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Neat Little Product For Campers, Etc. [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Knowing we had some time to kill on Sunday, I wrangled us tickets to the ANME Winter Expo being held in Las Vegas. It is for those in the military surplus business and featured everything from knives to all sorts of surplus gear to camping supplies.

One of the coolest and least expensive things I found was the Simple Shower. It converts a 1 to 2 liter bottle into a handheld shower. Unlike the black shower bags, the temperature of the water never gets too hot. Setting a clear 2 litter bottle of water out in the sun for a couple of hours will raise the temperature to about 102-104 deg. which is plenty warm for a shower.

The kit includes the shower head and two tubes. You attach it to any water bottle, let it sit in the sun for a while, and now you have a warm shower.

The patented Simple Shower weighs less than an hour and costs about $10. I think designer James Peet has a winner on his hands. You can order it directly from the company at this link.


Book Review: US Aerial Armament in World War II [Forgotten Weapons]

Aircraft armament is an area of firearms study that is vastly under appreciated by most people, largely because it’s difficult to study aircraft guns without the aircraft themselves (and those take up a lot of storage space, among other things). William Wolf’s book on US WWII aircraft armament is actually much more than the title would suggest, basically covering all aircraft gun development from WW1 through 1945 (and later, in some areas). In addition, he discusses in dense detail the surrounding equipment that is a critical part of these guns: turrets, gunsights, ammunition, early radar systems, and more.

This is a book that will give you a tremendous crash course in all things aerial gunnery related. It is virtually all data, with little fluff at all (although there is some analysis, like the section on the debate between cannon (slow but very destructive) and machine guns (faster but less impactful). It’s not a book I would expect anyone to read cover to cover, but rather it is there for reference, or for reading sections individually for a bit of daily learning.

While the technical sections on things like electronic fire control systems will put some people to sleep, I think the balance between that and the firearms themselves is well done. The sections on iterative developmental models of all sorts of US aircraft guns are very interesting (and it includes a wonderfully snarky John Browning quote). The cover price is $70, and for the information it includes it would be a bargain at twice the price. If you have any interest in machine guns or firearms mechanics, it’s a great reference on a very much under-recognized aspect of the subject.

Available direct from the publisher (Schiffer) or on Amazon:

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2019 SHOT SHOW: What Do You Want To See? [The Firearm Blog]

2019 Shot Show‘Tis the season. Tomorrow we embark on that annual pilgrimage to the place where good ideas, money and a savage customer base collide. Of course, we always end up covering a few of the bad ideas as well. The 2019 SHOT Show is the firearm industry’s biggest showcase of the year. In decades past, SHOT […]

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Featured Deals of the Week 1/19/19 [The Firearm Blog]

Deals of the Week HeaderThis Week’s Deals: Complete AR-15 uppers, the Ruger Precision Rifle, Hornady Reloading Kit, Ruger Magazines, and the Ruger LC9s. Aero Precision ATLAS Complete Uppers 20% off What the deal is: Aero Precision (same guys as last week, I know) are offering their ATLAS complete AR-15 uppers for 20% off. These uppers range from 7.5″ long […]

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Washington: Attorney General Introduces Additional Gun Ban Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Just months after pushing for the passage of Initiative 1639 to impose severe regulations on purchasing and possessing semi-automatic firearms, Attorney General Bob Ferguson has now introduced legislation that would outright ban commonly owned semi-automatic firearms with certain features.


TFBTV Reads Crappy YouTube Comments (3rd Annual) [The Firearm Blog]

Sorry for the delay but it’s back – the 3rd annual reading of the crappy-assed YouTube comments. We hope you enjoy hearing them as much as we enjoyed reading them! ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to for details on our monthly gun giveaway. TFBTV is giving away one gun a month to a randomly […]

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SILENCER SATURDAY #56: 2019 SHOT Show Preview [The Firearm Blog]

Shot Show PreviewGood morning everyone and welcome back to our latest installment of Silencer Saturday, where we discuss all the newest suppressor models and avoid all the latest suppressor drama. I don’t have any new data or testing to share with you all today; TFB is gearing up for our annual trip to Las Vegas. So I […]

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Key Provisions Of Feinstein's New AWB (Updated) [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reintroduced her assault weapon ban yesterday. It is S. 66 and has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. The bill has 28 co-sponsors - 27 Democrats and one Independent (Bernie Sanders).

The full text is not yet available. However, from Feinstein's press release we can see she aiming wide and deep.

Key provisions:
  • Bans the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 military-style assault weapons by name. Owners may keep existing weapons.
  • Bans any assault weapon that accepts a detachable ammunition magazine and has one or more military characteristics including a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock. Owners may keep existing weapons.
  • Bans magazines and other ammunition feeding devices that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, which allow shooters to quickly fire many rounds without needing to reload. Owners may keep existing magazines.

Exemptions to bill:

  • The bill exempts by name more than 2,200 guns for hunting, household defense or recreational purposes.
  • The bill includes a grandfather clause that exempts all weapons lawfully possessed at the date of enactment.

Other provisions:

  • Requires a background check on any future sale, trade or gifting of an assault weapon covered by the bill.
  • Requires that grandfathered assault weapons are stored using a secure gun storage or safety device like a trigger lock.
  • Prohibits the transfer of high-capacity ammunition magazines.
  • Bans bump-fire stocks and other devices that allow semi-automatic weapons to fire at fully automatic rates.

Updates to Assault Weapons Ban of 2017:

  • Bans stocks that are “otherwise foldable or adjustable in a manner that operates to reduce the length, size, or any other dimension, or otherwise enhances the concealability of a firearm.”
  • Bans assault pistols that weigh 50 or more ounces when unloaded, a policy included in the original 1994 ban.
  • Bans assault pistol stabilizing braces that transform assault pistols into assault rifles by allowing the shooter to shoulder the weapon and fire more accurately.
  • Bans Thordsen-type grips and stocks that are designed to evade a ban on assault weapons.

I had to look up Thordsen-type grips. She is referring to stocks and grips from Thordsen Customs which are meant to allow firearms to be California and New York compliant.

You can tell by the updates to her AWB of 2017 that she is after any adjustable stock and AR-pistols with or without a stabilizing brace.

Looking at the Key Provisions, firearms like the Ruger PCC pistol caliber carbine would be banned as it has a threaded barrel. I think she learned her lesson from the original AWB which allowed no more than two features. Not that I think this bill will pass the Senate but I could foresee the development of pump carbines that feed from a detachable magazine. Remington used to have such a rifle called the Model 7615. You can see an example here.

It will be interesting to read the full text of this bill when it is published. To get an idea you might want to look at her 2017 version.

UPDATE: Ryan Cleckner, attorney and former Director of Governmental Affairs for NSSF, has this analysis of the Feinstein's new AWB. Given his background in the industry and his shooting background, it is well worth a read.

UPDATE II: Ryan informs me that he has now read the actual text of the bill and has more comments on it. He thinks it is even more dangerous than before.


Neophytou Gas-Operated .22 Rimfire Conversion for the R4/Galil [Forgotten Weapons]

Today we are looking at – and shooting – a one of a kind .22 rimfire conversion kit for the Galil developed by South African designer Tony Neophytou (better known for the Neostead shotgun, Neopup grenade launcher, and NTW-20 anti-material rifle). The idea here is to convert a standard R4 Galil service rifle to .22 Long Rifle for reduced training cost and easy use at small or indoor ranges. Most conversions like this are either simple blowback or a take on the Williams floating chamber idea, but Neophytou chose to use a little gas piston system instead.

The advantage of this design of conversion kit is that it retains the exact same handling as the parent rifle. The hammer and trigger are unchanged, so the trigger pull is identical. The original mainspring is used, and while the bolt carrier is replaced, the .22 version has a charging handle identical to the standard pattern. The magazines in .22 is simply a 10-round insert fitted into a regular Galil magazine.

What is particularly remarkable is looking at the frankly terrible design of .22 conversion that was ultimately adopted by the South African army…this design was rejected for political and bureaucratic reasons, and the one shown here is the only example ever made.


Sürprise! Heckler & Koch MP5 by Magpül! [The Firearm Blog]

In just a few short days Magpul have launched an army of new parts. Some are brand new, like the CZ Scorpion EVO 3 line of products which we told you about a few days ago and some are more of an extension of existing product lines. Little did we know how right we were […]

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Hawaii: Legislation Filed Prohibiting Possession of Firearms and Ammunition in Hotel Rooms [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the Hawaii Legislature convened for the 2019 session and anti-gun forces are already making attempts to limit your rights.  House Bill 25, sponsored by Tom Brower (D-22), would make it a crime to possess firearms and/or ammunition in hotel rooms.


What Do You Want Me To Check Out At SHOT? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I'm a little late putting this up but what the heck. I'm packed and I leave for the SHOT Show tomorrow afternoon. If you want me to make sure to check something out for you, just leave me a note in the comments. I'll do my best to try and get to that booth.

But remember:


FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Brand New Streamlight ProTac 90 And TLR-8 G [The Firearm Blog]

Good evening everyone and thank you for coming back to TFB’s Friday Night Lights series that covers the world of illumination, night vision, thermal imaging and lasers. Our beam guru Nick Chen will be your regular host of FNL going forward, but I’m filling in tonight to give you an advanced look at two new […]

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POTD: Heckler & Koch Roller delayed blowback system [The Firearm Blog]

It’s time to get a little bit technical in Today’s Photo Of The Day. You are looking at the Heckler & Koch‘s roller-delayed blow-back systems for the 7.62×51 G3, 9×19 MP5 and the 9×19 P9S. At the bottom you have the bolt from a .308 G3, in the middle one from a 9×19 mm MP5. […]

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Springfield Armory Introduces New XD-E Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

XDEIn 2019 Springfield Armory are introducing new barrel lengths to its XDE series of pistols. The 9x19mm hammer-fired pistols will now be available in 3.8 and 4.5 inch barrel lengths. The XD-E 3.8 inch weighs in at 24 oz with an overall length of 7.16 inches while the larger 4.5 inch barrel XD-E weighs 25 […]

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Blumenthal, Murphy, introduce federal gun storage bill [NRA-ILA News]

A federal gun storage bill being sponsored by Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy would mirror a new state proposal to tighten Connecticut’s own current firearm storage law.


Who Are the Real Extremists? [NRA-ILA News]

NRA is often vilified by the gun-ban community and its supporters in the mainstream, legacy media as an “extremist” organization because of its steadfast defense of our Right to Keep and Bear Arms. A simple look into the anti-gun agenda, however, will show that proponents of restriction on a right protected by the U.S. Constitution are the true extremists.


Virginia: Bills Defeated in Committee [NRA-ILA News]

This week, the Virginia Senate Committee on Courts of Justice and the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee heard and voted to defeat many of Governor Ralph Northam’s requested gun control bills.


Law for Thee But Not for Me: Pittsburgh Officials Defy DA’s Legal Advice in Gun Control Push [NRA-ILA News]

Pittsburgh City Council member Corey O’Connor wants local residents to relinquish important aspects of their Second Amendment rights. If they refuse, he would have it cost them their liberty and treasure. But O’Connor himself apparently doesn’t believe he is bound by the law in making this happen, only that it’s permissible because he considers it “the right thing.”


Keep Telling Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills [NRA-ILA News]

On January 8, two bills were introduced in Congress to impose so-called "universal" background checks. The bills, H.R. 8 and S. 42, are being misleadingly described as simply requiring background checks on all sales of firearms, but this is just a small part of what these overbroad pieces of legislation would do.


West Virginia: Campus Carry Bill Introduced [NRA-ILA News]

On January 18th, House Bill 2519, the Campus Self-Defense Act, was introduced to ensure that law-abiding adults are not stripped of their right to self-defense when they cross an arbitrary boundary onto a college campus.  It has been assigned to the West Virginia state House Judiciary Committee for consideration.


State Senate Panel Advances Permitless Concealed Carry Law [NRA-ILA News]

A Senate panel on Thursday approved a measure that would allow people to carry concealed handguns without a permit in South Dakota, advancing a conservative priority that supporters hope will be achieved under new Gov. Kristi Noem’s administration.


District Court Rules Austin City Hall Gun Ban Against the Law [NRA-ILA News]

Just hours after a Travis County district court ruled Austin could not ban guns inside City Hall, Michael Cargill walked into the building, handgun on waist.


Review: Bushnell Forge 4.5-27×50 Scope [The Firearm Blog]

Last year, Bushnell came out with their Forge line of optics. The Bushnell Forge optics boast better lens coatings and higher magnification over their Nitro line. I opted to check out their 4.5-27×50 scope and see how it works for long range shooting. Bushnell Forge Terrain The Bushnell Forge collection comes in Terrain color which […]

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Gun Safety Classes to be Mandatory in Some Iowa Middle Schools [NRA-ILA News]

A rural community in Iowa is working to implement a mandatory gun safety course in two middle schools this spring.


Steyr Introduces Scout Rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor [The Firearm Blog]

6.5 Creedmore ScoutSteyr Arms have announced a new version of their Scout Rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The new chambering joins the line of light, handy bolt actions. The new 6.5 Creedmoor chambered rifle joins other calibres in the Scout Rifle line which include .223 Remington, 243 Winchester, 7mm-08 Remington, .308 Winchester. The Scout Rifle was developed […]

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Preppers Lulled Into a False Sense of Security []

There is a thread in the forum talking about how traffic has slowed down.  To be honest, traffic has slowed down, and there are several reasons for that.

One reason is a shift from forums to social sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube…. etc.  It appears fewer young people are joining forums, as compared to visiting Facebook groups.

However, when something happens such as a widespread disease outbreak traffic to the forum skyrockets.

Why should people prep when:

It would appear there is no reason to prep, or so people may think.

Possible Conflict With China

China is building its navy to assert control over the South China Sea, and maybe even the Pacific.

By some measures China is the worlds largest economy.

China has positioned itself so that it could weather a trade war. When President Trump imposed tariffs on China, China responded with tariffs on food crops such as soybeans.  Eventually, President Trump called a truce in the trade war.

Since Chinese companies are building cutting edge technology for American companies, China has access to just about all of our technology.  Everything from Cisco routers, to smart phones, to circuit boards are produced in China.

With companies in China manufacturing circuit boards, this opens the possibility of spyware chips being added.

Final Thoughts

We could talk about the food shortages predicted to arrive in the 2020s.  However, those predictions are just that, predictions.  Professionals predicted Hillary would win the 2016 presidential election, and we all know how that turned out.

Drug-resistant Tuberculosis rears its ugly head from time to time, as does Ebola.

Then there is man-made climate change; but I am not going to touch that topic with a ten foot pole.

The United States is still involved in the Middle East. Those are not the same as compared to World War I and World War II. We can still go to the local grocery store and buy as much food as we want. As compared to World War II when people were issued ration books.

Could we imagine what would happen if the U.S. Government asked us to ration food? People call the police when a fast food place runs out of food. Customers attack fast food employees over not getting a cheeseburger.

The idea of not getting what we want is a foreign concept. In other words, we have nothing to worry about.

That false sense of security is troubling.  When something does happen, and it will, a vast number of people will be ill prepared.

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Unique-ARs new line of handguards: the Slim Series. [The Firearm Blog]

Slim handguards, often chosen by competitive sports shooters who like to get a good grip around the handguard at all times. Unique-ARs, based in McCall, Idaho, has a new line of handguard called the Slim Series. As the name suggests, these handguards offer a slimmer profile than their usual, with an Outer Dimension of 1.8”, […]

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Crimson Trace – New Lasers, Sights and Riflescopes [The Firearm Blog]

Crimson Trace produce over 350 different laser sights and 2019 means the addition of a few more models as well as 11 new custom-designed riflescopes that range from a 1-4X24mm up to a long-range 5-25X56mm. The line also includes a 3-9X40mm riflescope with an illuminated reticle and 34mm tube, and two 1-8x28mm riflescopes with 34mm […]

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Noveske rolls out Gen 4 [The Firearm Blog]

Noveske Rifleworks continue to evolve their rifles, and the Fourth Generation is available now just before SHOT Show 2019. The GEN4 Noveske Rifles, PDWs, and SBRs are chambered in either 300 Blackout or 5.56mm, from a short barrel length of 7.94″ up to 10.5″. and 16″. The changes are sutble, keeping the Noveske Design language. […]

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South African Army .22 Rimfire Conversion for the R4 [Forgotten Weapons]

In order to allow cheaper and simpler training of troops, the South African Defense Forces adopted a .22 rimfire conversion kit for their R4 rifles. The system was developed by an engineer named Willie Klotz working for Thor Engineering. It is an open-bolt firing system which is quite complex, and interestingly uses the sear of the Galil/AK fire control system to fire rather than the hammer. The conversion is rather tricky to install, and in practice often required hand-fitting each kit to a specific rifle.

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A Replica Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I have been getting multiple releases announcing new products on a daily basis for the last month in anticipation of the SHOT Show. Some are line extensions and some are entirely new products. Not that they aren't all of interest but this one really caught my eye.

Umarex will now be producing an officially licensed air rifle replica of the Ruger 10/22. I think it caught my eye because the Ruger 10/22 was the first gun I ever bought. I was 18 and it costs a whole $55 at Best Products in Greensboro. There is no word on the price of the Umarex replica.

From the release:
The level of detail in the Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle transcends its looks. “Umarex did a great job in developing the 10/22 Air Rifle,” said Ruger Vice President of Marketing, Rob Werkmeister. “We are truly impressed by the level of authentic detail and craftsmanship incorporated into this airgun, and we are proud to be affiliated with a company that shares our passion of providing quality products and exceptional service for shooters around the world.”

The 10/22 Air Rifle from UMAREX was designed to shoot .177 caliber pellets, the most readily available and most popular selling airgun caliber for recreational shooting. The magazine is authentic in shape and the magazine release pushes forward in authentic fashion giving you the ability to pull the magazine from the receiver. The magazine holds a red, removable rotary clip that accepts 10 flat or round-nosed pellets instead of the traditional .22 LR cartridge and is cleverly held in the magazine by a sliding lever, which allows for the easy exchange of a pre-loaded clip available as an accessory.

The bolt, while seemingly there for aesthetics, since it does not load a pellet into the chamber, serves to cock the rifle when actuated, giving the 10/22 Air Rifle a delightful three-pound trigger pull. The weight of the trigger and its identical overall size makes it an ideal rifle for first-time shooters whose natural next step up is the Ruger 10/22 chambered for .22 LR.

Loading quality UMAREX CO2 into the rifle is easy. With the twist of a button at the rear of the butt stock the buttpad slides out to reveal an incorporated Allen wrench. That wrench is used to remove a long cylinder inside the stock that punctures two, 12-gram CO2 cartridges when installed back-to-back within the stock of the rifle.

Beyond its function, the 10/22 Air Rifle is slightly lighter than the firearm, but looks the part. The sights are authentic in style, including the folding rear sight, and the rifle has authentic looking sling attachments incorporated. The receiver is ready to accept after-market rails that fit the Ruger 10/22 so that you can customize your Ruger 10/22 Air Rifle with the optic of your choosing.


Vasilyev Automatic Rifle (VAR) Concept [The Firearm Blog]

Russian Vasilyev Automatic Rifle (VAR) Concept (1)When checking the news feed in Russian and former Soviet countries’ websites, I came across an article written in a Russian website called Voyennoye Obozreniye about a new rifle concept called VAR (Vasilyev Automatic Rifle). At first glance, it was one of those concepts that makes you think “someone plays video games too much”. However, […]

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NEW Springfield Armory SAINT Victor: A Tier Above [The Firearm Blog]

victorSpringfield Armory has announced a NEW iteration of their SAINT AR-15 leading into SHOT Show 2019! The unveiling of the SAINT Victor is a new tier within the SAINT family of rifles and pistols that is meant to be a cut above. There are 5 different configurations: 5.56 SBR (Short-Barreled Rifle), 5.56 AR-15 Pistol, 300 […]

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How Gun Control Became An Instrument Of Tyranny In Venezuela – OpEd [NRA-ILA News]

Is Venezuela paying the price for adopting gun control? The shocking nature of Venezuela’s economic collapse has been covered ad nauseam. However, one aspect of the Venezuelan crisis that does not receive much coverage is the country’s gun control regime. Fox News recently published an excellent article highlighting Venezuelan citizens’ regret over the gun control policies the Venezuelan government has implemented since 2012. Naturally, this regret is warranted. The Venezuelan government is among the most tyrannical in the world, with a proven track record of violating basic civil liberties such as free speech, debasing its national currency, confiscating private property, and creating economic controls that destroy the country’s productivity.


Illinois: Gov. Pritzker Signs Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Governor J.B. Pritzker signed Senate Bill 337 into law.  Passed by the previous legislature in 2018, SB 337 will establish a firearm registry and shut down your local gun stores with government red tape.  Senate President John Cullerton previously made the unprecedented move of placing a procedural hold on the bill in order to avoid the possibility of a veto under the previous Governor, Bruce Rauner, and then removed the hold to send the bill to a newly inaugurated governor.


Improvised Suppressors for 22 Rimfire []

This is an interesting video… it’s low-resolution, but gets the point across just fine. The video itself is apparently fairly old — in fact, the description (below) calls it “archaic .”

Video about constructing improvised / homemade suppressors specifically for .22 caliber (rimfire) pistol or rifle. Information presented in this archaic video is for the benefit of persons with an interest in firearm science and those who just want to know how things work.

And that’s great advice — you do NOT want to make this stuff and end up in jail just because you wanted to save your hearing. Certainly not! Instead, pony up the dough to bribe your government for permission to spend too much on a good-quality, factory-made suppressor and get your name added to yet another gun registry list. It’s the right thing to do.

The first design uses two types of tubing and brass grommets. The grommets and smaller tubing are arranged inside the larger tubing to act as baffles. The design is shown in detail, and for some reason I imagined more baffles.

Next, a PVC pipe suppressor design is shown. This one is more primitive, but uses some of the same components.

You’ll note that this stuff looks as primitive as it is… definitely not like the finely-machined suppressors we can purchase commercially.

The video concludes with a fact check about suppressors… they are not tools of spies and assassins, but are desirable attachments for hunting and target guns because they can be used to greatly reduce noise, making guns more pleasant to shoot. Nice!

Enjoy the video… but never try this at home.

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HERE WE GO AGAIN: Franklin Armory Providence Non-Semiautomatic [The Firearm Blog]

ProvidenceIt was just about this time last year when us ‘new media’ types were getting geared up for SHOT, when Franklin Armory decides to roll a grenade onto the dance floor in the form of the Reformation, a short barreled non–SBR. Well, in what everyone should have seen coming, the mad scientists at Franklin have […]

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Magnum Research’s BIGGEST Handgun Round Yet! []

Magnum Research is known for many things within the world of firearms. They have brought us the booming Desert Eagles which thunderously clap at the range, and hit our wallets equally hard. They also have given us some of the most gigantic revolvers thought possible, with caliber offerings like 500 S&W and 45-70 Gov’t which is traditionally reserved for rifles. Well, their newest BFR (Biggest, Finest Revolver) pushes the envelope once again by being chambered in 500 Linebaugh!

Most people believe 500 S&W to be the largest true handgun cartridge, but it is actually the little-known 500 Linebaugh which has the edge. Magnum Research goes on to further explain this and elaborate more on their now-biggest BFR ever produced in a handgun cartridge:

(Pillager, MN) – Magnum Research, Inc, maker of the world renowned Desert Eagle pistol and leader in innovative firearms design and manufacturing, is proud to introduce the 500 Linebaugh BFR.

Magnum Research is pleased to bring another quality option to big bore revolver fans. The 500 Linebaugh was created in 1986 by John Linebaugh and is the largest production handgun [cartridge]. What better pairing for Magnum Research’s ‘Biggest Finest Revolver’ than the biggest handgun caliber? While a few companies offer the 500 Linebaugh as a full custom piece, Magnum Research is the only one to offer this caliber in a production revolver. The 500 Linebaugh has a bullet diameter of .510″ as compared to only .500″ for other .50-caliber rounds, excluding the 50 BMG.

For those who have taken a particular liking to the 500 Linebaugh, Magnum Research’s new revolvers should be pretty exciting! Not only for the quality that these sidearms exude, but also because they are a catalog firearm that in time will be commonly available, rather than a custom-order firearm. To start, Magnum Research is producing 4 variants in 500 Linebaugh:

  • Standard Model | 7.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,399
  • Standard Model | 5.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,399
  • Standard Model w/ Bisley Grips | 7.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,482
  • Standard Model w/ Bisley Grips | 5.5″ Barrel | MSRP $1,482

For any of our readers out there, have you tried hunting in the past with one of Magnum Research’s BFR sidearms? Would you entertain taking a 500 Linebaugh out in the woods with you? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

magnum research

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100-Year-Old Woman Still Hunts Deer []

This article from a year ago documents a little bit about the life of Bertha Vickers, a 100-year-old woman who lives on her own in Mississippi and “mows her lawn, keeps house, cooks, and raises a vegetable garden.” And that woman had just recently gone deer hunting and got herself a deer.

At. Age. 99.

As we sit and talk I can’t help but think how strange our conversation is becoming. After all, it’s not every day I talk with women about Browning shotguns, deer hunting, and wading in rivers while fishing. It’s also the first time I’ve had that conversation with a woman who will celebrate her 100th birthday in a few days and harvested her most recent deer only a couple of weeks ago.

‘It’s just over here across the creek about three or four miles,’ Vickers said. ‘One of my neighbors invited me to come sit in a (shooting) house.

‘I got to watch birds and squirrels until nearly dark. The first evening the deer came out and I was getting the cross-hairs on the deer and his dog barked. He let out a howl and the deer took off.’

But Vickers was in the stand the following afternoon.

‘The next evening two came out,” Vickers said. ‘They were getting close to where I wanted to shoot.

‘I was sort of shaking until I got ready to shoot. I didn’t think it was all going to go right.’

Fortunately, everything did go right. Vickers touched off her 243 Winchester rifle and her shot was perfect.

Pretty great! But all the attention she got from it left her a bit confused.

I don’t know why everybody is making such a big deal about it. If I’d killed a big buck I could see it, but it was just a doe.

She makes me smile, especially as I recall my grandmother, who also lived on her own and took care of her yard until she passed away just shy of her 99th birthday. But Granny wasn’t a hunter. Bertha is most certainly a hunter — and she has been most of her life. In the lean times during the Great Depression, hunting kept meat on her family’s table. And when survival became easier, she did plenty of “sport hunting.”

By the 1960s, Vickers said, she and her husband had fewer family responsibilities and they began to hunt more. More opportunities came as well. Vickers said deer and turkeys began to flourish in the area due to stocking efforts by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks.

‘We turkey hunted a lot after that,’ Vickers said. ‘We hunted every spring.

‘He called the turkeys up for a good while, but I started calling and I killed two. There’s a thrill to calling them turkeys.’

Deer hunting also became a tradition for Vickers and her husband.

‘We used to ride around on Sunday evenings and look for tracks on the side of the road,’ Vickers said. ‘When we started getting them, Bert got some dogs and we hunted with dogs.’

In 2001 her husband of 66 years succumbed to cancer. Although she lost her hunting partner and love of her life, she didn’t lose her love of the outdoors.

‘Just to get to go and the thrill of catching or killing something is so exciting,’ Vickers said.

With a passion like that, Vickers’ goals for her 100th year come as no surprise.

‘I’m going to do just what I want to do,’ said Vickers. ‘I’m going to fish more than I did last year.

‘I would love to kill a buck. I can’t hunt in this cold, but it will warm up.’

Here’s hoping she got to kill that buck — and that she’s still hunting at the ripe old age of 101.

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Firebird Targets Deliver Lightning and Thunder []

Available in Europe for years, Firebird boom and flash targets have just become available in America. A pack contains ten 2.5 inch platters packed in pairs. Each has a circle of adhesive on the back for placement on metal or wood backing.

The amount of percussion depends on the backer and on the projectiles used. Hitting a platter placed on plywood with a pellet gun results in a spectacular conflagration, while shooting one on a steel plate with a shotshell returns a thunderous boom.

While The target does present some fire hazard — do not use it on a haystack or during a drought advisory — it’s sparks generally burn out by the time they reach ground. Ten yards is ample for a safe distance.

As the sound of the video above indicates, it’s a terrific way to verify accuracy and to liven up competitive shooting in general. The targets cost about $2, a small price for the convenience relative to mixing binary explosives in the field. Firebird targets are non-explosive, and act more like the old-timey photographer’s flash.

Firebird recommends placing them underneath sporting clays, but the targets become non-reusable in case of a miss…that can get expensive. We also found that hits on steel tend to knock the targets off the backing with lead splash. I would have preferred a much wider strip of adhesive on the back to counter that tendency. The best backing, for my taste, would be flat wooden or plastic pallets, since they provide good adhesion and also absorb the neat misses without lead splash. The effect is spectacular, with minimal clean-up required.

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Futuristic DX-12 ‘Punisher’ Shotgun []

Maxim recently published a piece on a “concept gun” dubbed the DX-12. It’s more or less a weird-looking — and very short — side-by-side 12 gauge shotgun from a company calling itself HARDWAR3 INDUSTRIES.

Together with its “Moth3r” site, it’s the brainchild of a Croatian designer Ivan Santic who calls himself a “Digital Media graduate, a digital creative business school with a consultancy side specializing in real-world industry training using digital technology.”

The MOTH3R site seems to be simply a showcase for some of his concept designs.

This theoretical shotgun is called “The Punisher,” a moniker which may apply to whoever fires the gun as well as the target! You can bet that a shotgun this small would have massive recoil.

(Image: © 2019 MOTH3R ® All Rights Reserved)

Aside from the short length and probably a very light weight, this may be the least-ergonomic shotgun designed so far this century.

(Image: © 2019 MOTH3R ® All Rights Reserved)

I’m not interested in this thing, unless it proves to kick butt in a Doom-style video game. Remember the sawed-off SXS from Doom? Now THERE was a shotgun.

What do you think? Worthwhile design, or cool-looking concept junk?

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Wyoming: Legislation Introduced to Repeal Gun-Free Zones [NRA-ILA News]

With a little over 30 days left in the 2019 Wyoming Legislative Session, Senate File 75/House Bill 183 has been introduced and your lawmakers need to hear from you now.


South Dakota: Senate Committee Passes Constitutional/Permitless Carry Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the South Dakota Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 47 by a 4 to 3 vote.


New Shooting Journal for Women []

The Women’s Shooting League “A Girl & A Gun” has just announced a new shooting journal geared specifically towards women. From the press release:

AUSTIN TX – A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League (AG & AG) is proud to launch the all-new 2019 Shooting Journal. Marksmen have long used shooting journals to analyze range performance and log their practice sessions. With this Shooting Journal, AG & AG offers a revolutionary program to help the female marksman organize her plans, goals, time, and training.

“The secret to advanced shooting is mastering the fundamentals,” says Tatiana Whitlock, Director of Training for AG & AG. “The Shooting Journal includes 12 months of discussions, drills, targets, and articles to help any shooter closely examine and refine her shooting techniques.” To ensure that training is meaningful and effective, all dry-fire drills are paired with reinforcing live-fire drills that validate the dry-fire practice.

In addition, themed worksheets inspire the woman shooter to learn more about herself, her strengths, and motivations. The Shooting Journal gives her greater insight to the big picture of firearms safety, necessary gear, and physical and mental strength. It also serves to document her training, reinforce learning, and give her clarity to achieve her shooting and personal goals.

The 206-page journal is available to all AG & AG members as a free download on

Here’s a little more info on the journal:

The AG & AG Shooting Journal is designed to give you a progressive training program to maximize your home dry-fire practice and your range time. It has the potential to be both instructor and friend who helps you organize your goals, time, and training. Planned drills and guided discussions help you address your emotions, manage frustrations over setbacks, and keep your journal focused on learning and improving. While there is evidence that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being, your entries will also serve to document your training, reinforce learning, and give you clarity to achieve your shooting and personal goals.

Each month begins with one of the A Girl & A Gun values. This inspires you to learn more about yourself, your strengths, and motivations. Next, you will learn a fundamental skillset of pistol shooting with drills that are tailored to your personal color track. The Shooting Journal guides you through a progressive series of dry-fire and live-fire drills over time. To ensure that your training is meaningful and you see positive results from your efforts, all dry-fire drills are paired with reinforcing live-fire drills that serve to validate your dry-fire practice.

Sounds pretty cool — even if we do live in a time when confused women think they’re men and vice-versa. At least there are organizations like this designed for the real thing. 🙂

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New Mexico: Governor Lujan Grisham Highlights Gun Control In Opening Day Speech [NRA-ILA News]

In her opening day speech to state lawmakers, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham called on them to pass various gun control proposals that she supported on the campaign trail and which have been filed in the New Mexico Legislature.


John Wick 3 Pistol Announced: Taran Tactical STI 2011 Combat Master [The Firearm Blog]

On Christmas Eve, Taran Tactical celebrated Keanu Reeves’ birthday. At the same time, they unveiled what handgun Keanu will be using as he reprises his role in the upcoming John Wick 3 movie. This time John Wick has upgraded from polymer striker fired guns to a double stack 9mm single action hammer fired STI 2011 […]

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CCI Ammunition To Launch Five New Rimfire Loads at the 2019 SHOT Show [The Firearm Blog]

I think many will agree that shooting Rimfire is one of the funniest things you can do, a feeling which will only grow if you throw economy into the equation. One of the industry leaders in Rimfire ammunition is CCI, a company which has been in business for over 68 years. CCI was formally established […]

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POTD: Maxrounds vs. Magpul D-60 [The Firearm Blog]

If you shoot a Molot or a Saiga Shotgun I am sure you are annoyingly very familiar with how often you have to change magazines. The normal one only holds 8 or 10 rounds, which can fly out in matters of seconds. The magazine is empty before you read this sentence. With the Powermag it […]

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Bill to Fine Owners for Unreported Stolen Guns Fails [NRA-ILA News]

An effort to put a new gun law on the books for reporting stolen or missing firearms failed Wednesday night in committee.


As Firearm Buyers Shift To Handguns, Mossberg Is Evolving To Meet The Demand [NRA-ILA News]

In 2019, firearm manufacturer Mossberg is celebrating its 100th year in operation. As part of that celebration, the North Haven, Connecticut, company is returning to its roots and doing something that it has not done in decades: it is making a handgun.


ZEV Technologies & Ed Brown together – The Orion [The Firearm Blog]

Are you more of an Old School or Red dot Space Gun kind of person? Ed Brown do both, and have renewed their collaboration with ZEV Technologies for 2019. Below you can see their brand new creation THE ORION.   As to be expected, this 1911 is hand-fit with fully machined parts.   Ed Brown […]

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North Carolina: Open Public Lands to Sunday Hunting! [NRA-ILA News]

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC) recently announced it will hold public hearings across the State regarding Sunday hunting on public lands.


New Pivoting Contour Brace from SIG SAUER [The Firearm Blog]

With a Suggested Retail Price of 199 USD SIG Sauer Inc. has released a Pivoting Contour Brace for their SIG MCX and SIG MPX series of carbines and rifles. You can chose any color you like as long as it’s either black (no surprise there!) or tan. SIG SAUER Releases Pivoting Contour Brace Published Date: […]

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Chicago, IL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

A woman fatally shot a man who was trying to rob her at a bus stop Tuesday morning in Chicago's Fernwood neighborhood, Chicago police said.
The shooting and attempted robbery occurred at a bus stop in the 500-block of West 103rd Street at about 6:15 a.m., police said.
The incident was captured by surveillance video. The victim, a 25-year-old woman, was waiting for her bus when a 19-year-old man attempts to rob her at gunpoint.
The woman, who has a conceal carry license, was armed as well. Surveillance video shows as they struggle, she pulled out her gun and shot him in the neck.


Bonner County, ID [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

1/14/19 KREM:

BONNER COUNTY, Idaho — The Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney has determined that the shooting death of 39-year-old Joshua Matthew Cole on Oct. 12, 2018, was a “justifiable homicide” carried out in self-defense.
Cole died after being shot by 41-year-old Jimila Hall in the Clagstone area outside of Spirit Lake, according to a letter from Louis E. Marshall, Bonner County Prosecuting Attorney.
Hall shot Cole in her driveway after he approached her and her 70-year-old mother Theresa. Robert Johnson, a man who Cole had allegedly began chasing after as Johnson drove away, said Cole then approached Hall and her mother, according to the letter.
Cole ran shirtless toward the two with his fists clenched and Hall armed herself with a baseball bat and handgun. Marshall said in his letter that the fact Hall grabbed a bat and not only a gun showed that she did not intend to kill Cole.
Despite Hall telling the man to stop, he continuing running at them, at which point Theresa threw rocks at Cole in an effort to stop him. As he got closer, Cole told the pair “I’m going to get you,” according to the letter.
Hall fired a shot at Cole when he got within approximately five feet of her, striking him in the chest and killing him, according to the letter. Hall began life-saving measures but Cole later passed away as a result of the gunshot.
When detectives arrived on-scene, they corroborated Hall’s claims about Cole’s actions before he passed and Cole told officers he had multiple alcoholic beverages that day. An autopsy found his blood-alcohol level to be .233.
Due to Hall’s attempts to get Cole to stop approaching her and her mother, Marshall said “the act of using deadly force by Jimila Hall was, in this circumstance, reasonable.”...
Cole's family claims another factor was at play: race. Hall and her mother were black and Cole's family thinks the women stereotyped him as a racist skinhead.
Detectives said that wasn't the case.  
Detectives discovered various previous charges of violent acts against women by Cole, according to Marshall’s letter. Cole's sister denied that he committed crimes against women and said he had turned his life around. 
Turned his life around?   .233% BAC?   A non-alcoholic would be asleep at that level. 

1/12/18 Bonner County Bee includes a picture of him.  With those tattoos, shirtless, after exposing himself, I would be afraid too.  The comments include several by relatives, including his first ife (who thought the fear completely justified).


Barrett to Launch New REC10 at SHOT Show [The Firearm Blog]

REC10Back in December 2017 we reported that Barrett would be launching their new 7.62x51mm REC10 rifle, now in 2019 it’s finally here. Barrett have confirmed that the REC10 will be introduced at SHOT Show 2019. The new rifle is chambered in 7.62x51mm, uses an intermediate length direct impingement system, has a barrel length of 16 […]

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Jacksonville, FL [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

This a weird one.  1/15/19 WOKV:

 The fatal shooting of 7-year-old Tashawn Gallon last February was at the hands of one of the boy’s family members who was acting in self defense, according to new investigative reports released by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.
WOKV told you Monday that the death had been ruled “excusable”. On Tuesday, police say they had an additional consultation with the State Attorney’s Office, and have instead classified the case as a “justifiable” homicide instead....
Gallon was caught in the crossfire in a Durkeeville shooting last February. Police say an SUV pulled up in front of a Mt. Herman Street home and at least one person inside opened fire. Police have now concluded that three people outside of that home shot back. One of them was a family member of Gallon, and the reports show that it was his gun that fired the fatal shot, while shooting back at the SUV, which is believed to have been done in self defense.
The dozens of pages of investigative reports paint a complex and interconnected web of several persons of interest, shootings, and even murders that may be connected to this case. The motive to the shooting appears to have been either in retaliation, or in relation to a falling out between the family member and a person of interest.
The gunshot that killed the 7 year old was fired in self-defense against a felonious attack, so justifiable, much like when a bank guard shoots at a robber and kills a customer.   Still a tragedy, but without returning fire, someone else might have died.


World War One Q&A with Othais from C&Rsenal [Forgotten Weapons]

Today I have made the trek to the C&Rsenal studio to have a Q&A with Othais. Not familiar with his channel? It is a wonderfully in-depth look at firearms history, development, and use focusing on the weapons of World War One. And if you are looking for someone to support directly, I can think of few who are more deserving and who work harder than Othais, Mae, and the whole crew behind the scenes of C&Rsenal. I support them, and you should too.

We would also like to thank Andrew at Archival Research Group for assistance finding great information in the US national archives:

And last but not least, thanks to Cam and Alex for the t-shirts!

Our questions today are:

0:06:22 – Why was the Madsen not used more in WW1?
0:08:10 – How would the Pedersen Device has fared in combat?
0:12:12 – Trench shotguns in WW1
0:14:53 – Ammunition for black powder rifles in WW1
0:17:56 – Why did integral rifle grenade launchers take so long to develop?
0:20:39 – How were territorial armies supplied with arms?
0:24:12 – Cut down rifles and “Obrez” pistols
0:29:00 – What changes would the 1919 secret weapons have brought to the war?
0:33:51 – Practicality of the semiauto rifles available in 1914/5?
0:38:04 – Scarcity of Austrian M95 rifles on the surplus market
0:41:17 – Best rifle for the Entente to standardize on?
0:44:21 – Captured rifles being rechamsbered for different cartridges
0:47:41 – Intermediate cartridge development in WW1
0:48:56 – Was the Winchester 1907/1910 an assault rifle?
0:51:26 – Why not more 10-round or larger magazines?
0:54:10 – Was the SMLE issued with spare magazines?
0:56:35 – What did the British do with their Arisakas?
0:58:12 – Popular field modifications of rifles
1:02:55 – Firearms design lessons of WW1
1:05:13 – Favorite WW1 carbine?
1:07:28 – Favorite WW1 “Forgotten” weapon?

As always, these questions were provided by my awesome Patrons.


I Missed This Story About Taurus From Earlier This Year [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I'm not sure how I missed this as I like to keep up with the relocation of manufacturing within the firearms industry but I did. What clued me in was a posting on The Shooting Wire that this move won an award from the Georgia Economic Developers Association.

Taurus USA announced in April that they were building a manufacturing facility in Bainbridge, Georgia.

Taurus Holdings, Inc. (“Taurus USA”) announces plans to establish a manufacturing facility in Bainbridge, Georgia, part of Decatur County, creating over 300 new jobs with a combined investment of over $22.5MM in infrastructure and operations. Taurus USA, through its subsidiaries, manufactures or distributes the popular Taurus®, Rossi®, and Heritage™ Manufacturing product lines....

David Blenker, President & CEO of Taurus USA comments, “The decision to relocate stems from our desire to expand our facility, keeping all operations in one location. All involved have welcomed Taurus, from the Governor’s office to the Bainbridge Chamber of Commerce. We look forward to establishing a solid workforce and giving back to a great community,” continued Blenker. Ground breaking ceremonies will take place mid-summer 2018.
Not being too terribly conversant with Georgia geography, I had to look up Bainbridge. It is in southwest Georgia near the Florida state line west of Thomasville. Perhaps more importantly, it is less than an hour's drive to Tallahassee, Florida. It has is the home to Bainbridge State College which has partnered with industry on many occasions.

The award announcement on the facility:
In December 2019, Taurus will complete its move to a new 200,000 square foot facility in Bainbridge. This new state-of-the-art facility will help expand the company's U.S. engineering and production capabilities, host the new corporate headquarters, and further strengthen core manufacturing efforts to better meet consumer expectations in firearm innovation and quality performance. For the Bainbridge and Decatur County area, this move will add 300 jobs and insert more than $22.5 million into the economy.
I'm not sure what was the impetus to this move from their Miami Lakes location in Florida. It could be cost of living, cost of labor, politics, or merely the desire to be a big fish in a small pond. I'll be sure to visit the Taurus booth this coming week at the SHOT Show and ask.

By the way, I know it is convenient to hate on Taurus. I have a couple of their firearms - a Tracker 627 revolver and a PT1911 - which have worked fine for me. I got them used at a good price and I'm OK with them. They aren't Smith or Colt respectively but I didn't intend them to be.


Prisoners Say Where They Got Guns -- And It Isn't At Gun Shows [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Bureau of Justice Statistics recently released a special report entitled Source and Use of Firearms Involved inCrimes: Survey of Prison Inmates, 2016. It reported that 20% of prisoners or 1 in 5 possessed or used a firearm while committing the crime for which they were imprisoned. The numbers go up when a violent crime was involved.

The report goes into great deal on the demographics of the criminal, the crimes involved, and so on. However, what really caught my eye was how they obtained the firearm(s) used in the commission of crime.

From the report:

Among prisoners who possessed a firearm when they committed the offense for which they were imprisoned and who reported the source from which they obtained it, the most common source (43%) was off-the-street or the underground market (table 5). 
The next most frequent source was "from a friend" at 25.3% followed by "other source" at 17.4% which could include found at the scene of the crime or brought by an accomplice.

Another approximately 10% obtained their firearms at a retail location which includes gun stores, pawn shops, flea markets, and gun shows. Breaking it down, the great majority of these were bought either under the prisoners's own name or an assumed name with a background check at gun stores and pawn shops. Both of these entities must hold Federal firearms licences.

But what about gun shows?

I hate to break to everyone railing on and on about the gun show loophole but gun shows accounted for only 0.8% of the firearms possessed by these criminals serving time.

Theft rounds out the list at 6.4%.

Tom Gresham made the suggestion on Twitter that you bookmark, copy, and print this report as ammo proving the "gun show loophole" is a fallacy. I agree.


Magpul + CZ Scorpion EVO 3 = True! [The Firearm Blog]

The CZ Scorpion EVO 3 must be selling well. At least well enough for Magpul to start making magazines and accessories for it. Someone found a market need to feed. The upcoming Magpul EVO parts are all easy to install. No need to mention the magazine, but the grip and the magazine release are all […]

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Wednesday, 16 January


Build Of The Year…? [The Firearm Blog]

I mentioned that we had some exciting news? Well, here it is… Strike Industries (sponsor of this series), Primary Weapons Systems, and Holosun, in conjunction with your most favorite Firearms Blog (that would be, ahem, us), are going to do the Build Of The Year runoff right now. At the six month mark. (Build Of […]

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BOTW: Sixth Set Results [The Firearm Blog]

Drumroll…..And the winner for the sixth set was Jim’s Higgins Build with an overwhelming 45% of the votes (Kevin’s AR9 build came in second with 27% of the votes). The randomly picked winning voter was Zach C. I think Jim’s build won because of the Walter White picture… Jim will receive a gift card to Brownells […]

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Washington: Committee Hearings on Anti-Gun Bills [NRA-ILA News]

On January 21st at 10:00AM, the Washington state Senate Committee on Law & Justice will be hearing a number of anti-gun bills.  Afterwards, NRA will be holding a meeting in the Irv Newhouse Building conference room by the capitol at 12:00PM.


Colors Galore! NEW Springfield Armory 911 380 ACP Variants for 2019 [The Firearm Blog]

Springfield Armory has blown open the doors on the grip and finish options of their 911 380 ACP carry pistol! You now have your pick of 10 unique variations boasting different sights, lasers, grips, and finishes all while utilizing the same magazines and controls. These will surely be hitting retail shelves soon and we will […]

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POTD: SHOT Show legends [The Firearm Blog]

We are heading with lightning speed onto the 2019 edition of SHOT SHOW, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This year’s edition of SHOT SHOW keeps the doors open between the 22:nd and the 25:th of January, and while I’ll be at home this year I know that the rest of the TFB staff will do their […]

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TFB REVIEW: The Just Released Remington V3 TAC-13 [The Firearm Blog]

Tac-13In recent years the firearms industry has witnessed a boom in sales of Pistol Grip Firearms or PGFs.  “Firearms”, as they are classified, like the Remington Model 870 Tac-14 and Mossberg Shockwave have left some gun owners scratching their heads.  These specialty grip weapons are simply viewed as “firearms” or “non-shotgun shotguns” and have barrel […]

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A Little Shopping Humor [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Sorry I haven't posted before today this week. You know how every one speaks of coming home with the SHOT Show (or NRA Annual Meeting) crud? Well, it seems in my case it was the pre-SHOT crud. With luck, this means I will have immunity to anything and everything for the coming week of SHOT Show and afterwards.

In the meantime, here is a little something from A Southern Thing. I think we all have been asked most of these questions when shopping in a store. Well, most of them anyway.


Tips For Hunting Datenails []

Some of the readers may be asking, “What is a datenail?”  A datenail is a nail that was drove into railroad crossties when the crosstie was installed under the tracks.  In some cases, even telephone poles used datenails.  According to Wikipedia, the use of datenails on railroad tracks was phased out in 1959.

A typical datenail will have two numbers on the head.  The numbers signify the year the crosstie was installed.

  • A datenail with 28 on the head means the crosstie was installed in 1928.
  • 40 would be 1940.
  • 45 would be 1945.
  • 50 would be 1950.

Using datenails allowed the railroad to know what year the crosstie was installed.

Even though datenails were used in dating railroad crossties, we are not going to be walking railroad tracks.  Besides being illegal and dangerous to be on railroad tracks, there are other ways to find datenails.

In rural areas, what would typically happen when a railroad comapny replaced crossties?  Decades ago the crossties were tossed to the side of the tracks and left to rot.

Eventually, some farmer would want to build a fence; so he went to a railroad and loaded a truckload of ties.  Meaning, spread all over the nation are fences built with discarded crossties that may have datenails in them.

The key is to find old farms with fencing made from crossties.  The closer the farm is to a railroad track, the better the chance to find fence post that used crossties.

Getting Landowner Permission

Next is to get landowner permission to walk the old fence lines.  During the Great Depression massive amounts of farm land was seized for property taxes, then sold to timber companies.  On rare occasions old fence lines have survived numerous clear cutting.

For example, several miles from my house off in the woods is what looks like an old cattle chute.  Chances are there was once a farm near the cattle chute, but the land is now owned by the timber company.   To get permission, one would have to contact the timber company and ask if the land is leased.

If the land is owned by an individual, then a search of tax records may be able to provide the property owners name and contact information.

Be Respectful

If the timber company or individual grants permission, be respectful of the property. This means do not throw trash on the ground, including cigarette butts.

Personally, I do not like to remove datenails unless there is a reason.  If the crosstie fence posts have been pulled up and are going to be disposed of, then I would remove the nail.

The reason being is to leave something for those who come behind you.

Be sure to get landowner before removing datenails,

Follow the Fence Line

Over the decades sections of the old fence may have fallen down.  A metal detector can be useful in following fence lines that has fallen down and are covered by leaves.

Crosstie corner post

Old fence corner post made from a railroad crosstie.

Eventually there should be a corner post where the fence makes a turn.  Chances are the corner post will made from old railroad crossties.  Look around the top of the post for a datenail.  They will typically be around 8 – 12 inches from the end of the tie.

The crosstie on the fence line I was following had a datenail of 1924.  The local sawmill burned down in 1925.  So the crosstie was in use when the last of the virgin timber was harvested from the area.

Local History

In this area on Southeast Texas the first tracks were put in around 1909.  The crosstie dates to just 15 years after the track was first put down.

In the early 1920s sawmills across the Southern States caused an economic boom.  However, when the last of the trees were harvested and the mills closed, or burned down, people moved away to find work.

When the crosstie was put down, it was just one year before the mill burned down and the area suffered an economic disaster, and five years before the Great Depression.

Would it be safe to say: If the first crosstie lasted around 15 years before it was replaced, then the one being used as a corner post may have lasted around the same time?

This means the tie would have been replaced around 1939, or the early 1940s.  If only that crosstie and datenail could talk, what would it tell us about early life in Southeast Texas?  We can only imagine what it has seen – everything from a booming sawmill community, to the mill burning down, the Great Depression, and the start of World War II.

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NEW SHUSHER: Rugged Radiant762 LW w/ ADAPT Modular Technology [The Firearm Blog]

radiant762Rugged Suppressors has brought a new meaning to lightweight silencers with their latest engineered design. The Radiant762 is comprised of stellite and titanium and also affords the user the luxury to easily switch between two different lengths. This can provide the shooter different purposes for different needs in the field or at the range. This […]

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Paul Harrell on Mini-Revolver Speed Loaders []

Paul Harrell got his hands on a couple speed-loaders for a North American Arms mini revolver chambered for 22 WMR (22 magnum) and decided to make a video about it — and more. So instead of focusing on one tiny segment of the speed loader market, he begins by describing the function of a revolver speed loader. He fires and reloads a double action revolver with and without a speed loader, to see which method was easier and faster for him.

Predictably, the result favors the speed loader.

He then goes on to demonstrate two types of speed loaders for the scrawny North American Arms mini revolver. First up is one made in Burleson, Texas. I think this is the same one, selling for $25 shipped on eBay.

Firing and reloading without using a speed loader took him 35 seconds… and with the speed loader above, it took him… one minute and 3 seconds. The reason? He was unable to get the speed loader to release the cartridges.

The second type of loader he tries is one of these “Ammo Pod” loaders, which I found here on eBay for $17 shipped.

Using the Ammo Pod, he fires and reloads in 28 seconds.

Whether you choose to carry one of these tiny and awkward-to-reload firearms or not, this video is still roughly 8 minutes of worthwhile gun-related entertainment. Enjoy.

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GOA Files Case Before SCOTUS To Fight Parts Of The NFA [The Firearm Blog]

Jeremy Kettler in uniform answering reporter's questions. Mr. Kettler is the subject of an ongoing Federal case.  The Gun Owners of America’s legal arm, the Gun Owners Foundation, is pressing further in their full-throated defense of Jeremy Kettler, a disabled US Army combat veteran. Mr. Kettler was convicted of possession of an unregistered firearm in violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA) in November 2016. The original complaint against Mr. Kettler […]

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Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Launches Uphill Battle for 2020 Democratic Presidential Nomination [NRA-ILA News]

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) jumped into the slate of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates on Tuesday with an announcement on CBS’s The Late Show with Steven Colbert that she has formed a presidential exploratory committee.


South Dakota: Senate Committee to Consider Permitless Carry Bill on Thursday [NRA-ILA News]

On Thursday, January 17, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider permitless carry legislation, Senate Bill 47.


The New “Organic” Meat: Hunting Animals Suddenly Popular Among Young Hipsters Looking for Clean Food [NRA-ILA News]

If you’re worried about pesticides and want to make sure all the fruits and vegetables you eat are truly local and organic, the only way to be completely sure is to grow them yourself. It may be extra work, but the peace of mind it provides is worth it for many people. But how can you be completely sure the meat you’re eating is local and sustainable? For an increasing number of health-conscious individuals, especially younger people, the answer is hunting.


Streamlight Polytac X USB Multi-Fuel Flashlight Review []

I’ve been enjoying some Streamlight flashlights for a while now, and the time has come to review my favorite one: The Polytac X USB “multi-fuel” flashlight. This is a good, bright, rugged light that has been my companion and everyday light for about 9 months, and it’s been a good one.

Let’s start with some specs:

  • IPX7 waterproof
  • 3 meter impact resistance
  • Light source: C4 LED
  • High Lumens: 600
  • Run Time on High: 3.5 hours
  • Run Time on Low: 36 hours
  • Beam Distance: 205 meters
  • Max Candela: 11,485
  • Battery Type: 18650 Lithium Ion Battery (1) or CR123A Lithium (2)
  • Length: 5.46 inches
  • Body Diameter: 1.00 inch
  • Head Diameter: 1.25 inch
  • Major Diameter: 1.35 inch
  • Weight: 4.9 ounces (includes 18650 USB battery) or 4.4 ounces with two CR123A batteries
  • Colors: Coyote, Yellow, Black
  • Switch function: Programmable — high/strobe/low (factory default), high only, or low/medium/high
  • Includes removable two-way pocket clip
  • Serialized for positive identification
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Assembled in USA
  • MSRP: $55.99 (yellow) $57.99 (black or coyote)

First Impressions

I put the Polytac X to work right away. Although a little larger than previous EDC (everyday carry) lights I’d used, its ruggedness, brightness, and long battery life kept it on my side most of the time. As you can see, I’ve used my Polytac X shamelessly, and the lens is even stippled from hot welding sparks (oops!). Through it all, it keeps working just fine.

Polytac X USB is still bright in spite of the abused lens.

Polytac X USB is still bright in spite of the abused lens.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Polytac X USB comes with a Streamlight 18650 lithium-ion battery rated at 2600 mAh, 3.7 volts, 9.62 Wh. This battery has a Micro-USB port in its side, for charging. Mine had some juice right out of the package.

I quickly decided that the factory-default function setting for the tail-mounted pushbutton switch wasn’t for me. Out of the package, it’s set for high/strobe/low and I never use a strobe. Other options are high only or low/medium/high, and I decided to go with the latter. Changing the program was not difficult to do by following the included instructions.

Once set to low/medium/high, one push on the button switches it to low, two pushes to medium, and three pushes sets it on high. The nice thing is, you don’t have to make a full click for any of the settings, so I can quickly make this light fully bright by making three rapid momentary presses of the switch — and at no point do I need to push the switch all the way in until it clicks, unless I want to. This makes it handy for quickly checking out movement in the woods while I’m walking the dog at night, finding my way to a deer stand in the pre-dawn murk, or finding a tool in a dark corner of my shop.

The Good Stuff

At 4.9 ounces with the USB battery, the Polytac X is light enough for everyday carry. I routinely clip it to my left front pocket with the lens facing up. This makes it easy to get my hands on whenever I need some light.

The clip, which is two-way, became loose after some months, so this light has been dropped numerous times, often on tile or concrete, and it shows no ill effects from the impacts.

On low, the Polytac Xs light gives me enough light to “see how to see” in a dark spot in shed, shop, closet, etc, or to dig around in my hunting pack without being too bright. On high — especially when fully charged — it is quite bright (600 lumens rating) and delivers impressive projection as well.

Polytac X USB flashlight with 18650 USB battery and head removed.

Polytac X USB flashlight with 18650 USB battery and head removed.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

I also like that, if the 18650 USB battery becomes worn-out or loses power somewhere I’m unable to charge it, I can slip a pair of CR123A cells into the Polytac X and keep on shining.

The Polytac X is waterproof, impact-resistant, reliable, rechargeable, and bright.

Not so Good

On the down side, my main gripe about the Polytac X is its weak clip. After bending slightly outward from use, it will not stay clipped to the outside of my pocket reliably. To combact this, I usually slip the light inside my front left pants pocket with the clip over the edge of my pocket. This works, but can be confining if my pocket is otherwise full.

I did remove the clip (just unscrew the head and remove a small o-ring) and re-bend it to give it some more “grab.” This works for a while.

Polytac X USB flashlight inside the body (L), tail switch (C), lens before cleaning (R).

Polytac X USB flashlight inside the body (L), tail switch (C), lens before cleaning (R).
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The only other strike I have against this light is that the battery must be removed to charge it. This is a small price to pay for the tough waterproofness and the ability to also use CR123A batteries, though.


As I said early on, this has become my favorite all-around flashlight… which is something of a problem, because it prevents me from carrying other lights I’m testing. I wish it had a perfect clip, but I can live with it on an otherwise tough, durable, bright compact light.

The Polytac X USB can be had for $55.99 in yellow, or $57.46 in black or coyote tan.

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New LE BLUE Duty Line of High Speed Gear Now Available [The Firearm Blog]

le blueHigh Speed Gear is now offering through their Duty Line of law enforcement products New LE BLUE offerings to more openly acknowledge and thank our men and women in blue. Moreover, the High Speed Gear Duty Line in LE Blue was developed for law enforcement in jurisdictions that require less aggressive looking gear. This as […]

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California: City of Los Angeles Writes CRPA $35,000 Settlement Check [NRA-ILA News]

The California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA), with support from NRA, recently challenged Los Angeles City’s refusal to be transparent and disclose records related to secretly obtained disposition orders used by LAPD to justify the destruction of firearms in its possession.


Hands-on with the NEW Kel-Tec KS7 Shotgun [The Firearm Blog]

Kel-Tec planned to release its new KS7 shotgun at Shot Show 2019 but leaked information got out about the gun early. Lucky for us, we got an opportunity to show you their newest bullpup pump-action shotgun before anyone else! The KS7 is a compact and lightweight design based on their popular KSG that features improved […]

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Spuhr explains the failed ergonomics of the Hekler & Koch G3 [The Firearm Blog]

If you follow what’s going on here at TFB you know about the Spuhr accessories for the Heckler & Koch G3. I shot a prototype of the system a few years ago, mounted on the Swedish Ak4 (HK G3) with an Aimpoint CS as the main optic. I have little or no experience with the […]

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Franklin Armory Reformation: The Semi Automatic Musket Cometh [The Firearm Blog]

Franklin Armory RS11Well it’s not technically a musket, it isn’t a smooth bore, it has straight rifling rather than spiralled. You may remember the hype which surrounded Franklin Armory’s mysterious Reformation in the run up to SHOT Show 2018. Well almost exactly a year later the Reformation is now available. Boasting a SBR length without the need […]

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H&K P7 Family: Pistols for Gun Cognoscenti [Forgotten Weapons]

Developed in the 1980s in response to a need for new West German police sidearms, the H&K P7 is one of the most mechanically unusual pistols to have been commercially successful in recent decades. It incorporates a number of features which are rather polarizing; brilliantly innovative to some, and pointlessly unproductive in the eyes of others.

The biggest innovation H&K made in the P7 was the squeeze-cocking system. The front strap of the pistol must be depressed (with a substantial amount of force) in order to fire. This action acts to cock the striker back to its full travel, and when the front strap is release, the striker is dropped completely forward. As a result, there is no chance of a discharge, and could potentially happen on a traditional striker-fired gun which keeps the striker partially cocked at all times. The P7’s system also allows it to have a better trigger press by not using the trigger to retract the striker.

For the action, H&K chose a gas-delayed blowback system. This system has been used in a few other places (Heritage Stealth, Norinco M77B, etc), but it not at all common. Basically gas pressure acts on a piston under the barrel to hold the slide closed until the bullet has left the barrel. This system allows the gun to have a fixed barrel, contributing to very good inherent accuracy.

The downsides to the P7 are its tendency to rapidly heat up (because of that gas piston), its unfamiliar manual of arms, and its low magazine capacity. Whether it’s a wonderful sleeper of a pistol design or just some German nonsense it up to you…

Note: In future videos, I will cover some of the other non-standard branches of the P7 family, including the P7M7, P7M10, P7A13, and P7K3.

Tuesday, 15 January


Virginia: Gov. Northam’s Anti-Gun Bills to be Heard in Committees [NRA-ILA News]

This week, committees in both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly will be hearing an array of bills that are part of Governor Ralph Northam’s agenda to impose sweeping gun control in the Commonwealth.  The Senate Committee on Courts of Justice will be holding hearings on January 16th and the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee – Subcommittee #1 will be holding hearings on January 17th.


Heckler & Koch supplies more HK416 Assault Rifles to the Norwegian Armed Force [The Firearm Blog]

Did you know that the The Norwegian Armed Forces were the first customer to adopt the HK416 in the year of 2007? Norway now has an added appetite for firearms from Heckler & Koch, a hunger they share with many other European countries. The Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency has awarded Heckler & Koch with a […]

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Passenger with Pistol Slips Through TSA Checks at Atlanta Airport [The Firearm Blog]

TSAIt has emerged that on 3 January at Atlanta’s Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport, a passenger with a firearm was able to board an aircraft despite having passed through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints. Atlanta is the world’s busiest airport with 104 million passengers passing through it annually. Two TSA officers have been fired following the incident which saw a […]

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New Steiner DRS 1X (Defendu Reflex Sight) [The Firearm Blog]

Steiner USA will have a new Reflex Sight available early 2019 called the DRS 1X (Defendu Reflex Sight). As reflex sights in general it is focused for targets at close range, but with a small 2 MOA dot in the middle you should be able to engage targets into the medium range as well. The […]

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Indiana: Lake County Commissioners to Vote on Firearm Discharge Ordinance [NRA-ILA News]

On January 16th at 10:00AM, the Lake County Board of Commissioners will be voting on whether to approve the proposed amendment to Ordinance No. 1314B previously passed by the County Council to restrict the discharge of firearms in unincorporated areas of the county by increasing the current 200 foot minimum distance from residences for target shooting to 700 feet.


What Is The Best Time Of Year To Start Prepping? []

For the sake of discussion let’s say someone has been on the fence about prepping.  They are not sure when or where to start, or even what to do.  If someone is on the fence, late winter and early spring is probably the absolute best time to get into prepping.

Why is late winter / early spring the best time of year?  Let’s take a few minutes and talk about it.

The first thing is money.  Hopefully everyone reading this paid enough in taxes over the year so they will get a tax return.   The extra money may provide certain flexibility when making purchases.  Some people will take their tax return and spend the money on a TV, or a down payment on a car… etc.

How about taking some of that tax return and investing it into preps?  Maybe build a backyard chicken house (be sure to check local regulations first), and get some laying hens.  Four or five good hens should keep a family of three or four with fresh eggs.  Or maybe plant a garden and fruit trees?


If there is room in the yard, maybe plant some fruit trees, such as pear and fig.  With care, hopefully the fruit trees will be bearing fruit for years to come.  When the trees produce enough pears and figs, use them to make jelly.  A lot of stores only have fruit trees in stock a couple of months out of the year.  If someone misses out, then they have to special order the trees.

Local farm supply stores, and even big box outlet stores start getting seeds in stock around the middle to end of January.  For anyone who wants to stockpile seeds for a survival garden, or start a garden, this is the time to buy the seeds.

After the chance of frost has passed, the seeds can be used to plant a garden.  Rather than planting flowers in a flower bed, consider planting spinach, squash, beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers…. etc.

By starting in late winter and early spring, it should be possible for someone to have an homestead established before summer.  When fall arrives, harvest the seeds and save them for next year.


Late winter / early spring is when the big box outlet stores start getting their fishing gear in stock.  This provides the opportunity to shop for various types of fishing supplies.

Black Crappie Perch fishing

Depending on state regulations, some parks do not require a fishing license when fishing from the bank while inside a state park.  For example, numerous state parks here in Texas (Martin Dies State Park for example) do not require a fishing license when fishing from the bank.

As the weather warms up, the family could enjoy a nice day at the park fishing. The family gets to spend quality time together, while practicing survival skills, such as fishing.

Final Thoughts

Depending on location, once summer arrives with its brutal heat it may become difficult to get the family outside.  Spring with its mild and cool weather provides an excellent opportunity for the family to start prepping.

Whether it is fishing, gardening, planting a fruit tree, building a chicken house… etc, chances are the best time to do all of that is spring.  This could also set the pace for the rest of the year.  Once the garden has been planted, the next steps would be the harvest and then storing the food.

So get off the fence and get to prepping.

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DA to Pittsburgh Council: You can't make gun rules [NRA-ILA News]

Allegheny County's top law enforcer is advising the City of Pittsburgh to put a halt to its gun-control efforts, but some city council members are not backing down.


Bolsonaro loosens gun laws in Brazil, world murder capital [NRA-ILA News]

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday signed a decree making it easier for many Brazilians to own firearms, the first of many expected changes by the nascent administration to overhaul gun laws in the nation that leads the world in total homicides.


Feinstein’s Scattershot Anti-Gun Bill Badly Misses the Mark [NRA-ILA News]

Democrats promised that if they retook control of the House, gun control would be a top priority. They have wasted little time in seeking to restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens to keep and bear arms.


Grizzly Ears Product Review []

When it come to hunting or shooting there are several precautions one need to take in order to protect their hearing, vision as well as other things. Hearing protection is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to.

Traditionally hearing protection consisted of foam ear plugs that almost completely eliminate hearing. They have their purpose and are effective but having the ability to hear game, communicate with fowl while protecting your hearing isn’t something in their realm. Recently I stumbled across Grizzly Ears while scrolling through social media. For years I have been frustrated with traditional ear plugs and was on the hunt for something better. I quickly found out that these were something hunters and shooters alike needed to know about. Grizzly Ears  are revolutionary hearing protection devices that provides shooters with sound compression, Bluetooth, sound amplification as well as being 100% waterproof which provides multifunction use while afield.

It wasn’t long after speaking with Mark Donohoo, owner of Grizzly Ears, we met for a product demonstration. Needless to say I was blown away by the features, ease of use as well as the quality of these earbuds. As we talked over lunch I realized that his goal is  to provide the best quality earbuds at a price affordable for everyone.

After the meeting I was eager to put these earbuds to the test in the field. Over the course of several weeks I used them for hunting ducks and deer in my home state of Alabama where I found that they do exactly as advertised. While hunting deer I was able to hear things that normally would be missed, in fact the sound amplification made the sound of crunching leaves decernable between a deer and squirrels. Out of all of the success while in the deer woods the bigger test in my mind would be conducted in the duck blind.

As the sun arose over the trees and birds began their morning flight patterns, the realization hit that I was picking up the sound of wing flapping through the air and the distant sound of a mallards quack that normally would be faint at best. Furthermore I could hear and communicate with everyone around me without having to remove the earbud. It wasn’t long before the first group of ducks attempted to land, with everyone sending steel show down the long lines of decoys the Grizzly Ears worked flawlessly, canceling the sound just as they were intended to. Usually on a morning like this, shooting at several groups of ducks, my ears would ring for hours after the hunt but by using these ear buds I didn’t have any issues associated with ear pain or the aggravating ring.

Needless to say after using  Grizzly Ears for an extended amount of time I can say that they do exactly what they are designed to in a comfortable manner. It’s not often that a product with this much advancement doesn’t have a large price tag which isn’t unaffordable to most but the earbuds from Grizzly Ears are. In my opinion, they are the best bang for the buck despite what your target may be  while afield.

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Should Deer Hunters Shoot ‘Cull Bucks?’ []

Here we have another video hosted by Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions, taking on the topic of “cull bucks.” Many hunters believe that whitetail bucks which have weird-looking antlers, or which only have spikes, should be killed in the interest of improving the deer herd. Jeff reveals that, for the most part, this is malarkey.

The video begins with Jeff sitting beside the rotting carcass of a buck with odd, small antlers, which may have been killed and left to rot by some “hunter” who thought he was doing the right thing.

He talks about the myth that spike bucks are somehow inferior. This has been disproven again and again… and even if they are, as suggested by one study he cites, the “inferiority” is only likely to make a 10-15 inch difference at maturity. In other words, instead of a 160, the former spike may be 145-150 class buck. Still pretty great!

He adds this is a comment:

BTW, I should have added that a lot of spike bucks were just late born fawns that will eventually catch up. Also, many goofy 1-sided bucks were just injured on the opposite side of their body the year before and their antlers will correct themselves the following year. Dang, I always seem to miss something!

As for legitimate reasons to cull a buck, he mentions putting a badly injured buck out of its misery. In other cases, mature bucks of less-than-ideal antler size for a given area can sometimes become extremely territorial “bully bucks” which make life difficult for the more-desirable bucks with larger antlers. That makes a great case for taking out a smaller-racked buck, to provide more elbow room for bigger bucks.

Enjoy the video.

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MDT Releases Second Generation LSS Chassis [The Firearm Blog]

Modular Driven Technologies (Canada) are makers of Chassis Systems and Accessories for Bolt Action Rifles. The company was founded in 2009. Manufacturing takes place in Chilliwack BC, Canada. All their US sales and distribution is operated by their US entity company located in Sumas Washington, USA. MDT’s LSS chassis (Light Sniper System) is well known […]

Read More …

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Turning in Homemade Pipe Guns for $300 Cash []

In yet another example of wasted money in pursuit of disarming Americans, we have a video from “Royal Nonesuch,” a guy who builds iffy homemade guns and shoots them on video for all to see. In this case, he shows us three of “his crappiest guns,” which he takes to a gun buy (I refuse to call them “buybacks”), where he exchanges them for $300 cash in a shady-looking parking lot deal.

By the time we see some video being shot at the actual gun buy, a dude in a car is shelling out hundred-dollar bills to folks who approach his vehicle after apparently handing over their guns to someone in a different vehicle. After he doles out the cash, he hurriedly tells the recipients to go away.


Thankfully, this particular gun buy wasn’t sponsored by the government, and at least Royal Nonesuch said his $300 will be invested in more firearms.

And the video is entertaining… check it out.

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Legally-Carrying Woman Kills Would-be Robber []

In an area described as the “Fernwood neighborhood on the Far South Side” of Chicago, a 25-year-old woman was reportedly approached at a bus stop by a 19-year-old armed robber. Only she lived to tell about it.

About 5:45 a.m., [the crook] approached the woman, 25, in the 500 block of West 103rd Street, displayed a weapon and tried to rob her, according to Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.

The woman, who was a concealed carry holder, took out her own weapon and fired one shot at [him], striking him in the neck, authorities said.

[The thief] left the scene and was found a block away, officials said. He was taken to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, where he died.

[He] lived about a block away from where he was shot, the medical examiner’s office said. An autopsy Wednesday found he died of a gunshot wound to his chest and his death was ruled a homicide.

He had been arrested this past June after he was found in possession of a controlled substance and attacked a police officer, police said.

(I’ve omitted the bad guy’s name solely because I do not believe in helping to make crooks famous.)

I’m happy the young lady survived, but saddened that she must carry the burden of having to take a life.

Thank goodness she was armed, and willing & able to use her firearm in her defense.

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“Hear the Truth About Suppressors” presented by the NSSF [The Firearm Blog]

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) is a tremendous steward and champion of the shooting sports. Their work occurs through innumerable events throughout the US in educating people about firearms, but they also do smaller works as well. Some of those are simple infographics that can catch fire on social media and sometimes be even […]

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Flooded Timber-Alabama Jewlery []

Hunters know the value associated with harvesting a banded duck or goose. It’s more than a prize to simply display around your lanyard for all to see. It tells a story about the bird harvested which is more satisfying than the band itself in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I find great joy in harvesting a banded duck every time is occurs. There are some hunters who are fourtant enough to harvest large amounts of banded birds in their hunting careers but others, like myself, who have managed two in the twenty plus years of chasing fowl.

It was a cool, rainy January morning in North East Alabama that usually indicates good hunting weather. Jared Force, Amber Davis, Kelly Cobb, Don and myself headed into a private timber hole in hopes of harvesting some mallards or whatever wale decided to meander through the spread. As the sun broke through, as much as it could, the clouds the woods erupted with the quacks of mallards and gadwall along with the occasional squeal of a wood duck. Not long after loading our guns a group of teal buzzed the spread at an impeccable rate but the time wasn’t right to shoot, thus we watched them fly about the trees. As time passed by, reaching that precise hour, more and more groups of teal, woodducks, and ring necks worked out spread giving opportunity after opportunity for close range shots.

We shot several times, dropping birds out of each group, but there was a wood duck that gave my shooting skills a run for their money. Although my efforts were strong, he escaped without losing a feather. As the morning passed, too quickly, one last bird decided to make a run through the decoys. Without hesitation Don shouldered his gun and made an outstanding long range shot, bringing the bird down in the trees. Jared went to retrieve the bird and let out a shout of joy when he found the green wing floating about. At this point I thought he had fell in or something had happened but I soon found out what the excitement was all about.

The teal had been banded in 2015 in North Dakota and was harvested in North East Alabama. Needless to say this was the icing on the cake for everyone involved in this hunt. Furthermore I was full of excitement for Don who was the rightful owner of the prize. Out of all my years chasing fowl never have I encountered a banded teal on a hunt, much less green wing teal in this part of Alabama.

Seeing the thrill on everyone’s face, which was dirived from the harvest of this rare bird made the hunt one to write in my book of hunts to share with my kids one day. You know sharing your passion with others is something that brings a lot of satisfaction but the friendships one makes afield will not soon be broken.


Gear List:

Remington Versa Max

Remington Hypersonic Ammunition

Banded Waders

Sure-Shot Game Calls



To keep up with my hunting endevours feel free to follow me on Instagram- benjamintcole

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Problems Facing Rural Prepsteaders []

For a number of preppers, their goal is to obtain a piece of property in a rural area, then establish a self-sufficient farm.  They may envision a fruit tree orchard, chickens, goats, pigs and maybe some cattle.  Maybe they envision making cheese and butter after milking their livestock.

The dream is a far cry from reality, as there are a great number of problems which face prepsteaders.  When someone lives miles away from the nearest town, certain issues arise.

Drive Time

When it is almost an hours drive round trip just to go to town, one has to make sure they get everything they need for a project.

Country road

For example, a few weeks ago the check valve went out between the water holding tank and the water pump.  This valve prevents water pressure from blowing back into the holding tank.  So I made a list, went to town, picked up everything I thought was needed to fix the problem, and guess what, one piece was missing from the list.

By the time you add going into the hardware store, finding the part, then buying it, we are looking at around 90 minutes for a single part.

Then there is the drive time to work.  With towns in rural areas spread out over a wide area, one may drive at least 30 – 45 minutes to the nearest town to find a job.  If something happens to that job, one may have to drive an hour to an hour and a half to find another job.

Even skilled professionals such as teachers, nurses… etc may have issues finding gainful employment.  Schools may have all the teachers they need.  A great number of small rural towns may not even have a hospital.

Internet Access

While some people may not feel Internet access is essential, it sure makes life nice in rural areas.  Traditionally, people living in rural areas were limited to what local stores carried in stock.  For example, while looking for a new rifle the purchase would probably be limited to what the local gun store has in stock.  With the Internet we could order a firearm and have it sent to a local firearms dealer.

This is coming from someone who lives in a rural area – Amazon Prime is your friend.   Having stuff delivered straight to your front door opens possibilities your grandparents and great grandparents never expected.

The problem is, high speed Internet is not available in all areas.  Even cell phone service is hit and miss.  There are areas here in Southeast Texas along a major highway which does not even have cell phone service.  One just area is along Hwy 96 just south of Pineland, Texas.  People living in that dead zone do not have cell phone or access to high speed Internet.

Being Self-Sufficient

When the power goes out, or when a storm blows trees across the only road going to your house, the rural prepsteader needs to be self-sufficient. This means food, water, and the ability to sustain themselves for several days at a time.


For example, a great number of people in rural areas get their water from a water well. However, when the power goes out they may not have a generator large enough to run the well pump. Even though there is water in the well, they have no way to get it out.

Water is one reason why I have a Royal Berkey water filter.  When the power goes out, I get water from a creek that runs through the property and filter it through the Berkey.

Chickens do not need electricity to lay eggs.  When the power goes out we have breakfast of fresh eggs and items from our preps.

Final Thoughts

So why weren’t firearms mentioned?  In all honesty, we have very few problems with people driving around looking for trouble.  In just about any rural area it is a given people living there will have dogs and a gun in the house.

That is not to say petty theft is not a problem.  Drug use is rampant in some rural areas.  The good news, those types of people typically stay in certain areas.  It is an accepted fact if someone prowls around a farm, they may find themselves looking down the barrel of a shotgun.

Regardless of where a prepper lives, they face their own unique problems.  Just because someone moves to a rural area does not mean they will live problem free.  The issues we face here are just different than urban dwellers.

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VA Gov Ralph Northam’s Insane Gun-Grab Proposal [NRA-ILA News]

As Stephen Gutowski notes at the Free Beacon, there’s a truly radical proposal lurking in the Virginia governor’s push for gun control. From a press release: Delegate Kathy Tran and Senator Adam Ebbin will patron legislation to ban the sale, purchase, possession, and transport of assault firearms in the Commonwealth. The bill also modifies the definition of assault firearm to any firearm that is equipped with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition.


Yes, a Square Root Sign Spurred a Police Search []

You know how old stuff keeps coming around on social media feeds? Seems like that’s been happening more and more lately. But that doesn’t mean the stories aren’t worthy of thought and consideration. Take for example the story of the square root symbol.

In February 2018, NOLA reported that in Louisiana, police actually searched a student’s home in search of firearms after an in-class discussion of the square root symbol.

KSEE reports the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office searched the home of a student at Oberlin High School after some classmates interpreted his comments as a possible terrorist threat last week. No weapon or evidence of any threat to was found.

Allen Parish School District Superintendent Michael Doucet told KATC that it was a false rumor that started with a poorly judged joke between two students solving a square root problem in math class.

“The students were working together, and a student made a math symbol of a square root sign, which kind of looks like a pistol. And he was helping a weaker student, and the student says, ‘Well, that looks like a pistol!’ And he just made a comment [like] ‘let’s just get to work before I shoot you with a pistol,” Doucet said.

According to Doucet, the comment then spread throughout the school like gossip, and grew into a rumor that the student was planning to carry out a mass shooting…


Police searched the student’s home, where they found no guns or any evidence that he had any access to guns. Authorities also wrote there was no evidence the student had any intent to commit harm.


‘The student used extremely poor judgment in making the comment,’ the Allen Parish Sheriff’s Office wrote on Facebook. ‘But in light of the actual circumstances, there was clearly no evidence to support criminal charges.’

‘He committed no crime. He was the victim of the ole morphing of information [phenomenon],’ Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert added in a KATC interview.

The Allen Parish School Board will determine if any disciplinary action is required.

So just because some kid makes a wisecrack, the police (and apparently a judge) consider it just cause to invade a family’s privacy to determine whether they own guns.

And what if they had owned guns and had some in the house? What other infringements would they have been subjected to?

When will common sense once again break out in the world? Soon, I hope… because each day seems to take us farther and farther away from it.

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Iowa gun rights amendment is back to square one after 'bureaucratic oversight' [NRA-ILA News]

A yearslong, Republican-led effort in Iowa to add gun rights to the state constitution must start over because of "bureaucratic oversight" from the state's top election office. Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate confirmed to the Des Moines Register on Sunday night that his office failed to meet a key requirement that would have advanced a resolution first passed in the Legislature last year, which cleared the first of several hurdles required to amend the state constitution.


Oregon bill would cap magazines to 5 rds, ration ammo to 20 rds/month [NRA-ILA News]

Legislation submitted in the Democrat-controlled Oregon legislature would fundamentally change the state’s firearm laws, recasting them as the most restrictive in the country. State Sen. Rob Wagner has submitted SB 501 for the upcoming session. Wagner’s bill would require licensing for gun owners prior to purchase, outlaw firearm magazines capable of holding more than five rounds and limit individual ammunition sales to no more than 20 rounds every 30 days.


Va. Governor’s Semi-auto Gun-Confiscation Proposal Could Affect Millions of Residents [NRA-ILA News]

While short on details, Northam's announcement said part of the proposed gun-control package would ban the "sale, purchase, possession, and transport" of undefined "assault firearms" including "any firearm that is equipped with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition." Since the vast majority of semiautomatic handguns and rifles in the state are sold standard with magazines capable of holding 10 or more rounds, it appears the proposed ban would affect most firearms on sale in Virginia. Additionally, the announcement of the ban did not include mention of any grandfathering to allow what NSSF estimated would be millions of Virginians who already own such firearms to legally keep them.


NEW Cobalt Kinetics “Winter Limited Edition” Edge Rifle in 300 BLK [The Firearm Blog]

winter limited editionCobalt Kinetics has taken their Edge rifle and bathed it in some wintery goodness. With extra embellishments on the rifle and a new finish, they are releasing a “Winter Limited Edition” run for 2019 that is limited to just 50 firearms. This rifle is extremely similar to their traditional Edge rifle, but with that frosty […]

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TFB Review: Ruger LCP II-Small improvements to a small pistol make a BIG difference [The Firearm Blog]

LCP and LCPIIA long time ago in a desert not so far away I remember the first time I saw a Ruger LCP in person.  It was at Gunsite’s pro shop in the spring of 2008. Better built than the P-3AT, it won me over and became part of my regular hot weather carry rotation.  I have […]

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TFBTV: Mauser M18 Rifle Review [The Firearm Blog]

How does the Mauser action, a cold hammer forged barrel, and a crisp two-pound trigger sound? Find out how it shoots with five different types of ammunition and see what happens at five hundred yards with this inexpensive but quality rifle from Mauser. ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» Go to for details on our monthly […]

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JUST RELEASED: 2019 Remington And AAC Product Catalogs [The Firearm Blog]

2019 RemingtonIt’s that time of year again, boys and girls – SHOT Show, new releases, hopes, dreams and more will start to flood your inbox. Today we will give you a preview of the 2019 Remington and Advanced Armament product catalogs. While there are some notable highlights, this year’s layout doesn’t appear to contain any earth-shattering […]

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POTD: Bundeswehr Testing New G95K at Yuma Proving Ground [The Firearm Blog]

G95K yumaLast August the German Ministry of Defence brought the Bundeswehr’s newest rifle to the US Army’s Yuma Proving Ground in Arizona for testing. The G95K was put through gruelling environmental testing which simulated real-world conditions similar to those found in Afghanistan. The G95K, based on the HK 416 A7, was adopted for the KSK (German Special Forces) back […]

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I Found a Machine Gun: What Should I Do? [Forgotten Weapons]

There are thousands of machine guns currently in the National Firearms Act registry registered to people born before 1900. Think about that for a moment – every one of those owners is deceased, and those machine guns are still out there somewhere.

Periodically, the family of a deceased veteran will find a machine gun amongst there possessions. There is a straightforward process for passing a registered machine gun to a lawful heir, but it is dependent on the gun actually being legally registered. It is up to the family to locate the paperwork to prove that registration – or else contact the BATF to get a copy of it. Today I am discussing this situation with John Keene of the Morphy auction company. Sgt (retired) Keene is an expert of the NFA and this type of paperwork, and has helped many families through the process. This video is intended to help people in this situation understand how to deal with a gun which may or may not be registered.

John Keene can be contacted at .


Monday, 14 January


Southern Arkansas Fowl []

Arkansas is one of the most popular duck hunting destinations in the Mississippi flyway for many reasons. However the main reason is due to the large populations of birds that that migrate through the delta region of the state. Recently I accompanied  the fine folks of Sportsman’s Box at Silverside Outdoors for a weekend of hunting waterfowl.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by Nick Andrews along with the guides that would be accompanying us on the mornings hunt. Nick has an outstanding operation with accommodations that are among the best in the state. Although everyone was excited, our late arrival forced everyone straight to bed for some much needed rest after the lengthy drive.

As alarms came to life, making annoying noises, I sprung up with excitement for the hunt. On the first morning we hunted a pit, located along a flooded field which was loaded with mallards, pintails, as well as teal. With shooting light moments away the skies filled with birds of all species that most hunters would recognize. Before long Nick called the shot as a large group of teal entered the landing zone. Quickly everyone sprang to action dropping several birds out of the group. Shortly after the dogs made their retrieves another group worked into range, this cycle would repeat itself for most of the morning. Except for the pintails, they are among the most weary birds in the sky when referring to waterfowl species. With the hunt in the rear view, lunch was our next priority. As one could imagine the food was purely outstanding as well as fulfilling, so much so that most of the group embarked on an afternoon nap.



Whith what seemed like a short nap those loud alarms climbed their time once again. Although the weather conditions were less than exciting to most people, it was a hunters dream day. Cool winds mixed with rain can make for some exciting hunting conditions when referring to fowl. On this particular morning we hunkered in a blind that was nestled into the tree line next to a flooded field. Like most would expect with the rise of the sun ducks began piling into the open water hole, feeding amongst the decoys. With the clock landing on shooting light everyone began sending steel shot down range except for me. I was using shot shells from Apex Ammunition that we’re filled with tungsten. After making several good shots to start the morning I had a little dry spell, missing a couple of birds that should have been chip shots. However that’s just part of wing shooting and know that everyone misses at some point. After the slapping of hands took place it was back to business and we quickly achieved our six man limit, capping off the hunt with a mixed bag of gadwall, teal, and wigeon.

You learn a lot about someone when time is shared in the blind. I can tell you that Nick and his group of guys, at Silverside Outdoors, are outstanding and have the experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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Concealed Carry Corner: Storing Firearms in a Vehicle [The Firearm Blog]

A proper storage solution for a firearm in a vehicle can be as varied as the people who use them. However, many of us must go to gun free areas such as schools, post offices or government buildings which can require us to disarm before entering. Many simply stow their firearm in the glove box […]

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Rock Island Armory Introduce New Shotgun – the VR80 [The Firearm Blog]

VR80Rock Island Armory have introduced their new semi-automatic shotgun – the VR80. Developed by Rock Island Armory’s Philippine parent company Armscor, the new AR-style 12 gauge, magazine fed shotgun will hit shelves in 2019. Rock Island Armory are called the VR80 ‘a lean, mean customizable machine.’ Heralded as a customizable platform for shooters the VR80 has […]

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Wisconsin: Governor Evers Starts Session with Gun Control Push [NRA-ILA News]

With the 2019 Wisconsin Legislative Session convened, Governor Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul are already working with legislators to pass sweeping gun control.


Iowa: Constitutional Amendment Suffers Setback [NRA-ILA News]

Due to an oversight by the office of the Secretary of State, our efforts to amend Iowa’s Constitution with a Right to Keep and Bear Arms Constitutional Amendment must start over.  The failure by the Secretary of State’s office to publish notification of the proposed amendment in the months leading up to the November 2018 election resulted in the amendment not being properly certified.  The amendment will now have to be passed by the consecutive 2019-2020 and the 2021-2022 General Assemblies in order to appear on the 2022 ballot.


Washington: 2019 Session Convened, Committee Hearings Scheduled [NRA-ILA News]

The 2019 Washington Legislative Session convened today, January 14th, and anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed and scheduled hearings for bills that will infringe upon your Second Amendment rights.


RifleKühl from MagnetoSpeed, and similar products to cool your barrel [The Firearm Blog]

The Magnetospeed chronographs are probably one of the best on the market. At SHOT Show Magnetospeed will release a new product called the RifleKühl (“RifleCooler”). If you’re headed to Shot Show 2019, make sure to swing by and see the MagnetoSpeed team at Booth 406. We’ll be releasing final details on one of our newest […]

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Florida Alert! Where Do Anti-Gun Legislators Get this Stuff???? [NRA-ILA News]

Some newly elected anti-gun legislators can't seem to resist the media spotlight. Like moths to a flame, some swoop in with anti-gun rants and dishonest, deceitful statements.


Importance of Small Game After SHTF []

Imagine if you would being a young person hunting wild game animals.  When you were young there were plenty of animals to hunt.  As decades passed, large animals became scarce. By the time you were old, the tribe was having to scavenge for whatever they could find.

However, while the tribe scavenged, rabbits ran here and there. For some reason nobody was able to catch the rabbits.  Was it taboo to hunt small game?  Or maybe nobody wanted to take the time to hunt rabbits?

The problem presented is something the Neanderthals faced towards their end.  Archeological discoveries indicate humans (modern people) hunted small game, while Neanderthals did not.

Failure to Hunt Rabbits Part of Neanderthals’ Demise?

A new study suggests that an inability to shift from hunting large mammals to wild rabbits and other small game may have contributed to the downfall of European Neanderthals during the Middle Paleolithic period, about 30,000 years ago.

In the grand scheme of things, most medium sized game such as deer have a slow reproductive rate. Usually giving birth to a single or sometimes two offspring a year, increased hunting could decimate a local population in a matter of years. One exception is the wild pig, which continues to expand its population regardless of hunting pressure.

During the early 1900s, vast populations of southern whitetail deer and turkeys were driven to extinction level numbers. Here in Southeast Texas the turkey and whitetail deer both had to be reintroduced.

If a SHTF event were to happen again, chances are medium sized game would quickly disappear.  Again, the one exception would probably be the wild pig.  This leaves small game such as rabbits, which have a much higher reproduction rate than medium sized game.

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POTD: Color coding your knives and guns [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo goes in the color RED. Let’s start with the main attraction – a CZ SP01 enhanced with LOK Grips and Truglo TFX Pro Sights. I presume we have a lot of people who read TFB that also like knives and buy one every now and then? When the gun safe is full, there’s […]

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Lightened-Wood Lever! NEW Marlin 336 Curly Maple with Fiddle Back [The Firearm Blog]

curly mapleMarlin has introduced a NEW version of their staple Model 336 lever-action rifle with a B-Grade Curly Maple stock and Fiddle Back figuring. This new rifle is not surprisingly chambered in the stalwart .30-30 Winchester cartridge. This rifle was announced back at the NASGW (National Sporting Good Wholesalers) Show in October and it is finally […]

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Defending Hearth and Home []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Security of our primary residence is of high concern today to everyone. While crime stats in some areas of the country seem to be relaxing somewhat, criminals are forever discovering new ways to cash in on their trade. Unfortunately, home invasions are becoming an ever increasing activity for thugs to raid your house for theft of your goods.

It matters not either if you happen to be home at the time. In many cases homeowners are injured or even murdered as a manner to leave no evidence behind. Are you ready to repel such an invasion or defend yourself if they should happen to breech your security efforts? These are things you need to consider now to provide basic security for you, your family and your property.

The first line of defense against a home invasion is a quality network of doors, windows and sturdy locks. Most home construction contractors these days are building houses as cheaply as possible. They have little concern for basic security. For that reason many homes have inferior exterior doors including simple hinges and locks.

Inspect all of your exterior doors. If they are weak wooden doors, consider replacing them with steel doors, including heavy duty hinges using long lag bolts to hang them. Replace cheap locks with deal bolts, and heavy bolt locks to secure the doors in the frames. Consider extra slide bolts for added security, but brief all occupants on how these work.

If you live is an area with high crime statistics or threats, then consider adding security bars to windows and security bar doors over all conventional doorways. Though such structures can be defeated with time and effort, most crash and dash invaders will not fool with them. If they do, the added delayed entry may give you time to arm yourself for the threat. Inspect and harden garage doors as well. This may require an added security slide bar that can further lock down the door within its rails.

Next, add a monitored security system to your house. These are great deterrents when you post a few security signs outside in the yard. You might even consider adding the new camera technologies that allow you views of outside vantage points with a speaker to address notice of unwanted threats.

Then be prepared to defend your position with appropriate firepower that is both adequate for the job and maintained in the ready condition. Train everybody on this and maintain a constant awareness of activities around your house and neighborhood.

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Montana Decoy Company Struts Out a NEW Wiley Tom Decoy []

Montana Decoy Company has brought into 2019, what they are calling, a revolutionary reaping decoy! Like many of the decoy products that Montana Decoy Co produces this one utilizes HD imagery of actual wild turkeys. Tom Wiley, owner of Professional Marketing Incorporated, aptly named the decoy “Wiley Tom” (see what he did there), and goes on to further explain this new decoy.

As an inventor and turkey addict, I always have ideas bouncing around in my head. Once I had the basics for the Wiley Tom, it was obvious I needed to work with Montana Decoy on bringing this idea to life!

So Tom Wiley struck a partnership with Montana Decoy Co and this new decoy was brought to life. Weighing under two pounds and presenting tremendous realism, this decoy looks to be a potential winner once spring turkey seasons begin to open up. Some of the specs and finer details for this decoy can be read below as presented by Montana Decoy Co:

  • Extreme life-like detail on the head and eyes!
  • Folds up for easy carry with or without your real feathers
  • Carry bag for easy transport
  • View thru window for reaping
  • Extra tail feather slots allow for a jake fan
  • Special Real Wing feather sleeves add realism and detail
  • Purr-fect for fanning or reaping

wiley tom

The MSRP for this decoy is currently benchmarked at $89.99 and can be found for sale on the Montana Decoy Co website. The President of Montana Decoy Co, C J Davis, had these words to share about the new decoy:

The Wiley Tom is another product that makes hunting gobblers more fun, interactive and productive. Products like Miss Purr-fect and Jake Purr-fect really made us a truly unique turkey decoy company. This new decoy makes sense for our family of decoys—but really, it’s for our family of customers. We can’t wait to see what it produces in the hands of avid hunters. It combines the best of all worlds and is truly customizable to a hunter’s individual style, environment or preference to stay on the move or set up for up for an extended period of time.

For all of our turkey hunters in the audience, what do you think? Is this something you would be willing to try this spring on your next turkey hunt? Or do you have other decoys in your fold that you already rely pretty heavily on? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

wiley tom

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Opinion: Democrats Introduce Symbolic Gun Control Bill []

Democrats won control of the House of Representatives during the midterm elections of 2018.  After the newly elected representatives were sworn in, party leaders wasted no time introducing various bills, one of them being a gun control bill.

What does this mean?  Nothing, it means nothing as the bill is mostly symbolic.

It is no secret Democrats from left leaning states want to ban certain types of firearms, such as the AR-15 and AK-47.  The ban is an uphill battle as Democrats from working class families in rural areas may not support such the ban.

We can not group all Democrats together, just as we can not group all Republicans together.  Some people run on certain tickets because the local population favors a certain party.   Thus the names RINO and DINO.  Which is an acronym for Republican In Name Only, and Democrat In Name Only.

Besides Democrats who represent rural areas and may not support a gun ban, Republicans still control the Senate.

From AmmoLand – Senate Democrats Introduce Assault Weapons Ban of 2019.

The ban would prohibit the sale, manufacture, transfer or importation of 205 rifle models by name. The Senators refer to these firearms as “military-style assault weapons.” The bill does have a grandfather clause. Current owners of these guns would be able to keep them.

According to Senator Feinstein’s twitter, this legislation considers any rifle that uses a detachable magazine and has a pistol grip, a forward grip, a barrel shroud, a threaded barrel or a folding or telescoping stock as an “assault weapon.”

Those of us old enough to remember the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 – 2004 know manufacturers were able to modify firearms to skirt the so called “ban”.  In fact, I have a Bushmaster AR-15 that was made during the 1994 – 2004 ban.

What is the difference in a rifle made during and after the ban?

  • Flash hider.
  • Bayonet lug.
  • Collapsible stock – The rifle came with a fixed stock.

Final Thoughts

Democrats are marching up a slippery slope as the civilian gun market of the United States keeps small arms companies afloat.  The military, nor law enforcement agencies purchase enough firearms to keep gun companies in business.

If numerous gun companies went out of business, this would have a detrimental affect on the nations ability to produce enough small arms for wartime.

This topic has been touched on before, and readers posted comments along the lines of, “The government would not buy over the counter weapons for the military.”

During World War I and World War II numerous gun companies were contracted to build small arms for the military.  The difference between then and the path Democrats want to put the nation on?  Democrats would close gun factories and skilled craftsmen would leave the industry.

Were the United States to face another global conflict, there would be no factories to retool.  This would put the nation at a disadvantage as compared to previous conflicts.

Even though Democrats talk about banning certain guns, doing so would have a profound negative affect on the nations ability to wage war.  Thus the ban is mostly symbolic to appease left leaning Democrat voters.


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2A symposium Thursday in Knoxville [Of Arms and the Law]

Flyer here. Dave Kopel, Clayton Cramer, and I will be presenting.


TFBTV: The Top Guns of 2018 [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves looks at the past year and breaks down the best handguns, rifles, and shotguns of 2018. This year we see guns from big names like Ruger, Glock, and SIG, but there are also small name manufacturers on the list. AR15s are still hot two, as there’s more than […]

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B&T USA Announces APC308 [The Firearm Blog]

Back in March 2018, Eric broke the news that B&T were finally set to offer a 7.62x51mm APC, the APC308. The rifle was unveiled at the 2018 Enforce TAC show but no details on when it might arrive in the US were given. It now appears that B&T USA are preparing to bring the APC308 […]

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Things to Look For in a Pack Knife []

A question to the reader:  what do you look for in a pack knife?  Before we begin, let’s define “pack knife.”  This is a knife carried in a backpack for hunting, fishing, hiking… etc.

Decades ago (1990s, early 2000s) my go to knife was a Cold Steel Recon Scout.  Before the 1990s it was a cheap Rambo survival knife clone that had been imported by the shipload following the success of “Rambo: First Blood”.

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, weight and functionality was secondary to the cool factor of having a large survival knife.  Eventually, I could no longer justify the weight and bulk of carrying a large wilderness survival knife.  Even on multi-day camping trips, a large knife was rarely used when a pocket knife (such as the Case Stockman) was perfect for just about everything around the camp.

Thus the dilemma: what justifies a pack knife?  I touched on this topic in another article – Is a Pack Knife Needed.  For the sake of discussion let’s say yes, a pack knife should be carried.  In that case, what should we look for in such a knife?


Let’s be honest: weight is a factor.  There is an old saying that goes something like this – Ounces equals pounds, and pounds equals pain.  If we can eliminate pounds from our pack, then hopefully the trip will be more enjoyable.

Case, Mora and Gerber knives

Sometimes we may want a cutting edge that can be used with more force than a pocket knife.  Or maybe we want to skin a game animal and do not want blood in the pocket knife.  This is where a lightweight fixed blade knife comes in handy.


  • Gerber Big Rock: 7.85 ounces
  • SOG Field Pup: 5.55 ounces
  • Morakniv Companion: 4.85 ounces
  • Morakniv Robust: 4.70 ounces
  • Morakniv Basic 511: 3.90 ounces

Chances are the Morakniv Basic 511 will take care of most hiking, camping or hunting applications.

Blade Steel

It would be easy to say a certain type of steel is better than others, but most main stream steels probably have a purpose.   However, cheap knives imported in the 1980s and 1990s which were made from 440 stainless left me with a bad opinion of that grade of steel.

Since the 1980s 440 has come a long way.  My Gerber Big Rock, which has a 440 stainless blade seems to hold a nice edge.

Personally, my favorite is 1095 or AUS-8.  The honest truth, picking a steel is like picking a car or truck – everyone is going to have a preference.

With all of that said, I prefer the Case Stockman over the Case Trapper, mainly because the Stockman has a stainless blade.  This article is about pack knives and not everyday carry.  With heavy use in hot, sweaty, dirty environments, stainless certainly has its place.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned earlier, in the 1990s and early 2000’s, my go to pack knife was a Cold Steel Recon Scout which weighs 1 pound 2.40 ounces.  Sometimes I would carry a Cold Steel Heavy Terrain Chopper which weighs 1 pound 9.45 ounces.  This is a combined weight of 2 pounds 11.90 ounces.  Cold Steel discontinued the Heavy Terrain Chopped in the early 2000s.

To be perfectly honest, neither the Recon Scout Or the Heavy Terrain Chopper were used very often.  Why were they carried?  Mainly because I “thought” they may be needed.  While on a camping or hiking trip, the most used knife was my pocket knife.


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Westley Richard’s Show off a Pair of their 12 gauge Modéle de Luxe Shotguns [The Firearm Blog]

WR Modele de LuxeWestley Richards make some of the most beautiful firearms in the world. The Birmingham, UK, based gunmakers has been in operation for over 200 years, since 1812. Westley Richards’ handmade shotguns, double rifles and bolt action rifles command princely sums and in a recent blog post they show two of their latest completed guns. The […]

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The Magpul 30 PMAG SPC 2013 – 6.8SPC for LWRCI [The Firearm Blog]

Here’s a celebration to a very unique magazine. It is made by Magpul (who else?) but was released through LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC. You can see it attached to the the Six8-PDW above. The PMAG 30 SPC magazine was developed for LWRCI’s Six8 rifles. LWRCI wanted to produce a 6.8SPC rifle with perfection in terms of […]

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La Lira: A Spanish Copy of the Mannlicher 1901 [Forgotten Weapons]

The Spanish firm of Garate Anitua y Cia manufactured this copy of the Mannlicher 1901/1905 pistol for just a brief period around 1910. It is not a straight copy, as the Mannlicher was chambered for its own 7.63mm Mannlicher cartridge and fed using stripper clips and a fixed internal magazine while the La Lira design was chambered for the more common .32 ACP (7.65mm Browning) and used a typical type of detachable magazine. In addition, the La Lira was a simple blowback action, not including the slight delaying mechanism built into the original Mannlicher.

In addition to two standard La Lira pistols, we also have one gold damascened example to take a look at. These are quite rare today – no documented production records are known, but it is estimated that only 500-1000 were made total.

Sunday, 13 January


Project Lightening: The World’s Best Collaboration [Forgotten Weapons]

You have asked for it for years, so we made it happen. The two hardest-working gun channels on the ‘net have joined forces in the best collaboration in all history. Coming February 14th (because we love you all so much)…Project Lightening!

Saturday, 12 January


SILENCER SATURDAY #55: Mount Up! The Best Rifle Mounting Systems [The Firearm Blog]

Mounting systemsGood afternoon baffle boys and girls and welcome to episode 55 of TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where you are encouraged to laugh at my dumb jokes – quietly. Last week we discussed the 3D printed options from Delta P Design, which coincidentally are all direct thread models – requiring no mounting systems – which I happen […]

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Shooting the Stechkin: How Does It Measure Up? [Forgotten Weapons]

I have been curious to try shooting a Stechkin machine pistol for a while, and now thanks to Movie Armaments Group in Toronto, I have a chance to!

I hate to be a downer, but my takeaway from this experience is that the Stechkin is little more than a range toy, at least in fully automatic. With the sights reciprocating back and forth on the slide, I found it impossible to maintain any sort of sight picture while firing. In semiauto it was fine, and nicely accurate as one would expect form a stocked pistol. But the automatic mode is really something for experts only – exactly the opposite of the men who were issued the Stechkin.

That said…it is still pretty fun.

Thanks to Movie Armaments Group for sharing their Stechkins with me for this video – check out MAG on Instagram for all sorts of neat firearms.

Friday, 11 January


New Report on Where Criminals Get Their Guns [NRA-ILA News]

From the Department of Justice. It’s nothing earthshattering, but it’s a good update to old surveys of prison inmates. Among prisoners serving time for a crime during which they possessed a gun, about half got their weapons either on the underground market (43 percent) or through theft (6 percent). Meanwhile, 10 percent bought guns from a retail source, including 0.8 percent who bought them at gun shows.


Featured Deals of the Week – 1/11/19 [The Firearm Blog]

Weekly Deals Roundup: Receiver Sets, Bolt-Action Pistol, M&P Shield 9mm, Remington Squeeg-E, and Jericho 941 45 ACP Thanks for reading folks, welcome to the first deals post of 2019! For all twelve of you that read this with any regularity, I missed last week’s post because I was moving into my new apartment. Without any […]

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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Review SiOnyx Aurora – Digital Night Vision That Works [The Firearm Blog]

SiOnyx AuroraFor this week’s Friday Night Lights spotlight we will take a closer look at the SiOnyx Aurora. Last month I wrote an article about the validity of digital night vision technology. Click here to refresh your memory. I mentioned two strong candidates that can help one see in the dark without using a flashlight. Those […]

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Reader’s Choice: BEST Full-Size Striker-Fired Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Happy New Year’s to all of our readers! We are officially in 2019 and that means we are inching closer to SHOT Show everyday. While it is awesome to hear about all of the new firearms coming out every winter, it can be equally fun to posture what are the best ones already in circulation.  […]

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Oregon: Anti-Gun Bills Pre-Filed, Legislature to Convene Monday [NRA-ILA News]

The 2019 Oregon Legislative Session will convene on Monday, January 14th, and anti-gun legislators have already pre-filed numerous bills to infringe upon your rights and more bills are expected in the coming weeks.


Illinois: Firearm Registration & Dealer Licensing Bill May Reach New Governor’s Desk [NRA-ILA News]

On January 10th, Illinois state Senate President John Cullerton removed a hold on a bill potentially to make the unprecedented move of attempting to send a bill passed by the previous legislature to a newly inaugurated Governor’s desk.  Though Senate Bill 337 passed from the General Assembly in May 2018, Sen. Cullerton had placed a procedural hold on the bill to try to avoid the possibility of a veto, as Governor Bruce Rauner had already vetoed similar legislation, and instead place it before Governor-elect J.B. Pritzker.


Florida governor suspends Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel [NRA-ILA News]

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, who faced criticism over his department’s response to the deadly Parkland, Florida, school shooting last year, was officially suspended by new Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday. "Sheriff Israel has repeatedly failed and has demonstrated a pattern of poor leadership," DeSantis said in a statement.


Now With More Banning! Dianne Feinstein Introduces “Updated” Federal “Assault Weapons” Ban [NRA-ILA News]

On Wednesday, longtime gun control extremist Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) introduced the latest version of her perennial bid to rid America of its most popular types of rifles, as well as the standard capacity magazines that come with most modern firearms.


To prevent shooting tragedies, many state, local governments across U.S. debate arming teachers [NRA-ILA News]

Nearly a year after a shooting massacre at a Florida high school, state and local governments across the country are still wrestling over the idea of arming teachers to protect students. This week a school board in Pennsylvania’s coal mining region postponed implementing a policy allowing its teachers to be the first in the state to carry concealed, district-issued guns, pending a court challenge on the policy’s legality.


Editorial: On school safety, Judd prevailed [NRA-ILA News]

Few who have ever listened to him can doubt Sheriff Grady Judd’s power of persuasion. That was evident last month. In the aftermath of the Valentine’s Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, which ended with the murders of 14 students and three faculty members, the debate over school safety was largely dominated by those who insisted that the preferred method of protecting children involved stripping people of their constitutionally protected gun rights. Judd, however, was not one of them. And he used his perch as a member of the special task force assigned to investigate the shooting by former Gov. Rick Scott to argue that school personnel, including classroom teachers, must have a fighting chance in such incidents.


Brazil Awaits Policies After Bolsonaro's Campaign Fireworks [NRA-ILA News]

For all the promise of a radical break with politics-as-usual and a downsizing of government during Jair Bolsonaro’s turbulent election campaign, his presidency is off to a rather unspectacular start. Watered down plans to liberalize gun laws finally look set to receive presidential approval.


New York: Wyoming County Supervisors take Second Amendment stand [NRA-ILA News]

As a rural area, Wyoming County has its share of hunters and firearms enthusiasts. The NY SAFE Act gun control law met opposition from a wide swath of area residents when it was approved six years ago and Second Amendment rights continue to be a concern for them, which was part of why the county’s Board of Supervisors on Tuesday approved a resolution titled “Opposing Infringements on the Rights of Legitimate Firearm Owners.”


Ald. Edward Burke's attempted extortion charge looms over Chicago mayoral forum [NRA-ILA News]

Exactly a week after federal authorities charged powerful Ald. Edward Burke with attempted extortion, the topic of the embattled 50-year machine politician — and his ties to some of Chicago’s mayoral candidates — took center stage at a Northwest Side forum Thursday night.


Monster Mistake, Take Two? [NRA-ILA News]

Capitulating to radical, anti-gun extremism has become acceptable to some within the business community in recent years, especially for companies that seem to care little about our rights protected by the U.S. Constitution.  We’ve seen banks cave in to small, but vocal groups of gun-ban advocates when they have pledged to restructure how, or even if, they will do business with manufacturers and distributers of completely lawful products.  Dick’s Sporting Goods made news when it decided to publicly embrace the anti-gun agenda.  Things have not gone so well with that decision.  But anti-gun political correctness was raised (or should that be lowered?) to a new level by Feld Entertainment, which owns the touring monster truck show known as Monster Jam.


Background Checks: No Impact on Criminals [NRA-ILA News]

We have seen a generation of gun-grabbers rise and fall. The new generation of gun-grabbers are pushing for the same tired and baseless policies that won’t so much as inconvenience criminals. We understand the emotional response to violence and the desire to “do something.”


Canada’s Gun Control Advocates Boast Handgun Ban is “Within Reach” [NRA-ILA News]

On August 28, 2018, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau instructed Bill Blair, his minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, to examine the feasibility of “a full ban on handguns and assault weapons in Canada.” A government website established as part of the public consultation process on this issue confirms that “The Prime Minister has publicly committed to examining all options relating to a handgun ban.”


Media Contagion Effect and Mass Shootings [NRA-ILA News]

Writing for Editor & Publisher, freelance journalist Angela Morris asked recently, “Do Journalists Deserve Some Blame for America’s Mass Shootings?” A review of the evidence summarized by Morris should serve as a stark warning for journalists who cover mass shootings.


Oryx chassis – MDT launches a new low-cost chassis and brand [The Firearm Blog]

“A complete bolt action rifle chassis system for under 400 bucks. Includes chassis, buttstock and grip.” That’s a great way of describing the new chassis and new brand of Modular Driven Technologies – MDT. As MDT is a Canadian company, let’s be a bit more specific on the price, that is 399 US Dollars not […]

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Ukrainian FORT Launches New Handgun Ammunition Manufacturing Line [The Firearm Blog]

Ukrainian FORT Launches Handgun Ammunition Manufacturing Line 660The Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has published a news release telling about the visit of Arsen Avakov, head of the ministry, to FORT company where a new handgun ammunition line was launched. According to Mr. Avakov, this new production line will allow to completely fulfill the demand of the Ukrainian Border Guard, National Guard, Police, and […]

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Kel-Tec’s secret is out: The KS7 shotgun and CP33 pistol are here []

Two new guns will be presented by Keltec at SHOT SHow 2019: KS7 shotgun and CP33 pistol.

KS7 is the lighter, slimmer evolution of KSG line, with a single 7-shot tube (extendable to 10, and also available with a longer barrel). It’s a pound lighter than KSG empty, about two pounds lighter loaded.


The main changes from KSG are the flared forend and the protected triangular fiber optic inside combination sight channel and carry handle. The handle and the sides of the pump are equipped with MLOK slots.

The resulting weapon is very light, handy and easy to control even with one hand. 18.5″ cylinder bore. The longer barrel will be threaded for chokes.

The gun is lighter and shorter than MP5A2 submachine gun!

CP33 (Competition Pistol, 33-shot) uses innovating quad stack magazines in which the cartridge separator is also the spring guide. The magazine feeds quickly enough to support 2000rps machine pistol, so it’s very reliable in a semi-auto. The long rail on top accommodates red dots or scopes, and the muzzle is threaded for a brake or a sound suppressor.

The stainless “pedal” from Tandemkross aids in rapid fire control, and a similarly shaped extended safety is also available. The magazines are dimensionally identical to MPR30 mags but the new design makes them much easier to load.

CP33 is very suppressor friendly, with no gas blowback. The barrel is 5.5″ long.

Neutral balance make it very easy to shoot accurately. The target shown below was at about 25 yards and was shot unsupported with iron (fiber optic) sights. It’s a very fun gun and easy to shoot well.

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Non-Venomous Water Snake or Cottonmouth? []

Even to someone who spent their early years growing up around bogs, marshes, and swamps, it can be sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a venomous cottonmouth, and a nonvenomous water snake.

When the unknowing person walks up on a dark colored snake near water, it may be difficult to tell the difference.  This sometimes results in the killing of non-venomous water snakes.

There is an old saying: “The only good snake is a dead snake” – that simply is not true.    Snakes such as the rat /  chicken snake play an important role in controlling rat and mouse populations.  This is why I stopped killing chicken snakes and started leaving them in the chicken house.

A few days ago I was walking through a low area which had an old fence line running through it.  Decades ago there had been several house on the property, and behind one of the houses was a chicken yard.  I had ventured onto the property to find the chicken yard corner post which were railroad crossties.

The purpose of the trip was to look for date nails in the crossties.  Up until the late 1960s when a crosstie was put down, a date nail was drove into it.  These date nails are around the size of a dime and have two numbers on them.  The numbers indicate the year the crosstie was installed.  For example, if the date nail had “48” on it, then the crosstie had been put down in 1948.

Rather than looking where I was walking, I was looking through the trees for the old chicken yard.  Last time anyone had lived on the land had been in the 1960s.  So the area was overgrown with trees, vines and yaupon holly.

All of a sudden the corner of my eye spotted movement near my left boot.  The movement was a rather fat, and large dark colored snake.

  • Size is important as some people associate water snakes with being slender.  This snake had a nice round shape that was indicative of a cottonmouth.
  • Shape of the head is also important as there is a common misconception that water snakes have an oval shaped head.

I quickly pulled up the camera and snapped some pictures.  The snake stayed still for just a few seconds before slithering into a nearby stream.

After getting home and zooming into the snakes head, guess what, it was a non-venomous water snake.

Texas banded water snake

Expanded head is a defense mechanism to make the water snake look like a cottonmouth.  This is why people can not just look at the head and determine if the snake is venomous.

After having a stand off for a few seconds, the snake slithered away and disappeared under some exposed roots in a creek.

Even though we are in January, on warm days when the sun is shining, snakes may come out to sun themselves and may find something to eat.

Moral of the story?  Pay attention to the ground in front of you.  Even though I was wearing leather high top steel toed work boots, I nearly stepped on a snake that could had been a venomous cottonmouth.

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Henry Introduce New Rifles – including ‘Long Ranger’ in 6.5 Creedmoor [The Firearm Blog]

.65 Creed henryHenry Repeating Arms have announced some new additions to their range, including a new ‘Long Ranger’ hunting rifle and a new .22, the American Eagle. The latest Long Ranger will be chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor and joins the series that already includes .223 Rem/5.56 NATO, .243 Win, .308 chamberings. The Long Ranger weighs 7 lbs and […]

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DI Revolution in .308 Win/6.5 Creedmoor from Patriot Ordnance Factory [The Firearm Blog]

The week before Thanksgiving I was invited to the Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF) facility in Northern Phoenix as part of a small media contingent (something that POF had not done before). This was not some fancy junket, it was actually a pretty down-to-earth event that started with a presentation and a factory tour, transitioned out […]

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PTR GOES BIG (And Small): New 9KT And 9R MP5 Style Guns [The Firearm Blog]

Building on last year’s successful launch of two MP5 clones, South Carolina based firearms manufacturer PTR is announcing two new models in their production line up. The 9KT is an MP5K clone with a custom handguard, top rail and an end cap capable of accepting slings, pistol stabilizing braces and stocks (mind the NFA, boys and […]

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Stechkin APS: The Soviet Machine Pistol [Forgotten Weapons]

The APS is a machine pistol developed by Igor Stechkin in the late 1940s and adopted by the Soviet Union in 1951, basically at the same time as the Makarov pistol. The Stechkin and Makarov share many characteristics – both are double action, both fire the 9x18mm cartridge, both have decocking mechanisms, both have heel magazine releases, and both are simple blowback actions with fixed barrels. The Stechkin, however, is capable of both semiautomatic and fully automatic fire, and is paired with a detachable combination shoulder stock and holster. The Stechkin is also a substantially larger gun, with a 20-round double stack/double feed magazine and a rate reducing mechanism in the grip.

In practice the Stechkin was not particularly successful, as is a difficult weapon to shoot accurately. It was intended as a personal defense weapon for personnel like drivers, vehicle crews, and the like – men who needed a weapon of some sort, but did not have the need for an infantry rifle. In the US military at the time, this role was performed by the M1/M2 carbine. In the 1970s the Stechkins were pulled out of service and replaced by short-barreled AK rifles – but they did see a limited resurgence of use by the Spetznaz in Afghanistan, where they were used with suppressors for special operations.

Thanks to Movie Armaments Group for sharing their Stechkins with me for this video – check out MAG on Instagram for all sorts of neat firearms.



New ComTac VI NIB Tactical headset from 3M PELTOR [The Firearm Blog]

Hearing protection can be so much more than protecting the hearing. Some use a simple foam for their ear canals and it fits their needs, but some users have increased needs. With the right technology you can combine hearing protection with communication, and the 6:th generation of the 3M PELTOR ComTac™ VI NIB Headset does […]

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Thursday, 10 January


Yuma, AZ [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

1/7/19 KYMA:

YUMA, Ariz. - A woman was killed and three people were injured in what deputies said was a home invasion in the 3800 block of East County 18 1/2 Street early Thursday morning....

One of the calls to 911 came from the home that got broken into, according to Alfonso Zavala with the Yuma County Sheriffs Office.

"The homeowner was woken up by some noise outside shortly after the subject made entry into the home, the occupant fired multiple rounds striking all four subjects," said Zavala.

KYMA spoke with many residents who say the calm and quiet neighborhood isn't used to crime.

One neighbor, who wanted to remain unnamed told KYMA that the man protecting his home first warned the alleged intruders that someone was home by flickering his lights before he opened fire.
Sounds like the victim had more decency and concern for the bad guys than they deserved,


Textual analysis of HR8, bill to "To require a background check for every firearm sale" [NRA-ILA News]

This week, U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) introduced HR8. According to the title, the bill is "To require a background check for every firearm sale." The bill does that--and a great deal more. Summary HR8 requires that loans, gifts, and sales of firearms be processed by a gun store. The same fees, paperwork, and permanent record-keeping apply as to buying a new gun from the store. If you loan a gun to a friend without going to the gun store, the penalty is the same as for knowingly selling a gun to a convicted violent felon. Likewise, when the friend returns the gun, another trip to the gun store is necessary, upon pain of felony.


ZORE Ship 10,000 X Core Pistol Locks in First 10 Months [The Firearm Blog]

The Israeli company ZORE have celebrated the shipping of 10,00 of their X Core pistol locks 10 months after they launched their rotary combination lock system. The X Core was initially launched back in February 2018 with a 9x19mm version of the locking device. The system has a bullet-shaped chamber piece which goes into the […]

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Dickinson Arms Introduces Plantation SXR Side-By-Side [The Firearm Blog]

SXR shotgunDickinson Arms have introduced an elegant new side by side shotgun which combines the classic side by side layout with features from more modern sporting shotgun incorporating a rib sight and a semi-pistol grip stock. The Plantation SXR, built in Turkey, uses fine Turkish walnut and has a fine case hardened finish. The Plantation SXR […]

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3D Printer + IR Sensor = World’s Best Mouse Trap? []

I hate rats and mice, and they can do an amazing amount of destruction. Mousetrap Monday creator Shawn Woods calls this new trap his “All Time Favorite Mouse Trap,” and that’s saying something, considering he has been constantly testing various rodent traps for years now.

The trap was designed and built by one of Shawn’s viewers, Nicolas Salenc, who sent it to him for testing. Nicolas calls it the SalencPlank trap. You hook this to the rim of a bucket and place some bait on the end, and when a rat or mouse triggers the sensor by trying to get the bait, it drops right into the bucket below. The trap then resets by automagically raising the “plank” back up in about 1.2 seconds.

Here’s some info from the inventor:

The live multi catch SalencPlank trap uses a trapdoor system to eliminate an unlimited number of mice mice per setting. Fully automated, the trap has the ability to eliminate your rodent problem in just one night. This trap’s infrared photoelectric sensor detects the mouse’s presence and activates the 5v gear motor which tips the plank forward, causing the rodent to fall into a bucket. One second later, the gear motor lifts the plank back in its default position, resetting the trap. It is this technology that allows the SalencPlank to dispatch an unlimited number of rodents per setting. The trap is very safe to use around kids and pets, since is does not use high voltage, toxic chemicals or powerful spring loaded kill bars. This product is easy to use. Simply bait the trap, hook it on the edge of a bucket and plug in. This trap can be used for years to ensure advanced mouse control.

There’s something quite satisfying about watching rodent after rodent being dropped into a bucket of water to meet their final end. I love watching this!

About halfway through, he digresses and puts out the critter carcasses to see what animals come to eat them.

This video has caused quite a sensation, with out-of-control bidding for the inventor’s last currently-available trap on eBay. As I type this, it’s bid up to 381 Euros, which is about $439! Amazing what a little PR can do for a product.

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Josh McDaniel’s Craziest After-Shot Hunt Video []

This video includes a whitetail deer hunt with a kill shot, and a most unexpected follow-up to that kill.

The buck comes in, and our hunter (Josh McDaniel) has numerous chances to kill it, but patiently waits until he can capture the penultimate moment on camera. In other words, he has to aim a video camera at the buck, then aim his rifle and make a kill shot while the buck is still within view of the camera. This isn’t exactly easy to do, but he finally pulls it off after the buck returns for a second visit to the hunter’s stand. It’s a great buck, with a pair of forked tines that make it stand out from others.

The buck drops instantly at the shot, and is soon lying dead and still on the forest floor. Josh records his reaction, in true hunting-show fashion.

Then around the 2:50 mark, another big buck saunters onto the scene. This one is a true hoss of a buck, one any whitetail hunter ought to love to encounter in the hunting woods. After checking out his late relative, the bigger buck lowers his rack and starts plowing it into the dead buck!

At first the buck pushes at the dead deer’s back, but then proceeds to engage its neck and antlers as well, clearly turning up tufts of hair, likely damaging the cape on the hunter’s trophy mount.

As things progress, Josh begins grunting at and finally talking to the buck in an attempt to end the abuse of his newly-acquired trophy, but the hyped-up buck ignores him.

After it finally separates itself from the dead buck, the live one looks around and paws the ground like an angry bull. It then turns and slowly walks out of sight.

If this had been me and I’d had two buck tags, I believe I would have had to score a double-header. At any rate, it was a unique and amazing experience… and after all, that’s what we go hunting for.


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TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder Review []

My 2018 fall deer hunting season turned out to be rather intense, and I spent a lot of time in the woods in two different Southern states. On most of those excursions, I had a TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder in my pack for testing and general use.

During the previous season, I carried their ProWild model alongside a Bushnell model I’ve owned for several years. The ProWild 2 proved to work even better for me, and I preferred to use it over the Bushnell.

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder in its case.

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder in its case.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Here’s some info on the TecTecTec ProWild 2:

  • Max range: 540 Yards
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.3 yard
  • Magnification: 6x
  • Lens coating: Multilayer
  • Continuous scanning
  • Weight: 0.48 pounds with battery (case not included)
  • Size: 4.25″ long, 2.8″ tall, 1.6″ thick
  • Includes: CR2 battery, carry case, wrist lanyard, microfiber cleaning cloth, quick start guide
  • 2 Year Warranty & TecTecTec Happy Customer Guarantee
  • MRSP: $149.99
TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder front view

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder front view
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The ProWild 2 came with one CR2 battery, not installed. After installing it, all I had to do was depress the power/measure button for a few seconds to turn it on and begin measuring. When measuring, an additional “X” is visible around the center crosshair, to tell you it’s working. After 30 seconds of inactivity, it turns itself off.

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder eyepiece

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder eyepiece
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The rear eyepiece turns to focus, and has roughly 1/4 turn of travel. There are two buttons on top: power/measure, and Mode. All the Mode button does is change the measurement units (either Yards to Meters). Mine was set to meters when I first turned it on. A ‘press and hold’ on the Mode button changed it to yards.

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder case. Zipped (left) and unzipped (right).

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder case. Zipped (left) and unzipped (right).
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The case is hardshell, which is nice, and has two types of closures; a zipper that goes most of the way around, and an elastic cord that hooks over a metal stud. You can use just the elastic if you need to get at your rangefinder quickly.

There’s a belt loop on the back, which is pretty tightly stretched… a 2″ belt will probably fit, but that’s about the max.

The bright yellow accent color isn’t the best for a hunter, and I’d rather it came with a neck strap instead of (or in addition to) the wrist lanyard.

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder view through lens (sorry for the blur)

TecTecTec ProWild 2 Laser Rangefinder view through lens (sorry for the blur)
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

I apologize for the blur in the above photo; my camera wasn’t cooperating. But you can see the display while measuring, with the additional “X” in the center crosshair and the distance displayed up top.

The deer head at lower left is always there.

The paperwork says your target shouldn’t be closer than 16 yards, and I did have some odd experiences at closer distances. Sometimes, trying to measure an object at 6 or 7 yards results in getting a measurement to an object beyond the intended target. But most of the time, I’m only interested in measuring ranges of 20 yards and beyond, and the ProWild 2 did just fine at this.

The longest distance I measured was about 325 yards, and the biggest challenge with that is holding the unit steady enough to get locked onto your target. A tree limb or the rail of your tree stand will do. Be aware that this rangefinder does NOT have a tripod attachment point.

I got a kick out of this line in the instructions:

Collisions and crushing should be avoided when carrying about or operating the device.

Yeah… I try to avoid those even when I’m not toting a rangefinder!

All in all, the ProWild 2 is a good rangefinder and it’s pretty much replaced my Bushnell as my go-to hunting rangefinder. The brightly-colored case and lack of neck strap are shortcomings that I’ll just have to deal with, but I do appreciate the extra protection from the hardshell case. Aside from that, I’d say it’s probably the easiest-to-use rangefinder I’ve carried afield.

The TecTecTec ProWild 2 can currently be found for $149.99 shipped.

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Tell Your Members of Congress to Oppose “Universal” Background Check Bills [NRA-ILA News]

This week two bills were introduced in Congress to impose so-called “universal” background checks. The bills, H.R. 8 and S. 42, are being misleadingly described as simply requiring background checks on all sales of firearms, but this is just a small part of what these overbroad pieces of legislation would do.


The Text Of HR 8 - The "Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019" (Updated) [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The text of the Democrat's universal background check bill has been released. The bill will be HR 8 which has been reserved for the Speaker and which number was chosen to represent the day that then-Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was shot. I think Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) will be the official sponsor of the bill and I presume most Democrats will be on board as co-sponsors. Gotta get that Bloomberg money, ya know.

As to the "Bipartisan" part of the title, I presume that is because Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and maybe a few others will be co-sponsors of the bill. One Republican or 20 really doesn't make it "bipartisan" any more than a Republican bill that has one or two Democrats as sponsors.

Here is the text of the bill:


Mr. THOMPSON of California introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on January 8, 2019.


To require a background check for every firearm sale.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019’’.


The purpose of this Act is to utilize the current background checks process in the United States to ensure individuals prohibited from gun possession are not able to obtain firearms.


Section 922 of title 18, United States Code, is amended—

(1) by striking subsection (s);
(2) by redesignating subsection (t) as subsection (s); and
(3) by inserting after subsection (s), as redesignated, the following:

‘‘(t)(1)(A) It shall be unlawful for any person who is not a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer to transfer a firearm to any other person who is not so licensed, unless a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer has first taken possession of the firearm for the purpose of complying with subsection (s).

‘‘(B) Upon taking possession of a firearm under subparagraph (A), a licensee shall comply with all requirements of this chapter as if the licensee were transferring the firearm from the inventory of the licensee to the unlicensed transferee.

‘‘(C) If a transfer of a firearm described in subparagraph (A) will not be completed for any reason after a licensee takes possession of the firearm (including because the transfer of the firearm to, or receipt of the firearm by, the transferee would violate this chapter), the return of the firearm to the transferor by the licensee shall not constitute the transfer of a firearm for purposes of this chapter.

‘‘(2) Paragraph (1) shall not apply to—

‘‘(A) a law enforcement agency or any law enforcement officer, armed private security professional, or member of the armed forces, to the extent the officer, professional, or member is acting within the course and scope of employment and official duties;
‘‘(B) a transfer that is a loan or bona fide gift between spouses, between domestic partners, between parents and their children, between siblings, between aunts or uncles and their nieces or nephews, 1or between grandparents and their grandchildren;
‘‘(C) a transfer to an executor, administrator, trustee, or personal representative of an estate or a trust that occurs by operation of law upon the death of another person;
‘‘(D) a temporary transfer that is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm, if the possession by the transferee lasts only as long as immediately necessary to prevent the imminent death or great bodily harm;
‘‘(E) a transfer that is approved by the Attorney General under section 5812 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986; or
‘‘(F) a temporary transfer if the transferor has no reason to believe that the transferee will use or intends to use the firearm in a crime or is prohibited from possessing firearms under State or Federal law, and the transfer takes place and the transferee’s possession of the firearm is exclusively— 
‘‘(i) at a shooting range or in a shooting gallery or other area designated for the purpose of target shooting;
‘‘(ii) while reasonably necessary for the purposes of hunting, trapping, or fishing, if the transferor—
‘‘(I) has no reason to believe that the transferee intends to use the firearm in a place where it is illegal; and
‘‘(II) has reason to believe that the transferee will comply with all licensing and permit requirements for such hunting, trapping, or fishing; or
‘‘(iii) while in the presence of the transferor.

'‘(3)(A) Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Attorney General may implement this subsection with regulations.
‘‘(B) Regulations promulgated under this paragraph may not include any provision requiring licensees to facilitate transfers in accordance with paragraph (1).
‘‘(C) Regulations promulgated under this paragraph may not include any provision requiring persons not licensed under this chapter to keep records of background checks or firearms transfers.
‘‘(D) Regulations promulgated under this paragraph may not include any provision placing a cap on the fee licensees may charge to facilitate transfers in accordance with paragraph (1).
‘‘(4) It shall be unlawful for a licensed importer, licensed manufacturer, or licensed dealer to transfer possession of, or title to, a firearm to another person who is not so licensed unless the importer, manufacturer, or dealer has provided such other person with a notice of the prohibition under paragraph (1), and such other person has certified that such other person has been provided with this notice on a form prescribed by the Attorney General.’’.


(a) SECTION 922.—Section 922(y)(2) of title 18, United States Code, is amended in the matter preceding subparagraph (A) by striking ‘‘, (g)(5)(B), and (s)(3)(B)(v)(II)’’ and inserting ‘‘and (g)(5)(B)’’.
(b) CONSOLIDATED AND FURTHER CONTINUING APPROPRIATIONS ACT, 2012.—Section 511 of title V of division B of the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act, 2012 (18 U.S.C. 922 note) is amended by striking ‘‘subsection 922(t)’’ each place it appears and inserting ‘‘subsection (s) or (t) of section 922’’.

Nothing in this Act, or any amendment made by this Act, shall be construed to—
(1) authorize the establishment, directly or indirectly, of a national firearms registry; or
(2) interfere with the authority of a State, under section 927 of title 18, United States Code, to enact a law on the same subject matter as this Act.


The amendments made by this Act shall take effect 180 days after the date of the enactment of this Act.
UPDATE: Sebastian at Shall Not Be Questioned notes that those of us who have Curios & Relics licenses would have to go through a licensed dealer for our transfers. Notice that the wording in the bill makes no mention of "licensed collectors" but only importers, manufacturers, and dealers.

UPDATE II: Attorney and scholar David Kopel has a textual analysis of the bill on the Volokh Conspiracy. Dave notes that it would also ban the transfer of a handgun to those 18-20 years old which is now legal in many states in private sales. You can't have a FFL transfer a handgun to you unless you are 21 years of age or older.


NRA Applauds Sen. Cornyn for Introducing Reciprocity Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

On behalf of our more than 5 million members across the country, the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) today applauded the introduction of S. 69, The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2019, sponsored by Sen. John Cornyn (TX).


Knight’s Armament Awarded $16.5 Million Contract for M110s [The Firearm Blog]

M110The US Army’s Contracting Command has awarded Knight’s Armament Company a contract for more 7.62x51mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper Systems (SASS). Over 10 years on since it was first adopted and nearly five years since the Army began its programme to replace it with a lighter, more compact rifle the Army has placed further orders for […]

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ZEV Technologies Introduces First Pistol – the O.Z-9 [The Firearm Blog]

OZ-9 (ZEV)ZEV Technologies, best known for their aftermarket Glock parts, has introduced their first pistol, the O.Z-9. The new pistol, reputedly 12 years in the making, boasts a modular system composed of slide, frame and an internal steel receiver. Here’s ZEV’s press release announcing the launch of the new pistol in full: ZEV spent 12 years perfecting […]

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POTD: Finnish White Death – 2018 Edition [The Firearm Blog]

With either a Finnish-produced M/28-30 rifle or a Suomi KP/-31 sub-machine gun, Mr. Simo Häyhä (1905-2002) reportedly killed 505 enemy soldiers during the Winter War (1939-1940). This is the highest recorded number of sniper kills in any war. According to Wikipedia: “Häyhä used his issued Civil Guard rifle, an early series SAKO M/28-30 (Sn.35281/Civil Guard district […]

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Government Shutdown? No Silencer Purchases for You! []

The American Suppressor Association (ASA), which is a champion for NFA rights and a watchdog over that sector of our 2nd Amendment Rights, has put out a pretty stark message regarding the processing of silencer sales and Form 4s (the background check paperwork that is submitted when you buy a silencer):

ATLANTA, GA – As the government shutdown extends into its third week, suppressor buyers and dealers across the country have one resounding question: will the shutdown have an impact on suppressor transfers? The answer, unfortunately, is yes. After speaking with sources in the administration, ASA can confirm that the NFA Division is not processing tax-paid transfers during the shutdown.

Unlike the actual approval/denial of NFA applications, tax payments for NFA transfers are processed directly by Bank of America. Because Bank of America employees do not work for the government, the $200 tax payments are still being processed as usual. After the checks are cashed, the forms are still being mailed to the NFA Division in Martinsburg, West Virginia. Under normal circumstances, this part of the process accounts for the first one to two weeks of the average NFA transfer. As a result of the shutdown, forms are stacking up as they are received by the NFA Division.

government shutdown

Realistically, consumers can expect to see a short term increase in transfer times while the backlog builds. However, NFA examiners and contractors are known to work extensive overtime, including holidays and weekends. We anticipate that they will look to make up for lost wages and time by working hard once government operations resume. An additional counterweight to the mounting backlog is the fact that ATF has previously assigned non-NFA staff to temporarily assist NFA in reducing past backlogs. ASA will encourage ATF to do the same this time.

Once the shutdown ends, ASA will communicate with NFA Division staff to bring you updates. In the meantime, we encourage consumers and dealers to continue submitting transfer forms for suppressor purchases. After all, government shutdown or not, NFA forms will be processed in the order in which they are received.

This is really cruddy news to hear, but the ASA is only the messenger. They met with the NFA to help clear the confusion for consumers. An extremely condensed “cliff-notes” version of what the American Suppressor Association is saying is this:

  1. $200 tax payments are STILL being processed (by Bank of America)
  2. Form 4s then arrive at the NFA in West Virginia and SIT IDLE
  3. Backlogs are Mounting DAILY
  4. When the government shutdown is over, the NFA has been known to work extreme hours & utilize additional staff to catch up
  5. Don’t give up on buying a silencer; All forms are still processed in the order in which they were received

So while nobody likes to hear news like this, it is what it is. If you have a Form 4 that is pending, its position in line is not changing. If you were contemplating buying a silencer and now want to wait… DON’T! Go ahead with your purchase and “get in line” for when they start processing forms again.

So what do you guys and gals think? Should the NFA be 100% processing forms or not at all? Is it reasonable that they are taking your money and then letting your paperwork collect dust? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate feedback.

government shutdown

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Fire at Hi-Point’s Ohio Factory [The Firearm Blog]

Hi-Point FirearmsJust after Christmas Hi-Point, the well known budget firearms manufacturer, suffered a fire at their factory in Mansfield, Ohio. The budget pistol and pistol calibre carbine makers have not made any comment on the fire but local news report that it caused thousands of dollars of damage. The Mansfield News Journal, reported that a fire […]

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NRA Backs Bills to Make Hoosiers Safer [NRA-ILA News]

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action (NRA-ILA) is backing two bills in the Indiana State Legislature that would give law-abiding Hoosiers greater opportunities to defend themselves.


Get Ready for a Financial Assault on the Second Amendment [NRA-ILA News]

Maxine Waters has taken over the House Financial Services Committee California Democrat Maxine Waters is the new chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee. To judge from the party’s past behavior and the various proposals emanating from the left, Waters’s Democrats are going to pressure banks, credit unions, and payment companies to severely curtail and even terminate their relationships with firearm manufacturers, licensed gun retailers, and law-abiding citizens exercising their right to purchase and own firearms. In other words, they will use political pressure to force private institutions into creating social policy that threatens constitutional rights.


Dems introduce new federal semi-automatic ‘assault weapon’ ban that includes pistol braces [NRA-ILA News]

Democrats lead by U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein on Wednesday rolled out their most sweeping assault weapons ban proposal since 1994. The planned Assault Weapon Ban of 2019 targets the sale, transfer, manufacture, and importation of “military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines,” as defined by the California Democrat and her co-sponsors, Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut. Besides outlawing 205 gun models by name — Feinstein’s original 1994 ban only listed around 20 specific models — the proposal would also define an “assault weapon” as a semi-automatic with a detachable magazine that included one of a list of cosmetic features that are deemed “military characteristics” such as a threaded barrel, pistol grip or folding stock. This is less lenient than the previous ban which allowed a “features test” that included two such characteristics.


Trick Shot: An Arrow in Flight versus a Škoda Station Wagon [The Firearm Blog]

To my knowledge you can’t buy Škoda cars in the USA. Not yet anyway. However, with over 1,2 million cars delivered last year Globally they are a strong brand within the Volkswagen group. Enough about cars and onto the subject we’re all interested in – trick shots! Hint: The Škoda logotype has an arrow in […]

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Fierce Firearms CARBON FURY Bolt Action Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

Fierce Firearms CARBON FURY Bolt Action Rifle (1)Fierce Firearms has released a new bolt action rifle called Carbon Fury. The rifle is designed to be extremely accurate and lightweight thanks to its custom action and extensive use of carbon fiber. The company advertises it as an “affordable carbon barrel long-range rifle“. Well, when it comes to carbon fiber, “affordable” is probably not […]

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How Does it Work: Blowback Action [Forgotten Weapons]

The simplest for of firearms action is blowback, also called simple blowback. It is basically just an application of Newton’s 3rd Law; that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. As the bullet moves forward down the barrel, the slide or bolt of the gun moves backwards. The two move with the same energy, meaning that the light and very fast bullet is balanced out by the heavy and slow bolt or slide.


SHOT Show Is Coming [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I will be heading to the 2019 SHOT Show in little more than a week. There have already been some new product introductions such as Mossberg's first pistol in about a 100 years and a .357 Magnum revolver from Colt.

What do you want me to check out? If you will tell me in the comments section, I'll do my best to check it out.

Remember, if you tell me everything, I'll only have 22 seconds to check it out.


Five Out Of 199 Doesn't Make A Bill "Bipartisan" [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Now that HR 8 - the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 - has been posted to the Library of Congress website we can see who is listed as a co-sponsor. Five Republicans out of 199 Republican House members in the 116th Congress doesn't really qualify the bill to be called "bipartisan". It is a semantics game played by both parties and it is equally misleading whichever party sponsors a bill.

Here are the five Republicans who are co-sponsoring the bill:

Rep. King, Peter T. [R-NY-2]

Rep. Fitzpatrick, Brian K. [R-PA-1]

Rep. Mast, Brian J. [R-FL-18]

Rep. Upton, Fred [R-MI-6]

Rep. Smith, Christopher H. [R-NJ-4]
King, Fitzpatrick, Mast, and Upton were all co-sponsors of a similar bill, HR 4240, in the prior Congress. 

Wednesday, 09 January


FightLite MXR – Multi-caliber, Multi-magazine Platform [The Firearm Blog]

FightLite Industries, a division of ARES Defense Systems, Inc., will be releasing a multi-caliber platform called the MXR. Yes, that means you can change the barrel – on a user level without tools – to .22LR, 9mm, .357 Sig, .40 S&W, 10mm, 45ACP and FN 5.7 x 28mm. But what about magazines you ask? The […]

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Vote For Your Favorite BOTW and Win! (Set 6) [The Firearm Blog]

We just saw our 24th installment of Build of the Week and we have plenty more submissions to go.  As we mentioned, we have a plan in mind for some interactivity with this series to keep it a little more fun and lively. As is our process, after every four posted Builds, we are going […]

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Bad Boy Updgrade? Ummm. [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Cimarron Firearms Company is a Fredricksburg, Texas company that imports fine reproductions of Old West guns from Italy. They range from Single Action Army revolvers to Wyatt Earp's Buntline as well as a line of both shotguns and rifles. They are uniformly well made and are exacting reproductions.

That is why I was a bit surprised at this "upgrade" to their Model P Pre-War "Bad Boy" single action revolver. You can see the sneak peak of it in the video below from The Adventure Cowboy YouTube channel.

I guess putting a Vortex Venom pistol red dot on a single action army revolver is an "upgrade" to some as it could be used for hunting or target shooting. That said. the traditionalist in me is horrified. It just doesn't seem appropriate to sully up a classic of the Old West with a battery operated optic made in the Philippines.


VIP BLACK Pistol from Nighthawk Custom – with Gold Bead front sight [The Firearm Blog]

Nighthawk Custom’s slogan is “One Gun, One Gunsmith,” which they claim is the direct result of how they build their guns. The company was founded in 2004 by a group of four individuals with a passion for the 1911 platform. They have now expanded into approximately 65 full-time employees, and their selection and assortment of […]

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Lone Wolf Introduces a Hybrid Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame [The Firearm Blog]

Lone Wolf SUBCOMPACT Timberwolf LARGE Glock Frame (1)Lone Wolf Distributors has announced the availability of a new version of their recently introduced Timberwolf Large (10mm/.45 ACP) frame. This new product is called TWL-S. It combines a G29/G30 size grip with a G20/21 size dust cover. In other words, by using this frame you can build a 10mm Auto or .45 ACP Glock parts compatible […]

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Build a Beginner Knife Shop For $100 []

This guy decided to make a video showing that you don’t have to spend a pile of money and have a bunch of fancy tools to make a knife. And while we know that’s true — after all, the American Indians made plenty of sharp stuff without sanders and drills — it’s cool to see that mindset of using commonly-available tools and materials transformed to the reality of today’s environment of plentiful cheap tools.

To that end, he bought tools and materials from Harbor Freight Tools for $101 and change, to show that if you have a table or some other sort of work area, you too can make a knife.

The most questionable thing he does is chop a small dolly up to make the handle scales. This seems wasteful, but as he observes, you don’t have to throw away the rest of it.

For the blade, he uses a hunk he cuts from a circular-saw blade — also from Harbor Freight. Heat treatment is done in small fires built in his gravel driveway, along with a toaster oven.

He did have to hit the grocery store and drop $5 on other stuff… he had a hard time finding vegetable oil at Harbor Freight.

All in all, this shows how you can make a fairly decent knife without a bunch of fancy stuff… heck, most of us probably have everything we need out in the shed or garage. And it’s never a bad time to make something by hand… especially a useful tool that you can show off to your pals.


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GOP's Kilgore Says Northam's Gun Control Bills 'Dead on Arrival' [NRA-ILA News]

The Republican lawmaker from Southwest, who supports the Second Amendment, said Governor Northam's gun control bills were "dead on arrival" and did not expect any of them to advance to the House floor.


Industry Consolidation And Homogenization [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Jim Shepherd, publisher of the Outdoor Wires, is at the Archery Trade Association show this week in Louisville, Kentucky. He made this observation about consolidation within the archery and hunting industries. He points out that it is not only those industries who are consolidating but it is widespread across the fishing, hunting, shooting, and outdoor industries.

Some news releases we’ve distributed this week have again pointed out something that isn’t unique to archery -consolidation is happening across the industry.

From nutritional supplements to tree stands, scents and broadheads, archery is seeing to the absorption of smaller companies into larger ones.

For many small businesses, it’s a matter of survival. The business climate’s tough right now, and if you’re a company with little capitalization and no margin of error, adding your niched products into a larger operation makes sense. These businesses began because their owners were passionate about the sport, and saw a real need for a product that wasn’t there. With very few exceptions, a single-product or limited-product business isn’t viable.

That’s the part of consolidation that concerns me most.

Large companies with fixed operating costs look at new products differently that an entrepreneur who’s willing to bootstrap a good product to market.

If potential sales volumes or margin are in question, most big companies tend to take a pass on the concept. That number-centric approach doesn’t encourage innovation.

When innovation dies, homogenization is the best possible outcome.

And homogenization doesn’t drive participation. Nothing other than oxygen appeals to everyone.

So while we’re looking at the latest-and-greatest from the major players, we’ll be prowling the smaller exhibits looking for those undiscovered innovators. We want to encourage them.
I wholeheartedly agree with Jim - the little guys can come up with the innovative stuff that is really interesting. Moreover, new cool stuff is what pulls people in and that applies to both the old and young.

 This is why I try to spend at least a day and a half at SHOT Show looking around the lower level which is where the new and younger companies usually end up.


Bloomberg-Backed Lawmakers Launch All-Out Attack on Your Second Amendment Rights: Gun Control Bills Pre-Filed for 2019 Legislative Session [NRA-ILA News]

While the New Mexico Legislature will not convene for its 60-day Regular Session until January 15, anti-gun lawmakers who support Bloomberg’s radical gun control agenda have already started pre-filing unprecedented attacks on your Second Amendment rights.


Western Caucus Rebukes Introduction of Speaker Pelosi's Gun Control Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Today, members of the Congressional Western Caucus released statements rebuking the introduction of H.R.8, Speaker Pelosi's gun control bill.


Unique AR-15 pump for IPSC Manual Open [The Firearm Blog]

At the First World Shoot Rifle in Russia there were some interesting firearms, some more unique than others. All these pictures are from the shooting ranges at the Patriot Park, near Moscow. In 2015, at the European Rifle Championship in Hungary, Peter Starley finished first in the Manual Open division. At that time the technical […]

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POTD: Duck Hunters Discover Bren Gun In Chesapeake Bay [The Firearm Blog]

Bren gun discovered during duck huntRecently, some duck hunters made quite a discovery in the Chesapeake Bay. While retrieving their duck decoys, they found a World War II-era Bren gun had become entangled in the decoy lines. It’s quite rare to see Bren guns coming up for air, especially in American waters. Even though it’s not unheard of to find […]

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TFB Review: Bravo Concealment OWB BCA 3.0 Gun Holster [The Firearm Blog]

owb bcaWho got a holster for Christmas this year? Who wanted a holster for Christmas? Even though I have a closet and gun safe overflowing with holsters for all of my firearms I constantly have this grass is greener mentality to holsters. Always searching and trying to find one that is a hair better than the last […]

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US V. Torres - Do "Unlawful Aliens" Have The Right To Possess Firearms? [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Does an illegal alien, unlawful alien, undocumented immigrant, or whatever your favorite term for those in this immigration class have the right to possess a firearm under the Second Amendment? Five circuit courts have said no and now the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in an unanimous decision agrees in a decision released yesterday. They have all found that 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(5)(A) is constitutional.

Some quick background on Victor Manuel Torres. He was born in Mexico and was brought to the San Jose, California area when he was four years old in 1989. Neither of his parents had legal immigration status. Notwithstanding that, he was enrolled in the San Jose school system until he was expelled in 2000 for gang membership in the Sur Santos Pride gang. A couple of years later he was sent to live with relatives in Mexico to get his act together. In 2005, he made three attempts to illegally enter the United States. The first two times he was caught and allowed to voluntarily return to Mexico. His third attempt was successful and he returned to live in the San Jose area. He married a US citizen in 2012 but made no attempt to apply for legal status. So you have a person who is in the United States unlawfully, did not have a right to legal status due to his parents, and who made no effort to change his status after his marriage to a US citizen.

In 2014, Torres was arrested when attempting to sell a stolen bicycle by the Los Gatos Police Department. When he consented to allow officers to look in his backpack for identification, they found a loaded .22 revolver, bolt cutters, and two homemade suppressors. In addition to state criminal charges, Torres was indicted and convicted on one count of being an unlawful alien in possession of a firearm in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(5)(A). He moved to dismiss this charge on the basis that the Second Amendment protections applied to him and that § 922(g)(5)(A) violated the Second Amendment. The District Court disagreed and after trial sentenced him to 27 months in prison with three years probation. He then appealed to the 9th Circuit.

The 9th Circuit used a two-step inquiry to see if § 922(g)(5)(A) was unconstitutional both facially and as applied to Torres. The inquiry sought to determine whether the law burdened the Second Amendment and then. if so, the proper level of scrutiny. Noting that the 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 10th Circuits had dealt with this question they proceeded to examine those cases. The key issue was whether "the people" in the Second Amendment was meant to apply to those illegally in the United States.

The two cases that all six of the circuits used to determine "the people" were US v Verdugo-Urquidez (1990) and DC v Heller (2008). The first case said "the people" in the Bill of Rights were those in a class of persons who are a) part of a national community and b) who have developed a sufficient connection with this country to be considered part of it. Likewise, the Heller case emphasized the Second Amendment as "protecting the rights of citizens" and "belonging to all Americans". It went on to use the terms "law-abiding" and "responsible" in reference a citizen's right to use arms in defense of their home. The five other circuits had all agreed that § 922(g)(5)(A) was constitutional but disagreed on the reasoning.

The 4th, 5th, and 8th Circuits found that unlawful aliens (the preferred term of the 9th Circuit) were not members of the law-abiding community per Heller and thus not entitled to be "the people" under the Second Amendment. Conversely, the 7th and 10th agreed that Heller was not conclusive on who should be considered "the people" as that was only secondary to whether it was an individual or collective right. They thus relied upon Verdugo-Urquidez to determine that those in question were "the people" or assumed to be. However, under intermediate scrutiny their exclusion from Second Amendment rights was allowed because it did not severely burden that right.

The 9th Circuit decided that:

However, we agree with the Tenth Circuit’s approach, because we believe the state of the law precludes us from reaching a definite answer on whether unlawful aliens are included in the scope of the Second Amendment right. The Tenth Circuit correctly held that this question is “large and complicated.” Id. at 1169. Therefore, on this record, we find it imprudent to examine whether Torres (as an unlawful alien) falls within the scope of the Second Amendment right. As such, we assume (without deciding) that unlawful aliens, such as Torres, fall within the scope of the Second Amendment right as articulated under Heller and Vergudo-Urquidez and proceed to the appropriate scrutiny we should give to § 922(g)(5).
The court then had to decide whether § 922(g)(5)(A) imposed a permissible restriction on Torres' Second Amendment right and what was proper level of scrutiny. Torres argued for strict scrutiny but the court disagreed.
However, intermediate scrutiny is appropriate “if a challenged law does not implicate a core Second Amendment right, or does not place a substantial burden on the Second Amendment right.” Jackson, 746 F.3d at 961. Although not dispositive of the question, we note that there has been “near unanimity in the post-Heller case law that, when considering regulations that fall within the scope of the Second Amendment, intermediate scrutiny is appropriate.” Silvester, 843 F.3d at 823.
Here I might say that the "near unanimity" is due more to resistance by the lower courts to Heller and McDonald than to true constitutional jurisprudence.  The court goes on to decide that the severity of the law's burden on Torres' right is tempered. That is due to the fact that the prohibition on an unlawful alien's possession of a firearm does not continue once he or she has left the United States. Moreover, if an unlawful alien was to acquire lawful immigration status the prohibition in § 922(g)(5)(A) would be removed.

The court agreed with the government's contention that § 922(g)(5)(A) had an important governmental objective and that it was a reasonable fit between the objective and the conduct regulated. The primary objective is crime control and public safety. Armed unlawful aliens are a threat to immigration officers, they purposefully seek to avoid detection by often adopting false identities or staying outside the formal system of identification, and have already shown a willingness to disobey the United States' law on immigration.

They conclude:
The present state of the law leaves us unable to conclude with certainty whether aliens unlawfully present in the United States are part of “the people” to whom Second Amendment protections extend. Nonetheless, assuming that unlawful aliens do hold some degree of Second Amendment rights, those rights are not unlimited, and the restriction in § 922(g)(5) is a valid exercise of Congress’s authority.
They thus affirm the lower court's ruling that § 922(g)(5)(A) is constitutional.

The opinion was written by Circuit Judge N. Randy Smith. He was joined in the opinion by Chief Judge Sidney Thomas and US District Judge Sharon Gleason who was sitting by designation.

The full text of the opinion is here.


Agencies gunning up [Of Arms and the Law]

I'm not sure IRS needs 15 machine guns and over 3,000,000 rounds of ammo, let alone why the National Institutes of Health needs its own arsenal. These days an agency just doesn't rate if it doesn't have a SWAT team. I know FEMA (who main job is to provide emergency housing and write checks) has a SWAT team with snipers; they used to practice at a range I frequented.


Alaska: Alaska calls for less federal control of wildlife management [NRA-ILA News]

The U.S. Department of the Interior in September asked states what it could do to “restore trust and be a good neighbor.” Alaska’s acting wildlife commissioner has provided a long list of suggestions.


Pennsylvania: Gov. Tom Wolf Supports Legislation Banning Semi-Automatic Weapons [NRA-ILA News]

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf supports legislation to ban semi-automatic weapons such as the AR-15 rifle, which was used in the recent mass shootings including in Las Vegas in 2017 and at a synagogue in Pittsburgh last year. During an interview with KDKA Radio, the governor reiterated his position that Pennsylvania should restrict semi-automatic weapons. He pointed out that dangerous individuals used semi-automatic weapons to kill innocent people around the country.


US Army Wants New Innovative Artillery Muzzle Brakes [The Firearm Blog]

US Army Wants Innovative Muzzle Brake for Artillery 660Another set of US Department of Defense solicitations has been published on the website of a US government program called SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research). This program includes a huge variety of different projects initiated by all branches of US Armed Forces. In this article, we’ll discuss a US Army solicitation for designing an innovative […]

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Dropping In For 2019: CZ-USA Bren 2 Ms in 7.62×39 And 5.56×45 [The Firearm Blog]

Bren 2CZ-USA has kept American shooters on their toes the past few years. From sexy carry and competition pistols to Scorpion pistol caliber carbine variants, the lauded gunmaker is pushing out functional and affordable firearms. And just a week into 2019, it appears that this year will be no different. CZ-USA has sneakily announced the pending […]

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Firearm Recoil and Traumatic Brain Injury [The Firearm Blog]

firearm recoilI admit, I’m not a big fan of shooting firearms with heavy recoil anymore. It’s not that I dislike those types of guns, in fact I own multiple shotguns, surplus rifles, hunting rifles and other guns that make a big thump. I still shoot them regularly, but I just can’t take the abuse to my […]

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Stout Power & Smooth Handling: NEW Walther CCP M2 .380 ACP [The Firearm Blog]

walther ccp m2Walther Arms recently improved upon their popular CCP pistol by making a 2nd iteration with the CCP M2. With an easier disassembly process and smooth handling, the Walther CCP M2 has garnered a lot of love from concealed carry advocates and range enthusiasts. Now leading into SHOT Show for 2019, the internet has shown us […]

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Semiauto M2 Hyde Reproduction: The Interim US WW2 Subgun [Forgotten Weapons]

George Hyde designed the gun that would eventually be adopted as the M2 submachine gun in the late 1930s, and it was first tested at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in October of 1939. At that time, the gun had many good traits (weight, handlings, etc) but suffered from parts breakage and unreliability. Hyde went back to work on the gun at the Inland Division of GM, and came back with a much improved version in April of 1942.

The Inland-Hyde SMG was chambered for .45 ACP ammunition and used standard Thompson magazines, and was poised to become the US Army’s new submachine gun, replacing the overly expensive Thompson. The Hyde passed a 6080 round endurance test with flying colors, and exhibited much better effectiveness in fully automatic than the Thompson. At the end of the April tests, it was formally accepted to replace the Thompson and given the designation M2.

A contract was given to the Marlin company (Inland being busy with other projects) to manufacture 164,450 of the guns, with delivery to begin in December 1942. However, Marlin had problems tooling up to produce the new gun, in particular with dies for several parts to be made using powdered metal sintering. Actual delivery of the first guns did not happen until May of 1943. In the meantime, Hyde and Inland had continued working on cheaper and simpler designs, and created the stamped sheet metal M3 “Grease Gun”. By the time the M2 was actually ready for delivery, the M3 had been tested and accepted by the Army as a better replacement than the M2. By mid-June, the M2 was declared obsolete and Marlin’s contract cancelled.

In total only about 500 M2 submachine guns were made, with (I believe) 6 surviving today. The example in this video is a semiautomatic-only reproduction made from scratch by a viewer of the channel, who graciously offered to loan it to me for this filming. Thanks, K!


Three Ways Gun Companies May be Able to Compete with Glock []

Glock is the quintessential standard by which all other handguns are measured, and there is a good reason for that. Glocks are reliable, cost-effective, and enjoy a wide range of aftermarket options. Typically, but not always, when someone goes to make a handgun purchase, the buyer may compare the handgun to a Glock.

  • How reliable is the handgun compared to a Glock?
  • How does the price compare to Glock?
  • Are magazines interchangeable, like a Glock?

Even if the handgun costs a few dollars less, some people are willing to spend more money for the guarantee of Glock reliability.

This leaves handgun companies in a paradox, or maybe a quagmire. How does someone compete against a company who in every definition of the phrase dominates the market?


When it comes down to it, price affects just about every decision we make, and that includes buying a handgun. Glock has positioned itself in the middle of the market where most people can afford to buy a Glock.

In the late 1990s several of my buddies and I would go to a local sand pit, where we would fire off an easy 1,000 rounds of 9mm in a day.  One buddy had a Ruger P89, which was very reliable.  My Beretta 92f was just as reliable, but cost almost twice as much as his P89.

My buddy made an argument that was difficult to dispute — why pay twice as much for the same reliability?  This is the question a lot of handgun buyers have to answer.  When someone buys a handgun that costs almost twice as much as a Glock, are they getting twice the reliability?  Probably not.

In order to entice buyers to justify buying something besides a Glock, maybe other handgun companies should drop their prices well below that of a Glock.


Besides reliability, one of the bonus factors to buying a Glock is magazine interchangeability.  Why should someone purchase different handguns, then buy magazines for them?  When it comes to preppers, being able to use a single magazine in a variety of Glock handguns helps streamline group members.

For example, magazines are the main reason why I will not purchase a Beretta APX.  Beretta ignored decades of 92f magazines already on the market, and designed a handgun that requires its own magazine.

Why should someone purchase a handgun that only works with a single magazine, when they can purchase a Glock and be able to swap magazines?

The solution: make a handgun that uses Glock magazines.  Mossberg recently entered the handgun market with the MC1, and guess what — it uses Glock 43 magazines.

A handgun that is affordably-priced and accepts Glock mags makes the Mossberg MC1 rather enticing.

Engineering and Recalls

Once something is on the Internet, chances are it will stay there forever. This includes recall notifications. If a handgun has a recall, people may use that recall as a reason not to purchase the firearm.

Take the Beretta M9 for example. During the military testing of the 1980s there were slide failures. Regardless of what caused the slide failure, those incidents have stayed with the Beretta M9 / 92f.  Here we are 30 years later and there are probably people who will not purchase a Beretta because of something that happened decades ago, and was ammunition-related.

  • Sig Sauer P320 that may discharge when dropped.
  • Taurus pistol recall.
  • Walther PPS M2 Pistol recall.
  • Springfield Armory 3.3 XD-S safety recall.

Simply put, when a handgun (or any firearm) is released to the market, it should be thoroughly tested before release. If there is a recall, that recall stays with the handgun pretty much forever.

Final Thoughts

While Glock is a market leader, there is room for competition.  However, gun companies have to entice customers to buy their products.

As my buddy said in the late 1990s, “Why pay twice as much for the same reliability?”

People looking to streamline their handgun collection may not want to buy different magazines for various handguns.  If someone has four or five handguns, even if they are made by the same company, each handgun may require its own unique magazine. Why?

The simple answer is, gun companies want to make money every way they can, even if it means forcing customers to buy multiple magazines. Then along came Glock who said we are going to have a standard magazine type.

Glock revolutionized the handgun market, and it is way past time for other gun companies take notice.


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Tuesday, 08 January


FAB Defense SKS Chassis System Now Available [The Firearm Blog]

FAB Defense SKS Chassis Now Available (1)We first saw the prototypes of this FAB Defense SKS chassis during the Arms & Hunting 2017 arms exhibition held in Moscow, Russia. These were 3D printed prototypes and back then it was unclear when they will become an actual product. Apparently, this chassis has just hit the market. The FAB Defense SKS Chassis System […]

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POTD: The Smoking Gun – Ase Utra Suppressor with Cole-Tac cover [The Firearm Blog]

Ase Utra is a Finnish maker of sound suppressors, and an excellent at that. Cole-Tac call themselves “a tactical accessory manufacturer“, and pictured is a custom made High Temperature Suppressor cover. It’s made for full auto firearms, but I figured it would work well removing the mirage from the sights of my Ruger Precision Rifle. […]

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NEW Henry Golden Boy Silver American Rodeo Tribute Edition .22 S/L/LR [The Firearm Blog]

american rodeoHenry Repeating Arms has introduced a NEW Tribute Edition rifle through their Golden Boy Silver series of lever-action rimfire. This newest model pays homage to the hard-working men and women who compete in rodeos. This new rifle is aptly named the Henry Golden Boy Silver American Rodeo Tribute Edition chambered in .22 Short/.22 Long/.22 Long […]

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Senators Murphy, Blumenthal Detail Background Check Bill [NRA-ILA News]

Connecticut U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal this week detailed legislation mandating universal background checks for gun purchases. The Background Check Expansion Act is Murphy’s first bill of the 116th Congress.  Under the bill, which accompanies legislation backed by House Democrats, all gun purchases would require a check through sources like the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a process Murphy says takes about 90 seconds. Senator Blumenthal notes that the bill does not prohibit gun transfers or inheritance between family and friends. “Listen carefully: no check, no sale. No check, no sale. No check. No sale,” says Blumenthal.


Republicans, Gun-Rights Groups Vow to Fight Va. Gov’s Gun-Control Proposals [NRA-ILA News]

Virginia Republicans, the National Rifle Association, and a state-based gun-rights group announced their opposition this week to a gun-control package recently unveiled by Democratic governor Ralph Northam. Kirk Cox, the Republican speaker of Virginia's House of Delegates, outlined in a Monday tweet his party's approach to the wide-ranging package of gun-control measures the governor plans to pursue.


Democrats to Introduce Bill Expanding Background Checks on Gun Sales [NRA-ILA News]

Democrats’ long-pledged push to tighten the country’s gun laws will take center stage when lawmakers introduce legislation Tuesday aimed at expanding background checks on gun sales. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.), Rep. Mike Thompson (D., Calif.), who leads a task force focused on reducing gun violence, and former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D., Ariz.) will officially unveil the legislation expanding background checks to more commercial sales and private transfers, with the goal of flagging people with criminal or mental-health histories that disqualify them from gun ownership. The legislation will expand background checks to almost all commercial sales, including private sales at gun shows, as well as other transfers, with just narrow exemptions, according to people familiar with its text.


House Dems ready to roll on gun control [Of Arms and the Law]

Story here. I recall that when Bill Clinton was first elected president, a wise friend remarked that he'd start with a focus on gun control, for a simple reason. He'd made many campaign promises. Most of them required money, which Clinton then did not have. Gun control did not, so he'd move on that early.


Saddle Up! NEW Bravo Concealment Torsion 3.0 IWB Holster & Cinturon Belt [The Firearm Blog]

Bravo Concealment does a fantastic job of making holsters for nearly every sidearm under the sun. They construct holsters and accessories that even account for threaded barrels, suppressor height iron sights, and RMR cuts on slides which are becoming increasingly popular. Keeping in step with their focus of always improving their products, they have made […]

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Watch: How to Harvest and Process a Rabbit []

This down-to-earth video is for folks who would like to raise their own food. It shows how to harvest — that is, kill — and process or “dress” a rabbit which has been raised for meat.

This video is geared towards the beginner homesteader or farmer who wants to start processing their own food.

It’s no secret that the hardest part is not raising the animal… it’s harvesting the animal.

Her tools are:

  • A hammer (for knocking the critter out)
  • A 3/16″ diameter steel rod three feet long (for cervical dislocation, or breaking its neck)
  • A large knife (to remove the head)
  • A small knife (for skinning and gutting)

This gal uses most of the rabbits, eating the meat while preserving the skulls or using smaller heads as frozen dog treats, and crafting with the hides, feet, and tails after they are preserved.

The intro runs until about 4:35, and is well worth the watch. Then you get a warning that if you don’t want to see a rabbit being killed, you should skip ahead to the 6:25 mark. She does such a good, humane job of it that I didn’t find it disturbing at all.

The instruction and demonstration of shucking out the critter is really good, and short of actually being there while someone shows you how, this is probably the best instruction you will ever get for this task.

This is a nice thorough respectful lesson presented in less than 15 minutes, which is impressive.

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Editorial Board: Key to reduced school shootings [NRA-ILA News]

A recent Federal Commission on School Safety report tackled issues related to school shootings. Among the findings, officials concluded age limits on gun purchases would have little deterrent effect, but that encouraging people to report disturbing student behavior could have significant benefit.


Republican Senator Rubio Pushes for More Gun Confiscation []

Hailing from my home state of Florida, which recently had oppressive new gun laws thrust upon it by its Republican legislature and governor in 2018, Sen Marco Rubio is apparently poised to join forces with Democrats to enact even more so-called “red flag” (or “red dawn”) laws, which enable the legalized theft of firearms from citizens who have not been charged with any crime whatsoever.

In less than 4 months in 2018, the terrible new laws had caused more than 450 Floridians to be disarmed without due process. Pretty much what bump-stock-banning Donald Trump called for himself. And they’re just getting started. At least one Maryland man has been shot and killed by police during such a raid.

Instead of working to reverse such travesties, Rubio introduced a gun control bill “that seeks to encourage states to pass red-flag laws that would make it easier for courts to disarm” citizens without due process.

Rubio’s bill wishes to use Federal tax money to finance these “red dawn” laws in states which enact them.

Florida state lawmakers passed a red-flag law after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Rubio’s bill, reintroduced on Thursday, would provide federal funding to help other states implement similar laws.


Rubio first introduced the bill in March [2018], but it did not pass. Democratic U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson also supported the bill. Nelson lost his re-election bid to outgoing Republican Gov. Rick Scott, who signed Florida’s measure into state law.

A dozen states have laws allowing either law enforcement, family members or mental health workers to seek a court order disarming a dangerous person, according to the Giffords Law Center, an organization that advocates for tighter restrictions on guns.

Democratic Rhode Island Sen. Jack Reed and independent Maine Sen. Angus King are also sponsoring the bill.

Wake up, folks. It’s crystal clear that Republicans are more than willing to take away your guns. It’s not Democrats against you. It’s not even right vs. left.

The reality we are seeing is the government against the people. A government which continually refuses to operate within the confines of the Constitution, which was created for the sole purpose of protecting our freedom.

We must stop electing these clowns by playing party politics. We must elect only representatives who will act within Constitutional limits — and always in the interest of the citizens whom they represent.

If not, your rights will continue to dwindle.

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L3 Technologies Awarded $26 Million Special Operations Command Contract for EOTECH Optics [The Firearm Blog]

Eotech & G33 magL3 Technologies, parent company of EOTECH, has confirmed they have been awarded a $26.3 million contract to supplied the latest version of their EOTECH holographic weapon sight and G33 magnifier to USSOCOM. The five-year indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract will see an unspecified number of optics and magnifiers manufactured at EOTECH’s plant in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The […]

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Armed Citizen Shoots Armed Robber in Head []

Kansas – An armed robbery in a Wichita store was reportedly interrupted by an armed citizen who fired at the four thugs, hitting one in the head.

A police spokesman described the incident:

A customer was in line when four individuals came in at gunpoint and demanded money. The citizen also got robbed and the citizen pulled a gun and shot at the suspects.

[One of the suspects was shot in the head but was not killed.]

In our state here in Kansas, we do have open carry and carry concealed. So individuals breaking the law may never know when someone in line at a store, in this example, (has a gun). That’s what happened in this case.

The three fleeing crooks took the citizen’s wallet as well as cash from the store, and it’s not known whether any of those three were struck by the good guy’s bullets.

The article reports the injured thief “was taken to a hospital in critical condition.”

Score one more for the good guys. Too bad the other miscreants got away with the loot.

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Seen at recent NRA meeting in Virginia [Of Arms and the Law]

Yes, those are New Jersey plates. The driver, Anthony Colandro, has a pair of stainless steel ones.


27-Point Backyard Buck Falls to 13-Year-Old Hunter []

According to a Facebook post by Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, a huge 27-point whitetail buck was recently taken by a 13-year-old kid!

Here’s the story according to them (with a few edits for clarity):

All great deer have an equally-unlikely hunting story to go with them. Bo Ezell’s story is just as entertaining as his big deer.

Bo woke up December 28th wanting to go squirrel hunting but couldn’t find his dog so he was just hanging around the house when a friend called to ask if ‘he wanted to come shoot a buck that she just saw behind her house.’ Bo took his time getting dressed and getting to the friend’s house, not expecting to see the buck.

Upon his arrival, she told him the deer went down to the creek. Bo and the friend walked down to the creek and she pointed out the deer. ‘Don’t you see him?’ she asked.

Bo looked over to see a buck that ‘looked like it had a big bush on his head.’ The buck was peeing in a scrape as he fired. That’s when the buck looked directly at Bo. He says ‘I got rattled and just started shaking.’

Bo ending up firing multiple shots, hitting the buck three times. When it was all over, he had to sit down and think about what had just happened. According to Bo it was just a ‘crazy’ hunt. He went from thinking he was going hunting for a small buck to seeing a monster buck and things just unfolded in a whirlwind of multiple strange events.

The buck has 27 scorable points and has been green-scored at 213 7/8″ (gross) and aged at 6.5 years.

I’ve been hunting deer since I was 13 years old, and I’ve never even laid eyes on a buck like this in the wild. If I ever manage to take one, you can bet it will be displayed in a prominent place in my home or hunt camp. But I kinda hope I have a better story to go with it.

What do you think? Either way, there’s no doubt this is one heck of a trophy, and it’s unlikely the young hunter will ever improve on it.

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Murphy, Blumenthal to reintroduce background checks bill [NRA-ILA News]

Connecticut’s two Democratic senators are reintroducing legislation expanding federal background checks for firearms sales. U.S. Sens. Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal acknowledge it will be challenging to pass the bill in the Senate, but they’re optimistic there will be political pressure on their colleagues if similar gun control legislation clears the now-Democratic controlled U.S. House of Representatives.


News from Walther – Q5 Match with Steel Frame [The Firearm Blog]

Walther begins 2019 by introducing their new Q5 Match SF (Steel Frame). Think of the Q5 Match, but Made in Steel in Ulm, Germany.   Here’s how Walther words their new handgun: The new Q5 Match from Walther is built for the competitive shooter. Built around our award winning PPQ platform, the Q5 Match SF […]

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House Democrats to introduce gun bill on anniversary of Gabrielle Giffords shooting [NRA-ILA News]

On the eighth anniversary of the day when then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and nearly assassinated, U.S. House Democrats are set to introduce legislation to expand background checks to nearly every gun sale. Giffords, D-Ariz., who served in Congress from 2007 to 2012, is expected to join House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at an event in Washington that signals political and social shifts on gun control after years of high-profile mass shootings with no significant political action to stop them.


Gabby Giffords: Expanding Backgrounds Only the 'First Step' [NRA-ILA News]

As House Democrats embark on an effort to expand background checks Gabby Giffords is making clear that it is only the "first step" in a larger push for gun control.


Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22 WMR [The Firearm Blog]

Trailblazer Firearms LifeCard .22 WMR (1)Trailblazer Firearms has introduced the .22 WMR version of their LifeCard folding single barrel single shot derringer. The first version of LifeCard pistol was introduced a little over a year ago and so far it was available in .22 LR only. This is a really compact and discreet little handgun. As the manufacturer states, it […]

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We Have All Waited a Long Time for This… The Colt King Cobra Returns! [The Firearm Blog]

king cobraThis announcement could be something that Colt intended to keep under their hat until SHOT Show in a few weeks, but “Shooting Industry” magazine happened to leak it early. In 2019 we will see the reincarnation of the Colt King Cobra .357 Magnum revolver! At this time, there is very little information surrounding this new […]

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Ammo Evaluation: Romanian 8mm Mauser [Forgotten Weapons]

Towards the end of the Cold War, Romania was a major exporter of arms and ammunition on the world market. Today we are looking at Romanian pattern 1971 8mm Mauser ammunition, made between 1972 and 1978 (this particular sample is form 1972). It was produced at the U.M. Sadu plant in Bumbesti Jiu, Romania. At the time of production, Romania had no 8mm Mauser firearms in active military service, suggesting that this ammunition was made for export (or perhaps a planned weapon which never actually saw adoption). Interestingly, the cases across the entire production run of this ammo are about 1mm shorter than standard 8mm Mauser, measuring closer to 56mm than 57mm. The shoulder is in the proper location, and this slightly short neck does not appear to produce any abnormal effects, either positive or negative.

The ammunition is packed in wooden crates, each containing two sealed tins. It was packaged both loose in boxes (20 rounds per box, 380 rounds per tin, 760 rounds per crate) and also on 5-round Mauser stripper clips (15 rounds per box, 340 rounds per tin, 680 rounds per crate). This particular sample is packaged loose.


I tested velocity using an 8mm Kar98k Mauser rifle (barrel length 23.6 inches). Measurements were taken at 10 feet from the muzzle, with a sample size of 15 rounds fired. I found an average velocity of 2674 fps, extreme spread of 107 fps (max 2716, min 2609), and standard deviation of 25.75 fps. None of the rounds exhibited any unusual behavior when fired. In my experience outside this specific test, this ammunition has never shown and duds or hangfires.


I tested the weight of 10 bullets using a calibrated Lyman electronic scale. I found an average weight of 154.2 grains, extreme spread of 2.4 grains (max 155.4 gr, min 153.0 gr), and standard deviation of 0.86 grains. Bullet construction is boattail base with an open base, and the bullet attract a magnet.

The primers are Berdan and corrosive. The cases are lacquered steel.

Raw data:

Velocities (fps): 2671, 2664, 2677, 2654, 2609, 2695, 2698, 2668, 2688, 2678, 2639, 2688, 2716, 2701, 2669

Bullet weights (grains): 153.8, 155.4, 154.8, 153.3, 154.0, 155.0, 153.0, 153.1, 155.3, 154.1


Oleg On Red Flag Laws [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Oleg Volk posted a comment on Facebook on Sunday evening that needs repeating. It is in reference to Red Flag Laws. Everyone who supports these ill-conceived laws and every politician who plans to vote for them needs to read it, digest it, and understand it.

A fun thought about Red Flag laws: the confiscators have no way of telling that they got all the available weapons. Even if the confiscation proceeds without gunfire, they've created an understandably disgruntled person with access to weapons (not limited to guns) and a kill list, starting with the finks and probably encompassing everyone who signed off on the confiscation, and those who helped carry it out. In other words, made the accusation a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Oleg points out something that I hadn't even considered. While I consider Red Flag Laws dangerous to civil rights, to due process, and to the person whose guns are being confiscated, I failed to consider that the application of such laws might be the trigger for someone who had not previously thought of violent actions.

The law of unintended consequences indeed. 

Monday, 07 January


Indiana: Lake County Council to Consider Firearm Discharge Ordinance [NRA-ILA News]

On January 8th at 10:00AM, the Lake County Council will be considering amending Ordinance No. 1314B regulating the discharge of firearms in unincorporated areas of the county.


Mossberg’s First Pistol – The 1919 Brownie [The Firearm Blog]

Recently Mossberg, one of America’s oldest gun companies best known for their shotguns, launched their first pistol – the Mossberg MC1. Well not quite their first, 100 years ago this year, the company launched another small, compact pistol – the Mossberg Brownie. Tom briefly mentioned the original Mossberg pistol in his review of the MC1, […]

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Concealed Carry Corner: Best Drills For An Armed Citizen – Triple Nickel [The Firearm Blog]

Triple NickelEveryone knows the first rule of a gunfight – “bring a gun”. But just having a firearm is not enough to maximise you chances in case of a self-defence shooting. You would also benefit from proper gear and most importantly – solid gunhandling skills. There are many drills designed to test shooter’s proficiency, but in […]

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California Legislature Convenes for 2019 Session [NRA-ILA News]

Today, Monday, January 7th, the California Legislature reconvened in Sacramento for the 2019 legislative session. Lawmakers are wasting no time introducing bills to limit your Second Amendment rights in the Golden State.


Texas Legislative Session Begins this Week [NRA-ILA News]

The Texas Legislature convenes in Austin for its 86th Regular Session on Tuesday, January 8.


Come Join the Party! NEW Comp-Tac eV2 Expanded Holster Compatibility [The Firearm Blog]

eV2Comp-Tac has taken their eV2 Appendix Inside-the-Waistband (AIWB) holster and expanded out the line-up to include even more pistols. The eV2, which was formerly dubbed the eVade, includes more common and popular carry pistol models to hopefully fit one you already have in your arsenal. The firearms it will fit now has expanded to include: […]

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Gov. Northam’s Gun Control Package Would Ban Boy Scouts’ .22 Rifles [NRA-ILA News]

Democratic Governor Ralph Northam rolled out a gun control package which could be bad news for the Boy Scouts: it bans the common .22 rifle on which many young people learn to shoot. Among the bills in the sweeping proposal is one which the governor said, according to his announcement, “modifies the definition of assault firearm to any firearm that is equipped with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition.”


Dems to push gun control on anniversary of Giffords shooting [NRA-ILA News]

Days after reclaiming the House majority, Democrats are introducing gun control legislation timed for the anniversary of the shooting of former Democratic Rep. Gabby Giffords. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats will introduce a bill to expand background checks for sales and transfers of firearms on Tuesday, the eighth anniversary of the day Giffords was shot in the head at a constituent meeting in Arizona.


State senator takes another run at Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania [NRA-ILA News]

State Sen. Dan Laughlin plans to reintroduce legislation this month that would permit hunting on some Sundays in Pennsylvania. Laughlin, R-49th Dist., proposed similar legislation a year ago, but couldn’t get the support necessary to get it approved.


EUROPE Gun Use Surges in Europe, Where Firearms Are Rare [NRA-ILA News]

When hundreds of women were sexually assaulted on New Year’s Eve in several German cities three years ago, Carolin Matthie decided it was time to defend herself. The 26-year-old Berlin student quickly applied for a gun permit, fearing many women would have the same idea and flood the application process.


Paralyzed 8-year-old gifted new hunting gear to replace his stolen equipment [NRA-ILA News]

Just before Christmas, an 8-year-old boy lost all his hunting gear to thieves, and he's now finding out that good people outweigh the bad in the world. Jayce Collum was devastated when his gear was stolen in December, but now people have been sending him hunting gear to replace his that was stolen.


POTD: Sniper Patrol [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo (above) shows Cpl. Martin Vara, a scout sniper with Battalion Landing Team 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment, 11:th Marine Expeditionary Unit, as he patrols during a pre-deployment training exercise. The location is at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms, California, during late 2018. According to the US Marines, a […]

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New FN 509 Midsize & Tactical Black from FN [The Firearm Blog]

509 midsizeFN America have announced the launch of a new model in their 509 family, a mid sized carry pistol. FN have also confirmed that the FN Tactical will also be available in a matte black finish in 2019. The new mid size, chambered in 9x19mm, has a four inch slide and a frame with a […]

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Washington: I-1639 Provision In Effect, Infringing Rights of Young Adults [NRA-ILA News]

With the start of 2019, one provision from Initiative 1639 has taken effect.  I-1639 classifies semi-automatic rifles commonly owned for recreation and self-defense as "assault" weapons and prohibits young adults under the age of 21 from purchasing them.


Maj Toure of BLACK GUNS MATTER Gives Gun Classes on the Street []

Maj Toure, the founder of Black Guns Matter, has never been one to shy away from the public. In fact, he gets out into the streets, literally, to share safe firearm practices and his knowledge with people. He executes on this not only in his community, but around the United States. This previous year of 2018 he held over 50 events throughout the US. Each of these events were unique, but could have included giving away free gun locks, stump speeches dispelling firearm myths, and/or simply explaining safe practices of firearm handling and shooting.

For those who are familiar with the grassroots Black Guns Matter campaign you may already know all of this. If #blackgunsmatter was simply a fun firearm hashtag you have been using, but you did not know its origins, well, this is it. Recently, Maj Toure released a YouTube video which is the epitome of his work. Getting out in public, mixing it up with the everyday man and woman, and sharing knowledge about firearms with those who may never have the resources to learn about it in a safe manner. Check out this No Classroom Required firearm tutorial on the streets of North Philadelphia below.

The Black Guns Matter movement is all about providing people with the means to protect themselves with tools, like firearms, but more importantly knowledge. Maj Toure continually challenges his followers on social media and whoever he meets to arrive at solutions through gathering knowledge. This can be as simple as educating yourself further on firearms as best you can or questioning the news that the media (Most Effective Devil In America) attempts to spoon feed all of us. For these reasons, the followers of Black Guns Matter have affectionately become known as “Solutionarys.” Solutionary might not be a word you catch in Webster’s, but in Urban Dictionary it is “someone who finds revolutionary answers to life problems.”

So what will be new for 2019 with the Black Guns Matter movement?… Well, for starters Maj will be attending SHOT Show in Las Vegas the 3rd week of January and be speaking at SHOT Show University sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). His specific date, time, and room is not assigned yet, but be sure to watch for that announcement on the SHOT Show website. Tentatively, he will be speaking on Wednesday the 23rd, but that is not written in stone yet.

Also, to keep the movement marching forward Black Guns Matter has their GoFundMe page. If you feel so inclined, visit their page and contribute if you can. Aside from that, Maj has received support from the NSSF with literature he can share and gun locks to give away for free. Also, he has aligned himself with Bersa firearms. Bersa, being such an economical yet reliable firearm company, makes great sense to introduce new shooters to. Their mantra of #beginwithbersa embodies that sentiment.

black guns matter

Bersa Firearms’ newest tagline of #BeginWithBersa [Photo Credit: Bersa Facebook/Instagram]

But what’s the BIGGEST secret Maj is hiding under his hat for 2019?!… His very own firearm from Head Down Arms! I had the opportunity to speak with Maj over the phone even with his busy schedule and he is stoked for this firearm to come out. He could not lay out specifics, but I pressed him further anyways. He said that all he could comment right now is it is going to be a black gun (I could hear a devil-ish smile radiate through the phone) which is too fitting if Black Guns Matter were to ever have their own firearm.

So what do you think? Have you heard of Black Guns Matter? Or is this your first time hearing about them? Do you think you could be a Solutionary? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

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MPX COPPERHEAD: New Sig MPX Ultracompact [The Firearm Blog]

CopperheadWell, well, well. It looks like the Sig Rattler just got a baby brother. Just announced today is the Sig MPX Copperhead Ultra–Compact 9mm Personal Defense Weapon (PDW). Sporting a 3.5” barrel and a collapsing pistol stabilizing brace, the total overal length is an impressive 14.5”. The MPX Copperhead has fully ambidextrous controls and of […]

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California: Bureau of Land Management Upholds Federal Authority Over Federal Land [NRA-ILA News]

On November 13, 2018, San Diego County Supervisor Dianne Jacob introduced a proposed ordinance to ban recreational shooting on land around Donohoe Mountain and Pink Gate.  The land is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), an agency of the US Department of the Interior.  Jacob assured her colleagues that the BLM approved the ban, even though a BLM representative was not present at any of the Board of Supervisors’ meetings nor submitted a written statement on the proposed ordinance.


Upping the Ante! Hornady’s Frontier Cartridge Barrel with 13,889 Rounds of 5.56 NATO [The Firearm Blog]

cartridge barrelHornady must have noticed the barrels of ammunition Federal Premium recently produced. The barrels that Federal now sells are either 5.56 NATO with 12,500 rounds or 7.62 NATO with 7,500 rounds! Either in direct competition or just keeping in line with the marketplace, Hornady now has a Frontier Cartridge Barrel with even more 5.56 NATO rounds […]

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Rifle Dynamics Introduces The NATO AK [The Firearm Blog]

After a small run of custom AKs chambered in .223/5.56, Rifle Dynamics has added this rifle to their main product line due to the high demand. This new product is called RRD556 NATO AK. According to the announcement posted on the company’s social media pages, this project was possible thanks to the efforts of the K-Var […]

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H&K P8A1: The Bundeswehr’s USP [Forgotten Weapons]

Thanks to my friends at Bear Arms in Scottsdale, we have an H&K P8A1 to take a look at today – the current Bundeswehr issue version of the USP. Chambered for 9x19mm and adopted in 1994, only a few things differentiate the P8/P8A1 from the standard commercial USP. Most notably is the safety, which operates in the opposite direction as the commercial guns – up is fire and down is safe. This was specified by the German government to duplicate the operation of the pistol the P8 replaced – the P1. In addition, the P9 uses translucent magazine bodies (15 rounds capacity), allowing one to see how much ammunition is in the magazine from a glance.

A few further changes distinguish the P8A1 form the original P8. Most noticeable are the sights, which were plain white dots on the P8 and were replaced with luminous painted dots on the A1. The slide finished was changed to a more durable type on the A1, and a few places on the inside of the slides were beefed up as well. This was in response to reports of slide cracking with extended use of very hot ammunition.



Preppers: Stores Getting Their Seeds In Stock []

Looking to start a survival garden seed stockpile?  Or maybe the reader is looking to fill gaps in their existing stockpile? Well, late winter is probably the best time to get started.

Why is late winter probably the best time to get started?  Stores are getting their seed supplies in for the year.

Starting around early – mid January big box outlet and locally owned farm supply stores start getting their seed orders in.  The difference between big box and rural farm supply stores?  Rural farm supply typically sell their seeds by the ounce, or pound.  Big box outlet stores sell their seeds by the packet.

Here is the catch, some types of seed have a tendency to sell out rather quickly, such as corn.  Farmers in rural areas will buy corn seed buy the pound, rather than by the ounce.  I have seen corn seed sell out in a matter of a couple of weeks.  Once sold out, some places may not restock.

Then there is the issue with seed shortages.  Sometimes certain seeds may be in short supply, or may not arrive at all.  Several years ago a local farm supply was unable to get any cucumber seeds.  People at the store were informed there was a shortage, and seeds were being sent to major farms rather than stores in rural areas.

If a reader decides to visit a rural farm supply store, they may want to ask about any seed shortages, and which seems sell out the fastest.  As stated earlier, corn is typically a fast seller, followed by potatoes.

A good rural farm supply store may have seeds for:

  • Acorn squash.
  • Beans, including snap, bush, and pole.
  • Corn.
  • Greens.
  • Peas.
  • Spinach.
  • Yellow summer squash.
  • Zucchini.

Only to name a few.

Good Deals on Seeds

Looking to land a good deal on seeds?  Ask the owner of the feed supply store if they are willing to sell last years seeds at a deep discount.  Some stores will throw their old seeds away when the new seeds arrive.  Rather than throwing the seeds away, offer to buy them.

Are seeds from a year ago still viable?  Of course they are.  When left on a shelf and not frozen, seeds will typically last a couple of years.  I have heard numbers along the lines of 10% – 20% loss in germination when stored on a shelf.  However, when stored in a deep freezer, seeds have the possibility of lasting for decades.

Several years ago I germinated, planted, and grew crops from decade old seeds that had been stored in a deep freezer.   The squash seeds had an excellent germination rate I would estimate at around 80% – 90%.

Final Thoughts

New seeds are starting to arrive at stores, but certain types should sell out quickly.  For someone interested in stockpiling, or filling gaps, the time to buy is here.

If someone waits too long, certain types (such as corn) may be sold out.

Stay tuned and we will talk about crop planning and types of seeds to stockpile.

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Sunday, 06 January


BOTW: Jim’s Higgins Build [The Firearm Blog]

The 24th Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Jim.  So basically this is the Craftsman Tools of shotguns… Pretty interesting collector’s piece (with a little bit of the history), and even more interesting that Jim modded it (there is always the question of keeping it for the collector’s value or for the […]

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BOTW: Kevin’s AR9 Build [The Firearm Blog]

The 23rd Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Kevin.  I really like the look of that hand guard. If you all can’t tell by now, I really set this series up to get good ideas for the stuff I want to do. Pete finally convinced me to em-brace PCC builds and this […]

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Reader’s Choice Best Custom 1911 Winner: Wilson Combat [The Firearm Blog]

Let’s get right to the results: Wilson Combat won with 19.5% of the votes. The Nighthawk Custom came in second place with 17% of the votes. Cabot and Les Baer were neck and neck with Cabot just taking the lead by 9 votes for 14%. This is one of the closest Reader’s Choice votes we’ve […]

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Book Review: AK47 – The Grim Reaper (Second Edition) [Forgotten Weapons]

The expanded second edition of Frank Iannamico’s “AK47: The Grim Reaper” is a hefty 1100-page tome which tackles the ambition goal of being a single reference for all things Kalashnikov. Ot begins with a section on Soviet development of the AK rifle starting at the Type 1 and proceeding through the milled-receiver Type 2 and 3, the AKM, the AK-74, and into the modern rifles like the AK-107/8, AEK, and AN-94. Also included are the RPK and RPK-74, the PK, and the Dragunov. Next is a series of chapters covering AK production by other countries in the Warsaw Pact, and then an set of chapter on production by countries outside the Pact. Finally are chapters on the AK in the US (both imports and domestic production), accessories, ammunition, and magazines.

Overall, I think the book is the best single reference book on the AK platform. Its coverage of American Ads in particular is unmatched, and it does a good job of covering the main variations made across the world. I am a bit disappointed by the black and white pictures (the color ID photo profiles at the end are better than nothing, but not what I would prefer). I would also prefer to have a bit denser book, with less white space on every page…but that is getting rather nit-picky.

As good as Iannamico’s book is, the serious AK enthusiast will still want to also have copies of the other two good AK reference books on the market. “The Grim Reaper” cannot match Roodhorst’s “Kalashnikov Encyclopedia” sheer volume of odd variants covered, not does it match (or attempt to match) the technical and developmental information in Ezell’s “Kalashnikov: The Arms And The Man”. Still, I think it is the best rounded of the three and would be my recommendation for the person who only wants one AK book – and at $70, it is pretty economical for over a thousand pages.

Saturday, 05 January


Democrats Love Symbolism...When Abridging Your Rights [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Tuesday, January 8th is the eight anniversary of when then-Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) was shot at an event in Tucson. The killer obtained his Glock at a licensed gun shop after going through a FBI-run NICS check. Keep that in mind for later. At the time, the shootings were blamed on "insurrectionist ideology", "weak" gun laws, and the lack of a permanent BATFE director among other things. Just like with the Parkland murders, the failure of school officials and the local sheriff contributed to the shootings and not the lack of a background check.

Thus, it should be no surprise that on Tuesday, a bill will be introduced by House Democrats that will mandate universal background checks. Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly have been pushing universal background checks for years. They sent this out earlier today - along with the requisite beg for money to abridge your rights.

Here's some news I think you'll be quite happy to hear:

This Tuesday, January 8, Democrats in the House of Representatives will introduce bipartisan universal background checks legislation.

We fought to elect this Congress -- one that will stand up to the gun lobby -- and right away, they are delivering. The bill is H.R. 8, a symbolic action that will mark the 8th anniversary of the shooting in Tucson. It is also testament to all of our work moving the needle on this issue.

Gabby will be there for the announcement and we'll be ready to fight to get this thing passed.

But you know the gun lobby, they won't go down without a fight, especially on this issue. So we have to ask:

Can you make a $3 donation to Giffords PAC? We'll put it right to work in the fight to pass universal background checks.

This is a big deal, and we'll have a lot more soon. But right now, we're gearing up for what's sure to be a tough fight on this issue. So thanks for chipping in.

All my best,

Mark Kelly
My guess that the only thing bipartisan about this bill will be one or two RINOs like Rep. Peter King (R-NY) as a co-sponsor.

According to Politico, the bill will be number H.R. 8 to commemorate the date. The bill will be introduced by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).
“Since the shooting at Sandy Hook, the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force has been fighting for a chance to pass legislation that will help save lives,” Thompson said in a statement. “Finally, with our new majority that ran on helping to prevent gun violence, we will introduce a bipartisan, universal background checks bill. We will hold hearings, we will have a vote, and this legislation will finally pass the House.”

“In communities across America, courageous survivors, families and young advocates are showing outstanding courage and persistence in demanding an end to the horrific scourge of gun violence in our nation,” Pelosi said in a statement. “It is an honor to join Congressman Mike Thompson and former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords to answer their call by taking the first step to pass commonsense background checks – which 97 percent of the American people support.”
Notice those supposed poll numbers in support of "commonsense background checks". According to Pelosi, it is 97%. Was this supposed to be a gift to Threepers as the stalwart 3% that oppose this legislation? Why it was only yesterday it seems that Bloomberg, Giffords, and the rest of the gun control industry were saying it was a mere 90%.

So-called universal background checks are a solution in search of a problem. Criminals will continue to obtain firearms and the expectation that they will go through a NICS check is ludicrous. Moreover, as we have seen in the mass shootings which the news media and the gun control industry seem to feed on, the firearms were obtained from legitimate sources after a background check by the Federal Bureau of Investigation was completed. Finally, a law such as this is unenforceable absent a total registration of the 300-600 million firearms thought to exist in the United States.


Silencer Saturday #54: 3D Printed Silence Science – Delta P Design [The Firearm Blog]

3D PrintedWelcome back decibel dorks and thanks for joining us once again for TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where even supersonic cartridges deserve to be suppressed. Today we are taking a closer look at the suppressors from Delta P Design. As you are probably already aware, Delta P designs and builds their unique silencers through a process called […]

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One Day Of The New Congress And There Are Already Gun Bills [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The 116th Congress has been in session for little more than a day and we already are seeing gun bills. However, they aren't all bad. There is even a good knife bill proposed. However, I imagine the really bad ones are in the pipeline. I'm sure Rep. Lucy McBath (D-GA), the Carolyn McCarthy of Georgia and a card carrying Demanding Mom, will have a bill sooner or later.

The Good

HR 38 - Rep. Richard Hudson (R-NC) - This is a reintroduced version of his national reciprocity bill and it even has the same number as last time. 90 co-sponsors.

HR 88 - Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) - To protect the right of law-abiding citizens to transport knives interstate, notwithstanding a patchwork of local and State prohibitions, and to repeal Federal provisions related to switchblade knives which burden citizens. 4 Co-sponsors.

HR 155 - Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) - This bill would remove silencers or suppressors from the definition of firearms. I am presuming this means that they would also be removed from the requirements of the National Firearms Act of 1934. 23 co-sponsors.

HR 175 - Rep. Morgan Griffith (R-VA) - To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to more comprehensively address the interstate transportation of firearms or ammunition. I think this means an updating of FOPA 86 to provide more protection for travelers who have firearms. 0 c0-sponsors.

HR 189 - Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer (R- MO) - To provide requirements for the appropriate Federal banking agencies when requesting or ordering a depository institution to terminate a specific customer account, and for other purposes. The intent of this bill is to end Operation Choke Point. 0 Co-sponsors.

The Bad

HR 33 - Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) - To increase public safety by punishing and deterring firearms trafficking. (Somehow I don't think Rep. Rush means the gangbangers and their girlfriends on the southside of Chicago). 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 49 - Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) - To require the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to report to the Congress semiannually on the number of firearms transfers resulting from the failure to complete a background check within 3 business days, and the procedures followed after it is discovered that a firearm transfer has been made to a transferee who is ineligible to receive a firearm. Presumably this was inspired by the Charleston church murders. 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 157 - Rep. Dwight Evans (D-PA) - To repeal the provisions of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act prohibiting the bringing of qualified civil liability actions in Federal or State court. 0 Co-sponsors.

HR 167 - Rep. Al Green (D-TX) - To prohibit the transfer of a firearm at a gun show by a person who is not a licensed dealer. Presumably closing the non-existent gun show loophole. 1 Co-sponsor.

S 7 - Sen. Marco Rubio - (R-FL) - A bill to provide family members of an individual who they fear is a danger to himself, herself, or others, or law enforcement, with new tools to prevent gun violence. This is the first of the Red Flag laws promised. 3 Co-sponsors.

The Rest

HR 110 - Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) - To provide an exception to certain mandatory minimum sentence requirements for a person employed outside the United States by a Federal agency, who uses, carries, or possesses the firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence committed while on-duty with a firearm required to be carried while on-duty. 0 Co-sponsors.

There have been 321 bills or resolutions introduced as of yesterday according to If I missed any anti-gun bill that was introduced, please list the bill number in the comments.

UPDATE: HR 207 - Rep. C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger (D-MD) - To amend the Public Health Service Act to establish a grant program supporting trauma centers with violence intervention and violence prevention programs, and for other purposes. (Given his anti-gun stance, this bill should probably be in the bad column.)


Wichita, KS [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

1/3/19 KAKE:

The number of homicides rose by 13 percent in 2018, the highest in decades, justifiable homicides more than doubling.  The chief sat down with KAKE's Pilar Pedraza to take a closer look at what's going on.
"A significant number of the homicides in 2018 have a drug connection," he said.
Police investigated a total of 44 homicides in Wichita last year.  A homicide legally is when one human kills another.  Some homicides are legal, some are crimes.
It started on January 8th with what's called a justifiable homicide, a case of self-defense.
"Our first two homicides were one incident - where a homeowner...had people at his door with guns and he shot and killed both of them," Ramsay said.  "And that's how the year started out,  was our first two homicides were  justifiable."
Justifiable homicides climbed to a high of nine confirmed last year, with Chief Ramsay expecting a shooting last week to become number ten on that list.
"You know when we look at last week's, very obviously justified you know, with a store being robbed. He had had a gun pointed in his face."


Evolution of the Dutch-Made AR10 [Forgotten Weapons]

The AR-10 rifle was developed in the United States (Hollywood California, specifically) by Eugene Stoner, but the Armalite company did not have a suitable large scale manufacturing facility to produce the number of guns they expected to sell to military forces. Instead, a deal was struck to license production to the Dutch firm of Artillerie Inrichtingen in Delft. Production would only run for about 4 years before the Dutch government shut down arms production for political reasons, but during that time the AR-10 rifle would undergo significant evolution.

Today were are looking at three examples of the rifle. First is a Cuban pattern, second is a Sudanese pattern, and third is a Portuguese pattern. These do a good job of showing the changes from the early (pre-Dutch military trials) and late patterns of the rifle, as it gradually traded increased weight for increased durability and more features.

Many thanks to Movie Armaments Group in Toronto for the opportunity to showcase their AR-10 rifles for you. Check them out on Instagram to see many of the guns in their extensive collection!

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Hollywood Weapons: Season 3 [The Firearm Blog]

A new season of Hollywood Weapons: Fact or Fiction? is upon us. Season 3 airs tomorrow on Outdoor Channel. For those of you who haven’t heard of Hollywood Weapons, check out my other article to catch up. Right now Hollywood Weapons is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. Netflix has both the first […]

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POTD: At the Range with 10th Special Forces Group Snipers [The Firearm Blog]

On the 6th December, snipers of the US Army’s 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) took part in training to engage targets at long ranges shooting through barrier holes. The session included tripod training using SOCOM’s Sniper Support Rifle (SSR), the FN SCAR MK20. The training took place at Fort Carson in Colorado, the photos of the range session […]

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FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Handheld EDC Lights [The Firearm Blog]

Welcome back to Friday Night Lights, where we will be continuing our weekly series on illumination related subjects. Today we will talk about some options for handheld everyday carry (EDC) flashlights. Among the items you typically carry on you everyday, do you carry a flashlight? Many people do not: They usually use the flash on […]

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Florida: Anti-Gun Lobbyists – OR – Hired-Gun Mercenaries? [NRA-ILA News]

An article posted on FLORIDA POLITICS  dated 12/25/2018 titled The 12 Days of Christmas ...reported that NY Billionaire  Mike Bloomberg's anti-gun group "Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund" has hired the Smith Bryan & Myers lobbying team of Matt Bryan, David Daniels, Thomas Griffin, Jeff Hartley, Lisa Hurley and Jim Naff to fight NRA-USF's "one-woman show," Marion Hammer,  to help advance Bloomberg's gun control agenda in Florida.


Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver [The Firearm Blog]

Standard Manufacturing S333 VOLLEYFIRE Double Barrel Revolver (1)Standard Manufacturing has released a rather weird revolver called S333 Volleyfire. This gun has two barrels with side by side orientation and can simultaneously fire two .22 WMR cartridges with each trigger pull which means it can empty its eight-round cylinder in a matter of four trigger pulls. This revolver is most likely the evolution […]

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Gun Owners Call BS on Restrictive Measures in New Jersey and Canada [NRA-ILA News]

Treating nice people like criminals isn’t likely to enhance respect for the law.That’s a tough lesson anti-gun officials in New Jersey and Canada are learning now that deadlines are past or nearly arrived for certain newly-enacted gun control measures.


Gun Controllers Want Credit Card Companies to Monitor and Restrict Lawful Purchases [NRA-ILA News]

Gun controllers frustrated that their federal agenda has been repeatedly rejected by Americans through their elected representatives are seeking to restrict gun rights by way of the private financial system. The goal is to pressure financial services companies into either not doing business with the firearms industry and gun owners or to comprehensively surveille their lawful activity


House Dems to introduce gun backgrounds checks bill on Tuesday [NRA-ILA News]

House Democrats will introduce their proposal to require universal backgrounds checks for gun sales on Tuesday, the eighth anniversary of former Rep. Gabby Gifford’s shooting, according Democratic lawmakers and aides. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Rep. Mike Thompson (Calif.) — who heads up a Democratic task force on gun violence — will join Giffords in introducing the bill, which will be dubbed “H.R. 8” in honor of the Arizona Democratic lawmaker.


Send It! Ruger’s NEW Hawkeye Long-Range Target 6.5 PRC [The Firearm Blog]

Target 6.5 PRCRuger’s Hawkeye Long-Range Target is one of their best offerings for a precision rifle aside from the even more aptly named RPR (Ruger Precision Rifle). It was initially offered in .300 Winchester Magnum, but now you can purchase it in the tremendously popular 6.5 Creedmoor or 6.5 PRC (Precision Rifle Cartridge) as well. As the […]

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Researchers Credit Right to Carry Law With Reduction in Chicago Property Crimes [NRA-ILA News]

In July 2013, the Illinois legislature overrode the veto of then-Governor Patrick Quinn to eliminate the state’s status as the last holdout in refusing to issue concealed-carry permits. In moving from “no-issue” to “shall issue,” law-abiding citizens of the Land of Lincoln were finally able to enjoy the Second Amendment rights affirmed in D.C. v. Heller, McDonald v. Chicago, and Moore v. Madigan. Yet, even while benefiting from armed protection at the expense of taxpayers, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel maintained that “gun control is essential,” and that the new concealed carry law would result in an increase in crime.


Shocker: Focusing on Criminals Yields Public Safety Results [NRA-ILA News]

Anti-gun organizations want you to believe that the next law, the next restriction on gun rights, the next burden for law-abiding gun owners will be the game-changer.  Whenever gun control fails – and it always does – the answer is that the effort didn’t go far enough. Researchers grasp for an excuse when they find their preferred gun control laws have no effect on crime.


NRA-ILA 2018 Year in Review [NRA-ILA News]

Here is a summary of the top stories brought to you in 2018 via the NRA-ILA Grassroots Alert.  2019 is certain to be a critically important year as new anti-gun leadership in the U.S. House and in many states will come after the Second Amendment with renewed zeal. As we move into 2019, we must continue to ensure we're prepared to meet the great challenges before us...not only in the coming year, but with an eye toward the all-important 2020 election cycle! To that end, we will continue to provide you with information in future Alerts to ensure you have the information necessary to protect and advance your rights.


Gov. Northam announces gun control package to be introduced in next session [NRA-ILA News]

Governor Ralph Northam has announced a comprehensive package of legislation that he claims will prevent gun violence and improve the safety of Virginia’s citizens and communities. He said the package includes measures to require universal background checks; establish an Extreme Risk Protective Order; reinstate Virginia’s One Handgun a Month law; prohibit individuals subject to final protective orders from possessing firearms; ban assault firearms; prevent children from accessing firearms; and require individuals to report lost or stolen firearms to law enforcement.


SkyWall100 Anti-Drone System Was Demonstrated to US Marine Corps [The Firearm Blog]

SkyWall100 Anti-Drone System Was Demonstrated to US Marine Corps 660 1British OpenWorks Engineering has published a news article reporting that their SkyWall100 drone capture system has been demonstrated to the Commandant of the US Marine Corps at the Marine Corps Base Quantico for the Non-Lethal Technology Exercise NNTEX-18C. According to the company, many military officials and observers from multiple NATO countries were also present at this […]

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Pelosi Looks Beyond Investigating Trump to Set Democrats’ 2020 Agenda [NRA-ILA News]

With the House speaker’s gavel now in hand, Nancy Pelosi has a chance to sketch out a vision of how Democrats would govern if voters award them control of Congress and the White House in 2020. Addressing the House chamber on Thursday, Pelosi ticked off an agenda that was a ready-made campaign platform: mitigating income inequality, tackling the “existential threat” of climate change, protecting young undocumented immigrants, gun control and cracking down on lobbying in Washington.


Pelosi to make history with second Speakership [NRA-ILA News]

Rep. Nancy Pelosi is about to make history. Again.The California Democrat broke new ground in 2007 when she became the first woman ever to ascend to the House Speakership. On Thursday, twelve years later, she’s poised to take the gavel once more, following a midterm wave that will give Democrats control of the lower chamber for the first time in nearly a decade. The power shift at once distinguishes Pelosi as the most potent Democrat in the country, puts her in the driver’s seat of the Democrats’ delicate effort to be a check on President Trump and his administration and makes her the face of the party heading into the crucial 2020 election cycle — at least until a Democratic presidential nominee emerges.


Don't trample on the Second Amendment: Sen. John Kennedy [NRA-ILA News]

Too often overlooked in the push to rewrite our gun laws is the irony of expecting evil to be chastened by an erosion of law-abiding citizens’ rights.


SAAB Signs $55 Million Carl-Gustaf M4 Launcher Contract with Undisclosed Customer [The Firearm Blog]

SAAB Signs $55 Million Carl-Gustaf M4 Launcher Contract with Undisclosed Customer 660Saab has published a news release announcing that they have signed a contract of delivering Carl-Gustaf M4 multi-role weapon systems to an undisclosed customer. The total sum of the contract is 429,000,000 Swedish Kronas which is roughly equal to $55 million. The delivery of the order will start in 2019 and last until 2024. The company’s press […]

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2019 Mississippi Legislative Session Convenes on Tuesday, January 8 [NRA-ILA News]

On Tuesday, January 8th, the Mississippi legislature convenes for the 2019 legislative session.


Coat Hanger Machine Gun DIAS (Drop In Auto Sear) [The Firearm Blog]

Some of you may or may not know of the infamous “shoe string machine gun”. A piece of string can be tied to the charging handle of an MI1 or similar firearm, then wrapped around the trigger guard and looped onto the trigger. With the correct length and tension, the travel of the bolt will […]

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Are Hunters Addicted to Technology? []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


During the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, it was revealed that both Korea and China have therapy clinics to help people deal with addictions to technology. Of course, we see it every day on the highways and stop lights. People can’t concentrate on driving their vehicles for fooling with their cell phones, texting, emailing, Facebooking, or Snapchatting or something. Are they addicted?

Have you tried to sit through a nice dinner at a restaurant when the people at the next table are talking on their iPhones the whole time? What about the grocery store line, checkouts at Walmart or any store for that matter. You’ve seen people walking in parking lots or in the neighborhood while all the time on a phone, out loud. Have you attended meetings when half the audience are punching messages on their phones, texting or playing games?

Have you seen it in deer camp? I have and it is disgusting. Well, maybe not disgusting in that sense, but certainly disappointing. You go to deer camp or hunting to enjoy the great outdoors and fellowship. Most of the guys in camp spend half or more of their time fooling with technology of all kinds. They play with cell phones, trail cameras, trail video cameras, a GPS, electronic range finders, night scopes, thermal units and more.
The apps are endless. Mapping apps, aerial photo apps, plotted stands, weather apps, wind apps, moon phases, barometric pressures, and “best” hunting times for each day. By the time all the data is collected on when to hunt, the rest of camp fun and activities go by the wayside. There is little to no time for conversation around the campfire.

Next is social media. One of our hunters comes in from a hunt and sits on his ATV sending Facebook posts of everything he did that morning. He takes selfies while on the stand. I mean, really dude. Who wants to see all that?

Then, let’s not even talk about drones and the sky cameras on board. Some guys are actually prowling around the property looking for bucks. Another cruises his drone across our property line to spy on other camps. It rarely yields anything of value.

Whatever happened to good ole hunting and hunting camps? Many have been ruined by an overuse of technologies that often just waste time and contribute little. It often ruins the atmosphere of a good camp. Maybe we need counseling centers for over-teched hunters to wean them off. Heck, a good campfire is the best therapy you can get anyway.

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Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good [The Firearm Blog]

Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good (1)“Everything Wrong to Make It Look So Good” – according to Drew Boquet, the creator of this gun, that’s the motto of this build. It was made to replicate a Khyber pass rifle. At first glance, it seems to be just another AK project made with a hodgepodge of different parts, however, the more you look […]

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Mossberg’s New MC1sc Pistol []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


That’s correct, you read it right. Mossberg just hit the airwaves with the announcement of their new pistol. The historic part here is that this is Mossberg’s first handgun in 100 years of manufacturing firearms. And this one is going to be a real dandy.

Described by Mossberg as a subcompact pistol the new MC1’s primary selling point is its ergonomics particularly the grip angle which has been optimized for easier shooting. The trigger offers a flat profile with an improved pull. This pistol also incorporates Mossberg’s proprietary Safe Takedown System. The STS system permits the handgun to be disassembled without pulling the trigger.

Of course, the MC1sc (sub-compact) is chambered for the 9mm. A no-brainer since the 9 is the single most popular handgun round in the world and with today’s new personal defense ammo by so many makers, the 9mm has re-earned its respect as an able cartridge for self-defense, law enforcement and of course, military applications. The MC1 has a flush fit magazine that holds 6 rounds and an extended magazine for 7 rounds. These mags feature Mossberg’s Clear Count polymer construct so the user only has to remove to magazine to check the number of rounds left loaded in the magazine. Talk about cutting-edge factory innovation.

The feature list for the MC1sc is long. The slide comes with multi-angle slide serrations for a positive slide grip both fore and aft. The stainless slide is finished in a Diamond-like Carbon Coating. Sights are snag-free, white 3-dot adjustable for windage via the dovetail fit with a ramp front sight. Slide edges are “melted” smooth for easy draw and handling. The grip has a palm swell with a grip angle to accommodate all shooters.

The barrel is 3.4 inches in length. The frame is tough polymer glass-reinforced for long term durability and service. With a weight of only 22 ounces, those toting the MC1 will enjoy its light weight and portability. It should prove ideal too for EDC and concealed carry. Additionally the grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing that will offer exceptional grip-ability.

The extended trigger guard looks overtly enlarged, but for good reason. This makes it even easier to access the flat-profile trigger with its integral blade safety. The large magazine release button just behind the trigger guard is reversible, too. The striker assembly is easily removed out the rear of the slide permitting simple pistol takedown.

There has not been a listed MSPR for the MC1sc yet, but I predict it will be very competitive. Expect to see this new Mossberg pistol at the SHOT Show this month and I suspect there will be shooting opportunities as well. Check it out at

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FN CAL: Short-Lived Predecessor to the FNC [Forgotten Weapons]

The CAL (Carabine Automatique Leger; Light Automatic Carbine) was FN’s first attempt to produce a 5.56mm rifle as a counterpart to the 7.62mm FAL. While light and handy, the CAL was a relatively complex and expensive design, and failed to garner many sales. About 12,000 were made in total before FN pulled the gun in favor of the FN FNC, which would prove to be much more successful.

Thursday, 03 January


BREAKING: Hearing Protection Act Reintroduced to Congress [The Firearm Blog]

Hearing Protection ActThe Hearing Protection Act has been reintroduced to Congress by Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina. The American Suppressor Association describe the Hearing Protection Act (HPA) of 2019 as “an enhanced version of previous” legislation introduced to Congress in 2015. The HPA (2019) was introduced on the first day of the 116th Congress by Rep. Duncan who said: The […]

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Never Go Full ATF – Analysis Of Bump Stock Ban [The Firearm Blog]

Well the time has come and the ATF has ruled on Bump Stock devices and they are now saying they are now considered machine guns. If you have missed this staggering news, check it out here. I have taken a look at the entire 157 page document and will break down critical parts. Lets go […]

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MatchPoint USA EdgeMatch Inverted Glock Sights [The Firearm Blog]

Matchpoint USA EdgeMatch Inverted Pistol Iron Sights (1)Apparently, these iron sights are not a new product and looks like they’ve been around for at least a couple of years. Nevertheless, we haven’t yet talked about them here on TFB and I bet many of you haven’t heard about EdgeMatch inverted iron sights made by MatchPoint USA. So, let’s take a quick look […]

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Saiga-9 YAROVIT – Competition PCC by Kalashnikov Concern’s Custom Shop [The Firearm Blog]

Saiga-9 YAROVIT (1)Just like the Svarog rifle that we talked about a couple of weeks ago, Saiga-9 Yarovit PCC is also named after a Slavic deity. This 9mm carbine is built by Kalashnikov Concern‘s custom shop called LOT (ЛОТ (Лаборатория Оружейного Тюнинга) – an abbreviation that stands for “firearms tuning laboratory). Let’s see what divine features Yarovit has. […]

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Education Versus Training [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I read a very perceptive opinion piece in yesterday's Wall Street Journal by Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC-5). She is the Chair of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce and will be the Ranking Member in the new Congress.

The piece entitled "Stop Calling it 'Vocational Training'" dealt with the how we refer to vocational and technical education offered by vo-tech schools and community colleges as opposed to "higher education" offered in in 4-year colleges and universities. Foxx is well placed to discuss this as long before she entered politics she was a community college president in North Carolina.

Those who earn what people usually call vocational and technical degrees have long been viewed as inferior to those who graduate with a series of letters after their names. If you went to school to learn a trade, you must be lesser, because someone long ago decided that college should be called “higher” education. Considering the state of colleges and universities today, the word “higher” may be the most misleading of them all.
Foxx goes on to say that how we speak about education reeks of class snobbery. If a poor kid goes to a 4-year school, he or she has risen above their background. Conversely, if a middle class kid goes into a technical field, we say he or she "didn't live up to expectations." This, of course, ignores the fact that an apprentice welder can earn upwards of $60,000 annually to start as compared to many liberal arts graduates struggling to earn $30,000 a year.

Foxx then goes on to discuss an experience that she had in graduate school at UNC-Greensboro which I think goes beyond community college versus "higher education".
One of the few lessons that stuck with me from all the courses I took on the way to earning my Ed.D. came during a classroom discussion that sparked my passion for changing the way we talk about education. I’ll never forget how the professor responded to a student who used the word “training.” Training, the professor admonished, was for animals. Humans receive an education.

We can’t keep speaking of people as if they are animals. Whether an individual acquires a skill credential, a bachelor’s degree, a postgraduate degree or anything in between, it’s all education.
We speak of the need to get firearms training. This is offered by firearms trainers. However, should we not start calling it firearms education? It does after all involve learning and is offered in a class. We are being taught how to use a tool safely which is no different in essence than a surgeon being taught how to operate specialized OR equipment. Furthermore, advanced classes delve into human behavior and how to respond to dangerous, criminal, and abnormal behaviors. Think William Aprill.

Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman's book Thinking, Fast and Slow deals with the dichotomy of thought between instinctive and logical. The former or System 1 deals with fast and instinctive thought while the latter or System 2 is more deliberative, slow, and logical. In the firearms education context, System 1 is where many, if not most, concentrate their teaching. System 2 or the slower, more deliberative, and logical approach is what is covered by Massad Ayoob and Andrew Branca when dealing with the aftermath of a defensive gun use.

Virginia Foxx is correct that words matter when it comes to education. Training is what you do with your Labrador Retriever. Educating and teaching is what people like Tom Givens, Massad Ayoob, William Aprill, Greg Ellifritiz, and other "firearms trainers" do. From now on, education is how we should refer to what we as humans do in classes dealing with firearms. At least, I plan to do so.


NEW PHOTOS: CZ BREN 2 BR in 7.62×51 [The Firearm Blog]

BREN 2 BRFrom 2019 Česká zbrojovka (CZ) will offer their 7.62x51mm BREN 2 BR (Battle Rifle), to military and law enforcement customers. The rifle was officially launched back in September, check out Vlad’s right up on it here. Now we have some new product photos to take a closer look at the rifle. The new rifle uses […]

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Philadelphia SWAT Adopts SIG SAUER M400 Pro Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

M400The Philadelphia Police Department have adopted SIG Sauer’s M400 Pro rifles for their SWAT teams. These new M400s will replace Philadelphia SWAT’s Bushmaster AR-15s and SIG Sauer SIG556s. Philadelphia PD have not confirmed how many or in what configuration the rifles will be. The M400 comes with a 16 inch barrel as standard and is available […]

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POTD: LAC Wear on the hunt [The Firearm Blog]

If you’re a hunter you may feel acquainted with the situation in this picture, Today’s Photo Of The Day. The firearm in the picture is a Tikka T3 in .308 Winchester. The suppressor is an Ase Utra SL7. This Tikka T3 sits in a GRS Riflestocks Berserk. A Zeiss V8 1.8-14/50 is mounted with a […]

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TFBTV: The NEW Mossberg MC1 Single Stack 9mm Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James looks at the brand new Mossberg MC1, which is a single stack 9mm with 6+1 capacity and very similar in size to the Glock 43. It also has features lacking from its competition, including a flat trigger and forward slide serrations. It also takes Glock 43 magazines! (Seriously.) Check […]

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How Does it Work: Open Bolt vs Closed Bolt Firearms [Forgotten Weapons]

This is the first of a series I am doing on specific different types of firearm action and operation principles and systems. I want to keep them short and to the point, to create an easily referenced library for folks who don’t know what the various terms and mechanical systems are.

Most semiauto firearms fire from a closed bolt and most fully automatic firearms fire from an open bolt, but these are far from strict rules, and many exception exist. Open bolt offers better cooling and prevents any possibility of cookoff, while closed bolt offers better practical accuracy.



Video - Open Versus Closed Bolt Systems [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Ian McCollum of Forgotten Weapons has produced this nice short video explaining the differences in operation between open and closed bolt actions. While we tend to think that open bolt is for machine guns and closed bolt is for semi-automatic is the rule that isn't always the case. Ian has examples of both closed bolt full auto submachine guns and open bolt semi-automatic rifles. The confusion may stem from a ruling by BATFE back in the 1980s which said no new open bolt semi-autos could be manufactured as they thought these would be easier to convert to full auto.


TFB Review: Mossberg MC1 Subcompact Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Pop quiz: What was the first firearm that Mossberg manufactured? If you guessed a pistol, you have some bragging rights in the comments section. (If you said a shotgun, you clearly miss obvious clues…) Mossberg got their start with the “Brownie”, a four-shot pistol marketed to trappers for dispatching game. It was “dandy” according to […]

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POTD: Dark Earth JP Rifles PCS-12 and Microtech SOCOM Alpha [The Firearm Blog]

Flat Dark Earth, and the JP Rifles PCS-12 and Microtech SOCOM Alpha together is the theme here. Shooting a major caliber, like the .308 Win, in practical shooting competition is not going to help you in any way. Everything is going to be more of a challenge versus shooting a 223 Rem for instance. The […]

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NEW Seekins Precision Havak BRAVO Bolt-Action Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

NEW Seekins Precision HAVAK Bravo Bolt-Action Rifle (1)Seekins Precision has added a new rifle to their HAVAK family of rifles. This new bolt-action rifle is called HAVAK Bravo. The name Bravo probably derives from the KRG Bravo Chassis that was used in this build. The rifle is marketed as a “perfect platform for you to compete in the Precision Rifle Series production […]

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Production/Carry Optics from Shield and Leupold [The Firearm Blog]

With the entry of Optics in a lot of Divisions in both USPSA and IPSC (Production, Production Light and Open) more and more shooters are following the red light. The urge to try something new, aging eye sight…there are many reasons people chose to change from Production or Standard/Limited divisions. Some Open shooter prefer that […]

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BREAKING: Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms Importer [The Firearm Blog]

BREAKING Zastava Arms USA to Become the Exclusive Zastava Firearms ImporterIf you browse the list of companies that will be exhibiting at SHOT Show 2019, you’ll notice a new company with a very familiar name – Zastava Arms USA. Apparently, the famous Serbian arms manufacturer now has a new US distributor. Here is the description of Zastava Arms USA quoted from the company’s profile page […]

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National Rifle League Announces its 2019 Competition Season [The Firearm Blog]

national rifle leagueThe National Rifle League recently wrapped up another successful season of competition and they already have their cross-hairs set on 2019. In the new year, they are looking to expand into new territories and states for matches as well as add more opportunities for shooters on the calendar. Their Press Release can be read below: […]

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Unclear if security efforts, grant money helping student safety after Parkland tragedy [NRA-ILA News]

Ten months after the Parkland school shooting and nine months after Congress acted, federal money is flowing to states to boost school security and new records are pouring in to the national background check system. It’s unclear if either of those is making a difference yet.


New Brazil leader Bolsonaro targets crime, leftwing 'ideology' [NRA-ILA News]

Brazil's new President Jair Bolsonaro declared a crusade against crime, corruption and leftwing ideology as he took office Tuesday for a four-year term at the helm of Latin America's biggest nation.


Washington state raises age for assault rifle purchases to 21 [NRA-ILA News]

Washington state on Tuesday officially banned anyone under age 21 from buying semi-automatic assault rifles. The ballot initiative, which passed with 59 percent support of voters in November, sought to implement a series of gun control reforms, The Associated Press reported.


Review: CTK Ruger Precision Rifle Mag Release Extension – Upgrade for the Ruger Precision Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

I’m happy to say this is the first TFB Review in 2019 – I am sure there will be many more during the year. I wanted an upgrade for my Ruger Precision Rifle – perhaps you know that urge to improve something which is already perfect? Well that urge was there, an itch to scratch. […]

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TFBTV: Introducing the Glock 43X and Glock 48! [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James gets his hands on Glock’s two newest single stacks, the Glock 43X, and the Glock 48. Both of these guns are single stack 9mm pistols, clearly inspired by (and borrowing many parts from) the Glock 43, which was a huge hit for Glock. Can Glock repeat its success with […]

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Postcards from Russia’s Frogmen [The Firearm Blog]

Do you remember the postcards from the German Kampfschwimmers? In Mother Russia they have Frogmen too and they are jealous. The Germans went to a warmer, tropical location. Smart move. The Russians got winter and ice, but they managed to get these Postcards to us from their secret, submerged location. The Russian’s armory is a […]

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GLOCK G43X & G48: GLOCK’s Newest 9mm Carry Guns Drop Before SHOT Show []

The GLOCK G43X and G48 slimline carry pistols are here and they look to take the EDC market by storm.

A small arms race is heating up and 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the carry gun. In 2018 we saw the introduction of many new firearms that were aiming to become your new EDC. Most notably, the Sig Sauer P365 took the market by storm with an incredibly small size that miraculously packed 10 rounds into it’s tiny frame +1 in the chamber. While the P365 appeared to be a great new addition to the market and saw many buyers flock to the stores, it was not without it’s troubles.

After it’s release, Sig was confronted with reports of reliability issues that were related to the gun’s firing pin. Some shooter’s were experiencing fractured firing pins after running some rounds through their new gun, resulting in the need for Sig to recall many of the new pistols. While they have quickly addressed this issue, the seeds of doubt have been sewn, opening up room for another very well established manufacturer to step in.

Here enters GLOCK with their newest pistols, the G43X and G48. Building on the success of the G43, which sold over one million pistols in just 3 years, GLOCK is aiming to take their slimline offering to the next level. Not only do these guns present direct and very real competition to the P365’s of the world, they also present a new concealed carry option for the diehard GLOCK fans out there.

G43 X and G48

Featured: G43X- Left and G48 – Right

First, let’s address the most drastic design change introduced with these pistols. GLOCK has departed from their traditional black on black look and  introduced a two tone design. The pistol frame features the standard black polymer look, as well as Gen5 design enhancements. What is new and to be honest, very nice looking in person, is the silver slide. The slide features an nPVD coating which is also utilized by the G19x. nPVD, which was exclusive to the G19X, is GLOCK’s coating process which prevents corrosion, resists chemicals, and helps the firearm stand up against the elements.

G48 Left

nPVD Silver Coasting Featured on the G48

Beyond the color change, GLOCK has designed these pistols to be closer in height to the G19 while keeping the slide width to just 1.1 inch, identical to the G43. The result of this design is an extremely slim firearm that has great balance and feel in the palm of your hand. While your typical sub-compact carry gun will generally leave your pinky hanging and in search of purchase, these frames are more in line with a compact and give you a very comfortable piece of real estate for your large and plus sized meat hooks.

The frames themselves are identical in size for both of these pistols, what really differentiates them is the slide length. The G43X features a slide length of 154 mm vs. the G48’s 174mm. To give you a good idea of how these stack up against the closest members of the GLOCK family, we’ve put together a quick table for you:


Featured from left to right: G19 MOS, G48, G43X, G43

Outside of all of the external design features sits something new. These little beasts are fed with a magazine that is not quite a standard G19 or G43 mag . While these magazines will not be compatible with other models, they will work with both the G43X and G48. Each of these pistols will ship with two 10 round magazines, neither of which will feature an extension for enhanced grip. Also absent from the box will be additional grip options as GLOCK has made a beaver tail grip standard on both.


Featured- Left:G43 Magazine Center:G43X Magazine Right:G19 Magazine

Building on the slimline seres, these pistols will be incorporating design elements such as the short trigger distance, a reversible magazine catch and the match grade GLOCK Marksman Barrel (GMB). Also, the G43X and G48 will both feature precision milled front serrations, 4 in the front and 5 in the back. In terms of sights, you will be able to select from standard, GLOCK Night Sights (GNS), and Ameriglo BOLD.

Below we have included the specific specs for both of the new pistols for your viewing pleasure:

Glock G43X

Glock G43x

G43X Tech Specs


G43X 9

G43X Front View

G43X 10

G43X Right Profile

G43X 11

G43X Left Profile


Glock G43x


G48 Tech Specs

G48 Front Profile

G48 Front

G48 Right

G48 Right Profile

G48 Left

G48 Left Profile

Accessories and Launch

As you would expect, many of the biggest names in holsters have partnered with GLOCK prior to this release so that they can drop their specific offerings at the same time as the firearms. A representative from GLOCK has confirmed that the following manufacturers will have products available at the time of the pistols’ launch .

  • Milt Sparks
  • Safariland
  • Blade-Tech
  • Desantis Holsters
  • Galco
  • Vista/Blackhawk
  • Raven Concealment
  • Comp-tac
  • Keepers Concealment
  • Diamond custom leather
  • Crossbreed

We’ve been told that the G43X and G48 will be hitting dealer shelves on January 21st, 2019. The firearms, holsters, and I am sure many other accessories will be on display during the 2019 SHOT Show. Check back to OutdoorHub for our exclusive show coverage from range day and the show floor beginning on January 20th, 2019.

For more information about the new Slimline series G43X and G48, contact GLOCK, Inc. or go to

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SURPRISE, New GLOCKS! Silver Slimline G43X And G48 Roll Out [The Firearm Blog]

Silver slimlineIn what might have been this holiday season’s worst best kept secret, filled with the drama of artist renderings and feature speculations, TFB is finally ready to debut the real thing. GLOCK is releasing two new Slimline pistols – the G43X and a longer slide G48 – that are aimed squarely at the everyday carry […]

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Vektor H5: Pump Action Adaptation of the South African Galil [Forgotten Weapons]

The H5 is a pump-action conversion of the South African R4/R5 Galil rifles, developed by Vektor in the early 1990s. It was fairly difficult at that time to get a permit for a semiautomatic rifle in South Africa, but manually operated rifles were much less strictly regulated – so the H5 was introduced to sell to the civilian market. It was found to be quite popular with private security firms, and so a second version was introduced for them, with a pistol grip, folding stock, and black furniture in place of the original wood. Three barrel lengths were offered between the two models, a long sporting barrel and two shorter ones equal to the R4 and R5 barrels.

The rifle is designed to keep as many standard Galil parts as possible for economic manufacture, but the whole gas system was omitted. This necessitated a new top cover, new safety, and obviously a new front handguard which would work as a pump handle. No iron sights were put on them, instead they have a scope rail fixed to the top cover and were shipped with 4×32 inexpensive scopes.

With the clarification of South African gun laws around 2000, semiautomatic rifle permits actually became substantially simpler to acquire, and the market for the H5 pretty much disappeared.

Many thanks to the private collector who provided me access to these two examples to bring to you!


Three Things to Stockpile in 2019 []

As we look forward to a new year, maybe we should also look forward to the following year – 2020.  Why should we care about 2020?  President Trump will be up for re-election.  It is looks like a Democrat will win the presidency we may be facing a bad political situation.

Part of a well balanced long term survival plan should include looking forward past next week.  However, if the weather predictions have trouble with next week, can we really expect to have accurate predictions for the next two years?  Probably not.

Because predictions can be a waste of time, let’s talk about three things that should serve us well regardless of what happens.

Firearms and Ammunition

When President Trump was elected firearm markets fell into disarray. For months before the 2016 election manufacturers had ramped up production in expectation of panic buying. When Trump won instead of Hillary, there was a surplus of firearms on the market. The resulting slump in sales is called “The Great Trump Slump.”

Even though Democrats took control of the house during the 2018 mid-term elections, the GOP still controls the senate.  So it is unlikely any meaningful gun control laws will get passed.

However, this could all change with the 2020 elections.  Rather than waiting for the 2020 elections, why not stockpile firearms and ammunition now?

Some of the readers may be saying something like, “I already stockpile guns and ammo.”  That is fine and dandy.  However, some of us put more emphasis developing sustainability rather than guns and ammo.

While there is a surplus of guns and ammo on the market, 2019 may be a good year to stockpile.

Garden Seeds

Seed packets

Local Big Mart stores are starting to get their 2019 seeds in stock.  On December 29, 2018, I went by the Lowes store in Jasper, Texas and they had a couple of display racks full of fresh garden seeds.

Why seeds?  Because food production is the foundation of society.  Regardless of what happens, seeds are relativity cheap and can provide a layer of comfort knowing families can grow their own food.

Store seeds in a deep freezer and they should last for decades.  A few years ago I germinated, planted, and grew a garden with decade old seeds.  The germination rate was somewhere in the 80% – 90% range.


Few things beat cold, hard cash in hand.  With the stock market running like a roller coaster, who knows what will happen?

After a natural disaster and the grid goes down, stores may not accept credit / debit cards..  For example, after a hurricane and stores have no way to process credit / debit cards, they will typically take cash.

Final Thoughts

Chances are a lot of people are stockpiling the above listed items.  For example, spring is typically when I stockpile garden seeds.  Rather than buying seed packets from an outlet store, I buy in bulk from a local farm supply store.  Whats the difference?  When buying seeds from a farm supply store, I buy seeds by the pound, rather than the ounce like what comes in seed packets.

How many of the readers will pick up a box of ammo when they go to Walmart?  For several years I would pick up a box of 22 long rifle, 7.62×39, 223 Remington… every few trips to Wallyworld.  Maybe it is time to get back into that habit.

For some reason, I feel 2019 is the calm before the storm.  I feel 2020 is going to be a turbulent year,  not just for elections, but for the nation as a whole.

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Tuesday, 01 January


Happy New Year: Looking Back At TFB In 2018 [The Firearm Blog]

Looking back“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” – As unique and profound as the opening line from the Tale Of Two Cities is, the words seem to apply more often than not. In our world, the news and events surrounding the firearms industry – that cyclical ‘Yin Yang’, almost bipolar feeling – […]

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State of the Channel 2019 [Forgotten Weapons]

We’ve got a pretty cool year planned for 2019…

Monday, 31 December


POTD: Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

This pistol is a Mannlicher M1899 in 7.65mm. The elaborately engraved and inlaid gun was one of approximately 350 units made for special presentation. This particular gun was made for Kaiser Wilhelm II (1859-1941) while he was still German’s ruler and the King of Prussia. It features extensive engraving and silver inlay on the frame […]

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The Possum Drop: A New Year's Eve Tradition Lives On! [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I have reported on the Possum Drop, a New Year's Eve tradition for 24 years, in the small western North Carolina town of Brasstown a number of times. The event stuck in the craw of PETA and they sued the state a number of times to get it stopped. It took a change in state law to allow the beloved event to continue using a live opossum as opposed to either a stuffed animal or roadkill.

The event ended in Brasstown with last year's New Years Eve when Clay Logan retired and closed his Clay's Corner store. However, it has now been taken over as an event by the nearby Town of Andrews.

As reported by the Cherokee Scout newspaper:
The festivities start at 8 p.m. with live entertainment, including Steve Phillips and the Midnight Express as well as the High Country Harmonizers.

At 10 p.m., the possum will be escorted to the stage by the Andrews High School Marching Band. The event will continue with Logan hosting the traditional Possum Drop entertainment, including the Miss Possum Contest, a tribute to Americans serving in the military and surprise performances. The evening will conclude with the possum lowered in a Plexiglas cage to mark the new year and fireworks finale.

Just in case rainfall is too much for the grass field, there is a plan B. In that scenario, a stage will be built at the front of the pool, facing the parking lot where spectators will gather. Reid said this option would feel more like the former home of the event.

(Mayor James) Reid asked the committee for the minor change in location because he was concerned that the field at Heritage Park would be too muddy on New Year’s Eve. He didn’t want people to leave the night disappointed in the venue’s condition.

While the Town of Andrews plans to make the event its own, it still has Logan’s influence and guidance behind it. It will feature the fun traditions of live music, the Miss Possum contest and, of course, the possum carefully lowered in a cage to mark the new year.
Of course, PETA has their panties in a wad over the event as usual releasing this hyperbolic statement:
Andrews, North Carolina, apparently intends to celebrate New Year's Eve by hosting a sadistic so-called "opossum drop," during which a wild-caught opossum will be imprisoned inside a Plexiglas box for hours above a rowdy crowd. At midnight—after being forced to endure a near-constant barrage of live music, including a noisy marching band leading him in, and fireworks displays with the usual explosions and smoke—the terrified animal will be slowly lowered to signify the dawning of a new year. Because this sensitive and elusive prey species naturally avoids human contact at all costs, subjecting one of them to hordes of partiers, chaos, and loud noises is inhumane and would very likely result in a potentially fatal stress-induced condition.

PETA scheduled a meeting with Mayor James Reid to describe our concerns and to encourage city officials to "drop" any one of countless nonliving articles that wouldn't suffer, but he canceled the meeting at the last minute, even declining to discuss the matter by phone—so now it's your turn!
They are asking PETAfiles everywhere to call or write Mayor Reid to express their outrage.

Animal lovers can rest assured that the 'possum will be well cared for as it will have a vet exam after capture, be monitored for stress, and be taken home after the event by a wildlife expert. As Town Administrator Bill Green notes, "It’s the best-cared-for possum."


Self-defense, and lots of it this holiday season! [Of Arms and the Law]

Katy, Texas. Two men pull guns on a couple, demand the wife's purse. Husband draws his own gun, shoots both.

Midlothian, Texas. Carjacker gets into passenger seat, shows driver his gun, and says "The next things you say, you're going to heaven." The next thing the driver says is "Let's go!" as he draws his own gun. Perp leaves, but police grab him.

Marysville, Washington. Two thieves steal from store, are confronted by six armed customers, one in front of the getaway car. One perp tells the other he won't fire, run him down. They try, and some sizable part of the six open fire.


Developing a Well Rounded Prepping Library []

When the topic of a prepping library comes up, what do most people talk about? Chances are the U.S. Air Force survival manual,  SAS survival manual, Army Field Manual 21-76, or something from Ragnor Benson.

What if I told you those were good starts, but survival manuals should not be the end goal?

When people get into prepping they typically start with stockpiling, then may gravitate towards self-sufficiency. For example, someone may start off with stockpiling canned goods, then move towards mylar bags and freeze dried foods, then finally arrive at prepsteading, farming, and gardening.

Most people who live in the suburbs can have a small garden, maybe some laying hens, and fruit trees. This allows just about anyone to grow some of their own food.

As preppers progress from stockpiling to prepsteading, shouldn’t their library also progress?

Chances are a lot of preppers do not have a single book on gardening, homesteading, canning and preserving food… etc. Even less will have books on literature, science, and math.

If we are prepping for a complete collapse of society, shouldn’t we also stockpile books for future generations? If something were to happen today – plague, nuclear war.. etc – what types of books would the reader have on hand to teach their children, or grandchildren?

What good does it do to survive the next plague, nuclear war… if future generations do not have access to resources?  This means real books made from paper and not electronic books for e-readers.

Why real books?

  • A real book can be dropped, and dropped several times without damage.
  • Real books do not require electricity.

The oldest book in my collection was published in 1902, and is about the Lewis and Clark expedition.

How many of the readers have some of their college books?  Personally, I kept my literature books which are filled with poetry, essays, and short stories.

Do magazines have a place in a prepping library?  Sure they do.  Publications such as Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Outdoor Life… could play an important role in a well rounded prepping library.

Then there are books on various topics such as:

  • Canning and food preservation.
  • Smoking meat / making jerky.
  • Carpentry.
  • Livestock husbandry.
  • Gardening.
  • History.
  • Government.
  • Religion.

Some people may not be religious, or care about religion.  However, there is an old saying that goes something like this – “There are no atheists in foxholes,”

Final Thoughts

In a post-plague, post-nuclear war world, there will be a survival phase were people have to survive the event, then the rebuilding phase – just like what happened during and after the Black Death of 1347 – 1351.

Shouldn’t a prepping library cover not only the survival, but also the rebuilding phase?

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Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

In the news today is the announcement that Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) will be setting up her 2020 Presidential exploratory committee. This is the first step in running for the presidency.

Earlier this year she had a DNA test run to try and quell the rumors about her supposed Cherokee ancestry. Unfortunately for her, the results did not show her to be 1/32 Cherokee but rather to have some potential undefined Native American ancestor somewhere between 6 and 9 generations back. That would have made her between 1/128th and1/1024th unspecified Native American. Maybe. She received a lot of criticism from this and politically it was considered a stupid move on her part.

The quote of the day comes from Joshua S. on Facebook in response to the news that Warren plans to run for President.

I named my Jeep Elizabeth Warren. It is white and it says it is a Cherokee.

That about sums it up. 


Preppers: New Year’s Resolutions and Plans for 2019? []

What are some of the things the readers would like to do in 2019?  As 2018 draws to a close, and we look forward to 2019, it is also time to look back.  What did we do in 2018 that worked, and did not work?

For example, in the spring of 2018 I planted a nice sized garden of peas and beans.  When the plants got up around 6 – 8 inches tall, deer and rabbits ate the plants down to the ground.  Needless to say, I did not get a single bean or pea from last year’s garden.

How would this have worked out in a SHTF / post-doomsday world?  Hopefully the wildlife would end up on the dinner table.

What needs to change so my wife and I can get some fresh beans?  The plan is to move the garden closer to the house.  Maybe build some raised beds just outside the back door?

In the front yard I would like to get some large clay pots, fill them with potting soil and chicken manure, then grow peppers in them.  Maybe even grow some cucumbers next to the porch.  Wouldn’t it be cool to walk out on the porch and be able to pick cucumbers?

2018 – 2020 Political Atmosphere

When it comes to politics everyone has an opinion, sometimes two or three.  With democrats taking control of the house in January of 2019, the next two years will be interesting.  One of the talking points for Democrats was gun control.

With the GOP in control of the senate, it is doubtful Democrats will be able to pass any kind of meaningful gun control legislation.  Even if a bill does make it to President Trump it is doubtful he will sign it.  Then again, who would have had thought President Trump would move to ban bump stocks?

When it comes to politics, is there anything to worry about in 2019? Probably not.  That is unless Democrats try to impeach Trump.  If there is some kind of move to impeach, who knows what could happen.

AR-15 prices may go up, but I still feel we are in a buyers market.  For those of you who are on the fence, maybe now is a good time to pick up an extra rifle or two, or three?

Try New Things

Maybe 2019 could be a year for the reader, and myself, to try new things?

In 2018 there was a section of the Angelina River bottom I wanted to explore on foot.  Well guess what, it never happened.  The purpose of the trip was for nature photography, and to look for a hunting spot.  Maybe 2019 will be the year I can get out there and scout the area.

  • Plant some fruit trees?
  • Grow a backyard garden?
  • Take the kids fishing?
  • Get some backyard laying hens?

If there has been something the reader has wanted to try, why not make 2019 the year to do it?

Final Thoughts

2018 was a year for the history books.  President Trump has stayed in the limelight because of a trade war with China, and the Mueller investigation.  Democrats have beaten the war drums of impeachment until the public has become tone deaf.

Personally, my main focus for 2019 will be to build a workshop and a pole barn.  The pole barn will have its own work shop inside it, but I want a shop next to the house.  The pole barn will be fore livestock such as goats and cattle.

Regardless of what 2019 brings, let’s continue prepping and hope for the best.

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Hope You Saved Your Eclipse Glasses []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


It sounded somewhat funny at the time, but a further read wiped the smile off my face. The suggestion came recently advising saving those heavy duty sunglasses used for viewing the recent solar eclipse. Why? They might be needed to shield the eyes from any potential errant nuclear missile attack, solar flare, or electrical impulse blast.

I recall attending the University of Missouri in Columbia in the late 60’s through the 70s. Stored in the library back in the stacks and basement hallways were huge boxes of emergency supplies in readiness for a Soviet nuclear attack. All were stamped with government markings in yellow paint especially the classic nuclear warning label. I always wondered what exactly was in those boxes.

There were also hundreds of heavy paperboard drums full of drinking water as they were marked as such. Again there were official government markings on these drums indicating use for an emergency but the language was sketchy. Looking at all those supplies one was not really sure what it all was for at the time. I guess after the Cold War all those supplies were trashed. It’s scary to think about now.

Right now it seems the nuclear threats have quietened down, but other eye harming threats still loom for preppers. As preppers, we have to stay alert to any threat however unreasonable or farfetched they might seem.

After all the entire mission of prepping and survival is based on threats that could occur, but might never happen. We live with the idea though that such events could evolve as world political climates change, and new threats develop. Preparation is the key for anything that might come down the pipe. Be smart and be ready.

In the far distant past much was written on how to survive an NBC, nuclear, biological and chemical attack, but I suspect much of that advice is outdated. Certainly it would take much more than eclipse glasses to survive such an attack. I can only recommend at this juncture that you start some research into current tactics for withstanding an event issuing blinding light, hearing, or chemical damage. This falls into the better safe than sorry category of prepping.

At any rate, these are developments that all preppers should monitor. While we may be more likely to experience localized storms like hurricanes or tornadoes, consider massive wildfires, floods, and other disasters. Even a truckers strike, fuel shortages, or whatever else, might initiate the need to engage our prepper plans.

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CZ-2000 “Lada” – AK Czechnology in 5.56mm [Forgotten Weapons]

Development of the CZ-2000 began in the 1970s as a replacement for the vz.58 rifle. The project was named “Lada”, and was essentially an improved AK-74 rifle chambered for the 5.45x39mm cartridge. The new rifle was mechanically an AK, but had a number improved features including a thumb-operated safety/selector switch, aperture sights mounted on an improved receiver cover, and a compact sidefolding stock. By the late 1980s rifles were going into limited initial production for troop trials, which were finalized in late 1989 – just as the Velvet Revolution overturned the government.

When the aftermath of the political changes began to shake out, the new Czech Republic was looking to the West and NATO for affiliation, and the 5.45mm cartridge no longer made a lot of sense. Instead, CZ redesigned the rifle to chamber the 5.56mm NATO round, and renamed it the CZ-2000 to sound a bit more modern. Three variations were made; a short barreled “submachien gun” version, a rifle/carbine version, and a light machine gun version with a longer barrel and bipod. The rifle was not successful in military trials, and was eventually dropped by CZ in favor of the rifle that would become the CZ805 “Bren”.

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Gear Up for 2019: 5 Awesome Pieces of Kit []

Awesome gear that came out in 2018 BUT didn’t make this list: Prometheus Bamboo, FRN Spyderco Chaparral, Reylight Ti Lan v. 3, and the first ever Prometheus Alpha (not a 2018 release)

2018 was a banner year for everyday carry gear–new steels, new manufacturers, and a hyper competitive market let to one great piece of gear after another.  Here are five awesome items that were new in 2018 that will round out your carry in 2019.

Mass Drop Gent ($80 or $100)

The Gent is an amazing, simple, well-made, and perfectly designed folder.  With a 3 inch blade, a weight under 2.5 ounces and a discrete design it is an ideal everyday carry.  The knife is a collab between Ferrum Forge (on design), WE Knives (on production), and Massdrop (on marketing and logistics).  The knife comes in five variants–three colors of G10, for $80, and two select versions either in Rosewood or carbon fiber, for $100.  The action on the knife is utterly addictive thanks to a well-tuned detent and a bearing pivot.  Finally the steel is the all-around all-star S35VN.  If you buy only one knife a year (as if that is even possible), this should be it.  And if the Gent is too small, there is a slightly larger version called the Crux.

Frelux Synergy I (starting at $160)

Recently small batch flashlights have started to appear everywhere on Instagram.  Machine shops and electrical engineering types have collaborated on a huge number of extremely capable and extremely expensive.  They have, however, not been the most creative designs, all hewing very close to the same mold: single cell, tube design lights with lots of lumens and blingy bodies.  Small, useful, and long run time lights are rare among this new breed.  But Ben over at Frelux has bucked all the trends and produced a beautifully made, simple light with an emphasis on runtime.  The Synergy’s 2xAAA format gives you a lot of bright time in a package the size of a Zippo lighter.  All of this innovation is nowhere near as expensive as its blingy brethren–this light starts at well below $200.  Different, in this case, is very good.

Sharp By Design Micro Typhoon (starting at $300)

Brian Nadeau’s machining skill and innovation has been a hallmark of his custom folders for years.  Then he decided to release a line of production versions of his knife and tapped Reate to make them. The result is a series of truly excellent knives that exist in the space between custom, production, and midtech.  Of these knives the Micro Typhoon is the most interesting.  First, it happens to be the very best slicing knife known to have come from Reate (they do a lot of spec work, so it is hard to say for certain).  Second, it also happens to be one of the best flipping knives ever.  The action is, simply put, beyond anything I have experienced before, custom or production.  Nadeau’s clever detent design, essentially a ramp, is markedly better than the standard ball and socket build.  Availability is spotty, but if you can snag one you really should.  It’s an excellent, albeit misnamed knife (the Micro has a 3″ inch blade while the Mini is a 3.5″ blade).

Tom Bihn Nik’s Minimalist Wallet (starting at $25)

Wallets are hard to make.  Very, very hard to make.  They need to accommodate a lot of different items–pictures, credit cards, currency of different shapes and sizes, official documents, recipes, and pass cards.  Fitting all of this into a small, easy-to-carry footprint is a mind bogglingly difficult task.  In the end, until the Nik’s Minimalist Wallet, all have failed.  Some have come close, but in the end, the designs didn’t hold up or work over time.  This wallet works because the materials are perfect for the application.   It also works because of its clever design.  Unlike a lot of wallets that are layer upon layer of material stitched together, the Bihn wallet was made using principles of origami.  By doing this, the wallet is held together with a single stitch, making thinner than similarly sized wallet with the same high tech fabric materials.  It comes in three variations, pockets, pockets with ID window, and pockets with external passcard slot.

Rovy Von A2 (around $30 depending on materials)

Its hard to find a light this small and this bright and this cheap anywhere.  At around $30 for a 500 lumen light, the A2 is just about the best keychain light you can get.  Lots of smart ideas went into the A series of torches including rapid recharge (30 minutes for a full charge via mini USB port), a flat section to prevent the light from rolling away, and a keychain/lanyard hole that still allows the A2 to tailstand.  You can get them in a wide range of materials, from polycarbonate (A1) to titanium (A4).  All are great, none are expensive, and all can be stashed or carried anywhere.

Honorable Mention: CRKT Pilar in S35VN (not currently available, $68 when available)

I hate referencing stuff that is not available, but the CRKT Pilar in S35VN is so good it is hard not to include it on a list of stuff to carry.  The original Pilar, a Jesper Voxnaes design, was a beautiful knife with so so materials.  The knife was, however, a huge seller.  It was one of the first mass produced knives costing less than $30 that was sold out everywhere for weeks at time.  Literally CRKT could not get them made them fast enough.  That level of success meant an upgraded version.  Unfortunately the upgrade was only a so-so upgrade with 12C27 steel and carbon fiber handle scales.  With a steel hardly better it wasn’t as exciting as it could have been.  Then, in September 2018, with almost no fanfare, CRKT announced at upgrade to the upgrade.  The carbon fiber scale remained but the steel was given a quantum leap upgrade to S35VN steel, one of the best all around steels on the market.  My particular unit also had marked better fit and finish.  A cool design that finally got the materials it deserved.  This particular model was a Blade HQ exclusive, but given that it too sold out in less than a day, I imagine it will come around again.

2018 was a banner year for gear and these five are just a few of the awesome pieces of kit that came out.  I wouldn’t argue with the inclusion of probably a dozen other items.  The only problem with so much awesome gear in one year is that it really raises the bar for the following year.

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Perazzi Factory Tour Experience []

When it comes to quality shotguns, there are very few places to visit but to go to Italy where the history of gun making traces back well over 500 years ago. Within the premium custom shotgun category where the starting price is at $7,500 and up, there is none other than Perazzi which will offer you a truly unique experience.

Perazzi was founded in 1957 by Daniele Perazzi. Born in 1932 after World War One and before World War Two started, Daniele worked as a gunsmith at various manufacturers in Brescia including Beretta before he decided to open his own shop at the young age of 20. At the age of 25, he founded Perazzi Armi. Initially, he worked in a small workshop and work closely with his clients to provide them guns specific to their requirements. This ethos is still something that is being carried out today.

After Daniele’s death in 2012, his son and daughter, Mauro and Roberta have taken over the company.

In the world stage, both Perazzi and Beretta dominate the Olympic scene in both trap and skeet disciplines. It all started in 1968 in the Tokyo Olympic when Ennio Mattarelli representing Italy won Trap Gold with his MX8.

The Perazzi factory is about 20 minutes east of Brescia, away from the famous Gardone Valley. As soon as you set foot inside the building, you will be greeted by a beautiful receptionist. Their facility have one of the most elegant show room floors I have ever visited. All the displays are covered in rosso color suede and the whole floor is brightly lit, ready for any customers to inspect for imperfections on the guns, which of course there is none. To the left side of the showroom, there’s a pro shop that have every kind of gear and apparel you can find that will bear the Perazzi name. There’s almost anything you can think of, from shooting glasses, to carry cases, to dress shirts and watches. There’s even golf balls with Perazzi name on them. All are of course at a premium price.

When you step beyond the showroom to the factory, there is a giant banner hanging above showing all 54 Olympic metals. It says “Perazzi shooters won the most Olympic metals in the history of clay shooting.” The factory floor is open concept which allows visitors to look at every single process of manufacturing.

Each receivers are made from steel forgings then CNC machined. They are further hand fitted to the monoblock by sanding to get a perfectly tight fit. As with all premium guns, there’s nothing made of metal injection molding (MIM) or casting. Every metal component is carefully machined and polished to fit.

The barrels are the most important part of any gun, let alone a competition grade shotgun. It needs to be rigid but not too stiff that will cause an issue during catastrophic failure with either the ammunition or an obstruction in the barrel. Perazzi produces their own barrels which separates them from many other shotgun manufacturers whom order their barrels through a barrel manufacturer. They can control the quality 100% when they are made in house.

One of the more skilled processes on barrel making is the process of barrel straightening. It requires the gunsmith to mount the barrel on the barrel straightening machine and look through the barrel against a wall that has a light box mounted with a black line taped horizontally. If the barrel is not straight all the way through, the gunsmith has to bend the barrel using the machine until the barrel is perfectly straight. There are very few manufacturers that do this, as it is very time consuming but also the gunsmith needs to have the skill to perform this task which takes years to master. The only other manufacturer that I’m aware that does this is Heckler & Koch in Oberndorf, Germany.

To further differentiate themselves, they randomly perform over pressure tests on the barrels to ensure they are made to spec as well as exceeding it. They performed this test in front of my own eyes and I was amazed how much the barrel is allowed to bend as well as the pressure being applied – 16 times the normal pressure – before exploding. The result is the barrel blows in the middle between the muzzle and breach, away from the shooter’s eyes and face.

Customers are invited to come in early in the morning to get measured and in the afternoon the stock will be partially cut forming the right length, cheek height, cast and grip and it will get mounted on a gun for test fire at their indoor test fire range for the customer to pattern the gun. There’s also a larger, outdoor range right behind the building for the gunsmith to test fire the guns before going out to customers.

After getting measured, you will be brought to the wood room where you get to pick and choose your own stock. There are different grades. Number one is the lowest quality and five in the highest. Within grade five, there’s A, double A and triple A which further refines the rating and quality of the wood.

The checkering on the grip and forend are done manually using hand checkering tools. These are jobs reserved for the 3 skilled female technicians in the factory. They do this 8 hours a day, with their arm steadily going up and down across the stock to create the checkering patterns.

Even though Perazzi is known for competition shotguns, they also have a line of game guns with heavy engravings and gold inlays. During my visit to the engraving department, there was an engraver and his daughter who also happen to be an engraver working. It was delightful to see the tradition of engraving carries on in the family.

Before I leave, I had a chance to meet Mauro Perazzi briefly for a quick handshake. I thanked him for allowing me to visit and get a tour of his facility.

I hope to have a Perazzi shotgun in the near future.

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Book Review: Italian Partisan Weapons in WWII [Forgotten Weapons]

“Italian Partisan Weapons in WWII” was originally written and published in Italian by Gianluigi Usai, and recently (2016) translated into English by Ralph Riccio and published by Schiffer in the US. It was intended to fill the hole in histories of the Italian Resistance and partisans during WWII regarding the actual arms used. Most histories on that subject say little or nothing about the actual details of the arms being used, which leaves lots of questions for those who take an interest in firearms. I have seen the same thing in books about the French Resistance, where the few references to specific guns are generally vague or nonexistent.

This work is split into about 100 pages of context and commentary first, discussing historical documents, how arms were acquired and traded among partisan groups, how different arms were viewed by the partisans, attempts by the government to disarm the resistance units after the war, and such. Part of the reason for the lack of clarity in most history books becomes clear reading original communiques from fighting units…these were often politically motivated volunteers with little or no military training. Even the military veterans among them often had little exposure to arms beyond those they had been issued, and so understanding of the wide variety of foreign and obsolete arms is very slim. The book documents a large number of different colloquial names for different guns. To quote the author at one point:

“Various heavy machine guns were turned in, including the Breda 37, Fiat 35, Saint Etienne, and Okhis, and all invariably unserviceable (but then again, in the case of the Hotchkiss, how could it be expected to function properly when it was missing so many letters of its name that it became the Okhis?)”

This first section of the book is definitely the most interesting to me. The remaining ~180 pages are devoted to profiles of all the weapons used by the partisans. This is a very large number of different weapons, and each one receives only a quite cursory description. Those with a good knowledge of WWI and WW2 small arms will find little new information there (and a few factual mistakes). However, each of these profiles is accompanied by one or more photographs of partisans with the weapon in question. These pictures are very interesting, I think, and between them and the analysis in the front section of the book I think it is worth the $40 cover price.

Available from Schiffer (the publisher) or from Amazon:

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SILENCER SATURDAY #53: ‘Happy Q Year’ And A Look Ahead To 2019 [The Firearm Blog]

Look aheadGood evening subsonic shooters and welcome back to TFB’s Silencer Saturday, where science beats feelings everyday and twice on Sundays. Hopefully you all had a great holiday and were able to spend some time with friends or family, preferably on the range. Last week we discussed the possibilities of owning a single shot repeating firearm […]

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Michigan: Legislature Adjourns Sine Die [NRA-ILA News]

On December 21st, the Michigan Legislature adjourned sine die from the 2018 Legislative Session.


Buck Knives Partners with Taylor Guitars for Ebony Handles []

Buck Knives has struck a unique partnership with an unlikely source. They have joined forces with Taylor Guitars to once again bring ebony handles to some of their most popular and tenured models of knives. Beginning in January 2019, we will begin to see again for the first time in over 50 years ebony wood on these 3 staple models from Buck Knives:

  • 110 Folding Hunter (Standard & Finger-Grooved)
  • 110 Auto
  • 112 Ranger (Standard & Finger-Grooved)
  • 112 Auto
  • 101 Hunter

This is really exciting for Buck Knives because it has not been since the mid-90’s that they have utilized ebony wood products with their knives. For the consumer, it is going to give them an even more gorgeous and well-crafted product than before. The complete Press Release announcement can be read below from Buck Knives announcing the newly struck partnership with Taylor Guitars:

BUCK KNIVES, leader in sports cutlery, is dedicated to providing high performance
products of uncompromising quality while preserving resources for future generations.

Buck Knives is excited to partner with Taylor Guitars, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium acoustic guitars, and take part in their efforts using a sustainable supply model for genuine Ebony handles on its key heritage products, the 110 Folding Hunter®, the 112 Ranger®, and the 101 Hunter.

Ebony wood was originally introduced on the 110 and 112 models in the 1960’s, but in the 1990’s, federal regulations on endangered woods led Buck to utilize resin treated woods. Harvested under Taylor’s thriving conservation project, Buck will again employ the use of ebony, a natural material with beautiful grain patterns that provides customers with a nearly indestructible knife handle.

So what do all of our sportsmen and sportswomen out there reading this think? Would you dive in on a 110, 112, or model 101 with a new ebony handle? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback. Also, check out the formal Press Release in its entirety below from Buck Knives and Taylor Guitars.

taylor guitars

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TFBTV: Build A Semi-Custom Precision Rifle For $1000 [The Firearm Blog]

Joel builds a semi-custom precision long range rifle for around $1000. Check out these great parts you can add to a barreled action. Start shooting long range competitions, use it for long range hunting, or backyard plinking. Hunt’s Long Range for any of the gear you saw in this video! Home ««« PATREON GIVEAWAYS »»» […]

Read More …

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Stopper 37mm: A Simple South African Riot Control Gun [Forgotten Weapons]

The Stopper is a simple 37mm single shot riot control gun designed by Andries Piek in 1980. The South African police services were at that time using 37mm guns made by Federal Labs in the US, dating back to the 1930s, and the international embargo on South Africa made it impossible to get parts and do basic maintenance on those arms. So Piek (whose other work included the BXP carbine/SMG and design improvements to the LDP/Kommando) whipped out the Stopper in all of two weeks to provide a new domestic-production 37mm weapon for the police.

The Stopper is a simple break-action gun, with a manually cocked, single action, hammer-fired trigger mechanism. Two versions were made, one with the front grip and one without, and all were fitted with collapsing stocks. Production began in 1982 and ran until 1999, by Mitco Special Products under the Milkor name.

As an interesting postscript, Piek was inspired by seeing Christopher Walken using a Mannville 25mm revolving gas gun in the movie Dogs of War to make something similar in 37mm or 40mm. The gun he designed to this end became the Milkor MGL, adopted by South Africa in 1983 and by the US Marine Corps in 2005.

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POTD: Garand’s Only T3E1 [The Firearm Blog]

Made in October 1929, the working model receiver and trigger guard assembly of John C. Garand’s only T3E1 rifle is on display at Springfield Armory National Historic Site. From the museum’s records: “Armory was directed to manufacture (a) One caliber .276 Garand Semi-automatic Rifle T3E1 in which the weaknesses of the Garand rifle presented to […]

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Featured Deals of the Week 12/28/18 [The Firearm Blog]

Weekly Deals Roundup: 22LR in bulk, AR-15 pistol upper, bulk 5.56 and magazines, S&W MP380 and vault, CZ Scorpion EVO Thanks for tuning in to the last Gun Deals of the year folks, have a Happy New Year! remington 22lr thunderbolt 40gr 5000 rounds – $129.99 What the deal is: Outdoor Limited is selling cases […]

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NEW Brownells BRN-605 Carbine [The Firearm Blog]

NEW Brownells BRN-605 Carbine (1)Brownells now offers a new retro AR – the BRN-605 Carbine. As the name implies, this is the replica of Colt’s Model 605 which was an early attempt of making a carbine version of the M16 rifle. The Colt 605 was designed in the mid-’60s by cutting the M16 barrel just past the gas block. The […]

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Ontario Wraith Review []

The price of production knives has spiraled ever-higher in the past few years. It used to be that very few knives cost as much as the highly-vaunted Chris Reeve Sebenza. Cross that price, around $330 at the time, was all but unheard of. Now, companies release knives that are two or three times that price with materials that have traditionally been the exclusive purview of custom makers.

Companies like Reate had dropped blades with MokuTi and Damasteel blades, while more well known brands like Spyderco and Benchmade have produced integral designs, folders with handles made of a single piece of metal. The lines between high end production and custom knives has been blurred to a significant degree.

All of this has resulted in superior blades for knife fans, but a true dilemma—how to do spend $600 on a tool? To a large degree these epically high priced knives are really just pocket jewelry and Instagram models. But as the market’s top end has expanded greatly, the bottom of the market has been neglected. In mid 2017 that trend started to reverse direction. LA Police Gear released a sub-$50 folder with a pivot bearing and S35VN steel. Giant Mouse, a company that released strictly limited edition folders, launched their Ace line and showcases a number of cheaper blades. Spyderco jumped on the budget trend with the Efficient and the the Polestar/Alcyone designs.

Ontario’s entry in to the budget blade market is the Wraith. Its just-right size, nice handle, and classic blade shape make it an excellent knife, especially the price.


The Ontario Wraith is a small to mid-sized folding knife. It has a molded FRN handle with a pocket clip. It has flat-ground drop point blade made of 1.4116 steel. The blade is 2.615 inches and the knife weighs a paltry 1.65 ounces. The knife locks open with a backlock. The Wraith retails for $19.95. The Wraith is made in Taiwan. Here is the product page.


This is an EDC knife and I used it as such, carrying it off and on for the past six months or so. In that time I used it to break down boxes, open packages, food prep, and outdoor tasks like fire prep. Because of the price I did not baby the Wraith doing things I wouldn’t do with a more expensive knife of this size. It held up quite well without any rolling or chipping of the edge, despite hitting some rock and stone underneath what I was cutting at the time. Tough not hard steel here.


Ontario has entered into a couple of collabs and they have done a lot of work to bolster their folder line up, but the Wraith, so far I as can tell is an entirely in-house design and it is spectacular given its humble materials and price. The handle is a really useful and low impact shape, allowing for a lot of use with very little hotspotting. The blade shape is a classic drop point, allowing for a good amount of slicing and an okay tip for piercing cuts. The clip is effective and stays out of the way. The lockback is solid and, of course, familar. The blade is the right size for EDC, clearly under 3 inches. The weight is good too, under 3 ounces. If you need a budget blade for EDC you file a lot worse out there than the Wraith.


Everything on the Wraith works. Its effective. But it is not inspired. Inspiration, apparently, costs more. The grind is good, even and thin behind the edge. The thumbstuds, of course, work well. The clip’s design is good but the attachment point is a bit faulty, as it allows for movement. I’d prefer a two screw attachment as this and the Mini Dozier from KaBar exhibit the same problem. The gap between the spine and the blade when locked up is positively huge, as gappy as a six year old’s smile.

The steel, Krupp 1.4116, famous for its use by Victorinox, is a very stainless steel with warm butter-like edge retention. For the price, its okay, but we are really seeing steel come down in price. With the Giant Mouse Iona and the LA Police Gear sporting true super steels for under $80, their are better steel values than this. But this knife is designed to appeal to the most number of people and most people don’t care all that much about steel. That said, this exact knife with S35VN would be a real killer.


If you walked into a Big Box and walked out with a Wraith you would have found one of the best two or three knives on their shelves. This is an excellent design. The issue is that in a world with places like Blade HQ and GP Knives, you can get anything you want at a bargain price. M390, S35VN, and 20CV used to be so astronomically pricey, but now, these days, they done sell for uber-high prices. The Wraith is an excellent example of the growing gap between acceptable and average.

As the Golden Age of Gear goes into its third or fourth year and steel prices tumble, the “average” steel is probably something like very nice S30V or S35VN. That steel is pretty darn great. The average is WAY, WAY better than acceptable. And the Wraith, while acceptable is far from average. It is effective. It will serve you well. But for just a few bucks more you can get something far, far better.

The interesting thing here is a comparison between this knife and the new 112 Slim from Buck. Both are inexpensive knives, both have lightweight polymer handles, but the 420HC steel is a really big upgrade from this 1.4116 steel. In the end, I think I’d opt for the 112 Slim.

If Ontario dropped some sweet steel in this little knife and fixed the clip it would be a real competitor. If you need a knife to drop in a glove box or get mucky, this is a good choice.

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TFB Review: Pyramid Gong & Stand by Jumping Targets [The Firearm Blog]

jumping targetsWhen it comes to shooting our favorite rifles, shotguns, pistols, or our entire gun safe it can get boring only shooting paper. That is why many of us have transitioned to or mix up our range days with some more interactive and fun shooting at steel targets. Aside from the visual swing of a successful […]

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The failed leadership of Broward Sheriff Scott Israel | Editorial [NRA-ILA News]

It’s widely believed Gov.-elect Ron DeSantis will remove Broward Sheriff Scott Israel from office shortly after the Jan. 8 inauguration, likely before the one-year anniversary of the Feb. 14 massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland.


10 Deer Hunting Takeaways from 2018 [NRA-ILA News]

What goes into a good deer season? There are the obvious things, like a robust Instagram feed of filtered sunrises and treestand selfies. But it’s OK to admit that during deer season, you’d like to kill a deer—and all the better if one of them is a good buck.


How To Make a Hundred-Hour Candle []

There are any number of situations in which candles can be useful… when the power is out and you need some light, or just to provide a modicum of warmth in a greenhouse to protect your crops from freezing. Most candles don’t last more than a few hours at most, but this video shows how you can make a candle that will burn for days — and it’s cheap!

He uses some cheap vegetable fat, which is sold under the name Trex in the UK (where he is). In the USA I would think Crisco vegetable shortening would do the job. Melt the shortening and pour it into a pre-warmed glass jar that’s about an inch taller than your wax candle. Let the fat cool until it’s a semi-solid, then insert the candle into the middle of the jar until it’s fully surrounded by the fat.

Let the entire thing cool down until the fat is solid, then create a circular gutter or moat around the candle. You’re done!

The fat serves as fuel for the flame, which of course makes a standard candle last much longer than it would if you burned it alone.

The video contains some burn results, as he fires it up and leaves it for 12 hours before checking on it. After half a day of burning, it burns down less than an inch. After 48 hours, about two-thirds of the fuel still remains in the jar. 72 hours in, more than half of the fuel is still left!

The candle he made for this video burned for an incredible 120+ hours, and still had some fuel remaining in the jar when it went out. Amazing!

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NEW: Swarovski gets “Smart” for the 21st century with the dS scope [The Firearm Blog]

Glass with Class The scene opens with a well dressed pair of gentlemen off the coast of the Isle of Mull, an island in the Hebrides with a population of red stag.  Beginning their stalk, they are armed not with an engraved J. Rigby or Westley Richards, but a (dead sexy) suppressed Sauer 404 Synchro […]

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Tammy Duckworth is entitled to her own gun opinions, but not her own gun facts [NRA-ILA News]

In my five years as opinion editor at the Washington Times, I cannot claim that we never published an op-ed or column that wasn’t totally accurate. But we never knowingly did so, and we rejected many authors’ works for factual inaccuracy.


Ohio General Assembly defeats Kasich vetoes of gun, pay raise bills, but can’t pass ‘heartbeat’ bill [NRA-ILA News]

A firearms law will change in favor of gun owners and the Ohio General Assembly is getting pay raises, thanks to a rare, post-Christmas session lawmakers held Thursday to override vetoes by Gov. John Kasich.


Survival Trick: How to Call Rabbits Out of Their Holes []

Calling rabbits. This may not be something you’ve ever tried — or even considered — but it can come in right handy if you have the need to call a bunny out of its hole to get yourself some protein in a survival situation or just to call predators while hunting for coyotes, bobcats, and the like.

This fellow begins the calling with a really simple method of just dragging a hunk of styrofoam (polystyrene) across some wet glass. Afterward, he shows how you can make an even more-effective call by sucking on your finger.

Yeah, that’s right.

He advises on how to hunt an area using this call to pull even frightened rabbits out of their holes.

The video winds up with some bloopers. Check it out:

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Good Samaritans Free Whitetail Buck Locked to Dead Foe []

When these folks spotted a pair of bucks fighting, they naturally became interested. And when it became clear that their antlers were locked together and one of the bucks had died, they knew they had to do something to help. Without help, the surviving buck might easily weaken and die… although it’s possible that he could eventually tear off the head of his nemesis and wear it like a dead albatross, which would interfere with just about everything, especially feeding.

So, they decided, they should free the living deer. To do so, they approached the deer cautiously, one of them armed with a battery-powered reciprocating saw (think Sawzall). As the buck moved to avoid them, it had to drag his enemy’s carcass… helping to tire him out so the men could do what they had to do.

One guy grabbed the dead buck, hoping the live one could wrest himself free… but it was no use. Greater measures must be taken. And when the buck stumbled and fell on its side, they sprang into action. Two men approached and tried to pull the antlers free, but couldn’t do so.

They were in a very dangerous spot, and if the buck has gotten free, they could easily have been gored by the long sharp antler tines. But the buck fell to the ground once more, and one guy climbed on top of it while the Sawzall man closed in and began his work.

The cutting took a pretty good while… antlers are tough, and he must have had a fine-toothed blade in his saw. But thankfully, the battery held up and they eventually got it done after about a minute and a quarter of constant sawing.

I was hoping all the time that they weren’t sawing the antlers off of the survivor… his large antlers would have made a great trophy for any deer hunter.

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Molot Teases the Prototype of Mokrushin SMG [The Firearm Blog]

Molot Prototype Mokrushin SMG (1)Russian MOLOT Oruzhie arms factory shared on the forum of their website several images of a submachine gun that is currently in development. This firearm is called Mokrushin SMG. Besides the caliber (9x19mm), the name of the weapon and the three images that you can see in this article, no other information has been disclosed yet. […]

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One to Watch: Torch Lab BOSS in Zirconium []

Imagine if back in the day of the Model T Ford someone zoomed past you in a Tesla. Aside from the fact that the Tesla probably couldn’t handle the terrible roads back then, it would have been such a shock that Model T owners might have thought they were being invaded by aliens.  The technological leap between the Model T Ford and the Tesla is, of course, gigantic.

That same technological leap exists between most lights on the market today and computer-programmed by flashes on your screen TorchLab BOSS series of lights (there is a 35, which is the 18350-sized light and the 70, which is the 18650 sized light). It can be equipped with a red LED (for night vision) in addition to the three-emitter array of white LEDs. You can get the three emitter array in near-sunlight like Hi CRI output emitters, of course, and the the high is a stunning 1200 lumens. The low and everything else can be programmed in using a website. You go to the website, play around with some sliders, and then drop the BOSS into program mode. Once this is done, you click a button on the website, a video window opens, and displays a series of pulses and flashes of light. The receiver in the torch’s head picks up the display and reprograms the on-board computer to your desired output. In addition to changing the order of the modes, you can also change the number of modes, the output of the red LED, the timing for thermal protection drop downs in output, and a host of other things. In short, the BOSS lets you do whatever you want with the light and it does it via an easy to use interface that cannot be accidentally activated. Truthfully, the whole process feels like a bit of science fiction.

If that was all the BOSS was it would be one of the best lights on the market. But the body tube itself is also pretty bonkers. Thanks to a few generations of iteration, the BOSS has a curvy, hand-friendly feel with the best tailcap design on the market (Torch Lab’s Triad tailcap). the clicky is a hearty McGizmo clicky, rounding out the best light on the market today.

Of course all of this is pricey. I got a gen 1 BOSS 35 for $392 new. It was in aluminum and had a Hi CRI array and no red LED. But the variants that have come out in the two years that followed have been amazing—copper, brass, titanium and all in a few different finishes. But this month, December 2018, Torch Lab dropped something amazing on the Overready site: a zirconium BOSS series. The 35 clocks in at over $1,600, a staggering amount for a flashlight, but this is a singular torch. Zirconium is known for being very complex to machine and very beautiful when done correctly. Its dark shiny look makes it one of the most sought after materials in the gear world. Pairing a bonkers material like zirconium (which can cause fires when machined) with a bonkers light like the BOSS is a match made in excessive pocket frosting heaven.

This isn’t a practical piece of kit, but no one needs a Bugatti Chiron either.


What: Torch Lab BOSS series lights in zirconium

When: As availability allows, starting in December 2018


Price: Starting at $1695

Made in the USA: Not entirely, some parts machined in the USA

Highlights: Amazing programming, great body tube, nuts materials

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Flintlock Pistol with Integrated Lantern [The Firearm Blog]

Flintlock Pistol with Tactical Oil Lamp ! (6)I came across the set of images of this weird steampunk looking flintlock pistol while doing research for another article. A little additional research revealed that this gun was once consigned to and auctioned at Czerny’s International Auction House. I contacted the auction house and Michael G. Czerny, the director of the auction house, kindly […]

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US Department of Defense Awards Hornady with Contract to Supply 300 PRC Ammo [The Firearm Blog]

300 PRCHornady has announced through a Press Release on their website on December 11th that they have been awarded an ammunition contract from the U.S. Department of Defense to supply an undisclosed amount of their 300 PRC ammo for the long-range sniper program. In conjunction with Hornady’s ammunition, Barrett Firearms Manufacturing was also awarded a contract […]

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H&K G36: Germany Adopts the 5.56mm Cartridge [Forgotten Weapons]

When the G11 program was cancelled and German reunified, the West German military was still using the 7.62mm G3 rifle, while the East German forces had AK-74 variants. Neither of these were suitable for a new unified German NATO-member Bundeswehr – a rifle in 5.56mm NATO was needed. Heckler & Koch had been working on just such a weapon, designated internally as the HK50.

The rifle is fundamentally an AR-18 derivative, with a multi-lug rotating bolt and a short stroke gas system of the G43 and SVT type. It is made with extensive use of polymer parts, and it extremely easy to strip. It is fitted for an integral optical sight, on the Bundeswehr model a combination laser, fiber-optic red dot, and magnified scope. The weapon was adopted as the G36 by the German military, and was also adopted by Spain to replace the CETME-L. A multitude of smaller police and security agencies have also adopted it, including the US Capitol Police.

Thanks to H&K USA for generously granting me access to bring there to you!

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DRD TACTICAL Paratus 7.62 NATO Weapon System Awarded DMR Contract [The Firearm Blog]

paratusDRD Tactical has been awarded a DMR Contract from one of the United States’ foreign allies for their Paratus 7.62 NATO Weapon System. There are not a lot of finite details surrounding the announcement out of privacy concerns for the contract itself. The Press Release put out on December 14th can be read below: December […]

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POTD: Harley Davidson armed with a Thomson M1921 [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo of The Day is a Harley Davidson Softail Springer 2007 with an Ural 2016 sidecar. The Ural is armed with a replica Thomson M1921. The bike is called Three Crowns, dedicated to all veterans. The owner is a veteran himself, but had an injury and now has to ride with thee wheels instead […]

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New Russian Kalashnikov AK-12 spotted in Qatar at the National Day Parade [The Firearm Blog]

The history of the new generation of Kalashnikov assault rifles is quite complicated and often very scandalous. In 2013, Russian Ministry of Defense refused to finance the R&D for AK-12, over the years there were a lot of sudden and controversial design changes, and some experts remain skeptical about design features of the final version […]

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"They Shall Not Grow Old" [Of Arms and the Law]

Just saw it... if you have a chance, watch it! Unbelievable. The Imperial War Museum gave the director unlimited use of its WWI footage, and a grant, and instructions that he must make a movie using only the real footage, and have it ready by the centennial of the Armistice last month... other than that, he could do whatever he wanted.

Unbelievable work. Imagine seeing the century old footage... jerky, black and white, grainy, silent .... now raised to something approaching modern resolution, colorized, and in 3-D (you're issued glasses). Lip readers hired to tell what the men were saying, and voices added to reflect that. (At one point a soldier waves and shouts "Hi, Mom!" At another a soldier tells his comrades, hey, we're gonna be in the movies!).


Lawsuit filed today, challenging bumpstock ban [Of Arms and the Law]

Complaint here. Filed in the District for the District of Columbia, a good choice since most of the attack is over the Administrative Procedure Act, and in the DDC they know that and take it seriously; most other federal courts see such challenges rarely and know little about it. Lead plaintiff, blogger David Codrea, actually has an Atkins Accelerator, which ATF had ruled in its original form was an MG, required that certain changes be made in them in order to make them not an MG, and now is ruling that even with the changes they are an MG.

Interesting points on a quick read: para 16, ATF has ruled at least ten times that a bumpstock is not an MG. Para 19-20, the rule making says bumpstocks were used in the Las Vegas killings, yet FBI has refused a FOIA request for just that data. Para 22, FBI refused to let ATF examine the guns that were used to see what their firing mechanisms were like. Para 55 & 84 ff. challenges the status of the Acting Attorney General who signed the rule.


House Dems to focus on gun control, immigration and climate change, Swalwell says [NRA-ILA News]

Rep. Eric Swalwell said in an interview that aired Monday on "Rising" that House Democrats will be ambitious on tackling issues such as immigration, gun control and climate change when they officially take control of the lower chamber next month.


Corporate Gun Control: The NYT Outlines the Dangerous Next Development [NRA-ILA News]

Despite legal developments that arguably make Americans more free from government censorship than they ever have been before, fewer Americans actually feel empowered to speak their minds. Why? Because, thanks to the toxic combination of online shaming and politicized corporate cultures, all too many people reasonably believe they could lose their livelihoods if they share their opinions in public. Corporate activism and corporate power combine to achieve results that government cannot. American freedom suffers. We lose a culture that respects liberty even as the law remains (for now) intact.


Mike Bloomberg prepared to spend at least $100 million on a 2020 campaign for president if he decides to run [NRA-ILA News]

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg is prepared to spend well over the $100 million he put into his last campaign for New York City mayor if he runs for president in 2020. And he does not plan to accept any outside money from political action committees if he jumps into the race, CNBC has learned.


Will the World’s Most Bitter Chemical Repel Rats? []

Mice and rats… I hate ’em. And if you have ever had them damage or destroy your food or equipment, you probably would too. And after dueling with them on more than one frustrating occasion, i would much rather deter or repel them than try to capture or kill them after they have moved into my home, shed, tractor, or vehicle.

YouTube’s favorite mousetrap man takes a look at various methods of repelling rodents in what he calls ‘mouse mythbuster episode[s], where we test out different ideas for repelling mice and rats.”

This one involves denatonium benzoate, a white powder which is apparently the most bitter-tasting chemical ever. It’s non-toxic and apparently tastes awful… but will it deter rodents?

It was a viewer suggestion that he decided to check out. Oddly enough, his research showed that some rodent poison contains the stuff in order to make it taste bad so people won’t eat it. But presumably, rodents will eat it… which casts doubt on whether denatonium benzoate will work to keep those pesky gnawing critters at bay.

We get to see our host try to eat some of it… and then commence to spitting it on the floor, along with the water from repeated mouth-rinsings.

It’s pretty clear that rats don’t share Shawn’s sense of taste… they wipe out both heaps of sunflower seeds ravenously, regardless of whether it’s bitter or not.

Well, back to the drawing board for repelling them-there rodentia. In the meantime, enjoy these six minutes of video.

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Woman Attends Gun ‘Buyback’ to Upgrade her Handgun []

I’m a hater of government waste and abuse, and so-called “gun buy-backs” are a perfect example of both. Aside from the fact that you cannot buy BACK something you did not previously own, it’s a massive waste of tax money.

Think about it: Government employees are paid with our tax dollars to sit around shelling out more of our tax dollars in order to pay (usually) more than fair market value for firearms which were highly unlikely to ever be used in a crime, and which are destined for destruction — that’s right, more of our tax dollars are paid to those who render these guns unusable and worthless.

At least one American approached a government gun buy in Baltimore for a better reason than most, however. She brought in a low-value 9mm pistol so she could collect 200 of our tax dollars — and then use that money towards a bigger, better handgun.

From a Tweet by Kathleen Cairns of FOX45:

One woman shows us the 9MM she is turning in for the Baltimore City Gun Buy Back program. But she says she is using the cash to get a bigger weapon!

In the Conservative Journal article, Baltimore City mayor reportedly expressed a desire for folks to steal guns from family members and then turn them in for the bounty:

An official even hinted that it wasn’t about crime at all, but simply a desperate bid to remove and destroy what are likely legally-held firearms.

In a statement to Fox 45, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh said “our point here is, there are guns on the streets of our city. We are signaling folks out there, we don’t care if it’s grandpa’s gun or your gun, we want it (emphasis added).

In other words: “We are ready, willing, and eager to waste the resources we take from citizens in an attempt to render you all less able to protect yourself from threats of all kinds. Even if it means paying you tax money for a gun that’s not yours to sell.”

Reminds me of the “buyback” I reported on last summer, in which a homemade gun garnered $200 of our taxes for some goober who zip-tied a hunk of pipe to a piece of lumber and called it a Hi-er Point.


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[Epic Shoot 2018] Seekins Precision PRS Accessories [The Firearm Blog]

Seekins Precision was one of the companies showing off some of their newest gear at the Epic Shoot 2018 held by Leviathan and Big Daddy Unlimited. The Seekings Precision PRS accessories caught my eye. They have an adjustable ARCA style rail along with some other rails meant for bolt guns or PRS rifles. The Seekins […]

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Homemade African Poachers’ Guns []

In this recently-uploaded video, Ian of Forgotten Weapons takes a look at some extremely crude homemade firearms, allegedly taken from African poachers who had made them for hunting.

I had a chance to visit Hire Arms in Johannesburg — a movie arms supply company. Among many other things in their collection, they had an assortment of extremely crude handmade firearms confiscated from poachers in Zimbabwe. As something we don’t see much of here in the USA, I thought they were pretty interesting, even if just in a train wreck sort of way. So I pulled out a couple of the most unusual to put on camera.

He takes a look at a breech-loader and a percussion-fired muzzleloader, and from a distance the muzzleloader looks pretty cool. With pistol grips for both hands on its wood shoulder stock and a lock that resembles an old British musket, it seems to represent an attempt to unite ancient and modern firearms design.

Once you get up close, however, you see just how crudely-made they really are.

He also shows us a muzzleloader that failed rather spectacularly.

Pretty cool… and a great preview of what we will see a lot more of once sales of legitimate firearms are banned.

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‘Spirit of a Mountain Man’ Award-Winning Video []

Billy Molls made this 14-minute video to tell a story of his grandfather and the effect he had on Billy’s life. His grandpa quit school after the 8th grade so he could go to work farming. He hunted and trapped whenever he could, and during the winter he lit out for the back woods of Wisconsin to spend the cold months living off whatever game he could trap or shoot.

The film begins by telling us that every family was poor back then… but it’s clear that his grandfather was not needy. No poor person has ever been as well-dressed as he was in many of these photos, nor could a poor man afford to have his outdoor exploits documented on camera. But the photos are nonetheless valuable, as they help illustrate a lifestyle of wilderness survival which was lived out by many more folks than just this one.

Billy began trapping with his grandpa at a young age, learning from an old man who said very little while allowing his actions to speak volumes. But he said enough while fleshing a beaver hide in his basement to inspire his grandson to head for the wilderness of Alaska to pursue a life based on harvesting nature’s bounty.

Billy Molls has been enthralled by nature since birth. A lifelong hunter, 20-year Alaskan hunting guide, and renowned story, Billy shares a deeply personal and moving short film which was chosen as a “Top Ten” selection out of hundreds of films in the 2015 Outdoor Film Festival.

After concisely telling the story of his grandfather’s inspirational words, he succinctly describes his beginning in the Alaskan wilderness and the life he chooses to live out there.

In a strange way, I don’t feel alone at all. Everything that’s important to your life floods to the forefront in just a matter of seconds. All the negatives in life are gone for me right now.

The movie itself is made in such a way that it’s fairly a masterpiece of storytelling. After he describes his roots and the gist of living in the boonies for 4 months per year, he portrays the culmination of guided big game hunts by showing scene after scene of pre-shot tension, as he coaches clients on when and where to shoot — or not — their game animal of a lifetime.

He also tells a tale of the game species he pursues… and provides a reality check to those to revere wild predators such as the wolf.

Cunning and ruthless, I suspect the wolf will be one of the longest-surviving species on our planet… but I fear that, if left unchecked, they will destroy the wildlife resources that we share. In Alaska’s interior, 80% of the moose and caribou that die each year are killed by bears and wolves, and less than 10% are killed by hunters. I for one refuse to reply on a grocery store or a government for my survival. As hunter-conservationists, we must continue to strive toward a sustainable ecological balance.

As he says that last statement, a hunter kills a large wolf.

This next part rings especially true for me, considering my last hunting season… which began poorly with a string of errors and letdowns that seemed to fuel my drive to hunt even more.

The day it becomes automatic is the day hunting loses all meaning. Misses and mistakes keep us returning to wild places just as much as our successes.

His final spoken line sums it all up beautifully:

Take the advice my grandpa gave me: Escape to the wild place that calls you. Experience it. Live in it. Rely on it. And revive the mountain man inside you.

This short film speaks volumes… in less than a quarter-hour.

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[Epic Shoot 2018] Fostech Echo AK47 Trigger & More [The Firearm Blog]

At the Leviathan x Big Daddy Unlimited Epic Shoot 2018 media event, Fostech unveiled some brand new products. The highlight of their presentation would have to be their Echo AK47 trigger. Although they have another interesting trigger along with a ridiculously lightweight magnesium handguard. Echo AK47 Trigger Just like the Franklin Armory Binary trigger, the […]

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FPC V. Whitaker - A Procedural Attack On The Bump Stock Ban [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Firearms Policy Coalition did two things yesterday. They removed themselves from Guedes v. BATFE by voluntarily dismissing all claims in that case. Concurrently, they then filed a new case, FPC v. Whitaker, which challenges the authority of Acting Attorney General Mattew Whitaker to even sign off and authorize the issuance of the Final Rule banning bump stocks. In other words, they removed themselves from the merits case and filed a new case based on procedure.

You are probably wondering why they are changing course after the first lawsuit was filed. To understand this you must first think of the goal of all of these lawsuits which is to stop the bump stock ban. Then ask yourself which will get decided quicker - a lawsuit with extensive hearings from experts testifying as to why the bump stock is not a machine gun or one that says regardless of what is being banned that Matthew Whitaker doesn't have the authority to even issue a Final Rule?

Take this a step further and look at how judges - especially liberal judges - have treated Second Amendment issues. The answer is not well and certainly not consistent with the intent of Heller and McDonald. Thus, even if you get an "Obama judge", you stand a chance of winning because they can rightfully say they are not deciding a Second Amendment issue but rather an Administrative Procedures Act issue. Actually, it would be helpful to get a Obama or Clinton appointee who has nothing but disdain for President Trump and who would see this as a way of slapping him down. They get some perverse pleasure out of it and we get an anti-gun rule stopped. Moreover, this doesn't stop Guedes or the case filed by Gun Owners of America on the merits as they will continue. This really is three-dimensional chess.

The lead attorney in the case is Tom Goldstein who is one of the premier appellate attorneys in the nation who has personally argued 42 case before the Supreme Court and is the co-founder of the SCOTUSblog. He is being assisted in the case by Daniel Woofter of Goldstein and Russell.

The suit is seeking both preliminary and permanent injunctions against the enforcement of the Final Rule banning bump fire stocks and is also seeking a declaratory judgment that the rule is invalid as Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker did not and does not have the authority to sign the rule.

A preliminary injunction is necessary to prohibit the Rule from taking effect 90 days from now and to prevent Mr. Whitaker from unlawfully exercising authority as Acting Attorney General. Mr. Whitaker’s designation as Acting Attorney General violates both the Constitution’s Appointments Clause, U.S. Const. art. II, § 2, cl. 2, and the applicable statutes, 28 U.S.C. § 508; 5 U.S.C. §§ 3345 et seq. Thus, he was not authorized to sign the Rule, and the Rule cannot go into effect without irreparably harming Plaintiff and its members. Accordingly, the declaratory, injunctive, and other relief requested herein is necessary to prevent the implementation or enforcement of this illegal regulation.
The request for relief asks the US District Court for the District of Columbia for five things:
(a) ENJOINS the Rule, Bump-Stock-Type Devices, 83 Fed. Reg. 66514 (Dec. 26, 2018), from going into effect, if at all, for at least 90 days after resolution of this action and all appeals;
(b) ENJOINS Matthew G. Whitaker from exercising any authority as Acting Attorney General, in this or any other matter;
(c) DECLARES that the Rule is invalid as signed by Matthew G. Whitaker;
(d) DECLARES that Matthew G. Whitaker’s designation as the Acting Attorney General violates the Appointments Clause and 28 U.S.C. § 508; and
(e) DECLARES that Matthew G. Whitaker is not the Acting Attorney General.
Regardless of which way the District Court rules on this matter, you know it will be appealed. If the government loses in District Court, they must appeal so as to try and preserve Whitaker's authority to act. If the government wins, FPC will appeal because it is their right to do so. I can see this case ending up before the Supreme Court as it is a direct challenge to President Trump and his authority to name as Acting Attorney General someone who has not been confirmed by Congress.

As I wrote earlier, this is three dimensional chess and it will be interesting to see how the courts rule on this.

UPDATE: I just checked the judge assigned to the case. It is Ketanji Brown Jackson who was appointed to the District Court by President Barack Obama and who was confirmed in March 2013. She also had clerked for Justice Stephen Breyer. This will be interesting!


Ohio: Legislature Overrides Governor Kasich’s Veto of Self-Defense Legislation [NRA-ILA News]

Today, the Ohio House of Representatives and Senate voted 67-22 and 21-11, respectively, to override Governor John Kasich’s veto of self-defense legislation, Sub. House Bill 228.


Toy gun buyback for pansies [NRA-ILA News]

Hempstead, New York, officials, citing concerns for the safety of children, not only warned parents off buying toy guns as gifts this Christmas — but also took the over-the-top step of hosting a toy gun buyback event.


Thank Goodness Actor Chris Pratt Isn't the Only A-Lister Who Goes Hunting [NRA-ILA News]

There's a lot of brouhaha over actor Christ Pratt hunting. He's not the only A-lister to harvest his meat.


New VOERE X5 Bolt Action Rifle Chambered in .50 BMG [The Firearm Blog]

VOERE X5 Bolt Action Rifle (1)Austrian firearms manufacturer VOERE Präzisionstechnik GmbH has added another rifle to their X-series of tactical bolt-action rifles. The new Voere X5 is chambered in .50 BMG which makes it the largest one in this family of rifles. The rifle has some really interesting features that set it apart from the competition. As you have probably noticed, the Voere X5 largely […]

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Women find hunting just ducky [NRA-ILA News]

Recently, the second annual RVA Delta Waterfowl Ladies Hunt took place along the James River, on land in Hopewell’s Tar Bay area owned by the Carraway family.


Saiga-MK SVAROG – The First Project of Kalashnikov Concern’s Custom Shop [The Firearm Blog]

Saiga-MK SVAROG LOT (1)Kalashnikov Concern has released a new competition ready rifle called Saiga-MK Svarog (Сварог – name of a Slavic deity). The rifle is the first project of the company’s custom shop which they call “firearm tuning laboratory”. The Saiga-MK Svarog rifle is made for competition shooting. It is chambered in .223 Remington. The rifle features a […]

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Marysville, WA [Civilian Gun Self-Defense Blog]

12/24/18 Everett {Wash.] Herald:

MARYSVILLE — The plan was simple: Steal tools and pawn them for money.
That’s what two men, 22 and 23, reportedly had in mind when they showed up to the Coastal Farm & Ranch store in Marysville on Saturday afternoon, according to a police report. They allegedly took four nail guns, each worth over $400, walked out of the store and got into a Honda Civic.
They didn’t expect to be surrounded by about six customers with guns raised.
One customer was standing in front of the car, yelling at the alleged thieves to get out.
“He won’t shoot, run him over,” one of the suspects reportedly said.


Suppressed IWI Tavor and B&T APC-9 [The Firearm Blog]

Here are few examples of suppressed firearms, in either 9×19 mm or the more powerful .223 Remington (or 5,56×45 mm). The B&T APC9 Suomi pictured is just like the normal APC9 except it has a pinned suppressor (rather long one) to get into the legal minimum length in Suomi Finland. It is supposed to have […]

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Zeroing the FR-F1 [Forgotten Weapons]

After about 2 years or working and waiting, my FR-F1 has arrived from France – so it’s time to get it zeroed! I am using the only commercial ammo available in the us; PPU 139gr FMJ (caliber 7.5x54mm). To properly show the accuracy this rifle is capable of, I will need to handload the ammo, and find a better shooter to use it.


Hornady Frontier Cartridge Barrel of 13,889 Rounds of 5.56 NATO []

The internet has been buzzing since Federal Premium introduced a drum or barrel of ammunition available on Brownells’ website. You could have your pick of 12,500 rounds of 5.56 NATO or 7,500 rounds of 7.62 NATO ammunition. The price-tag for either barrel is pretty steep only because of the volume. The price per round is actually very cheap. To keep in competition with Federal, Hornady has released their own barrel of ammunition filled with Frontier Cartridge rounds.

Hornady’s barrel of Frontier Cartridge ammunition contains 13,889 rounds of 5.56 NATO. So Hornady’s barrel squeaks out a few more rounds than their counter-part Federal. At the moment, you can buy Hornady’s barrel of Pew-Pew at one of 3 internet retailers. You can have your pick from the 3 websites below if you would like one:

All of the ammunition that comes in these barrels of fun is loaded at the Lake City Army Ammunition plant. So is all Frontier Cartridge ammunition under the Hornady label and it maintains Mil-Spec ammunition tolerances. The short, but concise specifications for the ammunition in Hornady’s new Frontier Cartridge barrels can be read below:

  • 5.56x45mm NATO
  • 55 Grain FMJ (Full-Metal Jacket)
  • 3,240 FPS (Feet per Second)
  • 1,282 Ft-Lbs of Energy

While this will be a cataloged item of Hornady’s that you can now purchase year round, they did release a festive Christmas video to entice last-minute shoppers. That YouTube video can be watched below:

So what do you guys and gals think? Would you bite the bullet and purchase a $4K barrel of ammunition? Or do you think this is something more suited for indoor and outdoor ranges to sell to shooters when they come through? I, personally, would think it is kind of fun to scoop ammo from a barrel like its candy from a grocery store before I hit the range! Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! We always appreciate your feedback.

frontier cartridge

frontier cartridge

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Parker Bows is Going Out of Business []

Parker Bows, the archery company based out of Virginia, has announced that they have made the painful decision to close their business. Parker Bows used to be one of the fastest growing companies in not only Virginia, but in the entire United States. Now, the company started by Robert “Bob” Errett who came from Bear Archery in 1984, is closing up shop.

This is a portion of the announcement sent out to dealers of Parker Bows and their associated products on Monday, December 17th this year:

December 17, 2018

To the Dealers of Parker Compound Bows, Inc.

Re: Cessation of Business

Dear Sir or Madam:

Parker Compound Bows, Inc. (the “Company” or “Parker”) has made the difficult
decision to cease operations. We appreciate your loyalty and support over the
years. The Company has explored what it believes to be all possible options to
continue operations in one form or another or engage an investor or sell the
Company. Unfortunately, all of these efforts have been unproductive.

It is incredibly unfortunate to see a company like Parker Bows exit the archery and outdoors industries. By best estimates on the Parker Bows website, they may have employed roughly 300 people at the time of their closing. Their reach within the archery community extended throughout 1,200 retail locations with suppliers in 27 states as well.

For those who used their products, what did you think of them? They were in business for over 34 years and Bob Errett had one heck of a former teacher in Fred Bear. Hopefully all of the employees of Parker Bows can find stability for themselves in this holiday season and transition into new places of employment.

For dealers and retailers, the complete announcement of their closing can be read below with more of the important details that may more intimately affect your business as well.

parker bows

parker bows

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Wednesday, 26 December


Bumpstock Ban, Part III (Updated) [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut have filed suit today in US District Court for the District of Columbia today on behalf of Damien Guedes, the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Firearms Policy Foundation, and the Madison Foundation. The lawsuit seeks an injunction as well as challenges the legal authority of Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to issue such a rule when he has not been confirmed by the Senate.

From the plaintiffs release:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 18, 2018) — Today, attorneys for an owner of a “bump-stock” device and three constitutional rights advocacy organizations filed a federal lawsuit against the Trump Administration’s new confiscatory ban on firearm parts, additionally challenging Matthew Whitaker’s legal authority to serve as Acting Attorney General and issue rules without being nominated to the role and confirmed by the Senate or by operation of law. A copy of the court filings can be viewed at

The plaintiffs also filed a motion seeking a temporary injunction to prevent the Trump Administration from implementing and enforcing the new regulation. The lawsuit, captioned as Guedes, et al. v. BATFE, et al., is backed by Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC), Firearms Policy Foundation (FPF), and Madison Society Foundation (MSF), also institutional plaintiffs in the case.

“Bump-stocks” were legal under federal law and prior determinations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives until the agency issued a new final rulemaking today. Under the new rule, owners of the devices have just 90 days to surrender or destroy their property, after which they could face federal ‘machinegun’ charges that carry up to 10 years in prison and $250,000 in fines for each violation.

The plaintiffs are represented by attorneys Joshua Prince and Adam Kraut of Firearms Industry Consulting Group, a division of Civil Rights Defense Firm, P.C. Prince and Kraut previously filed a nearly 1,000-page formal opposition to the proposed regulation, which included a video exhibit showing the actual operation of a “bump-stock” device on an AR-15 type firearm. That opposition and its 35 exhibits can be viewed at

“The ATF has misled the public about bump-stock devices,” Prince said. “Worse, they are actively attempting to make felons out of people who relied on their legal opinions to lawfully acquire and possess devices the government unilaterally, unconstitutionally, and improperly decided to reclassify as ‘machineguns’. We are optimistic that the court will act swiftly to protect the rights and property of Americans who own these devices, and once the matter has been fully briefed and considered by the court, that the regulation will be struck down permanently.”

In a January statement, Firearms Policy Coalition said that the federal “DOJ and BATFE clearly lack the statutory authority to re-define the targeted devices as ‘machineguns.’” Following that, in February, FPC also commented that as they “opposed the lawless manner in which President Obama often ruled by ‘pen-and-a-phone’ executive fiat,” they objected to and would fight “President Trump’s outrageous lawlessness here.”

“In its rulemaking, the Trump Administration is attempting to abuse the system, ignore the statutes passed by the Congress, and thumb its nose at the Constitution without regard to the liberty and property rights of Americans. That is unacceptable and dangerous,” explained Adam Kraut, an attorney for the plaintiffs. “It is beyond comprehension that the government would seek establish a precedent that it can arbitrarily redefine terms and subject thousands of people to serious criminal liability and the loss of property.”

Anyone who owns a “bump-stock” device and who would like to consider participating in the case should contact the FPC/FPF Legal Action Hotline at or (855) 252-4510 (available 24/7/365) as soon as possible.
Count One of the lawsuit refers to Whitaker  as "purported Acting Attorney General" and challenges his authority to issue the final rule. They refer to 28 U.S.C. § 508(a) which states that the Deputy Attorney General shall exercise the duties of the office of Attorney General in case of a vacancy. Given this, they argue that Whitaker cannot "lawfully perform the duties and responsibilities of Attorney General, including the execution on December 18, 2018 and implementation of the Final Rule." I think even the Democrats might agree with this.

Count Two of the lawsuit alleges violations of the Adminstrative Procedures Act. Specifically, it accuses BATFE of a) failing to provide records as requested with regard to Proposed Rule; b) failure to provide a 90-day comment period as there were website issues; c) failed to consider cost impact and ignored any analysis on compensating bumpstock owners for a taking; d) failed to provide a hearing when requested; and e) issued a rule that is arbitrary and capricious which is a violation of the APA.

Count Three alleges that the final rule exceeds the legal authority of BATFE because it rewrites clear statutory terms to suit itself. Even Sen. Dianne Feinstein herself has said that BATFE lacks the clear legal authority to ban bumpstocks. Now, of course, she wants Congress to do it but that would be legal.

Count Four says the final rule violates the Internal Revenue Code. Since NFA items are taxed, this is why this comes into play.
26 U.S.C. § 7805(b) provides that “no temporary, proposed, or final regulation relating to the internal revenue laws shall apply to any taxable period ending before … [¶ … ¶] [t]he date on which any notice substantially describing the expected contents of any temporary, proposed, or final regulation is issued to the public.”
Thus, any rule against any bump fire stock manufactured before March 29, 2018 could not be enforced on them.

Count Five goes to the fact that the Final Rule bans bump fire stocks and says no compensation need be given. This the suit alleges violates the Takings Clause of the Fifth Amendment.

Count Six alleges an Ex Post Facto violation as bump fire stocks were previously classified by the BATFE to be legal. Changing the law after the fact would seem to violate Article I, Section 9, Clause 3 of the U.S Constitution.

Count Seven alleges that the Final Rule violates the Contract Clause of Article 1 of the Constitution by destroying the value of investments that had been made consistent with previous BATFE rulings and classifications of bump fire stocks.

Count Eight is the final count. It accuses BATFE of violation of the Freedom of Information Act for failing to provide records that were properly requested by the Firearms Policy Foundation months ago.

The prayer for relief seeks both a preliminary and permanent injunction against the enforcement of the Final Rule, a declaration that Matthew Whitaker did not have the legal authority to issue the Final Rule which makes it null and void, and for declarations that the aforementioned violations are Constitutionally impermissible.

The full 37-page complaint is here.

UPDATE:  The Guedes case had some changes today. First, the Firearms Policy Coalition dropped out of the lawsuit in order to file a separate lawsuit on procedural grounds. More on that lawsuit in a separate post but the intent is to have one lawsuit argued on the merits of the case - Guedes - and a second lawsuit challenging the Final Rule on the grounds it was issued by someone who didn't have the authority to do so.

Second, in their amended complaint, the plaintiffs added Missouri St. Representative Shane Roden (R-Franklin County) and Florida Carry. Moreover, it dropped Count One (see above) which challenges the authority of the purported Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker to issue the rule. That will now be moved to a separate case involving only the Firearms Policy Coalition.

The goal in separating the issues is to have one case that will move quickly on procedural issues - FPC v. Whitaker - and a second case that move at the speed that it moves on the merits of the case. The challenge on procedural issues is an effort to stay the case in the short term.


Federal Premium Expands Out their 450 Bushmaster Ammunition Offerings [The Firearm Blog]

450 BushmasterThe .450 Bushmaster continues to grow in popularity throughout the country with more and more regions requiring that hunters use “straight-wall” cartridges. With those types of guidelines being set in place, Federal Premium like many companies is looking to serve the consumer with more options in the way of ammunition. They have three NEW offerings […]

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POTD: Featureless JP-15 with Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x [The Firearm Blog]

Today’s Photo is a featureless JP-15 sporting the Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8 variable optic. The maker of the rifle is JP Enterprises (JP Rifles) from Hugo, Minnesota. They make some really nice high-end rifles. I guess the other end of the scale would be an Anderson MOE Featureless AR-15? The Vortex Optics Strike Eagle […]

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Clear for Take-Off! Ultradyne’s NEW Apollo Max .30 Cal Muzzle Brake [The Firearm Blog]

apollo maxUltradyne has introduced their Apollo Max Muzzle Brake now in .30 Caliber with some impressive results for shooter’s in need of something to tame their rifles. Ultradyne is claiming class-leading recoil reduction from a CNC machined product. This would should be competition-legal and comes with a shrouded timing nut for easy installation. The rest of […]

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Agency intends to appeal grizzly decision [NRA-ILA News]

After the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service filed its intent to appeal the decision to the return of the Greater Yellowstone grizzly bear to Endangered Species Act protection, Cody’s Loren Grosskopf predicted that side, which includes the state of Wyoming, will prevail.


Gun ownership and firearm-related homicide rates [Of Arms and the Law]

Here's an interesting piece of statistical work on that question, by B. J. Campbell. The first paragraph sums it up:

"There is no clear correlation whatsoever between gun ownership rate and gun homicide rate. Not within the USA. Not regionally. Not internationally. Not among peaceful societies. Not among violent ones. Gun ownership doesn't make us safer. It doesn't make us less safe. A bivariate correlation simply isn't there. It is blatantly not-there. It is so tremendously not-there that the "not-there-ness" of it alone should be a huge news story.


Veto overrides possible in Ohio on abortion, guns, Medicaid [NRA-ILA News]

Some of the Ohio legislative session’s testiest issues - guns, abortion and outgoing Republican Gov. John Kasich’s Medicaid expansion - may yet see reversals before year’s end. Lawmakers reconvene Thursday for rare post-Christmas floor sessions where several Kasich vetoes are poised for potential override. Ohio House spokesman Brad Miller says “everything is on the table.”


New year bringing 200-plus new laws to state [NRA-ILA News]

More than 200 pieces of legislation signed in 2018 will become law Jan. 1. State Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer of Jacksonville said that the laws vary from the mundane, such as dictating when certain departments have to have their vehicle’s oil changed, to helpful like the Telehealth Act that will allow more clinicians to provide remote services for patients.


Mike Pappas’s Cold War Ma-Duece [The Firearm Blog]

In an undisclosed location of Northern Utah lies a fully functional relic of the Cold War.  Featured previously in Recoil Magazine, this OT-90 JPJ owned by Mike Pappas of Dead Air Armament needs no introduction.  Weighing in at around 24,000 lbs, and being powered by a 19L (1,159cu in) V6 diesel, this beast wasn’t missing […]

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Jeff Sturgis’s Top 5 Deer Hunting Myths []

Hunting lore. There’s a never-ending fount of it springing forth from every hunter’s experience, which is readily shared among fellow hunters around the campfire, at the hunt club barn in the morning before a hunt, or online. But how much of it is really true? Well, Jeff Sturgis of Whitetail Habitat Solutions decided to make this video addressing what he calls the ‘Top 5 Deer Hunting Myths.’ You know… stuff that most hunters accept as gospel, but which really isn’t.

In my 36+ years of deer hunting experience I’ve learned a thing or two myself, so I’ll give my take on each of his points below.

1) You Shouldn’t Pee in the Woods

He says his experience has shown that deer ignore the smell of urine when he pees from his tree stand, and that he typically urinates in rut scrapes (especially mock scrapes) to get deer to accept and use them. So, says he, you don’t really need to carry around a bottle to pee into. Pee all you want, and deer won’t care.

I agree with him… to a point. I think you should be careful around any stand that is hunted regularly — especially if you are hunting mature deer. Anything unusual can alarm a wary old mature buck, and a concentration of ammonia aroma from days’ worth of pee seems to fit that bill.

2) The ‘Dry Doe’ Myth

You hear deer hunters talking about old “dry” does… that is, older does who are beyond breeding age and therefore should be killed to prevent them from competing with productive deer for food and cover. Jeff tells us that’s completely false, and that a well-respected biologist told him about an old doe who lived to be 22 years old, who had fawns every year of her life. In fact, the older a doe becomes, the better a mother she is.

But wait, you say… I see some does with fawns and others without any fawns. Surely the single does are dry and unable to conceive, right? Wrong. All it means is they don’t have fawns with them when you see them. Perhaps they weren’t bred while in season or their fawns were killed by coyotes, bears, or vehicles. Or their fawns could simply be elsewhere — especially during the rut, when mama takes a break from babying junior so she can enjoy some whitetail rut romance.

I’m entirely in agreement on this one. It’s fine to take does from well-managed herds, but don’t assume a doe without fawns is barren.

3) Bucks Always Bed Downwind of Does and Fawns

This one is so silly I’ve never given it any credence, and Jeff points out the fallacy of believing that bucks will reliably bed downwind of does & fawns. Instead, he says, they simply bed somewhat deeper into the woods than does & fawns. So if you’re hunting a food source like a food plot or ag field, expect the does to bed down near the food and the bucks to bed beyond the does, with the does between the bucks and the food.

Makes sense to me.

4) Dew Claws and Bucks

So you see a deep deer track with four marks… two from the main “toes” and two marks behind from the “dew claws.” That track could only have been made by a big mature buck, right? Wrong.

I heard this one growing up, and later learned that it’s just not true. All deer have dew claws and all deer can leave dew claw marks when the conditions are right. It’s a simple matter of biology. And to help us out, Jeff offers some tips on how to tell when a deer track really was made by a mature buck.

5) You Must Use Scent Control Products for a Successful Hunt

Instead of stressing yourself about scent control by wearing specialized costly clothing and using those special soaps and sprays, simply play the wind. I’m paraphrasing here because Jeff gets a little long-winded (see what I did there?) about it… but he’s absolutely correct. The only way to ensure you’re not smelled by a deer you’re hunting is to locate your stand in such a way that your scent can’t be detected by the deer you’re hunting — and never hunt that stand when the wind is wrong.

He does use scent-killing sprays — as do I — but that alone cannot eliminate all human scent, and a wary buck downwind will still be able to pick up on it.

Controlling sound, he says, is far more important than reducing your scent — and he’s one hundred percent correct.

Enjoy the video.

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Mapgul Release New M-LOK Dovetail Adapters [The Firearm Blog]

MLOK dovetail adapterMagpul have introduced a new range of M-LOK adapters that offer compatibility with bipod and tripod mounts. The adapters are made from machined aluminium and are compatible with RRS and ARCA interfaces. They come in a range of three lengths: a 2 slot adapter, a 4 slot adapter and a full length rail for use […]

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Montana Decoy Deer Rump Whitetail Deer Decoy Review []

As a dedicated deer hunter, I’m always looking for anything that can provide me with an edge in the woods. I’ve toyed with the idea of deer decoys in the past, not so much to attract deer closer to the decoy, but to grab their attention and get them to pause while crossing a trail or shooting lane. So when I got the chance to try the new Deer Rump decoy from Montana Decoy, I eagerly accepted.

Montana Decoy makes two-dimensional game decoys that are light and easy to transport and set up quickly, featuring detailed photographs of the animal they’re imitating. In this case, it’s the Deer Rump decoy they introduced last month, and it’s the lightest and most compact deer decoy they make. I got one in the midst of the 2018 fall deer season, and immediately put it to work.

Getting Started With the Deer Rump

As I was leaving the house to hunt a nearby WMA, I found the decoy had just been delivered. Naturally, it went hunting with me. I took a couple of photos before I removed the stuff from the plastic bag to deploy the decoy near my tree stand.

Deer Rump decoy as received.

Deer Rump decoy as received.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Deer Rump decoy as received.

Deer Rump decoy as received.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

It’s a simple decoy, and setup is pretty straightforward. You open the decoy itself — which is super-easy, because it “wants” to be open — and then unfold the shock-corded legs.

Legs for the Deer Rump decoy.

Legs for the Deer Rump decoy.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

As you insert the rods or ‘legs’ into the decoy, pay attention to where you’re sliding them. There’s a little pocket or sleeve where the rod belongs. You see, the rod goes all the way up the decoy, and things get awkward if you don’t keep the rod in its sleeve.

Inserting a leg into the Deer Rump decoy.

Inserting a leg into the Deer Rump decoy.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

After you slide the rod into the decoy, attach the elastic loop to the plastic hook on the rod to keep the fabric on the rod.

Securing the leg to the Deer Rump decoy.

Securing the leg to the Deer Rump decoy.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

After both legs are inserted and attached, just stand the decoy up and step on the rods to stab them into the ground.

Deer Rump decoy.

Deer Rump decoy. (Photo © Russ Chastain)

It’s two-dimensional, so make sure you turn it so the full width of the decoy faces the most likely direction. But even when viewed at a slight angle, it has a realistic look. Oh, and before you ask, I don’t know why the shadow on the deer’s belly is green.

Deer Rump decoy.

Deer Rump decoy.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Viewed from the side, it’s obviously not a deer!

Deer Rump decoy side views

Deer Rump decoy, side views.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Hunting With the Deer Rump Decoy

I used the decoy while hunting deer on two different WMAs and on some private land. I only saw one deer while hunting the WMAs — a young buck which I spotted as it approached the decoy at a walking pace. He got within about 30 feet of the Deer Rump, and jumped as if spooked. I expected him to leave the area, but instead he boldly strolled over close to the tree in which I was hunting, checked me out, then worked a rut scrape before slowly walking away.

In other words, he was attracted by the decoy, realized the decoy was not a deer before he got to it, but was not upset enough to leave the area immediately after discovering the decoy was a sham.

Arrow indicates the Deer Rump decoy

Arrow indicates the Deer Rump decoy.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The decoy has a realistic look, and more than once I caught my breath when I glanced up and saw a deer standing there.

At the private hunting property, I got good use out of the decoy and found that it did attract deer and get them to pause to check it out. In one instance, a total of 4 deer crossed a narrow opening about 200 yards from my stand. Every one of them lingered, looking in my direction for at least a few seconds before moving on. This gave me ample opportunity to identify them, and to take a shot had I wanted to. I believe the decoy is the reason they stopped to look.

Deer Rump decoy, with three deer in the background.

Deer Rump decoy (arrow), with three deer in the background.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

In the hunt during which I took the photo above, I put the decoy out and got into the stand. No sooner had I done so than these three deer stepped out and began to feed. None of them showed much interest in approaching the decoy, although it may have been the reason they fed closer to me. From time to time, they’d stare hard at the decoy and eventually they apparently got fed up with its lack of animation, so they departed. But they’d hung around for 40 minutes before doing so.

A little while later, a mature doe followed a fawn out of the woods and when she stopped to look at the decoy, I took the opportunity to ensure she was a legal doe and then lay her down.

Deer Rump decoy with a harvested doe in the background (arrow).

Deer Rump decoy with a harvested doe in the background (arrow).
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

On another hunt, a young buck entered a small food plot to feed. It seemed to notice the decoy, but didn’t really care much about it.

The next day, I placed the decoy in the center of a larger food plot. A young doe entered the plot, took a few bites, and began walking to the decoy. She employed all the normal whitetail ruses in an attempt to make the decoy react… stomping a hoof on the ground, bobbing her head, and the like. After a bit, she freaked out and ran over to the edge of the plot with her tail held high. She paused briefly, then stomped off into the woods.

If I’d wanted that deer I could have had her, but chances are good that her reaction to the decoy would have made other nearby deer — especially mature bucks — leery of the food plot.

When I deployed it on a grassy woods road I was hunting, it got a doe and a fawn (on separate occasions) to pause and look. The doe stomped her hoof a few times, but when the decoy wouldn’t move, she blew that shrill alarmed sound and ran off. Kind of a bummer, as it alerted all other deer that something weird was going on there.

About the Decoy

Each time I set up the decoy, I sprayed it thoroughly with scent-killing spray. I believe this is a must-do step if you want to have any chance at keeping a deer even mildly comfortable in its presence.

Deer Rump decoy comes with a pair of magnetic tails.

Deer Rump decoy comes with a pair of magnetic tails.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The decoy comes with a pair of tails, which are quite realistic-looking. As you can see, each one has a pair of magnets glued on. The decoy contains no steel or magnets in the tail area, so the only way to attach the tails is to “sandwich” the decoy between them as they magnetically cling to one another. This works well because the decoy is printed on both sides… and they do sway in the breeze.

Deer Rump decoy elastic cord.

Deer Rump decoy elastic cord.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The Deer Rump comes with one elastic cord to secure it in the closed position… but it’s not attached to the decoy, so you could easily lose it. I attached mine to one of the elastic loops used to secure the decoy to the rods/legs. This keeps it handy all the time.

It only takes a few seconds to set up or take down the Deer Rump decoy, and once it’s folded up it takes up very little space.

Deer Rump decoy folded and ready for transport.

Deer Rump decoy folded and ready for transport.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Each of the two folding 3-section rods is about 15 inches long when folded. The largest dimension of the folded decoy is 16 inches, and that includes the ear. The ear is flexible, so you should be able to cram this in most hunting packs without much trouble.

My folded decoy weighs in 11.6 ounces, and the two legs add 17.1 ounces. This adds up to 28.7 ounces, or a measly 1.8 pounds. Not bad for something that has the potential to stop a buck in his tracks as he’s crossing a narrow shooting lane.


The Montana Decoys Deer Rump decoy is a good and useful hunting tool, and I think it’s my favorite new hunting item. It’s been a long time since I added a new tool to my hunting kit, but something tells me the Deer Rump decoy is going to be part of my pack from now on… and that this won’t be my last Montana decoy.

I don’t think I’ll be using a deer decoy on every hunt — and in some cases, it’s a bit of a gamble because you never know how a deer will react to it. I believe its best use may be to catch a deer’s eye from a distance… just be sure you’re paying attention so you can take advantage of that while you can, because it doesn’t seem to take deer very long to realize that something’s not quite right with a deer that never moves.

You can buy a Deer Rump decoy here if you wish, for the MSRP of $69.99.

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Ohio: Your Action Needed – Contact Your Lawmakers In Support of Veto Override [NRA-ILA News]

Tomorrow, the Ohio Legislature will convene for a Veto Session where it is scheduled to hold an override vote on Sub. House Bill 228.


TFBTV: Are Glocks really Durable? A Look at Glock Range Rentals [The Firearm Blog]

Are Glocks really as durable as they are reputed to be? Fanboys everywhere love to lump praise on Glocks for their reliability and durability but they usually won’t have more than a few thousand rounds through their personal Glocks at the absolute most. So if you really want to find out how reliable a #Glock […]

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Leapers UTG Recon Flex Bipod for M-Lok and KeyMod [The Firearm Blog]

Earlier this year, Leapers, Inc. introduced the UTG Recon Flex Bipod, which consists of two separate legs that are mounted to each side of a rifle that has either Keymod or M-lok mounting points. The legs can be adjusted from 8 to 11.8 inches and can also be adjusted at five different angles within 180 […]

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Strike Industries ICHIRO Holster Hanger [The Firearm Blog]

Strike Industries ICHIRO Holster Hanger (9)Strike Industries in collaboration with firearms photographer and competition shooter Ichiro Nagata has designed a new competition holster hanger named after Mr. Nagata – Ichiro Holster Hanger. This holster mounting system allows for adjusting the position of your handgun in any imaginable angle and axis. The advantage of having so many adjustment options is to […]

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JM Davis Museum Auctions Off Duplicate Guns [The Firearm Blog]

The J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum in Claremore, Oklahoma, is home to the world’s largest privately-held firearms collection in the world. With more than 12,000 firearms and thousands of assorted items related to the firearms, it is quite the place. If you find yourself in the Tulsa area, you need to go. Once you’re […]

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Steyr 1893 Gas-Seal Trials Revolver [Forgotten Weapons]

Today we are looking at a pair of Steyr 1893 trials revolvers. Only about 100 of these were made, primarily for Austro-Hungarian military trials. These two are early pattern examples, with Pieper-type gas seal systems in which the cylinder is cammed forward upon firing and an extra-long cartridge case bridges the gas between cylinder and barrel. This slightly increases muzzle velocity by eliminating the gas leak at the cylinder gap, but it does so at the cost of extra complexity and a very poor trigger pull.

In addition to that system, the Steyr 1893 features a tip-out cylinder and central ejector, which would make reloading quite rapid for the time. It held 7 rounds of 8mm ammunition (a gas-seal 8mm cartridge). A later version of the gun replaced this with a fixed cylinder and an Abadie loading gate system. Neither of these would be adopted, and the Rast & Gasser model 1898 would be chosen instead.

Interestingly, one of these two revolvers has a Nazi-era German civilian proof on the cylinder, suggesting that it was sold on the commercial market in Germany during that time, and thus required proofing. The majority of these revolvers have no proofs, as they were never sold commercially by Steyr.

Tuesday, 25 December


TFB Christmas 2018: Peace And Goodwill To All [The Firearm Blog]

GoodwillWinding down the holiday season is always a bittersweet task. With the big day behind us, most of the suprizes are now unwrapped (and hopefully are also chambered in .308 with a threaded barrel). But we can still look forward to New Year’s Eve celebrations and the daylight hours continuing to grow longer. For those of […]

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Kraut Space Magic: the H&K G11 [Forgotten Weapons]

I have been waiting for a long time to have a chance to make this video – the Heckler & Koch G11! Specifically, a G11K2, the final version approved for use by the West German Bundeswehr, before being cancelled for political and economic reasons.

The G11 was a combined effort by H&K and Dynamit Nobel to produce a new rifle for the German military with truly new technology. The core of the system was the use of a caseless cartridge developed in the late 60s and early 70s by Dynamit Nobel, which then allowed H&K to design a magnificently complex action which could fire three rounds in a hyper-fast (~2000 rpm) burst and have all three bullets leave the barrel before the weapon moved in recoil.

Remarkably, the idea went through enough development to pass German trials and actually be accepted for service in the late 1980s (after a funding shutdown when it proved incapable of winning NATO cartridge selection trials a decade earlier). However, the reunification with East Germany presented a reduced strategic threat, a new surplus of East German combat rifles (AK74s), and a huge new economic burden to the combined nations and this led to the cancellation of the program. The US Advanced Combat Rifle program gave the G11 one last grasp at a future, but it was not deemed a sufficient improvement in practical use over the M16 platform to justify a replacement of all US weapons in service.

The G11 lives on, however, as an icon of German engineering prowess often referred to as “Kraut Space Magic” (in an entirely complimentary take on the old pejorative). That it could be so complex and yet still run reliably in legitimate military trials is a tremendous feat by H&K’s design engineers, and yet one must consider that the Bundeswehr may just have dodged a bullet when it ended up not actually adopting the rifle.

Many thanks to H&K USA for giving me access to the G11 rifles in their Grey Room for this video!


Merry Christmas! []

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays! From everyone here at AllOutdoor to all of y’all. We hope you have a great holiday season!

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Silencers For A Silent Night [The Firearm Blog]

Silent Night‘Twas the night before Christmas… something, something subsonic 300 Blackout. That’s the way the poem goes, right? One of the best parts about Christmas is thinking about how the generations before us celebrated the season in years past. Candles instead of LED lights. Wooden toys instead of iPads. Flintlocks instead of open tip match bullets. […]

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POTD: Rooftop Norwegians with Barret M82 .50 BMG [The Firearm Blog]

The Barrett M82 in .50 BMG isn’t the first firearm I think of to be used in urban sniping for a number of reasons, but the Soldiers from the Norwegian Homeguard seem to be on a limitless budget. The effective range of the M82 is around 1 800 yards, if not longer. And it’s commonly […]

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Concealed Carry Corner: Pros & Cons of Consistent Open Carry [The Firearm Blog]

open carryIn this segment of Concealed Open Carry Corner, we are going to dive down the rabbit hole of open carry. Many states actually allow for the open carry of firearms in public, but very few individuals do it because of social stigmas. I, personally, have been carrying since I turned 21. Still being a young guy […]

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The ‘Mice Cube’ Mouse Trap in Action []

Mice and other rodents can be deadly on stored food and seeds, can also be destructive to clothing & blankets, and even have been known to destroy wiring on vehicles and other machinery. Controlling them isn’t easy, but from time to time we like to look at various ways of catching the little rascals.

The Mice Cube is a simple little thing, essentially a rectangular tunnel with a plastic door at one end. A mouse walks in and the door falls shut, then it can’t get back out. If you wish to release the mouse afterward, just turn the trap upside-down and the door will fall open, allowing the critter to scamper on out.

Maybe the best thing about this is that it’s tough for the critter to steal the bait… and it won’t snap the heck out of your fingers like a traditional mouse trap will.

It works well on his tame mouse, so he takes it out to his barn to test it on wild mice. Watch the video to see how well it works.

Looks like you might want to add a few more air holes, if you want the mice to live for a while after being caught…

You can pick up three of these simple traps for about $8.

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How to Properly Set a Rabbit & Hare Snare []

It’s good to learn survival skills before you need them, and this video should help with that. Snares are simple things, and you may think you can just set them on a well-used trail and catch yourself some supper. But as with all things, there are plenty of ways to get it wrong.

This trapper responds to an inquiry from another YouTuber who tried and failed to catch snowshoe hares using snares. This fellow tells us what mistakes were made, why they are bad, and how to do it right.

He even shows us a couple different ways to support these snares.

It’s great info to have, and I’ll surely be trying to recall it the next time I set out to snare some bunnies.


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Basis Essentials Series-Everyday Handy Skills []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


Anyone who takes prepping serious needs to acquire a basic set of skills to sustain themselves should a SHTF occur. When things really get tough, self-reliance is the primary mission of the day. There may be little to no public services available, and many private services may be shut down as well. This means whatever jobs need to be done have to be accomplished by you.

If something breaks, needs repairs or regular maintenance, these tasks will fall on you, family or others in a support group that might could lend a hand. If you want to see a taste of what this could be like just watch the TV series “Mountain Men” and especially Eustace Conway living alone in the mountains of North Carolina. Everything he has, he has made, and everything he eats he has raised or hunted it. Even his truck runs on a wood burning stove. It’s a tough life.

So, though you may be living in a modern house or dwelling, when SHTF occurs, all the tasks such as plumbing, electrical (if there is power), carpentry, and anything else that needs repair will become your job. If these tasks sound overwhelming, then perhaps a home improvement or living skills shop course at the local community college or vo-tec school might be in order.

As to basic skills, first learn how to use tools of all kinds. Learn how to sharpen knives and blades of all types including an ax. Bone up on mechanical skills in order to repair a myriad of machines that run around the house. If you own a chainsaw, know how to change out the saw chain, sharpen it, and adjust the engine to keep it running. Same for lawn mowers or any other such gas engines. Learn some basic automotive maintenance and repair skills.

Know how to change out a broken PCV pipe, elbows, or values in a plumbing system including unplugging a stopped up septic system. This assumes you keep the tools and supplies to do these and other repairs as well. Learn to repair or replace door locks, hinges, garage doors, and such. Can you replace broken glass in a window? Can you do basic sheet rock work?

Before trouble comes, walk around your house and property to make a list of all the things that might need fixing, parts replacement or regular maintenance. Then set about learning how to do each of these. It takes time to master even the basic skills, so start a program of work now.

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WF Bern C42 & E22: Swiss Stgw90 Trials Rifles [Forgotten Weapons]

Today at the Kessler auction house in Kreuzlingen Switzerland we are taking a look at the W+F Bern C42 and E22 rifles. These are the guns supplied by Bern to compete for the Swiss military Sturmgewehr 90 trials. The C=type ones are chambered for the 5.56mm cartridge, but Swiss adoption of that cartridge was not necessarily a foregone conclusion, and so Bern also supplied a version of the rifle in the 6.45x48mm cartridge (97gr @ 3000 fps).

The action is a two-lug rotating bolt with a long stroke gas piston, and the guns’ handling is reminiscent of the Swiss Stgw 57, especially in the shape of the pistol grip. Both carbines and rifles were supplied, and the barrels were easily removed and interchangeable. The rifle version included a bayonet lug, rifle grenade launching capability, and integral simple bipod (all features omitted on the carbines).

Ultimately the Bern design lost out to SIG for military adoption, for a couple reasons. One was better accuracy demonstrated by the IG rifles, and another major issue was the nature of the charging handle on the Bern design. It had to be taken off to remove the bolt from the rifle, and was a small part very easily lost. Since Swiss doctrine includes reservists storing rifles at home with the bolts removed, this easily lost critical part was a serious handicap.

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Linton V. Becerra - Another Second Amendment Lawsuit Against California [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Chad Linton and Paul McKinley Stewart had screwed up in their younger days, paid their debt to society, and went on to lead lives in California as good, productive citizens. More importantly to our discussion here, the relevant courts in both Washington State and Arizona had explicitly expunged their non-violent felony convictions and explicitly restored their rights to own, possess, and purchase firearms. They further underwent multiple background and fingerprint checks and Linton actually had purchased firearms in California in the past. However, that is not good enough for California now. When they each went to purchase firearms starting in 2015, they were turned down the California Department of Justice and its Bureau of Firearm based upon Cal. Pen. Code §§ 29800 and §§ 30305.

Messrs. Linton and Stewart along with institutional plaintiffs the Firearms Policy Foundation, the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Second Amendment Society, the Calguns Foundation, and the Madison Society Foundation filed suit in US District Court for the Northern District of California on Thursday, December 20th. The parties are represented by attorney George M. Lee of Seiler, Epstein, Ziegler & Applegate of San Francisco. They named California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D-CA), Acting Chief of the Bureau of Firearms Martin Horan, and Deputy Attorney General Robert Wilson as defendants.

Mr. Linton was stationed at NAS Whidbey Island when he was stopped for a DUI and trying to elude police. He pled guilty and was sentenced to time served (7 days) and probation with the promise that his felony conviction would be downgraded to a misdemeanor if he completed his probation successfully which he did. He received a certificate of discharge stating that all of his civil rights were restored. Fast forward from 1987 to 2015. Mr. Linton attempted to buy a handgun but was denied by the State of California due to the prior felony. He hired an attorney in Washington State to reopen the proceedings, withdraw his guilty plea, and enter a not-guilty plea. The Superior Court in Washington State vacated his prior conviction, set aside his guilty plea, and restored his rights.

On April 18, 2016, the Superior Court of the State of Washington, Island County, further issued, upon Plaintiff’s petition, an Order Restoring Right to Possess Firearms pursuant to Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 9.41.040(4). A copy of this order is attached as Exhibit B. As part of that petition, and order, the court found that Plaintiff Linton was qualified, pursuant to RCW 9.41.040(4), to have the right to possess firearms restored to him, and accordingly, ordered “that Petitioner Chad Linton’s civil rights and right to possess firearms are FULLY RESTORED pursuant to RCW 9.41.040(4).” (Id.) The court further ordered the Washington State Patrol to transmit a copy of its Order to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
When later in 2016 Linton attempted to purchase a rifle the California DOJ denied it and sent him a letter stating that he was ineligible due to being a felon. His California attorney made multiple requests to the California DOJ to clear up the matter and provided them with the Washington State court orders. Linton assumed the matter had been cleared up when he went to purchase a revolver and was again denied. Soon thereafter he was visited by agents of the California DOJ's Armed Prohibited Persons System enforcement project who seized all of his firearms including a family heirloom. Bear again in mind that he was not a prohibited person under either Washington State or Federal law. Indeed Deputy AG Robert Wilson went so far as to say that they would not honor the Washington State court's findings and that Mr. Linton try to get a presidential pardon as that is the only thing they would accept.

Mr. Stewart made similar successful efforts to get his record expunged by the State of Arizona. In 2016 the Yuma County Superior Court specifically sent aside his conviction and restored his firearm rights. The Arizona Department of Public Safety sent Stewart more documentation indicating the felony conviction had been set aside and his records had been corrected. Notwithstanding this, like Mr. Linton, he was denied when he sought to purchase a firearm.

Count One alleges the state has violated the plaintiffs' rights under the Second Amendment by denying them the right to possess firearms in their home for self-defense.
Notwithstanding the non-violent nature of those convictions, and the subsequent restoration of plaintiffs’ rights, the laws and Defendants’ policies, practices, and customs described herein, as applied to Individual Plaintiffs, amount to a total and permanent deprivation of their fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms and ammunition, as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, and are therefore an infringement upon those rights. The circumstances surrounding the Individual Plaintiffs’ convictions are therefore and should be distinguishable from those persons that have been historically excluded from the right to keep and bear arms.
Count Two states that the defendants' actions violate the Full Faith and Credit Clause of Article IV, Section 1 of the Constitution. Both the Constitution and subsequent Supreme Court decisions require each state to honor the valid judgments of courts in other states. The Supreme Court said in 1998 in Baker by Thomas v. General Motors Corp, that “A final judgment in one State, if rendered by a court with adjudicatory authority over the subject matter and persons governed by the judgment, qualifies for recognition throughout the land.”

The third and final count states that California is violating both the Privileges and Immunities Clause of Article IV, Section 2 and the 14th Amendment, Section 1. California law provides a process whereby someone convicted of a "wobbler" felony can get his or her firearms rights restored. A wobbler felony is one where the person could have been charged with either a felony or misdemeanor for the offense. If the person gets the felony downgraded to a misdemeanor under Pen. Code § 17(b), they would also be eligible to get their record expunged in its entirety under Pen. Code § 1203.4. Both would allow the person in question to have their firearms rights restored.
However, the State of California will only honor the reduction of these qualifying felony convictions utilizing the statutes and the process described above. As shown throughout this complaint, California refuses to honor the comparable process utilized by other states, including the States of Washington and Arizona, shown above, even where the courts of those jurisdictions expressly have set aside the felony convictions and have restored firearms rights to such persons who have successfully completed their terms of probation. Accordingly, Defendants’ refusal to honor the set-aside or vacation of those felony convictions, and/or restoration of firearm rights, by courts of those other states, amounts to unlawful discrimination, favoring California’s citizens, since persons convicted of felonies in other states, in essence, have no actual means to seek judicial restoration of their firearms rights here, or otherwise comparable to the process of reduction under those mechanisms (including Pen. Code § 17(b)) described above.
In essence, what you have is California saying that they will treat their restoration of rights as legitimate while that of other states as illegitimate for the purposes of firearms rights.

The plaintiffs are seeking both declaratory and injunctive relief under all counts as as applied to themselves and to others similarly situated. Of course, they are also seeking attorneys' fees.

I'm not a judge nor a lawyer but if I had to hazzard a guess this will case will be decided on the Full Faith and Credit Clause and the Privileges and Immunities Clause. While it is obviously a denial of Second Amendment rights, the courts will go for the low-hanging fruit of Counts Two and Three.


BOTW: Matt’s Not FDE AR Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

The 22nd Installment of Build of the Week was contributed by Matt.  Thank goodness it is not another FDE gun. Honestly the hottest thing I like about this build is the Rail-Rap (see what I did there?). How did I not know about this product. You’d think by this point I’d have seen pretty much […]

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Join me for a WW1 battlefield tour in September 2019! [Forgotten Weapons]

I am excited to announce that I will be leading a WW1 battlefield tour in Belgium and France (mostly France) September 7-15 of 2019. It is being run by Military History Tours, who have more than 30 years experience running worldwide military tours, and I will be acting as tour historian for the trip.

The organizing theme is to follow the war chronologically, learning about how it progressed over the years. It was truly World War One that brought the world from volley fire in standing lines to modern small unit tactics and mechanized warfare. We will be visiting museums, forts, battlefields, monuments, and more – this is an opportunity to experience the history in a way that you only can be being at the places where the cataclysms like Ypres, Verdun, and Belleau Wood actually happened.

The tour cost is $3,375, which covers all lodging, tickets, entrance fees, transportation, and about half of the meals for the week. It does not include airfare – we will begin in Brussels and conclude in Paris (a great opportunity to spend a few days in the City of Lights!). You can find a full itinerary at the Military History Tours web site:

I look forward to seeing you there!

Saturday, 22 December


SILENCER SATURDAY #52: A Market For A Modern Welrod? [The Firearm Blog]

Modern WelrodGood evening quiet readers and thank you for joining us once again for TFB’s Silencer Saturday, the only place where single shots can be more fun than select fire weapons. Which leads me into today’s topic: is there a market in the U.S. for a modern Welrod pistol? While many of today’s suppressor manufacturers focus […]

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NC Wildlife Resources Commission Warns About CWD [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been discovered in whitetail deer in western Tennessee. This fatal neurological disease does not affect humans or livestock but it can infect deer and other cervids such as elk, moose, and caribou. Obviously, North Carolina does not have a population of moose or caribou but it does have a lot of whitetail deer and a growing population of reintroduced elk.

Below is the advisory from the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission along with the rules to for bringing in vension, deer hides, skulls, antlers, and mounts from other states. They also have a YouTube video for instructions on how to prep a carcass for importation if you are a do-it-yourself'er.

RALEIGH, N.C. (Dec. 17, 2018) — With the preliminary detection of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in white-tailed deer in western Tennessee, the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission reminds deer hunters of a new rule that prohibits the importation of whole deer carcasses and restricts the importation of specific carcass parts from anywhere outside of North Carolina.
The new rule, which was implemented for the 2018-19 deer hunting season, is an effort on the Commission’s part to prevent the spread of CWD into the state. CWD is a transmissible, always fatal, neurological disease that affects deer and other cervids such as elk, moose and reindeer/caribou.
The rule states that anyone transporting cervid carcass parts into North Carolina must follow processing and packaging regulations, which only allow the importation of:
  • Meat that has been boned out such that no pieces or fragments of bone remain;
  • Caped hides with no part of the skull or spinal column attached;
  • Antlers, antlers attached to cleaned skull plates, or cleaned skulls free from meat, or brain tissue;
  • Cleaned lower jawbone(s) with teeth or cleaned teeth; or
  • Finished taxidermy products and tanned hides.
Additionally, all carcass part(s) or container of cervid meat or carcass parts must be labeled or identified with the:
  • Name and address of individual importing carcass parts;
  • State, Canadian province, or foreign country of origin;
  • Date the cervid was killed; and
  • Hunter’s license number, permit number, or equivalent identification from the state, Canadian province, or foreign country of origin.
These new restrictions aim to prevent the infectious agent of CWD from contaminating new environments by way of disposal of carcass tissues, particularly those of the brain and spine, as CWD contaminants can persist in the soil for years.
On Friday, officials with the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) announced they were enacting their Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan, following the preliminary positive detections of CWD in white-tailed deer in Hardeman and Fayette counties, which border the Mississippi state line. TWRA biologists are testing additional deer and are trying to contact the hunters who harvested the infected deer.
Out of concern for the serious effects CWD could have on North Carolina’s deer herd, the Commission developed a Chronic Wasting Disease Response Plan in 2002, with subsequent revisions over the years to respond to the disease’s ever-growing spread. The plan identifies and guides the agency’s initial short-term (approximately one year) efforts if CWD is detected in the state’s deer herd, or if CWD is detected in deer within 30 miles of its borders. Agency biologists also conduct statewide sampling of deer every year and attempt to sample all deer that show signs of the disease or die of unknown causes.
With Tennessee’s preliminary detection of CWD within its borders, two states bordering North Carolina will have CWD in their deer herds. In Virginia, Shenandoah and Frederick counties, which border West Virginia, have confirmed cases of CWD.
About Chronic Wasting Disease
Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSE) disease in deer, elk, moose and reindeer/caribou and is always fatal. The source of the disease is an abnormal prion (a form of protein) that collects in the animal’s brain cells. These brain cells eventually burst, leaving behind microscopic empty spaces in the brain matter that give it a “spongy” look. As this occurs, it often causes behavior changes such as decreased interactions with other animals, listlessness, lowering of the head, a blank facial expression, and walking in set patterns.
CWD has no known impacts to the health of humans or livestock. However, the Commission recommends people do NOT eat:
  • Meat from a deer that looks sick
  • Any of the following organs: brain, eyes, spinal cord, spleen, tonsils and lymph nodes*
  • Any meat from an animal that tests positive for the disease
*Normal field dressing coupled with boning out a carcass will remove most (if not all) of these body parts. Cutting away all fatty tissue will remove remaining lymph nodes.


Sam Cooke Must Have Been Singing About This Guy [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I came across a Tweet today from a rapper named Taleb Kweli Greene.

I'm kind of speechless over this abject ignorance of history. It made me wonder where he was edumacated.

According to his Wikipedia page, he started high school at Brooklyn Technical HS which requires an entrance exam. After being "academically dismissed", he finished at Cheshire Academy which was founded in 1794. Cheshire boasts of a 6 to 1 student-teacher ration and class sizes of 12. The 10th oldest private school in the United States, Cheshire has a robust history department for a school its size.

All I can say is that Greene is either being intentionally obtuse or really is that dumb despite the best efforts of some of the best teachers that money could buy.


Shooting the H&K MP5K Operational Briefcase [Forgotten Weapons]

Heckler & Koch’s “Operational Briefcase” is a clever system for covert carry of a submachine gun without the need to conceal such a large type of weapon under bulky clothing. By putting the gun into a briefcase, they gave security personnel a way to blend right into the business and executive type of environment. Of course, the idea has become rather well known, at least in some circles. It may not have quite the same element of surprise it once did, but it is still a remarkably discreet contraption.

Thanks to H&K and Trijicon, I had the chance today to actually do some shooting with one of the briefcases. When properly used (which is to say, braced against the belly and aimed with the torso) it is quite a lot more useful and accurate than I had anticipated! It should definitely say something that H&K still sells these briefcases to law enforcement and security firms to this day…

Friday, 21 December


Featured Deals of the Week 12/21/18 [The Firearm Blog]

Weekly Deals Roundup This week’s deals include the Ruger LCR-X, the Testudo plate carrier and plates, Federal Guard Dog 9mm, a whole mess of S&W magazines, and more ammunition than you can shake a stick at. Ruger LCR-x in 38 special Double action revolver – $339.99 What the deal is: Sportsman’s Outdoor Superstore is selling […]

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TFB Review: Smith & Wesson Performance Center Pro Series, Model 686 Plus [The Firearm Blog]

Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson became partners in 1852 with the goal of manufacturing a firearm that would fire a self-contained cartridge. The “Volcanic Pistol” was the result. It was a lever action pistol that would eventually be sold to Oliver Winchester when Smith & Wesson temporarily parted ways. Luckily for us, they found their […]

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Prancer’s Perfect Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Prancer’s Perfect PistolsMerry Christmas you filthy animals and thanks for putting up with more of our 12 Days Of TFB Christmas. If you can bear with me for a few more days I promise to leave you alone on December 25th (maybe). Picking perfect pistols is a personal and polarizing topic of discussion. Some of you are […]

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TFBTV: The Guns of Die Hard (Which is a Christmas Movie) [The Firearm Blog]

In this episode of TFBTV, James Reeves goes over not only the guns of Die Hard – yes, THAT Christmas film – but he also brings you little known facts about the movie and the use of the guns in the movie, including the Steyr AUG, H&K MP5 and the H&K P7, as well as […]

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She’s Right You Know [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

This is something that I thought that I’d ever write but Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is correct. To be more precise, she is correct on one thing. That is that any ban on bump stocks is the business of Congress and not a regulatory agency.

In an op-ed published Wednesday in the Washington Post, she wrote:
Automatic weapons produced before 1986 are highly regulated, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives tracks them. Despite this, the agency has consistently stated that bump stocks could not be regulated under the current law. That was because they do not fit the legal definition of an automatic weapon under the National Firearms Act.

Automatic weapons are defined by their ability to fire a continuous number of rounds by holding down the trigger. Bump stocks and other accessories have made this definition largely obsolete, creating a loophole that circumvents Congress’s intent to bar civilians from achieving automatic rates of fire. That’s because the recoil of the stock “bumps” the finger against the trigger, allowing the weapon to achieve automatic fire. Because of this technicality, bump stocks have not run afoul of the law.

ATF initially concluded that it could not ban these devices through regulation in 2008. And after the 2012 shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., ATF further explained in a 2013 letter to Congress that it could not take unilateral action because “stocks of this type are not subject to the provisions of federal firearms statutes.” In addition, internal ATF documents made public through Freedom of Information Act requests by Giffords Law Center and Democracy Forward show that the agency had reiterated its lack of authority to ban bump stocks unilaterally and that it had approved similar devices as recently as April 2017 — under the Trump administration.

In March 2018, the Justice Department did an about-face, claiming that bump stocks do, in fact, fall under the legal definition of a machine gun and therefore can be banned through regulations. The administration’s position hinges on a dubious analysis claiming that bumping the trigger is not the same as pulling it.
Feinstein goes on to say that banning bump stocks by executive fiat opens it to legal challenge and that the Final Rule provides a roadmap for the "gun lobby" to do just that. This is not to say that Feinstein is pro-bump stock. Far from it. She wants them banned along with "trigger cranks" but says it should be done by Congress. Part of her rationale is that if it is done by Congress a future President can't change his or her mind about bump stocks and ditch the ban. The other part of her rationale is the feeling that President Trump and the BATFE with the ban are intruding upon a Congressional prerogative.

The bump stock ban is already being challenged in District Court in Guedes et al v. BATFE et al. Gun Owners of America have also been promising a lawsuit which as of this afternoon still hasn't been filed.


CZ Add New Pistols to their P-10 Line [The Firearm Blog]

P-10 FČeská zbrojovka have unveiled some new firearms for 2019, while the new guns aren’t yet available in the US they have appeared in CZ’s Europe catalogue. Three new additions expand the company’s popular P-10 series: The P-10 F, P-10 SC and the P-10 C OR. P-10 F The P-10 F is the full sized duty […]

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US Army Award SIG Sauer Contract for Rifles, Carbines and Pistols [The Firearm Blog]

SIG COTSThe US Army’s Contracting Command has awarded SIG Sauer a major five year contract to provide commercial off the shelf rifles and pistols to be fulfilled by 2023. The commercial off the shelf contract is likely for foreign military sales as it includes numerous weapon systems not currently adopted by the US military. The contract […]

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Buck Knives Now Offering Cerakote In-House []

Folks who want or need greater protection for their knives can now enjoy the added benefit of having Cerakote ceramic coating applied to their Buck knives — right at the factory.

I’ve known about Buck knives since I was just a wee lad, and they’ve long been known for quality. Recently, I’ve sort of rediscovered them — and from a practical standpoint, there’s not much bad I can say about useful, high-quality blades that are still made in the USA. I recently reviewed a handy little Buck skinner called the 684 BuckLite Max II Small Knife, and I’ve since used it on a large whitetail buck as well, with equally good results.

Now, Buck has created a ‘Cerakote lab’ in their Post Falls, Idaho factory, in which they can apply Cerakote themselves. Here’s what the press release says:

Buck Knives, leader in sports cutlery, is pleased to announce the introduction of Cerakote to its manufacturing and production capabilities. Housed in Buck’s 132,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Post Falls, Idaho, the new Cerakote lab contains curing ovens, a robotic spraying arm, and a variety of color options for Buck’s growing product line.

Cerakote is a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that provides superior protection against abrasion and scratches while enhancing physical performance properties including wear resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and strength. After receiving comprehensive and hands-on training, Buck Knives’ factory trained technicians mix the coating to exact specifications and utilize computer programs to create custom handles and unique blades.

“Our goal has been to bring this process in house,” said Ryan Duckett, Director of Operations for Buck Knives. “Now we have the ability to control the cost, quality, and lead time on delivering a superior product to our customers.”

Recognizing the need for corrosion and abrasion resistant coating and the value add benefit to its products, Buck Knives will soon offer several customization options with a shortened lead time. Many new products for 2019 will feature Cerakote coated blades and hardware. Buck’s customizable 722 SpitFire features several different Cerakote color options for customers to create a truly unique and personalized everyday carry knife.

For those wondering about availability, it’s currently an option for the 722 Spitfire EDC lockback. For an extra $50 on top of the knife’s $55 MSRP, you can get a blade of S35VN steel Cerakoted in black, bronze, brown, green, or pink. Buck offers an even wider array of Cerakote colors for the Spitfire’s handle.

While most “knife guys” may sneer at anything from a production company that builds knives for everyday folks, I think it’s nice to see a longtime family-owned company that still makes knives right here in the USA and takes pains to keep them affordable for everyman… while offering cool upgrades for those who want them.

This video shows you how it works.

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51-Point Whitetail Buck Taken by Newbie Deer Hunter []

A whitetail buck taken by Keith Szablewski in Williamson County, Illinois may set a national record for having the most scorable points, at a whopping 51. The current record, set just two years ago, was 47 points on a monster buck taken by a young farmer in Tennessee.

From a story at

This year while hunting on private property during the first weekend of the Illinois shotgun season, Szableswki had the opportunity of a lifetime.

“I was just sitting there and I heard the deer behind me,” he said.

After shooting and killing what he thought was a big buck, he was in for an even bigger surprise.

“When I walked up to him, I looked at it and thought, ‘What a blessing,'” he said.

It was indeed quite a blessing! But apparently, Keith’s not the greedy type; he shared the blessing by donating most of the meat.

“I took the deer to a processing center, and I’ll get a little meat from it, and then I donated the rest to people that need it,” Szableswki said. “I felt like I needed to. I felt like the Lord was telling me to do that.”

The buck won’t be officially scored until July of 2019 at the Illinois Deer and Turkey Expo in Peoria.

Judging by the product placement in some of the photos being distributed, Szablewski may be hoping for some sponsorship money as a further blessing…

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CZ Introduces New BREN 2 MS Semi-Auto Rifles [The Firearm Blog]

CZ BREN 2 MSČeská zbrojovka, the Czech parent company of CZ USA, have introduced the civilian semi-automatic version of the BREN 2. The BREN 2 MS joins the 805 Bren S1. Sadly the new rifles are only currently available in Europe and have not reached the US market yet. While some have reached the US in pistol form, […]

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Building a Concealed Fire Pit []

So you’re in the woods and you need a fire… but you’re not interested in being seen. And once you move away from that area, you’d like to leave little or no sign to indicate you’d been there. No reason to help trackers track you down, right? Well, this video will help you make a “Dakota fire pit,” which can be quite useful as well as offering low visibility — and low impact so you can conceal its existence when you leave it behind.

After removing the leaves and other debris — taking care to save it for later concealment — you dig a hole that’s about 10 inches in diameter, with a smaller vent hole off to one side, upwind.

When you dig the holes, preserve any plants and roots by taking out a plug of earth rather than just digging away all the root structure. This can be put back in the hole later, making the spot difficult to detect.

The fire burns quite efficiently… it’s more or less a rocket stove, but made of dirt and you don’t carry it with you. So you don’t need to gather a bunch of fuel, minimizing your impact in the area.

I hope I’m never on the run and have to use this knowledge… but it’s always good to have the know-how.

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Adcor Defense Wins Beretta Lawsuit [The Firearm Blog]

Way back in July 2015, we reported that Adcor Defense had launched a lawsuit against Beretta USA for the use of proprietary information used in the development of the ARX-100. At the time the two companies had entered into an agreement for Adcor to produce components for 100,000 rifles but the deal fell apart and Adcor […]

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POTD: SAS with Colt Canada C8s During Counter Terrorism Op [The Firearm Blog]

During a counter terrorism operation in Newcastle in the UK British counter terrorism police were joined by operators believed to be members of the British Army’s elite SAS. A 33 year old suspect was arrested on the 11 December during the operation. Armed police, specialist Counter Terrorist Specialist Firearms Officer and members of the UK’s SAS […]

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17-Year-Old Hunter’s 204-Inch Buck Taken, Then Returned []

A huge whitetail buck head was reportedly taken away from the 17-year-old Georgia hunter who killed the deer with his bow… but it was later returned to him.

When the whitetail rut stirred up a large and well-known buck and got him to wander onto a piece of land where he’d never before been seen, his image was captured by a trail camera, spurring Ragan Paramore to hit the woods to hunt the buck, which the locals had named Chester.

Ragan wanted to be legal when he went hunting, so he attempted to purchase a license using the “Outdoors GA” smart phone app.

“I logged in and went to purchase my license,” said Ragan. “It just sat there and loaded and loaded and loaded. I probably tried three or four times. I tried on WiFi and LTE. There’s just a little thing that was spinning on the phone.”

Ragan said he believed his license purchases went through after multiple attempts, and he went hunting and ended up killing the buck of a lifetime. Ragan was hunting on his grandmother’s land, the family farm.

“I thought my license had gone through until I went to [check in] the deer that afternoon on my phone, and it (Game Check) wasn’t there,” said Ragan. “After I tried… I told daddy about it.”

The buck was massive, with a 20-point rack that scored 204. The boy’s father set about trying to buy a license for his son.

After realizing the license purchases did not go through on Ragan’s phone earlier that afternoon, his dad went to purchase his son’s licenses on his phone.

“Daddy said it wasn’t working on his phone,” said Ragan. “He tried it five or six times. We were on WiFi, and we were thinking the WiFi wasn’t working, so he went and got three bars of LTE, and it still didn’t work.”

Jeff did end up getting Ragan’s licenses after about an hour of trying and multiple attempts.

Because the buck had been harvested illegally, Georgia DNR seized the buck head at Paramore home, and gave Ragan a court date.

Ragan’s father, Jeff… said the family is heart-broken about DNR Law Enforcement Cpl. Greg Wade showing up at the Paramore home to confiscate the deer.

“I don’t want anybody thinking he’s a rogue hunter or anything,” said Jeff. “It’s not like it was an intentional thing, that he was out there hunting to be hunting with no licenses. If it was that case, I would have never bought the license.”

Later, they received a call saying they could pay a fine and get the deer head back. So they ponied up the $237 to ‘bribe’ the government into returning the deer head, and got it back.

As you can imagine, this was a great relief to young Ragan, who will probably never kill a better buck… although he may one day have better hunting stories, because after all, he reportedly shot the massive buck as it fed from a pile of corn.

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Palmetto State Armory Announces Gen 2 KS47 [The Firearm Blog]

PSA KS47Palmetto State Armory has introduced their new and improved KS47. The Gen 2 makes a number of improvements aimed at reliability and feeding but maintains compatibility with many parts from the Gen 1. Palmetto State Armory is offering the KS47 G2 in four configurations: 2 pistols and 2 rifles. The company claims that the improvements […]

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This NPR Poll Shows Hope For America [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

52% of Americans say they are against the county becoming more politically correct. By contrast, only 1/3 want us to be more politically correct and more sensitive in what we say. This is according to a NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll conducted at the beginning of December.

There is a divide between those who want the country to be more politically correct and those of us that don't.

There are huge partisan, racial and gender divides on the question of sensitivity. The only groups in which majorities said they were in favor of people being more sensitive were Democrats, adults under 30, African-Americans and small city/suburban women...

Majorities of whites, Latinos, Americans over 30 and small city/suburban men, though, said the opposite. Just 1 in 7 Republicans and a third of independents said they like the country becoming more politically correct and people being sensitive in their comments.

There's also a big gender divide by place and education. Women who live in small cities or the suburbs say people need to be more sensitive, 52 percent vs. 37 percent. But just a quarter of men who live in the same place say so (27 to 57 percent), making for what have to be some very divided dinner tables.

White women with college degrees are split, but slightly more of them than not say people should be sensitive (46 to 43 percent). Nearly two-thirds of white men with college degrees, however, say the country is becoming too politically correct. (Roughly the same percentage of white men without a college degree feel the same way.)
 The story goes on to note that this poll should be a big warning to progressive Democrats because a majority of independents are against moving to be more politically correct. Given the propensity of Democrats to play to their base, this could be a big turn off in 2020.

You can listen to the story below:

So in conclusion, I'll just say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, build the wall, and if my guns offend you, tough.


M1916 Fedorov: Russia’s First Assault Rifle? [Forgotten Weapons]

I have been trying to get my hands on Fedorov M1916 rifle for a while, and I finally had the opportunity at the NFC, part of the British Royal Armouries. The Fedorov was designed in the years just before World War One, and originally chambered for a proprietary 6.5mm cartridge (also designed by Fedorov) and using a fixed magazine. It was a development of the understanding of infantry firepower that came from the Russo-Japanese War, although Czar Nicholas II did not think it was a useful type of rifle. Once the Great War changed attitudes of many military figures, the Fedorov saw a comeback. Inspired by the tactical concept of the French Chauchat automatic rifle, Fedorov fitted the rifle with a 25-round detachable box magazine and rechambered it for the 6.5mm Arisaka cartridge (which Russia had supply of by way of the UK). In this new format, a small number were produced and issued before the Russian Revolution caused the nation to leave the war.

Fedorov and his team were established at the Kovrov Arsenal (originally built and equipped by the Danish Madsen firm to make light machine guns, but that plan never reached completion). There they perfected the production tooling for the guns, and produced them form 1921 until 1925, making about 3200 in total. They saw service during the Russian Civil War, and were apparently well liked despite a reputation for being a bit finicky and delicate. They were pulled out of service and warehoused in the late 1920s, although they would be reissued during the Winter War with Finland.

Overall, the Fedorov is a remarkably good rifle for its time period. Had further development been possible or encouraged, it could probably have been simplified substantially, although history has shown that there was no true future for recoil-operated military shoulder rifles. The tactical concept behind the design was excellent, and rather ahead of its time. The idea of equipping each man with effectively a portable machine gun would not see true successful implementation until the German Sturmgewehr, but Russia could have beaten them to the punch by some 25 years had the circumstances been a bit different.

Many thanks to the Royal Armouries for allowing me to film and disassemble this very rare rifle!

Thursday, 20 December


TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Bags, Cases And Range Gear [The Firearm Blog]

Range gearWelcome back, TFB holiday goers, my apologies for the brief hiatus in the 12 Days Of Christmas series here on the blog. With all the bump stock news and events this week, our Saint Nick programming was preempted by the DOJ/ATF announcements and analysis. On top of that,  I now realize that you will most […]

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Palmetto State Armory Introduce 9mm AK-V Pistol [The Firearm Blog]

Palmetto State Armory AK-VPalmetto State Armory have introduced a new 9x19mm AK pistol. The AK-V is based on the Vityaz-SN 9mm AK-based submachine gun. The new AK-V feeds from PSA’s CZ Scorpion style 35 round magazines and comes in three packages: with a railed forened, a magpul M-LOK forend and a traditional forend. All three have SBA3 adjustable braces with a […]

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TFB Review: Dead Air Flash Hider Frontcaps [The Firearm Blog]

Silencers can do an excellent job of suppressing flash on a host firearm.  They provide a large expansion chamber for gasses that are rapidly expanding behind the projectile.  Not only are they able to suppress the sound, but a vast majority of the muzzle flash as well. Silencer Science As most of us are commonly […]

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Carry Invisibly in Plain Sight?… NEW DeepCover: Off-Body EDC System [The Firearm Blog]

DeepCoverA new IndieGoGo crowd-funding campaign has been started for a pretty curious product which boasts the ability to easily conceal carry a pistol off-body. The newer company, Midrat Supply Co, touts their product, DeepCover, will change your mind on different ways to carry. The company is seeking an investment or crowd-funding effort of $125,000 for […]

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Watch: Oversized British 8-Shot Pepperbox Percussion Pistol []

A pepperbox pistol is generally a fairly compact firearm, intended for personal protection more than anything else. The one Ian takes a look at in this video is an anomaly of sorts… it’s larger than usual, larger in caliber, and requires the user to manually turn the barrel assembly before each shot. Not only that, the barrels aren’t arranged in a circular fashion; instead, there are 4 in the center and 4 set outboard of those.

The typical pepperbox revolver is a sleek and small .31 caliber double action pocket gun, like the Allen & Thurber standard type. This one, however, is anything but typical. This London-made gun is a far larger than normal, and sports 8 barrels, with a center square of four and an addition four outside of those. Those barrels are .36 caliber, and the firing mechanism is single action only. In addition, it is unusual in requiring manual indexing of the barrel cluster between shots – most pepperboxes index automatically when the trigger is pulled. I have no further information on the date or original of this piece beyond its ‘London’ marking, and bring it to you as just one example of the wide variety of this sort of firearm that exists.

This large pepperbox seems to be a bargain version… made more simply and more crude than most, and kinda big and clunky as a result. All those percussion nipples sticking out make me want to call this thing ‘the porcupine pistol.’

Hope you enjoy the video.

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Homemade Fireproofing Material You Can Make In Your Kitchen []

This video from NightHawkInLight talks about an interesting fireproof material named Starlite, which was invented by a hairdresser, which should have changed the world, but didn’t… because the inventor was so secretive that he refused to even let samples of Starlite out of his sight, and as far as we know, he told his formula to nobody before he died in 2011.

The video host noticed that Starlite produced a foam in response to flame, which reminded him of some experiments he’d done in the past… so he went to work and came up with a formula that can be made using common household ingredients that you might have in your home right now:

  • Baking soda
  • Corn starch
  • Elmer’s glue

Mix up a batch that’s 90% corn starch and 10% baking soda, then add enough white glue to turn it into a putty. You’re done!

He places a thin layer on a flimsy plastic cup and shows us that a blowtorch flame won’t conduct heat through his newly-made putty.

Afterward, he tells viewers why it works… and explains why it becomes cool enough to touch just seconds after a flame has been removed from it.

Has he re-created Starlite? Nobody knows… but it’s still a really interesting material that’s easy to make, and could be just the thing for insulating a home forge — or even just blocking the heat from a soldering torch during home plumbing repairs, so you don’t set your house on fire.

Or use it along with a camp stove while backpacking, camping, etc. The possibilities, as they say, are astounding.

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Obrez Swiss K31 [The Firearm Blog]

K31I recently came across the work of Marcel Thalmann, a Swiss gunsmith, who has been crafting pistols from worn out K31 rifles. As many readers will know the K31 has a reputation for being a beautifully made service rifle used in Swiss service for over 40 years. The K31 is was a refined version of the […]

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World’s Smallest Camp Stoves? []

I recently saw this thing on my Facebook feed. It’s an itty-bitty little propane stove that fits in the palm of your hand.

It seems like it’d be too small to work well, but I’ve seen one boil water in less than 4 minutes.

The small support arms might be problematic if you use a full-size cook pot.

It attaches to a mini butane tank, and only weighs 45 grams (1.6 ounces).

The valve handle is made of wire and is foldable.

A quick search told me that these little things have been around for a couple years now; here’s a video review of one. This guy liked it pretty well.

The one I saw on Facebook (pictured here) was from The Gear Gods and is priced at $12.99.

I found a similar one on Amazon for $15.90 (prime), where it’s rated at 4 stars. Some reviewers did have trouble with the scrawny arms that hold your cup or pot.

What do you think of these little burners? Worth the trouble, or too small to be useful?

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This Amazon Basics Backpack is Prime Budget Gifting for the Outdoor Enthusiast []

While not geared towards the true hardcore backpacker, there’s definitely something to be said for the growing product range from Amazon Basics when it comes to travel and adventure. This 75-liter capacity hiking backpack is a killer deal right now, as 48% savings knock its entry price down below $40, which is dirt cheap for this size and style of pack. Averaging 4.2 stars out of 5, the pack takes a hit when reviewers critique its overall construction without considering its point of entry—yes if you load it with over 50lbs of gear its straps will slip a bit, and some of its stitching could stand to be stronger if it’s going to sustain heavy and prolonged use, but for light-duty backpacking it’ll certainly get the job done. If you or someone you know is heading backpacking in the new year, a pack like this will leave you with a bit more coin in your pocket to spend on other travel expenses.

Shop The Amazon Basics Backpack Deal Here

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Review: Yaktrax Adventure Pack Air-Activated Warmers []

I’ve had the opportunity to try out some air-activated warmers from Yaktrax, which is a brand I didn’t know much about. Being fairly cold-natured with fingers that easily become chilled and actually hurt when they do, I learned some time ago that I couldn’t effectively hunt in colder temperatures unless I had a reliable source of heat for my digits — especially my hands. And air-activated warmers sometimes do a good job at that.

Yaktrax offers an “Adventure Pack,” which is a box containing a variety of different warmers:

  • 2 Large Hand and Body Warmers
  • 2 pairs (4 total) Hand Warmers
  • 2 pairs (4 total) Adhesive Toe Warmers
  • MSRP: $7.00
Yaktrax Adventure Pack Air-Activated Warmers

Yaktrax Adventure Pack Air-Activated Warmers
(Image © 2018 Implus LLC)

There’s not a whole lot to say about air-activated warmers that most folks don’t already know; you tear open the plastic package to reveal the warmer, which is a fabric pouch containing a chemical mixture. Once the package is open and the warmer is exposed to air, the chemical reaction begins.

Sometimes it helps to shake the pouch to get the reaction started. After a few minutes, you get warmth radiating from the warmers.

How it Works

When exposed to oxygen in the air, the iron filings inside the pouch begin to oxidize creating a rapid rusting process which in turn produces residual heat. Salt acts as a catalyst, while carbon helps to evenly disperse the heat. Vermiculite acts as an insulator that helps prevent the heat from dissipating too quickly.

The best thing about this type of warmer is that you don’t need batteries or chargers, and there’s no smelly lighter fluid or flames involved. There’s no odor, and they’re perfectly safe to toss in the trash once the reaction is over and they’ve stopped producing warmth.

I used Yaktrax Adventure Pack warmers on a recent hunt, during which I sat in the woods for hours during windy rain and temperatures in the low 40s F. That probably doesn’t sound cold to many readers, but for this Southern boy, it’s cold… mostly to my fingers. Once the rain moved through, we had some mornings in the low 20s and 30s.

My most pleasant morning was spent with one Yaktrax Hand and Body Warmer placed in the left shirt pocket of my flannel shirt under my coat, and a pair of Hand Warmers to keep in my glomitts (pop-top fingerless gloves). They did the job just fine.

I’ve had trouble in the past with other brands of warmers going cold after a short time, and I would constantly have to expose them to fresh air in order to keep them warming. And while all air-activated warmers need air to work (duh), my Yaktrax warmers did not require repeated exposure.

The large warmer placed over my heart kept my core nice and toasty for hours of sitting still in a tree stand, while the smaller warmers prevented my fingers from becoming too stiff and painful to use.

I was even able to re-use the warmers by placing them in a ziploc-type bag after the hunt and squeezing all the air out of it before sealing. The next time I needed them, I just took them out of the bag, shook them a bit, and put them back to work.


If you want a grab-and-go option to keep yourself warm, the Yaktrax Adventure Pack is a good choice. It certainly worked well for me.

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Brownells Goes Big, Introduces Ammo Barrels [The Firearm Blog]

Ammo barrelJust in time for the festive season Brownells have introduced two barrels of Christmas cheer. The barrels contain 12,500 rounds (that’s nearly 420 30 round mags worth) of either 5.56×45 or 7.62×51 ammunition. Ideal for that hard to buy for shooter who has all the latest rifle accessories. The bright yellow barrels are filled with […]

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Yes, Thank You Moms Demand Action In NC [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

Mike Bloomberg, billionaire, former mayor of New York City, erstwhile potential Democrat candidate for President, and funder of all things gun control put out this tweet yesterday evening.

Yes, thank you for your continued support of a Jim Crow era law, the pistol purchase permit system, that was intended to keep African-Americans, union members, and Republicans disarmed.

Yes, thank you for your support of red flag laws that turn Due Process on its head and that will get innocent people killed.

Yes, thank you for making our schools less safe by your continued opposition to any policy that would let trained teachers and administrators carry firearms to protect the students under their care.

Yes, thank you for supporting efforts to introduce even more government interference into private affairs by demanding universal background check.

Yes, thank you for all you do to make North Carolina a less safe place for ordinary, law abiding Tar Heels and more safe for criminals who, by definition, ignore the law.

 There is plenty more for which we can thank the North Carolina contingent of Moms Demand Action but saving lives isn't one of them.


Quote Of The Day [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The quote of the day comes from a comment made by Breda on The Squirrel Report podcast, Episode 312. In a discussion about the new Democrat poster girl, Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) aka AOC who has been particularly gaffe-prone in her TV interviews, after noting that she had a degree in Economics, Breda said:

She really is a product of what colleges have become.

I think Breda is correct and this is especially true in the liberal arts. I went to a liberal arts college and got a well-rounded liberal arts education with majors in both political science and economics. I think the difference was that my professors came from another generation and were not merely regurgitating narrow findings from their dissertation research. They had lived lives outside of academia. Many were veterans. Some were conscientious objectors as befitted their Quaker faith. Some had been involved in the early civil rights movement. Some had even served time in prison for being conscientious objectors. Most were liberal but respected opposing views and welcomed the debate.


Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn Discuss and Test the .300 HAM’R Cartridge [The Firearm Blog]

Bill Wilson and Ken Hackathorn Discuss and Test the .300 HAM'R CartridgeWilson Combat has published several videos where Bill Wilson, the founder of Wilson Combat, and master firearms instructor Ken Hackathorn discuss the new .300 HAM’R cartridge that the company has introduced earlier this year. In these videos, they also shoot the new cartridge and compare it to .30-30 Winchester and 7.62x39mm. The whole idea of […]

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One In A Million – Bullet Triggers Race Gun (Not A Negligent Discharge) [The Firearm Blog]

Joel Turner Jr. is one of the Army Marksmanship Unit competitive shooters. I’ve RO’d him a number of times at the FNH USA 3 Gun Championships. Joel recently posted a video on Facebook showing a one in a million accident where the bullet triggers race gun. For those readers who do not have a Facebook […]

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Clean Guns are Good Guns []

John J. Woods
Magnolia Outdoor Communications


If you make New Year’s resolutions, then add this one. January is a good time to break out the entire prepper-survival weaponry arsenal for a comprehensive inspection and cleaning. Yeah, I know, it is a job I dread, too, but it is absolutely a necessary evil maintenance routine.

Just like a vehicle breaking down on a lonesome highway somewhere, it is equally as discomforting to have a firearm bind up mid magazine, cylinder or bolt from poor maintenance and cleaning. So, get out all the cleaning kits and the owner’s manuals to become intimately familiar with your defensive and food gathering weapons once again.

Perhaps the biggest faux pau most gun owners commit in the process of cleaning firearms is failing to make sure that cleaning rods and accessory tips fit the bore properly. If you do not have the correct rods and tips to fit the various calibers you own and use, then do yourself a favor and make a trip to the shooting supply store to get fully equipped.

Every experienced gun owner has their own thoughts about such things, but whenever possible I prefer to use one-piece cleaning rods. That rigid one length of aluminum rarely binds in the barrel scrubbing process and there are no rod joint connections to snag on the muzzle or rifling or upon insertion into the chamber. In any case use care when inserting or withdrawing any cleaning rod when cleaning a gun barrel.

There are cases where only a screw together jointed rod is available often in the .22 rimfire. If you have to use one of those rods, then guide it carefully down the barrel perhaps using a cleaning rod guide which are available. Those help keep from scratching the rifling or nicking the muzzle end.

Ideally, gun cleaning barrels should be done from the action or chamber end of the gun. If that is not possible with some gun models, then again just use extra care in using a cleaning rod.

Some guns demand to be disassembled for complete cleaning such as semi-auto pistols. For bolt actions simply remove the bolt. For AR platforms, the carrier group can be removed from the rear paying attention to its removal for proper re-assembly. Consult owner’s manuals for complete cleaning details.

Choose good quality cleaning solvents and oils along with proper brushes and cleaning swabs. Apply lubrication as recommended. Well maintained clean guns should always function properly when pressed into service. Keep them that way.

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Facial Recognition to protect schools from unwanted people [John Lott's Website]

Here is one way that technology is making people safer, though I am skeptical that it wil help stop mass public shooters.


Q&A 24: Pistols, Puppies, and Procurement [Forgotten Weapons]

0:00:37 – The Stoner 63 and value of modular platforms
0:03:37 – Forgotten Weapons on Instagram
0:05:13 – Was the Lebel adopted too hastily?
0:08:42 – Do I read comments on YouTube?
0:11:20 – Branching out to videos on ancillary gear
0:12:28 – Are bipods a benefit to infantry rifles?
0:16:46 – Best firearms museums in the US
0:18:09 – How do gun designers engineer guns?
0:22:33 – Where do I get my ammo?
0:25:48 – How long can Forgotten Weapons last?
0:29:10 – Use of Enfields and Mosins in Afghanistan
0:31:38 – Why no Vickers K on YouTube?
0:32:20 – What alcohol do I eschew?
0:33:28 – How do I plan video scheduling from trips?
0:37:48 – What French guns do I still need for my collection?
0:39:13 – Concerns about lead exposure
0:41:22 – Why did 9x19mm become so universal?
0:43:19 – Caseless ammunition for aircraft guns?
0:44:34 – What if the Mini-14 had competed against the AR-15?
0:45:42 – Focus of a hypothetical NFA collection?
0:47:36 – Home shop construction of a semiauto rifle
0:49:53 – SKS as a collectible and/or a modern gun
0:53:00 – Were there any WWII German small arms “wonder weapons?”
0:55:19 – Tenko MAC-10 rifle caliber upper
0:58:10 – Most overrated historical gun in pop culture
1:00:02 – Is trigger discipline a recent thing?
1:02:41 – What is my firearms background?
1:04:13 – Advice for aspiring authors
1:06:19 – Handguns in combat and M9 vs P320
1:07:37 – Did John Browning have ideas that flopped?
1:09:44 – Why not make last ditch guns in the first place?
1:12:29 – Railguns and coilguns
1:13:00 – Personal pistols in combat, WW1 and WW2
1:15:37 – First smokeless powder pistols
1:16:47 – How I got Dharma, my dog
1:18:39 – Are there any transferrable Type 1 FG-42s in the US?
1:18:56 – Good book on semiauto pistol development?  (Handguns of the World, by Ezell)
1:20:35 – Charger clips vs stripper clips in Mausers
1:22:03 – Release triggers for precision shooting

Wednesday, 19 December


King Competition Gen 6 Shotgun Rig [The Firearm Blog]

The Finns have some of the best competition shooters around. Strange, as there are only around 5.5 million Finns around, and it’s dark most of the year. In some way they still manage to become World Champions in many of the practical shooting divisions. TFB has covered some of the clever products that they produce, […]

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TFB REVIEW: Fire Control Unit X01 PDW – The Future Of Small Arms [The Firearm Blog]

Fire controlAbout six months ago I started a conversation with the team at Fire Control Unit (FCU) on Instagram – a bit of friendly banter about some of my favorite pistol caliber carbines versus their latest release. Of course, we had reported the initial announcement of the FCU X01 (EXO ONE) in late 2017 and the […]

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Iowa School Districts Add Hunter Education for Grades 7-12 []

Two school districts in Iowa will reportedly soon be teaching hunter education to 7th and 8th grade students, and offering it as an elective for high school students.

Firearm safety is being added to the curriculum in the North Butler and Clarksville Community School Districts.

Starting in the spring, a mandatory hunter safety course taught by Butler County Conservation will be implemented into the 7th and 8th grade PE curriculum. A voluntary, closed class will be added for those in grades 9-12 who want to participate.

This is an excellent idea, and it should be (though I realize that with today’s wimpy populace, it probably will not be) implemented in all schools. After all, education is vital, especially when it comes to firearms safety.

Superintendent Joel Foster says the course was developed to keep the safety of students and staff the top priority. “What we do best is educate our kids,” Foster says. “We feel if we educate our kids in how to use weapons responsibly, how to respect them, understand it’s not a video game and those sort of things, that maybe we’ll cut down on our chances of having a severe incident.”

Foster says he knows not every student will go hunting, nor does he expect them to as a result of the training. The hope is to expose all students to firearm safety, whether it’s for hunting or for life situations down the road.

“You never know what’s going to happen. If my 12-year-old girl is out babysitting a 3-year-old and the 3-year-old walks out of mom and dad’s bedroom with a handgun or a shotgun, she needs to know how to handle that,” Foster says. “That’s one of the scenarios we don’t really think about. It’s better to be proactive than reactive and this is the best way we could think of to be proactive with things.”

I have always been grateful that my father took the time to teach my sister and me about guns, and told us in no uncertain terms that 1) we must NEVER handle guns without him present, and 2) anytime we asked, he would gladly show us the guns and how to use them. Of course, he also taught us gun safety and how to fire them. When we were quite young, he had us shooting 22 rimfire rifles and muzzleloading pistols.

We learned to respect firearms — and above all, the education removed the mystery from them. We had no need nor desire to handle guns secretly. Education is powerful stuff.

But, not all students will have to participate.

Parents who oppose having their child participate can sign a form opting them out of the class. No operable firearms or live ammunition will be present during the course.

According to the Center for Injury and Research Prevention, the majority (89%) of unintentional shooting deaths occur in the home. Most of these deaths occur when children are playing with a loaded gun in their parent’s absence.

This school program is a great idea, and I hope it spreads.

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California Ammo ‘Gold Rush’ in Progress []

An anti-gun measure in California has reportedly spurred a rush by CA residents to stock up on ammunition before they have to submit to a background check — and registration (the amount of ammo sold will be recorded in a government database) — in order to legally purchase ammunition.

Gun owners in California are stocking up on ammunition before a new state law goes into effect next year.

Starting in July, gun owners will have to pass another background check to buy ammunition. That’s in addition to getting a gun permit.

KGTV reports that retailers who sell the ammunition will have to log the amount purchased in a database that will be sent to the Department of Justice.

Local shops are selling ammo very quickly.

One sporting goods store near San Diego, Poway Weapons and Gear Range, sold half of its 1.2 million rounds of ammunition on sale just hours after opening on Black Friday.

“The rush today is a direct reflection of the law. People are trying to save up now so that way they don’t have to worry about it next year,” Danielle Rudolph, the director of sales said. “We had people starting to line up at the door at 6:45 a.m.”

She says gun owners are frustrated by the law.

“It’s something that they didn’t vote for,” she said.

And therein lies the rub. This ammunition restriction was passed as a ballot measure, which is a terrible way to do just about anything. It’s direct democracy — which is a bad thing.

What I mean is that in a democracy, it’s straight-up mob rule. The will of the majority is forced upon all minorities.

The USA was founded as a Constitutional Republic, and the Constitution exists expressly to preserve the rights of the few against the tyranny of the many. In a free country, ballot measures should never be relied upon to make law. And yet in this case we see that an uninformed majority has managed to squash the basic rights of gun owners who vote in California.

A spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence sent KGTV a statement that said, “The bottom line is regardless of how people try to prepare themselves before the law goes into effect, the majority of Californians voted on Prop. 63 that put these laws into effect.”

But one gun owner said gun laws — and taxes — are a big reason his family is leaving California.

“When they take away our guns, it’s over,” he said. “Liberty, freedom, the constitution are gone.”

It’s tough to argue with that guy.

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Watch: Building Skin-on-Frame Canoes []

This video is pretty cool. It’s put together by Cape Falcon Kayak, and shows the step-by-step process of creating a canoe using a skin-on-frame method. In fact, he creates a pair of canoes side by side, which are sized just right to nest for easy transport, and which can be attached side-by-side for really stable flotation (think of a boat with an outrigger).

It’s really cool to watch the process of how these things are made. Steaming and bending the ribs, tying the stuff together, etc.

He doesn’t actually use skin; instead it’s fabric that later gets impregnated with an epoxy resin.

Heck, he even makes sails for them!

It was really impressive to see him tote both canoes out to his van one-handed. It shows just how light and handy these things are.

After that, we see him playing around on the water… even sailing! Nice.

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POTD: Drawing Smith & Wesson Revolvers For Art Therapy [The Firearm Blog]

Drawing of S&W M66 by J.J. ReaWhile checking out the revolver forums at this summer, I came across a series of threads containing pencil drawings of Smith and Wesson revolvers. The artist, J.J. Rea had explained that he took up drawing while dealing with debilitating Lyme disease. I was impressed with his first attempts at drawing revolvers and each drawing […]

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Unexploded WW2 German Propaganda Shell Found in Russia [The Firearm Blog]

Unexploded WW2 German Propaganda Shell Found in Russia (1)At the beginning of this year, we talked about WW2 guns that were extremely well preserved in a swamp. These guns were found by a Russian archaeological team called “Yuri Gagarin” which publishes on its YouTube channel videos of excavations of WW2 relics from the battlefields of the war. Today, we’ll take a look at another rare war relic […]

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New SIG Sauer M17 9mm +P Ammunition Line [The Firearm Blog]

New SIG Sauer M17 9mm +P Ammunition Line (1)SIG Sauer has launched a new 9mm +P ammunition line named after the US Military’s new pistol – M17. The M17 9mm ammunition is currently available loaded with either an FMJ or V-Crown JHP projectiles. The former is offered for use in training and the latter is a defensive round. Both bullets have an identical […]

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A Real-Life Mountain Man’s Rifle That was at Lincoln’s Funeral []

A muzzleloading percussion rifle once owned by a “real-life mountain man” who was pals with Abe Lincoln was recently auctioned off by Rock Island Auction Company. It was owned and very much used by Seth Kinman, an early self-promoting “wild west” character who was photographed with the rifle numerous times.

This old rifle, which Kinman said he inherited from his father who had gotten it from an actual participant of the Battle of New Orleans in 1815, has been modified many times over the years. Interestingly, these changes can be observed in the many photographs taken of Kinman… pictures which he sold for self-promotion or which were taken during the presentation of gifts to prominent people such as presidents of the USA.

It began life as a flintlock and was later converted to percussion with a loose-fitting lock plate and a large hammer, which may have used large musket caps for ignition. Through the years, that was changed… along with the butt plate, toe plate, and other features. The stock is not original, but was reportedly made by Kinman to replace the one “damaged by a grizzly that chased him up a tree.”

Kinman himself was a prolific killer of elk and grizzly bear, all with this rifle.

Kinman’s use of the rifle to cement his fame was bolstered by the engraving he had aded to the rifle, which he would sometimes call “Old Cotton Blossum” or “Old Cotton Bail.” It reads as follows:

Gave many an Englishman the Belly Ake
From off the Cotton Bails at New Orleans
Jan the 8, 1815 Old Kentuck

Seth Kinman even carried this rifle in “two or more of Lincoln’s funeral processions,” as he’d been well-known to Lincoln and may have even been present at Ford’s Theater when Lincoln was shot. The amount of documentation available to accompany this gun is actually rather astounding.

The dates for the auction were Nov 30-Dec 2, 2018. Unfortunately, RIA’s web page doesn’t indicate what the selling price was, but it was estimated at $20,000 — $40,000. Watch the video below to learn more about this gun and its history.

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Restaurant Shooting Cut Short by Armed Citizens []

When a bad guy with a gun starts shooting, the best deterrent is to shoot back. This fact was proven once again recently when a crook walked into an Oklahoma City restaurant and began shooting people. He was then shot and killed by an armed citizen on the scene.

Accounts vary as to whether one or two armed citizens fired on the miscreant, but the end result was the same: A deadly threat was ended by bold, decisive application of deadly force by someone other than the police.

The following is from an early account of the incident:

A mother and daughter were shot Thursday night at a popular restaurant on Lake Hefner in northwest Oklahoma City, police said.

The shooting occurred at Louie’s Grill & Bar at 9401 Lake Hefner Parkway around 6:30 p.m.

According to Captain Bo Mathews with the Oklahoma City Police Department, the suspect described as an 18 to 20-year-old white male entered the restaurant and opened fire.

A mother and daughter celebrating a birthday were the shooting victims. They were both transported to OU Medical Center. News 9 has learned that the victims are Natalie Will and her daughter, Niah.

Police confirmed a third female victim has minor injuries.

A man that was trying to flee from the scene, fell and broke an arm.

Capt. Mathews says when the suspect exited the restaurant, he was confronted by a citizen who took out his own firearm, shooting and killing the suspect.

A later article at CNN (yeah, I know) said that three people were hit by the blackguard inside the restaurant, but that two citizens retrieved guns from their vehicles and engaged the threat.

As the gunman ran from the scene, two bystanders got their own handguns from the trunks of their vehicles, then confronted and fatally shot the attacker outside the restaurant, Mathews said Friday.

“They were able to shoot this suspect and put an end to this very dangerous situation,” Mathews said, adding that the men — Carlos Nazario, 35, and Bryan Wittle, 39 — did not know each other. It’s not clear who fired the fatal shot. Police initially said only one man fired on the attacker.

The bystanders’ actions were “well within their legal rights” and likely would be protected by good Samaritan laws, Mathews said. He deferred a final call to the Oklahoma County district attorney, whose staff did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.

“These guys were protecting somebody else’s life,” the police captain said. “You can say they are heroes.”

An eyewitness described the confrontation:

Benton told KFOR he saw a car circle back after exiting Louie’s parking lot.

“A guy jumped out of it and went for the back of his vehicle. I just assumed maybe it was an off-duty officer or something like that,” he said. “It was just the way he moved, whoever it was. He just appeared to be somebody who had some training, some weapon training.”

Benton pointed the man toward the suspect, he recalled.

“They were like, ‘Stop! Stop! Stop! Please! Put the gun down! Please put the gun down!’ And I was pointing at him, I was like, ‘Down! Put it down! Put it down!’ and they wound up exchanging fire,” Benton told KFOR.

The gunman, he said, wouldn’t drop his weapon.

“I popped my head up, and they had taken him down,” Benton said.

It’s sad that this was necessary, but I sure am glad the good guys were armed and available to deal with the threat. After all — when seconds count, police are minutes away.

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Firearms Related Music – Part I [The Firearm Blog]

Music – a big part of a lot of people’s lives. Play it in the background when driving, commuting or on the headphones while working out or just on a short walk. Because this is the The Firearm Blog we’re going to look and listen at music which is in some way or another related […]

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TFB Review: Savage RASCAL Target XP [The Firearm Blog]

I was sent the Savage Rascal for review. It is a very compact .22 bolt gun built with a synthetic stock and a heavy threaded barrel. The Rascal arrived with a 4X scope. I found it light and rather small. Clearly designed for a kiddo’s first .22. How many generations of American kids learned to […]

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Mystery Surrounding the Very First AK-47 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

The very first Kalashnikov rifle that received the AK-47 model designation is displayed in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps which is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. This rifle has always been somewhat mysterious because its appearance is quite different from the AK-47 that was actually adopted. If you look at the images […]

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Winchester 1964 SPIW: Flechettes and a Blow-Forward Grenade Launcher [Forgotten Weapons]

Today we are looking at the Winchester company’s entry into the 1964 SPIW (Special Purpose Infantry Weapon) trials. The SPIW program was an attempt to increase small arms lethality by increasing hit probability with ideas like hyper-velocity flechette cartridges and burst fire trigger mechanisms. In addition, the weapons were required to incorporate area-effect elements – aka grenade launchers.

This design used a 60-round drum magazine firing a high velocity flechette as well as having a blow-forward semiautomatic 40mm grenade launcher attached to the muzzle. One of the biggest challenges in the development was the flechette cartridge itself – the sabot holding the dart in place had to be loose enough to cleanly detach at the muzzle, but also tight enough to pull the dart down the barrel.

Ultimately, none of the 1964 trials weapons were successful, and this Winchester design was particularly unsuccessful. In addition to terrible balance and handling, it was not particularly reliable in the firing trials.

Thanks to the Rock Island Arsenal Museum for allowing me access to film this very interesting rifle! If you are in the Quad Cities in Illinois or Iowa, the Museum is definitely worth a visit. They have a great number of small arms on display as well as an excellent history of the Rock Island Arsenal.



Tuesday, 18 December


Bumpstock Ban, Part I [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

When I wrote a blog post yesterday entitled BOHICA I didn't think it would come first from what ostensibly is our own side. I was wrong. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced today that the final rule declaring that bump fire stocks are "machine guns". Below is his announcement:

Today, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced that the Department of Justice has amended the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), clarifying that bump stocks fall within the definition of “machinegun” under federal law, as such devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger.

Acting Attorney General Whitaker made the following statement:

“President Donald Trump is a law and order president, who has signed into law millions of dollars in funding for law enforcement officers in our schools, and under his strong leadership, the Department of Justice has prosecuted more gun criminals than ever before as we target violent criminals. We are faithfully following President Trump’s leadership by making clear that bump stocks, which turn semiautomatics into machine guns, are illegal, and we will continue to take illegal guns off of our streets.”

On February 20, 2018, President Trump issued a memorandum instructing the Attorney General “to dedicate all available resources to… propose for notice and comment a rule banning all devices that turn legal weapons into machineguns.” In response to that direction the Department reviewed more than 186,000 public comments and made the decision to make clear that the term “machinegun” as used in the National Firearms Act (NFA), as amended, and Gun Control Act (GCA), as amended, includes all bump-stock-type devices that harness recoil energy to facilitate the continuous operation of a semiautomatic firearm after a single pull of the trigger.

This final rule amends the regulatory definition of “machinegun” in Title 27, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), sections 447.11, 478.11, and 479.11. The final rule amends the regulatory text by adding the following language: “The term ‘machine gun’ includes bump-stock devices, i.e., devices that allow a semiautomatic firearm to shoot more than one shot with a single pull of the trigger by harnessing the recoil energy of the semi-automatic firearm to which it is affixed so that the trigger resets and continues firing without additional physical manipulation of the trigger by the shooter.” Furthermore, the final rule defines “automatically” and “single function of the trigger” as those terms are used in the statutory definition of machinegun. Specifically,

  • “automatically” as it modifies “shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot,” means functioning as a result of a self-acting or self-regulating mechanism that allows the firing of multiple rounds through the single function of the trigger;
  • “single function of the trigger” means single pull of the trigger and analogous motions.

Because the final rule clarifies that bump-stock-type devices are machineguns, the devices fall within the purview of the NFA and are subject to the restrictions of 18 U.S.C. 922(o). As a result, persons in possession of bump-stock-type devices must divest themselves of the devices before the effective date of the final rule. A current possessor may destroy the device or abandon it at the nearest ATF office, but no compensation will be provided for the device. Any method of destruction must render the device incapable of being readily restored to its intended function.

I don't own a bumpstock nor do I know anyone personally that does. However, the danger in this rule is the precedent it sets. This can and probably will be expanded in the future to include any item that accelerates or makes a semi-automatic firearm easier to shoot. Things like enhanced triggers, JP Enterprise springs, or even a trigger job. This final rule perverts the black letter law of the National Firearms Act as well as the Congressional intent.


Bumpstock Ban, Part II [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives in response to the announcement by Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker that the final rule banning bump fire stocks has more detail as well as "instructions" for owners of these firearms accessories. You have to wonder if the release of this final rule was delayed until after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was fired and a more compliant acting AG was in place.

First, the final 157 page rule can be found here. It will officially become final when it is published in the Federal Register. The rule goes into effect 90 days from when it is published in the Federal Register.

Second, the BATFE has published instructions on how to destroy your bump fire stock. They also have links to diagrams for a number of named bump fire stocks which are below.

Third, the other opinion is turn in your bump fire stock at your local BATFE office. They "advise" to call ahead. Also, while they don't mention it, make sure you have your dog in a safe, undisclosed location.

Fourth, and this is not mentioned by BATFE, you can support the lawsuits that have or will be filed seeking to have this overturned. I will cover some of them in the next post.


Paul Howe Signature Glock Pistols by Wilson Combat [The Firearm Blog]

Paul Howe Signature Glock Pistols by Wilson Combat (2)Wilson Combat has introduced another series of special edition weapons customized to the specifications of a renown industry professional. This time they offer two weapons – Gen 4 Glock 19 and Glock 26 pistols. These handguns are made to meet the requirements of Paul Howe. For those of you who don’t know who Paul Howe is, […]

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Mysterious Experimental Thompson SMG with a Folding Stock [The Firearm Blog]

Experimental Thompson SMG with a Folding Stock (2)This experimental Thompson submachine gun is kept and displayed in the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signal Corps which is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The photos of this Model 1928A1 Thompson SMG were taken by a fellow firearms researcher Marin Milchev who kindly provided them to TFB to be used in this article. The information about […]

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Bump stock ban challenged in court [Of Arms and the Law]

Filings here. It was filed a few hours ago.


Shoulder-Fired S5K Rockets [The Firearm Blog]

The S5 rocket family is unguided Soviet-made air-to-ground rockets and which comes in different warhead variants, primarily S5M (fragmentation warhead) and S5K (HEAT) warhead. The rocket is 55mm caliber but launched from 57mm tube, and is normally used by jet fighters, bombers and helicopters. You can learn more about the rocket design and construction at: […]

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BUMP STOCKS BANNED: New Rule Ready For The Federal Register [The Firearm Blog]

Federal RegisterA new ATF documented posted today outlines the final ruling, officially banning bump stock devices once posted to the federal register. Signed by Acting Attorney General Matthew G. Whitaker, the narrative for the final rule change is 157 pages long and includes an analysis of comments submitted both in support and against a rule change, […]

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US DHS Awards Federal Premium $75 Million .223 Rem Ammo Contract [The Firearm Blog]

contractFederal Premium has been acquiring a lot of ammunition contracts throughout 2018 of notable size and prominence. The most recent contract being one for a staggering $75 Million with the United States Department of Homeland Security (US DHS). The Press Release from Federal Premium ammunition can be read below detailing it further: ANOKA, Minnesota – Federal […]

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2A victory on "nunchuck sticks" [Of Arms and the Law]

Malone v. Singas, Eastern District of NY. The court finds that nunchucks are 2A-protected (or to be more exact, presumes that as arms they are protected, and the government failed to refute this), that they are in common-enough use, and that the government has produced no evidence that they are used in crime to the point where anyone could care.

It's rather typical of modern-day rulings in that it takes 32 pages to say this.....


Top 5 Most Expensive Guns Sold in Rock Island December 2018 Premiere Firearms Auction [The Firearm Blog]

Top 5 Most Expensive Guns Sold in December 2018 Rock Island Premiere Firearms AuctionToday I am introducing to our readers another installment from our series of articles about most expensive firearms sold in the major US auction houses. Last month, we discussed some of the most interesting, rare and unique lots consigned to the Rock Island December 2018 Premiere Firearms Auction. In this article, we’ll take a look at the five […]

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Fire Control Unit Unveils AR320 – P320 based AR15 [The Firearm Blog]

Fire Control Unit is the company that transforms your P320 fire control unit (trigger box) into a small PDW weapon. They just posted this photo on Instagram and Facebook. At the top, they tease something called the AR320. Fire Control Unit started by capitalizing on the modularity of the P320 platform. Since the Sig Sauer […]

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POTD: Border Guards with China’s QBZ-03 Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

qbz03 border guardsToday we have some photos of China’s 5.8×42mm QBZ-03 rifle. The photo above posted on, described as “the only news portal of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army approved by the central military commission.” The QBZ-03 was developed in the late 1990s and entered somewhat limited service in 2003 with some PLA units. It feeds from […]

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CHRISTMAS COMES EARLY: You Get A HK416! And You Get A HK416! [The Firearm Blog]

Hk416Ok, so if you can’t tell from the pictures, the new U.S. available genuine Heckler & Koch 416 rifles are chambered in a less potent .22 caliber round than we are normally accustomed to seeing in the hands of police and military around the world. Even so, these rimfire .22LR HK416 guns will sell like […]

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Ammunition Evaluation: Ethiopian .30-06 [Forgotten Weapons]

Century International Arms has imported a quantity of Ethiopian ammunition, and asked me to do a video on it. So, I have a three-part evaluation here: appearance and packaging, live fire testing (including velocity and consistency), and teardown and bullet weight consistency. This ammunition was produced (as best I can tell) at the Emperor Haile Selassie Ammunition Factory, established with Czech technical aid in the late 1940s in Addis Ababa. This ammunition is all headstamped 1977, made for a variety of American surplus rifles and machine guns acquired by Ethiopia including the M1 Garand, M1917 and M1919 machine guns, and M1918A2 BAR. I received this ammunition packaged in 15-round loose boxes as well as in M1 Garand en bloc clips and bandoliers.


I tested velocity using a .30-06 M1917 Enfield rifle (barrel length 26 inches). Measurements were taken at 10 feet from the muzzle, with a sample size of 15 rounds fired. I found an average velocity of 2998 fps, extreme spread of 90 fps (max 3031, min 2941), and standard deviation of 25.36 fps. None of the rounds exhibited any unusual behavior when fired, although the velocity I measured was substantially higher than the American M2 spec which I would have expected in a flat base 150 grain loading. Note: I tested ammunition from the 15 round boxes, and no form the Garand bandoliers. I did not test this in a Garand rifle, and cannot comment on the bolt velocity it produces therein.


I tested the weight of 10 bullets using a calibrated Lyman electronic scale. I found an average weight of 150.7 grains, extreme spread of 1.6 grains (max 151.6 gr, min 150.0 gr), and standard deviation of 0.52 grains. Bullet construction is flat base with an open base, lead core, and gilding metal over steel jacket (these bullets do attract a magnet).

Century advertises this ammunition as using corrosive primers, and I took them at their word and did not test for corrosivity.

Raw data:

Velocities (fps): 2955, 3015, 3028, 2993, 2992, 2976, 3009, 3017, 3020, 2995, 2941, 3001, 3031, 2994, 3007

Bullet weights (grains): 151.0, 150.7, 150.1, 150.5, 150.0, 151.6, 150.9, 150.7, 150.4, 151.4

Monday, 17 December


“They Don’t Make it Like They Used to”… NEW Mossberg Retrograde Shotguns [The Firearm Blog]

retrogradeMossberg has introduced a NEW 500 Persuader and 590A1 through what they are calling a Retrograde Shotgun Series. The Connecticut-based firearms manufacturer has launched the line to commemorate the company’s 100th anniversary. This new series is unveiling just these 2 shotguns at the moment and are giving them a nostalgic once-over with wood furniture and […]

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TFB’s 12 Days Of Christmas: Scatterguns For Saint Nick [The Firearm Blog]

Saint NickThe death of the shotgun as being a viable defensive tool has been greatly exaggerated. Sure, ammunition capacity is not exactly in the 30 round magazine territory, but the short range power that comes from some of today’s modern shot shells will protect Saint Nick from the overwhelming majority of beasts on his Christmas Eve […]

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Homemade Venison Jerky? Start With a Good Food Dehydrator []

As at least some of you in the room may know, venison jerky can be a fantastic thing, and with the right equipment it’s not terribly challenging to make yourself. Sure, you can buy all sorts of game and exotic meat jerky (thanks, internet), but the DIY method is a simple matter of proper slicing, preparation, seasoning/marinating, and temperature control. Both home/kitchen retailer as well as our favorite outdoor gear shops like Cabelas and Sportsman’s Guide offer an assortment of food dehydrators that are just the right tool for the task, from which we’ve selected a few of our favorites. Before we get to that, though, here are a few crucial pointers to get you started.

  1. Consistency Is Key — When cutting your meat, you can choose the thickness you prefer, but you’re going to want to make sure your slices are as even as you can get them. This will ensure you don’t have to go picking through your jerky to see what pieces are done when. Freezing your meat before you slice it will help you keep slices a consistent width.
  2. Cut Against The Grain — Remember that feeling of chewing on a piece of jerky forever, to the point that you’re getting frustrated? That’s what happens when you cut along the grain with your jerky. For the perfect balance of chewiness that doesn’t require a blade or bionic jaw, make sure to pay attention to this.SHOP FOR CHEF’S KNIVES HERE
  3. Marinade & Seasoning time — If you already know your way around the kitchen you already know, don’t rush your seasonings or marinate. If you just dump it on and throw it in the dehydrator, you’ll get some flavor on the outside of your meats, but to make it count you’re best to plan ahead. Cut and marinade one day, tuck it back in the fridge, then get the dehydrator running the following day.
  4. Taste Test After a Few Hours — Because many of these dehydrators have 8-10+ racks, the last thing you want to do is overcook a massive stack of jerky. Depending on the settings of your dehydrator, we’d suggest a taste test somewhere between the 2 and 3 hour window to check consistency. If it hits the spot, you’re golden, but if not then keep checking in roughly on the half hour.

Now that those essentials are out of the road, there’s the matter of your dehydrator itself. There’s a lot on the market right now, so rather than inundate you with too many options, we broke out three simple options covering budget-friendly, mid-tier value, and a premium option.



Budget Pick — Cabela’s Six-Tray Heavy-Duty Dehydrator

$129.99 SHOP NOW

Though one of Cabela’s other offerings offers digital controls, a few spotty owner reviews caught our eye as a point of concern. This unit is still pretty basic, with 6 racks, analog controls, and per its owners a slightly flimsy door. That said, it’s a good entry point into the category and most buyers seem to have had a hassle free experience. Unlike a higher end model, you have to pay attention to this one, as there’s no timer built in. Its 800-watt heater and fan provide a base operating temperature between 80 and 160 degrees.


Midrange Pick — LEM Products 1154 Stainless Steel Professional 10-Tray Digital Dehydrator

$264.99 SHOP NOW

Though it’s about double the price of our budget buy (currently 26% off, FYI), you’re getting a serious upgrade in features and materials with this dehydrator from LEM. 10 sturdy chrome-plated trays, a digital control panel with multiple programmable presets and built-in timer, and whisper quiet operation are the core selling features of this unit.


Premium but Worth It — Excalibur Stainless Steel 5-Tray Dehydrator

$349.99 SHOP NOW

Another step up the food chain, Excalibur dehydrators are manufactured in the US, and are significantly more sturdy and resilient than most others out there. What’s more, they’re also sold with a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so you can rest assured you won’t be replacing it prematurely either. There are larger models available, but a a starting point the added premium for this 5-rack model is pretty easy to stomach if you’re committed to the idea of whipping up your own jerky on the regular.

For a more in-depth look at food dehydrators, check out our sister site

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Tulsa Homeowner Shoots Second Burglar in 5 Years []

A man in Tulsa, Oklahoma reportedly shot and killed an intruder who’d broken into his home — and this is not the first time he’s had to use deadly force to defend his home.

Charles Sweeny was awoken by noises in his bathroom, indicating someone was inside who shouldn’t be. Turns out, someone had just entered his home through the bathroom window.

I thought, okay, somebody just broke in.

After grabbing his pistol, he got ready and waited, rather than closing the distance by confronting the intruder.

I cocked the hammer back so the trigger’d be in single action mode and I just waited for him to come into view. He comes into view and BLAM! [acts out firing a handgun one-handed]. Boy that nine millimeter’s real loud inside the house.

When he clenched up his chest, he said ‘I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry,’ then he retreats back to the bathroom and tried to get out the same window… but he didn’t make it.

Back in 2013, Sweeny reportedly came home to find his home being burglarized and shot one of the bad guys several times.

In October 2013, he shot another man several times with a .22-caliber pistol, he said. Sweeny had returned from a walk and realized that something about his property was amiss, the World reported previously. He then confronted two burglars, shooting one of them multiple times. That man then fled to a waiting pickup, which took him to a hospital.

Both burglars subsequently pleaded guilty to charges in that case, according to court records.

Sweeny’s message for the world at large? It’s pretty simple:

I wish they’d stop breaking in, I wish people would stop bothering me.

I’ve had a concealed handgun license since the summer of ’96. Don’t break into my house. It’s gonna end badly — I WILL defend the place.

Nothing wrong with that. Keep up the good work. Mr. Sweeny.

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Paul Harrell on Different Kinds of Paper Targets []

Paul Harrell is an experienced shooter and instructor who loves to shoot reactive targets like soda jugs and watermelons for his videos… but as with any pro, he knows about more than a few things. He said some viewers have recently asked him about different paper targets, so he takes on the topic, about which he says he could “go on all day.”

Paper targets… seems like a rather simple topic. And the first topic is indeed simple. He simply points out the obvious: That regardless of whether a target says “rifle” or “handgun,” you can shoot it with any sort of gun at any distance.


But then he gets into practical considerations such as scopes vs. open sights, colors and contrast issues, and reactive targets such as Shoot-N-C. And there are more considerations than you might think.

Oddly enough, and although I’m not saying Harrell is the be-all, end-all authority on all things shooting (some folks seem to think so just because I find some of his videos informative), this video does contain useful information and I found it entertaining.

Hopefully, you will too.

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Gunwerks ThumpR 6mm Creedmoor Bolt-Action Rifle [The Firearm Blog]

Gunwerks ThumpR 6mm Creedmoor Bolt-Action Rifle (1)The ThumpR is the special edition version of the Gunwerks ClymR rifle that we talked about earlier. This rifle is also a limited edition one specifically made for the Christmas of 2018. It is marketed as a rifle for the entire family. Thanks to the accessories it comes with it is possible to configure the […]

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POTD: Scaarat’s MP5 Accessories [The Firearm Blog]

Gregor, aka @Scaarat on Instagram shot this awesome photo of his MP5 and collection of MP5 accessories. His photo reminds me of that iconic M4 Carbine Accessories photo. Gregor’s photo has some interesting accessories. The one that stands out the most for me are his custom wood furniture set. The handguard and stock are modified […]

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NJ Has a Whitetail Deer Epidemic []

According to a recent article, the whitetail deer population in New Jersey has reached an astounding 120-140 deer per square mile, and the president of the NJ Farm Bureau is calling it an epidemic.

‘The whitetail deer has become an epidemic,’ [New Jersey Farm Bureau president Ryck] Suydam said. ‘That’s a tough word, but if you drive a car in New Jersey, I think you’re going to agree with me.’

AAA data shows there are over 30,000 collisions a year between deer and cars reported in New Jersey, said Audubon Society vice president Kelly Mooij, who added that many other crashes probably go unreported. Deer are also wrecking the understory in forests, she said.

Having that many deer is no good for anyone — except for the auto-body shops kept busy repairing cars after they hit deer. Still, bunny-huggers (deer-huggers in this case?) refuse to accept the reality that hunting is the only viable solution.

Hunters pay the government a fee for permission to hunt, pay for their own equipment, transportation, and lodging, and effectively reduce the population in the only truly effective way: By killing some deer. Yet a former colleague of mine believes that performing surgery on wild animals is a good idea:

Doris Lin, vice president of legal affairs for the League of Humane Voters of New Jersey, said… ‘We recommend ovariectomies. It’s a surgical sterilization of the female deer that removes the ovaries,’ Lin said. ‘It has an advantage over tubal ligation because with the tubal ligation, the females don’t get pregnant but they still go into heat. And when they go into heat, they increase males to the area. And that will increase your local deer population.’

At least one NJ Assemblyman realizes that hunting is the way to go:

Assemblyman Parker Space, R-Sussex, seemed skeptical of [ovariectomies], in part because each 20-minute operation costs $1,000 to $1,200, though Lin said it can be lowered using volunteers.

Space said there’s an economic benefit to hunting -– for diners, gas stations, sport shops, butchers, and taxidermists.

‘So it’s a win-win situation. You’re harvesting your deer, you’re controlling your population, you’re feeding the people and also you’re supporting all your local businesses,’ Space said.

Suydam doesn’t think that hunting alone can do what’s needed, but he has some suggestions which may well help with that. The simplification of NJ’s hunting regulations is an obvious one.

Suydam also suggested that the state have fewer hunting zones. He said the state has more than 60 zones currently, each needing a separate permit. He said Maryland has two zones.

Another is the notion that hunters be allowed to legally sell the meat from legally-harvested deer.

‘If a person knew they could go hunting, take a couple of does and know they could make a couple of hundred bucks because they could sell the venison, this problem would clean up much quicker,’ Suydam said.

I’m sure he’s correct, although there are plenty of folks who would abuse such a program. But the legal sales of deer meat could always be ended once deer numbers are reduced to manageable levels.

And then there are deer donation programs which allow hunters to give the meat to programs which process the meat and donate it to food banks to help the needy.

Short of venison sales, the state could support venison donation programs, said Mitchell Jones, a member of the State Board of Agriculture. Hunters Helping the Hungry received two state grants more than 15 years but relied on private donations since then.

‘A lot of the hunters that I talk to, they don’t like to waste the deer, but they can only eat so many,’ Jones said. ‘If they go out and get their two or three deer, fill their freezer, they’d be happy to hunt if there was something to do with the other deer.’

Since 1997, hunters in New Jersey have donated more than 228 tons of venison to food banks, providing more than 1.8 million meals, according to the Division of Fish and Wildlife. Last hunting season, 809 deer were donated.

I’d suggest that deer in epidemic numbers is a side effect of the decline of hunting as a way of life. Many young people don’t hunt, and their children are highly unlikely to become hunters. We hunters need to reach out more often to get folks more interested and active in the hunting community.

Aside from the delights of connecting with our primitive heritage and providing natural meat for our own freezers, hunters can help reduce deer-vehicle collisions while helping hungry folks. And my friends, there’s nothing wrong with that.

What’s your take on it?

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Ruger PCC MLOK Options [The Firearm Blog]

The Ruger Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) has garnered some popularity for people who want a take down rifle in something other than .22lr. The Ruger PCC has also found increased popularity in states with restrictive gun laws like California and New York. While the Ruger PCC has a small picatinny rail at the bottom end […]

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Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope Review []

A few years back, I reviewed a Mission MXB Dagger crossbow, which I purchased after writing the review and have been using during archery season ever since. I recently tested a Sightmark crossbow scope with that crossbow; here are my results.

The scope is a Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope. NOTE: Although both the manufacturer’s website and the Amazon page describe it as 1.5x-4.5x and 400 fps max arrow speed, my scope adjusts to 450 fps and the box indicates a magnification range of 1.5x-5x. Some other specs also changed; the specs below should be accurate.

Right side of Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope

Right side of Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

Here’s what the manufacturer says about it:

Featuring killzone rangefinding capabilities and variable power magnification, the Sightmark® Core™ SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope is the ideal crossbow scope for medium-sized game such as whitetail deer and mule deer. This scope accomplishes arrow drop compensation. Its 1.5-5x magnification is tuned to 250-400 fps crossbow speeds. Multi-coated optics and a fully weatherproof body.


  • Reticle: VXR-M (Vitals Crossbow Reticle – Medium Game), Black/Red/Green
  • Finish/Color: Matte black
  • Magnification: 1.5-5x
  • Arrow Speed adjustment range: 260-450 fps
  • Diameter, Objective Lens: 32 mm
  • Diameter, Eyepiece: 39 mm
  • Diameter, Exit Pupil: 21 – 7 mm
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 – 3 / 88.90-76.2 in/mm
  • Field of View: 73.7 – 22 ft @100yd
  • Diopter Adjustment: 3 to -3
  • Diameter, Tube: 1 / 25.4 in/mm
  • Parallax Setting: 30 yards
  • Windage Range of Adjustment: 100 MOA
  • Elevation Range of Adjustment: 100 MOA
  • MOA Adjustment: 1/2 MOA per click
  • Maximum Recoil: 800 Gs
  • Battery Type: CR3032
  • Battery Life: (high) 25, (low) 1000 hours
  • Battery Voltage: 3 V
  • Nitrogen Purged: yes
  • Shockproof: yes
  • Fog Proof: yes
  • Focal Plane: 2nd
  • IP Standard: IP67 (waterproof and dustproof)
  • Body Material: Aluminum
  • Lens Coating: multi-coated
  • Operating Temp: 0 to 120 F, -17 to 49 C
  • Length: 9.5 in / 242 mm
  • Width: 2.6 in / 66 mm
  • Height: 1.5 in / 38 mm
  • Weight: 16 ounces
  • Includes: Scope, CR2032 battery, scope rings, neoprene scope cover.
  • MSRP: $149.97
Left side of Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5x32 Crossbow Scope

Left side of Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope. (Photo © Russ Chastain)

Installing the Scope

My scope came with a set of rings for Weaver/picatinny mounts, which worked well for mounting the scope to my crossbow. Mounting was fast and easy and there were no snags.

Shooting the Core SX Crossbow Scope

I began by zeroing the scope at close range, which was roughly 11 yards, to make sure I’d hit the target out at 20 yards, which is where you want to zero the center of the crosshairs. I then moved the target out to 20 yards and fine-tuned the zero.

To test the range-compensating reticle, I then moved the target out to 30 yards, then 40 and 50.

I didn’t use my hunting arrows for most of the shooting, and at 50 yards my group opened up quite a bit. When I got out my Horton hunting arrows, my 50-yard group shrank from 10-12 inches to about 3.5 inches, which is great accuracy at that range, in my opinion.

Bottom line: The VXR reticle did a fine job of compensating for arrow drop at various ranges. I didn’t test the scope past 50 yards, which is already too far to shoot an arrow at game.

Good Stuff

I like the scope’s compact size. Crossbows are awkward, and a small scope helps keep things manageable. The VXR-M range compensation works well, but you will need to know your arrow speed, so you’ll need to shoot your xbow through a chronograph to learn that. Once you do, set the magnification-adjustment ring to match the FPS of your arrow, zero the scope to hit at center of crosshairs at 20 yards, and test at various ranges to confirm it will hit at the appropriate aiming point on the reticle.

VXR-M range-compensating reticle. Numbers indicate yardage.

VXR-M range-compensating reticle. Numbers indicate yardage.

They say you can also use the reticle for ranging. What you do for ranging is crank the scope all the way up to 5x (450 fps mark on the adjustment ring), then see which aiming mark’s brackets are about the same length as a whitetail deer’s “kill zone,” or about ten inches.

Ranging a deer with the VXR-M range-compensating reticle.

Ranging a deer with the VXR-M range-compensating reticle.

They say the deer in the image above ranges at 20 yards, because its kill zone lies between the brackets at the 20-yard aiming point (center crosshair). To me, this deer looks a bit closer than 20 yards… which means using the center crosshair to aim should still work well.

Bear in mind that if you are shooting at any range beyond 20 yards, you need to change the magnification of the scope to match your arrow speed before you aim and shoot!

Optical clarity is good, with a good crisp reticle.

The illuminated reticle will turn the little + marks either red or green when you rotate the adjustment knob on the left side of the scope. Each color is infinitely adjustable from bright to dim, with two “off” positions on the dial, each between the red and green halves of the dial.

The included scope rings worked just fine, and stayed tight through all of my shooting.

The Core SX Crossbow Scope included this neoprene cover.

The Core SX Crossbow Scope included this neoprene cover.
(Photo © Russ Chastain)

The neoprene scope cover works just fine, although its rectangular shape is a bit unusual.


If I had to find nits to pick about this scope, it would be that the magnification adjustment ring is a bit difficult to turn, and the user manual needs a good proofreading & edit. And if that’s the worst I can say about it, you can rest assured this scope treated me well.

You can pick one up here for a good bit less than the MSRP.

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BOHICA [No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money]

I posted the gun control industry's wish list earlier this morning. If you don't think they have a serious chance of getting much of it through the House, you are living in a dreamland. Read Nancy Pelosi's statement from Friday marking the sixth anniversary of the murders in Newtown, Connecticut.

“For six years, Americans across the country have taken time to remember the 26 beautiful souls that were murdered in an act of unfathomable horror and heartbreak at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While the pain and grief of that tragic day remain, our determination to end the daily horror of gun violence continues to strengthen.

“Since that unspeakable tragedy, too many families in too many places have been impacted by the deadly epidemic of gun violence. In shattered communities across the country, the nation has had to console family members, comfort survivors and honor victims. Yet, at every opportunity Republicans refuse to lift a finger to stop the bloodshed. Enough is enough.

“Countless families, survivors and young people around the country have courageously turned their grief into action. Inspired by their strength and tireless advocacy, the new Democratic Majority will act boldly and decisively to ensure that no other family must endure the pain caused by gun violence.”
 The gun control lobby was supportive of Pelosi becoming Speaker and they are expecting their payoff. I have no doubt that she will attempt to come through. As Politico reports, she even has some Republican allies on gun control like Rep. Peter King (R-NY). Moreover, the House Judiciary Committee will be headed by known gun control advocate Jerold Nadler (D-NY) and there will be a House Gun Violence Task Force headed by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA).

What does all of this mean?

It means that we need to be on Defcon 1 for any and all gun control bills being introduced in January 2019 and those of us who have Republican senators need to be talking to them now. Take Giffords' wish list, make comments on it, and email or fax it to those senators. Explain that red flag laws aka "Extreme Violence Protection Orders" not only violate the Constitution but get innocent people killed. Given how the GOP bows and scrapes to cops emphasize that some of those killed trying to enforce such a law will be cops. I think you can go through that list and come up with more reasons that none of them need be passed.