Lee Enfield No.4’s, a rotary grenade launcher, and even a 9x19mm Bizon! In this post we’ll be looking at some of the other developments that we weren’t able to fit […]

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POTD: G28 Designated Marksman Rifle with Schmidt & Bender [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo of the Day brings us to an almost exclusive Made In Germany experience, with the G28 DMR rifle (Designated Marksman Rifle) in use by the German Army. The rifle is a Heckler & Koch 417 with a Schmidt & Bender 3-20×50 DMR scope with calibrated single turn turret and DMR reticle. If you […]

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A Cool Tool for Installing an AR Rifle Handguard []

In this short video, MidwayUSA’s Larry Potterfield shows us how to install an AR’s handguard using a handy-dandy little tool for prying the delta ring.

You can order a similar tool from Brownells here for $34.99. Cheaper versions are out there, but usually get poor reviews.

The entire video is just 1:05 long, so it gets to the point quickly.

Some folks say you shouldn’t need a tool to do this job… but I know from experience that sometimes the delta ring can be mighty stubborn, and if you do much of this sort of work, a tool like this looks mighty handy from here. What do you think?

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Ohio: Senate Committee to Consider Self-Defense Legislation Next Week [NRA-ILA News]

On Monday, December 3 at 10:00am, the Senate Government Oversight and Reform Committee is scheduled to hear sponsor and proponent testimony for House Bill 228.


Henry Celebrates a Century of the Cody Stampede Rodeo []

Today Henry Repeating Arms have released a new limited edition lever action rifle based on the Big Boy Silver in .45 Colt to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Cody Stampede Rodeo. The silver receiver features 24k gold filled lasso motif engravings.

Only 50 copies will be made and they will be available at the right price at $1919. All proceeds will go to preservation of the history of Cody, Wyoming.

Full press release is posted below.

BAYONNE, NJ – November 29, 2018 – Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Cody Stampede Rodeo, one of America’s longest running successful professional rodeos, and Henry Repeating Arms is tipping their hat to the centennial celebration with an exclusive 100th Anniversary Cody Stampede Rodeo lever action rifle in the iconic caliber of .45 Colt.

The rifles are available for sale to the public and all proceeds are applied to the celebration and preservation of the history of Cody, Wyoming as the “Rodeo Capital of the World.”

Baron Engraving of Trumbull, CT embellished the rifles with highly detailed scrollwork engraving on the bright silver receivers which is surrounded with a 24K gold-filled lasso motif. The top of the receiver is engraved with the words, “1919 | Cody Stampede Centennial | 2019.” The rifles are built on Henry’s Big Boy Silver platform featuring a blued steel octagonal barrel, fully adjustable semi-buckhorn sights and a brass bead front sight, and fancy-grade American walnut stocks.

Henry President and Owner, Anthony Imperato says, “Cody, Wyoming is one of those places in this country that just oozes American history and a distinct Old West frontier vibe, and it’s a pleasure to celebrate that history with them. We really appreciate the great folks at the Cody Stampede Rodeo choosing our rifles for their centennial anniversary, and hopefully they will go a long way to preserving this important American heritage for another 100 years.”

The series of 50 rifles will be available for sale to the public for $1,919 through the Cody Stampede office and Rocky Mountain Discount Sports of Cody, WY. All sales inquiries and requests for further information should be directed to or the Cody Stampede Board Office at PO Box 1327, Cody, WY 82414, (307) 587-5155.

Henry firearms can only be purchased through a licensed firearms dealer. For more information about Henry Repeating Arms and its products visit or call 866-200-2354.

About Henry Repeating Arms

Henry Repeating Arms is one of the leading firearms manufacturers in the country and the leading lever action manufacturer. Their company motto is ‘Made In America Or Not Made At All,’ and their products come with a lifetime guarantee backed by award-winning customer service. The original Henry rifle played a significant role in the frontier days of the American West and is one of the most legendary, respected and sought-after rifles in the history of firearms. The company’s manufacturing facilities are in Bayonne, NJ and Rice Lake, WI.

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Swap Your TOMS Shoes for a Free Magazine from Adams Arms []

Adams Arms has launched a program called #MagsForToms to help folks get rid of their TOMS shoes in exchange for an AR magazine — and the shoes will ultimately be useful to homeless veterans and other needy folks.

It recently became known that TOMS Shoes has decided to pony up $5 million to push for gun control, as well as campaigning to turn their customers into gun control activists. You can read more about that here. If you’re unfortunate enough to own some TOMS shoes and you’re understandably upset about their decision, don’t just toss them in the trash. Send them to Adams Arms!

Last week, Toms shoes founder, Blake Mycoskie, publicly stated that Toms would donate $5 million to various anti-gun organizations under the guise of “universal background checks to end gun violence.” The reality of the situation is that the concept of a “universal background check” does nothing to stop criminals from getting ahold of firearms, as it only affects the law abiding.

To combat this and take a stand for all Pro-Second Amendment citizens, Adams Arms launched a campaign to send a message that gun owners will not sit by idle and allow the continued degradation of the Rights of the American People. Jens Krogh, the VP of Sales and Marketing for Adams Arms, said the company believes in more freedom for Americans… not less.

The original buyback campaign was to send a free 30rd magazine to anyone (10rd magazines to those in restricted states) who sent a pair of new or used Toms shoes (postmarked) before January 1st, 2019 and burn the Toms via Instagram live, but Adams Arms had a slight change of plans.

‘Originally we were going to burn the shoes, but decided that’s no way to treat something that could be used again by homeless veterans,’ VP of Sales & Marketing, Jens Krogh, said.

‘But then we thought to ourselves… we should at least make the shoes less hippie. So we’re going to alter them with a pro Second Amendment message and THEN donate them to several worthy causes for veterans and impoverished people living in oppressive countries where they do not have the freedoms we cherish.’


The folks at Amend2 Magazines, which makes magazines and other firearms accessories right here in the good ol’ USA, cottoned to the idea and donated a bunch of magazines to the #MagsForToms project.

For every pair of Toms Shoes sent in, one Amend2 30-round (or 10-round) magazine will be sent to your door!

This is cool. If you’re interested in swapping some TOMS for a mag while also helping those in need, here’s what you do:

Send Adams Arms your shoes at:

Adams Arms
Mags for TOMS
1551 Gunn Highway
Odessa FL 33556

You must include a note with your shipping address and email address. It must be legal to ship a 30-round mag to your state, or if you live in a restricted state, Adams Arms will send you a 10-round magazine.

Before you send them… post a picture with #shoeburn #magsfortoms and #shallnotbeinfringed to spread the word.

For further information about Adams Arms, please visit or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. For more information about Amend2 Magazines, please visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram.


Hopefully it won’t be long until TOMS goes by the wayside and nobody even remembers the name. In the meantime, enjoy those magazines thanks to Adams Arms!

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Dear Hunters: Stop Apologizing for What You do []

A recent article by Kevin D. Williamson at National Review examines the current trend — often encouraged and led by so-called hunting advocates — for hunters to hide the results of their hunts, as if we should be ashamed that the end result of hunting is death.

Sports Afield, the venerable outdoors magazine… issued a remarkable plea to its readers: If, by chance, one of them should have the chance to act on one of the handful of brown-bear licenses that had been issued, and if that hunter should be successful — then, for the sake of the hunting community, please don’t say anything about it on social media, and please, please don’t post any pictures.

Other similar warnings from other hunting advocates have become commonplace — not just in regard to the controversial prospect of grizzly hunting but for hunting in general. ‘We need to be very, very careful and intentional about what we post and what are in those posts,’ Adam Janke, the editor of the Journal of Mountain Hunting, told CBC News’s Karen McColl. ‘The problem is the damage some hunting photos — particularly those featuring a dead animal front and center — can do to the public’s perception of hunting,’ McColl wrote.

The problem with that line of argument is that dead animals are necessarily front-and-center when it comes to hunting. That is, ultimately, what hunting is about — and hunters should not apologize for that. Hunting is one of the most ancient of organized human undertakings: Hunting, and not that other thing, may very well be the world’s oldest profession. And whether one thinks of it as sport or ritual — or simply as gathering protein — it is part of an honorable tradition, and a pursuit that can be, at its best, profound.

(emphasis added)

I’ve been saying for decades that the main difference between hunters and non-hunters is that we hunters prefer a DIY approach, while others choose to hire hit men to do their killing… of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, fish, and the list goes on.

Is hunting barbaric? In some ways, yes. At its root, hunting is primitive… and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing like a little blood under the fingernails to remind us of our innate and unavoidable connection to other living things — and the necessity of death. Or as Williamson says:

We live in an antiseptic world, and there is no cure for that quite like gutting a Texas feral hog or roasting a pheasant you shot yourself. And there probably is no single activity that measures the width of the cultural chasm between coastal, urban, progressive America and interior, rural, traditional America. Hunting means guns and blood and non-ironically worn camouflage pants…

As Williamson points out, there’s no question “whether we can responsibly integrate it into our stewardship of natural resources.” After all, that’s been done well for many decades now. No, those who object to hunting are mainly objecting to what they think hunting, and hunters, look like.

The objections to hunting have very little to do with conservation, and, outside of a few animal-rights fanatics, the objections aren’t really moral, either: They’re aesthetic. It’s not so much that the busybodies don’t like hunting as that they don’t like hunters and the mode of life commonly (if not necessarily accurately) associated with them in the insular urban imagination. It is very much of a piece with the strange fact that practically all of the gun-control lobby’s efforts are directed at licensed firearms dealers and the people who do business with them — one of the least criminal demographics in the United States. It’s not about the what, but the who.

The solution? Embrace our hunting heritage and stop trying to hide it. If we feel we have something to hide, how will we ever successfully defend hunting against the onslaught of ignorance? People need to see hunting and hunters, and to understand what we are all about.

And if hunters are going to defend themselves in the theater of political ideas, then they will have to begin by developing the moral confidence to say plainly and directly — even on Twitter — that they have no reason to apologize for what they do or for who they are. In that, they are not alone.

In this, I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Williamson. Do you?

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Latest USFWS Survey Says Hunter Numbers Down []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


The most recent data survey conducted by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service in 2016 indicates that hunter numbers in America continue to decline. For those of us that are localized hunters I suspect this news is not a surprise.

Most states are experiencing declines in hunting license sales as the hard cord base of hunting is getting older thus less able to hunt. New hunters are not coming to the sport fast enough to replace those having to leave because of age, death or disinterest.

Working with my state’s Wildlife Federation chapter, we have been introducing programs for years to recruit new hunters to the sport. Our annual squirrel hunts and the special needs deer hunts are very popular and well attended. The problem is there is no way to know if these kids actually go on to grow up being hunters. License sales seem to indicate they are not.

The 2016 survey conducted by the USFWS indicated that there were some 11.5 million hunters that year. The survey has been conducted every year since 1955 and the 2011 survey showed that there were 13.7 million hunters. Quick and simple math calculates that is a loss of 2.2 million hunters in five years. That is not a good trend for the sport of hunting.

Dollars spent on hunting has also declined as one might have expected. Hunters spent roughly $36.3 billion on the sport in 2011, but only $25.6 billion in 2016. That is a drop of 10.7 billion dollars. By any measure that is a serious decline in discretionary spending for a recreational sport. And that includes all forms of hunting, too, not just the most popular deer hunting.

While new hunter recruitment is certainly a basic issue involving the decline of hunters overall, there are many other reasons, too. These include a flat economy with many people still unemployed or under employed. Costs have increased too including funds to lease land, much less buy it, expenses for planting food plots including ever increasing costs for seed and fertilizer. Then there is the cost of buying or renting equipment to do the food plot work including rising fuel prices. Guns, ammo and gear costs are up, too. It all adds up.

Today, there is also a significant difference in societal demographics. Like it or not, there are huge numbers of kids without a male adult mentor to take them outdoors to hunt and fish. Fewer dads and grandads to take kids hunting is a real factor. With older hunters retiring from the sport and fewer joining the ranks, dropping hunter numbers is just a course of reality.

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[Indo Defense 2018] Vietnamese Small Arms Part One: Lee Enfield’s, M79’s, and Bizon’s [The Firearm Blog]

One of the biggest buzzes during the show was the booth from Vietnamese Defence Industries (VDI). This was the first such appearance of the Vietnamese delegation to any major trade show outside of Vietnam with the amount of materiel that was being presented to the public. Vietnam has slowly been building up a small arms […]

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Design Improvements and New Features of AK-12 and AK-15 Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

Improvements and New Features of AK-12 and AK-15 Rifles (1)AK-12 and AK-15 rifles were adopted by the Russian military at the beginning of the current year. These rifles inherited the best features of the AKM/AK-74 and added a number of small design changes that bring the good old AK to the 21st century. Although most of these changes are generally known to us, there […]

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D.C.: Gun control bill heads to city council vote [NRA-ILA News]

The measure also includes a bump stock ban and increases penalties for possessing magazine clips that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition.


David Hogg calls for federal tax on gun sales [NRA-ILA News]

David Hogg now wants to raise your taxes.


Gun Control and a Doctor’s ‘Lane’ [NRA-ILA News]

I believe a physician may indulge her or his First Amendment rights to decry the Second Amendment or to express an opinion on limiting gun ownership, but let’s face it, when it comes to gun policy, we doctors are not experts.


New York: Reveal your passwords? Gun bill threatens more than 2nd Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Do the math and you can understand why Andrew Cuomo and most members of the State Legislate easily won re-election despite perpetrating a public fraud like the SAFE Act. Because most people don't own guns and know relatively little about firearms, politicians are able to fool the majority of the electorate who care little about a Second Amendment right because they think it doesn’t affect them.


Trial unlikely in University of Wyoming gun ban lawsuit [NRA-ILA News]

Both sides in a lawsuit over whether the University of Wyoming can restrict gun rights are leaving the decision up to a judge rather than going to a jury.


Connecticut: Gun controllers place gun storage measure among top legislative priorities [NRA-ILA News]

A measure to tighten Connecticut’s firearm storage law is expected to be on a shortlist of gun reform bills tackled in the upcoming legislative session.


junk science [Of Arms and the Law]

Nearly 40% of published scientific studies do not replicate. In other words, they're bogus. That's no news to anyone who has looked at the medical articles on guns and gun control. Here's my Howard Univ. Law Journal article on the subject.

(I've been effectively offline for more than a week, due to a friend being hospitalized).


[Indo Defense 2018] Kale Kalip .50 BMG Anti-Materiel Rifle, Subcompact Carbine [The Firearm Blog]

Apart from the standard 5.56x45mm AR15-derivatives and MPT76 service rifles on display, Kale Kalip had two new product entries that were being exhibited for Indo Defense 2018. The first is the .50 BMG KSR50, which appears to be a license produced or at least Kale Kalip-marked variant of the Accuracy International AX50. The rifle comes equipped […]

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Department of Homeland Security Orders B&T GL06 40MM Launchers [The Firearm Blog]

GL06B&T USA have revealed that they have been awarded a contract by the US Department of Homeland Security to provide 40mm less-lethal grenade launchers for the Customs and Border Protection Agency. B&T USA will supply the break action GL06 grenade launcher designed by Brügger & Thomet in the early 2000s. The 40x46mm grenade launcher is in […]

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Black Rifle Coffee Mount 20mm Minigun on Prius, Because Why Not! [The Firearm Blog]

Vulcan PriusDo you drive a Prius? Looking for an exciting new mod to spice up your daily commute? How about a 20mm M61 Vulcan Cannon? The team at Black Rifle Coffee Company have shared their latest project – a Toyota Prius with a mod that probably voids the manufacturers warranty. Road going BRRRRRRRRTTT. The impressive 6 […]

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A .50 Caliber 1911: Guncrafter Industries Model 1 [Forgotten Weapons]

This pistol is being sold at Rock Island on November 30, 2018.

Guncrafter Industries is a custom handgun company formed by one Alex Zimmerman in 2002 after many years working for Wilson Combat. Among other things, they make custom 1911 pistols chambered for the .50 GI (Guncrafter Industries) cartridge, also designed by Zimmerman. The idea of the cartridge is to have a larger bullet diameter without having the excessive power and recoil of a magnum type round like the .50 Action Express or .45 Winchester Magnum. The .50GI is loaded to .45 ACP pressure levels, and offers loadings ranging from 185gr @ 1200fps to 300gr @ 700 fps. The case head is rebated, and the same size as the .45ACP case head, allowing for easy conversion back to .45 ACP if one desires.

The basic conceit of this pistol and cartridge is that a larger bullet is more effective and thus worth the less of capacity (.50GI magazines hold 7 rounds). Whether that actually stands up to reality does not seem assured, especially considering the vast amount of development which has gone into smaller caliber expanding bullets compared to the few basic offerings for the .50 caliber.

Of course, it’s also possible that the gun is just simply based on the giggle factor of having a fifty caliber 1911.

Wednesday, 28 November


FSA TECHNICALS (Part 3): 120mm SNIPER CANNON [The Firearm Blog]

Welcome to our third installment of FSA Technicals.  You can read Part 1: BMP Turrets on Pick-Ups here, and Part 2: SHAM-2 Improvised AFV here. The Free Syrian Army announced a technical called the Sniper Cannon (in Arabic; al-madfa’a al-qannas المدفع القناص) from their own manufacturing. It’s a local made 120mm cannon mounted on a vehicle and […]

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Did The US Army Use Silencers During World War One? [The Firearm Blog]

Maxim silencer demoIn the early 1900s Hiram Percy Maxim, son of the inventor of the Maxim gun, began developing early suppressors which he christened ‘silencers’. It wasn’t long before the US Army took interest in these new silencers and began testing them. The US Army tested the silencers extensively between 1909 and 1916. In 1910, Colonel S.E. Blunt, Springfield […]

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Michigan University Arms Faculty & Students… With Hockey Pucks. []

Pucks against killers. It’s kinda like fighting wildfire with a squirt gun… you won’t have much effect and you’ll probably get hurt.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks. At least, I can’t. The Detroit Free Press reports that Oakland University has decided its students and faculty should protect themselves in the event of an active shooter using — drum roll, please — hockey pucks.

Heavy sigh for humanity.

To demonstrate the pathetic condition of today’s Americans, the idea grew out of a suggestion from Mark Gordon, Chief of the Oakland University Police Department.

A high-ranking police officer suggested that throwing something at an armed murderer would be a good idea. That is, if you’re not running away or cowering in a corner, wishing you had violated the campus’s no-weapons policy by packing a gun.

Instead of laughing it off, revising their policy to allow personally-carried firearms for self-defense, and replacing Gordon with a reasonable person who actually values human life, the faculty union bought 2,500 hockey pucks.

They. Bought. Hockey. Pucks. For self-defense against an active shooter.

They added some bling to the pucks by having them printed with a number which can be used by folks who wish to donate money towards installing new door locks on the campus.

Professor Tom Discenna, who “spearheaded” the deal, is quoted as saying, “It’s just the idea of having something, a reminder that you’re not powerless and you’re not helpless in the classroom.”

Fling a black disk at some evil dirtbag who’s bent on bloodshed. Great plan, Tom. Now that’s power.

Oakland University students are apparently no wiser than the folks teaching them; the article says “The student congress also recently ordered 1,000 hockey pucks that it intends to distribute to students.”

These are voters and future politicians. We may well be doomed.

Note: Our editor-in-chief Ben Ryder points out that this hockey puck campaign actually violates the university’s own weapons policy! 

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This Odd Folding Grip-Pump Shotgun Sold for $20,700 []

Here’s one you don’t see every day… which might be one reason for its whopping price tag of $20,700 when it sold back in 2015. Another reason you don’t find these often is that it’s a pump (or slide) action shotgun which doesn’t use the gun’s forearm to operate the action.

Yeah, that’s right.

As you might expect, the design of this gun is ingenious. When it’s time to work the action, you slide the pistol-grip part of the stock — trigger, trigger guard, and all — rearward along the stock’s wrist. This moves the bolt rearward, cocking the hammer and extracting/ejecting any shell in the chamber while feeding another shell from the magazine if a shell is present. Slide the grip forward again to close the action and ready the gun for shooting.

This type of action means there are no mechanical links between the forearm and the bolt, opening the door for another cool feature, which is the 180-degree folding you can do with this sweet smoothbore, greatly reducing its length for convenient transport and storage.

Everybody loves a winner… except the losers. Which is why Winchester bought them out and shut them down.

Here’s what Ian says about it in the video description:

Andrew Burgess was an extremely prolific gun designer who gets very little recognition today. One of has particularly interesting weapons was a pump-action, folding shotgun. Because Spencer already had a patent on the use of the forearm as the pump, Burgess designed his gun to use a sliding sleeve on the wrist of the stock as the pump handle. The guns were well made, and the company Burgess set up to manufacture them was bought out and shut down by Winchester to reduce competition with their 1893/1897 pump action shotgun. As a result not many were made, and very very few of the folding models. This one is in fantastic shape, and also comes with an excellent leather belt holster made for carrying it folded.



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Last Chance For Constitutional Carry In NC [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Permitless concealed carry passed the North Carolina House of Representatives over a year ago. Since then it has been bottled up in the State Senate and has not gotten a hearing nor a vote. Now that the Republicans have lost their supermajority in the General Assembly, any action on permitless concealed carry has to happen now. There is not a chance in hell that Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) won't veto it and there is also no way for it to get passed without the Republicans sticking together and overriding that veto.

Grass Roots North Carolina is asking North Carolinians to contact Senate President Phil Berger and demand that a vote be taken. Their alert is below:



There is a season for everything. A time to pass HB-746, while a Governor’s veto can still be overridden, is upon us. . . 

Senate Leadership’s Past Inaction
In recent months, North Carolina’s Republican senate leadership disappointed us with their inaction. Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger’s ostensibly pro-Second Amendment party had the numbers necessary to override a governor’s veto. To pass HB-746 (Permitless Concealed Carry and more), the NC Senate certainly had the support of the people. In fact, North Carolina gun owners, and other pro-civil rights citizens, were not only supportive of the bill, they downright demanded it. Yet, Senator Berger and Senate Rules Committee Chair, Senator Bill Rabon, didn’t deliver. They decided not to shepherd this excellent pro-gun bill through the NC Senate (it has already passed the NC House).

The Future Looks Freer
Fortunately, today is a new day—the past is the past. Rather than lamenting Senator Berger’s and Rabon’s past missteps, it’s time we offer solutions for a brighter future, and we at GRNC see Permitless Concealed Carry headed this way.

At this point in time, until January, Republicans still maintain a veto-proof majority in the NC Senate, just as they do in the NC House. Any perceived impediments to making HB-746 the law in our state are just that: perceived—but not real. At this moment, no obstruction is solid, and none can stand in the way of HB-746. Only Republican leaders themselves can stop it. Of course, the clock is ticking…
Senators Berger and Rabon must act
now to make this happen

Preparing for Future Victories
Should Senator Berger, Rabon and other senate leaders once again fail to act, it would only be another demonstration of the behavior that caused the loss of their veto-proof majorities (starting in January). Becoming squishy on gun rights, inaction and half-measures—these are the things that cause voters to sit home on Election Day, and this surely influenced the lackluster election results. Bold action, adhering to campaign rhetoric, and sweeping advances of the people’s rights—these are the things that victories are made of, and we can only hope that Senator Berger and others have learned this lesson, and have already started preparing for future victories. (Hint: passing HB-746 would be a good start). 

Demand the NC Senate Pass HB-746
Below, you’ll find information about how you can urge senate leader Phil Berger to act fast, pass HB-746 and then override the governor’s likely veto.  There is no reason this can’t be done, and it absolutely should be.
The only politicians who can stop
HB-746 are NC Senate Republicans  


Immediate Action Required!

  • PHONE NC SENATE PRO TEM PHIL BERGER: Use this number, (919) 733-5708, and the short text provided below to leave a message with staff (or on voice-mail). Suggested phone message:
Hello, my name is ____________, and I am calling to insist that Senator Berger utilize the veto-proof majority that Republicans still maintain in order to pass the omnibus gun bill, HB-746, and then override the governor’s likely veto. In the recent past, senate leadership disappointed voters on this bill, and on gun rights in general. However, Mr. Berger and other leaders now have a golden opportunity to make up for this and stand for gun rights. Of course, the clock is ticking on the supermajorities, so please tell Mr. Berger to act now, pass HB-746, and override the Governor’s likely veto. Thank you.

  • EMAIL NC SENATE PRO TEM PHIL BERGER: Use the email address and the copy/paste text provided below, under ‘Deliver This Message,’ to send a strong message about advancing our civil rights at every possible turn.


Email to:

Suggested Subject: "Pass HB-746 While You Still Can"  

Dear Senator Berger

I am writing to insist that you utilize the veto-proof majority that Republicans still maintain in order to pass the omnibus gun bill, HB-746, and then override the governor’s likely veto.

In the recent past, senate leadership disappointed voters on this bill, and on gun rights in general. However, you and other leaders now have a golden opportunity to make up for this past disappointment and stand for gun rights. At this point, there is nothing to lose, and any perceived impediments to making HB-746 the law in our state are just that: perceived—but not real.

Of course, the clock is ticking on the Republican supermajorities, so please act now, pass HB-746, and override the Governor’s likely veto.

I will be monitoring your actions on this matter through alerts from Grass Roots North Carolina.  



KNS Precision AR-15 Buffer Tube to SIG MCX Stock Adapter [The Firearm Blog]

KNS Precision AR-15 to SIG MCX Stock AdapterSIG MPX/MCX stocks have become a popular accessory not only for the SIG firearms but for other guns, too. There are multiple different adapters designed for these stocks such as those made by JMac Customs. Recently, KNS Precision has announced that they now make a similar adapter for AR-15 buffer tube replacement. First things first, this […]

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Guns Save Lives— Armed Citizens Thwart Active Shooters 94% of the Time [NRA-ILA News]

It’s a testimonial as to why “gun control” should mean hitting your target. While a study shows that 98 percent of mass shootings occur in “gun free” zones, a more recent study indicates how these events can be thwarted: by armed citizens. In fact, it finds that when such Americans are present, they have a 94-percent success rate at stopping or impeding active shooters.


The Lethal Flamethrower []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


The term “hand cannon” is often used to describe a heavy magnum handgun. To that end the Ruger Redhawk Kodiak Backpacker Talo Model in .44 Magnum fully deserves that label. This revolver is a handful by any description easily proven by just picking one up. But really, what is it for, what is its utility as a firearm?

First the specs. The Ruger Redhawk Kodiak Backpacker is a stainless steel, 6 shot revolver, with a 2.75 inch heavy barrel sporting a red insert front sight and an adjustable rear sight. Unloaded the gun weighs 46 ounces. That’s 2.875 pounds. The revolver is double action and has a round butt covered with a nice set of laminated wood grips in a light walnut finish.

Some ask about the Talo designation. Talo is the name chosen by a number of firearms distributorships that have formed a buying agreement that allows them to special order various firearms models like this Redhawk. Such Talo guns are exclusive to these distributors and not available elsewhere. Search Davidson’s Gallery of Guns for their Talo Rugers. The title Kodiak Backpacker is the marketing name given to this particular Ruger Redhawk.

So, what use is a heavy, short-barreled revolver chambered for the powerful .44 Magnum? One friend suggested roasting hot dogs with a single shot. I have yet to shoot this handgun at night, but my friend might well have a point. Undoubtedly at dusk this short pipe would emit a heck of a flame. I’ll have to verify that. Such is a result to be expected from a 2.75 inch barrel throwing full house 240 grain bullets.

Then, understand that the Kodiak Backpacker though close to ideal for packing into bear country as a backup, it can also be used to shoot the much more mild .44 Special ammo. The .44 Special often described as anemic, it is far from that. It fires a 180 grain bullet at about 900 fps with an energy rating of 324 foot lbs.

By contrast the standard .44 Magnum throws a 240 grain bullet at around 1350 fps and 971 ft. lbs. This is roughly three times the power of the .44 Special. The full throat .44 Magnum can be used for dangerous game or threats, while the .44 Special is good for practice shooting as well as close quarters self-defense or perhaps for finishing wounded big game.

This ammo combo makes the Ruger Redhawk Kodiak a dual purpose revolver. Heavy, yes, but easy to tote in a Galco DAO194 leather holster. The Redhawk Kodiak fits for self-defense, and hunting backup in a very affirmative package.

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Dead Air Sandman-S: 10,000 Rounds Later [The Firearm Blog]

A Brief Overview Three years ago a batch of Dead Air Sandman silencers arrived at my local gun shop.  It was clear in only a matter of minutes that these would be a game changer for the quick detach silencer market.  Dead Air Sandman silencers have no barrel length restrictions, they are full auto rated, […]

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Black Friday Firearm Sales Down 10.3% from 2017 []

According to the FBI’s NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System) which is tasked with approving or denying firearm sales, the amount of background checks performed this Black Friday is down 10.3% from last year. If gun shops and internet retailers felt a slight decline in their sales they are not alone. It was nation-wide.

In 2017, we witnessed a single-day record for background checks performed for firearm purchases. The previous 4 years have collectively played out like this:

  • 2015 – 185,345
  • 2016 – 185,713
  • 2017 – 203,086
  • 2018 – 182,093

While those numbers do not reflect raw firearms moved it is the best number we can use to estimate it. On a given background check, an individual could be purchasing one firearm or two or three or even more. So while the number of background checks is a great way to get a pulse on firearm sales it is absolutely not a perfect science.

While we as firearm enthusiasts might lament the fact that background checks have dropped roughly 10% this year, 2018 is still the 4th highest Black Friday on record. One amazing statistic came through USA Today where they dug up some information from the FBI NICS:

The FBI told USA TODAY its peak hour for background checks this year was between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. where there were about 4.76 transactions per second and more than 17,000 requests poured in.

High fives all around everybody! Almost 5 background checks (potentially >5 firearms per second) is absolutely astounding. It will be interesting for the firearms community to see if this trend of slightly depressed sales continues through Christmas and the holiday season. Many firearm retailers experience an approximate 2 week lull in sales from Black Friday to Christmas, but just like the background checks themselves, it is not a perfect science.

So what do you think? Were you out on Black Friday to support your local mom ‘n pop gun shop through your support of the 2nd Amendment? Or did you stay in and skip the crowds this Black Friday? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

Black Friday

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Cindy Hyde-Smith wins Mississippi Senate runoff [NRA-ILA News]

Republican Cindy Hyde-Smith emerged victorious Tuesday night in the Mississippi Senate runoff, easily fending off Democrat Mike Espy in the deeply conservative Magnolia State. With 97 percent of the vote counted, Ms. Hyde-Smith led Mr. Espy by almost 8 percentage points, getting 53.9 percent of the vote to 46.1 percent.


Five Rare Firearms Seen in the Rock Island December 2018 Premiere Auction Catalog [The Firearm Blog]

5 Rare and Unusual Firearms Seen in the Rock Island December 2018 Premiere Firearms Auction Catalog (1)The catalog of the upcoming Rock Island December 2018 Premiere Firearms Auction includes a lot of incredibly interesting and rare firearms. Fellow TFB writer Matthew Moss has already written an article about some of the coolest guns of this auction. In this article, I’ll tell you about five other rare and unusual guns consigned to the December 2018 […]

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Islamic Front 23x152mmB Anti-Material Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

The Islamic Front is a group of factions based on religious ideology, they are less extremist than Nusrah Front, and, of course than ISIS (whom the Islamic Front criticizes for killing innocent people, including lots of Muslims). The group was founded by 11 Muslim rebel groups on 21 December 2012, including Ahrar Al-Sham, the Righteous […]

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Marketing Jiu-Jitsu Or How To Turn An Anti's Campaign Into A Win For Gun Rights [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

You may have seen the story last week that announced with great fanfare that Toms Shoes was going to donate up to $5 million to "combat gun violence" (sic). Since they are trendy shoes popular with Millennials, the announcement was made by company founder Blake Mycoskie on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The money will go to organizations like Giffords, Everytown, Moms Demand, and March for our Lives among others.

For those that don't know about Toms Shoes, their value proposition is that when you buy their trendy (and flimsy) shoes, they will donate another pair to a shoeless child in a Third World country. In other words, spend $50 on their shoes, feel good about yourself, and in return they will ship another pair which cost them probably a buck or two to Haiti or the Congo or a like country. What a great marketing ploy that even uber-liberal Vox calls a sham. Moreover, the shoes manufactured in China, Argentina, Haiti, and Africa could be coming from sweatshops.

The End Gun Violence Together campaign even features its own trendy-looking logo that will now be used throughout Toms Shoe stores nationwide.

Adams Arms, the Florida based maker of piston ARs and piston conversion kits, saw this and is using it as the genesis for their own campaign to help homeless veterans and promote gun rights. They are calling it Adams Arms’ #MagsForToms BuyBack Movement. They are trading 30-round Amend2 magazines for new or used Toms Shoes. In states where 30-rounders are forbidden, they will trade a 10-round magazine. Their original idea was to take all the shoes traded in and burn them in an Instagram live video.
“Originally we were going to burn the shoes, but decided that’s no way to treat something that could be used again by homeless veterans,” VP of Sales & Marketing, Jens Krogh, said.

“But then we thought to ourselves… we should at least make the shoes less hippie. So we’re going to alter them with a pro Second Amendment message and THEN donate them to several worthy causes for veterans and impoverished people living in oppressive countries where they do not have the freedoms we cherish.”
Amend2 Magazines liked the Adams Arms plan so much that they donated the first batch of #MagsForToms to be traded for Toms Shoes.  Details on how to make the trade are below.
Here’s how it works. Send Adams Arms your shoes at:

Adams Arms
Mags for TOMS
1551 Gunn Highway
Odessa FL 33556

You must include a note with your shipping address and email address. It must be legal to ship a 30 round mag to your state, or if you live in a restricted state, Adams Arms will send you a 10 round magazine.

Before you send them… post a picture with #shoeburn #magsfortoms and #shallnotbeinfringed to spread the word.
 As Adams Arms correctly notes in their release, the Toms campaign which includes a push for universal background checks "to end gun violence" (sic) will do nothing to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. I would go further and say it does nothing to address the root causes of the criminal misuse of firearms in places like Chicago or Baltimore.

My granddaughter Olivia has Toms given to her that I'm sure she has outgrown. I may just to trade them in on a new magazine. In the meantime, I applaud Adams Arms for doing something positive for both the Second Amendment and homeless veterans.


BOTW: Jodie’s Rebel Scum Build [The Firearm Blog]

The 20th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Jodie P.  This build is pretty straightforward. It has a decent optic, a Faxon barrel, and Strike should be happy to see a build with one of their stocks. What makes this build stand out is the paint scheme which clearly identifies its use […]

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TFB Review: Maven RS.1 Rifle Scope [The Firearm Blog]

Intro: When I first heard of Maven Optics with their direct to consumer approach, the cliche image of a shady character on the street corner selling “Rolex” watches out of his trench coat instantly came to mind.  (Raspy voice) “Psst, hey you. Looking for a scope?”. Upon further reflection, I realized in our current era […]

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Preppers: The Problem With Out-of-Season Food []

One thing nice about our modern food supply chain is that developed nations have access to a wide range of food even when they are locally “out of season.” For example, a few days ago, my wife and I visited a local grocery store that had peaches in stock. Looking at the label, the peaches had been imported from South America.

The reader may be asking, “Why is this a problem?”

The problem is not in the food per se. The issue is people being spoiled to having access to various foods which are out of season when locally grown. Let’s go back to the peaches: When grown locally they are only available for a few weeks, maybe a couple of months throughout the year.

Going back to the dawn of humanity, people have eaten various fruits and veggies when they were grown locally. When means they were seasonal. When wild plums were ripe, the harvest was over. Wild persimmon trees drop their fruit over the course of a couple of months. When the plums and wild persimmons were gone, there were no more. This kept people in tune with the seasons.

There was once a time when people were in tune with the seasons. Every year I am reminded of something my dad told me years ago. He said, “When pecan trees bloom winter is over.” Not bloom as in flowers, but when their leaves start to bloom. Certain trees blooms earlier than others. For example, the crab apple will bloom before the pecan.

Someone may seen the crab apple bloom, think winter is over and plant their garden, Then, a couple of days later a freeze comes through and the young sprouts are killed. Thus setting their garden back a few weeks. If that same person had waited until the pecan trees sprouted, their chance of frost would have been greatly reduced.

Such is the balance of nature. Frost-resistant trees bloom first, with the least frost resistant blooming last. People today do not have to pay attention to such details, as their food is cheaply and readily available year round.

There was once a time when people would harvest the bounty, then preserve what they had harvested. Here in Southeast Texas the wild plums are typically ready to harvest in the early summer. People would fill buckets full of wild plums, then make them into jelly. If someone missed the wild plum harvest, they were out of luck. Typically, families did not want sell their preserved food because that was all they had to eat for the rest of the year.

So what is the problem with out of season food?

  • It disconnects us from nature.
  • Spoils society to having cheap and readily available food.

What happens when society gets spoiled to having easy and cheap food?  There are YouTube videos of people calling the police when a fast food place runs out of a certain type of food.  If people are going to call the police when a fast food establishment runs out, what will happen when there is no food?

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Weird Slide Action Prototype Rifles [Forgotten Weapons]

These rifles are selling at Rock Island on December 1, 2018 – the in-the-white prototype and the more refined pre-production.

These two slide action rifles came form the same collection, and are pretty clearly related – one is a toolroom type of early prototype and the other is a refined pre-production sort of example. However, we have no idea who made them, or when or where. They look well made enough to have been the product of a legitimate firearms factory, but could also have been the work of a dedicated hobbyist. Without markings or provenance, we will probably never know. But they certainly are interesting to take a look at!

Tuesday, 27 November


Handgun Hunting-The Ultimate Challenge []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Are you a seasoned deer hunter frankly tired of the same ole methods of hunting? You started out using traditional long guns, all kinds of rifles with magnification optics. You tired of that, so you took on bow hunting with a modern compound bow. Some years later, your interest in that style waned. Then you tried an old fashioned longbow. Sure, you enjoyed them all, but the challenge was lacking. So what next?

At this point in the hunting life of some experienced hunters, they begin to search for another challenge. If you’re at that point, then let me suggest you take on deer hunting with a handgun. Sounds simple enough, until you get equipped then spend a few trials at the gun range. Hmmmm, this might take some work. That learning curve work is just the beginning of this new challenge.

First of all, handguns are hard to shoot, well. Most modern hunting handguns mounted with an optical sight or even a red dot can be even more difficult to settle down on the target. After all, you’re holding the rigged gun with an extended arm that has minimal muscular support for the most part. Even using a shooting pod or stick takes some regular practice to be accurate enough for hunting.

Hunting deer with a handgun does not take a monster powerful gun, but it takes an accurate one as well as the shooter. If you are daring enough with time, practice and experience afield, you should be able to hit a 10-inch pie plate at 100 yards, but 50 yards would be the ideal goal.

Handguns are not truly intended to be long range affairs. The deal with handgunning is to stalk close to the game or wait them out until their range is appropriate for the gun and load you are using. So, what should that be?

Hunting handguns come in single shots, single action, and double action. Some semi-autos are also used. Generally the low end cartridge is the .357 Magnum. Beyond that the list includes the .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .454 Casull, .460 and .500 Smith and Wesson for revolvers. Single shots often use rifle class cartridges, and the semi-auto’s favorite is the 10 mm. This doesn’t list the entire field but a big portion of it.

Handgun hunting successfully takes shooting practice and patience waiting on the best shot. Stealth still hunting can be effective and fun. These are the challenges of handgun hunting. If you get bored by other methods, try this one.

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NEW: SIG Sauer Introduces Upgraded MPX PCC [The Firearm Blog]

MPX PCCSIG Sauer has just introduced an improved version of their popular MPX pistol caliber carbine. The new MPX PCC brings together a number of features worked up to offer a robust new carbine ideal for competitive shooting. The rifle has a Timney single-stage trigger, a free float ergonomic M-LOK handguard with a slim profile, 12 […]

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Don’t Blow Off Hunting Windy Days []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Hunting in a wind can be a mixed blessing. It certainly can challenge even the most adept deer hunters to sharpen their skills in playing the wind right, picking the best stands, and watching for downwind bucks that love to circle around. A strong wind might make deer hunting more difficult, but it certainly does not ruin the opportunity to hunt.

Honestly it has to be a really unusual hunting day for there not to be some breeze sifting through the trees or across the food plots. Air current movements are just a constant factor that deer hunters have to deal with all the time. However, a steady blow is another thing to deal with altogether. It can impact hunting success.

First and foremost, every deer hunter has to monitor and fully assess the wind direction and relative velocity every time they venture forth to hunt. Wind information can be obtained from a number of sources, and given our access to such information via handheld devices including cutting edge iPhones, hunters need never be without wind and weather data.

There are even iPhone Apps now that can tell you the exact wind information for the areas you hunt on a moment to moment basis. Check into the ScoutLook App or the Primos Wind App for installation on your phone. Of course, these can help you monitor winds while and where you are actually hunting.
At all times you want to pick a hunting stand location where the wind is going to hit you in the face so that deer in front of your position can’t smell you. Of course, deer approaching from behind can catch your scent, so it is always a tradeoff. A cross wind can be most tricky to hunt, but again pick a stand where the prevailing breeze comes to or across your front.

Most hunters will have multiple hunting locations to hunt so that one or more stands can accommodate whatever wind is blowing. In places where this is not possible, then a ground blind may be an option. Set the stand back into the woods or habitat edge, brush it in, limit open windows and spray everything down with scent killing applications.

Deer do get spooky sometimes when winds are swirling or shifting all the time. You can often catch a deer with its nose in the air sifting for smells on air currents. Even so, a wind does not have to keep hunters at home. Just learn to monitor them and play them smart.

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Greensboro PD chooses GLOCK as their Official Duty Weapon [The Firearm Blog]

Greensboro PDGlock is a favorite among concealed carry holders, recreational enthusiasts, and league shooters alike. The group of Glock faithful also includes a significant amount of men and women in blue. In fact, the list continues to grow almost everyday with the Greensboro PD now included. Glock just recently announced that another significant police department from […]

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Overpacked Packs []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


It intrigues me to watch hunting television shows to watch the hunters as they go afield. Though many of these hunters park their pickup trucks or UTVs pretty close to their destination hunting stands, it appears like the packs they carry weigh a hundred pounds or more. I have always wondered what in the heck is that guy carrying 200 yards to a hunting stand.

Of course, if you are hunting the mountains or a wilderness area miles from your vehicle, then I can understand carrying a good bit of supplies in a pack just in case. However, I am willing to bet most hunters, indeed preppers and survivalists alike have backpacks that are way too heavy and unnecessarily so. This may be a perfect time of the season to assess the load in your pack.

If you have a pre-packed backpack left over from last season or longer, then drag it out and dump it out. What’s in there? Lay it all out where you can see everything. First, ask yourself this question about every item that comes out of that bag. Did you use it last year? It is OK if you did not, but now is the time to ask these questions again.

What should be in a hunting or prepper pack? Well, honestly the missions are different so pack accordingly. For hunters, think about how far out you may hike and how long are you likely to be gone from transportation or camp. Most hunters are simply going for a day hunt within a set property often well known, but you could also be hunting a public venue for the first time that you don’t know very well if at all.

So, for basics, take some day provisions including water, a lunch or nabs. Pack some extra ammo, a knife or two, compass, matches, flashlight and/or headlamp, emergency whistle, a tiny med pack (band aides and aspirin), small zip bag with wet wipes, and such. Some add a tight packed vest or rain jacket, a water filter, or some paracord. Each to his own. Hunters may add a doe and grunt call for deer or as appropriate to the game hunted.

Remember if you wear typical cargo pocket hunting pants, you can tote your phone, and a small folder knife there. You have a shirt and a coat, too. Light binoculars can go around the neck. Your hunting weapon should have a comfortable sling.

Make every effort to pare down the weight of your day pack regardless. Take out some items, and add others. Adjust the tote to the hunt or prepper trek, but don’t overload yourself.

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A Unique Speedloader for Revolvers- The Link Loader [The Firearm Blog]

Link Loader SpeedloaderEvery once in a while, you stumble across an invention that you can appreciate. However, for various reasons, the invention was not readily accepted, or perhaps it was ahead of, or behind its time. The Link Loader, as I’m dubbing it, was just such an invention. While perusing YouTube a couple months ago, I stumbled […]

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POTD: BGM-71 TOW vs. T-tank [The Firearm Blog]

Since the advent of the American made BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank Guided Missile ATGM with Syrian rebels,  it became a game changer, putting Tanks, Fortifications, on-land and low altitude Aircraft and Infantry assemblages in a serious danger with it’s upgraded warheads and a maximum range of 3750 meters / 2.33 miles. Many videos released by the […]

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Brownells Adds Ed Brown 1911 to Retro Line [The Firearm Blog]

Riding the success with their Retro Rifles line, Brownells has partnered with Ed Brown to add their first handgun in the lineup: the BRN-1911, a .45 ACP semi-automatic pistol. Hand crafted by legendary 1911 maker Ed Brown exclusively for Brownells, the BRN-1911 is a two-tone handgun intended to replicate the look, feel, and performance of custom […]

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The Three Second Rule []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Carjacking’s and other assaults related to or connected with a vehicle continue as a highly probable threat. Defending one’s self from inside a vehicle is one thing, but always being on the lookout via situational awareness continues to be a smart way to hopefully avoid such situations. And remember, such assaults are not always just related directly to a vehicle either.

Regardless of the situation, when out in public as defined by leaving the relative security of your home or work interior spaces, then you are at all time subject to an outside threat. It may be driving to the grocery in town, to the post office, or any other location for any activity or it may be something as simple as walking to the curb of your house to check the mailbox. It may be stopping at the gas station to fuel up.

It could be driving down your residential neighborhood street to pull into your own driveway or garage to unload the trunk. Maybe you have taken the kids to an area park or to the ice cream shop. You may be dropping off a load of junk at the city clean-up day spot in an isolated area of the city. Potentially, you can be at prey at any time.

Such opportunities for an assault or threat are widespread. Just driving through a bank ATM line when you are momentarily stopped could find yourself blocked in or approached from the rear of the vehicle. Same for a walk up ATM anywhere outside. Shopping center parking lots are often easy locations for a robbery, kidnapping, or vehicle theft. So, how do you deter such events or at least lessen the likelihood of being approached by an unknown person?

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the thing to do is to exercise the 3-Second Rule. That simply means to pause where you are, inside a vehicle, at an exit to the outside, when you park before you turn off the engine or unlock the doors, to take a moment, 3-seconds, to inspect the area around you.

Scan the whole area as you prepare to park, as you approach a drive through, or access an outside entry. Is anybody lurking around the area? What about that guy sitting on the curb or that car at the end of the row with several people inside just sitting there? Park where you can exercise a quick escape or close to the entry.

Always look around to see what is going on. If something does not look right, then quickly leave or even dial 9-1-1. Do not make yourself an easy target. If you carry concealed, then be prepared to defend yourself if necessary, but avoidance is always the best policy. Three seconds is not much of your time to stay safe.

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Ruger’s First Pistol Was a Drill []

In an article by Logan Metesh of High Caliber History, we learn a bit about Bill Ruger’s early days and that although his dream was to make gun parts and eventually guns, his first business venture was a failure which he tried to finance by making hand tools while he built up his business. It didn’t go so well.

In 1946, Bill Ruger formed The Ruger Corporation in Southport, Connecticut. His goal was to supply parts to the firearm industry and eventually create his own pistol. One other key component of his business model involved developing a line of tools. You know – drills, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc. Within only a few years’ time, Bill Ruger was in a tough spot. Things weren’t going well and his company was in a bit of a tailspin that eventually led to bankruptcy. By 1949, The Ruger Corporation ceased to exist altogether.

It was only after partnering with Alexander Sturm as the money man that Bill Ruger was able to create a successful company. And not much remains of his first attempt other than some hand-operated drills that were made using early versions of his pistol grip.

One of the only tangible items that remain from The Ruger Corporation are hand drills. In an era of simplicity, Ruger’s hand drill fit right in. Ergonomically designed to fit in your hand and basic in terms of operation, the crank on the top powered the bit. Originally, the hand crank portion of the drill was red – a color still associated with Ruger today. Looking at it, you can easily see the foreshadowing in design of what would become the Ruger Mark series of pistols. Cover up the top portion of the drill mechanism and the basic form of the pistol is definitely there. You’d almost swear you could put an upper receiver on it and have a functioning pistol if it weren’t for the lack of a trigger.

Collectors of Ruger stuff really like the drills, and if you have one in decent shape it might be worth a couple hundred bucks.

If Ruger had initially been able to sell his hand drills for that kind of money, he wouldn’t have gone bankrupt. But then again, I think I’d rather have Ruger firearms than Ruger screwdrivers.

Can’t argue with that… but if I found one of these old drills at a yard sale I think I’d grab it cheap and hang it on my wall. Wouldn’t you?

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17th Century Highlander’s Survival Kit []

So you’re a wandering highlander in the 1600s. What would you carry around with you for survival? Well, this fellow thinks he has a pretty good idea.

This lad’s notion of a survival kit for a 17th-century highlander includes a small knife, a larger dirk or biodag, flint & steel along with horseshoe fungus tinder and char tin with charred cloth and/or punkwood for starting a fire, the plaid that was worn around the waist (as well as a wool blanket) for cover, wooden bowl or cup, cordage made from locally-available natural materials, and a leather sporan (or purse) for carrying odds and ends (oatmeal, bread, cheese, dried meat, spare tinder, salt, iron blanket pin, leather thong, spoon, and a whisky flask).

What do you think? Did he miss anything or add something you don’t agree with?

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Trump rallies for Senate candidate after controversy in Mississippi [NRA-ILA News]

President Trump was back on the campaign trail Monday, stumping in Mississippi for Cindy Hyde-Smith, who is facing Mike Espy in a racially charged runoff for a US Senate seat. The election is Tuesday.


GOP’s Hyde-Smith pledges conservative values [NRA-ILA News]

Republican Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith is telling voters in Mississippi that if they back her in Tuesday’s election, she’ll continue to stand up for the conservative values of the state. Mississippi is preparing for a U.S. Senate runoff between Hyde-Smith and Democrat Mike Espy. She says a vote for her is a vote for less government and less regulation. She says she’ll back law enforcement and the military and defend the Second Amendment right to bear arms “every single day.”


How to Properly Mount a Scope on a Rifle or Shotgun []

Larry Potterfield of MidwayUSA knows his way around guns, and he’s not shy about helping to educate others. In this video, he demonstrates the proper way to mount a scope on a rifle or shotgun.

He goes about mounting the bases by removing the plug screws, degreasing the threaded holes, applying oil between bases and receiver, and using threadlocker on the screws. He even uses a torque screwdriver to tighten the screws securing the bases to the receiver.

After tightening the screws, you need to check to make sure your gun will function properly… sometimes the screws protrude down into the receiver, interfering with the movement of the bolt or other parts.

He even laps the rings to make their inside surfaces more uniform.

Check it out; even us experienced hands can learn a thing or two.

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Why Have Wildfires Gotten Worse, and What Can We Do About it? []

This 13-minute video features Paul Hessburg, a research ecologist discussing reasons why wildfires have gotten worse in recent years. Here’s a little about the speaker:

Paul Hessburg is a research ecologist who builds models of historical and modern era conditions in large forests and studies what factors make them behave as they do. In fact, much of his research is trying to decipher what is normal. In his research, Hessburg wants to know how the forests we inherited worked before we changed them. What did “natural” look like, and what specifically did we change about naturalness? What’s still working well, and what could use a hand down?


Over the last two years, Paul has traveled and spoken to over 100 western US communities about the new era of megafires and what we can do about it. As he says, ‘Unless we change a few of our forest and fire management habits in the US, we will lose many more beloved forests; some won’t recover in our lifetime.’

Before the era of modern forest management, fires were much more common and much less devastating. The native forests we “inherited” were, as a rule, not continuous expanses of trees… but instead more of a patchwork of forests and open areas. When fires raged, they didn’t cause the massive destruction we see in today’s wildfires. They burned off the buildup of leaves and dead wood from the forest floor, reducing the severity of the next fire.

Top view 1934; bottom view 2010.

The “Big Burn” of 1910 may have had the greatest effect on America’s fire management outlook. The massive 3-million-acre swath of destruction so frightened forest managers that they began to act as if fire was an enemy and not an effective management tool.

Fire suppression became the go-to method, and we became very good at it. Arguably too good… and eventually, forests became crowded with fire-sensitive trees in such large contiguous areas that little or nothing could be done to stop fires in such areas once they got started.

In addition, more and more houses are being built in these fire-prone areas… which means that when fires do rage, there’s a greater likelihood of homes being destroyed.

The solution? Fight fire with fire — literally. Here in Florida, it used to be called “controlled burning.” Later, someone sobered up and realized there wasn’t always a lot of control going on, and the name was changed to “prescribed burning.” Whatever you call it, it is an excellent tool for reducing fire risk by burning up accumulated fuels under favorable conditions — and at times when wildland firefighters can be on hand to keep the fire confined to the target area.

It’s well worth a watch and listen. Please do, and then tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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Henry Introduces New Models & Calibers in Time for Holidays [The Firearm Blog]

Henry Repeating Arms is introducing nine new models that include engraved finishes for the Long Ranger rifle series and additional caliber options for the Single Shot rifle series. These new releases come less than a year after introducing over a dozen models at the beginning of 2018 as a result of customer feedback and suggestions. […]

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Top 5 Most Expensive Guns Sold in the Past MORPHY Auction [The Firearm Blog]

Top 5 Most Expensive Guns Sold in the Past MORPHY Auction MainContinuing our series of articles about the most expensive firearms sold in the major US auctions, today we’ll take a look at the five most expensive lots sold in the Morphy Firearms, Militaria, & Sporting Auction that was held from October 30 to November 02, 2018. As in the case of our previous installments, the list of firearms goes in the price ascendancy order […]

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Gray Wolves Voted to have Legal Protections DROPPED []

Gray wolves have always been a contentious topic when it comes to hunting them or preserving them through legal protection and the Endangered Species Act. Back on November 16th of this year, the House voted 196-180 to remove legal protections from gray wolves. What this effectively does is open the door for them to be removed from the Endangered Species Act and potentially allow wolf hunting seasons in the lower 48 states.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is now tasked with deciding if the gray wolf population has grown to sufficient numbers in order to be removed from the Endangered Species Act. While this review process has no definitive timeline, the US Fish and Wildlife Service is expected to rule that wolves can be removed.

The Associated Press is quoted stating this about the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

A spokeswoman for the Fish and Wildlife Service said the agency is completing a review of the wolves’ status in the lower 48 states and expects to make a recommendation in coming months. The agency did not take a position on the House bill.

It is pessimistically estimated that the entire wolf population in the lower 48 states is around 6,000 or less. For many farmers, ranchers, and herders, wolves are the bane of their business. Wolves destroy and kill livestock and there’s very little that can be done to stop them because of their legal protections.

Many of those who voted to remove the legal protections agreed that regulation of wolves should be left to the individual states. Now the bill will be sent to the Senate, where it faces much lower odds of passing and becoming law.

So what do you think? Do you believe wolves should have their legal protections completely removed so they can be regulated and potentially hunted at a state level? Or do you think they should remain on the Endangered Species Act list? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

gray wolves

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Georgia is Eyeing Constitutional Carry with New Governor []

With the recent mid-term elections that were held across the US, Georgia is looking at a new conservative governor, Brian Kemp. Kemp is a strong conservative who has previously voiced support for Constitutional Carry should it ever cross his desk. For Georgia residents, that may come sooner than they think.

During a special session on November 16th, 2018 a new bill was pre-filed which would eliminate the need for a Permit to Carry for Georgia residents, allowing for Constitutional Carry. This bill, HB 2, would allow aw-abiding citizens to constitutionally carry while barring individuals who cannot legally possess a firearm. State Representative Matt Gurtler (R-Tiger) is the one who proposed HB 2 and had these words to share surrounding his bill:

House Bill 2, otherwise known as Constitutional Carry, makes the Georgia Weapons License optional for law-abiding citizens. Constitutional Carry also protects reciprocity for those who wish to maintain a Georgia Weapons License. Constitutional Carry has nothing to do with the purchasing of a firearm. As it stands now, law-abiding Georgians are taxed millions of dollars annually for exercising their God-given natural rights of self-defense.

Under the Constitution and in accordance with our Founding Fathers, ‘Shall not be Infringed’ is a no compromise statement. At least a dozen States have passed Constitutional Carry, and there is no reason why we can’t pass this legislation during the upcoming meeting of the General Assembly with Republicans maintaining control of the House, Senate, and Executive. Especially with the backing of Governor-Elect Brian Kemp, who fully supports Constitutional Carry.

constitutional carry

Currently, for Georgia residents a Permit to Carry costs roughly $85 and is valid for 5 years. While HB 2 would eliminate the need for a Permit to Carry, residents could still get one for the purposes of carrying in other states which have reciprocity with Georgia.

If HB 2 were to pass for Georgia it would become the 12th state in the US to have Constitutional Carry. The 11 states which already have it are as follows:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Missouri
  • Arkansas
  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • West Virginia
  • Vermont
  • Maine

The bill would first be signed off to a committee in 2019 and then would need to gain some traction before coming to a vote. For the time being, it is good progress for the state of Georgia! Constitutional Carry could be in their near future and the rest of the US is rooting for them.

Do we have any AllOutdoor readers from Georgia in the audience? What do you guys and gals think? Good potential for it to pass? Or too far away yet to tell?

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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Permitless Carry is a Renewed Priority for South Dakota []

Residents in South Dakota, as in 39 other states in the US, have been pushing for permitless carry, or Constitutional Carry, for quite some time without success. The day for permitless carry could come soon though, with a governor-elect who is much more welcoming to the thought of Constitutional Carry. At the moment, no specific bills have been introduced in South Dakota, but optimism is running high in the Mount Rushmore State.

After the mid-term elections swayed and brought in GOP Governor-elect Kristi Noem, South Dakota residents can say goodbye to retiring Republican Governor Dennis Daugaard who never propelled Constitutional Carry to fruition. GOP state Senator-elect Lynne DiSanto, who previously has sponsored Constitutional Carry bills, has these optimistic words to share on the conversation:

There are a lot of Republicans that are very excited to have a conservative governor. I think under a new governor it’s very likely to pass.


Currently, roughly 108,000 pistol permits have been issued in the state of South Dakota. That puts about 12% of the state already exercising the right to carry a handgun for protection. If a permitless carry bill were to pass, one could only imagine an innumerable amount of South Dakotans participating in that newly attained right.

For South Dakota, their legislative session in 2019 is set to run from January 9th to March 29th and the odds of a Constitutional Carry bill passing are looking very good. Republicans will control the governor’s seat and both Houses of their legislature. Only time will tell if (or when) a bill is proposed and what type of traction is gained underneath it.

So what do you think? Could South Dakota in a few months join 11 other states with Constitutional Carry passing? Or is that more of an uphill climb than people are anticipating? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback.

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[Indo Defense 2018] New from ATA Arms, Shotguns, Handguns, ARs, and Precision Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

ATA Arms might be one Turkish company to keep an eye out for in 2019 as the company is greatly expanding into a number of areas. Present at Indo Defense 2018 was their new ASR rifle and ATA 1955 semiautomatic 12 Gauge shotgun. Not at the show but currently in their R&D process is a multi-caliber […]

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To Butcher, Or Not To Butcher, That Is The Question []

In the Middle Ages during a holiday, or celebration, typically chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, geese were butchered.  These were animals large enough to feed a group of people, but with little waste.

Thus the dilemma.  Should someone butcher a chicken and lose the eggs, or butcher a goat and lose the milk, of have a smaller meal for friends and family? Even to butcher a rooster would reduce the flock fertility.

Some of the readers may be thinking, “Just hunt some rabbits.”  After a collapse, such as during the Great Depression, wildlife is quickly depleted.  As a child, my grandfather ate so much deer meat in the 1930s he refused to eat it as an adult.

Once wildlife is depleted, the only source of fresh meat will be livestock and fish.  Therein lies the problem – which livestock should someone butcher?  The easy answer should be to butcher livestock past their production age.

For example, once a hen passes two years old her egg production decreases.  The easy answer would be to keep track of our hens and their ages.  When a hen is two or three years old, she is up for butchering.

However, what if we have no hens less than 2-3 years old?  A lot of modern breeds have lost their mothering instinct to sit on eggs and to take care of chicks.  They have lost their instinct through selective breeding over the past 100+ years.  Some of the old time favorite chicken breeds such as the Rhode Island Red and Barred Rock rarely go broody.

So how would we know when to butcher certain livestock?  A lot of it depends on livestock management.  Know which breeds have outlived their productive years.  Then again, a chicken that is six, seven, or eight years old could still be laying eggs.

Butchering livestock is a double edged sword.  During the Middle Ages typically the rich butchered their livestock as they had the resources to replace the animals.  However, in a complete collapse of society, how would we be able to replace livestock?  The first thought that comes to mind is animal husbandry. There is more to raising and butchering livestock than meets to eye. At first glimpse, we butcher the oldest and less fertile, but that is not always the answer.

Older animals teach the younger animals of to forage, and social structure. Even though a farm animal may be past their productive years, this does not always mean they are the best ones to butcher.

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4mm Zimmerstutzen Parlor Conversion for a Mauser 1914 [Forgotten Weapons]

This Mauser pistol and 4mm conversion kit are being sold at Rock Island on November 30, 2018.

This 4mm “Zimmerstutzen” conversion kit was patented by one Karl Weiss in 1921, and produced by the RWS company in Germany. Versions were made for several different types of pistol, but the Mauser 1914 was a particularly suitable base thanks to its very easy removed barrel. The kit consists of a new 132mm long 4mm (rifled) barrel, four .32 ACP chamber adapters, a supply of 4mm zimmerstutzen cartridges, and a manual ejection rod for removing the fired cases from the cartridge adapters. The cartridge itself is basically a stretched centerfire primer with a 7 grain lead ball seated in the end. While just as accurate as .22 rimfire at short ranges, it is much less powerful, and can be safely fire with a simply pellet trap indoors without the noise and expense of shooting full size ammunition.

Monday, 26 November


Blood Antlers []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications

As a takeoff from the new TV series Blood Ivory about poaching, and selling ivory tusks from African elephants, we have our own little “bone” wars right here in the US. Forever it seems that unscrupulous individuals, and I refuse to call them hunters, have been trespassing and poaching white-tailed bucks for their big racks. In some areas it has become an under the table cash war to produce sizeable deer racks for sale and display.

Just a couple years ago, I was driving north on a state highway headed out of town. When I passed a deer carcass lying on the side of the road, my immediate thought was just another “road kill” which is common in our whitetail rich state. But then as I passed the dead deer, I looked in my rearview mirror to see a horror I had never witnessed before.

As I looked back it was clear that the entire head of the dead deer had been removed. The remainder of the deer’s body had just been dumped there on the roadside. I only wish I had my camera with me or the iPhone I own now. I took the first exit, to go back to get a closer roadside look.

Was this a road kill accident, then the car owner just took the head? We doubted it after the game and fish officials were called. They see it all the time. It was obvious to them that the deer had been a buck, and only the head was taken because of its antlered rack. Sad.
Then stories come every hunting season about brazened poaching where deer shooters either ride the rural farmland roads at night, or more often in broad daylight scoping out unsuspecting bucks grazing in fields alongside the roadway for a quick kill and head removal. Private lands trespassing and poaching have both been on the rise as values for the buck heads and meat escalate every season. Why someone would want to mount or display a poached buck is beyond me.

How do you stop trespassing and deer poaching on your private lands, hunted or not? First, despite state laws, clearly post your property boundaries. Patrol your lands as much as possible to show your presence. Put up or otherwise lock gates to all entry ways onto the property. Set up trail cameras at commonly breached crossing spots to catch would be trespassers or poachers.

When you catch a trespasser-poacher red-handed, call law enforcement authorities and have them apprehended and prosecuted. If you do not enforce your own property, then word gets out it is wide open. You have to put a stop to that.

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NEW Springfield Armory Range Officer – RO Elite Operator 10mm [The Firearm Blog]

ro elite operatorSpringfield Armory has a new pistol for all of us and it delivers some more of that 10mm goodness! This morning they have unveiled the NEW RO Elite Operator 10mm. Aside from the TRP models Springfield Armory has introduced to the market, the RO Elite Operator is now on a short list of 10mm handguns […]

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POTD: LA05 DELTA SIERRA [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo of The Day is more exotic than you first might realize. Location: Republic of Liberia, in West Africa. In a place called Bong Mines. The rifle is a Barret M82 .50 caliber, but in this version called AG90C (Swedish Armed Forces). If you have sharp eyes, you can spot the Three Crowns insignia […]

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Ukrainian FORT-250 Rifle Prototype [The Firearm Blog]

Ukrainian FORT-250 Rifle Prototype (3)During the Arms & Security 2018 exhibition held in Kiev, Ukraine, the Ukrainian FORT state corporation has introduced a new assault rifle prototype called FORT-250. The information on this new rifle is very scarce. The only currently available source that shows and gives a more or less detailed description is a video published by a […]

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You Just Fell through Thin Ice!… Now What Do You Do? []

As we get further into the cold winter months around the US a very real danger for outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen is falling through thin ice. Whether it is on a river which never fully freezes or a stable base has not frozen over on a lake, the potential to fall through thin ice and drown or experience hypothermia is very real. When you are in the outdoors alone that danger can be more alarming because how do you save yourself?!

One YouTube video that has resurfaced on social media recently provides a short, concise, and phenomenal tutorial on how to perform a self-rescue if you fall through thin ice. The advice that YouTube account ReWildUniversity provides is as follows:

OK, this is the cold shock response… which really can be mitigated if you just relax and realize that it is going to pass and that after it passes you’ll be able to do the second part of your self-rescue.

So I spread my arms out so that I didn’t get fully emerged and that gasp response didn’t make me inhale water. So I’ve survived my cold shock response.

thin ice

Now to get out instead of trying to pull myself straight up I’m gonna start to kick my feet and raise them up behind me and then kick.

thin ice

Now I’m on flat ice and I don’t wanna stand up now. I’m gonna ease myself forward until I feel like I am on stronger ice. Test it… and start to move towards shore.

thin ice

What do you guys and gals think? If you personally fell through the ice, do you think you could remain calm and execute this plan? Or do you think the cold response shock would sink your odds? Let us know what you think in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback. Also, if you would like to watch the ReWildUniversity video in its entirety you can view it below.

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NEW Range Officer 10mm! Springfield Armory RO Elite Operator []

Every year it seems there is a new favorite caliber for firearm owners. The most recent hot flavor for handgun owners which is continually gaining momentum is the 10mm cartridge. Springfield Armory introduced a pair of XD(M) models just back in September in 10mm, and now they have a NEW 1911 to unveil to the world. Back on November 19th, Springfield Armory announced their newest Range Officer – the RO Elite Operator 10mm!

The New RO Elite Operator 10mm falls right into succession with their other RO Elite models by offering a Match-Grade barrel, thin G10 grips, and the same stylish aesthetic for shooters. The complete specification listing for this pistol can be read below, as presented by Springfield Armory:

  • Caliber: 10mm
  • Magazines: Two (2) – 8 Round Stainless Steel
  • Barrel: 5” S/S, Match-Grade w/ Fully-Supported Ramp; S/S Bushing;1:16” LH Twist w/ 6-Groove Rifling
  • Sights: Fiber Optic Front &Tactical Rack White Dot Rear
  • Trigger: SA Gen 2, 4-Window Speed Trigger
  • Grips: Thin-Line Black/Gray G10

ro elite operator

  • Frame: Forged Steel, Black-T® Finish, Ambi Thumb Safety & Accessory Rail
  • Slide: Forged Steel, Black-T® Finish w/ Ball Cut & Front Serrations
  • Recoil System: 18 ½ Lbs, G.I. Style
  • Height: 5 ½”
  • Length: 8.6”
  • Weight (Empty Magazine): 41 Ounces
  • MSRP: $1,145

ro elite operator

The MSRP for the RO Elite Operator is $1,145 which might be high to some consumers, but if you meticulously comb over all of the features, materials, and inherent quality in this pistol it begins to make more sense. To further sell this new 10mm addition to the Springfield Armory line-up of Range Officers, they offered this elated public statement for the new model:

GENESEO, ILL. (11/19/18) – The Springfield Armory RO® Elite series ups the ante in power with the introduction of its newest model in 10mm.

New for Fall 2018, the RO Elite features premium upgrades in the popular 10mm caliber for shooters interested in competition, hunting or personal defense use. It features a 5-inch match grade stainless steel barrel with a fully supported chamber and a forged steel frame and slide that are precision-fit for fluid-smooth function. Coated in Black-T®, this highly corrosion resistant self-lubricating treatment is built to withstand the most punishing conditions, and is the same treatment specified on Springfield Armory 1911s built for the FBI’s SWAT and Hostage Rescue Teams. Equipped with an 18.5 lb. recoil spring, the RO Elite 10mm is well-balanced and soft shooting, taming the power of the hottest 10mm loads. A Picatinny rail allows operators to attach accessories, and slanted serrations on the front and the rear of the slide encourage easy manipulation of the slide.

The forged slide and frame, the heart and soul of Springfield Armory 1911s, sets this gun apart from competitors cast models on the market by surpassing them in both strength and durability. Early attempts in the firearms industry to make a 10mm pistol fell short due to these firearms inability to endure the abuse from the pressure of this cartridge. Springfield Armory engineers specifically designed the RO Elite 10mm to offer superior performance in the face of repeated recoil and have built an incredibly strong 1911 that will last lifetimes.

A tactical rack white-dot rear sight allows for single-handed operation of the slide should the need arise.  The fiber optic front sight provides quick and effortless target acquisition.

Springfield Armory’s crisp Gen 2 trigger, ambidextrous thumb safety, and custom thin-line G-10 grips were designed specifically for the RO series and add premium features to the time tested 1911 platform.

The RO Elite 10mm – Springfield Armory craftsmanship, power and performance that dominates the competition.

So what do you guys and gals think? Are you ready to jump on the 10mm train with the RO Elite Operator and join the bandwagon? Or are you going to let this one pass on by and wait for another train to come into the station? .45 ACP? 9mm?… Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

ro elite operator

ro elite operator

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Stan Zuray on Using an Alaskan Chainsaw Mill []

Stan Zuray of the erstwhile TV show Yukon Men is one of my favorite people I’ve never met. He’s lived a life of tough self-reliance and hard work, and he really knows his stuff about survival and rough living in the boondocks.

In this video, Stan demonstrates a simple chainsaw mill for cutting lumber from logs. It’s not surprising that Stan values the chainsaw above all other survival tools.

When asked what I consider the most important powered tool for living in the woods I always say a chainsaw. The time it saves cutting firewood and making things out of wood, especially in Alaska’s cold interior, far exceeds any other tool I can think of. This simple attachment to that saw makes cutting lumber easy. Here is a popular one called the Alaskan Chainsaw Mill making some boards and lots of talk about the process. Happy board/timber cutting. Stan

Unlike many mills, the one he’s demonstrating here is simple and light, and is essentially just an attachment for a chainsaw bar, which allows you to cut a slice of uniform thickness from a log.

After milling the wood, he stacks the boards with spacers and binds them with rope to prevent warpage as the wood dries. The assembled stack looks exactly like what it is: A disassembled log.

Typical of Stan’s videos, he tells us about the process and the surroundings before he gets down to work. To skip ahead to the actual sawmilling, jump to about 4:35.

Then he cuts a board, which takes him about 4 minutes, and places the board in his drying stack.

Then we get a lot of advice on saws, throttle control, saw chains, silt in bark, and the like.

Around the 22:40 mark, he breaks out the guide, which is what allows you to make the initial cut in a log which creates the flat surface on which all subsequent cuts are guided.

Pretty cool.

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[Indo Defense 2018] ATA Arms BA40 UBGL/Standalone, 8,000 Units Ordered for Turkish Land Forces [The Firearm Blog]

The Istanbul based ATA Arms brought out their 40x46mm BA40 standalone and UBGL grenade launcher to the show in Indo Defence 2018 this year. The launcher is the first such design from ATA Arms, which actually won a major contract this year for 8,000 launchers from the Turkish Land Forces. Another Turkish company MERTSAV completed […]

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Hornady ELD Bullets Available in Bulk []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Reloaders will be happy to know that they can now buy the excellent Hornady ELD Match bullets in bulk quantities. ELD stands for “extremely low drag” which for rifle shooting translates into flat trajectories, longer ranges with more precision accuracy to boot.

If you want the technical jargon on these bullets, their engineering design promotes an enhanced accuracy profile that features Hornady Heat Shield tips with a perfect meplat or tip point. These bullets offer the maximum ballistic coefficients (BC) and superior accuracy. And this performance is consistent from bullet to bullet, product run to product run.

The ELD Match bullets also have an optimal secant ogive along with a proven boattail design. All this means with the highest BC factor in this class of bullets that these babies fly the slickest through the air with less drag making for super accuracy for target and long range shooting.

The “Heat Shield” tips also repulse aerodynamic heating (friction) that could deform more traditional bullet designs even in micro-minimal ways. And that perfect “meplat” simple means the shape of the bullet tip is ideal for bullet flight.

The task put to the engineering designers of these bullets was to produce the optimal bullet for hunting that would perform out to maximum ranges. That was defined as beyond the 400 yard range usually reserved to most bullets. The ELD Match bullets perform well at more conventional hunting ranges as well as extended ranges. Long range hunting shots are all the rage now, and hunters with rifles and optics capable of such shots now have a bullet to maximize that range performance as well. I guess it is the best of all worlds for hunters.

Some more casual shooters and hunters might mistakenly believe that ammunition reloading is a dying art or skill, but nothing could be further from the truth. Hunters-shooters that really dig into the ballistics of building their own ammunition to fulfill their own goals will be delighted to know that these Hornady ELD bullets can now be acquired in bulk quantities.

These ELD Match bullets are now available in .22 caliber, 6mm-.243, 6.5-.264 caliber, 7mm-.284, .30 caliber-.308 and .338 caliber-.338. Each caliber is available in several bullet weights to match the reloading approaches that shooters will want to assemble for their own uses. These offerings pretty much cover the water front for all types of game hunting from light deer up to heavy game. For full details, check it out at

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Even BATF Says ‘Assault Weapons’ is a Fake Term []

A link to an Outdoor Life article recently found its way across my Facebook feed, and although it’s a bit of an oldie (Feb 2017), its content bears repeating… especially as the politicos of both Red and Blue varieties continue to steal away our firearms rights. The gist of it is the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATF)’s admission that “assault weapon” is a manufactured term designed to scare the public — something most gun owners have known all along.

A Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ‘white paper’ [authored by ATF second-in-command Ronald Turk] correctly identifies ‘assault weapons’ as a politically contrived term with no real meaning and recommends dramatic federal law revisions in how they are regulated.
Turk’s ‘white paper’ says the agency is interested in reforms that ‘promote commerce and defend the Second Amendment without significant negative impact on ATF’s mission to fight violent firearms crime and regulate the firearms industry.’

Turk wrote that the misleading ‘assault weapons’ term to describe AK-and-AR-style rifles should be replaced with a ‘modern sporting rifles,’ to reflect how the use and popularity of these firearms has grown. In fact, he noted, their use in ‘sport shooting’ has grown ‘exponentially’ and such guns ‘are now standard for hunting activities.’

The ATF official also argued in favor of changes in policy for the import of WWII-era military weapons, such as M1 Garand rifles.

As I said, this isn’t earth-shattering news, except that it’s nice to see someone in government making sense. When even BATF says “assault weapons” is a phony label, any thinking person should sit up and take notice. Sadly, that omits many anti-gunners and most elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats.

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Brownells Introduce Retro Range ‘Custom’ 1911 [The Firearm Blog]

Brn1911Brownells is continuing to expand its Retro series with the addition of a 1911 pistol recalling the style of classic 1980s custom 1911s. Teaming up with Ed Brown, Brownells is adding its first pistol to their Retro range. The two-tone BRN-1911 is being produced by Ed Brown. Brownells note that the pistol ties into their […]

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Hooyman Ratchet Pruner Review []

The Hooyman Ratchet Pruner is billed as a handy little hand-operated pruner which has ratchet action to allow cutting of large limbs, along with a small detachable hand saw that folds into the handle. I’ve had one of these for about a year and a half now, and it’s high time I reviewed it.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner, closed, manufacturer image.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner, closed, manufacturer image.
(Image: © Battenfeld Technologies, Inc)

Features per Manufacturer

  • Ratcheting Mechanism provides 10 times the cutting force
  • High-Strength Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Ultra-Strong SK5 High-Carbon Steel Blade
  • Black Teflon Blade coating for smooth, easy cuts
  • Quick-Detach Folding Saw in handle
  • Aggressive MegaBite XP 4-edge tooth design
Hooyman Ratchet Pruner in the package.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner in the package.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)


  • Weight: 11 ounces
  • Overall length: 9 inches
  • Saw blade length: 3.25 inches
  • Saw overall length: 8.5 inches
Hooyman Ratchet Pruner open, real-world.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner open, real-world.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

First Impressions

I happily went to work just as soon as I unpacked the new Hooyman Ratchet Pruner when it arrived, and got mixed results. Here’s a quote from my notes:

Ratchet pruner sucks for palmettos. So far works great for small limbs and such.

Alas, my results remained mixed throughout all of my experience with this little tool. When the ratcheting works, it snips off medium-sized limbs pretty well. But the ratchet feature often fails to work on larger limbs, leaving you squeezing the handles over and over again while the blades fail to ratchet. This means you have to use your other hand to hold the blade closed while you open the handles and re-squeeze with your other hand. Un-good.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner closed, real-world.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner closed, real-world.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Sweet Spot

There seems to be a “sweet spot” in which this thing snips limbs pretty well. I would estimate this to be 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameter. Within that range, I usually get clean one-squeeze cuts.

It can work okay on larger limbs if the blade sticks in the wood while you open and re-squeeze the handles to get a “bite” with the ratchet mechanism… but this often fails.

On smaller brushy limbs, the Hooyman Ratchet Pruner just plain sucks. The blade will simply not cut small limbs, instead mangling them against the anvil portion. This is caused by the ratchet mechanism allowing the blade to continuously operate one notch farther open than it should.

Speaking of the anvil, there’s a groove in it, for the blade to go into as it shears through a limb. Because the blade so often fails to close that far, the groove becomes loaded with bark and other matter.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner. Groove in bottom jaw fills with bark and debris. Saw detach plunger (arrow) lacks spring tension.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner. Groove in bottom jaw fills with bark and debris. Saw detach plunger (arrow) lacks spring tension.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Saw

My experience with Hooyman saw blades is that they usually work pretty well, and this one does okay. It folds out from one of the pruner handles, which are made of cast aluminum. That handle detaches from the pruner body by pressing a cross pin (indicated by arrow in the photo above) and sliding it out of a groove.

Unfortunately, that plunger has no spring tension to keep it locked, therefore the saw handle can fall off of the pruner unintentionally. Doh!

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner with saw open and detached.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner with saw open and detached.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The saw blade locks open or closed by means of a plunger (arrow in photo below), and thankfully this one is spring-loaded.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner saw close-up. Arrow indicates blade lock plunger.

Hooyman Ratchet Pruner saw close-up. Arrow indicates blade lock plunger.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The saw works pretty well for light work, which is all you’d expect to do with a little blade like this one. The teeth are a bit fine, but they do the job.

All in all, the saw is the best part of this thing.


As you can tell, I am less-than-impressed with the Hooyman Ratchet Pruner. The pruners are astoundingly frustrating, and if you can use this for very long without wanting to smash or throw it, you’re a better person than I.

The saw is actually pretty good, but at a whopping $34.99 MRSP (currently out of stock), you’d be far ahead to simply pick up a decent compact folding saw for your pack.

While you’re at it, buy a simple rugged set of garden pruners and call it done.

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Some of the Top Cyber Monday Deals For Outdoorsmen []

Today marks one of the last days to snag discounted deals before the holidays hit. If you made it out on Black Friday, or over the weekend, you may have completed your shopping or scored some new gear for yourself. If not, than you may have been waiting for today, Cyber Monday, to check some items off your list from the comfort of your own home. Either way, there are still a number of great deals to be had and we have put together a list of some of the top deals you should absolutely check out.

Plano All-Weather II Scoped Rifle/Shotgun Case, AW2 Gun Case

List Price – $119.99

Sale Price – $61.19

cyber monday 1


LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

List Price – $24.95

Sale Price – $11.99


Fiskars x27 Super Splitting Axe 36 Inch

List Price – $69.99

Sale Price – $38.15

Cyber Monday 3

Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Sport Sound Amplification Electronic Shooting Earmuff, Classic Green 

List Price – $49.99

Sale Price – $34.99

Cyber Monday 4

Maglula ltd. UpLULA Pistol Magazine Loader/Unloader, Fits 9mm-45 ACP Black 

List Price – $39.99

Sale Price – $22.99

MOOKA Vacuum Sealer 2 IN 1 Vacuum Sealing System with Cutter & 10 Sealing Bags

List Price – $199.99

Sale Price – $59.99


Cyber MOnday 7

Streamlight 66133 Stylus Pro USB Rechargeable Pen Light with 120V AC Adapter and Holster – 250 Lumens

List Price – $51.04

Sale Price – $30.70

Cyber Monday 9

Now for some of the Site wide deals:

Primary Arms – 35% off select brands and a number of discounted items

Brownells – 10% off site wide, no exclusions 

Palmetto State Armory – Up to 60% off a number of items

Cabela’s – 20%-50% 0ff Cyber Monday Deals

Sportsman’s Warehouse – Save up to 60% off of firearms, ammo, hunting gear and more

Filson is offering $50 off any order of $300 or more.

Orvis is offering up to 50 percent off select gear.

Danner is offering 25 percent off storewide, with up to 65 percent off select items.

OnXHunt is offering 30% off the Premium and Elite Hunting Maps through 11/26.

CRKT – 25% off Site Wide

Under Armour – $30 off $100 all UA Hunt at the Under Armour Outlet


Image is courtesy of Shutterstock

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The Oddest M249 SAW You’ll Ever See [The Firearm Blog]

In fact, it isn’t an M249 SAW at all. It looks like a SAW, probably sounds like a SAW when fired, operates similarly to a SAW, but it isn’t one. What you are actually looking at is an RPD derivative that has been externally modified to fit the overall external profile of an M249 SAW light machine […]

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Strike Industries AR Pistol Stabilizer [The Firearm Blog]

AR Pistol StabilizerStrike Industries is back with another new product, this time it’s for AR pistols. Their new ergonomic polymer AR Pistol Stabilizer is smooth and snag-free and weighs in at a svelte 5.3 ounces. It features ambidextrous QD points and can fit pistol buffer tubes up to 1.25 inches in diameter, such as the Strike Industries […]

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FAXON Patriot and Hellfire Slides for S&W M&P Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

FAXON Patriot and Hellfire Slides for S&W M&P Pistols (1)Faxon Firearms first introduced the Patriot and Hellfire S&W M&P pistol slides back in May at 2018 NRA Annual Meetings and Exhibits. Recently, the company published a press release announcing that these new slides are now available for purchase. Here is how the company describes these new products: The Faxon Patriot and Hellfire slides are […]

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Hidden Cache of Weapons Found After Fire in Belfast [The Firearm Blog]

AK in the boiler roomA cache of weapons was discovered as a residential property in Belfast, Northern Ireland following a heating boiler fire. Two AK-pattern rifles and two sawn-off shotguns were found along with a supply of ammunition. Police believe that the weapons belonged to the ‘New IRA’ also known as the Real IRA which formed in 1997 following a split […]

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North Georgia Republican files bill to allow permitless carry of guns [NRA-ILA News]

A North Georgia Republican is getting a head start on what could be flurry of proposals to expand access to guns. State Rep. Matt Gurtler, R-Tiger, filed legislation to let anyone who is legally allowed to own a gun carry it without paying for a state-issued license.


Governor-elect Brian Kemp talks top priorities once he takes office [NRA-ILA News]

Channel 2 Action News is talking one-on-one with Georgia Governor-elect Brian Kemp about his top priorities once he takes office in January.


Black Friday brings spike in gun sales [NRA-ILA News]

Black Friday is known for its deals on phones, TVs, and computers. But people we talked to were shelling out the big bucks for some guns.


N.Y. bill would require social media, search history review for gun license [NRA-ILA News]

A state lawmaker is proposing a change to New York’s gun laws to allow authorities to search social media for potential red flags before approving a handgun license. State Senator Kevin Parker’s bill would mandate that applicants provide investigators with their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram passwords and access to their Google, Yahoo and Bing searches.


Why Do People Stay in the Face of Disaster? []

Awhile back we talked about the One Thing All Hurricanes Have In Common, which is people staying home.  People in the path of the hurricane should know their chance of survival.  Then again, people evacuate so many times and nothing happens, so why should they evacuate this time?

Perhaps the same can be said about the recent wildfire in California, such as the Camp Fire.

As of November 23, 2018 the Camp Fire death toll was 84, with 475 still missing.

California officials released an update late Friday night on the most destructive and deadly wildfire in the state’s history.

The Butte County Sherriff’s office announced that 475 individuals are still unaccounted and raised the death toll to 84 in the Camp Fire, which has scorched Northern California. The blaze has destroyed more structures than the state’s other seven worst wildfires combined.

Did the people ignore the warnings?  Maybe they had nowhere to go?  Or maybe they could not bring themselves to leave their home?  Whatever the reason, it cost them their lives.

Why is this topic important?  In the Middle Ages, people who could flee the cities typically would.  There are numerous accounts of royalty isolating themselves on their estates while the Black Death ravaged cities and country side.

From a prepper / survivalist point of view, natural disasters such as hurricanes and wildfires are a test run for larger events, such as a nuclear strike, or a disease outbreak.  If the people ignored the warnings about a hurricane or wildfire, would they ignore warnings of a new disease?  For the sake of discussion let’s say there is a replay of the 1918 Spanish Flu.

We have numerous examples of people ignoring warnings of a wildfire or hurricane, would they also ignore warnings of a new disease?  Would they avoid contact with other people, or would they go to populated areas, such as mall, schools, churches… etc?

Yes, there are people who are unable to evacuate in the face of a disaster.  Sometimes the disaster moves so fast people do not have time to get out of the way.  Which brings up another topic of how fast a new disease could spread in our modern world.  Let’s save that for another article.

With the Camp Fire of California, why are so many people dead, and so many more missing?  Wouldn’t it make sense to leave the area?  Surely residents had enough warning to leave?  This brings up another topic, and that is staying informed.  Did the missing and dead even know about the fire until it was too late?

We may never know why so many people died in Camp Fire, or why so many are missing.  Perhaps by asking questions and looking for answers, the readers can help prevent such tragic loss of life.

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What to Make of Gun Reviews []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


When people find out you are a gun writer, gun dealer, shooter, hunter, and general all around outdoor product evaluator, the questions come in droves. This especially happens on line, on Facebook or live at gun shows where I work nearly every month.

Most often these inquiries are fair questions from consumers that want to spend their hard earned money wisely. They want valued and unbiased input on all kinds of products or recommendations on the best items to buy. Mainly they want to avoid a piece of junk or inferior product from the get-go. This is especially true of firearms’ purchases for shooting, recreation, prepping, survival, self-defense, or hunting.

For sure, I have my own opinions after some 50 years of shooting, collecting, selling, trading and evaluating firearms. I got my first writing gig back in 1978 with the North American Hunter magazine doing a monthly column called Woods Guns. Like the guy says on the Farmers Insurance ads, I know a thing or two about guns, gear, and related shooting/hunting products. Even so, I am still learning and evaluating new products virtually every day.

So, what about gun reviews? Well, if you are reading them here at, I can say with confidence that our writers know their business. If they say this or that is a good product, you can trust that. I try as well to provide clear, concise evaluations or accurate write ups of all the products I review or report on, then you can make your best buying decisions. We all do.

If you buy quality merchandise in the way of name brand firearms, seldom are you going to run into a problem. Sure, an individual gun may need an adjustment from time to time, but rarely have I ever seen a major brand firearm totally fail, but they do sometimes. I still have a Kimber 1911 that will not lock closed upon slide release even though springs have been changed. Go figure.

I see reports of users running down a brand or model of a gun from time to time, but I most often attribute that to user error, poor maintenance, or outright abuse. Just ask a good gunsmith what they see come through their doors. Some shake their heads, others just cry.

Sorry guys, but waterfowl hunters are notorious for this. They slug a shotgun through mud and water, never clean it, and expect it to run endlessly. Ain’t happening. Every mechanical device needs maintenance and cleaning to run at peak performance and a firearm is certainly no exception. The manufacturer cannot be responsible for how a gun is treated by its owner. If there is a design flaw or a need for a recall to fix something, they will do it, most often very pronto.

There are without a doubt some highly qualified and completely honest gun review writers out there. Some are not. I look to see what they tout on social media, the hats and shirts they wear constantly to promote the products they were sponsored to write about. Some are paid to do this. But, in all fairness, this is their business, and livelihood, too, so they have to be a team player to make a living. It is up to the consumer to see if the dots connect between a fair and honest product review or was it a paid sponsorship for a good write up.

Then how do you know a good review when you read one? Make sure a gun review is actually that. Admittedly, we do gun introduction information reports, since often the gun is not even available in the marketplace yet. We just want AO consumers to know as soon as possible what new products are coming on the market and the general information about it. Actual live shooting reviews come later as we can afford to acquire these new arms. That’s expensive.

For a thorough review, be sure the gun has actually been fired extensively at a range and the data is reported. Is the firearm’s function and performance described in detail? Note what ammo was used and its accuracy. Make certain the complete specifications on the gun are included in the review. Does the author walk through how the gun works, loaded, unloaded, its features, etc. This is essential to a fair review.

Are the product photographs taken in the field, at the range, on a hunt, or in a photo studio? Check to see how detailed and introspective the review is. You’ll know the difference. Is the information on the maker’s web site listed, so you can check out the gun further yourself?

The gun industry and those of us reporting on these products are a trustworthy effort. Sometimes there is a missed step or a gloss review. I am sure we have all bought a product that we thought was going to be top notch only to be disappointed. This happens for sure. I know because I owned a Chevrolet Vega at one time and it was a piece of crap. At the time the reviews were good. As always, it is the buyer’s responsibility to purchase wisely.

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Type 13 Manchurian Mauser – A WW1 Legacy in China [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on December 2, 2018.

The Liao Type 13 was produced at what would become known as the Mukden Arsenal in Manchuria starting in 1924, with production facilitated by the Steyr company of Austria. Late in World War One, Steyr developed an improved pattern of Mauser rifle, with a shrouded firing pin, shrouded striker, gas vent holes, detachable box magazines, and receiver dust cover. The rifle was not put into production because of cost and time constraints, and after the war Steyr was prohibited from building military arms by the Treaty of Versailles. However, they were able to license the design to Zhang Zuolin, the ruler of Manchuria. About 140,000 were made in total, know today as the Liao Type 13 or simply the Manchurian Mauser. The Manchurian version incorporated most of the Steyr design elements with the exception of the detachable magazines. Unfortunately, virtually all of these rifle today are missing their dust covers, which also served to prevent the rear of the bolt from rotating while being cycled. Owners today need to be careful of this, as we can see from the gouge in this particular one.

Sunday, 25 November


Thompson Center LRR 6.5 Creedmoor [The Firearm Blog]

Today Joel reviews the Thompson Center LRR 6.5 Creedmoor. He breaks down the specifications, features, and gives a professional opinion on the positives and negatives of this weapon system. ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» TFBTV is giving away one gun a month to a randomly selected $5-level (and higher) Patreon supporter. All Patreon supporters at a […]

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2018 Cheap Crossbow Shootout + Video []

While it’s fun to be able to shoot the latest and greatest new flagship crossbows, we understand that the majority of hunters are not in a position to spend that kind of money just to get out in the woods and chase whitetail now and again. With these hunters in mind, we worked with our sister site to try and find the best cheap crossbow in the industry.

After reaching out to a handful of manufacturers, we were able to get three cheap crossbow options in for testing – the Killer Instinct Ripper 415, Barnett Whitetail Hunter II and CenterPoint Sniper 370. All of these bows sell for $400 or less.

Killer Instinct Ripper 415

Killer Instinct Ripper 415 Feature

The first bow we tested was the Killer Instinct Ripper 415 (watch the review video here). This crossbow package retails for $380 and is built around an aluminum rail. It offers 1.5 inches of butt stock adjustment and the fore grip offers some adjustability as well. It also comes equipped with a 4×32 scope with five different brightness settings in both red and blue, three Killer Tech bolts, five-bolt quiver with tactical side mount, rope cocking aid, and rail lube. Other features include anti-dry fire, ambidextrous auto safety, and a soft touch finish.

Ripper 415 Specs

  • Speed – 415 fps
  • Trigger – 3.5 lbs
  • Width – 14.25″ Cocked/17.75″ Uncocked
  • Length – 35″-36.5″
  • Weight – 6.9 lbs
  • Draw Weight – 200 lbs
  • Power Stroke – 15″

Barnett Whietail Hunter II

Barnett Whitetail Hunter Feature

Our second test bow was the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II (watch our review video here), which retails for $400. This crossbow has an ambidextrous safety and an anti-dry fire system. The package comes standard with a 4×32 multi-reticle scope, rope cocking device, three-arrow quiver, two 20-inch Headhunter arrows, and lube wax. To help you find the right fit, an adjustable butt stock allows you to adjust the length of the crossbow from 34 1/4″ to 35 1/4″.

Barnett outfitted the Whitetail Hunter II with a Trigger Tech trigger system – easily the best trigger in this  price point. There is zero creep in this system, which results in a super crisp release.

Whitetail Hunter II Specs

  • Speed – 350 fps
  • Trigger Pull – 3.0 lbs
  • Width – 16.25″
  • Length – 34 1/4″ – 35 1/4″
  • Weight – 6.4 lbs
  • Draw Weight – 150 lbs
  • Power Stroke – 12 1/2″

CenterPoint Sniper 370

CenterPoint Sniper 370 Feature

Our final cheap crossbow test was the CenterPoint Sniper 370 (watch our review video here), which retails for just $320. It can achieve speeds up to 370 feet per second using its 185-pound draw weight. Other specs include a mass weight of 7.9 pounds, power stroke of 13.5 inches, axle-to-axle length of 21.5 inches, and overall length of 36.5 inches. CenterPoint outfitted the Sniper 370 with an adjustable stock and foregrip. The package comes standard with a 4 x 32 multi-reticle scope, cocking rope, sling, noise-suppressingn stops, rubber-coated foot stirrup, four-bolt quick detach quiver, and three 20-inch carbon bolts. It also comes standard with anti dryfire and auto safety features.

Sniper 370 Specs

  • Speed – 370 fps
  • Trigger Pull – 5.0 lbs
  • Width – 16.25″
  • Length – 36  1/2″
  • Weight – 7.9 lbs
  • Draw Weight – 185lbs

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Apex Ammunition []

Apex is defined as the upper most point, which can be translated to superior when referring to predators. As hunters we are the apex predator and having ammunition to back that can be the difference of harvesting game or coming home empty handed. Apex Ammunition  , in my opinion, is superior when referring to waterfowl shot shells.

Ducks, can be very difficult to bring down depending on the weather as well as species. Over the course of my quest for the North American Grand Slam I have used just about every type of shot shell on the market. However, the need for consistent patterns and a density that can deliver efficient kill shots is constantly on my mind. Not long ago I stumbled across Apex Ammunition while scrolling through social media. Which sparked some interest, thus leading to their website to do some research.

So what’s so different about Apex Ammunition? Apex is ammunition designed to be deadly in all areas of waterfowl and turkey hunting.  One of the main differences is the use of TSS  which is hard hitting, dense Tungsten. Not to mention the use of the roll crimp, that was used in the early days of waterfowl hunting and is a very deadly combination when coupled with a Pattern Master tube.

Once the ammunition arrived, range time was crucial to see how well this shot shell would preform on paper. After sending a couple shots down range at 40 yards, there wasn’t any doubting the patterns of these shotshells.

With opening day behind us I can say that Apex Ammunition does exactly what it’s designed to do, which is delivering devistating knockdown power at distances most wouldn’t try. As we sat along the banks of Lake Guntersville fighting wind as well as a decent cold front, I saw first hand what this ammo is capable of. Birds didn’t want to work exactly perfect nor were there a lot in the area but the ones that did work didn’t have a chance for escape when Apex #4 Shot is flying.

After several vollies of shooting I was thoroughly impressed with the ability of these shot shells. In fact, every bird hit was essentially finished before landing in the water, which brings up the topic of chasing crippled birds. Chasing cripple birds on vast expanses of open water is very aggravating and can be costly when a bird is lost. As a sportsman finding game that has been harvested is something that can be bothersome when game isn’t recoverable, not just for moral reasons but for supplying food for the table.

With several shells shot and several birds harvested, I can honestly say that Apex Ammunition is a very powerful hunting round. Using this ammunition will improve kill ratio as well as reduce the number of shots needed to dispatch a bird.  I will be using Apex for a long time and will be sharing some with my kids in the blind one day.


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Colt Checks out the Spanish Wondernine: the Star 30PK [Forgotten Weapons]

This pistol is being sold at Rock Island in December 2, 2018.

Star entered the Wondernine era in 1978 with their Model 28 pistol, a double action 9mm offering with 15-round magazines. It was one of the entrants in the first round of US military XM-9 trials, but unfortunately for Star was beat out by the Beretta 92. Star took feedback on its gun from the commercial market, and revised a number of small elements to create the Model 30, released in 1981. A few years later (in 1986), the Colt company purchased 20 Stars – 10 30Ms and 10 30PKs – for “internal review” to see if they might be interested in manufacturing the design. They decided not to, and sold the guns off to Colt employees not much later.

A quick designation guide to the Star 28/30/31 series; M indicated a military pattern with a full length slide, P indicates a Police pattern with a shorter slide, and K indicated an aluminum alloy frame instead of the standard steel frame.

Saturday, 24 November


Austrian Army, the Bundesheer, adopts Steyr SSG M1 precision rifle []

Today the Austrian Army, the Bundesheer, officially adopts the Steyr SSG M1 multi-caliber precision rifle that was announced earlier this year.

The rifle will be chambered in .338 Lapua which is accurate at 1200m. For optics, it will be equipped with Austrian made Kahles K624i 6-24x56mm long range scope with an Aimpoint T1 mounted at 45 degree on the forend. It will also be equipped with suppressor made by Finnish company Ase-Utra.

The SSG M1 is an update to the original SSG 08 first announced in 2008 with inputs from the Austrian counter-terrorism unit EKO Cobra. As an owner of an SSG 08, I’m glad that the design has been improved to meet today’s mission requirements.

The Austrian army contract requests for 120 systems worth approximately €1.6 million.

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SILENCER SATURDAY #48: EForm Form 4s And Holiday Deals [The Firearm Blog]

DealsHello fellow pewpew lovers and thank you for joining us here at TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where the only thing better than leftover turkey sandwiches are discount silencers and fast Form 4 approvals. Speaking of which, this week I have put together a Holiday Deals Extravaganza that I think includes the best prices of the year […]

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Paul Harrell’s Top Five (Six) Guns for Deer Hunting []

We’ve seen Paul Harrell talk about everything from shotgun penetration through car doors to using a 45 ACP for cougars and bears. This time, he’s talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: Deer hunting. Specifically, his favorite firearms for hunting deer.

He starts by explaining some of the difficulties with doing this sort of list: Deer hunting occurs in/under many different laws, terrains, and conditions… and any caliber he doesn’t cover will surely hurt someone’s feelings. And so he concludes that instead of choosing calibers/cartridges, he’ll just talk about his own favorite firearms for deer hunting.

Keep in mind these are in no way recommendations; these are just the guns that work best… for me.

The conditions under which he hunts are best summed up as brushy woods with 30- to 60-yard shots, or in open woods with shots up to 200 yards.

1) Brushy woods: Marlin Model 1894 lever-action rifle chambered for 44 Rem Mag

For the first two decades of my deer hunting “career,” I hunted almost exclusively in brushy woods and carried a Ruger 44 magnum carbine. That rifle served me very well and helped me bring home a lot of venison. For that reason, I naturally concur wholeheartedly with Paul’s selection here: A short, light, fast-handling rifle in a hard-hitting caliber.

The longest shot on a deer I ever made with mine was 115 yards, and that’s about the reasonable limit of the cartridge. 240-grain jacketed soft- or hollow-point bullets work well, so long as they are designed to expand.

2) Open woods: Marlin Model 444s lever-action rifle chambered for 444 Marlin, with handloaded ammo

This is another rifle which shoots a large bullet at relatively slow speeds; think of it as a 44 magnum magnum. It’s excellent for killing deer quickly, but it’s also a hard kicker.

3) Wide-Open woods: Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle chambered for 338 Win Mag

The 338 Winchester Magnum is an excellent cartridge, and my first long-range deer rifle was chambered for the same. It’s my go-to cartridge for hunting deer out west. It shoots fairly flat with a nice big bullet. What’s not to love?

4) Mossberg Model 500 pump shotgun, 12 gauge 3″ chamber smoothbore barrel, extended magazine (6+1 capacity)

Paul likes to tote a scattergun for truly short-range deer hunting, but can reach out to 50ish yards with his favorite slugs (Remington 2-3’4″ 1-ounce rifled slugs).

5) Pedersoli Kodiak .72 caliber muzzleloading side-by-side double-barreled rifle

This is another hard-hitting gun, and definitely not one you will find in just anyone’s gun cabinet. He uses round balls that weigh about 525 grains — which is 1.2 ounces — propelled by 110 grains of FFg black powder.

Oh, and please DO NOT SEAT PERCUSSION CAPS USING YOUR GUN’S HAMMER. This is silly, and in my opinion completely out of character for Paul Harrell. Seat them by hand, and if they are loose-fitting, just pinch each one before seating it, so it won’t fall off while you hunt (with the hammer at half-cock, neither touching the cap nor fully cocked).

6) Magnum Research BFR 5-shot single action revolver with 10.5″ barrel chambered for 444 Marlin

He decided to go one extra by including a handgun, and as you might expect, it’s a beast of a gun. And he shoots it more accurately than the smoothbore slug gun at 50 yards.

I love his choices. Do you?

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How to Check For Loose Shotgun Ribs in One Minute or Less []

So you’re feeling nostalgic and want to buy a double-barrel side-by-side shotgun — or you’re wondering if the one you got from grandpa might have some problems. Well, here’s a short video showing you how to easily tell whether the rib is loose.

A loose rib isn’t the end of the world, but repairing it will probably cost a lot… so this is a good test to perform before buying a used double-barrel shotgun.

A loose rib on a side-by-side shotgun is easy to spot if you know how to look. Most loose ribs are visible to the naked eye and can be identified using a simple inspection process. A surefire way is to hold the barrels by the hook and lightly tap them using a brass hammer. If the rib joint is solid, the barrels will make a nice ping sound, while barrels with a loose rib will produce a low ‘thud’ noise.

  • Check for high spots on the outside of the rib by looking down it from both ends of the barrels.
  • The rib should be smooth and straight.
  • Inspect the rib at either end; you can sometimes easily tell easily when it’s loose at the end.
  • Hold the barrels by the hook and let the barrel assembly hang free while you tap them gently with a brass hammer, listening for a ping or clunk. Pings are good; clunks are not.

Check out this short video for more.

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Germany’s WW1 Zeiss Bifocal Scope: the Glasvisier 16 [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on December 2, 2018.

The Zeiss 2.5x Glasvizier 16 optic is one of the most unusual and interesting of the German sighting systems used on rifles during the First World War. It is a bifocal optic, working in the same way as today’s SeeAll optic. Basically, a section of magnifying lens sits in the bottom third of the field of view, which magnifies the huge white triangle that clips over the rifle’s front sight. By lining the tip of this triangle up on your target, you can get a parallax-free sight picture. The front and rear portions are both clip-on and can be removed in seconds, allowing the system to be fielded without needing to permanently convert rifles to a sniper configuration. The system is interesting and does work, but like its SeeAll descendent today, it is not really what someone expects to get from a 2.5s optical sight. I don’t have any data on the number produced or the extent to which they were fielded during the war (although this particular optic is serialized #4807), but I suspect that its unorthodox nature led to a poor reputation amongst troops and a fairly limited field use. Certainly these are one of the rarest f the German WW1 optics, and one would expect to see more surviving if they had been widely used.

Want to try out this sort of optics sight on a gun of your own, without paying the WW1 historical premium? The SeeAll works the same way, and you can find them here:

You can also check out today’s review of the SeeAll over on InRangeTV:

Forgotten Weapons
PO Box 87647
Tucson, AZ 85754

Friday, 23 November


EXCLUSIVE: Sig Sauer Statement Regarding CEO Ron Cohen [The Firearm Blog]

Cohen statementFollowing our story this morning regarding German media outlets reporting on charges filed against Sig Sauer USA executives, TFB was able to catch up with a company representative for an exclusive look into the news. Because of the ongoing legal case, the brief statement posted below is carefully worded. But some unofficial analysis points to […]

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Strike Industries 3D Zombie Target [The Firearm Blog]

Strike Industries 3D Zombie Target (1)Strike Industries has released another new product. Nope, this time it is not a gun part or accessory but a target depicting a zombie. If you know this company then you also know that there must be something interesting and innovative in their products. And that’s the case with these targets, too. The 3D Zombie Target is […]

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Kalashnikov Evolution: Early AK Variants (Video Series by Kalashnikov Media) [The Firearm Blog]

Recently, on September 19, Russians celebrated a very unusual annual holiday – “The Gunsmith day”. As usual, I tried to use this opportunity to shoot some interesting weapons and get some footage. The project was named “Kalashnikov evolution”. It documents all main variations of the AK platform created in its cradle – the Izhmash factory in the city of Izhevsk, Russia. In the first part of […]

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"Kentucky Bourbon Tales: Distilling the Family Business" [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Kentucky Educational Television created a documentary featuring interviews with many of the first families of bourbon. These include the Beams, the Noes, the Samuels, the Russells, and the list goes on. To make this documentary KET took over 30 hours of interviews and distilled (no pun intended) it down to about 56 minutes.

If you ever wanted a short history of bourbon and its makers, this is it. I imagine that the Kentucky Distillers Association played a large role in assembling the interviewees as there is one major distillery missing. That would be Buffalo Trace which is owned by Sazerac and which is not a member of the KDA. Nonetheless, this is a good documentary to sit back and watch while sipping on your favorite bourbon. It makes more sense to do this than to brave all the traffic and crowds on Black Friday!

If you would like to hear more interviews in greater depth, the Louis B. Nunn Center for Oral History at the University of Kentucky has a page devoted to strictly to bourbon and its history.


Integrally Suppressed Sten Suppressor Coming Soon From GSL Technology [The Firearm Blog]

When I visited GSL Technology they had a few projects they were working on. At the time I could not post about them since they were still works in progress or they were waiting on patent pending like the GSL Technology Boss emergency suppressor. One of their other projects has just got the green light […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] Marathon Targets Introduces Indoor Moving Target Systems [The Firearm Blog]

Australian-based Marathon Targets has been quietly changing the scene in the past several years when it comes to making live fire ranges much more realistic and dynamic by using autonomous moving target systems. The systems are starting to see use all around the world, from the Marine Corps in the United States, Australian infantry marksmanship […]

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BREAKING: Sig Sauer CEO Ron Cohen Allegedly Arrested In Germany [The Firearm Blog]

Ron CohenAccording to German media outlets, Sig Sauer USA CEO Ron Cohen was allegedly arrested in Frankfurt, Germany last month. Reports are attributing the arrest to a contract that supplied Columbian police with Sig SP 2022 pistols without an export license. At the time of the sales and deliveries, Columbia was experiencing a civil war. German […]

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How to Shoot Like John Wick: Part 2 [The Firearm Blog]

We know TFB readers and viewers have watched a John Wick film and thought, “dang, I wish I could shoot like that.” Fortunately, James Reeves has your back: James and the TFB crew went out to Taran Tactical Innovations to meet and train with living legend Taran Butler – the man who trained Keanu Reeves […]

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Ruger Unveils their 3rd 10/22 in Collector’s Series: Man’s Best Friend [The Firearm Blog]

man's best friendMany of us may have forgotten about Ruger’s Collector’s Series because a new model does not come out very often. The last model to have been released to the public was back on June 19th, 2015. Each new model within this line-up of the Collector’s Series is meant to be distinctive and truly unique from […]

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The Israeli Galil [Forgotten Weapons]

These rifles are selling at Rock Island on November 30 and December 1, 2018 – 5.56mm Model 392 and 7.62mm Model 323S.

The Galil was the result of a program to replace the FAL in Israeli service after its somewhat disappointing performance in the Six-Day War of 1967. Israel found that while the FAL had shown reliability problems in the desert, AK rifles ran just fine despite often being badly neglected. In an initial series of tests, captured AK rifles came out superior to M16 and Stoner 63 rifles. This led to a more extensive series of tests and developmental work in which Yisrael Balashnikov developed a number of prototype rifles based on AK actions modified to 5.56mm using Stoner barrels and magazines. This second trial would ultimately compare the M16, Stoner 63, HK33, AR18, Beretta and Steyr rifles, and domestic developments by both Balashnikov and Uziel Gal. The Balashnikov rifles would prove the ultimate winner of the competition.
Balashnikov – whose name being so similar to Kalashnikov through pure coincidence, and who was originally born Mishmar Hayarden in Russia – would change his name to the more Hebrew sounding Yisrael Galili, and the new rifle pattern would be named the Galil after him. While the prototypes had been built on captured Soviet-bloc AKs, the production version would be based on the Finnish Rk-62 Valmet receiver. The Galil featured a great many improvements and additions to the AKM, including much better rear-mounted aperture sights, night sights, integral bipod (on some models), folding stock, ambidextrous safety and bolt handle, folding carry handle, and of course, a bottle opener. The Galil was formally adopted in 1972, but never did completely equip the Israeli Army, as surplus M16 rifles form the US were available for little or no cost. It was phased out by about 2000 and replaced by the Tavor series.
Prior to 1989, semiauto Galil could be imported into the US for commercial sale, and between 7000 and 9000 were brought in by a succession of importers (Magnum Research, Action Arms, and Springfield Armory). A 7.62mm NATO version of the Galil was introduced in 1983, which was not used by the Israeli military but did see adoption by Colombia as well as limited commercial sale in the US. The standard 5.56mm Galil were purchased by an array of foreign militaries including Guatemala, Nicaragua, Estonia, Portugal, and South Africa (where it served as the basis for the domestic production R4 series).

Thursday, 22 November


The Best Black Friday Deals on Firearms []

Our friends at The Firearm Blog have been hard at work compiling a list of the best Black Friday deals on firearms . Here is more from TFB.

Now that you have consumed your wild (or domesticated) animal of choice with plenty of sides and awkward family moments, it is time to engage in the avarice portion of the Thanksgiving Weekend–helping businesses bolster sales…  This week’s “Deal of the Week” feature is a curated list of Black Friday deals from across the internet for firearms related stuff.  Where possible, sale prices have been listed next to original prices.

We will be live updating this post throughout the day as we discover new deals and will leave it up through Cyber Monday.  If you locate a deal you think we missed, please add it in the comments–we will be monitoring throughout the day.  Deals will be added to the appropriate sections with NEWEST items at the top.

Site or Category-wide

Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST

Build Kits/Parts

Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


Updated 11/22/2018 22:00 PST


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The Best Black Friday Deals for Outdoorsmen []

Black Friday is officially upon us and many of you may already be out in the wilds of shopping malls or big box stores, braving the sometimes violent herds of discount shoppers. While Black Friday shopping tradition is gospel for some, others choose to stay at home, sleep in, and enjoy their day off without the hassle. Whether you are an in store shopper or one of those people who did not head out at 5AM this year, there is good news. We’ve put together a list of the best online and in store deals for Outdoorsmen.We’ve done the homework for you and put together our list of some of the best deals around for Black Friday 2018 .Now for the deals!


First things first, if you aren’t already a prime member, you absolutely should be. For those not in the know, Amazon Prime gives you free shipping for an entire calendar year on your orders, regardless of size and weight. That means you could by a pencil or a gun safe and the shipping cost would be the same, $0. Beyond that, Prime gives you access to Amazon Video and Amazon Music. It really is a great bargain for the price of $119 for the year or $12 per month.

This year, Amazon has a couple of brands with a set percentage off. What’s great about this is that you can choose whatever you want from the discounted list and score a great deal. Here is what you will find:

There will also be a number of product discounts to be had:

For the rest of the ads, we are going to keep it simple and provide our top. You can on any of the deals listed to see that stores ad as well.

Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops

Field & Stream

Dunham’s Sports

Academy Sports

Gander Outdoors

Sportsmans Warehouse

Beyond these outdoor big box stores, there are a number of deals to be had on items such as batteries, gun safes, power tools and more at the following stores:

  • Lowe’s
  • Menards
  • Home Depot
  • Sears
  • Walmart
  • and more!

There you have it, our top spots to score Black Friday deals this year. Good luck out there and be safe!

Image is courtesy of Shutterstock

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Over 30 of the Best Black Friday Deals We Could Find []

The deals are here early! We scoured and other sites to pull over 30 of the best Black Friday deals we could find.

Scroll down for our curated list of over 30 of the Best Black Friday Deals from TVs and toys to pets and tools plus a few bonus deals at the bottom. Happy shopping and enjoy that turkey…

Electronics, TVs and Soundbars

Samsung QN65Q6F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV 2018

SAVE OVER $900 (44% OFF)


Samsung QN65Q6F Flat 65” QLED 4K UHD 6 Series Smart TV 2018 for 41% Off


LG Electronics 55SK8000PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  (2018 Model)

SAVE OVER $500 (42% OFF)


LG Electronics 55SK8000PUA 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV


LG Electronics 65UK7700PUD 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

SAVE OVER $650 (44% OFF)





 Sony XBR49X900F 49-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV (2018 Model)

SAVE OVER $200 (18% OFF)



Sony XBR55X800E 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  (2017 Model)

SAVE $100 (11% OFF)


Sony XBR65X900F 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV  (2018 Model)

SAVE OVER $200 (18% OFF)

Polk Audio T15 Bookshelf Speakers, Pair, Black

SAVE OVER $50 (51% OFF)

Polk Audio T50 Home Theater and Music Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single, Black)

SAVE OVER $75 (51% OFF)

Sony CT290 Ultra-slim 300W Sound bar, (HT-CT290)

SAVE OVER $130 (47% OFF)


Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headphones – Black

SAVE $50 (50% OFF)



Samsung LC27F398FWNXZA Samsung C27F398 27″ Curved Monitor

SAVE $50 (23% OFF)

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad 7.5W

Wireless Charger for iPhone Xs, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 8 Plus,Compatible with Samsung, LG, Sony and More

SAVE $30 (50% OFF)

Mevo Plus – The Live Event Camera

Stream in Full HD 1080p or Record in 4K, Compatible with Android and iOS

SAVE OVER $100 (20% OFF)



DEWALT DCK590L2 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah 5-Tool Combo Kit

SAVE $250 (42% OFF)



DEWALT DWA2T40IR IMPACT READY FlexTorq Screw Driving Set, 40-Piece

SAVE $20 (50% OFF)




ChargePoint Home WiFi Enabled Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger

Level 2 EVSE, 240 Volt, 32 Amp Electric Car Charger, UL Listed, Energy Star Certified, Hardwired Station, Indoor or Outdoor, 25 ft. Cable

SAVE $140 (20% OFF)

Yakima Racks and Accessories

20% OFF


Kitchen and Home

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker | WI-FI + Bluetooth | 900W | Anova App Included

SAVE $100 (50% OFF)

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair Carpets, Hard Floors

SAVE OVER $125 (34% OFF)

iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop

SAVE $30 (15% OFF)


Opal Nugget Ice Maker

SAVE OVER $100 (18% OFF)



Anki Cozmo Limited Edition, Interstellar Blue, A Fun, Educational Toy Robot for Kids

SAVE OVER $40 (22% OFF)


Anki Overdrive: Fast & Furious Edition

SAVE $70 (41% OFF)

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch (Bluetooth), SM-R760NDAAXAR – US Version with Warranty

SAVE OVER $150 (43% OFF)


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A Upright Vacuum with Tangle Free Brushroll

SAVE $100 (40% OFF)


BLACK+DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vacuum

SAVE $18 (30% OFF)



PetSafe 5-Meal Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder, Dispenses Dog Food or Cat Food, Digital Clock

SAVE OVER $20 (42% OFF)


PetSafe ScoopFree Original Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Automatic with Disposable Litter Tray and Blue Crystal Cat Litter, 2 Color Options

SAVE OVER $60 (44% OFF)


Bonus Deals

Nordic Track 1750  

$750 OFF

Avocado Mattress 

$175 OFF

+ extra $50 off for verified military. Ends December 3rd


We are committed to finding, researching, and recommending the best products. We earn commissions from purchases you make using the retail links in our product reviews. Learn more about how this works here.



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Deals of the Week: Black Friday 2018 [The Firearm Blog]

Now that you have consumed your wild (or domesticated) animal of choice with plenty of sides and awkward family moments, it is time to engage in the avarice portion of the Thanksgiving Weekend–helping businesses bolster sales…  This week’s “Deal of the Week” feature is a curated list of Black Friday deals from across the internet […]

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TFB Thanksgiving 2018: Firearms, Not Politics [The Firearm Blog]

ThanksgivingThanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday: surrounded by friends, family and comfort food you are free to enjoy the season without all the pressure of gift-giving and great expectations. Sure, there is a ton of prep work in the kitchen for a meal that may last less than an hour, but being able to slow […]

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Cardboard targets from the steel specialists []

Steel targets are great, but dragging them out to multi-hundred yard distances gets old after a while. Sometimes, paper just works better, or it is required by the rules of a specific competition., the reactive target experts, now offer USPSA and silhouette cardboard targets and stands for holding them.

Perfect for competition or training, the printed side shows hit zones clearly.

Targets come in 25 or 100 count packs, each has a blank and a printed side. With brown tape designed to cover bullet holes, these can be re-used quite extensively. Sturdy cardboard holds up fairly well in the wind.

Since this target proved too easy at 400 yards, next time we will spray paint it a camo pattern to increase the challenge.

The key to this system is the modular stand, shipped disassembled. Lightweight stand is easy to carry with one hand, and the open top square tube takes a regular 2×2 wooden plank. I found this design easy to assemble and quite sturdy. If a little wobble is acceptable, 2x1s also work. While it can be disassembled for travel, the stand takes up little enough space to just stay in the car trunk as is.

We use these targets for close-range shooting to reduce ricochet danger, and for long-distance training or competitions when instant feedback isn’t the goal. Two of these can be combined to create tango/hostage pair, or cardboard may be used behind a regular steel target to indicate the same. The consumable part is cheap enough, and works also for backyard airsoft and pellet gun practice.

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When M14 Meets M16: The Fort Ellis XR-86 Frankenrifle [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on November 30, 2018.

This rifle is the home shop creation of one Wilfred Ellis, a talented gunsmith form Pennsylvania. It is basically a combination of an M14 gas system with an AR15 bolt and locking system, plus an in-line tubular receiver, M60 flash hider, and side-mounted magazine. Not exactly the sort of thing that will replace the M4 in military service, but an example of the sort of fun gunsmithing projects that you can put together just because it seems interesting to try. Neat!

Wednesday, 21 November


Vote Fraud in Heavily Democratic Precincts in Detroit in 2016 [John Lott's Website]

The Detroit News indicates that President Trump's narrow win in Michigan was much closer than it should have been:

Detailed reports from the office of Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett show optical scanners at 248 of the city’s 662 precincts, or 37 percent, tabulated more ballots than the number of voters tallied by workers in the poll books. Voting irregularities in Detroit have spurred plans for an audit by Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson’s office, Elections Director Chris Thomas said Monday


FSA TECHNICALS (Part 2): SHAM-2 Improvised AFV [The Firearm Blog]

In the previous article, we looked at an overview of the FSA’s improvised technical with the BMP-1 turret mounted on it.  In this article, we will take a look at their improvised Armored Fighting Vehicles. The general concept is that these are basically a civilian vehicle with armor plates welded on it.  You might think […]

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[Indo Defense 2018] MKE’s KPT-76 Designated Marksman’s Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

At Indo Defense 2018 this year we at TFB were able to get a hands-on examination of MKE’s KNT-76 Designated Marksman Rifle. The rifle is an upgraded MPT-76 service rifle that has a number of additional design features to increase its accuracy and precision as a squad level DMR rifle. Currently, there aren’t any in […]

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Don’t Underestimate 22 Rimfire Pocket Guns []

Here’s a topic sure to fire up keyboard commandos far and wide: Is the 22 LR a worthwhile cartridge to use for personal protection in a compact carry handgun?

This video takes a look at that, and apparently comes out more pro than con. Here’s the description:

Pocket pistols and revolvers chambered for the humble 22 LR are easily dismissed as carry guns suitable only for novices and the elderly. While there are some definite drawbacks to relying on a small gun that fires small bullets for self-defense, it also may have significant advantages that even skilled and experienced shooters can benefit from.

I’ll go on the record here as saying that for me, the 22 LR is not a good choice for self defense. The wimpiest round I want to keep handy is 9mm… but if something smaller is what I have when the need arises, a gun that fires small ammo will most certainly beat the heck out of nothing.

This video submits 22 pocket guns to some honest examination, covering numerous reasons why they are usually not a great choice. Heavy trigger pull, extra width, difficulty of shooting accurately, etc.

But he then says, “Having said all that, I think it’s a mistake to dismiss the 22 pocket pistol as a gun that’s just barely better than nothing. It has some benefits, even for proficient shooters who don’t have any medical limitations.”

It’s an interesting look at the subject, any way you slice it.

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Detroit’s New ‘Bullet Bill’ Adds Ammo Taxes, Mental Health Check []

Proving once again that lawmakers have no common sense, The Detroit City Council has reportedly unanimously approved a “Bullet Bill” gun control resolution. This astoundingly stupid regulation adds even more taxes to ammunition sales in Wayne County, MI, limits the amount of ammunition that can be purchased, and requires ammo buyers to submit to a “mental health background check” before they may exchange their money for goods that go bang.

Commissioner Reggie Reg Davis of the 6th district spearheaded the resolution.

“It has to stop,” said Reggie Reg Davis. “We must stop this. We can’t continue to be a killing field.”

Davis’ family has suffered tragic losses from the violence.

“I talk about my kid brother Vito, I also lost another brother, Keon, I lost my uncle,” he said.

He said he was also sick of hearing about horrific shootings in Detroit daily.

That’s why Davis says he came up with the “Bullet bill.”


It doesn’t take much deep thought to realize that “horrific shootings” are done by criminals.

Criminals aren’t supposed to buy guns. But they do.

Now, criminals aren’t supposed to buy ammo.

But. They. Will.

But this really isn’t about violence or crime. It’s about control. Not controlling guns, but controlling you and me. This is just a small step towards erasing our civil rights altogether.

Davis worked closely with Detroit City Council member Andre Spivey, building a coalition.

“It’s a start but we’ve got a long way to go,” Spivey said.

Spivey sponsored the ordinance that would require mental health background checks on those looking to buy ammunition and it would also impose additional county taxes on ammo.

Lip service was paid to gun rights:

“We are not attempting to destroy your right to bear arms,” Davis said. “(We want to) put taxes on that ammunition and use those funds to teach urban American folk about the importance of bearing arms and how to become a responsible gun owner.”

Yeah… he’s lying. The taxes stolen from ammo buyers are earmarked to “cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence, and educational programs with a focus on conflict resolution.”

From here, it appears that if you buy ammo in Detroit, you will be paying for anti-gun propaganda.

If murder is the problem, why not just make homicide illegal? Oh wait…

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NEW Sig Sauer P238 & P938 to Join the Legion Line-Up [The Firearm Blog]

legionThe fold of Legion firearms continues to grow constantly. Now the P238 .380 ACP and P938 9mm models will join that elite collection as well. Some of the highlights of receiving that special make-over are a machined aluminum trigger, extended magwell, and a Cerakote Elite Gray Coated slide and frame. Sig sauer p238 legion .380 […]

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POTD: The GAU-19 Heavy Machine Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Today we’re taking a closer look at the General Dynamics GAU-19.   Originally called the GECAL 50, this electrically driven gatling gun chambered in 50 bmg entered the design phase in 1982 at General Electric.  Originally the design called for six barrels, instead of three seen above. GE wanted to scale up their widely popular […]

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Sig Sauer Rolls Out their OWN Stocks for the MPX/MCX [The Firearm Blog]

Sig Sauer for 2019 is coming out with their own series of stocks and braces for their MPX/MCX line of firearms. This is not to say that Sig Sauer is not satisfied with the SB Tactical braces and stocks they currently utilize. Like much of their burgeoning company, they are likely attempting to keep as […]

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West Virginia becomes 7th state to offer free NRA hunter ed course [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association and the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources have partnered to help remove the cost of hunter education in the state. The gun rights group announced Tuesday that West Virginia is the seventh state to accept the NRA’s free online hunter education course to satisfy the prerequisite to buying a hunting license. The 15-chapter course, as outlined by the member group’s website, includes graphics, interactive modules and videos “that provide the best method for teaching future hunters.”


Detroit City Council passes 'Bullet Bill' resolution [NRA-ILA News]

The Detroit City Council approved a "Bullet Bill" gun control resolution Wednesday with a unanimous vote. The resolution limits ammunition amounts that can be bought while requiring a mental health background check on buyers of ammo in Wayne County. Commissioner Reggie Reg Davis of the 6th district spearheaded the resolution.


Proposed state law would require NY pistol owners open up social media and online searches [NRA-ILA News]

New Yorkers applying for handgun licenses or renewing existing licenses could potentially have to submit to a state review of their social media histories and internet searches under a proposed new state law.


Anti-gun Democrat Congressman Invokes Nuclear Option Against Resistors of Firearm Confiscation [NRA-ILA News]

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving, and nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like a U.S. Congressman who raises the specter of unleashing a nuclear attack against fellow Americans to demonstrate just how darned committed he is to mass firearm confiscation. For those looking for yet another reason to purchase modern semiautomatic firearms and extra magazines for yourselves and your loved ones on Black Friday, we give you the recent comments of Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA). Swalwell, you may recall, gained some headlines for himself earlier this year when he proposed banning various semiautomatic firearms, forcing current owners to surrender them to the government, and “go[ing] after” resisters.


BOTW: Valorius’ Glorious Build [The Firearm Blog]

The 19th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Valorius.  I only called it “Glorious” because it was kind of poetic. Overall a pretty clean build, and good integration of the Cobalt Linear Compensator—it looks good here. Valorius has been a long time contributor in the comments and discord so feel free to […]

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Peek on Chinese new .338LM bolt action made by Hunan Ordnance Industries Group [The Firearm Blog]

It may still be a news for some who are not familiar with Chinese firearms to know that China has been testing and producing .338Lapua Magnum (called 8.6×70) for several years. Yesterday, a group of the picture first look of a new look of .338LM bolt action sniper rifle made by Hunan Ordnance Industries Group Co has been […]

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A Takeaway For Gun Owners From Pelosi's Campaign For Speaker [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will probably be the next Speaker of the House of Representatives. I say probably because there are some Democrats that are opposed to her and the aging leadership. She, Steny Hoyer (D-MD), and James Clyburn (D-SC) are all in their 70s. However, while this group of dissidents might prevent Pelosi from getting the requisite number of votes (218), it is doubtful they will win in the end.

In a story in the Washington Examiner about Pelosi's campaign for Speaker and the battle her allies are waging on her behalf was this:

As the leadership fight escalates, Pelosi’s lined up endorsements from former President Barack Obama — who called Pelosi “one of the most effective legislative leaders” on Tuesday — and key advocacy groups that helped Democrats retake the majority. Progressive groups, gun control organizations, unions, reproductive rights groups like NARAL Pro-Choice and more have thrown their weight behind Pelosi’s speaker bid.

“Do you really want to make enemies out of these groups?” said (Rep. Jan) Schakowsky, adding later, that the fight “is not just inside baseball, this has enormous ramifications for how we successfully move forward to pass an agenda that’s going to help people.”
The Brady Campaign and Shannon Watts have all formally endorsed Pelosi for Speaker. Moreover, Michael Bloomberg who "invested" over $100 million in this election cycle to get Democrats elected has worked closely with Pelosi and shared office space with her super PAC.

What does this mean for gun owners?

It should be obvious - expect gun control to be on the Democrats agenda in the House from day one of the new Congress. Pelosi has a constituency to repay and she will. I fully expect that bills will be introduced that will contain every gun control measure that you can think of and some that we haven't. Moreover, these bills will get a hearing in the House Judiciary Committee and most will pass in the House. Furthermore, the Hearing Protection Act, national reciprocity, and even provisions for use of Pittman-Robertson funds to construct shooting ranges are dead.

Our only hope for stopping these infringements will be the Senate which remains in Republican hands. Even then, there are some Republicans who might vote for things like red flag laws or bans on bump fire stocks. Fortunately, the filibuster is still alive when it comes to bills passing the Senate and it still will require 60 votes to invoke cloture. Therefore, if you haven't contacted your two Senators or Senator-elect, you better do it now and put opposition to gun control on their radar.

The Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times" will epitomize the next two years when it comes to the fight for gun rights.


The RPD Light Machine Gun: A Belt Fed in an Intermediate Cartridge [The Firearm Blog]

The RPD was the culmination of Soviet light machine gun designs that began with the DP-28 of pre-World War Two days, and ending with the RPD, or Ruchnoy Pulemyot Degtyaryova. It was a lightweight, belt-fed from a drum, gas operated machine gun chambered in the Soviet M43 7.62x39mm cartridge. Some call it one of the first true […]

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Ishapore No6 Jungle Carbine SMLE Prototype [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on December 2, 2018.

In 1943, the British government began a program to develop a shortened and lightened version of the No1 SMLE rifle, for production in India and Australia – where the national ordnance factories had not converted to production of the No4 rifle. This prototype is the first pattern produced by the Ishapore Arsenal for testing. Its barrel is cut down to 16.5 inches (plus a 2.8 inch long conical flash hider), it has a unique 3-position flag style of rear aperture sight, and has had its sling swivels repositioned. This rifle was tested in the UK, and some modifications were recommended. A second pattern from Ishapore was then provisionally approved as the No6 MkI on September 1st, 1944, but cancelled before production could begin. The Australian pattern of No6 was approved a year late in September 1945, but then declared obsolete before it could be put into production. With the end of World War Two and Indian independence in 1947, the funding and impetus for a new short rifle were lost, and instead Ishapore would end up converting its production to No1 pattern rifles in 7.62mm NATO a few years later.

Tuesday, 20 November


Vote fraud in California: With no ID required, hundreds of skid row people forge someone else's name on ballot [John Lott's Website]

So possibly Hillary Clinton didn't win the popular vote by as many votes as people think. Democrats likely shouldn't have done as well this year in California as the vote count indicates. The quote below is from an article that was in the Los Angeles Times and San Diego Union. If the Democrat District Attorney in Los Angeles refers to this in the hundreds, it is likely many more.
A forged signature swapped for $1 — or sometimes a cigarette. 
The crude exchange played out hundreds of times on L.A.’s skid row during the 2016 election cycle and again this year, prosecutors said Tuesday as they announced criminal charges against nine people accused in a fraud scheme. 
Using cash and cigarettes as lures, the defendants approached homeless people on skid row and asked them to forge signatures on state ballot measure petitions and voter registration forms, the district attorney’s office said. The defendants — some of whom were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday — face several criminal charges, including circulating a petition with fake names, voter fraud and registering a fictitious person. . . .


POTD: Smith & Wesson M&P Stops a Bullet in the Line of Duty [The Firearm Blog]

Smith & Wesson M&PYesterday’s unfortunate high-profile shooting at Mercy Hospital in Chicago, which apparently arose due to a dispute over a broken engagement, could have been even worse had this officer not been carrying his Smith & Wesson M&P: Chicago PD was dispatched to address the shooter.  When police arrived at the scene, the perpetrator fired upon responding […]

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Explosion at Factory that Produces Guns Imported by Century Arms Kills Woman [The Firearm Blog]

Cugir FactoryA woman working at the Cugir Arms Factory was reportedly killed in an explosion and subsequent fire on the 12th November. The Romanian factory is a state-owned company which produces various firearms including WASR semiautomatic AKs and the Micro Draco AK pistols. The Cugir factory, in western Romania, is a subsidiary of ROMARM, Romania’s main state-owned defense company. The […]

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Franklin Armory CA7 – CA DOJ Approved AR-15 Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Franklin Armory is well known for pushing the envelope and creating some outside the box products that skirt the law to some degree. Take their Reformation. It looks like a short barreled rifle but since it does not have spiral rifling, it is not a rifle. Their most successful product so far has to be […]

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California: CA DOJ Issues Consumer Alert Regarding Use of Non-REAL IDs for Firearm Purchases [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Tuesday, November 20, Attorney General Becerra issued a consumer alert regarding the Use of “Federal Limits Apply” Driver Licenses and IDs to purchase firearms.


Remington 700 CP Is A New Bolt Action Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Rifle caliber pistols have been increasingly gaining popularity. Part of this is due to the proliferation of people acquiring tax stamps and another part is due to the stabilizing brace. Regardless of how you feel about the brace, large framed pistols have seen a significant rise in the gun industry and the brace makes them […]

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Watch: How to Break Down a Deer Ham or Hind Quarter []

Deer hunters have quite a job ahead of them when they make a kill… they have to convert that large beast into preservable packages of edible meat. And it’s true that many hunters hire that job out to others by taking their deer to a butcher or processor, but if you have some time and determination it’s really not all that hard to do it yourself.

I’ve butchered many of my deer, and it does take time… but knowing how to do it right can help you speed up the process. This video shows how to “break down” a deer ham (or hind leg/quarter) into the separate muscle groups, or roasts — including sirloin tip, rump roast, bottom round, shank, and top round.

He begins by cleaning up the outside of the meat by removing fat, sinew, hair, and the like.

This has a lot of great info, as I never knew that the eye of round roast was a nice tender goodie in the ham… I usually turn my hams into cubed steaks.

At the end, he names and describes the various sections of meat, along with suggestions for use & preparation of them. Nice!

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Belarus to Build a New Small Arms and Ammunition Plant [The Firearm Blog]

Belarus to Build a New Small Arms and Ammunition Plant 660After a meeting with the President of Belarus, Roman Golovchenko, the chairman of the State Military Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus, gave an interview to a local news channel called Belarus 1 where he talked about the country’s plans concerning the upcoming developments in the military industry. Particularly, Golovchenko announced that they are […]

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Two-Headed Buck Bagged in Kentucky []

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources recently posted some amazing photos on Facebook. It seems a Kentucky hunter got more than he was expecting when he spotted a buck with a passel of antler points and killed the whitetail deer.

Deer Rut Double Take: Check out this unique Ballard County harvest!

Bob Long saw big antlers when he took aim at his buck at a distance, but what he found upon recovery was astounding…

It’s unclear exactly what circumstances led up to this buck’s carrying around another set of antlers and part of a decomposing carcass. Regardless, it was truly a rare harvest!!!

“Unclear?” Well yes, it’s true we don’t have a play-by-play, but it’s easy enough to figure out. Two bucks were fighting, and their antlers became locked together. This is not all that rare, and hunters have seen numerous photos and videos of rival bucks locked together.

This naturally intensifies their struggle, as they realize they must fight even harder — because now each is bound to his enemy.

In a case like this, we can safely assume that one buck died during the fight, and that decomposition allowed the still-living buck to remove his rival’s head and walk away.

Fortunately, the dead buck’s head didn’t prevent the living one from feeding, though it had to have been quite a burden to carry around.

Taking a buck like this is a hunting feat Mr. Long — and the rest of us deer hunters — will find mighty tough to repeat. Here’s hoping he keeps them locked together when he preserves the moment with some sort of trophy mount.

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Oxnard: Public Hearing on Urgency Moratorium Would Ban New Stores From Selling Firearms and Ammunition [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, November 27th, the Oxnard City Council will hold a public hearing to consider an interim “urgency” ordinance which would impose a “temporary” moratorium prohibiting any new retail firearm and ammunition businesses from opening in the City.


Buck Knives 684 BuckLite Max II Small Knife Review []

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending the 2018 SHOT Show Range Day, and brought home a few nice goodies. Among them were a few new Buck knives, including a new 110 lockback hunter and the handy little 684 BuckLite Max II Small Knife, which is the subject of this article. I discussed the 684 in a post about the best new hunting knives from SHOT 2018, in which I mentioned my desire to try this knife on a deer or hog. Well, it’s been used on two whitetails so far, so it’s time to talk about the Buck 684.

Buck 684 BuckLite Max II small skinner.

Buck 684 BuckLite Max II small skinner.
(Image © 2018 Buck Knives, Inc.)

It’s an affordable little knife, made in the good ol’ USA. It can be tough to find such things these days, but here it is.

Here’s what Buck has to say about it:

Smallest of the BuckLite Max II family, this skinning knife is made for details. Its full tang, ergonomic handle is constructed out of Dynaflex® rubber for superior grip, performance, and light weight. The drop point blade has been tumbled finished (less-porous, with improved corrosion resistance). Buck’s advanced Edge2x blade technology has been applied to the blade resulting in insane sharpness out of the box. Comes with a heavy-duty, black polyester sheath. Made in the USA.


  • Blade Shape: Drop Point
  • Blade Thickness: 0.090″
  • Blade Length: 3.25″
  • Overall length: 7.5″
  • Weight: 2.8 ounces (4.15 ounces with sheath)
  • Handle: DYNAFLEX® rubber
  • Carry System: Sheath
  • Model: 0684BKS-B
  • MSRP: $33

The Blade

I’ve never sharpened this knife, but even after shucking two mature whitetail deer, the 684 will easily shave my arm — even out at the tip where it’s most-used. The steel is 420HC, and here’s what Buck says about it:

This is Buck’s standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

The blade is also easy to clean, and the non-aggressive jimping on the rear of the spine is a nice touch.

Buck knife 684 blade.

Buck knife 684 blade.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The drop point blade shape makes it a natural for skinning, which is where I used the 684 the most. Per Buck:

This blade is full-bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It can also be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning.

Buck knife Model 684.

Buck knife Model 684.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Handle

The handle is synthetic molded into the tang. They call it Dynaflex® rubber, and it has the slightly “grabby” feel you’d expect from rubber, which helps when your hands are slick from blood and fat. The checkering on the sides helps with grip and control, and the “dished” portion near the ricasso allows for easy natural grip between thumb and forefinger (or middle finger if your pointer is on the spine jimping).

The Buck 684 handle makes it easy to grip and control.

The Buck 684 handle makes it easy to grip and control.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Although the handle is lean and my hands are large, I found the 684 easy to use and control, and cleanup was a breeze.

There’s a lanyard hole in the handle, if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Sheath

Buck knife Model 684 in the sheath.

Buck knife Model 684 in the sheath.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The 684’s included 673-BK sheath is simple and useful. The black polyester sheath is well-stitched and lined with hard plastic throughout — with a tougher plastic insert to contain the blade. A strap wraps around the forward finger groove and snaps to retain the blade well. The belt loop is on the lean side, but long enough to easily accept up to a 2-inch belt (see photo at the top of this page).

Buck knife Model 684 sheath (673-BK).

Buck knife Model 684 sheath (673-BK).
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Working With the 684

When I bagged a nice whitetail doe with Dad’s old 44 revolver Brün Hilda, I remembered the new Buck knives I’d been waiting to use. I swapped back and forth between this 684 and a 110 Folding Hunter® LT. The different blade shapes complement one another well, and I used the 684’s drop point mostly for skinning and the more-pointed 110 for cutting the critter apart, i.e. separating the legs from the body, removing the backstraps and tenderloins, etc.

Buck 684 above a Buck 110 LT.

Buck 684 above a Buck 110 LT.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The work went smoothly, and knife cleanup was easy enough afterward. When my nephew bagged his own deer the next day, he too used these knives to do the work and the results were the same.

After doing the job on a pair of adult Georgia whitetails, the 110’s blade was still reasonably sharp but would no longer shave if I used the curved end of the blade (which saw the most use). The 684, however, remains shaving-sharp from tip to ricasso.

buck-knives-684-08 Buck 684 skinning knife.

Buck 684 skinning knife.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)


I’m a fan of the Buck 684. It’s refreshing to see a well-established knife company still making blades in the USA, while keeping them affordable. Although the MSRP is $33, I found it on sale for $19.99 at MidwayUSA, with a regular price of $22.99.

For 20 bucks you can get a handy little skinner that can last any hunter a lifetime — and it’s made right here in the USA. There’s nothing wrong with that!

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Meridian Defense Corporation Apocalypse AK Series: PESTILENCE [The Firearm Blog]

Meridian Defense Corporation Apocalypse AK Series PESTILENCE (1)Meridian Defense Corporation has designed four limited edition AK rifles themed after the four horsemen of the apocalypse – Pestilence, War, Famine, Death. The first rifle of this series is the Pestilence which is already available for preorder. Other three rifles are set to be released in 2019. Here is how Meridian Defense Corporation describes the […]

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NRA, Second Amendment Foundation suing WA over I-1639 [NRA-ILA News]

On the same day that the National Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation announced they would be challenging Washington state gun measure I-1639 in a federal court, U.S. Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North, NRA president and former host of Fox News’ “War Stories with Oliver North,” told KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson that he finds the measure not only unconstitutional, but also incredibly confusing.


‘You can’t run from your roots.’ Kemp sticks to conservative approach [NRA-ILA News]

Gov.-elect Brian Kemp emerged from his narrow victory resolved to pursue the conservative campaign promises that helped energize Republicans to secure him a record number of gubernatorial votes, even if that means wading deep into divisive social debates.


Kent State ‘gun girl,’ campus carry advocate group host gun rights talk [NRA-ILA News]

The so-called “Kent State gun girl” appeared Monday night at “Let’s Talk Gun Rights," an event that drew about 50 people to the Kiva Auditorium on the Kent State University campus.


Project: Building an AK-47 Short-Barreled Rifle Clone [The Firearm Blog]

In this article you will meet a brand new Romanian Cugir WS1-63SB chambered in 7.62×39 mm. The rifle is available for just a little short of 900 Euro or roughly 1 000 US Dollars in Germany. Step by step it will transform, like Dracula, into an AK47 Short Barrel Rifle clone. Cugir Arms Factory is […]

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Update: Manufacturing Process of New AUTOMAG Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Update AUTOMAG Pistol Production (1)Several months ago we talked about the revival of the AutoMag pistol by Auto Mag LTD, Corp. Particularly, we discussed the design changes of the magazine and the feeding system in general. Recently, the company has released an update about the current status of the new Auto Mag pistol’s production process. Currently, the company is […]

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Mosin-Nagant Factory Pressure Test Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle will be selling at Rock Island on December 1, 2018.

How did people determine chamber pressure in the years before computers and fancy electronics? Well, by squishing a calibrated slug of copper. Factories would convert rifles specifically for pressure testing use by adding a pressure ring around the chamber, drilling a hole in it, and then threading in a gage to crush a block of copper. This Mosin Nagant is an excellent example of the system, complete with the all the testing apparatus!

Monday, 19 November


Friendships Made Afield Last a Lifetime []

A lot of times friendships are taken for granted or even life itself. Corbin Davis and I developed a friendship that only God himself could ordain. A bond that has lasted for years which is essentially a  brotherhood. I could tell countless stories from times afield that We shared together, whether chasing the elusive Alabama Whitetail or the “ole turkey bird” as he use to say.

None the less he always was the guy who ended up in camp with a deer while I never saw a thing. On one hunt in particular he and I had been watching these turkeys for a while waiting for opening day. As expected they did just the opposite of what we thought they would do, coming in on our far right instead of in front of our decoy. Once in range, he told me to take a shot, not phasing the bird at all I clearly missed. Aggravation was obviously written on my face as I started at where the bird was in disbeliefe. He said, “well darn” and of course my response was, “I’m done with hunting these ole birds”. He laughed and said, “nah bro, you’re not done”  and we walked back to the cabin empty handed for lunch.

On another morning, after being in the stand for a short time, I hear the infamous bark of the ole 7mag he always used during rifle season. Without hesitation I knew that he had struck again, and was probably going to give me a hard time for not seeing anything. Around 9:30 I headed back to the cabin to be greeted by that contagious, look what I did, smile as he showed me the mature 8 point on the back of his atv. I said, “man why don’t you show me one of your spots hahaha?” He laughed and said, “ how about that”.

Later on he developed a love for hunting waterfowl, which is my passion, and we planned to hunt ducks together for the first time this year. Unfortunately Corbin was called up to Heaven for reason I can’t comprehend but know there is a lot I don’t understand nor will I ever. Corbin was hands down one of the best friends I’d ever shared the woods with and I know he will save me a seat in a duck blind in Heaven for when I arrive on that sweet sunny day.

If you haven’t done so already, make sure your friends and family know that you care about them and cherish every moment spent whether hunting or fishing, because we are not promised tomorrow.

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Sportsman’s Box Review []

Success in the field can sometimes come down to the gear a hunter uses. Recently I stumbled across the Sportsman’s Box after spending some time with my good friend Brian Senn of YUDU Outdoors. The Sportsman’s Box  is a monthly delivery of all sorts of useful hunting as well as fishing gear for all types of situations one might find themselves in afield.


After doing some research I decided to give the Sportsman’s Box a try to see what it was really all about. Being an avid sportsman I tend to use high quality products and gear due to the fact that they simply last longer as well as can handle any harsh condition thrown its way.

Finally the wait was over, as expected the Sportsman’s Box was packed full of gear such as knives, seasoning, apparel, headlights, and other gear that has been very useful this season. The best part about all of this is it’s like Christmas every month when a new box arrives at my door.

So you might be thinking, what’s the catch or is the gear cheap? Honestly I haven’t received a box that didn’t contain high quality gear that is hand picked for each season, which aids in the successfullness of sportsmen  and women alike. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the contents every month, and everything is used a lot despite the season.

Last weekend, while deer hunting, I had placed the hot hands, Scent Blaster, beef jerky, as well as an Outdoor Edge Knife that were within a Sportsman’s Box in recent months in my pack. As luck would have it, having these items not only helped while in the stand but were crutial after the harvest was made.

At the end of the day I will continue receiving a monthly Sportsman’s Box to stay on the cutting edge of essential gear for every season and to experience that Christmas like excitement for months to come.

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Christmas Spirit: Wisconsin Company Gives Employees Guns for Christmas [The Firearm Blog]

BenShot gunsA Wisconsin company has made headlines buy giving their employees an early Christmas gift – $500 towards a firearm of their choice. BenShot, Hortonville, Wisconsin-based company that makes novelty glassware with bullets embedded in them as if they’re bullet proof, posted a group photo on their facebook page announcing the festive surprise. The company was […]

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Overly broad gun-control measures are not the answer to mass shootings [NRA-ILA News]

If we’re truly serious, however, about reducing gun-violence rates and increasing personal safety, we must ensure that policy decisions are made with an eye toward facts and reality, not panic and outrage. The facts tell us that most commonly proposed gun-control measures are already ineffective at preventing mass public shootings in states where they are currently implemented, and that they will continue to be ineffective at preventing future tragedies.


NRA and SAF file lawsuit challenging Washington gun safety Initiative 1639 [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District court in Seattle challenging Washington Initiative 1639, one of the strictest gun laws on the books nationally. Other plaintiffs include gun dealers and young adults in the affected age group.


Newsweek Writer: Only AR-15 Owners I know are Mass Murderers [NRA-ILA News]

Newsweek writer Nina Burleigh claimed Saturday that almost every person she has heard of who owns an AR-15 rifle “has been a mass murderer.” And “based on Twitter sample the rest of them are scarily paranoid,” Burleigh tweeted. “Get on the right side of history,” she urged, tagging NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch and right-wing personality Joe Biggs, who are both outspoken supporters of the Second Amendment.


Tough on Logic, Too [NRA-ILA News]

The debate over gun control in America, if “debate” is the right word for it, has become stale and predictable to the point of parody—but a sad, bitter parody, not a funny one. That’s true largely, if we may be permitted to generalize, because the measures gun-control supporters propose after mass shootings don’t actually prevent mass shootings or, indeed, any kind of shootings. And since they don’t prevent shootings, opponents of those measures assume, not unreasonably, that if they drop their opposition and allow a gun-control measure today, the restrictionists will be back tomorrow asking for more, the former measures having proven ineffective—and this routine will keep repeating itself until liberals, unable to admit any error in logic, at last propose a full-on nationwide gun ban.


5.11 Taclite Coyote Boots – Long Term Review (5 Years) [The Firearm Blog]

For the last 5 years, I extensively used 5.11 Taclite boots. They have been with me in 12 countries, withstood heat up to 133°F (56°C) and still look decent enough to wear them on a night out (even though my wife disagrees with me on that). For the last year, I’ve been looking for a replacement, until I learned […]

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The shooting of Jemel Roberson [Of Arms and the Law]

He was a security guard at a night club in Illinois. A gunman began shooting, and he apparently took away his gun and held him for police. The details are unknown, but police (acting outside their jurisdiction) shot him. Story here.

It underscores what one retired LEO told me. Training in shoot houses is useful and fun, but most have a defect: all targets are clearly good guy or bad guy. There usually are no ambiguous targets, ones where the person is armed but it's unclear if he's good or bad. The article linked above goes into a long list of cases where police shot a security guard, or a fellow but out-of-uniform officer in that situation. There was one in DC some years ago; officer sees car driving away, a person holding onto its door and menacing the driver with a gun. The officer fatally shot the person with the gun ... and found out they were a fellow LEO trying to stop a car theft.


A Moment in Time: Kansas Hunter Finds Dead Deer Sitting in Creek Bed []

According to a recent Facebook post, this buck was found by a hunter in Kansas.

Travis Kelley found this buck frozen in a creek bed in northeast Kansas while bow hunting on Saturday. His neck was broken and had a puncture wound in his neck from fighting. That’s one crazy awesome scene!

Frozen?? Hmmm. Doesn’t look frozen. So I dug around a bit.

I found Mr. Kelley’s post, which is simply captioned “the crazy cool things you get to find and see only in the timber.”


the crazy cool things you get to find and see only in the timber

Posted by Travis Kelley on Saturday, November 10, 2018

He only took the two photos of the impressive young buck.

Some highlights from the comments section:

Is he froze there?

Yea dead as a door nail.


His neck is broke and his legs are stuck in mud. From the looks of things around him he was fighting and died like that. He is tore up from fighting, his brow tine is broke, and his back and neck are all scraped up.

It was in the creek over here in Kansas where me and Darren bow hunt.


I found it Saturday morning around 10 AM. I was walking out from bowhuntung in the morning (it was 7 degrees that morning with a windchill around 0).

It was in the same position as of Monday night; the coyotes had not got to it yet. I haven’t been back to that stand yet the wind was wrong last nite.

Pretty cool!

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Angstadt Unveil Their Sub Compact Weapon Entry – The SCW-9 [The Firearm Blog]

Angstadt SCW-9Hot on the heels of some of the other successful Sub Compact Weapon programme contractors Charlotte, NC-based Angstadt Arms have unveiled their entry, the Angstadt SCW-9. Back in September we reported that the US Army had selected 6 Sub Compact Weapon prototypes for testing. Contracts for test guns were placed with Global Ordnance, Angstadt Arms, B&T USA, Shield Arms, Sig Sauer and […]

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BAN PROPOSED (H.R. 7115): Parts Kits & 80% Lower Receivers []

Recently on November 2nd, House Democrats proposed a very vague resolution that could effectively ban 80% lower receivers and gun parts kits (including lower parts kits; LPKs), and is ambiguous enough to blanket include upper receivers as well. This is all a part of H.R. 7115 which has been very poorly-named the “3-D Firearms Prohibition Act” because 80% lowers are not all 3-D printed.

The stated purpose of the bill as described from the original document is as follows:

To prohibit the sale, acquisition, distribution in commerce, or import into the United States of certain firearm receiver castings or blanks, assault weapon parts kits, and machinegun parts kits and the marketing or advertising of such castings or blanks and kits on any medium of electronic communications, to require homemade firearms to have serial numbers, and for other purposes.

There are buzzwords rampant throughout that quotation and it does not give you much substance. Assault weapon parts kits? Machine gun parts kits? You cannot just order those off eBay or Amazon. Who do they think they are protecting with this bill?

H.R. 7115

This new legislation is sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) and has already garnered 16 Democrats as co-sponsors. H.R. 7115 goes into even further detail to want to ban the advertising of lower parts kits or building your own modern sporting rifles.

It shall be unlawful to market or advertise, on any medium of electronic communications, including over the Internet, for the sale of any of the following:

(1) A firearm receiver casting or firearm receiver blank or unfinished handgun frame

(2) An assault weapon parts kit

(3) A machinegun parts kit

None of this should really come as a surprise because although Democrats constantly say you are being paranoid, we are not coming for your guns.

They are, in fact, coming for our guns.

So what do all of you think? Is this bill too over-reaching? Do you think it has a snowball’s chance in passing? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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Watch: Steel Axe vs. Stone Axe []

This Townsends video opens with a discussion of some really old-time technology: stone axes. Stone axes must be more blunt than steel axes, but they don’t stick in the wood because they don’t cut as deeply. The synopsis in the comparison of the two axes in the video is that the stone version is only 30% to 50% as effective as the steel one.

The type of stone used to make stone axes will of course depend on what was locally available. Gotta work with what you have.

If you wonder (as I did) why the handle doesn’t split, it’s because the stone axe head isn’t touching on the sides… just the top and bottom. So with each strike of the axe, the head stretches the wood lengthwise rather than forcing the grain apart sideways. Cool!

In a side-by-side demonstration, we see that the stone axe does okay, but naturally the steel one cuts faster. But the stone axe guy does say that his stone axe works very well for peeling bark, and describes the process, which uses the wedged top end of the handle to separate the bark from a tree.

These days, you can probably find materials to make something better than a stone axe, what with all the old bits of steel littering our planet… but it’s interesting to learn how the REAL old-timers did it, and to know that if it came down to it, so could we.


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Chinese QN-202 Handheld Missile Launcher [The Firearm Blog]

Chinese QN-202 Handheld Missile Launcher 660During the Airshow China 2018 exhibition held in the China International Aviation Exhibition Center (Zhuhai, China) Chinese Wuhan Guide Infrared Co., Ltd has introduced a new man-portable missile launching system called QN-202. According to the company’s description, the QN-202 launches fire-and-forget type missiles with a maximum range of two kilometers. The launcher comes with a […]

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Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling Holster Review []

Back in January, I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a Clinger Comfort Cling holster, which is a simple (and ambidextrous) affair with no clips or loops. Simply place it inside your waistband, and you’re done. It stays where you put it while protecting your gun from sweat — and protecting your hide from being chafed by the gun.

I was moving at the time, and the holster was laid aside. I had been carrying a compact 9mm semi-auto with a Universal Clipdraw, which meant I didn’t need a holster for that pistol — and the pistol wouldn’t fit the holster well unless I removed the clip. Life went on, and I was able to get my hands on a Springfield Armory XD-S 9 Mod.2 pistol.

This little pistol carries well inside my waistband without any sort of holster or clip… but there’s always potential for it to slip during carry, which can be a problem. When I spotted the Clinger holster where I’d stashed it months before, angels sang. Then I crammed the little pistol in the holster and started using it.

Comfort Cling holster in use.

Comfort Cling holster in use.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

From the Manufacturer

  • Inside the Waistband / Pocket Holster
  • No Belt Clips To Fiddle With
  • Friction Holds Holster Inside Waistband
  • Gel-Like Cushion Is Incredibly Comfortable
  • Easy To Use
  • Swaps from Right to Left Hand
  • Full Sweat Shield Protects Your Gun
  • Two sizes: Compact and Full Size
  • MSRP: $19 ($26 shipped)
  • 2 Week Buy Back Guarantee
  • If your holster loses some of its cling, wash it with dish soap to restore the tackiness.
Comfort Cling holster with pistol inside.

Comfort Cling holster with pistol inside.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Guarantee

Their guarantee is pretty cool.

When you purchase a Clinger Holster, you can rest easy. You have 2 FULL WEEKS to return it for a refund minus shipping costs if you’re not happy with your purchase. No questions asked.

We’re a premium holster brand. We want to give you a premium experience.

Large Orders (over $200) will have a 30% restock fee.

Gotta love a company that stands behind their products. But from my own experience with their Comfort Cling holster, I doubt they have to buy back many holsters.

Comfort Cling holster with pistol inside.

Comfort Cling holster with pistol inside.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Pros & Cons

I haven’t carried concealed with holsters very much, so it’s tough for me to make a comparison with other brands. But I can say that this holster is mostly comfortable, and it stays where I put it.

The use of a holster was a change for me, and the added thickness that comes with it. But a major plus, especially considering that I live in Florida, is the sweat protection provided by this holster. And this holster stayed where I put it, regardless of sweat or physical activity.

Inside of Comfort Cling holster

Inside of Comfort Cling holster
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Drawing the pistol was better and worse… better because the pistol stays in a constant position and the holster stays in my pants during a draw, and worse because I have less surface area to grab than when I carry with a clip. This requires some practice to learn the muscle memory required to get a shooting grip on the pistol during the draw.


The Clinger Holsters Comfort Cling holster is a good product and should be given a serious look, even against higher-priced options. Available in two sizes, I have the smaller size and it works well with my Springfield Armory XD-S 9 Mod.2 3.3″ pistol.

It protects the popper from sweat, which is great if you perspire while you carry.

Comfort Cling holster tag

Comfort Cling holster tag
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

It stays put in my preferred 4:00 position, and doesn’t move when I draw the pistol.

It covers most of my pistol. This helps prevent the gun from printing and keeps the rear sight from digging into your skin, but hinders a really fast draw. I have to get the gun started out of the holster and then adjust my grip on the piece.

Comfort Cling holster tag

Comfort Cling holster tag
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

If you want a minimalist IWB holster for concealed carry, you should try the Comfort Cling. All you have to lose is a little time and the cost of shipping, if you’re not happy. But if your experience is anything like mine, you’ll be happy.

It can also be used as a pocket holster. Even with a loose fit between holster and pocket (front pocket of cargo shorts), the holster stays in place while I draw the pistol.

The quality of the stitching is good, with no loose threads hanging out to unravel if pulled.

Clinger makes other models of holsters… but I think I’ll stick with my Comfort Cling.

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Nationwide Police Raids Seize Illegal Blank Firing Guns in UK [The Firearm Blog]

NCA weapons seizedIn an operation spanning the UK from Scotland to Cornwall police have arrested 10 people and seized as many as 61 illegal firearms. Officers from police 25 forces and regional organised crime units raided numerous addresses on November 7, in an operation coordinated by the UK’s National Crime Agency. Those arrested were charged with the purchase […]

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Man’s Best Friend! Ruger’s 3rd Collector Series 10/22 Rifle []

Ruger has announced the 3rd rifle in their Collector’s Series of distinctive 10/22 rifles with Man’s Best Friend. A tribute 10/22 rifle paying homage to our companions, hunting partners, and “man’s best friend.” It has been quite awhile since Ruger has unveiled a rifle within their Collector’s Series. The last model released to the public was back on June 19th, 2015.

The 3rd rifle in their Collector’s Series, Man’s Best Friend, exhibits a 10/22 package with components and materials we have all seen before. What sets it apart is the unique collection of features and additional pieces that come with the rifle. The complete specification listing, as presented by Ruger, can be read below.

  • Ruger Collector’s Series 10/22® carbine rifles feature a limited time, Collector’s Series bolt marking, Collector’s Series “Man’s Best Friend” Street Sign and Dog Tag, $25.00 Gift Certificate, and Collector’s Series sticker.
  • Ruger® Modular Stock System with low comb, standard length of pull module on synthetic stock.
  • Detachable 10-round rotary magazine features a unique rotor to separate cartridges and provide reliable feeding.

man's best friend

  • Legendary action, a tried and true Ruger design, ensures consistent, reliable performance.
  • Cold hammer-forged barrel is locked into the receiver by a unique, two-screw, V-block system.
  • Positive, push-button, cross-bolt manual safety.

man's best friend

  • Factory-Installed One-Piece Aluminum Scope Rail
  • Easy-to-use extended magazine release provides smooth, no-fuss removal of flush-mounted magazine.
  • Heat-stabilized, glass-filled, polymer trigger housing assembly is precision made of high-tech material for improved manufacturing tolerances, impact and abrasion-resistance and an unmatched ability to withstand the elements.

man's best friend

The MSRP for this tribute 10/22 rifle is currently benchmarked at $399 making it very affordable. For those who may be interested in purchasing one for their own collection, this rifle is a Davidson’s Exclusive and only a limited run of them is set to be produced. At this time, Ruger has not stated the exact amount to be made, but it is sure to not be many and they will sell quickly. Ruger published this encompassing public statement regarding the unveiling of the new rifle:

In production for over 50 years, the Ruger 10/22 has become America’s favorite .22 rifle. With proven performance, a legendary action, and a renowned, reliable rotary magazine, the 10/22 has inspired a loyal following.

So what do you guys and gals think? Is this something that you would want to enter into your collection? Or would you pass on it for a different 10/22 model? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

man's best friend

man's best friend

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NEW for 2019: Kimber K6s DASA, TLE, DC (LG) & CDP (LG) Wheelguns [The Firearm Blog]

DASAKimber is rolling out a flurry of new wheelguns for 2019 to the delight of revolver lovers. This will include their 1st model of a .357 Magnum that offers a single-action trigger in the K6s DASA (Double-Action, Single-Action). The aesthetic curb appeal of the TLE (Tactical Law Enforcement) will be applied to a 2” and 3” […]

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Corrupt UK Border Officer Jailed for Smuggling Guns & Drugs [The Firearm Blog]

cache NCAA corrupt border officer has been prosecuted for attempting to smuggle drugs and firearms into the UK. A joint operation involving the UK’s Metropolitan police, National Crime Agency and French police arrested two other men in connection to the smuggling. The border officer, Simon Pellett, along with Alex Howard and David Barker were arrested when they […]

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Why a Berkey May Not Be The Best Water Filter For Preppers []

Over the past couple of years, we have talked about various types of water filters, and there seems to be one brand that is mentioned ad nauseam, and that is the Berkey, and sometimes the Lifestraw. For this article, we will be talking about the Berkey and its relationship with preppers / survivalist.

Before we begin, let’s take a few minutes and describe how a Berkey filters water. After all, not all of the readers will know the ins and out of the filter.

Berkey filters, such as the Royal, Light, and Imperial are gravity filters. This means water seeps through the filter using gravity. This means there are no moving parts besides the spigot. There are no pumps to break, and the only seals are those around the filters.

The Berkey elements (which do the actual purification or filtration) attach to the bottom of the top reservoir where the water is poured, the water seeps through the filters into a holding tank at the bottom of the unit.

Some units can have up to four filters (e.g., Royal Berkey), while larger units (e.g., Imperial Berkey) can have to up to six. Depending on water quality, each black Berkey element can purify around 3,000 gallons. Which means the Royal Berkey with its four elements can purify around 12,000 gallons, and the Imperial Berkey with its six filters can purify around 18,000 gallons.

Water Filter Life

While 12,000 and 18,000 gallons may sound impressive, some handheld water filters advertise 100,000 and 1,000,000 gallon life expectancy – such as the Sawyer mini and the Sawyer PointOne. Keep in mind life expectancy is directly related to the quality of the water source.

Sawyer Mini vs. PointOne

Awhile back, a buddy of mine and I were talking about water filters. He knows I have a Royal Berkey and it is my primary water filter here on the farm. When he started talking about the Sawyer Mini and its 100,000 advertised life expectancy, the 12,000 gallons of my Royal Berkey did not sound that impressive.

In all honesty water filtration technology has come a long way in the past decade. When preppers were using a handheld water filter, such as the Katadyn Hiker, 12,000 gallons was a lot. Then along came the Sawyer Mini and PointOne which blew everything else out of the water.

The one thing the Berkey black filters have the advantage with, they are purifiers a not filters.  What is the difference?

Purifiers remove or kill viruses, while filters do not.

Please keep in mind there are several types of Berkey filters on the market.  Some are advertised as purifiers while others are just filters.

Water Filter Cost

Let’s be honest, Berkey units can be expensive, and the replacement black purifiers can be equally expensive. The black purifier element cost is one reason why people opt for the less expensive filter elements.

The Royal Berkey cost around $300 and comes with two black elements; so that is an estimated 6,000 gallons.  A pair of Berkey black purification elements  can easily cost around $100.  To achieve the 12,000 capability of a four unit filter, the consumer will have to buy the unit, then purchase two more black elements.

Using the Royal Berkey as an example, the consumer would need to spend around $500 to get started and to use the filter to its maximum output.

That Sawyer PointOne for around $25, or the Sawyer Mini for around $20 are looking very attractive at this point.

We could spend around $100 on four Sawyer PointOne filters, each filter has an estimated life expectancy of around one million gallons, depending on source water quality.  This gives us a grand total of around 4,000,000 gallons of safe drinking water.

Or we could spend around $500 for an estimated 12,000 gallons of safe drinking water.


Berkey water filters are not very portable, as they are intended to be home based units for a fixed location.  There are some personal sized Berkey filters which are somewhat portable. However, even the personal size units fail in comparison to various filters on the market for hikers and campers.

At this time my Berkey water filter has water in it, so let’s turn to amazon to get the estimated empty weight.

  • According to Amazon, the Royal Berkey has an estimated weight of around 7 pounds.
  • Sawyer PointOne – 2.45 ounces
  • Sawyer Mini – 1.45 ounces
  • Sawyer PointOne with platypus bag and tubing to make a gravity filter – 10.95 ounces

It is going to be a lot easier to carry an 11 ounce filter than a 7 pound filter.

Filter Flow Rate

Regardless of what the specifications say, Berkey Elements can have a slow flow rate.  This means of the Berkey runs dry, it will take a little while for water to collect in the lower unit.

In comparison, the Sawyer PointOne has a wonderful flow rate.  The Sawyer Mini has a slower flow rate than the PointOne, but is still very acceptable.

Related Article – Sawyer PointOne vs. Sawyer Mini.

Final Thoughts

Even though Berkey makes a wonderful product, the cost can put some people off. On a personal note, I have been using a Royal Berkey for close to 10 years. After I moved to the farm several years ago the Berkey has been my primary water filter.

This brings up several questions:

  • How much water would someone need to filter?
  • How many people will need the filter?

While a Berkey may not be the best water filter for preppers, maybe it should play a role in having a well rounded water filter plan?

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Wehrmannsgewehr – German Shooting Competition After WW1 [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is selling at Rock Island on December 1, 2018.

Introduced by a Dutchman in 1897, the Wehrmannsgewehr was a type of 3-position shooting competition using military pattern rifles in a sporting caliber (the 8x46R, firing roughly a 150 grain lead bullet at 1800 fps). It was pretty limited in popularity in Germany until the end of World War One, when the Treaty of Versailles prohibited Germans from owning military arms. At that point, the sporting-caliber Wehrmannsgewehr became a very handy loophole in the law as a way for men to practice shooting skills with military style rifles. It would become quite widespread especially in northern Germany until the 1930s, when rimfire shooting began to eclipse it (the .22 rimfire ammunition was a lot cheaper, the guns were promoted by the government, and the 50m rimfire ranges were much more common than the 300m ranges required for Wehrmannsgewehr matches. Examples of these rifles were both made brand new and also converted from existing Gewehr 98s; this is an example of a conversion made by Haenel. As is typical, it is a single-shot rifle, with the magazine left filled with wood and a new stock covering the magazine area.

Sunday, 18 November


Concealed Carry Corner: Carrying While Jogging [The Firearm Blog]

JoggingWelcome to another edition of TFB’s Concealed Carry Corner. This week we’ll be discussing Concealed Carry while jogging. Whether you currently run, or are thinking about starting to run or jog, it’s time to think about personal protection if you haven’t already. We’ll discuss the potential dangers to joggers and the various types of concealment […]

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To answer the previous question... [Of Arms and the Law]

Namely, if a person refuses to give up their firearms under a "red flag" law, could authorities enter their house and seize them... The Tenth Circuit just ruled in US v. Shrum, No. 17-3059. Defendant called 911 to report that his girlfriend, aged in her 30s, had suddenly died. (The autopsy found she'd ODed on meth). Police responded, thought the death unusual, held him for 11 hours outside the house, noticed that he had ammunition, determined that he was a convicted felon, and tipped off ATF which searched the house and found guns, ammo, and meth.

The 10th Circuit found there was a Fourth Amendment violation, going back to when police refused to let him enter his house for an extended period of time; that was a seizure. They had no probable cause to believe he'd committed a crime; at best they had a suspicion. There was no reason to believe he'd destroy evidence, since police then knew of no evidence. As the Court notes, "Quite frankly, this would have been a much more straightforward case both in the district court and here if the Government had conceded the obvious, that is, the unconstitutionality of the initial seizure of Defendant's home."

As I recall, years ago (in an Arizona case) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled there was no "murder scene" exception to the Fourth Amendment. I'd think there is no "red flag law" exception, either.


British 1942 Prototype Simplified…Enfield? [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle will be sold at Rock Island on December 1, 2018.

In 1942, the British government instituted a development program to design a new simplified rifle to replace the No4 MkI Lee Enfield. The CSAD (Central Small Arms Department) came up with a design using a quite simple receiver machined form a small steel billet. It was a rifle wholly distinct form the Enfield, although both were chambered for the .303 British cartridge. The simplified rifle used a front-locking bolt, a simplified cocking piece, and had a magazine holding just 6 rounds. The sights were a simple 300/600 yard rear aperture, and a crude spike bayonet could be fitted either forward for use or rearward for storage.
The project never got as far as serial production, or even field trials as far as I can tell, and only a handful of prototypes were made.

Saturday, 17 November


SILENCER SATURDAY 47: Holiday Buying Guide 2018 [The Firearm Blog]

NFA Holiday Buying Guide 2018Hello everyone and thanks for reading TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where only good boy and girls get NFA toys. This week officially marks the beginning of the 2018 Holiday Season. With Thanksgiving Day and the dreaded (or glorious) Black Friday following just hours later, most Americans will be searching for gift-giving deals for friends, family or […]

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Democrat Calls For Gun Confiscation, Suggests Nuking Americans Who Fight Back [NRA-ILA News]

Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) caused a firestorm on Friday when he suggested using nuclear weapons against American citizens who oppose his far-left gun control agenda, which includes forcing Americans to give up their semi-automatic weapons. Swalwell made the comment in response to a May news article on his radical plan that was widely recirculated on Twitter on Friday in which he called for a $15 billion government program to confiscate millions of guns from Americans.


NRA vs. Cuomo: first round goes to NRA [Of Arms and the Law]

The District Court for the Northern District of New York rejected Cuomo's motion to dismiss, finding:

""allegations of direct and implied threats to insurers and financial institutions because of these entities' links with the NRA, and the allegations of resulting harm to the NRA's operations, are sufficient to make out plausible First Amendment freedom-of-speech claims."

Among the "direct and implied threats" is one contained in a press release Cuomo issued in April stating, "I am directing the Department of Financial Services to urge insurers and bankers statewide to determine whether any relationship they may have with the NRA or similar organizations sends the wrong message."


Democrat Congressman Swalwell Suggests Nuking America if Gun Rights Supporters Were to Resist Gun Control Measures [NRA-ILA News]

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D., Calif.) suggested the United States government would use nuclear weapons in a theoretical war against gun rights supporters who refuse to give up assault weapons. The Democratic congressman's comments were prompted by a Twitter user's response to an article about Swalwell's call to force gun owners to relinquish assault weapons. The piece recounts how Swalwell "has proposed outlawing ‘military-style semiautomatic assault weapons' and forcing existing owners to sell their weapons or face prosecution."


Democratic Rep. Swalwell warns gun owners that 'government has nukes' [NRA-ILA News]

Rep. Eric Swalwell, California Democrat, warned gun owners Friday that any fight over firearms would be “a short one,” because the federal government has an extensive cache of nuclear weapons. After Joe Biggs tweeted that Mr. Swalwell “wants a war” over the Second Amendment, Mr. Swalwell responded, “And it would be a short war my friend.” “The government has nukes.Too many of them. But they’re legit,” the congressman tweeted. “I’m sure if we talked we could find common ground to protect our families and communities.”


British World War One SMLE Sniper Rifle [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on December 1, 2018.

The British started World War One without a sniper program, but were quick to develop one once faced with the threat of well-trained German snipers. The initial equipment used by the British was a motley collection of commercial hunting rifles, but by 1915 the government was issuing contract to mount mostly 3x and 4x telescopes on SMLE and Pattern 1914 rifles. About 10,000 scoped sniper rifles were issued in total during the war using a variety of scopes and mount types (a standardized pattern would not be adopted until 1918). The example we have here today is the most common type; an SMLE with an offset Periscopic Prism Company scope using a 5-screw mount assembled by the same company. Later in the war the offset mounts would slowly fall out of favor to the center-mounted scopes, which allowed better shooting at the cost of being able to use stripper clips.

Friday, 16 November


Men Arrested for Attempting to Smuggle Weapons into Lebanon Hidden Inside SUV [The Firearm Blog]

A Canadian man has been arrested in Washington state for attempting to smuggle weapons in Lebanon hidden inside a vehicle. Two men were arrested in Seattle by undercover Homeland Security agents when they tried to stash a grenade launcher and firearms inside the door panels of an SUV they planned to ship to Lebanon. A […]

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BOTW: Fourth Set Results [The Firearm Blog]

Drumroll…..And the winner for the second set was the 6.5 Grendel Pistol Build by DJ with 32% of the votes (I’ve noticed that the votes are getting much closer; I’m assuming because the individual builds appeal to some segments of all of you. It could also just be coincidence…). The randomly picked winning voter was […]

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House Democrats Outline Gun Control Agenda for 116th Congress [NRA-ILA News]

With anti-gun Democrats back in control of the House of Representatives come January, now is the time to prepare for a new onslaught on the Second Amendment. Emboldened by the mere thought of controlling the lower chamber, we are already seeing the warning signs of what will come for the next two years. First, virtually all Democrat leadership positions are likely to be filled by long-time anti-gun zealots, such as former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Similarly, key committees will surely be chaired by extremists with long histories of supporting any and all legislation designed to diminish the rights of law-abiding gun owners.


Toledo Mayor Plays Politics With Officer Safety Via New Firearm Procurement Measures [NRA-ILA News]

Bad ideas have a way of recurring within gun control circles. And when they do, they are usually accompanied by self-congratulatory rhetoric about their supposedly “innovative” and “forward-thinking” nature. That was certainly the case this week when Toledo’s Democrat mayor, Wade Kapszukiewicz, announced he would use the City’s firearm and ammunition procurement process to pressure vendors into adopting practices not required by law to restrict “civilian” access to their products. “I’m not saying this is going to eradicate the problem in our nation or even avoid a tragedy in my own city, but just because we can’t do everything doesn’t mean we can do nothing,” he told The Huffington Post, which falsely reported the policy is “the first of its kind in the U.S.”


Yes, George Soros is a Gun Grabber [NRA-ILA News]

In 2015, billionaire gun control financier and potential 2020 presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg financed the creation of the anti-gun propaganda outlet The Trace. Ever grateful for their wealthy benefactor’s unfettered largesse, the Bloomberg advocacy group now views less-profligate anti-gun tycoons as irrelevant to gun control lobby’s efforts. In a piece titled, “George Soros Is Not the Gun Grabber the NRA Says He Is,” The Trace sets out to rehabilitate the anti-gun image of the Hungarian-born billionaire and his political apparatus, Open Society Foundations.


Indulgences for Hollywood as Movie Studio Buys Gun Offsets [NRA-ILA News]

In 2014, Hollywood movie mogul and fierce NRA critic Harvey Weinstein appeared to acknowledge the movie industry might be able to have a positive impact by reducing its glorification of criminal violence. Weinstein explained, I have to choose movies that aren’t violent or as violent as they used to be… I know for me personally … I can’t continue to do that. The change starts here. It has already. For me, I can’t do it. I can’t make one movie and say this is what I want for my kids and then just go out and be a hypocrite.


NRA sues to block new Washington gun control measure [NRA-ILA News]

The NRA and the Bellevue, Washington-based Second Amendment Foundation sued in U.S. District Court in Seattle on Thursday, saying the measure violates the right to bear arms and strays into the regulation of interstate commerce, which is the province of the federal government.


Washington: Whidbey student calls for walkouts after passing of 1639 gun initiative [NRA-ILA News]

Many adult gun owners are mad about the 1639 gun initiative passing, but as it turns out, so are some young people it directly impacts. Among other things, Initiative 1639 prevents 18, 19, and 20-year-olds from purchasing a semi-automatic firearm.


Opposition: Ban All Semiautomatic Firearms [NRA-ILA News]

I would ban all semiautomatics. That would leave the gun owners of America with three types of weapons they could legally own:


Arizona: Tucson City Council to discuss gun dealer policy [NRA-ILA News]

A Tucson City Council Member is looking to change the city’s policy on how it does business with gun dealers.


Parson making it official: Right-to-Carry respected in Missouri Capitol [NRA-ILA News]

Gov. Mike Parson’s administration is poised to make it official: Visitors can bring guns into the Missouri Capitol if they have a concealed carry permit.


Canada debates a gun ban [NRA-ILA News]

Deeply unsettled by the attack, Ms Rempel pondered a friend’s claim that a ban on guns could have prevented it. She delved into regulations, studied crime data and came to an unexpected conclusion. The young politician from Alberta bought a handgun, joined a sports-shooting club and became Canada’s most prominent proponent of gun ownership—as a responsible pastime, she says.


Battle Arms Development RACK Ambidextrous Charging Handle [The Firearm Blog]

Battle Arms Development RACK Ambidextrous Charging Handle (4)Battle Arms Development has first introduced the prototype of RACK ambidextrous AR-15 charging handle at SHOT Show 2018. Recently, they released more information about this charging handle and announced that it is now available for preorder. According to Battle Arms Development, the standard AR-15 charging handle was not designed to be used single-handedly. That’s why […]

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Manual Action Lever Release enters IPSC Rifle (again) [The Firearm Blog]

Manual Action Lever Release (MALR) rifles gets a come-back in the new 2019 IPSC Rifle rule book. You may laugh at this division, but remember that some countries have banned semi-automatic firearms. I am thinking of the United Kingdom in particular, but there are a few others (unfortunately). In the First Rifle World Shoot 2017 […]

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"Red Flag Law" leaves man dead [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. His niece seems to be suggesting that the victim's sister sought the order in retribution for a family quarrel. Any process that can be used can be abused, and will be abused unless there are consequences for abuse. Here there are none.

I wonder how those laws square with the Fourth Amendment? Unless the person on the receiving end cooperates, police must search the home. There's no probable cause to believe a crime has been committed. And a residence is at the core of Fourth Amendment protections. Would the courts uphold a search warrant based upon a relative's prediction that the homeowner is at risk commit a crime in the future, unless stopped?


Hands on with the SL40 UBGL/Standalone Grenade Launcher from Lithgow Arms [The Firearm Blog]

The 40x46mm low-velocity SL40 grenade launcher has been in Australian Defence Force service for some time now, serving primarily as a modular under-barrel grenade launcher attached to the 5.56x45mm NATO F60 service rifle within the infantry at the squad or section level. It was first chosen to accompany the older F88 system of rifles in […]

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NEW Springfield Armory SAINT 5.56 NATO Edge Pistol []

Springfield Armory has announced a NEW SAINT Edge Pistol chambered in 5.56mm NATO (.223 Rem) with their signature billet lower receiver. This extremely compact pistol constructed of premium components would be perfect for someone checking their property lines, needs a truck gun, or to be used as a primary hunting firearm.

The highlights of this newest SAINT product in Springfield’s ever-growing line-up is the Maxim Defense CQB brace which is highly adjustable and being paired with their proprietary, robust billet lower receiver. The rest of the cascading specification list, as presented by Springfield Armory, can be read below:

  • Caliber: 5.56x45mm NATO (.223 Rem)
  • Magazines: 1 – 30 Round Magpul PMAG Gen M3
  • Barrel: 10.3” Lightweight Profile CMV w/ 1:8” Twist & Melonite Treatment
  • Front Sight: SA Spring-Loaded Flip-Up, ½ MOA Elevation Adjustment
  • Rear Sight: SA Spring-Loaded, Low-Profile, Flip-Up Dual Aperture Sight, ½ MOA Windage Adjustment
  • Muzzle Device: A2 Flash Suppressor

edge pistol

  • Trigger: SA Match, Single-Stage w/ Short Reset
  • Upper Receiver: Forged Type III Hardcoat Anodized, 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Lower Receiver: 7075 T6 Billet w/ Accu-Tite™ Tension System
  • Hanguard: M-LOK Aluminum SA (Patent Pending) Free-Float w/ SA Locking Tabs & Forward Handstop
  • Gas System: Carbine Length, SA Low-Profile Adjustable Gas Block (0.625”)
  • Receiver Extension: Integral w/ Maxim System

edge pistol

  • Bolt-Carrier Group: Enhanced M16, Melonite, HPT/MPI 9310 Steel Bolt
  • Buffer Assembly: Maxim System
  • Charging Handle: SA Mid-Size
  • Forearm Brace: Maxim Defense CQB, Adjustable (4 Positions)
  • Safety Switch: Ambidextrous

edge pistol

  • Trigger Guard: Integral to Receiver
  • Pistol Grip: Bravo Company MOD 3
  • Length: Extended 28.5” | Collapsed 24.6”
  • Weight: 5 Lbs. 11 ½ Oz.
  • Made in the USA
  • MSRP: $1,559

edge pistol

This is an exciting announcement for Springfield Armory and consumers alike because it adds another option for hunters restricted to “shotgun or pistol only” hunting zones. It also would be tremendously fun to shoot at the range, a compact package with light recoil to introduce younger or newer shooters, and it would make for a stout home defense pistol. Springfield Armory shared their delight in bringing the New SAINT Edge Pistol to market with this public statement.

GENESEO, ILL. (11/15/18) –  Springfield Armory’s brand new SAINT Edge Pistol combines the most popular features of the most premium ­SAINT in the lineup with the compact shootability of a pistol platform…

…the compact SAINT Edge Pistol is the perfect companion for personal defense. At just 24.6” with the brace collapsed, and weighing only 5 lbs, 11.5 ounces, the newest SAINT pistol from Springfield Armory delivers a lot of power in a small package.

Something final to consider if you are entertaining opening your wallet for this one is their recent promotional video covering some of the best materials and characteristics about this tough and modern pistol.

So what do all of you guys and gals think? This one has an MSRP benchmarked at $1,559 which is not necessarily cheap, but that is not to say the quality and components are not worth it. Would you add one to your hunting arsenal? Or would you pass on this one for something different? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

edge pistol


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SAF And NRA File Joint Suit Against Washington State Over I-1639 [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Second Amendment and the National Rifle Association have joined together to challenge parts of the recently passed Washington State Initiative 1639 in a federal lawsuit. The initiative contained a laundry list of gun control measures including a definition of an assault weapon (sic) that would include Ruger 10/22s, raised the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21, specified waiting periods, enacted a safe storage provision, includes a $25 tax on each semi-automatic rifle sold, requires law enforcement to verify annually that owners of handguns and semi-auto rifles are legally allowed to own them, and it includes a training requirement.

The initiative was funded in great part by billionaires such as Michael Bloomberg, Nick Hanauer, and the late Paul Allen. The goal, while not state overtly, is to kill out the gun culture in Washington State by making it so onerous and creating such a slippery slope that casual gun owners will just give up. You can hear some thoughts on this from a Washington State resident in Episode 308 of The Squirrel Report podcast.

The lawsuit, Mitchell et al v. State of Washington et al, was filed on Wednesday in US District Court for the Western District of Washington. It is a complaint for both a declaratory judgment and injunctive relief based upon a claim of violations of the Commerce Clause, and the 2nd and 14th Amendment.

The plaintiffs are firearms dealers Daniel Mitchell and Robin Ball, 19 year old competitive shooter Luke Rettmer who is a member of the US Long Range Rifle Under 21 team, 19 year old Army reservist and college student Nathaniel Casey, and recreational shooters Armen Tooloee and Matthew Wald who are 20 and 19 years old respectively. The Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association are the organizational plaintiffs in the case.

The lawsuit focuses in on four aspects of I-1639 which goes into effect, in part, on January 1, 2019 with the remainder going into effect on July 1, 2019. First, it challenges Section 12 of the Initiative's ban on the sale of semi-automatic rifles to out-of-state residents on the grounds it "impermissibly burdens interstate commerce in violation of the Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution, Art. I § 8 cl. 3."

Secondly, the lawsuit challenges Section 13 of the Initiative which raises the age to purchase semi-automatic rifles to 21. It seeks a declaration that "by preventing the sale to otherwise qualified adults under age 21 of certain rifles, impermissibly burdens their exercise of rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution." They are making this claim on behalf of both the Young Adult Plaintiffs and the Organizational Plaintiffs. It is asserted that no state interest justifies this infringement and that the ban is broader than needed to serve any "possible alleged governmental interest."

Thirdly, the lawsuit contends that the Section 13 of the Initiative "impermissably burdens" the rights guaranteed to the Young Adult Plaintiffs under Article I Section 24 of the Washington Constitution.

Finally, the lawsuit says that the intention of Washington State Attorney General Robert Ferguson to enforce the provisions of I-1639 and will be acting under "color of law". Thus, Ferguson will be depriving "plaintiffs of civil rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, as applied by the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution."

The plaintiffs seek to have the challenged portions of I-1639 declared unconstitutional and to enjoin enforcement of the entire I-1639 unless the challenged parts are ruled severable, and if so, then enforcement of the challenged parts.

The complaint in its entirety can be found here.

Both the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifle Association have issued releases regarding this lawsuit.

Alan Gottlieb of SAF had this to say:

“We are also considering additional legal challenges,” SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb confirmed. “We are disappointed that too many Evergreen State voters were fooled into supporting this 30-page gun control scheme, despite overwhelming law enforcement opposition. This initiative is an affront to the constitutional rights enshrined in the Second Amendment and the Washington state constitution, especially for young adults.

“We’re determined to fight this egregious measure because constitutionally-protected rights should never be subject to a popularity vote,” he stated. “The wealthy elitists behind I-1639 want to turn a right into a regulated privilege. This measure was only designed to have a chilling effect on the exercise of a constitutional right by honest citizens while having no impact at all on criminals, and we cannot let it go unchallenged.”
Chris Cox of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action had similar comments:
"The NRA is committed to restoring the Second Amendment rights of every law-abiding Washingtonian," said Chris W. Cox, executive director of NRA¹s Institute for Legislative Action. "I-1639 violates the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens and puts people at risk. This lawsuit is the first step in the fight to ensure that Washingtonians are free to exercise their fundamental right to self-defense."...

"The NRA will fight to overturn this unconstitutional initiative. We will not sit idly by while elitist anti-gun activists attempt to deny everyday Americans their fundamental right to self-defense," concluded Cox.
I, for one, am quite pleased to see the Second Amendment Foundation and the National Rifles Association working together on this lawsuit and not competing with one another for bragging rights. This is the way it should be.


SULZER Firearms MK1-SPC Magpul 6.8SPC Magazine Compatible Receiver Set [The Firearm Blog]

SULZER Firearms MK1-SPC Magpul 6.8SPC Magazine Compatible Receiver Set (1)Magpul PMAGs designed for the 6.8mm Remington SPC cartridge were developed in partnership with LWRCI. These magazines are larger than the standard GI mags and so far they were only compatible with the LWRCI Six8 series of rifles which receivers were built around these magazines. Apparently, now there is another option on the market – […]

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California: Cities Backpedal on Over-Reaching & Preempted Local Anti-Gun Ordinances [NRA-ILA News]

The City of Palm Springs decided to repeal the reporting ordinance to avoid litigation and the City of Saratoga also withdrew an ordinance that would have imposed the same type of reporting limitation on victims of firearm theft.


Featured Deals of the Week – 11/16/2018 [The Firearm Blog]

Weekly Deals Roundup 3 – Sig Sauer P320 X-series and ammo, Lancer L5 Magazines, Heritage Rough-Rider SA, Steel Targets, Stag 15 Lower Deals of the Week number 3, 9mm edition. Sig p320 x-series with 500 rounds – $729.99-849.99 + Free S&H What the deal is: Sportsman’s Outdoor is offering a combo deal of not only […]

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FAL Paratrooper 50.63 [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on November 30, 2018.

FN introduced the paratrooper folding-stock version of the FAL rifle in the early 1960s, and it became a very popular addition to their rifle line. Since the recoil spring on the standard pattern FAL runs down the length of the buttstock, fitting a side folding stock required a redesign to the internal parts, moving the recoil spring in front go the bolt, inside the top cover. For this reason, standard and paratrooper lower receivers, top covers, springs, and bolt carriers are not interchangeable. In addition to those changes, FN developed the folding charging handle for these rifles and shortened their barrels to approximately 17 3/8 inches. The standard muzzle brake was used, and the standard handguards and folding bipod also fitted. The rear sight was fixed, with just a single 250m aperture.
A batch of 1,375 of semiauto Para FAL rifles was imported into the US before the various bans on military style rifles were instituted, and this is one of them – an all-original FN made Para!

Thursday, 15 November


POTD: Shortest Barrel SMLE [The Firearm Blog]

A video on youtube showed some young guys from the Arab region -either Iraqi or Algerian- demonstrating their gun, which they have fun with.  It is a cut-down short-magazine Lee Enfield rifle (now carbine length) with the shortest barrel ever seen for this model. The original front sight post is replaced with an AK sight while […]

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Digital Night Vision: Is It Worth While? [The Firearm Blog]

Actual night vision is typically rather pricey. While there are cheap night vision like Gen 1 and some heavily used Gen 2, most people want Gen 3 night vision and they cost a couple thousand dollars and in some cases are upwards of five figures. Digital night vision is slowly becoming a reality. There are […]

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The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter X-Class Truck [The Firearm Blog]

Here at TFB we very rarely write about Automobiles, but when we do they are probably the best Automobiles in the World – for our needs. When we covered luxury SUVs for hunting and fishing England had a clear win with their Bentley Benteyga. If hunting with Falcons is your thing, there can also only […]

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NRA Challenges Constitutional Violations in Initiative 1639 [NRA-ILA News]

The NRA was joined by the Second Amendment Foundation in filing a lawsuit challenging gun control measures recently passed in Washington ballot initiative I-1639.


Surefire Warden Direct Attach Version Coming Soon []

It looks like Surefire will release a direct-attach version of the Warden blast diffuser that does not require the use of their costly suppressor-compatible muzzle devices such as the 3-prong flash hider, Warcomp and muzzle brake. This Warden will directly threads onto any AR15 or AR10 with 1/2-28 and 5/8-24 thread pitch barrels. It’s made in stainless steel and finished in black Cerakote. At length of 3.1″, we’re not sure if it can be pinned and welded for guys running 14.5″ barrels.

Do keep in mind that this is not a suppressor, it simply redirects blast forward away from the muzzle. Thus it does not need a tax stamp or extra paperwork to purchase and own.

It’s expected to be officially announced at SHOT Show 2019 in Janurary in Las Vegas. Pricing is yet to be announced however it’s safe to say it will likely cost less than the current Warden retailing for $180.

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Phoozy XP3 Phone Protection Pouch Review []

When you need more protection for your phone than your typical phone case can provide, Phoozy might be just the ticket. Officially dubbed the “Thermal Capsule XP-3,” it’s a protective pouch that can hold your phone and more, protecting it from extreme conditions including impact and temperature extremes. Oh, and it floats.

‘Basically it’s a phone protection case. What sets it apart though is that it uses NASA-type materials to extend battery life and protect during winter temperatures. On the other end, special materials reflect more than 90% of solar radiation to help prevent overheating. And it floats, which means that if you drop your phone in the water, it won’t sink. Although it doesn’t officially protect your phone from getting wet, it will stay afloat while you grab it out of the water.’

(Image © 2018 EXCLAIM IP, LLC)

I’ve had the Realtree Edge version of the Phoozy “case” for a while now, and it’s about time we talked about it. Here are some of the key features according to the manufacturer, and some commentary on each:

– UltraSkin Ripstop exterior with UV and Hydrophobic coatings that shield colorful prints from fading in harsh environments and makes for easy cleaning.

The Realtree Edge camouflage finish on my Phoozy is distinct, and the exterior fabric is easy to clean.

– Impactor Core 2.0 exceeds Military Standard (810G 516.6) for shock and impact protecting your device for drops in excess of six feet.

The interior cushioning is pretty thick and should provide ample protection on front and back… but the protection doesn’t wrap around the sides, which means your phone’s edges & corners may be vulnerable if your phone’s width crowds the edges of the Phoozy… though they are certainly more protected than they would be without a Phoozy.

– UltraGrip EZ-Open pull tabs allow for easy access in any conditions — wet or dry.

The pull tabs are good-sized and easy to grip, and are more than adequate for pulling apart the thin strip of velcro at the top of the sleeve.

Mouth of Phoozy

Mouth of Phoozy
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

– Multi-Point Attachment System allows for use with belt, carabiner, lanyard or Phoozy Tether System.

There’s a single fabric strip on the back of the Phoozy, sewn to create three attachment loops. The top and bottom loops measure about 1.25 inches, while the middle one is more of a belt-loop size at 2 inches.

Back of Phoozy

Back of Phoozy
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

– Internal Stash Pocket for credit cards, license, ID and cash eliminates the need to carry a bulky wallet.

There’s a full-width mesh pocket inside, a little over 3 inches deep. The top of the pocket begins about 7/8″ from the mouth of the Phoozy.

Internal Phoozy pocket

Internal Phoozy pocket
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

– SinkProof Technology keeps your device afloat even in the roughest water conditions.

It definitely floats like a champ even with my phone inside — but realize the Phoozy is NOT waterproof.

– Chromium Thermal Barrier reflects more than 90% of the solar radiation generated by the sun to help prevent your device from overheating.

Couldn’t really test this.

– Layered Matrix of NASA inspired materials extends battery life in cold conditions while helping maintain the safe operating temperature of your device in frigid temps.

Sounds good, but I was unable to test it in extreme cold.

Specs (“Plus” size)

  • Exterior: 3.75″ wide, 0.75″ thick, 7.5″ long (not including pull tabs)
  • Interior: 3.25″ wide and 7.25″ deep
  • Weight: 1.85 ounces
  • Manufacturer claims it will fit phone case up to: 6.6″ x 0.5″ x 3.5″
  • (Also available in XL size)
  • MSRP: $49.99

The Nitty Gritty

Phoozy is a good idea, and my sample is definitely well-made. It will protect my phone in extreme conditions, allowing me to stash it in cargo pocket or pack and go about my outdoor adventures. The front and back are well-padded, and all the stitching is top notch, with no stray threads poking out.

Unfortunately, the Phoozy is a bit narrow for most of today’s phones. My iPhone SE is one of the smallest smart phones out there, and in a slim Lifeproof case it’s a snug fit inside the Phoozy pouch. Wider phones will crowd the edges even more, which means they’re less-padded than the front and back of the phone. The tight fit also means your phone isn’t easy to remove from the Phoozy.

The hook-and-loop (think Velcro) at the top of the pouch could stand to be more substantial. At about 1/2″ wide, it’s not as secure as you might like, and without the tight fit of my phone in the pouch, I’d be concerned about it falling out of the Phoozy.

If you use your phone often, you probably don’t want a Phoozy… but if you want a way to transport your phone while giving it better protection than your case can provide, a Phoozy pouch is a good option. And for hunters, keeping your phone in a Reatree Phoozy might prevent you from missing the buck of a lifetime because you were checking Facebook or playing sudoku.

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Colombian FARC Weapons Turned into ‘Anti-Monument’ [The Firearm Blog]

Colombian sculptor, Doris Salcedo, has unveiled her latest work – a monument to mark the end of the guerrilla war which has racked Colombia for just over 50 years. The unconventional peace monument, entitled Fragmentos (Fragments), uses the scrap metal reclaimed from the thousands of small arms handed over by FARC rebels following the peace treaty signed in […]

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Renewed push by Sen. Toomey to criminalize private firearms transfers [NRA-ILA News]

Mr. Toomey has consistently said that he’s never stopped looking for a way to get the 60 votes required for the measure to pass the Senate, but he did pause his public push – at least for a while.


First Amendment lawyer Jack Greiner: First Amendment is nonpartisan and might protect the NRA in a recent court case [NRA-ILA News]

A recent case from a federal district court in New York reminds us that the First Amendment is a truly non-partisan document.


Ohio House passes ‘stand your ground’ legislation [NRA-ILA News]

By a 64-26, mostly party-line vote Wednesday, the Ohio House passed a GOP-sponsored “stand your ground” bill that eliminates any “duty to retreat” before using force in self-defense, shifts the burden of proof to the state in self-defense cases, and loosens a number of Ohio gun-control rules – including allowing individuals to challenge local gun-control ordinances in court.


Australian Leader T2 Rifle to be Made in USA [The Firearm Blog]

Australian Leader T2 Rifle to be Made in USA (1)St. George Arms has published a video where Charles St. George, the founder of the company and the designer of the Australian Leader Dynamics Model T2 MK 5 rifle, has announced that this rifle will be manufactured in the USA. Here is the announcement text (quoted from the company’s website) followed by the mentioned video. The Australian […]

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Was Richlite Really Developed from WW2 Fuel Tanks? []

I recently received an email from White River Knife & Tool, which contained a good story. It claimed that the paper-based material Richlite, which the company uses as a knife handle material, was originally developed to make auxiliary fuel tanks for fighter aircraft in World War 2. This allowed the Allies to produce tanks without using metal, which was needed to make many other war materials. The new tanks allowed fighters to escort bombers all the way to targets in Germany, and when dropped they were useless to Germany, whereas discarded aluminum tanks could have easily been recycled by the enemy.

In 1943 this particular laminating technology was brought to the United States and the rest is history. All American made Richlite handles on all American made White River Knives are seriously tough–proven thousands of times in combat far above Europe!

This was interesting enough, but a visit to the Richlite website failed to back it up. According to them, the material was originally used “for industrial tooling and pattern making.”

Here’s what Richlite says about their product:

Richlite is Paper

Richlite is an incredibly durable, extremely versatile, and highly sustainable material made from resin-infused paper. Originally developed over 70 years ago for industrial tooling and pattern making, Richlite has expanded into a premium surface material used in the aerospace, marine, action sports, culinary, architecture, and design industries, and in machine shops and automotive manufacturing. Handmade from many layers of high quality custom craft paper, Richlite’s surface texture comes from the natural variation in the way fibers lay within the paper. Composed of approximately 65% FSC®-certified or recycled paper content and 35% phenolic resin, Richlite’s color comes from a combination of the paper and the amber tone of the resin.

A signature mottled appearance and warmth complement Richlite’s range of interior and exterior applications including furniture, cabinetry, cladding, skateparks, consumer products, signage, retail displays, restaurant tables, bar tops, and worktops, and for industrial use in die stock, silent gears, and foundry patterns. Dense and durable, yet easily tooled, pleasing to the eye, and with its smooth, natural aesthetic, Richlite has become a choice material for a wide range of architects, designers, industrial manufacturers and product developers. From guitar fret boards, culinary cutting surfaces, skateparks, mobile phone cases, industrial tooling molds, and router blocks, Richlite can be found in a wide range of products and industries.

This alone doesn’t mean Richlite wasn’t based on the paper fuel tank developed in England during WW2, but it did cause me to dig deeper. And I found this article, written by the son of the man responsible for creating the fuel tanks. The development process was described in detail, and in the end we are told that the fuel tanks were lined with animal glue in order to prevent fuel from soaking through during flight — and that they eventually would leak after lasting just long enough to get the job done.

The process and product described in this article bear little resemblance to the tough, durable Richlite material.

This page at ecosupply claims a different WW2 heritage for Richlite:

First used in 1943, the U.S. military made drop boxes out of Richlite. Because these boxes were dropped from supply planes, they needed to be durable and waterproof.

As you can see, the evidence I’ve found is inconclusive. I’ve sent an inquiry to White River asking for more information, and will update this article when/if I learn more.

Whether you believe Richlite was developed as a result of the WW2 fuel tank development (which I find doubtful), the fact remains that Richlite is a tough, durable, and attractive material for knife handles and other applications. Whereas micarta is made of resin-impregnated cloth, Richlite uses paper instead of fabric. This generally produces a denser material that’s more stable and easier to machine.

So, Richlite is certainly a great knife handle developed in 1943. But was it born in battle during World War Two? That’s harder to say.

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NATO Snipers Practicing High-Angle Shooting in Austria [The Firearm Blog]

Unless you have some interest and skill in mathematics, shooting high or low-angle precision rifle is going to be even more difficult. Just imagine all the countless variables, and then adding to the difficulty that the distance that you measure (via Milling or Laser Range Finder, for instance) to your target isn’t the one you’re […]

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Norinco Type 81 Keymod Rifle Spotted []

Last week at the Zhuhai Airshow in China, Norinco was spotted displaying a new variant of the Type 81 7.62x39mm rifle. The Type 81 is largely based on the SKS action with improved, modernized ergonomics. The rifle in semi-auto has found success in the commercial market in Canada in the past year. However, there’s difficulty in mounting optics as well as various accessories.

With this version, we see that the handguard is now made in machined aluminum with Keymod slots, saving precious weight as well as being more slimline. Keymod slots are avalable at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock for various optics, lights and vertical grips. It is shown with 2 pieces of detachable picatinny rails at 12 o’clock.

A scope rail on top of the receiver cover is shown as well for those who prefer to mount a scope on top which requires it to be mounted closer to the shooter instead of red dot optics on top of the keymod handguard. Despite that, the iron sights are available as a backup once the scope is dismounted from the rail.

AR15 compatible buttstock is now used by the way of a new trunnion that mates the AR15 buffer tube together with the receiver. This will certainly open up more options for mounting high power scopes that requires more cheek weld support.

We’re not sure when they will be available. However, if Norinco is displaying this at a trade show, that means we will see it in the near future as they are taking orders from various customers around the globe.

To those who are unfamiliar with the Type 81, please see the unboxing video below.

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NEW Springfield Armory SAINT Edge Pistol in 5.56 NATO [The Firearm Blog]

Edge pistolSpringfield Armory put everyone on notice when they finally introduced an XD(M) 10mm pistol this fall and they are likely to turn heads again with their most recent unveiling. Now available is a Springfield Armory SAINT Edge Pistol chambered in 5.56 NATO featuring a billet lower receiver. This new AR-15 pistol carries over all of […]

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“The Pioneer” – New Radian Weapons Raptor Charging Handle [The Firearm Blog]

For this year’s Veteran’s Day t’s time for a new Limited Edition of Radian Weapons’ Raptor Charging Handle. It goes on sale on Monday the 12:th of November, and is called “The Pioneer”. Radian Weapons are planning to raise $20,000 for a charity called Duskin and Stephens with the proceeds. According to their homepage their […]

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North China Type 19: The Improved Nambu Pistol [Forgotten Weapons]

This pistol is being sold at Rock Island on December 2, 2018.

The North China Type 19 pistol (not to be confused with the North China Type 19 rifle) is an improvement on the Type 14 Nambu pistol design which was manufactured in very small numbers in Japanese-occupied China late in World War Two. With shipping connections between Japanese troops in China and the Japanese home islands cut off by US naval activity, plans were put in place to expand Japanese-run arms manufacturing in China and the Type 19 pistol was part of those plans.
The two major improvements to the Nambu design that the Type 19 incorporates are a solid frame with a disassembly lever in place of the removable trigger guard, and a redesign of the manual safety to be much more ergonomic. The magazine retention spring was also wisely discarded. Two distinct types of these pistols are known; one very well made with a bullseye style of final acceptance mark and one of very poor machining quality with a Japanese “2” character as a final proof, presumably indicating second quality. Both types have independent serial number ranges, with recorded numbers from 4 to 55 on the high quality guns and 004 to 093 on the poor ones. The explanation for these two distinct types is not known.
The intention was to produce 5,000 Type 19 pistols, but judging from the known surviving examples no more than about 200 were actually made. This is one of the scarcest Japanese WW2 pistols, and very interesting as an improvement to the Nambu design.

Wednesday, 14 November


Love This Bill Number [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Rep. Jonathan Stickland (R-TX-House 92) is a pro-gun conservative and an advocate for constitutional carry in Texas. The Texas House of Representatives has recently opened their filing of bills for the upcoming session. My friend and fellow podcaster Rachel Malone alerted me to a new bill he has introduced.

I love his announcement of it on Twitter.

 I see what he did there!

The bill text can be found here.


FSA TECHNICALS (Part 1): BMP Turrets on Pick-Ups [The Firearm Blog]

It was not enough for the Free Syrian Army to improvise small arms and remote control weapon stations, but they developed a number of modifications for vehicles as well.  They have not only repaired damaged tanks and put them back in service, but they have also used pick-up trucks to which they mounted different types […]

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NEW Lead Slinger! Thompson (Auto Ordnance) Case Hardened Tommy Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Case Hardened Tommy GunAuto Ordnance Corporation (of the Kahr Firearms Group) has unveiled a NEW Thompson Case Hardened Tommy Gun chambered in the traditional .45 ACP with looks that could kill. The aesthetic, swirling-water appearance of case hardening that is most closely associated with revolvers looks right at home on the side of their newest Tommy Gun. This […]

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Comparison Of Old Style M16A1 To A Modern AR-15 [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

One of the YouTube channels I enjoy watching is from a guy who calls himself Garand Thumb. Despite his resemblance to Travis Haley, he is not his son. Mike Jones (his actual name) is, however, an active duty USAF SERE Specialist. His videos have a lot of equipment testing reviews.

One of his most recent videos examines an old school M16A1 versus a more modern AR-15 SBR with all the bells and whistles. As I've accumulated most of the parts to build my own retro M16A1 - though, of course, semi-auto - I was very interested in his impressions. He ran a variety of shooting drills with both rifles. With the exception of having to move around a barrier, they were very comparable. One thing he noted was how well balanced the M16A1 was in comparison to his SBR and to an actual M4 carbine.


Ohio: House Passes Self-Defense Legislation, Contact Your Senator [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Ohio House of Representatives passed House Bill 228 by a 64 to 26 vote.


DIY $20 Homemade Anvil With Hardie Hole []

This video shows a solution for someone who can’t afford an anvil, or who simply wants a DIY solution. In his case, he had a small anvil, but it lacked a hardie hole (square hole in the top to hold tools). So he got some steel and set about making one.

He simplified the problem of how to form the square hole by using two pieces of steel to make his striking surface, cutting half of the square hole into each steel piece before welding them together. Nice.

After extending the hole downward so it can better support the square shank of hardie tools, he saws off a hunk of log and laboriously flattens the top with a chainsaw. Not sure why he decided not to just cut it flat in one go, but he didn’t.

Inlet a square hole into the wood and connect the steel with 4 lag bolts, and the job is done.

He then makes a couple of tools to use in the hardie hole, and I especially like the bender… considering a few metal-working projects I’ve done lately that required the bending of round steel. Chances are, I’m going to end up using some knowledge gained from this video to make tools for future projects.


But the snake though…. yeah, I would have snuffed the snake.

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BOTW: “Spacegun” by Noshpatu [The Firearm Blog]

The 18th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Noshpatu.  I think this submission beat the whole “Space Force” announcement a few months ago so Noshpatu may have something. That said, anything with the Hera CQR is going to look science-fictiony. The drum actually looks pretty good with the build—normally it looks, shall […]

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Montana Decoy’s New Deer Rump Decoy []

The latest product from Montana Decoy is a foldable, packable deer decoy which masquerades as a whitetail doe as seen from behind. The Deer Rump folds into a compact package, but offers realistic imagery thanks to HD photography.

It comes with leg poles and weighs in at 32 ounces (2 pounds), and folds down to 8″ x 16″. When deployed it measures 21″ x 34″ — and it comes with two removable “teaser tails.”

If you like to use scent, you can add some doe-in-heat to one of the tails and keep the other one untainted, and swap them out as you see fit.

Montana Decoy Deer Rump portable whitetail deer decoy

Montana Decoy Deer Rump portable whitetail deer decoy
(Image © 2018 Montana Decoy, Inc)

From the manufacturer:

The lightest, most packable whitetail decoy ever and it works throughout the season. Folds down so small you can literally carry it with you all the time, but opens up plenty big enough to impact your hunt. Comes with two replaceable Teaser Tails for just the right amount of extra realism and motion. If you’re a scent user, add it to the Teaser Tail and just replace the tail when you want to change scents or not use any. Easily one of our most versatile decoys.

The MSRP is $69.99, and you can buy it here.

I’m thinking about trying a deer decoy, if for no other reason than to get bucks to pause while crossing narrow shooting lanes, so I can give them a good once-over… or to convince a skittish old stud that it’s okay for him to come on out into a food plot or under an acorn tree, rather than hanging back in the brush.

What do you think about deer decoys and their use?

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Pictures: 300 Blackout in a 5,56 Barrel 16″ [The Firearm Blog]

ESG Gunworks LLC is a Class 2 manufacturer formed in 2008 by three police officers. They are located in Texas and specialize in building AR-15 and AR-10 style rifles according to the customer’s needs. One of their customer brought in a rifle made by them, an ESG 5.56 mm where the customer had shot a […]

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Sen. Bob Casey pushes criminalization of private transfers, magazine ban [NRA-ILA News]

“We have got to have a universal background check bill that should be in place, a limitation on the magazine so you don’t have one person able to shoot hundreds of bullets in a public place,” explained Casey.


Funds managing $4.8 trillion pressure firearms industry to embrace gun control [NRA-ILA News]

The investors, from big public pensions like the California Public Employees Retirement System and the Florida State Board of Administration, to private firms like Nuveen, which manages assets for TIAA, and State Street Global Advisors, released their five principles on Wednesday.


Michael Bloomberg still considering 2020 run [NRA-ILA News]

Having spent a fortune to help elect Democrats this fall, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg declared lifetime allegiance to the Democratic Party and outlined an aggressive timeline for deciding whether to run for president.


Ohio House set to approve ‘stand your ground’ bill [NRA-ILA News]

Supporters say that House Bill 228, which also includes a number of other gun-related provisions, would put Ohio in line with about half of the other states by shifting the burden of proof in self-defense cases from the defendant to the prosecution.


D.C. Carry Permits Jump Over 1440 Percent Since District Went ‘Shall Issue’ [NRA-ILA News]

The number of Washington D.C. concealed carry permit holders skyrocketed a little over 1440 percent since the District lost a key legal battle related to its previous restrictive gun permitting process at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia last year.


Shooting a Can of ‘Great Stuff’ Insulation with a 308 []

In this video, we see some unexpected results from a 308 bullet hitting a can of “Great Stuff” spray foam insulation… as fired by female shooter Kirsten Joy Weiss, who can shoot firearms accurately and look good doing it.

She wields the FN SCAR 17 against the can, which was simply placed on the ground an an undisclosed distance.

Check out how the SCAR 17’s front sight wobbles during the slo-mo around the 1:50 mark. Interesting.

The initial reaction of the can at the shot seemed less-than-stellar, but the foam itself expands and cures when exposed to air, as you know if you’ve ever used the stuff. So what seems to be a relatively small amount of product spewing from the can becomes transformed into an oddly beautiful (in an otherwordly way) bunch of foam blobs and bubbles.

This shot was reminiscent of a killing shot on a big game animal, in that it produces an indescribable thrill which soon leads to a lot of work. Kirsten certainly had a lot of foam to clean up afterward!

Enjoy the video.

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Real Guns Of Fallout: 10mm [The Firearm Blog]

The Fallout Universe is one of my most favoritest things. It manages to be dark, sinister, gritty, and ultra-violent while at the same time maintaining a light and quirky sense of humor. If you have never played any of the games, you are really missing out. The Fallout series of games are set in an […]

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Prices Slashed on UTG Scopes Via Amazon This Week []

It’s hard to believe that after starting as a “building scopes in my home garage” company in Michigan in 1992, UTG has grown into a major producer of optics, gun cases, shooting stands, tactical armor, and other hunting/tactical/sport shooting essentials. UTG scopes in particular are consistently well reviewed and reasonably priced, but this week on Amazon over a dozen of their scopes and mounting rings are on sale for roughly 30% to over 40% off while supplies last. Whether you’re after a higher magnification hunting scope, or a T-dot sight for your shotgun, there are some solid bargains to be had.

Shop the UTG Scope and Mount Deal Here

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Planting Dunstan Chestnuts as ‘Food Plot Trees’ []

Some time ago, I became aware of “food plot trees,” which are trees you plant with the expectation of them producing a fruit or nut to attract and feed wildlife. The source is Chestnut Hill Outdoors, and as the name implies, they focus largely on chestnut trees — specifically “the patented blight-resistant Dunstan Chestnuts, the most widely grown chestnut tree in America.”

I was able to get in touch with Kim at Chestnut Hill Outdoors, who let me know what was available. They have quite a few varieties of “food plot trees” available, including chestnuts, persimmons, oaks, and pears, but they say the very best food plot tree is the Dunstan Chestnut. This version is resistant to blight and is known to produce “heavy annual crops of very large, sweet nuts.” Oh, and they say deer prefer chestnuts to acorns 100:1!

Chestnuts are chosen by deer over all other nuts because of their taste and nutrition. They are high in carbohydrates (40%) and contain up to 10% high quality protein. This provides the critical easily-usable energy source over all other available foods during the rut in the fall. Chestnuts have no bitter-tasting tannin — and a deer’s taste buds are 1,000 times as sensitive as humans. Deer prefer white oak acorns over red oaks because they contain less tannin, and this is why deer prefer chestnuts over all acorns.

So when I got the opportunity to plant some of these trees on our hunting land in Georgia, I eagerly accepted. On my way to the club a couple weeks ago, I stopped by their large farm in Alachua, Florida and soon drove away with 4 small Dunstan chestnut trees and a package including grow tubes and other accessories designed to protect the young saplings while they develop their roots and begin to grow into trees.

Each of the small pots contained a light leafy whip of a tree about 3 feet tall, supported by a bamboo stake.

About to remove a tree from its pot to plant it.

About to remove a tree from its pot to plant it.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

I selected a lightly wooded area near a permanent deer stand, adjacent to a traditional food plot. I keep these woods fairly open and parklike, and the acorn-producing oaks have been known to attract deer… but with so many other oaks on the property, it’s not exactly a deer magnet, and this place is not among our best deer hunting stands. I’m hoping the addition of delectable Dunstans will change that.

The trees were planted in a park-like area near a food plot.

The trees were planted in a park-like area near a food plot.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

After planting, I added one of the included bamboo stakes and slipped the corrugated plastic “grow tube” over the tree, snugging the tube down into the soil a bit. The tube is then attached to the stake using large plastic-coated twist-ties.

Grow tube is attached to the stake inside using double-wire twisters.

Grow tube is attached to the stake inside using double-wire twisters.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Grow tubes help protect the young trees from rodents and even deer — you wouldn’t want your deer attractant killed by a buck using it as an antler rub before it can ever produce nuts!

Each grow tube comes with a mesh attachment to keep birds out of the tube. Simply expand it, stretch it over the top of the tube, slide it down a bit, and secure with one of the heavy-duty twisters.

"Bird exclusion mesh" stays on the tube until the tree grows out the top.

“Bird exclusion mesh” stays on the tube until the tree grows out the top.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

I did my planting in the fall, when trees in the area of the planting are going dormant. Watering at this time is necessary, but not as vital as it would be if planted in the spring. Fortunately, regular rains at the site have been keeping my trees well-watered for the most part, since I can’t be there every day or even every week.

It's important to water the trees as necessary.

It’s important to water the trees as necessary.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

I’m looking forward to these trees improving my hunting spot, because up to now it hasn’t been very productive in comparison with other places on the property.

The adjacent food plot can be seen in the distance.

The adjacent food plot can be seen in the distance.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

It will be a few years before I can expect these trees to produce a crop, but once they do I feel confident I will see more — and better — deer than ever before.

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New 2019 IPSC Rule book opens up a huge market [The Firearm Blog]

A huge market opens as IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) update their rule books in January 2019. I would think the biggest new market is in the IPSC Handgun Competition, as two new divisions (that have been lurking on test) appear. They are IPSC Production Optics and IPSC Production Optics Light. I guess your first […]

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US Army Orders $180 Million-worth of M4s from Colt & FN [The Firearm Blog]

The Department of Defense has announced the purchase of $177,214,218 worth of M4 carbines with orders split equally between Colt and FN America. The orders were made on behalf of the US Army’s Contracting Command. Sadly, no quantity is stated in the contract award notices, however, both are valued at $88,607,109. With a roughly estimated […]

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Roth Haenel Model 1899 – The First Semiauto Sporting Rifle? [Forgotten Weapons]

This rifle is being sold at Rock Island on December 2, 2018.

While Karel Krnka and Georg Roth were in the process of developing the M1907 pistol, they diverted slightly to apply their patents to a fancy sporting semiauto rifle – the Model 1899. Produced and marketed by Haenel, the 1899 was a long recoil, rotating bolt design chambered for the German 8x45mm cartridge (approximately a 150 grain bullet at 1800 fps). The rifle was very expensive, selling for $150 around 1900-1905, ad this was probably the largest single reason why it failed to be commercial successful. At the same time, a very nice bolt action sporting rifle could be bought for $40-$50, and a brand new Winchester 1897 shotgun for $27. There is a question of whether the 1899 was the first commercial sporting semiauto rifle available, and unfortunately I don’t have the data to conclusively say. The patent dates are 1899, but that does not mean it was actually in production in 1899. It was certainly contemporary to the earliest Remington and Winchester offerings, but was not necessarily the first among them.

Tuesday, 13 November


Norwegian Police Adopt SIG SAUER P320 X-Series [The Firearm Blog]

Back in November we reported that the Norwegian police service was looking for a new service pistol. SIG SAUER have now announced that they have won the tender and will provide Norwegian officers with the P320 X-Series. The SIG will replace Norway current service pistol the Heckler & Koch P30 for some units and organisations […]

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SIG SAUER Introduces The M17 Air Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

SIG M17 Air Pistol Airsoft (1)SIG Sauer has introduced the .177 caliber CO2 powered airgun replica of the M17 pistol. The M17 Air Pistol is externally identical to the US Military’s new handgun both in terms of dimensions and color. The company has also designed this airgun to feel like the M17 by making it with a polymer frame, metal […]

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Black Friday: Dunham’s Sporting Goods Deals []

With only a handful of days to go before the annual consumer blow out known as Black Friday occurs, ads are beginning to leak and we are getting a sense for some of the best deals for Outdoorsmen in 2018. Many of you out there will wake up at the crack of dawn to hit your tree stands or duck blinds, but will you wake up early for a bargain gun or cheap ammo? Personally, I am not a fan of crowds, but over the last few years I have made it our for a few key items on Black Friday.

Today, the Dunham’s Sports ad leaked and there are a number of deals that could be worth a trip out next Friday morning.

Something to to note before we dive in to the deals, Dunham’s is not a national chain. Their store locations are mostly contained to the midwest:

Dunham’s Store Locations

Dunhams Black Friday 1

Page 1

Dunhams Black Friday 2

Page 2

Dunhams Black Friday 3

Page 3

Dunhams Black Friday 4

Page 4

Dunhams Black Friday 5

Page 5

dunhams blak friday 6

Page 6

dunhams black friday 7

Page 7

dunhams black friday 8

Page 8

dunhams black friday 9

Page 9

duhams black friday 10

Page 10

dunhams black friday 11

Page 11

dunhams black friday 12

Page 12

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Major illegal firearms seizing action in Argentina [The Firearm Blog]

Argentine authorities have just busted what appeared to be a large-scale scheme of illegally importing and exporting firearms. The recent (November 3) action primarily involved the local GNA – Gendarmeria Nacional Argentina (the nationwide, military-organized security agency), while the PFA – Policia Federal Argentina and the DGA – Dirección General de Aduanas (the customs agency) […]

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300 Blackout with LAW Tactical and Dolos Take-Down [The Firearm Blog]

Schrombo from Germany continues to deliver another interesting project, this time in 300 Blackout. This project is also an example of how different Gun Laws can be from nation to nation, state to state. DOLOS sounds like a disease you really don’t want to get, but it’s a rather nice solution from Pantheon Arms for […]

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CA Borderline Bar Survivor Says “I Should Have Been Armed” []

In a recent piece titled, “I Survived the California Shooting and Should Have Been Armed to Stop It,” college sophomore Alex Chatoff described his version of the crime and relates his belief that so-called “gun free zones” are partially to blame for such killings, by denying citizens the means to defend themselves.

Last night I went to the country bar Borderline in Thousand Oaks, California with my girlfriend Ally and her two friends. I am 20 years old and have lived in Thousand Oaks my whole life. I currently go to California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks and am a sophomore.

We were having a great time, until at about 11:20 pm when shots started going off. Smoke grenades were thrown by the entrance, which limited my view of the shooter. It was a pistol I believe, and as the shots started, my girlfriend and I ducked behind the DJ booth.

Next to us was a window that leads to the parking lot, so we broke the window. Me, my girlfriend and her two friends jumped out the window as shots continued to ring out. I got a bad cut on my wrist and went to the hospital to get treated. My girlfriend was fine, but one of my girlfriend’s friends needed stitches from the broken glass in her leg and arm.

I believe this area was a gun free zone, and although there was security, I don’t believe any were armed. I do know that one security officer was killed right when the shooting started.

If just one person was armed, there is a possibility that it could have been stopped then and there. This is why gun free zones are a danger to us all, and if someone had been there armed, those people would still be alive.

Thank God the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department got there very quickly and took down the shooter. Me, my girlfriend Ally, and her friends are safe and okay, but are very shaken up.

This is another illustration of why “gun free zones” are in reality “unarmed victim zones.” Only bad guys can and do bring guns into them, at which time they can murder freely without serious resistance.

It’s time to abolish “gun free zones” in the interest of public safety. If we only save one life, it’s worth it.

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Police Kill Maryland Citizen During “Red Flag” Gun Confiscation []

Under so-called “red flag laws,” police can and do steal firearms from Americans without any sort of evidence of wrongdoing and without even charging them with a crime. As I reported in August, more than 450 people in Florida had been stripped of their guns in just a few months under the Republican-passed anti-gun package that allows the legalized theft of firearms from people who have committed no crimes.

During a similar event in Maryland, a citizen was killed by police when he refused to hand over his firearms. You should have heard about this on every new source… but I doubt you did. In today’s America, liberty is becoming a rarity only insisted upon by a radical few — who are being aggressively persecuted by those who prefer to expand government power.

That’s how it looks from here, anyhow.

In this event, a relative had requested an “emergency risk protection order” against 60-year-old Gary J. Willis, and it was granted. When police showed up at his door a little after 5:00 in the morning, he naturally answered the door with a gun in his hand. After all, he’d just been woken from a sound sleep by someone at his door in the early morning. And not being a criminal, why would he expect to find police at his door?

But he did. And he reportedly laid the gun down when he realized he was dealing with police.

After police said they were there to take all of his guns, he became upset. Wouldn’t you? And then he made a terrible mistake: He picked up his gun.

‘A fight ensued over the gun,’ said Sgt. Jacklyn Davis, a police spokeswoman.

One of the officers struggled to take the gun from Willis, and during the struggle the gun fired but did not strike anyone, police said. At that point, the other officer fatally shot Willis, police said.

Neither officer was injured, police said, and neither of their names was released.

The dead man’s niece was befuddled as to why anyone would consider her uncle dangerous, and said the request for the court order was “family being family.” From this we may assume the family member who requested the order was just being mean or spiteful to Mr. Willis, but the article says the niece didn’t provide further details.

She said her uncle ‘likes to speak his mind,’ but she described him as harmless.

‘I’m just dumbfounded right now,’ she said. ‘My uncle wouldn’t hurt anybody.’


She and other family members stood down the street in the rain while waiting for police to let family members into the home Monday morning — in part to retrieve two dogs and a cat still inside.

Willis said the officers should have continued to negotiate with her uncle.

‘They didn’t need to do what they did,’ she said.

Of course they didn’t. Mr. Willis was not a criminal until the system turned him into one. His only apparent crime was not willingly bending to the forcible and unjustified removal of valuable possessions from his home.

Remember how proponents of “common sense gun laws” tell you they’re not coming for your guns? Well, maybe not yet…

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Disabled From The Neck Down, Still Slinging Lead [The Firearm Blog]

In a video posted on the Popular Front Instagram page, a man completely disabled from the neck down is seen shooting an AR15-patterned rifle from a mobile rest. Patrick Bronte was disabled when he was 16 years old in a tragic accident but has continued his involvement in the shooting sports by improvising, adapting, and […]

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Remington Stun Safe Slaughterhouse Gun [The Firearm Blog]

Remington Stun Safe Slaughterhouse Gun (1)During one of the recently ended Rock Island online auctions, there was a rather unique consigned firearm which RIAC also published a video about. This unusual Remington rifle was designed to be used in slaughterhouses. Such guns are known to exist in many variations, however, the Remington Stun Safe is quite interesting in terms of the amount […]

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Red Dot Sights on AKs – Critical View (Part 2) [The Firearm Blog]

In the first part of the article, I talked about some general advantages of red dot sights on an AK. I am sure t